The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, December 11, 1868, Image 3

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Qfto Qfolumbuur.
nt.outtint'itti, ruiDAT, nnf, 11,
It ah llio Patriot A Union huih mini?
I'ur over n. uiuntli It him fulled tn tench
our sanctum.
Wr. rpxret to learn lliut dm well
known Iron gray tun bo In liingitijlii tun
townsman M. 0. Stu'in illnl piulilinl.i
on lid l'Vldrty. lie tiftd liron driven lo
and from Iinzlcton the dy prcieuln
hla. diftth,iYi.Icli, huwcvcr,ls ii'-t a hard
Wn would cull Attnnll'in to the ml
vprltaniifful to hi- round In nnotlipr eol
timii ol tho 'CitniptllioiiCnrprt" which
Is not only (lundiie nml iiriiitminlatjntt
ran lirohtnlneil t rcmntknblp low tirl
r. it diM'rvei the n'tctitlon of nil
frorl holt. trlve,
PulNTtns.' l.-itc lint innde fortuni
fin piod liuslms men, linili np cltlt.s
nlid ton lis, pill Into oflti-o ni.tny kiumI
niuo, nnil Buiiie not nny hi tter Minn
tiiry aliiiulil he. It is the llfool tuiili-
the life of politics. Uae it propel ly nml
It will tidd in your pleiisuroniid runltli.
Titr. Kr:., Dtir.
fi-j , nml Trior, cIiiiiki-h with the mnr
di r'ot Mr. Upa, nrrlved In town ,'uis
diiy cvrnlnif, on ihe 1.. A, II. II. It., via
Hiirrlliurir, find were met nt tl'.e I)e in
li SlicrilT llll.rd. Theynre In elo-e
co ifSnesnent, and under strict wnlcli
nlfiht ni d d.iy. Tin men w oil hulll
nthletic fi I, owe. l nn ntiiiml.uit .nipply of first
clnss. eiotnlnir ir Chemherlln'i ('luililng
Htnrr In llfiiiinnn'e IJIork, nnd It it'll
lo wild nt Mm loin M ruins. CHilId ren'
nml Men's t'lothlni: mnde nn on alinrt
tint it-p, and perfect llu nre vrnrrnntnl
IO Im nloiin liiitnl a lare Mipply of
uiiderclothlnj; 'tilted lo tlie vensnn, nml
nil kind nf un itO reipilred in gentle
mini's otttltt.
IliK Tr.l.l.Elt Wo are very ftlnrt
tonnuouocot nit Ilervey V.w
hn b en apu'ilnte I IVIIer in tho Klr-t
Natioml Iloik of llloom-bnrsr. Mr.
Clrotz 1 1 s tiieinbiir of I ha Bar, :i yotiiiu
man of ability, education, ami plc.nduv
nildrest; nml will, we are sure.Hlve en
tl.L'athr.H'tlnn to the" eonimu.
ntty, hy his urbanity and pollteiici In
hia now mid rinpon-ihlo poiitlon.
Division or BuiAKCitnui:. ThN
long delayed quctinu haal lem;tli been
brought to n crisis. Two of Ihe com
missioners, Messrs. Koons and Heott re
ported In favor of n division on the im
poied lim , ami Mr. Illcketts nj.iinst It.
Tho probabilities nro, thnt n votu nlll
be had on tho question soon nfler the
February Court. We look to the result
with snmo Interest.
Sad Accinr.NT. On Wedneadiiy of
ltt ni e', at 1 1 on dale, while thu dauli
ter of IMtrlck llallnml was playing
about thestovo, her clothes caught lire.
She ran nut In tho open air, and uhen
(livnvered by tho father, her clothing
M nearly liurued oil'. Mm died next
dny, having stiffen d hoverely. The
child n only fnur ji nis old. Weluve
not Uarnud win re her mother rvn?.
Citr.isT.MA5 Comino. Children cute
ly count two week- exactly from thl
Friday iiulil merry Christum. The
liicreasi'.l dlsplny in the -bop windows
r.nd the "tlr nnioitg tho retail d?alers,
wain us of the rupldl.i approaching
-e.ison for preM'iitSHiid general Jollity.
Clil. ilron can calculnlo to a nicely the
"Xact time to Intervene bclwi-en the
holidays, but n. wo grow older ami the
cares of the world oiunm our thoughts
few of us give any heed to the coming
feMlvnt until lemlmlcd of It by the tie
rtslty for recognizing ll claims.
Tnr. Rnor.r DaVx. The shorlet nf
t( liioon, nr of one tho twelve shorlest
was thnt of Wed, culny lnt, Dieemh r
2d. The .-uii then set nt 1:'JS, mil the
n'mnnue I'eorils It nl pricl-clj the sip.
oild for Ihe -iieci i iling twelve days, or
until the 1 (III nf December, (Then the
atlernouiis begin to lengthen. Hot the
mornings III lie 111 minuter, shorter,
the silo rising 0'i Tuesday morning In-t
nt 7:ii(i. on the ."1st December at 7:Mtl,
nml coiitlnuiK to rl-e at that time iinill
Jnmiaiy Sill, lftiS. '1 ho shorn st ihy,
fr-nn stmri-o tosuiuHt, iiocnn Diccmhir
Til anus, I'roluhly at no time in our
liistoiy li'ive wo been under mure obl -g.itioiis
tn our friends than at present.
Tlie prompt payment of subticriptlons,
the oontluurd ptioiiii,",e, are all causes
for eoiifr itulatlon. Tlslr week we me
eoustiiniied to nuiiouucu our thanks to
Jacob K. Kvniis of (Dei nwoi.d, lorn line
In pi? turkey. .Al-o, lo Cajitiiln Jol(n
Ynho of Mifflin, nho, not seeing e
"rooster" in our columns for a year
past ((included wo were rmrt of that
nrilcle, nnd kindly sent mi one of the
"ftnmo" sjuclcs. Tho donors have oui
thanks, limbics tho cumulation of an ap
proving conscience.
We noticed wlillti pn.sliiif throiiKh
Utilit Stnel durliiR the recent mihiw
Motm, nu Incenlmin tnachlne for muk
liiB pnlhs. It ciiiihlHltd oi two plank
fnsteiied toKCthernt one end and spread
npnrl nt thu otiu r co as to form a liar
row shaped nrranKemeut. To the front
r homo wm hitched, nnd the driver
mounted on the machine, was driving
up the wnlk, throwing the mnv ami
niAklncns ho t rnt a complete walk
three teet wide. raths were made
through the i hole town in titst iu Ihe
horn- could walk, Mr. Wm, linden
huch, an enterprisliij' farmer, win the
pei-Miin who Km iiii ami op-rated tjlie
iiiiichlne. Ol eour-o tho cltl.ens appro
Unto III. Why cin't Illooni
have fitifli nn nrr.iiuuiiienl ?
.MiMIT'ir.ino Tim llAU.-On Tues.
day Inst Jiimfs llrnon, Jr., of feiitra
Jln, after u creillliihlp (namltuitlon, was
admitted lo the pnictlto of law In the
cevi nil courtM of thU'coimty. On -Mon-dny
cvenlnri ufler thii i xamii iitloii, he
Knvr it chumpacne Mipjier in which Ihe
liench, t tit r. ulltott, ('utility i HlcerH.imd
leiidliiir niilw-im partlcip.iltd, Tiity
pcn-otiis cat (Iomii to to the tulili,., which
(.'to.'tied with irood tliinis, liriniiinc
(tars of veiatloii from those who hud
thnuEhtlcssIy upped hefore, HpeecliCH
were mnde hy nearly nil present, nml ii
tl'lrttcil linn cn-iied,
Mr Itryfim hliirhi out In hiu ptofenslon
withe L'o tl wishia of our commuiilty.
Willi Ids a' Hity in ti t-pcukor, there ii
no reiihoii why hn hliouhl not lake a
fioni unl. In Ihe proftsslon, Ourijood
il,iauccumpaiiy him.
Villi KAIiKUJOaCO'fc
. till. f i.t nnat II"
lit .tnvtiui'intiaanil'
(111. I.IXSVII.
On tliiniljrlit of WVilnialiiy, June 22
our lliittcry whs p'wiiil on the .Inrii-n.
lem plunk Kind, nml wllh the iv"Miiii, e
nffoiiif- ouKltiei-rri lioin the renulnr nr
my we threw npn pi-rlns nf spli-wl d re
ilt'iil.K The men world d hind until
ilnyllnlit, ih four relict hilti H" h.irc on
the pi lot, nnd we knew that the morn
l"B'n ilnwn w nld revenl lo them our
p al'lnn. As (hero was no elminii fur
t( In nt, our horn a it in I extrn men were
nt lo the ruir. Daylight rune, hut
X'Wcieimt niiiletteil, V c (lied nl n
r-1 Ml imIu'Iiii iipivltitr. to our left nnd
Hllered Ilit ooiirxi;, hut no reply w
mnde. The men Iikiih to suitor fur w.c
ler, hnt that ii"i.'csiir' nrilcln was Minn
"Uppllid hy illiqrliiK n woll .sump t'wen-
fi et deep.
Our line ei hattle wus mi'V n follow" i
riii'cx reme ciht, iiiid-r Katler, re-l-
(I on Hie ,lntur at Der tniilj llurnlrid, i
it which point (I'-ii. (lilnmrc I ul erect-
da splendid line of eiiirenchmeuts
They wile mfmmdby theTetitb Corps.
Vnr I'l.lnt of li ck-, and w here the
brne I'ncrliontn-Nued the llfeofCapt.
isiiiitli.iUti llinci'essed the Appomattox,
iiul w. In Id hj the KUlili eiilh Corp-uml-r
(I -n. "Ilddj" Smith. Ilutler
also luclud -it this eiimni.ind as pari of
ihe "nl in of the Jaim-s." Iliir .side'-('nip-,
the Ninth, was m-xl on tlie line,
slid at this point .Meade's "A my oft e
I'olomae" befiui. Warp n with Hip
Kifib Corps Joined on 11 riilde's left;
en cniiie our Coips, nml for n lliort
lime Wright with the. Sixth wasoi, our
l ft, hill ns iiion afterwards n et to
Washington tn prntec It from Kirly.
nnd in c nisiipi, iice'lld not iw-i-t any
lurilli l in the opera in is before l'.'Hls
Oiif;. One Divi-I m of t'nvairy wis ni
t si nt N'orih, togelh'r M ith the Nine
lei nth Cm ps under (Jeo Don r.r. w Id b
I nl been ord Ted fr.nn th - m in
ol tho dull to ssist us. 1 win In' or
celvod that iarl hj hi- hum in lite
Vmley, mil only gave c ip.nlou in
Iluntei 's and Wal'iie'-'s 'ur i-, tint -pi-ived
the Army In trout of IV erlmiv
of two Hue Corps, and Its beat Division
ot Cavalry.
On i'lldny, June "lib, u column ol
Infantry passing in nur re ir wis noticed
by the eiiem , nml nt onre the hall, or
rather fi.t'fs, opnned, and thirty guns of
d.ffi'icnt caliht rs began to l.elcli fmih
shot and shell ulili woiiilerfol rapidity
The nlrwas full if framenls.A tin- noise
wits so great tint the lou leit eonini'iinls
could not lie heard. Tne enemy's .-hut
pluuglnd tii tho ground nroaiid us
burying themselve- in our work -bur-l
in the port holi, klllii.g or woumllng
nil in their vicinity ton up tlie tents
Jhattured the lues aid lo cap th"
clluuix completely mined tho dinner as cooking, 'llm paullu whidi
forim d our Hi ad Quartern wasps? oral
ed Tflth fragments of shell and .-o ld
sli it. Our gunners, Imwever, hy stipe
rior tiring -iienced gnu after gun, and
finally we had the Held to ourselves.
In the evening of ihe same day, ju-l
after we had lain down to shop, wo
worn startled by a skirini-h lino Jump
ing over our works nt si "chirge bayo
net," mill ordering u rui render. Here
was a i redliu nit lit ; bill u glance nt me
of tho ollleerj showed me the Ktdcia
uulform, and I also rerogniziil the
nearer. "Why, Captain Ooidoii," said
I ''you have taken Hall, ry I''." "Hell,"
said he, 1 nits sure 1 hud taken u lehel
halter.v ; A'iftiit tiff nr.w.wtli i
ii'ii iii.t. i;i icK .m Alien !
I'n. in Ihis time the Mfgt of I'eter.s
litl K Nin,i hi t-iiid to havr actually he
iron. Sl(j,'e uIIhk, tniivjr morlais, huye
Wtrkf-were placid all ulonp the line,
ttnliloi , ln-( iues, niel other i'le;e male
lints wire rrpldly nt cumuli. 0 tl, and
Irincln.s, purallils, and tr.iv i.-iscoin
niciieed. Tin Idea ot iitiniiij,' the t ne
my V mirks a.s.i l.-oeniiet 1m il hy I. h ut
Col. I'lfi'.tMUts of the-IU h I'l'iina. V'o's.,
and the main mine n.s y Ofiin
in the 4N"t th t'orjH front, ui tie ji .hit
u hen-the Norfolk H It.lnlel.seei iloui
line. TIiIm fpoi win i ho-en, hi c.n.-e tl e
rail road cut hid our workmeli, and
concciilod tho i'Xi umiIi d cArlh, ll.v iu
teiiul.irly eiiciui etl.our tlrM want
was fre-h Matei j in fact, l:o enemy
In petl the !Jck nl' ru iiiliut n reams
uoiiltl ciiii.n I in Aliin nur pi -liine ;
out in a iu tall U. nu-n ' nnil
llxtlery lint du' two or mine well
fioni tuiiit to liliy hit i.t'i. On
fadiioi i il UiinlhifM t. i i, i. ,-u.iis emi..
i .to vo'ui , nod s ii ri sii ' e oetn .
t'-r lliso the ci 1 1 Zei i.s i . ,'i lei-hiuv.
The t'avelry at this time sinrlt i nn
laid. lieu. Sherlditii Mint uhli tin
iiuiln In d, IouhiiI- ( i 1 1 r i i 1 1 1 1 -v 1 1 i i
MKCdddl in i ill 1 1 UK 'he Virciliin (ill
nil, and tlie Kit drricV-hu t: it It's,, In. I
failid to ri'inleraoy miti tm ii-si,sianei.
in In nit r mI.ii urn ilciinihsinulii
ng.ili s. l., ni'iihuri'. U ii, eoin
iiiitinliiii: lluilei's i',ivuii, , ieiii loiln
I 11 ol our nut'.-, mid ilo.-lmj id a mi tion
u. tin Dsiullle K. H., hut oa his le.uni
was altiiikid in lleam's Slation h
Humpum's Cm airy, and n tholouh
ly ruined, lusiii'all his niiKnn-, amliu
Inncej, ni.d tweUe ol arlilh ry.
On tho7lh of J i y, I ncelved an or
der from Cm, I Iuz?uiiI,oiimI' llancoekf
.Stair, mid I hief of ArnUi-ry of llii
Meio d Coi' , appointing inn AetliiK
Aloe do Ctmit on his hialf, v. 1(0 Head
i;n,irieis .it Hi n. Ilnjii oi k'.s, M, pro ui
pal oi'ciip.o ma was to u lei the l liiei
ot Artl Icry in statloulnii Imtlerlcs in
time of uc i n. Thin pnsluou, u III t
KlvlnH m.- n jfood chan e of in iptirlun'
information nt Ilad (Juarler., hrouith'.
me daily in contact not only with Han
cock ami lib mil.nrillimte (jeiierals, hut
viltli oilier ('t r Comuiauili ii.
On Monday, July 11th, deecrters ra
ported Hill's O rps movlnir to our left.
We at once prepared for tho attack, hut
am riw not nunc, ut husk, in nccortl
anc with mtlcr.s, 1 wlthdiew our h it-lerle-from
ihe line ami Wi piepaied
for further development;, i'lils wall
lti foi'tm aitauk on a lark nielli, with
out knowiiiKiit which point ihe Morm
uiaj hur'l, Is h m nl . In the xIjciii'-.
No Bleep Is allowiil, nod the f.ilulest
eoiilld or llidh ittlou III sulUi'lcrit to star.
He the mind. At la-t a mint Is heard
llien It is tukeu up alum; Dm hue, the
men ir.'.p more firmly their kuiis, and
with cleiiclieil teeth nnd hentlaK lie.ul
mwilt the onset. In ininy cases tint
iilarm Is, i falsooiieet vluiPincen ipilrm
each man to net us tliouuli It whm real.
On I'lii-tlny, the IJth, our Corps got
In nnil lii, ami massed on tho left near
till' WlllllMlld' (louse, I'nu ohji'l t win
(oniliiiiirt HlnTliUii who limi atiulnl
mi ntuitlu r r-lil. I'lm aum i dli 1I.17
wcMiitMiiipi.i mnr .MruUi-'s lippiKMir
I Ur., unit I. ml rial lnr thu Hut ilnu
(In m k the, vitiniuiittti. Wuwi'iunmld.c,
tliouuli not directly on the line, hut
proceeded to hulld u Bcrlus of cmiKc.fil
win work to (Oolict our flank mid
rear In u.iw of u nuddo i uttnek. Dotncli
l v irl:j of utroiutli wcro nlao
coiiipletuil nnd garrisoned, whhili fuvciI
ni mnny men, m tlmy obviated the
ti t-!liy of hiilillnu dm entire line.
After daik ofTui'Mlny, July aith, dm
orNtii4HK l lu t In motion. The
Weniher wnt Ii tenicly hot, unil that,
vl li the Iieiivy ilut,suou fntlKUi d both
nor-e mid men. Tho Inttcr stnu'Kled
iiihki than on nny previous march.
.Many of the men limiKlned u wiro
Ifoi j; mi a Imikc rnld to North Crollna j
oilnri thought wo wcro to iwdnt In
driving Knrlyfroiti Mnrylnud; but there
Hue. (h wen; (llsl.ntc(l wlien wo rrom
ei) the Appomnttox. At otiu time tho
(.illinium pot lot! In tho itiirknu.i, un.l
Allor tiiarchltiK yeveral mile on too
wrong rur.d, were nimpcllcd to retrine
itn ."lepfl. Ily daylight thu Jamc wm
rendit'dHt Deep Ilnttom, and Ilni'low'ii
Division at once crowed over. Ho was
oidereil to inako u feint on tho enemy's
line, hut Mlieii' Hriundc, which was on
the skirmish line, only knew how to
make a real nltnck.aml.idvnnclng, c.ip
tiind from thern four twenty pound
I'.irret gum. Hancock, on seeing them,
i xcl.dincd, "Why we've got back tho
guns we lost June 22nd." On belli?
mid they wcro twdity pounders, ho
mlded. "They have only rrmenn little."
I he bnlame of tho Corps, end two Di
vision" of rihorhlan'sCiivn'rp silsocross
t (I over, nnd wero po-led In .idvaiiU
gt mis positions.
A rt'cnnnoH.irico was m nlt on Thins
dny by (lens. Hancock, SheliUn. Cilb
bon, n.irlow, Molt, Oregg, Tornctt, Da
vis, and Mcrritt, accompanied by their
-tulfi. We went to the exlremo front,
imd sniiiftliin beyotid the Cavalry
pickets. Slnridan was ila'hltiif Into ev
i ry nook ami corner, sometimes with
on I a sligle aid, nml intend row on him--elf
Ihe eii'-my's lire hy venturing too
m ar t h Ir lines. We had scarcely b it
tlie Itntlhi House, when they nllackcd
Ihe Cavalry statlomd at that point.
1'liey toil: n gun, hut we lltmllj repuls
ed tin m, capturing two stands ofcolum
Mini a number of p l-oncrs. (iibboiis'
Dh'laiou was sent to their support, but
did not Income engaged. Tho gun
Oonts In the James iiI.mi opened lire on
the enemy, ami though the hugenbell
tore up their works, ami even tiprootul
in i s, they wero not so much filghleni d
as w hen gun boats were new thli gs.
On r'rlday morning Mr. Andcr-on, a
com spontlent of the N. Y.,
t)t't. Wilson of Hancoeli'i sttuff, and
mj.-elf rode nlong the picket Hue In with (ten Ilancock's order.
Do leaching the Itufiln lloiise.the si.ene
of the previous day's contiat, we "wire
surprised lo ic-o a rebel lino of battle
mrming but a few yards from us. We
were beyond our plcliets wlio had not
yet seen the movement ; and as rre
were screened from view by a o'utnp of
hushes we determined to watch their
m, ok uvcrs. llatterlfs were p'untid
near the IlulTln II lite, nnd ufler throw
log nut a heavy skirmish line, and sup
porting cncli Hank of the line of Imltlo
by a heavy column, the whole Ilr.o si
lently ndvancid. When their right
flank riadud a point about forty yards
from our hiding pare, wo put spurs to
ourhor-cs; t'jpt. Wilson to warn Ihe
pickets, Mr. Anderson to nam some la
dies in a neighboring home, nnd I to
in'orrn Hancock and Sheridan.
I 0 mini lliem under a tree Miioking.
I m ido my report, w lien Hancock re-
mmkul, "1'hil, tiny are inithiriK hut
di-n oiinlitl CaMilry ; you can take cam
of them ; hold tin iu In Ihe winds m. til
nil. Ill if , on din, hul if they reach tluve
plain- we will hurt .-cine oftlidi'."
din i loan nt once oiderid in a fri.-li Iiii-
ir.nle, and "kepi them In the woods nu
II nlht."
The enemy, Im.iJiniiiK wi ( renlnK
to unke u. iv il uttjik frnm the North
-Ide ol tie James, reinforced heavily
.mil Me i lc rcpnrttil to us that five l)i-
Vlni ills hail i. fi his front nnd now op
p m d our t o mi al. l)i Ixions, e li.i v
lltlf rent M tl'd'ack in I'etershuiK. 'Ihe
real otijeci of our movement nine lo
came hj puicnt. We c.tie to make n
ft-1 1 1 1 on ltic'.mond, nnd while tlnis ou
eupyiiij; the i miny'a nlieiitlon, Iluni
mile'.s mine mw m te .sprung; m 1 u as
,s.oilt nude on l't n r-lmii;. An hefno
.taied, we drev. i.'i.iy live Divi-ltn;-,
ii lllh' "lily thu ( in flout ol l'ete.rt
hur', lrly'o b.'iuu in llm Villi' y,
iiL'i::.N Saiii,'.'
Iti cnitii Yiii'it Pi, 1 1'- We have no
ilniitit that many i' r-mi-in tliiscnin.ty
lueliolditi; Uliri conletl dewl-i v.hl;'li It
undid he well tor them t ) h.le leenr
ih d, us directed hy the piovl-ions of an
Act of A omlily Mhlch iiipiir.s that
"all (Id (P and eoiisvyiiiai tor real i.
oi'e In the Cniiiuionwe.dili, s'ull he ro
ciiiled in the nlll.'O fur i, .nrdini; of
.1' iIk iu tlie county where m U.nd- la
willilu sir moiitlis lifter the eecu'ioil
of uch detds unil coiive.MmiT- and ev
ri such died ami couveyam'.- not re
ennhd ils nlorit-nld, nliall he juduid
frinnhifiit nii'l I'niit ajraliist any -uli-e-ipn
lit purchaser hint vulunhleennslitor
ntion, iinlm-i such deeds he reconleil he-ion-the
reeoi'dlni-of tho deed m- em
ve unco under liMi Midi t-uh mpi nl
purchaser or iiiorlS'itteo nlull e'.uiii."
TliUls a vi ry Impnrlatit uotUe, and
thn-e hiinllui; uurecoliletl deeds will -(0
i lie liiiporUnco of having them r. ui ii
ul wilhout fiirthei' delay.
We are happy to Inform our reader.,
lint a wunt lorift felt In tlilscommuiiliv
will heii plied thli winter. Arrau-X"-iiient-)
have lieen mailo with a iiuml'c
of talvnteil lecturers, ami the tlrctlic-
turn of thu reason will ho Klveli at tho
I nu r t Home on Piccmher 17th, hy Wm
H.CulliKif I'lilhideliihln. Subject "Thu
Idol of modern limi h." Tliu next lie
ture will lie nn January 13th, 'Glint tho
('our' Uoiisnhy lltlfui AiUiun of I'hll
iidelphl.i, and llm third In the r.imo
place on ITehruary 10th, hy l).wltt Tnl
m iiIkc of Philadelphia. Thu Milijucta
of the two latter h'eiitlemeii will Us an
iiounced Iu dun tlinu. Wn eirnculy
hope that tliere in ly ha u ntton
iIhiic.k on tin sii lecture., ivi nu evidence
that the people Iu this e. miily can prop,
erly appreciate Intellocttiiil njoymetil,
There In no reason why Illoomshurij
fliniilil not haven Herlcs of thciu lecturi-i
every vr Inter.
Tickets can ho olilnlned ut the ntnret
of P A. lleckley, ami Ml A. I). Wehh
nnd nt the otllces of I hit Cwi.i'Miuan
and Hrpublltim, Price SO cents.
I'n NU, - t-et of lady'H furs was
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