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xt Columbian.
PK1RAY NUUM1MU, OCT. 10, ll.
r-THR 04II.CMDIAN hli the I,M1
Mrlftlln lis Vslnmhl and adjoining
smtlts a any p-per vubllthriLhcre. and
la ) mueh larger sheet than any if
MacJtmr-varli and U thcrenire In. beat
snadlassl for aftrerltstng In IhU section of
AttMition S Democrats it
In ortler that clt'cap muting matter
Hiy bo furnltOietl tho people mitll Hflcr
the elfctlcm, wo ninko the following of-
Thfct wo will send Tin; Colombian
from now tintll lifter tho Presidential
fln-tlort In clubs or twenty Kolt KIVK
noi.t.Alt.-t. Thl In nnly Twenty llvu
erntu n nuinlHT anil Jmt cover tho
mst "f tlit paper on which It Is printed
Tho pupff timtnliin enclt week sixteen
Urge eolumnn of entertHlnlng llternry
ttnil polltlenl newa.
No Deiniiernt It vo poor tiut what ho
can clv twenty flvci cents to aid In tho
coming contest, and ho tthouhl tee that
hli Radical neighbor hai a copy.
Cluba tli on Id be formed at every Tost
Bloom Township.
Tun following nrn (ho Democratic
majorltlea at tin Blouiiisltiirii election:
Boyle, for Auditor (JcihthI, 15.
Plollet, for Congress, - -IS.
Rut, for Surveyor General, - 47.
(i."t votes were polled, being n largo
IticrctiMj over any former year. Tho to
tal vote last year was 51 1 and In 18!fl It
was fi.V. I'pon a complcto test of party
trcngth, this district Is i-hown to bo
Democratic, and likely to remain no In
future. Tho majority in lSfififor Deary
was 71, tlntl In elections for pruvlous
years tlio Ilepublican iiiujorlty bad
been greater. One year It was 85 and
another H7. But I astyear wo obtained
it majority of IC for Slinr.-swood.nml this
year that majority Is maintained upon
a very full vote, and when every ettiirt
wan put forth by tho Hinllr.iN to re
trlovo their Iossch mid regain a majori
ty. Tho voto for (leneral Kilt shows
that ho receive! tho support of 15 IUv
publlcuim, increasing his majority by
.'SO. Tho result in Bloom Is most nulls-
dietory, and richly rewords our friends
for all their exert Ions and zeal.
Election Returns.
i . S
a fc i s
as ? s
u n a
Beaver 175 11 109 2
Bonton 174 flu
Berwick Bor.... 07 1U3
Bloom 1M2 ;VW U18
Briar Creole 155 7G
Ciitawiitsa 132 1U
Centralis Bor... 131 80
Centre 104 00 102 07
Conyngham ICO 72
Fishing Creek... 23C 57 20s :)
Franklin 55 50 ... i..
Greenwood 100 153 ISO 101
Hemlock 104 55 175 01
Jackson. 09 5
locust 230 119
Madison 105 44 21(1 47
Malno. 103 12 123 11
Mifflin 201) 3.) 194 43
Montour 03 40 78 57
Mt. IMeanant.... 04 Gi 110 02
Orango 121 72 151 60
l'lno 80 30 100 35
Bearing Creek.. 47 42
Hcott 119 150 118 174
fiugar Loaf 131 2:1
Aruopost of n remark that Russians
are absolutely Incapablo of understand
ing or appreciating a Joke, this story is
related: "An Englishman was reining
to n Russian friend that lie had onco
seen on n country road a post with this
Inscription i "This road leads to tho
town j all persons who cannot read tlili
may apply to tho blacksmith." To tho
great anguish of tho narrator,hIs friend
remained perfectly competed, and
thanked him for his story with a studi
ed polltoness which showed that ho had
not understood It In tho least. Hut the
next morning tho Russian burst Into his
room In convulsions of laughter, ex
claiming, "My friend, I do understand
It now! Fool that I was not to think
of-lt 1 As irtho blacksmith might not
lie away from homo!"
ili'T. Virginia glorlom old Virgin
ia the mother of Slates and of States
men, ono of tho original thirteen that
achieved the Independence of our coun
try, tho State that holds In her boom
tho ashes of Washington, and Jefferson
and Madison and Monroo and Patrick
Hosry and her younger sisters, Mis
sissippi and Texas, aro te day out of tho
Union. They had got back under An
drew Johnson, hut tho Radicals kicked
them out again and aro keeping them
out. Oh I oyalty, what crimes aro
perpetrated In that hackneyed name!
Ty po j k a pi i xc a l TnoT-rn na. From
llruo immemorial tho followers of Faust
wero satisfied to tramp afoot and alono
and scnrc u generation ago tno Jolly
Journeymen' who upheld the honor of
tho craft considered a changn of shirt
an extraordinary luxury. Hut times
progress and bo do printers. Few yean
Ofo on his westward way started from
the DaitocnAT establishment wherein
bo had honorably graduated, with no
capital hut his own energy, our young
friend Jack McReydoIds, a squatter
sovorelgn for Kansas. Already ho Is a
man of mark. We knew him as a . bully
l"y ateomod him as a printer heard
of him as a promising puct, and Judg
Ing from the following extract ha may
erelong bocome a perfect pacer. Tho
Miami Jttpubtkan, published at J'aolu,
In Kansas, contains this article: "At
tho great Western Horse Fair, which
came off nt Independent;, Mo., last
week, John McRoynolds, Kf., of this
placo, took the first premium for tho
best pair of match norsis. Mac's spank
tug bays " will tako tho first premium
at all the fairs, an they nnot bo b t In
tho West."
Xn editor and his wlfo wero walking
out in tho bright moonlight ono even
ing. Like all editors' wives, sho was
of an exceedingly poetic nature "No
tice that moon ; how bright and culm
and beautiful?" ."Couldn't think of no
ticing It," returned tho editor, "for any
thing less than twenty-flvo cents a
Splendid Denionfltration ! !
Slxtocn Horse. Team in Troccsston.
Speeches ty HOH. E. P. PILL3BUR7,
of Maine, ana by HON. S. 8. COX,
of Now York.
tlx Thursday, October Sth, one of tho
largest, If not the very largest meeting
ever held lit Northern Pennsylvania,
assembled In Bloomsburg.
Tho day was rainy and unpleasant,
and no doubt deterred hundred from
coming, and besides Induced many to
leave the processlmisnnd hasten to town
In fact, all the utilities In town wero,
filled two hours before tho arrival of tho
delegations, and at 9 o'clock weeounted
fifty carriages In tho 'Exchange' yaiui.
Tho delegations wero all at tho np
pointed places of meeting at tho hour
Qxitl by tho Chief Marshal, and so sys
tematic wero tho arrangements that hut
llttlo delay occurred. At 11:30 tho pro
cessslon took up Its llnoof march, head
by Chief Marshl Capt. C. B. Brockway
and his assistants, K. . l.lwcu, u
Furman, Win. Rlttur,, Lieut. GeorgoS
Coleman, John Jones, John Trnup, ban
ford Peggnnd C. M. Vandcrsllco. Then
followed tho Bloomsburg delegation
headed by our Bras3 Band. A four
homo wagon followed this, with S
younc ladies.omblematlc of tho Slates I
tho Union, and in their centro nbcaull
ful personification of tho Goddess of
Liberty. This feature of the meeting
was gotten up through the industry of
Adit. Coleman. The "White Boys in
Mine" followed the ladles on foot, in ar
studied by Geo. Sterner. In tho rearo
the llloom delegation was u personlllca
tlou of tho "Georgia Legislature," and
a Salt Ulver Boat bearing tho motto,
"No Jew allowed in this Department
by General order No. 11." Thocarlca-
tures wero excellent.
Then followed tho Little Flshlngcrcek
delegation under tho Marshalshlp of
Mr. Ikelor, Hemlock and Madison un
der T. J. Vnndcrslice, Jr., Montournnd
a milo of Democrats from Catawlssa
and boyond. Assoon us this delegation
got under way, thoFishingcreck region
fell in preceded by tho Oraugovlllo
Brass Band, and led by Marshall Col
II. R, Kline. This delegation mini
bored 135 wagons, and extended two
miles. Ono of the wagons had 10 hor
ses driven by Cyrus B. McIIcnry. Sa
garloaf, tho most distant- of all town
ships, was fully represented, oiio largo
wagon load having coraoEO miles. The
mottoes and banners were excellent.
Tho ono homo by tho Light Street del
egation representing P. John kneeling
to Andy JohnsoR, und presenting him
with a copy of tho Ilepublican with tho
remark, "If yon will only retain mo
ns Assessor, I will support your policy
and niako tho Repuhlican party a unit
for you, "'was a soroplll for Palemon's
patients. On Fifth Street tho up river
delegation Joined tho procession, led by
tho Berwick Brass Band. Contro twp.
had a wagon load of young ladles rep
resenting tho different States, got up In
magnificent stylo and elicited much nt
tontlon. The "Frecdmon's Bureau"
was also an Institution. Its chief was
continually occupied In paying out
greenbacks to indolent darkeys, much
to thoir satisfaction.
Tho Hue of march was down Smoko-
town to Fifth Street, down Fifth to
Market, up Markot to Third, np Third
toSmoketown, down Main to Wejt
Street, thonco to Third, and n9 tho
streets wore now all full, tho pro
csion began to doublo npon Main St.
To give an idea of its length we may
stato that when tho hoadof tho head of
tho procession was back nt the Forks,
there were two columns on Main Street,
Markot Street was packed fall, and ono
third of the procession bad not passed.
It was 21 hours in passing a given point
und would havo extended 5 miles In a
continuous lino.
About half past two o'clock tho peo
ple eommnionced thronging their wny
toward tho Fair Ground, and by three
o'clock the multitude had mainlygath
ored in.
John A. Funston, F.sci., Chairman of
tho County Standing Committee, called
the mooting to order and organized it
as follows:
President, Hon. C. R. Buckalow.
Vice-Presidents, Hudson Owen, Win
Lamon, Chas. F. Mann, John J. Mc
IIcnry, Dr. J. It. Bobbins, H. Swop
penhlser, C. B. McIIcnry, Ji. B. Knit
tie, Esq., X'eter Olrton, F.sq,, Jacob F.
Deitorlck, Judgo Dorr, Judge Hcrblne,
John Smith, Esq., Win. T. Shuninn,
Dr. D. J I. Montgomery, Win. G. Quick
Win. Howell, David Herring, John
Whltmoyer, Jacob Terwllllger, Jesso
Secretaries, Capt. C. B. Hioekwav.
W. H. Jacoby, J. H. Sanders.
At stand No. 1. Hon. K. F. Plllsbury
of Maine addressed tho vast assomblago.
But It being impossible to mako tho
hair of tiro pcoplo hear; n bocond
meeting was organized, and Presided
over by
IlOnr.ltTF. LTJUtK, j ski?,
insisted by Vice Presldoti ts ond Secre
taries. llon.H. 8. Cox of Now Yok,
Capt. Thomas Chalfant and others nd
dreneod the audience, at stand No. 2.
Lung before tho tlmo of mooting tho
Court Room woo literally Jammed
with people. It was addressed at length
by Hon. S. S. Cox, In his very happiest
style, for more than two hours. Gov.
Plllsbury ollowcd In a short and beau
tiful address.
Whllo tho former wan speaking tho
Young Men's Democratic Club arrived
by a special train from Danville, head
cd by Stoo's Band, and carrying in pro
cession 200 torches. It was a fitting Jl.
nale to so magnificent a meeting, and
our peoplo felt much gratified nt wit
nessing tho first Democratic torch-ligh t
procession over held in Bloomsburf.
Tho meeting, was a perfect success.
both as to members and as to speeches.
Every thing was of tho very first class :
and the day poasod off wltbontnccldento'
or breaches of tlo peace. Most unbound
ed was tho cuthusiasm, und all tho &r
rangoraonts wero coinpleto and sathv
Two Democratic i Congressinon Galnod
Indefinite Returns.
Reports received at tho Union Lcaguo
gls-o 0,300 Democratic majority In Berks
county ; Lancaster county 7,000 Repub
lican majority ; Allegheny county 8,500
Chester, 2.G00; Dauphin, 1,000; Monroo
2,000 Democratic majority. They esti
mate the Republican majority In tho
Stato at over 10,000.
Olllclal vote 10th ward gives Fox,
Democrat, 328 majority. Tenth ward,
Fox's majority 030.
Fini,Ai)nMitiA,Oct.l3, llslop. in.
Tho latest returns from Lancaster coun
ty give 7,000 Republican majority, Lcb
anon county 1,100 Republican majority,
Schuylkill county 1,500 Democratic ma
jority, Berks county 0,000 to 7,000 Dem
ocratic majority.
PiTTsnunn, Oct. 11 Six districts in
this city show n Republican gain of
2,400. Tho Republican majority In Al
gheuy county will reach 8,700, Tho
Republican mayor Is elected by 2,000
Cor.u.MMA, Pa., Oct. 13. Columbia
borotighglvcsllartranrt 111100 major
Ity. Republican gain over Geary of G3,
Lakcastkh, Oct. 13. Democratic
majority in tho city of 175, Republican
gain of iSOO.
It Is expected Lmcawtor coun ty wilt
give 0,700 to 7,000 Republican major!
Mount Joy borough Republican ma
Jorlty 205.
Lancaster county about 0,300 Repub
llcan a Republican gain.
Lancaster city and township Repub
lican gain of 3S0 on Geary's vote. Tho
Republicans claim from 0,000 to 7,000
in this county.
In Lancaster county In twenty-six (20)
districts, including city gain on Geary
majority live hundred and forty-soven
Twenty-oight districts to hear from
Good for sixty-fivo hundred, (0,500.)
Hanover borough gives 87 Republl
can majority. Republican gain 11.
Gor.nnnoito. Hartranft and Camp
bell, each 48. Boylo and Ent, 12. For
Congress, Small, 51, Haldoman, 10.
Shrewsbury township, York county,
Democratic majority, 212, a Democratic
gain of 45.
York borough gives 300 Democratic
majority a Repbbllcan gain of 58.
Democratic majority 3,000 Demo
cratic gain of 200.
Coatsvillb, Pa., Oct. 13. This bor
ough gives ICC Republican majority.
East Cain, Downington nnd the
township (East Cain) glvos 24 Republl
can majority a Democratic gain of 20.
In threo districts in this county (Ches
ter) thero Is n republican gain of 102,
West Chester borough Republican
majority for Auditor General COS Re
publican gain 85.
Fifteen townships showa Republican
gain of 210.
Twclvo districts In Chester county
givo a Republican gain ovcrlSGOof 110.
This county is comprised of 51 districts.
Twenty-thrco districts in Chester
county show n Repullcan gain over 1800
of about 200. Tho Democrats claim
gains In this county over last year.
Chester county, 15 townships, Repub
lican gain 5-10.
WAY.vcsnouo, Oct. 13. Washington
township, Franklin county, given a
Republican majority of 75 ; Republl-
an gain of 01.
Quincy township gives n Democratic
majority of 55, a Rep. gain of 15.
CnAMnnitsnunc, Oct. 18. The Rc-
ubllcnns gain In tho North ward 11, In
the South ward 12, in Hamilton 18, In
Guilford 17.
Republican gain of lC51uten districts.
Mimi,KTOW.-, Oct. 13. Republican
majority In town 17, n Democratic gain
of 10.
Susquehanna township 125 Republi
can majority, a Democratic gain of 8.
Middlo Paxton township ; Republi
can majority, a Democratic gain of 8.
Upper Paxton township 19 Republi
can majority, n Democratic gain of 3.
Millersburg C8 Republican majority,
n Republican gain of 30.
CnwtTiut, Pa., Oct. 13. Fourth dis
trict shows a ilepublican gain 118.
Nino districts show n Republican
gain of 76.
Delaware county is estimated nt about
1,000 Republican majority.
TrnisviLu:, Pa., Oct. 13. Republi
can majority 05-a gain of 17.
Kittann-in'o, Octobtr 13. Republi
can majority 01 on Stato ticket.
MoNONOAJir.LA Oitv, October 13.
Republican majority 0.
GETTYBBUna, October I3.r-Glvcs 09
for Hartranft. Scattering returns
through tho county show a Republican
gain of about 100 over last year.
Leiianon, Octoper 13. Lebanon bor
ough, majority for Hartranft 72; Jack
son township, for Hartranft 113; Last
Hanover forCako 181. .
SUNHURY, Oct. 13i Republican ma
jority 2S7, a gain of 18 over last year.
NouTHmmEiiiujm, Oct. 13. Re
publican majority 27, Republican gain
Bedfoud, Octbcr 13. Nino districts
show a Democratic majority of 277; Re
publican gain of 02.
Miniln county, Republican m orlty
20 ; Republican gain of 221.
Fayette county, Democratic majority
050 ; Democratic gain of 275.
Westmoreland ccunty, Democratic
majority 1,600 ; Democratic gain of 127.
Allegheny county 8,000, gain 2,200.
Lot'K Haven, Octobor 13. East
Ward, Boylo 70 majority; Middlo
Ward, Boylo 137 majority.
WlllUnifiport city jilvtu SAG Jlepubli- J
dan majority on Stato ticket, A gain
of 217 on last year.
Tyhone City, Oct. 10. Republican
majority CO. Snyder township Repub
lican motorlty 40. Gain of 1.
Altoona city (gives 103 Democratic
majority. Holtldaysburg, 10 Democrat
ic majority.
Pitoi.k, l'n., Oct. 13-. Democratic
gain, I. Emlcnton, Republican gain 5.
Cranbnrry, Democratic gain, 19. Sugar
Creek, Republican gain 7. Oil City,
Republican majority, 103 ; Republican
gain of 2.
Carrol town) hip, Democratic majori
ty 117. Democratic loss of 13. Union
township, Republican majority of 57.
Republican gain of 10.
Petroleum Centro townhlp, 83 Re
publican majority.
RiDciWAY, Oct. 13. Bentzlngcr 235
majority, Democratic gain of 13. St.
Mary's 219 Democratic majority, Dem
ocratic gain of 17. Rldgway, 9 Repub
lican majority, Democratic gain of 2.
Jones, 10 Republican majority, Repub
lican gain of 22.
Uniontown, Oct. in. Onr county
gives 1,000 majority for Foster nnd 1,050
for Boyle.
Uniontown District, 200 Democratic
majority. Democratic gain 72 over 'CG.
BELi.EvnnsoN, Oct. 111. Republican
mojorlty for Stato and county ticket 43
Sovcn districts show a Democratic
majority of 0,300. Democratic gain, 522
Returns from Berks county show con
slderablo Democratic gains. Rockland
gives a Democratic majority of 2(M,
gain of 4. Creek gives n DemosinUe
majority of ISO, a gain of 21.
In the city of Reading tho Sixth ward
gives 2 Republican majority ; a Demo
crude gain of 0. Tho Eighth ward Ik
Democratic majority, a gain of 20. The
First ward 05 Democratic, majority, u
gain of 15. Fifth ward, 21 Democratic
majority, a gain of 50. Sperrytown, 2i
Democratic gain.
Huntingdon, Oat. 13. In this Bor
ough tho Republicans havo -11 majority
In the East ward. And 32 in tho West
ward. Total, GI. Republican gain of
17 slnco last year. Republican majority
In Huntingdon county about 700.
NomusTOWN, Oct. 13. Republican
majority 52, a gain of 18. Tho Demo
tratio majority In this county will bo
about 1,000.
From Washington.
Washington, Oct. 13. ThoiJ rcss,
this afternoon, says It Is In possession of
ovidenco that a conspiracy has been ar
ranged for tho nssasslnatlon of Prcsl
dent Johnson. Tho plot was exposed
by an cmployco of tho Treasury Depart
ment, who says tho plot was arranged
Immediately after tho impeachment
trial. A man named Helmbergerissald
to bo tho leader of tho assassins, who
aro all negroes.
Thero Is much excitement to-night
concerning tho election. Returns aro
constantly read at tho general party
head-quarters, wlillo tho newspaper offi
ces aro crowdccl with anlxlous Inquirers.
In the earlier part of tho night both
partlos wero olternately depressed nnd
comforted by tho retnmed from Penn
From Ohio.
Zanesvici.e, October 13. Democrat
ic majority 28; Inst year 188. Republi
can gain ICO.
STEUHENVII.I.E Republican majori
ty 339 a Republican gain.
Cincinnati Second ward, Eggles-
ton 101 majority ; again 17. Anondale,
Eggleston 31 ; gain. Eleventh ward,
Eggleston -191 majority; gain 02. A dls
patch from Schenck's district says Re
publican gains mo large. Twentieth
ward, Strader 17 majority. Republican
majority 4,500; g.dn 2,00').
Reports through Ic sotiteos
show the defeat of Gibson. In tho 0th
dlstriet tho Democrats bmIix In Franklin
comity 600 over last year.
Cor,u Jim's Carey certainly doh-ati il
n tho second district. Close veto on
Eggleston. Meagre returns show Dcm
ocratlo gains in Columbus.
From Indiana.
Nnw YoitK, Oct. 13. A wchil tll
latch tu tho Tribune niaiisA tlmtlndlmiu
gives 7,000 Ilepublican majority.
LouirtViM.n. Oct. 13. Jefferson vine,
Imllcimi, Ives nix humlrcd Democratic
majority. Now Albany, Indiana, gives
ono thousand Democratic majority. In
dianapolis reports heavy Democratic
gains and tupJorltiCM as far an heard
Indian ArouB. Oct. If). South Rend
gives 7C0 Republican majority.
Election in Wcwark,
Newark, N. J., Oct. 13. Tho Ro
Hubllcnns carried tho city by about -100
majority a gain of 350 over 1867.
Ghkcian Reni and DiauAsi:, Ev
ery phyulologlst Is hourly pained by
tlio exiubltlou of vanity of which rt
largo masi of females nro tho perpetra
tors, to obtain what is called tho "Gre
cian bend," they aro torturing nature
to such auegreo that thousands of them
will bocomo tho vlctlmsof cureless dis
ease. Tight lacing driven tho vitals
from their natural position, displaces
soino of tho most Important parts of
tho organism, nnd renders thoso who
suffer unfitted for tho moat ordinary
duties of llfo. It Is a crime to Injure,
by any artificial ppllunco( tho beauti
ful mechanism of nature, ond tho In
variable result of so doing Is deformity,
Which tho oyo of true tasto cannot on.
dure. Tho young lady who thluks sho
can Improve Iter form by constraining
it within boundaries loss than thoso
which nature demands for its fiorvlco is
not only thoughtless, but she Is n crim
inal. Sho will find in a few years or
perhaps months, that sho has with her
'Grecian bend "a disease that never
can bo wholly eradicated; and thoso
who go to extremes in tho absurd fash
ion of tho day will assuredly find them
selves sufferers from a complication of
disorders. Tho wlso young ladles of
this county, wo trust, will not bo mis
led by tho cruel Inventions of modUtes
to adopt any faahlou which strains tho
natural movements of tho vital organ, i
or other parts of tho admirable organ-1
Jam which la tho gift of tho Deity, nnd
cannot bo too aacrcdly respited,
Doraocratio National Tlokot,
roa rrtEsinp.sTt
OP NEW YOltlt.
roll vicK-riiBmimxTi
op Missotmi.
Democratic Electoral Ticket
P.ttoM iMvM Jovcnbere,J. If. t'nrmnn, John
fv. tJ'n.m.
Bin vKCurrKt 1'. hli?cl., Jnhun. iuroUy, Al
lurk inn Mh.
itr.Mi'V ,1, . . M'lli nry, T. fit Men CuK', Jnhv
tjpvv' It, IlluftJ li'fi, li
I1. 1' -el-lmcli,
(vtixMiIA tithn I',, 1 honia
Ct)vX:,(jiiAM- Ir, I'. U. "Vv'nirnrih, Apwhi 1 f.
c i It. Tho nloii,
t'irwvis' ir. J, li. Itoiibin Wn'M s.Mit
Attuin Ki'ilPiiiif,
i NTitr. Abraham W'hlto, Sinuioi JCim1
Sni.iin I Mnutr.
l li. Kulttlo, 1I.J. U'tdor, Jiw
w . M'JH-nry,
l-'iiiliMiritrfK M, A.. Ainmermiin, lrhtb
M'lliriiry, L. UimiiRs
(Jkkkvoo U, V. Utt, Wm. K i timer, To i. ii
1 1 em lock Win. II, Shoomukcr.Ituib MT'! lo.
'I.. Uolblll-.
Jai'Kson (jco. Ilurllnum, J no. M'lUnr
MinHiiui I SiiMici'.
Loci'st lion. l K, Hcrblne, Udil-! St hie,
Oeru Hotter.
Madihon Ju. KIstuT, A, J, Cnrr. llub
.Main U.J, Camribell, John Nil"-, rims. Plt-hcr
MiFFM.N Ir, IK li, ilontgoiiuiy. Humucl
SPhwc'ppCBhelHL'iInnac I.uti!.
Mostouk lVtcr Ileinibucb, J, I. l'nreiiHworlli
Mt. 1'leahant TIioh J, Wcllhcr, Juo W
nlcli Jnn. Jobnson.
OiiANUK-Ch dries Connor4E. G, IllcketU, W, II.
1'ink Joseph Phocmnkcr. Jos. Trlblcbh, An
drew Wlittinover.
Hoaiiin!chkek J, J). Houck, Wm. Drelsbiich,
i-cier jjeviiii,
Hrorr Oscar I. Ent, Daniel Snyder, Clm'n. II;
Sl'oah IrfAF A. Lnubucl), David Lewh, (Jeo,
St end mini.
Uy order of Stnndlns Commttce.
JOHN A. KUNH1UN, Chnlrmun.
Illoomsburg, Aug. '2l,ff,
If onr friends will ne nreimmtloiit for rector
luggrnybair they should use tho bent In the
market. Our attention ban lately been railed to
an article which has hu extensive mo nnd psy
high reyutntton, known an (Hng'n Venetntdii
Ambrosia, and team inclined to think that It
rtnftHPfiCH mora desirable nnd lens on ertlon ntial
ltles than any other in tee market. It nionn
gray or her faded hair to lit orltiloal color in
inoHtlnvluortitlmiffand soothing properties; re-
movenu unndrun una unmort irom iuo Hcuip,
Oivo It a fair trial and you cannot fall toliko It,
Oct, l(J,'(W-Jt.
"T7OMAN, Komnles owing to tho
TT iteeullar nnd imiwirtrvnt relations which
lhy sustain, thelrpecullarorgniiUatlon.nnd the
iiiucen inrj periunii htc Kuujeci 10 ninny nuuit
Ingi, Freedom from theio contribute In no small
deicree to their hamilrieiH and welfare, for none
can be happy who are 111. Not only so, but no
ono of thesr various femalo complaint can long
i Miuierfu i run mi wiuiuiu jiivuivinz inu gen
era I health of the Individual, and ere Tonir tiro-
ducing pejmanent ulcknesn an 4 ermatiuo de
rline. Nor Is It dlennnnl to consult a phybiclan
for the relief of these various dellcato affect lorn.
nnd tmly upon tlio most urgent necohslty will a
at to ilti lli'n, Tho sex will then thank ut for
placing in inejr tmndi snnpio snccinces wliteli
will ba found eJllcnous In rellevlns and curlns
Imost every one of thoso troublesomo com-plalut-
peetllnrto tho so.t.
Hembold'd Kxtrnetof liuchu, Hnndredi fliiT.
feronlnhllenco, nud hundreln ofolhcM apply
vainly to tho druggists und doctors, who either
niecrly tantallzo tuetn with the hoiw of a euro or
apply reiuedlex which make them worse, I
would not wish to assert ntivlhlnz that would
do Injustice to tho allllctrd, but I am obliged to
nay that although It may no produce-! from ex
cessivo exhaustion of tho powers of llfo, by labor
rlous emploment, unwholeuomo nlr and food
profuse menstruation, thonseof tea and eollee,
und frequent cblldblith. It Is far ortcner enused
by direct Irritation, applied to tho mucous mem
brane, of the vagina itisel f.
When relMvliiix the causes of theso dlstresslnr
coiuplulntH, It Is most painful toeontemptnlo the
nttendint 4vlls consequent npon them, His but
simple Jusllcu to tho sutject to enumerate a few
of tho many rddltlonal canses whio. so largelv
flirt-ct tho life, health and haplness of women all
classoBot hoc.oiy, aud which condiment Iy nllect
muroorle. h dUectly, tliowoHaro of the eritiro
huijiun family, Tho mania that exists fv pro
clous education nnd marriage, causes tho eurs
lliHt nattirt. destgiid for lortore-it devcIoprMcnt
t ho Mod and mr verted In ihn restraints m'
drrs-. tho tuily coutlneiuent of school, cn't i-Vee-uily
In tho unLcatthv HXcUement ol (ho imil-
luwn, inui,vii;i mo ihxiv ji.m-cioineii,ari mo
m'n t undul, excited by pluuttru, peni-r'ing li
M.dnictu r el tlie lnur do 1 tied bvnaMirc ftir
Mi ejr a.i'l rest, Iho ur:i ol Uestrt ctn s liDli aj.
ii ( tiiiHcniiencool' thii arh vlUilu inon lier
riv-tenj.uii'i -.'ssary ell ml- Vica vy fic lei
uU' voUiy in letitfn hfr t -u am in Jt;,oo' td
luU i tiny, thus ugv.iMViu tho it, W'n t. ne
iLeioent it ncr,!iiiothirin ptpivetit'k i(i
tho uihid morbidly teiulttVot'1 'i-'P' (s (in,h i
th iK-wconstant lestndut i'f fMiit j.dili tc
a'-siilutly fortdddlng thti e.irriifo imi rifrt 1 1
to (ho aitalinuentand u'teiitiom ffluk' r il i
und htmnth; tho oxpovuro to n ;J
ni'iuen cnanso or lemperaiure : the (tnnp'r.
pHmtialion proiluced by exce-lvidanelr!tl.iiiu
f necessity
v. ni'iMliii'ii lhrtir lMiritlinrtf .'fr,ti 1
1.11 un cany marriaKo naps mo iiiniiT vt nils 1 1
and, and the unfortunatoone hitherto so idlcrly
reuardless of tlm plain remoiiHtraure-iof her del-
leu to nature, becomes an unwlllln? d object of
ineuiciu iieauneni. imsis imi a tiutnrul pie
turo of tlwexperieuco of thousand of cur yonua
hong before tho ability to exorcise the fnn
tionsof tho ueneratlvo orKans, thev require an
education of their peculiar education of their pe
culiar uervou- system, composed or what Is cal
led tho tissues, which Is, In common with tho fe.
mulu iircast and lips, evidently under tho eon
trol of mental emotions aud associations at an
eany iH-rlodof llfo; und, as we 6 hull suhsequtnl
ly N'O, lliso emotions, when excessive, lead lout
beforo puberlty, to habits which ap tho ery
Isfo or their victims ero naluro has sclf-complct-ed
their development.
J-'or female weakness and debility, Whites or
I.ucorrho'a, Ti Profuse Menstruation, Kthans
tlon, Too Ion Continued periods, for Prolaiisns
Uteri, weoire? the most perfect speclflo known :
lloiubold's Compound extract ofltuchn. Direc
tions for use, diet, no advice accompany.
Females lu every period of life, from infancy to
extreme old ac, will tlnd It a remedy to aid na
turo in tho discharge of Its functions, Strength
is the irtorv ef manhood and womauhnmi. nm.
id s extract li ucuu is morostrchgthenlngthat
iy of the preparations of Hark or Iron, Intfnlto
rr and mnru pleasant, HcmlKjld's Kx tract II n
nt. having received tho t-ndorhctnent of ihn
most prominent physicians hi the United Htatee
is now otic red to afnlcted humanity as a certain
cure for the following dlseasra nnd symptoms
from whltovers cause originating t Oenernl de
bility, mental end phmtcnl dcpresfilon, imbeclll
ty, UcUirmluutlon of Ulood to Howl, eonrntiod
Uras, h'nierla, general Irmtablllty. rebtlessness
atnlKht,abBenceof muscular Klllulency. Ioms of
appetite, dysiepsla, emuciatlan, low spirits, ills
organltatiou or paralysin of the organs of gener
ation, palpitation or the heart, and lu fret all do,
btlltated btate or the system. To Insure the gen
nine, cut this out. Ask for Helmbotd's. lake
no other. Hold by druggists and dearlers every,
wherei Price J1.2 per bottle, or six bottios for
M.59. Delivered to any address, Decrlbe symp
toms In all eommnulcatlous. Address, 11, T,
ilelmbold, Drng and Chlmlcal Warehouse. 691
11 road way, N, Y7 .
xv ono are genuine unlewi dona up in bteel-en-graved
wrapper fac-smlle of mr Chemical Ware-
of mr Chemloi
ii. i'. hi;lm
jiouHe, uuu niKueu,
Oct. 16,'M-Zm,
O T I O K .
Notlcs Is hereby given that a special meeting
or the stockholders of the :Centralla Mutual
Having Puna ABseclotlon" will be held In the
Hchool House, In tho Ho rough of Ontraliu on
thottOthday of October, lKtls, to consider nnd dc
tormina the following resolution, vis i
jtcBuiveu, uiub Ariictoii ann rseciion li nnd 3 ol
Artlclo i.of tlio Iiy-lawBOf theCentraliaMutu
j.awsor ineueniraiiaMutu
isnclatlou, bo amended by
ui nitviim i-unti ASinciailOU, DO
substituting Tuesday for Monday,
WM,' JAMKH, Pres.
UH. 1IONKK. Heo'y,
Oct. lfltw it
nioomsburg, Ta,
the successors of
rout lime the business of making
cauiiiaqkh, iiuaaim
fnd ovcry stylo of
which they havo couituutly on haud to sultcus,
tout 'fs. Tover uilnx any material hut thn best
a. J employing t burnout experlfueed workuieii
tl.t y liope to continue us lite) etofiM tu 41 i entli e
ai faction t cveiy tuktomur. An li4iHfOMn
t nt work, aud of thoreosonuMti'nct mk u fur
bo same, is sure to Insure u wUe.
Murkftt Itcport.
Wl-Prtt per bushel . .ft, 3 21
Ityu " 1 JVi
Uoru 14 M ;1 2.1
Oats. "m M, i ju
riour per i)nmi...N. if to
Ooreraeed ml 7 tw
Maxseeu a W
Hu tter i;. 60
Kzks..,. .r. . 2.1
Tallow..,.. H 15
i'oiatoe , l 00
j men Annies. .r. 2 c
Pork , io
i nun
Hides and H.ioii 'ders CO
IrfllttpCriKlUi'f , 'j
liny period 10 n)
Hemlock Iloftrds per thousand feet
rino " (one Inch)
110 00
1A U)
, 8 00
, 7 no
, 18 00
Joist, Hcantllnir, Plank, (Hemlock).
f3iIIMglt-, lip, 1 pvr iuuHauu
HMImt "
1 1(1). 1
No, 1 Scotch pig,.. 8.10
No. a " " tu
llloom H 5-L",
PhlUdclphtK Mark4i.
XUUH8DAT, Octt. 9. 1868,
NorthwetrnBupernneat...,. V.00 7..V)
Northwestern cxtra...Hn......w....H.,.,H8.0(
Northwestern famlly.... ti.(Hll.rn)
rennsylvanla and Western nauertlne, 7.7.'58.,i'i
i-eiiunyivaniAftim western extra .,tuuo? v.w
1'enusyjvanla and Western family lii.fflSAi
Pennsylvania nnd Western fancy..
Wheat InyTvimlA'rT Xum!
, I2.aic.t5';.i-
Houthern " $i,
California " "
M wliKn . I tfurtLl in
Utn lVnnsylvanlrt rye, vbus fl.iiK4Sl.G3
tl ATS bus
Phovisions Mess Pork, bbl
Messlieer, ' rt
lress d Hns, ft
Kmokcd Hums "
" Shoulders V
HEKIW Clnvorscc tl Ti
'llmoNiyj.ed y 1uh
riitXkm-il llrrr Cnlllol
t'nwd, vt hew
HiiKtr T "
Ilmis-T iwran
It K1 rr-li:'VN'lU-On Thurulnr morn.
0 I jbir lsw it j I'.o rhl.lence oftliu briile'H
Mtie. UtII a," II. Dai, Col. It. HriiPB
llllit'l u i m. ml' . county, to Mln l.lno U if. I'.:.
WAUSPIt I'Ol.K.-ni T,. A.Oarmar In Orocn
vn il, Au. .wUi 'ir.Ilrnry WnrnertitMlM.
. ."..tit , i. it. - i wi f n-onivoou iwj).
'..'lltrl '.l'I'J ;! N'KR. At tho rnlilcncc of L
A Clii.i.i- ; l.'th Mr. Dollns Trlbolbll to
f t nv TION.
I..T, Ko' Iti'isn.TeM to sell his farm. rNt nmt
sa.iuii, m Oreenwood township, aio, one or
thn-hoiin. Mu Biotimsburtf, alho u farm of n
"-tn ip. ii-riu reusouaoie.
oi .ihji it., m, ot
To all persons whom It may concern. Nntlco
Is hereb kIm-h that from and nfier this date, no
p'-imhi si:.mi uuy. t-eii r ik-ai in nny way, with
lilovd KM "filer ill ttui nnmn ur nimn thn riein
siblllty of Oeoiijo Kresnler ns tho said Ueoro
KtoMler by hi attorney in fact Wm, Kresfder
iiiuMi'i in iny any ueui coniraciea by fcalit
i'in(i, orto be held in any way responsible for
mi HCiiuiiH, KKSidSH,
iX'UO.W. Atfy. In fact.
J:x. ltUlTCY.-In tho IHstrht Court of the Unl
Uit Htates for tho Western District of Pennsylva
nia, In tho matter of MIok 1). IMgar, bankrupt.
Towhom It may concern I The undersigned licro
by pUes not I oh of his appointment as;ueo
of l,evl Ktits, of Iterwick, in the county
oi Columbia, und Ktate of I'ennsylvanla, who
mi ikvii uujuuet-u a oaiiKrupi upon his own ie-
tit ton.
ny iuo uisirici uouruil salil UHtrict.
Dated at
U loo burg, tho vth day of Oct.
Oct. 0,'CS-3t.
4 1J. JlUliJU,
S T It A Y.
t'uino lo tho DroinlNc of Ihn (iiihucrHmp in tfnt.i
lock township, on Wednesdny hept, ICth, n red
steer about 18 nmntlisold. The owner n 111 prove
property, pay charges nnd tnko It away or It
will bo disposed of nccordtiiur to law.
Ill virtue of fi tnnndnto In inmllrnM.! ipltl .n
ItrilllV t io 17tll ilnv nf ni'tolif r tint nf n....
i )ii or hnld ilny, tlio followlns rlpscrtbod tract of
land sltiuijo In Scott tow mhlp Ouluinnlii loimty.
niljolnlnii la tuts ofl'ctcr HrluiE mill Clint.. I-o on
tlm cast, lamls of Hyh cuter J. Vaax on UiumjiuIi
laluli of Iianc Wliltcon tho went, ami Inuils of
niiuii j.iioiiu on uic itorui, comallitni: J C'ticrch.
cs, with tlicniiipur rnniiFCH, It licltiBnlotolllmt-
B,"" iiiiiu nn iinio KiniH niui nino llOUSCM
un rutin ihciiiini'N. in oi hOHl as the im
I crly of Sylvrutcr .I.l'aux niui Jiary U Orecn
an tfiuintH jncotumon.
Hcpt,iM)0, M"cr"n
Ily virtue of n Vctiilltlonl IIxponnH to mo ill.
.tn-.i .mi uu i-.iofn iiipuiuicMiipon tnopri'in
'"!ef "P 1 'luny 'I"1 IMh day or Octolu r next nt 1
O VlnrtC II in llf l.lllll llnv tl.J. fi.llm. Ion lr..ll (
lot of izrouuil Hllunto lu the town of Cntawlsn
v in. t-..., L-i'iu.iiiiiui; 01,0 nan 01 nil aero morn or
less, bouniliil 011 thohouth byu lot of the t'uta
wlsm It It company, on the M by Hie Catnwli
t;i rnlro1"'.. Ibo nolth by lot or Frederick
j'falilcr, niui on IhccuM by publlu ronil.oti which
h erccleita frame tlwcllitia houo with l.-io nn
KoUtil tnkeii In 1 xecul Ion nnd tnLoKoiUnsllis
1'ii'j.iiij 111 IU U.lllllinr,
.,... M01tl)i:CAI M1I.LAH1),
Kepi. 2', VOS. hherllT.
puiiLic ham:
In nurfiuimri of ni nr.TiM- ,t tha (lrnhti ! -.m
of I'olmiHd cunty, r;i HATUHDAY, theluth
tbxyof Ovl nerif7.l(it ten oVIodc lu tlie fore-
liof.n.M ni.V S .111. f 1 m . im t ii 1 1 1 un ni rr.l. ri...
i.luiii.i o, 1 f , in" t bi wild couutv u ill P.
10 Mil., bv 1 ill .M wttctuu on tho premises, a
r rlitlit trji-i m .iud illn.Hn in Mnlun tut. l
Miut count i- etmlnui "
V 11 M T Y A 0 It E
bor.Il'.Vilni'. . -'n-I rHfolIou-N tn wll l.nim,l.
1 1 !lin 1 i of i-v . liilni un u-nut nrti
ou-i ,
r in ure erectedatwostoryiramo
0 ni.n 11
''l(rn, Tho.Mnto of Mild luur
twp,oi Malno und county af-
slPm i i
) r 11 li T O H A h K O F
I' im ui'iiott ofan order of tlio opniinn'f Trturf
in i
i it i
il ia county, on holurday theith day of
u-t. nt ten o'clock n m Pnim- frnitni.iii.
a Danifl ItA) litr, Trusteesappoiuled by tho said
t otin, d John nny lor, bite of Montour township
in -i d county, deocnseil, will expose to sale by
pui-llc vendue, mi tho premUoH, t certelu nies--it,!mr
tract of land hituato In Montour two,,
in Mitit county, boundid by lands of Joseph
louser ou the ucst, John Iloush on tho east, H,
Mcrtmnn'shelrsonlhehouthnnd Oeorgo Tovy
finl olheiKon tho north, containing
motoor leu whereon nro erected n two story
i) w niitiiKa houhu,
nloKhntn.H tprlng ltoui,iwn good uprlnii. of
water nenr the lioue, two boikI apple nrrlmnlu
on the plnco. Therenrn nlno two elnn of Iron
(iroon tho sold premlbca, one of noft and theoth
erof linnl nro, running through .aid premliicH
from cast to went. The land Is In n good stato ot
cultivation. I.nto tho cmnto of siilil,
situate In tho township of Montour and county
JES8E COI.UMAN, clerk,
nonunion, mane unown on ilsy of Bali,
IAit!i,IlAVLon, Trustees
Sept. 55,m
ine unucrsigneu wfuuu hereby warn sports.
men. thlevts, nnd nil otner persons against tress,
passing, hnntlni.or stealing fruit on his uronnds
ns he Is deteuiiliied to punish nflenders to tho
full extent of the law.
nepi, it 100.,
ilnluoTwp. l'n.
A large and well assorted lot nf
consisting In part of the following articles! one
large Instrument for taking photographs, two
hend rests, ono background und side cloth, one
pulr.ninll nubs, miD Uistrunuiit to weigh li
ft tilds, tine small stand, one largo piece oil cloth,
ono lot of square dishes, two gum dishes, one lot
likeness cases aud frames, three show frames
hoo card mounts, 8 printing boards, eIuks funnels
bottles, Ac.belngn eompleto list of all articles
required toslnrt buslucss.
ITico 1150. For full particulars apply at.
ll.tthuman'i Hotel, Itlngtown. Hehuylklll
Hept. 11,'tlS. JONAH IlllTNlIEN;
The undersigned auditor appointed by the
Court of t'ummon 1'leusofColumbluenuuly tu
report Inels with his opinion ns In tlm propriety
.f grnutltig the nlerl the nut istntn of Wary
John, a lunatic, for the purpose of iiuylngtleula
nud vngngf ments, and the support and mulu.
teunneo of snbt liuintlc, will meet the luirilcn.
for the pu rinses of hlsnnpolntmeni nt hlsotllcn
in iiiuiiinsuiiiK on wio inn
llrd dav of Heptembcr
A. I). JSC.
Aug. 7,'fH-lt.
In tub DisrniiTCouiiToyTUR UniTau Htatw,
rou Tim )) im iimtiikt or rt mnhvlvakia.
Daniel W. ItnWtltia a Iiankrupt under the
Act of Congress of March na; Isifr, bin Ing ap.
piled for a illsi'harge irom all his ilebls.aini other
i bilins proviiblu under said Act, by order of the
Court, notleo i. hereby iilten In nil creditors who
hllW! nruVCl! their .lil.itu Ami (if her Inln,.
estinl, ti) np.ear ou Ihu 2-ld day ot Hepl., la
at 6 o'clutk u.ia,, lieforo F, Overton, Ji' F.sq.,
iiegister, iinnu i.xcbatit.e lloiel In Illoomsburg,
tfl hllOW Cause. II IIIIV tbLV fiuv. wliv a .ll.rlxir..
should nut be gr-inud tnlhesuldllunkrupt. Aud
further, calicvit bcribj given, that the Heoond
juduer. tiuiee i. lien
uiul Third iiieetluus i
ui run
'i fljtor. of tho said Hank-
ruiit reiiuinsl by the STili und 2Xth see.tons ol
said Auu will Isihad l,iroro sidd lleglster. uiou
' u e .j nic uuy, nt l oe tjtno place.
Jlno id
M II klHUWnf ivo
Jlitk lijADiVrl-ttAiurtforsaldDlslrtct.
laVU I, Oc-'t..
OP Till!
to nie HR1.D
at niiOCMsnuito, ia.,
On Wednesday, Thursday nnd Friday, October
llth, 13th, and lth, 1M8.
The managers nf tho Aurlcnltnr.l Bociety of
Columbia County, will endeavor to put every
thlnu In the liest order to make the accomoda
tions complete this year, and as Agricultural Mo;
clelles have now become flxod Institutions, and
every buoy acknowledged that there is a great
ntnount of Information, recreation nnd agreeable
nssociallou In ntlendlng a wellconductfHl, and a
well fllleu up Fair, tho Committee, to whom tho
members of tho last year's Fair hae entrusted
the matiRKomcnl, would earnestly and respect
fully solicit tho eo-npernt Ion of every person In
the county, hoplnn titer will all bring something
to the Fair ul Columbia, this over memorable
year of our liord, I-, ....
As everything of this kind must have a system
to carry ft ou with satisfaction, exhlbltois nnd
contributors will please read the Instructions,
and come lo tho Fair expecting to abide by thcnl
without asking for any nlternlToti.
lly order of tho Fxecutlve Committee,
K, U. IKF,LF.K, Hecretary.
Wm. HhatTcr, Centre, Hupt.
Ilest blooded stallion,
" stalllou for all work.
1 00
12 10
It 00
a ui
A 00
con noi over i yrs oiu
llest nalr drautrht horses.
at -
Ilest pr carrlogo horses.
K 00
6 CJ
IJest brood maro with cnltnt her side, both
owned by tno exiuoiior,
Ilest single carriage horse,
:d " "
Ilest " " innre, ,
' Ilest gelding between Hand I ysold,
' innre " '
gelding ' a - 3 "
' tiorsocolt - 1-2 -
ti, tontclt colt- nnilei nr. broken to
harness, ' 3 CD
Inhibitors miller this i!,n will bao their
horses on the uaniid b' Mmlock 'Ihursday
iiinrnlnir wlicn t i I . Ill I . v I1TI lll'il.
Judues Jo.f-pli V, tlu-i tiuuml; Jacob
Kouhiaboaui-r, r iv iu..ii: i.i'ieini it i.e. i', jiein
lock: u. l). ju iii nry, l isnii.,,1 in '..
CLA-J-t .V-L'Al I I. F.
riilllpC-f-asi, lAntte, i.peilir.cinleiit
Ilest bull .lycnr-ol I nnd up aim s
W " "
Heat bull bttw, i n -Hli' " e.u i "!d
id " " "
Ilest bull between 1 und I inrMild
2d " "
Ilest cow 2 earsand uiiuhiiIn.
at " "
Ilest heifer,
' bull calf uiuler 10 mo.
2d - aartrulturUt II.
Ilest heifer betw f en 2aud S rB.
' - under lrf'
I 01'
.1 ml
2 011
1 1
3 in
2 00
12 00
llesi bull a yrs. nnu npunu'
2,1 . it
Ilest " between 2 and
I) U)
4 (111
3 (X)
2 Oil
Ilest bull enlf under 10 mo.
2d affrlcultnrht I jr.
' cow a yrs, und upwards,
2d " ' " "
" lietfer between 1 and 3yr,.
at - - '
under 10 mo,
Best bull 3 yrs. nnd upwards,
t 00
0 00
4 01)
4 III)
3 Ml
3 III)
1 00
12 a)
0 00
ft 00
4 U
2 no
between 2nnd 3 yrs.
' ' 1 and 2 "
' under 10 mos.
agriculturist 1 yr.
cow 3 yrs. und upwards,
heifer between 2 and 3 yrs.
2 13
0 00
4 00
4 00
3 00
2 00
" " under 10 mo.
nest bull 3 yrs. aud upwards.
12 00
II 00
0 00
4 00
between 2 and 3 yrs.
" between 1 and 3 yrs.
- under 10 mo,
tigrtculturUt 1 Jr.
cow 3 yrs. und upwards,
heifer between 2 and 3 yrs.
3 00
3 00
3 I 'J
fl 00
4 00
4 no
.1 00
3 C.
under 10 mos.
2 00
12 00
II 00
0 IM
Ilest bull 3 yrs. and upward.,
" between 2 and 3 yrs.
' "lands"
4 00
3 00
2 00
2 00
" cnlf under 10 mo,
1 fttrleulturtxt I jr.
; f ow ' yrs. and upwards,
1 lielfer between 2 and 3 yrs.
a oo
4 00
3 00
3 00
" " tinder 10 mo.
oxi:n and hrKmts.
Ilest yoke oxen owned nud worked by ex.
2 00
13 00
4 CO
3 oke steers between 2und 3 yls
2d " " 2 00
Kxhlbltors will have their stock ready for the
jiiuKes in exnmiuo uy lu n ciufK a. m. on inurs
day und to remutu until 3 o'clock Frydny p. m,
Judges John UeU, Hemlock; William 11.
llaitenbucli, Hcott; lliomus Wilson, llreeuwood
Anrou Kester, Motiutplcusutn.
CLiK.S 3-HWINi:.
Jostutn AIendeuhll, Franklin Hup't.
Best brood sow and pigs (six or more)
" lot lut hogs (2or Uioio.)
id 00
t) tw
4 13
(i (10
3 10
6 IJ
boar, , ( (i
11 rood sow, ((
3 00
" lot (3 or more) plgs under 8 weeks,
2d " " "
3 CJ
2 00
3 UO
" ' Htoi'b bni: (J or tnore)
-u " i I.
Judges Wlllhiiu IVtuolt Mil .'sou; John Hlltl'
man, Hcott; l'hif Kw.d, .M.uto..r, t.iti't.
l,A.1'o 4-Klii:i.l-.
Dr. 1'. H.ree.e, Hl-vfui,-upt
1'Ifir, nit..
Ii.-st buck. CO
2d " " ' 0
ewe. 'j
2d " " in)
jimni r. sooi..
Ilest buck. i i"0
2d ' " 4 iV
ewe. I ii
it " I Ol
1.0X1) WIIUL.
Ilest buck, 4 in)
d ' ID)
" ewe, 4 oo
d ' " 3 O
Jlldaes ShLjerlck Kvcs. Fine: Jolinsoti II.
lacier, uiwsHuuu,
Joseph Hcnttergood, Pine; tiup't.
Ilest aud Jnrgesl display of poultry,
" pair chickens, ciyTiculturUt yr,
3 00
3 tj
2 U)
1 no
1 1
' Turkeys,
, nnd largest display of tame pigeons
pr gecsu
" pr ducks
1 IU
Judges T
TlinmuH Dnlllninn. Hcott ,
Htnltb, Hemlock.
Francis Evuns. llrlurcrcek; Hup't.
lleot fiO nounds of whent Hour
3 oo
s no
3 oo
" " buckwheat flour
' " ryo flour
" " cm meal
liaubutciover seea
8 (O
1 &0
8 00
1 AO
8 00
1 00
8 no
1 60
1 U)
1 60
i :
1 60
" timothy ee4l
lin.h red wheat
" white -
' " buckwheat
" gourd seed corn ears
" yellow " "
" smokeil " "
" half bush flax seed
" bush nets
Judges (J 11 Fewler, Centre;
1 U
1 60
1 60
Jacob llrown,
lllram It. Kllue, Hup'l.
Ilest bush of potatoes of different varieties II 60
" nan uusu sweet potatoes) 4
- bush field turnliiH 1
" half bush ruUibngas 1 60
" " sugar beets ApncuUurUt 1 tr
" " muugold inurlgel 1 00
" ' beets 1 00
carruts Jaricvltvrittl tr
' onions
hairdjx vi geiabb) oysters (salafy)
leck tomaliif s
8 heads of cnliliiifiu
3 bunches eelerj
4 egg ulalils
2riu lima besus
3qu Carollba beans
oqu soup ocans
" litimtikin or siiunsh
" lolpuniiklllslf)orlnora) Agriculturitt lyr
Judges John Uordtn, Mouiour; John Hiattti
Hamuel Nyhan, Centre, Sup't.
Ilest half hush uny nrlety of apples
1 1 00
J oo
2d (
Mi.jiiiijr itiiie.
jtarieulturit 1 jr
2 00
AffTkuUurttt I
A ffticulturiit I jyr
a ik)
JffrituliurM 1 Jr
2 OU
dor qulnrei
Ulvplay Bi'ap
& e hut em urapei Civ elin(
UrrifuUurUt ly
t to
1 ui
t tnirnru
" " liaiinu
" IhiIiiwhiu
: , " H4bIla
loot fox ftrapf
' diKpIay rai'Miberrlea
" huiupbttlrud apple
' ' t'tach' i
" tb luvii-mu
Jmheiirjunn LViH,Oi .11
tu JKecder,
Casper ltahu,Cntawls.n, Kup't.
Ilest qt current wine
' biuckboriy wlno
" " grapo "
, " " cherry "
" " rve wh skv
tl l)
1 nu
I oo
1 no
elder vinegar
Jtiilges-lllram I). Appleman, Centro t Iihor
M'llenry, llcnlnn. '
Frank I'. Eves, Urtrnwood, Hup't,
Ilest loaf bread
3 to
1 O)
I 10
l oo
roll of buttcr d It) or over)
" npplople
" canned frttltitlrrerent kind, each
' poundcake
" ginger
" spougo '
' sample preserves
" fruit Jelly
" cucumber pickles
" pickles any kind
" apple butter
" pencil "
" grapo "
" nluin
... M
" cured ham
' snmplo Hausage
" " yeast
" hard sos p
" " soft "
gal sorghum
3 00
Judges Mrs. l'blllp Cool, Itoarlngcrcek : Mrs
Hhndrack Eves, Fine; Mrs. lllram J. lteeiier'
John u. tiutck, Montour; Hup't.
Ilest 10 yds fliiniiel
41 M
" Sydswollencloth
10 carpet
" " " plain llneu
" " " tlbier "
" knit woll stockings
" " " lultlens
" " cottocustneklngs
" homcmad shirt
" pr WfHil bliukcts
AgrtcttUurnl 1 yr
1 60
, , 1 60
-4frieuftiifiV r
I 60
1 00
2 no
linen suceis
" " liomeninde table cloth Airlculturut lyr
Judges-xylvesterPursel, Hemlk; Mrs. Jiis.
P.Conner. Centre: Miss Knfii A. lu,. ir..i
Agricuuuiw lyr
Vanilersllcc, Hemlock; Mrs. Wm. Ilagonbiicii.
Montour. '
David Mas torn: CireniWiirnl. Mim't
Ibrnt knit quilt 1
" tidy
" tatllnswork
" Hpeelmeii liead work
" " Hhell "
u ii hurr II
" " leather "
" " hair "
it W(IX ii
" " drawliiK
" " I'lUutlUK
" lllc embroidery
" ' wortted emoroldery
' cotton "
" " wornteilmat
" cotton "
" " worked Hllpper
" " fancy pin cuixhlon
" " bouAldref-K
" display inoM painting
" " collection ofdahlloji
" ' HoHern
" " Iiouho plautM lu bloom
" " dried ktohh
' M llowers
" penmauHhlp
" variety ol Mowers
Juefteft MUM Hallie Hcnttergood, Pine
Hliam U. Kline, uranR0; Mm. Itenbeu I,
Oreeuwood; MIhs Mnry Memlenhall, Kran:
f I 10
i in
i tit
I i)
i i")
1 i'
I "
1 00
1 lt
It k'ii.
JacobGlrard, Urcenuood; Hup't.
Deit family eurrtago
" open bufcuy
" tup '
" farm wagon
" Bpring wugou farm uxo
2d " " pleanuru
" wheelbarrow
" Hied
" bulky
(I 00
:l (0
;i to
4 IO
.1 IX)
j CO
J ui
Judgen-J, O. Wlntersteen, Mimin; Joh.
man, Franklin,
Francln 1', Masters, rinriuo't.
llent right hand plow
" plow for general umq
" left hand plow
" rlgtit and left hand plow
" corn plow
" HUbHOltplOW
11 equare unut
' ono horno cultivator
" two "
" " " corn planter
i onH ii
" threnher ami separator combined
" mower nnd reaer combined
$1 I4
2 (ill
1 10
2 (it
2 (id
2 (i
I lu
4 (hi
4 IN)
ft I')
1 (O
2 (0
& (1)
I (ji
1 o
1 0
I 00
1 M
1 IM
1 (HI
1 (
1 )
hay fork
portable, elder pre
clover huller
ftauKago grinder
clothe wringer
washing macntne
grubbing hoe
set miuer'n picks
" mill picks
pr foro and hind liour nUoce
Hharpened drlllH
Brain craillo
AyrxeutfurUt I r
" fjin n lu ir mill
corn Blielier m
Htrawand fodder cutter 2 io
JiulgeN Kllaa 'rcany, L(kuI; Joncj)h Monger,
Montour; JacohIM uirtou.MHdliiuu; Fretu Fun
ler, Urlnrcreek, (J
clakh 15-htovi:h, tinwauk, haiitjii;.v.
WAiti; Ac,
John Allen. MadUmi Hun'L
llet cooking stove with flxturet
' parlor "
" seturtinclal teeth
" variety tlimare
" " Piiri hrnwnrA
31 M
a io
i tit
;t in)
2 to
Judges-Alfred Miller, Mimin; Win. Howi-ll
Mt, l'leumint.
CLAHS 15-CAm.irr WAUK, NIIOllMAKl'.ltS.
Jacob A. rtwlKh'er, SIiulUon: Huo't.
lie it net double harueN
' " team "
" " double enrriago harnesii
' ' HlllgllJ
" Kiilt clothing
prcair boot
" bureau
" drcHslugstond
" display cabinet ware
' set wliidNor chalu
" " spring Heat "
" rocking chulr
' ivetteo
" mad suit clolhlnrr
fl (A
I 10
4 U)
J liO
,i IO
3 IM
2 10
2 (0
2 ')
3 OJ
I iO
1 (O
I 10
I (O
Auricuitur t i r
I .0
I to
I Ml
M half Uo5 biooniH
" two Hides hole leatheO
.i .i i. llj)
" " ' calfskin
" hampionricks ,v.
JndKeH-uyruiCTovellng;Bcott; Thos. lint '.- ,
Keubcn L. Illch, Orconwood; Hup t
tt Ilest swarm bee1
V. " . ." AyekulturUi
" nampleaDia honey i
" beo hlvo i ?i
Judgen Levi A, Ilartinan, Centre; Jonu.S-oti,
Peter lllllmeyer, Uloom; Hnp't.
Ilest trotting honour mare over 0 yrs. old S-Vl (0
" " " U yrs old a under to W
Entrance fee tu both cusee 9h) ua.
Ilest trotting horso maro or gelding (en
trance feo $10 oo W U)
2d trot bent horso maro or gelding. En
traucefeonoo. s" 00
Judges EllMendenhall, Ileutou; Hylvesler J,
S.",11'.1'' hHielCroveIlug, Centre: KeecoJ.
Millard, Mimin.
Wm, II. Koons, llloom; Hup't,
Best run once around tho courno (entrance
fee 50 cents) 00
2d best " M " 4 0-1
JudgciA. K.Hmlth.MadUon; John G, NevU,
(Article third of the constitution tequlres per
sons to pay the assoesatlon one dollar to consti
tute membership. The pracllco heretofore has
been to buy tlckttaou Fair dan, und have their
names recorded at the time.)
First. livery person having article for exhi
bition or competition, muM become a Member
of the ansoclatlon bt fore enterhlg Ihrm.
Heoond. Minors can become members or ex
hibitors when their parents aromembers.
Third. The Held of competition lit open to all
Persons from other counties and Riatea can le.
come exhlbltort. upen the same term as citizens
of thin county.
ruurui. ai articles onereu tor competition
must bouwnedbv tho rmniwlHnr. Ki-nlt. vihta.
tables, flowers Ac, must bo the growth of the
comMMltor,nndall manufactured urllclen inut
be m n do by the competitor.
Fifth. All stock entered must be what Is rep
resented or premiums will be forfeited.
Ulxlh. All articles for exhibltlou or competi
tion imistbe entered 'yfio'clock p in on Wed
nesday the 14th, and except In lmiKisslble case
be on tho around hv that llme.tiud renmhi ther
until Friday 3 o'clock p. m. wheu they will be at
thedlsposal of theexlubltors.
1 Heventli. Htands for sale of refreshments can
be obtained by application to the Hecretary or Jl,
r t uuriiiinu
Eltthth. No license will besrauted stands that
ell splrltous or malt liquors.
Judges appointed to examine the dlffereut
classea will confer a favor on the Association by
calling ut the Hecretary ' ottltw early on Thurs
day morning to obtain their instructions
Tlckepi to the Eslrcan be obtained at the dif
ferent btores before the Fair or al the Ticket UI
flee during Fair days.
The Hoclety will also place on the grounds a 12
horse power steam engine, hlch can be attached
to any machinery nlaeed ou exhibition needing
such motive power,
'. It. iKHMtn, Hco'y
ltloumsburg, hep, 2o, JSM.
This la to Klvo notice t that on the 14th day uf
August, a. i. 1MW, a warrant in Uaukrui'tej
was Issued against the estate of Ivevl Kut ol th
Ilorouuh ol Uorwlck. In the county o
Columbia, and Htate of Pennsylvania, who hwN
been udjudged a Iiankrupt on hU own petition
that the payment of any debts and delivery I
any property betoiiKlng to such liankmpt, t
him, ot for hli use. and the transfer of any pro
erty by him uroforohlJen by law i that u mte
Ing of tho Cretlltors of the said pror
thutr dclits. mitt to choosu una or mom uhMlunen
of his estate, will be held at a Court of Huukiuptt
cy.tu be holdeu at the lUchauge Hotel, tu Klooiiue
ourg, uoiumoiu county, I'eunsyivHUia, iwrorv
Edward Overton. Jr.. lleilster. on tho iifrd tivy ol
HeptemlKT, A, li, MM, at 2 o'clock p. in.
TllOMAH A. UUWIXV, U.H. Maislml.
jjp itu a i4 ii n u ai i a iv i
The next session will cosninencu on r-4 ol. 10th
fleud for circular, U W. JKAhaAU, PriuU al.