The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, October 14, 1870, Image 2

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Sffa Opcrtumbinu
Trldnr Slornliiff, Oct. 11, 1STO.
J-TltK COr.l'JinlAN hl (lit l.itjMI
Circulation nf any paper pill.lll.lie. I In
orthcrn I'enmylTaula, ami I" aWn a
mneh larger aheet than aitjr orltieomn.
porerlen anil thererorethehelt meillum
for atlrertUIng In Ihli taction ofthe state.
OoTornmontal Dxtravaganco.
Tho Radicals attompt to cscapo tho odt
lira of Governmental cxlravnganco by
running a parallel botweon tho ndtnln
intrrttlons of Johnson and CRA.NT,both
of whom wcro elected by therasolycs
nnd both of whom wcro and nro sur-
rounded by Radical Cablnota. So far ns
tho President may bo hold rosponsihlo
for extravagance. In Federal oxpondl-
turos, nil fairness palpably requires tho
comparison to bo rnado between the
present and somo one of tho Democratic
administrations ono olectcd by tho
But nny oxtravaganco Is properly
chargeable, In tho main to Congress nnd
not to tho President. Tho latter may
bo properly censured for not using tho
veto power, and not holding collecting,
disbursing and contracting officers to a
Just responsibility, but tho principal
point of unjust expenditures la iu tho
Congress. That body originates nnd
finally makes all appropriations, select
ing tho objects and determining tho
ntnounts of all appropriations, and is
therefore almost wholly responsibly
wholly oxcept as to tho veto power.
All Federal extravagance about which
thero is complaint Is therefore chargo.i
bio upon tholttdlcal Congresses of the
last ton years, for in thoso bodies that
party has had moro than n two-thirds
mnj jrlly during tho period mentioned.
Nor are tho Radical voters themselves
exempt from thlschargoof Government
al extravagance, for they have steadily
sustained and voted for tho election
nnd ro election of the very members
who aro guilty of tho oxtravaganco
complained of. Tho charge, therefore,
lies properly against tho whole Radical
party, and to defeat the oxtravaganc?
It is plain that it is necessary to defeat
tho party.
Tho .Public Lands.
In voting away millions of acres of
public lands to Railroad corporations,
Radical Congressmen did not forget to
take caro of themselves I It Is charged
that somo own thousands of acres of the
lands thus appropriated, somo hundreds
of thousands, somo townships, somo
wholo counties, nnd possibly some own
moro territory than la contained in
somo of tho States I
Is it not high timo for tho people to
arouse, themselves to this stato of affairs?
If tho elections have passed, lot Rcpub
Hcans who disapprove such action uso
their personal Influence to prevent tholr
members from thus sacrcllglously
iquandcring the public domain. Let
them use their Infiuonco to induce Re
publican meetings to Instruct their rep
resentatives against it. Let them con
demn it in overy way by which they
can bo hoard.
Let tho public lands bo retained by
tho Oovornmcnt, not only as a source
of rovenuo to reliove taxation, but es
pecially for tho nso of tho actual settlor
as a nursery for independent men, and
as tho most practical means by which
poor men may acquire real estato nnd
becomo independent proprietors.
Tho New Stamp law.
Tim financial editor of tho Philadel
phia ledger, who koeps hlmsolf accu
rately informed in nil thoso matters,
gives tho following as tho requirement
of tho now stamp law :
On Saturday, tho first of October,
thero will bo no stamps required on any
receipt for moi.ey, whether for a largo
or small amount. All sight checks
drawn on any bank, banker or trust
company, whatover tho amount, will
require a two cent stamp as heretofore ;
all sight checks or money orders drawn
on any private individual, or company
or corporation, not in tho banklne bus
iness, will also rrqulreatwocentstamp
ii uio amount exeeds ten dollars. All
notes of hand, nnd duo bills of every
UPFcripunn for a iPFBPiim than one hun
dred dollars, will requirnnnstonin. All
promissary notes amounting to $100 and
over aro to bo stamped as heretofore.
And all mnrtpaerfi transferred, sold or
aligned nflpr October 1, will requlro
no new etflmp if tho original has been
once duly rdnmped when it was execu
ted. All taxes on pales, except such as
are now paid by stamps-, and except tho
tax on fbIps of tobacco, snutT. cigars,
spirits and wlne,, will now cease. Tho
returns for September aro tho last to bo
rpqulrrd under tiinlaw as Itnow stand.
Licenses and special taxes assessed hy
tho year will run to May 1, except tho
tax on brewers and dealers in distilled
plrlts and tobacco. Tho inquiry has
bcenmadoasto what shall bo done
with tho two cent receipts hereafter?
That stamp is used in common for re
ceipts, checks, and whatever olso might
covered with tho same amount.
Thoso who haveboughtthem to bo used
olely for receipts can uto them for any
other purpose requiring a revenue
atamp. Ten of them, with u flvocent
itamp, would cover a power of attor
ney, nnd In various ways they may bo
utilized until tho stock is exhausted.
.Members of tho Illinois Legislature
have to do this severe pleco of liord
wearing: "I have not, knowingly or
Intentionally, paid or contributed any
tning, or made any promises In tho nn
luro of n bribe, to directly or indirectly
Influcnco any voto at tho election at
which I was chosen to fill said office.
and hnvo not accepted, nor will I accept
or receive, uirectiy or indirectly, mon
y or other valuablo thing, from any
corporation, company, or person for any
innuento or voto I may glvo or with
hold on nny bill, resolution or appro
pnauon, or forany other official act."
It should not bo forgotten by tho
pe opio of the United States that Gonerai
Grant was elected Prisident of tho Uni
leu Htatcs under Jalse pretences. Tho
Convention, which nominated hlin, de
clared in tneir platform that tho decls
Ion of tho question of suffrago was ono
or 1110 reserved rightsof theStates.with
Which tho central government had
nothing to do. No sooner did Congress
meet than tho negro-maniacs uplt upon
the plalfotm of their party, and Intro
duct d the so called Fifteenth Amend
mcnt Into CongreM, which was after
wmds puKttl, teiljy by fraud nnd part
ly at the point of tho bayout. ,
Tho Bloomsburg- Town Election.
Tin: rni.i: vote.
Tho K'cond election in Illoomsburg
for town officers under Uio plan of ro
formed voting, was held on Tuesday
last, In connection with tho general elec
tion. Thero wcro to bo choson 2 Con
stables : two Assessors of taxes : two as
slslnut ussessors ; two School Directors
nnd three Town Auditors, besides the
usual officers of election for the two
districts of nnd West Illoomsburg
nnd a Justice of tho Peaco to fill n vn
cnticy. Omitting tho latter officers
from further notice, ns they nro electa
ble under former laws, wo proceed to ox
plain how tho former wcro chosen.
Each party nominated n ticket in tho
snrno form. Tho Democratic ticket was
as follows i
Constable Martin 0. Woodward, 2
Attestor John K. Grotfc, 2 votes.
Assistant .liCMor-Fredcrlck C. Eyer,
2 votep.
School Director Charles W. Mlllor,
2 votes.
JbtcM luli'ior John D. Casoy, 1
votes, II. Frank Zarr, 1 votes.
Tho Republican ticket being arranged
in tho samo manner, with other names,
it was certain from tho outset that all
tho candidates of both parties would be
elected except ono of thoso for Auditor.
Tho majority would carry two Audit.
ors and tho minority but one. Thero
was, therefore, very smooth work in
tho election of local officers ; an nbsonce
of animosity nnd sharp management;
no trading of votes and no necessity to
stiupglo for a majority in order to avoid
defeat and virtual disfranchisement
Each party obtained Us share of the town
offices by its own votes.
Wo append tho voto for tho BbvertU
officer's chosen under tho now plan.
Murtiu 0. Woodward 753
lialtter T. Laycoch 0G8
John TC. drote 493
Joseph Sharplcss C51
Assistant Astetsors.
Frederick C. Eyer 401
Samuel Shaffer Sr. CIO
School Directors.
Charles W. Miller CO:
Jacob A. Edgar Gl!8
Ibwn Auditors.
John B Casoy 367j
B. Frank Ztrr 3G0
F. P. Drinker 490
Ephraim P. Lutt 481
All tho above nro elected except the
ono lowest In voto for Auditor. Tho
Republicans In italic. 1
Tho following election officers, for
Bloomsburg, wero chosen at tho elec
Hon on Tuesday for the ensuing year:
Judge Ellsha C. Barton j Inspectors
John C. Jones, Freas Brown.
Judge Caleb Barton ; Inspectors
Mosea Coffman, Jas. W. Chcmborlln.
Columbia County Return..
Tho following aro tho returns of this
county ns far as received. Tho wholo
Democratic county ticket Is elected, ex
cept Millard, for Sheriff, nnd Yoho for
Assoclnto Judge, who nro beaten by
smith and Monroe, volunteers.
Democrats In Roman, Republicans in
italics, and Volunters in small CArs:
IS u
2 o
i a s a
It M 11 107 IU
S.1 119
to 149
lien ton ..,
a u m w 57.
nerwieK itu
illoora E. Warl17 lit 311 M
37 07 110 S7 1M
15 HI 1U7 60 1W
(19 81
.' W. Ward... 104 IS!) 15a 71
jirinrcreeK .no 44 in n
its lut ao nt im m ita 15 2u
137 HK C'J IS SI 2)1 2 1 17S
Centre 147 67 isi 7h lie on nifl m
Cony nuliam ... ISO 8 3 121 202 s t 133
Conynidinm ffii... 74 1
KlsnlnKcreek....218 tl 177
ItS 110 200 M
IU 00
SO It 2"S 1" 100
3 St 173 77 123
uieenood....., 173 154 vo 157
Hemlntk lfu At! xt ik
jucaHun....... . loieitfU
wen ...latest
Matllon I'l S 47 1!5 T 07 1W 100
Main.... lis u no a 19 VI 63
Mlfllln ...180 to SOS SO 1110 116 11.1
Moutonr........... t)U 40 41 45 M Ji U
Mt. I'lrtwast..... M 4.1 57 M 2 3t M
OranRe 110 tn na in . 1 113 44 74
Kino M S3 S4 61 3 1) 1:1 67
i"".tt... 12 131 JOS 133 15 131 S7 121 113
Congressional District.
Wo glvo tho reported majorities
below. The official figures mav differ
considerably, but will scarcely chango
the result :
Columbia. Mnl.
Hulllvnn, at. ''
Montour, "
Wyfimlmr. "
Bradford. "
From n mass of scattering returns wo
sift tho facts that tho Democrats hnvo
elected 10 members of Congress certain
ly, ana that four districts are still in
doubt. Wextorn Pennsylvania has
elected threo Democratic Congressmen.
1 no present delegation Btands 18 to 0.
Tho delegation to tho Fortv .Recnnil
Congress will probably stand 12 to 12, n
Democratic gain of fl. "
The following aro the latest de
Pittsiiuho, Pa., October 12. West
ern Pennsylvania elects three Demo
cratic Congressmen: Grlfflth.Fosterand
I'niLADBLPiUA, Oct. 12. Tho city
compioio gives Leeds 4.917 majority,
Complete returns from tho Second Con.
grcsslonal District elect Cresley by 414
majority. Complete returns from tho
Fourth Congressional District oiect
Kelloy by 2,500 majority. In tho city
wurus ot mo rum iisirict, iiarme
(Hep.), for Cougresa has n majority of
Bucks eounty gives a Democratic ma-
Jority of at least 000-n Republican loss
wmcii will oiect Reading (Dom.)
In tho Hoventeenth District Cessna
(Had,) has 951 majority, und in Somer
set county ho has 19 majority.
in tho beventcenlh District Morrill's
(Rep.) re election Is doubtful.
In tho Twentieth District Griffith
(Dom.) has 700 majority over Gllflllan.
iu tho Two n ty First District Foster
Dom.) has COO majority over Stewart
In Twenty Second District Neirloy
(itcp.j in 62 districts has 2,445 majority
Allegheny county gives tho Republican
ticket an average of 8,600 majority.
Ju Twenty-third district McJunkln
(Rep,) is elected. Ills majority in Al-
legheny County Is 2,070.
In Twenty.fourth District McClell-
und (Dem.) has 900 majority over Don
Joy, In Thirteenth District Mercur fRen.)
has about 150 majority.
Tho Radical Party Indicted,
A ruMj nnd substantial bill of in
dictment has been inn'do' out by tho peo
ple ngalnst tho Grant or Long Branch
administration of tho general govern
ment. Tho counts nro particular and
circumstantial, nnd each Item backed
and supported by well knitted facts and
figures. Thoso facts and figures aro set
forth In n document recently Issued by
tho Democratic National Executive
Committee. By tho paper It Is shown
that $IU,2oO,l79.C3 wero spent iu tho
first fiscal year of Grant's administra
tion, which Is $51)311,201,11 moro than
tho wholo expenditure of BiielmnniiV
administration nnd tho last year of
Pierce's administration added together.
Referenco is made to Items In Radical
campaign documents, ono of which
states that tho amount of reduction of
tho debt during this period of nearly 10
months, which has elapsed since the
outgoing of tho Johnson rulo nnd the
incoming of that of President Grant,
has been $ 189,0C9,0S9.17. Tho answer
to this is crushing nnd conclusive. The
Radicals extracted from tho hard earn
idgs of tho pcoplo during tho last fiscal
year, n rovenuo of $ill,203,477.G3. They
could well pay oh" n portion of the
debt. But tho question is what becomes
of tho balanco of the money?. Was it
stolen by dafaulters, or pocketed by a
host of hungry offico-holders. Tho Rad
icals claim to hnvo rcluced the Internal
Rovenuo taxes flfty-flvo millions two
hundred nnd twelvo thousand dollars,
after having Just told us thnt they had
collected slxty-slx millions moro than
they had for a llko period under John
son. What nro tho facts ? Tho reduc
tion of Internal rovenuo relieves twelve
Southern States in a round sum of four
millions slxty-slx thousand ; and seven
Western States in tho sum of four mil
lions two hundred thousand, whllo the
slnglo State of Massachusetts is relieved
in round numbers in tho sum of four
millions soven hundred nnd thirty
thousand. Tho etitiro government Is
controlled almost exclusively by Mas
sachusetts, she having, until recently,
two members of tho Cabinet, nnd still
having the Secretary of tho Treasury,
wielding moro patronage than all other
Departments combined, tho Assistant
Secretary and Solicitor of tho Treasury
und the Chairmen of six Committees of
Congress. In tho lato war with the
South sho furnished soventy-elgbt regi
ments, and has been piid $3,487,&G3,
whllo New York, which furnished two
hundred and seventy-five regiments has
been paid 12,300,103. Other facts of n
llko startling and pertinent character
are set sortli in this document, and each
count of tho Indictment sustained by
tho most irreversible proofs.
Senator Thurman recently delivered
n speech in Ohio, in which ho clearly
exposed tho fallacy and falsity of tho
claims'sot up by tho Radicals with ref
erenco to a reduction of the public debt.
Ho declared no credit was duo to the
Radicals on this head, and that their
pretensions wero falsa nnd hypocritical.
They did not mean to pay oft tho debt,
nor to glvo up tho national banks, which
depended wholly upon the debt. There
wero not less than seventy stockholders
in national banks In tho House of Rep
resentatives. SenatorThurman had ad
milted that so great was tho power of
tho banks In tho Houso that it hud been
necessary to abandon nil provisions In
regard to them in order to securothe
Funding bill. Senator Sherman charged
that Instead of wishing to rid tho coun
try of tho dobt, tho Radicals mean to
retain it as a foundation for banks and
ns a sourco of profit for stock jobbers.
10 puc money into tno pocKcts or capi
talists by an annual drain of Interest
from tho people, nnd to incrcaso tho po
litical power of thoso who rcg.ud a na
tional debt na n national blessing. All
tliesq facts will find n lodgment in tho
public mind, nnd induco tho people of
tho nntlon, tho "hewers of wood nnd
drawers of water," to return a verdict
of guilty ngalnst tho Radlcol party at
tho polls. Age.
Radical Stealing.
At tho present timo, tho Radical par
ty is on trial before tho American peo
ple. .Tho bill of indictment contains n
great number of counts. They aro nil
supported nnd sustained by tho strong
est and most indisputable evidence
Among theso counts Is one. chartrinsr
the party in power with having stolon
near mx millions of tho people's mnnov.
slnco'tlio advent of the Grant adminis
tration. In proof of this charge. Radi
cal testimony is offered. Tho Radical
House of Representative, under the
whip and spur of public opinion, adopt
ed n resolution In March, 1870, rrquo-t-ing
tho Secretary of tho Treasury to
furnish tho Houso n statement of tho
balances duo from Collectors of Internal
Rovenue, "as such balance appear on
the books of tho. accounting ofilqors of
his department." Mr. Boutwo 1 replied
in n communication, dated May 3. 1870.
and gave tho names of threo hundred
nnd forty defaulting collectors, overy
ono a Radical, appointed to office by
Oeneral Grant or retained In office un
der President Johnson's administration
by the tenure-of ofllco law, passed 'Xjs-
peciaiiy to contlnuo Radical plupderers
in paying positions- Wo glvo ono in
stance to illustrnto: President John
son wlsliod to reraovo Calllcutt. n do-
faulting collector at Brooklyn, Now
York, but tho Senato refused its assent,
until ho had been convicted of embex
element and bribery, sentenced to pay
a fine of tlO.OOO, and imprisoned flvo
years at hard labor. Ten of tho Radi
cal thieves named In Mr. BoutwclPs re
port had plundered tho government out
of $5,933,113. Tho remainder had n
smaller sharo of tho spoils. What was
done in such nn appalling condition of
affairs? Tho Treasury had been rob
bed. Tho thlovts wero known. Tho
Secretary of tho Treasury named tho
guilty panlfs. Ho reported them to
Congress, with tho umount stolen bet
opposlto to their names. But no ap
propriate steps werotaken by that body.
Of tho threo hundred and forty default
ing rovenuo collectors, only thirty bavo
oeen sunjecteu to civil bults, nnd not
one criminal prosecution lias been com
mo need. So far as is known, lit tho
profcnt time, not ono cent of tho stolon
property has been recovered. Too
thloves aro living upon their Ill-gotten
gains In splendor ami affluence, whllo
business men aro compelled to mako up
tho deficiency, in tho ehapo of increased
taxation. This is n specimen of tho
present Radical administration of puo
lie affairs, nnd the pcoplo nro called up-
pn to Indoreo that party at tho polls.
They will not dopo, nnd tlitisenc urago
more stealing on tho part of tho govern
ment officials, Ug$,
High Taxes.
Everybody complains of high taxes.
Tho merchant, tho manufacturer, the
mechanic, tho laborer, feet tho burdens
nnd groan under them. Property is
loaded to tho waters' edgo with govern
mental exactions, nnd labor robbed of
Its Just vnluo by tho Iron hand of tho
tux.colltctor. Each yearcocsHU increase
in tho demands of tho party in power.
Tho taxes paid In 1870 will bo in excess
of thoso demanded In ISO!), In tho large
sum of thirty mllllot s of dollars, and
there are good reu-ons to believe that
they will bo largely augmented iu the
ruining year, Tho Internal taxes collec
ted In 1SG9 amounted to $159,121,120,
thoso of 1870 will exceed one hundred
und eighty four million ty dollars, while
tho people from 1851 to 1805, during the
entire period of tho war, paid only srv
ten hundred and utnety-two tnillionof
dolarsln tuxes. Slnco the closoof tho war
they have been called upon to pay two
thousand three hundred and forty-three
million of dollars. Thus tho sticam Is
Increasing with fearful velocity. In n
timo of peace, with n small nrmy,andn
navy reduced to thopcacu basis, tho col
lections from tho people, In theshapo of
taxes, nro heavier than when theru were
half n million of men in tlio field, and
the war valve open to its fullest cipaci
ty. Why is this? Why should taxes
bo more onerous now than during the
war? Why should Incomo tax aconts
poko their noses into every man's busi
ness, nnd collectors their hands Intoev
ery man's pockets ? Because tho gov
ernment is corrupt, wasteful and ex
travagant. Becauso a-i army of office
holders Is quartered upon tho treasury
to eat out its substance. These aro tho
leaks In tho treasury boat which, If not
plugged, will founder tho lutlon into a
sea of absoluto bankruptcy. They can
bo stopped if tho masses will act togctli
or nt tho polls. Elect a majority of
Democrats to tho Forty-second Con
gross, nnd in a twelvemonth tho taxes
will bo reduced to somo extent, nnd
such a broad and general system of re
trenchmunt and economy Introduced ns
will mako further reduction a certainty
The poor man nowglvesonoday'slabor
In five to the government, In tho gulso
of taxes nnd increased valuo of all arti
cles used by himself and his family
Tho capitalism Is squeezed In all ways
by tho government, and merchants and
manufacturers find it difficult to make
n small per cent, upon their invest
mcnts, owing to demands mado upon
them by tax gatherers. All classes nr
interested in this tnx question, and
ibey should act en masse against n party
which, in a timo of peace, levies and
collects greater than war taxes. Ex
Neglecting- tho -People.
Tho Radical party has been In posses
sion of the Government for tho last ten
years, during which timo hundreds of
millions of dollars of tho people's mon
cy has been stolen and squandered.
Millions of acres nf tho public lands
hnvo been given away to railroad rings,
thus creating hugo monopolies whon'
area of territory is greater in extent
tlmn kingdoms.
They havu collected nearly enough
by internal revenue., and by sale of the
public lauds to extinguish the public
Tncy bavo created an army of olllce
hidden, eating out tho .substance of tho
They have passed unjust and oppres
slvo laws, in opposition to and in spite
of tho will of tho people.
They hnvo Ignored tho rihts of the
peoplo and legislated for monopolies,
in opposition to all former theories of
tho government.
They hnvo legislated against tho
rights and privileges of American la
bor, by encouraging Pug in immigra
tion to this country.thereby substituting
Coollo labor in our factories, mills and
workshops, to tho exclusion of Ameri
can artisans and workmen, who must
find other employments or starve, be
ing unablo to compcto with laborers
who can subsist n woek on a fow cents
worth of rice, nnd tho privilege of
catching rnta.
Tho labor interest of this country is
waking up,ns mny hereon by the mon
ster meetings of worklngmen in tho
largo cities. They seoit is timo that
the peoplo should arisoin thelrstrcngtl
to arrest tho evils now threatening our
country. Do not forget this: that tho
Radical party is responsible for tho
wrongs and injuries the peoplo aro now
groaning under, will so continue unless
they nro hurled from power. Lot all,
therefore, who aro in favor of nn honest
nnd Just administration of tho laws, an
economical expendlluro of tho public
money, remember that tho only way to
do tills Is to vote for Democratic men
nnd measures. Ex.
Death cf Robert B Lee.
Richmond, Oct. 12. A special ills
patch to tho Richmond Dispatch from
Lexington, Vu., to day says. General
Robert E. Leo died this morning at
half past nlno o'clock. Ho began to
grow worsoon Monday, and continued
toslnk until ho breathed his last this
morning. IIo died ns ho lived, calmly
and quietly, In tho full asnuranco of
faith In tho Lord Jesus Christ. Tho
places of business are all closed, tho
Ueiis aro tolling, and tho whole com
munlty Is thrown Into tho deepest grief.
Tun Radical party havo legislated
for tho negro and against tho white
man in Missouri, Tennesseo, North
Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas,
lioulflana, Florida, Alabama, Missis
sippl and Qcorgla. They havo passed
n law in Congress to arrest Unnatural
ization of white aliens, und extend ev
ery possible privllegotothonegro. This
Is tho constant drift t.f Radical leglsla
ttnn, nnd jet whlto men aro asked to
retain that party in power.
'1 hi: farmers and lahorcia aro taxed
for everything they were.oatand drink,
and Bhould they havo n few hundred
dollaia out on interest, taxes nro heap
od upon it j nnd should tho poor man
hnvo a cow ho is taxed for permission
to keep tho sumo, besides an occupation
tax Is put upon him, even If ho thouul
bo out of work tho half of his timo.
Tho capitalists who have invented Ih'lr
wealth In government securities go un
taxed nnd nrot-cot freo of all taxation
siuco tho Incomo tax has been modified.
Thk Stato Legislature will not differ
much in its politics from tho last, though
thero is possibly an Incrcaso of Repub
lican strength In tho Senato.
Thomas Chalfant Is elected lo tho
Legislature from this District by n largo
majority, ho having been supported
by tho bulk of tho Republican party, j
Tho Two rartlcs,
Ever slnco tho advent of tho Radical
party to power, wo havo been treated
to periodical homilies by nstuto mi 111
drivers concerning tho enormous crimes
of tho Democratic party and tho ex
ceeding righteousness and manifold
great deeds of Radicalism. If wo aro
to bollnvo theso erudite editors, tho
Democrats aro tho worst men in rxls
tenco and always havo been. Tnoy
plundered tho public treasury, weak
ened tho national credit, turned upon
the republic iu the hour of her direst
need, and now peek to regain power on
ty to pliingo the country into nn ocean
of dreadful calamities. Such nro somo
of tho absurd accusations put forth
against tho Democracy, while, nt tho
samo time tho domlnent party is ex
tolled to tho skies ns tho savior of the
nation, the worklugman's friend, tho
restorer of national fame, and in fact
"altogether lovely and tho chief among
ten thousand."
Now, It isbcarcely probablo that any
considerable portion of the readers of
the puerllo sheets which print such ri
dlculous balderdash believe it. The
writers do not beliovo it themselves.
They uso it simply for political effect.
Every man who knows anything utiout
tho political history of tho country,
knows that tho Democratic party has u
glorious history a history of which
any party might well bo proud. In
ded, tho history of Democracy's pros
perity for tho first sixty years of its life
was simply the history of tho republic.
This isan indisputable fact.
When tho government was about to
be formally instituted, two parties tho
Democratic nnd Federal sought su
premacy. Tho former bolleved In tho
people. It believed tho pcoplo entirely
competent tomanagothoutralrsof their
own government, since they had Just
preserved it from destruction in tho
tented field. Consequently it advoca
ted such n system of government ns
would confer upon tho toveral States
and the peoplo thereof tho largest lib
erty and the mo-it coraplcto independ
enco consistent with national security
The Federal party advocatod a strong
government. It had decided monarchial
tendencies, and was afraid that popular
government would provo a failure. In
love with tho laws nnd institutions of
England, it would havo loved to trans
plant all of her peculiar Institutluns-
even tho throno and tho nobility to
our shores. Thinking thus, Federalism
was Iu favor of placing thecitf over tho
many, and running tho now govern
ment in quite an aristocratic wry. Such
was tho condition of political affairs at
tho time tho nation came into lite. Tho
Democratic party under tho leadership
of tho Immortal sago of Montlcelio,
noon achieved n sweeping triumph over
tho foes of popular rights, and for near
ly sixty years thereafter, controlled tho
destiny and shaped tho policy of the
Under Democratic rulo tho ciuntry
prospered with u rapidity unrivaled in
tho annals of history, and thoclosoof
tho evoutful year 1800 saw bur occupy
ing n proud position among tho nations
of tho earth. Tho limits assigned a
newspaper article forbid arosumu of tho
lino of policy adopted by the Democrat
ic party during this period of our his
tory. The magical result of that policy
is enough to conviuco"tho most s opti
cal that it must havo been tho result of
mature reflection on tho part of the
wisest nnd best statesmen tho land
could afford. During all this timo tho
Democrats had been incessantly fight
ing their old federal foe. Beaten again
ami again, leiierailsm essayed to cap
ture tho popular hoart under n thous
and alluring disguUes, but deep in its
black heart lay buried tho obnoxious
principles which tho peoplo scorned
Then, as now, the fiercest malodlctions
or oaiiiftl tricksters fell upon our party
and our principles. Tho only striking
dlfferenco between tho present nnd tho
past lies In this: That the actions nnd
conduct of tho olden Democrats, which
wero most severely denounced by tho
fossils of whlggery, havo been most
enthusiastically ratified by posterity.
Tho future holds within iU silent bo
som tho secret of posterity's decision
on tho conduct of thoso who now wage
political warfare against each other. If
they remain freemen, their doclsion
cannot bo considered douhtful.
Coming Into power during tho first
years of tho country's existence, tho
Democratic party immediately set Itself
to undo tho ovll produced by tho brief
and obnoxious reign of tory federalism.
Its efforts wore crowned with success,
and n grcatful pcoplo continued to pro
long Its nold or power, which it used
only for tho best of purposes. During
its Ieaso of power tho Democratic party
organized n liberal govornmont oil prin
ciples of justicoand equality; It con
ferrod on States and pcoplo all thorlghts
ami privileges not absolutely necossary
to tho successful workings of tho gener
al government j It throw open our vast
territory to tho world, Inviting tho
pcoplo or all christian lands to como
over nnd help us develop tho mighty
resources which nature had given usj it
reserved tho public lands for tho uso
and benefit of tho pooplo, to whom thoy
beiongiMi j it crushed out romorsolessly
that giant fraud, tho United States
Bank, regardless of tho wealth or Influ
ence of tho managers of that mammoth
fir thoso days monopoly j it set its
foot against tho isuo of paper monoy,
and devised and kept in circulation n
sound metallic currency, until Rtdlcal.
win temp orarlly eclipsed both Democ
racy and specloj it killed ovory motion-
oly or scheme to mako money; it fought
to a successtul conclusion a becond war
with tho nation's hereditary onomy,
whllo tho fanatical yankeo federal
ists prayed for the suceessof tho British
arus, and gavo neither moral or physi
cal aid to tho struggling patriots: It ad.
dod a very largo area of country, to tho
nation, each tlmn recehlng the ncllvo
opposition of tho federal whlgs, hut no
man now opposes tho nctiulsltlon: It
originated u vigorous torelgn policv
Which galued the good will of our trans
atlantic neighbors, and caused tho stars
and stripes to ho respected In every
part of theglobe; it defended tho Union
and Constitution from tho nttacks of
abolitionism and dlsunionists, until tho
peoplo in a mcmentof excltemeiit went
over to the- enemy, And finally, not-
vwtnstnndlng tho charges of our nullmi
Irlends. tho Democratic party never de
frauded tho people, never administered
the government In a wasteful or extrav-
agaus manner, never oppressed tho peo
ple wiui extravagant taxes, and stood
by tho Union nnd Coiistllution of our
fathers, Just as thoy now do, nnd over
win, Thoso halcyon days munt und
shall return i Democracy has sworu It
uud tho outh shall ba kftpt.
Years ago nn English adventurer,
without money, without friends, desti
tute of moral principle, but lntciisoly
anxious to find n way of relief from pe
cuniary distress, found his way to Now
England. IIo soon discovered that ho
had landed among congenial spirits.
Tho New Englanders having found
slave labor not a protltablo Investment,
had, not many years beforivllsposod of
their human stock to thu Southern peo
ple, and now, having got rid nf tills
troublesome commodity, found no diffi
culty iu getting up a vpltlt of Intense
and vlrtuoui indignation against thoso
who wore guilty of owning nrm nnd
women for profit. So the seedy adven
turer soou struck n bargain witli tho
brethren and uwiiy ho went to scatter
the firebrands of civil war In our midst.
Dlsclplos sprang up iu all parts of Now
England, and the agitation grew from
year to year. As tho lnsectsof the night
flutter around tho bright but doi'dly
flume, so did many humane, but un
thinking, peoplo draw nearer and
nearer to this seething nbyss of fanati
cism and folly, until they perished in
the deadly whirlpool thoy had helped
to form.
On tho-ith of March, 1801, tho gov
ernment was turned over to tho Ilcpub
llc.ui parly. Now In less than ten years
what has this pa.ty done ? Wo mako
no pretenso of enumerating ono tenth
of tho crimes committed by this organ
ization. This party which -went into
power with such high sounding prom
ises, plunge 1 tho country Into a bloody
and protracted civil war; It violated
Its Holemn promlso lo wago war sololy
for the restoration1 of tho Union ; it
trampled tho Constitution under its un
hallowed feet, rendering i- an excuse,
if it deemed nny necossary, tho tyrant's
plea necessity ; it dragged peaceablu
nnd unoffending citizens from the midst
of their families, consigning them to its
dreary bastilos for mouths and years,
and then dismissing them without a
word of explanation; it suppressed
hundreds of Democratic printing press
es for daring to reflect on its war policy
and encouraged armed mobs to destroy
the material and maltreat tho conduct
ors of those journals. It told drafted
men that they might stay at homo pro
vided they felt llko paying threo hun
dred dollars for tho privilege, and after
receiving tho money, turnd around and
drafted many of theso mon again ; it
has given away millions of acres of tho
public laud for tho benefit of monopo
lists; it has revivified tho old United
States Bank, and this timo tho monster
is hydra headed; it has decreed that
men who lent greenbacks to tho govern
ment shall bo paid in gold, principal
nnd interest, whllo they shall pay no
tax thereon ; it has imposed tho most
outrageous burdens on tho laboring
man, requiring him to pay all the debts
of tho rich ; it has driven our com
merce from tho seas, caused foreign na
tions t'i view us with scorn, nnd brouKht
tho country to tho vcrgo of ruin ; It has
placed the ignorant blacks of the south
on an equality with tho whites of the
wholo country, and opened thtuloor for
the importation ot millions of Chinese,
who aro expected to drive whito labor
ers away; it has fostered official trcach
ery and protected convicted ncoundrels
from the punishment of tho law ; ithas
been guilty of criminal nnd reckless ex
travnganco, having spent much moro
monoy than nil tho combined admin
istrations which proceeded Lincoln.
And moro, this reckless organization,
claiming to pos-sess nil tho morality
anil decency in the land, has violated
every solemn promise made to the pno
pie, nnd whllo bonsting that it and it
ulono preserved tho nation, has been
constantly striking with fell design nt
the Union, ns well ns thereserved rights
of the States nnd people. Its whole ca
reer has been marked by n nerics of tho
inns glaring frauds and innovations on
popular rightN, perpetrated In thenamo
of liberty and law, ami it wll tlio as It
has lived, shouting its own praise from
iho filth which fmiotliers its last expiring
breath. Such is tho parly and 6uch tho
men pitttd against Democracy. Such,
in part Is tho damning record which
this would bo monopolist of political
virtue has mado for Itself in less than
ten yenrs. Its presumption is only
equalled by its arrogance, and thnt bv
its downright villainy. Tho peoplo will
decide, nfter examining the past histo
ry of the two parties, which has done
most to promote national unity nnd
prosperity, nnd which is most deserv
incr their support in tho future.
Thu Tehuantepko Canal Tho
chief engineer of tho Teliuantppec Ca
nal Compnny has JUFt mado his report
on tho subject of the feasablllty of tho
routo surveyed hy him In compnny
with n Commissioner deputed by Mex
ico. Ho states thnt no tunnel will ho
required on tho entire route, nnd that
no deep cutting will bo necessary. The
summit level flvo miles long passes
through a nearly levol plain, with a
largo extent of contiguous territory,
containing n sufficient ftupply of water.
Tho cost of tho canal, Including sixty
to sixty-eight locks nn oach sldo nf the
summit, is estimated at ?31,C30 000
tho calculations being baed upon tho
work done nn tho Caledonian Ship Ca
nal. Tho dimensions of tlio proposed
canal are: breadth at top, 122 feet ; at
bottom, 60 feet ; and depth, 20 feet. Tho
vnluo of tho cargoes belonging to tho
United States, England nnd Franco
which would pass through the canal
when completed Is eMlmated at 298,.
653, ; nnd tlio vefPels with an aggre
gate moi f urement of 3,019 515 tons, and
worth 50 per ton, nro estlraaU-d nt
$152,475,750, Tho yearly Income of tho
canal upon tho above tonnage, at $2 n
ton, would do 10.099.030 Tho naval
corps of officers of tlio U, S. navy, ap
pointed on tlio Nicaragua and Tehuan-
tepee routes, It is nnnounced will sail
on October 10th.
A IIopbkhoi.d TitUARurtK. Among
recent Inventions noted In England Is a
conirlvunco hy widen n pistol Is fired at
any dtHlrtd hour in tho morning, to
ornufo sleepers. Tho machinery next
proceeds to Heh t n lamp, to heat tho
water for breakfast puiposes. mid rlmrn
n bell when the water reaches the boil
ing point. After nil, wo (suspect that
tho pomnlferous who require bucIi aid
would wait In bed till tho water boll.i
nway, Tho machine, to be perfect.
should explode when tho water Is nil
In Luzerne county, Judga Woodward
is defeated for President Judirn. h.uI
the county has given u Republican mu
e my,
Ilfo Insurance
Without disparaging tho system of
Llf) Insuranco by Incorporated com
panies, which mako prollts and pay
dividends to stockholders ami Insurers,
the advantages f nuother description
nf Insurance may bo stated. The II ill-
road Conductors' Life Insurance Com
pany it an Institution of tho kind to
which wo refer. Upon the death of a
member, nil tho others mako a contri
bution of a specific sum, tho whole
of which goes to tho reprtwontu-
tlves of the tleceased. Thoro are simi
lar "leagues" among other bodies of
men. Clergymen thus nssoclate them
selves. Among tho clergy of tho Prot
estant Episcopal Church there Is such
nn Institution, which is conducted nt
tho minimum of expense, nnd this ex
penso Is provided for by tho initiation
fee. All payments nfterwards go di
rect to tho families of tho deceased.
Liymon nro invited to Join ns contrib
uting members, but not us insurers,
and an opportunity is thus given to tho
gonerous to provldo for the bereaved
families of men who havo no opportun
ity .to make fortunts for their heirs, or
oven to leave them n com pctuney. In
other churches tho Mimo plan is in oper
ation. Any person desiring to us-lst In
n work so eminently practical nnd ben
eficial, mny easily learn by inquiry,
what opportunities nro open. Phitadel-
phla Ledger,
The Radical rnvoritc.
Ono Item of expenditure under tin
Grant administration, during thu fical
year 1809 70, will, wo think, provo In
teresting to tho whito voters of Penn
sylvania. Tho Froedmen's Bureau is
charged with ono million three hun
dred and twonty-fivo thousand ono
hundred nnd ninety dollars und twonty
fivo conts (11,322 190 25). This was up.
propriated from tho taxes paid into the
treasury hy tho pcoplo to feed, clothe,
educate and train to Radical politics tho
lazy negroes of tho South, who,aIthouli
fu'Iy emancipated more than four years
before, wero still treated in wards of
tho government, nt tho expenso of tlio
whito tax-payers. And this largo sum
of more thin ono million three hun
dred thousand dollars was but a sm ill
portion of tho actual oxpsnsa Incurred
by tho government in behalf of tho ne
groes. Tho annual oxponso of tho No
gro Bureau, during its existence, was
perhaps not much short of ten million
of dollars. Wilt any loud-mouthed
Radical point to an instanco wherein
tho Radical Cnngrcss and administra
tion havo shown n similar extravag mt
sympathy for white mm f They cannot
doit. It Isn't on record. Whlto men
have to work for tho bread they eat,
and tho clothes thoy wear, and to pay
tax for the education of their children
in tho public schools, or full tuition, fi es
if they aro educated in private institu
tions. Tho negro alone is supported
from tho people's treasury: upheld,
petted, pampered , fed, clothed nnd edu
cated, becauso ho is an element of
strength to thu Radical parly, without
which it can no longer retain power.
Ilarrisburg Patriot.
Thk Death ok thu Wioki:di:st
Man. John Allen, noted two years
ago as tho "Wickeder-t Mnn in Now
York," died on tho IClli of lnt month.
at West Perth, in this State, where his
fathei resides. John, it mny horomem
bered, kept n danco homo and drinking
saloon in Water street, and turned bis
establishment Into a plnco of daily
prayer, under tlio influence of novoral
gentlemen connected with the Howard
Mission. Moro than n year ago, he
moved into a largo brick building,
which ho had erected at Roosevelt and
Batavia streets, and kept a grocery on
the ground floor. The tipper stories ho
rooted to families. At first he attended
to business, nnd proi-pi'red ; hut after
the deatli of his wife, his old habit of
drinking ovcreaiiio him. Ho livid iu
Idleness for six months pr vlous to his
death, and his More was without goods.
In August, ho went to his father's farm,
and remained there until his decease
IIo loaves over $100,000, earned chiefly
In his nefarious Water street pursuit.
Whllo residing in Roosevelt Mrct. he
frequently visited tho Howard Mission
in ids sober moments, and professed re
ligion. CunA. Tho law passed by the Cortes
of Spain, nbollshing Mnvery In Cuba,
was officially published in Havana Inst
week. Tho decreo does not abolish
slavery nt once, but only emancipates
tho children rf slavo mothers born after
tho publication of the law, and thoso
who nt that timo havo reached sixty
years of ago. All the slaves, when they
reach tho ago of sixty, nro to bo freo.
Thoso born between September 17th,
1808, nnd October 1st, 1870, to bo freo on
tho payment by the Government of $-25
each to tho masters. All slaves who
havo served under tho Spanish flag or
havo aided tlio Government troops In
any way during tho insurrection, nro
freed, nnd their owners who havo re
radned faithful to tlio Spanish causo
will bo Indemnified. The class of 'email
clpados" under thn protection of the
btato aro also declared to bo freed nen,
under certain regulations as to their
wngts. Hereafter, slaves treated cruel
ly by their masters will bo llboiated by
tho Courts ; punishment hy whipping
In abolished, and slaves united In mar-
rlngo canni.t bo sold separately, nor can
children under fourteen bo separated
from their mothers.
If businessmen will sum upall their
taxes and deduct them from tho profits
of their business for nny given year,
they will boablo to feel tho weight of
portion of tho load thoy nro carrying.
But only n portion. Radical taxntiou
operates in moro tlmn ono way upon
tho Interests of nil classes. In tho first
placo, they pay it direct tax on capital
and n vast collection of articles of all
inscriptions. Then comes tho Income
Tnx. This Is an odlouscxactloti, which
the Radicals enforce for thu purpos-t of
supporting a host of idlo, worthless
men, who pocket seven dollars and a
half out of every ten dollars collected.
But when theso taxes aro aggregated,
and deducted from tlio labor of thu
country, tho tioor Is not closed. High
taxes raise the prl o of nil articles In
thu market If n man buys n hut, n
(inlr of boots, u coat, a pound of beef, it
tiedstead, a looking glass, or u liouu,
lio feels tlio Intluenco of taxation. Ho
pays so much for tho article obtained,
and so much for Radical action In kep
lng up tho taxta to n war standard in
timo of peace. When business men
look at tho matter of taxation In tills
light, they will be prepared to aid tin
Democratic parly In thtir tilbrts to ro
duuw the bunluua.Ays,
Tint lloston Advert Iter sav ii,T7TT
experiment of employing Chlno I?
borers in ono of tho leading ,",
torles of Now Eng and Is iikol?
rum r,,.-. i.i.y in many ()u,cr .m
thu Etsteni States, and the 8itt.Jrct u
likely to becomo n prominent
In tho discussions nr the political cam
palgn In MiL-saehusetts and elsewhere
FNinVt-tinNUtB-On Iho ffltl.iTTr:
win J i;i-t, .Mr. no run KUlier nr d.
to Ml Kllr, Hoirlo.of LoctSt fwp, ,lnl
:'" ,' -'"' '.vill .nil Mnr i
horn, uhhI 17 yoirs,7 mimtii
ItlnoinRtmrg Market,
Wlicat per inialiol
llo "
Horn " .'
Onm. ' -.......
i-'lnnr per Imrrcl ,'
lovorf'ct '
nutter ..'.V.'.'.'..',
TnHnw.lZZ.'ZZ."'"' "
Intnlrpt ' "'"
Drlei' Alipll".
Ilnmi '
S'iIos unit shoiiMnr .'
'.'inl pT ihiuihI
No. I teotcli nl.,;
No. 2 " "
Ittonm H
tjemlnck Hoards -p r lhoiiniiit feet
einw ' " " (nut. iitpi'n"
lnll,Mcantllnii, Plunk, (Iti-inluck)
siilnirtes, No I pr tlimiHtiml
. j 'i
i iint " a. "
- an
.... I nj
.... in
.... '
.... n
... a
..... in
.... ?w
--. .
..... u
... a
.... ii i
.. i?ii-
- IU 01)
..... IJ)
..... 11 10
.... M
.... 7(0
... ' i m
Kino to t no prorulii-i of (he ubtrllif i.
JicK on town .lil,.. ..a i.-rlUiv,'.r',i5
ono l!hl) HHIl-hll, ono initio pot on ram.
icit fir rmpjMil, mi I till ii iUeJ tii. ,Ii?.p.'
must nil, piMvo property, piy cs,imn anluV.
II nwuy.urlt will lio illnVoi
'w. D.V.NIEl.rm-Sr"
.i.irtV..'i. iii-r. ii T-n..ii
1'ltA.Y COW.
rttrayo l from I ho premises ,f tlio unbi.-Mbrr
i',s.r,V r.K) 1 1 r umY cow. w,ii, nm!lSt
on tlm lowur pnrtur lior belly hu.I alontuwitrh
mil. MlioiitH uvo turn., four rthe nifiM , .:
nail ono Ntiititl ono. hIih Is ptxor kiwii rrari
f.mim lou of licr w..eri-ubouK '
ocurmai it. I'.OSEXSfO k',
AtcUi-oof IiusIiicmh, OUToUKHSlh.MJ.
Lorni". niul Discounts llc&,l5S!
KJ. n. ikiiiu- in i. hum tirt-llllllion, 6d,U(Q
lni from HctU-tMiiliii! unil lUsrrve
AKl-Iltl, S(,N1? ItuiiL other National Iluiku, '."hl
Curtcut i;xpou-t-H, l,i'fll
Tux.- p-inl, 7ii it
vi.-..i nvtin ..uviuuiiix "Uiiili-., 1 V7 ,4 lluciuuiUtf mcueis,
Lcg.ll Tend r; S'otcs. H,li3,
Capital toclc p.lUl In,
iirphl- I-'uuu,
4.11 .01
lr lit uiul Loh
Iii.llvlilunl Ii-Mioslm, 1W.WI.SI
Ciislik-rH die. kh otimtniultn-r, so io
Liuo lo Mutliiniil ll.iulCH, n,:;t, i
.-.jiii.iuiii ;uiK circulation oiaiiaiiuiDZ. t-i..
uiner dhiiuu una iinuiif n,
tl.'i.H: i o I
HT M K ny pi;MNv. V"
U.uurjMCW'jmJi.1. " "
I. .T 1. Turtlln. (-iislili-r nflh Kltt N.tlnrtl I I; nf II ix.nii.i ing, ilo i-o'.niiUv itllim trull
too ulx.vo liiiiit 1h truo,iothe. b.ibfnjl
J. I' Tl'STI.X.CMblfr.
Siilinil licit nu.l fittlrinf 1 l.jl-(ira m, Ilili ir.h
u.iy ot uciuuur tan.
M. Wiiitmotkh. y.itinr Public
Cult it n T.'AUrnt lollti 1C. Urotl.C 11. Pit-
lou. Win. Noil, Ulruetors
ll.TATK Ol.- VKklilTUlf-K LAUIlAm DRl'D.
t.i-1 -rt ol t.iltmiilhtnilt n ..a the isute of I ciM!!it.v(IU!aa. lmw Iji-i-u Kmolol If I
tli- IttKii-tT ol Mttil county toAwuewI.Au.iact, I
ILtul (i. l.niih:irli. .r 1'olt.M 1'rppll. IVI. rf), I
rt-f.!rrli-.c T.i.lil.i.pli. tit Mltinrl'tAI lowu.lll P.
All icis-ih 1 u!iiK ciiilnm i.bCHlln-t Hit- eta'..f
tho tin. ilint mo iifjiiiNitil to i.n-M-ia ll.Hinor ttiohi. l.tul to themuteto
itiuk c ). no nt lo tlu uiul. r... i:ii.l, mJtiilLlir-
turn, wiiuoiiiuoiuy.
octtl'Tu-Ou- Ailiuint.iriiori.
3 U li L I C S A L E
Ill purMt n c of nn of t!i OVtV.!
Oouri ..r t'oliiiolnu coiinlj, I'..., on HATUIIUA.,
noon, ji orriMt.ii i.. juckmii.. wj.o wnnii'i-'i.
liy lliu citiiiini.fc'CMiii i.fMl.l i.unlv liipmoi
..r. . Tnhn D.O.B-1
port, I.Uh or Hint It k. In' wil.l c. umy tl' J;
will upfiko to ml.-, hy puMlf- Mtduf, oa at I
(.ttllntB I ii llie r.nrnuBli of Uorwlf-k, In tlw rnoiltr
or uoinniuiu mm Mititnii i t'ioiv """.. "',), I
. il h ml ilcM-rlbotl ns follows to wll : tin the oortll I
OX 11" 1. S.l.i.,.l lilt. . IIB. v-ni" . I
Kouth hy l'iiiMHtrc-ut nu.l on thwt-.t i.y rj noil
Klrout, lii'liw lot .No. H of town plot ttfVi B r
diiuti ol Hcrwtclc. fi.uiiilnliie friyuienJ" I
l.ltll irt't ll.lllt.
V a r. it A it r. 15 iii: AX. ESTATE-
In punmunco of nn or.Icr of the "JiVO-l
nfCohinihin county. I'a on H..TlIIUA'.y I
VIIMIIKK I2lli.ul It-Il oclo.l In 'l"'u.r I
AIH'II U'UUt WUitri Hill"" nm y nil
of Mlln'ftit "eni'lna", JI
llcnnlun-r, Mnh.ifo Ilcnnlns'-r ul H
ll-nniiiBor, minor t-hlt.lren nf ll'Vj c"a"T 1
if' I, in i.H.i'i iwn..".... ..... OB I
eeiiveil will exi iiho Ii. mlf. h' po."".0 rl I
the premls., iho Hanoi '""; ,..1
wnn iitiiiartlHuU described a VM?,bIi I
ou the norm by lanil of J lm 'luP"VtTli
ltamer nnrt Joseph Mli.nnoii.nri in'",'yi",i,l
of Daniel Hii itim and John Hlq'er."V
on the nouth by land of Char f i &,n.
and nn tl o u em hy land" of I.llzalf n .,,.rl
ai,dJo-e.n Hiiunan. The other uu-ilw"
pail thttiof Li-Inn owned uy uu""---
lit, llie anmo moro or Ioi. ,tv ,, vvr t'rk.
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