The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, March 29, 1872, Image 2

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Friday , March 187$.
11117,001, 4ft
1KU Z,rHr,g72,' Z.O!Hl,.Utt,rtf
VAr IfV.O.Son tlnnLuiAllannt-lnf f lint
year :. ......12,050 C00.C00
For 1803, see Doutwell's. ripott ofi870. 2,6S8,OW,000
TI10 Htnto Capital. .
To utterly satisfy tho city 6f Philailcl
plila It will bo noccssary to chango tbo
nnmo of this Commonwealth to that of
"TI10 Stato of Vhllttdolphla" with head
quarters at that metropolis. Tho pa
pers of that city nro vigorously urging
tho removal of tho Slato Capital from
HarrUburg : tho Mayor and Councils
nro pushing tho matter ; a meeting of
citl."iis 1ms been held and a committee
of thirty appointed to proceed to tho
Legislature for furthcranco of thsjob-
J cct. Tho benefits of tho chango nro set
forth as follows: "Tho wholo Stato
would bo benefited if Its law makers
wcro brought Into Intimate contact
with tlio social refinement of n great
metropolis ;" "In a great cltyllko Phil
ndclphla tho rascalities which havo
characterized tho Legislature at liar
rlsburg will no longer bo posslblo;"
"Ilarrisburg is out of the geographical
center of travel" and "tho forco of
habit nnd tho inoonvonlenco of reinov
nl havo alono prevented a chango from
being mado long ago."
When wo consider tho manner in
which municipal mattors havo boon
managed of lato In tho City of Brother
ly Love, a prominent official bolng now
in jail for his sharo of tho business, and
tho fraud nnd corruption broucht to
light at tho recent election, aided nnd
abotted by tho police, wo aro not in
clincd to bolievo that the morals of our
Stato legislators will bo benefited by a
moro closo contact with a pcoplo whoso
city government Is moro corrupt oven
than that of New York. If members
of tho Legislature can bo bought and
sold at iiarri8burg how much moro
will thcy not bo bought nnd sold in n
city where monoy is vastly moro plon
tlful and where scoundrels to uso It do
greatly abound. It Is nbsoluta folly to
talk of a chango bolng wrought in tbo
charactors of venal men by a chango of
tho location whore thoy sell themselves,
It Is urged further that tho air of liar
rlsburg "Is loaded with miasmatic va-
por" and "its water is poisonous" but
how much bottoris Philadelphia? Dur
ing tho prevalence of tho epidemic at
Harrisburg, Philadelphia was suffering
terribly from small pox and it is dlfll
cult to convince sensible pcoplo that
this dread dlseaso Is prcfcrablo to diar
rhoea. As to the water, an investiga
tion of that used by Philadelphia has
proved it to be Ailed with noxious and
foul matter contributed by tho various
mills and manufactories along the
Schuylkill and tho drainage from com
oterles. There is not much to bo said
favorably of that argument. As to
Harrisburg being out of "the troozraDh
leal center of travel," bo that as it may,
n nu,, ctfnnirwi 4i i . V,
a city situated on tho extreme edge of
theState can offer no improvement in
that respect. Mr. Samuel Josephs, ono
of Philadelphia's moral legislators
states that tho feeling in tho Houso Is
almost unanimous in favor of a chango.
Wo havo no doubt that thero aro many
members who would gladly welcomo
the removal as offering larger opportu
nities for money making. But tho peo
ple of tho Stato aro not altogether guid
ed by the opinions of Mr. Josephs and
his kind or inclined to accept their
Judgments as in any manner convinc
ing. If a chango should bo mado, great
benefits must bo proved to bo resultant.
As the mattor now stands tho removal
would be attended by an cxponso of
millions of dollars nnd would bo pro
ductive of not ono good result in any
direction whatever.
We are in favor of nil honorablo free
dom of speech nnd freedom of thought
but thero aro those who tako advantage
of both to the manifest Injury of society.
Prominent among tho30 abusers of an
admirable principle aro tho avowed dis
ciples of freo lovo. Thoy should bo sup
pressed by tho poll co authorities as dis
turbers of tho public peaco, and teachers
of pernicious doctrines and as breakers
of all law moral and civil. One f theso
shameful and shameless followers of
Free Lovo, a Mrs, "McKlnley, recently
gave a lecture In New York in which,
among other vile remarks,- she made
uso of the following: "Lovo confined
to one will bo unknown when lovo Is
perfectly developed.'' Thero can bo no
denunciation too strong for such lan
puago, no condemnation so utter ns not
to bo merited. Womon who load noto
riously impure lives, aro under thosur
veillanco of tho police and nro liable to
arrest, but this McKInloy woman is
permitted to openly advocate a life of
degradation which tho laws exprcs-jly
prohibit and punish.
That puro and disinterested polltl
elan Simon Cameron, whoso dovo-Iiko
innocenco and freedom from gullo aro
familiar to tho pooplo of this State, Is
reported to havo mado a speech recently
In which ho used the following remark
ablo language:
"About tho only pleasure and cer
tainly tho only prollt I havo over had
from being In tho Senate, was that onco
in u while I could tako up some lonely
creature and be Instrumental In putting
jnui ur uer iiuo 11 pmco wnero no or sno
would bo independent of tho world for
tbotimo bolng."
Wo know of nothing moro sad in tho
history of modern law-makers than tho
total want of appreciation which has
attended this Christian and charitable
Cameron. After profitless years spent
in tho Senato profitless savo iu tho ro
ward which virtuoalways confers upon
its followers this good andgentlo man
whoso aim has been to succor tho unfor
tunato and aid tho neody, has only sue.
coeded in acquiring a reputation as an
unscrupulous schemer and wily dema
gogue with whom the end has always
Justified tho means. It Is too lato now
for tho world to do him Justice, but in
tho world to como what rownrds will
not bo his.
A FiNEplcturo of Boston is given by
Wendell Phillips In ono of his recent
lectures ou labor reform : "Boston Is a
clly in which overy tenth, person Is u
criminal and every seventh a pauper.
Three-quarters of our farms aro mort
gaged for drink ; two-thirds of tbo pul
pits uro filled with drunkards and tho
bench of Justice is nearly vacant be
causo duo-half of tho Judffcs havo died
Proposed Ch II Sen Ico ltcforni. !
Tho Loulsvlllo Courier-Journal sug
gests that tho following bo Included
ntnoug tho questions to bo put to asplr
ants for scrvlcoln tho civil branch of tho
government by tho proposed board of
examining pedagogues :
1. Who Is your candidate for tho
2, How much of your salary as post
master think you could contrib
ute to secure his re election ?
n. Can you swear that you aro physically
strong enough to work llko n dray horso
In his bshnlf from now until tho polls
closo ?
4. About how many votes could you
mnko for your candltlato by working in
that way?
5. Havo you always boon truly loyal,
and If so, how many tlmos did you voto
for tho prcsldont'noblo chief cxccutlvu in
18CS, and do you think you could do It
again In 1872?
G. If tho administration should hap
pen somo.tlrao or another to need n first
class witness In a KLu-Klux case, do you
Bupposo you could remember what It
would bo necessary for you to swear to
on tho occasion?
7. Whon you shall havo found that
you aro n uoraultcr to tuo government
In n very considerable amount, you will
understand, won't. you, thnt you must
kcop tho fact concealed from tho Demo
crat!cprc3s, and that, If the thing should
leak out In splto of us, you must pay for
tho whitewash yourself?
8. In caso it should chance- to occur
to you at no distant day that It would
bo emlnontly propor for you to forward
a Durham colt or a Ucrkshiro calf, a tor-
rler pig or a Shanghnt pup or all four
of them as tho caso may bo to a cer
tain $2.j0,000 farm near St. Louis, whoso
gifted proprietor Is not wholly uncou
nected with tho cxecutlvo mansion nt
tho present time, nro you qulto euro you
would remember to ship, with great caro
and pay tho oxprossago and all other
charges on tho shipment?
V. In conclusion, how much chango
do you happen to havo about your
clothes, and do you think you could bor-
row onough hero to tako you homo ?
10. And finally, where did wo uudor
stand you to say that you keep your cl
gars nnd liquor?
Tho man who knows enough about
opening, shutting up nnd distributing
the malls to answer theso questions to
tho satisfaction of an oxamining board
thoroughly in accord with tho presont
administration would mako a postmas
terof whom tho administration would
Justly bo proud.
Tlio lira of Small Men.
There is much forco nnd truth in tho
following, which wo find in tho Louis
vtlle Courier Journal
Never beforo in our country's histo
ry were tno jpgisiauvo nans 01 tho na
lion so crowded with small men. Not
only small intellectually, but also small
in morals, and small in evervthin? clso
that goes to mako up tho. full staturo of
men wormy to mi tno position of law
makers lor a great nation liko ours,
when the United States Senato was or
namented by such men a3 Henry Clay,
John C. Calhoun. Daniel Webster,
Thomas Benton, Thorna3 Ewlng, Silas
Wright, and their compeersmon no
ted for their intellect, eloquence, pntri
otism and high senso of honor, loved at
homo and respected abroad it reflected
credlton tho pcoplo whoso interests it
represented, and whoso honor it upheld.
Americans everywhere, regardless of
party, regarding It as tho greatest do.
llberativo body In tho world. Not
withstanding tho excitement and bit
tor partisan feeling of tho time, no Sen
ator was over charged with having ob
tained his seat through fraud, bribery
and corruption, or being mixed up with
any rascally scheme to swindfo tho
Government or defraud tho pcoplo to
enrich himself. Then every Senator
was an honorablo man, and thero was
not ono among thom who would not
rather havo received a wound than
bprno a stain. But how have tho
mighty fallen 1 Harlan, Nye, Clayton,
Caldwell, Cameron andBrownlow, and
others, noted for their solflshuess and
moral lopro3y, havo taken tho places
made vacant by tho great mon who
preceded them, befouling tho Senato
and disgracing tho American nnmo.
GovernorCurtin.Wo understand
that Governor Curtln, Minister of tho
United States at St. Petersburg, has ro
signed that position and will return to
his homo In Pennsylvania within a
month or two. This resignation is not
altogether unexpected, and has a polit
ical significance nt this tlmo, which
will soon find authoratlvo expression
in nn Important form. Tho friends of
Governor Curtin havo been systemati
cally proscribed by tho Administration,
through tho controling inlluence of Mr.
Cameron, not only In tho distribution
of patronage, but in every form of po-
litlcal consideration in tho Republican
party. Thoy aro powerful enough to
make tholr strength felt in tho Presi
dential canvass, but havo all tho dlspo
sltlon to redress past grievances.
Horace Greeley declines to bo
considered as a "bolting" Republican,
but, on tho contrary, as representing
tho truo Republican party. In a recent
number of tho Tribune ho says : "Tho
Convention to bo held at Cincinnati on
tho first day of May Is to bo a Republi
can Convention. Neither tho Grant
nor tho Democratic parly can partici
pate in its deliberations." From this
It would appear that ho looks upon tho
Grant faction as notn Republican organ
ization but as simply a corrupt out
growth of tho wealth and power which
tho party has acquired in years past.
Mr. Greeley is right in this, that tho
present Administration docs not rescin
blo a Republican form of Government
in tho truo meauing of tho word.
The Slgus tliatlVlse Men Heed.
Tho lesson of tho political situation
should bo full of Instruction to tho Re
publican party. Tho selection by tho
Philadelphia Convention of a Presi
dential candldatootherthan Gen. Grant
would at onco dlesolvo tho hostile com
bination which is closing around him.
Tho danger of tho disruption of tho
party would thus bo wholly avoided ;
Its success would bo assured. It Is evi
dent he has lost much ground with tho
people within tho last few weeks. Tho
rovelatlons of Custoin-houso frauds, tho
scandal of tho sale of arms to tho
French, tho fastening of tho grossest
corruptions upon gravo Senators, as woll
as upon legislative clerks, and tho vio
lent tirades of his frionds from tho na
tional forum and through tho press
upon thoao who conscientiously differ
with them havo all seriously weakoned
his popularity, even though In none of
the cases mentioned need it bo alllrmcd
that ho Is personally ltnpllcatod. With
all tho disadvantages under which he
would labor as a caudldato it does Boom
tho height of folly longer to press his
nnmo, though ail tno custom-nouses in
tho land swell with arroganco and all
the post-offlcos lncreaio In desperation.
Sfratuie fitmutord, 1
In tho Souato on Wednesday of last
week n largonuuib6r of bills wore In
troduced t
Tho general appropriation bill was
taken up, and tho first six toon sections
wcro ngrcod to, ns nlrcady published,
without discussion. No material amend
ments havo boon mado by tho senato
coram It too in this pnrt of tho bill.
Tho Commltteo to luvcstlgato tho
fraudulent ls?uo of medical diploma1
reported that tho Klcctlo C'olteco of
Modlclno and tho Philadelphia Unl
vcrslty of Modlclno and Surgory had
been guilty of soiling Ingus Ulplomns
and recommending tho ropoallng of
their charters.
Mr. Randall thon road in plnco two
bias repealing tho charters of tho In
stltutlons referred to ns having issued
fraudulent diplomas. Subscnuonty
prcamblo was affixed to tho bills, and
thoy woro passed and sent to tho house.
In tho House, was taken up bill No,
Off, outltlocl nn net for tho rcorganlza-
tlon, regulation and discipline of tho Nn
tloual Guard of Pennsylvania, and to
provldo for tho enrollment of tho mlllta,
and the IIouso resolved ltsolf into
commltteo of tho wholo Mr. Rogers, of
M'Koan, In tho rhalr.
Soveral amendments wcro offered and
lost. Mr. Smith, of Fulton, onoko nt
length in opposition to tho entire bill
which Is designed to croato a standing
array of 20,000, to bo under ono mnn's
command, nnd at n great expanse to
tho pcoplo of tho commonwealth .
On motion of Mr. Brockway, tho com
mlttco ro30, and tho spoakcr having ro-
sutned tho chair, tho houso resolved
that tho commltteo shall havo lcavo
sit again.
Mr. Howitt reported Joint resolution
proposing nn amendment to tho con
stitutlou of Pennsylvania, making tho
stato treasurer olectlvo by tho pcoplo
winch passed yeas 91, nays, none.
Tho following Joint resolution, was
referred to tho commltteo of ways anil
means :
Whereas, Tho present capital and
executive and land offlco department
buildings aro untitled for tho purposccs
uesiguou, ucing too small, una crowded
with documents and public archlvcsand
tako largo sums annually to keep tho m
in repair:
And whereas. Tho buildlncs ara not
flro proof, and documents of immenso
valuo to the stato aro dally exposed to
cumpiuio destruction ;
And whereas. Tho croctlon ofnow cnnl
tol buildings cannot longer bodelayed
without danger to tho public intorosts
and dishonor to tho legislature ol this
great, unu growing commonwealth
therefore, bo it
ltcsotced by the Senate and House of Rep
First. That a commission, conslstin g
01 two senators nnu tnreo representa
tives, bo appointed by tho spoakors of
uiu respective nouses. wnoso dutv
shall bo to obtain bids for suitable and
plans for now canital buildlatrs to bo
constructed of tiro proof materials, as
iur us pussiuic, anu to oo oi such
grandeur or design, and and of
such capacity, convenience and dura
bility ns to answer tho purposo design
cd. and onduro for centurl tn rnmn
Provided, That those furnishing plans
Buuu uu uuiueu to nuuuings costing
not over flvo millions of dollars.
Second. That said commission be in
structed to inquire of tho authorities of
tho city of Philadelphia on what terms
a suitableslto forstato capital buildings
can bo procurred in that city of not less
than thirty acres iu extent.
Third, That each commissioner while
in tho discharge of his official duties
shall receive a compensation of S5 per
day and tho necessary traveling ex
penses, to bo paid by warrant on tho
treasury drawn by tho auditor genoral
after tho amount is properly audited,
and that $10,000 or so much thereof as
may bo necessary is hereby appropriat
ed to pay such expenses and for pro
luma of appropriate designs, and said
commiss3ioners shall mako full report
of their proceedings and hand over all
designs and estimates procured by them
to tho legislature nt its next unuual
In the Senato ou Thursday tho fol
Mowing bills were Introduced :
By Mr. Brooke.requirod county com
missioners to furnish assessors with
blanks for agricultural statistics.
By Mr. Wallaco, act to euro certain
defective acknowledgements of deeds.
The governor sent in a message con
cerning Mr. Watlaco's bill to authorizo
tho stato treasurer to collect certain
monoys heretofore improperly paid.
Tho governor says ho did not feel Jus
tified in vetoing tho tho bill, and could
not approvo it, believing it was not
sound policy. Tho bill has become a law
by tho expiration of ten days' tlmo.
Iu tho Houso a similar mcssago from
tho Governor was received.
Agreeably to order, tho houso proceed
ed to tho consideration of bills on tho
public calender, and tho first bill in
order, No. Go.ontitlod an act for tho
reorganization, regulation and discip.
lino of tho National Guard of Pcnnsyl-
vnnia, and to provldo for tho enroll ment
of the militia.
Tho bill was dlscussod by sectlo i aud
disposed of by tho Committee of tho
In tho Senato ou Friday n bill was In
troduced by Mr. Buckalcw, providing
for repairs of Susquohanna and Tioga
turnpike, in Luzerne and Sullivan
couuties. Passed,
Tho act Incorporating tho DauvlIIo
and Roaring Creek railroad compauy
was recommitted.
Mr. Davl3, of Berks, offered a Joint
resolution instructing tho special com
mittee ou tho Rothermel picture of tho
battlo of Gettysburg to dlsposo of tho
sarao to Joseph Harrison, Jr., esq., of
Philadelphia for ?25,000. Referred to
committee onflnanco.
Tho constitutional convention bill
was taken up. Mr. Strang withdrew his
substitute, and tho houso having non
concurred iu tho senato amendments,
on motion of Mr. Whito thesenato. In
sisted upon thorn, and Messrs. White,
Bllllugfeltand Buckalow woro appoint
ed a commltteo of conference, on tho
part of tho senate.
Tho general local option bill came up
on third reading and was amended by
Mr. Humphreys Inserting a clauso ro
lativo to boards of lleetiso commission
ers: nlsouyjur. i'lndlay, by altachlug
a second proviso to tho first section,
It thon passed linaily yeas 10, nays
I I, with tho following proviso added
to section ono by tho 6enato s
Andprovlded further, That all licenses
granted after tho first day of January,
1873, shall coaso, determine and become
void on tho first day of April, 1873, if tho
district for which thoy shall bo grantee
nnd tho treasurer of tho nroner countv'
Bhall then refund to tho holder of said If
censo tho monoys so paid therefor, for
which the said treasurersnau he entitled
to credit in his account with tho com
monwealth. Tho Govornor sent in tho following
nominations. Rev. O. IT. Miller to he
8(nto librarian, i'rof. J. P. Wickcrslmin
to bo Superintendent of common schools.
Tho latter nomination Vns confirmed
by nn nuanimous voto,
Nothing of general Interest transpired
iu tho houso.
In tho Senato on Monday Inst Secre
tary Jordan presented tho returns of
tho filth senatorial district, and Mr.
Wnddcll, tho eenntor elect, appeared
and was sworn in.
A communication wa3 received from
tho Philadelphia councils offering to
glvo tho stato nsllo in Falrmount park
or clsowhoro, tho stato to choose, a3 n
slto for tho public buildings.
Mr. Anderson introduced njolnt. reso
lution providing for removing tho capi
tal, aud desired to consider it at once,
but Mr. Mumma objected, nnd It wont
tothollnnnco committee.
Bills woro introduced, by Mr. Bucka
low, incorporating tho Northumberland
iron company. Passed.
Mr. Allen, supplement to tho act
providing for tho training of common
school teachers in tho commonwealth
Also, authorizing tho borough officers
or mnnngcrs of water companies to con
tract for tho supply of public wntor.
Tho following resolution, offered by
Mr. Bllllngfolt, was adopted.
llcsolved, That tho commissioners of
tho sinking fund bo required to Inform
tho senato what amount of tho public
ueoi nas ocen reuecmeu cacu month
ilnco last May. and tho amount of un'ox
ponded balanco Iu tho stato treasury,
and tho nmount of overduo loans re
maining uupnid.
Tho appropriation bill was called up
Tho ponding section tho Danvillo hos
pltal appropriation was postponed in
forinnlly, nnd tho bill pisjed up to tho
forty-second section.
A motion of Mr. D.ivls, of Berks, to
reconsider tho twelfth section, for tho
purposo of Inserting f 3,000 for each Nor
mal school, wa3 po3tpoaod for tho pro
Then camo a stream of additions, all
of which wcro agreed to.
In tho Houso reports of Committees
wcropresentod as follows:
By Mr. White, Joint resolution on ro
moving tho stato capital to tho city of
By Mr. M'Junkiu, sonato bill to pro
vido for tho election of Judges, and to
Increase tho number of Supremo Judges
to sovou.
By Mr. Mitchell, of Tioga, to soo uro
to married women tholr own earnings
Also, an act providing for submitting
nmondments to tho constitution ton
voto of tho people, which bil 1 was taken
up and passed.
By Mr. Porter, supplement to act re
lating to elections in this common
By Mr. Brockway, an act relating to
legal proceedings against boom com
By Mr. Rogers, senato bill relating to
tho competency of witnesses in criminal
By Mr. Brockway, to provldo for the
support of tho poor In certain townships
in tjoiumDia county.
On tho speaker's tablo, sonato amond-
mont to gonoral local option bill, by
striKing out "boroughs and townships'
and insorting "cities nnd counties."
On tho question, will tho houso concur
tho yeas were G2 and tho nays 20.
Messrs. Cooper, Starr aifd Brockway,
oi oommDia, woro appointed a commit
too of conference on the constitutional
convention bill.
In thoSouate on Tuesday last tho an
proprlation bill was discussed at length.
In tho Ilousoa largo number of bills
on tho private calendar were passed ,
Dut nouo ot local interest.
In tho Senato on Wednosday of last
week tho Chicago Rolief bill was taken
up, and after somo debate tho bill as re
ported by tho Finance Commltteo was
passed yeas 20, nays 17. Tho Tariff bill
was thou taken up, and after somo do
oato tho Houato went Into oxccutlvo
session, aud soon after adlourned.
In tho Houso tho Post-offico nnnro.
priation bill wa3takon up in Committee
of tho whole; after a long discussion tho
amendment giving tho Pacific Mail
Steamship Company $1,000,000 as
subsidy for carrying tho China and
Japan mails was defeated by a voto of
u nays to 67 yeas. Au amendment pro
hibiting employees of tho department
acting a3 agent or attornoysfor tho pro
secutiou of claims within two years af
ter leaving office, was agreed to. Tho
commltteo then rose, and tho bill as
amended was passed.
In tho beuate, on Thursdjy of last
week tho Tariff bill was dlscued.
Iu tho IIouse,thear my appropriation
bill appropriating $20,018,707 was con.
sldored but not disposed of.
In tho Sonato on Friday, tho bill to
onablo honorably discharged soldiers
and sailors, or tholr widows, to acquire
homesteads on tho public lands was
taken up and passed. Tho Senato then
resumed tho discussion on tho Tariff
bill, and aftor bomo talk put tea and
coffeo on tho freo list by a voto of 35
yeas to 13 nays. In tho Houso nothing
was dono, it being private bill day.
In thd Senato on Monday, after tho
Introduction ofbillsand tho reception of
reports from tho soveral committees,
tno bills reportod by tho Commltteo on
Commerce were taken up and passed :
but pondlnga bill tofacllltato commorco
with China, Japan, and other countries
in Asia, tho Sonato adjournod.
in ino iiouso utile ornothiug was
dono. A bill securing homesteads on
ino puuuc lanusto monorably discharg
ed soldiers and sailors, their wid
ows and minor children, was passed.
Also, authorizing tho Secretary of tho
Navy to contract for a statue, to bo
erected In Washington, of tho lato
Admiral Farragut.ut a cost not to ex
toed $20,000.
Nothing of moment transpired in
cither Houso on Tuesday. Tho Tariff
bill was dobatod in tho Sonato aud u
railroad bill was fought ovor In tho
At holler iu tho Now Jersay Steel and
Iron Works Trontou N. J. oxploded
last Friday, creating a scono of tho
greatest coufuslon. Tho bollor tender
named Hughes, Is missing, and Is sup.
posed to havo been blown to atoms,
Flvo other employees receivod serious
Injuries, principally about tho head.
Tho boiler was forty feet long, and was
carried ono hundred feet into a black.
smith shop, which it entirely demolish
ed. Tho explosion was heard for miles.
Tho annual raco botwoen tho eight
oared crews of tho Euglish Oxford and
rnmnridgn rini took placo last Satu r
day, over tho U3ual courso of four miles
two furlongs, from Putuoy to Mortlako,
on tho Thames, and resulted in favor of
tho Cambridge men, Tho day was un
favorable, both for tho spectators and
tho contestants ; n snow storm prevail
ed all tho morning.
Tho testimony tnkon on Monday at
tho Investigation Into tho arms Job
showed that tho packages were Bent ou
board tho Ontario marked with tho
Initials of tho French Ropublic. It was
an open secret that tho arms wcro for
France. This fact "was perfectly sottlod
In tho mind" of ono witness. Tho ves
sels wcro sent to England to prcsorvo
Tho National Exccutivo Democratic
Commltteo will hold n meeting In
Washington, in May, after tho meeting
of tho Cincinnati Convention, to decide
upon tho tlmo nnd placo for holding
tho National Democratic Convention.
Loading Democrats In Washington bo
Hovo thnt tho -1th of July will bo tho
tlmo, and St. Louis tho placo chosen
It Is stated from Buffalo that tho
"ohlost navigators" on Lako Erie say
they never "know so much ico with so
llttlo snow." For nearly eighty miles
out tho lako Is covered with ico over
tlirco feet thick, and it is feared that
navigation will not open until lato in
Another period of financial excite
mont began in New York ou Monday, K. R. stock advanced wonderful
Iy, and tho excitement wa3 equal to
that of Black Friday, Jay Gould is said
to havo mado $3,210,000 by tho rise
Tho "Southern Improvement Com
pany" has been crushed by a compact
between tho railroad nuthorltlcs nnd
tho oil men.
Tho latest Mexican ndvlcc3 confirm
all tho previous reports of revolutionary
defeats, nnd show that tho rebellion Is
subsiding Into anarchy in tho northern
portion of tho country. At Monterey
tho forced loan is being mercilessly
executed. Soveral foreign stores havo
been closed aud merchants Imprisoned
among them J. Ulrich, tho U. S. Con
"He is fighting a windmill," said Mr,
Coukling of Mr. Edmunds in tho Unl
ted States Senato. "Certainly I am,"
said Mr. Edmunds "tho gentleman
from New York."
The Chicago Times thinks tho epi
thet "bolter," which has long been used
with effect by tho Radical leaders, is
losing its power, and 6ays that "to bo
styled a 'bolter' is much tho sarao as to
bo described as a citizen who does not
woar about his neck n collar Inscribed
' Ulysses, his dog.' "
Governor Gratz Brown waslatoly
interviewed by a New York Sun re
porter, to whom ho said:
Tho Liberal movement is not strictly
ngainst Grant personally, but in oppo
sition to his pernicious policy. Thero
nro a number or persons in his ndmln
istrntlon who nro equally as bad ns ho,
xn somo respects no is simply tho In
strumont. Tho Liboral movement Is
against that policy which seeks to de
stroy our form of government, which
oncroaches upon tho rights and liberties
of tho people, and concentrates nnwpr
In thohand3 af n small party at tho seat
vi uuvurnmunr. xnonocrai movement
Is also in behalf of honestv nnil nnnn.
omy, in tho administration of the Gov
ernment, nnu tho necessity for this is
apparent to nil.
The Washington correspondent of
tho N. Y, Tribune says:
It is reported, on good authoritv, that
tho President recontly asserted that ho
Is determined to forco his nomination
by tho Philadelphia convention, even
If ho should bo satisfied that his dofeat,
If nominated, would bo inevitable Ho
said that ho had been so unjustly criti
cised, and so much abused, of lato, that
ho would prefer to bo re-nomlnatedand
beaten at tho polls, rather than havo
tho Republican party succeed with an
other candidate.
An attacheo of ono of tho Harrisburg
papers recently "interviewed" tho
Now nampshireglantes3 whllo sho was
stopping at ono of tho hotels In tho Stato
capital. Tho newspaper man was first
cousin to tho bar-touder of tho hotel in
question, which may possibly throw
somo light on tho following rather po
cullar description which ho gives of tho
Eastern wonder: Tho New Hampshire
giantess is thirty-nino years of height,
and on her last birth-day in Juno, 1871,
was flvo fect old, making her about flvo
feet six inches at tho present writing.
Her waist is precisely twenty-seven
inches in circumference, whllo her arm
is doveloped to the immense slzo of six
feot two Inches round, and weighs six
hundred and soventy-flvo pounds. She
is iu fine health and apparently married.
Leweneoeck tells U3 of an Insect
seen with tho microscopo of which 29,-
000,000 would equal a mite. Insects of
various kinds may bo seen in tho cavi
ties of a grain of sand. Mould is a for
est of beautiful trees, with tho branches,
leaves and fruit. Butterflies aro fully
feathered. Hairs nro hollow tubes.
Tho surfaco of our bodies is covered
with scales llko a fish ; n singlo grain of
sand would cover 150 of theso Bcales,
and yot a scalo covers '200 pores.
Through theso narrow openings tho
sweat forces itself llko Water through a
siovo. Tho mites mako 500 stops a
second. Each drop of stngnunt water
contains a world of animated beings,
swlmmlug with as much liberty as
whales In tho sea. Each leaf has n col
ony of Insects grazing on It like cows
on a meadow.
Tho world uses 250,000,000 pounds of
tea each year, and 713,000'000 pounds of
coffeo, China furnishes nearly all of tho
tea and Brazil ovor ono half of the coffeo.
Over 110,000 pounds of Java nnd 18,000
pounds of Mocha Is produced. Tho
United States consumes nearly ono
third of all tho coffeo produced In tho
world, nnd tho English aro the greatest
tea drinkers out of China. Tho Ger
mans rank next to tho Americans as
coffeo drinkers, Tho Amorlcans con
sumo about six pounds of coffee and 122
pounds of beef per head, counting ad
ults and Infants, cacli year. This looks
largo, but thnn tho Yankees nover do
anything by halves.
WATEit-proof Cements for mending
broken crockery nro usually not flro
proof,and flro proof cemonts aro seldom
watar-proof. Tho following, however,
Is claimed to bo both: Mix a tea cup
of milk with two ounces qf vinegar.
It will curdlo. Soparato tho curd from
tho whey, and mix tho latter throughly
with tho whito of an egg. Finally add
qulck-llmo passed through a siovo until
it as thick os a paste. The cement is
then ready forme.
Tho Woman Question.,
In discussing tho Governor's voto ol
tho bill ropoallng tho grant of tho right
of suffrngo to woman, ono of tho mem
bers of tho Wyoming Legislature said s
'Tho Govornor has'nl got no right to
veto this hill. Ho hasn't got no right
to voto this bill nor nothln' that wo pass
unless it is somcthin' witch after it lias
passed It shall appoar that la wrong or
that Is Bomethln' wrong, by witch rea
son It ought not to becomo a law, no-
cordln' to my rcasonln'. I am wlllln'
overy pld woman shall hov a guardian
If sho wants ono and icon got it.
No womnn ain't got no right to set
uponn Jury unless sho Is n innn, and
every lawyer lenows it, nnu l uoirt
b'lovo it anyhow. I don't think wo
mnnjurlc3has been n success hero In
Wyoraln'. Thoy watch tho face of tho
J ml go too much when tho lawyer 13 nd
dresson' 'om. That shows they ain't
fit for Juries in my way of thlnkln'.
don't b'lovo sho's fit for 't no how.
Wot right has sho got on n Jury no
how ?
Ill Nature. Every day wo meet
with persons who In their f.unllcs nro
cross, illnntttred, dissatisfied, finding
fault with everybody and ovcrythlng
whoso first greeting In tho breakfast
room is a complaint, whoso conversa
tion seldom falls to end in nn cnutmcra
Hon of difficulties and hardships, whoso
last word ut night Is an nngry growl
If you can get such persons to reason on
the subject, thoy will acknowledge that
thoro Is somo "want" at tho bottom of
It ; tho wfcnt of a better houso, a finer
dress, n moro hnndsomo cquipago,
moro dutiful child, n moro provident
husband, a moro cleanly, or systematic,
or domestic wlfo. At ono tlmo It Is
"wretched cook" who stands between
them nnd tho sun; or a lazy houso-sor
vant, or an Impertinent carriage. Tho
want of moro money thnn Provldenco
has thought proper to bestow will bo
found to cmbraco all theso things. Such
persons may foci as3urod that pooplo
who cannot mako thoinselvcs really
comfortable In any ono set of ordinary
clrcumstnncos would not bo so nude:
any other. Dr. W. W. Hall.
A Quarry of Mad Turtles.
A Wood county, Ohlo,paper contains
tho following account of tho discovery
of n quarry of Mud Turtles. Recontly
two men wcro engaged in tho construe
Hon of ditch No. 183. Tho ditch leads
through n marshy swamp, which has
not probably In tho recollection of tho
oldest Inhabitant, been ns dry as this
year, aud oven with tho presont great
drouth, tho team of horses mired
badly that in somo instances they had
to Ulg and pry them out from among
tho sunken bogs where thoy became
entangled. In ono placo whilo plowing
and about 2 feet below tho Burfaco,
they camo upon n literal patch of hit go
mud turtles, somo of which wcro
largo on tho back as tho bottom of
Windsor chair, and so firmly imbedded
were somo of thc30 tough customers
that they obstructed tho plow, and
throw it out of tho furrow tho samo
a stono or root would do. Fivo or six
of theso lusty fellows would sometimes
bo turned out of a singlo furrow. They
had probably sought this moist spot
from somo dlstanco as tho best placo to
go Into winter quarters.
In tho city of Romo, thero aro vari
ous and important chnnges going for
ward. Old houses aro being swop
away, new streets opened, new squares
mudo,great excavations in tho old ruins
commenced, and tho city is taking
on a show of life and activity. Wo
trust King Victor Emanuel will bo ablo
to hold his own in Italy, and not mak
such n failure ns poor Maximilian mad
in Mexico. It is quito certain that nei-
tnor tno iinnan nor tno Mexican pcoplo
were fit for self government, nnd will
not bo for many years to como. Both
need n wlso nnd strong personal gov
ernment, nnd wo did tho Mexicans moro
harm, than wo did tho causoof republi
can government good, by interfering
with thom, and threatening tho appli
cation of tho Monroo doctrine.
It is believed that tho oldest roso
bush in tho world Isono which is trained
upon onoslde of tho Cathedral of Hlld
esholm,in Germany. Tho root Is burled
ed under tho crypt, below tho choir.
Tho stem Is a footthick, nnd half adoz
en branches nearly cover tho eastern
sldo of tho church, bearing countless
flowers in summer. Its ago is unknown
but documents oxlst that provo that tho
Bishop Hezllo, nenrly a thou3and years
ago, protected It by a stono roof, which
is still extant.
A HuaE Pie. Tho largest chicken
plo ever mado In Now England, and
perhaps In tho world, was oxhibited at
Bridgeport at tho Episcopal Fair. An
Immenso crowd had asso'mbbled to wit
ness tho unveiling. It required over
ono hundred largo slzPd chickens, fifty
pounds of flour and twonty pounds of
lard for tho crust, a special pan nino
feot in diameter to hold it, four stout
mon to carry, and A. W. Wallaco was
tho only man in tho city who had an
ovon largo onough tobnko it. It was n
whoppcand no mistake
It Is given to somo women to Bee n
point clearly and stato It comprehen
sively for instance, nn Iowa woman
concludes a sensible nrticlo against wo
man suffrngo thus pointedly: "You
may look at this matter in whatever
light you will, but simmer it down,
nnd it is but a quarrel with tho Al-!
mighty that wo nro not all mon," I
Olllco with J, O, l'riicze.llrower's Dlosk,
Cuii bo consulted In Qermnr or EnclUli.
mchai72 If I
3. rz. r a i z n s,
Corner Main and Cculrn Bis.,
Anew Hock of Frith Goods Just opened st
Tens, CoiTeeN, Subhim,
HALT, FIHIf. etc.
..r r .... . , ,(,... ItinVT1U
JCLl.lJ3 unu i. t w..n.
An Elegant Assortment'
Constantly on hand.
every variety,
AU my Koodt are of the flret quality and at ex
tremely low prices. i
iterVil-tr J. , WA17.K.
Now Advortisomontd.
XX MTATnor rutr.n iiacck, bf.o'd.
interior nilmlstrntlon oil tliocjtnto of rotor
Hnurlc, Into of tlonvor townsnip, uoiumuia
county, deceased hnve been rnled by,'!"0, Jf0"!;
llor of unld countr to JolinTUnck nnd Ntli'i
llredbendcr, of nrac plnco. All pernoni Imvlng
claims Bjtnlnat tho cutnto of tho decedent ro re
quested to lirciont them for ncttlemcnt, nnrt
tliona Indebted to tho etnto to mnko pnyment to
tbo undersigned, niiminisirnmn, wiuiuui u)
racbM';2-0iir. Administrator!!,
lfn lust returned from Now York with a full
nno or
plain stripe nnd chene,
,S Ul tin a IS,
stripe and plain,
strlpo plain and chene.
black nnd colored,
i.oxn cr.oTit,
nnd (jvcvythlng generally kept In u llrat-class
liiijio-i'tcrti n ml Jobbers of
Cord Edge aufldros Grain Blons,
English Crapes, Grenadines,
Ylasuoc, I.accc, Edgings,
Tho old favorite Demooratlo Weekly, THE
PATRIOT, wlU appear on the
Greatly Enlarged and changed from present
inarto to a Mammoth Folia, It will rautaln
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It will Rive nu accurato report of Die Markets
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aud Harrisburg.
Its Literary Department will contain Talcs,
Fssays, l'ootry, Ac, by the best American and
European writers.
It will contain such full and faithful reports of
Congressional and Legislative proceedings as
will aUord Its readers a clear understanding o I
tho doings or tbelr publlu servants. During tho
session of the Legislature it will be of special
Interest and value to every rennsylvanlau,
Weeilia: imtkiot:
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sendlnK In olabs or (fa or more. A copy orihe
Dally l'atrlot will be sent, free, to the Agent
sending In clubs atfltV or more, All papers will
be separately uddresseu, but must go lo one post
Chalrmonof Demooratlo County Committees
and others interested lu the cause of good gov
eminent, are respectfully requested to act as
Agents lor the formation of Clubs rorlho Weekly
Published Every Morning, Buudays excepted, Is
allrst class newspaper.coutalnlng full telegraph
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ter, nnd other nrtlbies,
n lire I
r MADE RAPIDLY with Stencllund
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Unit ozposoorilnnormnttlnirniuUclllne.n thrill.
Inn rccftnl or n tlirco years lira In ft city dram
shop, shows up tbo vflo deceptions practiced In
iwroo'ns, nnu is mo most powermi worxor tne
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overy department of Human BObrt, than lu any
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omo and rccclvo vigor and strength from
uurand lassltudoof spring
conies upon him.
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Dr. WouV'Extraot of Juruboba
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Agents Wnntctl for tho New Work,
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burg a
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Lli.vrjXJ A. I J AX A, Editor.
She gollav 3Rtod.tjj
A KciTspapcr ol tUoI'rcs'-nt Time?.
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, A I'reDT.tiiontlr rea.lih'o newinatit-r. witii tha
li--i;s c.i.'.uliuluti i-i ,u, wo,u. rree. hid.-l-a
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0 vu u ui-jutu, or Q(i u year.
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iy? 1 nptPt. ona rear, fcpniiupiv oidrciieil (and
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uao lianiirM .ooirs. nna ypsr. naratcly s.l
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I'lto ccrl, ero jriir, tr iaratcli- rnhhrftc
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ien wile a iwr.repsratelr sddrcne.1 UnJ
us him ioijr to teller up .if JliTu),
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