The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, May 22, 1868, Image 2

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3Hhc Columbian.
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The Tost Vote.
Areisu weeks of anxiety nnd suspense
llio country liniitliM freely iigntii. Tho
tmbblq ofliupeui'liinetit tins liurst anil
viiiitslu'si Into lliln Mr. Tlie Issuu was
doubtful tu tlie hurt, it tut thu verdict of
"not guilty'1 wi Kiilucd by but 0110
voU'. There Is cause for rejoicing In
this, not only that the President has
been pronounced lunucent, but that
thero nro men lu tho Senate, who nro
manly and honest enough to hold their
honor pure, In tho face of tho most dis
graceful and unwarranted attempts nt
Intimidation and bribery which ever
were rondo upon the Integrity of Judges.
Jtut neither the crack of tlie party whip,
the throats of jmrty vengeance, the inut
terlngs of liuyul Leagues, nor the vio
lent harangues of members of the Low
er House, havo availed to cause them
to violate their oaths, or degrade their
Judicial position, llatllcd and disap
pointed tho leaders of the Impeach
ment, foaming with rage, havo descen
ded to personal nbiisc and vlllltlcatlon
mid openly chargo that such men as
Kcssendcn, Trumbull and (irlmes have
been bribed and corrupted; men whoso
reputations aro so spotless, that even
political enemies have never dared ns
nll them. Wu look aghost at such ex
hibitions of depravity, which can only
be accounted for on the ground that
tho Radicals under such leaders as But
ler and Stevens' have lo-t their hcadi
and advocate blind measured with no
look, to the future. Thero can bo no
doubt that such utter disregard of all
thodecenclw and courtesies of life, to
speak nothing of graver matters, must
result In harm to tho party which per
mits and encourages them. Public
opinion will sooner or later condemn
tho acts and disown the authors.
How long tho rcmnlulng articles may
remain unvoted on, It Is Impossible to
say. Butter at tho head of his Investi
gating committee may hopo by future
bullying to Intimidate ouo or more
Senators who aro deemed "weak In the
faith" and thus securo conviction upon
the peeond or eighth article.
To what extent honest Itepublieans
are willing to follow this Immaculate
loader, Is a matter of considerable Inter
est both to tho country at largo and the
Democratic Party.
That Vardon.
Tun unmitigated Insolence and out
rage of tho pardon granted by Geary to
Eves and Erwlno for tho second offense
of rejecting the vote of a constitutional
ly qualltlcd elector Is so gross, and so
thoroughly condemned where tho facts
urc known, that even P. John abandons
thodefeuse of tho (tree culprits. The
task Is taken up by theSunbury Gazelle
In ha! fa col u in n, nearly, of abuse of tho
Court, and slang about tho Fishing
Creek confederacy.
As to the first point; It Is tho Su
prcm Court of the Stato which settled
tho law about voting under tho "Des
erter act," and all tho District Courts
can do Is to administer tho law as thero
laid down. Tho Courts of Columbia
county havo therefore no will In tho
matter. Wo attribute this error of fact
to tho well known Ignorance of tho Ga
zette, and Its obuso of the court to Its
rampant Radicalism.
As to tlie second point : The citizens
whom tho Gazette denounces, nro as res
pectabloln character, as loyal to tho
Constitution, and as law-abiding ns any
In tho Commonwealth. Hut in point
of fact this was a question for a Jury,
and one half of tho Jury summoned
were Republicans In politics; and yet
tho election oHlccra did not itare to go
before njury and submit themselves to
the law and tho facts. Kvcry honest
man In the county condemned tho
wrong ana would havo resented It. Of
course If the Gazette had known that
tnese men went before n jury half He
lmlillcans, It would not have imblMind
the article we- are commenting on. Its
ignoraneo isngaln Its defence,
flutyet again. This was Kyis' see
ond offne. Tho tirsttlme, lie snore he
mil an Importimt witness In the West
rho cno win continued. When the
Court rump, Instead of producing tho
important wltmws," ho produced a
pardon. Against tho opinion of his
counsel ho repeats tho otrense; and then
ho iIoch not rNk the swearing about an
important witness, because he has a
second pardon lu Ids pocket. Of course
tlio Gazelle was Ignorant of these air
gravntlng facts and circumstances, and
is therefore excusable.
Is the Gazelle also Ignorant of the
fact, that It is discourteous ond beneath
tho dignity of u decent newspaper, to
speak ofthoChlef.Justlco of tho United
Statin m a"dlst!ngulshed sore-head?" or
does tint Gazelle belong to tho Wash-burne-Dounelly
school, and mako Its
Radicalism nml Its ignorance nn excuse
for such a course nu a newspaper, as
would forever disgrace an individ
ual t Wo sincerely pity tho Gazelle, and
trust that its manners as well as Its
morals'may amend.
Mil. Ci.ahknce Logan, of Philadel
phia, Just returned from Savannah, hav
ing observed tho election there, has
made a statement that In ono ward In
that city beveral negroes were supplied
by a wag with label of "Costur'u rut
ond roach exterminator," and voted
them as ballots. Some of the very In
telligent suffragans noticing t cut of a
rat on the supposed ballots, asked what
It meant. They wero told It stood for
tho "rut-ltlcntloii of the constitution."
They wondered, believed, and voted.
After tills, who prateji about educating
voters, and who doubts that tho colored
troop fought nobly 1
It costs one hundred and fllty million
dollars annually to govern tho South
ern Stntes under tho Rump despotism
plan, and the whole uxpenso is borno
by Northern worklngmen. Formerly
thu Southern States wero not only ublo
to pay for their own government, but
they paid over two hundred million
dollars annually Into the aovernmcnt
Trwiaury. They would do tho miiio
now, under a righteous and enlightened
political policy, but they never will un
der military ihiotlsiii and negro suffrage.
Tho Battle, the Battle-Hold and the
Tun gr.tat Uue of tho pending con
tllct Is, shall tho government created by
the Constitution be perpetuated, orshall
It hoMipplatitcd by a centralized organ-
Ism? Subordinate to this and connect
ed therewith aie the miestlons of recon
struction, of negro supremacy, and or
national dilutive. Radical leaders sto
In these tho means to the attainment of
their great end. States are coerced In
to tho suiinort of this project : negro
votes nro valueless but for this object,
and patronage and place, banks, treas
ury and llnanclal agencies nro made to
lend powerful Influence to tho prosorviv
Hon of Radical rule, to the centrnliza
Hon of tho government mid tho over
throw of the Constitution. The battle
to bo waged luvohcs the vitality of
our Institutions.
Tho battle Held In this great struggle
Is Pennsylvania. In Presidential con
tests Tor seventy years the Keystone has
Invariably voted with tlio majority,
Her vote in October has always been tlio
certain precursor of her verdict In No
vember. Success In October Is luvarhv
bly followed by success In November;
defeat In October Is tho herald of defeat
In November. Her volco In Octobor is
potential with other Commonwealths,
for Now York and Now Jersey usually
follow her lead, and always show syni'
pathetic action. Our victory In Oeto
her, 1S(!7, swelled the majority In New
York In November. To lose tho Octo
her election Is to lose 'Pennsylvania
Tho loss of Pennvlvanbv Is tho loss of
the battle. The lovs of this battle- is tho
destruction of tho govornmont. litre
Is our Thermopylae; tho " tVci" of Oc
tober determine our destiny. "To wi n
this contest every energy should bo
bent; to insuro success every oxtrane
ous nld should bo yielded us ; to compel
this victory our brethren everywhere
snouiu am us.
The action of tho New York Cons'on-
tlon in ItA selection of n candidate, will
be potent In Its bearings for good or
evil upon our 'cause, In October, and
that great party "tribunal of tho last
resort" should heed tho volcea of our
counsellors and attentively ponder tho
views of tho leading men of our dclcgfv
Hon, Pennsylvania Is uncommitted to
ttcandldato. Sho will sacrifice to sue
cess everything but principle. We be
lieve tliut her delegation will esteem
success hero in October vital to success
throughout tho Union in November,
that they will Insist upon tho choice of
that candidato who will most essenti
ally nld us in carrying our Stato, ond
that they will resist, with nil honora
blo means, the nomination of any ono
whoso antecedents or present position
will tend to mako that rcsultlnany de
gree problematical. Wo bellevo that
they will regard tho prestige of n gr eat
name, or tho most faultless party rec
ord, as of no weight, If It bo rendered:
clear that bucccss Is jeopardized by tho
selection of their possessor. Tho hour
Is inopportune for the requital of party
services or the elevation of party idols.
Our first duty istosavothegovernment
a ml we mistake the character of those
great men who nro now prominent for
tho nomination at New York, If, In tho
spirit of telf-fiacrlflco, they, too, do not
say "everything for tho cause, nothing
for men." The choice of a candidate is
not difficult, when an invincible will
for tho preservation of the government,
a spirit of cordial co-opcratlon for suc
cess and a determination to sacrifice
our personal preferences to tho common
good aro brought to tho task. Tho mass
of our Democracy are docply Imbued
with these sentiments, but they regard
success here as a vital pre-rcqulslto to
final victory, and therefore th ey Insist
upon the nomination of ono who can
assuredly carry Pennsylvania. There
are such men, both soldiers and .elvl 1-
lans, men of large minds, thoroughly
trained In the logic of our government
al system and In tho traditions of our
party, of spotless reputation, of un
blemished party record, and surroun
ded with tho prestige of success. OIvo
us ono of these, and our march to vie
tory will bo an easy and a triumphant
one. Vleurjielil Republican.
Doos Forney moan Business?
YnsTKitiuv ho "resigned his posl
" lion ns Secretary of tho Senate, tlio
" resignation to take effect on the ap
pointment of his successor." Tho pro
priety of this act almost clothes tho no
tor with decency. His retirement from
tho society of Senators, If voluntary
and sincere, goes towards condoning tho
Jnmieson letter, which retired him from
tlio society of gentlemen. Wo euro not
whether tho resignation grow out of de
ficits In his deposits, or from tho hint
indicated, that his "Occasional" bully
lug of Senators mndo his room better
than his company. Tho reason matters
not. Thu result is tho excellence. For
such a man, who Hought confidence
only to win power, to bo recorder to
such gentlemen as Reverdy Johnson,
Pitt Kessendon, Lyman Trumbull,
Charles Ruckolcw, and their kindred
colleagues has been a dNgraco only pos
slblo amid the Indiscriminations of a
revolution. Tlio pen that conspired
ngaiust the honor of a woman has
pierced his hand when aimed at tho liv
dependence of statesmen. Wo fear
Forney is finessing. Ills resignation
Implies n capacity of shame Which his
character forbids. Possibly ho ha.l fix
ed enough Radicals Senators to refuso
to accept his proffer to back out. Tho
Forneys die, but rarely resign. If, how
ever, the resignation should bo real, It
will prove n bourco of only less satisfac
tion than the suicldo of its subject, who
has already survived tho amenities
that make ilfo desirable World.
It seems that there Is a dlfferenco be
tween "your bull goring my ox and my
bull goring your ox" even In that un
prejudiced collection of human beings,
tho Radical Representatives. They
promptly suppressed a resolution to ox
amino Into tlio mattcroftho attempted
intimidation of Scnntor Henderson, by
tho Radical members from Mlssou rl,but
a moment after adopted a resolution to
Inquire into tho charges of " bribery nnd
corruption" madoagalnstthosu Senators
whoso vottn defeated their nofarlom
nlans. Thero is jio such tlilnc known
to them as Rndlcal "bribery or corrup
tion." Tlmv illimlfv their bullvlmr and
threatening attempt with tho namo of
n "pressuro ortno peopio."
Till! Radicals slneo their defeat, on
Saturday last, have raised a mighty
howl of "bribery and corruption," and
opeuly charge those Senators who vo
ted ugalnst conviction, with having
Hold themselves. Thev nrobablv do not
consider tho attempts made upon tho
honor of Senators Henderson, iiossnuu
Grimes, ns embraced lu this definition,
Thoy nro right in ono respect at least,
thoro was"ir47!" butno "corruption'1'
hi tht vnto uhnwu.
Tho President Doclaroa "Not Guilty."
GJuuTjqy tjiuoi:ojio vr the
rrvvrlica r nn: di:fj:a t
or nn: radicals!
TlllUMI'lt OF .ll'STllT,!
Wasiumuton, May II.
lMri:AciiMi:.NT has failed. All hon
or to the seven Renubllcan Senators
who, to-day, stood firm In spito of
tnreats nun reproaciies, uuti saved tno
republic from shame.
Unto Senator Ross belong, nerhnns.
tho highest praise for tho result ; for tho
Dceuiiar niidiiaueiui inmiencos to which
ho had been subjected by tlio friends of
lmpcacnmcui in ins own mate or ivau
wis. and by overv Radical lmiteacher In
both Houses of Congress, might havo
been nml wero confidently expected to
overwhelm tho scuso of duty which ho
so nobly vindicated. Rut rising obovo
and shaking on" tho tremendous press
ure of false friends nnd bitter enemies,
ho uttered tho slniplo but fateful words,
and. "llko tho baseless fabric of n vis-
Ion," Impeachment tumbled, faded, nnd
was lost.
In tho manner of voting of tho Sen'
ntors, thero were somo notablo clrcura
stances. Anthony voted lu a volco be
tween a quiver and n shako: Fesscndon
created n great sensation on rising nnd
voting "notgullty" In nvolcons clear ns
n bell; Cameron was In such liasto that
ho ran right over Chase with a fierco
"guilty "ueioretiio question nnd oecnnii
out, wncreai ine gaueries mm i loorscou-cdnllttleatSInioii:Fowlcrmadothoi;al-
Icrlcs buzz and hum with ids vote, and
when Grimes was called on, nothing
but tho live ami fortv police kept down
tno excitement, wnicn was at lover neat
Johnson's verdict was very handsome
ly given, and with a sincerity in tone
that accorded well with the lino tires
enco of thu speaker. When Ross' name
was called, you could havo heard a pin
drop. Davis leaned forward over his
desk nnd put his hand to his ear, and
Sumner and that side of tho chamber,
strained their eyes ns If to seo tho word
that was hanging on tho speaker's Hps.
wade's "guilty" was a low, snamo-iac
ed guilty, befitting a liulco votititr in
his own favor in his own caso: nnd
Sumner's verdict was such a docvish
growl that tho galleries sullied nt his
suiien pomposity ot utterance.
Tho Senate was slow in opening. At
twcnty-flvo minutes past ten, within
uvo minutes ot tno appointed time,
tnero wero not over ten senators pres
cut. nmonir them Van Wlnklo nnd V1I
ley, who wero in closo consultation;
Iluckalcwnnd Hendricks, llkowlso in
deep con verso; Just in front of tlio West
Virginia senators mid on the otiier side
ot tno ciiamucr, uooiiltic. Trumbull.
and Fcssenden. With this paucity of
Senators on tho floor, tho attendance of
spectators in tlio galleries was llkowlso
unwontediy slim.
When tlio Chlcf-Justlco took the charl
nearly every Senator had entered the
cnamocranu occupied jus .scat. As it
was still slightly uncertain whether tho
voto would bo taken or not tho feeling
cmcuy maniiestcu was ono ot curiosity.
Senator Edmunds rose nnd offered nn
order directing tho Secretary to notify
xno jiouso oi representatives mat mo
Seuato was then ready to recclvo them.
Tho notification having been sent, Sen
ator Williams asked that his order
might bo taken up to provldo for tho
rendering of u verdict on tho eleventh
article first. Tho question whether tho
order should bo takeii up and consider
ed was decided m tno niilrmatlvo by a
voto of 31 against 10. 3foro than two
thousand palrsof eyes wero fixed on tho
Chief-Justice, as ho slowly lifted hlm-
seu out oi ins nigii-uacKcd cnair plac
ed Ids hands, on tho edco of tho mahog
any desk before him, and said to tho
reading cicrK, "call tno roll." Tno read
ing clerk called Mr. Anthony. Mr.
Aiunony rose, nau tnero ueen no pre
vious caucus, from thodecislou of which
tins Jtliodo island centicmau nnd as
certained tlio spirit and Intentions of
ins associates in tno sennto, ms posi
tion, as tlio first Senator on tho alpha
betical list, would havo been a most em
barrassing ono. Hut Mr. Anthony.
although pale and n llttlo tremulous,
was assured, tho unlet-justice spouo
"Mr. Senator Anthony, how say you
Is Androw Johnson, President of tho
united states, guilty or not guilty oi n
high misdemeanor ns charged in tills
Tho formal oucstloii by tho Chief-Jus-
tico was in turn propounded to each
Senator, and tho voto given ns recorded
below in tno proceedings.
Mr. Willey was tho Inst so-called
doubtful man; ho answered "guilty,"
ami bo (ltd tno iiireo remaining senn
tors, Williams, Wilson nnd Yates.
It was done. Tho Cliief-Jujtico au
iiounccd tho verdict, saying:
"The President is therefore acquitted
on tno ciovoiun article."
Immediately after.Senator W lams
moved that tho court adjourn until
l tiesiiav mo " iiit insta te at 12 n'cinek-
A brief wranglu was had over thu mo
tion, which was finally carried and
Chlef-Justico Cliaso announced that tho
Senate sitting as n Court of Impeach
ment, stood adjourned until Tuesday,
the auit day ol this month.
At 1 o'clock precisely the Chief-Justice,
weared tho silk roho of office, en
tered nnd took his seat ns presiding of-
lico of tlie Court of Impeachment, and
directing tho Scrgeaiit-ot-Arms to mako
Tho proclamation was made in the
usual form.
The Secretary then proceeded to reail
tho lournal of tho last days' proceedings
in tno easoor tno united states against
Andrew Johnson, President.
When tlio readlnglwas concluded.
Mr. Edmunds called up tho order
heretofore submitted in tlio following
Ordered. That the Chief-Justice, in
directing tlio Secretary to reatl tho sev
eral articles of Impeachment, shall di
rect mm to rend tnoeiovciuii article nrst
and tho diicstlon shall be taken on that
article, and thereafter on tlio other ten
successively as they stand.
Ileforo taking It up Mr. Edmunds of-
leren ine loiiowmg order :
Ordertd, That thoSccretarv ho dlrcc
ted to Inform tho Houso of Renrcsonta.
tlves. that tho Senate slttlntr for the
trial of tho President on tho articles of
Impcaclnnont.nronow readv to rccolvo
them In tho Senato Chamber, which
was adopted.
Tlio question was then nut on taking
up benoior W illiam's oruerior action,
nnd It was decided yeas. Ult nnvs. 10,
Senator Wado voted for tho first tlmo
and voted In tho affirmative.
SenatorGrlmes was not prosent
Tho question was then taken on tho
adoption of tho order, and it was carried
ny tiiobamo. xens, ;u; isays, i.
Mr. Fcsscndcn roso to make a motto
to nostpoiio tho voto for an hour on lie
count of tho ubsenco of Mr. Grimes,
but on being Informed tlmt that Sonn,
tor was in i mi uapitoi, no unt not man
tlio motion.
Mr. Grimes Immediately afterward
came Into tho Chamber, and took ids
sent In ono of tlio side aisles.
Mr. Edmunds then submitted an or
der that tho Senate do now proceed to
voto on tho article according to tho
rules of tlie Senate, which was agreed
Tho Chief-Justice rising, said, by di
rection of tlio Senate i Tlio Clilof-Jus-tlco
desires to admonish tlio citlxcns
and strangers In thogalleries that abso
lute bllenco Mid perfect order Is requir
ed. It will bo a subject of infinite re
gret If nny violation of tho order of tho
Senato will necesllato tho execution of
tho further order that tho persons guil
ty of disturbance, bo immediately re
moved, Tlienoddrosslng the Senator'),
tho Chlef-Jtisllco said ; Senators, In con
formity to tho order of the Senate, tho
chlof-.Iustleo will now proceed to toko
tho voto on tho clovcnlh article, as di
rected by tho rule. , ,
Tho eleventh nrtlclo was read by tho
dork. , ......
Tho first namo on the roll, that of
Senator Anthony, being called, t lint
Senator roso In his place, and the Chief
Justice, also standing, uddresscd to him
this rormtua:
Mr. Senator Anthony ; How say you
Is tho respondent, Andrew Johnson,
President of tho United Stales, guilty
or notgullty of nhlgh misdemeanor, as
charged in this article.
Senator Anthony responded "guilty,"
and so tho voto went on till all tho Sen
ators had responded, tho voto summing
up yens nays iu, as ionows :
TII15 TliSI' VUlli.
rou conviction.
21. NYE.
n, COLE,
10. DRAKE,
12. FERRY.
(N. II.)
'21. RAMSEY,
' 2.-. SHERMAN,
. 28. SUMNER.
13. Frcllnghiiyscn, . 30. TIPTON,
11. HARLAN, ''ai. WADE,
10. HOWE.
17. MORGAN, I'.ll. WILSON,
15. ROSS.
18. Van Winkm:
Democrats 0
Democrats 12
Senators Fessciiden. Fowler. Grimes
Ross, Trumbull, and Van Winkle
nmonir tho Renubllcan Senators, vo
ted "not guilty." Senator Wade, when
ins name was caned stood up ltnniedi
ntcly and voted "guilty."
IJefore the result of the voto was an
nounccd. but when It was known. Sen,
ator Williams roso and moved that tlio
Senato sitting ns a Court of Impeach
incut, adjourn until Tuesday the 2(jth
May, at i- o ciock.
Considerable discussion ensued. The
Chief-Justice deciding that tlio motion
was not in order. This decision was
reversed by a voto of 21 to 30, and after
tno ouonng nun rejection ol several
amendments tno motion was llnaliy
carrieu, yeas, u.- nays 21.
Tho Chief-Justice announced tho res.
ult, and said that tlio Seuato sitting as
nCourt of Iinpeochmentttonds adjourn
ed until Tuesday, tlio 2flth lust., nt 12
Tho Clilef-Jt!3t!co then loft tho chair
and tho members of tho Houso retired
to their own Chamber. Tho spectators,
who hud filled every seat and standing
plncoin tho galleries. Immediately be
gan to pour out Into tho halls and corri
dors, nnd tho curtain fell for ten days on
tho national drama of Impeachment.
Tho closing scene was not marked by
tlio slightest breach of decorum or good
Democratio Stato Ticket,
BMITII II.VVKNrOHT In Berwick, nn the 12tli
Inst., nt the bride's home, by Ilev. W . It. Fox,
Sir. lllchard smith of Hnzlcton. I.uzerno fo
und Miss Alice Pnvenpolt, of Uerwick.
MAI7.i:-CAMl'I!i:M--Ontho Oth utt nt tho
rehiitcnco or iho bride's mother, by ilev, r, F,
i:yer, .Mr. J. II. Maize nml Miss lllaucho A.
Campbell, both ot Peach Haven.
HMrri'IinitS-At nencli Haven, on the lfith Inst.
esaran, wne oi iiiram Hineiiiers, a yea vi years
IIOnN'-AtTown 1I11I, on the Pith Inst., Caroline
who 01 1 raniiiin iiorn, no. years.
'AIltMAN In Greenwood, on the 11th Inst.,
Hohert, Infant kou ofllunli H. and Christian
1 airman, nKvu iinomus una .J uayn.
HITA mhtiKarlunf twp., Oel. 2!Uh, 'ttl, Henry
II. I'rlt, aed 7'J yeari, I mos. nnd 1 day. On
Mny Mh JMi nt tlie sume phus. Mirarit, wid
ow of Henry II. Tilt, nged7.l yrs. (i nios.nndlS
Thoabovo named pei.ons uie purents of 13
chlldieu, 71 grand chlldrtn nud 5 Kieut rnud
children. If vo bellevo Unit Jesus died nndf'P
ai;a)n,ceu ho, them nlso whkh vttep In Jesiu,
will God brlnn with Htm.
DODSON.-Onthemornlntfof tho Uth lust, in
iiuutiuRion, Mierne couniy. ut uimeiinR Con- i
sumption, Osboino H. Dodsoti, nged ll)tm.
Mr, Ilodson was educated at West l'olnl, Cpon
the discovery fi;oldln Cnllfornla, ho went to
that Ktnle, pursuing his profession of UyII engl.
neer, Upon his third return to his native place,
(Huntington) he married n ibiunhter of Ilev, 1?,
wndsworth, and with her returned to the l'aellie
const, Bho Is now left with two children tohnourn
tin Irrepnrablo loss. Hlx years since, hocniuo
homo with hH family, Intending to devoto his
time, to literary nnd nurlculturnl pursuits. His
health filling and believing the cllmnlo of Call
fornl.i would restore It, ho weut to that Htato
nxalu the sixth time. A fow months' residence
In Han rrunclsm b.ivo him encouraging j
hopes; ho reluned nnd took his family with
him. Ho then tried tho mountain regions or up
per Vubn, nnd tho more elevated Und orVliglnla
Uy, Hut nil of lUIIenvnll, I or jears ho fouitht
the disease, but the muscular frume und Iron Mill
at last wero compelled to succumb. Ho was n
man of extensive reading nnd varied acquire
ments. Tho decensed.wns a brotherhIaw of
Senator lluekulew,
in tue unman s touri mnmi iqr satu uouuty
In tlin lmitlt'r of tho ii(miiit of hntiitlt'l Aihn.
tiiich nnd Jacob It, Frit, Kx ecu tors ut tho last
s in uuu lesiaiuciu oi v m, j- rnz. ueccabeu.
, -sw. Ull llll'llllll Ui 1I1, V1UI1V. J, J, I. II
tie Is nnpoluted Auditor to make distribution of
tuu ouiunce in me nanus or sau accountants iu
inu i-ieunors oi Fam uueenseu,
Hy the Court, l-rom the record.
Notice ll llLrebV utven thnt I ulll nltnml tn Him
duties of the above npKlntment nt my olllco lu
xiiusjjuiuurK, un Diiiuiuuy, ine um uuy Ol June
next, at ten o'clock a. m., when and wlicro nil
persons ure required to present their claims be
for a mo or ha ilpbiirretl from mnlinr In fur n
siuire oi iiieusseis, u. it, iii'ii,!-;,
iay, u Auditor,
I1 1: N N H Y h V A N I A,
Tost Offick DerAnTMENr,
Washington, April 13, im,
I'HOPtHALSwIllbo received nt tho Contract
OlUce of this Dcnnrtinent until ill' M.nfWr.l).
NI-XDAY, May 25, jsos for conveying the malls of
iiiw uiumi ninii'M, iroiu juiy i, i6t.ip to juue, tn.
on the routes nnd by tho schedulo of departures
Mll Ullllllll I1UIV1I) BlIltlUl'M,
Hcclstom announced bv May 130. NH.
Tho following routes wero mostly advertised
October UI, IsW. but, from various causes weio
IlWJ From NorrUtown. by Hlckorvtown nu
riyinnuthMeetlne, to liarren Hill, ll miles and
uncK,iuree nmea u wceic,
Leuvo NorrUtown Tuesday, Thursday and Hat
at liarren Hill bv fi.30 n m
Leave liarren Hill Tuesday, Thursdayiud Hat
Arrive at Ji'orriitown by 11 a in;
1910 From NorrUtown. by lVim'sRtpiare, Con
uv nijuuu'. it in ui-ivr, nKiujuivn, iaiiituikhviuh
ftudHuirordsvllle,luHuianu)town, Wti mlleuund
J,euve NorrUtown Tuesday, Thurf day, aud Hat
Arrive at Hunuvtown br S it. m.
Liyo Humiifytovfii Monday, Wednesday
niu i iiuuj, u it in;
Arrive ut NorrUtown by 11 u m;
1911 From Jefferson vlllo. bv Khaiinonvllu and
Poit Providence, to J'hu-uUvllle, 6 miles und
back, threo times u week.
Leuvo Jelfersouvlllu Tuesday, Thursday, nud
nuiuiuu i in;
Arrlvj ut Vliwuixvllto by T p m;
licnVftriHrnlxvlllo TiiMdav. Tbursilnr nni Hnt
ttrdny nt fi.:ii)n in;
Arrive ni jeucrsonviue vy 7.:un in;
1!H4 Vrnin 7.otn1rrKVltt. liv t'rritcrlrk. Poltulnti.
Cotebrook Dale nml Ulayton, to llcrrfonl, lCJj
miles nnd Unck, twlco n week;
lienvo zelglcrsvlllo Tuesday nnd Hnturd&y nt 1
P m;
I.enve Hereford Mnndny nnd Frlaaynt Ml nut;
Arrive, nt .elglersvlllo by 7 n in;
irvv. fn.ll. ..,,Ad ,Ta,nit U..i,iifv
KrnneotUn nnd Tylersport, io Trtitub.iursvltle, 1(1
miles nnd bnck oner, n week,
l.rmo is or in vtmes Munrnny ntfin m;
Arrho ntTrumbaurKvUlc Hnturdny by 12 m;
Lenve Trumbnursvlllo Hnliirdny nt 1 p m;
Arrive, nt North Wnles by 0 p m.
1021 I'rnlil .lrnVMotlv Uln. bv l-'fllrvlow VltlHEO
Ijowcr l'rovkletH'e.Hclmenk'sHtore.Zf iRlerHVlllo
nnd l'crkloinenvlUe, to lted 1 1 1 1 1 , lu miles nml
buck, three I Imes n m eek.
l.envo Jctlcmonvlllo Tntsdny, Tlutrndny nnd
Hiitnrdny nt n..'Wn m;
.rrivt' lit w'ii ii in iij O..W i in;
Ia-iho lied Hill Moudnv. Wednesday nnd I rl-
itiiy nt.ln nr.
,rmo ni jeiicrsonvuie. ny ii nin.
I9i5 From Upper Publln
In Ttirue Tntis. to
miles nud back, Itireo times n
mm'cit iiic u
Mrhniliiln tn ln nrrnturfil to Iho nntlfncllntt of
tho ixistmnstcrs, makiug iluo connection IU
ninll t rain on Hullrntvl,
rrojiosais for more ncfiuciu acmeo lnvucu.
11.17 Prom Oiinkcrtown. Iv Hlclilfuultown,
l'lrnoant Vnlley nml Hprlngtown, to Durham, 10
mites nml I nick, three times n work.
liCfivo ininitcriovrn aionuny, i'uncun- umi 1 p m;
Arrive tatlnuhnmhy Op in;
Lcnvo Durham Monday, Wctlnpmlny nml I- rl
(lay.ntTftmj ,
Arrlvo nt iuakeitownby 12 in.
19H from Ijinwuter, by Willow Street, Mar
tliiivllle. New I'rovlitencc, Camnrgo, nml tnnr
ri llle. to Mechanics lirove,lH miles nnd Uncle,
tlirco times n week,
I.envo Ijfincaster Tuciday, Thursdiy, nml Hat
unlay nt 2.M p m;
ArrltnnI Mrr hull c'n tlvnro hv M t. 111.
l.rnro Mechnntcs drove, Tuesduy, Thurndny
ana unuminy in u a m;
ArrHo nt umcaster by 11 n m.
19H l'rom Uenmstown.hy Rwnrt7,llle, Adnmn
town, Uonglemlllo nnd Uumra, to UernUng, I.j
nines nuti imcit, uirrn imics u wt'i-it,
Leave Hcnnntuwn Tuesd.iy, Uhursdny nnd Hnt
urdny nt 8 ii mj
Arrlvo at lteadlnshy Sp m;
Ierne IteiidlnTut'Milny, Thursday and H.itu
day at 9 a tn;
Arrlvo at Ueamntowu by 11 in. I-'roni rSnortlnu Hill, hv Old Lino nnd Miii'
terMinsli v, lu Colehruolc, U mile and butk.twleo
Leavi'Hporthu Wednesday and Miturd ly
at v n m;
A n i ill ('iilnl.riHtlc tn Ii Hi!
I.iai) Ooleurtiuic W't'diioid ly and Saturday
ut 1 pin;
Am vut Hpurllntf Ull. by l p m.
u. 1'ruiu tl.ip, b Ihijitown, to inttreourHr
I in ii n,i i in. -it. i h iini.tA ik u t fie.
IttMMj U.i lueda,Thui0da and riutimbiy ut
II H 111,
ArrlVH ut tuti iuuurt.1! hv 1 it 111!
l.v.ixu lnieituuiJif 'iiu'itj.iy, Thurnduy and
N.iiunta al a in;
Ainu nt (Jap oy 1) n in,
IOIiJ 1'ioin Mtl7. to ltiuuiuTVlUo. miles, and
biieli iwlfu a viiek.
I,fnuliitl, Wmlnthd.iy and Halnrdu) ut 1 p lu;
i ri out imrnnort mo ui - p. m;
lne Itruiinervlllu Wttliuhday and hnlur
ttity ni ;t p in;
Arrleut I Mi?, by 1 p m;
Iii.9 rrom Halifax, by llnterllno and Undent,
to i inersvino, v tmiva ami d-k-k, unco a -aick.
lieao Halifax halniday at 1 p m;
Aitlveat I'Wberilllu by 1 pm;
,eao " HatnrdayatOa m;
Arrive at Halifax by ii in.
rrom rebanon, by Cornwall, to Mount
Hope, 10 nillei and hack Nix tiint'Ha Meek t
Cotnwall und twtef u week tho reildae(
Ijcavo Lebanon dally except Hunday, at 0.3 On,
Arrlvo nt Cornwall hv 11 n in:
Lenvo Cornwall dally except Sunday, nt ".") n
Airhent Lebanon by 9 n m;
Leave Cornwall 1 uesday and Satuulay atljt in;
Arrlvo nt Mount II ono bv 1 n m;
Leave Mount Hope 'lnesday nnd Satnrday at ;t
ii in'
Arrive nt Cornwall by 1 pm,
21)11 l'rom l' Luwer K.iucnti.
Ktout'K, It miles und bntk unto a week.
I,eave 1- rocinansburR Thuisdny ut 7 a m;
Arrive at Htout's by lua in:
Leave Htont's Thurdny at 1 1 m;
Arrive nt 1'reemansburu by i p in.
1W1S Trom Hethlehem, by Ilanovervltlc und
Path, to Chanmnn Ouarrles. ll'i miles audliaelc.
threo times a ueck.
i.envo iictimiiem lucsuar. imirsaay nnu tii
urdny nt i!p ni;
Arrive ni Limpinuu liuurnen uy oji in;
Leave Chnnnian UuurrU'H Tuesday. Thurilav
nnd Saturday at 0 n m;
Arrive nt lictiueiiem uy it a in.
20.7) From Danville, liv ltushtown and ICHiik'a
(Jroo to Miy deitoun, 1J mllcH and hack, oncen
weeic. ,
Lento Danvllln nt 8nin;
Arrlvo utHnyilerlown by 12 m;
I'UVHnydeiluvnHiiturdnyut 1 pm;
ArrNO nt IhmMUeby B pm.
rrom I'ltlHton, by Uinom, l-'alln and La
Orange, to Tuukhaiinock, l'J miles and back,
twice u week.
Liino I'ittston Mondny ami Wednesday nt 8
ArrHo nt Tunkhannoek by 4p in;
Lenvo Tunkhannock Tuesday nnd H.iturday nt
1 p m;
Arrlvo nt 1'lttslon by" p m.
2070 From ShlckRblnny, by Muhlenberg, to
Bweet Valley. 10 miles ami back, twice n ioek.
Lenve Phlckhhlnny Moudny und Thursday nt
lu n m
An ivo nt HwreCVnllev nt 1 n mi
lA'avoHweet Valley Jlonday nnd Thursday nt
2 p m;
Arrive nt Phhltshtnny by 5 p m.
20S1 l'rom Old Torfre, hy Milwaukee, Ilald
Mount nnd Mill city to Factory vllle, lltmltes and
bat Ic.onco n week.
LenoOld l'oro Tiu'sday nt Onm;
Arrlvo nt raetorvvlllo byap m;
Leave l-'nctoryUllo Wednesday ut Onm;
Arrlontold l-'orp;o by apm,
Proposals lnvltctl fur henlee three times a
3182 FromSernnton toDui'moie, 2 miles nml
back, six times a week.
Lcnvo Hcrnnton daily, Sunday, nt 1.15
p m;
Arrlvo at Duntnoro by "i p n;
Irf-ne liunmoro dally, except Hunday, nt 0
a m;
Arrive ntSernnton by P. 13 a m.
21).I From IiOellonto lielln HyUn.fl mllcsnud
back, once u ictk.
Leave Lovellou Tuesday nt 10 u m;
An ivo ut HellaHjlMihy 12 ru;
Leave Holla Hylwi Tuesilny at 7 n m;
At rive nt Loellon liyllmn,
21M Knun Ciinlmi, by Hast Canton, F.o Itoy,
Wist rraultlhi and I'runUlln Hale, to Towamla,
Viiiuuesami naoif, iiireo innes u weett.
Lean ('union Tuesday, Thursday and Satur
day, at Un m.
Ai rlvi at Tounnda by .1 p m:
l.eav Towjnda Monday, Wednsd ij nud Prl
IllV 111 1 1) 111
Ll.' I '.1 ii I f tti 1 iv ? Ill 1 1 tn.
Proj-OMUH inMieii lor h i via- six nines u wci k.
l-'rom New Oxford bv Green Uidue. iihiiip-
ton und Itoimd J I 111. to York Milphur Hpi Iuk, 11
mil'1- mid ba lc, twice u vt ek.
i.e e ,cw lixioru iuisu.iy iiiui ruinrtiny in i
j 1 1 ivt itt i ot k j ii 1 1 i in r irinui j i p in;
Leuvo Voik MilihusSirliu;s Tut silavund HHt
nlay nt i u m;
Airivc nl Ni w Oxford bv S a in
riopoinU lor moio fitum ut service nlso luvltt d
"Jl'il'tom l!t(dsltleto Lock's Mills. ,F mi)
nd ba k, once a wi-i k,
1.CUVO liei'UHviiitt rsiiuirnny hi ii in;
Ai rlo at Loik's Mills by 1 p m;
I.eao Lock's Mills Hatui day ut Ah m;
Arrlvo nl UeedsN Ulo by 10 u in.
2-J4U From Woodland to Giahaiutown. Ti miles
and back, tulceu ueek.
Leae Woodland Tuesdaj and batuiday at u
Arriin n t (Tlrnlifiinlnu 11 bv 12 in
Leave (Jrni hainptoit Tuesday nnd Saturday at
p. m;
2 lis From Cannlcbael' Ceylon and Willow
Trie, to HavlstoiMi, lu nuUs and bak, onco a
Leave uannicunii s cuncsuny at i pm
Arrlvo nt Havlstown by 1 ji m.
Leao HavlstoMn Weiluesda(.it 0 a in;
Arrlvo nt Cnimlchaersatl2m.
Alio l'rom Pittsburir. bv West View. lVrrisvllle
Wlllliiins. Wexford. Ouie. Zellnonle. Hnrtnonv
nni wnncsiown, 10 irospeei.yu mues a. imcK,
Iliri'O iiiieti n ueu.
Ltavo I'ittsburi! Monday. Wednesday und Frl
uuy ui i i in;
wrriv(t iil iTusinri uv n in;
l.ea e Prosnect Tuemlay. Thursday nnd Halur-
uuy in i u in;
Arrive ut Pittsburg by 7 p m;
Pronusiils for mora f remit' nt service als
2314 From Kharnsburir. bv Horbevvllto. llurul
Hid ire. L'ulinervllfe. nnu Itlddle'H Cross-roads, tu
ruoiiuuru, w iiuiuh iiiui ijiii-k, diku u weeu.
itiuvu nuur)tuurii r riuny uv o u in,
Arrlvo nt Raxouburg by (I p m;
Leave Huxouburg 'Ihnrsday ut 0 a in;
Arrive ut Hlmrpsourg by 4 p m,
2:119 From Pittsbnrir. bv Hurl mnnn. OrinsbV.
Hope Church, to Lebanon Church, liU miles
and back, twlco dally, except H 11 ml ay,
liuchanan. and twlco il ultIc Ibu icsldue.
Leavo Pitlsburif dailv. exeent Humlav. ulG30 a til
Ijeavo liuchanan dally, exeent humlnv. at d n in
Lenvo liuchanan Wednesday nud Hutuniuy nt
fa u 111;
Arrive nL i.euauou uimrcn hv iwonm:
Liavo Lebanon Church Wednesday and Halur
uuy ui w 11 111:
Arrive ut lluchnuau by 12 in.
2triJ From Turtle Crock to Monrouvlllo.
in lion nml line If. twl.-n u'lirtr.
Leave Turllu Creek Weilucsdny nnd Haturday
ill. i' u ur,
Leave Monroevlllo Wcdiu-sdav and Saturday
III I H 111,
Arnvu at i in 110 ciecu uy b-;u a m.
2V3 From Pittsburg to West Manchester, 2
miles nnd back, tlx times n week.
Lea e Pittsburg dally, except humlay, at 10-1'
ii , ...
Arrive iil yvpml ainiifiifHicr nv 11 n in.
Iahyo West Mautbestir dally,except Huudi,
lit V U III,
Aulu at I 'i tubing by 10 a in,
3111 From Turentum, by'LaudsvIUe, (n.o.,) t
puxonuurg, r. nines nnu oat it, once n uceic,
Ixave 'lurentum Haturdar at 8 a m;
Arrlvent Haxouburg by 13 in;
leave Haxnnimrg Halurdnyut 1 pin;
Arrlvo at Tarentum by 6 o m.
2Ti6U From lliinnonv. bv llldilln. Ijinrjister. Po:
tervlUo, Willlu Itoy, llurlensburg, und Ici-sburg
ki piiTfrr. ui nines turn ijhck, iiireu iibich u wet n
eao Harmony Monday, wedm-Mlay and Frl
uuy uiitrr urriui im i ini)uru iuuu uuy ui t p ui;
Leave MercerTuesdiiyjlhurKdiy and Haturday
Arrive nt Hai monyby am.
2170 From Hllppery Itork, by Hnrrlsvllle, V
ley, nnd KnstHnndy, to t'rnnklln, 27 mites nnd
buck, threonines n week,
LeuvoHllppery Hock Mondny, Wednesdnynnd
rrklay nt 9 n m;
.Arrive nt Fmnklln by dp m;
!envo Franklin Tuesday, Thursday, and Hatu r
day nt 7 n in;
Arrive nt Slippery ltook by i p m,
Sl0 From Elk Itun to Cray's Valtcy, 1 miles A
back twlco n week,
Invo i;ik Hun Tuesday and Saturday nt 5-30
p m;
Airlvont dray's Valley by .1-15 p m;
LenvoOrny's Vnlley Tuesday nnd Hnturdaynt
3-13 p ni;
Arrive, nt F.Ik 1-30 p m.
ran Frnm rlAlnes. bv t.onir ltun to Hntillisvlllo
li utiles nun liacK, once, n ween.
i.envo oatnes Wednesday ni 7 n m;
Arrlvo ntHnblnsvlllobylUnin;
lioavo Hnblnsvlllo Wednesday at 2 p in;
AtrlvontUnlnesbyOp m.
Clan Vrnirt .Tptrpv Rtiore. bv Phelns' Mills, to
linneyville, iu miles nun imcK, once n wcck,
lienvo jersey nuoro inurBuuy lu u it in;
Arrive ntllnncTVIUoby ism;
I.cnvo Ilnney vlllo Thursday nt 1 p m;
Arrlvo nt Jersey Bltoro by 0 p in,
1 From Muney, by Wolf ltun nnd Hunters-
, to Hill's arovo, 21 miles nnd bnclt, oneo
T O.
uce .
Lcnvo Jitntey Titesdny ni 12 mj
Arrive nt IlllPn (irovo by 7 p mi
I-onvo Hill's Orovo Tuesdnyjnl 0 n mj
Arrlvo nt Muney by Vi m.
2121 rrom Lock llnvrn to iRlnnd. 2lif miles nnd
n'irit, ouro n V COK,
ia'iivo Ijock unveil frttttruny ni lu n m;
Arrlvo nt lidnnil by 1 1 n hi;
I.envo lslnnd Hulunlny nt ll-Hl n mj
Arrlvo nt lAH-li Hnveit by ia-yo p in;
Ptotiosnls for moro frequent scnlco nlso Invl'
2l2"i From west port, by U'hly, Hiimmcrslcy s
Fork, nud Cross Forlt, to Keltlo Creole, ltd miles
, .. ,.,.1.
Lenvo V est port 'luesilny
l'rlduy nt 0-50
'"'VVrli-n nt TfM Mn I 'prr-lf nl (l.'ld ll 111!
Lenvo Ketllo Creel: Wediicsdny nnd Hntltrdaj
nt 7 n tn;
Arrlvo ut W'cstport by 7 p lit
212S Fiom ltldKownv by Korxey's, Cnledotiln,ft
Tjlcr', lo l'eutleld,'J7 miles nnd back, twlco n
Lcnvo lllducwuy Tucsdnynnd BalurdnyntOuni
Arrive nt renneni ny it p in;
Lenvo IVntleld .londny ntul 1 rldny nt 0 ft m;
Arrlvo ut lllilgeiwiy by :i p in,
2111 From lllooln 111c, by Itlcbnldsvlllc, Scbotr
tier's Comers, und Arroj o, lo ltldttcwuy, 31 miles
und buck, onro u w mck,
Len o nioi.Uvlllo Thursdny nt 7 a lu;
ArrlM' nt Itidscwnv by 5p m;
Lcuxr ltldi:ewny 'i(lncsdu. nt7ntn;
Alllr lit llliinliVllli'by.'ip lit.
2FiS From Ibiyiullton. by llcndirsnu, lvrrlnc,
und Miltillli'ld, to Metri r, hi tulles nnd inu-li,
l.t'tip ltii.viiilltotl 'l ucmtny, Tluirdny und Hut-
unttiy, nt n u in;
i .;i. .. .., m.....i. I..-1 ' ii
Li ino Slfl'u'i lui'sday, TliurMliiy ntidKtliinliiy
ut 'J p 111.
Ai rive nt Il.iymllton by (1 p in,
From I'rntikllii lo IU'iiiweMn
1 mill'
:in. I bulk, Iwirr n wi-ik, . . ,
Liiivn riniil.llu Tui -.l.iy nnd Hnturdny
P ni , , . , .. ,. i ,. . ,
Lnivu Ii. linisej town on TucmIuj' nndsulurduy
ntn n in;
AlllMiut I'runUlln by Il-H)um.
Fiupoils for nunc iiiriueut scr ice ln lted.
SIM Fiom Pitrolcum Centro to Cherry Tree,
"'. inlli'H und tuuk, li times n week.
I.liiwo IVI10I0..111 Centro dnlly, except r-undny
nil-mi . .
A ..I,-. .,1 f'l.oprv- Tn... Ii- I M m.
Lcnu Cherry Ti cu dully, exiept suudny, nt 10-
''n in; .
Arrlvo nt Pilrotclim Celitlu by 11-Mn 111
iWI From Htony Folnt lo F.MinburK,2,'i mill's
nud diick, six times n wcik.
251(1 From Ft ter'aCi eek top each Hottom, two
miles und back, dally, except Sunday,
hcheduloto bo arranged satisfactory to tho
?M? l.vnm Vctv iTnllfind bv flieen Hank nnd
Salisbury, to Pupien, y inlles ami baik, twlco u
" Lenvo NewHoIlnndTuesdny ami Haturday nt
'.Ml 1)11
Leavo Pequea Tuesday and Saturday nt 1 pm
Arrive at New Holland by 1 p m.
SMS From lllcblnnd Station, by Mlllback (n.o.)
nud KlelnfeltersMllo (n.o.) to HhaeuVMowii, 8
miles ami uacic, six nines u weeit,
. LeaoHlchlaud Station dally, exiept Sunday,
al mn;
Arrive at HhairerHtownby 2 p m;
Leave Shnllerloi 11 dally, exempt Hundny, at
a 111;
Auivoat mciunna station nyunm.
i"d9 From Kingston, by Huntsvllle and Lch-
man. tn Lnke. 11 in Iks nud back, twlco a week.
Leavo Kingston Monday nnd J nuisuay at 0 a
irlie nt IjiIio bv 11 a in:
l.fiivn Luke .Monday und Thuisdnv nt 1 n m:
Arrlvent Kingston by i pm.
avw Fiom Mill Hollow. Trucks-
Hie. Dallas nnd Kunklcs. to liov, man's Creek,
ia nines nnu uacn, iwieo u ween.
j.ea o Kingston Mommy ami i nursuay ni i u m
Amvfl nv lutwiniiii h i ipi k uv i lu:
iCUYO iiowuiiiu s uivl'k .iomuiy uuu lutwHj
Arilin lv lllrtflll 1 IV C 11 111.
iiJii' rn i i unanuot i orKsioii.iiOveiiou. 1
....n n.,.1 , .u'... .i i. i .1
HUH ,lllivv t u 3 iniivauiin .j.ivu.v
Leave Tunkhannock Saturday nt 8 a m;
tVrilvo ut Dushoro by 5 mn:
Lenvo Dutdioro Frldiy ut 8 n in;
iriieiu juniviianuoeK nyopin.
2."iJ2 Fiom Wynlnslng, by Wllmot, to iHishoie
; nines mm nacu.nucun wee it.
Lenvo Wynlusing hnlurday at 1 p u
Arrlvo at Dushoro by .1 p m;
Leavo Dushoio Saturday n 7nm;
aimv ut yuiubiu oy ii u in.
From Hmrnr llun. bv Outll. to Culley. li
iiiiii-s nnu unfit, oueo u vv ecu.
ie.ive wugar uuu vveuncsu.iy ni i p iu;
Airivo ut uuiiey uy i p iu:
Leavo Culley ediusday at n m;
(irivo ui nugar nun ny u a ni.
r2i Fiom Itoiuo. by Orwell, to Le Itaisvllle. 10
i h ami buck, thu o t lines u wet-It.
Li nvo Home. Tuesday, -i mirviay una .saiuniny
ui ll a in;
An ivo ut i.o unvK u e hv inn:
Leave Le HaisTillo lue.sday.Thursd.iyaiid Hat-
rday, ut :i p m;
At uvo ai itoiuo uy op ni.
2.133 Fiom Funnettsburg, by Carrlek Furnace,
i. o.,) to Loudon, 12 miles nnd bai k.otieo a ueek.
Leave l-numtishurgsutuuluy nt onm;
Arrive at Iiondon by 12 m;
Lenvo Loudon Sntuiday ut 1 p m;
Arrlvo at t'unnettsbuig by 5 p in.
li'ii'fl From Xewiv. bv llluo Knob (n. o.. nnd
Hu iter, ui '.,) In ulnt Clalrsv Hie, 2-'l mlks and
U.ieK,OIH'0 U VU'CK.
Leavo Newiy l ilday at ju.:)u m;
Airivc al iihil Clahsvllleby 0 p in;
Leave Nil n l Clalisv Hie H.iturday at i m;
Airlvo at New ry by :ip m.
23-7 Fiom Sbelocln, (n, o.,) by Advance., in.
., iiomuk s Willis, n. o., i nnu Aluood s in. n.,)
lo i in inn l u, l? nun s uuu unci; onieu u i-K.
l.inve Mieii'Ltk Miiuitiiiy ut tin in;
Aulveat llain.iiil's bv It m;
Leavo UiiHiavd'sMiturduy at 1 p ni.
Ariive ut Hlaloiia by U p m;
25.S Fiom Munom;uhe!a
lteallsviiii',ri nines ami oiicK,inr-e nines a weeu.
l.i ue .iioiioiiuam ui li y. ltiesuay. urn suay
nnu Miiuru.ij m u iu;
An-lvi nt Ilea fsvilieiiv l.' in:
Liilvl Ib'allsvil e Tuesday. Thursday nnd Sat'
unlay ut i p m;
i i i
2:1111 FromTilersbuic to Clailimton. 12 miles
ami bark, once a week.
Leavu Ti 11 isnurg Miiuniay at s a m;
Atriv v at Claiiimion by li m;
lA-avo Clarlngton Saturday at 1 pm;
Airive ut Tylcrsbiug by S p in.
2 Via From Indiana, bv Utah. In Mlntu. 17 miles
nnu ia K.iwieeu hcck.
Leave imiiana 1 ueviay mm Kaiuru.iy ut 7 n m;
Arrive 11 1 Mlnla bv 12 in:
Ltavo Mtuta 'Itu-xday nml HntunUy at I p m;
An ivo i uitiiiiiiH oy u ppu.
yoA'.u or vjiarnsAiu wimama'vv.v; axh
CJUilJrWA 77..
The undeisicneil . whoso nost elllce
ituureuM ii - couniy 01, nuno 01,
noHiseH to convey tho malls oft bo unllcd Klines,
roiu Ja v 1. IMiS. In Jiinn ul. 17'' on louto rv
. between mid . . under tbe adver
tisement of tho Postmaster (leuerat, dated April
j-jiu, i-w 1111 - eeieruy, eeriiuiiiy, uuu nvuuir
ty," mr ine unnual.suin of iioii
This rciitoitl la vtrtite irlth ull htwulmlae ofith
sttlllfe tit th rnule. Hie Irelnht 1,1 the mml to he r,,r. I
nftl, tttul till other tHtxticuliira in rtercnec to the
route tint! Merilce.tind tiUo after cttrfful exttmlntitton
fit int nun nml ItllintciwIlM tiinivtien t'Jinc iiuitrt tut
Dnit'il (Hignca)
TliulllulerNii;nc(l.roHldliiirnt .Klritoof-
utitlerliikn lliul. If llin lnrt'tfoln lilil fur t'arrvlnif
lliu innll on roulo Jv'o. hu ru'i-riilcd by llio'
I'uhiinnitier tjcncrni, inouuiucr hiiuii, nnor 10 tno
1st tlnv ir Julv. IMiS. unlor Into tho rvtiu rttl obll.
pitlou or conilact to nurforin tliohcrlc piorKis.
"lilt K'HKIUIIU BIIIIKUU, niitiiiiB.
'i'hlt ninli. tiiiilrrnliinilliHI thsttllfttll the ohltliflttont
ami littblhtita assumed in iuarautors utult r the
stcnon or the act nj ivnitrciivt juty ib.iu.
Iilllt'tl rtiKiivu nj' imvi uuuiiiiiiuiB,,
Tlif iuulerniKui'tl, o8lnms(prat , Htnloof I
. fertiiit'it. uwiiku mn uatii or umtK.
Hint lio Im iti'iilinltitnil Willi llll nlrfi ti tilllLrnntolH.
ntul kmmti tlicm l Ijomenof propi'rly, uiiU ublo I
lt lllllllt' gOIHI llll'll t'llHtllllll'l,
ILHl'U (r.itiin-ii.t
l'roimhiilM lnii.t ljo lo parrv tho mnil with'rlnlnly.oinlbcciirliy," u.lnii tho term,
of Iho law, ana thoy must ho liuurnhlrpil hy
two rP.poti.lhlo pprtiolL, t'priuioti iu to, bupii oy
a hohtiu o.tpr or it Jtulgo of n pourt of rpponl.
f.'ohuy will ho paid lor trips not ppriburtpil,
tiiwl t..r ,.ni-h nf ktit h oiiiIhsIoioi not Hatl.fuplnrllv
pxhlalnpil thrpo tlmpii tho pny of tho trip mny ho
tlpiliKtpil. l'or nirlvitU ttoliir hchlml tlmo n to
hlpnk ponlippllon vllli iioppmiinu: liiaiu, nud not
tiittlplniitlv cxpuKpil. onC'louilh of tho pomnpn.
biii Urn lor tlio trip iHbtihJpit tn foi fcliurp. l int a
111 ho Impost tl, unlphit llio tlPllnqupupy ho hat lit
ludorlly cxplulucd, for ntiilpttlni: lo Inko Iho
mull liom or Inloti 1101,1 olllpoi fur .ulfprlnu It
in l.n Itiluri-il. tlt.tnivdl. lohht-tl. or lostt ami for
rpln.lnir, ittlpr tlpmaud, to ponvt-y thoinnli nn
Iipttli'liliy tot 100 poiiirattor iuun, ot p. t'oitrprti
...I In , minim 1 lilt li ft oil tli 11 lollttt. Tlin 1'ni.t.
iiiiiutpr (leiifral loav annul llio pontruct for tll.o.
ht Inu the imbt olllt-o law., or tho InMriictlmis of
tho liepitrt incut. IIomayulti-rthoHfliptlulo of
Ucparturpii and urrlvnlti, und itUo order an In.
eruuo of bprvlco hy nllowlni; IhPiefor ajuo rttu
inpiPQt.ti 011 1110 pouirapi pay. jio may 1111,0 etir. l
tall or dl.t-ontliiuo tlio htrvleolll liolo or In I
i'Ult. at n proportlonato dtprpaboof pay, nllow.
fiig, nit n full ludeinulty to tho pontraclor, ono
lllUllllt H t'Sint COtllliPIIMlllUlt Oil tuu uiiiuuni 01
fcprvipo tiittppiliif tl Willi, aim iiiirortit'iponippu.
ballon for Iho bprvlpe lPlfllnpd and pontlliui'd.
Tho lit'pailinptil rpHi-rvp. ihorlgiit tu rpjppt any
hid uhlili may hi ldiilupd pxtravaKaiit, audal.o
tu ui.rPifiirii nip inn. 01 luiiiiiRi'oiitraiiorit aim
olildpi H. 1 id biiouiii la, atiiiiiM.pu 111 mo npp.
olid .bbUUlit robliuiiMlpr (It'iitTal.11
id 'l'iopobal, htalo of rtlilniyUuiila," and bint
oy man.
l'or liibtruptlom and liter Information, .pa ud.
Mrll.mi nt .f Ooiuhir 31, isoi, ut thn prinilpul
1.1..1 ...1.. . 11 1 V 11' ll I Vill i I. -
May tVO.1), ' i'o.iiuaiitcr Uuipral,
-I- K.hii ,,tirtllllt IV1
AurcenblytnlliotrnvUloinof tlio Act it As-
n.l,H'. piilltlcit nil Art tn 1-cltirn ttlo HtntO Ul'bl
.1. ,i.un,l tlio .mill ilnv nf Anrll. 1H1I. Iho Trcil-
urir of llm County of L'oliinitiln lu reliy gives
notlro to nil persons cnticcrticil llirreln, tlmt un
ions ine UOliniy, IIUUM, oil "Ul, . ... ni.tju
TAXI'S PIC.U110 Oil Uiu iuiiuiiik iuih wuuu. u
In tho County of Columbia, nro pulil lieforo tno
ilny of Mie,fholioloor mien rnrtn or rncn ns
will rny tltochnrers nml roslii ciinrgnulo llicrcon
will Iioitoliint tho Court Houso In llloomsburu,
Countyof Colitmbln, on tno 8th of Juno, Ix.s,
nnd lo bo continued liyniijournmont from ilny to
dny Tor oi.inxcs uuo snm couiuy mm
tho costs nocrued on encli respectively I
.lercl. Oirnir. Tenants. Dot. CM.
S7D Cot. Conl A Iron Co, llcnvcr JIUoo
l'J Moses Mover
111 4
'21 12
Ihiu 37 John .lolinson "
V 71)
3.1 'Jl
IK81-3 in joitn v cieswcn
ihiu im Anthony Dnvls "
lw)l-(l ;mw T, M, llubblo "
KM Mnnii ft Miller "
1S0U ,H) Mnnn, llnKIy ft Crlt-
ra iri
3 si
1HW 300 Miller, Fisher ft Long-
13 II. W, M'lteynolds "
tn John K'oons tlenton
M 10
It 00
in; 1
17 fit
II Trney whllo
1 llnnnnhTyko
53 lllramHcljirrcld
m lVlerMhullr. ",Mi( , Itlnnm
2 ttl
(I 21
2 31
I Sill
lit Auguslns Hchnell Ilerwlclc llor, 1 49
lIUncobMiiley Couynnhnm 121
lit Wm Aslunnn
7 20
S til
0 12
lltllwen enm
lit Jnmes Collier "
2lt Kllen Ditrlcln '
W KIlnc.LlndcnmltliiCo. 1
lltJohn 1). Morann "
lltAnthonyO'Iionncll '
13tl Fnxton.KllnoftHlinrpless
21t John Hhnw '
lltClinrles tl.tllosher '
2ltHlmon Aslilon '
111 liemerlck Crnno
lit John Hopkins '
lit 1'etcr I lower '
4 W
7 31
131 S2
4 till
3 40
3 m
" 1 :n
" II Kl
" 1 00
Franklin II (II
Fishing creek 2 11
.1 (HI
lit Wm Chnpinnn
10 .Incoli Snyder
3! ILIInyeock
mi n.ivnrne.
M Jncob Ynpto
lltJohn lletulerstiott
1 It 1 rl till li I'hllllps
s .Inckson A. Wntts
lit Wm Lilirnr
ItlMwnrd IrfIs IMwnrd Pitisscr
li Oil
1 HI
O. Wood
t Still
1 10
' 117
Hemlock 3 to
j.imeo wt'iiver
Imi Hens ft (liililer Jntksi
HI John K. K'et ler "
is Ilinr.vHIiiilenliergi'r "
117 I'avl.l llllillliu "
117 .tunics liuwmnn "
11 lli's, nin ft Persy "
21U Jnmes Unistnn "
211 C rus Lnltd's IM, Mudii
lim If. Mlllii'lm's IM.
lltAdnm W'ellhtr "
Wm I'liiiinlii'iiln l'im
17 .liii'ltHiui II ddo "
1VI Nut limit '
I I 1 1.1 v i.l Hwccnoy "
li'J M, ?lif 11 tusker "
1 AbrWiMi "
lul Tims Htui Icllnuso "
put TlioiSiullh "
iiu Jolin Fox "
100 seliuylcr ft nltei'
ti.1 Mleliuel Kli'sler "
lim Jiiim l.'oipcr's 1.1. "
Jl Cult John '
Tii John Folic '
117 John C. I rtilt "
Ki l'ollv Hess (widow) MtlK.irh
4 .VI
I Ml
H (ii
II m
10 in
I i.t
1 hi
1 HI
11 2.1
5 Id
.'I IS
3 32
7 11
II 20
7 20
h SJ
0 00
2 Ml
1 IK)
1 20
2 70
2 m
X 23
hill 0
111! i-l
1 Sll",
urn Henry loini
!ltChiirlos JIullley
Koott 1 .V)
of u.n"si:ati:d lands fou colu.miiia co.,
HirpOHOH pusseu IHO 1 11 uuy ui iUiin ii ni., nnu
ho luither Mipplenients thereto passed on tho
l.tth Hiiv nf Mnn h 1k17 nml tho ililh d.iv (if Mnreh
1SJ, nnd the Itth day or March 1SI7, tho Treasurer
ofLolumbln eonnly heieby plves notleo to nil
persons conerened therein Mint unle- rho Coun
ty, Hond. Hehool, Poor, Itouuty nnd filato Tuxes
ifue' on the follow liiR tracts of unseated lands sit
uate In Columbia county, aro paid before the day
of hale, tho wholo or hued parts of each tract ns
will pay tlie costs chnrBeublo thereon, will bo
Koldnt tho Court Ilouhointho town of Illooms
hunt, County of Columblaou the Mh ol June, lhos,
and to continue by ndjournment from day to dny
lor iirrearajica 01 iiixcsuuuhaiu v-umuy, www mu
lots neerued on ench tract respectively,
.Yu. 0 vlcrcJi, nurtvuecj or uirnvrs. nut, it.
Ann t.'hrlstman S 10 01
.lolin J. Kams oh
Trnpy White 11 0i
ColumhU Conl & Iron Co. 7.1 W
Hnrnli A. Coilman 21 W)
WniHIownrt 1- 1
I,wii 1'llKCr 7 Ml
JolinOroir . 1101
Mnnii A: Uont II 21
Ullns Millor IS M
M'ltowpll ltlllonhouso & Vott SSI 00
t'athnrluo Noypr 12 H 0 SI
p.toi ai 11 :
Hiumifl fllntilc 1 11
William J. llrtlnln 7 mi
(luy llrynn li !)
.lolin Cnlit -ri llil
Win.'., cum 112.
Win. I., l-'roiii ai 1-1
Wm. II, llnrtmnii 1 70
S. 1'. Ilpndly 00 02
('.lihnrlno lVnrt'e 11
John I'.irlcprhon .1 21
Ahrnlinm ltipspr 11'ohmilPr
Jost'pli Mnikhoum
John II, Suit ai 12
John ) ost 2 1:
.lllilKOt'OK 17 hi
I.pwli Wnllipr :l 111
John Houston 21 11
Jnpob TrlPll b7 20
Win. Shnnnou HOD (
(Ifii. llltkham aw 01)
John llpnstly l'JO 1,1
TIioh Illlt.hPlmor 100 fts
Amos Wlpliusham llll'l
ltolult Jordnn IWI KI
AlulrcH Porlpr 3iVi 10
as I
as 1
Li'Mis Walkpr 821 r,l
T. ltustnu "u. w. (Irpnnui'h ' 21 1
ii of fW)
U f 120
y, of :iso
Slnrv ltustnu ' 1,7 Kl
T Hustnn N V Jt M i" F H 11 ,1 f cu 21 12
Marv luislnn 07 b.
i:hpnp7ir Urnuhnm 311 SS
llpujniiiiu Cooinh. Ill 21
Jo 111 Viiuim 111
1 m
Jnshti.i llpam r.l 10
IVtpr llucliiicr 'i .V)
Niilhiinlil lliown hjtl lo
JohnKlllio 17H50
llt'lijtuii 111 Allnhadi 1 OS
Isnluli C'ollliPl''H Kstuto .1 HI
lli'llltl A' lllllPillPt
Will, llt'lolli!
1''i11.'h ljilatu
Jnt'oh Ooml A
1 lot
M. I,, lliown 72
Ivlpr Utigi'libut'li
'1 hollllts llldillo
llt'iijiimlu Ui'lht-r
J, s. llrnhst 2 ll'
J. r. I lnilipr 10
l-'lin'lior A Tlioiuntt 37
D.uid (laumor
Jnmt-H Tot ai
i:iljnli llpyntild A t'n, ll 11
(io. tSwank
ribllINd UISIXK.
(Im. J, l ulliucr 1 10
J, N.Jonib 'J 01
John Alli iriir 1 I
Win. llupkalPW'ii !tato 2171
l''rtiot.t. llotliunii 11 )
IMwardM'llpnry 3.11)0
win. MnirM o (i
Knmiii'l J, l'tnlpr 11 '
llio. lValt'r fi-i
Win. ltohhlns A Co, 2 hi
Will. hllUL'llls 1 1 1.
I). bliOliT A K'pk'hupr 11 3D
Cyrus 11. Whllo 11 ai
Ahralium lotiuij 10 17
Win, lliili r 7 ol
Antlrow lUpler 1 1.
Mnri;nril Lptnon 11 W
Joitppli rilklncloii 11 SO
.lollll 11. HUUltz 1 4.
Isjnc Dowllt 3 til
WlUon l i trnr 1 70
llnnlPl Kllno 3 IS
Jolm Mtllklc IS si
Wm AnrLlMitnn
1). II. Apnli'inan 0 00
M. Applomnn 1
Hamupl HruBlPr 1 1
Nnlhnn Campbell 5
11. W. M'ltt.viinl.l
11.11. M'llrldo 3 b
John Mordnu 1 0:
ilphulon Hubhlmi 1
Win, York. lo
Will. KtPphPllH 2
I miI. Until
I'lilupas lilllliiislon 10 a)
.Inliti I'ltthPr 3 b
oi am
of iuo
of wo
of UK)
Mnry.Myprn "Clrpi'iiouah" 10 20
'Ihos. lliutan " 010
I limit 1 llpt bo " 17 10
Mary Iluslaii " 10 20
Chailiittoltuslau " 10 a)
.lolin llcyuolds 10 20
M M vpt it V .1 M ! r It 11 A
i'oai.i',1 10 ai
! of 100
Jof aw
lhoiniib ltuslim " IM
Dunlpl Upiis " 17 10
Jiary lluslan " 1 aj
Chnrlollolluslail " W Jl, Itt.viil.hU ll)
Jolin and Jt Uhiuul. p ill)
Wlilbnliia ' "
llpn Ijillmpr I"!
WiuMpiiblimi-r 1
NuiiKibspr AJIulsafpr 2
Jo.hun Zimir.prmaii 0
Japoh IJomboy 2
Joel htilllll'
Sniiiutl l'ark'b I'bt,
InuUI llrouiirir,
Ii.inlilA Itinno Votlpr IS
IIiimIpI Vpttpr is
Jiiioli lloaili-r 7 no
J 1' rini'hor 0 nil
11(1 MlllirilioM, 10 a)
lMillln Millpr S7J
Dunlol hliumaii di'p'd. (1 05
Ittuhi-ll hhiiinan M 00
Joblillil Wt-hli 1
I'lilllp Wall
JoMphlsirclch 30
ill'. I'l.KAHANT.
JtiltllAlo 1 Kl
Mlehnpl Orovpr
JninpN l:vprpta Ks'l,
Jprpmlali llntiPiiiiut'li
Hamuel CrpM'lliiii
John .Mollrlt
Wllllnm lIulTman
.1 1 lAOHS
Wm WJiletihiimer
Hlviblpr llpalli
Jos Iipkart
Thomas llpnfleld
noAitiNo ciii:i:k".
Thomas Uarnps
(Ipo 11PWPS
Jolin Ilusliu
l'hlllp Kolli
Inane IJiivllt
Jncol) Trlen
Ahrnlinm lienber
I'eler Mpnseli
(leorgo llloss
Ahrnlinm Hhottz'n lls't
.Inmlson Kecler
Hnratipl Filla
Wm J IIpns
Jnmes liucknlcw
I.rnel Copo
Mary Cuslnnl
Iinnlel Kverlintt
(Ipo (lenrhnrt
Itohcrt (irnv
(losso's litt't
Aiitlioiiy (lonrhnrt
Wm tleiirli.trt
l'ollyllpss Widow
Abrnlinm Kllno
Uobi'it Montgomciy Kst
Iinnlel J M;ilenry
2 bt)
(I 20
(11 10
21 II
2S 20
II I")
t; on
.1 OS
3 00
III 111
II 11
Is so
7 7
.1 10
1 b2
2 7.1
1 iil
2 71
a 3i
I r.'i
:i .il
ls OS
I Rl
7 31
7 SO
to os
III ns
II 21
p) :i
i! i '
10 hi
11 oi)
j wi
II in
Aorniiaiii limits
April 3,'(S
JAL'Oll YOIIIVrii'.mn, r.
Hery ono ot limes feels ttio necessity of homo
tins lo lono up tbosyiiem deptcsicd by mcntitt
or bodily cxlinusllon. At such limes let every
ouolnsleudof InlilliKnlcoliollcor medlclunlstllii-
hints, which nti'md only n tciuitornry relief. 10-
ItnlKoi-ntolils (Ubilltnteil system by tho nnturul
mlu elements of tho
or Fiotectcd Kolullon of tlio rtotoxido of Iron,
nun Miiiucs nnu tnricnes 100 mood Ijy sup
ply lug 11 Willi lis life 1.1(111(111,11011.
lidiiK iKcniim Akoiiol In nny form, lis 1 nei-
Ulliell(ets ulu uotlollowed by coilcspondlii!;
cuctlon.butiiio piimnntnt. Infusing strcniith,
iKornnd new lite Into ull pulls of tlio system.
nnd liullilinit upon Iron Constitution,
Win, I.', hlelllmr, KsiL-ofFouithkeetislo. V. V.
us: "since lukl tin the P(lu Inn nn, 1 r.,
'( tttl. liiv slleliutli w nn. 1... ..-..I..
regular, my iippetllo tlrst rntc.
iiieru isiiii iiiu i nysKuin in mis clly (o dor
1:111 1 am), who has b(Lii In thn iimk. uu
ir lOjeats, who has used Iho Syrup for Unco
iimlhs.niid ulves it us i t 11 I,.. 1 ,i.7
U IsUie best Alleinllu Tolilo Mcdlcino ho'ecr
For'lljspi'pslu, Debility, nml Feinalo Wenk
nesvcs.tholvruvtniisyrilplsnspcrltlc. A.TJpimo
pnniphi; 1 sent Ireo. '1 lie iienulno lins "1'orul lan
Hyi up" blown 111 tho Klass. .1, 1'. IlINSMOlli:,
1 lopniior, -o.oii ney m, .ew York. Mold by ull
bClllll TI. V (UIIEll HEV11N VK tits' HIT.
. W. lloriioriljui., n proiiilnpiit lawyer nfl-nrk-rvhuii!,
U , 11., buys ! " I hail 37 ltuiinins Ulc
rn when I Pnliu,i.i,f.,l fnlfltif, Itr l, 1. ..11....
Watpr. .Mv llipnst. Ihrtmt. 1111,1 l'im., .t..,u ni,n
ponlliiuoiii bnip. I am now n woll mnu, and am
ballsllpd tho loillno Walor bnvpil my lir."
L'lii'iiinrs 111 remnd to this icinrilv will bo bpni
J. I. lllNHMDltn. Prrmrlrtnr HH llr... 1.1,.,,
'pw VorU I'orsnli'hy iiiiiautbiHL'i.nprallv. '
.liny 1,'os.
N't. I.
Tllti ntirlptlW ili'sll-t'll if.l-lt lilluht. nn.l l.ln. 1. ..u
tho rnpn" as ono of I he pprlpptlons of mnnliood
tin ttuiM's itniK, nnti lustrous, as llio
rownlntr hpatltv of Moliinnlmrxl. lint, 'limn th..
bly old tlof?, tlruw his lluiicrs IhroiiKli thplr linlr
and lolt "his lnnrit" In uhltp. Tliim Is now inf.
Ilptl hy llinso wiio no I lius'tt Vpirotahlo Atiihrnsla
IhoRrpntpbtiinil mostlplfnblo Hnlr llPstor.UlM'
of modern llnus. May i. it
lNroltJIATION. Inforinnllon Kuaralilpptl to
rotlueonlUMltlnllt ltomIIi of hnlr nimii iilinM
lead or hpiirdlPhH liit't', nlstin rppelpo for thu re-
novalot l'lmnli'K, lllotphptt, i:riiplioiis, etc., on
hobklu. lonwnglhc bnmo bolt, rlmr, and bciiutl
tn, ttii. ,.t:oiMiiiiii'ti iiiiiiiiif-iinrK'Miy atiiiri'Hsiii
iiie.. i i iiemibi,
baj Uroiuiwiiy, New Yoik,
iiiobunsrriiiprs niii-r lor bale.tu loisinftult put.
phabpts, aw tons or nouiii.ii ur.riNi:i)i'ou.
liitl.l ill otino ixtill .tlauurapluilii!; Co., iiind
rom the nlullt bol. hlooi .ollal nn.l dead nlillonls
orNew Voile City, lor whlrh tho I'ontpanv line
exelllslMieontrat (. l'l Ipo only a", lHH.I.AUS l'i:il
i tt., iipiKin nun puaiuPb noin rscw ollt lultletl,
Wnrranletl by tho Company lo bo equal WI lour
for wmimrlo nnyhlitli inlppil buiipriihoMiliato
ii tno matktt, 'Iho lcsults on Corn, Cotton, To.
ippo nnu urnm have lippu astonish ni! 1 honast
bpiihon. It inatliiLN thot-ron Iroiu 10 ilavstolwo
wppks parllir, and iloublp.s tho plop, 'llio
l'.impiiln Mllh eerlllleato of hundreds of Mill
Kiiownlplaiilers ami furiiiprH.nuil evt ry Inlurma.
llOll. SI-III. Illll ,.,.,.l..l.
otherwise lo -Mi col.l.i'M a I'lllisi.i.f.. Ksnv Co.
iiinoinpouniy, ni., orlo llioLodl .Manufaplur-
lug Company, New Yol k.
l'eh. 21, ISWI.
iiili-m and i i:vi:it, DYHI'inwlA, I, Villi
Misiir.r.u'.s nnnii hit runs
lias fin moru illsensfs itli,.,,. Ii I..,, i ,
Used, tlinil nil other MetllPluts pombluptl, It is
tlio only lemetly tlmt lenlly purines Iho blood,
nml has 1101 pr lulled liiimlnir I ivt.,.. .l i I',., . .
and Auue, and illseasosol llio l.lvpr. '
rMint oy an tiiin;msis anil DealeiK,
DH.K 11. li.Mtl .MAN .V i d.. I ,.. I. turs lm,.
pnsii r I'a., ami Clilt'iiiiii, Illinois.
.May b.'oS.
I'll ftl vjnu nrierj .. , , .
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llson will bpnd (rieonft-hniKoHiinil whoileslio
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and usiui; llu blmplo 1 1 nn ,1 v hy uliiph ho was
puicil of u lutiuulleellol! and tliatili ended tllseasu
Consumption. Ills only objeel is tnbeuellt tho
allllplpd, nnd ho hoppsevprybiiiluir will Iry litis
pieseupiitiu, as u win pom mem nothing, nnd
may pioM'it hltbslng, I'leaso attdress
HliV, i;ilVAUI) A, WII.MIN,
Nt). ItioSoulh M't'oud Ktieel,
.liy3ro7-ly, Wlllialiisbun!, Kings eo N. Y.
Tlll-i WAV ! !
A. llni'lmau's new Hloro Ilooms tin Mnlti.Kt..
below .Maikil,
Ac, Al' Al'.
Also, n new and irnml siioole i,r K'l'nvi.'st tvn
1 1 Alll.. 1 laving bppui ttl uv'pli-kuown and
superior Moikman, Im pippuud In mako new
wm k, and lppalilng to order.
M'OUTINl. MAD1. '10 OllDKIt,
A 11 ah pht an lor t ash or Irnilo ns I !,, i-henneut
Call nnd bep, I'lrbt btoicon upbt nut of South
MnltlM. . A. IIA11T.MAN.
April in. us.
O K A Jl .M U It S!
i'ai ii iu iiua.mi I'OMrAjjy's hoi.uiii.i;
1' A O I F 1 C QUA N O.
Till: ATTENTION of I'armtls nn.l oilier eon.
sinners i.l I i l llllrei s Is Invited In tills Uuauo, aa
woi thy of their bpeplnl notlee. Its uso lor bovpr
al j puis In .Mai j laud, Virginia nnd uthcr Mouth.
piuHtules, lor all plops, has t'lM'ii It ft btaiularil
phai'iielpr lor pxppllpneo uuptiunlleil hy nny oth
ni.i,,iiiii mo iiiiiwiiuebs oi reruviau
(liianii Willi pirmanent tiiinlltlea not found in
Unit lit tit le-. 250 li s. of this (Jtlnno nro found
moiolhau inual to 300 lis. of llio hist Huper
Phosphates. It i Ippmt tho wheat prop Irom llo
In bevpii ihiyit pnrller tlinli llio phosphnlpK, w lileli
faptaloue glps It lupulculnhio ttdvailtngps. l.lli.
prnl tllspouut to dtnltrs, l'or wale by
John s. hi:imi: i CO.,
Otlicral Agents for l'aclllc Utiann Co..
'66 houllt Deluwnru Ave,, 1'iillnd'a
And 71 rioutli Klitel llalllmtui',
.Mailll S7,'0S-Clu.
l'rom Treasurer of Coiiyiighnm Towublilp,
Hond and l'oor AppouhI for 1667,
DH. Cll.
Ileo'ilof TaxCol.,fll.5fiS;. I'd. Onlors 812,131 31
" tlllbeatptl 1,. lax AH1 OH. Trpaa Com. ejtn 11
" John I.. Kllno, 2o0 Hi. IM It.Thoriilou 22 no
00. Winter,, 10 00
1J,M'J 15.
12,300 11
llalinipnliiTieabiirpr, 00
r. n. woiu.rAuui.
.May 22,'CS,
L 8 T-
on Wednesday, Apill Htli, ISOt, littwcon my
house In l-'lslilimcrielc township and Ulooins
Ijuri;, a slicipsltin pocket book ulw utslx luclics
lon nnd tluio Indus Uh with n strop at
lac lad whit Ii had n Mnall holo In ho end, In
sldo somewhat mouldy. It eontal.ud 8W.0Mn
hills of tho to I lowing ilenoinlnatlonsi Fle ten
dollar bills, nnd nlnollodollnr bills. Ten Io.
lurs tewnul will bo paid lo nny peison letuinlnii
UioabovotothooMiicr. j:r.I ltOllhTN'H.
Apr, 21,'US-it. Tories, r. O., Columbia i'o.( Pa,
JTo Marllm I la tip. HavM Ilatin, Wm, Itaup,
Jonas Hnup, Henry Ilaup. John Uatip, (leortto M
Itaup, Ilium nli, Intel man led wtlh JohuHiaiUd
ltaclu-1, lutormarrled with John Crlsher. nud
P. ler liuber yimullan ud Utnn of Martha Huber
j.ioju u. ii uotr, iiaeiiei n, iiuuer, win, iiuoer
nun jouii nui'i j,
IJmal (tcsciudauts ot (Jcoic
Jlauit, into or iotust 'iowiiMiipueecaseu, u
nil other peisons interested, Hmtmui u are
hereby filed lo ho and appear neioro me judues
of our Orphnns' Com t at au Orphans' ('out t Phe
held nl llloouuburif, on the (list Monday of May
men uuu luriu iu uri-i'pv or ivitihu in luito uiu
nppmlsed valuation put upon It by the iunui'st
duly awarded hy tho said Court, nud returned hy
liionueriii, or snow eauso uny inu sumo suouin
not ho solil. Anilhrrnof full not. Witness I
Honorable Wiu. i:iull, I'resldent ol our said
court, tho seu nth day of May A, !., W,
May 22,'ds. Jlirti; COl-UMAN, Clerk.
Mmivnti'k Coniici- 'J'nbiilnr IJulitiilnif ltod Is
tho l( -t ptoUt-llon ngalnst illsatev hy Vlyhtnlne
ecr Invinti'd. '1 ho subnet llur is aiteut lor the
above liiwution, nml all oidcis by mall or lu
i( rsou u 111 he puuui'lly attended to,
Mayl-V. U11.1U1JMJMAN,