The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, March 20, 1868, Image 3

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$t Gfolumbhm.
lll.OO.MNlll Itfl, lltlDAV, JIAIICII -ill, '01!,
HmiiMj and liltiu lilrds nnd powlts
nro dili-pliiR.
iMi-CAcii.Mr.NT wuIU for tlio Slnl of
llisiioi' HTt:viiNt Is recovering from
hU lutu Injuries very slowly.
Tin; Coi.UMiiiASBlvM weekly, from
llflecii to twenty i-oliimttt of new mut
ter. P. .Inii.v litis I'oi.umiiia.v on tlio lirnln,
nnil inipocs to acini Ills wliolo head
ovei to our ollke.
Ilovi.i; and V'st n-p recent thuyonn;,'
llpinoeniey, and InivciiUo the endnric
ment of the sternly old -neheim of the
Wm. S. Moor.i: ol WiisIiIdkIoii Co.,
volt il lur Stanton lor Vice President
Military and alone. Moore has a strong
Htlllll It'll.
.TacKson ,t Wooiiin employ nlniiit
01 o hundred and hands at their
exti n-lo I'oiuidiy ai.d iiiaehlne simps
at Iterwlek, IM.
pid I ah lids week the prospe. tii
of urn llliitiiiislnir!.' l.iier.iry Institute.
I; i n iwlii n mosi llniiri'hlin; eoiiilitlon
aim .-minis us liitrli ns any iiiMlttillnii In
tlie ale.
M WY ye.uv au'o a imini'.l S imp
miii l:i i-;r 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ) . r. hi ii i t. w 1.1.
the J.lW-lintll' of in :i-s- p. .lullll lllii'i
mei'iileis lliri-tit is inMiille tnl-tlili-,
with a (hicp'.s he.'.d.
'I'm: Ilemoeralle Slate Ticket K hailed
Willi the un atest enthii-ia-io hy the
p.irty tliroillioill theSlale,' anil will k tints" old liyle-, I lai'tianlt and
Camphell, out of water.
VllMlllAt. l-'AUIlAtlUT U ll.UllCll IH
a eandldato for Preslilenl.
No train.') are jet running on tho
Lackiiwaninut Illooiinburu II, H.
Wr. learn that a woman, who-ename
l sflvi'ii as .Mellen, ri-xltliiij; In lti iar
ereek was burned to death hy the e.x
pleslnn of a lamp. Xo partleiil.irs are
(liven of the xinl aeeeldent.
Wi: had Ioiik thought that the i-tiTots
of UloomshlirK eould not he outdone in
the way of tilth. week we were In
Seranton, and we now yield the palm
to that City. Absolutely, thero Is not
one decent erinduj plaeo in the city.
IlllNMAMt.V A. llllNTl.Y, of Williams-
port, has been appointed by Oovernor
Ueary, Proshlent JiuIko of the new Ju
dicial District composed of Lj c nnliitf
.Ioiin 31' 1 1 nxnv. Sr. , I liu woll known
deer-hunter, and who was the llrst
white child horn above OraiiK'ovllle,
died on last Tuesd.iy morning ae-ed
about !H) years. Wo shall hereafter
rIvc a more extended obituary.
A LncoMoTivi! and train of coal ears
have been partially i-ubnicrp d for sev
eral d.iys on the L. & II. II. It. below
Itupert. The etitflno Is oil' tho track,
and It will require some lanor to get It
on ajjain. 'fhe traek Is under water for
,i eon-lderahle dlslance.
Mu. .1. V. CiirMiimn.iv would i-all
theatleulloiiof hli patrons, andthe pub
lic Kiner.illy, hi his adveiil-i'iiient in
anollier cohimii relative to his new
1 1 ni 1 1 1 x t ol makiii.clntht's, He Invites
iii'.eetloii, and will h Klitl at any time
to I'Vhihlt his plan,
Pint:. -A boii'i' lieloii"'!! to a in'i. r
hioi-iI lliilllili. a. I'en. lallu, ile-
iini.ii 'i ii; me oi . IHIiMliiy milium.
:, l.i I H ( i n I In i 1 aiiil lour u'r'iH' ,
'I'll'' 111. "i iliii.itc I Ii .III t i i'Xii' .ii i
lilt toil III iillllji, I Ixllsi- and I'llllll-ills
ni-iired In L eomliiK lor neveii liuiidicd
mil Illy dullais. I.h-m ab mi twelve
liUinlli .Atlmnilv.
IlAl.M ion i:vi:ii v Wiii'Mi
lil'iiee'- ('i'i'liniti-i Silve Is mm' -.1 ni-ii
udly ii.iisl fir Hie eiiienl wntim I-,
col-, Imnis, ulici's, lelons, siimiin, ami
til ilm ases n the skin, iiimK' nf it
ft mi to he needlen. Thtw A'lio b.ive
H ied it once nl w iij l;ecp a In is on hand
.inn uoimn win induce man in ne
without a supply. v
l'i:w people uiiaeiiualiited with phy.i-
iolo'dcal clieinltry ate aware of the
mtlty of linn In the blood, hut all
nmttltl kimir the Impnrtanee of kccpiii;
up the supply, for debility, tlliease and
de.itli ale line to I'olltm w lien the quan
tity lieeoiues reduced loo much. I'll"
Peruvian Syrun la protoxide of Iron
supplies this vital element, and has)
cured many chronic dl-ea-es.
Wr. bej;ln tho publication this week,
of a series of articles on tho Kuckxhot
War. They aro prepared expressly for
Tin: Coi.u.miuax, and will run Ihrniifih
several numbers. Xow subscribers do
slrliigtheni should send in their names
at once.
llAVixn hail occasion to driven
miles Into tho tountry l:it week, we
fnund mud several inches in tleplli In
some place.", solid frozen roads In other-,
and in others Mill, snow, through
which It was almost Impossible to
Ox Saturday the 1 Ith one of the em
ployees in .lackion A Woodin's simps al
Ilcrwlck, whilst at work witli a sawing
midline, had his hand eiunjht by the
saw anil terribly tut. Amputation of
the thumb was found to bo neces-ary
and theoperallon wiii successfully per
formed. The yoim man wa- hut l!i
years of ae.
A man at work on a sawiiiK in.ichine
lu .lacl'sim A Wooilln's shops was si uck
by the teeth about eleven o'clock, splli
1 1 1 1 jt his thiimh lamp in the hauil,maU
liij,' an Hilly wound. Dr. Little ampu
tated the thumb and dri-ned It very
neatly. The wounded mutt Is only 111
years old, but ho bore H without a
Waiii:' twenty-two
Made S.llll look blue ;
Ami Stallion's nuo
Hit P.ileiiiou;
While Mliter (irow
And (ieur.v ,
Had not a show.
Dear ) ! dear (!
Till, ft How who wants to eud hi
sheep's head to I'll r. 'tit.lWIIll VN ha
Jllsl j;ol his th Ii '.ile to thel.r. U.ilii.i.
Convention Into .ninth r s'i'ii'. It
seems Pah'iiioii ji"' him to vote fur lien
Wade. The repoit sa.s: "All lie
Delejiates, Seualoi, from Philadel
phia voted for Curl in. and the list went
forward w It limit change mil il Coliunl
Samuel Knorr, of Columbia, voted for
WA D1C. A storm of lilsstw jreetetl the
That's the way P.ilemon John ami
his I lele;ato support tho "war (lover
nor and the soltllern' Irieuil."
Wi: learn that on last .Sunday nijjht
the store of Win. Kramer, at I.yer'.s
JnjVf, was robbed. Tho robber or rob
hers entered tho hulldln;; by cultlii',' n
hole in the cellar door. A hole wai id
so cut In the window shutters. About
si-i.dii lu money was taktn from the
drawer, a giiti, a pair of line boots, and
probably some other kooiI.s not yet
inls-ed. The money beloiiKlii; to the
Po-t Olllce, iinnmntlnn to about sO.un
win alio taken, beshle.s the mail ha),'
key. Measures have been taken to
search out the guilty parties. We would
warn mail carriers to be on their nuard
until the iiiIIiik key ii found. Our
mi'ivliaids mid i-Ulzi.ii- sluaild bo on
their ijitard ngahist thusu depredators.
Tin: warm weather for tho past few
days followed hy the tlreucldiij; ralu on
Monday, has produced Its duo ell'ect.
The heavy snows wlilcli . still cover the
hlilh grounds at and near tho luwl wa
lors of tho river, rlvuh.-ts to miniature
torrenls. Asa natural emi-eiiueiico both
tho river and rMilnj; Ureok nuo to n
Ureal holsht and tlo i h)d tho lovul and
low -r v.v liiiid- lylnrf -d nis their h inks.
Moit of tho farm near tho river side
art) -overo I with water to some extent,
and lu ouoor two c.ii "i tho ,U'jII1u,'i
havo hiw'ii rendered uninhabitable.
Tht-ro was but little loss beyond that
which may arWo from deitruction of
fencing etc., us iho lUrinor, luliu duly
warned, removed thulr stock to higher
mid safer lo.-alliles. Cuiiiniunlcatloii In-
twten this place nnil Itupert Ii kept up
by menus of boats. The Lackawanna
and Hloom Jnir' It. It. Is cowivd with
water lu ninny placi-mud iravel enliri
ly ntopped,
I'roui prt'ieut appearances it Is not
UUely that the waters will roe-h the
height iittiilued in the g real llond ol
IHil'i, I hern beiiie; still six feel of a ral-o
reoulred to eipial It, Tho river alal
Tin: river has been fulling for tho
past two days.
Tin: happy family known in history
as the radicals, had a happy time ex-
1111)111111,' themselves at Philadelphia.
I'he light for Vice-President was a reg
ular Kilkenny eat affair.
'Twixt Curtin, Ciiownnd Geary O,
They mailo them-elves imltu weary O,
And Paleinon looks dieary O,
And .Samuel lather skceiy O.
Lome our rou C()U.ti:i'.i'i;it.s.
Coimlerfelt greenbacks of the. denomin
ation of one dei'iir aio being put into
circulation. The note is a photograph,
and Is both shorter and narrower than
the genuine, besides being pale, blurred
audi distinct. Tliu back of the note is
printed in Ink ol'a much lighter grten
lingo Hi. in that u-td in printing tho
genuine Holes. The number of notes
of this character i-Miid Is Mild to hi
large, but If merchants and others oxer-
c!.-o common c.ire they can easily detect
Hi i WTo Cook Sua Ii. The fre-h shad
season Is nearat band, and lu order that
our lady readers may be enabled lo do
ample ju-tict lo that excellent ll-h, we
publish the follow ing iut-1 liotl of boiling
their tinny victims: Clean the shad,
wa-h It, Hour It well, wrap It In a cloth
ami place It In a huge vessel of boiling
water with a great deal of salt. It will
i-iipni'i about twenty minutes to cool
It. Serve il up w ith egg saute or rich
drawn butter. This nio-l exiellent tl-h
is said to be very palatable w lit n dress,
i il in the maimer stated.
An Interesting ca-e. Irom the Court
ofClii sp.r county, was d cldtd by the
Supremo Conn of Pennsylvania, a few
l;i --i in e. Dr. 'thump-on puuba-til
h meillrtil pia lilt-ol l)r. M'l llll' of
t -t drove, Chester enmity, but after
ward Dr. M'l hug again l ommeiiei d
pun tiee nl thai place. Dr. Tbomp-oii
eiileit'd -nil agalli-t him, mid inked lor
an Injunction to le-liain M'Cluig from
pinelli'liig at Wesl drove. Thi-liijime
lion was gian'.eil by llieCt url ol'Chcs
tor eounty, from w lilch tlecl-ioii the ile
leudi.lit appealed to theSllpreliie Coin I.
This tribunal ullli in- tliodt clilon of the
Court below, and Dr. M'Clurg Is the e
lore restialned from piacticiiig a a
physician at West diovc. Tho point
decided Is an Important one,
A i,i, thi: i.ocAi, m:vh,
(irjtili mmnltig to juti. Mm, Hmnlil
I'M' lit t li ti liclglilior MoiKo'n j
I'or Ik'ii Mm lie III 1 lilcln il Iniknlli
Ilj- clKhlJfr.IollPS, homrs,
I lliiiuelit t'tt mil nuailiil. Kiiuw,
Hut lutvn no lliuo to tin i -,
t'orHuny Anu has got it hcitu,
Anil Just iilioiit to marry.
A rharniltiKitny to run nwny,
II Is no t-ool una ftift'tv
I fi'tiuso you ltnotv that Mury Drew
lloi not nllltlolinliy?
Aiuili' l'nlt iiml litirus Hull,
Tim' tti'lCn Knillilly lllftlnil,
tluvt'iii i t ftiihiK out, llicy wy,
Ainl now they've M)'iuittel.
Ol.l .llmuiy sin? tin- ilrunkrti tlilnif
Who Mule from Mr. t'ns'tiiiin'n
An. I Unity Molt nnollirr not
Alt tl liu with Hit' "trt-mens."
Aiul hy liu- wny, lal Huturitny,
Whoa t u-ni out n wnlttlug,
t lii-ai-il tint D.'neon l'.mc r'tt Rito
lt.ta htii-'l hM l)eiif-oti Hloftchiif.
I ilo not Icnow Uovr trtio It I.
Ilt I lln) It'll iiB-rul nlorlt-s
I If I lull nll'ntr, lhi otlit r ilny,
Thai hittieiiua out ut Morcy-ji.
Ilut I iiiukI go I t-auuol Mtn
I Ii n my hu'.ttl a iisliut
tint wlmt this uoi-til is mtiilnv to,
Imnort' nil') moo Miri'llnlm.
Til !: Si xnuuv Co o';iiati vi: Awso-
i-IATIox. Mr. C. 1-'. Crook, the Secre
tary of tl 1- Asso iut on. In speaking of
Its operation-since lis euniniencemenl,
s tvs : 11.-.' ipiarter wii; coniliii-ltil on n
.-apilal ofSH-Jo j number of member at
end ol ipi.trtef was PI ; our total sales
iiiii'iilnled In --HI. sll, on width there
mi- di cltiivil a 'livldeinl ol lour per edit.
to no nun - on account of th -ir iinbvltl-
i.n t.ilit'ini-i ai toe -loi't-.
il., an lueuigi nl " ui, ill ii I
n illi a in, 'lube, snip al lie' end ol the
iiiai ter, oi -il, liio .-ales ol the .-ennui
ipiaru-r aiiniiiiileil lo j":!, !-.". lil, which,
tiller paying uiiiiraiite luxes, and In
n-rest on shares, tiu-ro was a dividend
to meiiiber.i of I per eenl. So .sou see we
have iiiriiul our capital over -ix time
in iho last three moillhs, which liiiies
oii-iilerable llu.iiieiering, us wod. al mi
strictly ca-li principles, never giving or
receiving credit. Out- shares sro placed
al llvo tlollai-s, llniiled to one hundred
-bales per member, interest at tliu r.uo
of live percent., to be lncrea-ed to so en
per cent, from Jai.tiary 1st, 1S07. Our
pro-pects are llatiering, coiisltlering the
dull time which prevail. Our reputa
tion stands A Xo, 1 with all; and In
lime we ho'pn to make the Co-operative
Association of Sunbury a blc-ing to
overy home and a eredll to it- foimder-.
Sunburn (iuxi tlc.
K.Xfl.i'T I'oiixkv, no one of the Kill
ed delegation to their National Con
dition has even a State reputation.
Our delegation is eompo ed of men of
National chaiaeter. Woodward, ltlg
ler, A-a Packer, and lleliter j and Ho
ratio Seymour heads the list in New
York. Wo are vastly adeatl .u far lu
the personnel of our delegations.
liners nf nctrnlnlHlrntltm nti tlm cMntr or Ocnrx'1
Inner, lulu of Mujitmiri(ittiilili. rot n in bin cik.
lit i- tifu'il lni o ht'M HHUitdl hy I (m ItiKlMtr ol
(Mil'l county ti lifwli ('hrlMoplur of tvtitro iwp.
(he pstrtlti or tho ilci-i-itfiii lire rerun U- in make
thrill ktiuwil, ll tnl tlinm lmlchtil In nmlto p;iy
lncm. JjKWIS L'llltlMHll'UKlt,
IVb 1 't. AiliiiinJ-iiitt'r.
i;Xi:CUT()U',S NOTK'i:.
I J I,-
.r.n: uk im.niiv ttiKrri.itHit iiw'n
l.i tltiM 1 ioliiiiiili)iirr OH tint I'nlul- nf (Tmipv
IhMlt'i h'h, tuti' ul llrliiicr." k tnnlili, Coltmi
ili roiintv h.iM' In-en if mulct hv tho Itculnd-r nl
coitiiiihl.t Cotnily tiisiiiitul iMittrilih, nixl
lit nrv A lio trrli'h.of Milil Tnwmhlp, All k i
oim fi.iv lint rtulniH nttnliitt tlio ("state urn rt tws.
I I l) I'll'l'llt 111! Ill II 1 1 MM l IK- II It'll 1 1 II I H I I IH I'M) III
"Itlilci to tin' inlntt rlthofoti tmtu or htnili nr.
imnt will nmkc p ivnicttt to tin lrrn tort with
out ik-hiy. hamii.mhi;ii i mm,
llh.NUV A. I'M. I I'Kltli It
IVh, KxirutoiH,
I Htprttnf rultnliiMi-Htlou initio tnle nrJolm
il. Mrtrlln. hitixif llrnt-nu'iMHl tiinlivlihi. (Silntn.
tiht en., ilfi'ft'Nrtl liuve hcrll yiunh'il tvtllO lt''ul
tor or nlil umnt to Win. Ilouuhtoii of riti
twil All H'lM'li hniki iIiillilH or (h limtiiU
H)(itUlt tin' i Mull' of thi' ileeetteiit 'Hi U'tineMiil
ii iimhii mu'iii itiiintii, mm iiiuii' iiiuciMl'il tl
tntiki' pnvtm tit.
wn-t.tAM imrriino.N
tVb 7, lff-ni
rTf. or i.noSAttiiH. jiroNTM w, iu ri hi n.
1 tcr oi iiiliiitniHnitlcn on tht'eMntonr I -con
.ml Htoiii-inun, inii tr lllixint tow nhli,t'oliiiu
iiiiufiitiitv. "It ci iir,tiavnhii n cr.mhvl hy Hu Hc
l-(rrirJilit I'oiltilv.tuMlrlui-l I'.t i-rlv, ol lllooni
t vp, f rfiiit'avlni'MliiHtr'h imm'twilit
Hi (imIi- of thi 'ti'"f tent itro riTm ileil In 111111(1'
Hi. 'in I;nmn,iunl thoo Itxh'iiti it to nmlic htt-
nt. MI( It V,U I'. LYKItl.V.
I'm H-tlt Vitmhil-tuhT.
1 11! I'tW notut;.
in tin- 01 plip u'n ( .111 1 lir ihf 'oiint or linn
1 m:i, In lu.' 111 liter of the t'sutoor Mury l,t nhtut
ill 1 HKi'it. 1 In Atnlltol' uppnlntt l l) the I'nlllt
t' 01 1U0 ilKt! lUtilon iii th.. Imiunee in thu IuumIh
r I iii. .nl Ailiitiii. Adi.iliiKlliih.i nf M.11;,
hli.iri HM'i.ieil tUiiulUstln ileri"r(nl tin-1. till
hli. it U ill met t thi' parties Intel iM l r-'l Ihf
pttrt ' rtii-iippo imnr-iton riti itn,M i 11
-In, . 1 1. tHW, ill llh.Vl.irlt, A. t lit lim ulllee 10
Klii.niiHi.uig,' olumtil.i 'itutil , l'n,
ll ieiHims lun hi'i rlitiiH iiailul Hi-- rstutr
.11. lieiebv ri ipllriil tn preMit In the AlliHtoi, 01
-il Itihnietn pi i-M lit thet-iihie lie loieer tk-li.irii I
lioin KMiiliu in Tor 11 th:ireiirttif kiiI 1 .Tat
.joit.v 11. nti:i:i;, Au.iiioi-.
11 the dtitlmii's Court for tlioCoiintv nrColnm
'in, in tliu niutti r or the fKtuto of Wlllltini i'i iv
ton del eii-t-il. 'I he Alldllnr nppolliteil hv the
1 'oint, to tn 1 Ice iNtrihutlonor tlie hulnncn In (he
h iinlHofH.iiiuii-1 i:nt, I Vein rrr Wlllhiin t'l iv
tnli it. 1 esise'l, iiniMim the ti L-ulefs orte-.tnte, wilt
hie- t the pil'lh Intel enN il lor the ptllpnsf ir In
.).t)Iiitlnent oil I lllIA , -71 ll ot MaIKII.A, IK
W s ui In i. el k u, . l.iit hNom.'i'ln lllooni'.bur,
'oliiinht 1 cititn' v, I'a.
Ml pi ikhm hulnu chtliiH nK.iinst iho rvintr
Kl'e IieitOjj leiplll'i il In ple-ielit to the Atl'lltoi', 1 V
ll li'ltllie tn I'll si til the mhho tie forever He
h.11 ie'l 1 1 mn com inn in fur n sh.ue of the oul.t 1
t ite.
jiuiN i. ria:iv.t;, Amittor.
. rllill I,MAl,t;( (H,l,i;(H' iimrTri i.lnn. NVw
JtTPPV. A lliilirillnaHftiiiitl Inrlwilli mim. timrmu
tfilillfshfil 11 hi I or tilifh trriutp. nlmliut imii-iiphI Iv tit
wvl In Httt lllloit in tho iilnetitloti, the tunrnN.
1 he hniiiu I'timtorti ntnl ihPlieultli of tho ntiidcnt.
leriimiitiKirriUff, Ail'ireM Hit' UuVt i . LIAM.U-N,
. M., lvntilnKtoii.N. J,
Ilt. Wit, MAM HMtl I I'M liUTlOAHV or
llll'l till. I!. Wrlltrn hvToof Ihn mnit itNtln.
KuMieil IMMnen in j;uioiie ntnl Alnerlcu, Illiu-
til mm lurirr Drtiivn vnlmtin lrlfn 'Mm.
ontv Million puhlltthcd in Atiir,rleiironlenci by
irr.niuiui nw n liiillil. U I'lllplUVIlO lil'MTUl
.Ki'inn niei uuer no i,iriini'inreiiirni in AKelKS
h'lilltnf Willi IIH. Killil for tlcHPlloLtVi. clriMitnrM.
nnil Kcu our I rtiiF, J, )i, lU'lllUV ro 1'ublMi r-,
Ji.11 iiMio, v. 1,
l-Jfyj tn nil partH of (hi! Tnld-d Hlnte, to
eil utir 1 111 met) on lltt of iifiirli- ,'iiNI ill Hi. runt
HunltH. fini m 11 nd I'liotomiiiih Altiinim. i:nrv
family wmii notiicthlnn trniii it.
1 iiniminicf. lurtiiiheii mi niipiirntion. ntnl bnoltn
tit host on lil In iiiiv mlilri-MH on ni 1 (nt nf i.Hfn
HUiHslIli lionkHcniitiiln nn the lUt. u Ith orlt
l os tln-r wi.h hlutik Kin-' tHiitnl piinieil liuxllimt
tor enioltiiiii n lM ofiiiitiici, "etit flee tontiy 0110
ntl ri eell t o! .yiU'lIt.
Auho.iy rut) hvU notn I'M In 1,0ft) of the no
xiktii linnet iinvwlieie. I'or tertni to ini nu mul
olhDr tnf inn itlon i-tijreiH
.HUi.N HlTll.U A (()., rutilMK'IPt.
An--, lil I Hllil fl!7 Hill I -null I H lift, rillllKlrlpllla.
2.'M'lie ltKtnr.V OflllK WAIl HKiWKLN
nth mtatk-," Hi i'iuhch, ( h iriuti r, roniltiet
an t IteMtliK. Hv Hon, Alexnuttpr It, Htcvcm.
iiotitcitil rhaiiKter and n-udv wtie, cotnlilncd
with an iJit re.i'fd cominl'.tloii, innUi It tho boot
Miiiflptluii bonk ever puhlMie.1, fitnl Tor circu
lamitid mi e our b mn, nnd 11 mil ileM-rlpthm or
lli-V hi ik. Aihbf Nntlfitml I nlnp-hlinf t n..
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teluhl. I.niri'tit t'DiiiiiilsNliiim. 11ml tiri'iiilmii nf
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to ntt:
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now ukady.
A 1KH( IllPriVCwnrli I M hnt' btllv PliiHtrn
il ulilm biiuitliiilenloiiil pt.ttr iukI lun 1 nura
Lh. cull till 1 1 1 Mif u list of nr 2.VHI inhtltH of
HuHir mul V Ui tnhli ri 1 .U also, t arhlh-H
T thulium. t I 1 tut Ii II hriil(li.i. lining. All thi
Not Hum, boib of i lie l'l'ow r tuul Vt-B. table, tor
1 1 1 1 je 1 ui n 1 01 eri 1 i ii 111 mn aoot- won;,
'I 1 vi ful I bound 111 t-iotli, 'J t'tilnietl plm n.prlee,
I'oit-i aid, .ii) (tH,,lti papt r eni r, pnt-paiil, 'Ji
iv .Mi'iiess vt .x-MiuuiI.N LU., IloiIifUItu-
in thr On bin's rnurt for the Count v of Col tun
hi 1, In the liiuttei of the estate of 1'iedei U'k lli"
lteiae.. the, Auditor appointed h tlie Com t
tn make dWtrlhuthiii of I he balance In the tin ml
of I'lionisis Hl's-, IlXeeutnror I'ledcrbk llet,dc.
t e.itM'd.aliiointthe li K lies of Mid t Ma(e,u IP met t
the itaithH lutirevtiil the iiurnnsc of his no-
pollitllUUt.ou VTIM(PAY, Maui II S A. I. l.Mw,
it Un n'l-Iock, A. M nttlm ttl e f Jlntu rt I.
1 .i.iK, hsi., (oiiif r ot Main and M.iiiiei sirt-t-l
tllitiiiii.sbuiu. t olutiibla emintv. Pa.
All pei-nun having tldim PKalnnt (he rilale
me heic hv 1 entitled tn orutctil in the Auditor. 01
on l.illuie tn pa nn( tllCHaine he fou erdf bill red
1 i'i mi Miming in mr u hli ivo of Hie said e-ttaie.
JT. i:..!A KM1N. Ait'lltoi
1 , b,:i ii-.
Wiii:nt llicold man Woller win iv
in his son Sdimiol nunc mlvico nlmu
writinir !(vu IptUTH, ho told lilm lo
uniiioi' tlit iti mi tlml lho-( rcu'ivitiK
tliem hhoidd wish that th"ro wtt" muro
ttf thrin, CottldiiU Satntb'I kIvl us a
IllthMiiori' Ili't), Wadr; or Nn't thrro
any more wanted ?
William llr.Miv ArofbTrn 1 i
)), l).t Hrt'tor ut' Trinity Church,
dV'tirva, N. YM va unanimously elect
fd MNhojior Vrniiont, hy tho KjiNro-
pal ConrnMoti at lhti'IIii,'ton.
St'AM) uvric whltr folk, and cotnr
not nlh original and honc.-l Itriiuldl-
'atii Kurnry head. lhi Ksidiral drlrJi-
lion to their N.ahinaU'inivt iition. Old
lti'ltlihUcaii rnjoy that hugely.
j. rsrAii; oi- matiiias iuio.nk dutshi.
i i th it of aihiiiulfdratloii on tlieistatei.f M.i
iin.iH Uh"ne,late of Jaelcson township, t'oluiiihiu
i '.iintv.ilecrioied. tiaM- neeti (riiuti d ov 11m Ihk
UtiT of Kahl ColUlty, to Hiiliinel 111 nlie, ad till.
(Kin le-t't in nfo tttmtjn. tic liunit lion. v intit.Ide
lu Scntt township. All i'i rsons m inn cIuIiiih oi
d- mninU tifMihst the Mini estt.le aie it ipiehted to
piem tn tin in tor m ttl ment Mllhoiit ihlay, utal
(lint1 hum mi ii hi Miiuvi- ii;i, 1111 in,
KA.ML 1.1. It f ION U Atlliilui-dlutnr.
I i of MA l.Y I.. IY1U E.i iieaMi . LrtlerNte
i i.iiein ntj i ti the estate ul Mar l.i'rdtr, of
it.ii iiuu ui in iiiK niit into miiiinii o i ne
hi uthtt r ot i oitniioai eon ntv . to Ikuiiu b, t r. del
All pel-, ns hn Inn hilin amiltisl tl e i .lateaie
l','lU. nlul tn pleMlit (hi lil lor m tth tnelit, tuul
ll.i.hi- lhiiilii t he i slut e e thi r on not
buoli 1 1 1 mint v ill ii'.il.i pa tnent to ll e I e. u
i-ir wttiiuut iiuu . isa .r i.. rin in:u, On-IjI. r.teenior.
totTcT; in Divoncjf.
t 11 Ivl.l S l oliNia.tMIN s CAhltlfc. ( ott.SM.lDON"
In I he i 'iairi id i '11111111 u I'h finni'i '.ilntiihla v
) 1 :t, iMi", l.i he) 111 diMiiei it 1 nriilit tnnti iimutii
And now l ihtu.ii .id, A. Ii. ihi the fhi,t,
mid ft 1 mi uibiitiiift ha, hit: In 1 11 it Hum n X l.. I
the u hove li.iliit d texpondi tit is belt l Mntillf il lo
in a in 1 iipi'im 111 1 01111 on me 1 list ,miuh.i 11
Mil, lit M lii;,i Ml atisu-l the eoinplaitll Ml till'
e.t-e, .MUHHIIl A I .Mlhl.Mll.
M.irii(t-IL Hhelltl,
ort'tiin: mi i:n n ind sr.
bile hi ll iIUhI ii 1 1 till) il. a-iM
1.)1 . I'd pinu
n o 1 1. s.
i.ll'iHlu, huiU uUt' J-.llt In tin
l.lUf the
ntl 1 Iteii ei.uteiiin id the ! 1 p till 1 1 a. I. I"
tno' iliufittisc nl ai.lIi MilK-i iiu it Is only n-1
tsill to MtaU tliebloiKihj Mippl;ili ll vM!i
Its I. Ife elf nu 111, Iron,
Till; I'KlsUVIAX sYUll,
piiitteied'nlui). tl nf ' lie Vint i.di of Inm Will
i this 1 lUvuai . Mill Ml nO . no - -t li. I
11 v 111. lo tin- wb-ih v -i fin,
J .if m a I t-u. r todii Itev. tlf 11 viu I'.ni
nl r.uf on, M.i"-
"1 r u ai I wns 11 wtill'f.-'i Until b
tin 1 1 1 1 1 1- mil n 1 ailx in thi mi ;h 1 n I pet MM. h I II t III) 1 111 e I IIH-'Hs
jKW KTOl'K OI-' ('J.f)'l'JlIN(l.
Trfsh nrrl, I ol
r.M.r. and wi.vniK uuuim.
iiaviii U)vi:sm:uri
litvlkN attention tuhb.tock of
C'ltltAI' AMll'AHtltO.VAtll.l.CIAnilNU.
il lil vl'iii'on
MiiluMlir-rllin:ijilo'jtRnliootlir Atnrrloan llotu
niomilsl.urg, 111.,
wl.fro Iip lm Jnn n-pfU-wl frmn Xew Y6rl nml
l'hlliiilclt.lilnit full nivirllnrnl nt
Incluilliu. tho infill M.liUtmlitr, iluraolr, m. J
roiiHl-itliig of
f nil oit,.l7.i", nuil color 1. Holms nlna renltn.
lilitit lilnnlliftdy lnruoKlock of
A I.I, AND WINTI-.ll RltAWIfl,
STHIl'i;!), rillt'UUIl, ANIU'I.AIN VIMW,
Kit hits, (nAVAiM.HTiicKH, aiM.Aiif,
11 Ni)iii:ti('iii-.i-H,(ii,ovfi,
HI'Ml'll.NDhllN, AND fANt-V AlllIL'I.IM
lit- nu,. comt intly on Imiiil a Iaiko ml woll-nc
U-i'toil tixsortmt lit of
wlili-li hp K pu-i'iiroil t muUo lo order lntonny
kind of t'lotlilln;, on rry Khort notice, mul In Hi.
est manner. All 111. olotliln li luado towenr.
nnd mot of It I. of lioiim lii-umfiietiirp.
if every ilPMll,tlon, Hue nnd clicup. lIUcAiit'f,
J"wi'lry In not MirnMril In thin plAce, Cnll end
-EHiiiIno hi. froneutl fu.iortim-nt of
H A 1) I (! A I..
rp II i:
L AMONTIH.Y Jl MIAZ1N i:, il.'MiIc.l lo I'ree
1 milium I'll, 1' tin s it, ii-t.r,irM,oe
null milllli-l'. Ailitl-rss -I'Ml! HA llll'. I.. l.fMlf
mil jj. 110. ion, .Mnis.
rot.liritS K PA l I'M. .Inly, 0, 167.
Tik-il anil not found Wanllu;
Wi- ei dpi It will nit Twi'iittli) ri)pr nut
Mont: com W(nn im:u dav iiiiv. ot hi r 11 tnado
MiKrm-oKT, Die. in, l'-OT.
Mmstn. I.irrtNdyrr A. Co,
Mih : I li,te lullv Irittl ran' oiitrnt use tuul
lind It Nail th it mi th.h.i l..r It. It will
nop uisipr liiau till V oiiicl AM' that I t 1 1
mid leim s the uonj w llbout st leUlin at all,
.'oiud tid rlion three d.i.H uitlinut one loi Hie
ost, I in-ill not any nmie. im anv in. in 1l1.1t
1 1 11 "t mil' ill ui' s;i isiiril.
WM, ki:iv.
rATTlUN ! 1 ho axe nnd thel.thel are bnt limit
tilled. Ifililnm-l-4 on tUn- patent" will be pnw
ei'Utedairi'tdins tn law. Vi ndcM orilealelH, and
in 1 sunt uthitf any Intiliineiuent, art.) Unble vvlth
me intiKvrui ui" lnirn.KeiiK 111,
mn si.t. ri 1.1. tuaiMW s Tin: man-
t i.Airi;i:iiE.,
l.UMMNroTr iiAKr.wr.u,,
Mlieesioii to I.ipplneotl A ('n..Soh nvMierr
I ill- p.tlrllt. VII iMiUUdll. I'.l.
x Hint cr.
mi:uimt 1, im; 10 c'Ai.inHNiA,
Maidi .'dh nnil Hit lit A pill .tb and 1Mb; MavJ
liih and iilh.
Willi Nt-WMtain-dilpMif Ibe first flasH.
nvnir imvrn thin m am nrni 11 i.inp.
I'm inn her lufiii tnatfnn adduss lite nude
hlUt d at 177 Wi l Mm el, New Vol 1;
I) N. r.UtltlMiloN', Am nl.
W. II. Wnits, I'ii st, Cii vs. In n 4, Vict l'res'i
Oilhv-.1 i:t han.'e IM.ue, New Yoilt
10 ik; II A N 1) I SH,
NOTIl'i: IS Iir.llKllV (IIVK.N
'Jl II
1: ('
1: I.
1 r r.
r. 11 it t r. n
ii , .11 i.i.i
ii 11- iu m
i-.iii'iini 1,
mu It-- i-i
Is tin' 111I1M nf tlie ii('piir;itinii for
llif 11 mi 111 Aiiiirt-w .iniiiiMiii, 1110 i-riit
ti-.iltor. Diivli. U In-t '.Iclit nl'. cxi-rlit wi' know lie living lll;i' u prliii'i)
in tliu Smith, wlifif his liliml I'ollowris
-.till t-llii!.' lo till' iili'il of hi-i lllliliinlt'
siurC". Mmitimr Aim Anm,
It Ii iiiiiu-.liii,' to M i' how ninny ollke
lioldi r-. uiiilri-.lohi.i-oii mi' J 11-1 iicgln
nin to llnil out lie is ti tmlliii',
Wlll'll tllt'lt' 1- ll ll'0-l,ll't Ol' tl .-lllTl'Of
liL'in t'lio-i'ii. Iliowt-r wtiH 11 (IcU'inito
to llir lute I'lillniltlphla I!t'ulilli'iiii
I'ouvciitioii.miil litoi-tlur to I irlus "fruits
meet for it'iicninnei'," In order to
iiutliittiln tlio'' putty olllie of Iloputy
AMi'-r, voted for Wmlo s his C'tiiull
ilulo for Vleu 1'renlilt'iit, not iltiulitliiK
tlml the hitler would inward him when
heeiiitie' Into iK'Wer, lint ciippo-e the
Wild" I'liliie "p Imvs out," what IIilh?
A MvsTi:m i:xi'i,. ini n. It is n
mutter of hurptUe to nmtiy ltepuhlle
mis lu tills County Unit nil the Delepnten
lo the Itadleal I'lilUulelihhi('oueiitloil
from lliM'tiiiKro-sloiial Dhtilet should
ote for lieu Wade its their Candidate
lor VUo l'lVildeut.In preference tollx-lios-.
Ciiilln, who, irtife In o v, was so
popular with hi. p.tity. 'I'he answer
Is plain. I'. John, who enriles the
Itmiienl 1 i:ul,v lu lids i-eitloii In Ids
hreeelie.s poeUi't, hn -till tl ImiiUetlun
alter "the lleh pots of Ktfypt," uild
iiioinins thed.iy when ho was Mrlrlu'ii
lioin the rolls of the "lueail ami hotter
In iu'iule." lielieviiiK that .lohiiMiu
would lie linpi itehetl, nnil Wade tliere
hy hee.iuio l'ii'.hlent, ho orlelt d Knori
and Ilrower to vote lor him us I'anill
date for Vleo 1'riislilent, meaiilii!; to
el.ilui hli I'd ward, tho iissomiii's hip of
the IHstrk't, of which .liiliii-nii mu
iiilarlly deprived him,
l-.i 111, a in ill, -mull ul ln.v i'ii,!,. 0
jii Lilm- i.ii-ri M i,t iIl','(,1iiiii,i ,1 lii l, 'li'l t' i i ' V
lu ill M'.nnl nuii.v.ltnil lli'il limit I ill lull nll'l
, ii ml illiiuilii mi' ol ll" ..vli'iu w i HI'' ii .
II. Miv I Iiml iccini I til In, iii Oil nl In. U iu,i
I'lllllll l lllll'lllK-ltl. llll'l.l- Hill III". 1,1 i Ui,iiikI I
i i- ituaill Ihn nil tn I Mllll n ii" I'I I'l-IH'I' III liu
-ml. ilims tu uliluli I Iiml Iiiim I'" n stil.ji-.-l.-l. II
,Sill lltlHtlllH' lllllt 1 I'llllllll I' I tllhlllU lll-
l'i:itL'VI.N SVltl'i. I i Hli, ml tiil;!ii,.ll uii-
till I I liu I IIH.-il tl i- liutt It's ; ini'i thru I itwll 1
ihilliiiiitnrtlioklnil. I'm- i-ini. I wu i,n- ,it On
ui nu fit suiu-rei k. iiihi r in, iiirlni-s u-n in1 1' aiiLlti nipniun it'll, t, 1ml tins i-iiiuii'Ui.iili'
i-i'iiii'ily, Ulli iilttn-l mul liittiltiM seii.i-, iM-nt
1 1 1'. i'i I , tn t In' t ul Hi,. i'MI, una ,IM Its wiuli
Willi n wullliy ul It. iliU.lli-il
l-' ujj" I'.llill'liti't si'lil fti'f. Tli'B' null'" li"
' I'i in i- s, m i-" li uwn in liu' ulii-s.
J. I', Dl.SM.Multl., I'liiiin, im-,
Nn. .'Ill Pi')-ft., Ni-w .,k,
-,,1 1 l.y nil llruuijlsiH.
,M iiiniATIoN.-liiloiniiitliiii to
i, i, Mint ,. ii iL.Mirimil kiiimIIi nt linir Ufiin u Iml'l
l,i u, I oi In nl, IU ss la.-.', iilsoii i.-iljm Im- tin- I-,-
III, , Mil 1,1 I'lllll'lt-S, lIllllllU'-l, lUtnillllllS, I'll'., nil
i hi, si. in. li us lim tlio miiihi fntl.i lt-iii. mul 1,1-tiuli-nil,
, -in I i 1,1., i iiml wltliiint i'Iiiii-u.. hy lulilli'ssiiiu
iiHi.-j. r. i'ii.r.M.N,t-ii. mist,
ki'l.l.vT. .-t lliimilMiiy. N. vi i,rk.
I in li l kiiimn ti-ini-il ti r
in all ii . in.inliiil'l In, ins ItiL'liulitiK I'li'i'i-., l iiii
,'i I ., is , .h ills Ki, 1 1 I, hi mil, L'nii,iiiiltitliill it, ,
i- I'll. WDI-ll-s IhIMM: WA'llllt.iil'llli-s, lu
ll',! ol ,i,llll", Witllnlll 11 snlvi'lll, illsi ,ii li it !
li'iui.ti, i in . t ,( U'lltltli- ti-h. tin tl.111,1 i n-
,ii. ii'. I'i-i , i . Hi- ttiuu liiini(i,-t tit.iu nu t -i "i
ii 1. - nu, ii.,, nti-uut. .t iii fi.-i-.
.1. 1'. lllNsMultr
s.,1,1 l, ,t 1 l,ilU4lsli4, wi, li Ntl. S. N .
Jlur.irt s it,
I's. I i, I ii!M, .Hl.s.
I M i i: h mi
U I N I'S ,V I ll) I 'III
Ml I'M IM s 1 I s-( .
' MinW 1.1 - s, I
ll s'ltl s M.' ' 'If'l .
1 I.I I--,
I'I Ul I ,11 I. I, K'll I 'I
M-. Y Mil ii-i.r.-
i !. I, ..11... 1 lit i'. 1 III, I'll, ' s, l'll's.-lli
i, ii it. i ,i .iir. ,1.
I'll .!-!.
.s mvt t.i, pui.suN r ri nv v:i-o v i:sv
isn rs .v rMMUN'nrij'iui:.T
oxii jKiM.Ati -am:
DliV AXI) PANVY (.t)(M)S(
" (I It il A N,
wi rn
I'miit'iiniH'tl h, nlMvholiuMi la aid It tlie moi
nai in. 1 1 uti'l h( null fill hull it Ion or tho Itr
viN Vturi; tvir wt liitro-iiii-ii. j. twii.V,
mii liiaith hoio, 'l ih unulnul tni'iitorn
ui') Miiiiiif.ictnror-. r. itmiuiirt m nt. Y.iVTO
Itior si., .mv Votl;; Is oiili ,ih.
I'i. II i.; tl K. Hi. loll hM., ( hlcao.
1 a r i: it o n ' s
i.Mn:ovi;t mticic MArtiiNi:.
I r iimh . !.n (liiii'tl fioni the h.ui!-.'tv;i,''r ',-
li'JE n-'vl It in. I Mllllch-llllv moists It WiMI'KlU
Illl.ri.AV IllOKOl'dlll.V, pit-hiult Intutho
iiuailli ati'l ral tin I. lick out ot I he niollhlH
nady lo ho lanKo.l up, ulthont ilr hit; on tin
-inl. cinl Im itluiinti'il I'lrcuKii- lot'. II.
.-iuin, Nw Mih'uiil 1'oiini t Unit, nU nt;int lor
I'i nn lanla. M iiuit.ifttircr'h oil Ice, No. ; Mm
ia Mivi t, N. Y,
loiny frlvii'lianJ tKomiblto renemUy, thol nil
nti' coiutuutlj" ou luuul nnd lei mile
tAlfv, hole Akt-nt foi i.uib I'noiMiATKor
imi . Lnipr lot roi'Mntitly on h-rnl. febS'(T7.
i imiuritenoii lakoi thu mcttioii lomrorni
tlm itihlli that liu huHoptncil u
In the Waller Hrhk IlulMln;;, on Mnln Htroot,
Which ho has pnrchnm-iltunl IntomU to keep per
manently tlllctl with I'uniltuir uf
city and uomk .MANur.vcTirni:.
it coMmtsLs or
n h n ji a t ii i:ss i: s ,
mh as, i.orxcir.H
ii.vitiiu: top unNTUK taiimv
ritAiiw-.VNinoNi:u, cam: uorroMnn,
:xti;nmo.v taumj, lookino (ilasht
In fuel n full n"oilment of
r. k a d y -.i auk corn ; n
of all lzc, and or
rATHYTIIINO IN Til 11 UNlMlp (W TIt.l)i:
AUf Mhlch wlllbcf-M
r II I! A I' F O It C A N M .
'I hi- puhllc are liullrd to eMl rnd xnralnu ia
htfrtk hi tovf i.urrhiiMnn c!sL,vht re.
jr.oi:(;u w. romxu
ItlMiishiir,, AunusL 10, lKCT.
p i; n ij i c s a l i:
OF V A I, 0 A II I. V. IM.AI. IIH T A T K.
In puibiiani'fofan oulor nf tlio Orphan 'tmtn
Ol ( itlllinbhi fiilllUJ . r.i.. on KATLIIUW, MAlU'll
21. iH.H. ul li-ii o'lli.i k Iii tho lor nonn.lUilllH Stur
hint AilnilnkHlratoi of droit;? "W. l'afnur, hvtu ot
UliHini towiiKhlp.m mhl iounlj,ih''.,a-i'il, will
iYnoi lu Mil.'. Ijv i n lil ti' vi'ininc on hti nri'iiiM'
a i i'i tain nu tii.n;i' aial I.(' (il tiKOl'M), nil u
uii' in lllowin luuiishln. hi ihi'toiintv afon.ilii
hoiiiah-il hv Jot of Mikt lvi NraltV Co. M Iioh
IIiiii-i lot. tin- aii'it. nnil l 'a nu I Mrect. on wli.i
is i It'i ti il a I- KAMI 1 IU I I.I I Ml JIill'oK, aial 111
Usual I'Utlillllil.liirs ro.eKloii j,Ui n on lh I
ila ol Apl tl li'H I..Ui tin i i ti -i M.UUIfU'Uif
n't nato lu tho ton nship nnil ton my aioi''l,
Uloi)lilibiii, I'i li. 'Jt, ii
Jr4f: Coleman, Ch rk
i inuwiu.Ni i i t. ; iui jii'i iiiu in 'i llir
punha-i' nioiK .l:nU 1 1 paid al iho htriulny
i low n uf the propcrt? , tho onc-fouilh It s tho ttn
mr iN'iit at thiTontlrmatioi atviiiue. anl t n n
in, lining thiie luUi ths Inunc , i.n thoioaficr.wlth
iiiicii'-! iiooi uii roiiuiiii iiiun a i. ii, l uicnast'i
to imy loi dint aial htnnin.
JlAI.rH HTI'IU.TNO, A'lm'r.
V A N O.
no. n.i: ii:itt;viAN hiiano. itit Kutur.
pliii-spliali , t'liir litouial it'iia 1'loh in.ino, 'Ui
tt r. l'h).ph,itUi (iinuius, i,, inv mill hy tll.ulH.I,
II. Kill.. Ut 1 mm M N, V.
No ttitttiry
Dt'Koto wln-n ho Mtt-il tho hlinrt sof Ann i if i,
Miinfhi hn aii'l uiiliioiuly lortliR "HpiliiiC"' I" '
iiitual outti," tiittli..Hu who hathi'il ll in
iolht iuMrntow out In tipponrunit'. rnpif m
our rta li!ic In I att illii-it-iul a Milistitut'' l i
tliN uwhniii'l hi'llliu Ut Kliiu's Vri-tahlo Anihni-
1 1 , a h-u ii) plh'.ilioiiK ul whlrli urn to uhiii a
lira) hall that aik, fctioiij; uiat shwuy up) nii
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tn MirMianrr of nn nnler of th Orihim't f'ouri
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nubile vendue, nn the nitinises. IIjii uniiLvhkil
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l o. )I I IONS o' S M.I. : 1 n per t i ut of one
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Hie leu per uiu. in ine t miih inaiiou aosiiiiin
ami the uiiia iiimf ihiep-tiiui ns m one
ihetiatter, with liilerct-t from the ennflrma
tlnn, rilli hUer to a inr ileitl tuul hUlil:
I iit i the t t.itc i f a!d ih ei i"-i tl, Mtlittte n ptmt
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In the piin-imtira of nn order ot the oiplnms
C am if ( olmiihlu couuly, I'.i., on Moinlay tht dav ofMaali in-M, al h'oVUnk In the Mr
ii'ion, John smith iidminMrator ol Ollur 1'
Uuu.v an late of M million u phhlp, ib-me-i tl, ui)
t .pn-e (u tale, hy I'llblle i lahle.oll the pi i inl-e
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-if, Mmtln Oiahani, William M'liiMe, .Iniut
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i'uati Hi lu 1 ' l ino td Mittllsnll alld t.tUlltv -si.i. I. ll ) I ! I MAN, Clelk.
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im -is mu lit lev Hie teli ja-r eenl iit the enitilruui
nun oi t-alt the ifiiuunHm ihn c luiirths in uit
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ame ntnl it vt uuw Maui) s. iOtlN NMJ1 ll,
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gTHONU I'ltOllAmi.lTIK
It I, rri.UibU Hint Hi. InillJIiij nut. uc.ulrd
liy li. T. Hnsi-rt t5, will lilm iii.
on Urn l.i , if April l!?s, the nlit liiitl.llng I.n nilmm n mngnlllcenl unj ikifonitis .trurlnr errtt
' .1 tli.rwn, tHilitalnllitf n votuiuotlli.u.,
T O VV N 11 A 1, 1,,
nnd uevci-nl i1ii llil stoic room.,
(I II 11 A T 1 N 1) u o i: Jl r. N T
mo tlieu-linti ulltrtil by lilm tu tlnvii' wlslitns to
litiyRocnU fur cash or iijuut vay.
Tlie en illt i.yti'm on enemy to the cnh buyer.
Tlie awu or
II ll A II V I' A V H Y T V. M,
tlie ontr true fcjhlim,lfilnJustlc t.jtli buyer
us ucll fiH tlio hellir. it I'liiibleM tin. MrrcUiiut to
buy fur c-nsh mul thett-foiunt U10
ntul tojlvo the ittstomer Hie benefit of bntli jmr-
ilinhi.. liiorilci'to icittH'i-lil. htoelc beforo the
thru of i.-Mioval hi- otli-r l.U-iianl
r nr. .veil m i:u j.vos
AtMeentt, irorlh Sl.W.
At McentsT'iryiT-ll
AMF.KIC.VW lir.rtl.N'OsAl.I, COI.OItS
At 111 ceiils, worth 45 eenti;
OlIOll ClllU'OH i. lUstllll, Ut 9..U.
tletter " " " 19 "
Il.-H " " 124
lll.i:sC'lli:i. .MUSI.! KM, j;toId. wl.ln
Kroiulii; tu Mcont..
IIK.M- lil.llAClIi:!! MUsl.l.Nt, 1 Ml. wliU
At I'i ri'llls.
U (1 on II 1 X O If A 51 ft
At 1.);, lDhml l.trntH p.ryd.
iinr.Y f iiiiiTiNu i'i.anni:t.
Al 'Ji et-ul'i per 3 aril.
11XTUA 1'I.AII) l-I.AN.Vr.l.
Alijf.'Uts ter Jiml.
1'ruiu 1 1.10 tu rl.O..
Tii'itir ivi:i:i s & i.AiiM'.nr.
Kruiu 73 lu IW iuxi pi-r ytl.
iji'ii.Tixa tuntiN
rimu to Ilj eelltH tier ISi.
Knit Shirts A l) tu clus nut. low.
iv t'Asjsi.Minu: hiiiiil-i
I'rom S-.0-J to cxtrJ.
iil'ck ai.uvt:s a mutkn.s
111)01' HKI11TM, YOlTll L-mUl.-K
At Tj i-ts; SI.CO, SI.M A iiJ.
11AIH A CAW. 1-'0U Jir.X A II'lV.-., L'loth, Vilcl A Wool.
A t KW
1, a 11 1 1: .?' i-' 1; 11
ul Imualii. iIomu,
v 11 t t r: 11 1, a x ir i: t
1'ruiu $1.55 lu s..,
U li A I X II Add,
1 I Ki, CJ &111I ul ci 11U.
U A K 1' ll T 8 ,
ui ;o,5 uml ii,
ri.0011 on, oi.ijtii
2 yiii'di. w 1'U'
0 Till'
A v 1: H Ji 1: V X O V K Ii t
Now pnblKltlna fimii th new Mtwrc-otvperiit-itiitfurni
with flit new edition of Jilclteiif. on
tHiiiltirf nil the tiotefl of tho Author, nnd printed
from tho latent odd Ion nf tlie nuthorlMd text.
To Ik? ronipletct! inaivoltiine. t'lice 2ct. rneh
lriiitf nn nno whltf pnpt-r, clour tvpp, nnd enii
VtUtehl In ulrc.
1. Warrliy
t Innhoe.
X ICeiiilworth.
4. tiny .Mnntu'rintf,
5. Ahtlnuno'.
ij. anu uny
II, rortniU'H of NIfl.
IV lVvrrllof thelVak
M, Qurntln DurwHril
IT. ht. Honnn'N Well.
K ltiityauntlet,
15. Tim lletifithe-t flit.
?. old MortnlitV, llliihUud Widow,
K Thol line k DuorfniKl 20. Iho rallinnn,
A IiclidifMorillo'(i l. WnMltock,
P. ilrhlo of Ijitnmcr- 'tl. l ulr Maid of IVrth.
moor Zl. ntip of (Jierntrln,
10. Heart m Midlothian it, ('mmtltohcrtofl'nrU
11. 'I he Mtmntdtry. i. TheHurg-xint ImugcU
12 Thn AtitioT. ler,
13. Tho l'lrate.
On rccltl ufMtx T)oI.laih we vrlllRrntl theiti
tiro wt of Vavtrley Nol1h, n published nnd u
copy of a m w
Bti:i:l I'lati; iohtiia:t or Km
WAirnt Scott,
I'umin palntlnby HIr Thomni Lnwrcnc, nult
nblo for itttinliiK j tho Itaokmml KnravhiKu to
ho Rout flea of pnitniip tn any rent of the United
iilthcrof the nbovp went tn nny mldreinon it
uwlpt of price, 2i ceii tn per olunin.
On reTlplof Tn.v )o.laim n coinUeto net of
TK'Kr.Nh (l milform ntyltO, 17 olnniM(ni a
VAVi;nMiV,2ioUiinc will be ncut podt paid.
'Jhpchenpi.'t Ten ItoltrttV woitli talofouud In
tho whole rouge of Mternturf. rorty-two vol
tumH rbr in,
VKni.r sovr.LS.
( LUH ItATL'H! OnoCornnIi'toHct.25volurnri!,Vl
Thrco l.'omplctu Hotn. ' oluinct( fill. Five HH,
tM, Ten ja. Mailed at our expense.
Any perBon obtalnlnit four Mih-,crlbcrs for tho
VfltTley Novels, and rtinlltlnn uh $21, will be
entitled ton n t ofDlckc lit 17 volumes, grat I. All
mulled nt mir ex)en,t?.
Any person (htnlnln tiht ttubscrlbcrfi, and
remltltiiK Jn,fn) will mUui n copy ot thol'Wn
verly Onllery," contnlnlim 2il Hteel lincrnvliiff
of the rotnalo Chnrnrtcrs In tho Wuvcrley no
cN ijouml In elegant morocco, price $1 j,ii.
(ittivaasurfi Ytaiitcd In cti town In th
I billed Hlatct. A Rreat oportuiilty It fillordel
to liuluhtrlout men nnd women tomnkf inom y,
as every miin.womnn nnd child will purclino tht
WAVkHi.EV oVF.LSat thW low prite
l or (ipeclal r.itci npriv to the initiiistjcrN
I At I lli,
:Tf.V. A f'UMI'ANV.
IHl4l)llHOAUH'iV Y.
uk Mm orr, v. ji, mai;i.M). iiautn
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llaltu Increased our facilities In the wny of
shop mom, machinery, Ac., wo mn prepared to
nuwufaeturo MicoMiiTIVi! KM'i:,ninl all klndu
oi hiKAM ram.i.iis,hMtu;i:-sTA( kh.tankh,
HtiKVT.liiON WfniK.Ac, All work promptly clou
to oitler, ut hhoit notice, and
Your ntKntlon lt pcclnlly cnlied Jo the mcm-
MTH oi our urni-aii neniR iiucucmjumrr watra.
3ir. lU.ATiicoTi: nan nan mi expciienro or oer
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Uniii liollersj ntidlromour longexprrlcnce we
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ami Htitllch ntly larKu Itoitr-n, to hf cuie not only
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our cuHttuuerH only thot-c of the tiet fjuallty iut
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other hultdiiH tuiiut tliu name qunlll of inutirl
alls. Vo would call the nttentlnn of lUllwnv Com
puiltstooiirfacllitleH fordolm LOt'OMOTIVi:
WcHtlC, mm k iiHAir.- ou m.w, as we mnle. it
point for one of thi firm toalwnjh glehlf ntteiitltm.
Wo nre uKn picpnicd totlo all Ulndi of
riitliiWK, Mu'i. at lltullnii I'ii hi ic ntul Vrhat
ISnll ItiiK-, rneiiirtt, flillnn up Steam HollcrH.e,
I'onntautlv on handall kinds of Hitam I it
TtM.-s.Sri AM NI WATI.ItOt'AnmSriM Vxvv
and all llttiliL'h cotilHi'tcd with the bunlucs.
Aid ,i'alln(;.ot all l.liid.l:olIcrrionib,Oratev,
sttcn. I'lowH.aittl all woik connected with thr
lltut'i'iil liamtlrj hiiMnt'hs.
Kt"pt(tfuii MilkdliiK your order, we ni
Yoihh ery tiuly, J. IinATlIt'OTK & CO.
IYb.lAV Ij
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Whiter mul MpUnu Set-Klon ot thin Institution
ulli ci'iutnemc on MONDAY, MAKCJI Vml
Instruetlon will lie nleu In nil branchen ttuiRht
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Natural Sell ni eh ()
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oueOialf tuition pavable tniulv.mre.tdhir half
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Wyoming $iv.wt
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1'ultoii W,i
Ktirth Aimrlui 3tW,w
t'lty 47Vm 1,1',ii
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Putnam fcw.aio
Men-bantu H.J0,lit
spilnntkhl 670,01
tm.ur.imi Company tf siati IVnn'rt.,,0
, I'l.nneetlcut Mutual Life
I North American TrutiMt
ritllAH HlttAVN, A'jeiit,
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Kiiom niHiilit nt nil 1 liKiitiwl house, the I.xebuURO
Hotel, hituati on MAlNMltl iri.lii ltloomMmru
I mini (Uutel opoM e the t'olumhlu eounty t'ouri
llmiM', iii-i 1 iilully infoinnt bin iiuhUh ami the
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mul the tmM'HItm public th-t hU lu'cmiuMutlum
for tliccnnifort of hN KueMNarftKi-coml to none, lu
tha country. 11 U table will iilwav h hi iouml nup.
plli'tl, not onl with Hiihstantlal footl, hut with all
Iho ilellcaehNor lha kohhou. HU vln- nnl 11
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houte. are entirely purr, and tree fiom till ipol
ktinouttiliuitt. He utlianUful fora liberal patron
ne In the puM. mi. I will ontlnue todeteive tt In
thf future. tll'iUUii; MAUOUH.
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