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Tho Conviction of llolilcn.
Wo published yesterday, says tho
Lancaster Intelligencer, n full ncccunt
of tho conviction of William W. llol
ilcn, Governor of tho Stnto of North
Carolina. After n patient nntl thorough
examination, in which tho accused was
Riven ovory opportunity to rcfuto tho
Kravo charges brought against him, ho
was solemnly ndjuclgod to bo guilty In
manner nnd form ns ho stood Indicted for
high crimes and inlsdomcnnors. Being
entrusted with tho protection of tho
Jlvoj and property of tho citizens of tho
State, and commissioned to guard tho
Constitution of tho Commonwealth and
to oxocuto tho laws thereof, ho Import
ed u hand of sanguinary rufflans nnd
turned tholr arms against n peaccablo
nnd unofTiindlnc uooplo. Under nu.
thorlty given him by somo wcro seized
without any warrant of law, thrown
Into loathsomo prisons and tortured In
tho most cruel uinunor to mako them
confess to deeds thoy havo never com
milled. Men who had committed no
offdncj wero hung up by tho neck, nnd
other gross indignities, such as only
savages nro accustomed to employ,
wero' practiced upon tliom. When nn
appeal was tnado to tho courts by his
victims thoy wero donlcd tho sacred
prlvllego of tho writ of habeas corpus,
und civil law was laid prostrato before
tlio feet or armed violence. Tho Trea
stiry of tho Commonwealth Was plun-
dored to pay tho bargains, whom ho
empioycu, to wreak vengoanco upon
thosa whoso only, offense was tho oxer-
clso of that freedom In political action
which is the fnallonablo right of every
American citizen. Having been sol
emnly arraigned for crimes of such
magnitude, ho was nbly dofended. nnd
allowed tho ndvantago of every ancient
Judicial right during tho trial. Tho cv
idonco against him was ovorwholmlng,
nnd ho has beoa formally adjudged to
bo guilty, and sontencod to be deposed
from ofllco. and forovor deprived nf tho
rights of citizenship in tho Stato of
North Carolina. That tho verdict of
tho High Court of Impeachment was
eminently Just and proper, nornan who
road tho ovidonco can doubt. Tho
wholo country Is Interested in seeing
tho majesty of tho law preserved Invio
late, and their cherished Institution do
fonded from such assaults ns wcro mado
upon them by this man Iloldcn.
Tho cost of tho occupation of Alaska
by tho United States Is $10,3SS a month
besides supplies, nnd Is divided ns fol
lows : Array, $3,900; navy, $3,500 ; rov
enuo cutter, $2,200, and custom house,
$700. The products nro: Salmon fish,
last year, 1,100 barrels, $11,400. In ad
dition to this tho fisheries yielded -1,003
gallons of seal and dog-fish oil, worth
$2,400. Tho fur trade has decreased ov
er slnco in tho United States occupation.
During tho first year of American rulo
this trado amounted to $35,000, tho sec
ond, $25,000, and last year less than
$20,000. Tho number of Americans
nnd Europeans in Sitka, (more than
half of all thcro aro in Alaska,) Is 3,910
tory is nbout 8,300. Tho Russian inhab
itants aro anxious to bo transported to
s omo portion of tho Czar's dominions.
Tucre aro about 0,000,000 holders ol
real estate In this country. Thro figur
es contrast well with tho 300,000 landed I
proprietors of Great Britain. In tho
dlfl'ercnco between theso two figures
lies tho wholo' question of tho relatlvo
popular prosperity of tho two countries.
In this country every man may bo the
proprietor of tho land upon which ho
lives If ho should so will It, relation be
ing had, of course, to locality ; but In
England more than half tho land is
attached to hereditary estates, which
descend from father to sun, and which
nro practically closed to tho balanco of
tho people Ono man in ten thousand
In Great Britain owns tho land, which
tho remaining nlno thousand nlno hun
dred and nlnty-nlno must pay him his
own prlco to occupy as n home. Tho
possession of theso vast tracts of land Is
tho secret of tho enormous Incomes en
Joyed by tho British nobility and gen
try. So long as tho law of primogeni
ture and entailment is In force, and tho
threo hundred thousand landowners
keep tho thirty odd million British sub
jects beneath their feet, so long will tho
Immcnso majority of Englishmen con
tinue In poverty, whllo tho few grow
rlc h er out of tho necessities of tho many.
If the movement for political reform in
England should tako tho direction of
breaking down this privileged class of
land-holders, nnd compel a law which,
while leaving tho aristocracy thocmpty
shadow of their titles, would pormlt
tho great estates, which now descond
with the titles, to bo thrown upon tho
market, every Englishman would havo
an opportunity to becomo possessed of
that which at present ho cannot lav
claim to a homo and tho ownership of
Hie land upon which that homo Is situa
ted: roLiTicAU Elections will tako placo
during tho coming month In Connecti
cut and Ilhodo Island. On Monday,
April 3d, In Connecticut a Governor
nnd other Stato officers, and members of
Congress will bo chosen, and on Wednes
day. April Gtli, In Bhodo Island, Stnto
offlcersnnd members of tho Legislature
will bo voted for. In Connecticut tho
ltepubllcan candidates for tho principal
positions aro Marshall Jowoll for Cover
nor, nnd Julius L. Strong, Stophen
W.Kellogg, Henry II. Stnrkweatlior
and George Cofling fur Congresi, tho
first threo having been members of tho
forty-first Congress. Tho Democratic
candidates aro James E. English for
re-eloction as Governor, and Alfred It.
Goodrlsh, John Kendrlck, John W.
Stedman and William II. Barnum for
Congress, tho last named gentleman
having bcon a inombcr of tho forty-first
Congress. In Rhode Island Seth Padel
ford, tho present Incumbent, Is tho
ltepubllcan, and Thomas Steen Is tho
Democratic candidate for Governor.
It Is considered on good authority,
that tho cost of tho war to Franco will
bo found to havo exceeded four mlllards
of francs. A mlllard of francs repro'
sents $200,000,000 of our money. This
Is cxcluslvo of tho vast Indemnity do.
innnded by tho Prussians among tho
terms or peace.
Hon. Ai-kxanueii Oai.dwei.Ij, tho
now Senator from'Kantus,,Is said to bo
worm u,uw,ow.
Death of Judgo tonK
Hon. Lewis, ox-Chief Juttlco
of tho Supremo Court of Pennsylvania,
died nt his residence In Philadelphia on
Sunday morning tho 19th of March. I Io
wn3 born at Lowlsberry, a vitiligo of
York county, May 10, 1703, bo that his
ao was nearly soventy-tbrco years.
Soon nfter Hnrrlsburg bceamo tho nonl
of govornmcntof tho State, young Lew
is repaired thither, and received employ
met In tho printing olllco of Jnmcs
Peacock, editor and owner of tho Penn
sylvania ltepubllcan, part of his duty
hnvlng been ns carrier of tho paper In
tho then small vlllngo. Ho perfected
himself ns a printer, nnd In 1810, bceamo
associated with I. K. TonnnttT in tho
publication of tho old Lycoming Gazelle,
Ho continued ns ono of tho editors up to
July 31, 1821, when ho was succeeded by
T. CouYKtiL, Esq. His tales, howevor,
lod hlra to tho study of tho law, and ho
was admitted to nracllco in 1822. Ho
also entered tho field of politics ns n
Democrat, nnd In 1821, was appointed
District Attorney for Dauphin county,
by Gov. Heister. In 1832 ho was elec
ted to tho Stnto House- of Representa
tives, and lii January, 1833, Gov. Wor.v
appointed him Attorney-General. In
October of tho same year ho was ap
pointed President Judgo of tho Eighth
Judicial District, nnd In January, 1813,
President of tho Second District.
At tho first election by tho people of
Judgos of tho Supremo Court, In Octo
ber. 1851. Jutleo Lewis was ono of tho
successful candidates. Ho became Chief
Justtco on tho 17th of November, 1831,
nnd retained tho position until Novem
ber, 17th, 1857. Ho was unnnlmously
renominated for re-election by thoDcmo
cratlc Stato Convention In thesamoycar,
but ho declined It, nnd retired to prlvato
life. In 1858 ho was appointed ono of
tho Commissioners to revlso tho civil
codo of tho State. 1'or his acknowl
edged superior acq ualntnnco with medi
cal jurlsprudanco ho received tho degrco
of Doctor of Mcdlclno from tho Phila
delphia Collcgo of Medicine, and tho
degreo of Doctor of Laws was conferred
on him by Transylvania University in
Ky., and by Jefferson College, C.mons
burg, Pa. A number of his decisions
whllo on tho bench havo been frequent
ly cited with approval In tho books. Ho
wroto ono law book, an Abridgement of
tho Criminal Law of tho United States.
Judgo Lewis's tastes wcro decidedly
literary, and ho lias oflan written for
periodicals and newspapers, and always
with tasto nnd elegance. His manner
and conversation wcro extremely agree
able, and ho loved, of lato years to en
tortnln his friends with reminiscences of
his early life. In Harrlsburg, William
sport, Lancaster, Philadelphia and other
places where ho resided, ho had hosts of
acquaintances who enjoyed his society
and respected his characted. Ho leaves,
wo believe, only ono child, Mrs. Juliet
H. L. Campbell, tho gifted wlfo of Hon.
James II. CampiielIi, ex-Minister to
Sweden, and formerly n member of
Congress, but now a practising lawyer
of Philadelphia.
Mutilated Currency.
Tho Washington Dally 1'alrlol of tho
21th Inst., says :
"Tho United Slates Treasurer is In
daily receipt of numerous lettcrs.cnclos
Ing Blips cut from various newspapers,
to tho effect that ho has decided that
postmasters must recclvo mutilated
Unllcd States notes, not moro than ono
twentieth of each nolo Is missing, and
that In fractional currency not moro
than one-tenth Is missing. It would
seem from theso letters that thcro is n
general Impression prevailing umong
postmasters, that they aro compelled to
redeem mutilated currency. In reply
to such a letter tho Treasurer says that
ho has never ventured to instruct post
masters In relation to tho receipt of cur
rency by them, nor mado any decision
on tho subject. He has merely referred
postmasters and others seeking Infor
mation on tho subject, to circular No.
70, from thoPbstOfflcoDepartment.un
der which postmasters aro required "to
recclvo in pagment for postage stamps
ami stamped envelopes, United States
notes of which not moro than ono-twen-
tleth Is missing, and fractional notes of
which not moro than one-tenth Is miss
lug, If clearly genuine.
Ho nlso calls attention to tho fact
that under that circular postmasters
nro not required to recclvo for any pur
poso mutilated currency; that Is tosay,
currency of which moro than tho pro
portions above referred to is missing;
nor nro they required to recclvo curren
cy of which less than thoso proportions
Is missing for any other purposo than
that Indicated above. In other words,
they aro not required to redeem curren
cy. Mutilated currency is redcemablo
by tho Treasurer of tho United States,
nnd by no other ofllccr, and under tho
Instructions of tho Department, is not
receivable In payment of any publl c
dues, either at par or less."
IHst-racofid Scenes hi a Itndleal Uglsla
tare. Tho Legislature of Arkansas ad
journed sine tile on Snlurdnv raornlnc.
ft. i.imo iioct despatch eays that tho
"ousonada night session, lasting un
til 2 A. M nt which there was irrr-nt
confusion. During a call of tho Houso,
anil whilo tho Sergennt-nt-nrms was
searching for absentees, "whlskev
flowed freely, cigars wcro circulated,
and n dozen members wero addressing
tho Chair nt onco." Tho results of tho
session aro thus sumed tin-. "Tim illsn
bllttles of about 200 persons wero ro-
moved, tho taxes Increased, a number
or now olllces created and salaries raised
and tho registration laws so amended
that tho Governor can carry almost any
election over uio will of tho people.
Not ono measure of retrenchment or
rcrorra was adopted."
Pr.TitiriCATioss in the Sandstone
Tho sandstono of which old Tablo
Bock mountain is composed has been
making revelations. Mr. PIckrell dis
covered in tho stono quarry there, this
week, two well-defined petrifications
ouoof tho bones nnd a fln, apparently
or n salmon, and the other flvo perfect
'y formed rattles of n"snako. Thoy
wero imbedded many feet In tho sand
stono formation, still thoy look as fresh
as though they had been buried but n
few months. Mr. PIckrell Informs us
that petrified salmon nearly perfect
imvo oecn lomm In tho same nuarrv.
Thoso aro Interesting fads touching tho
comparatively recent formation of tho
present foatures of tho country within
view of Boston city, for tho samo kind
or fish still swim In Bols, and precisely
tho samo kind of reptiles crawl among
tho rocks upon Its bnnksVs thoso wlmsn
bones and forms are Imbedded In tho
mountains. Idaho Statesman,
Wheeler' Cnrnlry t, Kn-Klin.
Our old war comrade, Bill Wyalt, of
(ho Sixth Georgia Cavalry, mado n ten
strlko tho othor day. Ho captured threo
of tho Ku-Klux that dov. Bullock lias
been ndvertlslng for carried them to
Chnttooga Court House, got them con
victed nnd sentenced to tho peniten
tiary for seven years, and caino down
on Bullock for tho lirlzo money, $3,000
for tho first, and $1,000 each for tho
balanco making $7,000 In nil. Bul
lock paid up "llko n llltlo man," nnd
Wyntt went homo happy. This amount
of money Is Chattooga county, all nt
ono time, will ercnto n tremendous ex
citement. Tho beauty of tho wholo affair
Is' that theso Ku-Klux uero common
Radical thieves, nnd were playing Ku
Klux to cover their stealing operations.
Bully for Wheeler's cavalry. Griffin
(S. C.) Star,
How to Act In Caio of Poisoning.
Tho Journal of Health 6ays s "What
ever Is douo must bo dono quickly. Tho
lnstnnt n person Is known to havo
swallowed poison, by design or acci
dent, give hlnj water to drink, cold or
warm, ns fist lis possible, a gallon or
moro nt n time, and ns fast ai vomited
drink moro. Tepid water Is best, us It
opens tho pores of tho skin and pro
motes vomiting, and thus gives tho
speediest euro to tho poisonous article.
If pains begin to bo felt In tho bowels,
It shows nt least that part of tho poison
has passed downward ; then largo nnd
repented Injections of tepid wntcr
should bo given, tho oliject In both ca
se's being to dlluto tho poison us quick
ly and as largely ns possible. Do not
wait for warm water j tnko that which
Is nearest nt hand, cold or warm, for
every Fccond of tlmo saved Is of lm
inenco Importance; nt tho samo "time
send Instantly for n physician, nnd ns
soon ns ho comes turn tho caso Into his
hands, telling him what you havo done.
This simplo fact cannot bo too widely
published. It is not meant to say that
drinking a gallon or two of simplo wa
ter will euro every casa of poisoning ;
but It will euro many, nnd benefits all
by Its' rapidly diluting qualities."
Searching for tlio Site r King Solomon's
Tho Hon, BIclmrd Vnus, Past 11. W.
Grand Master or tho Grand Lodge of
Pennsylvania, A. Y. M., In his valedic
tory address, stated that "during tho
past fow years n scientific nssoclatlon In
London haj voluntarily undertaken to
Institute discoveries on tho slto of King
Soloman's Temple, for ,tho purpose of
ascertaining what yet remains of tho
foundation nnd superstructure of that
wonderful edifice. It Is beyond doubt
that enough ha? been dono to satisfy
tho Freemason that tho sacred and pro
fano history of this tcmplo Is corrobora
ted. Yhon wo hear from nn eye wit
ness, that tho stones of tho foundation,
which havo been brought to light, arc
each designated by a mark, cut into
each stone, which has defied tho learning
of tho philologist nnd nrclueologlsts,
we are animated with n Joy in which
only tho Mason can participate. Every
effort should bo mado to continuo theso
explorations. Freemasons havo a most
direct interest in tho result. I, there
fore, Invito ray brethren, tho Grand
Masters of tho Grand Lodges of tho
United States, to tako such action ns
will supply with materia ajdthoex;
by ovidonco thus grasped from tho do
stroying power of time, confirmatory of
many of our esoteric teachings. Might
it not bo well for thoso Past Giand Mas
ters who takonn interest in thlssuhjcct
to unito in securing means to effect this
mos t deslrablo object. Tho symbology
or Masonry Is a most Infercslingstudy.
inoirutu3 which aro hidden under
theso symbols may yet rcccivo now
life In a resurrection which would con
firm tho faith of tho fraternity. 1
would earnestly Invito for this sublect
tho early and practical consideration of
tho distinguished brethren to whom I
now appeal for effort to this end."
Tjiu first uso mado of power in
franco is to coerco opinion nnd muzzle
tho prets. No matter tho party, tho
Opposition press is n damrcr and a ter.
ror. Orleanist, Bonapartlst, Legitimist,
iicu, iney cannot bear ventilation mill
frco nlr. Tho Vennucr. Mot d'Ordre.
and other papers nro suppressed. No
grcai loss perhaps in tho fact, thnu-di
serious In principle. But nil new polit
leal or social economy Journals aro for-
uiuuen. Tlio thine that is and tho
t hlng that is to be, nro Included in ono
condemnation. Tho Fienclimnn ilnr-s
not yet understand that grumbling Is
uio salety-vaHo of tho freo machine.
Suspension Is working incalculable
injury to industrial pursuits in this
quarter. A general exodus of skilled
mechanics Is threatened. Wo can 111 v
afford to part with so many of our best
citizens, but it is not in tho nature of
things that they can bo expected to re
main hero and encounter tho anxieties
and deprivations Incident to tlio too
frequent strikes and Bupcnslons of tho
coal trade. Luzerne Union.
Natives of thnfcnndivlch Islandsaro
much pleased with tho pretty postage
stamps of one, six, and eighteen cents'
denomination, which havo recently
been Introduced Into tho Islands. Theso
stamps aro violet, green, nnd pink in
hue, and aro stamped with tlio heads of
nallvo Hawaiian dignitaries. Thcro Is
an immenso trado In them, as tho
natives buy them for talismans.
At Lincoln, Nebraska, tho prosecu
tion In tho Impeachment trial called
James Sweet", cx-Stato Treasurer as n
witness. There seems to bo a (lucstlon
of varaclty between Butler and Sweet
as to tho disposition of $10,000 of school
money belonging to tho Stato.
Tin: Hon. e. W. Ncsblt, formerly
JudgO Of tlloHlllirnmnf Vsiirt nf fjnnrr,tn
n mcmbcrof tho United States Congress
from 1638 to 1810, and a lawyer of dis
tinction, dlcil at Macon, Georgia, on tho
join , uguj Bixiy-eigut years.
Mr. Dawes asked Conprfwis for sMR-7
000 for tho Freedmcn's Bureau, but It
was cut to $87,000, which wero nppro
prlated. When will this leak to tho
public treasury bo llko;y to stop? Tho
election of n DcmocratlcCongrcss would
A vjsjiy rare and bcautirul medallion
of Benjamin Franklin, struck In 1771
was lotcly presented to tho Ma&sachu
belts Historical Society, It Is believed
to bo tho first over mado of clay 1
isTtnisrttio otu timk kemimiicesce.
Tho Athens Gleaner Is publishing tho
early history of Masonry In that region,
by which Wo learn that tho first Lodgo
organized In Northorn Pennsylvania
was nt Great. Bend In 1701, nndthonoxt
tho samo year ot Wllkcsbarro. Tho
former ceased to exist long ngo, but tho
latter Is In successful operation now. In
1798 No. 70 was organized nt Tioga
Point, (now Athens) nnd Is In n prosper
ous condition now. In 1707, between
tho tlmo when No. 70 was warranted
and organized, n lodge was established
In Bath,lnStcubcu,(tlicu Ontario) coun
ty, N. Y. Except nt Caunndnlgua, nnd
tho ono In Nowtown In 1701, there wcro
no lodges In our north In tho Stato of
New York, nnd In tho west thcro wore
nono nearer than Pittsburg, where ono
hnd been established by tho Grand
Lodgo of Pennsylvania In 1783. Tho
only oilier lodgo bordering on ours dur
ing tlio last contury was tho present old
Blughnmton, which was established on
this sldo of tho Chenango river, In tho
then township of Union, In 1799.
Among the Masons who visited tho
seeond meeting of tho lodgo nt Tioga
Point, as visiting brethren, was Col.
Thomas Baldwln,of Nowtown, who was
n member of tho lodgo there. Ho was
an early and well known settler on tho
Chemung, nnd resided below Nuwown,
near where the battlo of Newtown was
foiuht by Gen. Sullivan In 1779.
Ho was hliubclf In that battlo us nn
Ensign, was wounded in It and taken
back to Tioga Point, where ho remain
ed till Gen. Sullivan returned from his
expedition. Baldwin Creek, near where
this battlo was fought, was named nfter
him. His descendants Milt reside In
Elmira. Z.ulock Elwcll anil Dan Elwcll
wcro nlso there present ns visitors. 7.x
dock nnd Dan Elwcll wero brothers.
Dan cjiuo toTlogn Point In tho samo
month that this meeting wus held. Ho
was born In Southeast, Duchess county,
N. Y., April 17, 17J1. llo had taken
tho three first degrees in Masonery In
La Fnyctto Lodge, In Anicnla, In that
county, In 179(5. Ho nnd Ills brother
Zidoo woro both carpenters by trade,
nnd Dan's flrt employment In Tioga
Point wns on tho homo of Clement
Palno in 1703, which was tho Into rcsl
denco of John Drake, nnd burned a fow
months ago. Ho bceamo n member of
this lodgo March 21, 1S01, and was vo
ted nn honorary member Dec. , 1820,
which rank ho held nt tho tlmo of his
death. Ho died nt Van Ettcnvillo aged
91 years. Ho had been 72 years n mason,
and was burled with Masonic honors.
Ono f his tons Is tho Hon. Win. Elwoll,
and who resides In Bloomsburg, nnd 13
President Judgo of that Judicial Dis
trict of this State. Ono of tho grand
sons of Dan. Elwcll was two years ngo
pastor of !ho Methodist Church, nt
Itomc. He Is n Itoyal Arch Mason.
PnoMissouv Notes. A man drew n
uoto promising to pay ono hundred dol
lars. Ho used n printed form but did
not closo up the blank devoted to dol
lars, and after It passed from his hands
and becimo ucgotlablo paper somebody
Inserted fifty after the ono hundred null
before the printed word dollars, maklug
tho nolo read ono hundred und fifty
dollars. Tho no'to thus nllcrcd got Into
"tho hands of nn Innocent party, who
presented It to tho dra.vor but payment
Supremo tloufiilccTdafthaFllio" maker
of the noto was liable for tho full Aico
of thenote, bccauso,thrnugh negligence,
ho had not drawn a lino between tho
written word "hundred" nnd its printed
word "dollars." Any testimony tho
drawer might ffer to eatablWi tho fact
that ho gavo a noto for only ono hun
dred dollars must go for nothing, its
"lliero was nothing oil tho faco of tho
noto showing that it had been altered."
Evidence or an alteration on tho faco of
tho noto would have changed tho case.
We may furthcrmoro add that tho Chief
Justlco added that sush a ruling was
deemed necessary to facilitate tho circu
lation oi commercial paper. Let this
decision boa lesson to nil drawcis of
promissory notes.
The Orplmns' Court of Philadelphia
ns recently decided that it is ihn iliitv
of nn executor or administrator to ob
tain searches iignlnst real cstato sold by
urn. in derault of taking out fcenrehes
tho executor nr ntlnitnUtrntnr. II la atn.
ted, may bo held personally liable to a
Hen creditor for tho lo?s of his claim,
oven though an nudltor has distributed
tho assets and tho report has been con
firmed by tho Court. Tho executor or
administrator. It wns held, hm enn.
structlvo notleo of record claims and
is Pound to retain bufllclcnt funds
to meet them, or in brine llipm In flm
notice of tho auditor. Searches against
uio real estnto of tho decedent should
either botaken out bv tho nudltor nr ho
should require them to bo produced by
mo administrator.
Tiie subject of women's suffrage bo-
Ing put to n practical test In tho town
of Clarendon, Iowa, did not appear to
crcato that vast enthusiasm in tho
breasts of tho gentler sex that might
havo been expected, Tho Boaul of
Registers, assuming to bo tho ludses of
tho law In the premises, deeldod that
nil women of proper ogo were entitled
to voto, and accordingly register their
names. A number of married men
concluded to strlko tho nnmes of tholr
wives from tho list. The rest of tho la
dles did tho samo of their own will nnd
behoor, and when election day enmo
round not ono lady appeared at tho
polling placo to claim tho privileges of
a voter. To toy tho least of It, tho la-
dies of Clarendon nro to bo complimen
ted Tor their good sense.
A Paris correspondent to tho Lon
don Daily Kcws o( mau-mllllnor Worth
who threatens this country with his
presence, and describes tho females who
patronized him In tho days of tlio Im
perial regime In Paris. "Cocodcttsof
tho Court," says this correspondent,
"cocodes of tho Bols, wives of specula
tors, shoddy tquaws from New York,
Calmucs recently Imported from their
nallvo stoppes, doubtful Italian prin
cesses , gushing Polish countesses, and
foolish English women, merrily ruced
along tho road to ruin," under tho su
pervision of this demoralizing man-
A Mrs. Wilms, residing at Middle
town, this State, recently plead guilty
beforgo Judgo Cadwalader, or Philadel
phia, to passing counterrelt monoy,and
was sentenced to flvo years Imprison
ment In tho Penitentiary. Bho assert
ed that tho notes wero srlven her by John
Mengls, formerly of Muney Dam.
Cammitv l.VTiri:Tvnor,.-It Is re
ported tlio'"Schlossbcrg," n volcanlo
mountain over-looking tho market
town of Hohcnoms, Tyrol, fell Inhum
ing two principal streets ot tho town
nnd burying over 000 persons ; nlso de
stroying tho principal church. A great.
excitement exists, In consequence, In
Transylvania. It Is more prnbablo that
tho disaster Is not volcanic, but caused
by n landslip. Hohencms Is n pretty
llttlo town In tho circle of Vornrlberc
In tho Austrian Tyrol. It Is built In n
valloy nt tho Toot or tho Hchlossuerir, a
projecting crag or ono or tho Immense
peaks or tho Nnrlo Alps which gird tho
Tyrol. Tho snows this year havo been
deep In Europe. Of Into thcro havo
boon heavy rains, nnd tho water courses
have been full. Theso may havo loos
ened tho rock, which, falling In hugo
imgmcnts, cover the valleys beneath
llko waves of lnva. Tho shattered
houses may havo been set on firo by tho
burning wood In tho hearths and ovens.
John Chinaman has becomu some
thing or nn institution, ns well ns n
fixed Aict, In California. There nro
00,000 C!iuc3o In that Stato, constitut
ing moro than ono twelnh of tho entire
population. In thoclty ofSan Francisco
nlono thcro nro 11,000, of whom over
2,000 oio females. Chlneio laborers usu
ally obtain from flvo to eight dollars n
week ns wages. Tho nsessed personal
properly of tho Chlnoso population In
San Francisco amounts to $1, 183,000 nnd
their real cstato U valued nt $71,800. It
Is staled to tho credit of tin Chlucso In
San Francisco that in proportion to
their population fewer of their numbers
nro brought before tho courts on criminal
nctlons than of, any other class of tho
Swindles. An oxehaugo says sharp
ers nro traveling tlio country appoint
ing farmers to agencies of nil sorts of
pateut traps; and when they havo In
duced a farmer to bocomonn agent, they
make him bollovo that It Is necessary
for It 1 1 ii to sign n paper which they call
nu acceptaneo of tho agency. In many
Instances tho papers so signed by unsus
pecting farmers turn out to bo promis
sory note, which tho sharpers bring to
town and cell for what money they can,
and then get out of the country, leav
ing tho farmer to pay tho note. Tho
moral of nil which Is, sign nothing, un
less you havo seen and read it carefully
for yourself and nro certain that you
can fully understand what It moans.
Tin: Roman correspondent of tho Pall
Hall Gazelle makes mention of a con
templated "crusndo" in Europoln sup
port of tho Popo. It says that forces
for the recovery of tho'Domliiion
aro being mustered in Belgium, which
Is tho heart; of tho movement, whllo
volunteers nro offering In every part of
Europe. Funds nro pouring Into tho
Vatican to meet every expense. During
tho last month tho Popo received 1,101,
000 francs, nndslnco tho 1st of February
tills sum has been swelled by -100,000
francs moro. This sensational story Is
added to by tho assertion that tho Popo
himself will lend tho crusade.
VoriNO aid to railroad companies has
been carried to such nu extent In
Wisconsin, 03 to alarm tho moro pru
dent business men of .that State. In
somo places tho property of tlio, "I":'""
.u, uwv.. mot mongages, mac nicy
nro ruined beyond their own power of
redemption. Tho Wisconsin Legislature
accordingly makes n proposition to
Cong rcss for tho appropriation of public
lands to aid theso mon in their dllemn
But tho first step should bo taken by
Wisconsin In amending Its laws, so
that tho railroads cannot go on-absorbing
ulljho substaucoortho country througl
which they pass.
Auollier Jllno Explosion hi Smith Wide".
New York, Mnrch 20. Tho lato for
eign papers contain nn account of an
other terrlblo calllory explosion In
South Wales. It took placo in colliery
No. 1, in Victoria Glyn, Ebwy, a fow
miles from Cwinrhondda, tho scene of
tho lato holocaust. Nineteen lives wero
lost . It was caused by firo damp.
Thirteen months previous a similar nci
c Ident and loss of life occurred lu tho
samo mine, which has been In constant
operation for twonty -five years.
It is said that Mr. Gladstone, tlio
English Premier, is In straightened fi.
nanclal circumstances. It may bo very
well. It is 'o tho credit of human na
ture that comparatively fow great
statesmen In nny country abuso tho fa
cllities of tholr oxhnlted position for
their own prlvato advancement. They
are, for tho most part, In modcrato cir
cumstances, and spend In their public
duties moro than they draw from tho
public purso".
Under recent Stato legislation, a ror-
norollon composedof Messrs. Thomas A.
Scott, J. N. McCulIough nnd flvo or six
others, known as tho Pennsylvania Com
pany has. resumed control of tho leased
railroads of tho Pennsylvania Central
Tho stock or this corporation Is noml
nally $12,000,000, or which $8,000,000 will
uo paid tho Pennsylvania for Its Inter
est in thoso leases, nil of which will bo
turned over to tho new company.
Collector R. M. Wallace, or tlio
Third District orSouth Carolina, reports
that ono or his assistants, named Ander-
son Cooper, n deputy United Stntos
Marshal, whllo attempting to solzo Illicit
whiskey In tho possession or n dealer
named Zicharlah Young was ntlacko 1
by tho latter. Both men drew pistols
nnd fired simultaneously, nnd both wero
instantly killed;
A SEAnciiiNa Investigation will bo
mado by tho French National Assembly
Into tho corrupt practices of contractors
for supplies during (ho war. Many
eases or irauds nro reported In which
immense contrncta for articles at oxorbi
tant prices were made, tho articles, on
ncrag tested, proving utterly wor iless.
Shoddy Is ovidently not conflucd to
tills country.
There Is serious fear that tho present
spring will not pass away without a
political convulsion mtspaln which will
overthrow tho Spanish Cadlnpt, if not
tho newly-created dyuasty. Amadous
I. is a woll-mcnnliicr man. but ll nnti
neither tho grandees nor tho pooplo of
rspain can no rely ror support. Ho has
no party and no hold on tho nation.
Recent letters from Hon. Hlcstcr
Clyraer stato that ho Is In Romo.nndln
goodheulth. Ho Is traveling In company
with n sister who resides nbroad. Ills
return may bo looked for noxt summer.
European War Xcn .
London, March 23. Fecamp has
been rcoccuplcd by "a forco of COO Prus
sians, ft
A despatch fronV tho Government nt
Versailles, calling for volunteers to re
establish ordor In Paris ollcltcd but
ismnll rcsponso In Havre.
Tho commune has been re established
at Marseilles, whore It Is stated tho
Mayor and General Perfect havo been
mado prisoner!".
No disturbances havo occurred, how
over, nnd tho proclamation Issued by
tho now Government has had n good
effect. Is quiet.
Paris, March 25. Tho otllelnl Journ
al of tho Central Commlttco has not ap
peared to-day.
Tho Insurgent leaders hive, howovor
Issued a proclamation Justifying their
courso of action, und calling upon tho
peoplo to voto at tho elections.
Tho Insurrectionary commlttco has
entrusted military powers to Colonels
Duvnl, Jtruno nnd Endes, who nro pro
moted to bo Generals, nnd will net In
concert until Menotll Garlboldl, who
was unanimously chosen to tho chief
command, arrives lu Paris.
March 20. Tho Journal dps Do bats
objects to tho proclamation ordering
elections for today that tho peoplo
cannot attend tho polls. No tlmo had
been given them, nor Is tho sincerity
of tlio measure assured. Tho ofllclal
organ of tlio Insurgents prints n mani
festo, signed by Btnvlo und Florons,
strongly maintaining thorlghlof muni
cipal authority, ns a dcfonco ngainsl ar
bitrary political encroachment, und do
mniidliig tho creation of nu army, to bo
composed only of National Guards.
Pari, March 20. All Is quiet, nnd
the city Is resuming Its normal appear
ance. Tho barricades still remain lu tho
streets, but tho cannon which wcro
moun ed upon them nro withdrawn or
turned Inwards. Tliovotitigcommenci'd
this morning, and Is now quietly going
on.. There are fow voters. Tho list of
candidates enddrsod by tho Central
Commlttco has been extensively distrib
uted. London, Mnreh-27. Tho Dally Xews
has a special dispatch from Paris stat
ing that tho elections passed off quietly
nnd resulted In naovcnvhclmlng com
munist majority. Tho revolutionary
authority is completely dominant. Tho
abdication of Admiral Soissct nnd tho
Mnyois increases tho success of tho
revolution, which within u week will
spread to nil tho largo towns, and ren
der tho position of Government in tho
rural districts untenable.
ThoDaiy A'cica' special despatch from
Brussels says Bnzalno is about to leave
for France, and Lcbrouf will go to tho
Tho Revolt In Algeria Is spreading.
Tlio Telegraph's special correspondent
at Versailles reports that tho Govern
ment ordered tlio prompt arrest of Gen
eral Garibaldi upon his uppcaranco on
French soil.
It is generally thought tho Govern
ment is defunct, and n rumor Is current
that Thiers will bo forced to resign, nnd
will bo succeeded by thoDued'Aumale.
London, March 27. Thiers Is credit
ed with tho remark to his friends that
when tho Gosxrnment has n hundred
thousand troops In which It can trust,
nn nttack will bo mado upon IMrN.
x-AKit-fiunrcn 27. It Is believed tho
capital will bo removed to Tours.
Pa his, March 27. Tho Official Jour
nal of tlfo Central Committee-, In nn
editorial, says the first task of tlio new
ly elected muuelpality will bo tho com
pilation of tlio character that will so
euro tho rights of tlio people, anil pre
vent tho rep resentatlon or largo towns
rrom being swamped by tlio country.'
An artlclo In tho samo Journal demands
that nil matteis essentially Parisian
must bo within the domain or tho com
muue. Versailles, March 27. M. Thiers
mado an elequcnt though brier address
in tho National Assembly to-day, in
which ho defended tho wisdom of his
policy, nnd tool: a solemn oath that ho
would not betray the Republic.
London, March 2-7. Tho Times'
spoclal despatch says: Paris has nearly
recuuicd Its usual appearance.
Paris, March S. Lo Soir reports
that 160,000 voles wero cast on Sunday,
about hnlf tho nuniLcr polled at tho
last plebiscltum.
Tho Ofllclal Journal contains mi nr
tlclo signed by Vnlllant, advocating
tlio assassination of thu Duko d' Aum
alo, Russia, Match 28. Tlio Plenipoten
tiaries of Fiance and Germany met at
2 P. M. Tho opening proceedings wero
wholly formal. Credentials were ex
changed, nnd preparations mado Tor fu
ture meetings;
l'lro hi the Woods.
New York, March 20. Twenty
square miles of wooded land on tho
south chore of Long Island wero burn
ed over yesterday, and thousands of
cord3 of wtod nnd other properly were
destroyed, tho totnl loss being not less
than $100,000. The firo began near Mer
rick, nnd burned westward to Oakland,
passing closoto soveral tmall villages,
which woro saved only by great exer
tions of tho inhabitants. No lives wero
lost or dwellings burned during tho en
tiro progress of tho fire.
The Brooklyn Logic recently pub
lished a long nrtlclo on " gambling nnd
gamblers," from which wo tako tho
"Young peoplo will gamble. Tho
church has Its lotteries and Its grab-bags
at fairs; tho press teems with tho bril
liant schemos ofrortuno-mnkIng by
drawing numbers from tho wheel ; tho
poorest tho lowest, whllo nnd colored,
togother will risk tholr last cont for tho
prospect ora"hll'' in policy, with ono
chanco against four In'thelr favor; Wall
street will gamble In stocks; oven tho
Sune'ay Loafers, who swarm tlio docks,
In warm weather, will hnvo their gamo
of draw, whllo tho younger crowds In
dulgo In pitching pennies, keeping an
oyo keenly pooled to fight a "peeler."
Young women gnmblo with their beauty
peaco of mind, health, reputation, nnd
happiness as tho fearful stnkcs, losing
fortune, hope, life, everything, by ono
rash hazard of tho die. They gamblo
with their health by lato hours, con
Sumption thin tolcd slippers and spider
tapered waists."
It is announced that Fred. Douglass
will bo tho Republican caijdldato for
Congress from tho District orColumbla,
nnd It Is oven hinted that tho District
wasglvon a Congrctsman for tho express
purposo or making .a plnco Vor tho
representation of tho negro raco.
wn il.n 1ap.Iai.ai1 I'Mmml.tlfttlpM nf (?itilm.
liln County, wliljni-ol lo hear ninU rr IS!!, ni
"l'tlr "lim lownMilpi of llo.ivcr nml Main, on
l- riiny. .jrn uihi.iiv uiu iwihuui
Iit-rucr, In Mnlnvlllo.
Jtllltlii. HalurJay, April HJ, nt Hit. liouso ot
Anron Hcm.
llrlarcrcflt nnd llorwlc't, Momlny, April 21lli,
nt Uio Ikumj of 0, W. Maugir, In Jlorwlcjc.
contro, Tuesday. April Mlh, nt tho Half-Way
Madton, Orcenwood and l'lnc, Wednesday
April :'UUi, nt itiu liouso ol II,l'nrkcr,luillllvnio
Jnolisou, Huuarloaf nnd llenlon, Thursday,
April .Illi, ut tlio home or W.l-'.l'Iatto, lu llciiton,
l'lslilnunroelc, Friday, Aprlt lljlli.nt Iho liouso
or liiuuuiios uiiuiigsi.
nratixo. Hacurdny, April ?JUi, nt tlio liouso ot
Itohr Mcllcury,
Heott, Tuesday, May 2d, nl tho Court Homo, lu
Mt, rio.innl, Mintour nnd Hemlock, Wednes
day, .May aid, ut tho Court liouso In Iiluoiuskurg,
lllooin.Tliiirad.iy, Slay 1th, nt Iho Court liouso
In llluomsuurg,
Catiurlssannd l-'ranklln, Mnudny, MnySlh,nl
tho liuuse or J, It. Ktstler, lu Cauwlssu.
n-mrlnjj L'rcclt nnd Locust, Tuesday, May Dili,
Conynitham ami Conlratta, Wodnesday, May
lot 1 1 , uttuonoumor William l'.lil'ur, lu outru-
Tho hours of mcelluff will bo between 8 o'clock
A. .M., iiu-l I o'clock, l'. Al. each day, wlit-n nuu
wlicro parlies cnu intend If tncy tuluK proper.
Wo nlso tnko occasion hero to slulo Unit wo
will jttvu to c.icli u j.ird of Audltorn, hy Hit- llmo
or lluliiltiK towus-hlp settlements, belllj April
lULIi next, nit bl.iuks necessary lu reuiluu to
lllelr uulles iih liiilulMl'8 ot HitL-ep uiiiuhko; ou
lug Ol'iult-imlljcupy of luws,nud c-elllucaii." up
on wulch to lopoHilu-nngejuud that wo will is
sue no orders upon tiny eertltlcatcs niter that
ilulu liulen-i tlio uudltuis navu .llrsl nted their
oalli 111 IliUoIUce.
'Aim niw unu insiruciions nro plain, -ino law
lu.ikluj parlies liuble, not only lur tuo blic-p
IM1I.-.I i,v ilor i,r Uih"4. but also Ijr miv utlier
damage dune lo a llock of hllevp," li uol to-
p I. leu.
( Injustice maybe, nnd no doubt, has been
due. iiom .no Idea, tnai n man nurd nut kill iih
dOji, or ilml sin li uog uaru nut bo mile J by any
olio tlso, uu iiii.lier uuiv Ulauy blieep heuiuy Kill
or na.1 i.uieu. . ... ,
1)uh tuuud within an enclosure lcttllnfcliOv'p,
.!., I liu-ii ii.ul Llitil-u he klllej.
'Hie dug mud, Milieu Is suiuewu'lt 111 nrrenr,
IIOM , C.tll HUUIl UU pilb 111 p II , 11 IIIU i.lW 19 l.llllt-
lull) snirluu out.
.i?msuin itiu ropis-iauy uatuu ubJ - J
InXlmlil 111 lllH lllalrlPt.
by meaus lliey will bo ilblo to litiko u
proptr return,
i.ucn persou wilt bo scrvo.l with notleo of bis
v.ilu iIIjii. And if liu is rnied wlili uiiytlilug lie
llai nut. It Is Ills duty to utlulul lllu uiHieui. It
swh n ililo loeianu ul uio hands ul u culltclor
tiut ti p.iriy lud uu dug, or ttiat bo luisnuucni
Uio lliuu tli j eullector e.iiiodon nun lor l, 14 tax.
T11.1 ii.,nbu ul.lulEM Ills.1. Hi must r.u. . Oli.II
hi-iit tj too As&ia.ois, null itssysM-b' oki-, unit
w ill lie euvutuu ns uuuvu Biu11.11.
WM. ei. QURK,
CVUU . lWlllll.NS,
11. J. IlLl'.ULU,
1 ommisMuiiur uiuei.
.1 (. W.M. KIllCKllAUM, Cklk.
Iiluuuubui, .Muau :i, isn-Jt
utiKi;tAs. tliftllim. Wllltiim Klttcll. 1'rrnlilenl
.Tn.itfo nf tho Court of jsv mnl Terminer mul
iloii..n.l .lull Dnllvcrv. I'nlirt tit Oliartrr KpsIihih
of tho lVueu nnu uouttni t-imuun i icuh imti ur-
nlmtru ('niirL in I in l l i .ltui r .il llKlllff. roiil-
limcil of tlio counties of CoIuiuIt:i, Miillhnn mul
wvonuuz, una mo mm. train iteir nnu i-mac n,
Muaroo Assoc Uto Judges of LVuniula eotiuly
Iiro ItKiied their iirecint. hciirtnir (lato tho 1.7th
itay of Jlureli In tho yvav of our lonl, one
IlllllIMllttl. PliZllL Illllllll Oil IIIKI HGVClllVoOllU. 1111(1 LO
muiiJiccletl lor hoMloy iiConrtot Oivr mul 'jur
court oi common l'lcui unit omhim'h Court, In
IH....sul.ii.-is In IhnPiiiinti' iiflrfililliiiil(l mi t llii
nrsi ii.omi.iy, neins uiu isi uuj- oi .ij' hcai
In t-nfiMtitin imn werkl.
TCnti.'rt w iiniriiv ifivcti. to tho Coroner, to Iho
J u I tees of Urn lVaee, nnti tlio Constables of tho
kiiiti muntv orCo uiauia. mat iiiev no iiuiiimu
thero In their proper pcrHon at lu n'rloclc In tho
Toreuoim of K.iUl ut day ol May, with their rec
ords ItKiulHlttonsnnd other remeinuinueos, to
dutliOMUhlns't which to their unices appertain
LO UU UU11U, A1HI UIOIU l list l, 111 U UiillllU t)
veen '1117.1110. to itrosecuto nualiiht tho lirli
oueiN that aro or may ho In tho Jail ol tho
K.iiii county oi i oiumuia, 10 do men una
thcro to proseculo them an Khali bo juhi. ju
lorn nro u-tiuetU-d to ho punctual lit their attend'
uueca-zreeablv tolhclr notices. Puled at lllooms-
burg, Uio -"thU.iy of March, tn Ihoycar
1..H, V of our Lord, ono thousand eight linn
ls v dred nnd tevcnty-onoaud In tho ninety
fourth year of tho Independence of tho Unltid
Ulouiusburj;, March 17, 1S7I. u'heriu.
iho following nnpralscmcntH of real nnd nor
bo mil nronertv EeL iituirt to whlnu'Horilci-i-tii.ntti
huvo been tllid In tuo olllco of tlio lu-glstcr ol
Colunibiu county, under tho UuIch of Court, and
will bo prchcnled lor uomjIMo eoiillriu.dlon, to
thu UrpiKins' Court to bo hold In Jdoombburt;, in
May, ltil, nt u o'clock r. m., ot hald day, uu
leas ux eel ll oils to KUeh roiillrnmttnim nm i.ikvI.
ouMy Hied, ol Wilth all peiooi.tiluteiet.led lu
ouiu fsuutH jii iuuo nonce;
, ui '-'"wi. rtMntiis.itltO'ornOClUt town-
a. Widow of Will lam r.ulz.lato of FJbUlnecvte:
township, deceased.
3. Widow of Juuas llulvitr, Uio of Locust town
fehip, dtct.asjd.
J. Widow of John Miller, late !of Urlareree!.
township, deioiHtd.
6. Widow of Pald Kcruley, lata cf Cr.iiiuu
township, decewod. .
C. Widow of Jacob O-jUeii, lato of Ilculim town
ship, do.:o.ihed.
7. Willow of Tiedo Kk Nau.i, lato of Uvaser
touiihhlp, deccated,
K Widow of John II, Watts lata of Ctntro
lU'SlinuiiP, UIIV.13 U,
l. Widow of Jos I ah J, Thomas. latoorroari:
crcelc lowmdilp, decea-joJ,
W. H.-JACOJ1V, U?sWer.
liesliitcr's Olllce. )
IHoouibhuiL;, Mar. 31, 1571.
-nEGISTKH'S NOTICK.-Xotiui: 13
XV hortby Blin to all lealita, eiedftois nnd
i'liouin iiiniiHi-U 111 UlOCMaiC OI UIO It!
NKH'tu ii dcet dents mul mnmi-M iimi i im i,,n,..-
liiji adiulnlHliatlon una guardian account havo
j'cou hied liHl.oojJlcooHhorKlater ol Colum-
".vo.h. ,iiiu win uo iiiLOfmen lor eouurma.
tlon aU'l allowi.nco in 0m Orphans' Com t, lo be
.1.' "urg, nn wti.tieMluy, tho
ol May, U7J, lit 2 o'clock In Uio ultciuoou
day i
l day
noon of tutd
io ;count of Pald I,cw1h, smriian of
in ii jum, iaiu oi fcUEsiuoai
H. 1 ho lli-Plilltit nrMtn'ifin T'lrlrmi.tnll ...
litiaKjr of JoKtph KliKendall, I.Uo ot' MlUlln
township, dec-tailed.
i3ii.'IjV'VtiC0UVt of Joh" l' r'orp Bnnnlian of
-- -.itnr.,iu,iiur iiuiu oi Jiuuaei j,amier,
lutool l'lao toMnliip,tUcoafied.
4. 1 lr.t mid final nrcmint of VcUr !'aUh exe
cutor of William O. Jlurity, J.Uo of Bloom town
t-hip, dteuised,
5. 1 Irkt nild flnnl nrfiMitiinf Itrnlitmln IMrl-c
ndmlhlstintor ot Mahlon JIJcUs, into oi Ctntio
lowin-lilp, deceased.
nt'mint of Jolm irerncr, ginidhn of
........ ..irummn, iiiuiur fnini oi Liiaiiei
iiMinian, mio oi uatawmsutownshlp.deeensed,
7. 1 lifi Ih I ril mnl fir nl 11 nnu ,if 'i l.tio rn..
olliijf, J i-.,iidnilijitrolortf i;u CietJliis, lato of
8. ThonuTiiut of Alfrrd Vxz nnd Joseph H.nck,
'Xccutois ofhumucilJclc.latoof CatuMiitown-
U. Tho ncrountof Ai'RUStusTraub, adminLstra.
tor of John 'irnub. Jaioor I,oeust township, do
10. Tlio aceonnt nf Mary Hupp. ndmlnlstratrl.v
... "tb" i'i'i iuiu oi j-ocum lo.vmnip. ii'
'V f "o nftunt vtyv.H. Ablott, ndmltilMiator
J-. TJlO irkt nildvflnnl rrr.iiiif m Tt TfHn1
way, hdiiilnUliator of Peboroh JHar.'lalo of
Lutuwin township, lUciuscd.
M. Tlioilrht nnd llnal account of Mury mtner,
T. . . " """'""niHinx oi jonu sillier, Jaloo;
Locust toWLMp,deieasul.
ul,i - "". ' iiiitiiu 4iiij;ejii.iicn,inimn
Utrntor of Jlarrltt J, Kjtr, lato ofBaott town.
13. Mnnl ncc; unl of Levi A. HMlay, ono of the
(M'cutouof (Jtomollhtlayjutuof Centro (owi
hhlp, dee acd.
Ifl. l-'inal account of Frederick nacenbtich. ono
U',lilt'ueciUtor' C Ucol!u HWlny, i.tto ot LVnlro
lowushlp deceavod,
17. Account of UlramlUKllin.survhinc and
Acll n cict utor of Uioigo Kline, lato or Urauso
lotwiMilp, ileceaHed.
I. Account of Illram It. Kline, administrator
f thoemnloof William J'.ittersoti, lalo of l-'lih-liificrcck
13. The flrfct aeeount of Samuel Crai'. admln
IMiatnr of Charles It. lies, Uio ol Miillm town
bhip, deco-feed.
Tho urKtandlnalaccnmitol Himuel Creasy,
ono ot tho cxcculciiof Henry 1'edder, Uto of
Knarcriek tmuiahlji, ileceased.
SI. The account of Jacob Mlno nnd llllrabeth
loik.adminUtnttorsot Henry VoMt.Utu of Locust
tow n Mi in, dteeasod.
2?. The final account of I.ewU Yellcr, executor
ofHelnstluu llnwpr. into of LocuL
1.1. TlmflniMiiii. -if r.ewla Ynftrr. n'lintnlKtrntnr
of l.'dwartl fcchick, lato uf Catawlt.a.1 township,
1. Tho second and final account of IVlor r.nt,
executor ot P. W. Montgomery, lulu of Oraugo
tuwmhlp, deceased.
23. Tho ilrst and final account nt l'eter I'nt, al
inluUlrator of JamcxAlcuiii, lato of i,ociiii towu
(.hip, deceased,
20. Tim flmt account of l'eter lint, ftdmhilntra
tnr tif Willlum M, lnl, lato of Huolt township,
7. Iho second nnd pnrllal ncenunt or John II,
Vaudellcc. adiutnlhtrator of It liecu VanUer
fcllee, lato (d IHoom township, deceased.
28. Tho n (.count of 111 ram IIcsh, adminlslrator
of John Ilcba, iuto c fJ'Uhluscrtoit township, do
ceased, 29, Tho final Recount of O. W. Miller, adminis
trator oflsabclIaMason.latoof llluom township,
0. Tho final Account of Jacob H L'veus, admln
Utrator of John T, Kveus. lato of Ureemvood
township, deceased,
31, Iho fiualarcouut of (leorgo IVnler ami John
realer, administrators of Kavilla lValcr. lato of
Ms ul UK creek township, deceased,
. , , wlI.JACOHV, ltculstor.
IUUtcr'ii oniea, )
IlloomsburK, MarI, 1S71, i
in tho Court of Common PJens of Columbia
county Ko. SI, February Term, Ml,
CAT1IA11IN1.HTI.SEI., 1 AUa, Hllhpirm ,
I'ACI. BiIMEii. ) DUorce,
rubilcnllou ordered.
tho I'llmr NATIONAL HANK of lllnnms.
bunt, nt llbiomsburir, In Iho Wnto of l'eninri.
vanln, nt tho closo of bunncm, March lsih, Inf.
l.omj nnd liurounls 4171.11 1 it
overd rails e.u a
ii. h. 11.1111U tiM-turoclrrnlatlun f.i.Ointo
surplus l-'llud
inscoun 8,(1-nr,
1 uii'ien, .1....!
1'rnllt nnd lioss
Natu'l. Hunk rlicu'ntlou outstanding si,5i.kki
Individual llepuMta
Cnshlcra Checks outstanding ,
United Hlntcsllcposlt
lino toNatlonnl Hanks.
" " other Uanksuiid Hankers ,
$211.1 Ml St
Htath of Pennsylvania, Cou.vrr ov comm.
iiia, . 1
T.1'""'' OtuMft of the I'lrst Nnllonnl
lit nk or ll.ooinsbiirit, do solemly nlllrm Hint Iho
iiuovo statem lit Is true lo tho best 01 my kuovvl
edge nud bcllct.
, , J. r.iufiiijf, cashier.
Kubs-rtbctl and nnirmna tn iufninnniiiii.-si
tiny or Mulch, 1971.
..... .iKArocK,.oiaryrui)iic.
Corrccl, Attest 1 ,
WM.NUsI,, L Illrcctols
C. It. I'AXTd.V, J '""Clols.
I Ul MAY TUUM 1871,
II loom Jacob PictTenbach. I,. U. lluport.
llrlarcrcek Jonathan W, llek.Androwl'ouIir
ncntou-Samuel U. Krlckbuum "iir.
Ilerwick I ,ov I Kurtz, Henry O. Troon,
LVnlio II. I). Iviiorr. Hninnid l)lMitrit nih.,..
II. I'owlcrl
l-'rnnkllii An,liltiL'tnn l'irr t i
Androw lhrman, '
i Hininierrelt .lohn u, Alleartr,
UlHorltiv.iUl1lnti3i-r Tn.n1. IK t.
.lacltHon Tafitson Kline, Honry Watu r.
I.neiiftt tloorso canor
Mt. PleawMiit .Ioenh Heeler.
Madison Hiimuel I'aruRwortti,
rmc'lW1 HoncsHCll"ylCr 1Uwm "awmmi,
rjiUAVKUSK JUI10113,
i Ul JIAY TlfiUM lbTl,
llloom ti. J. Thornton, Jonathan Cram In
Hiram I'ahner, John U. Moycr, I'hllht Unnnizst '
lliiarcreek Htenhen Klsuor. Wltilnni i,
James poncnberrf. '
iierwicu .iiioH i , i;rea-. jonn w. liowmin
Kenton John H. Kllno, Alozandcr Mclleury
lloaver Isa io lillngcrinnn, '
ConynRham Ihom.n ICIlkcr,
Cuiitialli Thomas UernKhty,
Centre William Htmirer.
CutawiHa J.i.uUHweult, Jcsso John. Uaultl ('
rihlnKcrePk-Ira Ktchnrd, ivtor J. Wcu-er
Nathan Mmlth. '
(hcenwontl John Cromly, Ooorgo Ma Urs.
Airon Itceco 1
I'emloclt J. U, Pdiist.
Pncust Mayberry hnydcr.
Mllllln-lt.uilol Pond.
Maine Mich icl Orover.
Madison 0. 1. Christian.
Montour fames (julel:.
(rane Pivld P. lluymnn,
riuo-HlntlrlclK Pve. Itlchard P. Wht'mo; i .
ItoarlnscreuU t-'rankllu Yocum.
Hcjtl M:ouro Crevellng.
?t.oosrsni.Tuf khmai-t? hoard.
Thii Institution been in NUcceanful oinra
tlon, ror tho last nhiH years,
'1 ho coorbo orstudy Is thorough, symematte aul
practical, and embrace nil branches tauaht in a
llrst-elass school.
With tho Ornnment.ilftuelins Music, Prawlnc
I'aliitliu, Hair Wotlc, Pi-ilher Work, Vx l rult
and I'Iowcm. Hpniii; Term commences April
a 1 1S7I. tor partkutTr-s, nddro-w
iob.l7"7l 21) M. or 12. W. WV-VKOOP,
" K H U It A N O 13 A CI K NOY
Fulton N. V
North America H
International H.X
Ntn'ira N. Y
Merchants ,
fSprlnixllcM , ,
KarnierK Pauville.N.Y
Albany City
Ptnvluc, Itorso Tt e."t
Atlantic. Jf. Y
Uurumula, , Y
4jnn t
1 ' o i
'a. v'
4i v
l.VXV'l i)
u VU 0
571 M i
fit. "I
4iM.n 1
1,H 0,1
6H '.'I
lT.UAiS IIU'JW-V, Avent,
PLoojisituno, 1
icut2I'7I ly.
"Alitcii riui.Dii A.soiir.i: worn;-
Tiin i:w
f .1 .11 E I.
it i i: i
wirii ovi.ii
1,11111) II.I.USTItATIO.S, it u i' i: it i: x l i: s.,
a rASiu.Y itncoiti),
I'Alll I. V A I. II II M.
TIinVICTOItl.U.I-'AMII.Y llllll.i: com m
storcliouso or lnr,irm:itlon thnt pan imly i
llii min i through Hi- eye. Its lllilstrntlniis i
ono Lack to t)wniat Important cr.i nf Uiou -aiulnisiof
tiiumsclves h conipi-oliensivo n-M .
of tlio Scriptures, rcprcsentlii-j tlio most Inter
liigVleirB.Cliaractcrs.HymboN.lllstiirlcal lis en'
LaiuUcapo Hocncs, Aut!iiittlcs,Uostuiucb,lk.i -liirJs,
Insects, rianti, Minerals, Colin, Mi J
Inscrlntlbnsniiil Incident referral to through
out tho Sacri-J Text. Tlicyattr.u-ttli9cye.corr.
erroneous impression, ttsviiltcn ucsv th'i.iilu
ami furnish cleaier vlesvs of nivlno Trulh i
lielp to rurenls, Ministers, mil Habhalh-- )"
'iVncliirs In riillllllni; tho illltlcs or their ccji , .t,
mul hhjli socatlons-niul to nit others to iili.w
liiuiiortnl souls nro Intrusted this il
l'lotorlnt VoluiuocaunotUo overestimate I. '
tlio IMItlon
Most Kullablo for tho l'nmlly,
Most Vnluablo lor tlio Ktuilentu,
Most Instructive lor tlio Tcnchor,
Most Approprlito for tlio Child,
Most Ubcful for Uio Minister,
Most Iiitoiesllt-ijfor tlio l-'armer,
Most HlOBint for tlio 1'arlor,
Most l'rolltnblo forthoSUnly.
Tin: r'icToitULrAMir,vcii!i.i:, in .nuin.i'i
lo tho foatures already alluded to, contains uiu
Apocrypha, Coucoidaucc. I'satmi iu Mitre, u
Kumniary of Iho ku-red Trullins tnuuht by Hie
insplrcil IJonl.-,. together wills uumcruus mul
compiehinslvo Tables and oilier Historical nud
llxplatintoiy Matter, embodying tuo labois ul
many oflho most eminent schoinrs, li
is iiriuted on tho ilncst ciicuderod paper, riom
clear an I open typo, In ono largo nad handsome
luaito volume, and is bouml lulho mostilurabli
and attractive ;uauiu'r, svlillo ths prlccn nro slll-
cienlly low to placo It within everybody's uiu h,
1:x1'1:11II:N"CI:d Aan.NTH aro wanted thiougii-
out tlio country for Its sale, with whom llbjuil
nrrangoiienls will bo made. An oppjiiuuiiy oi
euual promlso Is rarely or never proutod. Us
sales will not bo llmlloi to uny jierlod, but will
uonlloiio for n lifetime, constantly Increasing
with than owtii an I lutetllgtmcoof tho couiurj .
It Is thcreforu deslrablo tliat thoso who eugsgii
Willi us,i.haU ilosoiltlml6W lo inakliii! tlio
business n ermanent ono.
11IW, YOUNO MUM AND VfOUUN-lliosc is llo
would meet with tho most piolltablo of nil em
ploymcnts aro luvllod to correspond svlui us
Willi a view lo nu iigeucy. Not a fowkitcli nro
nowaverajlug from jJ to ;D0J milt
a Its sales. There Is n great want for tho boMc
and u rich field oirored, whllo It will elovaio tho
spiritual eondlllou by eoiistant contact with nud
coavprsattons upon Its biautlful niU eternal
be furnished tho siorU In niiQ,blndhiKs. This plan
Isqiilto popular and profitable Incltlesnud largo
tqwns. Wo havo nn odltlonof tho book, superbly
bound, with massivo panellod sides, svhleh his
been ovorywhero received trllli makad ris-nr.Mub
dcrlptlons for tho Pictorial Ulblo, lu this stylo
and lu this svay, can bo obtained to nu almost
uulimltod extenl, as there Is no oullav of money
that the Ulblo reader can make, which will yield
him so rlohnrcturu,
Wo aro nlso tho Publishers of roTTHUV
ami Photograph rubles nud Teitamenu-uenrly
COO illircront styles so welt knowu overysvheio
forlhelr acouracy of text, bauty of and
dUMbillty of binding. Always ask for Poller's
Htaudard Kdltlosa, and get tho best, Catalogues
oonlulnlug stylos nud prices furnished ou appli
cation. Tor Circulars coutalulug n full description ut
This PicToitiAr. Family lluu.i:, with samplo
sheet, ami terms to Agents, address "Poller's
Btuudard Ulblu and Testament Houso,"
John i:. potti:h a cj.,
M nnd (117 Bansoiii Htrti I,
m or 2i71-3m piiiiiAUEUUU.
' 1 oihnr fJnll'iiml Hanks 17,1,'isoi
fun-.., J1""1" n"d "inkers ml 10
Tax !xrensc im m
, 1 . 0 1 1 Osl HQ
i 1 'etui (including mump) V3S77
1 inViT ,'uT''ncy (including Mclii'ls) 211 00
.b- ""iuh aoiH 7,01000
,...,. 1 ro
, nonaum
is li'
110,1.1 -7
ftlO 37
0,9 17 .11
it! 21