The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, October 27, 1871, Image 4

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    lYimilo liilluciico. I
Dotiicstlo Hfo Is n woman' Bplicro (
It Id tlicro tlmt alio la most iHofully mid
mofltnrproiitlnloly cmiiloyeil. Hut so
clcty'too, fools lior lnlluonco, ntul owes
to lior, In grout meiwuro, Its bulnnco nml
Its tone. Slio limy bo hero n corrective
of what Is unruly, a restraint on whnt
Is Indecorous. Hor presence limy lio n
Dlodco ncixlnst Impropriety nml excess
p. check on vlco, nml a protection to
virtue. And It Is her delicacy wiilcii
will Becuro her such nn lnlluonco, nnd
cnalilo her to miilntntii It.
Dollcncy Is, Indeed, thopol'it of lion'i
In womnn. And her purity of mtv'icr
Insures to hor deference, nml rcrfl',PS
moro effectually than any ollirf Inlltt
enco, Impropriety of every kind. A
dollcnto womnn, too, will " noro loved
as well ns moro rcopn-'tcd, than nny
other j for aiToction mu scarcely bo ex
cited, nnd ccrtnlnlt'cnnnot long subsist,
unless It Is founded on esteem. Yet
such delicacy ts neither prudish nor In
sipid. Conversation, for Instanco, Is
ono (jroatsourco of a woman's lnlluonco
nnd It Ii her province, nnd peculiar
talent, to glvo zest to It. Sho Is, nnd
ought to be, tho cnllvcncr of society!
If alio restrains Impropriety sho may
promoto choorfulness j nnd It Is not bo
causo her conversation Is Innocent that
It need thcrcforo bo dull. Tho charm
of conversation Is fooling; forgetting
ono'ssolf,and sympathizing with others.
It Is not to shlno, hut to please, that n
woman Rliotild desire.
A woman Bhould bo elegant, not only
in manner but In mind. Manner Is, In
deed, generally symtomatlci but, ns It
may bo nrtlflelal, It Is no surocrltcilon
of mental grace. It Is tho latter which
Is essential to truo beauty. Without It
tuo fulrjot form disappoints and wearies,
It Is tho l-adlanco that sots off every
other charm and sheds on each Us np
proprlato hue. It Is lint nnd proper.
tlon. Yet It Is moro easily understood
than defined, and better felt than ox
pressed. It Is a criterion of elegance,
Tho modes of fashion arc ontlroly con
ventional, nnd nro often ungraceful
nj they nro capricious. Ilut breeding
is quite n different thing, ItU unob
trusive nnd unpretending. It is always
solf-possessed and ntcasoj for It knows
Its own placo and Its own relations, nor
nro Its attentions over troublesome
Yet this quiet nnd lady-llko deportment
though It seems to employ no effort Is
by no means an easy or a common at
tainment. On tho contrary, wo ofton
sco women who havo lived much In
society very deficient In this criterion
of grace. And wo can qulto understand
tho remark of a really well-bred woman
on n candldato for fashlonablo society :
"Yes; sho Is very pretty, nnd very
pleasing, but Bho wants ronoso."
Eleganco Is naturo, but not rudo na
ture j It Is unaffected but not unpol
Ishcd. It copies natural grace, ami
corrects natural defects. Yet It Is no
Borvilo Imitator; for It studies suita
bllity ns well ns simplicity. It does
not, for Instanco, Imaglno that what is
very pretty nnd playful in n girl of
lourteon is equnlly becoming at thirty,
Least of all does it Indulco In that rait
lory, which is plqunnt only because it
is personal, nnd which amuses In pro
portion ns it nnnoys. It has a respect
for tho feelings, ana a tcmcraora
for tho faults of others; and us ltnovcr
wounds, so docs it never invito aggres
sion. It Implies, too, feeling ; and hero
again does It differ from tho polish of
tho world. Selfishness Is tho bano of
fashlonablo llfo. Every ono is there
cold, for ovory ono Is selfish.
A Herman Story.
In that beautiful part of Oormany
bordering on thollhlnc, thcro is n noblo
castlo, which, as you travel on tho west
ern bank of tho river, you may sco lift
ing Its ancient towers on thoopposlto
bank, above tho grovo of trees which
aro as old ns itsolf. About forty years
ago thcro lived In that castlo a noblo
gentleman, whom wo shall now call tho
llaron. Tho Baron had an only boh,
who was not only a comfort to his father,
but n blessing to all who lived on his
father's land.
It happened on ono occasion that tho
young man bolng from homo thoro
camo a French gentleman to soo tho Hu
ron. As this gontlomau camo Into tho
castlo, ho began lo talk of his Heavenly
Father In terms that chilled tho old
man's blood, on which tho old man ro
proved him, saying, 'Aro you not afraid
of offending Clod, who rolgns above, by
speaking in such a minnor V
Tho gentleman said ho know nothing
nboutQod, that ho had novor seen him ;
tho Baron did not notice at this tlmo
what tho gontloman said, but tho nost
morning, took occasion, first, to show
him a beautiful plcturo that hung on
tho wall.
1 My son drow that plcturo,' said tho
'Then your son Is a clover man,' ro
piled tho geutleman.
Then tho Baron wont with hlin Into
tho garden nnd showed him many beau
tiful (lowers nnd plants,
' Who has tho ordering of thogarden ?'
said tho gentleman,
My boh,' said tho Baron ; ' ho knows
every plant, I may say, from tlio cedar
of Lebanon to tho lilssop on tlio wall.'
Indood.'sald tho gentloraau ; 'I Bhall
think very highly of him soon.'
Tho Baron took him Into tho village,
and showed him a small, neat coltitge,
whero his son had established a school
and whoro ho causod nil poor children
Wha had lost tholr parents to bo received
and nourishod ut his own expenso.
Tho children In this houso looked so
happy and innocent that tho French
gentleman was vory much ploased, and
when ho returnod to tho castlo husald
to tho Baron :
'What a happy man nro you (o havo
so good a soul'
1 How do you know that I havo n good
'Becausolhavo seen his works, nnd
I know that ho must bo clover and good
if ho has dono all you havo shown mo.
But you havo noverscen him.'
'No, but I know him vory woll, bo
causo IJudgo of him by his works.'
You do; and now ploaso draw noar
this window, and tell mo what you ob'
servo from thence.'
' Why, I boo tho sun trnvollnc throueli
tho eky, nnd shedding Its glorlos over
one of tho groatost countries In tho
world; and a vast rango of woods, and
I soo pasture grounds anil vlnoyards,
nnd cattlo nnd sheep feeding In green
flolds, and many thatched cottages hero
anu tnoro.'
'And do youeco nothing pleasant or
lovely or cheerful In nil that Is spread
boforo you ?'
Do you think that I want common
sonso, or that I havo lost tho uso of my
yea, my frlond ?' said tho gontloman,
Bottlng angry, ' that I should not bo ablo
to onjoy such n eccno ns this?'
'Well, thou,' said tho Baron, 'If you
nro ablo to J udgoof my son's good works,
how does It happen that you urm no
Judgment of tho goodlier or lion, iv
witnessing such wonders 01 ms niium
work ns aro now hrforo you? Lot mo
never hear you, wy Rood rrlcml, again
say that you know not God, unlosi you
havo not the mo of your senses.'
nr.i.i'"N Is tho best armor In tho
world ''id tho worst cloak.
t;i!.t.i.y to Inform (ho mind U to
oirrect and enlnriro tho heart.
No man can bo olovnlod who does
not lovo Rometlilni higher and belter
than himself.
Wisdom nnd power, llko piety, nro
perfected through suffering.
l)o not condemn or think hnrd of
thoso who cannot sco Just us you sec, or
Judge It their duly to contradict you.
Sands from tho mountain; moments
inako tho year.
lv good men nro sad, It Is not becuiso
thoy nro good, but bec.uiso they aro not
Get nit you can, s.wo nil you can,
glvo all you can.
Lost; not thy own for tho snko of
asking for It; 'twill glvo tlico
Tin; generous heart should Bcorn n
plcasuro which gives others pain.
Tun wholo sum of human vlrtuo may
bo reduced to speaking tho truth ah
ways, nnd doing good to others.
MuitiT readily recognizes merit.
Certainly ho cannot havo 11 who doesn't
know It when ho sees It.
One principal point of good-breeding
is to suit ourselves to threo several de
grees of men our superiors, our equals
and thoso below us,
A little philosophy Incllnoth a
man's mind to atheism, but depth of
philosophy brlngeth ono's mind nbout
to religion.
Honest Industry Is, after nil, man's
only suro dependenco for tho double
blessing of a contented mind and com,
fortablo livelihood.
Love may exist without Jealousy,
although this Is raro ; but jealousy may
exist without love, and this is com
An hour's industry will do moro to
produco cheerfulness, suppress ova Jm
mors, nnd rotrlovo your affairs, than a
month's moaning.
A man behind tho times Is apt to
fcpeak HI of thorn, on the prlnclplo that
nothing looks well from behind.
MEN'rt hearts ought not to bo set
against ono nnolhcr, but set with ono
another, nnd nil against tlio evil thing
Tin: happiness of tho human raco In
this world does not consist of our bolng
dovold of passions, but lit our learning
to command them,
Some men nro kinder to tho oecu
pants of their kenneU than to llielr
families. Thoy will treat wlfo and
children llko dogs, but not dogs them
selves so.
A man should never bo ashamed to
own ho has been In Iho wrong, which
Is but saying, in other words, that ho
is wiser (o-day than ho was yesterday
1st nil differences consider Hint both
you nnd your opponent nro dropping
oil, nnd that cro long your very memo
ries will bo extinguished.
Imi'ERTuiuiahive good temper is nn
effectual dofenso against ill-natured sar
casm. Tho laugh Is nover long against
tho man who mcels ridicule serenely.
As we hold a caudle to tho flaino
until It Is fully lighted, do wo must hold
ourselves to Chrht and his word by
Bestow oil tho tlmo you can spare
from tho necessary business of llfo, In
preparing yourself and thoso about you,
for their cntranco Into a better life.
It is vain to hopo to plenso nil alike.
Let u man stand with his faco In what
direction ho will, ho must necessarily
turn his back on one-half of tho world.
Is evei: hold atiyono by tho button or
tho hand, In order to bo heard out ; for
If peoploaro unwilling to hcaryou,you
had belter hold your tongue than (hem.
Who sedulously attends, pointedly
asks, calmly speaks, coolly unswers,
and ceases when ho has no moro to tay,
is In possession nf boiiio of tho best
requisites of man.
TiiEitE is not so agonizing a feeling
in (ho wholo cataloguo of human suf
fering as tho first conviction that tho
heart of tho being whom wo most ten
derly lovo is estranged from us.
A Westeun paper accuses a cotcm
pornry of "dirty meanness," and re
marks, " Wo want him to understand
that two can play nt that game." A
rather frank avowal.
soft i
a lb
very small thing, yet dropped into a
tumbler of clear, pure water, It blackens
tho whole.
Bo daily mid hourly your duty: do it
patioutly mid thoroughly. Do It as It
presents llnelf, do it nt tho moment, and
let It bo lis own reward. Never mliul
whether It Is known or acknowledged
or not; but do not fall to do It.
I'mtl-ETUAL complaints aro llko unto
a new cart, which freaks and cries oven
whllo it has no burden but Us own
wheels; whereas that which is long
U30d nnd well oiled, goes silently away
with a heavy load.
Hail! yo small, sweet courtesies of
lire, for smooth do yo mako tho road of
Itllkograco and beauty which begot
Inclinations to lovo nt tho ilrst slcht ;
't Is yo who open tho door and lot tho
stranger In.
diVE not thy tonguo too groat a lib.
erty lest It mako theo prisoner. A
word unspoken is llko tho sword In tho
scabbard thino ; If vented, thy sword
Is In another's hand. If thou dcslrcst
to bo hold wise, bo so wlso as to hold
my tongue.
Politeness Is a spontaneous move
ment of n good heart and nn observ
ing mind. Benovolenco will teach us
terapcranco toward tho fooling or others
nnd habits of observation will cnablo
us to promptly nnd easily tell what
thosn feelings aro.
Let us bo hearty In our pleasures as
In our work, and not think tho irraclous
Being who has mado us so open-hearted
to delight, looks" with dissatisfaction
at our cnjoymonts.ns a hard taskmaster
might, who in tho glco of his slaves
could boo only u hlndrnnco lo their
prolltablo working. I
X county lrom II organlMllnn In isll lo IS7I,
Compiled nnd clllcd liy John (I, rurckr.K..
volume ncinvn.uio
.i.H full library t
volume octavo, mid pages, Cloth ,ui, half library,
Itrwlnnlnif will) thn fflf-H- lil.lnrv- nf IliO terri
tory comprised wit hill tho limits nfColum Ma and
M notour, this volume gives tlio organisation liy
lis original boundnrlt , It subsequent leglslnllvo
mlucl Ions, nnd Ihooroctlnti or Monlour county.
A chapter on lho streams nml mountains tho
tlalotif llio erections of tho townships nml lsir
oughs, nml llio territory nut ot which thoy wcro
formed-thc personnel or tho court, comprising
the names ol the I'losldenl .Midges tho Associates,
thu lTolhoiiotiirlcs, IIohIsIoih, Hhcrhls nml tho
n-slilriit Attorney or both Columbia and Mon-
II lin chapters on llloonnburg, Danville, Her.
.. I. I.,L luu,i ,,,l tlifikliltlr l,iiv. h-lllllx 11.
onlloniil stnllsttos, Thn llhiin al ttucntlnti, ami
lhoolcon II ly townships.
The census ny low iisiiips, inciuiiiiig fliuin ,
from Isjl li JT. tho inxabtos lor ls7l nml tho
number of acres of land In each township, A
vir complete Hit or tho lnotnlieror Oollgtciw,
Heusto nlnl House, representing Columbln coun
ty, wllh full nnd siirlous election leturni Tor
mate and r'edoral otlU-os i,y townships.
couutlcs, comprising tho muslcr roll of nil tho
compinlc nml parts of companies leerulted
they wcrotngaged In, with nuniorous Itentsof
IH.TSOII111 llllt'leni, J 11, , Ul ml wit, lllumni iiivii.
Im ii.ittiAM nf ll,,,,rilnlii pvetil nU
nml Iho eniergeney men or Heploniher, l8J nml
Juno IM, heliiK n completo M'nr lecoul or tho
tliolrlnlsofourclllKdi. Uio gic-tt nrKunient of
Jlltlito jiuicK on .miilitrv voinuiissioiis, luui me
opiuiouoi uio uinicumiiiegnupiiiiiu vum i,,,1
ili-mnliiiithem. ToKother with niuch other cur.
Ion lmiiorlnnt, nml luterostlna mntter,
llnttttiK A. I'r.Aiii:. of IUi,niiliiirir. I nulhnr-
Izwl to rueclvo suhsc-rlpllons for tho work to ho
piliu lur ou ui'iil ery. uuk, ip, ii-oiii
HA lil MltL.l'Al fWlU A Itli llhl. I llltumu
lr. T. T. KKKN1. lmvtDft Jnut jvturncil from
Kctm.tor nml hrmmht v ll h liliuii 'jimntlty nf tho
in miine Ciiitiliiruitllii ltai'k. hicurtki tlirotlltll
I lie iiiilcliii r I'iMiimuiuliitl.m initl nsslsljinoo of
lllt '.xc(jtletic tlio I'rt'nitlciit of JJcimuov, mul
tliu (.itivorntiKMit of tlmt Hopnblle, wo nro iiro
purod to HllortU-M for It to u ItmltoJ extent, tuul
ul n price ubout ono fiunrter of that which Hie
cost of Iho Ural very small supply compelle.l us
A spurious ixrilclo ii now mtvcrtlsotl nmlKolil
ns Ciuiilurmwo, so have, at a con s lit trail I o ex-
voliso. mill wtli thn ro-niiornt Ion nt (liaanthr
itlcs or lvoja, tho prolncuWK'ro the-plant kiows
noUlicctca thoch.mnetof ourwipply nHtneinura
thatnonn hui thncomituo ur licit) ttliall lie fcoM
by in; nnawopattlcuiarly call tho attention of
luupuuuc, lor lutir prou'euon, in iniiiuci,
' ULlHt, KliKNi: A CO.,
to tVilar Mt., New York.
ll U' llt tuu 1l . WmhliiL-tnn. 1). P '.. I'
Huns, M. !., New Yorttj 1', 'i'. Kkene, M. U,
New lorlr.
t (illllHMllltl Ol lt0: ii ll I (Ji.ilc. Acklliiul-
i tltrt'il thebest promotrrof the nroielhantihinit;
ofththnir. J:. r?C:rii; i Cl, Itoslon, JIna.
bold ly nU ilrugglats. Umarc tf imitations.
VO W Tr5 H.nplea of our ureat fcp.tKP, Jl.iO
I1 Iw'jIj Wimiweel;ly-,iUvcar'cfmbllHlu'(t
l-'ino bUyl cngravlnttsfreo tomibierlher". Acents
iniiKu o n ujiys, eeuu iur nATlllPAY UAKKTri;
iiniioweii, Mi
Tho oUlevt nnd most reliable Institution for ob-
lainuu; a lerciniuo uicniion,
Srrnetleal business men nn Instructors.
1 or lulormnlloti wrlto for n circular to
r. Ul'Kl-' A HUN'.S, Pittsburg, In.
Hollcllcil by MUNN A (.'O.,
I'ublhhers Bcicntlfic Ameri
can, 0' r.vnu How, N. Y,
Tii'culy-nvo years cxncrlcnco.
1'iuiiplilcla containing ratent I1nv(, with full
UtrcctionH liow ioobl,iin Patents, lu-e.
A bound volume of IIS pnires, rontnlnlnj; tho
New Cknsi'S by conutlo' ami all largo cities, lli)
Lawn nnd'rule1 for obtalulug Patents) ma) ltd
onreceipL ot I'o cents.
II A It I'll Cl.OSKTS.-ff th9 bet. i:utii
bote Lr. ,W. J'ronrit fori of Jm'c. t Untie-
sinn a, Lu'her 8, Wavina's, Xvwton's uml DooUttlv'x
litcnti, Tho only Closets that Ii'ivo provnl cf
Icctlvo. Tho Hnrili Closet, by Its dMnfocdon of
i imp mnst vauiaoio means or provcniniK
rj hi.-. nt in iiiuiiiii itiiii iHiit r nui(iii;i'iiN tiis uuhk,,
Send for clrculart. Are.itt wanhd i vvj icwre.
N. Y.; Marlcet Htrcot, Philadelphia.
l.iOHHALi:. A clmlco lurmol llaeies in uhes-
L' ter ;o., miinu.-s noin fmuuieinnia. Auaixvi
JAUl'Z U,VtUVT llonboro P. O., P.i,
in Tirn wnttMi t
PorSlperlnch perlouth, wo will lu&eit nn
ndertlsenient in IVJ tlrstclass I'cunsylvanla
t)rini(va( iiifiuuiiig runntvu uniiifK, lin-
portlonato lales lor smaller ndvertlsemeuts.
i-ist bent iree, liiuress
oi:o. i. iiowrr.L a- ro.,
Agents SOO perwtelc to sell our creat nnd vnhm
blw discoveries. If you want permanent hon
orable nud pleasant work, apply lor paitieulnrs,
Address 1YKU A CO., Jackson, Miculs.iu.
popular book wllliw Illustrations, likenesses
of all the Presidents benullfully bound, and
prmtdi ou tinua paper.
Its Kulors and Institutions.
Nnllilnu like It. SlrlkfH everrhotlr ns lust tho
hoolc they ntt'd. It U nu FncyfloimMln nf llio
uovenimcm. btncie puci in it, nru r uicia
belvcs wortli tho ,rlcoof the book. Over &w jnitna
Itt'lli-s ntul ceutlonten l.trmors, lenrUcrs nml
stlHtcuta. Unv ige nt toof:75vr(tcra intttw ilnjtt
u ith clrvcUtr alont, it fore tlir bonk tipixaral, S -O
n tiny eau Ijo cleared lit fair tcrrltciry. Wrllu ul
imeo ror ru-ttiinr nml luiormution, r.'i:v
WOULD rUIII.ISIIINd CO., Cor. itll nnilMnr.
Ism Streets, l'uiladclibla. rod. C'Tl-ly.J
Wy tho ciUbmteil (Ifi'itvofllcer,
XttartUtvj nnnntlvo of 23 years experleneo In
lerrenut; out uuii unnmiiRio jusiiee hank j:oii
iiEUS, LoUKTEitrr.iTn;s,TMit3vi:s, picic-rot,
ac, many of tho most remnrktiUf cascK on lceoui
reeuuns uctp tain uuiuoncnt fccncin1 s jor ri.rN
not anil nt-VKNon In I1I2I1 llfo unwell nq Inu-Ud'
and tlUeloHinu the plann uwed In unmasUtu tho
iiutHv unit 11 1111 st ua tea vnminy, ii is iiioroutny
rellaltlt'(ni ut Hi'iitiTnniWujifmio.if.vferychcup,
nud belli almost ttt night.
ror tireuiarH mm lei mi miurehN
IIUlIUAUIt lUtO., I'ubUiiherp,
oct('"ltf Zi Hansom M,, I'nlia,
aoiurAL school.
nslllutlou Iicrctnforo known us tliu
as Tin:
UMinn Tin; ciiAiitn: or
I'ItOl II. 1). WALKER, A. M.
tjiu sniuo:. win, nn at unci: orijaxikku ah a
ami Tin:
oflb! overal clings will e.irrepin,l totho eoiirBo
i. lop! I by tliu llinriKir I'.inplli.ih of tlioht.ilu
.Siirnml HehiHiltiiir 1 Vinisylviuila, una nnmavctl
by hohlntu AutliorllleH. "
Tho uindunl nu ll i Iiihh will bo ilcllnllely llxed:
nml puplU nu culerlnu tlio rlehool, will bo ex
IV", ,u!'1.'.nl".1 rli'fiH Hi tho clai,- whose hluilles.
they by their nblllty nud nualumeiitj, niolltteil
to (nirittie,
Htudeum m whllltic, nml In Uio Juilsmeilt or
tho J-i tieliml ipeteut, will bo HllulioU to mil-
Mlo n Heliv-t Colllhe or Htuily, '
I'lioi'. Walkku, nml inn repuinllonnn nn IMu
eator, nro ton wt 11 know n to need any eniiuiien-
latum from tho Hoard of Trilbttea; especially In
I,ll.ernn fonnty, whein ho hns hlnnl twelvo
yeamol bin piorefculonnl lire, '
IVir parlli'iihiM lenpictliiK Iliam, Tuition,
lluokK, c, Aildrtenlho I'llnclpal.or '
NOUMAN l'tlllf.lM, lin ,
... , . Kien lary nt 1iiii,,.h,
Wavcrly, Luzcmo county, Hcpt.
ii?.1'i"M,f?lo,'1Sn.'11 wm1iI respccifUlly lnlonn
hnH1,ne,,V"!'?,',ltk' Bail 'vieiuity. tlmt ho
uas opened n Coiilecltouery uud Uakery In
n?k&t" Vh"a 110 ls PPrsiIto fuinUli
So., 4c, Ac., Ac.
Ami protlnco of nUlElndst Fresh linad and
L'akiH cvt rv day, Jeo t'reain In Heason. Vour
putroiinaolH solicited,
juhmu, JAtny,
I I I il 1
AiimtiB Iho nisnrlmcut will be found cionm
Nut.. KUBIW, wnintus, lv,,,,,,,. Aimoiul, m.
i'S Vki'F" A PP'tVf' Num. JeiiicH or iiiii.".
cut klniU, Mutard.Ciitnup, 1'lckleii. Clineuato
( iiuufil Kmit ..r nil klnil, U,rn MUiiiiT, is iiul
J V. NllilW,
M"U H I i W A It. 11 It O () M H
A cenfrnlMHOilntcnlnf
MtlHlCAti MIllli'llANIimi! AI.WAYHON
Till: Tptl'f.I! ANCIUMO OllUAN WHIf'l
HAH Till-. HWl:i.TE-T TON!! Til AT
us-Cfttl nml cxnmlno litforo iuirelinlnc rt-c
liere. Wnn mom Alain Hlrecf, below Miuke',
I I wieii tt iiiriuiiuu M nivruiiiii, iittiniuv
lur, I'll. nui.a,,71-ty
111: has Tin:
i! t: .s t w o 11 ii 111 r. x.
I'orenol nunud promiit iioih hi nillns onliis
llWcooilnnro polecleiMvllli r.tro ntul hi t'u
loin work will ii,i,nro f.uornbly wllh Iho IhhI
I'n'in,', i,iu i.iiiii,iiiiiuie eiiy iciier.
tttJSTs' r!II5SIS!!JX ;M)IS
At AstouMiltigly Jw IVIeei.
Illoonulmrgr, Sejit. Si, lMl-tl
0. M A It It
havojnstrccelved from tho eastern markets
largo and well selected stock of
V.ett bleached A
llrown .Musliuc,
Table Mnciis,
Cotton A
AH wool flannels
ac, Ac,,
A gool fctoclc or
Ladles dretn goodf ,
Latest btylea it patterns
bpluos of all Ulndtt,
(Jood Bloclr. groceries,
Ktoue ware,
Wood & willow warp,
flour A Chop,
Aho i:ncii-'n Cryfctal f-oan for cNaulnx Tin,
Bin?3,ltc AIlt;oodfKMchetpfor'j or pio
Mi would call tho attention of imyciu lo his
well nod 'arefally Pokrltd HHnoitmtnt which
co nr ri- verj ildim nsii:illy iupt In iht coim
try. utiii.t: (nnPdfrit Uml h. run !' ihcta
rt ! H uH U ill tt. i, h w i-l mi1 ntM-lM lion,
Ct i J 71 If i i t tK.
Sc. no w kj;,
ipencda flrt-clasa
nt tho old Bland on Main Kti cot, ltloomsbur,:,n few
d(HiKiibovu tho Cmirt House, ills Mock iscom
poedot thovery latestaud befcthtyles ever otler
ed to theclllzeiuol Columbia Count j. Jlocjin
accommodate tho publlo wltli the following rooUb
attholoweht rules, Men's heavy double soled
stoifabootH, men's double and slnglo tap fcoled
kip boots, inen'h heavy btoga bIiocs of nil kinds,
men's tine boots aiuUhoes or all crades, boy'h
ilimhle t.ilfd boots nnd Mi first nf nil frln-lu tn-tio
tjlovo kid Ualnioral's, women's, boys's
and misses lasting palters, women's clove kid
polish cry lluc.v, unu n'h morocco Huluoral6and
calfMinet-, women's very lino kid buttoned pall
ets. In tdiort hoots ul h!1 tltiCilptlous both rcg
"i tl niul spffi'il.
ll would aUo call HlUntlun lo his tlno assort-
l)U tof
which comprises all tho new rnd populat varl
Mies at prlceHwhlehcaunotralltosultalt, These
i!'Hkls are ottered at tho lowest cash rates and
will ho Kunrnntecd to give batlsfatliou. A call
is hollcltrd before puiekasltu; elsowhcro as It Is
believed tbat betlcr bargain i nro to be foind
tlnn a, any older plsce In I bo county,
cti a ct tt a. t:
V ) It E4 S,
main Hinurr, iiklow maiiickf,
.MonumontH. Tombs. HcaJstonos. Ac Work
neatly executed. Orders by null will receive
special attention, N, II. Work delivered freeot
tharuo. T. h. UUNPO.V, Proprlftor,
Montouh nousH
nupmir, pa.
WILLIAM DUTLKlt, Proprietor,
This IIoui-ohavhiK been put In thorough rcpnlr
Is now open lor tho reciptlon or quests, Nu
pains will bo spared to ensure tho perfect com
iortoftho travelers. Tno l'mprietor sohclU a
shnro of publlo patronaae. The bar will lo
stocked at all times with cue liquors and cigars.
W. F, PIATT, Proprietor,
Ihls well known House having been put In
thounigh it pair ls now open lor tho Keepllou ol
visitors. Nu pubis havuhmi fcptirtd to inkuro
tlio irleet comlort of iruthtH. lho nronrit-tor
alko 111ns u Klaue liom tho Jlotel to llloonihbnri;
uud lntermedUdo points nu 'lucsday, ThurKdny
uud Haturday or tachseek. Uanl'll
Tho nnderslcncd would Inform tho travelling
mhllo that ho has taken thonlMivoimiiuil e. tub
Uluneiit and thoroughly re til ted the kame tor
bo nerli-cL couveiileneo of bis uitests. Ills larder
will bostm'lied wllh the besL tho market ullonls.
'lhocho!crstllpiois,wlm- and cltaistilways to
Jan 171 Iry, Pa.
ttir MTt1 (Ult tTU ItllPVI'MTtVt ,
UY J. II. 801IENOK, M. .
Atnov n linmnn helntr linn miimI nwnr. for
whfwo death there wm m other leanoit than tho
healed of known and Indlirutubly proven
..u nf Mtrn. 'I'hnno nnnr nnd dour In fiimllv
nnd trlcnds nro sleeping tho dieamliiss Hlttmbcr
lulu WUlCJli 111" "UJ tuuuiy miuiu'u
Dii. Jo:n:iMt u.hciiiinck'h bimi'm:
nndftViilKKlthomM'lvesof liti wmdorfnl clllca
cloiH medlelnofl, thoy would tint havo fallen.
jir, nenenrit huh hi iiihowu viwv ptuvivri nun,
Wherever NUlIlelont Itallty remain-, that ltall
ty, by htn iiiillclnnfl and hU dlreelloiH Iur their
nan. u miifkunod Into healthful litiir.
Jn lliNhtnli'ineut thcto It nothing prcinmptn-
ouk, j o ilia iiiiin oi ino invniui 11 inaao nu ro
i,ri.Pitntlin Is not tt Ihouitaud times fuVm
Hlantlaled by livlntt nnd visible workR,
llunry or thuniro by Ir, Kehenclt' medlotiu.i H
n.n Hlmhio an It In niir.iUlnu. JIn phlhxophy re
nuhe no tirijumcnl, It it 6eirn-4nnrlnKi fccir
cnnvlethiK. 1 110 PJeawOOii lunm nun miiiiiinni- l inn uiu urn
first two veupoiiH wllh which th" lUdol ot thu
malady li nwitlrd. Two-thirds r tho cacH ol
consumption orUlnniod in iyn ,h1i and a
ntnctlonally dlnordeicd livtr. With this con
ilitlon, Uio bruiieuliil UiIwh "ityrapithlzo" with
1 110 iiomnen. i nvy rwiiuim in 1 iiu hhjhm in
action ot tho liver, JtTo thon cnine tho cnlml
iiatltw romUt, nml tlu wetllii in, with all 111
dbttit'aiilntfnytupi.oai, or
Tho Mnndrako 1MU aro oompos'd of ono of
Nainre'M noblest gin tho Vojophlllum rolta
turn, They jwieM nit tho blood searehluj,
alterntlvo properties of cilumcl, but unlllto culo
mel, they
Tho rk of euro U now beginning, Tho
vlllatodaiidnmoouH denoitts In tho H nnd
In tho alimentary caiml aro ejfcled. Tim liver,
like n clock, is wound up. It iiromet lrom Hi
tornldlty, Tho Blonmcu actn ictnouslvoiy, and
thu patient begtasto loci that ho W cutting ut
A BUl'l'IA Oh' UOOl) m.OQI.
Tho Hawcl Tonic, In ronlun Hm with Lho
Ptll-j, ltfrmcatit and Himimllaiui wJih tho fojJ,
Chytuioatloa li now prngroH-tlnti without IH
previoim toriuio, Dlittwdlon becomoH puInlons,
nnd tlio euro li seen to be at h uid. l'hem M no
moro ilaluleiico, no exacerbation of tho Btoniitch,
Anapptlilu HclHln.
Now chiles llio Rro ttcst lllood rnrlfler cvor
yet utven by an lndulBut latlior lo Ktiin-rln
man, Hchenek's l'ulinonlo Hynip cotnon in to
perlorm Hi luuctlons and to ha-iteu and com
plete lho euro. lteutoi tatouco tipm n work,
Naturo cannot bo cheated. It ouiccunnd rlpoin
tholmpalted and dltwisotl i)orltjm of tho luuijpt.
In lho form orKittherlnirt, it prepir"i them lor
ixrut.'t(nn.ttfni. nnd Inl liiUVdrv Hlinrt tllllO tllO
malady Im vanquished, tho roliui turono that It
occuplodia renovated and mmU now, and tho
patient, In nil thodlnnltyof routined vigor, Htojia
jonu to tojoy uiu uiuutuw 1 vi vtiu iiuiuiiuuuuvi
that was,
aivi::r ui A3 toar.
Tho Bccond thtnjs Is tho patlonti must utay In
n wm in room limn inev ikiwpii: liiaaimoHiiiu
rosnlbloto prevent taking cold when Itioluut;
urodisuused, but It limit (jo prevented or nemo
cannot uo elU'Ctcii. f rein iur niiunuin um, et
pe daily in thin section ot tho country In lho fall
11 ml winter neason, aro all wronji. rhyHlelans
who recominemi mat. course ioo uieir p.iueiiii
if ihoir lnniM aro b.idlv diseased, and
eausotheyaio in tho houe they must not Kit
down quiet; they mint walk about tho room ai
muck and as f. nt ai lho (drench will bear, to
Let up ft Kood circulation of blood. Tho patients
must keep In good hpirlts bo iletemilned to yet
well. This has 11 reat deal to do with tho appe
tite, nud is tho kiuiI pclnt to k-Uu.
'i.nlorinfilr nl rotouItir hul'11 cvldcilCO of lis
possibility in tho wot'ftt cases, and moral certain -ty
In alt othei-s, Is siulul. Dr. Hchenek's peiHonul
htatement to thu Faculty of his own alio was In
lhe-d mmlest woMs:
"Mniiv vi'.irsairol was In lhelasttn':eJior con-
Humplloii; conllneil to my bed, uiu at ono tlmo
niv idivKleiaus thouaht tint I could notllvoa
wtek; then, llko 11 drowning mm cnlchlnc at
Mti.tu.s, 1 hen id of nnd obtained thu piepataiious
which I now oiler lo tho public, ami they madiiu
perfect cure ot me. It tcemc 1 10 1110 Unit I could
led them penetiato my wholo system. They
tuxm ritiptit-d tho matur In mv lutiirs. nnd 1
would spitnp more than a pint of oileuslvo ytl-
lOwniuiieruMiy inwnnuts mi i mug inui-i
An hdnii ils bfirau lo hiibuldo mv couzh.
fever, puln and nlhi Hweatsnll beau to leuu
me. nud mv lutnellto bocamo so creai that It was
with dtlllcully that I could keep Horn callus too
much, 1 mou gained my htruuth, and navo
uimvu In llesh uver since.'
"I was welKhed hhortly nrtcr my recovery ,M
added tho i)ocior,"uiouiooiinKintuumerofcKei
ii(in mvweli'ht was only nluetv-hoven nounds
my pieseut weight ls two hundred and twenty
Uo i-ij) )ouuds, mid lor years I havo enjoyed
ur.Hchenck has discontinued his
visits to jsew 1011c unu iijHtori. jio or ins son
lir. J. if. Kctienck. Jr.. Kt 111 continues to huo lu
tlentsat their oillce.'o. 15 North fclMU htnet,
Philadelphia, every Kiturd.iy lruiuli a. m to j
i, m, I'lmHu who wish 11 llioK-iuh exumlimlloti
wiiii tho Kesniroiiielcr will bo charged 5. Tho
Ktspl tome tin deelates tho exact couiutlon of tho
th -v ciiifihlo nr not.
Too directions lor taking tho medicines nro
adantod to Uio Intel uenco uvea of a child. tol
lo-.v thLhiidlrcctlons, and kind atuio will do tho
lest, excepting that 111 homo cases tho Mandrake
Pills aro to bo taken lu lucieased uoaos; tho
thieo medlclueti need nu other accompaniments
1 nan too ampio iumiucuuus iuiu lueompau,
Hum 111 nt cifiilu iinnullte. Of litlirnlun he-Alt
huuBerlHthoinoit welcomoiiyinptoni. When It
mmi a. ia it wilipimi. la thu ik'o.iirlmi at onie
bo ol yuud cheer. (Jood blood at once lollows, thu
couidi loomuM, thu tiUUL hwiat U abated, in a
hboit time belli of thcuo loot bid symptoms ai
irnliti t'liri-vpv.
In. Sehenek's mcdlchiesnro coubtantlv kent In
tens ot thgussuds 01 l.imllles. A4ti 1umUIo or
purutlve. lho Mandr.iko rills uio u Mauuuiu
puparatlon; uhllo lho l'ulnionlo hyiup, as a
euurot coughs and eoliU, may bo usj.nled m a
piophyiueleiloKalnsteou&uiiiiilloii 111 any ol Us
null nr tnu rouiKi.iM nun rt-n
Tonic, Sl.W a bolllf, 01' trJ a hull doccu. Man
draku 1'ills, L'j ecu Is u box, 1'or halo by all dm;:-
isisanu uemcis.
Joiinson. tlolluuav A Coudtn. 102 At eh sine
Philadelphia, wholesale aeitis, may 1U'71 ly
Tin: ixonniMr.iVTs that
puUis!iet on cvciypicl;a;jc, there
tbroitisnofa ectrtt preparation,
It is n cerlatn cmo for Hrrofula,
Syphilii in all iti forms, Hhcunia
tUtn, Sinn Dirases, livcr Com
plaint ai.d all dibcasie of tlio
0:i2 07 n03A2Ai;3
v. til ilo moro p ool lliun ten bottled
of tho yrupii of Sarsapanlla,
havomcdUocadalis tn thcirpractlca
for tho p-ul llirco years and fuil
cnuWo it as a rcliablo Altcratha
and Wood I'urihor.
nil. T. 0. T'CGII, of raltlmcto.
DU.T. .1. JlOYKI.V,
nu. it. w cAitn.
im P O. DANM-'LLY, '
DU. J. y. SPAltlvS, 01 .Vicholasvillc,
DR. J.'L. .McCAUTHA. Columbia,
S. (.
OR. A. SI. NOELI'S, IMsccomb, N. C.
USETj and endorsed by
J. B. I'RUNCn L SON'S, Poll Hirer,
I W, S.MITir.J.icksa, Mich.
A. l- v iiM.LMi, Llraa, UI1I0.
II. I'AI.L.Lima.Otiio.
ItTUVPN & C().,(;nrdonsvlllc, Vs.
.SAM'L. O. MeKAUUKX, Murfrws
Our Fpco will not allnw of nny ev
tc uloj rr:iMtks in jolatlcn to thJ
utftucsof Itoadalii. Totho MclicJ
IPiofc3ii)nMoguartintcoa Fluid K
ltratfuporlorto any they hao ecr
luteJ lu tlio t realm rnt cf Uisc.iscd
Jilotnl nnd to tliPailllrtod voiiy try
Itn" 1 tails, and joa will Lo restored
(to luulth.
I Rosa hlh is sold liy all DniFRlats.
1kq 0t3U per bttU. AiMresa
I Manufacturing Chtnhts,
j Saltiuoue, Mo.
W'a rrKnrn( fiiltv r-n llA ntlnnflnii nf llmin
deslrlnu to puicbaso our make ur Pianos. Wo
uio huiHiii'U tlmt wo cjii (,'ivo batlsfactlon lu
owry chk'. Our workmetiKkllllul and experien
ced and nro under tho personal Mipeilntendeneo
of the members of our linn, We uso only tho
ues i m'bwiiuu limner, and the material in kcuo'
nil Is llrst class. Our Pianos without exception
iMiiuiMuiMniii imriiui'K uiiiiiiuL-iui-ni. inrouuii'
out, wit Ich lu tho opinion (if tho most compe-
HMijmii, jb iiroiioiiiii,-Lu iiuuiuiu, jiy unit jiu
Tnoment a l'lano Is made more diuable ami
CttlS the tOIA Inntror W ctnlni frmir liutrn.
IllCntS thai tliAv.nirt Lominil In uniio nn.l lliov
combine all the essential elements Hint, coustf-
iiuu superior worumNUsiup. we will elvo ft
mhvh HU'iKUlll'U lOf ilVO JUUIB,
Mr. CoMtAii 1'itiituAN, member of our firm,
will visit lilooiiisburir lour tiinc-aaitar to ie-
lalr and Attend tn timlmr of fill llnim In tlirt
abseneoot Mr, I-'iieiman. Mr. I, K.Milleu wilt
utteud to our buslneos In llloomsburij and ls
authorlzod to rteeivo uud solicit orders,
ecun glvo tho very best refeirncps.
llaltlmore.M. I).
f. If. MlLI.Kn. lUnlr In IMnnnu. flr.ii ntul
Melodeons Hvoociao and live stop oiiians ot
the besi make, told atSUU, Terms easy, Juno 1
a a i u r o it u i nt
Wilt forCO (1 llOntltirill f.t. nf Wlilulmra nr MD-
luctiD. In from tun Lo Mitlu iiiritilliM.mi m,v it.
ou nvir tvrcUoyciiriiuM, 11 it nuoof Iho l,out
liifiuinuiou. in uinuu uio MlllhRem clow tlmt
u it wn known. 0110 imttla ut It u.uillclcul to
pioJuco a vtry ktronii ucunl. It iloe. not In nny
way klnlu or lujuiu tlio kUln. Try III Jt 1. im
liuiiibuit. 1'rlru la coins pur oottlo, Kent Ly
loull I'lwt pulj, to any a,l,lrcM, on roccliit ot
lieu, iiuuilM w Ittl.l JM u.,
iHg.lS,' Aduuis County, rennn.
Drugs and Ohomicala.
A 6S1EAT MEBie? "
si 4 Hundreds of Hiotisamb Pri.i
S r Hear trdltnonir la their Wonder- jl if
Jjj! WHAT ARE THEY? gjjjj
X3 -B
U a
a v i iiir.r ABE NOT A Vltfi
s1i!Ifancv drini:.
Mmloef rootf Hnm, TVIilcLori I'roif Hplrlto
tmtl llcrnso Mcmirndoctori'l,rricod matwrct
itwd to flwwlh taBto, called "ToLlw,,"Arpctlt.
cm," ''Itottorcrt," ic, tt&t Iced U.o tlrrkr cn tJ
dinnkeniiesa end rciii,Lut nro ntrov IhxHclcc, mado
from tho NatlTO lloctatnd IlciLocf California, frro
from nil Alcoholic Bilnml.mts. Ttcytro tha
(lltUAT I1LOOI) rmtlJ'IKIl nnd A MFK
(I1V1N(1 lHlNCllI.Uaperrcct l;oiatcr tud
:i iporator ef tlio Cyttem, carrylie off oil poisonous
i r.ttcr and reitoilnatlio tloodto alicalttyoo&dltlcn.
I'opcroon caatako tlicco niters occcrdlsi; to direc
tion nnd remMnloDfftmTrcu'.
C100 wlllbo cWonfcraa IarnTatlacwc,rto"Ld
t'. z bonco nro not destroyed 1 y mineral poise n or
o;:icr tacaas, and too ltal orffna wwud tcrtdtlio
1 cut ot repair. ,
Vm-Inflammatory nnd C'lircnto Hhcctrn
tlriu umt Mont, Dyvpepsliit v Indlaertloc,
Ic us, Ilciultlri.t and Intel mil (cut Fciem
Kioor.scBoVlhoIltocilf ldvcr, Kldncyp, nnd
i;i adder, tntso lllltero laio beca mort mcccss
ful. ttuch Dlwnsea era ly Vlilntcd
I'.locd, Whtcli la generally rrotir.ccd by dcranctict-t
cf uioBlffcsiUo Uranus.
r.clu, rnl la tke Ct ouldcrc, Conj,:ie,TltilitaMiicf i-J
tiitft, PlzzlncBS, Eci;r Lrvctr.tcis cf tho Etcmaclt,
ludl jtv-iilUi Knuih, UuIolt AttacUi, rnlp'totKa
; t! l. Heart, Ihflcnr..fl!k,a cf ti.t Lucge, 1'aln In f..o
3 cf t'.o r.iflnrj-B.findr. 1 nr.drcd otLcr painful
I.i3 0"npriliroc; Dycpcpiltt.
"1:1 yivijorata ILoStcniacUtilrtlraQlatQ tlm tor
j i I Utcv aid lowclJ, which render thorn cf nnor.naUr'l tlcanelnc tnoUoodof all Imparltlce, and
I;.,; 1MI113 r.;v l.fa r.nd vlffor to tlio vliolo f rctera,
rOliCIiiriDIBEAtiES, ErKptlono, Tetter, Call
! Ik. -..1 ' , b'ottlico, Frotf, rimplci, lin tolcP, Dcllc, Cor
I ,-c'. -,i:i:E-'wcir.,., Ecnld-Hcud, Ccro rycr.Erytlr
tcurft, likcolorctlor&cf tboUn,numc:3
1. . i ...r l.3 cf tlio bkln, of whatever bamocr Citurc,
c.3 lHcr-lly du2 up andcanlcdoutof tlioryetcmla a
1: criu-.ioVy tlioiioof thcao Cittern. Oni bottlj li
1 a Ii cases vlU coai lace tho ncet lacrcdulcuo of tlulr
t ..-.nlvo cCcct. tlia Vitiated Elocd hessver you find lta
1 purities burttlns thrccsli tho tliln la rimplcs, Krnp
tlmii crEortai clcaneoltMlicn yonCndttobBtrnctcd
tnj tlcsffls1 Ii tho veins ( cleanso It when it la foul,
and your fccllnga will tell yoairlica. Keep tho Hood
1'urc nnd tiio hcaltli cf tho eyttcm will follow.
1'IN, TAl'C and other WO KMH, larking In tho
rptcm ef go many liiouranda, aro dectroy
clacdrcmoTcd. Tor foil directions, read carefully
tho circular crouod each bottle, printed In four Ian
gun scs-Engllsh, Gcrnan, rrc&ch and EpacUn.
J.TTALSEr., Proprietor. It. n. McDOIJALD It CO.,
XiralsU anl Ocn. Agcntc, tan Trancltco, Cal
V.J Si anJ MComictrcc Etrcct, 2cw York.
rfiou) nr all ur.vcaisTo and dcalexs.
00 ETTO-tf.
I (in not wisn tolniorm you, reader, th.U Dr.
Vouderlul, or nny other man, has discovered a
reined v that cures Consumption, when tho lungs
aro half consumed, in tdioit, will cuio all diseas
es whether cf mind, body or estate, mako mon
live lorovcr, nnd leavo death to play lor want ol
work, and U designed to mako our sublunary
sphere a- blissful I' which Heaven lUeli
stiall bo but rtbblo show. 1011 havo heard enough
of that kind of ImmbugKcry, Hut when I toll
you that Pr.Knao'sCaUtiJi Itemedy wtll positive
lii cure tho worst ca-ei of Catarrh in tho Head, I
only assert that which thousands van testify lo
1 Will Pay JW iiiswmu l"l l'l UMiMiiiinui
CUIO. . paHipuifi B J4 j inj'iiMin mi'i '"mi
Infoimatlon bent lice to any a 'dre. ThU rem
edy ii
soi.u uy Mr nurd, tsts in' tautu
rileo .Wconls, Sent by imlLposn-nld, on iccelpt
01 sixiy cenivor lour v iirs"".l .
Hi'otimt mv mivalo Utamn. wlilch H a voutiv
ytutruntcc of (t'titutnrnrti, is upon tho outside
wrapper, ueiiiuiniter umi 1111 pi ivaio nianip.
iHSUetl uy 1110 -LjiiuotiaiaienjoYuruniuiuuxpiess-ly
for slumping my medicines, has my port rail
name and addiesi. aud tho words ' U.K.Ceillll
eato ot Genuineness," tmrravod upon It, nnd
need not bo mistaken, Don't bo swindled ny
travelers nml otbers ienreientlntf themselves ns
Or, Hatjo ; lam tho only man now living that
has tho knowledge find rlyhtlo loanutacturolhe
Utttnfne nr. haso suatnriu itomuuy.nuu 1 nove
travel 10 sen m is muuicine.
11. v. nr.iU'K, m. i,
octSS'TO-lr, l'DKeneca dieet, UntlHlo, N. Y
Toauv nerson M'oduclnE; nny Mdlcino bbow-
in-r hnir n4 nifiiu' llvintr. iii'rm.incnt eurcs ns Dr.
Fni.un'u Vr.fik.TAHM; hhhuuatic ltrMKnv.
Vied inwardly only, A pious nil -Me 1 lei no, tree
tiom lujuilom druiR. warranted, under oath,
to have permanently cured thiiuewryl Mi pit louts
ireaieu in iuo patt icii juiin.
(en testlmonv.'
It Is tho sclentlilo proscription of Professor Jos,
R l' 1 or. at. u . a rrruunato or tno un vers tv
1'cnnsvlvaniiL A. D. IVii. now ono "of Phlludel-
phta's oldest regular phytslchius, aud l'roimor of
t'ncnmiry nuu ioxicoiov, woo nus mnno
Nf u ml it la. ciironic niiii miummatorv ltiiounia-
Hsm tho speciality of his cutlio prolessional
ine a mcv voueneii 111 uy 1110 nuuiuuitJ hitoiu
niuvlutroacb bottle, olmanv nromlnent rt nown-, clergymen, and other tesllmoiilHis,
loproieci sniieiei' inuii oiioitiHii iju.ii-it inn
tiuins aud useless exnendituio of mouev. 11 ItL'il
feigned Riiarautce, staling cs.iet numberot bit ties
warranlctl to emo, will bo forwarded sratis to
any nuierir snuinu uy jouer n iuu ucscnpuon
of ntllletlon. Hi rsso ot Inlluro to euro, amount
ri'iui itositiveiv luiunucu. aipi cino t-ent anv
where by express, collect on dellveiy. Aillleled
luviiettin wrtio lorivtvico: nu in ormai ou and
medical ndvleo Kent by letter trratls. Principal
omee, i"j hout 11 l ouitii fiiieti, I'liuaiieipnia,
Tho Kenifdy is sold or obtalued by DmajUts
Wo want 5000 active . enternrlsin. thorou,
men nnd women, to whom weu 111 ulvoeonslan1
woik and t"Hl P'O. Wo publish tin I1MST
nuuivn; wo give our neius iuuuii iwijif.
ino uesi bciiiti uook now is
Uy SIftMIU 111. it;;,
Describing his wonderful feats nml Irlili
1, Willi
liui-jlmblo ineuienls ami mlvenlitte..
111 e hi lllmr lrom ii) tn-lu ruiles a day. AUo, our
sjiw rAJiiL,! juiii,!., eoniaiuuin ll'.vi'K,
wooii'sl'iiMi-niiiirNsivr: Ann In tho Mmly o!
the hi-rlbtuios.iilKl NI.VIN'S now nml linttioi'iHl
Dll'IinvAKV iv TIIK H1111.1:, toiiether Willi Hlx.
ThrK 1 INllnTl.l I, 1 J..TH, lOlir lllallS 1U COlOIS,
anil IM hiirerlor tliiiravlniis on wool! 1'amiia
Ukioiih. r.nii.v ai hi m, ie.,iVe. A I'nMi'i.niii
I'liosi'i-LTl'SofthU lllblunml luint'Hotillltlurn.
lsliil j-'KKK to nil who mean MorlE. um pro.
uranilnuot NKW i:i)OKH lur the I'ai.i, Ineluilis
11 HUW V ollK by JIA1IK TWAIN.
tfhiieeci,Klul Atieiiu i 111 tieiho llrst eholce
01 lurrnory on l.tlilv 11IA1M1 lorllicoinlli:
irren t u ork.
O'ircularK, Tcriiis, Ac., ltli full Information
bum in u on iipniirniion to
DUli'lKl.l! AKII.MILM), ri'HI.Hlinis,
.eiiU'J'71-lf 711 hmitoni Muit, riilLuulphiu,
gill T 11 & Ii K I, T 7, K 1,
Importers auil Dealers in rortlsunnd Domestic
f. UNH, Cl'TLUr.Y, 4t'
HO, ICS N, TJtlKD irnKT, An riALiowniM.,
Jim I'71-ly
A O KN 0 Y.
(uiiou n, y
North Amtrl.ji
oity .,;
lllUruatlnual N.y
Niagara N.Y
All) I lint.
I'nruiitmnii .
KumierK' n.
KurmerH' n.tnvilift M.v
Albany L'lly......
Dunvlllo, llnri,o Thclt ,
Uemiauta, N. y'."'.',V.'.'.'.'.
KltllAU IIIIOWN, jatnt.
5 P 6
Tho unilprslitneil wonM J"cl;T; , fi tS3
Im lia. lint romnlclcil A I'llwr (JI.AH.1
li:AHHi:. nn,l iiinlliofninlhornMmiMrorcnrry;
Inn 1 .111 lho business of U-NUKHTAKINU 111 nil
Its branches
tfrt l,n. MirtoeiA CTniTlPllfCll licrnotl! who Will
llllco chaliro nriho liolle. of tho ileeoonetl at soon
ni they "Klmlllr, of Ihli morini roil,'' mm nuen i
tl wallllllt incm.FII'iviuH, in ",;, vc, niunu n
furnlKliea nio i" urm'i. .,,i ji-viio jiu
has nlo procurea nn
IKON IOi: 11 OX,
In which IioiIIm ran ho prescrveil Inn elonnly
nml ilry lonillllon, ( arrliim InrnlHhoil for fit
ncral wendlniis. In slmrl, ! Ii vrepiuoil In lake
charuo of n eorpio lniineiUnlclv nner ilealh, nnu
smo IrleinU nml relatives nil further trouble In
reirnnl lo 11. .... .
lto also carries ou Hie business of
0 A 11 1 N 12 T MAKING
rpholntcrlnu In nil Us hrnnrlies, repnlrlnu rurnl
lun,, lpucallliit cane btitt'ilui-it tltnlrR,.VC, AO"
I'hito 01 bunluc'S on 1 rim Ml r1",'"1lj9(!f,'I'i'iyA1
llloombnre,Jnlyri,1870 tl.
Th a onlv i rtrfl liivlrnnirnl in IboWorld. It
l tmrquttltnl in llh In t , I'owi 1, l!i llllatiey nnd
Jiurnblllly. Hnnclal leriiH to To ichors Mniked
favor lofleiiiymeu. Kind lor lllu'i'ratrd At Ion
(,'. W. I'0'I VU (IcnT.Tl AKent,
mar lOTl-tf.J M.M eii t ntr.NK, l'A,
Eloomibtirs, Tft.
M. C. BI.OAN & UltOTItnil
Havo onlnndnnd for aalont tho most retsona-
bio rat03 a spieiuuu iocu oi
CAitmAaEH, nuaunsH,
nnd overy description or Wngoni bolh
AFniA,i in im lutein Af lho hrcl nnd mnnt ditr-
ablo materials, nnd by tho most experienced
., Allwikilr until nut. Irntil lho cslali
llshmcnt will bo found to hoof lho hljihett rlans
nml snrolo BIVO nerieei, saiisi.tciion. 11117
ai m a tlno assortment of
B L 13 I O II S-J
ofalt tho ncwMt nnd most Mshlonablo styles
well nud carefully innao una onno ulhi. maior-
An irmnrilnn nf tbclr worlr Is anlud ns It
belloved that nouo Mipenur can bo found In the
country. jam.
Pate ut cd DrcrMnnn 7TI1, tSfig.
llr.emliW (tolib AM.nolftt''t l.r.ollwnolmvo
Urcd It l 1ntUi'bftil I'liimutlBurBj'i'lliil il-""1'
bVt him I IVm. fnt up In mt4lU;l;tuyr
nnv i.irMiil mi rttllie , ! '
I ttitlv I'i ii, lOri'iilhl lnnIiinDBtil o
tiiilDt U Itoti-M, fl.OU tmlto ltt (J
I v!.00. A il J re, ,
WnsTciiN rur.LUiiiNO Co. :i
vi 1 Ii im Iiiih loJ Iq inuii
.1 inuii v ImltiiU.nmur mi Hid-. : '
(' K I ...r.l In ilil.l'nmni.ui. Inurl,
ii Ulli. Jtuv wiii tin,' ctii.iinu r (i i v
ttti x foi I. ti riff r '1 dmiii Cuuntr, nml
hlntr, iiliilnly nUti', und trJ.'rsuill luutt .JUi
lirumrl Hlt-'ultuii.
J.IU 71 ly
1'UllAL WOllICS.
Mr, Jaenh Trlvlepleeo having purchased the
iuleiest of Chants v. Imy In tliu above namej
uoiks, thu busluesH will bo eo illiiuott uu-Ier the
linn tiameof Wilm i Scut' via UACo. llavluu
discovered ovornl Impeileetions lu the plows
mnuil.icliircd In ls-o, thev b ivo strengtliened
and Improved lliem, nn I added Mono enllro new
imtteriH. Tliey will open tlioKprliig Iradoof ls?
lar lniulvaueo nt nnythlng over offdled tnthe
nubile, being both praclliial mechanics, aud hav
ing thelrwoik all dono under their own Miper.
vision they gnarnuteo their work superior lu
material and llulsli to nny hcretnrmi oil,, red.
Dcnleis should nor, accept of nny other agricul
tural Implements until I hey havo examined our
Manufacture. Tanner hould try our plows
btforo buylngany other. '1 heyalso mauutaoturo
ALL KINDS. 01' I'AHtl.VO?,
usually made lu first ;class Koundrlcs, saw and
gilit mill castings, made nnd Utted up to orvler,
TmiKsiiixa MAcnixEs
nre nia.lo n specialty, umUnmo veryilecMed im.
plovuueiils n.n o bain lull odueed Into their m.t.
clilni's. 1'iioi'S lowir than ever: nil kimN ol
couutiy pioducoaud old Iron taken lu oxehaiige
Order dlioct lrom Uio inauulaclury. Old tigcu
clessiii.plled during Uio winter.
Address nil orders to
lu I
Twte Years 'B'SlUiiiauSBiiiii.
..?!1.,P.r.'m'1rk,l,jl8 adventures or lho lamous
Wllin: oil! llfnnd UIU W.UlIUOll mnong tho
Kit Kleins, i'lirllllugnceountsof (Irent Hunts,
I tilil'l readth l!je.ini,u nml 'l'..rrll,lu , ...i.t.
llio blj vjaiiHiand honllo tribes, (spirited deicrlp
llons ol thy habits nud super.titlous of tint
.......Iiu n ri., J.egcmis, Traill
lions. Iiuw they Won mil Wed. Kc ili. Doolor:
Woi.hlp, ie. .Now, 1'iesh mil I'opuhr, 1'rleo
Low. It is selling by the thousands Willi won.
deimi rnpldily. Agents nro making tiom SU to
Sluoper wotk. Cboleo lleld vol vacant. Mend at
uuiw iur w.wupiu eiuipierH, i iiuHtriuions and par
ticulars o A, If, 1IU1IIIAI1D, fnlillslicr,
Jau.T.l-ir. lii(Jliesiuiust., I'hlla.
In lho in irlict. Why Is It ?
of other manufacturo In lho maikit, Why Is It?
Ill cause, with nn
Ju other words, It Is simple aud adjustable,
lis rnsv. snrlubtlv motion, when eninitscl
U'llll lho luolo noiitleioiis movctiient ,,r tl,..
Kliulllu machines, evinces lids,
liny n Wheeler .v iVIlsou, and you will havo n
niai'hliiollmt will never wtur out,
Hold by 11. .'1. Mtlil.K. lit 1. W. Nlles' Mu.l,-
Slore, wt m t
A K 11
liLOOMSiiuita, lu.
Tho undcislnned. i,uccei,i.nrM or 1,'. l'l.l,p..
would lesnecllullv Rinuniiipii that tl,.,v i.v'
taken the nell.establlsliisl suind leeently oecu
pled by tbo nhoio named, In llloomshurg, and
t, intvtt t,iiiuu ,uu mitlllUM oi IIIUIIUIIIU.
uiluguud selllug, by
Coufcctlonery or every slilo nnd Itlml. Also
lliev w 111 bin o at all timi'H ii ritinnlelu suntilviil
Lllfs best mid freshest lliin.l nml Cake. I'ailieH
deslilng nuytlibig lu Hill lino will Uud 11 to their
niUautugo to cull ou us.
s ndded to Iho establishment, and ladles and
ithiiswho liuiv iuilronl.o us. luiiy iclv
upon lieelvllig pioper ulleutloii. A leiuomiblo
share tiriiublloiiatlotingolslespoctfullvs.llleltei.
Hahpbciry, Iiiion, and other Hyrups, lu largu
liu small ituuuiiuea, rim.uiiiiijf on iiiuin.
t.wivi.iv w
May 5. H71.-1V
OUIODi: COUNTAIH I'lI.NH for salo cheap nt
this Olllco,
Fatont Meclicincn,
u u h r u u a u r ii u i n
0 K A V K V 1 Ii h H.
awywicnl iVirf i-Kiidl JUItmI lllmburb tint
tluU tract OtUawba ttrope
'OH I'nMi.r. Atwisj i . iiMit ,..!.
TntfU A l,M.I.VFP,,fc . ' "
.w.,.. ... . ..w. iwiio, niUlv llll ni.llVO-i
iii:ai)auiiii,u)stivi:niws, i:u I'luiL.
Vi:BTAllMVeoNTAINlN NO MUllfl iiv
If lut'll .11 u r,ll 1ti.M ,rtn .......
u. ........ u. .'l,,,.. r.ihiuL'n J'UUIJ.l,
i ncso i-iii3 nro tno most iiciigmruiiy n c .. i
'Urgatlvo, mincrsoilluit c.tslor ml, n. i, .
nesli, elo, Thero ls nottilnit inoronceeptubl, iu
mo siomncn. They rivo lono, nml cnuso nt
nnuseriDor urliHuK twins. They nro cuini
of tho jlntH tnjrctUctiti. After nfowili. v,
Iheni, Mien nu invlBorntlou cf lho entlro .
mhos rlnco ns to ni,enr Miraculous In Iuu
nml enrrmted, whether nrnm rrom i
denco or dlsciikv. II. T. llelmbolu's uninm
Fluid l:.tlniclt'ilinvbn(Irapo rills nro not
cmlod, from lho fuel Unit Mignr-coulcil 1'!
not ill solve, hut pnss Ihrouah the stomncli wit
illssolvlnit.consequenlly do not iuikiucj In
slre.1 eireel, Tllll OATAWilA UllAI'll l'Ji
being pleasant In tnsloiiml o,lor, itn tint m
t.ito their being sngnr-coatotl. I'ltlti: l,
C1I.STU l'UllllOX,
lumur r. nm.msor.h
HlnltLY OoNOrittTIMTBIl CO .,)! i
l'l.Uti) HXTItACT SAHHAr v f r
Will tmllcilly cxttrniliiala from t ,
scrofula, Myplillls, Foyer Soros, lIc i
Horo Legs, Moro Mouth, i tc.t ', ,
Blilll Dlinc, Mull nhBUIA, null .
from tlio Ear, Wlilto Hnrelllum, ,
cerousAireeltous.Novloii.lUekct-i.l ,
liiKK, .Uglll Hwiils, ltasll, Teller, fun
Kinds, UhroiiltiTtliouiuallsm, Ij - ,
illHuiuo that liaH been itablUh'd n
for j wir.H,
lleliigpienaroilllXI'IlllSIiYrort i r. ,
lilallils,ltsllI.')OI).l'UltIl'YI.V(l n.oi
greiilerlhm nny other preparation ol
rllla. It glvos lho COMl'I.HXIO.V a
healthy color and restores tho pall, ui :
ol lIEAI.Tll and 1'UllirY. For I'u.
lllood, rcmosln nil ('hronlc Con1 hi
casos nrlslnit from nil Impuro stalo nf I'
And ttiuonlyriiliniiionndeileetml kn
dy for tho cuio of 1'alus nnd Hwe lie
llono., uleerallons of lho Tlim f
lllottbes, Plniplci on Ino 1'ueo, l;rj ii
nlUealy Urupllonsof thoWcln.niiil V i
theConiptcxlou, rlce,51Wpcrllol',
pi, um j:xti:a ctjs iuu.
Till! Oltl'.AT DIUIILTK ,
has cured every e.iso of Diabetes lu will,
been given, lll'llalloll of tho lieek of tile 11
nnd lnllnmtuallon of tho KldnejM, I le : ' o
tbo Kidneys and madder, Uctcntiou ot 1 1
Dlieahcanf tliol'iostatotllatut.mouu intn i
der, Clients, Oiavel, IliUkdusl D.'jumII, 1
Mucous or Milky Dlsehaiges, nnd for l..ue u ,1
and Del lento Constitutions of both Hexes, a i
ited with lho following Kytuptoms: Imli i.
lion to llxertlou, loss ol l'ower, Ions of Mem ,
Iillllcully of lhealhliig, Weak NervLi, 'lie a.
blln, llorrorof Disease, M'akclulues, Dim.
of Vision, Talu lu tbo Uncle, lint Hands, en
lug of tho ltody. Dryness ot tho Hklu, In upturn
on tbo l'nce, Tallld Countenance, Uulve al
Lasblludo of lho Muscular System, etc.
Uted by persons lrom tno ages of cUbb a lo
tventy-IUe, nnd from thlrty-llvo to tlllylhuot
In lho ilecllno or ehano nf llfo; nller conim
mentor labor pains; bedvettluglu clilldt 'U.
Hclnibiiid's llxtin:t Iluclitt Is Dlurciio m
niood-Vuillylng.nud euiea nil tllsea ci urli
from Habits of Dissipation, nnd Ilxee 1 1
Imprudences lu Life, Impurities of llio 11,
etc., superseding Copabl i In allectlons lor
It ls used, and byphllltlo AHW'tlons lu i
diseases usedlu cuuuectlon wllh HIILMIIOI u
r.osi: wash.
Ill many allVcUous peculiar to ladles, tool
ll.ut Duchit Is titiefiualledbynuy other r.'iii, d -
us Is chlorosis or Keleutlon, Irregularly I
fulness or Wuppresslou of Customary I vaei
lions, Ulccraledor Hehlrills Mlaloor tho 1 lei
I.cucorrlnea or Wliltes.Klerlllly.aiidfornll emu
plaluls Incident to tho sox, whether arislii n mil
Indiscretion or Habits of Dissipation, it i pm,
scribed extensively by tlio most emlnout pli
lailsnud Mldwives for Klllecbled and Uulie ilu
Constitutions, nl both sexes nml nil a i,u u.
ded with nuy of tbo abovo dlso ises or i.ym pi a
II. T, HLLMI'.OLD -i HXTit ll 1' lll'i U '
Dl:NCi:,HAl!ITSOl'l)tSSU'ATIO.'I. 1 ,
In all their slajes.nHlttlo expense, lull no
cltuugo In diet, no Inconvenience, and no x
posiire. It causes a Ircqucnt desire, and s
strength lo Urinate, thereby removing Ousi u
lions, l'lovcnllug and Cilllug HlrlelilRi oi i
UretUa, Allaying Pain nnd Iiill.iiuin u in, n
frequent lu this class or dlseas.s, and expeli t
nil Tolsouous malter.
Thousands who havo becu lho Mcllim or in
competent persons, nnd who luvo paid In i,
ftes to ho cured lu a sliort tlmo, havo found In y
havo been deceived, nnd that tho'Tolsou" lu ,
by thou oof "powerful nslrlngcnls," been di lid
up la tho fcystonj, to break out lu n moio uggr i
vatod form, and perhaps arter Marilago,
UsoIIllCMnOUl'H UXniAOT I1UCHU for all
Alleellous and Diseases of Iho Urinary Organ ,
whether existing In Malo or l'emalo, Iiom
over cause orlglnallng, and mi mailer of bo-v
long sliilidlng. I'ltlCIl ONI! DOLLAH AMD
1'ii'TY cuNTti vim iiorrLi:.
iiexp.y t. niUiMnoLn'.s im-
tnuunt bo surpassed as a l'ACIl wu
bo found tbo only specific remedy In overy
species of CUTANIIOUS Al-'KKCriON, II spec
?..vC.rraL,loato 'l'''lH.Hl'0Tri,SCOItllU'llL
. liV SI'",",'Ixl)1JnATlONaoftliol,urANUOL'l
AII.MIlltANM. etc.. dlsnels ItPnviti ,. i i v.
,,,V.. 1 lM'AMATION, HlVllS, HASH
MOUt l'ATOIIKl, DltYNlWil 01,' rlUAl.l- Ol!
SMN , Flltjsi'lllTJM, and all purposes for which
HALVliS or 01NTMKNW nro used: lestores the
skin to a btnto of purity and softness, nnd In
sures coullnued healthy action to tho llssuon
Its vessels, on which depend lho agreeable clear,
noss and vlvncllyol complexion so mu,;h boiighl
uud ndmlred. Hut however vnluablo ns
remedy lor existing delects of tho skin, H,
HclmboU's ltoo Wash has long Its
prlnclplo elilm tu unboiiuded pulroua-e, by
possessing qualities wlilch render itn TOiLl.'r
Al'l'IlNDAOK of tlio most .superlative nnd
Congeulal character, combining lu an eleyaul
foruinlii thoso pi om lucut 1 equlslts, SA KUTV and
KITIUACY tho Invailablo accomimulmeul l
its use-as n Vivservatlvo and Itefresber or Iuo
Cuniplexlou. It is nn excellent Lotion for d s
eases oniriytdillilli) Naturo, und us nu Injetllou
lordlhoasesortho Urinary Organs, arising lrom
liablls or dissipation, used lu eonueellou with
tho LXTIIACTH IlUCllU.aAK'lAl'AlllI.LA.liml
CATAWIIA UIIAI'I! I' such dlseaies us
rccoiiimonJcl, cannot bo surpassed, J'lllc 11
0X13 D'Jl.LAIi 1'IIK llOl'l'Lll.
l'ull and dliecllons uecompaur lho
Lvldoucoortlionio.lrespnuslbto aud reliable
character furnished on application, with liiiu
drtdi of thousands ofllvlug witnesses, nud up
ward or BO.000 unsolicited certincntesnnd rcconi
meudatory letters, many or vhlcU nro Horn tbo
highest sources, Including eminent riislclnua
Clergymen, Htnlcsmcu, etc. 'Jho proprietor li
never icsoi ted to their publication In tho news
papers) lie docs not do this fiourlho fact Ilia
his nrllclcs rank ns Btundaid l'repnrations, uud
do not need to be propped up by certillcatis.
Ilcmy T. IIclinlinltl'N viiiiliie
ricjiarat Ions.
Delivered lo any address. 8ccuro from obsei
Kslabllsbed upwards of twenty years. Hold by
Druggists everywbero. Address leltLrs ror In
loriuatlon.lii coulldeuce lo HCNUY T, IIMLM
HOLD, Druggist and Chenilit
Only Dcpotsi II, T, HKLMIIOI.D'H Drug ami
Cheiuleul Wureboubo, No, 681 Hrtutdway, New
Yoik.orto II, T. HIILMIIOLD'B iledlcnl Depot
101 Boulh Tenth Blrcet, Philadelphia, l'a,
HI'.WAUU OF COUNTi:ilKi:iTi:iW. Ask for