The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, September 06, 1867, Image 2

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inooMSHUita, pa.
Clrtulntlui. In CnlmnbU and
i.i.uttt. of njr imptr p.llill.linl her., mill
It Ulan mncli Urfc-ir .I...I than Mlf nf
,l.cntrmporrl..i anilLUl.t-rftoralhrtn-al
iirdltlii. for ailv.rtltlliff In HU a.ctlnu uf
Ilia Rial.
Wr.nroln iKMMfwIoii of ft immplilct
ruliircsri to tho m-milc of 'luxiw ny (v
Throckmorton of that Stuto, timlur Onto
nf Au.jiifft 10th. In which hq ulvw nn
clnbornto nml wniipU'tu stiitumi'iit of Ills
rnntluct na Governor In connection with
tho subject of reconstruction, nml of tliu
circumstances which jimcx'tled im re
moval from nflk'o by tleu. .Sliwiiluti. !
Tho fnctfi set forth exhibit the partlnllty
mul lnju.tico of tho (lenerul, inul of hU
Mibordimite, Clencrul OrlMn, In u strlk
lug llKht, mul will ko fur to witlsfy tho
mibllc tlmtSherhhui'rt removnl from tho
ivmnmiHlof this Fifth Military District,
was both timely nml necessary. Gov.
Throckmorton had been duly elected
Governor of Toxns and was exerclslnff
tho iliitiw of that olllco when Sheridan
assumed cuinmaml of the 1'lfth District.
Tim otllclal documents now published
by the Governor, provo threu things
iiuot distinctly. First, that tho Gover
nor applied hlmscir faithfully to the -o.'clse
of his duties, and to co-upcratlon
with the military authorities in llio en-
fjrecmcnt and c.xecutlou of tho laws of
Congress: Sooonil, That ho was removed
from ids ofilco arbitrarily and without
causo by Gen. Sheridan: and Third,
that the military orders and adminis
tration in Texas wore unreasonable
mid arbitrary, and In plain violation of
botli law and Justice. Among other
nolnts made out by tho Governor Is one
relating to tho rules of registration
adopted alid acted upon by themllltary
nuthority, by which a largo mass of tho
votine population of tho State, mimics
tionably quulllled to vote under the
acts of ConimsS, were excluilcil from
o lumerntion und disfranchised. As In
the case of Iiousinna, the object plainly
was to irlvo the tu-ro voturs control of
tho State, and to urpuiizu the now SUito
jiovemmeilt in tho Interest ol the Until
ml party.
Governor Throckmorton was u Union
man In 18(11, and ojiposed nmiailon to
tho utmost of his power. Ho was over
ruled, however, nml acquiescing In tho
decision matlu by his State, entered
the Confederate army and fought in the
war. Again, nt tho conclusion of the
htruirglo ho necepted tlio situation in
common with the great mass of tho
people of tho South, and from nil that
appears has blnco acted heartily mid
honestly to restore ids Stuto to her place
in tho Union nnit to cultivate semi
merits of loyalty and of complete dovo
tlon to tho Federal Government among
tho people.
ills only offence has been that ho, de
sired a fair registration and a fair elec
tion under the reconstruction laws
pai-cd by Congress. It is not pretended
that ho opposed any resistance to tho
execution of any military order issued
by General Sheridan, or under his nu
thority, although f-overal of thoso or
ders were harsh and arbitrary, If not
unlawful j nor was ho guilty of disre
spect on any occasion to tho military
power. Hut ho forwarded to tho Presi
dent copies of tho military rules for
registration above mentioned, and a
copy of an order in relation to selecting
Jurors in tho Courts, and called atten
tion to their character, it would seem
that for this act (which was in all re
spects proper) ho was removed by Sheri
dan who nlleged In genoral terms that
ho was "nn impediment to tho recou
Htruction of tho State," and a man
named I'eo who had been beaten be
fore tho people was appointed In ids
place. Tho transmission or iniormation
to the President Is thus made an oirenco
punishable by deprivation of office, and
a man rejected by tho people upon a
fair vote is put over them as tlicir (Jov
ernor by military power I
To bhow the outrageous character of
the registration under Sheridan in Tex
as, It is only necessary to mention somo
of tho persons excluded from enumera
tion by tho boards under tho rules fur
nished them, It Is to bo remembered
that tho persons so excluded from regis
tration nro thereby disqualified to vote
or to kervo upon Juries In tho Courts'of
tho State, We quote from tho olllcial
paper furnished tho Hoards oflleglstra
tlon and by which they wero guided in
their work:
Memoranda of Disqualifications,
for guidance of tho boards of registra
tion under tho mllltray bill passed
March !2d, I0IS7, und tho Act of Congress
supplementary thereto, passed March
iMril, 18(17; n'l who have
held any otllco in nny State under tho
Constitution and Laws of such State,
In forco prior to February 1st, 1SC1,
Buchas survcyorsnd deputy
Hurveyors of districts, county survey
ors. county commissioners,
treiiMirers. tustlcesof tho peace, clerks
of courts und deputies, sheriffs nud dep-
utlos, constables and deputies, tux col
lectors, assessors, coroners, polka Jurors,
auctioneers, pilots, hnrbor-maslers, re
corders of conveyances and mortgages,
county recorders, notaries public, nml
all commissioned, ofllccrs in tho Btato
Militia ; any person who has acted as a
mayor of a town or city, treasurer,
comptroller, recorder, alderman, assist
ant alderman, assessor, assistant tax
collector, administrator of the charity
hospital, and members of tho board of
beulth. commissioner of elections and
his clerks, chief of police, lieutenant of
police and town or city marniai.anci an
who huvo served on tho forco ; wardens
and under-wnrdens of county prisons
or work houses; boards of school direc
tors, city burvoyors and deputies, street
commissioners und deputies, city attor
ney and assistant nttornles, superinten
dent of public schools, inspectors of to
bacco, flour, beef, pork, and weighers
and measurers ; managers and superin
tendent or directors of tho asylum for
deaf und dumb, blind und lunatic, and
sextons of cemeteries."
This Is Indeed a formidable list of ex
clusions and mostly, If not altogether, In
utter disregard and contempt of tho
laws or Congress under which it is pre
Andixl that tho enumeration Is made!
Wo omit tho State ofllclals mentioned
in tii list of exclusions who do fall
tlcorly Within tho nets of Congress and
who constitute a comparatively small
number of persons ; for as to them no
Hut the abovn sweeping and unlaw-
(il exclusions of local and muuclpnl of
ficers and employees, Includes nearly
nil tho men of special Intelligence nnd
character In the State, and theivu'au be
no doubt that tho object of excluding
thorn was to Intimidate and break the
spirit of the people, as well as to securu
ti negro majority at tho elections.
Wo repeat, that by military order no
person can serve iw u juror in Texas
whose name Is not admitted upon the
roglst ration. The vindication of ersonal
rights In courts of Jitst'co must bo left to
Juries of registered men composed of
whlto nnd black persons whoarenccept
able to military power. Those who nro
subservient to the military commander
and perform his pleasure: who are eon
tent to encourage, nud applaud radical
reorganization and radical control, lila,
expect Jititlcoiuvd favor jwhllo otlie.vs
may expect Injustice nuil persecution.
The relgu of despotism In Texas eii ds
with the removal of Sheridan and 'the
appointment of General Hancock in
1H1 stead. Tho rule or law will bo re
stored; the acts of Congress will Ihj en
forced fairly; Illegality, partisiinlsm
and persecution will disappear from the
military administration of tho District.
At this nil good men will rejoioo and
nouo but radicals mid rascals Will have
causo for complaint.
u-ttv in: Httpr.I'si;i)Eii stanton, amii
1IIM ltnASON'S Ktftl ItUMOVINtl Httr.nt"
' HAN.
Tliu W'ahiisiitii' i: or
Till Jlosro.- losi.
l.v n pleasant conversation of somo
imwfii. lili Pri'sldeut Johnson, I re-
timrkiMl that ho was charged with hav
ing removed Mr. Stanton In order to
mi. la ill CmiLfreKS.
lln Hski-d what Mr. Stanton had to do
with tho execution or non-execution of
these nets'.' Thesoncts centred tlio pow
... i,. (i.i,n,ii1s of General Gnuit. and
im dud iiliieeil Grant over tlio War De
partment. Hu could not understand
howthp chance could bo construed in
to a purposo to defeat the proper execil-
dent further remarked that at ouo time
i;n,.f,il timnl Htronu'lv Intimated mat
unless Mr. Stanton was removed he
l.. ,1.1.1 I... .iTiiiielled to leave here, as he
could be of no possible uo in viow i
Mr. Stanton's overbearing and diciaio-
rlnl conduct. Tho President nuviseu
liltll til Imvuii talk with tho Secretary
of War, and perhaps they would tuder
.tn.wl naoli other better. He agreed,
iniu-nvni'. with tho General, mai
Stanton ought to bo removed, and he
then Inquired of General Grant if he
would tuko charge oltuo jjepamm
i.. iiw, nvi.nt id' n chaiiite. The latter
pronipdy cxprcd his entire willing
tmaJ 111 iln ml.
t ii-fcrml to tho rumur uiui uiuueim
mi 1m,l eventually protested against
Tin; Democracy of Sullivan County
huvo nominated 'ho following ticket:
Treasurer, Walter Spencer; Commiss
ioner, Wheeler Green ; Jury Comnils.
t.l(ilier,Jnntes Thompson; District Attor
ney, A. ii'igan Grim; Auditor, William
The Committee reported the following ,,. ,.,.-,l nml the President frankly
resolutions, which Wero unanimously I .,,Kmll .V11S o ,u; that the General
Jlenotccil, That the National Democra
cy have nobly maintained themselves
against frowns, persecutions and nume
rous defeats, and nro to-day increasing
In numbers ami rising In efficiency to
maintain tho enduring principles of our
national Union.
Uenolved, That wo have undoubted
confidence In thetriumph of tholmmor
tal prlneiplesoffrcogoverumcuniid the
final success of free government In tills
Jlemcert, That the dominant party
who havo held tho relnsof our Federal
Government for the last six years, have
been, mid now are, guilty, ot "violating
the plainest principles of frco govern
ment," subverting tho foundations of
our Union; have abrogated and made
void the clearest rights of the several
States; have denied tho American peo
ple thonttrlbuteoi' sovereignty : and are
committing acts of tyranny and oppres
sion which would disgrace the tyrants
of tho Old World.
Jlesofeil, That Pennsylvania und the
i ,f..t.... i.......
SllVCiill OUlll'.S III UUI I lilllll lltlU IIIV
rlght to regulate their Own sull'ragu, in
i,.i M viiii.n hlin n -very kind, hut ear
nt... ... .... , . ,
ncbt, prlvatu note, in wmcn no mm n.
of nmirchy. if not re
volution, should Secretary Stanton be
sulicrsedcd. Yet as ho coiim not appre-
... ii. ij i..fian
.ii.. hi lli'iiunu'rt leiusiiii una
I.,. ,1 rnnted I 10 C laiiKe.
1 then told him Unit tlio same ciuuge
... ,.,.!.. ,ur- nst, liim lor removing
General Sheridan, ami many supposed
his purposo wastoproveniaiiuee.Nei.u
ttnn if tUt lllW
fids ho thought was quito as mmm.
us the other, as tho law was tho same
whether Thomas or Sheriuan wis in
command. What Ultlorenco con... .
mnko who executed the law? Could
any ouo question the ability or uie pai
..i,.iIji,i .,c iiiMieinl TJiomas.
1 tin.., nskod W IV (ieucnil nncimmi
iimiu viiihiiI'im!.
in iui" . ... ,
Mr. Johnson said there wero two gi.u.i
causes, but only iiiiujiuu ";. v....,
,ir..,..i,."r .,,.1. n.i .,..,ti7,J r ..,1- lhoilrsl ouo was rather oi a pn-
Congress. ' ' Lonnl ehnracter, and had been overlook
Jlenolml, 'J'liat tlio ttadleals in their ,i- ipiu. teleurum of tlio in .nine
oast and present action and legislation ,, , i. .. .,i..,..,n-i in flu. Kxe
r0"wou" "V . ,. i mvrl I?0!"0 . " ,.i .. aimed by General
lor ine iiiiiiuiiieu iiicrea.-o uiwur i Luii- -"ii.i', - . .
nl stnti. nml inn utr-l mil inxiitlim nml uivnnt in lm n private telegram to 111111
ilebts, which are crushing and paralyz- mi that no olllcial notice of Its ex-
ing tho energies, trade and prosperity ..',.,. .. ..... r,..l(,iica tho Presi-
ofotir people, and will bo a mortgngo
upon the nation for generations to come.
While, wo deplore the creation of these
iicius, yet we neueve tno nation is in,
honor pound to seo mat every uonar
shall ho paid.
lieaolved, That wo nro Justly proud of
tho sterling record oi Jimgo Biinrswooti,
nnd mat tno Democracy oi ouiiivan
will give him more than their usual
Jlenotml. That wo will glvu ourcoun
ty ticket nu undivided support, mid
triumphantly elect tho whole ticket on
the second Tuesday of October next.
Jtetoh'aJ. That wo havo unlimited
confidence In tho honor, integrity,
ability and patriotism of Hon. Charles
It. liuckulew, and his couiso in tlio
United States Senate meets and receives
our entiro approbation.
Tho following resolution was offered
by John W. Martin, Esq.,-. and unanl
niously adopted :
Jlesolvcil, That In the dNchargo of ids
duties ns Senator, tlio Hon. George D.
Jack.-on basso conducted himself as to
merit our hcurtv approval. In nil local
matters lie has proved himself the truo
mend oi mo district ; aim in nu iniuu-rs
connected with tho interests of thoStato
and nation has shown himself, as ever
before, truo to principles and to his
A Dktixtivi: ai'tjui ai:sr. uan't.
Tho Washington correspondent of tliu
New York Herald says that n curious
story Is current that General Grant re1
cently di-covered that his movements
wero watched by a detective, who had
been persistently following iiiui, and
who, It Is further reported, Is employed
by a Massachusetts politician in Wash
Ington. Tho detective, on being ques
Honed by the General, said that hu was
hunting up tcstlmonyi for a Congress'
lonal committee.
Tho correspondent adds
I nm informed, however, that tliu
snnio politician from Massachusetts,
who held u high commission in trio nr-
mv iluriii'' tho war. is supposed by Gen
oral Grant to have resorted to tho sanio
species of spying over Ids (Gen. Grant's)
iiKivements whilo In command of tlio
uriiiy, ami that ho tnus Kepi 111111-011
iin..,...!!,!.! ..vir vet reached tho
.-)..-. IV. ...... V ..
dent. Uut tho second grounu 101 1 10
,,,...1 ..r ni,nrnl K leridlill was me
pverelsoof powers ho did not posse:
nndthoOxurcl'oofhis legitimate pov
ers in nn arbitrary nud otlensise man
I'nskedHho would bo kind enough
to deslgnnto what acts lie Included tin
il(r tlio latter clause.
Ho sntd tho removal ot uoiernui
W..1U w-ns entire V uncillloil lor mm
uiijustmable. Governor Wells had plac
ed nt General Sheridan's disposal the
whole civil machinery of tlio State to
aid him In tho oxeeutlon of tlio ltecon
struction acts. Nor haxl tho latter ever
Indicated or pointed out a single act or
word of tho Governor which was calcu
lated to embarrass him in tlio proper
execution of Ids duty. On tliu other
hand General Sheridan had endeavored
to execute tho law as. a parti-nn aim
had adopted radlculUm as the only true
iii,.riiivnUy. Ills solo nuriio-o seemed
to be to secure negro supremacy .um
degradu the wliltes.niid for such londuct
1 ,im,ni ti mv ilntv to re iovo nun
friim tliat command.
I Inquired if lie did not thluK uu er-
..... 1...., ..ii,....ikfr.i1 In
nor TlirocKinortoii na
thwart tho General in 11 proper execu
Itnll 111' tllll lllW.
Up. answered eniphaUciUly, -M) sir ,
llw.rm.nn1s tirilVU tllO rOVCrriC. '1 111! GOV
ernor of Texas also placed tho whole
..u-ii .miMitnnrv of tho State nt tliu ills-
...... ..... , .....
pasnl of tho military imwer, and niueu
it in iwre way possible, except in the
...,...iir,.r.tiim nf 11 rnilll-lll llW OrilJ "I
votcri and In securing negro supremacy
This was Governor Throckmorton s
elnulng, und for which hownsurbltrurl
lv removed by General bherJdau.
' I said to tlio President that his views
us to tho proper execution of tho llccon-
Htructlon nets wero not clearly unuei
stood by tho people, and that I would
like to hear them.
msted of everything that transpired at ,,.,,,,1 ir,. ,i,,.iri.,l n fnlr" regis
reiRini 10 race or coior. nu im
I think
nnt. 'rhi, nli eet. hupposlng mv lnlor
illation to lioco-rect, Is undoubtedly to
hunt up something derogatory to Gen
era! Grant, to bo ued against him in
tho Presidential contest.
Aur. you "infaror qf neiro sujTraye
north mid south t That Is the test, reader.
It is to bo applied to General Grant,
and to every man who professes to be-
Ioiil' to tho Hemiiillcan party. All tho
past services of Grant avail nothlii;
unless ho can btanil that test. Let overy
voter apply It to himself. It is an easy
test. Kvwry man can tell precisely
whero ho stands. If ho U "In favor of
neoro suttrane north .and south," ho
ought to veto for Henry W. Williams
If ho is opposed to It, either north or
south, hu should boldly nnd openly voto
fur George Sharswood. There Is no
longer any middle ground.
What do tho-o who nro objecting to
tlio State Hlghts record of Judge Sliars
wood, say to t in following resolution
adopted by the Convention which nom
hinted Abraham Lincoln: Itesnlvcd,
" that tlio inniiitcii'inco inviolate of tho
" rl'ltiti of the .Stale, nnd especially the
" rtyht of raeh .State to order and control
" IU otcndwnextlc Institutions aecorainy
" to It otcn ludamtnt,'stvi:i.v, Is
"es,entlalto that lmlancoof power on
" which the perfection and endurance of
" our political fabrie depend t" U tlio
record of Judge Sharswood is wrong, is
not tiiat of tho Itadlcal party equally
IN n recent speech to a rudlcal meet'
lug, byGcorgo Francis Train, published
In tlio liumilo Courier, Mr. Train nuu: Ima repudiated tho Coustl
tiillini IhniL'liter.l repudiated tlio F.xo-
cotive, and repudiated tho idea first
started.thattheStntesweroliitho Union,
Then they repudiated tlio Supremo
Court, repudiated tlio Constitution!1!
amendment, nnd now thoy Intend ro--iiudlatlng
tho Military ltccoustructlon
to glvo nny advnntngu to tho whlto men,
but much less was ho disposed to mauo
them tho slaves to tliu negroes. Where
the negroes had tliu majority, as In
South Carolina, ho wished them to ex
ercise the power; where tho whlto voto
was In tho majority, as in Texas, lie de
sired that whltu majority to control.
Ho wanted only tho law to bo fairly ex
ecuted, with equal chances to all. This
was being denied them liy General
Sheridan, and his manner mid modo of
acting wero fast familiarizing the peo
plo with tho tyranny of despotic gov
I remarked that tlio public would not
bonblo to understand why ho struck
down despotism hi unit department nnd
vet suffered it to continuu In another
Ho replied that other changes woiim
be likely to follow very soon. A proper
Investigation was now being mado Into
tlio conduct of one or two other com
manders who, it was charged, wero
playing tlio autocrat. Tho President
expressed tho greatest apprehensions us
to tlio future or our government, yei
mid ho still relied on the good sense and
patriotism of the people. In his epeeeh
in tho United States Senate, In Decem
ber, lSiiu, Mr. Johnson bald he had de
nounced tlio party who would break up
tho government in order to prevent
shivery; and ho hud also denounced who would destroy tho govern
ment in ifrder to abolish slavery. Ho
was equally opposed to.both extremes
now, and ids only wish was foraspeedy
return of fraternal relations among tho
Com'tii VH. Daniel Jones. Tho de
fendant (colored) was charged on ten
Indictments Tor bteallug eighty-two
chickens, 1 goose, U bushels of wheat
and 1 crowbar. So says tho Iiuucuster
Sni'TI'.MllKlt 8KM10SX, 18(17.
Mo.niiav Moiikinu: t-ouri canen.
Present, lion. Win. I'.lwell, President,
and his associates, 1'ote-r K. Herbem
and Irani Dcrr, Ksqrs.
Grnnd Jurors called. Samuel Avnen-
bach, absent ; Henry lllshlliie.exeuseu;
Wm. M'llrlde, excused; unas. u. nes
made Foreman.
Traverse Surorx called. 1). unrig, ex
cused; J.J. M'llrnry, oxcu-ed ; .ihok-
son hcldy, excused; (lodlroy Aieneu,
excused; lletij. Wagner, excused ) Jos.
M. Freck not in attendance.
Jacob Kvnns, Daniel Isoyhnrt, ap
pointed tip staves.
In the matter oi toe review m iu.m
In Frnnklln township, order continued
nnd Geo. II. WIIUIs appointed In place
of Geo. Scott.
Pctltl.-m for the appointment ol guar
dian for Aim Pllklngton, nn nlleged
lunatic. Petition read and Inquest
ItiMilnmiii Miller vs. .1. i: r inciter,
service of writ of summons set usldv.
On motion of Mr. Comley, John M.
C. Hanck, Esq., sworn and ituniiiieii to
practice us an attorney ut the beveiai
courts of Columbia County.
Commonwealth Vs. I.dward 'loruy.
Whltmoycriind Triiugh for Common
wealth, K. H. I'lttlo lor ueioniiaui. m
dlctment, fornication nnd liastardy, a
true bill. Jury called and sworn. Plea
of guilty withdrawn nnd plea of guilty
entered. .. .
Ciitiiinnnwealth vs. JiHinh A. Uob
ei ts. Ilecogn .anco ol neieniiaut aim
Cadwallcder Itoberts his ball forfeited to
bo respited on payment oi costs.
Com. vs. Christian snuman. uecog.
nlzance tent hi 91 H ball lor appear.
iinco of Defendant at next session.
r-nni. vs. Kvlvester Hodman. Pardon
of the Governor in this caso filed. Do
r.m.limt ilkrlmru-ed. This was a ease
tried nt last Court hi which tho Delend
ant was found guilty on nu Indictment
for refusing tho voto of a qualllled elec.
Com. vs. Joanna Shutnan. Recogni
zance W. 11. Jucoby tent in ifiWI ball
nn- miiii.iimiii.o of Defendant at next
" . i
Com. vs. Allen Mann. Recognizance
Defendant and Chas. F. Mann, his bail
rmi.'i fi.nt Itiftliii) for appearance ol Do.
fnnilant nt noxtse-sloli.s
John G. Freeze, 0. G. D.irkley and K
11. Ikeler, nppoluted nu v.xuiiimiii
Hervv H. Grotss, uiipoinleil Comnils.
loner to take testimony on exceptions
to the widow's uppi".ii"0inenl in tho es
fate of Henry Mossier deceased.
Com. vs. Allen liueUalew. Atincn
input tiwiinll'll iv'idnst Geo. Hiiuerd, J
M. I'.piiiIpi-. II. (1. Jones. S. F. Pe.der
T. J. Thomas and It. C. Parks.
PiM'.si)A v MoitN' : Com. vs. Clin
ton DeWltt. Recognizance forgery
Clinton DeWltt defendant and Isaac
DuWltt ball. Recognizance forfeited to
bo respited on uppcarauco of defendant
nt next session.
On inrtincnteol' examiners belnglllea
mul on motion of Mr. Freeze, Russcl R,
Poller nnd Chas. W. Miller, hsufilres,
wero adiuitted to praclico in the several
fnlmiililn County, ami wero
duly sworn.
Com. vs. Samuel Kline, nocogiu-
. . f. .!.... ...... I
zance n-snult and turnery, uuiunuiim
called. After hearing Court order tho
defendant to pay the costs of prosecution
and enter into recognizance with sulll
elent surety to keep tho pence to all
citizens of tho said county, and especi
ally toward John Davis, midstnnd com
mitted until tho sentence uo.compiieu
Com. vs. D.ivld Pritchard. Indictment
a truo hill. Jury eaueti ami swum.
Clark and Urockway fur Common
wealth, Knorr nnd Whltinoyer lor De
fendant. examined, plea of
not guilty withdrawn, and plea of guil
ty entered. Sentence of Court that de
fendant pay ti Hue of &M und costs of
prosecution and stand committed until
sentence bo complied with.
Com. vs. Win. H. Morgan. Recogni
zance desertion. Clark und liiockway
for defendant, Whltuioyer and Trough
for Commonwealth. Caso hoard, sen
tence defered.
Com. vs. Richard Thornton. Indict
ment assault with intent to ravish.
Freeze and Murr for Commonwealth,
Clark and 1 Veil for Defendant. Jury
called and sworn. Verdict Guilty of an
assault. Sentence defendant pay a line
ill's-., tho eo-ts of tho prosecution, and
stand committed until sentence eonipll
ed with.
Com. vs. John I.udwig. Recognizance
assault and battery. Xot a truo bill. I
Prosecutor John llinterllter to pay tlio'
costs of prosecution and stand commit
ted until tho sentence boeomplied with.
Com. vs, Robert S. Howell. Indict
ment assault and battery, a truo bill.
Allen Ruckulow and C. R. Ruckaluw
his ball each tent In $im) ball for appear
ance of Defendant nt next session.
In the matter of tho petition for the
extension of tho boundary of tho ISor-
ough of Centralla. Tlio Grnnd Jury do
not deem it expedient to grant the
prayer of tho petitioners. Clark for pe
titioners nu remonstrances.
In tliu matters of tho petition of citi
zens of llloomsbiirgforaliorough. Tho
Grand Jury deem it expedient to grant
tint prayer of the petitioners, freeze
for petitioners.
On request of tho members ol tno liar
It is ordered that venires bo Issued to
thoSlierlfl'tiud Commissioners for Grand
Jurors and Traverso Jurors of tho Court
of Quarter Sessions of tlio peace sum
moning said Jurors to nppcaron tho first
Monday of December next, and venires
for Jurors to tho Common Pleas to bo
summoned to appear on tho second
Monday In December next.
David Lewis vs. Mary Hess's Admr.
Appeal stricken oil" in tills case. Urock
way for Pill'. Clark for appellant.
Joshua Hess vs. same. Same pro
ceedings. mounimi :
Com. vs Frederick Rush. Recogni
zance rooting up vines etc. Tho recogni
zance of Defendant and Leonard Adams
his bail renewed fur nppcarunco of De
fendant nt next sessions.
Com. vs. Frederick Rush. Recognl-
zance. Mullcious trespass etc. Defend
ant mid Leonard Adams his lull each
tent hi Saw.dOfor uppearancoof Defend
and ut next sessions.
Com. vs. Joseph Welsh. Indictment
fornication and bastardy. A truo bill.
Com. vs. Jonathan Wllhelm. Indict
ment maliciously disturbing ft meeting
for religious worship. A truo bill.
Com. vs. James Heuwood. Indict
ment willfully nnd maliciously setting
flro to a hay bhed, A truo bill.
Jacob Stoufer vs. Isabella Stoufer.
Sub lu divorce. On motion ofMr. Lit
tle Charles W.Miller Ylsq.ppolntodex
auilner. Com. vs. IMward Torby. Sentence of
tho Court. That tho Defendant pay
lino of $10,00 to tho Ovcrseei-H of the
Poor of Centre township, and pay tho
costs of prosecution and pay to Eliz
abeth Prlco tho mother of tlio child We
ill), and to pay $1,0D per week paynbto
nt tho end of thirteen weeks until tno
child nrrlvoat tho ago of soveu years.
to glvu Fccttrlty to the Overseers of the
'our of Centre township for tint perfor
mance of the order of maintenance, and
stand committed until this sentence no
compiled with.
Com. vs. Lucas Roan. Recognizance
Felons'. Recognizance! ol Defendant
nud Mury Drake his ball forfeited to bo
respited on appearance or Dcrendnnt in
next sessions.
Com. vs. Abner W. Kline. Recognl-
... ... .1
ZAiice. f ornication mm uusiuruy. --
iwriilzimco of Defendant nnd H. R.
Kline his ball forfeited to bo respited
on nppenrnnco of Defendant nt next ses
Com. vs. Lnwrcnco Casey. Recogni
zance neglecting ami refusing to open a
new road. Recognizance of Defendant
and F. R. Wohlfortli his bull renewed
for uppcarauco of Defeiidnat nt next ses
Com. vs. Win. Gelger. Recognizance,
fornication nnd bastardy. Recognizance
of Defendant and John Gelger his ball
forfeited to bo respited on nppearnnco of
Defendant at next sessions. '
Com. vs. Moses Snyder. Indictment
larceny. Not a truo bill.
On motion of Mr. Freeze, i;. n. iit-
tl.. l.Vn mum nlpil Auditor to imiKC1
distribution among the creditors In the,
estate ol viuucr i rowonugo.
On motion of Mr. Hurley. E. R, Iko-
l.'-.i niiiinltilpil Auditor to ninki
distribution among tho creditors in tip
cstntutu of Rosswell Smith dee'd. ,
On motion ot Mr. Hurley, ruio on in.
heirs of Hannah lloono dee'd. to nppei
nnd nceeiit or refuse tho real estate y
said deu'd. nt tlio valuation or slid'-'
cuu-o whv tlio same should not bo soli.
On motion orMr. Clark-, u. is. uroci
nocolptsto THE COLUBIAN for
August 1807.
It F Clark
Abbot it Co
J Morrison
J W Froy
J P Creasy
it Fry
E Lazarus
J II Vnnder-
Illo m Twp
ii n rover
$0.1 00,
1 OOi
1 00
1 (K)
2 00
2 00
2 00
I 00
1H 00,
2 00.
2 00
Est II llownian.'lOO,
.1 Nnun
A I) Webb
'1' Downs
A Utt
A G Yoho
A Hummers
.1 I Karns
L M Lnubach
J L Crawford
J Ronibov
J K Grot.
P O Wads
worth S W Ruck
J W Ctko
,1 Mordun
Sir, oo
1 oo
2 00
2 00
J Purse
Est J Stlner
J II Cox
!JI Knouso
llSSchollACol2 00
DPursel 2(K)
J Pollock 2 00
J N Oberender 2 00
A Nuss I 00
J Greenbauiii 1 0
S Sweppcuhels
oojiM Glllulnh
00 J A Swisher
! Swisher
P Hagenbuch
G rover & Ra
It Thornton
J Lnko
E tl llarr son
A Clark
W Morgan
P H Freeze
o(i; i.I K 1-iir
ti W, llartmaii 2(iit It Roan
J THvclpleco I oo1 U J Campbell
2 00
2 00
1 00
2 00
2 00
2 00,
2 00'
) Fritz
(I llurllmaii
Kst 1) Edgar
J ltlecher
It J Millard
J Caey
1 00
2 00
2 00
2 07
ir, oo
2 00
!l 00
2 00
2 00
I 00
1 00
2 00
1 00
:i oo
2 00
l (Hi
2no' Est AMensh
1 oo ,1 Schlicher
1 iiiiiJ HHtecker
ilpu' G WDrelsbach2 00
1 nil1 O Pelfer 2 00
I nn1 A 11 Irvln 1 00
- oo.
way Esq., appointed Auditor to dlstrl
uto among tho creditors in tho estato f
Robert l-;ast, dee d. , ,
fin innl Inn nf Air. Little, rillogratltlt
on tlio heirs and legal representatives )f
Jacob Kellerdeo'd. retusnable tlrst Mc l
day of December next to accept or o
fuso tho real estate at tho valuation r
bhow caiiso why tho sanio should notbo
On motion of, Mr. Little. Charles V.
Miller Esq., appointed Auditor to nuke
distribution among tho creditors of ho
balance In tho hands of R. P. Fortier
in-signed of Clinton Dowitt. ,
Waha iMniiN, Tiu-silay Si'ji.
Tin: following proclamation waf is
sued on Tuesday by tho Presided of
tho United States:
HVicmis, l!y tho Constitution a the
tTnlted States tlio Executive povor is
vested in a President of tho Inltetl
States or America, who is bounddy sol
emn oath faithfully to execute tljioillco
of President, and to tho host of W abil
ity to preserve, protect and defei.l the
Constitution of the United State, and
is by the same Instrument niadai Commander-in-Chief
of tliu Army am Xnvy
of tho United States, and is reqii.'ed to
tako carothat the laws bo falthfilly ex-
f.i.iitnrl mill
Wlierea.i, W tluisani'i uoiisiuuion it
is lirovided that tlio said ConJttution,
and tho laws or tho United Staty which
shall bo niailo in pursuance .hereof,
shall bo the Supremu law of tlo land,
and the Judges in every State 'hall bo
bound thereby; and
Whereas, In and by tho sun Consti
tution tho Judicial power of thi United
States is vested In ono Suprorn Court,
and in such Inferior courts nsongrC3s
may from tlmo to tlmo ordaii ami es
tabllsh, and the albrsaid Judlcll power
is declared to extend to all eai in mw
and equity arising under tlui ,'onstltu-
t nn. t in aws or the united sites, aim
the treaties which shall bo in:t o under
their authority; anil i
U'hi-r.'in. All iiilluurs. civil hd mill
hiry, are bound by oath that jhey will
hunport and dolend the Ojistittitiou
against all enemies, foreign nf 1 doiniM
tic, and will bear truo f.iithaud idle-
..1........ 1.. .1... ut,.n ,iwl
111111.11 III UlUS.ltl.ti, ... 1( t
Whercm, All olllcers of tho Winy and
Xavv oi" tho United States. Ii accepting
tlintr pniimiUsliins undor tlo lnws of
i ongi-ess. and tho rules and Articles of
When V. John cntiio l tlmi-oiiiity town,
lllillilillr.lioill.lillu iKut
On IKior Mllllu licnplu hiftlltu hmlltsl ihiivll.
HI ill, Ml.! hu ilhlillu !,
The Mlihllo Htntps ho iru-nfil to ri-fiirni,
III illililliihuillililloilrc;
Ilo thuimht lo lnko this muuty by fcUirm,
ItlilhlitluliiiilMiUo ilro.
Ilo num. Ill Iho lluurMi of llfo nml ilriim,
Ami llvoil In tho mlcir nf ntsriHlniii.
lit- unl tn lononcthls cuttilii ten,
Ul ai.lillo Im illililln il-o;
Anil Kiitherlils roots from hill nnit U-n,
Tho ilffiio Itself wonh! ftlrly qunko,
HhlMiUr tin (llihlloilco;
Wlu-n ho K'lvo his Hftildle-hilffrt H hulcj,
lllill.Mloho illililloill'i-.
Ilo trm riled tho haul lnaiilylo hum ilnmi.
Hut llvoil In tho odor nl liiMroiloni,
When known ut ilrnthowiHllinuKhtiiilloMii!U',
lllillilillo ho ill.Wlo iho;
llut the Rllillnit mioii worn nirln tho llRht,
Ami wm-illioilnyH nml years run on,
HtilliMloliiiillitillo ileo;
Tho eolor vn fuunil III ho quite tlun.
Ill itl.l.tlo ho itt.lillu li-c.
Anil ho ilurker cot In the Katherlnu scunl,
Allit Uvril 111 thi'oilor of neijroilolii.
IIIh pet whs llrownlow of Tennessee,
t'reit. PoukIiis, fiinu-il nsnli old iimslee,
And hlsiuiper 1ms n eonstunt Mow,
for I'lileniDit John nnd old sniiiho,
And ho thought they ton weleeoililttirj'snliov
And Ued III Iho odor of tii'inodom.
JltnlKel ltrporl.
Wlient per liushil
lty "
Torn "
lour hurrol
1'lovelnei d
I Inxseed
Kl'US h
1 lltlltlH'H
Pried Apides
hides nnd Hhouldels
Iriild li-r liound
liny per ton
llnuliK.k UoiiuIh per thousand li'et
Pino ' " " (ono Inch)
Joist, 1 illltllllt,', I'lnuk.dlemloek)
hhllmles, No. 1 per Ihousund
Wnr. Iiiem- mi obligation ) observe,
obovand follow suchdlreetl'iis as they
shall from time to time reccPo from the
President, or tho General, o other su
perior olllcers sot over then, according
to tho rules and dl-clpllno c- war ; ami
Whereas, It Is provided ) law that
whenever by reason of mlnwful ob
structions, combinations onsseinblugos
of persons, or rebellion ngrinst tlio au
thority ofthe Government if the United
States, It shall become Imractlcnblo in
the Hulgment of tho Preslent of tlio
United Slates, to enforce bytho ordinary
nfludlnlal proceedli'S. tlio laws
of tho United States wlthh any State
or 'Territory, tho Kxecutlv in that caso
is authorized ami rvquiru io seemu
their faithful oxeeutlon bjtho employ
ment of tho land and nnv.l forces ; nnd
Whereas, Impediments ml obstruct
ions, serious hi their chnn.'tcr, havo re
cently been interposed til the States of
North Carolina and Soutl Carolina, hin
dering and preventing for a tlmo a
proper enforcement then or tho laws of
tho United States, and of hojiulgmonts
and decrees of a lawful, 'otirt, thereof,
in disregard of tlio colnnaud of tho
President of tho Unitedlitates: nnd,
Whereas, Itcasonnblo aid well-founded
apprehensions exist such ill-ad-vised
nnd unlawful prooedings may bo
n,aln attempted therooiMsowhere.uow,
tlierefere,I,AndrowJoHison, President
of thoUnltcdStates, dolcreby warn all
nor.nns nmilnst obstrufclnL' or liillllcr-
Ing, In any inannor hntsocver, tho
faltliful execution of tio Constitution
nml tho laws, nnd I do inlcmuly enjoin
nnd command nil olllceis of tho Govern
ment, civil and millturr, to render duo
kiiiiiiiissinn ami ouen ctoo to sain law s.
nnd to tho Judgments md decrees of tho
Courts of tho United Sides, and to glvo
all tho aid in their povor necessary to
I in lii-nimit. en orcemutt nml oxeci lion
of said laws, decree, Judgments and
procosscs; mm i no nereoy enjoin upuii
tho olllcers of Army did Navy to assist,
and sustain tho Courtf nnd other civil
authorities of tlio Uxlted States ill it
faithful adnilnlstratlir.iof tho laws there
of, and In tho uilirinoats. decrees, man
dates and processes of tho v ourts of tho
United States. And 1 call upon all good
nml well-disposed citizens of tho Unit
ed States to remcmlx'r that upon tho
said ('(institution anil laws, nud upon
thojtidgments, decree? and process of
tho uouris,inaiio m accoriianco wuu too
samo.depend tho protection of tho lives,
liberty, property and happiness of tho
people. And I nxliort them, overy
where, to testify their devotion to their
country, lluilr pride in its prosperity
und greutuess, nnd tlielr determination
lo uphold its ireu in-iiiuiions ny a near
tv one ration In tl -i oll'ortsof tho Gov
eminent to sustain hu authority of tho
law, maintain the supremacy of tho
Federal Constitution, mid to preserve
unimpaired tnu integrity oi tno nation,
nl Union.
In testimony whereof I havo caused
tho seal of tho Unlhd States to bo nllix-
ed to theso present-., and sign tho sumo
with mv band. f
Donii at tho City uf Washington, tho
third day of SeptornVor. in tho year ono
thousand eigui nuiurod nnu sixiy-suv
en. ,
liy tho Prcsldork.
W1M.IAM II. rlWAjaj, Secretary 'or
miiindi ipiiin .iimiu i..
TncitsiiAV, Septemljor, .1 lsii;
'.,illiu.l.rn Kiiiielflomi ?7.INd
Niiriiiu'evierii i-Tirn 9.IVU) I'.'i"
Northwestern r.itnlly UMMii,tlJ,Vi
lVntisylvnntn mid Western siiperlliio... -,ryi'.i.M..l
I'eniisylMiuliiiuid Western exlni S.-'iiN.vtl.oil
IVniisylvnliln nnd Westjm fniullj lll.ij(.i,l Wi
l'enusylvnulnnlid W Vein Inney lJ.."iil((i.ll..riO
llvu Hour .soiw.s .o
WlllT l'ennsy, ulilii Ns., It hus 8J.'-M2J.Hi
Cnlirornln " " ". -'.w
whllo " SllViSL-Ji
Hvk tvimsylianln lyo, -tihus ?i;!i,
l'.iiivV..llnV Sl.Uto.Sl,
White, "
OVTS "illius tueHCt.H'
l..i.-Mh. Purl.-. 1,1,1. I'l.T.l
Mess lleef, " tiJM
pressed 1Ioi;s,-IFj SiJeW.l'e
Kllioked llnnis " '-Is'l'i
Miioulilers V Ui W'fe'.idle
Tjiril.mi r.VM,l..).'e
Si:i:iis-('loverei.d V Ims'i.m
'i t mot h seed H Ims frWI
1'lnxseeil S5.IWia.HI
I'm Inos-No. 1 Heoteh 81-MHI
.Mi. J .Iilerieitn oi-."'
CATri.l: llei! t'lltllw V tt. UleMlTo
1'ows, "ri hind itincn,S7i
HHKEI- v fKilln
Hoiis-V IIWI'js WjaSl(W)
koii Jt i)(ii:r Tin: sriMiictin couht,
ononni!: SHAKSWOOD,
or rniriAimr.ritiA,
rou Titr. VHi iiiui.
rou Ai niTou,
JAOOiJ HAllltlS,
Somo Polks Cant Sloop Nights.
thy inniiy fuiht iromucniriu tit''rn
from WPnUiu-nHnrtho Htniiiiirh mul limlillltv to
tuucKi ineir itHiti ! wjiiHi nno (r('cpinK,ii'iHin
uloiifc tlm inr Mlirc, ir imln In tlu luu-k.wilb
ncliliiir nnd urnrv Ihrohblnir (if tho Ilmb. Tlioii
NfiiuiHoi iiiuich muit'r iiirnumi loiitt yt'iirs irnm
wiiiuitrfniiifti r k.hai.k tii.iirii.i.niN, chukcu ny
iNHrcimiiiinii in iiiiistii' nun iimmii'iit nun ni
mm ( t'lU'ifiii'V nr uii rnrci. liiotuuinN nr nut-
Incus lnt-n, mrrworkril In miiul nnl IhmIj. uw up
tho ncrons Until mul lit'como utitlt fnr cluty nr
ta enjoj iiieiitt nf llfo, Kxtrss In youth, mul the
It'irllifot'dl't'tMllf fuMT llllll ItKtH', lllut(i filial
tcivd tDtittltiitlouHmul tin fullurt' of tho iriMiernl
luiu'tioiis ui hi'iuih, ro huiK't'uFH irom nil uiciu
fiiUrti InvnhtuMo hoon u tint unit and I'lllclont
ri'PotTVnr lost ihhvoim. .No norson. mnn or wo-
lect this H'limly, Tlio NVrvlne M ill ho foumltn
noHii'MH nn 1'iiuiiiiziiitx nud iiuinuvi)riurito. 11
liiiH ittllnllv for tliu Xi-rvoiis rilm". ami miiiOlfs
Ihoiulorthi wnntotlmt iHcotitnntly tAkltiKpliu-o.
t.lko uholiHoiui fowl tiiKeli Into tho slotimch. It
uiiilorKot'i rnpll U'Ntlou, invhrorntlim In Kh
priK'i-Hi mo ui;;ciiiyc orRiiut, nnu jinuicins ti
unknown tnnxiv nthor nrrimrntlon. It ronliiln
no onltuii or IniKliofsli. nml ho fur irom MiHluolnii
i-oMtlVi'iU'HS It will ho louiiil ult elHch'itt cuiofor
rniitiunptloti. mid luw ohtnlucil a wldo lonown
inr i n in t-i-uimrny
WHAT l'ltl'I.i; HAY.
Di'iir Dnctnr! Tho lutt incillclno nrfrtcrlhoil hv
you I obtained, nud will trny that Pcxld'M Norvlno
and InvlKorator l all that It I'lalius to be, 1 U v
llkn a iiLwtuiui; 1 Klccp wrll; havi'Kooil appetite
nnd feel tdnamiT thnn I havo for many yeni-
pait. n iniriinufu nv nr. it, ., luciior,
Clinton Nt., Ilrooklyn, N, Y.
"I havoiiwod tho Ncrviiu'.nnd 1 ud inVRolf much
buiiclltcd by 11, particularly In tho lnircano of I
utrenKlli aim ruro nr thoio trcm"Lin M-KatiotM.
I MycoHilvt'iicsi also hooins to ho cntlii ly curod,"
Itj.ltcr to Dr. Tuckor.
wnlinui taki'ii tliH-o hot tleu of. It U u irreat
tiling. Mywlro mim kIio had ral her hiio ouo
bottio oflt than forty doctoi-K. hlu W eoitalnly
lu'Ilpr. Lcui-orrlnea etliod ! don't fell tho driiir-
down ho luiuii ; normiuovo easier, aim m
ti lienor nei ous cnn'iiiiiiu every ay.
ii. ii. m an n. uaMiieriiieii iinuse. itomi luanrii.
X. .1.. Klal oh that 1ihk'h Nerllio hnn eured lllm
nfrhioiile wcaknetiH fif tho Nlonmrh. illlnt"4s
and heudaclie, and greatly strengthened hU
noio xu'in.
Dm Id HartHhorn, 'Ain Slate-t., llnHiktyn, eured
oi euiome inuseuiar nun uimmhis ooduii v.
.inhii l iu nun. in (Mil; i n. r. l . hiivs t ' m ri iru
Into tho lioweU without tiriMluclm; ealhartlc ef
fect, nulet Iho neres, and tnno up tho Mtem, I
lnie noM-riised iiu Ihlii eU.uliil Dixkih
VlTV IllO.''
v. l . i leant, iimiuiii, t onn.: .My wue
hnsKuilered for Keenteon Near with extreme
lie inuilctllty and meiilial niostiatlon hbe
was unuieed ny a irienu in iryi'r. J. w. ikhhik
Nenluo and liieiiti(i(or, and by It umi W now
restnied to lierieet luilltll
Dr. O. . oil;, Charli'Ktoun, JInKi.j "In r-ases
ofcrfiit nerouH ileh itv. not routined hv ativ
means io ino lemaiM oiifiiuizauou ionic rnmmon
tlianainom: men. 1 euioloy Dnod'K Ner lne and
iuvicorator with tho Impnlcst t Hot. It t'xeeedn
In tonle pfiwer iniylhhiLt tlint I know, uhilo Us
at tlon upon tho tHtuelslsnll that enil be desired,"
Ihiou aWrvilii) and i ii ( in iji.iiiir is einpoiyeu
In the .MasMiehuettH llositltiit lor tho llisilio at
nm riiiLsoNAh
Toeuien of Gem ral Dcbllty, lndluestlon. Sleep
ers. KtdnerCoiuiilalnt. Wind I'olle.and I'etnale
Cotunlaluts In thelrnwu t.unllle, u refer, uilh
Sill (M I permNheti, to tlio ri)llovili Kelitlemen til this
IfaJtt 1 Mfinuy:
1.1 U) l w . nan, esi., rum Aeuuo uoiei, i ,
K oo w. ii. I ( nice, i una noiise, .
7 in .lohn Wlllliuos. I'olleeninn. X. Y.
IS O) I .1. V. IVdatt. eMi CllntuiiKt IlrrNdJyu,
nr. 1 1. .. l ueaer, iiiioiiim., iihkiki n,
.1. H. U'llttlit, eK.,.lei Key City,
linn. U'liiri-a ChuHc. ltni.ulu-iiv. X. Y.
Fur Milo bvall DuucKts, lVleolfl.ait'perluiiMo.
II, it. MulLi" in,. i-roprieioiM, i
. .l....l,..l l.v llo
i 110 new sysieni oi iiui ei it-inn i..i"i "j ......
1'. ltowell Co., Ailvertlln Anenlli, Jin. hu nun
ltow, Now Yoili, Is ntlrnctinf iiitoml ilenlufiitleti.
tlon. ,
Tlio follnwliiK oxtrnct rrom a .poeen I.II..II.I
Iwforollio New York lMllorlnlConvcn lon,(lnlely
lioUlen nt I'enii Ynii.)lyn iiromlnent A. vorl Iiik
AKent of New Yorlc city, Ke to uliow Hint ho nt
.i0. 1!. Illsltol1, cnuirni " -'""' "
., . ... -in ..,l,o In nimnslt on to I int lilnli
frni'n lio Mr,fr'.'lnliil point iiloiio. " .IVAV:
lllMil'll?lier Hint l',y '
noml i ii.toinerKt Hint I ley wero selllnit ' l".r,,
Itloiiortlielriiniior to l.o un-ii i o " i "
nml iiinlerlilil tlio other folnnins t Hint f ho owii r
! '!'i,H.I
, wnv irom 1.1... If II... PV'l'SnS , i, I "'.
ilerstnliillnp Hi s H ill w l.e.1 0 Vet In
reiiiilnr nml unlnislnw-HUo n yti;in " ' ""t
UlM A I'o.,) slioill.l of riiurso eenso to Init to Ki.
n.lvrrlUlim for tlio imperii nt their r "l'I,;.,f'
nml Ko into tlio ol U ..v-u; ",',?. '
wmcn no conn, suiini ii ui" .- .
Tlio nnxlety on Iho nrruiiiu oi iien-i
tincnlleil for. Therolsnot ono in "
...hi nut prefer to recelo nil uie r lu.e.H.
tronniioon tills pin n, much ii ii , . . ,
Itlstoi.Keiieriillyreeini;.ii i" ".
ellclnllnnll imrtles mnecrncil to no Injun. ..
tho lenit l.y nnythlnK Ml.lcl. tuny Iw snl.l nKnlnt
It hy Inleresleil piirlies.
Ailerllers Mlolllil ncnu lor I, vim
A tlnt-clnis lliinrillnaWeliool for lloj,nt I'll!"-
nelil, .Mnsi. 1'nll Terni or twenty wi cks neKii.i
Oetolier Mil 107. l'or.V?.r".','!ll'.,.l",'.".,,.!r",''iM,u
Hepa-IIT-lin. l'rlnclpnl.
I.IXIT.H IIODK," rDreopylnit letters with
out tlm UM) of ilther lin or Muter! Itnn
tunc, Inbor.nn.l tho rxiciisn of n eopyiiiif lrei-.
l.'nrmiloliyiill llrnt-rlnM HtntlonerK, inul ntthi
olllco of Hie IVnn w ol, '., nt., riillnilclphln, I'ii. ei.niii-ltn.
1. rr (lei.ernl 1 f. lliiljer'n "Ill.tory nf tho
isecfet Herleo." Ineienneil iolnnilk on nllimeil
nml i;n-al(-r "ll,,t'l"M,,lJ,.0,,'"Jy,..,lcI5i
KopiiW-lm. liox i'17, rnimueipuin, i-n.
6000 AtlKN1S WA.NTK1),
To "ell Hlx Now inventions, ot Kreni vnmo io
fniullles: nil pnyi?reutproilti.
net Nl pnttes nml Bi.mplo u nils. . i "
ninuo ;iiii,iwj. .,.........
nrii ii7-ini. i,imii-ii,
A TllKATlKrf ON DKAr Nl-iSS, OA-
f- i..tBtitit.tI(iti mul Cnneer. Their
caHMeHnnd'tneaiiHofmniedlato relief and Hpeedy
cure, m nt free,
k.i.iil iMirlli-lllnru til
i ntUM'l.T.
A 1) A it
fnetmeil l.y
nelrfl 07-lln.
No. Ill Houth Mil Street,
Wllllntniliiiri!, N. .
I'OllSliT HK111T
S It V ! O It T 1! It,
rolnlihicsln iiiioKiirnirlltlllier;
reet llttlnn forset, nml Hie nimt
ileilmlilo Slilrt Hupporler ever
ollereil tho public. 1 1 plnces Iho
weliiht ot Iho hklrlM upon tho
Mioulilcrs llmteml of tho hlpH;
It liniirnvrn tho rorm wltlimit
Hitht lnclnirl KlMHrnnonnil lie
Knncel Isnppiovcil nml ns on.
inenileil liy phynlclnni. .Miinu
It. 11. HAUNlil'.lts l't.
IKJ Huiunier Ht llostou,
, f2 1
. 1
. 1 a
. 1 1 III
7 IM
J fill
, 12 OO
lll'I'KAI.l'.W MOSS UTewn lllll. on tlui'.'llll
or Aiiuiim. 1N,7, liy llrv. II. Wnilmiorlli, .Mr. It. Itneknlew, or l'l.ilm, lo Mlis M
K11.U Mois, or rnllliiouut, Inieinoeounly.
KINIlSlll'ItY-l'ri.I.Mi:it-l)n llm 2-Jtli Hit., nl
tin) hiuuo plnco by the Kline, Mr. A. I'. Klntti
bury to .Ml" Iiulelo A, rullmer.ull or lluullux
ton, I.uerno county.
HIDLAClv MIIl.K'K On the -..Ull lilt., ut Iho
hiuuo plnei-, hy the Millie, Mr. llentnliiln A. Illo-
luck to MKh I'uthurliii- Melklc, nil or lluntlui!
tou, l.tiretneiouuly.
l'ltA'rollll-YAl'(ir.ll-Al tlio nlileuio of Iho
brlilo M I. liner, HI lll-i-euwoon .OMUiii.p, ny .iiiiin
I,oio, lSiulro,on tlio utliiM., Mr, I'muli Cmw
lonl to .Ml-i l,:tvliii. Yuuui r.
llI,i:M.N-IlOIIItllAl'II-At lliii.ia.-x Utf. on
ii, .1 ', i mi., itv- ifi.v . wiiiiinii , iii kKi-r. .nr. .nil ii
roleninll to M1-.-4 I'liroltno itolnbiii ii, boll, of
luiuiuii county.
lti:iM:-HAllNi:itr-,in thoSlstult.. by tin-llrv
w in, ,i, i.yi r, Mr, i iiui-iick .iiei' m .iiim.
Inllu Ann Ilurnei. bolli of l'ntnilMi.
nml H.-.I-, m ii. i. ...ii "i , n I , n n i
Oiwjyit, lUiU,Jlronthlt!i, Athmt, CVf.iii, IlViiieo-
initytnoti, tjiilwy, nml tliu nuiiieroui ns well in
ilntiKerou-i iIImiucs of tbo 'lltrwit, Chtnl nml
lAtiim. lu our cliilliL-cnblo (llinnto nt nil
sensons of Iho your: few urn nru lorlmmti.
enmuh their bnneful Inllueni'c. How
Iniliorlnnt then to hnu) ut l.nnil n eeitnln nn-
Hiloto to nil these eoniplnlnti. i:pellencii
liroM'H Hint this exists 111 Il'iVor's lhilmm to uu
extent not fouinl In nliy oilier renioilyt boi.ev.
Kcvcio IboMitl'elliiK, thonppllcntloi. ofthl, mioIIi-
Ing, henllui; nml woiulerful,utii ut onco vf.n-
oui-ihes llio iIIm use umi restores tho Millcror to
wontul heultli.
.ioii.v llll.NTO,
Of, L'm.MUNii Coi-Nrv, N. Y, wiltes:
I uii uiireil by u neluhbor to i-et ono bottloof
llio liu Mini tor lily Mile. neuiK umiiiou oy nun
ui.ulil ii:iv loithiibottli'hluiieir, On the Ktrenitli
orKiu-li c lilelieo ol Uu lue.its, I tirik-ur-
CilUOOIlie, .il.v -.nm ill nil- mini nn- mi 1111. iiiui
wliut tihynleliins leiniiil MKAThli .-o.M-?ii-nu
IIS III III- ,, 1 II.. .... Ill I, III..' Ill mi ll II mil in" -., nir im, IlllKlll' lilllll. Or 11'KI IlllllHI. 1 t'lllll.
i,,ni-i.,l l-I liu- tlm llillmiln n-1 illreeteil. mul Mm
u,i iiiiii-Ii nleiisi-il with Its otieintloiis Hint I oh-
tnilll-il lllioiner oiiiiie, iiiui ,11111111111-11 iiiiiiik ii.
lleliire this bottio mis entirely Useil,
eotuthlnmiuil wns Klronu eiloiutll tohltlip. Tlio
tltlll bollloclltlrely lllll 'III 1IIIW.TII,
) nit hut wiurli M-M-lul l.lisii..ius un i irieu 10
lo but liuil lillleil." IV Hi 1 II M. 1 invi.i: .V isii.n. is ire.
nioiit ht.. lliistou.niiit fiu' m.Io by IlruiiinstM uencr-
(1 ently It ponetrutes throuuh eery pore,
It 1 I let luusiitli 11 til Irom 1 lull tniitru mm' :
(' tilt, lliirns, tl 11.11 llillnmntlon Mum nro ineii:
I, rt'niufl. Ill It lireHelieo Ulsmilieiir!
H liliiHloMicucl. hlulli,.l tho eoiuple.xion'-t clenr I
S ai,vi:,mu'1i as flu u i:'s every one hboulil buy.
A 11 to lis vMiii'iroiis uieriis ustiiy,
Ii et tluiMi lllo iloubt, tl Kluqle hwltiil rjl,
V rrtlv. IIilii Its trim ileserts 'twoulil linve-
U Veil UlllH'lleM'tS Woulil lilllll (lltAt-l.'.Sri VI.Vll
A N I O T It I'. US.
riir.iiiiAri'oN mivduai. i'Aintio.mi'an
Am now niuliufiiclll.ini! tbo best, chelipCht mul
mostiliiMblo 1'nlnt 111 use 1 two coals well put on
inlxeil Willi pure I.lnscnl Oil, will lust ten or llf-
trr.iM-nrs: 11 Is or n lliiht brown or iienuiiiui
choi.ol.ito color, nml ciin bo clinnitoil In inrrii,
Iciul, slone, olive, ilrub or crenlil, to mill tno insio
or tho consumer. ItlsvnlHnblororV.mises,linrns,
lences, lu-rU-ulli.rnl IniplelneiilB, inrrlngo ninl
iir-lnul.i rs, pulls nml woislen.wnre, runviis,
lill.lulunilshlll!loror,(ll lielUK nro nun viuii i
piouf), briilitiK, burlul ruses, cunill bouts, ships
mul ships' bolloins, lloor oil cloths, (ono .nunu
f.icturer Imvlntf useil 3.u tuns, tno pns. yeiu,, in...
lis n pjlut ror nny purpose Is unsii.pnsseii uir
boily, iluinblllly. elnstlclly, mul lulhoklvcncss.
I'rleo SO per bill., ot SKI lbs., which will supplj u
l.irnii r lo.- yenrs to conic. Wnnuntcil In nil enses
nsubovo. Semi for u elrculur, kivcs um
pnrtliiiluis. None miiulnu unless uinnuci. in"
triutu niiirli (Irnltoii Mlnelnl 1'nlnt. Aililros
llANIHIi IllllWr.I.I., rropilotoi-,
M.'.'--lui. -J'll IVm 1 t New Yolli.
you'iti: WANTi'.n i
1. IJ II lv 11 1. i. i-i
, u 1...11. ..,!,. .t.,,1 riiifite. vinnteil every-
where Iom II tbo I'Aiitsr lMi'imvi.ii Ink
volll, (by which Irom nun to two pijlfes "'
wiltten wllliout repleulshliiB will; Ink), nml our
rniicymul liryllooilsite. run clcur lio u 8ito
SUIuiliiy. No rupltnl teilllreil. l'rlco W cents,
villli un nilverllsenientileserlblnu nn nrtlrlo lor
siilo In our llolh. r I'liu hnsliiK Aiicuey. t In uiiii
t;.MS. .V'.-.iii,
I Innover st Iloslun, rMuss,
sent li
sepli 117-1111.
IIIKIII-Ill liliKilnsburiJ.on Weilnesilny,r'eiteiu
tier Itll !Mi7, -Mr. .Illcoll lllelll, Ut'Cil uiioiil inrij'
lour yems.
I'or ninny curs Hint Ml nml liislillousilestroyrr
Cmihiimptlon, lmU inuikeil lis victim. It vins
oulyiKiurstloliof lime, mul Unit no Iouk Hniu
Itlu-r. w ben tho Inst link shoulil Iw Diouen, llio
liver elionl looscil, mul tbo wrnrloiUplrlt bo In o
rrom IWimthty Imuiln. Tlitnui:!. Itnll Mr. nieiit
. mil M till II t it tho sdtno enllil. i..let, tincoluplnlnlni!
ilimcnnor. I'l.tll n few weeks lio vins
eunblodtiirlUooutinHiopltusuiit wtullicr; but
liUUHlllvvv-rnknesslntely vvns t.n rxtremo Hint.
oven sill b ii lilens.llu wnHlVlliril lulu.
Jnrob Iili-i.l vnw rm' ninny yrnm n i.iizeu o.
lltooiiisbuii-. ni:il nltboi.Kl. ror 1.01110 llmo Willi
ilinwi. rioi.i uitlvo life, lio vvns extensively known
nml uiilve.Milly rcniecteil. lie w ns foreiKU born,
nml knves no rclullvcs lu-io but 1. ynuiiu nnu
iD-nutimi vililovvt (Ihelr ihlhl illeil somo liioiniis
HKO) who, Willi ull out- i-ltlrrna, liiouilw ills nil ly
lIAltTZi:i-IllMIIUlnvUle1on tho 2.1 Inst,, Jncoli
Hurlcl. linen 11.1 v t-un.
Mr. Hnrlrel vvns ono or tho nlilcst,(ir not tbo
oldest,) eltleiih or t'oluinblil loitnty, unit bus
lomilietu lilentltleil Willi lis lilktoiy umi uruvi.u
Ilo Ims ulu'iiys pioveil hlmscir to lion lioon cm
y.ell. u fnllhful nml uiulKlit limn. A pnlrlot In
eveiv-M-nwofllio woul.lio voleil for (leu, Vush
luiilon, mul bus ikiiich his voto nt evuy iiciuou
Inco. Ho lived to sec this nieiit Union, which us
ltueie. urrw tin under hln eje, beeomo divided
ihrouuli iiielluii und litestlue. uunrreis, umi n
se Hi,. Ktnloublch ituvo lilllll tolilsberr Wtifcli-
li.ittun-thiovvn kindlonst Hum the ui iou, nun
Univ.. other tstnteii nut under ncgrii control,
l'cnioti.hU usbes, 11ml n.ny ins ilesienunnn .10
ns iiiiin 11 ml v Irluuuii im tlicir unci tor.
ni:illlIN(l-In Oniumivillo, on tbo inoii.lnu of
llio 2d lust., Mnrln, WHO 01 l.lisou ut'iimiii I'K'-o
tviinly.soveuyi nm.
Insl, ibomnat:. Mil. of i:dwnril und l.llj.bcll.
Ituullniis, utscd a inoniiis nnu 1 w ci u.
WHAVHII In I'rilliltlln tup., 011 tho Uli lilt
t'eter Wcnver uuiu bl eni.
TO CONMUMlTIVrA-Tlui ndverlUer, hnvinis
been lesloled In heiillll III n low week, by 11 viry
.Impui remedy, ufier Mitlereil ror Severn
.vim. wllh n .overolunitnileetlon. nnd that ilreui
illsinsnCoiiKuliiptlon Isul.xlousli.u.nkokliowii
V..! I lulu, .liklrii it. bo will tend .1 copy or tho
nrescrlplion used (free or ihiilue), Willi tho dlreii.
JloluroriilepilllIlK und uslim the. suliie, wblcll
(Ihey wlU IInd 11 buuu rum: nm Cossumi-iion.
ti?.!' ."!.. ' ,0" ",o "I. ; h,U"l,o,ini;',u eJtVu'
thundvcitlser tn .endlnit ll.o frescrrptlon Is to
U netlt ll.o nilll.tid, und "Piend I11t0t111.1t ....
..i ,..,.L.....iuu.i,.u l.ti-iiliiiiblo. mul liu bone.
every nutercr will try Ids ruiuily, u It will' ijot
iiiiin iioi uuii, nun 10 1) i''"'"" , r.;ir
VVISUIUK IHO I'l.sill.'U"!., -V -- '
Will pieu.0 in... " ,,..,. . . WIIKON.
Biy81'o7-ly, WiilluiutUiru, KHisa co., N. X
ibe Oritutilo Vllirntor Ills Into tbo enr, Is tint
percept llile, nnd elmbles ilei.r peisous lo belir
ilisltiii-llv ut chilli h und nt pulille usseinblles.
l-en.l pnltlcnlnrs to lilt. tsTlliWl.l.l.,
Mpii'07-lni. ' Wllllnmsbiirn.N. S'.
Ami will niesent to nny peison semiimj iis.i
club In iiiii' (lii-nt one 1'ileo hule.ol Dry mul 1 uu
ry IIiukIs, ,te.,u!slllc Dress l'utlelli, liei'iiolHIue
nut, v illell, ive., ueooi eosi. hihii.-biiou, .........
mid sninple, sent tunny in lib ess 11 is'.
Aililless .1. is. IIA1VI-, .m 1 w.,
M Illllioverktieet, llostou. Muss,,7-im. i'. o. tio.x
1 jr. Louis, or rrovldence, It. I.,
eilles v lib whlrh bo bns cured hundreds or ruses
or I'urnlysls, lits, und ull ronus or Nervous dis
cuses. hVnil twostninps ror pmnpl.let und eer-
tllleute. hrpuiii-ini.
A w
hClt(KUIA.--TlioUev.fie(ri;eKlorrM. of Iliotjk-
hi, X. V,. hays, lu tlio Hlblo Jlxamluer, byway
ot apology lor publUhhu; u im-dital (eiiHU-ato In
ins maijiiine, tn inoeuio oj hih om miii, oi nen
lulu, "alter illhMilutloii appinit'tl Inevllable."
"Wo publish iblH ivtatoment, not for pay, but In
L'lautiKio 10 ii(xi wuu ims answered prayer, nnu
In Juntleii to lr. AikUin: Ih-Iuk hall ".tied that
then Iw virion to llio Indian Water tientmeiit.
"which tho rt'iulertt of this Mmtalno will tliaulc
"Uh Kdltor lor brluKtHK to their nolleo,"
t irt unit h iree,
Hr. AnderM' lodlno Water Iii for Mdo by J. V.
IUNSMuIM:. l'roorlt-lor. SB UivKL. X. V.. and by
all DniKuUtw. JIV07,
" Hlher 1. WaUh tilveii gratis to the purelnwr
ofesery Ut of Kenuedy'H Mnmniotu I'rio ma
tloneiy I'atUaKes, the larycst In the world. (Am
an Indueenicnt to havo litem lntiodueid,)atrentN
hell the paekaiies as fast an they eati leaeh them
ait. Thll tv dollar per day ean be uiado cure.
We bae agents that cell on an avirauo lua) per
weeU. I'rlco per htltulred, lirteeu dollars. Retail
at twuity-tlNeeenlH. Andu Wateh lu tho bar
iraln that U letall lor iliteen dolIarH more. I or
lull pailleularsof Tilni luekaats,and other wile
able midn, Addreto ,
l, .lli.IKJi.'.Hil'l,
Corner uth and Wood street.
sepiriI7.iu. nithhurtih, I'a.
O 0 11 0 O li s.
consult um In regard to ndurtlKliu;. Xo iliaie
for inioruiauon. ,v,,.,.t .
KepH'irr-lm. AilvcrtWliK AkciiIs, N. V
l,t-tti rs ol ailnilulstiatlon to tho t Ktalo ol Hlch
ard llati.lalooroiaUKotownhhlp.CoIumhlii coun
ty, tleeeaKed, havo been urantnl by tho IteKlter
ol hiild County lu 1'eler l:ut. who lehldet In Heott
tow nit hip. All perKouHhavlntfilaltuMor deuianiN
against llio i ttalo of tho deeedent.aro reiUeted
in iitikciit them to llio administrator wllliout
delay, and all persons Indebted aio ieUi'xled to
mauo paynieiii. i 1.1 i.iv .
llllllllloiiiiM)l ltllllliu iiiiinm.i
Heplember u, lNi7-0v.
l,UtcrMraumlnit.tiatloii wflhtho Wlllauiie.eil
to (hoehlatoof MUhact Motiohau, Into of Centra
liu HoioiiL'h. I'olomblii (oliutv. deeeiUted. llllNO
been irianied by the IteuUier of wild enmity, to
Ami Moiiohnii. Alt iH-ritOUM liiLlliil el.lllim Ol'
deluilUiU iiKatiiht tho ttato of Iho deeedent mo
leiiesien lo mauo ineiu kuou ioi, m. ii rue
Wu.. nt Ahhlauil l'a.. attorney for the estate t an
all peihoiiM Imlebleil mo n-o.uei.iiil lo make pay
i.,..r.t vv MiiVnilAV A.liiiln'x
hep(i'07-0w cmn teatttmmto una 'J,
1 mi:nt,
TalteHthUiiielhodor luforiuhm tho cltlyonnr
Coin iiihia eiaiuiy.iimi no nonopened uuuw iiiuoi
U)S ehtabllxhiuetit In tho town of
whrio bo m iirepared to make up on short notice
iillklndN ofVcntU nicii wuir In tbo hilist und
moht iimhlonublofctylen. llalnu worked at bis
biiHliu'SH for novel id yearn lu llio city ol New ,iork,
1... Il 111 ry liltnui if lllllt tin I'll II ul it lllll Rlld OOlll
plelo satUfat Hon tn bl-t eitstuincrK at irauuitahlu
rilU'H. IIO KiailllOieen iou
v r. it y n v h t i( ith.
II... iffirlr llf-fit oot. lin tllklMK All WOlk Will
bospoiiKed befoio making, so that theio shall bo
Miop Iii Jii'lk'o HnUly'H 11 rick Ihilldlnu'. Main
si reel , in u vicmi, i ji.
A ktnini nt on hi lo out ronnL'O Im remieetfully nolle
Ited. 09. uarineubt earelully cleaned iimb )e
M'M tut iiiu not v, ikiiivu. uiu.m
lll.llll,l,nii .... ... i. 1111 11-, ,1,-, i.'i
mm In elein-ftlViliillv lo threu bonis, lluillliek.
intlrely new, Hitbt nud ili.lruble. (.'un bo douo
ut luimoortraveiiiitf, by iwitn innio 1.1.11 lemmo,
r,o Ul.l lliltllTisu o. uuiui'UK, vuuriss
W, II, CIIil)i.TKII.
kejtfl-lw.l iWl llrouawuy, Ken Voilr,
ir v-ou wish to Adverlli-o you should consult
" 1 IICII. 1'. HtlWDI.I. A I'll..
kepO'l.T-lni. I(l I'm 1: ltow. New Vol I:.
IltllOr liOCUSl tOVWIMIUP, I llllllliuii. ......... . .....
lecciised, huvo beeliKlunte. by tbo Ilenrsler of
Colillnliln county, to Leoniird Adnlus, v. botesliles
lu snl.l lownslilp.'coluuibln county. All prisms
Iiiiviuisclnlms or di'inuiuls nxnlnst tho istnlo ol
tbo deVcilcnturo iciiueMed to .unit., tlirin kiioi.ii
lo tbo iiiliiihilstrutor vvltl.out.leluy, nnd ull r
sous Inilebled lire reiju.sted lo ninlio pnylncnt.
lll.lf .S.lfl,. ',,. 'I1-, ..Mill ..
t-'eiitiinberl.. llilo-tit.
pUllI.IC HiVliH
-I- , . i,r , 1,111 1 l-u'l 'I I '
111 V.l.l rtlllil. 11I..V1, I-i, ......
Will bo mid by llio undelslttnid, i:xeculoi;s i.r
tbo Inst will Hint ot obcilluliUlliipbill,
di censed, ill publlo Milo 011 1110 pienilses, 011
RVIUUtiAV, TUB IM'll ol' Hini:Mni:il, Wi",
ut one o'rloek In lb.- ulliino'.ll, tho rollov.llij
ileserlbedvulunlilo lull efclllto In VI It I
SltlU.IO 111 LlK'Ust tOVUlUllll, lOllin.OlU COU.IIJ,
liollllileil oy Uliuis 01 ..iijiiii .i,.i,i,i, ......... -
son nnd nlhors, conliilulnu'
I'DUIt AL'ltlX AND O.N'i: m'NUlinii AM'
1 hixii:i:.n' l'r.uuiiUH.
Tho I1.111I Is on the vond Irndlnt! fmni CntitwlM."
to Hour Hup, mul Mnsser'.i mm iniHhemuo coi
ner of II. 'lllelo will uUn bo suld lit llm Millie
niir.iiiAii h. cA.Mri;).!!,
J. J. I l'll 111 ,1 ll i.
UUl'UltT, 1' A..
JIANUl'AC-ftUtllVjH Atll'NTH,
loiiTilimALiiov. n.viiill sons'
JtAW llON'li
SUl'Klt-l'lloai'HATK Or IilJIK,
AT MAMJI-AiniIlli:it'H 1'llltm
wild. aivKiotiTV imt 11M, iNriiKAsKor inoi.
liuiwit, lli., Aub, 0, liw-fin.