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    Tins Columbian
Bloomsburg, Friday, Mny 6. 1871.
(lKo.l,.noWEU,A(X,4i)l,ark lto-r.nronuronly
Wliorlroil ArtvcrlWna Apenl. In Now York,
wnTiiitiiii.i.&cn.. No. (jj7i:iir.iiiiiiKirt.nrn
onrnnly ' nnllinrlro.l Am nl 111 l'lillnilelphln.
i;. u. imuiu'iiy, im nour nut homed Audit nt
Iho'cJi'mlmATom'o" !"y buslutOTP"lnlul,' la
S- All inivoriieincnl lor tho rnrgolBR loonll-
(p iniiKtlio cmlowil liy theso Agent, or thi-jr
will receive no attention. If.
Unilroad Timo Tablo.
UolhllNurlll, UolliK Hnntll.
U23 r. 51, G:jl) 1', M.
(joiiiKNotiii. ooiniiHouin.
i'.i. luioHA.M.
- -7-----
As wo ro to press wo learn that tho
North nnd Wist Ilranch Itallroad bill
passed tho Seuato with only four neRn-
tlvo votes. Tlicro will probably bo no
wrlotH opposition lu tho Homo.
Attention Is called to tho largo salo
of tho personal cslato of Jacoii Kov
TllNliAUDint, deceased. Thero will bo
two days' vendue.
llr.V. II. W. Duck of tho Kvangell
cal Association will preach In tho upper
room of tho Old Academy on next Sab
bath tho 7th Inst, nt 3 o'clock r. M.
TiiEiti: Is n rumor nlloat that Gov.
Cur.TiN is about to return from St
Petenburg, Kussla, resigning his place
as Minister to that power.
Thu Cituncu Kai.kndah (Iilooms-
burg) for May Is out and is a good num.-
bcr, worthy of patronago oven outsldo
of tho Episcopal Church, whoso organ
Ills. Tho enterprise deserves encour-
ngement by general public support.
CoNOi:nT. Thcro will bo a grand
vncai nnti insirumeniai uoncerc given
nt tho Court IIouso In llloomsburg, on
Friday tho HGtli day of Mny next, by a
class under direction of Prof. Nim:s,
People aro cordially Invited to attend.
M'Coi.r.UM's Tannory, near Jersey'
(own, was entirely destroyed by firo on
Friday night last. Hisstabloand wagon
shed wero nlso destroyed, together with
nearly tho entire contents of tho tannery
etc. It is not known how tho firo start
ed. Insuranco $2,300, which will not
nearly cover tho loss.
Wo havo heard much of tho superi
ority of Italian Decs, and It now ap
pears too that they nro No. 1 In tho way
of reproduction. A now swarm mado
its uppearanco from n htvo belonging to
Mr. II. II. DnowN, of Light Street, on
tho SOth nit. Thoy seemed abundant in
numbers and vigorous in health. It is
Mild of this variety of bees that they
iiosses a raro merit of doubtful morality,
that of stealing tho honey of other bees
in their vicinity. Great capacity to
gather honey la also attributed to them.
A Sr.nious Accident. On last Mon
day afternoon Mrs. Emzaiietii Kkam
i:it, wife of W.M. 1). KuAMini, went to
tho barn to tlx nests and search for egg
Sho canio out nt the front door, where
was a nair of steen stem. Sho slliined
very suddenly oir or the bottom step, it
not being nailed solid, which threw her
with much forco on tho step, breakln
thrcoofher ribs and otherwise injuring
her internally. Dr. Chavins, of Denton
skilfully attended to tho case, and
though ho says it is somewhat serious
gives hopes of bor recovery soon. Tho
lady Is nearly seventy years old.
J. w. K
In Mejiouiam. At a regular meet
ing of Concordia Lodge No. 00, 1, O. O,
F.,tho following proceedings wero adop
ted: Whereas, Our unerring Father has
called homo brother jacoii ivohtknua
di:h : therefore
Mcsotietl, That by tliobrcnklngof tho
silver cord, wo nro mndo mil and our
hearts' affections rent asunder.
Jicsolval, Wo deeply Bympnthl-o with
tlio bereaved family, nnd extend to
them the hand of Friendship, Lovoaml
Jlesolvctl, A copy of theso Resolutions
bo handed to tho relatives, nnd also pub
lished in ino county papers.
Attest C. Elms, Sec'y.
Catawissa, April SMi, 1871.
We aro informed by ono of tho neigh
bors of Mr. Josuaii J. Thomas, lato of
Koarlngcrcek township, who canio to
his death by suffocation In a smoke
house, that tho houso was not arranged
in nuy manner with a view to entrap
ping thlovcs. It had been originally
constructed for n Ueo house, without
tho least referonco to thieves, but with
double doors for tho wiuter protection
of tho bees. Not answering thopurposo
for which it was constructed, It was
used for a smokehouse. Mr. Thomas
entered as staled, and was suffocated by
the smoko. Ho fell against and across
tho inner door, whloli closed nnd held
it sliut,as It opened inwnrdly. Ho would
havo had no dlillculty in opening It
had ho not been strangled. This cqrrec-
tion Is madoat tho request of tho family
who folt nggrlovod by tho former re
Dr.bTitucrivi: FinE. Tho Montour
Paint Works nt Rupert caught firo about
!) o'clock, on Monday inoining and wero
entirely consumed. Tho firo originated
In tho Firo Room of tho Engine houso
and rapidly communicated with tho
main buildings. The excellent arrango
mont for smothering tho firo by (-team
proved a falluro on account of iho win
lows being broken in and giving tho
Ilamos nn outsldo draught. Tho oxten
slvo machinery was entirely destroyed
Tho mills wero new, having been in op
cratlon only about six weeks. Tho loss
in property was probably about S10.000
but this covers but a small portion of
tno real loss. Our enterprising citizens
Messrs. DitEint & Ray aro thrown out
of business for a timo and the wholo
community suffers In consequence. Tho
extensive warehouse of Paxton &.
IIahman was on lire several times but
tho ilamcs wero In each caso extinguish
ed. Their loss will reach probably COO
or 000 dollars. When tho denso volumes
of smoko wero seen, our Fire Company
hurried to tho tceno of eonllugrtition
and wero present in iifk-cn minutes
from tho timo they left town, and saved
many thousand dollars worth of prop
erty. It Is conccedcd that tho buildings
ot i'axto.v & uauman would have
heed consumed had it not been for tho
timely nsslstnnco of tho Fire Company
Thoy desorvo tho thanks of tho com
munity for tlio energy thoy displayed,
and wo earnestly hopo thoy may havo
tlio material nhl that thoy need in order
to fully equip themselves. Wo under-
ttinil Hint, dm lirnnorlv u-rni mvnr.,1 I...
""" j
iiinuiiuiix-. jir(oiiciiH.
P. H. On icturnliiL" frnm thn flrr. n
l!?"? from nn nr!u ?.f Ul.
" ' VUS l0Sl; ny l'eisoii iiuuinK it
woumuouKrcnt favor to return It to tho
llcpoilcil t)t t'loCoUiinliliiii,,
Court l'rorreilliiRi.
aim 1113 ABSOCllUUfl, J HAM JJJlllU Mill
IHAAO S. MoNKOH. K-illM, Oil tllO bench.
. , . , , ., .
uolituuli") sworn mm tiiiiilu ticlr returns.
T . 1 llmi.-t,T T.Vi f 111,,,. I,,..,.
... i.iuu.unn,
wis ."iioInlo(I forcimin of tlio Oraiul
Jnekson Klltio of llioOraiul Jury m
D.tvlil Cullman was nntiolntcil Court
crlcr for tlio term.
Samuel Stcttier, Isaac Meltrlilu mid
u- J'.VnilH Wero appointed tlpSlllVCS to
attend tlio Cniirt
'!0"" ,,,
,, i , ' Marti! vnsn.ioln(eil Ruiu
tlIllM f()r Jnuics Miller, llarvy J, Dlctt-
"rich win appointed Ruardlan for Sophia
utm Sarah Shaffer, In tho estato of
John Miller, deceased, Court nwarded
an Inquest mul directed personal notlco
to do Riven to tho parties interested.
Jacob S. l-.vntis was appointed Con-
slablo for Greenwood township.
b.imucl llulchlnsoii was appointed
supervisor or Scott township.
notion or viewers of n now road In Lo
cust township near (leorRO Fox's and
vacating an old mail confirmed nl. si.
llo rovlewers to vacate a road in Hem
lock township, near lnvl Wilj-ht's,
report against vncUlou.coiifirmed nl. si.
llio Court ordered that an lullnurnod
C'"rt bu ,U?M 011 1,10 121,1 ly f Jhiio
next nnd that a Jury of thirty six per-
tons uo urawn lor tlio common
In tlio c.iso of Colder vs. Goldci", Sub-
piena In Divorce, Court order publica
turn and appoint C. 0. lUitin.nv com-
missloner to tako testimony In thu case.
In tho estate of Abraham Hess, dee'd.
Stephen II. Miller, Daniel Ilambach,
and llliam Drown nnnolntedaiiiivals.
crs. notlco to bo civ-en bv tho nm.ralsprs
of tlio tlmo and place of tho appraise
incut for nix weeks In ono newspaper
published In Columbia county and
copies mailed to tho parlies Interested
Whero their rcsidenco Is known.
Auditor.-) report making distribution
In tlio islato of David Kolirbach, de
ceased, confirmed nl. si.
u. a. watson appointed guardian lor
minor ciumrcii win. a egg, deceased. I
On motion of Mr. Cf.AitK, tho older
of talo in tho estate of John W. Watts
was continued.
In tho estato of Peter K. Herboln,
deceased, petitioners presented, asking
font citation on tho administrator to
fllo nn account. Citation ordered.
Return of inquisition in tho estato of
Peter Dltner, deceased, confirmed nl. si.
llcturn of s.uo of tho real estato of
John ItIchards,dcceased,eounrmcd
lletur.n of inquisition on tho real ci
tato of John P. Smith, lato of Green
wood township, dee'd., confirmed nl. si.
ltoturu of inquisition in tho estate of
William Wclliver, deceased, confirmed
til. si.
Petition for citation to tho Kxccutor
of Henry Deterich, deceased, to fllo an
account, Court award citation command
lug Executor to llio an account thirty
uell)ro ucxl -ourt.
M- u- "ugiics aim .Jonn uarner np-
i'""eu gimiuuuis ui miuor unuureii ui
Job" Ycager, deceased.
u. w.Jiii.i.r.n, j'.sq., AutiiiortomaKc
distribution ortho balaneo in tho hands
oi bainuci llliono us administrator or
Jesso Rhone, deceased, was continued
Elijah C. Cleaver appointed guardian
of Wilson Thomas. In tho estate of
Samuel Dyer, deceased, petition for
salo of realty for payment of debts. Or
dered that eight acres named in the po
tltion bo sold.
In tho estato of Samuel G. Pilking-
(on petition for salo of Realty for pay-
mont of deb(s. Salo ordered.
Motion for tho continuance of tho or-
dcr of salo in tho estate of James Hens,
deceased, order continued.
Second return of salo In tho estate of
Jacob Eycr, deceased, confirmed nl. si.
lienjamin Wagner appointed guardian
for minor children of Jonas Hclwlg.
Report of C. G. Dauicley auditor to
distribute tho balance in tho hands of
tho administrators of Peter Melllck,
deceased, confirmed ni. si.
John T. Shumanand David S. Drown
wero appointed Supervisors of Main
Frederick Wilo and Samuel Younf
vvcrouppolutcd supervisors of Jackson
John Loro was appointed supervisor
of Pino township.
Daniel Snyder was appointed super
visor of Scott township.
William R. Dcmott and Hugh McCol-
lum wero appointed Poor Overseers for
Mndlson township.
Petition of Solomon Fctlcrman con-
stable of Locust township fur deputy
constable, Georgo Fetterman appointed
Com. vs. Jacob Horrington and
Joshua David, chargo Assault and Rat-
tery. A truo bill.
Return of salo in tho estato of Henry
Hartman, a lunatic, conllrmod nl. si,
Com, vs. John Grett and Urias 1
Grctt, charge, Assault and llattery.
15111 ignored. County to pay costs
Craig vs. Craig. Subpiena in divoice.
On motion of Mr, FitUEZi:, C. W.
Mn.LEit, Esq., appointed commissioner
to tako depositions.
Petition in divorce by Rebecca A.
Ivcefer. Subpiena ordered
Petition by Rachel Kitchen and otli
ers to satisfy mortgage. Rule granted
to show causo at next court
Jioyio vs. Doyle, subpiena in divorce
On motion wii. lr. Annm-iv Fsn nn.
pointed commissioner to take deposi-
Cox vs. Cox, dlvorco decreed from
tho bonds of matrimonv.
n ir r ry , , .
Com. vs. Win. M. Hoal, charge, As-
sauii anti jiauery. a iruo mu.
i.ucorgo iVi.isnuervs.T, j, i.aweiiund
others. Rulo to show tuuso why tho
attachment shall not bo quashed.
Com. vs. Ellas Ilogart. Surlty of tho
IWo. After lienrlnirthoCoiirtsentcnco
the defendimt to pay tho costs of proso-
cutlon In this caso and oilier cafes iiend-
Iik, iitwl f.t ,,t..t Imll In flu. Mini nf Hvn
h H
hun.ned dollars to keep the peace to-
wards all citizens of this Common-
wenun nnu csiicciaiiy to ins wiie.
Petition of A. W. Eaton forillsehargo
as nn Insolvent, granted on taking the
required oath, Wm, Lamon appointed
Tuisday.May 2 Viewers report In
fuvor ola county bridge In Locust
township over Roarlngcreek. Confirm-
ed by tho Grnnd Jury nnd approved by
tho Court.
Vleweis rcpoit in favor of a county
lifhlo,. 1., I .nmi-r fm,,r,l,l .,oll,n
... ,..
"iicur unp." i.oiiiinmu oy tno iirnnu
.Tnrv imi. ri.lmli il liv llm Pnnrt . iinnn
th0. er0Ulia of 1,10 i"y of e
I'etltloa for viewers to vlow tho
workinnnshln of n county hrldffo lately
I creeled la Franklin township by Jncot;
KnfnniinilMPr. tlnnnoanl T l.i DC.I.In.
Henry HollltiEslicail an
pointed viewers to report to May term,
Com. v:i. Oeorco Am. Cliarcu As.
sault nnd llaltcry. 1)111 Snored nm'l
Lewis J. Adams, tlio prosecutor to nav
tlio coats,
Com, vs. Kllen Oordner. Clinrcc.
Assault nnil llattery. Atruoblll.
In tlio case of Com. vs. Win. M. Hoal a
Jury was ordered nnd returned n ver.
diet fliulliif; tlio defendant not utility
ntul that tlio llcfolldnilt tnv nnn.lmlrnf
iiiiu uuu iiio ucicnuani pay ono-liairol
tlio costs, mid S. J. Kmix, tho proseeu-
(or tlio other Iialf. This was n proccti.
Hon for cnrporlnl punishment of nscliool
teacher to ono of his pupils.
Com. vs. Harvey Lnmbcrtson. Clinrco
malicious mlschltf. Atruo bill.
Charter granted for a Saving Fund at
Petition of Lewis mid Daniel L. lloir-
man, Rturdlatis of tho cslato of Jo'cph
K. Hoil'man, for salu of realty to Peter
I.ongcnbergcr, confirmed,
Com. vs. Thomas McGraw, John
Collins nnd Georgo Delforl, July re
turned a verdict of not guilty, and
Thomas 1). Hess, the prosecutor, to pay
half of llio costs, and Thomas McGraw,
ono of tho defendants, to pay ono-Iialf
of tho costs.
Itcport of viewers of n road lu Sugar-
loaf township, near Kzcklel Cole, con
firmed nl. si.
Itcport of n road In Fishlngcrcck,
near Jacob Stoker, confirmed nl. si.
V) i:1)ni:hday, MAYil-SamuclIIoag
laud appointed poor oveisccr for Frank
lin township.
Com. vs. John Grctt. Charge forcible
entry. A true hill. Verdict, guilty
Heport of a road in Mouut Pleasant
township, continued nl. si.
Petition for vacating a road
llloomsburg presented at February
term. Iloviewcrs continued.
All licenses that wero applied lor wero
giantcd excepting that of D. Cosgiovo
from Conyngham township
William H. Shoemaker nppntutei
,mrillnn fi.r .Tumum t, mul Annojii..-..!.
bram Wilner appointed guardian
for Mary M. Thomas,
Jolm Oliver appointed guardian for
Mary Hotlck.
Com. vs. Georgo Snyder. Charge,
larceny. Verdict, guilty.
Salo of tho unsold Ileal Estato of Da
vid W. Clark, deceased, continued.
Hutlenstein vs. Hultcnstcln, petition
in divorce. Alias subna'na granted.
Petition for periodical for
llio minor children of David Kohrbacl:
deceased, by Sarah Kolirbach, their
mother. Court direct and order that
thu sum of one dollar and fifty cents bo
allowed tho petitioncrper week for each.
Charter granted for tho Method!
Episcopal Church of Calawlssa.
Calharino Sdncr vs. Paul Stlncr. Pe
tition in divorce. On motion M. E
Jackson appointed commissioner to
tako depositions.
in Uio estato of Johtr Hit-hard, do-
ceased, E. 11. Dai.dv,, appointed
auditor on exceptions to tho account
of tho Executor.
in ti,0 eslate of IJcnjamin Fowler,
deceased. On motion of Mr. Fnniizi:
C. 1!. RuccKWAY, Esq., appointed mid
ilor to distribute the funds In tho hand
of tho administrator.
In tlio citato of William Mcnsluger
deceased, M. Whitmoykr, E-q., ap
pointed auditor to make distribution.
In tho matter of Partition of tho rca
eatato of John Richards, on motion o:
C. W. Mir,i.i:n, rulo granted ou Hi
heirs (o nmiear by first day of next
term and accept nt tho valuation o
show causo why the same should not bo
In tho estato of Charles lies.;, decens-
led. On motion of Mr. Claisk rulo
granted on tho heirs of tho decedent to
appear and accept nt tho valuation or
show causo why it should not bo sold.
In tho matter of the estato of Adam
Heller, deceased. On motion of Mr.
Fituir.urulo on tho heirs granted to a
pear by tho first day of next term and
accept or refuse tho estalo at tho vidua
tlun or show causo why It should uot bo
In the cslato of Georgo Rupp, dee'd.,
ou motion, rulo granted ou tho heirs to
accept tho estato or show causo why It
should not bo sold
In the mutter of tho real estato of
Wm. Pcgg, deceased, On motion rulo
granted on tho heirs to accept tho .sla(o
nt tho valuation or show causo why it
should not bo sold
Petition for tho sale of the real estato
of Martin Uillmyer, deceased. Salo or
Fou Imported or American blach sill;
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dozen pairs ladles' gaiters to sen very
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Tin: Klmrer Manufacturing Company
own valuahlu patents, which prevents
other machine companies miming sow
ing machines ilko their New Family,
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storatlves, stands JlnojtamVs Jlltlers, and
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lu1BU(lerer, has over loiiiid tlieM) grcai-
, , i,,,irilJ iiim nt iiia iiTitinwr. in'i'ii
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tlio Hitters no snlrltuotis exhllerant is
Inenrttoratrd. in thoTonlt-.tliosUmulant
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ingtluit Unas, upon tliuouisum wrapper,
Dr. Pierce's lirlvatu Stiilim. istied by
' (;n't ylU portrait, numo ami address,
ami tho vvorda U. B, Certitlcato of
THE lanrost lino of Whlln f innda nvnr
fought to this town is now" offered by
1 . JiU 1 7,.
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trying Onitn'H Ink Powder. Hold by
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year amounting to ono hundrod nnd
tvvenly-soven thousand, eight hundred
nnu iiiirty-inrce. it is nelloved tneir
sales this year will bo moro than nil
other companies in tho United Stntcs.
Ladles who havo ueul soveral different
kinds, tho most skillful maclilnests.aud
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tho New Slnircr embodies several new
and cstentlni i)rIncliiles,Hliji)illclty,caso
of oneratlnir. and nrtciso nctlnn nt nnv
speed, with capacity for n great variety
of work lino or coarse, leaving all other
mnciunes neiiuid it. i.ailicswno select
tho Singer never havo cnuso to regret
their choico.
Foil Pianos nnd Oriruno. mi to I. W.' Warcrooms, near Forks Hotel.
Tho latest music constantly on baud.
uio ti,
Legal Notices.
liullrrs nf Administration on thn ctnto (if
i'n x ton k me. into or uri'cmvtxvi mwiit h r
Columbia county (UTCnsotl,lirtvul)UiiRrnnt(.'U by
tho KpulMer of unlit rotitit v lt Irntn Don. All
piTKoiiH lmltitf clulmi nmiliist tho estato of llio
ilrc intent mo lequnletl to itrcfccnt I hem forset
t lenient, ami tlioHuludchteiltn theestnlcto miiko
imymem id mu uimerhigncti, ndtninmiiitor,
nijr,7'7i Aumiulstr.uor.
i.srATH of wiLLr.vt iirts. nnt-'n.
liCtliTH of iidmlnlstrntlon on tho est n to M
Wlllinni I lens. Into of Hutnrloitr twn.. Columbia
cnunty,(leoMMtinvoltern irnntoil bv tho ltcRlster
of Hfttd county to JoniiiuiU'ilU,riHlUlnliiHui:ar'
lour towiintilp, Columbia county. All perKoni
)nivln claims ngnltist tho rstato of tho (leccdciit
am irtiuesieii in j.riseni iiicm lor nuiiicmcm
niitltlmso Indcliteil to tho cttntoto mrtko nav-
ment to thountleiKlaut". ftdnilntstrnlnr. without
Ut'litJ', JU8IA1I It. Villi".,
uir ,'7lirv AamluUlrutor.
r FHTATK OF .rAl'OK k'(WTi:NllAHI!U. lIEd'n.
Li tiers of adniliilslriitlou on tho eituto of .lucob
Ko-Hteub.ider, lulu of l-'iuukllu twp., Columbia
cuiiuly dic'd,. have beeiiuianted bvtbo KettlsU'r
of buhl cotititv. to 0ui I), r.. ICoKLnnbadnr
nnd Joseph 11. Jnlttlo of rrnnltlln towushlnlp.
pi'iMMif iiavjn i nt nn s or uumnnus nijiiinst
Iho th-endi'iit Pro requehted tomnkothem ltiiown
and thuju Indebted to mnko payment, without
Uchiy. f vr.X I. l4. KOSl KNHAUlUt,
nrrSV't AUmlnlMtrators,
Altlllll rii:i.l)U A.NOIH.I! WOiilClll
-run M.'
wirit ovitu
l,OOt) ll.I.L'STltATIIl.VS,
r,(),ooo it i: r i: n i: x v i: s,
A l'AMU.Y UUCOlll),
r An v a i. u o m.
tiii: rirrontAi. i-'amii.y uini.i: cohhihh a
storehousa of luformiilloii that ran only reach
tlio inltul through Ui9 eye. Itn 11 lust rations ctury
no back to tho most Important em of thoworM
anil nro of themselves a comin-ehenslvo revluw
of llioherh.tures.renresentlns tho most Intf rest-
lugVlcws.Characters.Syiubols.UlsloiIcal Kvutits,
I.aiul.scapoHceues, Antiquities, Costmiu-s, 11 easts,
IHrds, Insects, l'lants, Minerals, Coins, Mulals,
Inscriptions ana Incltlonts rcferrca to thiour.v
out tho Hacreil Text, Theyatlraet the eye, eon ec
erroneous Impressions, awaken new thoughts
and furnish cleaier lews of Dlvlno Truth. As
help to l'aicnts, Ministers, ami Kabbatli-schoi
Teacheis In fuhlllliiBlho duties of their sepatati
and high vocations utnl to all others to ulum
Immortal souls aro httiustul this Hpkiidli
Pictorial Voluino cannot bo ovelestlmateJ. It
tho l.'dltlou
Most Sultablo for llio l'mnlly,
Most Valuahlo lor tho Students,
Most IuUruellvo for tho Teiu her,
Most Appropriate for tho Child,
Most Useful for tho Minister,
Most Intel est lrg for tho Palmer,
Most Klegnit for tlio Parlor,
Most Prolltablo for tho Study.
Tin: picTO!ti.u,rAMir.Yiinsr,i:, in addition
o tho features already alhnled to, contains tho
Apociyplia, Concordance, Psalms lu Mclic, n
uniuiary of Iho Kacred lrutlias taught by tlio
nsplttd llool:, logtttifr with numerous and
comprehensive Tables and other Historical and
Kxplnnatory MatUr, embodying tho lauotH of
many of tho most ( mincut Illbllcal scholars. It
s printed ou tho lluest calendered paper, from
uraii'lopm lyre, lu ono latgo nuu haiulsomo
quarto volunie, ami is bound In tlio most dui able
ndattractIumanner,whllo tho prices aro slll-
ckntly low to plat-o It witlilu.Lvcri body's reacli.
i:Xl'i:illi:N'CKl) AUUNTri nro wanted th rnugli-
out tlio country for Its sale, with whom liberal
rranaemcnts will ho made. An opportunity ol
equal piomlso Is raiely or never presented. Its
sales will not bo limited to uny period, but will
continue for u lifetime, constantly increasing
with tha growth and Intelllgenro of tho country.
Ills lliirofbio desliablo that tlioso who engagu
Willi us, shall do so with a view to making the
business a permanent ono.
would meet with the most prolltablo or all em
ploymentsare Invited to correspond with us
with a view to an agency. Not a fowhucharo
now aeraging from tUto fTUUO annual prollt
nltshales. 1 hero Is a great want for tho booit
audarich Held ollVicd, while it will elcvatotho condition by constant contact with ami
onvcroatlons upon Ui beautiful aud etenul
bo furnished the work In ilneblndlngs. This plan
is mlto popular aud profitable lu cities and latgu
owns, We have an edition of the book, supermy
bound, with massive panelled sides, which has
en every wheio received with maked fivor, suo-
hciiptions lor tho Pictorial Hlble, lu this slj lo
and In this wav. can bo obtained to nn nlnuiNt
unlimited extent, as theio Is no outlay of money
hat the Hiblo reader can make, which will ield
him borich a return.
Wo nro nUo tho rubllslicrs of roiTlHCH
HTANUAUUIIUITlOKHof I'nmlly.rnliill.l'iitUi t
nntl rhottiyrni'll Whirs mul Tostftinentti neat ly
sou illllirc-nt slylcK so wt-ll Known ovi-ryuiu-io
for lliflr nc-cumcy of tuxt, honuty uf 1I11M1 nnj
ilurahllllyofhliutlni;. Alwayit nslc for I'utu-r s
HtanJ.uil lWltlons, nnil Kot tho lit-st. Cilt.llotiM
conlnlnlua htyk-i uud jnlocs funiWicil ou uppU-
For Circular cont.ilnl"K n full ilcsrrlptlou ol
TlIK J'll-IOUIAI. KAMItV llllll.K, With bllllll'W
i,lu-i-t, umi terms In Aleuts, aiMrcus "l'ott.i s
fetiimlulil lllhlo niKl Ti'stumenl House,"
CI I unit 1117 Baiibom Sin . I,
lil.U- 2I'71 Sin
ase:;ts I
TTsatti f:r
Wre Years'
PW114 IUuiaiiSthoFta.
Tho rcnmiluthlo lulvt-nHiKH of llio unions
WIIITi: l-'llll Plimlillll WAIIIllOllllio
Hut hlilii. 'Ihrllllni! uicmiiilHiii uuul lliuil,
Ihtlrlurmlth Km-hix nnil Ti-illlilo I'lHiUMs itli
Iho blK KtilnuMiilliostllutrluea, h,ttlUiliUM'il
lions tl Iho liuhllH umi buini.llllons ot that
M mini o I'lonic, 'I heir hpiiriK,, UiAin. linn- tlicv U'. niilid W 1- li. hOA l.l'.llori UK.
Wiiusiiir, Ac, S'cw, l-'rikli una l'oi'Ulur. I'uii-K
Low, 111. ki-lllnii by tho thousand Willi won.
iicrlul lupldlly, AiicnmiioniuUlnBlioiu fjOlo
1110 per Willi. ChoUO lleld jet Mu-unt, M-nd lit
tili-o .UI SUilJI'iU II" 'I' ,.l.."i"
leuhitsto A. 11. llUIIIIAllD, I'ubllsliir.
ThUHoubO having been put In thoiough lepalr
lit tinw ot.fii iur- Iho ititidlou of KiiibtM, ftO
Milmt will be wnariHl to eiuuio thu peiiect com-
foitof tho trtiM-lein. Tno Piopilclor boi eiua
bhure f nubllo outionaue. The bar wi I be
Mocked at all tiling Willi lino liquors audclgaru,
Patont Medicines,
it i: ni i x ifi: n.
To I)ehllltatP.ircraont
To HyupcptlpB,
ToHulIereM from Liver Complnlnt.
To thooliavlimno Appotltp,
Tothoin with lirnken bomi Constltulloim,
I o Nrrvous 1 VoplP,
To Children Wattliifj nwny,
To any with DcblittutiHl DiirRllvo Ontnn.
Or utfTcrtna with anu of the futlowtnn Numniomx.
which indicate IHionlcrcd I.hcr or htomaeh,
ntlpnlloM, Inward
I'Jtfjs, rain cm or
Ity of Iho Btomacli, Nnu ton,
llcnrtburn, Disgust for food, Full
licas or Weight In tho Htomarh.Hour
Krucltatloni.SInktngor Fluttering attho
IJt of tho Btotnnch.Hwhnlnliigoflhn Head,
Hurried and UltllcuH Ilicathlnjr. HuttcrlnK
when In a Lying Posture, DlmneM ot Vision,
otA or Vvbn before tho Bight, I'over and Hull
l'uln In thu head, Deficiency of Perspiration,
YellownoRi of tho Bklu nod Kyct, Pal it
In thu Hide, Pack, Chest, Tdmln
Ac.t Kudilen rimhes of Heat,
Iturnlng In tho VIetdt,
Constant ImaglnhiKHof
Kvll, and
Depression of
A blitri without Alcohol or Hplrlt of any kind,
Htwrorcnl Iiom all otht-rs. Kh composed of
tho puro Julco't, or VitaTj PittNCifi.K op UooT't,
IIKitiH, and llAUM, (or as medicinally termed
HxtrarU.) tho worthless or Insert portions of tho
Ingredients not belns used. Therefore tit ono
Boltlo of this lllttern thcru la contained as much
medlclnl virtue as will bo found In soveral gallons
of ordinary mixtures, Tho Hoots, Ac., used In
this Hitters aro grown In Germany, their vital
principles extracted in that country byasclen
line Chemist, and lorwarded to tlio m.uiufactoiy
In this elty, whero they aro compounded and
bottled. Containing no spirituous lugredlcntn,
lils Hitters Is nte from tho objections unfed
Kal nst all others! tioduslre fur BtlmmanU can bo
Induced Iiom their use, I hey cannot mako drunk
nrdst and cannot under any, havo
any but abcneflcIaUia-ct,
Was compounded for thoso not Inclined to ex
tremo blttirs, and Is Intended for uso In eases fcomo alcoholic stimulant Is required In
connection with tho Tonto properties of tho
VMtlcrs. i.uch boltlo of tho Tonic contains ono
bottle of tho Hitters. combined with tuirc SANTA
CUt', UtTM,and llavoie-d lu such a manner that
the extreme bltterncbsof the bitters Isovercome,
forming a preparation highly agreeable and
pleasant to tho palate, and containing tho medl
dual Urdus of the Hitters Tho price of tho
Tonic Is SJ.-jJ per Dottle, which many pcisons
think too high. They muBt tako Into consldcr.v
tion that tlio stimulant used Is guaranteed to be
of a puro oiiallty, A poor artlclo could bo iur
nlshed at a cheaper pilce, but Is It not belter to
pay a little moro a d havo a good artltlo? A
medicinal preparation should contain nono but
the best Ingredients; and they who expect to
btaln a cheaper compound, and bo bcnellted by
It will most certainly bo cheated.
if nop t, a n n'rt
1100 FLA AVJ'.V
(J K It M A N fJ' () N I C,
wtr.ii cum; you.
They arc tho Greatest
i: i. o o i p it nin i: n s
Known to the SIcdIcal world, and will eradl
ralo dlse.iscs arising from Impure blood, Debility
of llio DIgcstlvo Organs, or Diseased Liver, In
bhoiter time than any other known remedies.
bPt:.R poninpsn uhmicdiix
Who wouhl akk for more Dignified and .Stronger
'icsiimony 7
Hon, Glokok V, Woouw AHUformcrly Chic Jus
tlce of the Savrciac Ouwtcf I'vmxiylvanla, at fires-
cnt Member vfCtrngnivfiom retntylvaniaturdcs:
i ll 1 1. A l)l j.rniA, illicit lum, ioui.
I find "Hoolland's German Hitters" Is a goo
tmle, uselul lu diseases of tho dlgesllvo orgam
and of git'tit bene fit In easos of debility anl want
of nervous aetlon in tho syMeim Y onr, truly,
Hon. Jamkh TiioMi.-;of( thief Justice of the .Vu-
jirima ixtuuoj j iinvyiranut.
PlIll-AlU.I.l'ltIA, April CS IfcCl
I consider "Hootl md's German Hltteis" a valna
bio medioino In caio of attaeks of Indlgehtlon or
Dyspepsia, I can ceitlty this front my expel
eneoof it. loins, with lespect,
Hon, (Ji:oiifin BlfASWoon, Justiic of the Supreme
Cvmt of J'vnniylranltr,
I Iln e found by experience, (hat "Hootland's
(iLTinan Hitters" Is avuygood tonic, icllcving
dyt-ieiitle tymptoms almost dirt ell v.
Hon. Wm, P. Hogers,.Vti'or of the City Ilvjfulo,
-v. r.
Mayor'a OlUce, Hutralo, Juno 2 PGtt.
I havo nsetl "Hociland's German Hltteis and
Tonic" in my family Juitng tlio pat jear,and
can lecommcnd them as an excellent tonic, im
paillug te-uoand lgor lo thotystcm, Thelrtuo
Jins iiioductio of dcrldftllv beneficial
fllccts, WM.P. llOGlMW.
Hon. JaTuesM. Wool, j;x-Maior of WiUiamyort,
1 take great pleasuie lu reeommeudlng "Iloof
land's German Tonic" to any one who may bo
afllicted with Dispt-pU. I had Iho 1) hpepsla to
badly It was impohhiblo (o keep any food on my
fclomach, aud I Li-come mj wtak as not to bo able
to w all; hall a mile. Two bclth s nf Tonic i HVeted
a perfect cure. JAMUSM. WOOD.
A Nl
Will cute every Case or
Or W'nslliiK inrnyol tho Uoily.
noon.ANia unitMAN m::ii:iuiw
Aro tho nirdU-lnrH ynn rcqllllo tn IMulry tho
juntiii, cxruo ino !oi!! i,ier in iKiuiuy ni nun,
nnti In innhlo you to puts srK-ly lliruuli uny
Imntbhlps or e.ioi,uri'.
kh:. uooriAMi's
V O 1) O V II Y I, L I N
Hubbtlluto for Mcicury Pills.
The most J'uivtrful, Ytt Innocent, Vegetable OiMr-
UG A.iiCU7l,
It Is not necessary to take a handful of thebu
Pills to produeo tho debited inect; twi of them
act quickly and powerfully, demising the Liver,
Htomarhaud Dowels of all Imputitleh, Tho prlu
clpal ingiedlentls Podophyllln.or tho Alcohollo
Kxtract of Mandrake, which U by many times
more powerlul, ncllng and hcarehtng than Urn
Maudiake Itself, Its peculiar action Is upon the
Liver, i leaning It speedily fiom all obbtructlons
with oil tho power ol Mcicury, yrt fno fiom tho
Injutlous itsultH nttaclifd to the nbo of that
Por all dlioasoi, In which the useofacathaiilo
Is Indlrattd, thebo pills will give tntlio (atUf-ic
tion in eeiy cabe. They ND Lit PAIL.
In easts of Ller Complaint, DybpepMa and
extiemo eosllvenibs, Dr. lloollaud's (ieimaii
Hitters or Tonic bhould U) used In comiciitou
with tlioPIIU. Tlio tonlet licet or thoHitlt-is or
Tiulc builds up lhobblem. The Hlltt-rs or Tonic
pill llles tha Hlood .htienglhens Um.MlVtn, null'-
i.aik.s the Liver, audUts bltcngth, tncigy and
Keep your Howels ndlvo with tluCPHU.aud
tone upthotybtcm i 1 1 1 Hitters orTonlc, and no
dlbcabes m retain Hie hold, or et n ithsallyou.
Ittcollect that It U DIt. HOOriAND'S GP.U
MAN He unities that are bo uutcrbally used and
highly recommended i and do not allow tin
Drugglbt to Induce 3 ou to tako aoj thing else that
he may bay Is Just usond, lx canto ho makes
lingo pioltt on It, 'llubo Utmedies wlllbobtnt
by Hxprtbs to nny locality, upon upplleatlou to
MKDIC1NKS10UH, 031 Arch fit., Phlladelphli
CII.IS, .11. i:A.S? I'roiu-Ielor.
Poirtierlv L M, JACKSON A CO.
T'l.f.fl l,',.i-ilu-M me fur Nit! 1 train, ixtf
irejieuaml Mulkvit ficuUiavutyuhm JalSJ'7ly
hah nt:ui:ivi:i iiih
bp u iff a aoous
nouaiiT AT i.owiaT CASH riticix,
mul will
ItcgnrJItis of nny Prlco I,Ut.
Mltl'I'.T CltA INS nt : cent")
nu.Mi I.H.M. l.ll.l in i: cnilH
Mm it i,i
'l'II.V A
: siim:c;i: iii:tti:ii
H "
llns opcneit
' I.DW
NOW IN STOltl-:.
13 A It O A INS
l.tN'KN HltAVVI.f,
niAi'iiit x,t:;i:.VH.
iC. iC, A.V,
I1EU tU'ItllAUM,
mwr is Tin: maiiki:t at vkiiv j.ow rniiT-s,
TRY OUIt $1,00 SYItUP.
Paro and Fresh.
Wo can only mention a ft-w leading articles.
Como and hco us and wo w 111 DO YOU GOOD.
rhil;i(lcliilila Poplins a lai'o
issorliuout of sh.ulcs ( SO
cts. per jard.
Cr.Ai:ichas ordered and will havo In fetoion.
good assortment of Plrpies for Hpilng and Sum
mer, ash Poi'MNS at 18 tK
cr.AIlIC in vtoro a line fclock of NKW CAS-
IMlIltns, loselI-Dwn, Down.
CLAKIC will keep at all times a full lino of
GllOCr.lUHfVrr.AHat. 1.00 per lb. to tho best In
market at 81,50.
CALL AND HPI! a largo and well assoitcd
stock of notions, hosiery, gloves umbrellas, ac.
TION OP GOODS, nor makes none when fclllngf
If lie knows H, And any errois mado ho Is al
ways w 111 1 11 g to ad J ut.
Pancy Soap, Habbltt's best, Gl cerlne, Honey
Castile, whltuand colored.
You w 111 tlinl a full and large stod: of Or ntiliio
Havv Laced ftirlatus at SO 73 cents pet
ard. Other Ciutalns in block.
In block, a good and largostock ofliUILTING
cor i on.
In tho lino of MU.LINd, both bleached nnd
unbleached, ho oilers as largo a Mock and as
wtll assortrd, and at Iho bottom rales. lUtter
1 yard wide, U cts by tho bolt ami I2J$hy llio
ard, Laronla, thu as Ptult of tho Loom,
Mills & Idem.
Piavorl e.tracts.
maikct, at So cts. per Il. by weljht,
Cr,AitK luw rcculvcil ntiutliur lot ol
ailing 1'ullsli ami Cungrcbi (Jailcrrf at
2 a pair for Intliua. Cull mul ?co tlii'in.
Justii(lr,n full ni-soiliuci.t ol rrench 10 Uouo
'OUSlUHlltTU cents.
CIiAltK will recclvo n 'rtrgo stock of Ladies'
HprlliB felt KKiltTSor t' o Intcht sljloand
teins, ri.AltlC has neclvcd another New Blylo of
DltUSr! G()OI)',.
CfiAItlC has ueelvfdn largo sloclc of l'OCKllT
KXlVtH lor Ijidlis nnd aeuts.liicllnllug tho old
CfiAltic lieoiw tlin Inrcosl sloclc of
uarpcta in town, uoin -iu cts to i,7Jiicr
j.uu. .
You wilt find a lull hloik of DHPKy GOODS In
beahon, hiuh as Alapaka, PoplliiN, plaids, 'ergow
lu plaids and htiipes.
A large lluo of Looking GIaib.
A fullsttH-k of WHll'H GOOPHou hand,
IUISIl POPLINS, Silk Poplins, of all colors.
Hllk Dlmdi-eb Uobis.
CLAU1C hellsa ialr Gum Tea nt io cfutsner
Ono of Ice bcht and Urgei-t btocks of black and
bltlped ALPACAH In town.
Xoav 111 stolon laruo Htodc of Hoop Mlllts,
Missis' Skills V." tt., I.ndhs' II mils tn (100,
TO lif.MH Clail; ollus u lull llnoof tho M rs-
best and most lashlnnublo sloclc of I'nper Collars
.of.uir, Lluiuhiciil, Aliaus-peaic, Jioz, uud
(-ills LAllU S' OOOIJ HUM! at 13 lis., IHiils'
lu lllsh uoso nt 25 els., nnd upvtarus.
l-'orn laifto and line lusnilineul of XfckTIos,
ciieaji, t-uii at ij,.!U.i
CI.A1IK tn lliol'AIIMr.r.S li full stock of
llooits whlih ho will loll tin m for pinduco as
low us lor the tush, Cull and sio lor out .eh.
C'LAJtii- bcllii tv licivy ono yitnl will
staiuluril muslin nt 12 cents by tlio bolt
or 12 cents by tlio yanl.
j llloombbing, March 17, lJ7llf,
Mfiro Inri-elv ntrrllr.etl bv YnmiB Men tllilll
nnv oihtr for a lliinllirn or Arwltm o Ilitucntloii
il lldKttnnn I'ollcKn, l'Dt.u.ikcftiilc, N. V. It U
tho iitilc.t, tf,mo.t rcaionabtt fi-acitetit Hcliool 111
t.hfl llnlli d makS. filiil tho nnlv nnu rirovlillnir
Altiintiotin fur (ImdunUH. ltclcr lu lulrous lu
every Htnio. AdJross
II. o, i;aht.maw, i.i..h,. rreiiient.
Fi)I.l.Ti.tvHiiiiitfj .si:.iii..tit,
1'Jth Year. (JO) Acres, I'tOrceiihoufos, hargest
Assortment all sires, HestHtnckl Xow Prices I
would yon know wnai, wnen. now lot'janti
rrull. Hhnde. Uversreeii Trees, Hoot Grafts,
Hetdllnc, Osago I'lant. Applo Htod, Karly Itoso
Potatoo, Khrubs, ltoses, (ireeliliousoaud (ianlcn
l'latitn. .If.- a i. 1''Ktt ash rtiittzTXtti.v.
HEPnsI Pluest, lltnt Colleettoil HortH nnd qtiaN
iiy. nim iu rerun mr rew, iiiuimitu, io
scrlptivo Catalogue !H pages, Hend stamp, each,
UI pavfsj HeddlnifatHHlarden Plants yj pages,
nnd Wholi'siilfl Prleo 1,1st 21 pngw, Address
V. K, PlHDNIX.llIoomlngtoii, Illinois.
fur 10 Vf nrn. nnd i rni-nil Iti (linnu.
nnds of cacs eapuble of curing all
jmascH or itio ihrojt and Jjiingsi
performing many rctoarkablo cures,
ineilts a trial Irutii all who nro sif
lorlng Horn similar nnvrtlons nnd
aluly steltlng lellof. Will ou lot
rfiudico prcent jnti tunn being cured also,
'finirlii nnrl CnldS. ThO DrilS'llstS snv It riirri4
thwn nil. AHthma 'l ho rellei utnl rm es of it are
marvelous. Kronehltls. hvtry suihTcr will tlud
relief and cute, 'lluoat AllinenU requlro only a
few does.
l.uug Difctast-H. iins cuifii i-woi pronouncoa
Ineuraolo. Debility. It renoMileH an 1 Invlgir-
ttli s the fysltm. Ltvcr Complaint, Met ctltc-
ii vo icguiHior vi i ins iuiiu Biiuusiu. ui
healthv action on tho stomach euro It, Amie
iier His healtn L'lvlnc aud oDDclltc-reslorlui;
urinary ejrgaus.ACiiou ouiutiu lain r&euani
medlelal aualltles of Tar, combined with vegeta
ble Ingredients ot undoubted value, which make
it miAiirnased. not onlv for tho connlaliits
enumerated, but It luptdly restore-s exhausted
htrengili, (Uanses llio Moiflucb, relaxes the J.tvcr
mul pulM them to work, causes 1 he luod to ellgcbt,
uud niHkes pure blood, und begets a vivacity ap
attlicted In uny way, wo know If you try tho life
giving loulo propeiLiei ot Dr, Crook'H -Wine of
jar, vi wm nun )nr lUMiiiiuuy iu 11.1 greni.
vatim lu corr.JClliu any "Ills teat th-Rh Is heir
lo. Pienartd onlv bv OIjIV1:k CP-OOIi &. to.
Huld by Druggists tvery whero. 11a Li, A Poutei:,
J uncii mi . ii j , jiiiim, nuiu'inu nts.
Por Herofnla, hciofulous Turners,
Fcrotulotis lilsfUEes of llio llyfx, or
Heiorula In any form, Hiiemoalism,
lrscaws of tho Jlvcr, DUeas.cs of the
Hkln, Kcald Head, Ulcers, nnd old
Bores, or any disease depending on a
depraved condition of tho blooj,tio
Dr. Crook a Compound Hyrupot Puke
ltoot. It Is oin bined with Iho best
tonic preparations of Iron k noun, and
Istholicst Alteiatlvo and Illool Par
lfltrmnde, cleanse jour Hlood, 'Iry
(jin boil lc. Hold Ity daiBglsts. Pre
paiedonlyby OhlVKlt UltOOK COj, ()
HUM 'imi ui:i lHtun i'ovi)i:it.-u
U nnd iu lucks. Red Horse lrade Mam.)
jfivt.ri curtdttf aiundtrs." Arou Huydirs, U. K,
AH-utant AsHt'8or, Mount lltua, l'a.,C. Paeou
J,Hery nnd Dxehango HUbln, Hunbury, Penn,
Jtorsca cured of 'oioidtr, v If it Wllhelm's,
DanvPlo.Pii.. A, PUIh'h, Merehant, Washington
vllle. Pa., J. NIco Hlcanaktt's, Jersey Hnore,
Pa. Jlomc citrtd of Luna J'ttcT. Hews A. Pro's.
I.cwlfburir, Pa. Itorxe cured of CUte, 'i nomas
Cll ngran's, C n Ion Co., Pa. Jhyt cured of cholera.
II. Han's, 11. A A, Cadwaliadf r'. Milton, l'a
r. m .iwiziif. M'f:ii'crv. J. H. M'Cfirmick's.
Milton, P. tlncUm cured of cholera and ey;.
Dr. D. T. KifbH', Watsontown, Pa., Dr. U. Q.
DnvN.C. W.Htrleker. John and James Plnneys
Milton, Pa. 31uudiels more rooie could libelled
whoso stork was fcaved by using tho lied Hurou
Powdfr prepared ny I'xuus mwVi urugi"i.
Chemist nnd Dorfccman, at his Wholesale and
HetallDrugand Chemical Dmporlum, Broadway,
Milton, l'A., to whom ttU orUera snouU be ad
dressed, ti
We will insert rn ftdvcrllscmcnt
In Ono Hundred and ITfty-ilva I'iist'iUss
Including Klevcn Dallies.
We icfer to tho p'iblMier of this paper, to
v. horn, our tcbponslbilltj is utll known,
Address OHO. P. POWELL d CO.,
Adfitlslng Agents,
Xos. -10 & H Park How, New Yoilc. I
1 On' tTHll TDK "VPGKTAHLU 1 prA
'llio old standaid rt-tm-dv for Coughs, Colus.Con
bumntion. "A'oitaj bitUr," Ct'XLLU Hues. Co.,
CleaiiH Kid Uion and all klii'U oi ChHIi- aud i
cioihlng; rimocs Paint, Greebe, Tar, A.c,
instantly, without iho lciut injury to thy ilnesi
fabric. Sold bv DruggUts and Pacey Goods
Dealeis. 1 UAGUANT rtAPOLlHNH c o ,s:i Par
clay ht.. New Yoik, -Hi L-i Hal.e Ht.. Clilcaao.
C'M A IJaSTX'OII ALL with bteuclt TwjU,
$L) Address , A. lyuitAiiAM. Hirlngilelii, Vt.
" Huy fho ip!c I'iri r7jrcr nnil sH erPr Ice Si. i').
r'V n w A-M (In J 1 1 Hois" und Cur:iiu' LirnMi
cd. Hxpcnespald. ll.Huaw, Altryd.Mc.
Audits ! Ixciul This !
' OV tt'J' I'lHl WK11K nnil i:viii-uiit:fl, or
allow a inrse comniKsion to bt-il our new aud
woudpnul Invfiitloiib. Address M. WAUNPH &
MatMi.'Ul, ,M lell.
And tend Twenly-ilvo Cents for a Ticket and
draw a sVateh. Hewing Mncijlna, Piano, or homo
nriiete ot vaun. oi:un;
Hlx f it-Oim Dollar.
Adtirtb-i i.e;K.i i. e;u.,
Clueluu.UI, Ohio.
Tatcntcd Dki rrinita 7TI1, 1869.
lIHtll It lO lll lIlU lC-l 14 1
ll III th Ik
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Willi OH I 'I'll Ol I II 1.1 t. Ill Willi
H.1- Immih.
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l.l ONIA lt Vlit.N'l'S
'Crtft in itpwn
rrnU ,
2 T
1.1 pic
llOtUL il.OU t lAtltC
Manutn-turers Aconts, Pittsburgh, Ta.
l-fim lin it'll I" iiiiiiir iriiiimiuiin tii "' K,
T i N ri.NHsulilljy IliUt uini'Uii, In rl- -
tluix lor I'env t'lvii uur Nuint. 1 imn. (.uuiitl,
f-tutf, i.Uinh wriUtu, tkttl vrtltr will mtut v
lirumpt ultvuuuu.
jan W71 ly
OfflM cf J. 2. D53ril?S,
420 North Elahth St., Phllacln.
A color anil clrc.-ing that will
not burn tuo hair or iujuro tho
It cloos not produeo a color
mochauically, aa tho poisonous
preparations do.
It gradually restores tho hair
to its original color and lustre,
by supplying now lifo and vigor.
It causes n luxuriant growth
of soft, lino hair.
'Tho host and safest nrticlo
over ollbrod.
Clean and Puro. No sediment.
Sold everywhere.
1 lift lllnnni Vonv rnmnnnv lins Inn) 11k lints
and boats thoroughly iftdi(-d uud h now 111
letvllness to iln all iibiml foiiviiiu ni xny icutton-
jilih hour, 'iho under.sltfiHHl Mill bo hi nllen-
iiancc at any timo lo wall upon u-mmcr niwii,
apr -i 1 1 ty i 'i i i ii, iujv,jvi
Q 1. A UK .
JH I.ILl I I-li UN M W 111 1 KJKII A
ni:w HiH.'i; or
.' i r: i (; ; o o s I
ill ll,l7i.
IMC!! JNK!!!
Ity ruMru (Ithr's Cdtbialid Ink povdns,
uu can in. ho imc lor Ivh tbau hall vho inuii .
iiii d la r sui'c) lor lo niii ihli t; 1 1 In inc. Will
net (iroelu tiHl penw, Pi u King Wit 1 ot Injuic.
hiUHi to putkago hiilUcltnt lur oio pint ol tide
will bo nut bj jetuiii iiiuil to nny ino htiidlUtf
lw(iityUu cents lo M. W, Pi-H,
llox 1S1,
apr 1171 Sm ll o- n kbuiy, Pn,
'o now 1 avo on band a lar(;o nfailv prink)
iit-hoitnii-ut nf JPhl'e i. H and tONsrAlUdi
,PLA.NKH,lu MhUh luMlo tho ttlteidlou of
Ihcso OllU-tlM,
Patont Medicines.
O It A 1 Vj V I 1h B
Otmponent 7Mr 21uiJ llttract JUwbarb and
1 tuUt "traH Qttau la (rape m
Hi:ADACl!n,COiTlVRNKS3, l:ir, PPIti:i,Y
minhuai.s ou Dn.Kreiiioua duugh.
Thcsj Pills aro tho mist dcPtfhtfuliy pie i.iiit
purgfttlvo, supermllng easlor oil, suits, nm -ueiIa,
He, Thero Is liothliig tnoro ni'ceptable to
tho stomach. They tlvo tone, and chum- neither
nausea nor griping i'liitis. Thy ato compo.ed
of tholnciMrtirrtiJtcrt. After a few days' Umi
them, such nit ittvlgoratloit oflhoGiillro u
lakes place as tonppear tnlraeulous to the w
and enervated, whether arising from inn.fti
denco or disease, H.T. Melmbold's Compound
KluldHxtractCatawbaOrapoPlllsnionoti-14 r
coated, from the fact that sugar coated Pui .ibi
not d Isolvo, but pass througb tho stomach wlLhou t
dissolving, consequently do not produco the tie
sirodcllect. Till! CATAWHA UUAPJ: PILM
being pluasautlti tasloand odor, do not nece-isl
Ute their being sucn-eaitej. PltlCH I'll-TY
cnMTd rr.u nox.
iwxn v u jiicuijourx. 4
Will radically cxUrmluato from the tttui
BcrofuIa,8yphllIs, reverSores.Ulceisori i
Hore T,agn, Horo Mouth, Koro Head, Hroiichiti ,
Hkln Dlstasef, t?alt Hhcnm, Umkfers, Hunnu.g
from the Kar, Whllo Swellings, Tumors, c. iii
cerous Atreei Ions, Nodes, HIckets,Olandnr n
lugs, Jlght Hwuats, Hash, Tetter, Hnmois ol a
Kinds, chronic Hheuniatlsm, Dyspej-daf and al
dlsrto that has been intabUshtd in the bjstcta
tor jui rs.
Heh-gprep.uedP.XPnHiHrA fo;Mht,aho ' om
p.alms, its liliJOD-PUHIKYINU propria lea nro
gri-atof tlun any other preparation ot s rsapi
rilla. It glvei tho COMPIdlXION n c ar and
bualthy cotor nnd restores the rnllent to a statu
oi HKALTH ami PUKItT. for Parking tho
Hlood, removing nil Chronic Constitutional Dls
eahes arlslrg from an impure itato of tho blood,
Aud the only reliable and ciroetuat known reme
dy ior tho cure of Pal tin tuid Hwclllngs ol tho
Hones, Ulcerations of the Throat and Is gs,
Hlotchcs, t'lmples ou tho Pac Hryfelpelas and
all frcaly Hrupllousof theNkln,nud Heautlf mg
the Complexion. Price', 9 1 GO per Dottle.
...,.... ... .,.. Mtfcj
ilENHY T. lIKIjjnJOLU'rf
CON c i;nt KATKD
has cuicd every caso of Diabetes lu which It has
been given, Irritation of tho becli of thullladder
and IulUmmatlou of tlio Kidneys, Ulceration of
the Klduytt and IJIaddcr, Iteteiitlou of Urlno
Diseases of tho Prostate Gland. Htono lu the Blad
der, Calculs, Gravel, lirltkdusi Depotlt, aud
SIucous or Milky DtichargeH, and for linfcehled
und Dcllcato Uoiiitltutlous of holh yeie.-s atten
ded with tho following symptoms: Iuuisposl
tlon to K.crtlon, lossol Power, loss of .Memory,
Pilllculty of Pieathlnt;, NVeak crves, Treui
blluy, Horror of Dl&ease, "VttkcfulueH, Dimness
of VUlon, Puln lu tho Pock, Hot Hands, l'lu&h
lua of tho Pody, Prynesa ot tho Hltlu, r.ruitlou
ou tho l'aeu, Pnllld Countenance, Universal
LaltuJo of tho Muscular Sym, etc.
Uhed by ier&ous lroai ilo ayes of eighteen to
twenty-Uve, and iiom thlrtytlo to lltty-dvo 01
In tho deellno or ehungu of life; alter coulluo
meutor labor pains; bed-wetting In chlUruu.
Ilelinbold'n P.itract lincbu U Dlurellc aud
Illood-PurllyluK, and cured all dl-uasri mlslng
from Habits of Dlbilpatlon, and KxtfumK ami
ImpiudcnccH lu l.lfe, Impuiltlei of tho Plood,
etc., bupersedlug Copabla In atluctlons f r which
It is lucd, and byphllltlc Airectlons in thefco
dienscs nhtd 1m -connection with liPLilPOIjU'S
nom; wahh.
In many nirccttons iccullar to ladle, tho Kx
tract Uuchu Is unequalled by any other remedy
ai ii Chlorosis or Uetenllon, Irregularity, Pam
fulntBS or buppreslou of Cu-doinary 1 .vacua
lions, Ulcerated or Scldmis SUto of tho Pleii-,
Leuconhccn or WiItcs,Btcrlllty,andforall com
plaints Incident to the sex, whether arising fiom
Indiscretion or Habits of Dissipation. It is pro
tcilLed extensively by the most eminent p)i si
lans and Mldwlvei for Pnleebled and Dcllcato
ContltutloiiH, of both fcoxes ami all ages (atten
ded with any ol the above diseases or ty in pt mm.
In all their stag, at little cspenso, llttlo or no
clungo in diet, no Inconvenience, nnd no ex
poMire. It causes a frequent desire, ami gives
strength to Urinate, thereby removing Obstruc
tions Preventing and Curing Ptrlcturei of tho
I'utl.a, Allajlng Pain and Inflammation, so
fit queu t In this class of OlfccafiCS, nnd expelling
all Poisonous matter.
Thousands who havo been the victims of in
competent persons, and vho havo paid heavy
fees to bo cured lu iv&hort lime, havo found llu-y
havo been deceived, and that tho "Poison" has,
by tlio uso of "powerful astringents' been dried
up in the fytdein, to break out In a moro aggra
vated form, and i cihaps after Marriage.
Affections aud DUcasis of tho Urinary Organs,
(whether existing In Malo or Pemale, from what
ever causo originating, ami no matter of how
long standing. PHICII ONE POLL A It AND
cannot bo surpassed a n FACII "WAHII.and w."
Lo louud tlio only fcpeelfic remedy In v
hi evica of CUTANP.OUH Ai'PKCTION. It t
dlly eradicates P1MPLP.H, bPOTS, hl'OKPl. -I
Mi:MHPANi;,etc dispels ltKDNlXS and IN
8KlNPUOrtTltlTi:s,iuidnltrurposesfGw ,
BAIA'Ka or OINTMENTS aro used; restore-, n u
bUlu to a stuto tf purlly and toftness, aud i il
eum continued healthy action to tho tissue cf
lis vesselR, on whieh depend iho agrecablo clear
ncssaud ivaelty ot complexion bo mu h bou Tjt
aud admiied. Put hov.eer valuuMo n
remedy for exlstln;: defects of tho fcUiu, Ti T
Iltlmbold's Poso AVah has long sustain d it
lrlnclplo claim to unbounded patronp';t t
pouicbslng quuluits which lender It u TvJ.i T
APPi;.MAUi; of tho most uud
Co u gen la 1 cliuriiete-r, combluln in an clt(;ant
I formula thof-o prominent uqulslts.HAl-XTY and
PPl'ICACY llio Invariable accompaniment of
Us ute as n PrcbervatUo and lleitebher of tho
Complexion, Ills an excellent Lotion for dU
cascb of u hyphtlUicNatuic, audits an lujcitluii
ior dhwaMsn oi the I'Unary Orgaus.uthinii .i.i -n
habits oi li.-.iuitU'n, ud in connection Mlu
CATAWPA OUAVi; PIM.S.In buch disci i , ,
.Miiimendcd, cannot bo surpassed. PHU U
unp doll au ipu porru
Pull rwul explicit dlicctlous nccomnnaiy Ibi1
i.viuiuto or the mm icronMble and ictt v
cliaiailer fuiulKl'td ou m i.IlailUm, with bu
iliedit of tUousands of liMng witnesses, nnd up
ward of unsolicited ccillfleatesnud recon
ine ndatoiy lettct-, many ot which nro from Ihv
hiuliefit fcourctH, Including eminent Phjth li-n
Ck'itf men, Htuli-nneu, vie, Tho pioptlUor 1 h
never Usui ud to their publication in tho m
npcrH ; ho i:o. m not do this Horn tho fact l I
litsaiiicUsrank ns Kiaudaid Purnrattoiis.mul
do not net d tube rrped up by ceiUllcatCR.
irinrj T. lIcIiuIioltl'N Ccnuliu
PiJImuU lo uny ncdrtss, nctuio ficm ot i
vat ton,
Kstablinhcd w winds of twenty years, fcjol
Di'iigglsts ocrj vheii'. Address loiters for
lormatloii, in toLlldtrco lo HPNUY T. Ill I M
P0U Drufgibti-nd ihtmUt
Only Depots: 11. T, HP.I.MPOLD'S Drug m il
ClumWnl Wiuthoiife, No, 681 llrcadwny, ltw
Yoik.oriu II, T, 111 PMLOI.D'8 Mtdicul D(Ot
101 Houth 'limli Htui 1, Philadelphia, Pn.
111 NUY T. HI 1 W1H I.D'H TAKh No t'llllll