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rrlday Moi iilngr, May 13, 18TO.
f-TIIK COl.tlMItlAlV ha. the Largest
Circulation of nny iier published III
Northern lciiin)lrnl, mid Is alia ft
much larger .heel than any of Its cotciii
parrlei uil la therefore the best medium
for Kdrertliliiff In this section oftha Slate
Gin and Milk.
Tlio Inventor and, probably, tho solo
consumer of tlio above remarkablo bov
orngo Is tholtov. Chutlea B. Smythr, ft
I'ro3byterlan preacher, whoso trial, on
the chargoorabRorblngthosalil mixture,
lias roccntly tnkon placo befuro a rever
end body or his peers. From tho facts
brought forth during this ap
pears that tho Itov. Cliarlc?, did, on a
certain Sunday morning, In company
with two reporters or n "sensation"
paper, enter a restaurant and then and
thcro partake of gin and milk. Tlio de
fence offered was, that ho drank It as a
medicine. Now this is doubtless a
strong point and worthy of cons!dcra
tion, for it seems Imposslblo that any
well regulated stomach could havo re
ceived such a heterodox doso as any
thing clso but medicine. But why
should tho Rev. gentleman vex his sys
tem with so vllo an admixture when
tlio Pharmacopeia offers so much that
Is nasty and unpleasant, and why par
tako thereof In a restaurant, on Sunday,
and with reporters of a "sensation"
paper? Wero theso adjuncts necessary
to render tho dosoadditloualiy unpIcaS'
ant? Mr. Smytho further states that
not thinking it right and proper so to
do, on tho Sabbath. Now this is really
very delicate. It was all right to go to
the restaurant, step up to tho bar and
drink this beastly combination of tin
combinablo fluids, which even tho re
porters aforesaid could not swallow,
but It wa3 wrong to pay, afterwards.
Oh 1 Smythe, Smytho, wo should fancy
you would blush at tho sight or juniper
berries and weep upon meeting a cow.
The XVco Voto in Illinois.
In tlio Illinois Constitutional Conven
tion, May 1th, 1870, tho report of tho
Commlttco on Miscellaneous Corpora
tions was considered, when tho follow
ing important amendment to tho Con
stitution, reported by the committee,
was agreed to by a unanimous vote.
Bemarks In its favor wero made by Mr.
Mcdill, Mr. Browning, Mr. Coolbaugh
and Mr. Haines of Lake :
"Tho General Assembly shall provide
by law that In all elections for directors
or manncrers of incorporated companies.
every stockholder shall havo tho right
to vote, in person or by proxy, for tlio
number of shares of stock owned by
him lor as many persons as tnero are
directors or managers to bo elected, or
to cumulate said shares and givo one
candidate as many votes as the number
of directors or managers multiplied by
his number of shares of stock shall
equal, or to distribute them on tho samo
principle among as many candidates as
ho shall think fit ; and such directors
or managers shall not bo elected In any
other manner after tho adoption of this
That means reform on an extcnslvo
scalo in corporate action. Every Incor
porated company In Illinois is brought
under the new plan of voting, thus so
curing Just representation to tho stock
holders and striking an effectual blow
at mismanagement, favoritism and cor
ruption. Thanks to tho good men of
Illinois for this important step in tho
course of reform I
Indian Fighting.
In view of tho recent hostilities be
tween the whites and Indians and tho
imminent danger of a general war, it is
not out of placo to properly estimate
the fighting qualifications of tho red
men. It lias been stated, as coming
from high military authority, that tho
4000 available troops on tho plains aro
fully equal to the 10,000 of their oppon
ents, now in arms. This may bo true
and would bo, doubtless, if a pitched
battle wero to be fought, but tills is not
tho Indian method of warfare They
scatter and light at long ranges, care
fully avoiding actual collision in bodies,
trusting to a harrasslngsystcm of night
attacks and tho cutting off of scouting
parties and detached companies rather
thana general engagement. It will take
much time, trouble and expanse, and
many Uvea to subdue 10,000 determined
savages, with an unlimited territory to
roam over. Jt is not to be doubted,
that tho troops would eventually con
quer, but the final accomplishment of
tho defeat and subjugation would not
be a work of days nor ouo of llttlo mo
ment as many persons seem to imagine.
It Is always n weak point in an uriny to
begin a war with too coutemptlbio an
opinion of tho enemy.
Secretary Boutwell.
Wo do not bcllovo that the pooplp of
the United States will, In time to como,
look back upon tho administration of
Mr. Boutwell with anything HUoa feel
ing of pride, or assign to him a promi
nent position amongst financiers. Tho
unanimous opinion on both sides of tlio
Atlantic Is, that as a Secretary of tlio
Treasury ho Is a most decided failure.
Tlio reason is, not that Mr. Boutwell Is
designedly a mlsmanagcr of tho finan.
cos, but that ho lacks ublllty and decls
ion. Tho orders issued from tho Trcas
ury in tho morning are Uablo to bo
modified or recalled by noon, and by
this vacillating, and undecided course
lie has succeeded in destroying all faith
in him and frequeutiy in Inlllctiii
serious Injury to tlio markets. Ho Is a
representative of tho class of second
rate men appointed by Mr. Grant.whoso
strongest point Is tho selection of unfit
and Incapablo politicians to fill Impor
tant ofllces. Mr. Boutwell Is Immeas
urably Inferior to either Mr. Chase, Mr,
Fessendcri or Mr. McCulIoch, having
neither tho natural ability, prudonco
or decision which thoy possessed.
The following gentlomen oftheRad
leal persuasion aro desirous of being
nominateu ior Governor of this State
General Jno. F. Ilurtranft, Colonel
Jj. H. Cake, Hon. G, Dawson, Gouornl
Lemuel Todd, James II. Campbell,
Wayne M'VoIgh, John Cessna, Thos
E. Cochran, Francis Jordan, J. M.
Campbell, D. J. Morrell, Harry AVhlto,
W. W, Kef chum, Horace Porter, James
L. Graham, Geo. V, Laureuco, Ellstm
W. Davis, E. Blllingfelt, Wlliner
Worthlngton, John Covode and J. W.
Forney. Other announcements will bo
made in duo tioio.
Tho French Election.
Tlio voto on tlio plebisoitum which
look placa in franco on Sunday last
resulted In un overwhelming majoilty
In Its favor. Tlio meaning or tlio word
plebtscitum may not bo known to some
readers and wo woutdsay hero that It Is a
law mado by tho peoplo by direct voto
without tho Intervention or tho leg
islature. Tho following U tho iuc.-ttlon
which waa submitted to the voto of tlio
French people:
Will tho peoplo ncccpt tlio liberal
modifications of tlio constitution of 1832
on tho following bases:
1. Responsibility of Ministers in pro
senco of tlio Chambers.
2. Institution of two Legislative
8. RiStoratlon of tho constituent
power to tho nation.
Tlio majority in Its Aivor will proba
bly exceed flvo millions. Although nom
inally It purports to bo in advocacy or
liberal reform, yet Its real object is to
sccuro by a popular voto tho national
ncccptauceofthosouof tho present Em
peror as tho next occupant or tho throne;
in other words to guarantee his titlo as
Napoleon IV. Tho plebisciliun Is so
cunningly worded, that those, who aro
opposed to the Government, In voting
against it aro forced, by so doing, to
voto as well against liberal reform.
Tho election passed off qulotly, no
disturbances having occurred oven in
disaffected districts. Tlio voto was a
largo one, oxcocdlng eight millions .
Somewhat Severe.
For fear somo of our rcaderj may in
tend to remoo to Cincinnati, wo pub
lish tlio subjoined article, showing
what frightful conditions of physical
demoralization obtain In that city.
One of tho cltlzoiu having died sud
denly, a physician after examination
made tho following roport or tho pro
bable, causo of dorttli. Wcwondor thnt
tlio nnfortuuato deceased held out ns
long as ho did.
"It Is evident, I think, that Mr. W.
had a phlegmonous Inflammation of tho
fauces, which involved tho tonsils, tho
adjacent areolar tissue, tho solt palate,
the epiglottis, and tho superior vocal
cords. An cedematus stato of the
arytenoeiilglottidcan folds ensued,
constituting that condition known us
cedema of the glottis. Tho modo of
death was by apneca, n considerable
Increase in tho effusion suddenly tak
ing placo whllo he was asleep."
Pennsylvania Stato Sunday School
Tho Annual Convention will bo held
at Harrlsburg, Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday, Juno M, 15, and 10.
Gcorgo II. Stuart, Esq., Is expected to
preside. Each Sunday-school in tho
Stato is requested to send two or more
delegates. Pastors and Sunday school
workers aro also Invited to nttond and
participate. It is requested that tho
names of thoso who expect to attend
shall be sent to Rev. Thomas II. Rob
inson, D. D., Chairman, or John M.
Sayford, Esq., Secretary, of tho local
commlttco of arrangements at Harrls
burg, on or boforo tho first day or Juno,
so that places or entertainment may bo
Secretaries of county organizations
are requested to immediately send their
address to tho Stato Secretary, Lewis
D. Vail, Esq., 703 Sansom Street, Phila
delphia, so as to rcceivo printed details.
Whero thero is no organization, tho
Secretary wishes to correspond witli
somo earnest Sunday-school worker,and
rdquosts that his or her namo bo for
warded to him.
Pennsylvania Rcscrvo Association.
Tho next annual meeting of tho sur
viving officers and soldiers of tho Penn
sylvania Reservo Volunteer Corps, will
bo held on Tuesday May 17, at Lock
Tho oratorof the day will bo Col. Wm.
B, Mann, of tho 2d Regiment.
District associations and Individual
mcmbersdcslriugoxcurslon tickcts,will
address Major John C. Harvey, Record
ing Secretary, Chesapeako Nail Works,
Harrisburg, Pa., who has been nego
tiating with tho Pennsylvania Central
and Northern Central Railroads.
It is deslrablo to havo as largo a turn
out as posslblo on the occasion, or tho
members or this grand old Division.
Tho Lock Haven boys havo mado
great preparations for the reception of
their old comrades, on tho occasion.
Vico President.
John H. Taqqaut,
Corresponding Secretary.
Destructive Firo in tho Mountains.
White nAvr.N, Luzerno county
May 4,1870. Extcnslvo flre3 Jiavo been
burning In the mountains around tills
place for soveral days. To-day thoy
approached tlio lino of tho railroad and
caused somo detention to tho trains,
Those that passed down tho Lehigh had
to run thogauntlot of flames and donso
smoke. Tholargolumberlngostablish
incuts of Thos. McICean and Stoddard,
Braden & Co. caught firo and nro still
burning. It is estimated that In each
of their piling yards thero Is fiOO.000 ieot
of lumber valued at $20 per thousand.
Thero Is no hopo of saving any of it.
Great fears nro entertained that tho nu
merous contiguous mills will bo reached
by tho firo and destroyed. If tho flames
aro not stayed boforo thoy roach tho
mills tho wholo town of Whlto II a von
will bo placed in Jeopardy. Thero has
been no rain In this locality for somo
Umo,and ovorylhlng combustlblo burns
liko tinder. It is supposed that tlio firo
was Btarted in tlio leaves and under
growth of tho forests by sparks from a
passing locomotive.
l'OSTMAeTEH ClllMWF.LL would bo
ublo to reduco letter postage from threo
to two cents por half ounce If tho frank
ing business wero abolished. It would
manifestly, therefore, bo greatly to tho
advantago of tho public If tho Senate
passed tho Bill, which tho Houso sent
to It, carrying out tho proposed reform.
But Senators do not liko tho idea of
paying tho postagoon thelrown letters.
The bill Is to be quietly strangled. Tho
public cannot reasonably expect to en
Joy relief at tlio oxpouso of its solf-sacrl
flclng representatives in Congress.
The citizens of Helena, Montana, on
Monday, proceeded Inavory deliberate
manner to try two prisoners, A. Lo.
compton and James- Wilson, who con
fessed tho robbory and attempted mur
der of a citizen on tho 27th of April. A
committee- of twenty-four was named
lotry the caso: a verdict was found at
2 P. H. i and at 4 v. h. the prisoners
wero executed by hanging them ton
Court Proceedings.
Thursday, May C, 1870.
Samuel Mellenry and Joslah Klino
v John Ittchnrds and S. F. Richards.
On motion of Mr. Brockwny, rulo to
show causo why tho appeal should not
bo stricken olfj contiuuod.
John McAnall vs Jeremiah Jncoby.
Jury return a verdict for tho plaintiff
for $183.00.
In tho matter of tho cstato or Gcorgo
Pfell deceased. Petition to reopen ac
count; on motion of C. B. Brockway,
II. II. Grotz, Esq., continued as audit
or. In tho account of tlio administrators
or Isaac Richnrds deceased. On motion
or E. R. Ikclcr, Esq., O. G. Barkley,
Esq. appointed auditor to distrlbuto
proceeds In tho administrator's hands
among tho heirs.
ThoCatnwIssa Rail Road Company
vs tho Danvilio llazlcton and Wilkes
Barro Rail Road Company. Tho do
fondant moves to dlssolvo the Injunc
tion in this case.
Sheriff's Deed to A. B. Stowart for
tract of land In Brlarcreek and Fish
ing crock townships.
Sheriff's Deed to Isaac K, Schwcp
penholscr for a tract or land in Mifilin
Sheriff's Deed to Jacob Schuyler for a
lot of ground In Bloomsburg.
Tho Danville, llazlcton and Wilkes
barro Rail Road Company vs William
McKolvy Defendant's counsel moves
to dlssolvo tho injunction obtained by
Plaintiff in this case. Rulo granted to
show causo,
J. S. Brobst vs Jacob Bower by
agreement of counsel W. II. Abbott,
Esq., appointed auditor to mako report
distributing tho procoodsor tho Sheriff's
Petition or C. B. Brockway Executor
or Isaac Davis deceased: rulo to show
causo why an order or salo should not
bo made,
Petition for roviow of road near tho
houso of John Wnnich In Mount Ploas
ant towusliip. Stephen II. Minor,
Joslah II. Furman and Peter Illllmycr
Petition for a road in Fishlngcrcok
township near tho houso of William
Ikcler Samuel Roan, John J. Mellenry
and Benjamin Warner viewers
Petition for n ro-viow of a road In
Hemlock township near Gcorgo White
night's-Stephou Baldy, Clinton Ellis
and 8. D. Rluard ro-viowers,
Petition for view of n road in Jack
son township near David Young's S.
A. German, Enoch Fox and Joseph
Dribleplcco viewers.
Petition for appointment of viewers
to extend Fourth Streot in Uloomsburg
westward from Market Street M. G.
Hughes, Gcorgo Scott and Joseph B.
Knlttlo viewers
Petition for a bridgo In Sugarloar twp.
over West Crccek C. B. Mellenry,
John Sutton and William Ikcler view
Petition to lay out and vacate a road
in Orangovlllo near David Herring's
Grist Mill Robison Ikcler, Peter Caso
and I. K. Krickbautn viewers.
Petition for a road In Scott twp. near
Trench's Mill dam Charles H. Doeb
ler, John K. Grotz and J. J. Robblns
Petition for a roviow of a road in
Briarcteek twp,, near Henry Doak's,
John Snyder, David Herring and A. B,
Stowart ro-vlewers.
Petition lor a road near John Wa-
nich's in Mount Pleasant township E.
G. Ricketts, Rohr Mellenry and Miles
Williams viewers.
Petition for a private road in Benton
Township near Andrew Runyan's
house Ezekicl Cole, (Jackson,) David
Yocura and Jefferson Fritz vlowers.
Potition for n ro-viow of a road in
Franklin township Valentino
Voght's James McNinch, C. Rawnnnd
Clinton Margcrum vlowers.
Report of viewers of a road In
Bloomsburg near O. A. Jacoby's con
firmed ul. si. and width of road fixed
at fifty feet.
Report of re-viewers in Catnwlssa
township near Hughes' Foundry con
firmed nl. si. and width of road fixed
at elghty-threo feet.
Roport of road in Conynghnm town
ship near tho "Rod Tavern" confirm
ed. Report of ro-vIower3 of road in Cata
wlssa township in tlio southern lino or
South Street, report set aside.
Report or viewers of a road In Frank
lin township near Valentino Voght's,
width of road fixed at thirty threo foot.
Report of view crs of a road in Lo
cust township near Win. Thomas' con
firmed. Alloy In Orangovlllo, beginning at
Church alley, confirmed.
Report of viewers or road In Jackson
township, near Augustus Everiiart's,
Report or salo or John K, Robblns,
administrator of Benjamin Lowo.dec'd.
confirmed nl. si.
Petition and application of James
Kiefor, commlttco of Daniel Gearhart,
n lunatic, for sale of real estato. W. H.
Abbott, Esq,, appointed auditor to ro
port facts with his opinio i.
Petition of Samuel T. Lowls and
Elizabeth S. Lowls, for appointment of
guardian. J. Y. Shannon appointed,
Potition for guardian by Edward W.
Warlug and Rachel B. Waring. Wm.
Peacock appointed.
Petition of Walter Mason for guar
dian. Waltor Mason appointed.
Tho second nccount of Isaac Sclg
frled, commltteo or Dorcas Crovcllng,
a lunatic, confirmed nl. si.
Petition of Isaac Solgfrled as com
mittco or Dorcas Crovcllng, a lunatic,
for discharge Tliocommittoo discharged
upon paying over to tho commlttco ap
pointed In his placo, tho funds In ills
Petition of Samuel Crovcllng, for np
polntment us commltteo of Dorcas
Crovellng, a lunatic.
Petition to Inqulro of tho lunacy of
Anthony W. Davis. Wm. II. Abbott,
Esq., appointed commissioner. Ton
daysnotlcoto bo given to tho alleged
lunatic, and also to Julia A. Davis, his
mother, and Eliza Davis, his sister.
Report of salo of Reubou Bellas, com
mlttco of Benjamin Boono, a lunatic,
confirmed, nl. si.
Tho court directed n Grand Juiy,nnd
thirty alxTraverso Jurorsln tho Quartor
Sessions, Oyer and Tcrinlnor, nnd Com
mon Ploas to bo drawn for September
term, 1870.
Fhidav, May 0.
Report of C. B. Brockway, auditor
in tho estato of John Boalor. Referred
back to auditor.
William A. Case vs tho township of
Bcott on motion of Mr, Frcezo court
granted leavo to Jiavo n execution
ngainst tho dofondant nnd collect Judg
ment and costs.
In tlio first nnd final nccount of M. E.
Jackson asslgnco of P. M, Traugh on
motion of Mr. Llttlo, O. B. Brockway
npolntcd to mako distribution.
Aaron Person vsSaniUel Lclby rulo
granted to show causo why Judgment
should not bo stricken off nnd execu
tion bo stayed.
Martial law In Georgia,
Martial law in its mostoffenslvo form
has been proclaimed In Georgia. Tho
courts, Stato nnd Federal, arolu full op
eration there, no Insurrection exists, no
calls for troops havo boon mado, nnd yet
n mcro captain of Infantry is now trying
ncitlzon for his llfo. When tho Inst Geor
gia bill was under discussion tho Uni
ted States Scnato voted down every
proposition authorizing tlio suspension
or tho writ oflmbea3 corpus, nnd yet
now, by mcro bruto forco and vlolouco,
without tho faintest color of law and
without the least pretenco or necessity,
General Terry, In commnnd or tho
troops stationed In Georgia, approves
tho rufllan behaviour oThls subordinate,
and tells hlra in so many words: " I'oii
will not permit the prisoner to be produc
ed in Court,or admitted lo bail, until de
cision in the premises is rendered at these
head-quarters." Tlio writ sued out In
behalf of tho kidnapped Georgian, has
accordingly been dculcd. On Wodnos-
day,Mr, Beck offered a resolution In tho
lower Houso of Congress, to Inqulro of
General Grant tho authority of this pro
cedure, whereupon Mr. Shank objects,
and tho Radical majority, by sustain
ing that objection, stifles tho call. So It
lias como to this, that tho days of tho
Jleado doni!nal!on,vlien men woroput
in n sweat-box nt Fort Pulaski to tor-
luro them into giving ovldcnco against
other men, havo returned to Georgia,
and Congress abets tho wrong. It Is
rumored that Orant thinks tho best
thing that can bo dono with tho Stato
Is to mako it a permanent military pro
vince. Just as tho reconstruction soro is
healing, this man, and his backers In
tho House, tear open tho ulcer, infuso
into it new venom, and irritato nil Its
pestilent humors anew. More than
this; to enter tho Stato or Georgia in
time of profound peace, and drag a
citizen before n military commission
for Ids Ufa Is a direct Insult nnd men
nco to every ono In tho United States.
It revives tho worst days of tho "llttlo
bell, "and betokens a lawless and un
governablo temper in the admlnistra
tion which threatens, if not checked, to
do, at perhaps no very distant day, In
Pcnnsyh'nnla what It now does In tho
South. Lancaster Intelligencer.
Where's lUCcrcurT
A very pertinent enquiry is started,
whero Is Mercur? Is ho in attendance
at Congress, or Is ho skulking like so
many others? Ills former friends
around hero must not badger Ulysses
too severely. It will bo remembered
that Bradford county, Mcrcur's homo,
has been noted in tho past as a free'
trado district. It received this namo
from tho steady support It gavo to
Davo Wilmot, nt tho time, tho most
advanced freo-trader in tho State.
Bradford Yankees for rree-trado, and
Columbia and Montour Radicals for a
high tariff, places Ulysses in n peculiar
position. No wonder ho dodgos. But
ho will ultimately straighten up mnt
tors. Somctimo henco tho American
will bo publishing Mcrcur's tariff
speech, which ho never dolivcred.
Then how tho Montour Rads will
throw up their hats, and go off in an
exstacy or delight. Mercur is cunning;
knows how to throw dust, pull tho
wires, ic. ir ho is a pigmy In Con
gress, ho stands a very "triton among
tho minnows" in this locality. Yaei
ligeneer. An attempt at this early day to estl
mate tho crop prospects of the year
must of necessity prove In many res
pects unsatisfactory. There Is n ten
dency in tho bucolic mind to look nt
tho dark side of tho ruturo, and tho
weather is generally too cold or too
warm, too wet or loo dry, to entirely
meet tho fanner's view of fitness. It Is
safe to allow a largo margin for natural
despondency. On tho whole, so far as
our exchanges Indicato, tho prospects
for a good harvest aro fair. The cold
and open winter did somo damngo to
winter wheat, but to this tho heavy
snow-storm of March affords a partial
corrective, and In nil parts of tho coun
try over which Its protecting mnntlo
was ppread tho crop will bo unusally
largo. Tho Indiana papers aro less
despondent than n weekor two ngo,and,
whllo somo reluctantly connedo tho
probabilities of an nvorogo yiold,othors
beliovothnt tho harvost will bo abun
dant. Missouri seems to have suffered
inoro than her neighbors, but oven
there tho prospect Is not entirely dis
couraglug. Tlio mails from California
speak ciieorlngly of tho wheat crop,
though a recent (olographic despatch
wouiu seom to indicate mat tho con
tinuo d drought had effected a very do-
cldod cbango. Tho season, though lato,
has opened favorably for spring sowing
and planting, but too many coutln
goncies llo between seed-timo and har
vest for any cstimato ortho latter to bo
formed at presont. World.
New York, May 5. Passengers who
left San Francisco on the Pacific Rail
way, on Thursday 2Sth ult., at 8 a. m,
readied this city at sovcuthls morning
making G days and 23 hours in transit,
tho quickest timo yet across tlio eontl
n cut.
WiLKEsn ahru, May 0. A disastrous
firo broko out botwoen twolvo and ono
o'clock this morning, destroying somo
half a dozen barns and outbuildings.
Tho cxtenslvo livery stablo of P. Corullf,
In which wero thlrty-ono horses, two
cows and n lot of pigs, was cntlroly de
stroyed. Nouo of tlio stock was saved.
Ono pair of horses wero valued at $1,
000. Loss cannot now bo ascertained.
Partially Insured.
Pottsvillu, Pa , May C.-It Is un
derstood from a rellablu sourco that n
final and determined secret movement
Is on foot among tho leadcrsof tlio pres
ent strlko to persuade) tlio Lehigh and
Wyoming men tu join them. Thoy nro
becoming convinced that unless other
roglons suspend thoy canuot succeed.
Tlio operators aro stronger and inoro
confident. Somo or them say that the
men must resumo work within throo
weeks. If tho movement to bring
about a suspension in Lehigh and
Wyoming falls, n decllno In tho price
of coal may bo looked for, und n par
tial if not n general resumption or work
In Schuylkill county will tako placo.
Thursday, May C In tho Sen
nto, yesterday, udobnto on tlio Houso
resolution for final adjournment on
July 4, occupied tho wholo of tho morn
ing hour, nnd tlio resolution went over
without action. A number or bills
wero disposed or,nniong them tlio Houso
Joint resolution to pay .tho widow or
tlio latoGcn. Rawllna ono year's salary
as Socrotary of War, which waa passed.
A bill was introduced to incorporate
the International Society of tho united
States for tho protection of immigration.
In tho House, tho Tariff dobato was
resumed soon after 12 o'clock, nnd the
section relating to steel rails and Bes
semer steel was further discussed. Tho
duties wero finally fixed as follows: On
railway bars composed wholly or steel,
two cents per pound; partly of steel,
ono nnd n half cents por pound ; Besse
mer steel, $30 per ton.
Friday, May fl. In tho Senate,
ycsterday,rcports from committees wero
received as follows: Proposing Indefi
nite postponement or tho bill for a pen
sion for Mrs. Lincoln; recommending
tho bills authorizing a lcaso or build
ing In this City for military usos; ad
versely on tho bill regulating impor
tation or Immigrants under labor con
tracts. Tho Scnato adjourned nt 0
In tho House, but comparatively
llttlo business was transacted. Tho
Civil Servico bill was further discussed,
and, finally, with tho amendments
offered, was on motion of Mr. Jenckes,
Saturday, May 7. In tho Senate,
a bill was reported to sccuro equal
rights in tho District. Tlio legislative,
oxccutlve, and Judicial appropriation
bill was considered until tho hour of
Tho Hoiuo was not in session.
Tuiisday, May 10. In the Senate
yesterday Mr. Morrill, of Vermont,
was permitted to call up the bill to
reduce taxation, in order to afford htm
an opportunity to speak upon it, In
view of his premeditated nbsonco whon
tho subject shall bo considered. Hu
spoko two hours and a half, directing
attention lo tho subject of dispensing
witli direct taxation and tho adoption
of a tariff for tho purpose- or revenue
and protection. Tho bill to extend
tlio timo for presentation or claims for
bounty, under the act of July 20, 1SCG
was reported with amendments. Tho
Appropriation Bill was taken up and
tlio amendment to reduce tho appro
priation for tho Bureau of Education
was debated at length, and tho question
was raised of tho advisability of con
tlnuing tho existenco or that Bureau
and tho Bureau of Statistics.
Tho Houso, owing to a prevailing
understanding among tho members
that no session was to bo held, yester
day, adjourned without transacting any
Wednesday, May 11. In .tho Sen
nto a bill was reported from coinmittco
to provido for rcrunding certain duties
imposed on tito importation of Russian
hemp. The army bill was called up
and discussed, as was also tlio legis
lative, executive, and judicial appro
priation bill.
In tho Houso Joseph II. Lewis, mem
ber elect f rom Third Kentucky district.
was sworn in. Tho Northern Pacific
Railroad bill was taken up.
.Latest News.
Sioux City, May 3, Parties arriv
ing from Fort Sully report that the
Chcycnno agency is in full possession
of tho Indians. Tho party ntternpted
to land, but wero ordered off by tho
Sarapes, who fired over their heads,
Major Randall and comrades aro prison
ers. Tho Sarapes liavo killed a largo
number of cattle, tho carcasses or which
can be seen lying along the river banks,
St. Louis, May 3. Col. A. Payno
nnd M. C. Stapleton, two influential
citizens of Monticello, Kansas, quar
reled and agreed to scttlo tho difficulty
in a dark room, Payno with a knifo and
Stapleton with arovolvor. Staplcton's
throat was cut and Payno was shot
through the lungs. Neither nro ox.
peeled to recover.
Washington, May 3. Gen. Slicri
dan telegraphs den. Sherman that tho
Indians havo takenposession of soveral
of tho small forts near Fort Sully, and
havo mado prisoners of tho command
ants. Gen. Sheridan lias again left for
tho front. Mr. Vincent Collycr, Secrc
tary to the Indian Pcaco Commission
fears thnt war is Inevitable.
New York, May 8. Daniel Drew
proposes to glvo another million to tho
Drew Theological Seminary to endow
a literary department and mako it a
Ashi.and, May 8. A great llro oc
curred at Ashland to-day. r.loven
houses wero burned to tho ground, nnd
fourteen families havo been rendered
New York, May 10. Tho jury In
tho M'Farland caso returned a verdict
ofnot guilty, which was greeted with
much enthusiasm, and M'Farland was
discharged from custody.
To wanda, May 10. A freo trado
moetlng was hold in Towanda last
night. Major Charles II. Schrinor
spoko In the court house, on tho tarlir,
two hours, In reply to Judgo Kelloy,
and was applauded by n largo andlenco.
New Orleans, May 10. Tho prlzo
fight which took placo noarLunersvllIo
to day, betweon Jem Mace, ox-chuni-plon
of England, and Tom Allen, re
sulted In a victory for tho rorraer. Tho
fight lasted fifty seven minutes, with
only ten rounds, when Allen's sliouldor
was discovered to bo out ofjolnt.
Newspapers and Intelijo encis,
"Wherever I havo wandered In my
missionary labors, whether In tho East
or West, North or South, I havo nl
ways observed that whero tho nows
paper was taken by thonimlly, thero
tlirift.morallty and goncral Intelligent
wero to bo fouud. In tho log cabins
or tlio West, as soon as my oyo caught
sight of tho newspaper, I thought to
myself; "Hero at least I will find mor
ality, Intelligence, courtesy, and wcl well as a gardon rlpo torecelvo
tho gospel seodl" and I was soldoin
mistaken. On tho contrary, whero
neither newspapers nor good lookw
wero to bo soon, thero Ignorance, big.
otry, suporstltion and grossness wero
found lu all their forms, Yes, I havo
often thought that tho nowspaper was
tho pioneer of clvlllzatlou, and did
much to mako tho way easy for tho
successful labors of tho homo mission
ary, Lxclmnge.
tllnomtburg Market iteiiorl.
Wheat p" bushel -
Corn " -
Oats. . " ,
Flour por barrel -
Cloversecd '
Flaxseed...... - -
Hutter -
Ksri -
Tallow -
Dried Apples - -
Hides ami Shoulders
Ijird perpouuil
liny per toil
No. I Seotoh pig
No. a "
11 loom
Hemlock Boards per thousand feet.......
im., " (one Irichl
7 W
, 8 )
2 05
2 M
i 2D
, 18 W
10 00
Joist, ScantlhiK. Plank, (Hemlock) 0
HhlnglcB, No. i per thousand
suing " 2 " " R. ir.":::::-."::::::: is w
riilUdelpliln Markets.
Northwestern superfine at 'H1" 1-lJ
Northwestern extra -??,? J,
Northwestern family 6-.5,M.S,5t
Pennsylvania and Western extra .5.75JPJ 0.7J
Pennsylvania and Western family .9MW H.00
Pennsylvania and W estern rancy ll,wi '
I,.,- Hnll, t.1.25
Whkat Pennsylvania red, 9 bus ,f,W
Houthern " " JiG0S2.75
California " " .. fH"
white Jt.15i3J3.10
HVE-Pennsylvttiila rye, -f. lius El.00iSSI.0S
fous Yelluw, ,.?,,!
OATH-ftlllS QtfH
Mass lleef, " W.M
Dressed Hons, V a Mctauc
Smoked Ham " l,c(il
" Hhouldcrs V 1! . 13c
I,nrd,Vir 17cal2c
HKED3 Cloverkced V bus f9.Wlji9.ol
-ritnnthVKpnil lms St.37
Flaxsci-d " J2.M
Cattle -lleef Cattle V ft 8c?c
Cows, Abend t45tW)
NHKKP lo Mtn
Hoos-tl 1(10 lis (11313.0)
KMNE-COM:.MAJ-Ou tho 8th Inst., by J. It,
rurman, i;si air. a. it. iiiiue, 10 .mss nus.ui
na Coleman, uotli of l'lshlnsereclt twp,
HKim-JOHNHON April Till. 1ST0. by Rev. H.
Wilson, Mr. lico'go W. Iterr. uf Wnshlmjtou
vllle, nid Miss AUca Johnson of Jersey town.
IinNDRICKPON' RUN VAN April lull, U.7 tho
same, .Mr, Auram nenunciison 01 uney iwp.
Montour ro., and Miss Angelina Runyau,of
Joril.m twp. Ijycomlnj ojiinty.
GRnuOttY-IlLOCKtlOH-On tho 31 Inst., by
llev. i)r. lioiiqson, .Mr. .101111 mogory una .miss
Aim ltlockstge, both of D.iuvlllo.
KURTZ-LONO-At Turbotvllle, on the 2llh ult.
by kov. .lacou r. wampoie. i. jj. Jsuriz,
to Miss Jcuulo Long, holh of Milton.
CRARY-mni-On April tho Mill, by tho Rev.
ii. r. King, Air. Mason 11. crarv, nnu ansa .
Kate Ulrd, all of tjhlckshluny, l'.i.
QUICK FUEKZH On tho 5th of May, 1S70. nl
1110 resilience oi inu uriuti's miner, ny iiuv. ,ur.
Cullen, Mr. Wm. Quick und Miss Chrlstlno u.
LUEIllIU-Xo.rTurliotvnio.ontl.i) 17lhof Mnrch
Levi 1. llelber, aye 1 11 yiur.s, 11 months nnd M
WAGNnU-InMincitoiiotwp., on tho Z'A ult.
Howard, sou or uimries ami u.iroinio was
uer, agcti '1 yearn, i iuouth3 nud 1 dayn,
IIAUEft Near Mmcatonevillo, on tlm 23th ult.
.Ificob Mtelmcl, sou oi William and Josephine
Harer, aged 8 months and 1J days.
WINNHK-Iu Uuckhorn.on tho 2Stli of April,
ls7i, Mrs. Anna Winner, ngad (il year and 11
KMMUr-In I'rosty Valley, on tho7lh Inst., Mr.
.lames Ummctngod 71 years, 5 mouths nnl 17
KSSICK-Near White Hall, Montour ro., ltf
l'Jth uU.,llalseu JUsslclc.asndT'Jicars,? mouths
nnd 11 days,
KMNn-Atl!entou,nu the 17lh ult., Mrs Cath
urine, vllo of John hi. Kline, aged about 33 yra.
K LINK At Ilenton, on tho 29th ult., Elijah, sou
of John B. Kline, used about 5 years.
HT1LES-AI Ucnton.ou tho JOth ult., Amanda,
wilo of Ittchard Htllcs, nged 37 years und 7 mos.
Lines on tho Doath of Jcuuio.
Now our darling Jennie's bleeping In tho cold
and silent grave,
She has lelt us, darling treasure, for cold Jour
dan's storm to braro,
She has braved It, she has braved it, though tho
Uonn was raging high,
Says she, "mother you can spare me, I am uot
afraid to die,"
Lo, the mother gontly whispers "Jennie dear
Ma would not know how to spare you, uulus
Gad wills that you should g'
But the angels cacao and took Iter to tho nuns ion
of tho blesl;
"Farewell, parents nnd little brother, I am lean
ing on Jesus' brcaKt,"
'Dearest parents, alt through hlckness you have
watched my feeble way,
And I thank j ou for your kindness, though with
you I cannot htay ;
But dear parenu how much I love j on that no
mortal soul doth know.
And you too, dear llttlo brother, but Jebus calls
tllV, x mutt gu.
"But dear parents come nnd meet mo at my
lUeised heiwenly home.
And teach dear brother to iovo Jesus, for he Bays
all such bhall come ;
Kiss me deure.U parents, for my breath
is going fast,
And let mo kiss myllulo brother, for this kiss
wm uo inu iasi, ll.u..
.? . ... twi'. ii. o. n.ujv, iihi uiiH (lay, ma'
wilved by mutual convent, W. 11. KooWH,
Illoomiburg, May 7, lsio-at. 11. J. CIi.MtK.
WO. tllB llnilorhllZllMl llfrllV fort HV Mi,l Tama.
MattbeWS. Ot UemlOCiC tuwithhtn lllnnnrpnt. n
lar ni we havo any knowledge, of tlio llioft of
uir, Ltiimnn,Ki- mucii were recently
ktolon from in. 'i'liero H no proof that ho was In
o. w.jiittu:,
llloomsbura, .May 13, lSTO-ut,
Thero will ho n meeting or the Town Council
of llloomsburg, on Tuesday May 2tth next nt 111
o clock A. M. in the Orand Jury room of tlio
Court Home, ror tho riurnoaoof heat lug nppenls
from Biich persons as deem themselves errone
ously classified lu tho Assessment IJsU. Thoso
iitii'ii-Mcu wm timo notice nnu attend If thoy
keo lit.
lly Order or tho Council. V, COOLKV.
llloomsburg .May 13, 187i)-2t, Hccrelary.
lisTATn of rimnnmcK iiaiitman. Br.nnc'n,
Letters or Administration on tho estate of
Frederick Harlman,Hr.,latoof 1-lshlugercek twp.
Columbia county dco'd., havo been granted by
the i Register or said county to I. K. Krlckbaum,
pr Ilenton twp. Columbia county. All persons
having claims ngainst tho estnto or tho decedent
nrd u quested to present them for tettlemeu.,
nnd thoso indebted tn thn estate to mako pay
ment to tho uuderslgued, administrator, witli-
U"'""J . J. K, 1UIIUKIIAU.M,
mayW.O-Ow. Admiulstrator,
liV VlHUQ Of (t Writ nf Vn.llltunl VvrAmiD l
SUed OUt Of tllfi Court of IVmimnn llf..u nf v,l.
uinuirt county and tn me directed will bo expos
cd to wile by public vendue or ontcry at the
Court Houso in Jlloomsburt'.nt 10 o'clock In tho
foreuoou ot Saturday. Juno 4th, lbTU.tho follow
fi inmiu, LU Will
All tleff ll.lniltS rlfht ttfln nml Inlaro.) n,,.l
clalm of, lu and to u certain tractor parcolof
..u o.luu.d n 11 iiiuiir luwiiHiup, uouuueu on
tho north by William OlKer.on Ihe cast and
fcouth by bnyder.nnd on tlio went by Kchrum,
ing the same land formally owned by tho lutt
Ur, John ltamsev.
Heized, taken In execution and to bo sold as
luujuuijcuy ui jiuiifN ii, uampy.
mayl3'70-3w. Bherlir.
W o will meet tho Commissioners of Noithmn.
bcrlnnd county, on Thursday, May 19th 1S7U. for
the purposo ofexamlulnit the Uto for a County
i!!cidi-.ovcr I,VP,ni;crt'c'c' to bo erected on tho
line between the two counties, nt n point In
rnnkllu township where sail bridgo Is to Li
AIiO On Frldjiv. tho mil, lnE, ...
Beaver township to tako steps to'iuovo tho old
.A'i'Si0TT1"!,',loublo.,ra'lt"rl'!'0 over Fishing,
creek below lllooLishuri.. moa.1u n ,iDU, i..
posalswlllbo iecelTednt this olllee until' Juno
Mil, lor lurulshlng shingles to cover said bridge.
..v. Bum);!,.!,, jxny OUU WISIUU1
lo correspoud hy lei tcr with us can do so. Ail
communications will bo promptly attended to.
ill 11 I B i omco Juu0 ""'i lm n,,a
IJAVIU VkauuU, ) Coinmrs.
, , OYHUH HOlllllK'S, J Col, Co.
Attetli Wm. Kiiickiiavm, Clerk,
Commissioner's Otlleo, 1
llloomsburg, Muy U, 1S70,
t.i IlHYivar AND final account ok m. k
JACKSON. KSa.. AS.SlQNi:i riv 1'Kri.if r ...,,,,1,
'Iho uudersigned nppolnted by tho Court 'or
Common l'leas or Columbia county. Auditor to
u.n,..u.,.,u,, i,,iiK cieuiiorsoi tno liai
uuceln tho hands ,if M. .'. T.nL.u,... iv,X . -
i S?S? yJr'Ti1, Trough. will meet tho parties
IKLh!.!'1 "rt1'" Purpose or his uppolntmont nt
the olflce of M. Ii Jackson lu llerwlik, Columbia
county.on Friday. Juno loth, 170. at II A. !.. und
June Uth. 1870. nt li a m am ,.r.Vi,....u
ed orhavlug claims ngainst the said l'etcrM.
1 rough are reo,ustod Ui nltcnd.or bedebarrwl
..mvvu.,u. Ul)l Ul lllU SUlll IllllU ,
iuavl3'70-lw. Auditor
-Uerwlck Qaietts ploaso copy.
Xlbatlv executed at TlfB Pji, ttiii , . w u,A.
r; tt.n nri.i (TimrL nf Columbia county.
tnlcr nlidtlio Auditor appointed by tho .Court,
on exceptions with power to innlio distribution
of tho money In tno bauds of William Mil!! ad-
miuisirainr oi uuuiorinu i,ui, imu
Peter l.utr. decensd, will meet tho pnrtlcs
Interested, for tho purposed his appoint
incut, on Monday tho 13lh day ot Juno
noxt, nt 10 o'efook A. M nt tho ofllcci
of C. 11. llrockway In llloomshurit. Id said
county. All parties Interested nro requested to
attend, or bo dobnrred from comlnir In foi n part
ofthosnldfund, -,,,.
la 1J. imuuti iia'i
mnvl3'70-4w. Auditor.
i-llervlck (latetto please, copy.
ATI.MT Hook.-Ancnts sell 100 per week. Price,
H MY ". Adihess h, KTEDU1NH. Hnrtford.Ct.
Cinr A DAYt 10 now
nrllnlrs for AfrcnU.
py HamrlcsW,
A, 11. BHAW, Alfred, Mo.
SAblCSMEN.-flcncl for Circular, nflrst class
iuislnoss nnd sternly employment. 11, F. HOWIi,
37 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
ilcndrllle TlieoloRlenl School. Unitarian ;
M cducnteiMInlstcrsjJIWByenrtnpoorstndonU
fifglns Aug. 11), Apply to. 1. l.iftcraoicMead
vlfie, Pfl.
iMtllet Private Companion contnlns tho desired,
Inforiuntlnn, Kent irno for stain p. Address
MRS. 11. METZUKR, Honoyer, Pa.
t.,t ivir.i. iav AflUVTS nsnlarvof 83.1
W wonlr nr nllnw IL binrfl COinhllSSlon tO Hell
our now Inventions.
....... In...nll,,n. A. , rot, . . W. V UNK .V
CO., Marshall, .Mien,
WANTI2U, AOKNTS. 80 Watch freo.glvcn
gratis to every llvo man who will net ns our
Anciit. llnslnnss light and honorable; pays M0 por
day. Address lLMom ot Kennedy & Co. Plltsburg,
While Home." No opposition. Hteol engrav
ings. Rapid Hales, ror circulars, nuuress u. o.
PuiiLisntNa Co., N. Y Cincinnati anil Chicago.
Ct 1 T l.tCJlllWVr Wanted Inn paying business,
SALLSMbiN H.KESNnnv,J Chlstuut fit.
AiiMfN-n ion uncos-cloth. This wonder-
ml booi has full Instructions to cunblolbo rend
er to rasclnaio eiiucr sex, or any iiiiunat, hi, in.
Mesmerism, Hpirltuallsin, nnd hundreds of ptli-
Re.idlngndilrcs,i,wlth 10 cents postage, tn T. W.
EVANa&CO.,No.RHo. ElghthSt.,Plilladolphla.
TAlt SPANal.Kl) UANNEU. A lnrgo 40
column paper, lilotr size. Illustrated, novo
.t intibni.M., iWirr. Wit. Iiumor.ncmdHC fun
Mnftcnan nf n RCimllllO Ullldl. nnd tO tll6 OXPO
suroofHwlndllng. Humbugs, ,tc. Only "octs.n
year, nnd a superb engraving "Lvannelino,'
1 i.'i i.t.nm!.i. 30.0()0 circulation. Monciirc
united lo (III illuimkU. It Is wide-awake, fewness,
11 ill ill ill. iry iniNH. ".v' iJY r-i-L-Lii.
l ltrJi:. Adutcs-s tin, iiiusuuie, iu
X Inventors whowlshtotaltoont Lottern l'nt
cut nre ndvlsed lo counsel with MUNNA CO..ed
ltorsof tho AWraflrtc American, who hivo proso.
entcd claims bernro tho l'atent olllro for over
Twenty Years. Their American nnd lUnopoan
I'lueiH agency is uiu inwv ah-iiii, 11, inu
world. Charges less than nny other rcllablo
nsency. A pamphlet containing tun instruc
tions to Inventors is sent grniis.
lUIN LU, I'arit itow, isow ion..
UUUlUlJ 1UHA u .s u a
t.nt ..nto. nt. S.t nor ncro. nnd Howards, tor cash.
or on credit, by tho Iowa Uailkoam I,aniCi.
Uallrnads already built throngh the Lnnds. nnd
on nil sides or them. Orent Inducements to set
tlers. Hend ror our rree lMinpiitot. it gives pri
ces, terms, location; tells who should como west.
wnuii nicy snuuiu uuuii, nuv ,vii. , sn"
plans nud elevations ot in different stylos of
rpiutv.nindo houses, whlcli Iho Company turnlsh
ntlrom $250tojj00 ready to set up. Maps sent
It uc&ircu. Ainu-ess
V, W,, I ice J'lesiueni.
Cudak HAl'ius, lown.
r. llelii!? ncrlnnle.T havo madcliousc p'.nunlng
a t,i.clnl study, uuo built last season has proved
n model ot convenience, beauty und economy.
Dcscrlntive circulars or riaus, Views, etc., with
general information ofvnluo to all, sent free.
Address (with stamp or script if convenient).
OEO.J. COLUY, Aichltoct.Wnterhury, Vermont.
Sr.. liJIl'LUYillliST, SKI.
HUNDHEDB OF AOKNTS mako from 5 to 810
per day, In selling our Fatknt Kxtensuin
Ueki. and hwifts, combined. Used In every
family for winding Yum, Kllks, Worsted, AO.
Vluds full sized skein, nnd welEhs less than ono
pound. AllllN't'M WANTED. For terms e ad
dress A. 1,. HTAltlCE & CO, Auburn, N. Y.
Till: UF.D I.ION 11UAND,
Is superior to nil others In color, duality nnd
price ; to bo found only nt
31. 1'. LTJTZ'S
Dealer In Dry Goods nnd Notions In Hrowcr's
new uuiiuiug next lo mo iuuii. auui. iniii
btteet, llloomsburg, l'n. mnyll 70-tf.
An election of ofllccrs or tlio Catnwlssa llrldgo
Company to servo lor the cnsulnz year, will bo
held in Cutawlssant tho house or .1. 11. lvlstler
on Monday, aiay aid. uuo. H. uii.iiKUT,
Catawlssa, May 0, 1S70. secretary.
M ucrsons knowing tliemstvlvcs to bti lndebt
ctl in the J.Ntnlo or Jacob l'.yer, deceased, nro
hereby not Hied to ettio tbelr nccountHHt onco,
othonvUu they will bo collected according to
iti, ti, ii. iUUU-iiill,
llloomLburg, May 0, 1870-tf Administrator
W. F. PIATT, Proprietor,
This well known House havlnz been not in
thorough roiialr is now open ior tho leceptlou of
visitors. No
tho perfect comforf. of guests.
-.llliS 1HVII SINtiai IU t'ilMHU
llfnrf. nT miostu 'rim nrntirlcliiK
Thft nrmtrn.t nr
nUo luns n Stnire li-om tho Hntfl to lUnnmOiiit-ir
iHieiiui:m.iiu iituiur oil J. UL'bUUy, J. IHlI'tiUHy
couan, cold on soke
lleoulres lmmcdlato nttentloti, ns
neglect orten results In nn lncuru-
me i,ung xJisease.
llKOWN'rt llItOXCllIAI, TltOrilnH
will nlmost invariably glvo Instant
mllnf Vttr II.,i.nlir,fL u,i....n
Cntarrli, Consumptive iiful Throat
inseascN, uiey nave a hootntng ef-
SlUKers nndl'ubllo fipcnkcisuso them to clear
nnd strengthenthu voice.
Owing lo tho good reputation nnd popularity
or the 'i roc hes, many worthless nnd cheap tint
tullonsnre ollered, which aro good for nothing.
10 sure to ohtnln Ihe Iruo
UHOWN'H UltONCHIAI. Titocnr.s.
nov. 12,'ca-Cm,
A lull nnd completo assortment of ready made
hoots nud shoes for men, women and children
Just received nnd tor sale at reasonable rates,
varieties to suit nil classes or customers. Tie
h st or work dono nt short notice, as heretofore.
ui,uimuwii( tapra7u-ti.
All persons Indebted to the nnilerKlnd ,.lll,o
ou Note or Ilook Account, are Ifcreby notified to
settle their account atouee, or they will be col,
i,,.-,i.-i,i,i:i-uiuiii!i iw luvr. J, u. JlUlliill, At, V.
llloomsburg, April 1, 1870-tf.
gotten up todupo tho Ignoiant nnd credulous
nor Is It represented ns being "composed of raro
nud precious substauccs brought from the four
ii. IJI . i. " Ll c.ut";d seven limes across
tho ureat Desert Of Hnlinrnli nnl i. i,n..iru t .......
"J518' 2 ,J.r.01,.Kl, ttcr" t' Atlnntlo
Ocean on two Bhlps." It is a ttimile, villa, toollv
iHt'i'S11"'" Vf'Mt Bvccljlo lor CATAititn aim
il'".'? '",E 1'KAI'," also for oirensive llreelh
Loss or Impairment of tho Sense or Hmcll.Tnsto
V.rr JiSrl".B' . JV'uterliia or Weak Uyos.l'itln or
l'ressure lu the Head, when oaused.ns they all
1 oiler, lu good falth.astaudlug lteward of W0
.. v.,u ui ,uiuiiii mub i uuiiuui cure.
Fort sale ny most DituaawTS uvurtY.
1'jucc Only 60 Cents.
, w!!!: ''?,t l"11'1- receipt of Bixtv
.l u.' t"ckaSes for 61 Wor'l Djzou for
on Lutairh. Address tlio Froprlolor,
.imuii'T! ir 1'IFllCKM. 1)..
mayl3 70-tf. 1Iuf-ai.o, N, V.
VIH1T1NU CAitua,
AO.. AO.
Neatly rtntl Clicajily I'rlntotl
Fioin tho Latest btylcu of Type at the
TP. T. r v t.i . n -
iwv, pa.
(III.llKltT It. FoWLUlt ...
Ciiaklks B. 'owr.Kit,..r.""',""''
M. C, McCollvjm. ,...,',
HAMUEt, KNomt, .,.,r.,r.', "
W. If, llnADLKY, Jt, D. ,
nnAnn n,., v,AS,St I
Wit. H. Woodin, .. '
n.U.KttNn. ,JSHm
. a.CnKVMIXa. "-
AUT1CLB I.v.....
The name, stylo, nnd title .,; I
Mini bo the Columbia Co mS'A116 Assori.,,.1
iter Association, ' itraiivl
AltTICLK lt.-oiiit
Tho object or tho Anrvi.ii .. . V
llcr or Fathers, Mothers, W Z-1111 tho I
deceased members. ' v lao""1 H Orpin,' I
. Scc.U Thorenuisito .,, ""?' "r.
be'ai 'tiSTk VZm J
setting forth his 'name? "''i 'rK'l
dence, nnd paying his luidnt iofriM
cant must ruriher produce n mcj l T"iri
certlfflng that ho is a UtVefS
lueiuoer. w weaul
. The business or tho Assoclailrm .
uucicu uy vo Trustees who shall T" w J
i.v iuu icgui ar Rtnled TnnV nunU i
soelatlon in October ot each ycj?. "'""'I
At tlio first meetlug of Hia t....!
venr. I bev slmll ..nt 7. r..' ,".e ."lilten In
Secretary nud Treasurer t r7.,',l'S1,'Uo
th'Jro simil be" n i ,.
terest of which shall be1 "wSS'MZ
said fund to bo provided! tilu'Z
All inollllIlM fl nm,,,.1 .1.-
inu,iAin . .:; ".-u"iKBUon n i
iruveu in a suuseoueni meeting bv t I
Court to hnvu sMd atnen duoSi. niiS??
I1U lriirtlt'Ctl. IllH.llfl.Miii. il.-.i.'.' uioj
it r-LA ns
ntlim shall bu i imliiilud hy m t. .,''1
shall bo elect ed by ballot nil ill ' I
of the Association to l,l,i,i ,,"n..'!a
ini. j lit, iiioiiei iv nnu iiiiLirib.. ... .
nf (lelnher. In uieli v.m '"'"' "rsiaon:
i'or me purposo of such (leciinnifcaivl
tees for the tlii'.o bVlng.sba.lffi
nnd hours ror opening and closing the poll. 'A
,7,lZiieJ, 'f " f'W taw
tho olllceof Iho Assiiclnllini.lii tli.. Tn...n.,.r 1
ou. ino irusiees s in l no i kttn.1 ..m.i
.... ll.u.l.lp.l ,ln,..ln,...ri... . ",1
f i i. "''""""Jtvi'ni.jniy.L
wti-.y, . iin-viiinis may uecauetl irt
President nt his dlscntlon orliy nnrthnrii'
ini..i i.,.i,,uu -s..
1111. 111IU i I IISIIIK IS 1 1 II 1 1 rnnxiiinTa n h.l
5th. Tlioolllrcrs. or this Asuerlnllm,
a l'rcsidcnt, a Vice President, heereturT is 1
Treasuter. and such other olllcers. H.,w.l
ngents, ns may bo necessary. The i'psiAl
Vico rresldeut, Hccrelary und Treasuring 1
uiecieu uy luo Aiusieesuiiu aoiu omcelyr (:
Gib. Tho President, shall Dieslilp el nllmJ
Imzs or the ltoaid of Trustees. i,ii,l Khol h I
tho clilet imilingement nnd controlef tlieb.1
uess oi tno Association. All contractsonU'.l
ot the Association shnll bo made by htm or tl
uer ins nuiuuriiy, propar
olds of tho businesH and inin-ii-tlnn. nf ,
Association areicept. JiosnaiiapiioiDtaat:
piuyees nnu may reiuo o meiu at pleasure.
He shall see that n denoslt at all lQnnerll,
bo inado fron timo to lime la sudi luiik
llauks, as the Trustees muy direct, lie shall,
nually prcpnro and submit lo the Anoelnttoi
their unnual meeting lu October, aa accuQ!i
tho business of the Association for Ihe prectd
year, and a statement of the nshi'tSAiid lud
lies of tho Association. All arancles In
Hoard of '1 rustees shall bo lllli J l,y sppolmi
by Iho Fresldent.
Tho Vice President shnll In riie absence nr,
ublllty or tlio Fresldent net lu lil I'lncA
7th. T ho Secretary shall ktep ttieacEn
tlio Association, nnd a record ot all ptronif
ployed, llo shall keep tlio lulnutesorilieSc.
or Trustees ; notify the Tiustees of all Meellli
communlcnto to oillcets, Agents, t'ommiu
Ac, all resolves ami ordcisntlecllaigthemln
uiseuarge oi incir iiuiies.nnn neriorm suea u
duties und services us maybe rviulreJ;D!
tuo direction oi tno rresiucni,
Sth. The Treasurer shall receive all inonei I
tho Association und denoilt the nimelnrj
llaukor Hanks, designated by Hie hoard oirfl
tees. After iiavlin. thn currciitcxijeiisesUietl
nnco shall bu securely Invested as toeRoartl
rruaiccsmay tiueci. lie snnu iiiaseuiiiuua
inents pursuant lo Instiucllcusof tbo ifoert
It.! further tin the ilute nf theTreaiuni
tako chariro or all nronertles or the AsaoctW I
nun to collect nil uiviueiius, iuiertsi,ivuw
that may accrue from sucn iutliiiieosM
nliinn ll,i cn,n lit thft ,r..l If of t ho AitfiCtat
Ho shall also givo such Honda as lie Ira j
miy irom tune to timo icquire.
nfh All nnirnra nn,l dnllcs. not hcrclO 31
und discharged by tho l'resiatnt dtirln(U
n n ,....,i.,,in. oi,.,.rU Ltmtl 1,h eiere
cess oi tno jiuuiu ot a rustees.
inn. All A..c.... 1.f.l,Pi, ll.i. noe? of t'
ty and titty earsi Inclusive, may be stolil
ny limiting piopcr iippinauuu i
loiiowmg lurni i
Columbia County Co opcratUe Relief Auxal
liny. I'll,:
Tho undersigned desires lo become a rata I
of tho above Association and suwcnuri
following regulations s
1st. To pay nvo dollars into tUeTreassrjJ
Ihn limn nf mnlclns this apnllcallon. 'I
dollar on or beroio Iho 1st day of JMtt'II
each year thereafter aud live dollars ira
..,. i.. ,i,i,i nfier tbo ileatai
...,i.,. .1 ,ii i, ,,in been ttven til
Secretary, so long ns tlio Association ntrall
ono thousand or less; after reachlm one imi
aud. the payments nt tho death of 1
O.nllhft r,rr.,-,rHnnnfelv less SO that no P01 fl
holder shall receive more thau Ave tu 1
dollars. To keep tlio Secretary Informed urn
r ,n.i,i,nfind in caso of i" I
fromorchauce lulils orberresldencotoiW1 1
some ouo to act ns his or her agent to P
Falling to observe nny of the ""J1
hereby ngreo to forfeit all cum" """" I
moneys previously paid to this Aoc""""t
Inclosed nlcaso flud live doilara asmf
bcrshlp Fee,
i Signed.
In fuvorof Whom,
, i..M certify
n regular rnysiciaii uu .jbe!
with no disease likely to prv fat1'aiin'r,,
applicant for members hip. I
county uo-oporauvo ifccuci
11th. Kach member shall w '"LSaUlr
cerllllcato of Slembeishlp and ou''"usA
upon payment ot his yemly d f1' '.iVo amoa"1!
tion, together with ft iccelpt tot t lie w , M
... ,
sesseti upon tne iieniu 'i
said nmouuL Is nnld.
, 12th. Any member falling o M;Jn,rij
lars and ten cents within thlfiy,u''i'"f, o ll
forfoits all prior payments r
member of tho Association.
nth. In ease a member dlf 'fbfnni "J
or otherpeison eutltled to tl e i wj ,M p I
As soclat ton, t he money shall heco iu , lU
orly of tho Association except i ",luu I
lent ior tuuerui uainju.", . , . ii
nth, All ciuestions ma" ,", uy inenjj
Jotlty of tho Trustees present n'rJ,Jrjed,
uu inu yeas uuu J ;."," TrukteeB. .1
the demand of anylwooftlwTruw fl ,,i
In case or a tie vote the prcsldlut. "
havo the rnfttlncr vote.
15th. These lly-Lawsmay ' healiereJr?tl
cd ot any meeting or l'18. .JjMnciirM'f '.
fourths of Ihe metriliers ;Prc""u "r suil. f.
vtucu luni ,1110 uwivw ,!T( vru nreVK'u'
cnango nt least ior si
.T .. .... a .....,n Inn.
mocilUB , uA.."". ,ffl,sri!
ICtli. The Board of Trustees u rliu
receive such compensation for tni"
the Hoard nay determine,
17th. Tho fee for medical I ""'"'MiJaSt
ouedollarUDtobepaid by JWOJI rtiil
ilcdical Kinmluerat the time tue
11,1. FuHTNKU.m ''
, all 1
It. II, I'.ATUIf.
(1.M.HOWE1.L I1!
HlCllAllUHTlLrJ'.. 'i,'!,Tr'tUOnl,'f H
jam. 3l,'70-3n