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The ' Columbian.
D ooiusburg, Friday, Maroh 22, 1872.
AHSlHTAJfT i: I) I T O it.
Railroad Tlmo Tablo.
L.UKAWaNNA A Hl.OOMHllt'ltO 11. H.
Notlli. Houlli.
Mall 1V.1 A M. Cits
Ace iiimndutlmi .,. H1A M.
1.x r.M ... it. fc.Hl'.M.
oata u iha it. ii, rnoM nui'intr htation,
UoluuNmili. (loluaHoiilli,
:i 1' M, I'"' A. M,
10:-) I. M
l):fl A. M.
Lr.sT, A pair of oyo Rlnsfi's, steel
frame. Asiiliabl.o rmmnl will be paid
.t till ctlleo fur tiiolr recovery.
Biaiiot' lliwi-: lulmttiUUrcd tho rlto
ofoiitlnintlon nt Cvntratlu on Kililny
Wr. aro under obligations to Hon.
Curl SScluirti for copies of Ills speeches
on tho French AriiHjob.
13 II Ltrrui has sold his properly
nt tno comer of IViuk iiml Iron Streets
t j . Millard for $1,700.
Tin: youngsters of Bloom havo open
ed tlio si'iv n of nuiblo-pliiyiiiir, but It
lnw thus far Iwun u pursuit of pleasure
timler iliireiillles.
It cots the West Chester Norma
School about $1,000 a year for i;as.
Does this lticluiio tho balnrict of tho
It will bo a risky experiment for our
youtifj lady irieiitU to wear their Hprluir
dri'daCd on Easter, utile;) tho weather
adopts a milder tonu than it has hith
erto. Tub fellow who threatened (Jueen
Victoria's life recently, hold a petition
in oho hand and presented a pistol, de
manding of thu (lueen to ''ni;:ri or die.''
Sho postponed tho matter, sine die.
Any person diMiriiignitrnng healthy
boy, to b.iund until eighteen years
o( ujf-t can hear of such a boy at this of
fice. Ho has been living on n f.irm for
two i'e.irs
Ir you want to talk heavy tcience,
say "piotoxyil of hjdrojjen" instead of
leu. It sounds bijTser, and not ono man
in a thousand will Know a hat you
KnuM the first of March to tho first of
Jtl'.e it is now IIIi j;ul tn catch pike in
n-ij w.iy wiiulever, under a penalty of
$5 iu-iI postexsirm is )rimu facie uvi
ileiiei iiiiin-t .y peis m.
Tin, h-aislaime lias dceiilid to ad
jmiin on I he Jih of April. Krnm the
bu.-inrss yi t n mainin to he trai.s icted
It isalmobt rut lain that a poMpoitcuicnt
to a laur date w ill be in ces-ttiy.
At tho -ule.s of real estate in this town
on Siturihiy last, the properly ofGeid.
Knt was- li,iuj;ht in by his widow for
SIO.GOO. Tho residence or the latoC. H.
Dueliler wan l'Uicha&ed by K. II. Little
Tunnr. was another s'.: trp snow
Fquall on Sunday last and during its
continual. ce the air was llihd with
ilti.Uititf ilakcs. Sol, however, Is too
much lor snow and the ground was
White but a short liiue.
Work has already begun on tho ru
ins of tho Exchange Hotel and tho rub-bis-h
is betas rapidly removed. Tliis
really looks like business and wo mav
expect, to seo that "acliitr void" filled
by a substantial and ornamental build
ing before another year.
ASusuvky paper says that Mr. Sol
omon Stroh of that place, whilst mak-taKaninei-ion
in thushouldcrofa horse
cut upon iv bard substance which
proLd, upon investigation, to bo a sli
ver llvo cent piec s of 1S31. How it got
there is what is puzzling Mr. Stroh and
Sunbury generally.
It having been stated that Harrisburir
is t j have a Hoard oi"i', souio cynic
prep that tho prico of Legislative
votes in publieaud private bills bu pub
lished daily and thus onablo citizens in
nil puts or tho State to estimate- very
nearly their expenses in getting a bill
pas.u (1.
Tim income tax" is to bo continued
this year and we regret that our iucomo
dot a not Ju.sU'y us in getting as indlg
limit und i!i..u:.ted as we otherwise
inluht. United action on tho part of
(IclIiMiueut .uib.-ciiliers would enable us
iu a short time to bi emtio "JiijslitUUiy'
CoitN In iihctuly ltnce-hlgh In Texas
ntid other crops nro well duvoloped.
Heads well up hero whoro tho only
crops po (ar nro colds In tho head nnd
an (iceafloinil growth of rheumatism.
Wednesday lust xvai a genuluo
Muich day, cold and blustering. Tne
tun eltouo occasionally hut fttrulshid
no moro heat Until a copper kettle. Sap
dots not run up, nor Ico In tho river
urn down us yot, "Cotno ocirVc
In Scr.inlon, It litis been discover
ed Hint n nicnber of tho Order of tho
Kulghls of Pythias, In that city, Is n
woman in dlcgulse. Tho discovery was
nnide whllo thu lady was being Initia
ted into the mysteries ef the third de
gree. A man having, ns Arteintt.s Ward
once s ltd, "considerable litpunr conceal
ed about his person" was lound on Sat
urday in an alley way near Crntro St.,
having established his lodgings upon
thocold, cold ground. Ho was escorted
to tho lock-tip by Chief of I'ollco Cedilla.
HkuuM comfort for farmers. It Is
highly pn bablo that scaro crows may
perish from tho fnco ol the earth and ho
no moro known of men. A down caster
bus Invented a a exposlvo In tho shape
of a grain of com. Tho crow gobbles
tho grain which Instantly explodes and
blows the lop of bis head oh". Which Is
Wild pigeons have not yot been seen
In any number In the county, a few
scattered Hecks only having made their
nppearaucc. Tho vast corn and grain
fields of the West olTor greater attrac
tions for them and it Is not probable
that they will over visit usin such num
bers ns of old.
A mout voto was polled at tho elec
tion of Judges and Inspectors of election
for Bloomsburg, on Friday last. The
following were elected : But B'.wmis
burg, Judgo, John Laycock; In .pee
tors, William Kramer and J.S Kvan?j
West Uloomsburg, Jutlge, T. J. Morr's ;
Inspectors, John M. Clark and J. K.
Wasiiinoto.v county, Ga., with n
pnpiila'iou of (1,000, does not owe a cent
and has not a prisoner in jail. JCx.
Columbia county, Pa., with a popu
latlou of nearly 0 000, docs not owe a
cent nnd bus ovei $7,000 In tho Treasu
ry, whilst thero has not been a prisoner
injiil for weeks. Tho last ono left on
account of his solitude.
AiivtutTisi.NO, as the means of pros
pei ity, is not s-o well uuderiood as it
sltmild be. .N'nthltig em take its place.
It IsaftC that no one who has ttdver
lined liberally and r-y stcinut Ic.I ly ha
fell like disputing that it was thettist
spent money he put into his business
As a huiso was never made fat by a .sin
gle bushel of oat-, bo asitiglo advertise
nii.'iit is never u test of the benefits of
advertising. Thu man with genuine
wans to M.JI who has advertised them
iu tho right way without success would
boa curiosity.
Wr. can not foil that tho operation U
a pleasing ono to contemplate tho ro
planting of a tooth but tho thing has
been dune, and Is a triumph of surgical
skill. When the tooth is loosoaud pain
ful, with swelling at tho gum. it is
taken out, the diseased parts scraped
lioin tho roots, whllo the healthy por
lions of mucous membrano attached to
tho neck of the tooth aro not removed
It is then washed in carbolieacid. The
ocket from which the tooth was drawn
is also cleansed, tho lootli replaced, anil
n many instances takes root, and in a
fortnight becomes as serviceable as tho
other teeth. This is a remarkable illus
tration of vital force.
Thu sums contributed In England fou
tho roltef of tho Chicago sufferers
amount to 8800,000.
Tho Houso of Kopresentnttvos or
.Maine has passed n bill permitting
women over twenty fivo years of ngo to
voto at Presidential elections,
. .
(Jen. David M. Stanton, Internal
Huvctiuo Collector for tho Fifth Mary,
land District, was nrrestcd iu IJaltlmoro
on Monday evening, on tho charge of
being u defaulter for from $110,000 to $30,
000. St. Patrick's Day was very generally
observed. In New York, Brooklyn,
Jersey City, Hlchniond,Vn.,Cliarlcston
and other cities, thero wcro military
and civic parades, and other demonstra
tions. Nothing to mar thohurmoiiy of
tho day Is reported.
Tiiiiity rivu farmers of Chester
county, havo signed a protest to the
Legislature against tho passagoof n law
for tho destruction of noxious weeds.
Tito question naturally arises its to what
"noxious weeds" nro worth there and
whnt they use them for.
On Friday morniug last Edwnrd C.
Orecu, a school teacherat Centralia, en
tered his school room and found thero
thrco men waiting fur him. After the
ordinary salutations and a few common
Iaco remarks about tho weather, Mr.
Green stooped to examine tho firo in
tho stove, when ho was suddenly knocli
ed senseless by u heavy blow on the head
and then beaten in n terriblo manner;
no of his ears having been cut off. A
little girl who was in the school room
was threatened with death It sho gavo
hu alarm, whereupon sho fainted. Mr.
Green's revolver was taken from him
during tne assault. Ho now lies iu a
tato of insensibility. Several arrests
of suspected parties have been made
but the girl who was iu tho tchool ltouso
at tho time, testified at the hearing Hint
ho parties arres'.od wero not tho guilty
Timer, is a law prohibiting the tear
lug down of posters and hand-bllb
which is i.r.ibably u-it to soun
peisnt'S. Thero Is loo much o lids
kind ef thing done in B omnsluirg antl
it wi.uid be well for thou- who havo do
fne. ii or deHiroyed bills to deny tlmm
belv--i in future or they may omim t
grb f A word t'i tho wise is (r ought
to t ) siillleieut.
Wr. have receive.! a work on tho
Principles -.f HI .cut Ion, by Emma Gar
Hold, designed for the use of Tender
Selmr.l- and S'uilents. Tho selection nl
nieces, both p'O.o and verse, covers a
extendi d range of subjects and styles
and emhr.teis many ot tho gems uf lit
er.ituro. Tho hook is well bound, print
ed on tinted puier und is a very com
pact work, well adapted the put
poscsof its compilation.
Tun bib to prevent tho selllngorglv
log away of intoxicating liquors during
tho tlmo the polls uro open on election
day Imi hecuuuui law nnd, at ensuing
elections, thlibty individuals will gov
em themselves accordingly. Tho pon
ally for hreaklug this law Is ono bun
died days imprisuumeut and live huii
tired dollars fine, und constables uro to
etiforco tho law uiulcrtliomtno penalty
It Is said that within tho last si
yoars drunkenness has greatly decreus
cd iu Svvediii, und thu cuuso assigned
Is tho substitution of Friday for Satur
day us pay day. A working day lm
mediately following pny day seems to
have prevented many from spending
their tlmo und inouoy la debauch,
trial of this plan would bo advisable in
many places In this country, where
largo numbers of men nro employed
whoso Saturday nights uro given over
to drinking and rioting.
The Republican of this town states In
Its last ifsuo that no arrests havo been
mado of per,-onssuspictedofthoreceut
assault on Edward C. Green In Centralia.
This Is utitruo six persons have nlready
been arrested on suspicion but not Iden
tified ns tho guilty party. Tho remain
dcr .ftho Republican's artlc'.o Is beneath
Ii'a tc.ispoonful of genuino ground
coffeobo thrown Into a tumblerful of
cold water it will lloat upon thosurfaco
of tho water, whllo tho substances us
u.illy used In adulterating coffee s will
sink under tho same circumstances. If,
when tho suspected coffee is thrown up
on cold water, part sinks at onco tho
sample is quite suro to bo adulterated.
A terrible affair occurred near Duck
horn on Friday last, at tho resldeuco of
Levi Cox. Mr. Cox and his family were
nwny from homo and his aged mother
was left alont In tho hou?o. Tho build
iug, from somo cause, took firo and was
tlcstroytd and Mrs. Cox perished iu the
flamis. It not known how tho firo orig
lulled, but, as Mrs. Cox was known to
be a great smoker of tobacco, thero is a
probability that sho may havo dropped
a mutch upon thu bed. Site was very
Infirm und perfectly tumble to help her
self. Her charred and blackened body
was recovered from the ruins and given
Christian burhd.
Tub value of the average Ohlo-.m
would seem to be double that of an in
Imbltaut of this State. Tito prico es
tablish d for a citizen of tho former
S'ato, when killed by a railroad. Is $10,
000, whilst hero It Is but $5,000. Per
s ins desirous of smashing themselves
in railrodd ills is ers will hem til their
families materially by stepping across
thu line. 'It is of course liupossib'o to
-eta fixed value on human life which
will give perfect satisfaction, for al
though an estimable private citizen
may he worth utero than the sum do
tcrmined, yet It would hoellfllcult to es
timate what a Itsdied politician would
letch in any market, if sold at his actu-
d worth to tho community.
SoMiuioiiY said that tho "ground
hog" had been ti fiiluro this year. I
can not as-ont to any such usserti-'iti.
Thu "ground bog" knows what lie is
about, and returned to tho warmth and
domesticity ot his liolo in tho ground
on the 2nd of February with a perfect
fuiesight of the weather for tho next
six weeks. It is true wo have not hail
many snow or rain or sleet storms siuco
then, but tho weather lias been for tlw
most part intensely cold, tho ground is
said to bo frozen from lilteeu inches to
two feet, now at tho end of six weeks,
and if that is not winter, then I don't
want to seo one. Tho notification of six
weeks of cold weather from February
2nd has not been falsifi d this year.
AN Old 'Un
Thu now Bloomsburg Brasi Band,
under the leadership of A. W. Monroe,
made its first tippetiranio on Saturday
evening last and marched through tho
streets of town. Tho pluj ing was good
and elicited much cniumeiidation. Wo
aro glad to know that Bloomsburg la no
ouger to bu without muie, ami there
s no doubt that there is musical ability
enough in tho Hand to mako it u thor
oughly good onu and such wo predict It
will be. On Monday tho Baud went to
Plymouth to take part in tho celebra
tion of St. Patrick's Day, and upon
thtit return played an uir or two on
Alain Stieer. Thero aro eighteen mem-
In rs, eluht of whom belonged id the
old B.u.d. Tho following aro tno offi
cers: President, A. W. Monroo; Sec
retary, Daniel Lsycock ; Tre-asurer, Ja
cub EvutiH, Success to them all.
Tin: boards iu front of Mr. David
Loweuberg's now store, on Main street,
have been lemoved and an opinion can
now bo formed as to the future appear
ance of thu building. Tho panes of
glass iu tliu windowsuro 110 inches high
and fiO inches wide, of I'reneh polished
plate ami of great thickness. The door
and window frames which wero made
by tho Bloomsburg Lumber Company,
uuder tho direction of Win. Saunders,
uro very largo nnd heavy, und when
hsmdsomely painted will look finely.
Tho front Is by far tho most striking in
town und will undoubtedly tiffect to u
great extent, thu character ol other
buildings hereafter erected on tho street.
The plans wero furnished by Louis Ber
nard and tho builder was John H. uter
uer. Both gentlemen tiro entitled to
much credit for their labors. When
Mr. Lowenbcrg haa completed tho work
outsldu and put Into position tho hand
some counters for tho inside, ho need
not fear comparison with nny building
iu tho valley. Wo shall ultudo further
to tho subject when work Is flnishod
and fully opon to criticism.
Tin: kalkidoscopi:.
A mnp of limy lllo,
-Its Ductttattoni mut vnnt conform. 1
Ilos Lair.
On tho -1th day of March, A. D., 1S70
an act "to defino tho limits and organ
izo the Town of Uloomsburg" was ap
proved by tho Governor. It was pro
vided therein that the Town Council
should bo elected on the second Tues
day of April, annually ; and that at the
October election, two constables, two
assessors, threo auditors, and when nec
essary, Justices of tho Pi'aco and assist
ant assessors should at that election bo
chosen. School Directors wero to contln
uo to ho chosen therein, pursuant to tho
General school laws; which,astho town
of Bloomsburg, is neither a "ward,
"city'' or "borough" would seem to bo
in October, as it is to beat tho samo
tlmo and place that elections aro held
tor supervisors anil constables.
On tho 17th day of April, A. D. 180!)
an net had been approved abolishing
spring ('lections throughout tho State,
And meh was tho law when "I ho
Bloomsburg Act" was passed. It nnide
no provision for the election of tho ufil
eer.s of tho election, const quently by
tho law ns it then stood, they would bo
elected in October. But inasmuch as
thero was no provision on tho subject,
when, on tho !Sih ol June, A. D. 1871,
tho law repealing tho October election
law was approved, all city, borough,
ward, townshli) anil election ollicers
wero thenceforward to 'iu chosen uu tho
third Friday in March. It was there
in provided however, that tho act of
USih Jum, 1871, 'should nut apply to
any i lection provided for by spt elal
laws since tho act of April 17th, 1800 "
"Tho Bioomsburg Act" being ono of
such special taws, and all tho town offi
cers except ollicers of election having
been provided fir by It, It follows that
tho "officers of election" only can bo
chosen by us In March.
Thus wo havo threo elections atiiiu.
ally, viz: Iu Match, officers of election.
In April, tho Town Council. In Octo
ber, town, county und Stuto ollicers,
nud congressmen; nnd every four ears
In November, u President and Vice
President of tho United States. Isthat
not a little too much election V
Who ICnowh?
Tho Delaware, Lackawanna and Wes
tern Company timl tho Central
Uallroad Company of New Jersey havo
entered into an ngreement uniting and
consolidating all their Interests under
which equal dividends uro to be paid
upon tho slock of tho two companies.
Tho ordluary and current business ht.
each company is to continue to bo tr-,J
acted by tho officers of each compaif-w
ns heretofore, subject to thogenorul con
trol of a Joint committee, Tho roads
represent n Joint capital of over $120,-000,000.
A good many years ago, when George
. Boal wus practising law in Muncy,
Mr, Cottier of Mttticy Creek camo Into
his oillt'O one day, and said I "Mr. Ilotil, to know what tho rale
hog law Is." "Well, sir," replied tho
quick willed lawyer, "I think Mr.
Cotncr, tho rfehng law Is to havo good
fences." Mr. Boal was perhaps as neaMy
rigid, and conveyed as much Inform.t-
lon In that ono sentence, ns if ho had
spent half an hour lu explaining to his
client tho uctunl condition of the statutes
respecting "swine."
Llko "Fish" und "Gatno"und"B!nls"
tho laws relating to "swino" uro iu a
similarly unomoloits condition ; tho
regulations being different (or different
counties, and requiring, llko tho sub
jects abovo mentioned, tomo compe
tent leglflativo nttentlon. Tho differ
ent condition of tho country from that
n which it was ono hundred and sixty-
six years ngo, when tho statute digested
n Purdon beeamo law.seems to requlro
different Individual duties, nnd be-slow
coricspondltig rights. And indeed,
looking at tho foot notes In Purdon, It
hns often boon a mooted question,
whether thero Is any hog law, rate or
other, in Columbia county, so my
endeavor will bo to show what is tho
exact condition of tho law, so as we
aro concerned.
In tho year 1700, 1 Smith 1:1, tho Gen
eral Assembly ns It was then called,
pased "an act for regulating and main
ainlng feticrs ;" wherein it was provid
ed "that all corn fields and grounds
kept for inclosurcs, shall bo well fenceel
with fence nt least five feet high, of
sufficient rail or logs, and close at tho
bottom ;" mid any person not having
such fence who should hurt, kill, or
damage any horte, kino, sheep, hogs or
goats, trespassing upon his premises
should be llnblo to the owner of said
attic, for nil damage?. And that, if
any of the animals aforesaid, brokolnto
an iuciosure having such sulllcient fence
then tho owner of the caltlo was to
make good all t ho damages to tho owner
of thoinclosuro; If by tho view of two
persons for that purpo:o appointed by
tho county court, tho feneo shall bo
found and approved to hoof tho afore
lid "height and sufficiency."
Previously to tills, but tit tho same
session, tho AsEembly passed "an net
(or restraining of swine from runuing
nt large," and which is referred to in
the' Fence Act ; but It was repealed on
the 17th of October, 1701, and Is not
und in tho law hooks. Then in 170.'
an act was passed, entitled, "An actio
irovent the running of swino at large,
nit which was limited in its effects lo
tho territory "within fourteen mile.sof
tho navigable waters of thu river Dola
ware;" and within that compass "all
wine, hog or hogs, or shoats, or
figs without rings in their noses sulll
clout to prevent their turning up the
ground, and triangular or threo corner
ed yokes or bows about their necl
and to extend at least six inches from
ho angular point or corner," wero lia
ble to bo killed, taken , driven, or carried
away by any person upon whoso lands
within tho prescribed limits, they wero
found trespassing. 1 Smith 70.
On tho 10th of May, 1720, tho Assem
bly passed "A supplement to tho net
entitled An act to prevent the running
of swine at large," whereby tho original
was"exteudtd throughout tho provinco
of Pennsylvania;" "Forasmuch as tho
country is become moro populous, and
It appears necessary to provide tho same
reu oily for tho Inhabitants living in tho
other parts of this province.'' 1 Smith
170. Ou tho snino 101b day of May,
1729, 1 Smith 173, was also passed "An
net for erecting of Pounds iu cacli town
ship of this Provitccj" but tho word
ing of tho act extendsonly to tho taking
up nny stray horso or horses, cattlo or
sheep, trespassing within tho inclos
tire," of tho taker. And on tho -1th
day of March, 17fi:t, 1 Smith 2-57, was
pased,"An act concerning cattle,horses,
and sheep, trespassing within this
provinco ;" and reciting that tho laws
heretofore made "havo proved luelfec
lual." And although "swine" are not
mentioned in tho nets, yet they may bo
held to bo included, for wohavealready
seen that In an act passed in 1700, "For
regulating ami maintaining fcuces," 1
Smith 13, they say hoise, kinc, sheep,
hogs or goals, nnd lefer to them subse
quenlly in the samo act collectively, as
"said cattle." So that uuder the head
of "cattle" tho Assembly may have in
tended to include "swino."
On the 27th day of March, 1781. 2
Smith 90, was passed "An act to regu
late fences, and to appoint appraisers in
each township in the counties of Bid
ford, Northumberland, Westmoreland,
Washington and Fayette, and to en
courage tho raising of swino." Tho pro
nmble sets forth that, "Whereas by an
act of General As-cmbly of tho late
province of Pennsylvania, entitled "An
net lor ercctingof Pounds In each town
ship," pa-sed tho tentlidayof May, ono
thousand seven bundled nnd twenty
nine, nud an act entitled "An net con
corning cattle, horses anil shiep," pass
ed tho fourth day of March, ono thou
s.ind ven huntlrid and sixty three1,
the heights of u lawful fence therein
mentioned (to wit : four feet and u half
high,) uro found to bo insufficient. And
whereas a supplement to tin act, entitled
"An net to prevent swino running at
latgo. passed the tenth day of May, one
thuusund seven hundred and twenty
nine, is found to bo injurious to great
part of tho frontier counties of this Stato
for remedy whereof," it was enactenl
that worm fences must bo four feot nnd
a half high, with sufficient stakes and
riders added thereon that It shull not
bo Inwuil thereafter lo kill, take or
carry away any swine, shoat or pig,
hut iu ea-o of trespassing through or
over tiny lawful fence, to tukoaudlm
pound tho mute, and recover damages
as directed In tho act. It provided for
tho election, ou tho third Saturday o
.March, yearly, of two substantial free
holders to bo appralsers.ofdaiiiagesand
fence viowers ; proscribed their duties
and form of oath, fixed their wages at
"threo shillings perday," nnd their lino
for u refusal to serve, at "twenty shlll
Ingsj" aud In easo of such refusal, uu
thorized any two Justlcis of tho county
to appoint others; and set forth in tho
a'lihth section, thu powers or the nun
docwers; and finally, In thu tenth sec
non, repealed thu'Supplen out" of 10th
May, 1729, to tho net cntUid "An tic
to prevent Bwluoruuuinr at large," tho
"act for erecting pounu- ot lutn iuy,
1729, and tho act entitled "An set con
ccrnlng cattle, horses, and shcop,'' of
March 4th, 17G3, eo far ca they wcro
filtered or supplied by llila net of 27th
March, 1781, so far aa respected tho
counties mimed in tho net.
So that on tho passago of tho net of
1781, rings nnd yokes wcro no longer
required on swino running tit largo in
Northumberland county.
But, on tho 7th of March, 1800, 3
Smith -117, tho Legislature repealed tho
net of 27th March, 1781, so far as It ro
tated lo Northumberland county.
Tho effect of that repeal Is to rovlvo
tho authority of tho supplement of May
10th, 1729, lo tho act of 1703, also tho
act for erecting pounds, of May 10th,
1729, also tho act concerning cattle,
horses and sheep of March -lib, 1703.
In 1813 Columbia county wus erected
out of part of Northumberland county,
and of course nil laws In force In tho
mother county aro binding upon us, un-lo-s
they nro repealed, or wo havo been
oxceplcd from their operation. There
fore tho law Is, that rings and yokes nro
required for swino lu Columbia county,
tho fences aro regulated by tho sixth
section of tho act of 10th May, 1729,
whereby they "shall boeslecmcd lawful
or sulllcient, though they bo noteloso
at thu bottom, so that tho distance from
tho ground to tho hottotfl thereof, ex
cceel not nlno inches, nnd that they bo
four feet and n half high, nnd not un
der." 1 Smllh 173. Aud tho county
court is to appoint the viewers of fences,
us per act of 17C0, 1 Smith 13. when
over damages mo claimed for trespass
ing swino, either by tho land owner, or
by the owner of tho swine.
In Is usually understood to bo tho
law, that township nudltors nro tho
feme viowers in suehcrttcs; butarof
cienco to tho act in question, 11th
March, 1S12, P. L.,02, shows that it has
reference only lo lino or partition fences
nnd not to their sufficiency ns to tres
passing cattle. So too, tho act of 1700,
relatlug lo fences, given In Purdon 175,
pi. 1., is certainly not lawgiving super
seded by tho general act of 10th May,
1729, 1 Smith 173, See. 0, as given above;
and such, in regard to fences, seems to
bo the opinion of tho Supremo Court
iu Gregg vs. Oregg, 5 P. F. S., 227, and
there wc leave tho question.
Nisi Pnius.
DIlAKn FOItCE On llio lltli Inst., at Ilia rest-
.......... nf llin l,il,tn. fllllmi. V ItnV. V. iSnllI.
Mr. Jnlui li.-nko.lo MIh Matilda Jnuo Purer,
both of riMilugcrceit.
aottDNI'll-SNVIlKK On tlio "111 Inst., by John
I.oro, bin,, Mr. l'l.uliirdH.mtnor.loMlss.sur.iti
Knyder, b itti of Lycoming county, I'll.
mii.'.i.-.vf.YWKf.l.lVKll On lue llili lust.. Iiv
Hie snino, Mr. Win, Uieonlr, lo Mln Martini
A W culver, oolll ol iycuiuiug couoiy, w,
WnMl-STACKIIOlMK-Oii tlio ll.tll 1ml.. by
tlios.une. Mr.Jeieinmli Misi Alainiu
tasjliu kliuusc, of ColuintiU county,
HUOl-.MAKKU-tlF.UM vS-On tho;. til nit., by
I'.ov. Win. 1'. llyer, Mr. J. 1 Hh..oin.l:cr, to
Miss S.iiuli U. llcnniui, botti of Lycoming
liniNUOI.D-Nir-S-On tlio Mill ult, by tlio
name, Mr. D.nti'l UtlubuUl.ol ltliwtuwn, Ph.,
lo Miss MngiUluQu buts, ot MaliivllU", 111.
What Imrtrsw Mat Bun ItJ-tndlaejtlon
in not lUtiKcroui, aay tho faculty, l'orlinp.i not In
Itiiclf, rrlillolt rFtnnlnn mcto IndlRentlonl but
look itth8cou!qneuoMto which It miyMonil,
ami often ttoeii leal when It become n chronic
dlscato. Anpntk of flroln n itnall Ihlnj. A pres.
tutoi f the foot will wit It out) a bteaili win
(txtlngultli It, Yet It may nro i owder mill, or
klndlo a lUtne Unit will conmimo a city. Iu llko
mnnner Indigestion may produca RMtrllls, can
cer of the stonmcli. congestion of tlio bowels,
apoplexy, liver disease, and many other dan.
Kerens maladies, laltuotwlso then, to check It
In tlio cctin? Nothing Is morocleoily and In
disputably established than that Hosteller's
Stomach Illtteia will eradicate djspepsta In all
Its singes, Tho true policy, however, Is lo extin
guish It In llio first stages with this wholesome,
puwetful, nud Infallible tc.nlo and alterative. H
Is caster to quench a apatk than a llaiue, and It
Is easier to euro dyspepsia when It ts llrst devel
oped, than Vt hen It has mado headway by neglect,
aud becomo complicated with other ailments,
'llicto Is not tho shadow of a iloubl that the bit
ter nro as dinctiy antagonistic todyupcpslaas
watorlnlo llio. '1 hero urn ll.onsahd ot caseson
record proving this fuel. The remedy ts s.ito and
agrieublo. All tlio liquors nl commerce prescrib
ed us atlmulnnta It-nvo a slltig behind, tint llio
Btltig la taken outof tho spirituous hoMsof Ibis
great It iiitily by vt go ablo medication, and more
over, the fcllmulnut thus medicated la of excep
tional purity. Uf all tunics taken as safeguards
rt-ini-illcH for feavtir und actio, bliloua remit-
cents, aud other ep dtmtca, It la tho only ono that
tan uultormly be depcuut-U ou
The Btirtt or Capllratlon. Features' of
Grecian mould, a well turned neck nnd beauti
fully rounded arms, nro no doubt very nlco
things to havo, nnd 1 idles who poes tlieso
charms have reason lobe llianltfultollotbcr Na
ture; yet, after all, tho most captivating of all
womanly ehnrins Is a pure, fresh and brilliant
complexion, Tult superlatlva f.uctimtlou any
lady may soeuto by using IIaoan'h Magnolia
II a lu, tho standard beauttlylng preparation of
llio present age. It dldels Iroiu "11 orJIunly
cosiiiellcs In threo most essential particulate,
inasmuch as It contains uo lnpurlous Ingredi
ents, does not contract or shrivel llio skin as all
tho astringent "blooms," "lotions' nnd "pow
ders" eventually do, but produces a lasting love
llnessby Improving tho health uf thesklu, Uu
tier 119 operation tho toxturo of llio epidermis
becomes flncr, nud theeurfaco soil ns velvet aud
smooth as poicclatu. l-'ealurcs cauuot bo chang
ed, but complexions can audit Is quite certain
that a lady with no other charm than a fresh
nud roy complexion, wilt attract moio admira
tion In company than her neighbor with n etas,
ale faco but a sallow sklu.
I'.vcry nervous oung Man In thu Union, will
rpcelw, free, a Keclpo Hint will provo a blessing
through llio, iy addressing, In confidence,
nox 617J I", O. Cedar BU.N.Y.
Business Cards.
Olllce C'ourt-IInUKO Alley, below tto COLtm
iiian Ofllce, Uloomsburg I'a.
HLOOMSllCltCl, l'A,
U- Offict Court House Alley, In the CO'
LUtllilAN building. (Jaul,'C7.
Omcp Court House Alley, below tho CoMJM-
HIANOHlce. Uonntles, linck-l'ay and l'enslons
collected. Uloomsburg I'a. sep.aj'67
DII.S In ISusarloaftwp., on tho morning of tho
nth, ud., Mary Ann. wlfoot John l).l,nstd 3J
yeaiH, II mouthsai'tl diys.
Ti'on my dearest wlfo has lclt uk,
Home ou missels' wings or love,
Wlieie tho bltswl nro trto from Buffering
In our a.iviour'a courts above.
UNT-In Light Strco, on tho ISth Inst., I'eter
lleibcrt.Bou of the lato Win. M Hut, and Ilui
netta Hut, nsed 1 years, 6 moutbs nnd s s.
SMITH lu lirlarcrrck nn Jan. Sid, Marga'et,
wlfo of J. c. Mil lib, oged U) iais,5 mouths nud
3 da) h .
UMITIT In llrljrprplr nil tbrt lit ll lilt MflTaa-
ror, wife of John W. hiuilh, aged 3) years and
7 monius.
8 ll
3 50
1 l
Ulnomiburft .Market.
Wheat per bushel 81.11
'lye "
Corn "
Oats. "
Klonr per barrel
Wit nine
llrl,.,l A , ...1 1
Hums 17
Hides and Mioiildei H 11
liiil i.t-r notiiio 10
llav per tou 21 CD
Fou Rent. Two rooms over J. II
Mttizo's Grocery, opposite lirown'.s Ho
ol. suitable lor ollleo or xuuor nnoii
Apply to J. II. Muiz2. nol2t2
Fou Rent. Two lino toomsover tho
ollleo of Robert F. Chirk, on Mtdn St.
Apply to Mrs. W. II. Eut, opposlto tlio
Tories iiotei. -it.
Low & RoiuiiNH nt Orancovillo
mukes tho mutest, und best
riutlorni Spring ugons nmi nuggtes
n tno country.
Aaron Wor.rn will offer nt tmblio
stiln ti lltto lot of Horses, on tho :10th of
March, in this town. Lovers or gooel
horses will take notice. nou'l!
Tin: nest term of Third Street Graded
School will commence on Monday,
April tlio 1st, by IS. W. Wyukoop.
l'li.i.H which contain nutimouy, iu!
nine, and calomel, should ho avoided
us Kovero griping pains would bo their
only result. Tliusaio-t, surest, ami oest
pllHuru J'arsona.i rurguMe or Ami
Jiillwus 1'iUi.
FAitMr.n.s. tlo you want a good plow,
cultivator or tnriHiiiiig maciiinu? i;
so, givo us a call, All our work is war
r.iuieu us lepreseuiea or no sate, ite
number, wo m.iko all kinds of first
elns nlowa among which is tho "Hero'
ueliiiowleilged by ull farmers to bo the
best plow in uo.
urungovuio Jirg. uo.
Orangcvlllo, I'a.
onito with Joim o.
Building, lllromsbiuv.
I'icczc, lq., r.rowor'H
AllOl'.El AT LAW,
Otllcu Main Slieet below the Court Houfc.
iuoomaburg I'enn'n.
Collections promptly made. Conveyancing
nt ally executed nn all otlip business connect
ed Willi bis poleMon ourelully nltemleil to In
.Momour, oriiiuiiioeiiauu nuu uouiuiuia eouu-
tlCS. I1U.1S71-U.
l?l ALLUUa L V LL1L .111,1 1 ,iV r U.11.
To amt. assessed for 1S7I. t,2T7 60
Iiy amt.duo nnd Com. aud E.v.nllowed collectors
II Creek
- t.iteit
el. Wood
Mt. l'leusuut
i irango
ll creek
tS. Loal
17 30
IS 00
a so
12i 00
It M
30 uJ
It! 0)
Vl 60
31 SO
is no
1.1 01
IS so
8 50
l ro
3.1 0.1
111 10
2 13
1 62
1 T,
I S7
1 7S
2 13,
10 tit)
3 fill
3 50
11 SO
-' no
" 00
0 00
3 60
1 00
3 00
I 6)
SIIS 0.1
n n
13S 60
10.1 ttl
72 10
II 00
lri no
hi .so
312 77
In order to mako room for Spring
Goods I will closoout tho balance of my
nt great bargains.
J. & P. COATS' Cotton 60 cts. per doz.
Tlio unden-lffuMl appointed by tho Court ot
Common Picai, of Columbia county, Auditor to
('Ulrltiuto la tlio parties entitled Ihertto tho
monev In IXwrti proceed nrlnlng Jrom tho
aherlll'a ale or tho property of Hannon & Par
roll, will meet IhAimrtbvi intereied tar I lifl pnr
pine of hla appointment nt hlaoinoeln Uloomn
bjrg, on Friday, Iholttl day or. March, A. 1) 187i,
nt lu o'clock n. in, All Pomona having claims
ajatnut aald fund are required to preieut them
or lie forever debarred from coming In for n nan
or share ol tho samo., IKELKIt.
feblT7J-lw Auditor,
xjl jistate or irostAS noAcir, nicc'n.
letter of Ail m, ii 1st. r lion on the estate of
TI obiai ltoach, lato of Halting Creek twp., Co
lumbla county, deccatod, bare been granteil by
the Ueglstcr ol aald county to I'eter Hrranlt of
Locust twji. All peraona having clalma against
the cstatH of tho decedent aro roonetted to pre
sent them for settlement, nnd thoio Indebted lo
the estate to make payment to the undersigned
administrator without delay,
feb.23720w. Admlnlttrator
Lelleraoradinlulstrauononlhecslatenf Ha rah
Whltenlght, lato of ML I'leaaant township, Co
lumbia county, deceased, have been granted by
the Iteglater of aald county to C. W. Miller, of
Uloomsburg. All persons having claims against
tlio estalo of the decedent nro reoiiosted to pre
sent them lor settlement and those ln.le.jted
to the estate to make payment to the unde
signed, administrator, without delay.
fcb23'72 Ct. Admlnlslrator.
ThO Underslirnoil nnttollited ntirlllnrtnillatrlb.
uto llio fnnda In the bands of M.K Jrvcksoo, esi.,
trustee, to nud amonsstlho persons entitled ton
shnt-o Ihereln, will meet the parties Interested
Hi the ollleo or M. K. Jackson, esq., In Uerwlck
on -aturJay April 2itb at oue o'clock p, m., lor
the puipoio of male ng such distribution ! when
and wheronll personBRterenulredtoappearnnd
raaliu their claims or be for-vtr debaried from
coming In lorn suaro of said fu id,
JUU rlir.KZB,
mcb!5'72-5t. Auditor.
. no undersigned, auditor appolntedby the Or
phaas' Cour. of Oiiuuihlu county, on exce tlona
to the account of HyU ester J, Knux, administra
tor of Clot worthy jVisber. late of sn.d nouniv. .1a.
censod, will proceed to the discharge or the du
ties of his appointment nt thu olllte of tho tjher
ltr. lu the Court House, in Ulnoinsbunr. on Frl.
ury, tho Uth day of tprll, 1S72, at 10 o'clock, a.
iu., wiicu nuu wutre uu p.-rsoua iuiereiea may
attend If they think proper.
W. t llll,
March 15, 872 -It Audi or.
Hnvlrt; vutclmsed tbo LuhlncMofE. r. Lutz
nnw oilers at tho old ttnntl.a cLcIccnstoitmen
Ily amt. due, on iluiilicatf 8.
" commlsvlou Ut collectors.
M " oxon rations to M
' onlerpaklM. K Jackson.
14 ' Unwman A Jackson.
" " " LMi, Ilrocliwny,
' pa til uiKcssors ft uititi.ilns fund.
" " treasurer's commiifhlou n 8J1U.
" ' baluuco Uuo rtutj p.iUl over.
Sl.'JiT 0i
Wo tho mulcrslsno'l, Auditors of Columbia
county. In the Htatu of IVnusjlvanla, )n liereliy
certlly tliat vo met nt the Court Houhc, hi
Hhiomohur, on ihu flnit day o January, A. D
1H7 and dnl roreed lo aud UM settltMtinl adlusi
tho above account as required of us by law, aud
to tho best ot our Judgment and nullity.
In testimony whereof wo havo hereunto hot
our bauds thKiM iiay of.Ianuarf, A. l , 1K72.
UANlhlLEK, Auditor.
Tho Knrlne Term will commence on Mo nil a v.
Apill Int. 187a, Yucullou fioni theiniddleof
June, totbo .lib of August, when Him I'ull Term
will open. Eleven week mako n quarter.
For Circulars, Itoardlug, 'icrmM, Tuition fir
other particulars, address
feba7J-2m Prluclpah
Tho underslimcat nniwlnted bv tho Ornhans
Court ol Columbia, c. uuty, Autiltor, to im.ko
ittrinuunu oi mo uaianco in me rmrnii oi tno
.Vdinlutntrator uf fcatd (tecedeut hh tier his no
count nUd to the partleM entitled to receive tlio
same, will meet the parties interested for tho
nurpoHQ of bts appointment, at tno otltco of
John (I. Freeze, Kmj,, In itloomshnre, on Hatur
day, llin th day or April, A.l). ut luo'clock
a. in. All tersom having claims nf-ninst tht
estate n re required to prebeut theui or be Torever
debarred Uoui coming In for a part of thtald
inchS72-5t Auditor.
Letters testamentary on thueHLnie nt fii-m. ir.
Doe bier, late of lttoomsburK, Columbia coun
ty. deceased, have been trranltid bv Hie Itcclnler
or said county to Mary JJoei ler, ofUloouiMbui t;, .
aud Jno, II. 11. 1'arko TJios.M. UocblerandE. If.
lliggf, or Wllllnmsport, I'n, All persons having
claims against the estate aro requested lo present
them to the Executors Tbosv Indebted to tho
os uto either on note, Judgment, murtunge or
boolc uccouut will muite payment to the Ex
ecutor3 without delay.
mAui uDtnuuit, jnoomsburg.m.
JNO. II. II, l'AKK, )
Til OS. H. OOEULifc;a,Vms'port, Pa,
febW72-lw XiKccutorK,
in the Orphans' Court of Columbia county. In
tho matter of the partition and vuluatlon ot the
KKtato of Phllin Miller late of Centre townshltf.
deceased. To Crui Webb, Thajer, KeodiA
County.Kanban.tako notice that an inquest will
bo held ut tho lato dwelling Iiouko of i hilip Mil
ler, uoceasea, in me lownsmp or centre, uoium
bla coi niy.on Tnuisda.v.tho louithdar of Atull.
lSTli between tho bourn ol o'clock, u. iu., aud l
p. m., of said dy, lorttie purpose ot jnaklunpaf
t'tlon oft ho Ken I Estate or hhIU deceased, to und
among his chlldien aLd legai representatives. If
thenaino cnu be uono wiUiout prejudice to or
polling of too whole, otherwise to value and ap
praise mo saiuu accuruiug iu law, at wnicu niuo
und pluco jou aro required to attend Ifyou think:
proper. AAHONbMlTII, bherlff.
Uloomsiiuuo, Manh 1, W2,
A valuable farm In Centre tnwnsliln. Colum
bia County, adjoining lands of John Fester, Win.
iiuwer. iieuoeu cuter una outers, couuuuiui; m-i
ncren, l acre, of which ni o In limber. Uood larm
and outbuildings, irult and water. For terms
nud full particulars apply to
Kiccutor of Krod'lr. BhafTcr, tleceaeti.
Post Olllce address, Llmo Hldgo, I'a.
All pcr6ons hnowln? theraielvas Indebted to
Isaluli Uletcrlck ou Noto or Book account will
fcavo costs by calling upon the mbscrlber, resld
Ins nt llupcrt, auy time between this date nud
the ISth day of March, and thoHo neglecting tills
notice will havo costs added alter tlutt date.
JOUNU.tiUICK, J. 1'.
Itupcrt, Feb. 21st, 1S7J. feb23'72-lm
lir.USIIES, Ac, Ac.
And aceneral ast.oitiut.ntof tho cholccit goods
usunlly found In llrst cists establishments,
I'liylcluiis" rrt-bcilpl Ions and I'ttlullv Iteclpes
Cnretully Ci.mrounttt-d.
nn Hunuays, open Irom Sn. m., to 10 a. m.,and
fromL' p. m., to 1 p in.
feb 9'73
"Tlio AUT (if TAMING IIOU.-iES."
Vlinlalnlns how to break, saddlo nnd mount a
roll, now lo break a hoi&o lo harness, to iiihIeo u
horse Uu dov.-n, lollow you, nu.t stand without
liol. lint;, alto, valualilH ii'ielpts lor dlkt-uLS
Autnts wanted best terms.
W. r.,t'lIAilTi:it,ilSri.ins,omSt.,rhllad'n,
I desire to secure tho services of a lew more
e.Mierienced njuutt, Honool I'eaeheiH nnd euer.
KPtln men, lo solicit font new, popular nnd beau
lllully illustrated walk, which Is proven to bo
one of the best selllns books In tho market. For
liescttptlvo circular wltti t.umplo p-iges. terms,
Ac, nodrtss, II C'.JOIIHHON, furnisher, U)l ArcU
Ul I'hlladtlphta. ulO lw
Tun Hall in thu fourlhstory of Ilrow
ers IjuiIiIiiil: ca.i lu rented for thu imr-
poso or ti Ttiivn Hull, it will hold I- tvu
Ilutidnil ticisiitis luul lut.-i In it a llr.-it-
cliisb Mason t: llntnliii Caliinut Orun.
I'arliei ilfsit inn to rent can ilti si) by ttii
iiljltt; t U II. HiNfu.w;,
HOllEltT llOA.N,
K. (j. Knt,
nol2w-I Committee.
Mom: than forty yo .n havo olapscil
ninco Johnson's Anodyne Liniment wan
llrst invrnk'tl. (lurinir which tlmo liuti-
ilri'tls of tliouniiils liavu beun uotiullti'd
Iiy Its libit. I'rolialily no artlclo over
lit cv.iw bo uiilvcrftillv nonultir with nil
eld-si's as Jomaon's Anodyne Liniment.
Uuown it Joneu. Wlio nro tlioy
TlH'V urn an ci'li-riniM z vouni: linn
lately I'Btitullbhi'il in Ctavls:iaiitl Irum
tho ustoniblilii uiiioui t of Dry Gooil
thuy bell ft ovlilcnt that tlio ii'0ilo
aio attracted hy their low prices. They
urn in constant receipt of fresh rood
from New Yoik. They poll only lor
rush, Klvjng tho hnycr overy pnssiblo
rilvaittuiro ilerlviil from I his plan, A
visit to their stoio will convliii'ii tho
nailer of theso facta. n-Mf.
Ukau mcn tkl,!. Mo talks: if they did. aim
Ihcmas against the tlej.U-t lnj; l.tut-t-t, Hi- tlriutla
purge, aud tho Itrrllilos.tuvanU of the muteila
inedlca, would nrlso from overy graveyard. Tho
motto of modern medical s'loucels "l'rescrvo
and Kt-gutute, not destroy," aud uo remedy of
our day is so entirely in harmony with this
phllautliroplo logic ns int. wamceu VtaitrA
iile Visi:(iAii liirrmiH. in this powerful, yet
Harmless itstoiuitvo, tiyspjpsia, bilious com
plaints, and all dlso-isoi of tho itomach, liver,
bowels aud nerves, ouooimler an irivsUtildo
autldote, ivr.
III, .it.lult, ..Lll.b.d mui rwuuJ. 'f 1
will open on
MONDAY, JANUARY 8th, 1872,
under the entire control of the
They have selected ns Trlnclpal of the Insti
lully tested ami prove.
Notice In hereby elven that In pursuance ornn
net incorporating tne said Company, nn elfctlnu
for a President and twelve Directors of the Hun
lockCreekand Muncy Kall-oad Compauy will
be held at llenton Cotuntbla county, nt lkeler's
Hotel, on Wednesday the 3d day or April next at
lu o'clock p. in.
J1UUU .tlUA lliUUU.l,
W. M. MtiNKOK,
ami HAntaxosr,
March 13, lg2-2t Commluioners.
n ecutlcman whoso nuslltlcstlnns havo ben
ias hud charge of the t.ctiools o
I'oui.ty ns Miperlntendents and they n-slt and
which he has hud chari I'll"
i.Ult .
. tin it M.II.I..U. wr k e..r l..ud
d lu the NINE YEAItSln
or the schools of the
have a rliht todetiiRnd lor htm mui tti Insti
tutlon. the confidence and support of our own
citizens, and of tho friends of thu enterprise nnd
ol (ducntlou everywhere. In point or comfort,
convenience and beauty of buildings nnd Mir
1 1. u ml hits, no school In thoHlnte surpasses this;
nil we are determined it shall not be second lu
tint kind, quality aud lliorouguneiu or Its disci
pline and culture.
Tho winter session of twelve weeks will com
mence ou
Monday, January 3th, 1872,
and close
ThePrrlns sfsslon of twilvo weeks will begin
and close
Tuition and Hoarding, Including washing and
iieiti, tor tuo sussiuu ot iwoivo weeus, tj j ou.
In rnrsuauce of an orderof the Orphans' Court
of Columbia county, the underslguetl Adminis
trator, sc., of the estatBof li.oigo M. llcsgle late
of Hemlock township, In the said couuly, dee'd,
wl.l esposu lo puo lo rale ou tlo prcnUes on
nt 10 o'clock In tbo forenoon of satd day. tho fol
lowlnx described real estpte, to wit: The undi
vided oue-half of a messuage uud
sttuato In tliRtowiishln of UemlocK ill the coun
ty of Columbia, bouLuetl nud described as lot
lows, on Ihu north uu.l we-t by lauds of the
heirs of Jacob Harris, tlccetsed, on ttioeiuttiy
Uud or Uodlrcy Mellck, Mtd on the boulli by
heirs of iSamuel Waulg, cout-ilnlug
and twenty-eight perches upon which is erected
u three story Irauie i:rlst mill, it house, dc.
truism i t- 'isrs ut .i,ii. leu H-TCeni.oinne-fourth
of the puichasH mouey snail la paldut
tli striking ttown of tha property the one-
itrtli. less the ten per cent, ou the continuation
of sale and tne lemrttulug throe fourths lu one
year therenltcr, with Inirrcsl irom the coutlr
matl..u ntsl. I'oksossIou mveu unon the imr.
chafer securing the psymvut of ttie ourchase
titouL-y. l-utciiasers n pay ioi- titeu itnu stsiups.
ei.iri;?i ri. AiiL.i.r.1;, Administrator.
$0,00 ORE E N B A 0 K
and a specimen of tlio
ir i..iuuioii vjit(3iAn.
Written by 2) Kmtncnt Authors, IncludiiiK
Anenls wanted tn every town to solicit orders
for this work, on lllieral terms. 1l kiis in i.ii
i lusses, and utt lii.rury bli.iul.l be without t. It
is u t-tiiiiint-te ittt.iir ui mt uraucnesol ludustry.
nrtK-ossfs of luaniiftctures. tie. N'n lllr., w,.rir
t.ver beforo pultklied. Uuo event sold im tn
elaht days, another 1.5 la quo week, anotdoi UM
. . . j M..i r itiuuicatiou win secure
n eholco lu terriloiy. Full purtlcularHoudterms
win uo .uiinitr, tvtittti jH-ciini.u oi iiiumeai
work, and a t llrctubdck. J, U, UUHIt
l DC, llarlfoid, Conu, nllMw
Irom fifty to eighty cents
Tuition for dav
Iuthe modol school
pupils, ono dollar per week.
Mil. Irom flftv In renlu
per week. Music, Drawing, I'aIuIIiil-, jtc, exlm
other half at tbo middle ofiho session!
J. li. rlllit Y.K, 1.. it. UITPERT.
Bicrotary. i'resldeut.
Tho underslcned olTers for sain about CI acres
ol lino wood laud covered wlllt while plno, oak,
chestnut Ac. In Orange township near James
l'lUtorson's fiiw mill. For particulars s-s tu
(a.... nn.A.r tn I J k'V'4V4
Oresnwood. Columbia county, Va.
heai.ei:s IS
Establishod iu 1810.
SsO to S JUO prr moiitli, by selllus
And How Huv weuis .Made; ok the tkuo
cn.t.s AMiTu.i jii-ii- c' ui'u bni.i--iiAi.uMi.:;,
by J, D, M cCu be, Jr.
It slums now energy, talent and patient In
dustry have itluuys met with success nlit-u
propt-ily estrttd, nut! by forty fiulneut t-xam-pits,
leaches huw lu sut'eteU lu lire, uud ut tho
sitiiie time beuetlt mankind heud for psitlcu
lars. notices of the ores uud extiu terms. f,tt.
Ncatlvieodyl Anew book Horn uit ie.1 of
wu hi-.wif, Ainettca'it most populsr U-oluier
nud writer 11 health.
'iho world-wide rt't-utatlon ot the author, nud
the lurue sulo ol nil ids previous works, cuttitot
tall lu secure uu liumiu.o diuiuud lor th.s.liU
latest antl best.
ulu-fw UEO. IACI.EAN, rubllsher, rbUadtl'ii.
In pursuance of nn orderof IheOrphans' Court
of Columbia county the undersigned adminis
trator, Sc.,ol the eslattt of Lemuel W. tlobeits.
Into nl ttiwuslilp. In said county, tlec'd,
will expose to public sale on the premises, un
SATURDAY, MARCH 23l), 1872,
nt 10 o'clock In Hie forenoon of said day, the
folIotvliiK described real estate, to wit: A cer
ium iiiti-i. u. iuuu buu ate tuDiieurtoai towustilp.
lusnldcuuuly "
mure or less, adjoin inn lands ol Samuai nnt,rtu
on the north, lands tr Fitinkltii Nnglo on the
.u.i,mu.i ...iuukii'S tu liitJ UCIIH til JOUIll- rltX
un the south, nnd limits of Dsiilel Itoberts ou
tbn west. Wht-uou Is ertcted none and one
half sto-y
and out bulldllifis.
coNDil loHOF PAI.i:.-Tni ereut.of ono
fourth of Ibopuicnuis.iuoucy tobttnaldut iti
stnuuiEdowu of iho properly. Ono fourth of
iu i.uuuwiuuiir it ss tne uu per t ent, at the
t outlrmullou of sales und the reiualimi three
fouiths In ono year thereafter, with intert-st
Irom coutlrn-ullou nisi. J'orcluser to iwy lur
deed aud stamps. 1'i.ftf sil.iu (iivm ou llio pur
chaser seouriut; the balance of the purchuso
Atleudance clren on day of sate by
IlCQtou, March I, IsT-Ht AduitnUtrator,
Kino BILK8.
11 liolcMilo and Itetall.
no woutii rm:B to book auents.
Hrud s our stldics, stutliiK experience, succeti
uud book now stllluc, nud iccelve free our uttw
Worth 110.00 to any Itock Agents.
Agents nlso TI Ttl T , 11 V "NT THE WHITE
timed lor IJ Hi I-i -U 1'j XS . CHI1.F.
DlANn OF 'I HE 1'l.AlNH.
Murdered Kcplcmbcr 1st, lb7l.
Tho wild advemnrta and marvelous rxpeil.
euces of (ito. 1', lieldeu, known ss the "I Ik
Wutrior," ' Uical ituuit-r," uud latnons "White
Chief," ut Uu louats. A bock of lurllllue luttr
itl, richly lllustratfdi cliutiusevcrj tiody every
where, and sells lu exceed suy book out,
beuu lor lib slutted posttr and t xlru terms.
llUllllAlll) 11 HUM., l'uullsheis,
tachl'7Mt til fcauseiii bl., t'hlla,
We now havo on Iisnd n Urge neatly prluled
assortment of JUHTIUt'o aud CJI Alll.LH
IILANKH, to which wa Invite the alUutlou or
these uUlcsrs,