The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, December 27, 1867, Image 2

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tsa-lUmla ehect-lro'ii Is now lnndo In
KWcff IMVls' bull lioml U lltlio
grnpliexl nml for snlo In llle'limond.
fAiT" Tito Into Abrnlinin Lincoln was.
utiRrillniit onougli to stvlp Miss Dlcklti
mi "a crowing pullet.''
tS-A Nortli Carolina ncfcro shot
down tho sheriff tout to urrest lilm for
theft, In tho prwfnco of u flloof United
Htates troops.
ir Zacchcus Oroeloy. father of llor
nco Clreolcy, died nt Fort Wuyne, lVnn.
on tho 18th lint., itgoil RO yenr.
trTlio Rramlfutlicr f Oeorso H.
Pendleton was tho second of Hamilton
In his duel with Ittirr.
1ST A Chlnoso thief, having stolen a
mlnlonnry'H wuteh, hroiiKht it hnck to
htm tho nest ilny to lu kIiowii how to
wind it up.
C7 About ti mllllnn ehlldien Bather
wwlch' In tho Methodist Siiiuln'y Bcliooln
lu tho United Slntoi, under tho Instruc
tion of 150,000 teacher.
iT When the ladle nt tho Court nf
Hwoele.i got through hujfRliiK And Ids 1'iirrngut, they Pitch una
airexclnlined "furry gont."
6rThoSivnnnh lleiniklinm thinks
prize fighting U twin Msier of universal
inft'rnge. Of course! black nyos and
nix-j arc the mult of each.
jiirCliarlesMullielrn, of tho Cunton
of Url, In Switzerland, has been fined
eight hundred franci for rcitulng to ac
cept on ofllce. Tho only caso on record.
tSSlx brother In Melioan County,
Illinois, named Iloughninn, weigh
twenty-two huudrcd and nineteen
pouniH. Thosmrllcrit weigh? two hun
dred nnd eighty pound", tho hcnrlevit
four hundred and fifty.
Xta-.BaptUm and the sacrament nro
now administered nt Henry Ward
Ueechor's church with water from tho
river Jordan nnd wlno from Jerusalem.
iSrThe) widow of a former member
of CongrofK, rosining in II dlowell, Me.,
latoiy married her iiu-alur. Ho treated
her cruelly, and sho applied for divorce,
whereupon ho decamped with $20,000 In
bonds, leaving her in ilii-tltuto circum
stances. ffSTMark Twain, lecturing on the
Sandwich Island, offored to nhow how
'tho cai n'tmls cat tlialrfood,lf somo Indy
would liand him a baby. Tho locturo
was not Illustrated.
US' Henry Ward Ueechcr defended
novel writing last Sunday evening, on
tho ground that the parable of the
Saviour were llttlo novelette;',
aT Henry Wnnl Bcecher received
$ii,000 from Mr.Uonner for ' Worwood,"
and ns tho story was longer than was
anticipated, an additional Ave thous
and has been paid.
It Is said that one ticket specula
tor, in Boston, lias realized iM.noo liv
buying up and re-telling tho tickets
far Dickens' tlrst reading.
tSy-Tho Senate, on tho 18th, refused
to strike out of tlm deficiency bill an
Hum of $12,000 for newspapers for tho
members. Twelve thousand live hun
dred dollars for lUdlenl newspapers!
Think of that taxpayrtv, but don't
itC'irad Ab'raham Lincoln lived and
Miown the nerve that Andrew Johnson
has, In favor of the Union policy, all
tho Kadieal ubuso that is now heaped
upon tho latter would havo boon piled
upon him.
S During thu war a diamond was
found at Camden Mississippi, In tho
rough state, which upon examination
is found to bo worth $60,000.
tSr Twogentlemcn of New York city,
whose names nro kept a profound secret
for tho proent, have Inst purchased live
hundred ncres of land near Honesdalo,
Pa., for the purpose of cultivating the
winter-green berry.
taiv Two Tonnesieaus built n Are un
der a cow to make her move, and the
creature died of tho torture. Tho next
day ono of theeo men passed tho placo
on horseXack, tho horso became frlirht-
enedut thedcid cow. threw bis rider
nnd neariy killed him. A net case of
poetical justice,
lor Abraham Lincoln left lib liimllv
K.',000,'.to which Congress added $25,000
making a total of $1000,008. Th
annual Income of this, It was estimated
by hia executor, taken In connection
with various handsome sums tirpsonti'il
by friends, one being to f he amount of
siu.uuu, would oo mtiicicnt tor tne
uialntenanco of tho widow, and the
emicnuon or tne only minor catltl.
Bar A woodsawlng touxaament camo
off at Lafayette. Indiana, 'a few davs
ago, during which thirty-six cords of
woou were saweu lor tne poor ny lour
coutestlng parties of nino each. A largo
crowd, wlh laids of music, nttended
inu coniesr, unu n largo sum oi money
was realized In contributions, admiss
ion fees, and from thosaloof saws and
bucks, at the completion of tho contest.
teflfJlr. (Jreeley recently wroto to
senator llson to exert his Influcnco to
reitraln tho Alabama Convention from
adopting cxtremo measures. Senator
Wilson writes Gen. Swayno that the
policy pursued by tho Convention in
legislating for divorces, nnd in other
ways transcending their authority, and
tho ultra speeches of Mr- Uingham and
men ofthat class, Is doing gaeat Injury
to reconstruction, and bringing odium
on tho Itepubllcan Party.
JU2 Tho word Tiino is tbn nuK- i
in tho English lauguogo whMi can bo
tons arranged;
Tl nio
Mo ti
Andjhc different transpositions there
of nronll at tlio samo timo Latin words.
These words In KnglWi as well ns Latin,
may be either read upward or down
ward. Their signification ns Latin
words uro ns follows: Timo fear thou:
Item likewi-ej Met! to btimcasurcd :
Emit ho buys.
Iffir-llon llutlcr thinks that "with the
Imllot In their hands, tho negroes of tho
Eouth will bo ablo to protect them
solvc." -Vo doubt of It. Those or Ala
bama took len dollars nday and twenty
Veutsninllpnieh wav. to "iirntnet timm.
reive," and thosoof Louisiana, Georgia
nun i UKiiiu aiuuitiiiK uipi HOllUM a
day for the wiiiio uurnose. So iirotpctmi
and with what thny uro stealing in the
way oi cotton, Mock, etc.,. what morodo
iiiuy wain.
tar The Madlton (Wis.) Sentinel tolls
a good story on a gentleman of color,
formerly an tho stair of Col. Tom. Hey.
nolds, of Madison. "Tom. brought
homq with him from tho army Ids
trusty servant, n gentleman of color,
and to uso his own language, 'n? black
as tho aco or spades.' Ono day ho re
marked lo tho snblo African that 'the
Democrats were afraid that If tho no
grocs were allowed to voto thoy (the
ix.-uiuv.iuii nuuiii novo u z narry ttioni.'
'Kunnel,' reiilied thedarkey, 'thov need
not imvo tliu least fear.or very tw of
our people ever marry Mo the Vemorrut-
Paymaster-General Brlce sub
tnltted an estimate for the Frst Military
Dietrlct, General BchoUeld's, namely,
00,000, to complttu the payment of ox
)eeijei of registration and election, and
far current expenses. This gum added
to the amount ofdeflelenehM above Blv
i;n, makea?ll.l!oi1a5i M tlio uctunl do-
tlclencv for Which annmnrlntl
bo madt. Tho Payuiaster-Goneral aleo
;I0,nms,y of nn nppropriatlon
iirtMt0W far rwonst ruction purposes in
tho Third Ml I arv Distrlri fii..,nii
!0.x0o',o)1nn,, 11 ,0,"1 "I'proprlatlon or
W'Jho Sergeant-nt-Arms of tho
Hump House i has pocketed irC,U00 out
of the public f.inds as faes for summon
Ing wltnoHsw lieforo tlio Impeachment
and other committees which wero in
pointed by tho Hump to "smell" around
tor scheraw to bolster up thofalllng for
tuiiw of tho Itadlcal organlzatjon, From
this sum aguees may bo mado of the
amount paid as fees to tho witnesses, In
lulleiigp, salaries of membeis, oflleers
and clurks, and for stationery, iirint
lug, etc., etc. Millions of dollars will
berjulre4to"fcH"UiUU. i
te djolumhtam
DiuoAismnio. pa.
I.'lllDAY .MIIIIM.Ml, llUf. f!, 1SBT.
i-Tlli: C-OMI.MIlt l. lina llir l.nrgrit
Cli-cnlnllifn In Columbia anil mlJolnliiK
cenntlra of nny pNpcr imlilUlitil hrri-, and
la nlco it iimcli largrr vlirct thnn tiny of
ItacolMiipornrliBI nml U llitrrforr tilt brit
mrillmii for ntlvf rfliltiK In till auction of
Tin: principal topic of discussion
among politicians now, is thu tpiestlon
of wlio will bo tlio next President. The
Hndleals nre nfiald of lien. Grant, and
will imil.e n strong elfart to nomlnnto
Chn-'O or Wade. Though they may not
succeed lu tho electoral College, they
hope to carry enough States to, throw
tho election Into tho Houni of Iteprc
scntntlves, which, being overwhelm
ingly Itadlcal, will In.-urn tho election
of their candidate.
The moru conservative of tlio party
favor Gen. Grant's nomination In the
htpothat the pre.tlgo of his uainowlll
enable them to succeed, notwithstand
ing tho odious measures, of their party.
Thoy will endeavor to prove to moder
ate men that ho Is conservative, and to
Itadieals that hols with them, nnd In
fact, eau prove both sides satisfactorily.
The Democrats seem to bo moro deci
ded on tho principles which shall govern
tho canvass, than on tho man, and In
tills respect differ materially from their
opponents. Whether their candidate
be a civilian or a nillltnry man, it Is
certain that ho must stand on n plat
form tho main plank of which must bo
opposition to tlio Congressional plan of
onfranchMug negroes and dislranchia
Ing tho whito population. In other
words they will maintain tho right, of
each Stato to regulate tho question or
suffrage far itself.
l'rohably Gen. Hancock would be tho
best candldato, If n military man li. to
be taken. Ho is a Pennsylvania!!, of n
good old stock, and has a magnificent
record ns n lighting man. In addition
to that, since lie has assumed command
of the Vifth Military District, ho hns
displayed civil abilities of tho highest
order, and llko Gen. Jackson, though
armed with ordinary power, has shown
tho greatest respect to civil authority.
Ills nomination would be popular, safe,
nnd there Is no question he would he
elected against anybody who runs on a
negro suffrage platform.
Joiiv M'Axai.i, has been appointed
Post Master at llerwlck. In nlueoofDr.
L G. Homo resigned. This cnmellke a
uomusncii in tlio copperhead camp. It
may teach n few untTisy nnd over san
guine gentlemen tho wisdom of post
poning tho counting their chickens un
til they nre all hatched lItciiiuHcan.
We imaglno wo scePalemou,surroun
ded by n circle of special friends, read
ing n telegram from Ulyo.-es Mcrcure,
making tlienbovennnounceinont. Here,
at least, was n crumb of comfort ; Mer-
enr had got o)ie Post GiUce ftxal; ono of
his friends, had accepted a position in
tho "bread and butter brigade," not
withstanding tlio curses heaped tipcn It
by tho said Pnlcmon. Tho chicken was
hatched, ns nbovo stated, the hall bonds
prepared, and lhcr was toy in tho
camp or tho Itadieals.
Palemou forgot, however, that ho was
dealing with men iisedto"bomb-halIs,
nnd that with them it is n common
trick, to pick up tho shell apd throw It
back into, tho enemy's camp befaro It
explodes. Wo havo repeated this inter
esting experiment, (tlio fuse having
been cut too long,) nnd It has proved a
r'gulnr Columhhttl, killing Mr. McAnnll
severely, and mortally wounding Copt.
Mereur, Corporal John, and a host of
privates. The bungling artillerists have
been "hoist with their own petard,"
and should hereafter remombor that
"'tis dangerous far children to play with
edged teols."
Mr. Sandrs, the new appointee, wo
ma glad to say Is a thorough gentleman,
perfectly competent to rulQllthc duties
of tlio ofllce, and whose appointment
will give satisfaction to.tho eutiro body
or the communitjv
Tuv Tiui L'lan. Younir mnn. an
other year lias passed away, and yet,
you havo ao money left or all vour
year's labor. Why Is it you don't
Know. won wo do, nnd wo will tell you
plainly why you uro without money
to-day. You havo smoked anil i'Ivph
away slnco lust Xew Year's day about
.wo cigars, eacn cigar cost you 11 vo cents.
You havo used each week about ono
plug or ten cent tobacco. You havo la-
ken about .TO drinks or ohl rye whisky
at ten cents each. You have taken
about 10 plates or oysters when you
wero not needing them, and naid a cts.
fa" each. Now let ns kpo what all this
amounts to:
.100 olwirs nf. ffittc n.of iir. nn
(52 plugs of tobacco at 10 cents, cost (j.L'O
.i.iu iiiini in in lunis eacn, coi HO.OO
10 plates of oyhters nt cents cost 10.00
This only amounts to sixty dollars,
but young man, you know that wo have
notmado'OUl- calculation liairns hlirh
as you would havo to make It ir put on
oatn and ir so, you havo foolishly
thrown nway $120 slnco last Now Year's
day. If yon do this during n Ufa timo
of fifty years, you will loso ?i;,000, or if
interest is counted as It should bo, vou
will be $l.r,,noo out or pocket.
Oj:ni:i!ai, Pophto un Hkmiivki).
It Is currently reported that thu
dent-has decided to rxlluvo General
Popo of tho command of the Third Mil
itary District. ombraciutMhn Rtnta - ,ir
Georgia, A 1 tunma, and Florida. Gen
eral .Meade, who la named as his success
or, woa at tho Whito Hous TiKuiim,
and had a long Interview with tlio Ex
ecutive. It h said thatgravo chafes
have been inado against Pope, and his
recent letter, showing tho cxtremo
partisan character orhla niltllflitati-iitlnii
of affairs-, la sulUclont of Itsolf to call far
same interposition on tho part or the
i-resicieni, and tt is to ko hoped that It
will bo no longor delayed.
lUwcAi. ItEco.ssrnucTioN What
it coats. It will bo perceived by re
ference to Congressional ronorts. Hint
th House was engaged on n bill ap
tiroiirlntlnir nearlv itvrn humlred
and dotan to supply dollclencles lu tho
appropriations for thoeiirrmt jhcalyeur
tocirry out tho Infamous Africanizing
scheme of tho Itadlcal party, called
"Itecoustructlon" of tho Southern
States. If tho neonle nro curious to
know why thoy are taxed so high and
whore the public money goes.they have
only to observe tho character of tho ap
propriation uuiortiio prcsujit Itadlcal
Wt: print on tlio outside or our paper
this week tho Message or tlio President
or tho United States lu rcfcrcnco to
General Hancock, commanding ono or
tho Southern Military Districts. We
call particular attention to It as h.Mng
fomuwhat now, nnd touching upon
questions which he has not In that form
previously discussed,
In his annual iungo sent to Con
gress nt tho opening of tho Session
there was nothing particularly new,
ami therefore wo thought It unnecessary
toglvoltn placo lu our columns. It
was simply u restatement of farmer ar
guments against the Congressional plan
of reconstruction, which, lu tlio shape
or veto messages, had already been
fully laid befaro our readers. Indeed,
those veloes wero more forcibly nnd
pointedly written than tho ollleial an
nual message ; and as nothing new on
thu topic was suggested by him, newer
nnd moio Important matter wns cho'en
for our renders.
Io Thoroughfare, the admirable
Christmas story by Charles Dickons m d
Wilklo Collins, appeared simultaneous
ly Willi Its publication in London in the
tinges ol livery Saturday, advance sheets
having been purchased bv Tlcknor A
Fields in order to afford tills , leasant
trcntto American renders. Tills was
ercdltablo and enterprising. It mav
hi'vo been enterprising, but ccrtalnl'v
It was not ercdltablo in several other
papers to transfer tho story imme
diately from thu columns of JCrcry Sat
urday to their own, without iv word of
acknowledgment. Kcery Salwdai Is
nn admirably managed paper, Its se
lections being always timely and made
with excellent tasto and judgment.
Oi.iviut Twist, by Charles Dickens,
has l.o.Mi brought out by Messrs. D. Ap
pleton iV Co., In paper cover, complete
for twcnty-llvo cent". Excepting the
fineness of the print there Is nothing to
complain of in tho edition. This Is en
tering tho arena lu n style, and at n fig
ure, width wu should think was imy
thing hut agreeable to tho other combatant-.
For sale by Dunield Ashmoad.
"Dr.iiss makes the man" we are told,
and wo nlo know that tho wan to make
theoVmis Chemberlin. His stock of
overcoat cannot bosurpns-cdnuy wheio
In this part of thu county. Ho has all
tho articles In his establishment to lit
out a man In the way of wearing ap
parel, underclothing, flno anil ordinary
cloths, overcoats of all descriptions and
nt nlmod any price. Dont forget to
call on him, as his placo Is one or tho
sights of tho town.
Tin: Amkkkjan Farmer. Wu nre
In receipt of this excellent agricultural
journal far December, which clo-es tho
volume for ISO". Kaeh nunibercontalns
32 pages, handsomely illustrated, and
lllled with valuable reading matter for
farmers. It is published at $1 per year,
and at that low prieo might to be in the
hands of every larmer in tlio country.
Now is the timo to etibscribo for LS0S.
Address, John Turner, Ilochcstcr, N. Y.
An attempt wns made, a few days ago
to releaso from Clerkenwell Prison a
Fenian named liurke, who is confined
there. A quantity of powder was ex
ploded under the wall and ono side of
tho wall blown down. Three buildings
near by wero throw u down, mid several
persons wero injured. Tho attempt at
rcscuo was a failure. adjourned on the 20th Inst.,
and will meet again January Olh proxi
mo It has been suddenly discovered
that tho President can be left alono far
a row weeks.
A.v exfen-lvo building Is being erect
ed at Jofferson, Giietie lonnty, to be
used ns u college far the education of
Milliliters far tho ISaptist Church.
Ladicb' Kiiilrrel and river mink col
lars and muffs, at reduced prices at L.
T. SharplcKS's.
DImrket Ileporl.
Wheat per hnfthc!
(Vim .'.'!!!.'.'!!"."''"
I lour per barrel
( 'loverneeil
llutlcr '
Tallow ...'..'"."'.'.'"".'.
Drleil Ajijiles
suits niiii' s7io7iViVorVr.V.U.!"!!!!".V.'.!!.'.'"
Irilltl jilt pound
Hay JK.T Ion
llcmlocl: i:o.inl per tliom-mul foot
. 310
hlilnglfu, .No, 1 pi-f tJiuiivjind
ft. .
JPl.ilnUl)hlH flurl(tiit
Noil hwfum extra hjmh oju
Tjorihw.'sii'Di nuully 10.UMriM.ik)
lVntiHylMuilu imtl Wcsicrn fumliyV."'
I'eiuisyivttnla ana Witern funcy
Itjcllmtr ,,
V iikat lVnnvyivimi.irftl, lum..."
HoiltlllTIl " "
Cullfoilllll " "
Itvr. l'ninHj-lvftnJ.t rye, V l-i"
Colts Yellow, "
Wlilti. . ". "'
Hm-9 us
ritovihtuss iifH j'fjik, -ji idji... "'"
.... 7 .MJfeS.T-.
.. E'i ITd5VJ
.. UMW'M"
.. l..'lrr!,5l.:t
,. SI.'J-kaiI.'.'I
I)rih4ei Unas, n tb ,
Smoked Ilmim "
' hlioulilcrslt)
i.mowiM.HM4 V bus
CArnE-lii-i-f Cnltlev lb...V,V,"..V.V"
f'ou-i. 1.1
niifciij'-s i- it
iiutis y hwrts""!!.'!7.'"!!.'"7!.r.l'.'.'...!'
f.Ulier, uu tho loth hu(., hy Uv, II. Wiutswortl-.
ilr. Daniel .M, ,Uh toilUHMiwiuiullfHiw. both
of lalnuouiit, I,U7crnu(ounty,
CI1A1MN-KMHV Atthoniinotiuw by thennmv.
l iown lllll, Mr. Nuihun 1. Ctuipln, ot llutit.
iMRton, l.u.enn. to., to Mis Uiuliith A, I Jury,
of 1 ihmcrct'k, Columbia county.
KIJ.NlvM,-TUUMl-l Ulooinsbuiif, hy Rev. P.
J. W iiUtr.ou thoMh lnnt., Mr. Oniric Kunklu
tu MIhh Mary M. Trump,
KIlANCKH-MUCIlI.!:il-On tho time tiny hy
thoNiiim',atl;liht Mlrcet, i'nmcli rramcn to
Mht-i Koscttu Muchlvr,
tnrn:il-WI.LMVj;n-in Danville, on Tum.
day tho 17th itut., ut thort'slilrii('conhebrltloM, Mr. Snmuel C' Kfv. J.r.
MUliT. Mr. W. If. Otru-r, of V.Mnmsport, to
Mis Muttlo A.WVlUVfr.ofWhltolliU), Mull
tour (innty, la,
KNOUU-im.I rCNDACII-Atthohoufie of the
hrldftfl tathcr, In Hiimm Township, on the iuth
Inn., hy ltcv. 11. r. Allcnian.Chuilct U. liuoir,
toHiido A. Dit-llenbiifh.nllofllloura lowiuhlp,
Artompanylng th nhovu otlco wo rwo.v
f d a, flno Instalment of wedding ralco. Wo wlbh
thu happy couple hlUumtilnablo fcuuct'si in llff,
uJ trust their futuro may ho iu bright un thlr
Imashintlon wvf palutH It. Kmm.v thu'raroa un 1
dutluN may itmuvo the tfiid njj, hm tt wliidfvcl
opo tho fcubstMiitlnl nnd laMiUKtiUHlltlcHOf cmdi.
iH:MOTT-In Madison Township, on tho7th hint,
Margaret Umott, dauuhter of Jeuh Jpiwtt,
l-1.t aged 41 ears, of cuncor,
jrnw fuuxituiik store
A. J. nnilNINGKIt,
Would reppctt fully annouuro to thu public,
that ho luv opened ntw Kurnlturo Htoro l
Main lllf, wiicif )io IttfiiH nil kind of city nud
hgnitf mad
cano bottomed nnd hair cushioned chairs, all
tdylfH of llotUtrads nnd hurtatiH, tub leu ami
Mandt, and all cimhIh In hU lino. Itepnlrlntf neat
ly nud "julckly ilono. IlnUKopulntluifaudpapcr
haiiKltiie dujtu tit fchoci o leo and rt-ubunahlu
rau'n; in tii uvi umtmw, Alto, unejcrliiklnu
vn, wi.TAi: a iiAi.sAM or wixi) citunnY
Where thin nf title Is Known Ulan word ofnup
crcrctfuUon to rmy ono wont In its favor, so well
In It ottobllslirrt at nn unfailing rcmoily for
Cousht, Colli, Uronyhltlf, Croup, Whooping
Cough, Aithliin, d IseftsOB of tho thront, chest, nnd
lung, m well n that most dreaded of nil d Iscascn,
Coniumptlou, which hlIi medtcftl nuthorlly
hm pro.iuuiu1. d to bo an inourahlo dtninte. Thust-,
who ho r u-K'd litis I'tniotly know iti Vtiluct thoso
who have not havo but to make a ulnglo trial to
hoMtUno.l I hat tilt iHTtlR lIHMIlbY.
llu) li . Jacob Miv hlor, well kuou-n nnd imu h
rexpeetotl nniong tho Uoriiinu population td this
country, wiKt us i -)loii
llAKuVRit, 1'tt., Pib. 10, lifi,
Mmjm H, W, I'owi-n tSt Son, Uoston i
DllAlt Miii-ll.iviiia rcnllzcil in mv f.imllv lin-
p ataut Lii'tieflis ti'uiiv tho n.o of your aluabio
pit paritl 1UI Wis 1 VH'M llAMAM OF I Ml (.111 It-
uv It nlbn .1- mo picmmtttu reetiinmenil It tu tin
public. 'ilin'ellil i.iirt iiko uim nl ln diUlnll
teiH k e nii'd to bu tn a dtt line, ml lit tin hopev mr
nor leiovto wi'ii euh-uiitntHt. 1 then juiK'nrcd
a bottlo of ."ur fXniUnl linWiiM. and beiori'
nho had laituu Hit wiiou nt li tln-ro was u dieivt
mnr . run ni In m nt .utii, 1 h l.i in iii-li-vhfual
ruHc, iii i ic ii-ttpi -nt nto ol your ahiablti
UlCvlK I IH , ll 1 1 1 Jill V l 111 IHH'll IK Ul II It'll 0 II.
I would, hftwevrr, fiiulU u the publli- HKiulisi lni
iHiHitiuii, hi.'' ttif Un w Unxotnl ileid ol Piiurluils
isiai a in w nu v licit, uiimii uiluifiU'
out Un count i, v, JArOU MfcX'lIIjKU.
iSom Hfiiuiiit) Halts) -l,;utd "1. HUIlrt ol:
th" w lapni r.
l'u put i uv sbtji w. rowu-; a nun, is
fn tnoni ir i, l( '.-tn'i.iti e t i .nl b druuisth
Somo h'oibH Caut Sloop Nighta
Vi-itY ititii" ull r homm ucraldobllllv.ftlljciH
from wi .u.ii' ! oi i ho Momm'h and Inafilltty to
dlwM i Ik ir mm I ; Mum- luuoorofpin(riiiiHatloiiH
it i in i ut' iiit t nun pinii in inn duck, w nn
rtt'hln , an I w. ti tltiohbhisrut the lliubt, Thrai
naiuls'tj intlli - Kit ib r through loint yonrs liom
Wll.ll till ' .tin 1 1 I MAI l HMfLAINld, tlltlKOd 1)
tlit'll'lnxiilioii "I liiuscln an I lluailU'Ut Ihhl lit
tendtUiU.e . i tu MiaboKi', 'ihoimaudsoi buH
liitNs mi'i), " . 1 1 u't l.i l in mind and body, list' up
in.' mi tin iitnei itiin lit1 ' li m nuiik iiir iiutv tir
tho riijn nu ni i ni lib. J.xi'i in ymith,and tho
leTTioic cihTiH oi ifvur ami niau. luoiL hiiii
li'it'd ronstituiitiUH and t laiiurt of tho koiu nil
lillK'thiliH of hciilll. ToMilU'iehi lunu nil these
oil'.-rK nn hivalii'iblp boon a n.durnl nndrfllrlent
leiovi'iy ni In i pi i wo in. No puson, niau or ho-
loot litis ii nu'.jy. The Norvfno will bo louud to
posse s an i ii.tniiiu una nnuiu fprineipie, It
Iianalllnhv lot Ibe Xi-rvoiiK Kihii'( and mipp io
tlx in lor tlio wtsl IlitU is( c.
IilkH Vi li ill -io'iic l - id iai n into tho t tomiKh, U
uinliTftocri rm.itl iIIk sti.ui. Invltforatlm: lu Its
proet tii" uiKi-smt.' oifj ins, mid pruducitm a
(r,V.H SH AMI T IAN'iLrlLI rv
imltnnwn tnnv otln-r prcnnintloii. It contain
no upturn i h.t- l.i e-h, and sn tar trom prodiiflnt;
coitlM at s it . Ill he tuiunl ah i-lllelent t tti'o lor
ctinsunipunn. t.i i' oi'ltunod a wide teitown
im ni pet iuuvrn, .
iiAf ruu'i-i: hay.
J)t'tir luictor; 'llm last me llelno paseribod bv
oit I ibt. lined, and w ill i,nv lhat It nld'i Nen InV
and ln iomtn- i all (hat it claims to ho, I (eel
like a now man; I nh-i-p well; hftveajood nppi lltoj
iitut if i'l 1 1 ii in nor llinii I lin.i fni iiintiv mii
ptt-i." .Contiiiiulod b.y J r. J I. A, 'iiu-ktr, Wt'i
"I b.ivc ttfrod tho Nnr ino.nnd flndnuell nun h
Imu'tlud by il, purtii ulmly in iho lm reaso ol
stu'ttKlb niul un- ot trrinbltiu: vps'itlont.
t lu-m t'tu iiio htims to be.1 t ntiU'ly cured,
llittiu'tnbr. 'i utkor.
Hm niedit ino i.u tird.'ietl (Pnod'K Nervine)
webino t.du li timo I nUlis oi. It is iv qu-at
tnii)1:. .Mv-i.tie hih Kite bad rather ono
in. ii i oi ii umn i it t on. tors hho H certainly
belter. Lctti orrhiou fttifd : don't foil tho dnnr-
ina down io mueh ; b."1ijH moo tnshr. nud in
a i teller iiei oils contiition oery way. '
(I. Ii. .Mm lm. Cithbii r(ii.-nllouso. Lous llmnth,
rs, .1., r itiiesihat Pood's Nenino has uucdlilm
otthronle nealtuivi of Iho i-totn.icli. dlyhtcsH
and mi k ht ttiUche, andgioatly fctieiiglheued his
wlioh - -um.
Ha id lliuthorn,;i:)3HtatnRl.( Hinukhn, euted
iti nuimii- itiu-M.-iii.ii- linn iifi Mini OCOUIIV,
John Jl.llbllt. ltiooklVll. .N. V. mux' 'i'li rcrrn.
talo tin' boui'lh without producing oalhairlc cr
icet, ijuiet tin ur now, and tone up ihn hMem, I
i in i i ii ("i u tei iill 1 11 1 11 IIKU rilUailOit JJt'uUI
er lne."
W. 1'. I ans :-)., h'tistfotd, Conn.: ".My wife
huh Milieu ii inr hoeiueon i-nra with extreme
norou debility nnd mtnnat prostintloii" sho
was ludtictd hy ti irlend to try lir. .1. W. Hood'8
.cr me nun iu t niiK.ui'r, ana oyiis umo is now
lestored to iPt'i'tetM In tilth."
Dr. ( . C i-iW, Lhaihslown, Mn-n.; "In caves
oi cio ii in n out ueiJiiuy, not coniiuea ny any
means to ibe litnalo nririnisatiou mmii eonnnon
than nmoiu men, I tinploy iJoihl's 'trvlno and
InvKo i.itm with tho happiest cllct It oxeocds
in tonle iwjwernnyihim; that I know, whllo Its
action up u liiolnmoifiMiiil that tan hodestud. '
Hood's ,N.iinc and Invent Ifr.itor it tmplojod
in i m iiijspiiat lor tuo tnsano ut
Tot un t orcii ner.ii Deld.ty, Indigestion, .Sleep
nes-t. Kliliur Lomnlalut. Wiml Colic, nnd t ttmle
tlomitlanilH In ihcii own Jamlllcs. wo ri fer. with
pi imlsscn, to tho tolluwiui; contlemeu In thl.
itiiiit ;
I,. Hall, esq., riflh Avenue Hotel, X, V.
W. II. liod(;o,lraet House, X V,
.lolm Williams, Policeman, N. V.
J. . Pukctl. tMj Cilnton-ht., lliooklyn
Hr. II. A. 'luektr, llntonht., lh-ooklvn,
J. K WiUht, CH(., Joiicy City,
Hon. W.u l on I hae. Qii Itroudwnv. N. Y.
1'or Mile by all Druggist-, lrico Sl.W per hortlo,
ii, i. raiuici- v ,, l'loiineturH, i. i.
tip.Ai'is cni.nii't vri.n hata'C I'ro a Mr. Jas.
Liniin. oi .im jMurv. Mtift.
I Vi is i. illicit ii u nh i. hovoto fidon on no of
in Illinois iinu ri it'll in tiUicdioN wtthoiu
reiicj. zi i.niuih liKtuecii mo to nnmv your
(salve. In two a i, i ii i Mrattitl tia lutlutumution
liom m tliikf i miiis iiiiiuiiiii inc in K'Miiiii' mv
W'.k. I c ill t lino-i -a, ' the Sule Hoikid
like ni icic, lm j i Uocud a ii'ie williotit n.aint;
iinMi. i nun hiwninti nun hull1 tii act H ii e
an i i in" it i cine t Hint do not doubt It w Hi be
llppH '1 lie M tlllotielltoUl I MO hind."
OMA I j.N Iti A JSiX,
HIIJl W 1 u. l.i: A hU.N, llohton, I'roin-Ictnrs,
told Iy np'iibee Tlo tiutl t,roetiH i ncinfly.
'IO ( MI'I IVlvs 'iho Uov. Kduard A.
Wilson h til m lul ytuv oi ehatvt'jto all M ho desiiv
II. the nie-t i n-tk-u .lllilbciliiretloits form ikinu
tin 'I uidtijx iii i i in j ilo lomcdy by which ho was
i ii it'o oi k iimi .in i iion an 1 1 iim urcuutii disease
Con..umpt. n. Ills oiilv object is toljcnelt the
alllicted, and he hoped i ei hiitlerei will tiy tills
juert-i i ii hid, im u ill isist. infill IIOIIUUU, (IIKI
inuy iu n meshinc. I'lcatse aiiuress
i;ia. i;i)V Aim a. wiro.v,
No. HJo South M'eond bticet,
myiiroT-lj, Wlillntii'-bur:, KliiK-twi., X y,
INrOIlM VnoN Informal hm cuaiaiiti'cd to
produce a iuMiilnnt month of hair upon it bald
he ml i v bi ar tile's tm e, a'.-ua receipe lor tho ie
moa!ol 1 implfs, liloithct, I .i upturns, ele., on
tho skin. Ua intr ihe i jmc solt,e!cnr,niid beanll
inl, nn he obtained w Uhoul thnifri' by utldressinir
liUiM, V. I lIAi-MAN.ilioinht,
sepliCV. o.aihuadwpy,;;ew oik.
uditou's ; otj c;i:.
lu Ibe fouit of Common riras In anl fur tho
coimiyot eolumbiH. Jn tho muiter ol ibi'unlK
oftliu ical labile, ol .lol.n l'erry liv lhu Mierill".
'I lu1 lluilerlL'lll'il nuilltoi tiii,ltileil by tho ('mill
to iiLikii iliitilbiitlini, oi bu liind In Court,
nmoiit; the lieu en tl!tm of John IVny will meet
llu, .ii tit h hit ti -stt'il lor tho iiiirpte ofhls np
polutuant ni lili (illlrii lu l!.oomi.l,uiff In uilil
louniy. un .Moi.ih.y the 27th ihiv oi .liu.Hnry,..ii.
l-u",i 10 o"i lock u,iii.. of I hut iiiiy. Alllho pnr-
til. lllll'll Sll ll llie H'llHMl'll to ittteml on Hint
ilny or bo cl.'l urn it fioju coming In for a part ul"
sli.n n! m Ml luml, 1 n. iki:w.u.
I in' -Tor. Auditor.
VlHTOli'iS MOTIt'li
in ti.u ('. urt oft '1111111011 I'ltuis In ami fr tho
eoiini) ol i oliimhlii. lu Ibe uintter of tho knle
of lbo rc it eMitle of I'muiuiel I.. Ucttcilv, by ita.
Hheiiff. Til.- tuiili'. slKlml audllor liiitioilltctl by
e'ouit lo iiiuI.i ilMilbullon, ol lbo fund In Dmut
ainolit; lieu ilidlluiK ol i:iiiniilli 1 I., lleltuly,
will tuo.'t tho tait.i s iuli't-oiited for Iho i.iii-oihu
of Jii . li.l..iilJUiic 111, .il the olllcc oi 11.1'. U.llk
lr.,ln llloi,iiHburg,in wdil count., on Sat unlay,
the bitli m Ji miaiv, A. li.,lNWat 10 o'i'loi U a.lii
ofthat d.i-. All I lm piuik'H imoitvti'il aro re
ttui'idt d in ititi ltd on lli.d ilny or bo foiever ilo.
barivd frnlii tiiinlnn in loli pint or i-h iro of s Ud
'".ml. 11, l!.l,n,
I'ec -T t.". Auditor.
J.J i)IVKMii;il-To Abiaham Luliour, Ivime
Ijii'nur, il ii) Ann, liileimarried M'ilii J.i'oiuml
Kline, i atl'tu .no. inlet man it d wLthJoscphriaw
imd, lit 1'itiM, intci'iiiarritd ivllli haiiun-I liiooks,
Jrti li --ii I ib tor, Ilham I.aliinir, Aiuaijiilcruiiir
lied Mitli ii.nn-i iVliiti' and l.lmirj Labour,
lini'tl il'ii iutwiif 11 inn in l.ubuur, tlfcctttkul,
nnd iii nil .i ifcoui inieii slid, (iKctlngt You are
111 ri 1 li'tllllliil and IlliOtUI befiito lbo .tlirtmu.
oi'iii i ii .iii.uiVJ ouitfnf an Orphan' t'oun to bo
uriu.ii lUvuJutbuiy.rm tlm firsi Jlourtnyof I ibru
nry next, than niitl there to accent in lefinu to
iiilui the ical nlntn of the Mild Harmon Labour,
iloc(,i.iiiii.ti- tu l'l-diingi'irtl: tinwislilii, In
Coluiul'lii tounly, at the iipiirul.ctl valiintiuii nut
upon It In an Iniiiutt tlnlT aiwiidi il liy llio Mud
Loan and n luincil li the iluritr, in will thai
eerlalli nn Huttie unit ti.u t ol luml Minnie In tliu
loiHi-blpiiior, aid nnd boundi .1 and ilt'M'i Hied u'.
folloivm on ihonoi'inm, unlnf Willluin Wlilto
lllgln. on II . tii'.i I, mud or JiHinlall I lean, nil
ibe -. nil In li.iulnir lliihard ntlulit, and John
Hem ... ..nd on Ukmum In u dot Wlltl.iiiiI.oiil!
contains lorlv aeri". more or feint wllh tliu iti.inir
ti'llain i it, Muni eaui.e why llie aame fliould not
be bold. And la u ol mil not,
Wltln.s the Uoiioiablu WilllHM UWQll,
I'letdiltUI of mild e'oiiil at llloombliri;, the llilll
day ot 1) I'oiiilicr, v.n. !H07,
Ji.viu l oi.fcNAN, (Jierk, o. i',
or v.uJAiir.i: n::.i. : nn:,
In purMiiiiiec of an in dor rfthn Orpliuns' f'otlrt
ol l . luml in i .unit 1'n., on Moli.iay, Janmiiy
"li, ' a at inn'iuii; in the fort noon, Naib-m
J Hi I', (lui niiull il the l.uuti and equina id
U 1 i. I n..l , in, l'r. minor elill lien of Win
h'ly.b.t.' in nfiliii i.iwii'UI , dd fuuiiiv.UiC' a ed
Mdl i m- o lo ,U' i. i in. la vendue, on lie
. retain -N. t!i.. undivided one-leiilii Inltle'.t of Lull...... in ecitaln iiiciimiiii' and
T ii A C T OV Ii A X li ,
eoubiliilnu iwintr licit s, more or ew, atljoiiitnK
V."',"."' r'l"rfe Mowier, 11. alien 1'ry, lliztlduli
1 oil hm r mil oUali.on vlikh u eleiletl it
Ibet'.lale , I lli.i d I waitli a nloi. mkl, hllllulu
III tbi li.iu.i 1 i idat utility afoii wild,
. , JriMi eoi.i-.MAN, ( Ii tk.
an atjf'.,.i. o.-,ite -'i.nptri.ut ofllieom-
fourlii of the purel mono lobe paid on the
ilny of wile . one tourib lm tbo un putt nt, on
the milium, .ill, ,ii ori.iile, ituil Iho linlauco iu one
er linm 1 1 olh him on, wltl. Interest Irom lou-
Iliiu lib ii, m m. I'o r lo i in r..r died mid
ntfinp . NATHAN,
' Uimrdtnn,
A hi. Kitul" of Kttuly I'liilei C'lotlilnu'
al low fiiruira lit ('IlhMIU.ltt.lN's llothlng
Htoru. Hartiuiui tlucl;, liloouubunf, la,(i)-iHi.
H A Ij K j
ov valua:
In mirninnco of nn order of tho Ort.hnn' Court
of Columbia County, lVnmyhniila, on Tiit'iit
HAi, jAnnAiii, imu, iron. ni iw uckh'k iii iiiv
roreuoou. Marmatluko 1. Fowlrr.tnirdlnn of tho
pprnont and entitles of tho minor children of Hilni
1:, I'owler, Into ofHcott township, In nnld county,
docprticd, will oxposo to nlo hy inibiic vendue,
on mo pi cm inch, mo ioiio inn uiiuiviucii
HIX I.OTH or ounuxiH
No. 1 Tho undivided ouothlrd of nil that cer
tain piece, parcel, nnd tot or (trouiuh rdtuato lu
lhu township of Mcolt, In Iho county of Columbia,
helunluK lu n public road.noulh pevciity'elcht
nndone-lourlh dettteoi west, ono hundred nnd
rorty hot tw lot of l. W. Crerl!nft A Co., thonco
by witnu nouth oleven nnd ouo-olghth dotiieoi
r ist, one hundred nnd noventy feet to wharf lots,
Hieneo ny tuo ainonoriU8ofiniy-eisni nun one
fourth decreet onit, oun hundred nnd forty feet
lo ii lot beloiiKlnietuO. W, Crevciltitfti Co , tfienco
hy tho Miino noith eleYrnnndone-eihlh deciej
Host one hundred nnd elchty feet to thopUeo of
biKintdnn, conlalnlUBtHeiitylour thounmd Ilo
iniiitiit'ii Mpuuu lvct,
ilThn undivided nno-thlrd of nil that certain
piece, parcel, and lot of ground, lluilo tn the
Unv iu 1 dp oi Hcott, un 1 county aforchnld, hecin
niim nt a utomi lu the public road, thonco hvland
belonaiiiR to tho fstAto of lilt Ciciellug, Houth
Uiirtydi-fxu-istn'ttftwehoandfiiui'tcntli perches
to a hloito ot-riho bertn bank of tlio cnnal, thence
idoujthald heim bunk nortli elj;htythtfc nud ono
hair dicrceft oast tn t nly-lliree.and thieodenlhs
peicliei to fi htono, thonco hy I.i'nd of .lesso Mer-iL-ll,
thcueo hy and hail lot hoi th thirteen
ami one-ball decreet went, tl o p ithei to ft stone,
tlu-noo north tUhtj-tHo tk'jii'i-s oast tuo hun
dred and Mtydx foot elijlit inehcM ton Mono,
lh nee by land or unld minors and tl. W, Croud
in A. Co., nwrth eleven and on'-olniith degrcca
wtst ono hundridiind Mnly feci to tho public
lo id aruto!iatd,thenea hy tho Kaino south novcnty
stvea and thieedounhdfjroea nct tiilrtv-eiuht
pcifliei, moio or less lo tlio pl.uo of beglnnrutf
No. II Tho undivided oncdhlrd part nf nit that
rortainpleto. parcel, nnd Lot ofniotind, Mtuato
In tho itnMisIup til rscott, and uainty ntoreald,
bounded and ilest ribed at lollowsi HeKlnnlng nt
a post mi tho hank of tho canal, thtneo up the
Mime inn th KOriitylhri o ntal one-hnlf deiiti vi,
east twtlo lurches thonco hy land or John
lletably hoiili hlxteen decrees Hest four nnd
ocundtiilli perches ton pott, thcueo by thevnnif-nou,hBCcnly-throc
nnd onodmlf dfauei Htht
tHclo peiehcj, theiu'o by tho dnmu Kmith nix
tt'Lit denrees vast lUo and thn-e-tenth perchts to
tho plueoof bealiitihiK, containing tt ly pcrclut
ot laud.
No. 1-TIioundlvMedonc-thIrd part of nil that
ctitaln pit is, parcel, and lotol cround, sllimto In
Iho township of HcwU, and county afoiei-aid,
bounded nud described ns follow i llcglnnim: at
a Mono and lunnliiH thence alonii tho lino ot tb
hcrm bank oi ihoNoilh liraiich 1H lsloti of l'tnn
sylvan l.t canal, down stream, Mt perches ton
stone, theato hy land of William 'l.cmuly not lit
wetlwatdly lUo perehtstoiiHUMio, thencobr the
wuno imrtheastwaiill six perehen to n (done,
tbeneo by a wharf or the naid William Iromblj
miulhoa.twnrdly llo peiches to tho placo of ho
Klhn.iii.-.eiiiiluluinK thirty pciehen, htrlet mciH
u I e.
No. o-Tho undivided onodmtf of tho undivi
ded one third pait of nil that certain piece, par
col, and lot of around, Mtttulo In Hcott township,
and county n forca id, hounded and descrlbod as
lollowsi lleKlnnlua at n Mono at th; main or
public road lrtidihKiioui Hlooiusburntolierw lek,
llicneo ay tho s.imo north, sovonty-cJifht denrees
oa-t Un peithet and lwotcnlhs ton stone In tho
cui nor nt tho Mild main road and the public road
leadlnu to tho limestone quart ios, thnco hv tho
last mentioned road north twenty-nine and three
fbuith decree. west, ten pt relies to ti stone, thonco
by lot now orfotmcily owned bv tho widow Ilur
linaatno, houih soenty-c)cht decrees west, six
pen he.s and eight, tent lis to n stone, thcueo hy
I ind of Anion Uoona houlli ten and ono-fourtii
dt cru-H cast nino pi relies and nix-tenths to tho
placo oi beginning, contalnins eiultly perchct,
fctrict mut!suio.
No. 0 Tlio undlvldeel one-third nnrt nf nil Hint.
certain piece, put eel, nnd lot of around, Nituato
in neiiu un. ii-oii,uiiei cuu in y aioi fsaio, oouirictl
and desei lbeil as Inllnu si Iti-irlnnltirr nf n mwt mi
tlio Iktiu hank or the Nortli Ilrauch Division ot
the lVnnsylvanht canal, olRht perches below it
lot of ri oti nd of Aaron linono, nnd runillna from
tlieuoo alona said canal down Mrcain, westtwo
liundrwl feet to a post, thonco hy land now or
lormmy owned by William Trembly, north
lahly-two foot bIx Inches to n post, nud thoncc
south eichty-t wo feet six inches to tho platoof
beclnnliia, contalnlna slxly and llvc-e-lchths
tiriehes of land, Ml let measure, tho estate or said
minors, situato In the township of hcott nud
i-uiuiiy luurtrMiui, jk-mie coi-I-SIAN, Clcrit,
AS- Cbnttttloniof Afic Oue-thlnl of lbo niir.
chase money to remain tu tie prfM.ihes dnrina
the natural llto of thu widow ot tho saldHllaslI.
Fowler, deceased, find tho interest tobo annually
and icaularly paid to Ik r by thu pin chaser or pur
chasirMon tho Int day or April of each nnd eety
yeardtnimr tho natural Iho ofsntd widow, tho
tlrst payment to ho mado on tho 1st day or April,
i-w. nil will. VH llll) lilll.llltU Ul IIIU J1UI'
fhnso innncv to bn naid on tbn d.iv nf t.utn mr.
louith of the hiilanco lest tho ten per cent, to ho
tmld on tho coiitlrinutlon id sale, and tho balance
on tho 1st day or April, lhblt, wlih Interest from
tho 1st day oi April, lsds. l'ossosslon then on
tho 1st day of April, ls(t. Purchasers to pny for
uinio imu oiuniin, iiiu uiiiieiius on nil! nrti
ut-scinuii lot oi artniiio are cciiiihcii.
M. I., (luardlan.
December CO, lsC7.
p U IJ 1j I (' S A Ij i:
In pur-unncooran order or tlio Orphann' Court
or Columbia county, l'u., on Haturday, .Ianuar
Ulh. IkifJat JU o'flotk in tho lortiioou, Knutnuel
UtJius, admlniMiatorcum teKtamtnto tiuncxo
ot Llemuel ii. UleKi-tU, lateot Oran-io towiifchlt,
insaidtoiiuty, dte'Hed, will expose to bale by
public nittuv, on tho pre mlseM, a t'crlaln tuea-
ltuato In tho town of Oianitcvllu Columbia
county, bounded by land ut A.M. htowart nnd
l'i Icr Athenbaeh, hy laln street In front, nndutt
nnvj " 11 iii, ii.-it'iMi is t rt-fifu u ileum iwo-4iory
ntAMi; uwrxi.ixa iiol-iu.
The lot Is loeilod In the eeutie of tho town, and
l.i in every lespi-ct a desirabht iiroperly: lain tho
e itatn or isald dt teased, Mliulo In towiiKhiii and
t-ouiiiy aini-t'SHiii. jrssi, rijj.rMAx, t'lorlt.
Vd()'i(h(oat o lio une-half ot tho pur
nasi- nioiiLv- in reinain riairtreit upon tin- piem
Isesdurlii'jihe natural liinot Mary HicketU.n bl
ow ot tho dei-eased.nnd tho tnteu'st I hereof Jo he
nuininiij nun 1 1 jjn rij rm ncr ny ine iim Ii.h-i-i'ou
tbeihstdy otJannaiy of each and oviry
-tear durlntiher uatuial life. and at io.fiuth t)
inliifipal lo bo paid by iho nun baser to tho mt-
sont ii-;iiij intitled thiulo. 'I'm per cult, r.f
itiH-iuuiui oi uii'uiH-iL.ii oi mo puicnasn iiHiuey
to lie paid at tho striking down of llm piopoity;
tho oue-iourlh f tho hair, less tho i-u iier
t nt, on Hid ubsolulo oonllnnalloii of Mile, and
ihohilaneooniieone-halfln ono yf.irfiout the
( onllrmailoii.wllh intt rct from tho conilrimttlon
ni. hi. 'Iho purchaser to pay for ibi-d and
m nips. I.JIA.'SUl.U I.A.AHL
Administrator cniu tesiamunto unn.o,
Dec. WtI7,
A llMlMSTJtATOU'S NOTK'i: or niiinoN siEruni!, nrrr.ini
K tini I
LetierM of admltliijtratlon on tliee-t..ii of riblnn
steelier. Into of llemloi k towiisiiln. tVilmnlil i .
deeeakt'd bno been granted by llm llrctater of
. lid county In htetker and Isaac l.eldv.
All pernona lininK claims or tlouinmls nitaln'st
inn tbtiite oi mo iiecfciieiii aro lfipieidcil to luake
..ii... i. iiuit.i, t.ii tnu-iu iiineoii ii in iiuiKi. p,iy
niclll. MIMIX hTLl',
Dec In, AdmlnlstiutiOls.
Tlir. COUNTY OK CUI.f.MlIIA, llatilto of
ju-.eili I'.ixton, into of e'atawisHa ttniniilp, tie
eeaietl, Tlie undeiHlned, Ainlltnr npiiolut.-d by
tlio Dl-nhans' t'ouit ot Coloiiibla t'.iiiiitv n. r...
pott ilMrlbulion of tlio balance lu tliolinnds of
tieoiKf iiumi(N,.ionu lIarpIcs ami i.toyii rut
ton, AduiJuihtrutuis of Joseph I'uxtou, tltcirasetl.
will meet lbo ihuIIch littciesttil, lor llai inirpose,
of bin appointment, nt Ills olllce, in lllooiu Ibilljr.
In Hiltl iuuntyon 'lluusdar, lbo .'.Id day til.lnn.
nary, a. ILjiifi, nt ID o'clock a. !., of lliat. day,
.tiitne fauna iiucitsieii are aouciileil to nt
tendon tint day or lie farmer tleliarreil irom
conilii In lor u pail or what a of paid luml.
'' HIIUC'IiWAY, Ainlltor.
lllooinHhuru, Dec. li, 1S07-1I, ,
Tjs' nn: oni'iiAxs' court of
.LlOI,y.MllIAl Ot;.NTY. In tho matter of the
liniulidtlou and valuation ot the leal celale of
eieome Mcl.wcn, Into of (Irctnwnoit towuhlp,
LolumbU toiinty, tleo'tl. And now to wlti lit
tt inlicr Itln lsu7, on motion of W. ll. Hurley, tho
U 1."11m '. . Jlenry I, Mef;wt n.
.Malllda Irvlii Into Matilda Dcllwen, Ani.indu
llaynuin Into Amnmhi MeKwen, elilldlen and
helikof (norEO McIAven, deceased to apiitariU
an (Irphaim' I'catit tohe licldnt HIooiusIiuik, lu
andfori.iild eounly.on tlio thM Moinlny nf l eb
rnury, A, n, MiS, audaecei.t oncfuse tliemtd en.
f ' i 'ate al Iho Mtluatlnn oi allow cause why
I., s. 1 the mime should not he sold. Cerllilctl
1 . '' fiom the lecouU DeeeinWr 4. 107.
, ,, J1H1' L'OI.IIMAN, t lk. 0.0.
December 0, TO, '
I.ettersltstaii'cnlary on ibseiinte of Atimlinm
lleineu.l tlo ol llreenwooil Uolumbla county, I'll,
line been K allied by llie lu-gltler of said eii untyj
o Abrahniii lieiBen. llrow, of Jlannalinvklli
Ocenii eoniity. New Jersey. All poisons liuln
i liilmaiiealnsf Uio cstateurt) reniit-sied tn present
hem to llio I.M ciilor for seltlement.nnd tlioso
knowtnEtlieniselvealniltbledtitiniike luivinen!.
AiiiiAiiA'i iiuiuijN imoWi:. '
Nnv.K,07-l)w. llxeciltor.
A"ui")lToies xotc'i:.
riiliinibla Couilly, si.: In tlie Orphans' Cmut of
"i'f'.fV'!'! ll!lh" "ndterof tho cstntoarDa
?. .. . ..'! lnr 'lieensetl on motion of Mr. f'lark,
I- 11. Utile Is unpointed nudttor to inuko lilstrl
.iltl il , llytbo Coiirli Irom tho record, Doceln.
ber (l,lMi7. Jl-ralj rill.hM AN, Uli k.
IheuniKrslxneil willnttend to Ihedutles of his
(ippohillaeiil al his olllto in lllotmiabui'ir, on
UitiTllulay oi January, A.U. Ism. nt 2 o'clis k n.
m.,ai wliteli tlinoiiudplaonll parllea Intel eslial
t un attend.
1.. ii. i.ii li.i.,
X fliM'MlltA J'Ot'NTY, l'.stato of Wllllllni Ii.
unbolts, Into of Jnikson township, Columbia
'.!'u!'.'yY lb" niideinlttiieil, tindllnr uppolnl ed bv
iiieoiphans I'ouriof Columbia (ountj-, tt. stttlo
and adjust llio rat.;, and piois.illolis ot tlm lis
seta nt ths dei'ons si, in tbu bands of Abraham
Viuni'.adnilnl-.liiilnror William IJ. ItoheiU, do.
lenseti io and iiinnnu lbo iietiitnrsln tbo order
islubllshed by law. will met t lbo creditors oftliu
le.i ilelil.un.I nil ollitr persona lnteiesleil, .at the
olllce of Ibe llfcortler ol Deeds, In llloonil liurif,
In and for said eounly, lor Ibe purpose of Ii laup
''l.'"".n!',!l,t Haliir.lay, Iho mllituiypf Jan, nary,
lmiS.lit it. in., of Slll.l day, All pallles
Iniorested tiro renuested tu alieml on iha' ilny,
aiul in esa their elalnis or ho foieu rdeliorri l troin
t unifni; tu lor a pan or sham or tin. fund,
, , Joiin i, i itt:i:zn, Aimiinr,
Illoomsburs, Deo, ll, 1-U7,
HViAWimri'ulCsvK. '
Tlietinderalincd,ilealrini:lnrellrn from bail
ness, would unu lunce tn tho iiubllo that, thoy
W'lll dlssise, at prlvuto salt) of their liltlrn
I Ko;l,,(ts,nsl.tiiiK mitlnly of hartlware, i ami
nUti Iho liiinbtr aril ullulibed lo ihelrlHtoio.
Iho sloel: has been well silecteil, unit wlilmpeclul
rtltireucelo thu wants of tbo eoinmuultv , ni l
llie stuntl Is nn old mid well oslnbllshed iuiV'
i..,'. "!,,,"!.,V,'rlyi 1,1 I',W ll'" htoro 1, elm bo
bouulilorliustd, Apldv loornddreaa,
i. -nn.. lNI'lTI,I5.HAilI.U.
DecM.07.01 Cciilrnlla, Columbl Couuty, I'o.
FrBunJ'ehMj"ultdl'" Tu t,"'V"' Jitu
l:ngllh nml French DonnlliitT ftcliool for
fining Liullea. ApcoiiijiIIhIioiI llilumtors. licnlln
ful locntlon, ilcllnhtrul tlvcr-Milo roaldoiii-i-, uml
liomi-llUp comfort, nrn tho chief ntlrnctloni ot
thlHiiow nnii Ijcnuimil Imtltiitlon. Tlility Imml
anmo clminbcra llnill tho number of bonnlem lo
Hlxty. Hcconil term rommncpa. Knb, 1st, lfrO1. ror
I'lo'perlua mlilreaa totho rrlnclpnl, . . .
J.tisa ltAuitl.tiliM ei. HUNT, lioverly, N. T.
unit nenil In HM I I'll A (.'OW'I.nV.flllBliurgh,
l'u., ror their large tiuart-i L'lrcularof lhu
coiilfllnlngaiicclmenaof e'owlry'n t'rrmlum IVn
miuiahlp, I'.fptfiint Vlewa of Colleio lUlllillllg,
Itnlla, Lily of l'llWmrg'.i, etc., etc.
ror 1S, ' l'oi'WH.
(1001) ltl'MUtOl'M I'Al'ER
to r the New Yenr shoulit aubvcrlbe for
t it u idvas o i:.
l.tte, i:,irneatnnilHplrltunl. -lint Ihn nnifr for
mlumafor thoHo who net Ui l IuIjh. Hi-relmeli
1 lesscntfrie. Achlre till; AtlVAN" I'.ro..
UlAjmonrii iikici.,!iKo,
II A 1) S T II E K T S
i n i' ii ij v r. ii
la'uncn MotrtniNa Avn wr.ATitt:ti Hriup.a.
The beat.eheanest and only perfect WeAlhrr
Stilpa In thominket. Hxclude stiotv. r.iln, eold
air and dust. Tricon leiluced In auenta. The
sain la lieyotnl niiTtblnir eer otrereil. end for
nliKKenfaclrcnlnr. .1. W. lilt eiHI'lllPT .t li
.Miasnii mi,, , l ., r.7 wauiuuiion -n., limioii
J A M li H VI C !C, AMI UKOWIIll tir
i'lov,Kit ami vairjr.vhti: hilimm
nocin:sTi:u, ni:v yoiik.
ViiK'rt it.TA'sritMi.n c.vrvhonrK
Hr.i:i.j and runt ai nrini: ron i'C.
Ihhow i.uhlltihednndrrpdv loseml out. It mnkon
u wnrUofnbout ono huudrcd hifRO lnt,li"i, con
tain Itiif full tlcFicrlihnt of tho
ciieicr.HT FUiwinm .t. viuuiTAtw!
it Ith ldnltnllrertloni Tor Hoh-Iut Prfd, Cultuic,
Me, It It bf'iulltully lllustrntol, with more thnn
one hundred I no wood emirv hurt of 1 lower
nnd Vcgetaiblt", nnd u
m.AuriKUM'or.oni.n rr..n: ot n,ovi3it.s.
Well printed, on tho II net nnper, nnd one of
tho most bcjiutlful its .ell hh tho most instruct
ive nrltsoftho ItlUd published,
OS-Sent to nil ho nppl.v, bv mtil!, pnt.pnld,
for 1'J cents which It not Inlf the cost, Ailtltesn
JAMKS Vlt'K, ltoehester, U, V.
V Htiirco.
HAii.tNd rno.M ni:v yokic
Deceinber.'iih and l.llh: January olh, 1'itU
ami 2.1th, and l'i binary
15tli nud 'J-'itli.
AVItliNuvSlcaunhliiiof Hi" ilrst e!.ns.
l'AIHAal: l.OWl.'It T11N 11V ANY tlTlll It LINK.
I'or lurlber Information ntldrea Iho under
sinneil at 177 West HU eel, New Y-arlt.
D. .V. l,'.liltINlllO.', Anelil.
3 t'nrllnndt St,. New York,
Manufacture, Afjonta nnd Dealers In
AM. VAI!lt:TIl-.HJl'AMHlU'VN t t.oCKS.
SoloAgenta for
Jl) 000 I'KAXCS ! I
11 K It It I X Ci ' S
i' a t t i: x r
AVAitiu:i) tiii. riiii: mi:dai.s at
WJIIMVH I'AHt liondon.
llllljll Ml A III, ew You.
i xi'omition uNivi:iwi:i.i.i: l'.ub
3 0 , 0 0 (t 1' It A X CHI!
(SH,o00 in (laid,)
At tho recent International eontesi, In Ihc t'alla
Tlio public are Invited tocall and examine tho
report of tho Jury on the merits of the tnenl eon
test and seo the ollleial auald ti5 tho lleirlns's
l'atent over all tithars., l'Alllti:ii AND Mir.HMAN,
'.'.il llroadwny, Coiner MuriaySt., New Yfrk.
rAltltr.Ii, HHltlilNO AND I'O.,
Iir.ltltlNel AND CO., t'hlcaKO.
iiuutiNO, i'Ainti:ii and siii:iima:",
A Z Y 11 O Ml
jijL Three mat;ulltvntty lllusiialtd M.slici
Looks, contaliilntr luiiniitiiut I'hsolo;leiil Inloi
inatlon, for men ami women, sent lite on ii.'t'lpt
ii cents, by nildlesslni; llie Sm-ci clary or llie .s e
York Medical I nlvelslly, nii. i't rlintoii jabie
New York City.
i5 o v'xir
I A llrs' laetbod of Copying Letters, wlliloul
eiiiu r I'less or oilier, ineitnv saving nun, l.i
bor and expense. Ask tor"l'euti I.eiti r liotdi.
lor elnlllais, add I ess I'. (1 WIHI.TT I'll., M
I htstuul hi., I'iilin. Aiieiits wanteil.
JL Wanteil to enwuie In .1 liusiness, thir n; tbo
inn unu tint r, iavum irooi m.ii in t.n n tt
luontli. Address ZHHII.I. II. M until Y A- Co.
No. Id I AlchSl.. rbliad.'lphiu.l'ii.
V O Y ' S HK'inr
h u v v o it t i: u
Comblntn In one K-nmcnttipt v-
iiti uiiuiH i-imi, 11111 iiiu jnoii
ilesll'.ibh Hltitt hllppoiter e er
Ollflfll UlU pit Mll 1 1 pi,H I'H lilt'
velnht ot tin Kkirts upon the
hhouldeu luhtciul nf tliu hfoM
It Improves tbo torm u'llliouL
until incitiK; RWd cisc and ele
mince: ltnnprowd and reeom
llirtlitl'il 1 A- lillVvlcl.'IIU Sj.1.1 ill
Indlnc' f Hinv ktr-n ro'iii nillv niul ni if hi. In.
Kalo hy D. ll. HAltNl)KttS.;iCO.,ii(lh.umnu'rHt.(
iiosioii, itnti m tu lit r nt., .Miw i out. ao, ny
IIIINHY t MOtHtr.,ll.'y Mitt ket Slut I, rhllti.nnd
hii;, uiM.iuufSiVtu,:i jitinuvcrM
HnUlmorc, Aid.
AV A N 'irK u.
ii IiiidleH or (ientlcineit to selt tho (Jem Sels-
Horn Sbnrpener, Itulton ilolo t'utter nnd Hipper
combined, hnniplo tnt bv mull tor i 1 i-cnts. Ad-
drc-rt ilrs. a.n.xa h-MlTll, :w raikmsiwt.
Cloelnnd, O.
M H.ilesmen to trn (I nnd stll ttoods by smn
ple. (iood M lines ami slendv i mplowni'iu. Ail
dicss Willi btumii. IiA.Nl'IIKAIt.V PXItKY,
1117 SupoilorKt., flcveland, Oldo.
ndwlH mcRonttn nnv iiernnn ji'ihIIot in il
citio iu our umii, i'Mn j puiinrM.iie.ui urvnna run
CV oooiia. evc.u Ml i JM ess l'ltl ern. I'iieeof heet
Inn. Wntfh, Ac, fieoof cost. OitnlnKUO of uofHli
liu.1 niiuiiMe.-. M-iii io nnv nueirnKh i'C,
AddnsM AI.I.KX, JIAWlS .t: CO.,
Ij Ht., liuslou, MiifK,
I'.O, IioxC.
VhoIcsnlo lenlert In I'lrnch, (lornum, ntnl
i:nRllsh Dry nnd I-'nncy rooiIs, Cutlery, l'l.itcd
i tilt, .ui'liliin, lii'tlllll'l KlOllt I'd',
V WebsCotleii CToIh,l)lessl'.illern",Vnlll l'.lt-
cy eoods, clt", ele. Hend'ten cents'for 1'nli ot l'i I
houutlan, wllh slip descrlblus un aitlclo In our
tlollar sale.
Any person, (main or female,) inn semi In n
club of Horn 'M tti 1,0(10, at same rsto(10 els, for
euclil, and t;et n, premium lor so tlolnir. WmUn
lleKlstert-d I.ctteis. Samples mailed tiro tunny
uj nno er rjl., llostou, Mass,
it ih Tin; uvjfr cuanci: j'.VKit orn:!ii:in
Onoor tnodny'B timo will hccureiv Rood Kwlns
liunuit, v ttten, Pint jnehs, ueoiMr, or buiuu
otuer uriioio ni ecpuii viuue, i tee 01 1 ohii
AneiitK rtitnted every where, initloiuid fininle
for tho beht pinvubroUer'N halo iu lbo eon u try,
nt'im ioi uJieiiiui i n. i , 1 1 iwji r-'ii.- a i
1 Uxthuiise, Ht,, Jloston, ;Ju8.
laidlCK, Vou etiu icceUufor the Mini of
o n i; it o 1. 1, a n,
finch ns Bilk. Merino mid Alnuccu 1ickh-h,
hhttw N, JhilmonilH, I.inen (looils, 1 mtusxird la
bin t'otrK,AVutcht.M, Jt weliy,HllerrJuled Wmr,
Kfwintf.MiiciiiueHt'tc. Uil-i in no humbtiK, but e
leilllty, Helid 1 oill clubt orttlt ulld UpWtuils tor
thctlmdehcrlblnfjlhu Kimdi.wllh ten ictiu for
omh Iieclf, nml tho ettt r up of iho club rfll ie
tvlvu h nluublu pti-Kcnt, worth limn 3'J lo &mt
aceordliiif lo number ot luuneK m ut,
AkcuIh wttnttst iu cvcivinwn, I'lrnihiis isent
fn. AddictiH, (JllAUAM A C(J.,tjd((U IVdciul
Hlrctt, lioKton,
(lold nnd hller Vftfrhii.. Kfiwlnif Mmlilnfiy
frttwi leu Hi-tin, Kilk iJruMilVttrrti. I'liMiutin
Doinotic (Iood-, etc.,
t'lUCUIiAUS HI'.NT FJtni:,
Klvlnjc lull particulars of ou greut Ono Dollur
Hjilendid InducomentHollVrod to Aentsf.end
I nit ut ClubH. AddicKH, LAHONl'i; A HAIKU IT,
No, &) Sudbury Htieet, IIonIoii,
jo luoiti: ni:i:i)
uf people In Hie country pnylm thrte tir four
piohtsou thoKoods they havo lo buy. The meth
ods Intrtalticod by tho Doi.LAH MAl.liiirln-ii.le.
iiaolleied hy (UI.MAN A I ()., Illl Iliilunei' Ht.
lioslou. Msss., enables f'ousuuicis to otdn In aoods
nt wholesatlii prlets, wllh iiliuost unHuillid ul.
uwluuofejrcliauKe, ami valuable in esenla thrown
In, Heml ror u Circular, orseud teli cents lor tle
scriiilvoslln, ureal luduiiineiita lor iiersiius lu
act as Audita,
Ahh (iiiriiiciit8 uinilo lu tlio Intust mid
... ...""i1" "PJirovua stylo ut C3.iIii.iN'i
WlLlng Htur, 9-lliu.
lU'llAI, tlKNTlKMAX,
Imirn il, puiiiisheii nt raiinnoie,
in I'dMiin e. Ntii'i'ltueii'. Ii Ii. Ail
eillsemtntBollillfd. Agelila wauled. Address
an uho e.
pi'lt 1. 10 HAl.E
or v A lAr A n I. n ii rc a i. k t a t
In pursiinnee of an order or tho ornhnn'iti'oiirt
of I'oltnnblii rminty, I'n,, on HA'I I'ltljAJ . Ui"
1111 tiny Ol .IA1' Mil lit iw "iwii i n ,
f.irenoon..lohn Ml' luiel, ndnilumlrntor of .lacob
Keller, lot Ik inefliiwnsldp. In said eoiinly,
llereMetl, Will eioo In Nile, by publltl en.llie,
on Ibe preml.', a eoilaln rami or mewmre,
boiindid end ih si'tlbi'd aa f.iliuws.ln wit! (Ill llie
mil 111 nnd oiwl by binds lalely nf llenry lliiser,
on Ibe south by bind of i built .Michael, mi the
west bv liindaor Ii.inb I niiiilevand linlilel Iter
Inner, tonlalnluti ab ml HlXl'i Al)lll., luiiieiir
lw, wllh the aiipurtetHinot.
1, lite the ealafu of said deeeaneil, Nllun e 111 tlio
loimahlpof tloner,tilii eoiintv altiliwilld.
.IKHHR I'Ol.t'lMAN, l lerk.
Ilhmnis'itii'ir, Dee. Ifl, hiI7,
TI'ltM Of HIii:. Mt nMmint mir.teleltt In
raiv Ihocieds al the slrlltiliu down ol llio pl'oier
li." An amount Bitfll. ii ut to pay till nun iiraats i nt li. naoii s.ild iironi rt v at eouflrituilloli
ulwolulu Iwii llilrtis of llio liahiliee In olio jenl'i
iili.l l lu. I-. miulilliiionethll I ol wild blliatice at Ibe
deulh or Iho widow. The III"! twnpn, liient with
llielr lnleret pa.wible iiiiliin.liy from eonnrnia
Hon ni i loho seemed l:. Iiondaiilul u nrUigcnii
tlieprelillsta. .lOllN-MK'ltAl.l.,
nr VAU'AIUX lit'.Ati K'sTATU.
In puiMuitne nf nn older of the t)i)ihnn' t'ontt
ofColumitJn t ounly, 1, on hA 1 li V, the
llth on v ni .1 A NIT v il V next, nl IU u elwk in the
lorenonti, Ii vi Wi-ikIiIh, jatimtliin of tho perwon
an-I eiimofi oi lit nVilM' I. I oik no nnrnn i.iii
bclh Kolk, minor chlhlreti ot lienvllhi Polls, tide
of liemloeU Townselp, in nid County, deteiw!,
will i mi if ii lo Milt, bv tiubllc eiittue. on the
iiHintlcd nn 1 described 'is I !! ttt'e. to wll! on the
iinrtb In iMitln ro-id w i ch It HdH Ihrollich lhtcli
hoin.oii Hit' euNl by n hd of U'lllfnm liily, (it
inieituoin,on7iiO rsoui.i o.v iniiii oi iuiui .ppM'
mnn, ntifl on "too noi th hy lot of Joiin Jleiiih
eoutiilnlnft (ihont one Imlfiten, mow tir lew,
v. h.' j.i ,( em it i ,i t.o-Mi'iy ii mil' iitvt-utn
l,nt(i tilt i-tnto or Hnid umiw i,Kiiunto nunc
town nipor iieiniocK, mm conni.. iuoicmuio.
Hlootusburff, liee, an, Wit, '
Term of mil.) wll Uy publ'fdiod on ilny of nuhi,
1 ii.. i n itii-i'. thut Am on 11' unit. .limn Tu ml 1
,T. It. I-' ni. f. l'owlor. 1. White. T, V. Ldiiiir
Milltini MIIne4. r. A., lit mm, mul Mnriln An
iln un. tn ln-r elMKen of ibe .intu ol relirtiylvit-
nlit. bt'hiK th'-.liouv nf ui ipiirhiK uml cnjo Inji the
imuiunuieHun-i puiiCtM ot ii ootiy curporuie
h.lM' l Klllbllcrl nnd t khhIi 1 to llie t'oiiri ol
I'niiitiioii i'lciiinl t'oInnibliL t'olin'V. till llirtlril-
ment iii writing. iMirp rllnn lo ho tin I'lopo'-cd
ctrn O'l' ii tne ".Mi'iii mhi j.pieopu nureu tn
Alton, towiisiltli ot ccoit, iu me i onnty oi 1. 1-
In ml tl i. HUiMitvtnir tbo titSi-fU. nrllch'H. inlidl-
IIoih, n une, style oi title, under which !.'" hnve
nsNoeinten unit mean io tisoeiaie, .urn tne sun
t'ourt liuving Hiu,e unit exuminea ini'snia in
Ht'iiiniM.f. iiikii n pit ml (hp o'.l fit nud rund. Horn
(herein et loriit uml font urn 1, (olio law ml im
not injurious to the onminnHy, hnve dliectei
snid wrltlnK to ht lil.-l ni i lu riotlionobiiy h ot'
l i nr N-ilil ( n nt v. nml noun' io op iimm nce-oi-.
ithiff lo Inw. t lint imidientloit Iuli be ll l nude lo
naid uurt toutimt hdd eh.u Ur. and tint if no
Miillpieiil rcusun be shown In l ho enuUtuy. liv
ihenrt dov of tho Hex termot Ktitd t out I
to wll. on tne i ff-t Aioniti i r reinumy u-i
IIikv will (t.'-ri-r.inil flfclnrc Him IH-rMfOiH hi) us-o
elated tobieniuemi I bo n lorponiilon or ik
poiltie, nccouiinii in nn iiio r 1 1 m--i unu .on ii-
floiiN, nnd to hive e-iuiinieini e by th name
tvh' nnd Ulle, in Mild tnniuou'tit montioiifd.
Itlooiiwhurir. iH'i-.ll.'tir-Iil. .11jM: ItlM MAN
This l-i toirlo nolleis! that on tho .'Id day of
Deeeinoer, a. t. 1)7,11 warrant In Il.inltiuptc;
wiih iMtnt'il iibinlnst tliu i'tuto of Samuel Kcibeil
ol the Twtt.. of Dinnirn. tn lbo rolllitv (if t'ollllil
Ida, nud Main ol lt nntylvanl'i, who has lieen
uiljudiii'd a II tukiupl on his own petlliou; that
tint im tin nt (iliun t hbliHiilid ( e erv of uti.
)ropeity belonuiu-j; to miu'Ii l.-tutcnipt, to him, or
lor nis ii!e, mni i iu- iitiii-u i tn ini.v pi "in-i iy t'y
bl in iitt- Ioi bliiiiLti bv Inw : Unit li Uie llllii of the
rudltnKnt the Mild l;anl;iiit, to proo tin tr
nobt., ami to t noose njn or more it-alienee' oi nis
cilato, will bo held at n(.'otin of ilunltiuptev, lo
be iiolelen ut Ibe I .i bauuo 1 lotol hi llloomsbiuir
1M., beloi'u r.dvard Ovci Lou, .it.. lh-jjKt.M', on lbo
Kth nnv oi .lannaiy, .. n, Ih.s, nt imrciofit, a. in
lJlUaMAi A. Htli ljril , l r", ."litis Ml,
lly 1'.. II. t'ooLHAUfill, ieputy.
'1 hit It in kIvp nollee : Thai nn IhcJIstdny uf
Novi-mbrr. a. i. ImjT. n utitiantlu iliiiikiimle
wailiiued aK'iiui thoentate nt Trier H, llm man.
ol lilooutHluiiK, iu ihc ( iitmtv ol Loumiiin, am
Hhttn ol I Vliti.. iint.i. n ho be'ftl lldllldlii il I
lt-uii;iupt on bin own pt-iliion ; tlult the)i.i ment
oiauj in ms niitt r, ii t, oi any pioptnv ne
lonuiu to vui-n iinuutupt, io nun, or ioi nis u
uiid itii'tians 1-i'oi iin,i property bv him are lo
b'll.b ti bv Hint ii it ili Itlilc of l he I 'i editor
tlie hiilil I'niiki mil. lo niirtn t hell' debti. tilid I
i lino-e one ni' iiloii in i sol hii itstttle, Mill
he held nt a t tiurl f I .it ni. mot ; . lo lu h b). u nt
llie i;ehane Ih it 1 m 11 .mtu itn ir, ( o'umbiii
eounly, renusylvnnia, bloie j.iiwmd tiurton.
Jr., IU ult nr, on Iho-th day (t Jautiniy, a. i
10H, nl . n't look p. in.
'Ill HM AN A. niAVlJ'.Y. 1H. MuiMii.l.
lly ll, Ii, f.iui.i.AUdit, iAputy,
Dec. fl'CT-lt.
IIiKIh to ulvu liotieo : thill oil the 2 In L el;tv i
Noeniber. a. ). iM7. a um rant in Ila nUiunte
wm ItSllod IVUlllbt llie f,l te ol .lost. dl t, llm
Mm, oi tin- l'oi ni.'h oi 1. 1 Mink M llu eon n I, ol
( tuuiiioiji. nun 1 .Lie oi i niih ivaiii t. i no ii.
betn a Um-'f t .i liiui;rnpt on iiljAn petition
t mt the nfivno'iii oi m' debts and tie iei
any ptopv.ty heloiiti.iiK to mhii limlvitipi, to
unu, or mr him use, nni un' iriiiiii r oi unv i
in-,' o1 tbo t reditoiHoi" t be . a i'l Hankrupt.iopiov
ruird bit., nud to h..o-e .-ne or more ussiuin
nf l s i -:;itf, ill bo ' Id al i Con. I t f Ilaukiupt
e .it.i.e iioi-icn ut i no i xcintnijeiioioj.iu nioom
butt:, Coluiuiihi outit, rcutiK,litula, beiote
IMwaid ijveiton. Ji , Kejiltster, on tuo Mli day
.January, , n. Iu(ii, nt JnVloetc p. m.
TIIOMAH A. IldWr.l . IJ. H Marshal
pee. tVa7-ii. i., it, i oomtAi mi. lioputj.
I liiN 1m I o ffie itoliet i tl al on tho I'd da oMe
et nilji'i', a, n. l(ii, u wiiruiiii In Ilanituiptev was
l.sui'd a tltirtt (tie i hi nt o or t-Muaru (J. llorne
of the 11 r. of Met wick, In thotouuU of t'olum
bin. nnd iUate of reniifcvlvanla. who hai huet
adjud .' d n Ittiiikrupi on hK omii i I'tillon Hint
ibe pet mem ot an iKoistino uoiivtry or aii
pioiieitv lieloniim to Mich Ihiukrupt, to hint,
nr hji hm u o nud tin tinutler ot tiny propiity
h 1 1 1 til itie Iiil t.uldi'O bi inu : tint! ii nu i llnif nt
I ho ( 1 1 il it. i4 ol tin --liit It.inki nut. lo nioo tin il
debts and to choo,e ono or mole itHhlyneeH ol IiIk
ij.I lie. Will be lu Ul nt a t'otli t of llatikHlpte. ,
lie bo!di-n at tlie 1 , h:in!ro Ifntid. In llloolilKbu
t'obnnbi.i iijtinn. IVnn -vlvitnla hi lino I'dwul
iivi rion, h'., Ih'tii'ttei' un tho KHh day day ol .Ian
limy, .. i., ai o eiueit, a, in,
'lliuMAs A, l.'uWl.KV, U.H. Mnmluil,
Doe. G'l.7-11. lly IC. ll. Cuo!HAi'aii, Deputy
x i: n xt t rP r. v.
ibe undi r-lcnod nrnetioes In tha 1LH. f'nnil
niitl Ktvi peeul ntti'iition to tint prucilco tindei
tbo Into Ilaukiupt net, lJfbtorHcekln tbo hen
ut oi tuiK iiumaiicin t oi t unnteiSH cmt apply pci
-lOllHiiJ or , ii l'l Mir 1 1 1 tvii 1 1 till KMI III
JsAAC X. UHlKlt. Attuiiify at Tjiw.
Xov. IhWAl Danvillo, l'a.
i tirl, Ivmy, Itoni, liune, j;bnny nml Cocoa ifa
dlei, Alrto, exehiNivu JlaiiuhiciurcfK of tho
which N iho mutt dtu.ihlo handle ever known,
It in mm h Iuiks expeiixlve Ihnn loiy.
it ft 1 Wll '. i I'lM 1 1 tlti II I Kill k 1 1 u'lwm lit tt.n
It h not to heeoutn lot se In tlio ban
It i4 not nflVu ti 1 bv i-,it u-.iioi.
Tor Miloby nil tho ii uieipal deulerR in Cutlciy
ioiouj;iioiii un, i nni .i ?u s, tiiei uv i no
mi hidi'-n crnd:itY CO.,
Dt'et-'.fjT-lm New ork
.ijiiiui ctBEcm-.
Putuntod iKceiiibt r tilth, l-MI,
And acKuowledMed liy emlueiit players In b Iho
be..,t lu Lt-sf, lell'l lot tleMrlpttve clirltlar,
Comur Cmiul (indvntrwHtH,, :i, V.
C T ioki; 11 Y
i ho nndeistcnrd would lesnc'iriille iii.iioioif
to the pntiilo tlpit tie litis nin nod n
I'lIIMM I.AhH I O.M' i:t"nt)M'.HV R'lOlIK,
ill llie null. linn Inluly ot'impieil by Iiei nnrd Hloli
in r, In- e lie N picpnmltn linnlsli till Mud or
roiii:i..N t i oh i h'i a' ntuiTH,
M'T, ItAJHtN1!, AC, M, ,W,
In sliou, ft (nil mmortnient of nil gooda In
lit lino of Liudneaa, A muii Mii'lely of
HDI.I.H, TO VH, c, far Uio UoIIiIujn. 1'arUt.iitni' iillenlloii
htn tu
, II 11 U A 11 A iii) UAK nn,
of ull I(lnd.,fiiiitliin ry dny,
o ii it i s t ,M a M e; A s li n; ,
A enll la Hollilted, mid h.ill.l..elloii will Mi
guniunie. d,
Nov. SO, I ill.
Illl Tlll's.txv ll..... nil...!' lllll. Ifiit' ti Il.u l-nliil
lulueen ltloolnlnila nud I! run key Hie, ll Time
llooll i.liotil nix or t.ialil IhvliiH loll,., lioilnd in
llliteU, I'otlllllnlnic boine neetilinla, mid tuo nolea
Itlnolllillnu to Si-il, I'IVi 1)111,1, !tri Hi word l
oitirnd lor llie huiii r. nun ot lie Uooit mid it
conttnih. J t nil - ' id'i;
Hei Ji.u.'-.'ll Oi.ui,. i ui. i, i . un'ii,
CX J'.JN'lh J'linili-lUllir(jUe.Ul ut L'UUM
T llkllLlN'BhlOII. iO-3M,
pin: mil
JL n Monllih .1
.Ma, 5 1 n tar, I
H kavi xo ma o ji i x hh,
Vero nwardrd the J I li;1teit lt cmtiiniH n 1 1 ho Hlutu
ew York, Kciitiuky, Vermont,
IVniicMeo, Xew .ferny Mlswiurl,
IVnniylvania,, Ohio,
MNsl-wlppt, Indiana, Vlrsliili,
Mldilgan, North Cnroilnn, Wisconsin,
Callfornl'i, Iowa, OrtKnn.
at utR rAiin or tin:
Ainctlean Instltiilr, rranktlu InMltutp. Mwry.
land liislllute, Mais, Mecluiulcs" Arttoel
tlon.prnti. Mech.inlcV lnHtliuto,St,
UiuN Acrlctilluial nud Me
chniilch' Ati,ioclatlon,
udnt uumirou InslltitlcM and County rniu
Itifludii all Hie l'nlm at which they Wcreoxhlb
ited the past lluee j eaii. l'i rat Trltn hae hWi
Ui-n awarded lhosaMachlnesattii'i.xhlbltUn,((f
i.oxijox, 1'Aitis, inrniiix, uxz,
Htni.'an, IlHjonne.Ht, Dilor, I'hnloni, ami thcr
Tune bit ii funilhiied. lo up elal coininiin.l. t n,..
t iu.UKH ul 1-raiu'e, l.mpienof Au-tria, l.mtnrt
t llu.sHia, l.mprostnl Hitiil, ijuei n ..i pm,, ,
Jticeii id Itavailti.
mr. (iitoviut a HAKi;n
W J X ii 31 A U JI 1 X
tirututperiortijnll others for (he fultuwlng rea-
10111 ;
I. Tliey mow with two Ihicndi dllVeL ttm
sfiools, mid iffjuirlng no ie hiding.
I'hcy aro moio uinlly uudci-tootl nnd leu.!
and Ichh liablolo deriintiemcnt limn other tin.
II. They tuo capiibleofixccutlnxpcifectly.whh.
out ( hango of adJiHlini nt, a inmh gn liter vai it ly
of work than other lnochtncN.
I. Tho sllteh made by thcNH maclilnet lnmrfh
mor ilrm, tl.Kllc, nml duiablc, cjipcclally unon
arllchsuhlclueiiulrotoho washed nnd Iromd
than anyotherhtltch.
0. ThU Mitch, owliiR (o the manner In which tlm
under li JinMuURht, U much the mmt
plump and beautiful lu use, and relaitiH thin
plumptHM and hemity own up rllclei fre
luently washed ntnl Ironed until Ihey nio worn
(i. Thoistrucfuro of tho seam Is such that, though
it ho cut or hioktn at intervals of only u ftw
Ht Itches, It will neither open, run, nor iitvel, but
remain iirm and durable.
7, Unlike other machlne, thcRi fiwten hnili
eiid-i of tho seam by their own operation,
8. With IhcHu machlncH, while milk N used upm
tho iinlit or face wide or thohoam, cotton may In
used upon tho other ulilo without IcssenlnR tl
strength or duinhillly or IhcM-am. ThU can lm
dono on no other machine, nud it n great suvhitj
upon all uttleles fdliehed or mado up with silk.
0. These, uiuehlnei, fn addition to their m per lor
mot its ns ItistrumenlH ror Hewing, hy t chanc tf
tuljuslnunt, cnstly learned and ptactlseil, exi wut
thomost beautiful and permanent embroidery
nnd ornamental wotk,
In addition to their f.tmlly muehines they hno
also the
uiakliirj ti Mlteh ullko on both hUIch, ThU Coin
pany make both the Lock and Doublo Mitch iu
chines, so that persons hmlnK a piefeuiu'e ciin
select such as, they like best, and If not suited uui
i ehiine fur (he other, IIuhkMuk tho public tin
adanhij,e of this airanjiennriit, They aUo ninkf
the newly iimiilul
an adMtnco upon nil iiiacliIneH heietofurf ko-xn
forsewlm; with (he Doik-Stlteli. It U or Rrrwt
power nud Mieiu;lh, i sH-ciully mhiptcd for tailors,
siioenvikrrs, h iriuss.iiiakers.carrliiKe-tilmincM
and for till description, of work to which tli
lok-Miieh It npplicable. It woikii with cquil
fn llity Hill:, cotton, or linen Hire .id, and will s-
Ihellnc-it muslin as well as iho thickest lcatlter
l'liee:--0; wllh lleniinei s, Sv. Their No. 9 Ih
a uaiiT nexxisu maciiixi:,
I'niilu.nlni many lmiii-oemeutu, adapted for tni
lot linx, M-si-ui.tkii..:, IlKht NhoemaklntT, as wt 11 as
for liimily sowing. Largo numbers of tin s- tna
ehiitesai in um-, and they k!o unlvcrsa! mtit-l.u-tiou.
None m ho h.lM' set n this inaehliwwill
willlnifl. tiso tin noisy aiul cumbtoiis lot U-Mib'n
m-nhlneM httelninro In (tenerai ine J'rtrp
w uli IK'Uimi i h, iMi.
These ui.u lutie of e oiy elt t'l Ipllwii cmi hriel
at Ihe hk iit'i ofllce lu'lllooinsiaira. at i"s'' 'H
he manur.i'-lnii r' pi Ices, to which the iiin-n
oi llir public Is e.pi t ially im I tod.
T. II, .MASTKlt-, .irnt,
Jfattmitn'a Ilnhtiny,
Mai2:rtr;-!y. Columbia L'oiihty, l'u
11 .sjust looth rd aWintcr'ft Mock ot puio
DUCfJ-s, CIll.MIcALS, iati:.t mi:drt.nls.
r.iinl, Oils, Colors, V.irnlshos, Vi o htuITi,
i'i:m'LMi:iiY, ioillt
w hli h arc hclns l'l nt aMonishhudy low prin1.
in (piaiilillfrt tohiilt puahasers,
for CouijliN and CohU,
It A in TONIC,
Tor promoting thogiow th of tho I lair,
ca mi lion i cm:,
1'or Chapped Hands nudSore 1. 1 pi, Itse.lor whlchn aood prion
prfco will ho jiald;
i omi'anv or ni:v vomc.
Aaatta our 0,1100,00 0.
i:XrI.l'HIVl'.I,Y CAhll.
A'AI, nivinc-im availaiim: iMijsnrAri:i.T
to jM.i.A ii: utr, iist'iiri oi".3ojir.
Tlio Company laaned dnrliii tha yenr ciulli'S
Junimry 1st, 13 072 l'ollclea, Inaiulng tsi,h;3,0KJ.
Tlio totnl Int'onio oi tlio yenr lielng ?0,217,tttriM
WI'lill pnrtleulnra na lo Iho working of tU
t'oinpunj will lm ilieorfully given by nppi ItiK t"
joiin u. Kiti:i:.i:,
HcuMer't Offlct,
Ulllf3'ti7. riLoollHllt'ltn, 1'A.
Tx ITiTirX K o k a a k x TTy .
t'ulliiini ,
IliMiriuiieronipiinv of Muto 1'enn'n.,.
Coni'.eellrnt Miltnnl 1.1ft
Norll: Ainerlfim Ti
I'Itl:AH IIUOWN, Alenl,
innrM'67-ly,l llLooMSiit'itii,
Illoainabuiy, l'u,
11. t!. HI.OAN A
Ibe auet'eaaol of
eontlniie the linslnei'a of nniklui
t'AHltlAUW, IIIK.fiO
nnd t-verj idyle ol
I A Nr. WAllONS.
wlol'li tliey liHle fonatiiutly on l,llln,'', '',,'I
omrl'K, Neier ni.liig all niiileiUl,v't tlt llt1
nnd einployini,' UioiiiokI eiperleue'
lliey lioim liKoiiiintion lifif it.tori ,J -t,V11 ' ll,,M'
snilMiiellon to eieiyinaioniti'. Inapet lion ol
tlielr Mori!, mul of llieloilnilHUI'"'l'" "ll'l '
Hit hiune, la Kino to Inatirn ii n'
OVKU e'imU t'lieiiiir'1"''''!'''
ClotldugKtoiK, 0-iiu.