The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, November 27, 1868, Image 2

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Wows Items,
xjf Vliiut lt!o turri'l nf ulo woro run
iT Iinu tliu wwer nf Huir.Oo tin- ntliir
ilty, tlio night wati'hmaii huvlnij Ikimi
Iritwiicil In the vat I'liiituliilmjlt.
I'liey li.ivc nt u wilf out west
which Initnul nf li;lti covori'd with
liulr, Im-ut lililn Miulliir lothiit of mi
I'U'lituiit, mid h t:il tlm rxuet i-oiiutur.
1'iirt of thu iMintuI iiii'iiilu!o of tlmt
llUKO llWWt.
USr A white woman left licrliiHlmml
ami Hovurnl clitlilrrti In Norlli StitntnK
ton, last wofk, nnd clopctl with n liliick
limn, Conshlcrnlilu ryiuimthy U Mt
for tlio lii'Kro.
MP in Hun Kr!inil.-n) KnciilMcks lin
ns into ns Hunk of Ktifliiml note iiru
hen seldom mimi mill's. In tlio window
of u broker's chop, lint golden eolu
iHieeliilly fJ) plmM -iim familiar to
tlio sltflit, hy tlio bmhil utul tliu turt
load. The nmrt of the world for gold
vein Is San ITuneUvo.
i-Thu binoko from the viiUiinlc
f ruiitlon In the S.uidwleli NlaiiUi Win
"t-cn ono tliuunititl inllm from the Is
IhikI-i, and ut half that dNtance was so
dcii'O that offlccn of sliln weru pro
Vfiiteil from making their observations.
W A married man In Constantino
pie had 11 dllllculty with live of his
wives, which ho settled hy tylnjr them
up In sucks mid throwing them iuto
the llosphoruj. HH thlrty-i'Itfiit other
Wives luvu given hlui no trouble alnco
tlio bit of house cleaning came olf.
r"Somo folks are prodigiously pen
Itent over other people's sin, nnd seems
to tliink they havo it special call to con
fess them to the world. They will
Kongo their brothers eyes rather than
leuvo it single mote in them.
DS" Uruzll keeps a standing offer of
f iiWO in gold to uny ono who will in
vent it modo of preserving beef so that
It will bo suitable for exportation, mid
though four hundred processes have
oeen put in competition for this prize
nono have yet received It.
vtr ino ueau oouy 01 n cliilil wits
round In n street gutter In Cincinnati!
thu other night. It was wrapped In
several pieces of brown paper, nnd on 11
1IU v piece of white paper pinned to it.
vu- written, "1'uther, bury mo; moth
-r 'ins no money. I am tttclvo day
v l. '
-O- A gentleman, while ut breakfast
.1 iTtaiu hotel in Atlanta, was asked
fy n Federal olllcer whether the repn
.st-nUtive from his county had arrived
"Wait," replied the gentleman, "untl
I get through my breakfast, and I will
go to the kitchen and see."
Hartley'. II. W. NcImhi, rector of a
lluriliiril Episcopal Church, Informed
nw congregation last Sunday that any
member of the church who nttended
the Grand Ikichess or Uliic Heard oner
, would be refused communion for six
months, and Ulshop Williams sustains
e- Pennsylvania has a greater length
of railroad than any other Stale. The
first fournro: Pennsylvania. 4.311 miles:
Ohio, 3,303 miles; New York, 8,21s
miles; Illinois, 3,224 mllia. In IsliO
Pennsylvaula was the fourth State,
Having only 2,003 miles.
MT A man mimed Cable. In North
Carolina, wngercd two gallons of tar
against a quart of brandy that ho could
drink the quart of brandy and then
wuik to his home, a mllo distant, before
oecoming insensible. Ho drank the
brandy, walked half the distance, then
.ink down, saying, "Hoys, I've lost the
bet," and instantly expired.
Sir A woman In Ilayiuoud, N. II.,
who was mindful of tlio old lulus that
"It takes a bushel of corn to fatten a
hog's tail," actually cut off the tall of
her hog as a matter of economy. She
was somewhat surprised on going to
the ty in a couplo of hours to And
"hoggie" dead from bleeding, alter the.
loss of his narrative.
Noi long sinco at tho breaking
ground for a rullroau In a certain town
In tho Southwest, u clergymun on being
called upon to open the proceedings
with prayer, took from his pocket a
munuscript supplication, prepared for
tho occasion, which ho read. A colored
brother present, leaning upon hlsshov
el, noticing tho movement, remarked
with a grin, "Golly I dut's de fust time
dls darkey over knew de Lord written
to on do bubjeck of a railroad!"
1- You can never get an Irishman,
never. Tho other day a gentleman de
siring to quiz n genuine son of the boj ,
nsked him if "thu railroad had got in."
"One hid of It has, bejabers, aitr," m,M
tcir At Talladega Court, in tho State
el A Hl atna, a few days ago, a regular
11 Jury whs inipanncled. There
i -i k out fifteen negroes tried for vur
ioux i.fienses, each of whom on his trial
ilcNumdeil a white Jury. Tho colored
Juror sat In their box from Monday
morning till Saturday night without
having a single cuso submitted to them.
Itt-A wealthy lady of Uuffalo lost
her pocket-book, containing a consider-
amo sum or money. A ragged urchin.
oi mo noiifst sort, picked it up and fol
loweci mo owner several blocks, caught
up wiui nor una restored it. Tho gon
rous woman tendeicd the boy an nti
pie! '
ear Judgo Dodge, of New York, de
livers original opinions. A woman was
brought before him for blguray. Her
counxct stuted that sho was Insane, and
had only hceu out of the hospital a few
days. "That's enough," id tho Judge:
"a woman who weds twice must be
foolish. Acquitted,
MT" A firm In Balctn, N. C, has sent
oft ono thousand barrel of dried hlack.
berries, worth 9 10,000.
TA plantation In Mississippi.
which cost 100.000 ten yours go, was
oiu lately ior f.nv.
-Emily "Charlie, denr, IsterBo
phlolms got a llttlo bab.i I" Charlie
"Is It a boy?" Kmlly "No, u llttlo
girl." Charlle-frotlfully "Oh, then
I rhall be a nasty aunt I"
-Frederic William Dickens, last
surviving brother of Charles Dickens,
dlid a few weeks ago at Darlington,
England. Ho was a genial, good hu
mored gentleman, with a ready fund of
anecdote, and was u general favorltv in
K-Commodore Nult, tho 50,000
Kutl, has returned to ills New Ilamn-
hlre. home. Ito bus retired from husi
nehs, and will travel no moro, as ho Is
ortb money enough now to live on. '
tc ut-olumbian.
UljOOMtillUltO, I'A.
rmntv mdrmmi, miv, uj, ikoh
tf TUB rel.lljmiA.N lt. tlx- l.nrKr.t
fNi-.nlMlun lit I'nttunliln nml AtlJnliilliR
(Kitttitlei ol'nny niicr, nntl
It ailto ft mttrli Inrarr ulirtl llinu uny at
H.ootemporftrlt. mtul In Itirrrfor tlir ltM(
Mrillitm for mtrmltliic In lhl trrtlnit of
tho .llolr.
Sunday School Convention,
MANVof tho Hahhath School men of
our town ate nt wink endeavoring to
organize a Convention lobe held hern
between I ho holiday, and at which
-oiiio distinguished .".rangers will bo
pre.-eiit. The Idea Is thai every Hihool
in the county, of all denominations
shall Le ivpresentdl.
We uro heartily In favorof thlsinove
liient, for everytlrlng relating to Sunday
Schools Iim our earnest sympathy. In
them our youths nut only learn a prop
cr observance of tho day, but learn mo-
nil lessons which inllucnco all their af
ter Hie. I'mni no other source, does the
church ricclvu so many converts, nor
more hopeful ones. It has been well
said of these schools that "they are tho
nurseries of the church."
l)y a Convention there will bo n com
pailson of views as to organizations of
schools, how to securo order, contrlbu
tlous, nndattendaneoj what should bo
taught, nnd the manner of teaching It
in our opinion tnrce-lourtlis of our
schools aro failures because they are
placed under charge of sonio old fogies
who, however devout and staid they
may be, do not know how to Interest
school, nor how to get out of thu routino
In vogue when they were a boys. Tho
hmullur children In many schools say
their letters to soma young person who
Is not a Christian, who is entirely In
competent to Interest nnd Instruct; and
tho child goes homo with Its ticket, fall
Ing to see any other dlffcro.ico between
week-day and Sunday school, except
that In thu latter ho has more license
and l.s confined tor a shorter time.
The Bible clashes aro frequently con
dueled by simply letting tho pupils
read a chapter or two, nnd then they
mo dismissed without a word of expla
nation, without any maps or other aids
to understand what has been read. Our
young men and women must tnko this
work In hand. It should bo their prid
to organize and teach a ehe-s. In this
way they can do good to tho communis
ty, ami benefit themselves. by one the Conservative organs
wneei lino line una march aoreast witli
tho party In Us grand demand that hem u
forth suffrage the greatest franehl-e of
ireemen shall in our country l,e mumI
and linuartlal. Kveu tho slowest niimU
aim tne most iimui wills hegln to km
that national suII'iiil'o Is hut tint .-nr. l
lary of national citizenship ; that the
lourieeiun mcimmciu to tne LonstI
tution uecessllutesn fifteenth. Forney
morels not n Conccri-ative Journal in
tho country that favors tho mot strous
usurpation of tho Jncobiiu concerning
thu right of "Congress" to regulate suf
frage for tho States. Tho wretched
"dodge" of these rascals In proclaiming
It as n principle that negroes should
vote in southern States, but might bo
denied such a privilege in northern
ones, was ono of the sorriest expedients
over adopted by political charlatans
Beforo the recent election tho Jacobin
Journals did not press negro boirraguas
thegreut hsuoot the campaign, hut now
they will contend that tho election dc
elded It. In a llttlo timo it will be bold'
asserted that the "fourteenth amend'
merit" establishes it, and that "tho
principle" Is part of tho Constitution,
It Is quite possible, however, that un
foreseen occurrences may changuthoas
pectof affairs. Tho nomination of Gen.
Jrant was nn acknowledgment by the
Hadlcals that they could not elect ono
of their leaders.
A Nkw Odd Fi;i.i.ow' Tho
K.W.arand I.odgoof the United Slates,
O. of I'., at their recent session.
adopted a flag to bo used en all public
occasions. Tho Hag Is to boot white
material, either bunting, cotton cloth or
fatln ; tho proportions to bo ll-IOth of
the length fortho width. Tlio emblem.
three links, to bo placed in thecentro of
the llag, with the letters I. O. O. F.,
und tho niimoof tho State, District or
lerrltory using It to bu wrought In scar
let color. Whenever tho flag Is to be
used hy the encampments, two crooks
are to be added. Thotirand I.odiru of
tho United States has ordered n nation
al fl.tit, which will bo homo for tho first
timo In the grand procession in I'hlla-
lelphla, in April, IHG'J.
Annv Kr.i.uiy, Senator II.
Wilson, Fred. Douglass, Dr. Lucy Stone
Illuckwcll, Iluv. Tliymphi llrown, Mr.
i nomas W. Illg-iiisou. Mr. William
Woyd Garrison, and u few other old
women, held a woman suffrage conven
tion In Jlosion n few days ago. Fred.
Douglas wild tin "belonged to tho wo
men;" and Mrs. Ahby Kelley Foster's
husband said tho Democratic, motto of
n "white man's government win an
"Infamous motto;" whtToufsjii Mrs.
Dr. Lucy Stono Ulack well guvo Foster a
dig by asking If "It vim any worsu for
a white man's government, than It was
to ask for a bWk man's government?"
Whereupon them was laughter, and
I.ucy won,
This foolish and demoralizing wheel,
barrow election bets contlnuo to bu
"paid" In all purls of thu country. A
zany In Massachusetts agreed to. wheel
auegro over a certain road, nnd fulfilled
his agreement. At ono point on tho
route a young girl rushed out, waving
a small fligaud kissed both tho j.uny
nd the negro, having madu a bet with
some companions that sho would do it.
Such noiisonse is not funny. It Is slm.
ply disgusting.
Fall or Wiiiiat. Tho nverago do
cllno In tho price of stiuuUird wheat, In
tho Chicago market for thu last thirty
days, has bcnn onoeeni a liushel, and
bottom has not been reached so far as
appearances Indicate. Tho supply In
tho markot owlns to tho nbundanco of
tho crops, has bultled tho calculations
of the speculators, ami many of them
liavosullereil severely, and all without
general sympathy In their losses.
HELOtf, will bo found what Is dcomtxl
a proper text from Which to preach tho
funeral sermon of lieu. Ilutler : Fiom
Jeremiah II, 19: "And thu basins, nnd
tho firepans, nnd tho howls, ami tho
caldrons, and tho candlesticks, and tho
spoons, and tho cups; that which -was
of gold In gold, and thub which wni of
silver in silver, took tho captain of tho
jjuard away."
Sho XVcgro Bureau to bo Continued,
Tin: following telegram, from Wash
Ingloii, appeared in tho nowspapcrs of
last Tuesday, viz:
Hcuorts from tho agents of tho Freed
men's llureau In nearly all tho States
have been received nt the headquarters,
Tim Inst nnn received was that nf Gon.
llalch, Assistant Commissioner of
Louisiana. In common with tho rest
ho urges thu continuance, of the llureau
on the ground that It Is necessary for
tho well'aro of the negrots.
This Is equivalent to an iiOlcln! nn
noiiiiccmeiit, inado on tho day of tho
election when It could not affect there-
suit, that Infamous Freed men's Ilu
reau'is to bu continued. "Reports have
been received from nearly nil tho
Slates" and the agents urge "thu con
tlnuanco of the llureau on tho ground
that It is necessary for thu welfare of
tho negroes." It Is moro necessary for
tho "welfaro"of tho agents than the nn
gio. It furnishes them with good fat
ofllecsjuud places It In their power to
plunder tho unfortunate white, peoplo of
the South. Uesides this, It Is "neces
sary" to tho llfo of tho ltadlcal party In
tho South, for without the llureau to
manipulato and control the negroes,
that party would not havo an existence
In that section. Very likely it Is, "uc
ecssaryfor the welfare o the negroes,"
for It clothes, feeds, and educates them
nt the oxpenso of tho tax-payers lu the
North. From tho price It costs, It ought
to prove very greatly to their welfare,
Wo hope tho peoplo of thu North will
be satisfied with this slate of things, for
it Is their work. Tlio llureau, which
costs several millions a year, Is to bo
continued for four years lomrer, for that
point was (ruined by the election of
Grant. It may bo that tin. tax-payers
alter a while, will begin to smii-cl,
tho money Is drawn from their pockets
to support negroes, but wo hope they
win near it with becoming resignation
for they voted for tho Uurcau last Octo
her. The prjspcct ahead Is particular
ly en ering for poor men, who make
living hy their dally toll, an J they, no
uoubt, will beglnd of the opportunity
to give ii portion of each day's labor to
support the idle, worthless, negroes of
the South. They havo gal. ed this by
mo into eiicliou, ami wo wish them Jos
ef It. This is tlio "pcaeu" they were
promised. )ny(estown IHmuu al,
For Governor.
ui:n McUANm.Ess, Statu Senator
iiom i-niiaueipiiia, H spoken ofns a can
iiiiiiuu ior uiu nexr. Democratic iioniin;
Hon for Governor. Pitta. Post.
Wohope thisls not true.for wo should
then bo tempted to do that which wo
never hoped to do. And that Is, to
voio mo Democratic ticket. General
McCundlcss wo havo known us tho bra
vest soldier and the truest of gentlemen
miring n scrvlco In tho lale war, when
It was our pleasant duty to servo upon
iiissiau. j-ver courteous, never se fish
nlwn .s gallant. Ho won tho universal
admiration of tho Ilcservo Division-
Having said Unit, wo pay him a lust
compliment, for to nono other than truo
men did the old Guard ever vouchsafe
their cheers or their confidence. While
wo do not oven profess to roirard tho
senators pontics with any favor, yet
10 ins bpotiess character tu n private
gentleman, and tlio untarnished record
of his military career, wo bear cheerful
testimony. II tho calnnilty of a Demo
cratic Governor shall over fall upon
our commonwealth, wo shall bear tho
yoto with far less of complaint if wc
Know i hat tlio batallons aro to bo man
ctivcred by oo. skillful n hand us that
which led tho Ilcservo on many a well
contested field. MonongahcUi llejtubli-
A school teacher who had pnlovcd
tho benefit of a long practice of his pro
fession, nnd had watched closely theln-
lluenco of nowspapcrs upon tho minds
of a family of children, Htates as the re
sults of his observations that, without
xceplion, those scholars of both sim s
nnd all ages who havo access to newspa
pers nt nome, when compared with
those who havo not, are :
J. Detter readers, excellent In urn-
nuuciatlon, and consequently read mora
lhey aro better spellers, and dellnn
word -f with easonnd accuracy.
i. lhey obtain practical
in geography in almost half tho timo It
requires others, as tho newspaper has
niado them familiar with tho location
or important places ami nations, their
governments and doings.
1. I hoy are better irrammarlnn.s. for.
having become so familiar with every
variety of stylo in tho iiowspaner. from
commonplace advertisements to tlio fin-
linen nnd clu-sleui oration of tho states
man, they more rcndllv comprehend
tho meaning of tho text, and eoii-o-
quently aniilyzo ils tonstruelion with
0. They wrlto better compositions.
uslti" better language, cuutnlnlng moro
thoughts, still moro clearly expressed.
From these Hlmple Tacts three Impor
tant things can bo deduced :
1. I ho responsibility of tho pres. Is
suppljlng literature which shall bo both
healthful in tono and likewise under.
Htaudiiigly expressed.
Ihonbsoluto necessity of personal
supervision of a child's residing hv his
.'I. Having onto got a, good, ablo pa-
per, no matter what tho price, don't
i-;;riiugoii,a healthy support.
How A Lahy Uuii.t A
OitUKWi. Commenting on the various
modes resorted to, In order to hid Id
churches, tho Raymond (Miss.) (,':ft7c
gives tho following plan.recently adopt-
ii in mat county ny u young lady. It
Wo huvn in Hinds county a young la
dy a imtlvo of tlio county, and horn
nnd reared In ease, elegance, luxury;
tho (hiughter of an elegant gentleman,
and u friend of ours for u quarter of a
century who knows how to build a
church, and not. theorotleally only, but
practically, Tho older heads of tho
neighborhood greatly deplored tho want
of a church building. How to erect
ono In the presuut depressed, wrecked,
and ruined condition of tlio country,
and especially In view or tho impover
ished situation of thu surrounding pop
ulation, wus a soru perplexity. Our
young lady friend thought that whero
there was a will there win a way, and
Hint nt all uvents sho would do her du
ty. She at onco contnetnl to teach, for
n year, In tho family of a lady living
In tho vicinity. For the year's labor
sho received $500 In gold. Tho gold wus
turned Into currency, imd tho entire
uniount, 700 was presented by her as
her subscription towards the election
of tho church.
And flint's tho way to build it church.
Mn. Kiiitoh: Wo notice that our
friend, correspondent o( ta Jlepublienn
has changed his subject from mathe
matics to grammar. Wo aro pleased
with tho change, and though wo may
hover hecoino professors of that sclenco
or any oilier, yet wo will make it few
remarks which you may publish if yoti
Wo will first correct tho error (though
not our own) In tho mathematical
question which wo handed lit for publi
cation a few weeks ago.
The question should read two years
ago James' ago was 2-5 of his uncle's
but In eight years henco It will ho 3-fi
of his unclo's ; What Is tho ago ofeneh
Next, passing over tho mathematical
crrorsorour friend's second solution
(Which you will find In tho Jlfimblicnn
of tlio 10th Inst.,) we will noticu miiuo
of his grammatical errors. Grammarians
should not eay "2-5 of tho uncle's ago 2
years ago plus 10 years arc equal to 3-i
of his nge," for this shnplo reason ; nee
Is the logical subject; and tho verb
must ngrco in number wltho logical
subject : even when tho grammatical
subject Is plural. Again, "2-5 or his
ago were 0 times I years which arc
years;" aiidngnlu, "2-0 or James' ago
were 2 times I years which arc 8 years
Take for example this buutence 2-3
of tho npplcs ate spoiled: hero tho log.
lea! subject apples Is plural, hence wo
havo n verb to agree, but If wo take the
sentence 3-5 of tho cargo was tost, the
logical subject cargo is singular, lictico
tho verb must bo of tho samu number,
Wo now Hud for analysis the following
sentence, "Whosoever will, let him take
the water of llfo freely."
This l.s a compound sentenca contain
Ing ono Independent clause and ono rel
ntive clause, Tho independent clan
Is, lei him ta!;e the water of llfc,frec'i
llui subject is, tltoit understood ; the
predicate Is let, the object Is him. The
subject Is not modified, tlio predi
cate is modified by tho adjunct
lake the water of life freely, tho priq
ositlon to, being omitted after let. Tho
object is modified by tho relative clause
whosoever will. Whosoever is u com
pound relative pronoun, and relates to
him forits antecedent, and Is hero the
subject or the verb will, und therefore
In the nominative c.i'e, according to
Rule. Let is an irregular active trans
Itivo verb, or tho lmperatlvo mode
present tense; second person and singu
lar number to agree with Its subject
thou, understood. Win Is a personal
pronoun of thu mascullno gender, third
person and singular number, and
hero tho object or tho action oxprcssed
by the activo transitive verb let nnd
therefore lu the objective case.
The word, ichosnevcr is nearly obso
lete, except where it is Used instead of
a simple relative und nn indefinite ante
cedent. In ancient writings or Ulble
sentences, the antecedent Is sometimes
expressed for the sake of emphasis ; as
in tlio sentence wo havo just analyzed
H Quay
burrisAai: in Pennsylvania. Tho
Jalo Mr. C was an extenslvo iron
master in Lancaster County, Pennsyl
vania, his mlucs extending Into Leba
non County. On election days ho was
in tho habit or having his bauds driven
in a wagon to tlio pulls, and then, with
out giving them thutruuhlo to get out
of tho wagon, ho handed in their vole
himself, giving lu their names in he did
so, thus: "This is Peter Huiiiniel's
vote; this is Jacob Miller's vote; this
is Uasper V Cher's vote," and to on tin
til ho had voted for nil in the wagon
Tho wagon was then bent off for it fresh
load, and when It arrived tho samu
ceremony was gone through with tlie.m
it Is btill tho custom In Pennsylvania
for Iron-masters and nil other manufac
liners to compel their hands to voto ns
their employers please, but Mr. O
was probably tho only one or his day
who put in their votes himself. World.
Co.U, lias fallen lu tho cities. A dis
patch to tlio tieranion JlepuWcan, dated
tho 11th, says:
Nuw Yonic, Nov. 14. The coal mar
ket hero is very dull and declining. The
largo tonnage of Reading Willi tin
htness of tho money market has
aused u reduction of from nuventy-llvi
cents to a dollar a ton from thu price
obtained at tho last auction sale. Co il
l.s offered freely at these figures anil
there is an indisposition to buy. Scliuy I-
III coal is pressed in the market at
very low prices.
Moui.Ti.vti Canaiiiix When your
canary birds aro moulting and cease to
sing, do tills: Put a little oxldo of Iron
(Iron rust from the drug storo) or let a
couplo of lath nulls belli tho water they
drink ; toko awny their bath, so that
they cannot get any drink but their
medicine. In another cup Immerse a
llttlo saffron. Tho latter gives color to
thu Incoming feathers. Tho Iron braces
their systems while moulting. In a llt
tlo while they will nlng loud enough
tocauso u headache.
Horr.rui. Yir.w.i. Dr. Johnson n-us
accustomed to say frequently that the
habit or looking at tho best bldo or ev
ery ovent was worth moro to any per
son than a thousand pounds n year. And
Dr. Johnson was right, fur cheerfulness
Is man's normal condition, und despon
dency and melancholy, tho inuvjtablo
results of dwelling on tho dark side,
lead to dyspepsia uudhypochondrla.thu
most terrililo nllllctlon nisii can have
visited upon him.
Tin: Dloceso of Central Now York
lately elected by tho division of the
Dloceso or Western NeV York, com
prises thu counties or Ilroome, Cuyugu,
Chemung, Chenango, Cortland, Jeiiyr
son, Lowis,Madlsou, Oneida, Onondaga,
Oswego, Seneca, Tioga und Tompkins,
Fourteen counties, witli thirty two self
supporting Parishes, nnd 81012 commu
nications. Tho nihhop's salury was.
llxed nUI.OOu.
Tui: disfranchisement Investigation
(-0 farms it has progressed shows tho
following facts:
Missouri, 76,000
Jeunessee, I22.WW
i exits, 62,100
Total, IMl.aos
Whero would Itadlcallsm and Grant
bu with a full nnd fair voto '.
I'omu:.ST has challenged Kllpatrlck,
and Kllpatrlck has taken to thu water.
Soft for a llrlgadler.
Tim Kentucky delegation in Congress
will bo all Democrats.
Tho Llttlo Oame.
Tin: latest phaso of the little gamo Is
to keep tho , two-thirds. As mattTS
now utnnd iho Rati Icals nro some ten or
twelvo short of a two-thirds lu Iho For-ty-llrst
Congress. To do uway with
this overplus of Democrats nnd thereby
put tho ring lu Grant's nose, should
tho General provo restive, Is u prime
object, nnd this Is thu way they mean
to do It. Imprimis, tho word has gone
out from Washington and Waked Int6
galvanic llfu a certain select decoction,
live Ill-number, of that learned body
that, from tho antecedents of Its mem
bcrslfj., was known ns tho Mississippi
Chaln-gnngCovontlou, This decoction,
styled committee, has all of a sudden
discovered that tho negro constitution
was not, after all,defoatcd In Mississippi
by 7,021) votes, ns officially reported by
the district commander, hut seven
strong uiitl-eonstltutlon counllci feeing
thrown out was curried. Wherefore
tho said qiilutrlplo crew, In u re-cript
dated the third of this month, announce
that the affair has been "duly ratified
nnd adopted," and divers carpet-bag
nnd negro gentry elected ns Statu olllccrs
unci to Congrivs. Theso hit ter resump
tions being livo (5) In number, It fol
lows that, on tho adoption of this mani
festo by Congress, ns It will he adopted,
tho trooly loll will odd at ono fell blow
five brand-new carpet-bag votf s to their
depleted ranks. Further than this, It
has been ascertained, as a Wellington
special to tho Post is good enough to
tell us, that there was such "rebel ter
rorism" in Louisiana ns kept tho lull
negroes, who niudo bread and meat for
the Cofedcrnto armies when they could
not have been forced so to do, from tho
polls. This means, of eourc, that a
sufficient number or uflld.ivlts ut f
u-plcco have hewn prepared to make a
goad basis foreastingout tho five Louisi
ana Democratic Cungressnien-ohct,
whereby It but remains for the loll to
mist two, or, nt most, three more Demo
eras to get their two-thirds. This la
soon dono,us it is now being "ascertain
ed" that lu Georgia thero was also a
terrorism which lost the Statoto Grant.
This done, out go seven Georgia Demo
crats, and roiVrt.' the two-thirds. Then
lot Let-us-havo-pcaco wag his head
Johiisonizliigly at us If ho dare, und
we, unto whom Is given tho ruluess of
tho earth, not forgetting the two-thirds,
will show him on which side of the
hedge shines tho sun. What n little
gamo It Is, to bu sure World.
Tammany KTomminalinEr Convention,
M:v or.t;, November 23. The
Tammany Nominating Convention for
city olllcer.s was held this evoulnir,
Tamiiiaiiy Hall. Judgo Charles I Daly
presided. A delegation from tlio Ger
man General Democratic Convention
was present. Tho following geutleme
were nominated unanimously :
I'ur Mayor A. O.ikey Hull.
l'or Corporation Counsel Kiclmrd
Doth made fiiecchcH of acceptance.
M-.W okk, Xov. 2.J. A special to
uiu evening J-.xnnss.troui Lowell, ila-s,
says: "General Duthr lies vry ill at
hij residence here, mid fears uro enter
tained that he may not recover,
ono peiiod bo is mid
to havo been en
tirely speechless."' I1j.ajii.ess Cliir.i). Tho
Deposit (X. Y.) Courier is responsible
lor the Ivllowiug marvelous story;
In tho vicinity of Spoon III!
nols, is u child that was born and has
lived live years without a head. Mrs
-, tho mother is tho widow or a sol
dler, formerly living in Marshall Conn
ty, who enlisted in the Sixty-fifth or
Scotch regiment, nnd was killed nt tho
buttto of Lexington, Missouri. She
was standing hesldo her Iiu-b.ind dur
ing mi engagement, when n cannon ball
curried his head completely away, his
oouy lalllng Into her arms, and cover
ing her with blood. Tho shock affected
her greatly. When her child was born
there was not tho semblance uf u head
about it. Tlio limbs are nerlcctlv de
veloped, the arms long, and tho shnul
tiers, where tho head and neck should
be, smoothly rounded oil'.
Jlut tlio most surprising thing of nil
is that tho faio is situated in tlio breast,
ut course, thero being no neck tliu pow
or or turning Ils head is wauling, ox
cept lis the whole body Is moved , but
this ililllciilty Is overeomo by tho sing
ular faculty it possessed or turning its
oyes in their sockets, cnnbl lug it to see
qui to us well on either side us thoso
more perfectly formed. Tho upper
portion oi its body Is while ns tho pur
est Caucasian: from tho waist down
ward Is blood red. This straugo crea
ture, now an active hoy ol ilvo yeais
oiu, in If to compensate for his deform
lty, possesses tho most clear and bird-
lll;o tones over listened to, hingim:
with correctness, everything it may
hear, and ils voice nt this early ago no
coiiipllshcs two octaves; easily.
Tnuun teems to ho a mutiny In Qeu
end Geary's camp. Fitzgcinld's City
item, always Intensely ltadlcal, this
week pays tho following tributo to
l'oor Geary is traveling and begging
day nnd night to securo a lenomluntlon,
IIocoaxc.s,Implore.s,pronilscs, threatens,
whines mid erlo. Never beforo has
such a spectacle been been In this Stale.
Mr. W. W. Ketchum and Gen. Hurry
Willie, of Indiana, nro his competltois
both abler nnd better me:;, niiil neith
er of tlidm liars.
Wkniikm, Pjiij.i.ii's Is out In a let
ter nbustiiB tho Democracy. President
Johnson, Chief Justice Chase, nml
Governor Seymour. He thinks the
Democrats will almost suiely succeed
In 1872 unless every whero tho radicals
tflyo the negro tho h.illot. SnenU out
iid let us know how many of you uro
in i.ivor oi "universal Manhood Suf-
KwiAltiHNCl Model mil
liners Inform us Hint bonnet dtrlugs will
coirio In fashion this winter. This will
bo good news for dealers In ribbons.
Ono of tho principal reasons why the
womon folks nro now so pretty, Is be
causo they show their chins. With big
bows of ribbons concenllng their fea
tures, their uttractlvcucsa will bo re
duced about sixty per cent.
It seems that tho oxtenslon of fran
chise lu Kngland has superinduced
mobs, riots nnd Intimidations of work
men by tho masters of Iron -Mills, Ac.
Havo they been taking lessons from our
American employers? This will bo
another bond between foreign capital
ists and our own.
Market He port.
Wheat per bushrl
llo "
I'orll "
Oiita. " . ......
t'lour pet Itnrrol
Iiutlnr -
Ttillow m ;
Pr-inl Apples h- .
IVtrrf n
Hliti-s nml HhnuMera
Itiiril per ixmiid
1 lay per tun -
hemlock Hoard per tliouHiOi-l feel
Pino " " " (nut-Inch)..
.Intst. Hennlllns, l'litnk, (Hemlock)
HULnglcB, No. i pr IliutiHuuil
"Minn " n. ;v.v.7".v".'.v.'.'.'.
.... SM
,. .. Imi,
. S
,. - I
N. 1 Hcntcll plR
No. 2 " " ...
PhlUtUliilili Itlitrlirl-).
,'f UCI1SDAY, Nov. Del. I'M,
Ft.omt ' "
NnrthwpMerniitinerfnjoftt t-VSVfo n.M
rortiiwe4tern cxtnt. .... t'fa u. t
NnrthweHtern rmnUv s.Vf no
IVnin.-mniiln nnl Western tmticrtlnn.. 7.w.J
IViuiHylviinln ittid Wentem oxtra 7.7VJ a;
l'tlintvlvnnln nnd Wpulern family It.rjwrll.i
IVntKyivaitlu ami Western fancy U.-W I'lIT,
uiejiimr , H. i-vu
WHEAT rr'iinsiv,oiiaii'(i,v Mi si.k
Cnliruinia " "
' wlilto " ,
Uyi: IVnntylcnnU rye, v
' tiHN Yellow,
Willie, "
(UTS Vlllls
PltovlsIONH Mi-t p.nlt. y Mil
.Mew lleef, '
llre"c(l lloirs, V
Smoked llains "
" KMiilllJevs V tb
hnrrt, V ri
NI.ElJs Cloven teU V lus
Tltnotlo feeil bus
I'lHXM-lfl " .
CAiria: llcef IntlloWlr-
Cows, tl head ,
Hons Tl PHI Km
Iters U'j,
l'OI.Wll'lf WII.KIN"ON-On 'l'lli'sd.l i-M-nlntl
the '.'III, I tint Itt tile hiiUMt tif.lo-t pll llarrltoll
in iiiiiiiiiiHriim, uy itiv. i . t .tienrii, .tn . lie
11. I'ollm-lc nfH.llem. I.llZ. 1 11.. I'll.', mill J liet.H.
tali i:. WllllliMi.i, uf Un.irei-eeU euilimnia eo.
Ki: K-IMITlt-Itl Itazlckili.r.H llln tj Inst.,
Ilcv. I:. T. Kwirl?., Mr .t. N. Id cit nml M s
Aliu-ll.lC. rsuillli.alluf lliiiltloli.
i:t.Mur .fACKMON-Iu licrulck on tlm Ktli
inti., ny uev. a. tiire, .Mr, imoi .
-MhsJennlu 11, Jiu-Kton, till ol i.erwu !t.
CO-U. At Uohrslnir. on tho .r.tli in.t
Cj-e, used 1 1 ears, am I Is davn.
t Wiikhhas, IhcHnn. Wllllnm Klwrlt, I'n-s
Jlt CU)f llltt 4'tMirt (if (her iirnt Ti im I ii..r
Utnttnl .liill it lUury, Court hiimiu i f-.-H-doit
... , nKV ,,,iV1 iu 1 1, , Mini in mi lit. nil 1 i ii
ihim.s t inrl lu tliu Ath Jimh-l-il JiMnci, ci.u
iium-uih iiiuroumii'im roiuiiiiiia, .-uuiv.m iiiki
jnnuiiK.uiiu ino mm. iruiu ivn untl itu'i
imv ittiKMi uiuir pict'opt, in'nriiij; ituti' llu
inuuMinu.riKiii iiuntucu niul Mt. -i ifjhl. an 1 in
hii-uui-i-iiu utr UUHllllsm-UllllHHu-iii ml Uli.llU'l
r-i-MHus oi mo iviki, una ori-ii.ui Mi.iui.uiiti
i nuilof Ooiiiiinm i'uiis la JiluuinHlntrj, hi Uiu
."'illlllj ni LullUUhl.l, nil till' lust Alntiu tv , It, .n ,j i,i j,neiiiiKrimii) L-uiiiimii our
Xnllco licrrby fjhin, In liio i numrr, to 111
.lusuctsoniH' 1'iiirc, iiiki Iho rronMui lll'-l oi till'
miui enmity ni Coluuihl.i, u, .a tiu-v i.,, tin n nml
IlK'io lu tlioirirutt-r pursuit nt J-i oVlnck In the
t tuns nml utlu-r rrinuiihriiiiri i, ttnlolliuso thiiiir
viucii to tiit'ir nllUrsnpirt.-ii.iin in i,vtUmt Ami
i.i.n( iii-uijiiijiilioe, lu hinsr
riitoiuntnstthoprisniKTSlhatiuonr umv i... li
iiiu j.ui ui mo hal.l ciHimyol lo tliuii
"--' iu I ii'tr- u ii tut ill US KIUIU In- JllM, .lu
1 mi Kit- ri'MUt sti'it hi lie PiiiiL-iiiiil hi tin ii- iM.ti.i.
utirt'(itsitnilily tutlirir imtkri. i .Ut-il nt Jtl.iiiuis.
1 ,1 '' 'u-.iiiin fi;;ui mill
i 'i tired ami -t-Ulit, atai in thu nin, i t .
Ki-ululji;irol tiio Jiuli-iifiulriico nt Uiu UiiUM
IJiUD.-lliljlll, 2in
IfW. bliri'lll".
LvlK'HliyKlcuton)l lumiiitv. rrnlltnrs and
oiu t r prisons liil.'icstotl lu Uiociitittfs nt Din rc
r.p((IIoiUi'itlfiitMnu(lmlnorf', that tlio tolluu-iiu
tllnl in tho otlh'it oi tint Ih-'isi.-i .r i'.,i.....i!i
i'oiinl,iiiul will liu pirsilttrd lor eoiitlrriiuttoi'i
. , i.i'i 'jiii'iiiiiiH uourt, lo ho held
In Illoiiiiishum, on Man. lay. t 10 m.'Wnth ,- .r
i-vr. l-l.s, al two n'rlock lu tho nUciliooti nf
i. i irnintm nnainci'Himlnr llcuWn Knlttli-mi-
lillUlMluJoi nt Duma iMiUlln, htto of 1 iiiltilu
Auoiint nf r.owN Vi ilea atlm'r, ofl'ii'tlir
J-cDk.r l.ttr n( I'lanlillii twu. il,.L
J. Airounl nf UfUiH V. ttrriulm'r. of Andrew
Lnl.riiuui in!.-oi MntiUlIn twn. ilroM.
i. Ac;;ouiii ni lito, .m. Ilariuuiu.iulm'r, or Mm
Mary llaittiiuu Ulvut IJcntou twp. ilpuM.
J- Atouiii -ui 11.1VM Lovuiihtfio'r, uf .Taroli
in. mil- v ! mi i, lU'f u.
H.Arroiuit . i.lnl.11 JCt-Irhiu r. irunnlHu of Al
iifiirsU'ii'rr.iuuiorchlklotl'iUi Hiliu-r Uu i,f
7, Alvount ot John Kt itlini'i uitHnllan of Su
Minna Mvincr, mitmr chlnl uf 1'ru-i Mnmr nu
oi wmiuku i . jr. ui-r u.
Airoiuii hi 1.1'vi Alkinnn rmmllfui Wll
iiiun ji-iimi c, iniuori iiilit ut 1 raiiUln, ..h'lirhlf
U.!'ust nml ilinil n'rcuiuii nf John Hnilth ml.
inlii Uliatnr nlUllnrl ittitn-uD i,t,. ,.r i.,.,t
10. I'list ahil Ittinl nroniiht nf .Inlo .Willi II f t.
i-AKiitor nf iituifeQ McMH-imil ut Ur.enwuiMl
tun. ilrc il.
1'. Account nf Jr.t KmhI. m lulinliilstiaior of
uiKiKK i,i-iiiiinitiiiiuM l iimiMp iirru.
(i.11Al;c1llu1nt,, J t'"rliiuuili;uanllaiiot Ann
I.. 1)1 rh I, daughter of Uatii-t Apploiiian ilu,d,
iir Mnlhrrof (icriiM'oil twp..!tji.
II. 1 list ni.. I lliiKlncotilitnf Jnhn AMiitlii in,
lUicjiml, ' "
J. 1 (UTouutnf John r. Toulrr. A.Im'r ni
ltnhrrt J. l.jont-, Jain nf 1'lno tWiiiM' i-m1.
HI. Acrnunt Ol J.t OlinUl Ailninumlhi'i ..I ..t
x.iH.KU I , ime in IjUt'HriL l p., 111'.' 11.
I. nii Him until Hicouni, oi Tallinn MI-I
Aum i in I'Kiiirl iifr.,iuirnr Main i,vi d.-u'il.
liisburj; Xuv. If. lG
iiaxj) .lunous,
ion iixi:miieu ti;um, u&t
Hil'irercaU Vi'in, Lamon. I.rvl Sliair-i'.
nior Hit ttei leh.
emon Muiiiu i itiinup. .it. fin i. v, mi, v
lllontti .lohn ll. 1'iirst 11. John ku m. i. kii i in n
iniui i j iiiuiau liiiirnuousr,
ltcenVun.i lii iijtiiiiln aim.
llriulot'lt SJru V rursrl.JoIiti
ue l.rl hn.
lrfii'Sht H lis Ml.lnhiixin.
Mltllln M. It. llrllrr. I'ha. J. r'lvn.v liin,
jMontorrw n.,
Mt l'h'iiant Itussci Applrinan,
I'fuc itidiinl l. Hliltniojtr.
Heoit Jinny 1". Oman, Uocar i:nt
rjijtAYJ:uai: Ji'jtons,
IUH ii:U.M, 1M(S,
Jlrntnii-.AlOMiiuli r Cully.
lt!noiU-U.(lirr. I. 111. in. l.!M:n P. Ill.ll. in ,n
Ut i witK I ior. luviif ll.iurhrr,.iiiiiuH J acuity,
liiiivti John lllntriliti r, l iid, iiun,!,T.
Hilar I'm Ic .lunua I.o,
I'nluwISMl Xrli-tin l'.Inlin. Dniiii I 'Atrvtr IT. ti
ry Ilollliiiiliratl.
i t-iiii iiiiu i in uoiiru .lit'iiiii'iiiniii.
I'iMiUiluirt U Holuliiuu liiu.h.AiiL'U'KiMs.M'nn, r
jiiiiii Minn, 111,1.011.
UU'CIIouiI Ho belt 1'ottcr. Anion
llrlillui'Ji JuiiirH L'ulliL'rnii. 1 trii,tiiuir Win
jacl;.ou-Julm lianoc, Win. V. ilis,OII i r Co-
i.ncusi joiin Jiurn,
Moniinu lV Itr KnibhlKr. Mum k rnlhurn.
Mt. 1'JeiiMint i'hnu b Mason, Mulhlnti UllUil,
i iii ni .ii nn .iiiijint'i.
tJimitft MIUhm a, Wlllliini Al.rahi.m IhMlur,
hiott WjiLl'luKlinaii,
rem i)i;ci:mhku tkum,
John J. Mionli s Jnhii(!aln.
J. It. ltlacKtuii Mi 1 he l.i hitih it Mahunv
it. it.
l."HI'.ll) .
ran cuiin "iisu- vk m, a. luw i in
Win. rrabont-tal AsilmiLiu uf luc Wttsiitiiim-h
i;auird .M Uaii ci hi vs joimhwrency,
R If. lVon vs .John t'alu.
Tims. J, VaiuUrfcllco i Uohtrt Howell.
John Cuk ma u v Michael L'rouuu,
J, II. Uuiluoix vh 11. O. llurlinan,
John lonptr iauu i j lower.
John (illioy u Win, II. htcnitr.
Convnuhauilwii.. B IV Ur L. Kllnn John T,
Kliuu 1 1 al.
Ih mo t a-iciy vj Jai v. Hankcy,
(llllit-rt l itwlor VH lUuhrtuMlller,
.intihu.i vuix h 1'urvjn jA-Ht-i ui,
Klla. (Jcoryu ii Aaron lVaihon,
Kit t'n I'liiiif ntliu'r. mi J. Ih Ctiho i tut.
1 liai, H. lllrrli IVlrrHchuif.
Huiuuel lli'iinrr John llluterlilrr.
i.uciih , Aiot-r h ii, .lAiiiainri c I nl,
llitvhl IjI-wIn (luanihiii ot minor ihtl.iifii nf
John lUm hCollliu bullllt.
win ikrji'i MijnniitsaMiai'iiu,
Jon. 'lliomns HJohn Jlnup.
i urutekiu i h jonu jour,
llriiry J. Vaplo v Inaau Ihuiit e al,
ftrnry J. Ynplo vh Iniuic l'mm ( t u'.
1:1 lab HitjihT h Auitin H hii) tr f t al,
Krldcnrk MldmthK Hitii v 1'idtltr vt al.
John Appli'iuti' B'iho-i, I 'tilk,
John A i. nil mile rt nl vn'1 lion. I'nllt.
Uhiiii, Kremlin vm llcniy Knacp,
(Itao, Kin ley Mt (leu, klc,
Hiiuoii c. bldvu M llaimuli II, Ainu-tiuut'.
ji-khh eoiiKMAN, l'rotli'y,
lltoonuhure Nov, 1.1, IhoS,
'lliofollonluifiinprnUemcnU of tral nnd per
Kouul pioperly bt-l a)Uit to wldowMof ilrrrdtntM,
JHt ,11-1 It HIV.) 11 1 1 IV tllllt-U ! UIU 4kl iilllVr ll l .
liiiulilu county, uiutrr llui Kulen itfL'ouil, ant)
will Im prrtrnffd for nhsoluto coniliiualloit, io
tliu OinliunV Court lu to held In Itlonuihhuru. lu
tmd for bit Id cotiuty.nii Moniuv, liu; hbVhNrji
i'ax uv iitr, iaw, ui uvu uciocu r, w.,
nf unld day, uulen-t oxceptlnnu to iitrli couilnuu
lloiu uiti pio luiibly filed, nt willed all ptroim
liilert-bttil In vuhl mtatcit will tnttu nnllfot
j. Whiiiwoi l iftiiritit Mcttiy, lutooj mruick
JluroiiLli, tltcftibid.
2. Widow nf ifc.nio Wch li. lata nf HuruRk lni
juiin ii. I UKfc.t:, Jiui-juur,
Uloojubhurt'i NoY-ii, jujX,
n i r u a v .
lli en tu- io thu ireinNi'f of 1 1 mi ti rM:ned In
Htl.nrlolf I'ownliilt, otu- led hilll nuirkrd, left
riir nn. itn luirnruit out wiiun iiiuu iru,
ycarull, JOHN UlWl, IMn.ioH
T A N T i: 1).
A r inuriiMii Nfhonl it arhrr to (nknrhiirim
ni UP 4iune Jim rium ikiiifc, near nil
Hull. It ii-iiiuablu w am i will li ihIiI. AUVtiiu-h
it ili'fdrllitf tltH pitKlilnti. should ire tn U wlllioilt
tlrl.iy. A J.L'AIIK, ITCH I. oriho litMId.
WhUO Hull, Nov..'tH-il.
JLl Thn fiuhrrlnor lins tnltrn up four (dmy
ftnuLivtho nw urr It h u-hy iiolillril tototim l'r
nt pr-o ii if rtlj a tlaiuiifii-M, and Inlict
iiifinnny. uincrw hu i ip win if umpmi u oi ae
cortiiiut io i nv, LUU Altll HllhAI Tl.u,
Crnlrilhi .Nov', !t7,NK
Willi luth lalior. fiiiU'tlilii!i (iitli-nlv new for
nil thosu nut ort'niliyuifiil, iiHtoiii-hiiM f miMh
h aid irom, i'ciy day HhifM dN.Mivi inl 1 1 1 5 1 1
per nay nuiiir o curv nun mhi ihih yet iiihrii
liodl iifllit-hluiluMi, nh tu idl. lit) lapitni r
nuiii'il. All tin inn linvln i auv Ii ar of hciim hum
hiui 'IU I hoiIko mi' hy noi nlieliiK tlilijnll
uinur a-i iri'ti mu! wiui'iui win. ror pm ru-
it-. tili'iitc rtrito Kit. in 1 1 inr i-ln-nlnr. Ailih i
V.ili mini' hi ink, New Itlooniileld IV ny L'., I'a.
.OV, hi, u-- llli-
xroTicri jn hanruuitcy.
thU Ih Ut Rivo liotlrol tlmt on the tilth d.iv nf
Nov. A, r. If i, n w.iri'nnl hi llunkuipti y wan
!iiird luraln-st UiriHsfateurdi'orgi' 1Vnm-i nuiclu-r
oi Ulooii."lm,n In llierni'iity oi Cnlutiihln, mid
tldH nf l'eliuvlatlla, Wiio liiit hiTll itdJlltlKod 11
it in it i up i mi tui ovi ii ni'iu inn ; uini iim iim iu
oi iih iiriit- i no n Miveiy hi any piopi ny i
Innahitr to H'lrli IViiitcrttnl- to hint, nr l.r hit li
au'V the tmnnfer nfnns Moirit.t k him are tnr
Itlrtden hv law; Hint u meet Iim oft lie 'i-rdllorH nt
the wdil llanki'itpt, to prove tiiciv del its, anl tn
chooiroiiii nr ttioie aHvmn es of hlM eslnle. will
htMnhlfUii litntoi 1 .ii 1 1 pi e . in le holdeu
til tin rxehltllie Hotel In lllnuiu-hiii-tf, til
Mluiiitihi i "uiti , I'rnim.x hniitn. heloie IV.ward
'ivtrion, tr ueni,ier,oii ino l".ui u.iy ni nee,
,P.( X'-Wi nl l o clock, p, in,
'UllAt S A, iiowr.HY,
V. S. MuikIiiI.
Uy ,i:, M, CooMiM-fiif, Ivpuiy.
Nov,T, 'ish tt
I hUli to tint tret that nn Hie day nf
nine, ,. ii. imih wanton in iunuiupie n
Ivsui.i nyniiis! Iheiialf h K h. 1-,. nt In lile
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ano .le or reiiuvyiuiuii, who iia hivn ad
i'iU'-'l u llaukiujit mi his own petition I hut
i ie i -i nielli niuin in nw uini iieiiveii t.r anv
ii.oi . it heioiimnit to Mu-ii lianlniipt, Io him,
t inr his iim nml the iiniisier ol uny tironerlv
hy tu in me iHiotinUii hy uiu ; Hint n iiu'LtliiL' nf
i ue i.fiiiiu'H oi ine mini mini i it pi, ut pmv- iia-lr
k I' s, ii i id iu one oi nnn e Mss-imi, en o liln
"i. it-, whi tie ueii at u i cull hi ii.iukuiiile-
tii ImMi ii at (he (..'.ehatiLe lloh-l. In lliiininshuiti
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it nun, jr., Hegisier, on tin.- tl tlay nt fVi'
A. l'.( I a nl I o rhK'lt, p. in.
IH't.MA. A. lnnVl.i:M',H. Mur.hil.
Nov. --t. ity K, H. ru ii.iiAi (ut, Hejitiiy
punui; ham-;
I' I! It S O N' A li
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Wlil he Mill at pubde on the loth and kith ot
Pee lane in m, at ion o t Un U , m id mid Ih,h
iii hi uiie ii'...uiiuo tfi i n.ri letur in m in
:own-lui, i koiiua emuit.v. J n. the follow lnj,'
I ei-uiml j.iu eit lo " I : iKOitd 1ioimi, V ts)d
'I iii in u ii n, i in ii e in i iiu c-il,a liiileu vow
1 i 't win null, 1 1 1' im In it r, ! iai i'f, Pi sheep, II
nil ii h ii -101111 pin-, ii (no-list, i pur I heMer
S hku ti . intir noi re wt :ms. 1 i o-hinM ta-
goi ,iIm o-wol.u fpii". (Vugon,) nne-hoiM'sprhiK
mi n, intf inmi iiii,.,iiii i iim i so ni, t Mt-ilill,
'llu.; let im, I dull. 1 ii-M'liim h.n r.iUe. I
i iu-iiouU in, u i i-iil ers, J ral-fiii ier w h.iy-
f n iit, I i'MU- turM- tin t.iiu lunchlhe, .1 t.inuliu:, vi. tu 1 i i-iiti' i tineie, -( s hh i-mi
ii. i iu iet iiti ifu.iiiiMt. .i p,i r il.v-nets, i
nl i tn le.n'i oi'i 1 , I h mn miklie, I eutliiiu Unt
ni .1 Mttiiir, Mlll'l Ml.UieiU tfi, I 1'lltTC C.llll-
. j, P i , Mn id t uiuit'nr-, i top hu,uy, 1 turnip
i Hi ' I , . Mill Hill , it i ( J Mint I, It IIM III Ll ' I n ion
d I, I'to is ll u n 1 1 liu i , 1 1 lulls cl ier hay, lit!
hiiit'l i h knijjhii u., I toiii fthiller,. ralu cnt
tlle.t, i iiii.s h y (iu and -na tht h iujn pullev nnd
but la l inr: too s.-iii HUtlieiKhlieik n eut n. Im hit.
wh-'tii. .Ait mis elsoiiH, i tLnelH hneUwiical, By
I'llsiiiH I've. hil'Z In elon-r Si ed. II acres nl rit
In IhepiuuJ, ti tt iinu dial lu me niouihl, a lot
oi nuuurA , t mii'iii nun Miucecr, z neus aim he
1 111.', I It. in kettle, I hiot tiUli. It. lot nf Wool, a lot
Hi in' o.i.utnanu u..iiK,-jiii'iiiiiji;in luiiic, h mini' li'iii-t'liuld and kiteueo luinltuie
and l.iiiiuiu, u tt udu loo hiitiieious t-i mention,
i nliil.t. nin made know n on tlii nf sale ly
w.i. ii. Yt;i n:n,
" M, T. SllL'MAN,
Nov. .7.St. Ad- Inistiatnr!.
Makfs a j.AvriMi sm;,p.
TJawo w ho bl. irk their liuuNnu Sittird.iv nlqiit
with hl.ti kuisf, tkari have unieli blinno
Hti MUUhkV. Ui LhO DOllMIl liull-t oil ; hilt 1 he Iiilit
i-oiiniNis" ui.ACKi:(i
IvastH fiaturday Xfglit .uulall (Uy .Sunday.
It hwitri any otlur BlitcKitij; iiuult.'.
Maimlaelur. tt nnlv hy .1. 11. Ilobbhii, at Ids liu
iiit'tiM Moan and lil.ickiiu UihLm. kivii. .ii,..t
and Jt-i ui.iiihiM u Am ma-, 1 lnlMl,'iphai, J'.t,
r ii-N iu- nt . ii, riiiui .vmju, i loom hiu j., I n.
.T O T 1 t' K ,
All .cri.ins Ii.vvImi. un-,.l!i-l nw,un!i witli tin-
Mlm-ir llu l m It In ..ill nl I hi- i.M ll ,(!;l.
Hi l- . nml t. Hit ill, Kim,, l.flu..ii i.. ,1 ..t
Xiiriufi.-r nml Ihu litii t,r it.ii-i.iiiti-
.s.uv. ai.'tiv.H. I, C. It.vltlilSON.
Xl. IJ.I.VT1. lli V !l. I'll KANl .
LL-tti-lt, ,il iiilinliiisi , r it
, 1 ltt-.V. Ill c nl hi-ult I, ,u i, i 'il ll il 1 ,1.1
I' mill, ilfi-UISfil, i, ,u nsi'.illll il liy tnu It.--;,
lstt l-til sultl tiitliily Id --,tl)t t. t nitsj ut Millliil
ttvjt All 1'i-i.on. Ii!ivih,'( i-lulitu ur tk'iii.ilKls
iiii.uiisi iiiu.-Aiiiiu iii i u.. :.-,-. I, ,11 I. ,U,..-u-,i
lii I ui lu Kii.ntu, 1,11,1 lliusu llnti hlt-,1 tit
111 ll.ii M.l mvlll tsAML'lU. 1 l!H i,V
.NtiV. W. .Mllllllllsll.llijf.
llKUU'K'.S .S.VIjH!
11 Mllllitul n win ufAlln, V.liiUllinil i:xn,i.
,in l-Mli ( Oil. OI I llu dill 1 1 uf I nin mini PI. u.,r
i uini III im-Ullti-iHl, trill l.ut-
l.-..i ... itiuiiu miiu oi on- .ry ut tnu i i, ml
iliiu-u In Ii.ooiii imi;,iiltmiiuilu(Mt luiliu it n.-v
liuull oil .Mun.l.i, Uiu Tillili or l)i,t.i l.-iUul. IMv.
Utt luliim-in i.i.i tstnlt- lo lull '
A'l lll.ll ILllUillllll Ol moi.lll nIiii,,!., I,. i-.,
llgl till lOlV!lM!!., t01UulllU,tf Oliuuuiu IlK.IUlir
, ,,u ,.!. ,.' Illl ll.ll- ol Will sill
Kl.lll.lllll, OH tlU IIOIlll lit till hi io t a i.i.i
Ill lit I IIUllllOM II. I.llli I II I I,,. .. 1,11,
l.tll I ,11. Ulc liULU.t AIllU,l.llil C'llll I'D., Oil tlhli-il
C.IIUSJ . IWOblOl bt 111! ,0M. Willi l, ,..
lt. I, II..IH'l's,
Al.-ti- til iinu i tain lot ofKruliiiiUIiimto In
Illl i.l'l 'il'ltll Ut l t'llllllllll. I'll, llllilllll , Il I....
liu l .. ...... llliv li-t iioi.i, iiimonu liiintlmi ami
1111 It ft Ik'.'l', llOlllllll'll Oil lilt tllHLl.t llllllU'l.Ml
Mil-- t, , 11 thu tt .- V 0 MUI'I, illiiloll llu,
s, mill Ii. an iilli-t. uini i,, ,,, ...
gl'....ii.:iu,.l uiu, M.u lisl,ijinliiiii.iin, ii.mci's.
"' , .ii. ,i,it lu UU M.I.I III.
thu I'iMj.uly oi .-U lli.,niiih.
A 1j ti i) :
Uy l lilutiof tuu-i-al itiiisof V, mil i tout i:.mio.
i,iili Untl pit .1 i)itrt-ul oriuiiii hitiiiiii. 1,1 ...
cnsi l.ittiuiu... (.'oliiiiili,.. i-i.tiiii , nn, ,iu i-ni(lli
US l.lllllttsl llllilllll. . O'. Hit. llllllll ,- l.tlHlK ,i,
I.I.Jilli L.tin.-r, i.n Iho tttsi h l.iniU uf Willi., in
.... .... ,.,.i ,i inn,., in Jim i . i, insoii.
, HWtl.V I. Hi s .1-11 nl. l ill P..H, ti ..7..
inii nun i, iiii.i inlii) oiiu nt'itK.'iiitiri-'-'",
in ii-.iii in.- iinK-ilii lw . M.,-y liiiinu
. , ' ' M"11 O'tt IHllltlllltS.
lb i., tuli. II 111 I X. rutiuii.timl to . .,,i.i J,i.
A U H () :
A cerhi hi b't t .fmiiiil -hii it, h in t.
- - iii,i , iiLiinn ii ii ui tit1
hcihtod if f.dN'Wr. ; on t hi' t ht hy i,neti!st Ae
i l it It !' A1"! i t H'uv ot ctipled hy Miles
ti llllllll, i.U the I. 'SI hv a L0 tiKiI allev. tnul m. in..
Soli i h I )l u Jonidl 11. Ktiltllu. on which Im
11 tMOHlOM IllllllitllU-l'llllK' l.1 O.I..
and hIh d, u ith Uiu itppui lenanet h.
i-rifni.tHiiuiilll i ,i,f( iniui , HIKI (O III' Mlid n
inv jiiuj't 1 in iiuitij ei-nei.
j Ij ri I) :
Ilv Irlnu of it tirlt nf l.i.tii. 1 l',ir.s I. ......
of tho Cull it of i-iii.iiiioli I'luasol Coltiiiihlu tonn.
.J ...... ...lll.-yii.-, i,u t-.i..,., f, J, i(
V '.. iltill.U III IIPM.IIIS.
l.tllU .it. .IIU .1 I-'U ll II 1 It- llfll-Illiu,,, St.... .....'h tl.iy ol ll.. 1111111.-1-, Ist.s, Uiu l.ilIuAlna itiil
unit ii limn i iiimiiik im mot or ,ltt
III nilliil It-loiaiiiu lo tin. l munis u iiiuIuhuI
'limit illiy. nn. ml o u nj mini . i i...,.n..
it liu In .Miilii.- i.ituislilii, uini iii-ur lutiiiHurituili
.Mm I In, hi, Ik. It Hlliltny li',iiii(,ii,i.. hi-lni.' In
it oii.l iiiriiiiui llliiv hi.iikf.
tu. uiitfii in i jti i-iiuoii, uini iu i,o ,.nM ii.h
..... . .i,.ni..i, i .iii'iiiiin.
i- .. ....a -MUI-.DKI AI J U.I.AUIl,
l.nv.Wl hht-llir
J It Iip. Ute of Oieenuin i luu o Miu tu.,,,,,..
ui loiuiuuiutiiiui MauioiiViiiiKvlvnula, dee'd.
TO Nli' l.llilM lv'itllf. M. Ihhw K'l.utt T!.l.r
oiii.Hi.tit.- luiinni HI.. ,1, Jill l.i.l'U. lltllAIu.
ry Kiiidl,iliiiu (tour An nt KiPhk.olui Klndl,
liiMlaiWvhidi: Ainu..! lll-.t.t I., i jam Kindt
il;uij Ivlnd'. Miirmiivt 1C n,ii din KUur.Jii.
nut n un, ii.niol htil ii ,t lev Ina Ht llni..ii,
itilnirk lodlinan. tidte nm. ih.ii. In n..v t..
iiiHM cf a writ nf paillttnn nnn iiUiuf luu Im me
..I). -tint i ,,j . ijiiiui H Linui i i oiunin a Co..
mat pat iiioiini annillon oi iky unl tsttileoi
bin county, win he had on the nu hut.
uid't iliciilli day nr Ccunbu next, m which
llinuau pucu juuinuy if sou think mo.
hlirrlfrbfinicc, lHoemi.buiL', Ha . VX'w.
N'nlleit 1 .ili el iv I'luii. t..iU
htV'U Ul.uh to Iho Conil ll 1 miii.iiiii IMi.nm.1 i ..i.
iiuioi tit my totruihtu thanui nl Uemi oia
on loll m t.Uiiiiid.t I'nuntyAurtulluntl. Hor
llculiui'i I and Mrrhunhnl Awiciiillou ' iho
'' Ja 1 1 . Hiud Astaiaihin helui tu inipiove nitri
uliuri lioriu iiiimi. hmihi hi.T.i ii.....uti.. .... i
hieclu 4ll'ii nip,
Jlht jllibUliiv, InV. 1 1, JW.S-St,
U.X. ir.vtu vi nun aw naiii.k, hh'mhfh,
' H-i ni in i ui nisi Dillon till (lie ci hi I e id llr
ittcea uule,latt uf ccmre low iishtp, Cnlumuui.
du Cnuuiy.tlfi-ensi'il, have hi . ti iiiiilt'd by Ihu
l.t-KUterofsuld IXiuniy, to Saiiiutl Ni'j haul ml
mill stiuior, who itsldcH lu Centre luwiishlp.
All j.iihuiih huvlnu claims or demuiidH itualnU
tha salel tsluteiire ruquesUtl lopiesriil Iheiu for
Milltiui nl wllhtaitilct ,y, and IIumo liidcbleil tu
lunUu pullllllt,
Vuv 0,'iivCI, AihuliiUtiulor,
TlIK niielcM.t piortnltncd lb d
.Vyniplit, N'aiad(iiinl Ihu (H.u t s, ,
nigueMen wjnrii tnndo Ihci.l n w,t
reri of tiirth. Hut ihcy nnwo mil nt ti
nr I alia d hi fountain pinched hy
linink and hepllbclr ItxUs uf tkuy t
vnd litttiou, mid lliut hail tm lu-tii
VeKt tahlo AmhruHlu which N ilum, t'
thtiitf for thuiiMihiW of people in our it,.
rOMAN. I't'iiialis "Wlnif f,
M pniillar und lmpnrlnnl n luu,
th.M siisialn, ibeirpcuilKirHrminiziiiiu,,
nlllefN thc pel hum utt sul.Jirt io in,,,,
lnN rriednm fiom thrseunitribuir ,,i i,
deKiei- Ui lliuirlaippliieshand utiriii.. r
cull Im happy whoaii'ltl. ni only
oiu'td Iheiu various felilllo enliililnliu ',
bu film-red lo mil nn Mlihout hnnhhw.
eral hialthnl tha iM.llMduat, ati-l iV i
dtifhig pejiiuiiient sU km st mi puim
el lie, .Nor In It dh uH ilil lit i nnul( a I
(or (he I idlef ol IheHi- vatlous Ui Ii nt
and only upon ilia most uiut-ut iietcnMtt
Iru- uniuaii so fir sacittlre hi t iru-utt .
ailn do His. 'ihu sex w Id tin n ilmi.t
pl.ielnl I tu r aiuN sliupu f nvnii "
will ho r-inmi i MlfiKtiiM Iii i!ii...
Iino-jt tt ry um uf Ihmu liuuuu ,,.,'
plah 1 . pe I .i r hMhe srx. 1
II n.boldfM Lxtlactof lluchii, iIM r
fi i' on in sliriii't', and hnniiif'H ni mn
iiinl to Mio HnuirhtH und doctuii u
ii rl ttilitalle tin m vtllh ih.- h p
iij-plv iemdie-t whirl i iniikn th. m v
t . uld not l htoaell iiliMhiliu
d . Udu-ll-eiottH-fimiel (l.liu I i,tll
sty ll iiiii. c priHkii
c k1p t xhailhtloii nl the pout is n ,
noun c luploj nu nt, uuw ho eMinie ur
prolUte till) stlliallnU, lhtMI' (iii n
and fitrpient chlldhlith. It n tiih-n,
hy idr-i i tri-lialion, iipphr llu luu n,Ui
hiiinuorthe Miuoia lt.M ir.
W ( li lev lev. luu tliu Causes of tin
t nin pi Hit", tt It limit pa n I ul loennh in,
nt-eiubtut v lUi-itirqueni upon tlit-m,
simple Just lea to thu subject lo cimineiai
of tho many rddl lonal can en Uu r. (
nlhcl the lite, hea Kb and hapintios ni w
i la-ttrft ot horn ty, and Whkh iiium hiu hi
nioiettr Iv-h dluctly, tlm uu hue or i.(.
huiuaii f.itnllj. ihe mania that i-xImh f
cioimetlueittlon nml in irrlae, cati-.ej t
Unit nulllie itrKl;ni d lor toiiuietl devriu
t ho uiNiitl nnd per-itrt in the
tlret, tlm t urly cindliiMucnt nf techno), ,,,,
hi cially lu thu unhealthy t xelteinenl 1.1 n..
hiliurundulv cxriled hv nUatuie. inn,!1",''1
HiitHiiKoi i e i'i i iim ni mi it iicMiim ii 1 1 v nm
sueji and irst, tht5 oilcof tlesiriirtluii 11 1 l .
In tuhMiiiieticuof this early rtridn un i
s slum, iiiiiifeesiaty etleirt 1 required hv i
irate Vnttuy to retain her sltu.itxi In m , ,
a latter tlay, IhtuiiiuuiuvinK Urn evil. V.'m
eeiti uieui h ot r, another in pimj,, iv lk
the in hid hiorhitily sensitive to tin pi e-Mnn
the howeonslaiit lel uini tf f.tsh'nii thk
ahsolully fni bidding thu exerelMi !hdii
hi ihe attainment a nd leleuliounf oran
an I htrcuttli; Iho rxpouie to nti, t (),
Mldth li rhuiiKi uf teiiipeintuit; ; (he enri:
piostm Ion pi oj need hy exeeNlve daiiein
. f niiessiiy, itrotiuce th"lr lesrltJinate ill t.
l.iHt an e.nly inurtl.iu daps thu cllin i uf ,
and, aiitl the uutoiluii,iUunu hlilurlo o ,
i IK-' I'd less of ihu plain lenioutiamtud a
Icale iHtUie, Ischium tin tiuw llhu sid
mo 'leal lieatmeut. I'll W Is hutaliulu t
tare ul llirexpenence of thoiisunib nl otu ,
IjOIib before Ihu ability to exercise ii
liuUH nf the (jcnciallvo oraiu, tlir.v ir-m
education nt t heir eiiucittlnii oft
mil ir ncrouH system, composi-d of uh n
led the tissues, widch Is 111 common Ith (
male hieaci and hps, evidently undtr ( it
(ml of meiilai einotloiiH and associations
t ailj pi riiHt of life; ami, uh we sh.ill suIim
ly s e, llise i inntloii, Mheli exeessle, It n
hefnie i uherity, to habits which sap Im tif their Mrlhns nu li.ttuiu lias seli.i .m
eil their ileelopioent.
i or n-inaie weii'tnesH nnn uemiiiy, witli.
Liu oi . hie.i, Too I'lolusu Meuslriialiou, ,
tion, 'loo iniitf i t nt liiiud periods, inr 1 n.ii.ii
Uieil, we-dlr the most peiteit rpt t llle I.n
lU'iulio.d'H (.'oiupotiiul extraetoi iiiiciui i
UoiiN lor U-e,, tilu- ml vice u rotiq anv
I'i man s lu eve l if r let I nt 1 1 le, fmm
exht me uld nge, will hud ll a rime i to (
lure iu the tliM hari4e nt Its tuutiou-, m rt
Is the i;lury oriiiai.hnod nnd wnmaiihiii'ii, ,
bokl'H r.Ml'nci Huchu is moiestiehutln i.
sahTniid Morn p.riu-aul. llehibold'H i Vir. s
rim, having itsetved tint endoi'Menu m ti
uinsi pinniiucni pnvs'CiaiH ill tu Uull- )
In now ntk'it tl in ailllcted hnniiinllj as -cure
for t ho fnllowing dlstasiN anil sun
from wlilu eis enu-e orlihi,iMh: m t i
hilltv, uieiit.ilaud phnle.ti deprt-siiiiii, u.u
ly, (leti'imlnatlon ui tuood in II.a.d, enm
I eic. h'stei i.i. m neial Irtalabllilv. itvin km.
at uIkui, uhoeiiiu ot I illriiiicv u
itppi tite, tljsptpsia, i la u, low spirit , n
oiir.iiiliilioii oi )iiraI.vssiftho oiKnnsnf il u
at mil, palpitation or ihe he.trt, and hi t i h
hllital' d statu ol thu s sieui, 'lo Imam a ,
nine, ui this tail. A sit lor Ilelinhntd i
no idle i, td hj ill uniMs and tk.irlei ine
when I'rlee li..t er bnttle, or six Ixitht i
frii.., Hellvelwi to anv addles, lieetlhe snt
loins 111 all eniuinliulrittionrs, Addirv, Jt
lit hiihold, in nit ultil Chi tuh al Wuiehoun
l.ioada , N. .
Ntuio uiu uiiiulne unlt-sstlniie un In sit-c -i
Slaved vv i upper lae-inlk' ol in ( iirmlcii w i
ll'UiM'.lllhl SIHUUI. 11, 1. Ilt.Li.MI.tihi
uei, io, uv;.ni.
To tbuTi arbers and S.-hnnl ltli .".n mi i ,i
uupilu ( only
ho (Vtllililhla e timtv Tcaehrrs' In, mm i.
H-s tt ill hti held In ' ho Ultl'.irv .n-siiiiii n
nkiouis aiiL'. t onnni iiilntiuii Mini i i. i. , .
d.iv oi O'cinur, is,s ai pi ivin is o iii. i
etiin ' on I-liduv nluli' if , -m umi.. u- ...
less luu liaehii., ll labihee ihsiti a m-
I two wr Its,
All 'leiieher. Heboid. I H n u m..l
i.dtu aikiii me In v lied l ill m lid,
IllMlUCLIoiik Will hi. t'h'.tii in Mm
Ke.iditirf ai.d I loeittl n. Ivhiii..iisinp i
ll , 'io Mii'h, uiuiiiai, iheou o 'l. .
Ilisioi-y t,i I he trull t il .Nt.iii's mi .a t,r
nfsiud.auu t'venbm k-etuus deihutj .
t .1 oktlny ii.iiiit d , diicainis.
l'tol n.U.L.ark nl Snw .i !: nulln r ..r i
Grant ui r ; '
lol. Ill niv t nncr. I'rfin-Iiil ..r in.. ....
Nm inn! and Literal y Instdiile; . Walker, ni Uian,.tvitlu A.jitt. n
Coiunthia enunt ;
l I ON. I. V. r i 1 1 ee. Il.i hi ( . .till i ii r M I . ii.
and i, it, Urtt, nf Ihvlliuoiiislmiu Nttim.n
and Ltleiai.v lusliiuif.
'iho ut'eniliu or Tiiirhers ami Dhe. mi
( nihil i'iliitjollotlnj;piovisluiis of t lie hi
l.i wi
At( nrdhlJT to the Art nf Atunmlik' nm m
Ai rll Mil. Ivu7. lliiik r wliicli 1 1... Ii.tlii.n. i.
the loll t I Menihets inuthe ealled 'at Itasi 'h
tut.iy;' acoininltttuoi live teaclurs nu I'-.u
mill ('irilllr.ites must ht chosen hy h
tt arher mav attend Iho liMitutenml be (in
(he iliMrlU llidsame as If Ibev were lu m
and thne wbo'abM'iit thcmt.lves fiom tin In
suiuie 1 1 im ir own louiity. v, thout n l-oiui
son, may 'mvo llielr want nt prntt sIou.n '.pi
nnd rem indiciled' hv certlik iten ol .i ) a
tirade in tho neu I.MinlnaMnii.' iMelMn
r-ehuol Journal, May, lhti7, pp.
ijii nir iiiero -vero nniv anon l ono hllU'in
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NoV. J),'ijt-Jt, Co., Sllp'l., Citiutuoil M'h
J. L l.slAlN l)r ItlllOIIAII PKAN, DM i V
l.i tu I.-, oi adiiunistiatiuti on (he estate ot I
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Nov, IV'H-Ct
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and pine, 'i hi ds and beddnu, lti acres nf r.i in m
U I'oii ud, t Iir com tioin liacies, 70 hilshels of nn.
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on thu l ihluriKi Mil;,
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April l-vus-ir,
inllnt'JIiofr.ntmblanOnice, Jllnoiui-liuii; I'.V