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t Gfaiumlmm.
Friday, August 23, 1872.
Military ennilltlntcs.
Our oppononis In boiistlnff of tho rail
llnry reputations of tholr candidates
forfjet Hint in a nation Ilk ourastato.
men aro moro necessary than soldiers,
Our normal condition Is that of iioaco,
ami our geographical position is such
that thoro Is but llttlo danger from a
rorolgn war which a statesman Prosl
dont could not avoid, llopubllcana will
ml rait that no general would have mndo
a better Prosidont than Lincoln, or bet
tor war Governor than Curtln, Morton,
Soymour.nnd I'arkors.nll of whom wcro.
A President or Governor should bo
Intimate with all tho publlo questions
or tho day, and with public tuon.
ituowiutjgo taught in tho camp mid
field Is not avallablo In governing by
law largo masses of men.
In ordor to keep alivo tho passions of
tho war, our opponents have gonolnto
tho military buslncss.but It Is notlcoablo
that none but "Generals" flguro on tholr
ticket. Enlisted men wero evidently ro
gardeil as unworthy of support.
Hartranft'a reputation doponds moro
upon tho fact that ho acted as Mrs. Bur
ratt'a hangman, than upon any ox
plolta upon tho field of battle,
Gen, Allen wo havo horctoforo shown
was a Sunday soldier, and novor smell
etl tho enemy's gun-powder. (Jon
wmm nnvcr injured tno onomy nor
.Iocs ho lions t of any special services to
tho union.
Uiit fur Gen, Albright, tho uowly
matin (smdldato for congresainan-at-
largo, nu extraordinary claim
made, ills homo orgau.tho coal Ga
zette Bays: "Hurrah for Albright, the
sodiet4 who put down Jluckatcio's Fish
xnn Creek llelcllion." Now who is this
inodorn Nnpollon that would usurp tho
nonors or Major Gens. Couch and Cad
waiinder, and who lurkod In tho roar
when bravo men wero fighting at tho
irom, and whoso mission was to fright
en womon nnd boys, nnd keep guards
at tno various polls of this county In
order to elect' his master I He bravely
marcneu up me FIshlngcroek, but mot
no opposition, nor did ho find arms
ammunition, Confederacy, or tho trace
ora military encampment orearthwork.
His campaign was bloodless, and in
fantry, cavalry, and artillery fared in
finitely bettor than they would havo
done facing Loo's ragged battalions.
But lot us see further on what meat
this modern Crosar diots. His claims aro
advanced becauso ho was a modol sol
dlor.DaroourBadlcalbrethrendony that
"Albright entered tho service as major
of tho 132d regiment,a nino months'
organization, In 1862, and returned
homo as colonel. Some time after his re
turn ho issued a circular proposing to
ralso a ono year's regiment In tho valley
of tho Lehigh. Tho regiment was rais
ed, and Albright took his mon to liar
rlsburg. While hero ho mot a committee from
Banks township, Carbon county, who
wero in search of mon fo fill up tho
quota or that township under tho draft.
He offered himself to the committee as
a substitute, was accepted, was muster
ed in, and received the bounty of flvo
hundred dollars. The records show that
he was mustered in as a private In com
pany A, 202d regiment, on tho 3d of
September, 1861, in pursuanco of this
arrangement with the committee, and
was duly credited to Banks township,
Carbon county.
The next day, September 4, 1861, he
was mustered out as a private, and was
mustered in as colonel of the regiment,
in pursuance of his circular and of his
understanding with Governor Curtln.
This record shows that while bent on
achloving military renown and display
ing his intensolovo of country, General
Albright had a frugal mind. For ono
day's service as a private in camp Cur
tin in this city, ho charged his follow
citizens of Carbon county Ave hundred
dollars. It was in this way so much
sublimated loyalty was manifested dur
ing tho war. Albright was ready to
enlist as a substitnto, at tho expenso of
fivo hundred dollars for ono day to his
neighbors, with thoopaulets of a colonel
within his grasp. A moro sordid and
mercenary transaction has not been re
corded In tho incidonte of a war which
rovcalcd so much thai was base and
venal amid so much that was gallant,
liurolc and unselfish in sacrifice and
achluvomont. Thoro is in this act of
Albright all tho meannoss and dis
honesty of a professional bounty Jump
er. Ho took tho bounty of flvo hun
dred dollars from his taxrlddon neigh
bors of Banks township, Carbon county,
and was mustered in as a privato whon
ho kuow that he would bo appointed
colonel of tho regiment which ho had
raised with tho understanding that he
should command it. After pookoting
tne money, he "leaped tho bounty" the
very noxt day.".
In opposition, to men of this stamp
wo nave named true and tried mon,
who aro In all respects competent to fill
tho positions to which they have boon
Three hundred and ninety-nlno nail
lions of dollars have beon stolon frcm
tho people during Grant's admlnistra
tion. Mr. Garfield (Republican) says
tbo pension frauds amount to $8,000,000
annually, making in throe years 124.'
000,000. Tho reporif of tho civil servlco
commission says that tbo revenuo lost
by smuggling and frauds nraounti to
one-fourth of the whole. Tho avorage
annual rovenucs aro 1500,000,000 steal
i ngs one-fourth, $125,000,000, annually,
making in three years 37C,O0O,0O0, and
swelling, the amount to 1899,000,000 in
tiireo years. Should tho same system
mid management continue for tho re
maining year, it will swell tho stealings
and the crjbblnga of tho four years of
Grant's administration to tho small
amount of flvo-hundrad and thirty-two
millions of dollars (1382,000,000).
General N. l. Jeffeuies, who
was register of tho treasury under tho
administration of Andrew Johnson.baa
written an eight page pamphlet to
provo that tho books of tho troasury
dopartmont, whoroln the record of tho
publlo dobt Is kept, have been changed
so as to make it appear that a very
largo reduction of public debt has takon
place, whoroos Jcfforioa contonda that
tho dobt has boon Increased. Ho pro
fesses to glvo facta and figures from tho
books of tho treasury department.
The WniHl Yet.
Thoro havo bo in n gn-ut many hnrd
things said nnd written of Mr. Greeley
during tho rainDnlgii, but Mr, Wen
doll PIllllllH llC MllSH.ICllllSOttH ll.lM
written n lettur to winm colored men of
Boston which hiu-ii-wcm any thing yot
produced. It Is voslllvdy sickening to
contcmplato tho picture which ho
holds up to us of tho condition of tho
Union after Mr. Grcolcy's election.
Murder, torture, Hrsnu, "all shames nnd
crimes" would lustnntly become as
common tliroiiL'ltout tho land as tho
present ordinary invocations of man
kind. Wo had always supposed Horace
Greeley was rather a humane and benov
olent kind of port-on, yet if wo aro to
bullovoMr. PlilllliH he Is a reckless,
bloodthirsty wrutch, who would bo tho
tool of traitors and would cortalnly
solid Iho country to tho "doinnltlon
bow wows." Horace has usually boon
accounted u frloiul of tho negro but Mr.
Phillips says to tho colored mon "voto,
ovory ono of you, for Grant, as you
valuo proporty, llfo, wife, or child. If
Grcoloy Is elected, arm, concentrato,
conceal your proporty but organlzo
for dofunso. You will need It soon nnd
Now yo have novor thought of Won-
dell Phillips savo as n crazy fanatic,
although wo really supposed ho had
Bomo common sonso, but wo Bubmlt
that when n man writes such furious
nonsonso as this, and so dangorous as
well, ho not worthy the serious atten
tion of any but fools. Mr Phillips mny
bo verj anxious for tho election of Mr,
Grant but thcro is no reason why ho
should mako nu ultor ass of himself, by
such outragoous twaddlo as this. His
languago Is highly revolutionary and
calculated to call forth tho worst pas
sions of tho colored people, and his
phllllplc doner vot and will moot with
tho scorn and contempt of nil mon ox-
copt perhaps a fow of Mr. Phillips'
admirers in tho neighborhood of Bos
ton, Massachuscts.
Mr. Ilaiiilln.
Hannibal Hamlin of Malnols n Bona
tor of tho United States and, as may
perhaps bo romcmborcd, was onco Vico
President. Tho old gcntlomau is in a
wretched state of disgust at tho Groeioy
movement nnd in a speech at Bangor
on the 14th of tho present month gavo
full expression to hl3 feelings. Ho made
uso of some really roniarkablo languago
and said among other things that, "Up
to lastFcburary tho Democratic party
had opposed ovcry vital issuo which in
volved tbo integrity of tho Govornmont
for tho last ton years. Thoy'vo lied to
us, thoy'vo met us on every battlo field,
political and of arms, and now they
say, "Poor, weak, humblo creatures we,
on our knees, foegivo us."
This Is really nows to us. Wo had an
idea that tho Democratic party were so
far from boing on tholr knees that thoy
wero standing in a very defiant attitudo
squaroly on their legs nnd offering tho
strongest sort of resistance to Mr. Grant
and such of his followers as Mr. Hanni
bal Hamlin. Mr. Hamlin adopted Mr.
Boutwell's eloquence to tho extent of
declaring that "Ho would clasp hands
with no ono over tho bloody chasm,"
and stated that tho Liberal-Democratic
movement was "a scramble for posl tion1
a view which as a Republican and
"knowing how it was himself" ho was
excusable in taking. But Mr. Hamlin's
Views as to tho result of the campaign
are sanguine hear him; "It is within
more than tho probability that tho can
didate they are supporting for the Presi
dency don't get a singlo doctoral voto."
This Is disheartening to bo suro if one
only had faith in- tho venerable Maiao
man's predictions. As regards tho
prominent men who have forsaken
Qrantism he says. "We don't want your
Charles Sumners nor your Carl Schurzcs,
and we don't want Banks poor, misera
ble follow,lothim go." Now this Is tak
ing comfort with a vengance. Banks,
"poor miscrablo fellow," must feel his
liio to boa burden under such scathing
words. If must bo a sourco of gratifica
tion to tho Grantltea to consider, as ono
after another of tho really ablo mon of
tholr party lcavo them, that thoy at loast
aro still auro of tho support of Tom
Murphy, Zach Chandler, Jim Nyo.Boss
Tweed and tho Hon. Hannibal Hamlin
from Maine.
Auditor General Hartranft Is
tho author of tho following lotter :
Auditor General's Office.
Habrisbubq, March 9, 1870.
DearYerkes: Buy as soon as nos-
siblo ono hundred shares Oil Creek and
Alleghany valley Railroad, and then
have my account, or rather an abstract
made from my account, so that I can
see tho exact loss I havo sustained in
Oil Crook. Lot mo have this as soon as
you conveniently can. Tho Attorney
General has ei von a decision ncrainst our
sottlemont on Oil Creek; which takes
the starch right out. I don't know what
to think about buying Oil Crock as a
future investment. If you think woll of
It you may think that tho chances aro
that it will go up, but as ovorything
olso is droonincr but llttlo can booxnont.
ed from Oil Crook, What do you think
of Bold?
xours, &c,
Joiin F. Hartranft.
And of this ono also i
Auditor General's Office.
Habbibburg, December 21, 1871.
Dear Yebku: Calhoun teleirranhcd
mo to-day for money, and I had to glvo
a chock for $8,700, which ho will pro
sent to you to-morrow (22). I cannot
avoid this. I mot Mackey hero on Mon
day. Ho went West in tho afternoon.
and will' not roturn until Monday. I
did not Ilko to ask him again, but I did
uut mime uamoun wouiu want any
monov so soon. I will sco vou on Hatnr.
day, and want I will do.
I will meot Mackoy here on Monday,
nnd whatever Is necessary I will ask
him to do.
J. F. Hartranft.
P. 8. Will lift Calhnnn'a i.hrvlr i,n
Saturday, and glvo you certificate of
deposit to that amount. J. F. II.
Tho "Dear Yerkoa" who helned
Hartranft swlndlo tho Slatolsnowln
tho Poultentiary for his misdeeds, and
Hartranft has signed a petition for his
partner's pardon, If elected he of courso
would let this crlmlual looso upon the
community. How can honost men voto
for such a candldato for tbo responsible
ofllco of Governor,whoro his chances for
speculation would bo much greater?
Tho Sinking Fund containing millions
of dollars would bo at tho mercy of
hlmsolf and Allon,tho notorious sharp
er who is on tho tickot with him.
General Dix Is now on tho courso
for tho nomination of the Grant party
jor govurnur oi xxow urn. jc.
Of courso ho is; ho know what ho
would got for opposing Grcoloy. Wo
aro glad to hear of it and bono ho will
got tbo nomination, for wo do not know
of a man whom Now Yorkers Would caro
to lay out colder than "ehoot-hlm-on-
Soldiers' Convention nl Hnrrhliurg,
Tho following circular is nddrosaod to
Iho Pennsylvania soldiers who sorved
In tho Into war;
Ueau Sin t Tho approaching crisis of
uur country demands again our sor vices,
not In tho field, but in tho civil nrona.
Sovon years ago, by our combined ef
forts, rebellion was crushed. Now, our
Itborttcs nro moro endangered from cor
rupt olllclals, both Stato and national,
than thoy woro In 1801, by nttomptcd
secession. Tho victories wo so dearly
won arobarroit of results so long nsstrlfo
nnd discord nro fomontod nnd Indigni
ties heaped upon n gallant, though con
quered, foo by tho satraps of Perioral
Tho advauco of Imperialism upon tho
States, North ns woll as South, has
reached tho city whoro our Indopon
donco was dcclarod, In tho form of Fed
eral marines controlling, nt tho polls,
tho freo oxorclso of suffrngo by tho cltl
zon. Tho maladministration of tho affairs
of our own Btnto by its principal finan
cial olllccr, appears to commend him to
tho spoclal favor of tho Radical mana
gers by tho uttorapt to olovato him to
tho gubernatorial chair.
Wo appeal to you, our former com
rade, In that spirit of patrotlsm which
you exhibited whon tho Union wns In
peril. For tho unity of tho nation you
risked your llfo. Now, that the loss of
liberty Is Imminent now, that tho
Constitution is disregarded now, that
tho rights of tho States nro ruthlessly
assailed wo ask you onco moro ta put
forth your hand, and overwhelm tho
enemies of your country.
With this viow wo earnestly request
that you meat us in tho Hall of tho
Houso of Roprcsonlatlvcs.ttt Harrlsburg
on Wednesday, tho 28th instant, nt 12
o'clock M., thoro to organlzo tho Dnmo
cratlo nnd LIboral Republican Soldiers
of thoSlate.
Ploaso ncknowlcdgo recoipt of this
and should you boabloto attend, report
and register your namo and regiment
on arrival at Harrlsburg, to Ooncral
William McOandloss, nt tho Bolton
Very respoctfully,
Major-aoncralST.Cr.Aiu A. Mur.iror.
Brigadlcr-Goncral RiciiAnn Coin,
Brigadier-General William Mo
Brlgadior-Gonoral Alfued B. Mo
Brlgadior-Goneral Isaac J. Wistah,
Colonel John II. Good,
Major D. W. O. James,
Captain Charles B. Brockway,
N. B. Address your nnswor to Gou
oral Mulhollnnd, 431 Walnut stroht,
August 14, 1872.
The Traitors and tlioTruc Men.
Every Liberal Ronubllcan. nemrdlnr-
iu uiu orcans oi tno uinco-uouiers I'ar.
ty, is in somo way a person of bad
character, whoso departure from tho
organization is matter for congratula
tion, nnd whoso support of Mr. Grcoloy
Will bo of no service. What n lot of
disreputable men, then, tho Republican
party in tho post must havo had in its
cmei piaces i xnus :
SDCaker of tho Houso. of Untirfwonfa
tlves, XXXVIIth Congress, Galusha
a. urow of I'onnsyJvanin.
Speaker of tho Houso of Roprcsenta
.ivwvaai v iu vAiugruss, uuu viiuir-
man Foreign Relations Committee since,
Aiuuiuuiui x , xianKS oi lunssucnusous.
Chairman of the Foreign Relations
Committee, United Statta Senate, for
many years, unaries Bumner or .Mas
sachusetts. Chairman of tho Judiciary, United
States Senate, for many years, Lyman
Trumbull of Illinois.
Chairman of Committee on Claims,
Houso of Representatives, ox-Gov.
Austin Blair of Michigan.
Chairman of tho Post-Offico Commit
too, Houso of Representatives, Gen
John F. Farnsworth of Illinois.
Chairman of tbo Committee on Manu
factures, United States Senato, ex-Gov.
William Spraguo of Rhodo Island.
Member Foreign Relations Commit
tee, United States Senate, and sinco
1860 one of tho most successful and val
ued orators and editors of tho Ronubii.
can party, Mal.-Gon. Carl Schurz.
Chairman Public Lands Commit too,
Houso of Representatives, XXXVUIth
and XXXIXth Congrcssos, Goorgo W.
Julian of Indiana, fathor of tho Homo
stead bill, original and lifo-long Aboil-
uumsi, son-in-law oi josnua it, um
dlngs, and ono of tho fathors of tho Ro
publican party.
Chairman of tho Judiciary Commit-
I toe, Houso of Representatives.
XXXVIth and XXXVIIth Congress!
es.oonniiicKmanoi x'ennsyivanla.
Governor of Illinois, nnd formor Com
mander of tho Fourteenth Army Corps,
Gen. John M. Palmer.
Chief-Justice of tho Supremo Court of
tho United Statoa, former Governor of
Ohio, Senator, and Secretary of tho
Treasury, Salmon P. Chaso.
Associate Justico of tho Supremo
Court, ono of tho Foundors of tho Ro
publican party of tho West, David
Davis of Illinois.
Finally, of tho flvo Freo Soil H mtors
who holped organize tho RopnMican
party, ono is for Grant, ono is taking no
part in tho contest, and tho other tiireo
aro for Greeley ; of tho Republican doc
tors In tho State of Now York in 1608
over one-half nro already declared for
Grcoloy ; of tho four surviving mem
bers of Abraham Lincoln's Oatilnot,
threo ardently support tho Liberal
cause. Tho pooplo aro asked to bollovo
all these mon traitors to Republicanism
of which thoy havo been prophets, and
to tho Republican party which thoy
founded and led. Thoy aro asked to ac
cept instead of those traitors, as tho
only truo mon now, and the rightful Ro-
Sublican leaders, Roscoo Conkling,
imon Cameron, O. P. Morton, Zacha
riah Chandler, nnd Matthew H. Carpon
tor. Tribune.
The Greeloy papers nro publishing
tho following -,
"I am a Democrat, aud when I am
convinced that tho war is waged to
prosecute tha designs of tho Abolition
ists, I pledge my honor as a soldier that
I will carry my sword on tho other sldo
and cast ray lot with that people''
That wo bollovo Is truo. Lincoln stood
on tho samo ground. Miner's Journal;
Wo aro glad to soo tho Journal make
this Important admission. But it must
bo cold comfort to Republicans to voto
for a candldato for President who do
clarcd that ho would "carry his sword
on tho other side" "if tho war was wag
od to carry out tho designs of tho Aboli
tionists." Tholr designs tvere carried
out.butGrant roconBidorodhls treasona
bio intention.
-Tho Washington Chronicle, ofllclal
rgan of Grantlsm, threatens clerks and
other officials, in tho pay of tho gov
ornmont, that thoy will bo summarily
dealt with if thoy show any leaning to
tho reform candldato lor tho Presidency.
And still thoro aro Republicans wl0 bo
llovo that thoPrcshlont is really In fa
vor of civil sorvlco reform, and that
will not bo Interfered with In their po
litical opinions,
Reports from North Carolina of
frauds, ballot box stuffing, repeat
ing nnd tnmpcrlng with tho election
rolurns, ns lately conductod by arnnl,
tho Cabinet, and olhor Fedornl ofllco
holders, brings up with omplmsls what
Carl Schurz said In his great spocch In
Now York. Tho stntomont was- ns
I may say, without oxcoplion, that
novor In tho history of this country has
tho hand of tho national administration
boon thrust Into tho local politics of tho
States with such audacity as now; novor
has tho potronago of tho public sorvlco
beon moro recklessly nnd unscrupulous
ly usod to promolo tho intorcsts of a
faction or to further tho personal aspira
tions of tho Chlof Executive.
Col, Fornoy says Cameron bribed him
self into tho Senato in 1815, nnd bought
his election in 18 1G ; forced on Lincoln
ns Secretory of War In 1801, ho enriched
a dozon contractors, fot which ho was
removed by tho President nnd consur-
ed by voto of tho Houso j and his elec
tion to thosonnto In 1807 cost him $50
000. Ho Is Ignorant of ovcry thing but
trickery and low intrigue, nnd nover
read n volumo of Bancroft or Macauloy
In his llfo. And this man Grant put in
Mr.Suraner's phvuo on tho Comralttco
of Foreign Rotation, and now runs tho
Republican p.uty In Pennsylvania,
And yet thcro iru people who wonder
Hint honest men holt 1
The Lycoming County Democratic
Convention mot In WiUIamsport on
Tuo3dny and mndo the following nom
inations: Congrrn', Honry Sherwood
by acclamation , Senator, ltobort V
Allen j Constltiiil.iniil Delegate, John
J. Metzgcr, by acclamation j Afaombly,
Honry W. Potrikln ; Register and Rc
cordcr, John F. Stevenson : Congress'
lonal Confer Js, MaJ. J. V. Woodward
II. II. Cummin, Eiq. j Soualorial Cm
fercrs, John A. Gamblo, Robert FIcm
Ing, Honry white, Joshua Taggart
Constitutional Doloalo Conferees, H,
V. Balrd, C. A. Bowora, Francis Bcebor
II. L. Diononbach ; Representative
Conferees, Samuel Wilson, Wm. 13,
Tho Convention concurred in the
placo nnd tiiuo of mooting for Sena
torlal district conforonco named by
Columbia county.
At tho meoting of Congress in Do
comber, 1871, thoro woro thrco financial
reports sent to that body, all on tho
samo day. Ono was from Sccrolary
Boutwell, ono from Treasurer Splnnor,
and.ono from tho Register of tho Trcas
ury Department. Secretary Boutwell
says in his report that th o issuo of flvo per
cents up to July 1, 1861, on account of
tho refunding of tbo loan of 1801 amount
to $59,069, 150 j Treasurer Spinner re
ported that his books showed an issuo
of $61,238,300, whilo tho Register of tho
Treasury reports an issuo of $66,602,250.
Now, which of these statements is cor
red? Tho affairs of tho Treasury De
partment undor Boutwoll nro so mixed
that thoy nro unable to tell within about
seven millions of tho amount of a ccr
tain class of bonds that havo been issued
Tho tactics of tho old Tweed Ring
must bo fully in forco there.
It is stated on what appears to bo rc
liable authority that a fund of $5,000,000
Is to bo usod in tbis Stato in the interest
of tho Administration. Of this gigantic
sum $1,000,000 is to bo contributed by
Simon Cameron. Tho situation has bo-
como dosperato for tho Radicals and
ovory means, honest nnd dishonest, is
to bo used to carry tho State. William
B. Mann at a meeting of tho Republi
can Stato Contral Comralttco stated that
Philadelphia would givo 15,000 Radical
majority, and ho knows how it can bo
dono. This of courso means tho repeti
tion of tho ballot box stuffing nnd re
peating practiced at tho McCIuro-Gray
election ,
The Tribune says :
Ono of tho puorllo nrgumonts brought
against Mr. Grooloy Is that tho pooplo
or tho south cannot possibly voto for
him becauso thoy are so nngry with him
for his so called "On to Richmond"
courso in tho Iribune. Anothor Is that
Northorn pcoplo cauuot voto for him
becauso ho sympathised with tho rebels
nil through tho war.
At this rate Mr. Greeloy will not got
any votes at all, which will boa pity.
Lexington, tho greatest of American
racehorses died in Kentucky last went,
aged 22 yo us. His four-mllo lime, 7.19?
has never beon enmlled.
Tliuro aro
many flno horses sired by
who rank high on tho turf.
Tho most destructive storms ovor
known In tho Eastern States occurred
last week. Tho nurabor of houses.
barns, public buildings, and churches
struck nnd cither injured or destroyed,
ospecially In Massachusetts, Is some
tlinlg woudorfut, nnd tho accounts of
persons rondorod insonsiblo for hours.
and in somo Instances permanently be
wildered, aro unparalleled.
A rhinoceros bolonglng to Warner it.
Co's. menagcrlo broko looso from its
keopers.In Rod Bird 111. anil killed two
mon, broko tho arms and legs of sovoral
others, and smashed tents, cages nnd
property to tho oxtout of $3,000.
Tho now Iron steamship Pennsylva
nia, tho flrst of tho American Steam
ship Lino, was successfully launched,
on Thursday of last week, In Phlladol-
phla. Tho Ohio, tho next of tho lino,
will bo launched In about two months.
Judgo Georgo O. Barnard of tho Su
premo Court of Now York has been
removed from ofllco for numerous of-
fences and is disqualified from hereafter
holding any ofllco of trust. Ho is tho
third Judgo of tho samo Court who has
boon removod this year, Cardozo re
signing to savo expulsion,
Tho Third National Bank of Baltl-
more was robbod on Buuday night, tho
burglars effecting au eutrauco by eut
ting through tho wall of an adjoining
building. Tho bank losos $57,000 In
greenbacks and National bauk notes,
railroad bonds to tho amount of $17,000,
and $1,500 in Fivo-twontlcs. Tho lossos
of individual depositors having
boxes in tho vault nro not known,
but may amount to sovoral hundred
thousand dollars.
Serious riots havo occurred In BolAist,
Ireland. A pollco station aud several
houses had boon demolished by tho
rioters. Tho causo bf tho troublo is a
religious one,
Sovoral vossols having cases of yollow
fovor on board, havo nppoarod In Now
York harbor. Tho cltlzons of Long Is.
land and Bfnten Island nro grently
Campaign Noi i,
Judgo Jeremiah B. Black, of this
State, hai wrltt:n a loiter in support of
Tho postmaster nt Wilton, Iowa, is
"out" for Grant to tho extent of wjiiiu
$3,000 In his ofllclal nccouutn.
Hon. Holster Clymcr was nominated
for Congrrns on Tuesday lF-t, from
Berks County.
Tho Trenton Uatctle, Roptibltcmi au
thority, says " that tho Greeley mon In
Now Jersey outnumber tho potato hugs,
and polato bugs nro thick.
Of tho slxty-ilvo republicans in Lako
Mills, Wisconsin, sixty-ono nro Grcoloy
men. Of tho eighty ono doniocruts,
ovory ono Is for Grcoloy.
Judgo Hancock, Chairman of tlm
Grant Central Committee In Mississip
pi, repudiate Grant, nnd Is out for
William J. Glllingham, president of
tho "Republican Invincible." of Phila
delphia, has resigned nnd declared for
Thoro aro twunty-flvo Republican rx
pors In Pennsylvania opposing tho olcc
tion of tho Radical candidnto for
Charles Robinson, tho first Freo Stato
uovornoroi Kansas, isoutror Oreo ov.
Tho Republican break lu that Stuta has
uccoino n stampede.
Tho venorablo Wyman Spooncr, of
JMkiiorn, ror somo years Republican
Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin, is
now on tho electoral ticket for Greeley.
Montana hui dnnn nvmi lifl.tnr llinn
at first stated, Mnginnts tho Democratic
candidate having been elected delegate
to Conirro3s bv 1(11 mnlnrltv.
Tho statement of tho Times that
juugo javid uavisis for Qrant Is tin.
truo. Tho Washington Patriot has
auim my to say no supports Mv. Oreo,
John L. Clarlc, of Decatur county
lowa, hM Just resigned his position
ui:ju uiu .Tiuiiciu biaio central commit
t i, and declared himself for Horace
Flvo hundred republicans of Monroo
county havo signed n call for a Grcoloy
and Brown meoting nt Rochester, Now
Six hundred republicans of Steuben
county jnow onc, navo signed a call
wr a urcoioy nnd urown county con
vention for August 20.
Mr. Urown, tho republican mayor of
rortinnu, mo repudiates Grant and
snpports urcoioy. Ho Is stated to bo
tno woaiuuost man In Maine.
M. D. Estco, Into Secretary of tho
Republican Stato Commltteo of Califor
nia, nddressod a largo Greeloy meeting
iu omi rruuuisco on weunesuay oven
Tho postmaster at Woodland, Wis
consin, with 179 republicans of tho
town, havo declared for Greeley and
colonel Jesse T. Warner, ono of tho
urant electors in ibus, in Nebraska, has
wimuu u juiwjr ueciaring ins intention
oi voting lor ureoioy and Urown.
Robert A. Loo, a colored member of
mo urnnt iicpuDiicnn Commltteo of
roansemonu county, Virginia, resigns
his nosition in a nublisheil lntini- nmi
ucciares ior urceioy and Brown.
S. W. MOUlton. formerlv nrnnn1ilirnn
member of con cress from Till
ing bCCn Invited bv tho Orant nlnln
commmeo to mako speeches.astonishod
uiuiu uy writing n letter stating that ho
diu'iiuhs urrut'iuy.
A Warwick Radical latolv nffnrpii in
draw in ins ono-horso wagon all tho
ureoioy iienuoucaus m that village In
about ten minutes forty-six appeared
and asked to "rido," whon tho Grantlto
DaCKOU out.
Tho Albany Armis sava that It Is on! v
necessarv for somo oba
iu iJiuuiuiui uiuisuji it wnn
can't go urooiey in order to obtain
famoataslnglobouud. For then tho
frantic Grant papers will take him up
and make a hero of him.
A democratic mass mnntino win Un
hold in tho court houso, Washington,
Pennsylvania, on Tuosdav mninc
September 3. Addresses will bo dolivo
red by Hon. Charles R. Buckalow.IIon.
Montgomery Blair, Daniel Kalbfus,
esq., and others.
As ovory man who turns from Grant,
to Greeley is denounced by tho renom
inationlsts as a ronecado or a rascal, it
would bo interesting to know exactly
what sort of materials that nartv is
composed of. Its members aro evident
ly a precious sot of scamps in each
other's estimation.
Thcro is moro troublo ninoni? tlin
Now Hampshire Grantitos. Tho Hon.
Georgo G. F2g has roslcnod his nosit-
Ion as editor of tho Concord Statesman
tho Republican organ of tho Stato. nnd
goes for Groeioy. Ho cannot afford to
support Grant In view of tho exposures
umuu ui ins uuiuiui in igcuiiuuci.
Tho long talked of debate between
tho colored pnrtlzins of Greeley nnd
Grant respectively, Messrs. Saunders
and Garnott, camo off in Now York
last wcok. As might havo been ex
pected tho speech of Saunders, which
wa3 ny rar tno Hotter, was Interrupted
nnd spoiled by tho Grantites.
John R. Davis, of Schuylkill county,
leading republican. who has lienn
twico n candidate for important mini in
offices on tho republican county ticket,
has written a loiter refusing to net as a
member of tho republican county stand
ing committee. IIo is reported to bo for
Grcoloy and Bucknlow.
When Lincoln was olitcd Prealiirnt
in 1801 Colonol A. K. M'Cluro wns
chairman of tho Pennsylvania ronnhii.
can stato central committee, and when
General Grant.wns chosen In 1SG8 Hon.
Galusha A. Grow acted lu n similar
capacity. It is n significant fact that
both of thoso gentlemen aro for Greoley
aud Brown.
At a Grant and Wilson mpnHnir tn
Detroit, tho Sth instant, ono GreenK nrv
Hodge, a colored orator, was suro Grant
would servo four additional years to
Ilia ni-numt In.iti (lnil llin,. t t .1
... ,.uuv .viiii, 1. in. .uuu, uv liiu UUU
of that time, thoy (Grantites) would
gather all tho soldlors and all tho citi
zens together mid declare him Emperor
of fhla e.nnntrv
Simon Ward, colored, writes in n,n
Eufaula, Alabama, News, showing why
ho and his brothorcn should voto for
Greeloy nnd Brown. Ho says : "I havo
studied this matter thoroughly, and
havo come to tho conclusion that Hor
ace Grcoloy has boon, and is now, tho
uesc inenu to tno colored men Iu
America, and that It is to him, moro
tnan to nu othors, wo aro Indebted for
our freedom, and I feol that should T
not voto for him, I would bo worso
than an Infidel."
Thoro seems now ovorv reasnn in im.
llovo that Tom Murphy, "Bill" Tweod,
and "Jimmy"' O'Brien, a sympathetic
mo ui iMuw ioric politicians, havo
formed n corrupt combination to mm.
port Grant, Tho barcain.asundorstcnd.
seems to imply that if Grant bo elected.
Mumliv will havo control of thn Vminr.
al patronago In Now York, Tweed's
offences will bo condoned anil thn in.
dlctraonts ngalnst him withdrawn, and
O'Brien will bo supported for Mayor of
tho city by tho Republicans. Tweed
ana irurion, in roturn lor tins, nro to
nuip urani in mo city wnn ucmocrntlo
Now Advortisomonta.
U estatk or srcrnuN iialdy ueo'd.
Letters tc-stameutnry on tho cstato of Htonhen
llalJy lato of Catawlsna townkhlp, Columbia
county UercascU, havo been granted by tho lies
tutor o! Columbia county, to 1'ettr It. llalily.
lloujliu Hughes, nnd William J. Murtlu Kxccu
turnip whom all porsona Indebted lo haid cstato
nro requested lo inuUo paymont, nud those hav-
till! claims or itemamls ncalunsald 'Citato, will
l'UTKlllt. II A Ml V,
UOlKlliAH HUdllfcH,
K3TAT15 of vimtri Ktsixisn, mini.
cm lit nilhiltilRlintlnn m, Ihn rNlnln til
EtlMbolli Klsller into or Ml. l'lonsnnt twr., t'ul
iimlilacoHiily.iloccniioil.linvobccnRrnnlcitliy II10
llpgi8tcr ol Mild coimtv to Joiepli Ulllieitor tho
unmolw). All I'dAoiinlitwiuiioljUminKftliuttlio
rslnloo. tnoilccedcutnro lrmiostoil to iircscnt
lliom for noltlcmriit, amltliuan iiiilclitcJ to llio
citAto to mako pnymcnt to I ho uuilortlgucil, nil
mmislmlor, without itolnv.
Aug n.-72-Cw, Ailmlnlstmtor.
fllO THE WOUKINU .OI.AF.B, mnlo or IcmMu.
1 to) n wolc (..inrnntccil. Ilcspccublo em
ployment nt home, ilny or ovchIiiki no cApiml
rcqulreil s mil Ins ructions nnil vnlimulo jiaclt
ng of Rooilg to tnrt Willi Bent freo by mull,
AuMrein with 0 crnt ritnrn ultimo.
Jf. YOUNCI A CO., 10 Courlhmit Bt New Yoilt,
AOBNTO tVANTrjn-rrlhrjfmef
Bvant Greeloy
niMnfnUiiufki, Over 40 BtoolVurtraHii.
worth twico iho co?t or tho boolt. Wnntnl over v.
whore. Au'lslmvowoiHlcifiiUucii . Hemltor, mlilieM .IKUt.K'l Mni.UUDr, !IS
ArcliHt , l'lillailclpuln, IM.
A Rents vmteitfortlioArT)lirolU.l'HY or
'Iho llenl nml only il'llnn willlcn ny mnisolts
nnd for onr 1!;!I UAMl'AlUN MANWAh, u book
of tho tlmei for nil pillion. Illmtrntstl. Ono
ApentsoldSOInlhieodayo. Also, for Hrnrilev's
Life of rreildcnt (Irani, nnd Hplemllil 1'ortia'lU
or Candidates, 8- Kin mouth niado,
II, II. Tit HAT, rnlillsher, KU3 Uroadway, N, Y.
First Premlnia H id An.Tnst.lE71
Iloubln r.lovntnl Oven. Wnrmlnir Closel. limit.
UK? Door, lender ' llnnrd, Tunminn AHhali'ug
2)0 Witter Htieel.N, Y.
Dll') CiirilK
t'or euro f I (or To t Rtmplo !" c '-l,) by mtll.
Dr. K. 1". HYATr.SMOmii'lWu't. fU&Yoilc
u; -liv
ThO millliC PTfimttinllnn-a Vnr tl.n wu
will be hold ns follows: 3
ASTA! clas,,on's
hoSSmaiSt'u? nt Jn""30U's chml
ror Minim at MUlllnvtlln Bent. Itth.
For Montour nt nilnnrl. Hnnl l"l 1.
I'or ItoarlnKcroolc nud Locust at .Morris' school
For Hemloclc nt llnclthorn Sept. loth,
lor Maillton nt Jorieytown Sent. I7tu.
For Hcott nt l'snv Sent. IStli.
For Orcenwoou at Centio school houso Hept,
For Ornngo at Ornnsevlllo Hent 2M.
i'or Mount Plcpiant nt .lonos' school houso
iaviii. i'Hi.
Fort" hlngcrcek nt Forlts school liouioHfpt,
For Cenlr nt Hldlct'd sclr il houso Sent. Mill
For llrlnrcrock nnd Ucnr:clc nt llerwku Hent,
Mill. 1
For Jnrksoii.HiiBirloir nnd Henna nt lien ton
CfCIM. .lll.
Korl'lno nt Hereno Went. M,llli.
Exnmlnnllons will commence) n. 10 o'cloclc A. mey luienu mni.lll'; nppnc.ltlon.
Cei'tf Ilcntes will nnt l,n pnininil ihh uimn ,inv
. . in in" iiiMrii'L ill
Hoards of Directors nro respcctf.illy Inviled lo
W. H.SNYDEU.Co, Hiipt.
Catawlssa.l'a ,187J. holw3
II11Y VIEW ACADKMY. Perryvlllo Stnlion,
O. I'n. It. it. (For Males & Femnlo 1'npils.) Long
established, thorough, successful; location
healthful nud accessible: community social,
mornl aud religious i buildings largo nud costly;
n fit 11 corps ol nblo teachers ; mouutnlu nlr, pure
iiiitui,a,iiu uihuiiii;i uuu niiiuiug; enipuaiicniir
n homo school. Wholo exnnni.e. fnr ltnfinl 'rnf-
tlon, Room, Fuel nud Washing (for 40 weeks,)
ii'jj (mm iii-v iiumircu twunrs, WJUIOV Session
begins Sept. 3. Bond for Circulars. WILSON A
i-.iiiiiiwu, i-ori iioyai, juuiain CO., IM.
Tnscai'ora Academy,
Semi for a Circular nnd Testimonials.
D. 11. Stone, A.M., l'h. D. J. J. Patteiison.A. M,
l.lfnl Incfillnn. nt.rt rtf .lift ij"
iJ.n.X v . iubiiLuiiuiis 111 1110
1111 . 1-iJt "v.'e., muiress iiev. JOHN II.
llllAKELEY , Vli. D. nug'Jwl
Stcubonvillc O., Female Seminary,
.Tills wldely.kuown School affords thoiongh
t,.""0""", ui u eoii, oi tiiuo moro than
..uu.oa u. mi juiiiiur jnijuii is lCOUCbied. A
S'W V.0.1"'1.'!11 !" 1110 e.oso of Iho next year.
Hem for inrtlcnlarslo Hov. rilAltLKM c. lillA-
SlV'ft 'AAfrnS.' iittS"-'0r 1!eV-A "-"I'D.
- i tlll'JIVI
Jiercuautvllle, N. J
Four miles irom l'hlladeliihl.i.
(iormeily located nt Frlncetown, N, J.)
ltov. H. Kf. linwra.i, a m i; tM.,.,i
Forty-fourth Annual Term begins Sept.' loth.
oiiiw iui viieuiiir.
mm, juumtit VUM 1 . 1,
Fire Insurance.
Thn Mnl, ml l1n.. ........
; .V.V . . m uiu mtiiuaiiy
lusuicdthogrcntesttecuilty for tho least possi
ble coat. Tho premium notes aro tho capital.
u tills i uo divlilciuH nro paid to tho stocbiiold-
arising after tho payment ol losses nnd ex
Y.x x, uuhuh mo iwiai i-y, years ol lis ex
istenco ,lmvo nvcrnged but OH per centum upon
, i . . ' s iiver lliail luo 1'aies
pnid ill tho best solvent stock companies during
IJi'.W?0 f,e,lod ,of tlmo- I" lusitrlug nt stock
rates, the lusured must pronounce to hlmsolf
that he pays every year cuongb-lst. Tororm
nn accumniatcd fund for omorgeueles : 2d. To
nay largo dividends to the capital invested iu
iho Company; 3J. Runs tbo risk of a "Chicago
$1?! c.iulu? nniV wlplne his Company out ut
oxlstcuce. lu a Mutual company ho keeps his
ii;,TiV;r, ; V. rr "eeucu, nnupaysiio
hLTi'l V? capltalbits. Tho mutually insured,
i.r,, ir-X .. . . "iiiuiiais, luuit niier 1110
business, its character aud its agents lu nil
places, thus protecting each other. For Insur
ances or Agencies, nildross
.. ' , "lUJSA.ur, socrotnry,
Columbia, Lancaster County, I'a.
AdENT.4 Wanted for Chamborllu 's Grent Cam
palgu Rook, The
struggle ol 'TJ, ;
a nuveiiy in l-oiuicai nndl'opnlar Ltlcrntme.
a uiiAriuo History of tlio Republican nud
jjemocraiio parties; a racy fckotcb ol tho so-called
Liberal Republican Parly j au iusldo vlovv of
tho Clnclnnnll Vri.
ww.. , vmi.uu. AUU lUIUIll iiu.ui.
ine nuesi Ilius
Agents wanted lor our Campaign goodi. Sell at
highi. Pay lOO lcrc.eiit. iiiollt. Nowls tho
J.Uofl'ii1'!'.'!1,0 tlme,s- T(m JJollarapei day
S'iV 'uatle- l ull samples sont for 81. Address
.. uuuai-11.111, qij x-ant now. SiOYT Yolk,
J "V.. .Mil. ..VUllllllll
deslguR. Get l'rlco List of
-MTra, 17 Murray St., N. Y,
never nrodticed n mlncr.n nm,. m,,.,, .'.
bines In such perfections llie aualllies of null
Wio"?.1015 nna calhartlo medicine, ns that of
nvuu in Alili 1J11UUUISTS,
For any ensoof ninul. Illeed.
",?' .t.cll.luF Ulcerated
Fllis that.Dc Ring's 1-ile
-wmi w w win.Kuiiajn io cure. It Is
prepared expressly to euro tho Piles, nud uothlug
else, sold by all Druggists. I'tco, f t.oj. "
i rin,i T.u nrllc'! m i"o market for
r",'.?,"'. i.'.?!lc". Tho genuine has both liar.
low'sauu v iiiuorgor's name on tin, l-iiioinn,! ia
. . . j -,tJia' HUH urut?oifi-
...... ...... vwvm v ( uiuouiug. m
fnr t Im film nf n 1 1 Til l)(i t ni
r.UNII Diseases.
in cases of tbroa
tbo U, H. Send
tbo U.S. Send for circular. ' 0Al,u, .i.
MpNXlI. easily tiiadu with stencil
nmi Key.
and Sample, ret,
Koy-inccic jiies, Sceuio Circular
o. .n, oi-ENCEii, llrattleboro,
Mono rnr ,1 ri,ini. ...
EOlllug book out. ""aiei
HTUiiHAiiT ca, I'ulilisheis, I'nii'a.
A 1);
t!.i t . . ' . jjcsci lpuvo t : cu ats nnd
I rlco Lists of our Flno Slcel Engravings of nil
imiSllll,late,"' OHupalau lliosraphiccuirii
l'hotocranlis. liadorns. I'lna Tina o.( ..,.v.7'
IT HANDY.-Tlio llcllablo Family
IV Modlclno, for tho prompt euro or Cholera,
Iitanluea, cholera Inranlnm, llvtonlery,
('inmp, ijnmmcr Comnlalnt, rto JanUlln's
t'ompnundlivrupnl Iilaciiburi Root ami Hhu.
I'niu nu oiti nuu weii-irieu remcu, rnuiciy
jegeliiblc, pleasant to tnko, nulc'i imdcortnln
In clfecti can bodcpcnileit on In ilu'iuoititrnont
(uses; may bo given to Iho .vritmiwt Infant ii
woll nslo iho ngeil, It Is teatbly tukon bychll
ilicn. Keep It In Iho houio nnd uin lu time,
Hold by Urug'lsli, HANll'.I.L A llllo., a, JO
Market Street, I'hllailolphla. Try II.
l (I11N1-8 WANTED. Agonts mnltn moio mon
ty ry nt woik lor us than nt anything else.
1 uslnei.i light nud pennancnt, rarllculais free,
(J.Htivson A Co., Flno All 1'ubllsbcrs, Fort
laud, Maine, nug9wl
on Manhooil, Womnnhootl, and tholr Slnlnnl
Mend lor flpoclmcn pa"ei nnd clrcuhiis, wllb
irnix, Adclrors, NATIONAL 1'UUl.IaIIlNH
o , l'hda, IM. nai-lw.
ti,J,i,,,.iiii1( Hii.-iiii.aL ivuim. mm iiiiuiuiiso
lUcci'si, 13tli thonstiul In press, Arconla delight
oil nnd colnhii money. AOEN IH WA.NTKD
Sanson St., 1'hltn, nJMw
Agents, wo will pay you io ncr woeit In cash
ii uu win eiiKHgu wiui us at once. Jivorythlng
furnlsliwl, nnd uXionses nald, Aildiess F. A
kliLS A CO., Charlotte, Midi, nugOwl
only correct edition published, ltymlar prlcci t
. . . U.V IIIV HU1.UIIII1CU Ul .MllllllC,
bank for cci )mrly. Secure territory nl once,
.... ....... u. ...iiiicnn.
iUN, l'ubllsbcr, 700 Arch SI. Tblla
AGENTS LOOK HERE!ffii.,onon,l
Hint JSVKKY mmllvwANT nml will mivn.t. HifitiT ?
l4JUil JUiM OI
Jtroi'T, Au ' 'cjaiiloctnvo, CIS pf-es; over U
itijiii l ll.'ui.trat Ions, li.t I ynpcv, jwjii ior btmlum,
ont.y 1! 60. Tho cilEArttsT nnd most popular
bouk In print. Iu a gical hit. Will kcII aVEiiT
wiiEUE lllto hot caki'i. l'onteis, cliculnri,
toi ma, nnd our Ag Is Pocket Cuiiipanlon, lnall'd
Itl DllAtll) I1KOS., rubllilieis.721 Banibom St.
iiuia. nuguivi
It Is not a pbvslo which may i;lvo lempornry
relief lo thohtillerer iorthelli ,1 fow ilnsos. but
which, Irom continued uso biingsl'llcs nnd kin
dled diseases lo nld In weakening Iho Invalid,
nor Is It n doctored Uo.unr, lilch, under Iho popu
lar namo or "llltterh" is t.o extensively palmed
oil' cm tliopuhllcns soverelBii lcmcdles, but It Isa
most powcrluITonle nnd nltoratlvo, proiiouueed
so by iho lending medical nutborltics of London
nnd Fails, nnd hns been long used by tho regular
physicians of other eouuliics Willi wnudcilul
reuiodlal lcsults.
Dr, Wells' Extract of Jurubeba
retains all tho medicinal vlrlues peculiar to tho
plant nnd musthotnkeunsnpcimanuuteuratlvo
Is tlteio want of ncllon in your Liver ASplcen?
Unless lellovoil nt onco, Iho blood becomes tin
pnro by dolelcrlous secietlotis, producing scrof
ulous or skin diseases, lllotcbes, Felons, l'uMules.
Canker, l'lmoles, Ac, ,
Inke Jurnocba to cleanse, ptully nnd tcstoro
the vitiated blood to healthy ncllon.
Hnvo you n Dyspeptic Stomach ? Unless diges
tion Is promptly nlded tho system Is ilebllltnte.l
with loss ol vital iorcc, poverty of tho Illooil.
Dropsical Tendency, Ueneral Weakness or Las
situde. Tnko It to assist Digestion without reaction. It
will Impart youlhlul vigor to tho weary suiTcier.
Hnvo you vonkuess or tho Intestines? You
aro iu danger ol Cbroulo Diarrhoea or tho dread
ful Inflammation of tho Rowels.
Tako It to allay Irritation nud ward off tenden
cy to luilammation.
Hnvo you .weakness of tho Utcrluo or Urinary
Organs'; ion must piocnro lustaut lollcf or
you nro liable to suirorlng worso than death.
lake it lo RtieliL'tlien niirnuli, .ci. it. ..... n.-n.
becomes a burden.
finally it should no frequently taken lo keen
the system in perfect hcalih or you nro other
wiso lu great uaoeeroi liinlnvinf ti,uCn.n,i -
contagious diseases.
JOHN Q, KELLOua.lsriatt M New York.
, fc'ple Agent lor llio United Slitn.
l'rlco 11 por llottlo. Houd lor Circular. nug'Jivl
WllPIl HlU. I h I Inn Wlltln... l.M.nt,
Judge nr tho Coiut of Oyer nnd 'JVniilucr nnd
Oenernl Jail Delivery, Com t of Clnai tor Sessions
ot tho l'eaco nnd Court of Common l'leas nnd Or.
nhnn's Court In llin 2illli .iimiii 111...?.. " "t
iiosodor tbo counties of Columbia, hullivn'u nmi
wyomlug.nnd tlioiron.Imm iWi-n,i L.
Monroo Assoclato Judges of Columbia county
S?Jn1rS,Vrd " l,.r,eceI,, bearing ilaio tho 11th
tbfusjmdVelht bun redVmi soveiy-twoIidio
w. v. u. .....iiiiiii V.U111 1 in uycr nun ror-
mluernnil UcucrnllHiartcr Sessions or lh Fenco
Court of Coraidon Picas nnd Orphan's court, In
n ;r r ;., ," V" -"",ul, ' uouunoia, on 1 10
Sirt 'i5. rn1,11iT.,,,1,us hS rJ llay 01 September
Mrttlln I. I.a.-aI... ... Il. .
.. ........ ,i,ij k.viii in mo viiirooci, 10 lUO
Justices of tho l'eaco, and tho Constables of tbo
said county of Columbia, that they bo then and
. .. ."'i...-...""1. nun .uiu -i ii'iiiemurauces. to
do those things which to their olllces npueitain
to bo done And thoso that aro hound by
rccogul.anco, to proscculo ngalnst tho mis.
oners that nro or mny bo iu tho Jail ol Iho
snm kanly of Columhl.i. in im iii. n,.,i
thero lo proscculo them ns tball bo Just. jn.
. . v.,... ,Lyi. ... i.u jiuiiciiiui 111 ineirniicuu
auce.ugieeably totlielruotlces. Dated ntlllooms-
. . 1 . . llllV ?. I lin 1'f.ltl ilot, nlTnl,. ,..
. I . r . . J "I.UIJ , 111 uiu VL'ai
s- 1 ;f our Lord, ono thousand eight bun-
ini, XV .V ":t,"l,"tVu""u in mo ninety
i rtli year of llio iuilcpondeneo or tbo United
StntCH of America. AAUON H.MITir.
iitoomsburg, July Ctitli, is?.'. HberiVr.
J.J boptcmbcr term l;j.
tus Jlaso'u ' (,'1V!"U-' -Vugus-
iicrwicic-llnilsou Owen.
1 riar Creek-Enoch Itltl euh ,
Denver l'etcr llnccht.
Ceutro Edward JIai iman.
Ccutralla-l'.itrlck F. llmke.
( ntnwlssa-Samuol Fre.lci u
(irecuwood Frank Jloat.
Ilcmloclc-Ell Obl.
Moutour-Saiuuol Qigcr.
v; .r -....."in niiiii.!,
?lf(1iM0a",Wm' Fnlrmnii, l- mn
illlllA .11).
prnugo-DAVlil ireniii-, JaniiH i;
i Jntu -4,
i tuo-jumi unrulier.
KOarlll' L'lVplf Inlin T IT, ,,..
cum. '
HOOtt Till. 7111 4 l'tff.i1ln T. 11
ranu, " '
nil IS7i
lllonm--i um L. CI1H 111. il., w 1
Chi'r 11 lll.lii-i. ' ""''
Heaver A, w. m 11111,
llciwlck Lo 1 lCmtz. t 11
Uo I. All
iienion i;uas iioiiion.
llilaicreek Daniel llamba.Ii, (iui, p. l.miii
CatawUsa-N. P. John. ' ""w"-
Ceutro Ueo, L. Low, Ooo. II. Fre.n
r i.iuiviiii jouaiu 111 rorino
FIsliliiKcreck Joliu Wliiii.
, lae'cNin Ck'-ivor.
M. A. Ainuior.
11. Statilou,
man, Divld Y'o.t.
ureouwoou r.irvin i.voi, J
Hemlock ItenLcn lloavt.
Minilu-D.A. Uoss, UonJam'n Yoho.
Madlsou Isaac Whipple,
Montour Michael ltoucli
OrauKo-JouatbanPousi.Wm Hclinji Mi.m
Kveretr, Joseph Hoary. '
i-inc win. iverciiuer, uaii. u. (.i-tty.
Iloailng Creek Divbl Unix
Sugar-loaf Wm. A. Kilo.
Scott Josenb .Miih. iltnati. t r. t , ,
.M. llulUhlser,
lltoom. Fraulc 1 Mclti-i,' . n. 11 .
II. Mlnaah. ( i.-i,',,..v,i; In. '
less, I. W. McKclvy.
ucaviT oimoa x .lonusou,
llerwlck JoslaU 11. Dodvon.
Deutou-Wllllam Wilson, lleuUoii Apnlom m,
Cltnwlssi .Inooh r.. Kiw, ,,,., ,,' , .,. .'
llamlllon Fisher. Ailnm l'..l,.,..,', ' 1 ',...,!. '.. :,.'
Jacob Clewell.
uentro John cam.
Conyugham John J. Cuulillu.
Franklin Chrlsllan Art lev.
Flshlua Creek Hhniii Mellnm.- iu i A,.,.
merman, ltlcbnrd llrlght,
Oreeiiwood-Jobu.Staddon. Chandler Uvn.
John K, Mnsgrove, Abiam Trlpleplcce,
.lacksou Clluton Lewis.
iiocusi-nimon neiwf,', Henry Hclwlg,
Jliiiu-D, D. Feddcroll, David S. Urown, Wes
ley John.
Ml, I'J
'leasaut lid. Crawfiiul.
Seott-lt. J, Millard, II, U. Cn-veilua
Tbo followlug nppralsoments of loul nnd per
fcoual pioperly iel apart to widows ol decedents
hnvo been tiled lu tbo oillco of tho lteglsltrot
Columbia couuty.uuder tho Ilulos of Cuurl, and
..... w i,,w.v...v vi'iiiiiiiiiiuuil, IO
thoOmbnns' Couit to bo held In lit. umi.i, ,1,..; 1..
nndlfor tnld connly.on Wwlntsday, tho Ithdayol
Hep.t, ll72. nt 2 oVlock p, u., of said day, im
les oiccptions to tiicli conllimallous nro provl
ous y tiled, of which all persons lulcu'stud iu
bald (.stales will tako notlcot
lons,iuVec0caVe'dl.1P T" mUmu' mt0 of
to2wns;n?S'eeefasAeli!a,U Voun' lflt0 ' Col'to"
8. Widow 01 Jonathan Ivnlltie, lalo ol Con.
yugham township, deccasod.
i. Widow of John C, Doty, lalo or lleulon
township, deceased,
. 5. Widow of l'etcr Uoarhart, lalo of Ucaver
township, deceased.
u. WlClow of Philip W.SIeoloy, lalo of lloAyer
township, deceased,
7, Widow of Corncllna Klltomlall, lalo ol Mil',
llllt township, deceased
H. Wlihwnf i:mmor namnlon. 1.-11.1 ir.....
Ingcreek township, doccasoil.
V. Widow of William F. Sotuler, lalo of Hcolt
It), widow of Joseph Wcnu, lato of Madiboii
township, decensod.
II. Widow of Lenudcr Cnrninii Intn nf nn..,nn
towushlp, deconscd.
12. widow 01 i-eicr Jvnrns, lalo or Ueuton
township, deceased,
ItegUlcr's onice, lloglhlcr.
iiioiuiouiirv, Aug, , IS, v,
1 .1 VV Pli1 Mf1Qwanlcd tortinlma llootet
lll. IjAuJUY 1 ODr, Cornell's Lives oi
UHKin.K nnu liuuWN,-tlio latest nnd best;
also..ludL'o ltusqcll'i. T.trn ni ii.,,,.,, wiicnn i
Enim'Kii'HNoTuiRa ,
J-Vilmrcby given to nlllegm, '
nllior persiins luti-resled lu nl0 rr' "
fpmtlvo iloceiloulsttiid minor" 1 , ,'1 .
ngndmlnntrntloii nnd gnai I,',,, , 1
con lllod lit tbo nrVlconf ll,n itV! r "
ilnroutity, nnd will bo pn ,?,,
!1ri"i'V,,,J,!l,",w",U00 -nl,, "'ruin...
held lit lllnoinsliurg.oit WpiIiAi.i.
8. Iho third nnd ilnal nccouni -C-rop-y
nna Slcpheu liono, n. !.r n
Jneoii Ooho, lnlo'of Minim 0V1 is , '.or.,,
5. Tliolirstmidfln.iln. 'iiiiu t i "
KMCulor or ltd., .an v. iicr in"-,a"l lrr
townKlilpit'ecoasod. ' tr K
Mmnn Whilmoycr, HxeriitOM nr "Jr, Htuni
innyer lalo of pAic owiisl lp,' IrSLt Wi ,itJ.
7. Tlio Ilrst nud Una ncctii nl , SriJ.'1,
I '1 ..11 11 RLntlllllllrtl . "
MKnuV,1:ll;,s,l,u ojvuliil; ileceaseliri,iv'la'.t
t, Tho tlrst nnd partial neenn,,', .
Cnvence, Lxcculor of Hdwnrd (At'L,,f ''onto
V. 'Ihonccouut of D.ivfct K lrn..i:
I li-ntnrnri'..,,. i..ifi'.J!1-,J' iiaynia,, .. ..
dcoKaved; m,a 01 -'eulr. n'S
in. Tr.o flnal ncsnntu of rni,. , 1
ndnnnislrnlor of win. H,Wi V nia Ail, m.
IHWIIBlltn ..limnin. ' ",ll,," Into Of ,
11. Tho llnnl nxpnnnt of in,i.. ..
ndmlnlslrntoi of Mlchatl iletioi' " Hell..,
township, ilccenseii. " licuir, lnl.i ur mi n'
l'l 1 I,.. Iln.l . . . . ""H
mlmlnistrator il,- bout, iwn or i'i?InM,','iicU
I'lich, lato of Ornng" lowiislilr? .i?1'0"1'' HkS
,.1.1. Tho (.ccond nnd iiuilr''','''l.
Yclter. KxecutorofacorOT itoi . nf '
Ingcieek lownnhip, Uoeewj '' lil,u Jf ll."l.
.,dVAlffla,ou?ofTo1 ii. ii.,
township, deceased. J "0l'er, lato of iniiii,'
10. TIlO nccnnnl Xf '
lor of Elizabeth MocJi St n,'?r-. Jmbilsn,.
llloomsburg, deccasou. t0 ot 'll0 Town '
17. Tbo nccouni ol Ell obi i. OhI.lalo of liAVH,
rcckiownshlp.dccensfd. ' 1 of "' b.
Il', Tho nccouni of Paul Fn- ,i
.,1 Daulol Fry, 3ciir., lalo of l?e'i " ,m,lnl1' 'ir
decoased. 1 ' ivi. ,
111). Tho second and final nrcoiuiLrrT.,
ley, ndmlu Rtrator of IlllshS ,1 ,ctt Jul,'U1-1''
Ureenwood township, decea , 1 . 1'-i ,,
ill. Tho nccouut of t rus H wi,
of Michael Lemon, lnUi "f " Lhl S,0 '
shl '.(leccasod, ' .lui.n.
, . Thoflvvl nw.l .,, .
lioim.ouarilinnorihoporsr ii' ,VV '-'II-E.
Pcrsel, of Madison tmvnsi, ,, "lt; '"'"of. Mary
21. Tho nccouni of Ellas Tr
Istrntor of John Trembly, l ,,3 .
ship, ileccnseil, " 1
"1 UIWll.
ifffi-- jgv ,wi.. ,,
eensud. ' u OI -Piltlu towiishi, .
iVnZ'r??"!!' ".C.iuel Li .r
of lllooms.,n.Tdi r,:.?e' ma"' T
r9?- '-.V; """""'it or Itlciinrd Ki '
shlp.dcccnseil. ''u,ou' "lo u ucaver iBu.
A,A'.li'Jt,.i,",",1'll "fcouu.t ot n, i,
lownsliifCdeceiise,!. "r 'J'0 01 lls"i..
I'.egl,.e,-S omco7I','IAM!iON "" J UT!"'
lllooinsbnrg, Aug.2, 137J.
T,1.,.01, CAUSES FOil TltlTr
ii i!wZ i ' " " '""'"'isMMK ; toil'
XVlevn'Sld's?1,sc,'bcrsor !l1' .to
oIhcv: v-mwztt v fj. miclsm, ,,.
v ISiiSS! ,(i,ovcr.'s .'"'o: vs. Savage lb i-m
Michael Orover's 'uso' v. HHV.i3o.fe it, 7.
llioomall & Co. vs.MoNliich A ShnTni , " '
Clcmucl o. lllckctu'adm'r vHS .
I.cwls j. Adams vs Flslilngcrcek School n,i, ,
&?St c,r,V'"'n"?,vs- l-'rwlerlclc Jlerccron ' '
Vculah ltocie 'aduirs' v" W. v. Kline
' il.'co! tlaM0U V" "'''"'eJpl'bi a iica.iuisK.
rfnalillVorUam l'llllaik'Pl'l,i ami :;..u
UCoCr B101' vs' 1'1"laile'l'bUAltcaliD!!r.,i!.
J a'lLCo. Co,mcll' vs. PblUlelphn A Ileum,
Francis J.'lCllno vs. Jacob Ilcrrlui.
L. (I. lllcketts vs. John Sweeney ?t. al.
llcorgo it. Hoss vs. Joseph Weiss el a
David Uolidngcr vs, Jesio 11. ltlcii
llogart A Krcamer vs. William Jiarb.r.
Joseph W. Funsoy vs. John Mulli - in.
Co!timl)l.ilnsurancoCo. v. Jo.opuM IVel;
Al.V,'."'0'1 v"- 1-rancls Jolly.
WH lam Mllncs vs, Jonas Doty.
uSmnii,0!'? vol!U8 y- Thomas Tivncli.
FhuIcUUrockwny:i,)?'iiy K,'.U0!"
llrastus Koss vs. O.Ivcr A. Jncoiiv
Oeorgo WlilUnoycr''w.VH?j fanicr.ur
A. l'anloo & Co. vs. llugli w. iii-ir,'?,,,,! ,
Susan Gll'lia'iii vs. Martin M. Ihobst.
. .iiii, , iiuiomsniirg Iron co
T"1- 1 i r ."in. joiin i-ain,
.ffts Lyons vs. Solomon Dlik.
J. W. saukey vs. O. II. Jlellek
Claik Merrell vs. A II Hiownri.
etui!" lcw-saeyi.vs...., , ,
JV1'11?'1.1I--ub."'lvs. Jeremiahs t
L. S. lClrkemla 1 vs. Michael ii.
Thomas Hess vs. C. 1. Fowler el 1
Daniel Snyder vs. John Mowry. '
vVfflUWYKdS'- 5,',,,v,lk " '
1Va"ro ""it 'Jo'" 1J''uv'IIu ' l"lnand Wain
1'ilKh1,ltl?;i:'ott,,,VUi') " lrt" -
'SttSSW18"'1'1! ' "'
HavVlkisbtu?o It!lf. S " '"wk""" ",J
iiiliOWU"" 'blniv v'. L. y. Dean A II. i
?"i" iSJfif n.s.''u",,,r-' D.ivld Honck's Mihns
iitin in t. s , r "i'fB
..uiiiiia r-i'uooi.
i.uY.mian(i?..u llsii' v- ilathlas Kline.
w ii ii , . 's Alllailll.1 L.HI illlctf.
)w,0, t'1:"!" I vs. John o. Jacuby,
WUson Ager vs. c. II. lliockway.
l'll.'ibetliSuiovoiKii,iiii'i.a , .......
C, 1). Fowler Ivndorseo of ll. u. iimt,,.. n!r.
Willi.!,!, l-iilmi .... Tf.,
., ......... u....,.u i.i.n.iin Ulllllt'..
Jolm Auspnch vt wlfo vs. Emanuel nasi i.txib
Stemhe bert Pimip llrcntzel .M A. An, uuku.
Mary Miller vs. JuSm .Miller's ex'r .
w!nn"i'11 y' ,lil'obs't vs. Danville H u ''1"
., ni-av.uiv ll. ll, VI,,
V i .ii.ii.w iiuiii w.eiN, v.1111 lllllliiii! our
OlUSninples sonl po,tago fivi.i im .He "'"
retail quick lor I-WOI.COn, bl i n. m
Square, N, Y, mi
,-.nnnAC,EN'rfJ Wauled lor air mn,l ,.u
tlUUU live "MtKI'Li'Y .t llllOWN'
'(IIIANT A WILSON" c.impal,u Cn.i . ''
best onoi out. Semi for ('"'. Ii.inn u i ill
Ln'so p.oiln. HAASIS vC l.Ul.itKI'HTi I' iiiiui,
51iipnii!l(b.irti:,l.ibli,n:.i,.t.', I7 u . . j
NewYoik. it -,
1 How cither sex may liisiinatoaud g simp
luvo , ntl'ccllocs of nuypeiAtulh j eh
staully. Tblsi.lmploiuculil.1 tnlnu u 'cm
possess, lice, by mall, for 'Ji els. tojether . mm
marilago rjuMe., llgypllan Oracle, Dreams, " ,
to Lndles, Ac, .V quoer.exclllug book, I'al.iHijbj.u
Address T. WILLIAM it CO. Pubs, Phll.i "
Also fir C.YMrAtUNaOODS. A'l'lr. 4.
HOODHPf t'D'Sll-MPIllBPUHLlhlllfJUllllll.
Newoilcars, Cluclnnatt, St.I.ouis.u "
Is uo v treating siiccoasfully,
C'oiisinnDtlun. Broncliltl'-.
ami ii.i dlsaisea oi llio Throat nud Luuga, win
Dnrn g iho past leu years Dr. Carpenter has
H ealed nud cured thousands of cues ol I In
obovo named diseases, nud has now lu his po"
session lerlillcalcs of cures nom every pail m
the country, Iho lululatlon Is breathed illiulb
luto tho lungs, soothing and healing over all
lnllumcd snrlaco.i, culeilng luto tbo blool, i
imparts vllnllty ns It pormeales to every part nl
tho sy.tem. Tho beusntlou Is not uuple.isinl
nnd tno Ilrst luhalntlon;olteu gives very dcclilul
ii llef, paitlcularly when there Is much illilluili.
of biealblug. Under the lullueuco of niyii'iiu
dies, tho cough toon grows cutler, the ntiili'
sweats cease, iho beetle llcuh vauUhes,nnd l"
Improviug il''e..tlnn tho patlout rapidly gain
s ttengtb, und licallli Is ngalu within bis giui p.
'llio loiirciilriilcl rood rapidly builds up t("
most debilitated patient, piescnttug to ll
stomach lood all icady to be nssluillatcd '
mailo luto good, rich Inallliy blood,
llio ( ousli hyruji Is to bo taken nt night tn alk
ylate the cough und cnablo tho patleut to obtain
sleop. Full uirccUoni accompany each box o "!
la.ietlles.Mttfch consist o
One Inlnlcri Ouo llolHoo llltcratlic Inhalant , .
Ilulllo ol Saothlntr l'l'lirllUKO Inliulaiill
llotllo or Anil llaiiiorrliasle liilinlanl I
One llotllo Concentrated 1 ou.l (
Uno llolllo Q t'eugli
Pilco of Ho, coulalnfog remedies lo last mi
month, (io- two months, tisi three monlli , (-
Sent to any nddress C, 0, 1), Pamphlctsc"!-lalnlu!-
largo list of patlcnti cured cent luf
Lotteis or inquiry must contain ono dollar lo lu-
Miro answer, Aiuiress,
., ll. u.iii-i.iM ii-ai, in. u riewnnf, n. j-
nr. CAUPKNTElt'd OATAltltll ItllllllllY Ml I
glvo Immediate relief, nnd will eUoctn peuii
uontciiiolnfrom ono to three month. Fit"
of remedy lo last ono month, Ii; twumoiilo
(St three mouths, (IU.
rt.M'Dlt lu nil Us forms succestfiillv i
Send for list oinatlonls cured, t i
A, ii. VAiirr.isii'.i., J'. ..v.vtii.., 1
i, llio socoml recount ol u, '
AdmliilstmlorofCbarlrs it. lie ,n 'I ,cl C
lowushlp,ilceea.sod, "" .Ui -i., f,
J. TboncconutorSamiicM reiiu , 1
tur nf Marv l-rnnuv. liifAnr ...yy.A'l ,.,
., .vl " ""' """Mil