The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, October 18, 1867, Image 2

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    l.-JJ.. USHSHSI"
PS-(ten. Orlffln died nt Oalvestnn
lately of yellow fever.
IWr President Lincoln's conch Is offer
ed for snle In New York,
V. -'len. Sheridan lias an Interview
with (leu. (Irani 011 Saturday.
DWfl'he private bank-, of- Chicago
hold an aggregate of -?."i,r-0(l,iMW.
tor-Saul-) Anna, His thought, will
escape with Ills life, but loso his
tijjf Kx-Mayor Withers, of Mobile,
has not asked the President to reinstate
jisiT Mscobedo, Diaz anil Juarez are
considered the candidates for Mexican
Ssfr- Queen Vlctorl"poppcd the ques
tlon" to Prince Albert. Ladles, gonnd
do likewise.
jtB-Thntl. Stevens is n true prophet,
lie prophesied n Itadlcal defeat In Penn
sylvania. S- The Hoston M thinks Forney
came home Just In time to help us in
SrOtptaln, of tho Cunnrder
Persia, has crossed tho Atlantic three
hundred and forty-live times.
nSf Crop accounts from the interior
of Xorth Carolina are very favorable In
regard to the cotton crop,
WT There aro reports of trouble in
theStoiiington Hank, Connecticut, and
the cashier Is said to be missing.
t(p- A frenchman, named J. .1. I'er
rlner, inmmitted suicide in Xcw York
lately by shooting himself with a pistol.
J-eT front Key West we learn ithat
tlio yellow fever Is abating at the Dry
Tortugas, and tho officers are out of
for A rlro In a lumber yard at Troy
X. Y., 011 Sunday night, destroyed 1,
1)00,0110 feet of lumber and two horses.
I.o-s is!,-l,(K)0.
far In Virginia every negro over
nineteen years old Is registered to vote.
This is a special privilege not granted
to "White trash."
5P Primary elections are to bo held
In Moxlco on tho 22d, when a vote will
also bo tnken on certain amendments to
the constitution.
teirThecltii'.pns of Montana aro call
ing for Government interference, to stop
the Indian outrages, or to let them do
It themselves.
Kay-Advices by the table from Lisbon
state that tlieallied forceson the Parana
had achieved some succoss over the
Santa Anna has not yet been
tried. The general impression Is that
he will not bo executed, but that his os
tate will be confiscated. .
BO Prohibition has so demoralized
the Maiuc palate that boys at Machias
fill old rum bottles with water and sell
them for whisky, and nobody knows the
& James Piper, the sam? 0110 that
played before Moses, died last Thurs
day .somewhere in Massachusetts, at the
ngooflOl years, jtlus. Ills sight, his
hearing were etc., etc. and ho was a
Sair'l'he Xew York Herald gives cur
rency to a story to tho effect that a
prominent Massachusetts politician, who
held a high commission In tho army,
has had a detectivo dogging tho move
ment, of Gen. Grant for a long time,
foriwy's Press Individualizes tho pol
itician as Hen Butler. It is a business
suited to any of tho Radical breed.
ISTA private letter from New Or
leans gives an even more deplorable
picture of tho terrible condition, of
things thero than Is to bo found In the
newspapers, and that is bad enough.
Under tho conviction that the fever
would hold its own till October at least,
all who havo thomeans to lenvn tho city
aro coming away.
tivg- The last Radical Connecticut Leg
islature spent ?I00 In whisky for Its
members. Tho present Legislature has
a committee Investigating tho matter.
This shows that tho political change in
that .Statu Is likely to expire the not
"grand moral idea" doing of tho Radi
cals, a similar change in Pennsylvania
and In Congress would result with equal
benefit to the people of thl- State and
Stir John M 'Green and Charles Ken
ucy, of Kelly's Island, swam a racoon
Lake, fron Kelly's Maud, toward
the main land, at Marblehead, a ills,
taneo of four miles and a half, When
they had swam three miles Kenney was
o far behind that lie gave up, ami got
into the accompanying boat.
M'Green kept on, and readied Mar
blehead injust two hours and a half,
milking the eutlriidlstauco without halt
or rest, He smoked, chewed tobacco,
drank wine, and snug songs on tho way.
He seemed very little fatigued. Thls'is
the most extraordinary swimming feat
on record. "
ij-Isaac Taylor emigrated from Eng
land to Cleveland nt an early age. I To
commenced by hlacklns boots, got a
small farm In Michigan, engaged in the
Wisconsin lumber trade, and became
rich, from his own experience in or
phanhood he formed tho determination
to found an orphan nsyhun. This Ids
widow has done. Tim endownmcnt I
nearly ir0,O(iO. Tho asylum is. situated
at Had ne, Wisconsin.
uir Mrs. Hurlny, living in Vincen
lies, Ind., on Wednesday evening last,
attempted to pour coal oil on somo hot
coal to make It burn morn rapidly when
the oil Ignited, bursting tho can, and
setting her clothing on lire. She ran
out Into tho yard, screaming "lire,"
when somo of tho neighbors ran to her
aid, tearing her clothing from her, but
before they could do ho she was mos(
horrible burned. It Is not expected that
she can live,
e-Sr Jules Maud, of Philadelphia, died
few days "Inco in Paris. IIo wns form
erly the largest mnnufactuor of perfum
ery in this country.
iiir A deputation from Jackson, Twin,
am In Nmhvillo, urging Gov.Hrownlow
to withdraw tho militia, who nro com
mitting all sorts or depredations on tho
&-Auiong the Inst ordors received
at Oinnt'ii headquarters from Gen. Grif
fin Is 0110 abolishing all distinction, on
account of race orcolor, with passengers
on railroads nnd steamboats.
tiflJ-The extraordinary growth of veg -
etatlon in Florida Is truly astonishing,
It Is reported that thoro is nearSt. John (only by tliu greatest euro and closest In- tlmt In duo time. Hut among thoso
aslnglo tomato plant, spreading ko ) spcctlon. Mostoftho "-.TO lloiids being kuowi. to ho "workers of Iniquity" In
tho b.inyau tree, which has entirely interest-bearing and payable in curreii-1 tills business, whoso agency in it is un
coverud 11 bod eighteen feet square. It cy, nro held in this country; therefoio disputed, what one has been held to n
had produced itbout tx bushels of fruit 1 tho loss to European governments will ' Just responsibility V Col. Stewart went
up to the latter part of August, and was lie comparatively small, hut thudlseov- away and the last wo heard of him ho
tlll producing a bushel or niorii being ery of this gigantic swindlo may depro-1 was before a Military Court upon a
tin It sonierliww at once. elate the value of our bonds abroad. Jrhnrgn ef fraud nnd rascality, Tho
$t ojolumhinn.
h'lllllAV .IIOHMMI, OCT. II, lull.
tr Till: CUM MIIIAN li"" Oil- l.iUKl
L'lrriilnllittl III t'oliiinlilA ntitl fitljnliilllfr
rnlllltlf of nil)' intrr tillillnllril lirrr, mill
U Alio n inurli InigTr shttl tlmu mi) of
If, colt nt itl-nrltM mill tlirrr rnrr tlif l,f ,1
mfilliim for ml, crllsltiK In I'll' tirrllnii of
I hi- Hlalr.
ISM. iiro now nlilc to Mntis KiMii'nil ri'
Mitt In sovonil Static In wlili'lu'lci'tloii"
linvu lii'L'li lu'lil llio iiri,-i'i)tiiiolitli, liitli
ciitlnir tin1 ureal rlr.tiigi Hint l Ruing "
tlir. UK'li'iiil lliuinuiilry in prlille opln
lun. lly oilk'liil report, Sliuriwimil I-i elect
cil Judge of tlio Supremo t'liurt of this
Stnte, by 11 majority of Til. Tills
h not large, but It Is pullk'lent, and
compivred with rc tilt.- In former year,
It U mint NitNfiU'tory. ( ienryV majority
lat year wai and llartmnftM for
Auditor (iencral in lsr,.",,vaiover'Ji),iMMi.
The great ltepiibllean niajorltle" of for
mer yeari are wiped out, and n r-core
begun on tbe xlile of Democracy and
Conervntl-iii, the magnitude of which
will bo lncro!v-cd at future election-". In
thoHlatc l.egi-latnro there Is a gain of
two Democratic Senators and eight or
ten members of the Ilou-e.
The. political ouiple.vion of the legis
lature, would in fact, be changed, were
it not for tlio tm fair ne.s of tho ext-tlng
ipportlonment law by which members
are distributed throughout the State.
Philadelphia well lllu-trates the Iiijus
tlcuof the law; for while there is a
large Democratic majority In that city,
the Iludlcal minority have the greater
number of Itepre-entatlves. Still, the
legislature will not be very unequally
divided between parties.
In Oliio.tlie Governor N still In doubt,
though It Is reported that General
Hayes has a -mall majority. The vote
will be very clo-e. The ltadlcal ma
jority Inst year in Ohio was over (U.noo,
and it was -till greater in former years.
This enormous majority is now over
thrown. In the Icgi-laturo there Is n
Democratic majority in both branches.
Henjaniiti V. Wmle, Itadlcal Senator
from that State, and President of the
United States Senate, will therefore bo
defeated for re-election, and a Democrat
boehofcnin his place. The proposed
amendment to the. Constitution of
Ohio, allowing negroes to vote In that
State and disfranchising deserters, has
been voted down by an enormous ma
jority. It Is said to be tn,0D0 or .'0,(1011,
and maybe more.
There was no election, wo believe for
general or State olllcers lu Indiana;
but tho local and district elections mIiow
largo Democratic gains and a political
revolution of the State.
In Iowa tho Democratic gains aro al
so very large: though full returns have
not been received.
In Connecticut, tho town elections
show a decided majority for tho Demo
crats, insuring the next legislature mid
the cholco of an antl-ltadlcal Senator
from that State upon the expiration of
Mr. Dixon's term.
These results aro already achieved and
no doubt is entertained, in any intelli
gent quarter, that New York will go
against the Radicals next month by a
decided vote, thus giving tho finishing
blow to Itadlcal Reconstruction, Xegro
Suffrage and Impeachment. Radicalism
has collapsed. In all States which havo
held elections tho present year, there
has been a decided reaction against it
an exhibition of popular hostility to its
system of despotic rule, debased suff
rage and lawless encroachment upon
the Constitutional powers of the Kxec
utlvo department of tho federal (fnv
ernmcnt. Tho people havo seen power
slipping out of their hands and perver
ted and utilised by those who usurped
it. They havo chosen to Interfere in
defense, of their own rights, and against
pernicious and dangerous measures of
public policy thrust upon the country
without itscon.sentby tho Congressional
majority. Mint salutary consequences
will follow from this exerti.m of popu
lar power. The patrons of despotism,
of corruption, of social and political de
generacy, have lecelved an admonition
which they will be compelled to heed
uniler penalty of .still greater displea
sure hum their masters, the people. If,
in spiteof the elections, they shall per
sist in the mad and lawless career which
they have recently pursued, power will
bestlll further taken from them In the
elections of tin coming year. In other
word-, tho strong condemnation now
pronounced upon them, will hofollowcd
by one still more decisive and effectual.
1.1'nTjtn from Tliaddeus Stevens, re
ceived ill I'hilnilelpliia, state that it is
Ids iuleution to urge upon Congress on
their meeting in November, two mea
sures which ho regards as essential for
the safety of tho country. The is
a general Impeachment law declaring
otfeuces upon which an nlllcer may bo
Impeached and prohibiting Ids holding
office during his trial. The second law
provides that no State shall havo power
to prohibit citizens of the Cnlted States
from voting, on iiicount of race, color
or religion. This latter law which e
tablislies Impartial "-ulfrago throughout
tho Union, lintf tlio (fleet of idiolUhing
State Constitutions, and is similar to
tho bill introduced by Mr. Sumner at
the last session of Congress, and which
was tabled until after tho election. Mr.
Stevens does not mention where he gets
his authority for a-siniilng Mich power,
nor Is it likely ho ever will.
Tun Into extraordinary discovery of
fraudulent 7-30 Houds, has thrown tho
country Into an Intense state of excite
ment. These counterfeits aro admira
bly executed so well In fact as to do-ceis-o
oven tho experts lu tho largo
Hanking houses of New York and else
where. It Is denied by somo that thesonr
counterfeits, but aro over issues, basing
their heller on tho dllllciilty of so suc
cessfully Imitating such dellcatoaud In
tricate engraving, and upon tho great
expense of tho machinery and plates
1 uccowary therefor, llu this an it may,
1 there Is undoubtedly a large amount of
. Iheso fraudulent bonds thrown upon
thocouimimlty which cm hu delected
MUJIiH OC'l'OHEIi 8th, 1807.
Norn'. Demoe-als, In roman j Republicans, In italics.
-p - m.' -ri-x--3-i ,
SCI. JL'lvTt:. sHSKU. NIIKItllT. TltKV. ro.COM. J
f a -s
I- X It
t i I
I 1 1
Denver Ill" 2n H',7 -0 1(1" "0 107 ) 107 -0 107 1!0 107 20
ltenlon 171 "il 174 fin 171 fid 171 fin 171 ) 171 fiO 171 fin
Horwlekltir HZ H7 00 !I2 Oil SMI 00 H2 00 IK! 00 2 00 112
Hlooni 2MI 201 200 27J1 2011 27.') 270 27!) 270 27il 270 27.'1 270 27.'!
ltrlnr Creek. Ho .11 112 fil HI 10 H.'I fill 142 fil H2 fit 112 fil
Catawl-sa.... 1!I7 Ififl I.'IO lfiS lKfi tfiS liK 15S 130 Ifis 1,10 ifis 1!!0 IfiS
Centralla Ho Kill 77 107 77 101 77 107 77 107 77 107 77 107 77
Centre ins OS 170 00 17K fiS 170 till 170 00 170 00 170 (if)
Conyngham int 111 12!) 02 120 !12 120 !12 1211 i!2 12!) .'12 120 .'12
fishing Ck.. 22!) fill 220 fiS 22fi fiS 220 fiS 220 fiS 220 fis 220 JS
Franklli fil ! fil H fil Is fil is fil is fil is fil is
Greenwood.. 170 112 17.1 111 17.1 11.1 17.1 111 17.1 1M 17.1 111 17.1 1M
Hemlock Hi) 02 Ml fi!) 1,11 00 Ml 00 Ml 00 Ml 00 M0 00
Jackson 102 I Iil2 fi 102 fi 102 .1 102 fi 102 fi 102 fi
Locust 217 00 218 !Hi 21$ 'JO 218 !HI 217 07 218 00 218 00
Madison 1&0 00 100 a;) m 30 180 10 100 !W ISO ill) 187 .TJ
Maine Ill) 11 100 12 10!) 12 100 12 100 12 103 12 100 12
Mltllill 195 !)S ISO 3!) 187 3S 1S6 3.') 180 39 ISO 3!) ISO 30
Montour (It 10 (It 10 01 10 01 IS 01 10 (il 10 01 40
Mt.Plc.lsant 87 01 8S 0.1 88 01 87 01 8S (1.1 87 05 88 0.1
Orange 110 00 130 GO 131 01 140 00 110 00 130 00 110 (in
Pine 88 2S 87 20 87 20 87 20 87 2!) 87 29 87 20
Roaring Ck. fin 3.1 fin 31 fio 3-1 fin 3.1 fin 3.1 00 3.1 fin 3.1
Scott 123 122 121 121 120 123 120 121 121 121 121 121 121 123
Sugarloaf.... 12S IS 12S 18 128 18 128 IS 128 18 128 18 128 18
Totals,. .3 1.13 1090 3118 1091 3112 1000 3117 1088 .1119 lOOfl 3U7 1091 ilHO liiiil
1(!!)0 1001 1001) 108S 1000 1001 1(101
Majorities. 17.17 17fil 17J2 1750 1753 1753 1752
SESSOR. "DANini.M'HKN-itv of fort Mifflin
celebrity, has been appointed 0110 of
Hob. Clark's Assistant Assessors. J. II.
Ikeler and J. S. Woods aro left out li
the cold." -Innmtin launty llrpub
lirmi. This taunt against Mr. M'llonrymay
not so funis ho Is concerned) require
any answer In n community wheru he
and his assalhmt aro both known; but
It affords an opportunity for recalling
public attention again to the persecu
tion to which he was subjected.
It is truo that Mr. M'llenry was nr
rested by military power, along with
other peaceful citizens, on tho last day
of August 1801, and confined for seve
ral months, in Krt Millllu: And It Is
also true that an odious celebrity lias
attached itself to the transaction and
not upon him.
The imprisonment of Mr. M'llenry
was against law and in contempt of
justice, and therefore disgraceful to his
enemies (among whom tho Editor of
the itjiiiblicaii was conspicuous,) Hut
as to Mr. M'llenry himself, ho was
completely vindicated by his trial which
took place before a Military Commiss
ion at 1 Iarrisburg. He teas honorably aiul
fully acquittal upon all the charges made
ayutwst him. IIo met nnd answered ev
ery point which enmity and malleo
could allege, to tho satisfaction oven of
the hostilo and Irresponsible tribunal
beforo which ho was tried.
Hut let us consider tho Injustice and
hardship of this case, dUtlnct from tho
decision ultimately rendered.
1. The Military Jurisdiction, assumed
over Mr. M'llenry was entirely law
less. Tho plainest provisions of tho
constitution of tho United States and of
the constitution of Pennsylvania wero
dolled In his arrest,lmprisonment ami
trial. If there could havo been nny
doubt of the rank illegality of the pro
ceeding it would havo been dispelled by
the decision of tho Supremo Court of tho
United States in tho Mllligan case from
Indiann, in which an arbitrary arrest
and trial of a civilian by military pow
er was branded by strong Judicial con
demnation. Hut the question was per
fectly clear before that decision was
made and none of those engaged In tho
persecution of Mr. M'llenry wero ig
norant of the fact that they wero tramp
ling upon his legal rights. Tho fact
was.thcy cared nothing for constitutions
for laws or for tho rights of tho citizens,
because their passions and stlllshucss
alono dictated their conduct.
2. Mr. MIIenry was imprl-oned for
many months in a disagreeable and un
healthy prison, during alt which time
lui was denied atrial or hearing of his
ca-e before any authority whatever, re
gular or irregular. Ho was thus se
verely punished without being heard.
Resides, tho privilege of giving bail for
his appearance was refused tohim when
ho made application for tho purpose.
3. The expense thrown upon Mr.
M'llenry isdefunding himself was most
Loppressivo and scandalous. Ho was
put upon trial one hundred miles from
homo and obliged to call a large num
ber of wltties-Mi that distance to refute
tho falsehoods and hearsay evldencu of
the prosecution. Then, tho trial did
not comooll'at tho time fixed by the
prosecution, and ho was, obliged to havo
his witnesses in attendance a second
time. It was also necessary to employ
counsel and pay thcni.and to incur other
heavy expenses. A littlo miscreant
named Wes-els, acted as Judgo Advo
cate during a part of tho tlme,& had the
case adjourned after tho Defendant was
ready for trial. Kventuallyajudgiuent
of complete and honorable acquittal was
wrung from the military tribunal by
the facts, but the Defendant boro tho
costs and charges of Ids defence. There
was no law for their payment by tho
Government or by unv responsible
prosecutor and ho had to bear them
himself, heavy as they were. IIo was
compelled to expend moro than $2,000
in tho unequal contest with arbitrary
power nnd political malice beforo ho
could re-cuo himself from prison nnd
from all Imputation of crime or mis
conduct. It cost an Innocent man tho
price of a small farm to defend himself
against intolerant, base and wicked
scoundrels whosought his destruction ;
I. This prosecution of a citizen has
1 not been avenged or punished, nor Iins
ue nan any reures, uisiruoino nam-
cal Instigators of kldnnpplng nnd out
rage In this county havo been well
whipped nt ourelectionseverslncolROt,
nnd this year their party lias conio to
grief generally lu the county ; but they
have not ft It tho hand of remedial Jus
tice directly applied In behalf of their
victims. Their secret charges against
their neighbors ; their letters, and afll
davits and statements, nro still hid
awny from public observation. Thoy
may suppose these memorials of Infa
my will always bo suppressed, along
wllli the whispered f.dslioods which ac
companied 1 1 1 1-111 . Wo shall see about
1 2
miscreant Wcssels lias wandered "t 1
parts unknown." That bag of folly
General 1). X. Couch went home to
Mns-achusetts, ran for Governor, nnd
got soundly whipped ; Cadwallnder re
tired upon his laurels (not green but
black) to his palatial mansion in Phila
delphia. Tho military instruments of
Radicalism disappeared from tho sceno
slipped away went ofT were scatter
ed. Hut tho civilians who instigated
tho Invasion and rejoiced over its vllo
work ; who applauded tho kidnapping
of their neighbors nml the wicked Im
prisonment and mock trials to which
they were subjected ; who sought out
false testimony orencouraged those who
dld,thnttho innocent might bo oppress
ed thereby; who spread abroad calum
nious reports upon their own section
and calculated nicely tho number of
freemen who by imprisonment and by
threats could bo kept from tho polls
Mate men (ltd not go off, they nro still
here, and they aro known ! nt least some
of them nro known.
Hut not 0110 of them lias been molested
bj tho law or by personal violence.
Their guilt is known, but they nro per
mitted to live in security nnd peace.
They are, thus far, held amenable only
to public opinion and their Intolerance,
lawlessness and persecuting spirit, re
bukedat the litills. Offices nro withdrawn
from thorn or withhold from them, nnd
their political power Is broken down by
tho volcooftho people. This however
Is not punishment but merely Justice;
It Is not oppression but policy nnd thnt
dictated by tho public good.
Hut forbearanco by their victims and
by tho people, must not bo misunder
stood. Itnrises from tolerant princi
ples, from n christian spirit, from high
considerations of expediency and mag
nanimity and not from fear, from sub
serviency or from respect for tho op
pressors nnd their works. The latter
aro held in abhorrence nnd will contin
ue to bo held up to Just reprobation in
One other thing may also bo under
stood, and that Is, that tho kidnappers
and persecutors must control their inso
lence hereafter and treat at least with
civility tho men whom they have
wronged. They aro not to bo allowed
with impunity to taunt honorable and
Innocent men with their Imprisonment
in fort Miultn,onvltht!iolr"celebrity"
as victims of despotism and outrage,
for whenever tills shall bo attempted
It will bo reannounccd and proved, that
tho kidnappers themselves instead of
their victinis,aro stamped with an infa
mous "celebrity" which they cannot
shake off or remove,
Mr. M'Honry'a appointment as As
sistant As-essor Is most lit and timely,
audit is all the moru fit and timely
bec.iusu of his lormer persecution. It is
but Just that favor should bo extended
to one who has been Injured and oppress
ed lu tho namo of tliu Government, and
who will discharge the duties to which
hols assigned with intelligence, fideli
ty and energy.
Mr. Clark's, reorganization ofhlsrevo
uue district is a measure of true reform.
lie dispenses with unnecessary olllcers
and by his selection ot Assistants se
cures an intelligent and faithful execu
tion of the revenue laws throughout thu
district. In.fact, the Assessor's oillco
of tills district is under nblo manage
mom, and Its administration is sustain
ed by public opinion. Tho Editor of
the llejntblican vents his spite against
Mr. Clark to no purpose, lie thinks it
is smart to call him "Hob Clark" in
his newspaper, whereas It Is simply low
and vulgar. Ho supposes that his fre
quent denunciation of tho same gent Io
nian will have somo effect witli tho pub
lie, whereas It falls still bom because
every body understands his .motive,
which Is, to revvngo himself for tho
loss of olllce.
The Uepublican complains that Mr.
Ikeler and Mr. Woods"are loft out In tho
cold." They uro not removed,but they
nro not reappointed as Assistant Assess
ors under tho now arraugement of sub
districts. As tlio districts wero reduced
lu number, a single Assistant was to lie
appointed in pluco of tho two former
ones and It was proper that a Conserva
tive should bo preferroddn making tho
now selection. Wo suppose tho old
Assistants, as good Radicals, will feel
n deep sutlsfactlon in being relieved
from service under Andrew Johnson;
Tur, Cincinnati Commercial an tho
Cincinnati datette two of tho leading
papers of Ohio, which havo hero tu foro
favored Impeachment havoundergono u
charge of opinion en tho subject within
the past few days. Tho Commercial
says that tlio impeachment question
seriously damaged tho Republican par
ty In tho lato election, nnd hopes thnt
Congress will not bo liisauo enough to
press tho matter further. Tho (lazede
thinks "the opportunity bus passed nnd
the grent necessity will bo shortened
to a brief time beforo tliu trial
could bo completed." It might have
said, before the trial could be com
n dual If wo aro to Judgo by tho pro
gri'rs which has been made under moro
favorable auspices. Certainly elections
have a wonderful effect lu convincing
Eowo men of the wror of their ways.
Washington, Oct. 3 Iwl".
On Tuesday last, lu accordance with
orders received nt tho Washington Ar
senal by General Ramsey, Command-
untof tho Post, from General Grant,
Secretary of War, the bodies of tlio as
sassination conspirators, as also tho
body of Wlrz, tho Atidersonvllle Jailer,
wore removed from their graves anil
relnterred lu another portion of tlio
grounds. Tills removal was rendered
necessary in consequence -of tho projec
ted Improvements oithonrsenalgroutids
and as the contractor for tho removal of
the old Penitentiary building was about
to commence Hint work.
Tho body of Hootli was burled In
what was known us the wnreroom of
the Penitentiary building. It was In
closed In an nuimtmltiim bov, and tlio
grave was filled up with dirt, tho brick
flooring was replaced. The burial hav
ing been accomplished, the windows
were boarded up and tho door made se
cure, Secretary Stanton taking the key
witli him. The key was kept nt the
War Department until 11 few weeks
since, when it was returned to the Ar
senal olllcers.
On tho receipt of the order for the re
moval of the bodies, Including that of
Hooth, on Tuesday, labmers were at
onceset to work, and soon accomplish
ed tho work, taking the bodies from
the graves before mentioned and carry
ing them to warehouse No. I, where
a trench was dug, a few feet from the
north wall in which the In idles, were
placed and as secrecy was ennlucd, but
few persons were aware that the remov
als had been made, it would seem
from lids account, that the government
does not Intend to give up tliu bodies to
the relatives. Tho bodies of Hnoth,
Payne, Harold, Atzerodt and Wlmmd
Mrs. Surrat, now rest in a common
Tin: Radical party as It is now organ
ized seems to bo run by secret oath
bound associations, first thero Is tho
Loyal League, which meets in secret
and swears Its members with all the
solemnity of tho old Know Nothings.
Tills is ma le up of government contrac
tors, Radical spies, and oillco holders,
and forms tho right wing of tlieirparty.
Then there Is the Grand Army of tlio
Republic, mado up of tho hangers-on to
the lato Union army, and the negro
soldiers. They aro bound together by
oaths, and forms the left wing of the
Radical party.
It is not strange that this combina
tion should bring forward nn old Know
Nothing for Secretary of State. That
Is tho kind of material that tliey would
naturally favor. The real character of
tho association known as tho Army of
tlio Republic, is seen in their opposition
to a person liko General Harlow who
was n live general In tlio war and did
valuablo service, and their support of a
member of Caseins M. Clay's White
house guards, whoso duty it was to pre
vent all save those olllce seekers of tlio
truo Radical stamp from approaching
tho President. All this is hut n natural
sequence to tlio character of their organ
ization. It is these two recent organizations
that Governor Kenton Uses to run the
party lu his interest in the Stale. What
care they whether the record of their
candidates is in direct lolation of the
platform? Deception is tlio fruit tlmt
all secret, oath-bound political organi
zations live on. Tho convention adopt
ed a resolution modifying die Kxci-o
law, yet nominated a Maine-law man
for Secretary of Slate and an avowed
prohibitionist of tliu btrlcte.-t type for
Judgo of tlio Court of Appeals. Tho
convention denounced coiiuptlon In
office, yet nominated n man for Canal
Commissioner who has been tried and
punished for his deeds in tliat line. Such
is the record that they present the public.
TUTE. At n meeting of the Uii.iril of l'riisiei'S
of the ltloomsbur Iiller.iry Insfiuiie,
at the Miliary ltoniii of tliu Institute,
September 2"th, 1S07, nn nmtitin, Juliu
(i, I'rcezo was eulleil to tliu elmlr, imd
Conrsul Ilitteiilientler wits elioseil Keere
tary. 1 lavlntr uxtimineil tliu Uullillnpi,
leneuiiml uroumls, at tliu request of tliu
Iltlildiui;' Committee, anil vUltul the
.Schools, In whleh already two hituilral
and thirty students are utt end lug uimn
Imoiisly llenolred, That our tlianhs tire due to
Leonard 11. Kupert, l'eter lllllmeyer,
and KredeiieU (.'. ICyer, the liuililluir
Ciiuunlttee, upon the completion of the
Jltnomxbttrt Lilt rary Institute luidiiiyn
and tliearraiijfemeiit of the e;roiiuilsntul
funeu about the Kline, anil that as Mich
eommittiu they lie hereby tllseharced.
Ilesotrat, That we are greatly indebt
ed to tlio Indomitable pei'severance anil
energy of, 1'iof. Henry t'liiver for the
splendid Mieces whleh lias atleniled
the erection of a Jluilding and the Inau
guration ofa llri-t ela-.s School in Illoonis
burg, and wo tender lilui our hearty
thanks and continued confidence.
Jlesoticd, Tlmt wo can now oiler to
the public tliu advantages, of a School
second to nonu in tlio State for beauty
and iiealthfulness of location, fur con
venience of access from nil parts of tlio
country,, uml for thoroughness of In
struction In all branches of education.
J. O. FHKKZK, Chairman.
V, IliTTr.xiiHNDlili, Herniary,
JlAJOMTiiis lu Columbia County
slnco 18")0, when Montour4' County wtu
lfiril, IUkIlt for Oovurnor
18oi. IMercofor Prcsidont
1851, IJItfh'r for (lovcrnor ,
18fi, EiH'lmntui for PrcvltUut.,
Ifc57, 1'ncker for tiovrruor
16b'(K Foster for Governor
41 Jlrceklnrhlgu niul Doulus
for President
1MJ.1, Wootlwnrd for (Jt)vernor.... 1,511
IfMil, K'OHIl lOr lTOhUU'IH I.itl-.
18(1(1, Clymer for Governor 1,(118,
ISH7, HluHWooil for .Iiulo of tSu-
prcino Court. 1,757.
Hum Mouat 1iu:ak. Tlio llinlk-als
htylu their purty, tlio "party of hlIi
inornl Itlcns," "tho iirosveKvo party,
etc." It U truo their Ideas of govern
ment aro novel mul In ndvaneo of llielr
opponents, hut unfortunately, their
course U tlownwnrtt'iuul hackwanl llko
that of n ealf's tall. Their policy U to
free ami enfrnuchlso Ignorant, hrutWh,
ImrharoufineKroeH.tfrom foreiKU Afrlcuj
ami euMuvo ami tlltfraiKhio Intelligent
anil enlightened mitlvo Aiueriean
whiten; to return from a freo tavern
nieut ol'tho jieoplo rcyulutcil hy a Con
Htltnttontiml ueitatu lawa mado by tho
people, to an nrhltrnry toverelKnty of an
ancient military ricBpottimi whero tho
will of tho military tatrnps le tho law.
Thcw) aro "hlj h moral lUenn." Thlrt is
proerw ns tho IlatHcals umlorstaml it.
Mnrkf t Itrpol 1.
Wht'fll 1'iT l)ll-1li1
mm " ,
riour ior Lnrrpl
I'lnlPl-KPlMl, ,
l-'lnxvct! ...
lliilur ,
1'Rft M
Tiillow ,
trlpl Ah1p ,
Hums ,
HUIch nlullSliouldt'iH m
1'iiril iter entitiO
liny .pr tun
ltplnliK-lc tlnitnls yt'Y llmusntnl reel
1'lno " " " (iinnlnt-li)
Joist, HranttliiK, l'lntik, (llcmliH-k)
HhltiKli's, No, 1 per lliotmnmt
. a a-.
. i in
. I mi
. 11 im
.. 7 ll
, 2 m
. in
, 2 m
. 1M
. 11
, tin i
.. lsn:ll
.. 11 Kl
... s mi
... 7 l
. . IS 111
n. ,
llillnUIililn Mnrkcln.
TllCUSIi.W, IVtoVr, 17 NI7,
NnrtliMi'MiTii mir-oriliiont..... .....
.NorthMi'iti'ni I'xlru
NortliMN'Rteni rmitUy
lYmis) ivantii mid Western MiiKTIInp.
ri-tinlMuiiiimnl Wrstprn extra
lVnnsy luintii niul Wi-stern family
Pi-niis Ivimlu unit WYsteui fnnpy
Il)i, Hour
W ni:r l'l'iinsylMiiii.i i-oit, hu-... .
southern " " ... ,
t'lillfornlu ' " ... ...
Itvi. lYnmjlviuit.i rjp, v hits
C'ohn Yellour, " ,.,
White, '
hits t hits
lMlovlsloss Mess 1'orlt, V hhl
Mess I lei I,
Plesseil Hi iip, VI'
isilliikeil limits "
" shollMers V ft
Ijinl, V In
Hhl.ns t'loNersi eil V litis, ,
I'ltiiothysepil V I'us
l-'luxseeil "
I'll Ileus No. I Sisiteh
No. I Aluerlenn.
1'Atri.i: Heel Cultle y It.
I'nws, V heml
sm.i.iw-vi it, ,
;.iii 7."m
. S.MIOfl if.ul
,. 7.."iilc.tS.,v,
. H..MK.0 1 1.
.M.KK3 l'l.ll
. 1I.VI1I..V,
smi.rf s,.ii
. S.ViV.(,J.ll
. SJ.lnUS2.71
.. tl.l.V3l.JU
.. JI.'M.l.-,7
.. JI.JiKil.-.'l
.. Ue1e
. IJiwiy.e
12.1.. J.IH
S Km
1 1. -i.i t.'ie
slll.Vllu. II. VI
lines-",. 1011 tt.s
lilt 'WX Wl.llli-ln niootnshurit, on the 17ln
tlist., at Hie house of the brute .s in .tnei, liy the
lies. Itii.liliH II. I llln-ll, Ml, Ainu r II, Itlown,
ot ll.invltle, to llelsM K. Welio.ot lllnoinsoiirn.
M.l'Ivl:.NsII.-KlMI'lll.-llll Hie I' III lust,, hv
lies. II. J. Winn-1, .Mr. K. Maekeiisie, oi lliooius
hiHK to Miss l inoliiu Kiunploii, ut Loniton,
MMITII-.M'AI'i:i:-(lll thojsih lilt., I.v lle. A.
II. In Ine, Ml. Allium T. Hnillli, to Miss Mmy
M'Alee, both ol UrliirL-rpi-U lm tishlp.
lmoc'iiYiM-iiinnTitirii-iu moom-bun.', on
I hp loth lust., hy llev. .lohu'llioiiiiis.Mr. 1'rank
lltl llloehyeii, ol'SJcolt lonilil', to Miss I. lift
llleltelli-h.ol Centre township,
fdlin-IIINS-In lliiuillle, on the lolli lnt hy
Hew .Hteplk-U l'ulie tu Milty A. Iless.
hoth or Cuiliu tounstil)!, I'oluinhlii county, 1'n,
Kui:AMi:u-wi:r.t,!Vi:u-in nioonishmv, m
the house ot John A. 1'uustoii, INq., on the 17th
lust., by llev, 11. 1'. Allen, Mr. Win. Kreiiiner to
.Miss i:il.ilieth Welllu-v, nil ofCuluinlilaco.
KNYIU:ll-In Ulooiushuri:, on I'rlilny Hip llth
Inst., Mr. Wllllmu Snyder, nueil .11 years, 7 luos.
niul M il.iyn,
AkiUii the sllvpr elionl litis been looseil, ntul
miother flout lias taken Its llnal ilepmtute. The
busy limn! Is still, the thlnblilujx lieurt Is at rest.
It Is illllk-ult Mllliotil heeiuihg In pxusiieiute, to
spp.ikof Vir.MAM S, tin: as hp ileserxes', mid
In this community especially, vhere lie passed
the whole of Ills life, lliere is not one petwin ho
speaks of htm lu other terms than those of te
speet unit praise. Ilewnsamau of l.ire puMip
spirit, n kite! anil Reliial coiuiiauion, am! a inn
nist nt christian.
Tlie Uoartl of Trustees of tho IUonmshurfl Lit
erary Institute, of m hleh he Mas a member, ut
tcnilcil the remains as an cscoit, ami a ety larue
concourse of citizens, many from a tllst.uice, as
sciubleil In tukun last look, uml pay Hie last re
spect to (lie frlenil llicy hail so lonjr kuoiwt, To
those left his death seems a Kreal loss Indeed, but
tiililm it is assuredly hk tin, for he rests In peace,
IIIUC'II In lltoomshuri;, on tho 12lh Inst,, fuuu
Injuries leeelwd by mi explosion 111 llle mines,
Ilicliiird lurch, aged Mycins.
I.AMOX lu llrinicreek township, on thi."idlust,
Il.irriuuton Kichuldsiin, sou ol William and
Cathiiilue Itiunon, uued 2 years, S mouths mid
1 1 day .
JO T 1 (J K.
The si'coml iiiMnlimrnt nf Hit' lustM,l).crltli-1
the JUfM)iushurKli)ttriiiy Insttlutuwus .hit' mi the
IIthI ul October, Subscribers 111 iltitM pay lliclr
le-pect lt' atiiuuuts uidI olilln-' nil nn riles,
iM 1 1, II. Uri'JMir, Pn-st.
D 'imsou'tion ok iATrirx j:lt
M1I1 'Hie part nt r-lilp lim'tof-uu rxMhw
under tliii nniiif Crcu-y V .!hn, lu the inerenii
tlio business In I'.i tn wNmi, 1'n., IiuhIk ( ii tlsstl et I
by luutunl ronsi-nt. 'I he hooks mid aecttunirt of
until 111 tu nn- In the hands of Mr. .Iiilm fur m tlh -
limit. riti;.s A JOHN.
I'ntiiwlss.l, OetoWr Is, 1m,7.
l-sr.ut: of'i.iii n u bolt, in c'n.
Lett! rs of lldmlulslriltloll oil the estate ot 1.11,
-iibelli Jtay lor, lute ol Montour township, t'oluiu
bln county, deceased, lune been granted lie the
Ki'Kister of said county, to Iliinlcl J 1 11 lor, lulinln
lstlator, wllo lesldes lu said township. All per
sons liu Iiik claims or di tiiatldsiimilust tlio estate
oritui said decedent, are leiiuestcd to plismt
litem lor si-ltti in, ut, and those Ind i bti d to in a Ice
payment. liA.NIl.l. liAM.dlt,
October is, lsii7. Ailuilulstiiitor.
I D.MlXISTltATOU'S xotkm:.
X V. lr MK III' 1.KV1N.V HI II lllsoN, lu ( '11.
t... tiers icsimiieut-irv ou I lie- estate of l.e Inu
llutehlson, 1 tie ot s-cott township, I'oltiiuli'a in.,
dci eased, hu e been uT.uitcl bv ttip Uejrlstei ol
s ild is unity to samuel lie Itlcrlch, w ho refill's tn
IV litre louuslnp. All persou hilMliu cliiilil s i.j
ilcllliill'U iu.oll-1 llle cslate ot s dd dl ccitt nl , i ti
i iuesi,.ll'st ill i lis tn tor si ttii ou ut, uml
those indebted to lillllve payluehl.
isami 1:1. lil.iriiaisiii, i.
Oeloherls, 17,
111. iiiiiloislmieil nu'lllnr. nnnultiit-il bvihein.
f-Viatis Cmirt nt I'uluiuliiii 1 mnily, tt make iis
tributltMi ol llu Hinds In the hands (if it. I', lurt
ner, iihslKmi1, nf t'lluton utul .Itnnes
iVnlinllii. In miM i-diiuty, tn and iitnoui; the u-
hpei tl e eu-dtlois uf Miid Clinton and Jaine,s le
wltt, In onler entublNhed by , attend lit
hs t.tllee, In tlltitunisbiin:, un utnulav, ,utm
her ITInl, 1'7, ut ldu't'ltick n, in., lui the ) mi pose
ot nttciitllli In the ilittk'H ul hK ilppulnt ment,
w hen niul whele all ptirtleH Interested nie m ntili.
I'd tu pu-hfiil thfll" cliillii,' nr be tlt'luilletl Iumi
coming In lor a ttliatu ot the tund.
i W. sMII.MUl. Auditor.
(Ktober IS W17Ct.
Un' Jlvru'it'K Hnztttc iUitie rojit,
pntuc sali:
t)l VALf'AllI.i: ItKAI. 1 STATU,
In pit uu a nee of nn onler of thu Oi plums' C'ottU
nf Columbia eount , I'.i., on vnu , Xo r m
nun iSJnl, W7, nt lun't-loik In tho fort noun, Tlmt,
Cievfllnu', Jr., inliiilnlMintur, Ac, nf .lolm sillier,
plleot hiult township, III si I Id Coil tit V, ilei niseil,
Will expose to snle, by publle endue, till the
pi em I vk, n certnln
lU)lTJsi; AND UfC OK (iUOU.l.
j nltuutt lu thelnwiinflSpy, iintl euuiit ntoievald,
1 ndlotlllllir lllluls of .lolili Sleriier no I hi. il i kl Kei.
oml htieet of hi Id tus n on the nurtli, nit nlluysn
the enht, iiinl nn alley on the huiith, i-untninlni:
about one-third ot nil ncre, wheieoti are cricttil
a Initne dwellliitf hou-e, with outbullillnn', It1t
tlie t Ktnle nf Kniil tU'(t?:it.eI, sltunte In I hu town
ship iindeouiity afouvald,
Jtsi; Cui.i:m.n, Oli ik.
iry Coiitlltlons nf Hi.l,eT n per cent, ot uue
fourtli of the piucluisu inoiiuy to ho paid ou tho
(striking Uumi of tho property onu-fourth le
tne ton per cent, on tho euiitlinintlnn of tho wile,
and tho balance In one jeiir troin tho conilnnu
tlon niul. roNhthslnii Kit'ii mi tho Iliht dny of
April, I vis. 1'n rehnt.ertti pay ftrth ed niuUtnnips,
uuAiah cunvr.MNti,
(Ktnher l, ls(J7. AtltillliNtlhtnr.
or vai.uaiu.i: hum, ixr-vrn.
Will ho sold by tho mideislmu'il, ceeutur cr
tho last will and testament nf .laeub Olchl, do'
COM ted, OU I'ltlli.W, lr I'KSt I1KK !T7t ll, lNJ7, lit tell j
o'clock a, in., tho Jollowlim dcseiihod leal t Nalo 1
to will !
hltitnto In tho town nf l!lnoinnhuitt, Columbia 1
enunty, 1'n.; said lot fimitH nn I'ltst ittioet uf said
tuw n, nnd eon talus lu I rout nit, and In i
depth two bundled and fmuti on feet and six In- !
clU'S; find hounded us lotlowm I'lrst Street nu tho
iinrlh, nu alley un thu smith, an alley un tho oust,
and nn alley un tho west, v, he loon nie erected a
tioud two story
w Kli Kitchen tit t at lied, alio n ct liar Ultilieii uu
th r tho kitchen; u siniiiUtahlo, a I.ircostitbloninl ,
onrihit huiise iinft) intn Uwiy stable, n well ut
uotnl walor flt tho back door of tho IKtiv stable.
u oUli rn nt tho bat k thmr nf tho cellar kllcht u,
witliidheruulbulltUnus, Tho properly 1 Inline
illntely In the rear of tho Omit House lot, and U
a ciy tlosliublo stand lor a 1 1 wry stable. J'o.
sot4sluii kImii uu the 1st day nf Apt II, lH, Tonus
matte known uu tluy of sale, when itttcndiitico
will ho ttlwn by
JiAVIO I.OWllNHr.WI, Keeutt..
Illuouishiiry, Oct. IS Im.7.
CAUTKItltY lli:i'()HT
oi llio l'lmt Viittiiiial llnnkiif llliKiiiikliiir. I'a .
UcluliiT-lll, 1107,
Noti'HUIli! Mils ilUooiilltis! 1 1 J7 (11 10
t'tiru'iit t-xiH-iis,.,
Cnsh Iti'lu
Hue rutin .S'ntli.nul ltiinlts
1 ..',:
17 M
.t'l.ATI 17
. M.i'iO tn)
1 1 U)
II. I I"
. Vfi.m oo
.Kj.mi to
. ii.i. n ui
101, '.Til ul
7,(01 IH
t),!li7 II
l(.H. lluiiiislii fciiurui'lrriil.itluii
1 r, m. iiiimis
I .N' Links ,.
Other Inn till liinney ,
rnjiltnl vtni It
HuriilUM fiuul . .
I'lri'ulatlon ,. , .
lleiiimltH ,. , ,
Duu butikii mul UmUfrM ,. ...
iilsciHuit, i'iciibfi aiul luuri.t ,
I'lutll uml ) , ,
ThOftbfAola corut,
lHuormturc, Ott. II, lft7.
AT tun
t'oM'MiiiA covntv AcnunTi.TiniAr., mm-
AT It LOOM Hill' It (I, PA.,
Oa Wednesday, Tlitumliiy ntul 1'rMuy, (telnbor
1'lh, loth, nnd llth, N.
( I.AM (, IloltSKs,
IUft bio-nl mnre and colt nil Meiidfiihnll 8ix)
ihi Il(irectilt between '2 A :i jenrstdd
i:il .Mendoniinll KO
do mnro do I A 2 do
Mil Metulenlmll :ltc)
tin hotxo colt 1 A '2 do
.lutneH I', Htucker .1fn
"d tin brood mnro and eoll. A, lloniie iini
L'd do pair draught hores, Jaeob (iei rard KiU
do enlt hetwccnilA.IjenrHotd, Ihonms
Hchuyler Km
2d enrrlnne tiuire, Chntulloy V,v.
dorolt under in months, hhiu'I I Ild la ;t (
lleftt pnlr carrinte nnireft, .loyph Hetn niii
do niaroeoli.JA eats old, M, t. Vntiee
in pairrarri.'iutiiiorM'ri, ,i, v , iniernieen nm
nn p.ur earrniRe mures, , it. ioouh
'Jd iloenrrlaKohoifte, T. Oallni in
Heft enrrlane tnnre, Christian Crust
thi ialrtlniuht htrnt", (ton. Cava nee
tlo lour oar "'d tnUlnnl lunlel Krvln
-d tlo do do tlo r.llns Kinln
tin enri nurii )i,.i nn. Win. 1'..l lilt
I ut
21 do pair horses, i n. Hill
.tuuuri-., neese, u
hall, Um. Wlntorsloi'ii.
.iiKiues ."., Ki"i'.p, Will. HCHU5 lev. C. MelldCII
t it caiti.k,
Ihithtm SltK'K,
lls bill ( Mathlns K. Apptfinnii JI.MhI
t o bull Inuda.eais.l. It. Vatidetsllee 'li)
no run uuuer iu nios., yt jt, man
nest nm'i'A :ionts, Caleb U.irlon Kin
tlo heifer I A Jeale. to thi :J(M
i no no no tltl . .1. nueklllew
A ''hut ft .SficA-.
hi'-l bun I iind-Jpnrs, l. .1. Waller
lirmhil .Stock.
Ilest bull, .lohll K (IftilF um
no ii-i'er -aii'i :ietiri( ,ioim l Urol. j
tlo tlo 1 and 1' do do :t
do ti,t UitlelilH'liiler I1UI
-M tlo do dti mt
t do heller 'Jatid 1 jours, C llllleilbelKli r 2 ml
who no laini.' o l lliuietilnull
bt si i ., i un r I't tnos., ok-li I tan on
l st bull Jali I I J ea is, Held la il (Hi
-1 do do tlo ; Kolelllier 'J")
best pir twin e-tlves 'Jnii'l 1 von is,
rillnu)ie.MellMi 1 1
bisteow, do to (Htj
ot n -ner tin ler in ius., catrit k Dillon
-M tlo e-itv, I. U. Vntl'b tsee
bet heil.-r 1 tiieU'.Mai-K, .1 It Vnndi I stlee
.lud.os Abner WeNh, .lehse ilollm.m, tl,
I lest Lhesleroo. white hoar, .fohti Olalv ri(-i
tloll do tlo nlj-s,. I P Conner II tl
2d tlo do tlo boar, Chlllp Civtiv a l .)
bent sow ami (J pt-js, .tohu vhlli' t If I
tlo (luluea pUt W. Clnilt Hloan .V)
JlldRtM-A 1' Youtltf, Is lac IKelt r, .larob Kesb r.
i I.VsS 1 sill. Kl',
Muhltc Wool,
iji'm Nitiiu iiowtiMieep ,i r Conner Hi
do buck, W 1' Whllo uo
-d tlo tlo AnriSji Smith :hj
bt st owe, Haitlr-l Vandcisliep m
'2 tlo tin Aaron sinlili a no
2."ttg uof.
best luiek, .ItH V Sratterunoit 01)
2d tlo 2 ewes, S.imiicl Illdlil mm
IteKt ewe. Aaron Hinlth i m
2d thi bui'lt. IMIas ICiuiii ;m0
.Indues I'rancls i:iins. ,1 VutidcrHlIi
Malhlas shaller.
vi. ss v rnri.iin.
btMt pUr(''!lIllChllltehlekf'lM) f. A.
. 1 'utt or, Atfiii-uiturtut l.i.
tlo lot f-en In thicks (.' INirsel 1 OO
tin iniiiirv uiros, in, tin i. lore
do pftlrHImiialinli'h'ckons Win ltupott.Jr, I
2d best display l'oultr. Aaron Koslor 2
best pair uet-se) tlo 'n 1 tu
no iiniuiiiil rooun onit KOIls, v J Iliiekit
. 'w .... . AitricitltnM '
dotlUplny f.f thlekoiis, H llltit nhender m
2tl best tlo do W ,1 IllKknloW lit"
best o hi to Shaiinhnls, II V I tart man I (
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host pnli ilttcks, Win Iloweii ;,)
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thi bushel ttatt, tiooine Uussel 1 r
tlo tlo buckwheat,. Ineolt (lemrd 1 .'V
till 1 - do rot eoll Villfie i-nrn .1,. I ,
tloH tlo sweet eo'lil,.! (ieraid Aqricvt'ttrut I
2d M do titnothy sotd, W C lllehart
nei mis. r.o, Anion Kostor
tlo do smoked corn, V. Ibmeubuch
do do rot I wheal, W 1 White
tlo tlo yolluweurn. I K Olldlno
tlo J ; bus, t o or seed, V 1 1 llacenbueh
tlo 'thi timothy seetl, Aurun KeMer
tlo nop eoin. llenrv Utlteiibeiider
.Iude .1 .Mouser, Woslev How man, .InrkM.n
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do do early tiondih h, tlo do 1 .in
tin tlti Snellecks, do tlo 1 ."1
tlo tlo oalleo, do do 1 i)
tlo do plnke.M'. do (leo Uussel I "ill
tto tlo Harilson pot nt ii X Kit-hard I.Vi
do tlo plnkeya do W C Hh hart t M
tlo tlo tliseo do WlllCnrroll 1 .
tlo do unriit t Chili tlo OA.Ineobv I .Mi
tin peek sweet potalties, OSteek ' lll
no nun poiaioe, u iitlleubt inter. A'r. 1 mm-
tto do I'llneo Albert potato, M Melllek I 't
tm n iiem MUIipKllls,.HMin IIIUV .If, I r.
tlo lot buekejes, W A- A IHalv .'iH
tlo 1 ildoui tuiuatoes, .N, lllohard I ml
tin !iiik w inter siiiish tlo (M
till Milliliter Kret l Mp..i tto
tlo INpv do do
tlo salsify tin 1
tlo head t nuliflower do
tlo Mum bean- do 1 ti
do 'j bus. pa, snips thi mi
tlo lot eel !, .Jesve ( ol man, 1 ini
tlo in ine wuitel, Jacob (ieraid I OJ
i ot i;k pia'ii, t nas. auo, .t,rtculturit I h
iio i (jis soup iieans, Aaron ICesler 1 a)
tloswttt pumikiiM,i A Toittr I m
do sn-ar fleets, 1 Davis if,
tlo.l heads drum oii.jIj:il'i , do I ini
do i j bus. unions .hiciih Ti rwillU'cr, 1 m
mi ous. pouuo onions, l 11,1s. "Saul ,)
tio no iii id turnips, John Kiessier .'Vi
tlo 7 sweel piinipkliis, , stint mnti, A'r I u
i o2sut 1 1 pumpkins U-vi shotmakoi' I on
.1. j .un. t aii.ns, , uert:tMi, Ajir. I ionr.
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t o t o Cii.'ibrook seedhm's. (i N Wllllts 1 ai
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do iilinl, Aiiiaiid.i (inlld I
. osl'k ipillt, Mist M. .1. -Mellhk I Hi
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tlolliun tnhii elo h, to A'tnruttiwlXv
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uo p.ui- uuo.i nut ots, .Ai.irunri t
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do tloiiiiio wool com ih t tlo 1 on
tlo lot lliiiiuol, .Mih 0 VithiiersJIiv l ;(ti
.u ooiiuin. .Mrs reter i;nt An-intUuri lu
douncy tuiilt . .Mrs 1' lleehtlo
do laEempi t, .Nlrs .1. Schu ler
ilo. ltls wih.1 i hnlu onipt t, Mm SSeaiU
do p.'ilr witol mills, Martha Abbott
do tott hall in iso, Mih 1' UhrlMiium
tlo linen hose Mrs , Coh-man
tlo knit pnters MIsk M M'Kol
tlo wool. Mrs M. Applonmu
do knit littso, Mr A lUndeiRhut
I'ldf'1'' Houbt n Ilonihny, Ilibttrti Kline, Hun-
nt i, iti-sn-i, ciiiiu iiaiiuiiiu.
I.VSs I buMMril- MM t M lflils,
IKstiurinnt Jam, Mi, V. Itioua
tloKoost bt.1l tlo tlo
tlo poach Jtlly do
do tlo MlllUI.'lltide do
do fjiiliuo do
dostrawberry piest ie do
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tlo Apple llutter, C.I Kdjnr
t o Ki tchtlp, Kit, i Tut toll
tlo erabnpplo jelly, do
donin.heirj symp Uur lleohtil
tlo toinnto butter, Irs .1 Coleiuati
doiJtiim piiseuib. Mm i; W V nkot.p
ilo tin Jelly do ' 1
tloonnned hmkh berries tlo
tlo Uhubarhji lly do
do preseied mi uin mils, Ch-ayo
do tlo black do tin
t o Fsinermn i run prosei oti do
i t) nrttrsLdetitisiuriv do
tlo liluckborry Jelly H K ICnupp
do iM iich huttor MlksTilly Karlnu
t tnjuliicu Jelly MptUA .Mojer
tlo 'tnr butler tlo
tin preserved iienrw t, ,
thi ouiiiK tl cot hart i herrU s Ml-s H Uhlla 50
Mjiiunitejeiiv ,(,
tin onniiotl mimeo, Mrs JJ 1'
doprosi-rwiUiubiipplo do
donriipo (oily du
do plum butter, Mrs L I) Cuso
oiherry .to .MMM ( hrMnmu
i onpplo Jelly do
do pliserod utnpo tlo
tlouuinod plumb .Mis I. DCnstt
do prisoiotl ( lieiri.i( Mit I' chrMmiui
do ein rnut Jelly do
tloipllueo butler tlo
t ootiuiutl stuiwhoriioM Mr II II I nns
do cherry Jolly Mrs It IIMeniiMh
iliiiiirinui Jain .la
ilu pi-ai- inui itinlmli' tin
iliiiiprli'iit jiu'si it .tn
ilu liltllll do tin
uu ii, Kislioiry tin tin
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i n ilu lilillillis Mih I, IM'ust.
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'1;' ilu iiuliiics it, ,
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do (-up I'll;, tl.,
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i hi iiiiliiiKti.MU, j" Winner
i ii ilium ilu Jh ii Winner
i uniKliriTlleliersJIKH Jt WertMi-
Hi tmtiitii sluit Ii sirtinf WsnlttitMi
"lliillll.UII.I.MIss M .1 Melllfl, ""'1'
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"il li;l lilstlill il f lluiK.i,
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to iiuluketi hup do
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Jink M i, in (M
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It. I rhllr rover. I II Hen It
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M .In Ziiii imlnthni!. l'mil Wirt
lion! crneuoi inse nny, .ui .m onor
do hosier orlt, Mtn M Abbolt
do burr tlo Jolt nTot ten
thi tin bucket, Mrn V.Wra ThHpii
tlo poiimntithli), Mm II W W nAoup
tto Inrimr h wieath, MIihM .1 MtlllcJl
do nttmnnii eoer, do
.t . 1. Il..i lll.t ...... I Alt-. . U t ll.s. 1.1-..
(IO liioie imuiniii'iin.M iiuinM-,1
M tin a pin cimhloiiv Mht A llartou
tin tnttlmt btind Ml T Itnrtuu
l!d dortprrltnenpeiimatililp, V W Kocmn
itolMv, Mr- IIP l.ut.
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no I'liiiini einoroiiier( f i . r-tumiri iiiii
tto ftlH. do do tlo
tlo wax fruit, Mm P fhrlMiiinii
tlo picture frame, It 11 ay mi u
tlti wurntod tidy, I.lyloslinrpUsn
tin oil pnlntlmf, Mli 1' Itnrlnii
tin plncii"diltni, do
tlotollet tuatrt, do roil slIboM do
tlo elet elmlr seal, Aliulo Urns-dcr
tto sofa cushion, do
tloehnlr do MUi Mnry JI'ICclvv
ilo fancy sherpsAIn, C I'niter
doswfet Jrksamlne. Mrs I' lmver
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tlo nrletv tlower. Claru Vimdcrsllco
do wnx llowert. Mli M.irali Cnror
tto tlo water I Illy do
tto do iroi tto
ilo tlo loses tlo
tlo'J picture frame, T W (luntoii
do I eiUedolly, MIsh M Woinor
tlo frnino wnrA- tldj, Mr II onxor
iloeiocltel collar, .illos M Abbott
tlo bead collar, do
tlooriH'het otdt ha)let, Mtn M C UaNluli .
tlo tidlet lil.i1, Mm II I Mb I
tlo bead liccAlat o, Mls II Applomail
lo pule wnrmeis, thi
do braid Inv rllon. Met I lliiriu.iii
ilo il oi bet wnlA, Mrs A IN ndershot
tlo ornamented plctur. trainesf Mr IMuhn I
no nriiiuofi inn t usuiou, .Mrs t. r i.ut7.
it p.ilr tittuliliili', Miss U llowoii
do ottoman, i,tie jsiiarpiiss
tlonrstod tidy, Miss Itarlmi I
tlonll sola pillow, Minimi UatAley 1
do taiicy thn ad tiaino, Ml-s a Iliipt rt VI
tlo oolloetlull dahlias ' 'nndersleo ,)
tin tlo hOK-o tldWOit thi I
tin dl led mum tlo ,'i
iloboipiet siraw ilowor, Mrn.1 Coltnati .
tlo bin 1 1 let I lowers. Mis 1 John u
thCJoloplmills. I, OHnyder 1
do sola lld, , Mih M (Vlt-tlslnii
tlo bun homes, M .1 Mel lie, hi
tin Wood lilllt, tlo ."in
tlo colt biaidiuu", Mm i:ilJi Dlold
doruM1 Odv. do , ')
tin Ik'iuI lUnltiii, s II Kunpp cm
tlo tlo sateliel to ,t)
tlo 2 colon d emboli pUtun , A llartou I
tlo Indian moeensuio, Mis I1 Iliiiinnn I
do iiultiinl stmw tlowt is A moss 11 i; Iturr V)
ilo lulitnt NU't, Vfiina tie-ier ,i
do lllion tid.v tlo ('j
tlo .Utt, Mlis Woaoi m
tlo knit shawl, Mis I, lu'nse i
.IlldKos-lUv Jl M.eiti, MisOJIt ,Mi( Hl'uw
lot. 1 1-it .t -i t.or), Mnvi Tt.s-w tti:, i.n.
tlo .o i lor tot A M Kui i rt -2
io lot Ilu w.iic tlo '
tlo laid call Jacob MetK
tin ten Ut ttlo do
tto cook stove i lilllmeer
'2i tlopailorsioMi tin
dti wheat iloui Julm Jicalo
tlo i. o tto ill)
tlo buelcw beat Hour II tU'eter
'Jd tlo win-id Hour IVler I.nt
do com meal II Ikeler
Aifftrutturx'it t
JinlRri-M 'iit,.ttiiin K'MIer.Wm Illchnrt
riW l I AttKIt L'l. rt'It Mi IMI'i.l JIKMH AM)
do side hill plows hull beam S Ihibt r I
tlo rluht hand tJows ' p Cusopit
ilo horse diue It 1 1 Hill mi v V
do uriib hoe .1 1 llrard 5f
ilo but k o ti mower and lenpor si I for Wall 4
Shriller A. eo r,
ttoha lake Wulf A lllllmejer "
tlo coin plow I Kltt.
tlo main sopatalor x thinshei Gulor
Piloo nnd on
tlo hand torn shiller I K Mnrhh ,i on
tlo ArmddH spear hay fork U H Piusel
tlo main drill Iteevtt Mollkk .Loo
tlo corn i.lautei W Morrison
tin IIxceMor mower mid lenpor tsnn-
billed Selbelllni' nnd eo
tlo hull axle lii wairoii Ihnbst .(, I!ans
tlo lo tllvpiay tarm tto II llvis a llio ."
tlo t n mors spring wnunu thi
th) Valh'y ( hlof oomtdniHl,Xolf rnkor reap
ii and muuor I S Marsh a co ,"i
Juduos W JIowell,M A Moio, J Masteri
i lass Mit vi:ni( i.i-s.
tloshlltiim tup Imguv, M ('Sloan A Ilro 2
dospiin w.ion, do '2
tlo open hiieiir, tlo j
Judes ftobt I'ursel, Oaiilet tK'iiiu. (I It Hun
ter. cnn xivmr.s and iihi:mivi.s.
tlo'JKW'arms Italian bees, II W Creusy it
tin I tlo liatlo do tto .
Jd tlo 1 tlo do tlo tlo Aj;r. lr.
tlo sldo'UpenhiK U'O hl0 do 1
tlo sample ho ne v do I
tlo Mrnw boo hlo, K Kruiii At;r. hi.
.luil's A smith, Kimuel crovellujx, Iai Aik
iii in.
M.V-s V WI.NUS AMI Mljt'UIts.
tto black currant wlnoCsriK" I
tto red tlo do i
tlo rheiry wlno Mi-s M Apploman I
tlo tomato tlo (teiiVteti I
do tjUlnce do tlo
tlo black cht rry wine (Ion Yost I
tlo blackboiry wlno Mis A McndcMiot I
tlo s beilati t rah wlno Mrs W II shot-
tlo main
uuiKor i
tto P Dillon
tlo dew berr
'Jd tlo mn,w
'Jd tloeldeiborr.N
'Jd tlo bl io libeiij
tlo eldethorr
-M do iavpberr
J. tlo IMiim prape
do tlo tlo
tlo iatpbiri w hi
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do I', Conner
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do II Kliilil
tlo tlo
John Kiossier
Mr. I) 'iiti,lii klti..
.it no eiu tu
i t. 'on Ntoar i . i nartuii
' o tlo tlo Mrs w llshotiunktr
do while cm i ant wlno peter Itochtol
IioIkos P Tow lor, .1 Creasy, Andiow Tow-It r.
I ass xvi t iui.r w Mir, tnsi us.miioi m
tlo ltd eiutheii waio A Uabb
thi ' . to. blooms l.luoodUiulies Jri
ctiUitrht 1 ;
ilo 'J tlooi bells I Itlaneh.iml liU.toiit.t
tit) tllllMi sole 1 IC-ealt. li;otl
tlo omIi slin P ( hrKtiuuu !
.luklps do t
do tleor skins c I'or-ter t
do kin boots.Iaoob Itlch.irt I
do calf u do 1
tlo sot wlnd'ior ohatrs.I Terwllbwr I
ii" oii-ion lui-iiui-: eiriir no i
uo ujiper leatiier r ciirist man
.llld.'0 lMIaidei s. I P M.l..r. T It S,..iii
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dt frosl rapoH(ho YusI Vi
tlo Iu'n II.i ympei ii,o Yo,t 'id
dootmouid tio Mih W II shot maker I
do diana do tlo
tlo Ily.l i;iIadT tlo 'i
dotpilm t .V Uabb
tlo aikt pours II Znt plnjior 2
Hi h.iket i-nis M i 'lu mbt iitiutwfi.furit I j
thi ilo i.pphsMl-sM J Mt-tlkk I
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iloduuH I'tuis Mit A Ilf lalorshot 1
do monthI lipbeitjLs Mis If c llartmmt Vi
Jd do J.j hu quliicts John Ittacnik to
do tilled huckhbeirles Mis IIW Wyiikoop .M)
ilo do ajiplos Mis A lit iidcishot .i
do tlo lasphonios Mis A 1) (Julld fti
tlodiledoheiiioHMNsM A DavW
tlo b iskct tall njiph s T J Vniidestleo A(i('
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.ludues-TJ Wnlsuii, K I, UKh, W Ilaitmau'
Isaac II rode,
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tlopnwdor .ojis, I l Monroo A Soli IMp.
tto ilowo sowlumnathlno. CK (build IMp.
do puli nt seal. II i:os- A llio .V
tlol set bllKSV hubs. thi r,
tlo wliith.w sprlim. UM'Clnro 1'ip
ilo potlahlonwn A ftult tlrler, It M'Clurt v
tlo patent water uluel, Samuel h)dn 1 1
tlo clastic stlieluirtA i r A UaAir Kwowlfcrf
lunehhie, (imvor A llaAer Dip.
do hK-.V stitch (bnver A Itakor soinu
machine, tiroser A Itaktv Dip
tlo 2 huehos saw id shingles. J Schuyltr Agr ly
do nisilo lion ti nee, K I ! nice Coleman -I -Judaos-M
W.ianop, A Melllek, Panln T.voh,
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.Idiro-s-Krowlor, .1 u ijuM. T J Vimdcrslfee,
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In lairMinnco nf nn order ol tho Orplians' Court
nf 1 oluinbla.onuiily, Pa., nn Batpuuav tho loth
day of N i.Min:n, 1m7, ut lOoVlock a. m.. Aliu-d
Urvollntr, Kiinidlaii of Mnry P, crewUtii mid
'i?r! A;i-,,,l1 l,:',(IuroW.,Ciovelliii;,t;iiar.
ilii.n ut saiah i:. t iev ting and Mnrmuet Vrvwb
Iiil j nut a Udloy.inullfln uf Clara Crov
illnuMulnor ih Idrrn of i:il Cievollmi, Int.. nf
Scott inwnshfp, hi said euutitv ttoooiuetl, will ox
pnsn to sale, by publlo cnduo, un tho proinlses.n
teiliilu phiuln tlon and Had nf laud, tuntnlnlim
tiioieni less adJoIniHalmiiUnf Auron i()imonud
iMer lliueiibuchnii thojitxth, IimdH nf Jauien
Jilte mid l,e.l Mood on tho West, tho .Noilli
Ilia icli uf the Uhfr Susrjmhaniia nu the south,
lillids ut Anion Konno, (i. W, L'ieollliK A Co., .1
It. t nrtol, ItlulielA CleellnKuild utheMnn tin
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intici; Dwi.i.i.iNo nopsi:,
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f I' I. I. tl 1! l- Jl A It Ii,
tIieiHatii(if.ilil win tis, Mi until liitiiu townililn
f UUldtH'HM t,f ,(itf w'J,n t.f CVUI Of I be i.n...
f.illlt l..rtl,e(u,,,.,,,,o, t" iVp'il, hJ,"
ilii.vol siile i i,.ri,iiitl, I, is U,o tu, L" Veilt. i n
m Jm,'.1,1.' 'Ii" ,""! """" iiii'iin iumi
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kini'i i.s ' ' " . V..".', "f "lr '"'"l ""'I
Ai.riti:li l in;vi:i.iN(i,
II. W. t'HKVlIl.l.VO '
I.I'.Vl a. tiiiH.r.Y.
net K, IM7.
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ClilllllllllHttire, li1in.
rUCN'1'.S l'iiiiiliiii(!(iuis nt Cur.M
v III lll.lN'H Mote, lu-Stii.
Jut t(Telvi-itni,.ii.,iiiuioiiiH'nt nf
A 'e I'MII ( II nml UK I'Kll'VKS, t-lme l lle,
II illl'l'l'll l",lllltHKll.HllWl- tllMUM
W. II. l-Mnil.
Dm umiim. In,, cutUi H, Itir-im,