The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, August 30, 1867, Image 3

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r ii ! iiitf il'n'L in,,,,
Mu. .rfllh I.kXcwIv. tiiii lin'iirovcd
thU pas'i'Muit by lilj lioitfy by tnl.lti'r
down tin- well ciirli, tuul mWliijj- lev
el with tltil Wrtlk.' . i
. ' . ,
V ' I'O.rrfif. Ill Inn I'M 1 nit l.i.l,.,. TM it
U miirorliiB u'.wli'i' u ,cU Vf , W' rtHtW, Itf.
,,,.. . " 1 , ""SU'Vimi I.uwi'ciiec, Yooniun," by Mr. ,
Mr. Charle II. lio'ldcr It n1"o rrttncU
ed with tho f ami- iIIoimmj,
Oflt reiulcM mIioiiIiI not fall to read
thonrtlclooii "(Jrnpf Culture" In tmV
Agricultural column of IIiIh week. It
It written by u Koillleman IhoroiiKlily
conversant with tho Ftibject,' ''
Tiii: UujiKm;v littoTiiiii'.M pjvi a vo
cal mid liistritmeiititl concert In Sny
der's Hull on Saturd.iy evening la-t
and Viis considered by.ull pro.-iitit a
tlid bent of tin) Miison, .Succct lo tlieiu)
Tlir, l(qntlUcan prlnti (iraut's letter
but Is afraid to let iU reader hco tho
I'rishlent's.rcpl.V." Why not lot thu two'
beled tixtrnctHlriiin .hulfjo Kli.trtwooir? 1
opinion. JIu tduu not pnblWi itcntiro,'
for tho .rttdKo'a logic wujil of KbClf,
ttumdiHtnitf tho Mmnduc' nf thu tlcch)
ion. 1 '
Till;- potato crop everywhere ;:ivft
tliiiiilHfakiiblu' L'vldcncti of failure
through-the rot . Id somu uoctioin thu"
rot lvery'ovure; mul farincM havb,
aliamltiuetl the Ideft of itatlierhi"; (hem ;
niimra aro liaulilijr tlioui uwav fioin
nion picmiset. iio iilaulod polatoes j
will probably cscapu (lie dl-atious of.
feels of the recent rains.
Oxi: of our eVehaiiL'i'4 iiotliv-t thin
.I...M. ..r .. mil.. ..l..i 1 , ...''...,. .
in-.iiii in ii iuiu'?'in rillisuo O.VSWIlllOW-
lilS a nlekle penny. Tlio sylnpiohi's,
were all those of virulent not
unlike llirno which Indlcale the pros-('1iTe'7ir-U'Jf.itlc7fii(l-
Mryclihriior Tlir
i-Iiould,i paich't's io keep
penults out of tho hands or their elill
dren. As mi ovldeiice of liio wa-tuful ami
OXtravngant maimer In which tho Rad
icals conduct nll'airs, It H only ncce.--sary
to iiientlon (ho fact that tiiu mist or u
.tension of thu .U'lfi.-laturu twenty 'years,
a'o, under ( livemor Hhunk, WW less
i linn ill1 firm l, ml lti,l tlm Inu. lw-ll..
ture,' which' was nn uniisuallv short '
MCft4oii,'eorl over "()" COD ! ! '
Xnr Turn:. A few dnysao we imb- j
lHhcd an item or iievi, timohtf our I
"brevities," niinoimeing the fact tlmt !
tlio . Wnpwnlopi'ii I'tiwdei' Mlll,
Were partially' destroyed by an explo
sion. yy"e aro llifoiiiied tliat this state
ment Is untrue. No explo.-lon has ta
ken place at tiieno mills,, and thu
reiiort was circtilaled purely iroui 'unit
llcioiis inotlvt't. We make a note of
tisli other exchanges to tlo the
Ci HKi-ri'Y. -.Mr. Daniel Dol.ont,', of
JCorth Whitehall, this county, has in
his posscs-ilon n chicken, which w,iv
hatclietl on his luemlscs, having four
fully developed letrs and feet. The su
lierniiiiieniry members, which proceed
rum tlio body, independently from the
jither legs nnd iiosterlor to them, m ani
est a slight niutiuu when tlio chlekeii
moves, but do not insist in walking;
they do not touch the ground, but stand
horizontally in the direction -to. the
Jenxlli of the body. Tills moiiitrociiy
.i.i tho feathered race Is tl,ouKht to bo a
M.iKuhir ottriosUy, not often met w ith.
Allen tuivti J)aiiomil.
niTKH forged flflldavlti gotten up Im
Jfllcate Wods; Holers mid l'ryoi- witli
Conover, have been repudiated by all
jUiu leading and by nil tho respectable
Sidled Journalists. Xot only that, but
fjjudso Holt publicly tlenies that they
were ever in hie Department ns stated
by their author. Wo Iiaveii contempt!- articles in the linn ofdrug-., patent med
.pin opinion of an editor who, knowing , ielites, paints, oils, .rla-sete., i-houldex-;H
is a forgery, persl-ts In trying to mis- amine thq caiKully selected stock lit
iteail his readers, lie presumes on their Hunderi-hotl't Xew Drug .Store. I'm'
JfrjiiorancO. Ity tl) way, will tho sup- M'ttdit les ami clieapue- ., his good-, defy
rfenl editor of the lfejuMlnvi, or one of , competition. ,
ls "two lawyers" tell us thu meaning ... - -
cf''siibnrd!iuit'lon of perjury," of which , Josni'U y.VMM of .Mordon1ville, le
Jtpso learnedly , speaks V I quests us to state that he has constantly
ii isit liw.N Dom:'.' The new School
,llv, passed last Winter by thu l,egi.-la-jtiio,
makes it tho duty of the Trustees
of thu several Districts to make, or
Trcausu lo bo made, a correct census of the
"children In each District between the
flrttind twentieth of July, lu order lo
l.fiseertaiu tho number of children minds-
iSiiblo to public schools. A report of the ! VIAN' vi:ff.-Thi- valuable
' 5Rntn is also to be returned to the "lediclue lias been silently malting its
Countv Superintendent. If theso re- ! W!,y Inl" I,ul,I' filv,ir ''-v ''imterous
liilrements tiro not compiled with, (lie remarkable cures it has performed. Its
rtPistrlct so falling Mil! be deprived (ifJ"K"J!,r.,'mt,y N "win" '.'
'the amount duo It from Stale appropri- "Kl wlm'a remains imcliaiigcd
ntlnn, ' "lat l'roiai'atiou and is the only form
JJ' ! In which tliis vital element of lieiilfhy
""Tm; plan of thy Wimhlnton l.lhrnry blood can be supplied. '
Company of Philadelphia is to oiler to i
hllio public an Interest In n charitable In- 'Titr.iir.'o a, tide In theaflalrsyf men,
J'ititiition by oiriTlng NtocJ; in shares ol' , which, taken t (lie tlo'od, loads on to
Jont dollar, for whlcli a cortllloalo is glv-
alo is glv -
eii with an engraving fullv worth the
Imoney paid. Astisllll further Induce-
Rmeut to.liavu thii shares, taken up ran-
(foUlly, every stockholder is pruml-ed n
S!liroent ol some valtio In iiddltlou to
Rllls stock oertltleato mul nictnri'. 'I'lie
"fuii(N thus secured by the s.ile.s of stock
nre deposited with Mos-srss. fieerge A.
JStV!ho & Co., Hankers, Xo. .'!') South
f '"Third Street, I'ldladolplila, lo Im by
them applied to tlio object in view. A
'( charitable public institution thus ro
jfficelves tlio Ipenvlll, and not a private in
,4 dividual. Head mlvcrllsoiuont.
L THi: Cui.i.MiiiAN N huril up.
-Tho WNh i,'fiUl.V.',nul,t. Th.'
fiofiti't in Unit Tiii:Coi.i!.MiirANlnipi'rri't
Kn;, , ,, ,, ,
ViiUi'i'i'.s poi'tiiil.iiily in wiil us pollthul-
L.. , . i , it l. I
itiy. In aa t inn I'htht uonl h t hi w
I,.,.,, , .. .......
m l"Ll""t'" .
HtuMiiT iii.iu iiuy i;ipi't iiiiifi or iii'iutu- .
fibril, published therein. It U thchirae.-t
Mn pulnt of hint'- nnd tho h.iiidsoino-it in
i t" , nTpiTPrrnf i iTO ' O r ' 1 1 iTit I i ii 1 1 .v- It
li(ii'? not hei'oniu us to hponk. Its pitllti-
e.d power titni po-lllon nrb lissiui il liud
hi'ttli'd hv tlie liiitri il. nliusi n:ul vliulle-
tlvt'nesswith whli'li 1. .Ifthit, und Ids
' nllles, innl his orfim pur-iio nnd tie
iiouni'oll. lIi,sus.iiill,wiothiTi'ovi'it
A1tr open, nro vain tuul Impotent. Till.
i 'Cm. i-.MiiiA.v Itus fought Its wuy to the
? fiout lu bpllo of tlieiu, und linn lu its
' iJl'oilllon, wavi-i In the liriuy.o thiguud
ohl JX'pioeiutlc hitliinjr, lllsi'iihod1 "llto
Coitstltutlun and thu I'nluiij't. "(lie
ticket, thu whulii ti't'ket, mid ikiUiIiik
hut tlio ticket." 'i'hi'io liiei'i'M und a
Tin; (Iai.axy, for Heiiti'iulii'r, inil'
(ain't., sonio "llcmliiUcpiiwrt of Dr.
Aiilion.'HliiUnttUIitliisuiliil clivylcfil
icli6fit'-niiittPncbiT(-by DrtN'tsmltli i
"A Oinlt'or'llnrvcst, for JSU7,''.Ly. Wnit
Wlitt.i.iui; ''Jcnn.Iu'Bi'low'H Xcw'Vol
urnc," by 1 tnrrlct ,1'f wqott FiolToril!
'"'lu' lifldlcior'IilnniKiUeu." by iiev.
W. vrAlBjrf'JJrlghamJiiAinMiiiil
itoimonWu ly,3i. .Jr." 'rpblsol ti
M.-Lln'M t'l.f;.-. U A n.i f.wlis1liiol.J
MWI IUWII! -IVllllTl vuuy. 'inwvui y
lMwardt j "Wnftllifr for tho Verdlct,,r
by Mr-:' It. If. UaVHj and "N'tlmlft',"
by tlie Kdltor. ,
Tho price 'of Tlir (tttlttf? N .:! Ml n '
year. Single cople.i may lie obtallietl of
the newMlealer.t, or they Vt lll be ?ei)t
iKntpald on receipt of . Ill cent". Address
W. ('. & V. Church, Xo. .'in I'aH:
ltmv, Now York.
i'i'ibli'(i this wee!: the law ll.Vw'd
by the !at Ti-gltlature coinpellliii; rail- lie-n iiiamillluent, are now moitly in
ron'd Oonipa'rilesto carry necroet in their rtittiK, the ellect.t of nuiuerot;.-, iH.t.mlt
(art rflthnut ll!cr!m!iut!oiT, and Invite and of earlhiiiaki-. One ban be n
tiieiittf iitldtt of o'tir-reador ttt lt pro-1 turned Into u tllttlllery ntul elitur -hop,
vWoii-. Tii'Hlaw mU4t bo enntiilerecl while nnllilng reliiahif of the e;raud c.i
unvea'onalile anil odious If any regard ! tlicdr.d hi tin- centro of tho city but the
liQJutd to "lUueiw, of thinKs" anil to i Inuu Willi-, which nro uovurutl with a
tho conveiileiia' of tlie people. , j br.imlilu bo luxiivitiht tn to almost pin-
Thusolf-liiti ruijtof r.iilriiad uompaniis vent exiiloratlon. The mint alone cov
Would Itiduco thuin to provide iiiupie er two acres of ground, ficiwlonally
nccoiiiniodatiout for all Mirts of pa--t n-
KOr.s'Up'011 thelrrontl--, mill thevOis tlii-ron
lore no ncrc-sity lor n law conipeiiing
tliMh tti tM i. Ititt'tht. (rililfct of this
radical' hW Is nfif- t t"ilro to negroes
tir'itrlvllcge of hpiii'r transported tipon
jhllrdhilfc; (which thry Would ftilly enjoy
without it, i fiv' In Mi.- tinit Irllii ifhUf
Jt.w. It has .heretofore been the
l-ea-.malile privilege of railroad compa
(.t, Io makesuch ivjitilatlont lu regard
the coiivenielice mid wlh"-(il' the pill
IK'. 'Sreolid-'eh(s car- lire piovhiid for
peiMiiis oi' limiled i.-ean-, cmlffrants
irV conveyed pometinio'thi'speolaliniliis,
ladicM'ai'Mire provided from w lilch men
not accompanied by l.uliisarei'xcludcd,
Kleejilnjj cars for throuj-h pnstonci-s
have been Introduced, and iiogiocshnvu
been eariiid In car- devoted lo their u-ie,
or win ii few In number ii-Mmicd a i!ace
by tlieniTlv.'s In Mime part of an ordi
nary car.' All the-.?. nr6iropernrrnnje-
incuts ami Involve no hard-hips upon
. , . .. ,
any cm-t ot piwmjprs,
VAl- lllill-dV'ot- nnm-A Inn'i iimH .t-nooli. I
i'-, win ihereli an oriiol,uro to lie J'orixd I
into billies' c-ars and slcping cars, at
well as Into eominon car;', and ml.ed
hull-criuiliuUely vtlli other iiawensewj ,
!""' lM'r'"," whether a railroad em-
I ployeP or n citizen who "ball' oppose or
prevent this re-ult, in any ca-e, I- to be
cou-Itlered ti .criminal ami piinL-lietl!
"l'l'I '-l- u -amdii of IcKi-latloii,
well worthy of carotid notice by th
poop!-. It point t td that tlepirailalloii
and poJlitlioii of race w hich if not the
c.iinouiieed object will by inevitably thu
ell'eet ol' railroad policy.
Disionifort and annoyance (o white
pa.-M'nei's, especially In th" warm
iiionllUof tlieye:i-, and ther.iplilciiltl
vntion of nerti inipiitleiice, w ill be im
mediate results of this law. lint for
llie.-e ami oilier evil ellect- lite authors
of ihe law and not the ne;;roes ought to
bo held ic.-poiis-iljie.
.Ir-T think or it ladies. Ifrower M'lls
calicoes at IL'I cents per yard; hoop
skirts at 7"i pi nts iipieee ; fruit Jars lit -'i,
and other good- in proportion, lib. fall
i stock Is complete In drptt ijood-. and
other meilul article
" . .Z-
i. ,, fsAI,l;Tw hou-es mid lots in
ma(jM VmvwMp TIa,y nrp ,,(,,
anlly located, and w ill Lu nold clitap,
and a tea-oiiulile lime given for pay
ment. It a lli-t late chance for a In
hot or or nieohtliiic. f or particulars in
ilillre at lid-oillee. It.
On: :riiiids vlsil'tn;; town during
Court wee!:, mid wMiing to purchase
on baud coar.-o and fine woolen goods,
nianiifactured at tlio Wllliauisport and
hitii Deer Mills, as well mat hisown,
Which he will exchango for wool, anil
tint he will allow his customers tlio
highest market rates, (.'oinu on with
your wool.
i fortune and . lor several day'
fortune ;" and . lor several days iint
there ha- been u tide of men iii-hliig
Into David l.owenberg's Clothing Store
In order lo get clothing that will iiiako
, them appear like "nun among men."
I he seen : ol It all is that he has jo-Vie-
turned Inuii tlio Kast w illi a largo i-tock
I till' -I'.l-
ul' new nmtorliil, just Milted fur
nil, lllltl with Ihe Intl'.st ntyll'H.
Sii'it.f. Aiit:.i).-Wi' tiro uh tu -iv
Wi' tiro (hul lu
Ii. X. Muyrr,
Unit our ulil frloiitl, Ij. X. Jluyer, -till
1 hi'i'ps his position ns the tlr-t (lruiri-l
, In town. Ilu hut- nitw on Iiiiuil ii hii'Ki'
.., n ..(,. u nii'l.' a x lit, '' 1
w l.h'h ho U iircpiircl to m'11 ii Inn;.' ur
r-mall Int. Ill-i pntroiw, null tlui-i' not
1 vrt x f','.'
tut' iiuni'slly
- , , ' ,, i , , , ,
. ' . .
h'lltl'-l i(' II I' pil l' lllsi li; I'JM'W hoii'. ,IIIs
, ,. ,. , ........ (,,.
Sllll'iv 11 III I lit , I'l I'll ll'lll, lllllllis, ,llI-,
, , , .? ' , , . .. ...
i'tr., N us full tuul eoniph'd' us oii'i', innl
his prIi'o-(lrryi.oi.ii.('tltion.
Dl'tlll.- l'll.l'M V In I liuu Illi, on llio Villi
nf .Inly, j ;ijt, tu il.c M.U. rni-oi't.u... liv Jiri. .1.
MTti'ii'iA'tOtPlliv. Mr. (iroi'io iillil'iiliil.Ml-
Anna M( Applimiii, luilli of lllooiin.i.iii!.
WIIiJIYl II -1 IS V In I'lilluili'lpliln. on W ...lli.'s
iluv, A liuu-r Sl.t Jsirr, .v I lie llo. John u u til,',
.Mi.l'liil. I.. Wl.lnijii I Ml.'.isu,' ' lr,
Imlh of llliHiiin.liiirK. UohliuliliiCoiiiitv.l 'i
u i i.m, i ii- i itAin; ji in iiiiiii.'iii i.. iiiiit-'iui
Auull.1 lulli, li Jlc. W. It, 1 u., Jhm Uliliuii.
ot ll.'iuli tiluw, mi I Ml;.- I.1aIo T..ii,Ii "i
rminilt vlllo, I'oliinililn iliiiiity.'l.t, ' .
M'llllNIIV In llflilon Am.'JIIIi N, Jim il.. Ilu
MUlllli l-,'i -i. Mil- lillio liiolill'-, ntul
i lioi ii ilni ilutivlitiT of llii'-'-i'l I', mul Muitnri I
M II. lilt
(IAIIIiW VV In Illiionit.l.uiti li ll.i'J'lll lli-l
11' Joliu (iiilliiiiiiy, I' lllly lliu whin, JIu
uu Joiiut-lJy (if I'lfuloii inlilily,
" A tntiiitif luisv llfff
II fluctuations iiinl JL last convcuis."
i I I .Vll. XAlVi . '
Tin: iMTidirn or v'avama.
Till! lMltainto rcgaril tln construe-
tlon of tbo Itullrouil ni n Ktrut mltfor-
ttitii- to tlicm, betwuo now tMwM'nirei
an tuken (llnctly from llio enr to the
.1 ...i i I.....
.iiuailiui. l IIUll'llS III lUl IUU1 1 1 lii IM. II U ll" 1
il.vtls of ..plo Nvouhl oni'iinn. I:
iimuntl tlio City tiny nt a ,
time, tlnw Blvlus Hij hotel l;ivpcr aiiil
otherM a full opportunity tofliii'ti'tlietiu.
f iittiiiale fjohl ceehiTH. Mine hint in-
fonncd in that not only were the rounii
and tablet let nt cnormtidt liitet, but a
larje premhliu wntpaltl for rntiin on the
lioor, wliich vn clmlhed tint Into l eu.
lar tipurlnii'iil'.
The bidldln;;t urn Ihovj coiiiliiiiu to
all trniiliiilenuntrlefl. Tha POlivellU mid'
iiifina-teritu, which formerly niiiht have
"inutteiin priests-In kowii mid ve
lire" are seen in Ihu stveols, lint they
nppiar as relies 01 uie iiasl, us tneir col-
iiiptlun and .-lu-uality have loot them
the confidence of the people, who once
yielded them Implicit Obedience. In
fact morality ami luligiou mo nt u wil
ful til-count, and both natives and fur-I'lirncr-
openly load dIso!ute -. The
Saliliiiths aru tloyotetl to cock and hull
fights, lo liursu moiii.t;, and is iiIki tho
principal market day.
It is conceded tlial l'liiiamai.soueol'tlie
hottest placet) on. thet;Ioh(,', andii iiojour
ner wears no more clothlne; than 1- nee-i--ary.
The native children under tic
age ol -Ix years go naked, antl from that
time on until their tenth year, the on
ly Kuriuunt shirt, wliicli l- iiovt r
wa-hetl exiept by tluinlioweiNol' nut me,
mul. never chali'jid until worn nut.
.... . . ,..!
i.v 01
k ' . - . . ... . .
conn-from lilaolc to white, as the
colored people have tree and equal priv.
ile;;es w itli the whites, anil amalgama-1
.. .. ,, , .. .. ,.
lion lollowt d as a matter of coiir.-e. Hu-'
vl,,.- 1 1,.. tuuliii'M lu iniijli' -niw.twl. I
oil, hut townrtls ovcuin); tim cool hia
brep'e M't in, ami the walls around the
city are filled with fair promen'ader-,
who have been comphitcty hotw
rlnjr tho day. The appearance o
,ed da-
of these
bonnelle-'s mid hooples hollos was nt
llrst amu-lng to me, but Ihe novelty of
the Mght foon wore oil", and 1 learned
to ailniire the simplicity of their ill on-.
One evening I proposed to a friend
that wo should go and bathe in tiiu liny,
but ho utterly re I'u -et I on the ground ol
tlie (lunger from sharks which Infest
thee waters. He informed me that
oven the pearl divcr.i never inado n tie-
i.eont witiiottt having some one mi guatd
to keep away thee llnny monsters, or
to give warning of their approach,
llowuvei to avoid a disappointment wo
visited a toin or bath-hnuM' in the out
skirts of the ( lly. We found there a
mlsi elliineous collection of people of all
colors, each standing on Ihe ground in
a slate of nature, and with a calabash
shell pouring rain water upon their
heads lront mi earthen jar. There wits
no manipulation or rubbing of the sur
face of their bodies, and lo use a com
mon ex pri ion, the water ran from their
greasy hides like "water from a duck's
back." I managed to get on a -tone -o
us to lie oul'of tho mud, and al-o out of
the in aclmf lizardsanil land crabs.which
are I here very numerous. The I -tlnnus
it aUu infctUd wltha small insect culled
vliiyt: and sometimes jimtrx. They
work their way imperceptibly into the
Ikifih whore they deposit their eggs, which
then commence growing, thu fut evi
dence of their existence being an itch
ing sensation In tho part all'ected. IX
tivmo cure inu-t bo tsiktniiul only in
removing them, hut in inking out Ihe
lar a-or eggs, and all part-- of tlio ani
mal. I found Hv -ecreted under my
toe iiail-at different time-1, and th" pain
they gave in.' was Inteii-o, aliim-t pre
venting the it-.o of my limbs. Ppon
opening tlio tilth i. large i ii-.iu 1 1 1 - of
blaek matter was discharged, accom
panied by an iili'eiielvii smell ; and the
physician informed me tlmt irniuently
thrir ptx'j't'm.Mj in a llml) cnuil mtn tl
lU'-.ttlon. mul tlmt uminit.UIon w asol'tcn
1W1 ,. n
UlO HC".Vf-ury mult.
( ou-iilontuk itoid vxv on tlio
Mill-, tint US tltt' iroVlTIHIK'Ht tttl'orils UO
, , . ,
JHUUyliUH IO UK' Illllll'l f IIOIII UU' IMU-
tlltll wlik'h Infit tlio country, it is til-1110-t
Iinp.):il)!o td scotiro It. Alunit
M.VV'bti nrt' now jirotluocd atimnilly, til
tluj'.iIi Hie nmomits olitiiinoil nn its
(lrt (H-t'ovory wvrc enormous-, ami ol
taiiUHl for tlit locality thy imnu of f'w
fi'u rfi o'o. 1 wa- in Piintinia in I "
wliL'ii tltu fHtttrtt of CJiIrl jii I v.vrv tlN
l ovidi'tl, wliicli intMluw il ho tiiu'.'li c.
citciiK'iUat tilt tiiiu1. 'i'hiHo huava.t too
the :;ravoi nfovtlnot tribes of Jntllan-,
una tonluined K"bl tf Ilia fliut tiuallty
molded Into tbt An of birds, alli;:a
tlir?. Il-h. cte. I'lifortumitPly for the
Ti , 1,... !..- ...rt--
raw mmwiit, inu mipiii.v mjuii i;nvu
1 out.
Tbo Lanier from f'alifornla ahvay
in;raiiirLroani(untortrt.'a-itiiv,as well
' li:
.1 e ii . i... l l.4 .. L
us tlio.,o irom I'uu; hut tin; hitler ii
UMtllllV Hilvi'lMUIll i-H'iillsiU'llI'll t(llltllli-l
, ,, ' si, i ii i i
ill Imipiih'. 1 witni'ssi.,1 the unlti.ul-
i Iiil' iifii Southi'i'nsicuini'r.whh'h.iiiiiDiis:
" , ... ,
ollli't- livlollt imil nil Diuni ii;. HUH ni
I ailvor. Tho mi'tiil w it in luir.-, cich
' .... t -i.t. ..-..I..... i iiiii,,f,.i,,,ij M'lw.vo ici.
, . ,i , 1.l,t,.i,
i i,,,,,,.'.,,,, ., ,, ,,,,1,, ... ... ,i,i, i,
w.n iiit: lion or mills,
Thu City N Illlul witli nilvi'iiltiri'n,
' nmnyofwhoni l.tivi.tiilti.i'..i..untlo hlv
.IdiVr.,,,,., w Ito ,'i.t.iii w ill,
' ... ,.. iv. ... . i ..w
..1,..-..,.. . , ,i
mil' in liuu i niss, i io nun in-i-ii iii-siniii-
ed of pioperty in eiilua whleh h.ul eoit
him years tu uii'iiiiiulntc, I'liiiliuil in u ,
dinio;ioii in I'eru, Irom which hu pmuji- '
ed hy bribery, worked lu u I'hiiliiKiinj; t
In l.luiiifur uioddllii"; lu pulltlenl alllali,
wits iiiiule iiriMiiiii' in tho .Sandwich
I .1 I . !'.... .1111........ .....1 ...n ...l. ...I
I lilllis iii in I inn-iwi liilUii II lis ivni'r-ni
through the ellurts of llio Anierh'iin
, , ,,,s.-,
1.0111111, M'vi'ri'iy woioiiii'ii in -iru-
rnjj;ii w lillii In tin' mtvIiv ul' l it'll. yu Us
er, wns I'luiscd mil of I'ltlifiiinlii by u(
Conililltteeof VljrllPiue for Imvlnu hhnt
u cniiple of men, killed a man lu n duel
in 1'iiu.iiuti, und then proceeded to
'WushlllKtUSI to plllie before tho fjueiv
Oury nl fsUUivluitt-i of tlio caMle of Cub
his which hu hiid iii.iihi whilo eonllneil
within Its wall-, und fur which he e.-
peeled ii haiiilMiine rewind.
1 iilMifiTiiiejitlyciiiiiolu conlucl with
tl Mr. rninkllli. It wa-. d of him
tlmt .ihotit two yearn helore, wiillo niato
ofii winder, their vtvscl stramtoil on ono
of IboKipJPO iHlnmN, which olillirod (lib
crow to dike ik whnlo bout innl pull tb
shore Tu Island win Inhabited by ,who spari'd rrniiUIIii's llfo
In I'onilik'i'iitlon of tho fact that hu could
perform -cvcrnl fi'Ati oft-lcl(,dit of hand,
which thoy bollcvcd to bo tho ro.-tilt of
Hiipcrnuttiral power, lly couriiKo und
tiifl'tio Ktilnoil a cummatidliiK position
ninoiijr Uirm. wh-ii.i.tlL'iied huvcii wIvoh,
.1 ,,n. Mvll.r, Tonlo.lli. ...III. I.I.
; " "
?'7 " ')'mx Initio.' sto,
1 ' "1 t '' I'tiwliifi'il of tin- nM
lives ii tuianllly of provlilons and at
thu naiuu tlmo luducetl i'l aiiklli to pi on
board the vettt.. They then made him
tlriitik and while hewn- in condi
tion they M-t call, itnd when he goi "o
her Ihe Nlalul was not visible. Tiiu
Caiitaln'M cxcibo was that lie needed his
nor vices, having lo-t u couple of men,
and would land him at l'anaiim, which
ho did. , Kraukliu at once broulit tin
action iig.ilnsi: him nut only f jrtliealduc
tlou, but for the value of thu xood.s tak
en fioui tiiu natives wliouiiio elaimctl
to represent. After the dccMon of the
suii liepiopo-eil tti return lo his Island.
V ot i c k.
Will lli:v,'lin lf,. (Vli Mill Wliltcwlt l.fl in;.
U'l nii.l lnmi.1 nil rrliJay, Atmnst liith istt, n-it'i-out
Juit i'fll. .rrnv,Knitliin,llil. iHlounruull
in-noim ntfitiit-l t rttnt 1 nu her on inv hihhhiiiI. h I
f),1.1,! 'Xli,1.1 y '''HiviinflfflK"
A Ji.MIXIKTitATtilt'ri -NOTI(,'M. i
J.. I I A 1 1. Ol JUAN V Mil. ME, lil-l ll.
lii Hi . .ill u'tilililNtt'-ltloli Mitlii.n.tnti of I Ilium
IMftll't liltU Of til'. , IIHihkI tnUtlsliI , , .illtlillilti
Cnitiit.-, .lis'fnMMl.lmMi lii'pn ur.inti .0. lln Ki-a-I
Hit ni -nil luutiiy. to .Inhn Mt iU-, .i .inhil-lrii
tut, wli i ii Nn ri'vlilm lu hm toutislilp. All n-r-horn
lm iiih i-liiliiM or ili'iinin.liuniiltist llitiKl:it(i
ol lit'' ili iHlt, urn,n.tlil to l.inkc IIiimii
KlIQWIl to tin- llitlniliill-ilol- ulllt.iit ilrlnv, iilnl
nil tfMin InildlilMl on iMjtti'Klul lo milii-iui.
mrli' Jiill.N -l AI.UV,
Aiwm-i t. IW7-01. Ailinlnlstralor.
mr tn oi jici- nowM i.N, iim'u. I
Lot ii 111 nl-ll: 1 .on on Ihol'vtnti of-Tiifol,
tiow iiuilIiiiv .irMiiiiioiioMitliiii.roltiinliimoiin. j
.1 tl. 'I '"'lllll . HI Alll-ll.l I I 1 1 1 11 IT, 11''lllOI-
iii.i I'-i-ti . io MitliiMlli.. i 'iMiiniiiit 1 initm , All
1 Ot-rw rliilni or ili' iiiiUit tln
.-iHt' Ol --III! iln lllOllt, OTP ri'llltl'ttl'll tO IITlltl"
. tlioui kio u 10 tin iiiliiuiii,-li..nir itli'itii iii'tny,
1 .mil n'l in w.11' liiili-lito.l nro ri'iini kIi-iI lo iiini.i.
' I 11 Mi. III. Mil HAM. llllilVi:U,
j iiKikl 1 Ntr-M. AiliiiliiNlriitor.
I I V ri- . .1 lll-XKV llinv'JIAN, Jll.i-l.AsHI.
1 liner l ii.iintii'-liiitloii on llio i-lii.. of lli-nry
I I llt-f ! HO llltll'-l I III lOll Oil 1111'
,, ".iH ,,,,.:.,"' '.'.' "y,,,. ', ,?"."
il -nli' . '..nil, to .Mary 11 iwnmfi of mill louii-
mmnn. in,- "-iiit. of tin ii. -.-ii.-ni mo i..iu..sii.,i
l- ttiitl. Hi-in lniirtvn.iui. ihovo hn!..lit,l lo iniiki'
.mi,,, i
. .M.lll l.'IHMA,
Mlgtttt 1''. I'm?
DM I X IsTltATOIt'S .X ( VP l (!;.
T 1 1- OK 1IUS I IMIV M'stf, liKt'l-' ti (.,
1 .tits ii t t.ioiiMiittlun on Ids-1 -li to oi llinjn
itim N is title or Mul ii.- toMlislitp, i oluiiilil.i
i tun,', , " - .is.'U, lint o In on Hi'intU'it lo tin- lh
istnrof ii't I'tn.iitv to Wm.T, Mliininin. All pi'i-
S.'IIN llll. til. I IlllltlS Of lll'lll.lll'Nllltlllllst tIi...Sl.ltl
ol tho tl-fvli'iil iiro titni.-i,ii lo tii'il.-i. ilu'in
I lttioM ti, innl tliu'o Itiih'lit.'il to in iko imi rt. nt,
' . w.t. t. siti Man,
I .Inly Si, IT.
i ll'Lflfc'lH I'l.HtMKM U.t h Ki'Ali; OF utJ.H.tN
i ( Kimnt, iu: i.Ht'i.
I ( i. 1'inMrt finftf, it:
I - The (.iimnimw,'nll! ot lVnn luitiW
1 i.m. ' mvt.-i i:. Moth, r.iw-ii w uuu, imi
i ) ii - Ntiti-K-i-r, .ln-f,:i Kfkioth, mill
tlx he I rt oi llfnim i.t-l.roth, MKiincs nulitiow n.(
.ift tlnij. Mm and ivlt nt n mi! lt n-hy el tod
i-ifs, hi nt'itn oipiuiiH n rt , to lie in Mih'ii nt
liUmni'luiK. in tin I fnr .d'l I'miihu . on th tli-t
vi'inday (f iptt'iiilHT ihcii ani Hit-in ! r
iniuci thtJi" ""! ofCinim'St.Htlf.-.'t'tiiyinrtli
thit li.i'.M,,. .'uluinoii i,i'Lto(, -r linJin
t.A nlilp, ill'! cotiutv, itli 1 si'ir1 .'1 t ttt ti u-iil
shite in MM ttiwniliip, (iiul ni; ni--! with mir
)K'Hilt)iu'i-to itiiiclf oi nuh-i iiii-ni 111 w rit uivr,
iL.trtl list 1 .' iiiIht, I), ( M-il hihI t-iniM-y the
iiliu-1' tlio-.ti.l lit'cdii" J-piMli, I i ! lifiis ur n
-Un-. Ami. lu i' how ram. whv the "iitit Court
-.'mil tiot itriiee the Hpfcltlt" Hrfot tililllii of the
h-t lii i'i. ii tr.uti'i Hit1 triK-lut 1'iit .iuI mi-iiultitlH'tt -hi,
tinl 1 h-it it oimveyuncf. Ixt tn-uhnituit-r w.til dt
i li-e lo tin- li', i" I' t (ii'utye rjiinli , ol the c.ti.l
hli'inUi s In !! siliiplf.
. SAMI'KI, HNY1U.K. Mi. -itt.
Illocu i .hiirtf, August 1', 1VC
O T I' K.
II It- OHItollM IS! K l-sl-AH OI'JAMIS, It 11 s-
lo, mt I
I ' u.nlmt tnm'y, :
. , '1 lit-e iiiiiiioiiM-.'dtili ot I', nnsylinnlii
l..s. t'lW'lil. 1'. ItllUloll, .lo'lll I'illstoli, ItfllOS
' - - ' sllurlliiriu W. It. Unlnlio'r, 1:
ol .l.ilili 1 H.iiv.1'1 I ., l'l ll.i Mill t'li.lll.'s U list', II,
111 inn 1 liilitlili of 1 .ol 1. tt llnNtnii.tlor'il., .M'ltllilit
11 i!-l"ti,snsiiri A "In 11 1, M. 11 lit 1 1' (illo.. 1. in, Josli h, it, r, lliil'tiiinii, iltl'li'ti in til i:, ll.ilston;
mul Ni-'hou Jl'i'iulv.
(Iioi'llinr, yni mul oni'li of j 011 lire lii-roliy rltnl
1 ml i oi.uii'iii.l I 1 11. tinil nii'i-iti- in on 1 iirojirr
H't'SOII,nt HI, lIll'llllllS' I'lllllt, tH III' llllllll'll nl
'.loon -liurix, .i . 11 I lor s'il'1 1 oiinty, on llii'lll'-t
Mxinli.i ol s. , 1. iitlior next, 1 1 14-1 1 tuul thi-ro lo
llll-Hl I 111,, t .-I T' I. .11 of II. 1', llllllllltlll, S'lllot;
: .nil t.i 11 tlio si 111 J.imm lLilhton, illt'il mm. .! oi
"'il.illi r.'iiltsi.ti 111 I'nsi lao'iiiishiir.l'.'liiinl.l.i
' untM. itnd anil !t;if-tl u itli your it nlloni-r lo
1 lli'lo of nur'i'liiHiit In i; rltlior, .11-1 -''U mi'l 'in
'. 1 " 1 ln miin.' 1 tin 'iii Ni l.on .Mi'iil-, his
li. ns 1111 I iisslnns. 111I In sIloM' I'.nisi- .n lit.
mntlOiint hIu.II iiol.l'K'i-,,' 1I10 seii-lili' I'l'iloliu-
linr'"!'! tlio SAlx i,i!i,,rl ili'iiolilllIU o ill'' till.'
.11: .111 011.1 iiui liu lli.-i innl lliitii .'iii.v-
1 00 itulili' 111 If-r sni t ilis'toi- lotlio iilori sulil (
Son .U'l'nrtj, ol Hi. Kiil-I 1 1-, .ii I.1' siui- 1
-' HAMI'Cf, s.NYI'l:!!, sln rlll.
1 Hi ii mi-' nil K, 1 itfusl 'i. l-i.;.
T 1 (' E.
I Utto M M I I T'l
oMON Jl II, IM.i I.AH.
1 u'aiiitttit tyunl,
, , rh('i mmomwultli of im Iatilu
1 ' ti. IVte,- K, icioih, i:ilfii IVkroth, D.ivld
.-, lkotI .I.-iui 1 1 kiotli, Uuv Nmiaes-, .hwi'l'ti Krko ih. .iul lo the lielr-t ot lllrain
1'' Uroth, (!inmmiiiknovii.i
(in el nut. tf li mul fun)) of you are hereby eltnl
in.l 1 ouimi.iitteft 1. tx -lift hi mir piop r
i.,-tn ut mi oipimnH tourt to ho hoiiU-u
lil.toiiiHliuiK In itii i Uti s.iM county, 011 the I
Moml iy uf HeptMih. r, nel, then tiiel there
1 in
re to
answer Ihe
tltlim .it AiinihiLlii HeliMeiiUellliel"
'orthttuu the wilil Sfiloinnn Kckroth,
, lntoot Mnlllu township, in said itmnn.ihcuiNeil,
1 1II1 1 1 si l( il ol 1 ci III 111 1 e.ll 1 t all' I II At 1 I.I
Uu tow n
io In hiifil I'oiniii 1 in'ioiiil u Illi mnc iicll.
t 'iier by article 1 1 nguvmciil. lu w iltlutr, to sell
. it 1 1 onvev Ihe s.n u to tin- said Jacob hthwtp
pi ulii Ier, his hi-ln. mil uu.iin. ud to show
1 -t-whv 11.0 bald Com l shall Hot deciee the io-
i'i 1 1 1 lonnntic. f the r-nld eontitu t accoidiiu;
10 1 nc tine Intent and tueunliu theieof, mid th.u
11 iili)illl(i' hu lllade uiittersuld di eree to Jacob
hw.; pciihelser, t the sM pivmNei In fee
-Imp!.-. hWll'KL HN Y1H-.1I, Miei III'.
!.. uuhuii;, August it, 1 -Ji.'
Xtirici. Ih
1 1
V ili'.tit-llV (it VEX to all h - ilei ,
itit'f pi isolit Inteiei-ti'd in dm esttib s "t lhc
, . tle dei eipteiitM nnd iiihiolH, th il tin- tollow'-
u: iidinluNtralloii und i;tititli.iti a unln Uiwo
. ii llh d lutlmoittc-ot Ihe UeKlolerid Cohttnlil 1
niiiiu.miil will Ui pi-est-iited 1 r emlinuitloii
ni I nllowtinee III tlie (n ,iti m-.' Coini. toby hchl
n UliMiidtbuitf, lu tlitcouul nioi 1 said, on V.'rii
s'-ia'i, im; l-'oritrn l 01 skuii mi.h. Init,
t- 1 1 o 1 lot k In tlm iiliei'iiti'iii ui .od d a .
Aut'omt mul filial ikU'oiuit ot John h( n , .!.'.
I'ndtni.nri-luiiM.'M,....... ,.l t 'li,, iss I ill .''.I.
. V, - ,.
, At'inunt of Jilin jrAliiincynninv iiil."in;-
1 0 . 'i i'i , i.MH'uiois ni ii.'orirn iiiijrt'iiiii'iiii-i, mm
' 1 M '" , . . . .
1 in il neiount of s.aniuelsiid,-riitid Michael
in .wo, AduiiiiiMnuni..i .Maitlu.w ihowu, lato
"1 Mdllin tow lishtp, ibs i ased,
, n,m, .,i uf i.,,,,,,,,.! sm.l.r ,i,i ji,
-iimIi'I. 'lliiliill.ioiol John i-n,.!.l',M. .l.ili'
"I MIIII'll, il.'i'i'l""-'!.
,. ,,,.,,,,..r T.i'r..i.iu.. ,i,i,im,'.
i m lii-iiio-ii Jl.i. i.n. or i MUmim i-u iumii-
-hip, iti'tonsi'il.
,,. s,t r i, .,i;,, ,lili.lln.lor of
' iuiin.', lute m J.u-ii n nsiiip. t.-.--.t.
1 7- I"1'-''1 ,u,,t nu'oiitil "f Aliriuu otiinr,
toliiiiiit-lliiliii' of Win. 1'. Itiilitrts. Into of .l.trk.
soli lOWIIsllIp, ili'O'il.
. mil of Mnry w. Iloltni'ii. tulinttilstrntrlt
ot llollni's. rih'iliiiriror.k tou u.lilo.
,1,.,', n-.'l.
ii ..'iniut of liuvlil llll.'r, iiiliiilnlstriiloi'f of
i Ii i -1 "pin i I', Kini'Ily, I ,ii nt 111 Inn ii-i'lc town-
sh ., il.'.'.-.u-nl.
III. l',',,llll ofUnM M Ul. r, lllllllllll-lllllor Of
tin. I
I ,'!)
ilu of urn
,111'1'1'1','k t iwii-iiip,
ll. I I'ltSI ll.
II. 'lllll'lllllul 1111.1 IIIS'llllIll Of (llOll-ll lIlllllll'S,
,1. . Illi l-lllll pIl'SM llllll I.loVll l'lltllll, Hlllllllll-llll-
lot - ,u .lo-i'pli 1'iiMon, Into Of ClllllM 1-i.u, ill i-'1!.
ij. i.i"iiini oi 11, l r. iviU'y, it-liii In l-t i utor of
.1 irunll Mill l.tlt' Of Uouttitl loll ll-lllp, ilt'O'll,
Ii Ai'i-iuioi oi .liwi ph iiaiinitiu, ii'iiiilnisliiiior
oi M.n t lluiuiiuu, iiuoot rrniil.ltu loiui-lilp,
ll,..', I...I.
11. s, , i,n,i nlul fllinl ni-isiiint of Oisiruo nii,1 .loliu
r. nor, I'V.-yitliifs or I'jioiuu. I'l.uii. .. l-il. of
i ..nlli- ton nslilp, iloiviiHi',!,
'..' "' ".'". " 1 r." "i' l ivr,..,.-r, Kiitioo.,.,
o ticuo I -SUM, "I Miklnti lOWI..- ,li.
i""1 "!"'.,,1'';'L'r'3""1 :'f.K""l',' "u'r'
yllni ,li ill "I l lltlTlo, .1 jsnwi, llllo ol M'lltlu low II-
-inp. ui-i itu.i'u.
l nii'l tlniil Insouut .ift.iu h Vim Honi,
11. 1 III. II IM 1. 1 I'.l Of Kl III !lf Villi lloill.l.lli'of tiri', 11- !
Ml ll ill (ilttllsllip, llli litd.
Is. I'lisi nn, I final nt't-nniilnf (loorun . Ilovui'iii,
1 1 "I ! -lollll IIVJ. IIOI.IM, lull-ul .llllllili . '.11- I
.1 '
tin A ulil I'mUuml i iiurlm M"ii. Ii,
nn. of .Miitti.rTui .Mm., It. lino ui
II, .ot ,i il uraiiliiii,4lwi...i. .1.
.1.. . ..nn. ol Jiimit. )IAslr-i-i, ii liiiliiisli-ntiirof
.1 .1. II Ul OH. 'It, l.l'.O'lf I 'til,. tOMIl-Jllp, lll'll'lUpil,
JI. i '"Ulil of ll. I-'. Uiltliitini inliiillitslllittirot
W lllllilll lllUlllt. IttlV Lf UllKllll I- llllslllp, llll-'ll.
'JJ. I'lllllt 11,'l'Olltlt 'if 1 111 t, i'l Jin, I ltl.1 Kllllllll I
l.iiiitlii!ili,.'4'itnrvir.iii,iri! I iluii'liniiii, liil.
ofl il I IJ T ' lunip, il.f ,t
I'l, lint of W'lllt.'tnnilrl-iii in inliiilnlstia-
toroi s il 1,-411 1 iiKy. ul .si.ip r ,i top ii,, ,i,
.'I. l 'Hill , I Hill. lllloil 1 III iiisliutor of
Joint I' -Ui .Inliiotl'i- ini i, i i in ii-liliiilt n'tl,
JIHI' ij, nil ' M itiiii.iir.
Illnoiiixiiurif, Ana, tt, 1'.U7
roll HHiTiiMiinu ti:k.m, ikc;.
llUnm-Mlr-WI Wnltr-r, Win lli-lilldnnn.
IIiiavmi Win Mlclint-I, .lolin Ihiki-iiIi. rircr, r.,
.lulin Hliuimln.
ttitr Ait .1 DHinllli,
lltNTnN .Inhn J M'llrury.
i.'knmiai.u lloit .liwrpliM Kridi.
I'o Null am I'lilllp llr.iiTlt.
riiiiNii cm i K-r.iihMNluri.r
K'.'V.l'rAVl" '
I Kt I'l'IOOU.
I llMll.lll K lilllcp llohbhls,
mm,, j
Mu'ms'iW'n "?iV.lir.ii.,ti I n h,iu, ,
MiiiiH'l Xii, l'lilll. I'risitr, i-niiiiiil front).
Mt. l'l.l;AsM-.t..lm Wiinlili.ll.hlrni fnll It.
M Mnto! I'rlpr Wolf, .liicoli X tlltlon.
Mn.NTofll .Itli-kholi Ia'IIiv,
Maini-W Uhil, iiltTiii-r.
I'isi: Illi'lmnl W. l.yon.
llollilMl I'liKl t: liiiili-l Ilnrl.;, Hmili flcntlialt
A1117.I t'mM.
Q hand .unions,
l int Hi;iTi-.Miii:n tkiim, ivr;.
U1.00M Win. NlinlK'i',.1. J. Hl'iiviT, Vlii..M'llil.t..,
1 1 111 lllt'lll.l.ic Ailnlii I III lli'lkl;.
Holt. lll.nM'H'K J, M. Poilvm.
fumti: Win. HlmiliT. '
rosVMill M 1'iliT llowi-r,
KltlllMI I'llixt-tluiry 1 !.-! I il i ii.-.
KulNKMN Inline Hi inlr-rxlint,
IlltF.I.Mlooti 1U1I0I1 Itlrll, Wilson M. V.vv.
IlKMMiCK I-IUIC I'liru'll.
M iini: Krimclt rji nilinj, John V. Iiiinniii.
M Mutov eimrlf-t 1 vrrinun.
Jlm ltioiry llrilrr.r. II. lli-.
IUiAMO-l-lllllUl!l Al'lli lll.Wll.
UilAltl.Ml Ciu.m; rriiniillii Vooiuii.
MniTT-ll. W. rrPMllnjr, Wm, llinnT,.lnlni Ncy
hurt. SOU 1 111.11 II -III llj. foil', KIl.Tlltlkli lions.
J at si:iti:.m 111:11 ti:i;m, i-c.
1. l:u .li.m-t t. MllM ('. Alilmlt, rt. nl.
L.'. Wriitlilllnuli, ri vm. l'i tor Mill, r,
.1. Knlttlo v. Wrlahl ltllL-hct.
I. Jlaiy 1'.. (lit on vt, HolK-rt s. Ilowi'll, rt, nl.
A. I'nOil Vi-iiici r vt, ronton liouttr, ot.ui.
li, ltnl'l l'r n. li.i I'l HniMian.
7. lluiip. Iirutn n. iHaiii- Vtll.'i.
nll.i. Knitii mo vn. tinnli'l Krnln'h lulinr't.
II. Wllllniii A. Mnrr s. .1 mint llvko.
10. 'I liointoi ,1, Vitinlt-rHlli'i. s, Ainot ltroshor.
11. hj lilfr .1. I niii t, Willi. mt c. tlri'i'ii't ml-
U. .Ini'oliH. i:muh t. Win, ''.tlri-oirn n.tinr't.
1 1. .Invpli l.lllov vt. ivti-r .Mi'lllclt.
II. .lais.l, A. . Ulili.inl W. I..M.H-.
Pi. .lam ist l iriiinn t. M1i-Ii:ii 1 ('ii'iino, 1 1. nl,
in. lli-ori'.. llrownvt. Lnoniml sunt mini.
IT. I lint. W. l'nlnilii II i t. nl., . IIiikIi I i. Mf
. II. ynolil.,1 1. nt.
I . .sli-slr.l. I "mi x m. .lolin Ilollnoli.
, I'l ' t'..M l-.l(..l..rl I',...
iii. .lotiiiTlt'nihlyol.iif.,
i i -i .. I-.... . . ..i'.u t n .,. .. .-o -
Z im,,,!!,!, n,..,,, VJ nVi.-o'i.''
l. rninkllli Yotiiim - Will. 'I'. liiiuiitn.
lMw.irtl M'Cnllet. ill., Vf. .lolili Mec-ny.
St. WfKt ll.'Htlfll ItiMiiatuv ( ii. -, H. C. lile,
.lohli lCelclUHT h, .!eletni.ill K. llf-ns' ii'ltlir.
IV. Milton Timmh ue t. I'lilllp. Jln,u'r et. at.
y .h .ii- ItoM.ln-iiilnl tt h. Win, lAeH.ulie.
t.o! . it .1, 1,ynn' minus, h, Veflev I nni,
1". .:iu h M'VicLev h. N. Ciuiipbell.
'.!. !. . V. XlllciM-. the trnvifhlli of lllnom.
COIjI. MAN, I'lotliniiot.tty.
ltlooinsiitiri:, Auk. .', Im.7.
lli:iill'i'"ri KAl.ICS.
lt Irtii" of suiitli v urllH of '?nhlionl
ivMiimLI. I'viuhtt'tiit J.riitini, ltMietl out of tho
t tHUt ot Colilliioil l'leti of C'llll'ilbl.l Count J , tUll
illn-eteil to mi', M III tteepiseil to publle wile ut
the C nut Ifouie, hi ltlooui l-iu, on Moiul ly, tluv
Seeiiii'l il.iy of Sepinuhei, NfT, nt olio o'eliKkiit
th" fttteiuoou, the tollouliu r-:ul eNtate to II :
A i ei tutu tiiiet of hiiul hltmte lu rishliucreel;
towiivh!), CollililM'i 1 oitti'y. oiititlllltuf one liuu
ilreit at ie, luoio or Icns, oouinh it on tho south by
I.hkIh ol .laeoh I. tub.u'li, mi the t"t bv lauU of
.fnlni lir'Ut, on th n uth ttv lamls ot .1, Knrn,
nnl n thoeuM )v I miNofJohn 1'euler, on whli-h
U eiecte I ti iMllln hoico Hint il luilli,
llh the appitrl' n uiees. el7-il, taken lneei it
tlon mul to he M .is the pioperty of S teMer
At the Miinc time ntul place, a certain lot or
piece of irnHti't, Hltnntt III the town ol itlooint
hiirr, Cohitnlilii eoiinty, helnii two hmulii'il feet
ileepniul foilv icet In xvi.lth. iHiiunleil on tin
west liy Iron street, on the north h lot of 11. II.
I .It lh, on the ent o uti alley, mul on tlie Kouth
tiylotor Mi. HtirrN, hereon It erected a two
stor rrmiu- ihielltni', lion e with ilie uppurlenau
Two lot, the one hdiiK fifty fei t lu wUlth utul
t.t.ii him. lin.t li...l (ti. r.lli.n- llflv ft.t.t wiih.
mul suvcntv-lhe. toet deep, ailioililnt;, t)omi' led nn I
Ihe imrtii mid eiet tiv Iiuuh oi.iiuob l.yet. on
the vest hy I11111N of Mli'lmd Cu-m und nu nlli y.
mul 011 tlio south hy Third Htieut, uIhihiui Ih
eieftl two fruiiio duelllnir luuiM". wlih the an.
tun ten.uiees. f-cled, taki 11 111 1 volition atid lo
Ik' void US the liropetlV of ,litll Howell, Will.!.
.lone, .lohu W iin.iiiiH mul Mary U'lltlmin.
At thnKain limn and plncc, n errtaln lot or
piece of mound, situate lu Um town of lilnoin-..
Imrir, Coluiiibli' eounty, heliiir two lumdred let t
decpiliul fortj fOet wlile, lioiinUeil on the West hv
lion Street, on tho north ly lot ot i;. H.l.Utle, on
the cut hy mi ullty, and on the ontli hy n lot, of
Mi. llnrrlM, hereon U erected u twostor. fiaine
ducllltu houo, with the fipputten.inci
Two other lot-, tlu one holiu: (lily teet lu width
tiiiil lour hutulu'il tuct ih "p, the other fifty feet
w Me and seventV-IHelcf t deep, adjoin Inn: lolin
ded nn Ihe lioith mul eiit hylatuN c f Jai-uh V,vi;
on tin1 went hv l.uuN it Casey mul uu
alley, and oil Ihe M)ltth by I'ltht stleet, wheieou
ate ( ii clod two tl utile ilw idling ln.uvei w Ith the
iipouiti nam e. seled, tnk n In eteeiitlon and
tot), v .id the protKtrty of John Jlnwi II.
At tho sduie tlmo utul place, u loiof ground Hit ulit the Hoi nti'xh of (1-11 trul l:i,(V)liuiiliin cuu
n helnir tllty teet trout and mo bHiulied nnd
lot l U t di ep, heim; two hfloUirh lot-4, hotlluted
on tlie north b. lot ot 1'eiisii tn.ieher, on the
wed bN all tille , on the south by lot ot v It limn
.iMcler, an! 011 the eust hy 'irciitwlno tleit,
wheietm W erected a two story truiuu dwelling
liotfi wit f 1 lie iipr'iirlenuuoei. hetxed, titken In
ewutlon mid to be nod us tho rroiK-rty ot K. 1..
lietti ll.v.
All that cei tain two-sloiy fiuine 1u.Um nuwu
teiauil leiuiiiicot, sltiisit- lu fc ntntll.i tMinmb,
In ttita Conn iv of Cotuiul -, IkjuiuKhI mul of ihe
dtineiuloiis .iK lollop m iUiitniohoiuetwenty fei t
noiit und thlrt -two tt't't dei p, Ih-Iuk two st or !
huh. mid bulli oiiuecibUn lot bounded nortberU
tiv it lot in Join 1 1 luiei easterly tiy twentyrei-t
wlile alley ; Noutlierlvliy lotollkh.iet Moiuibun;
and weftrrlv hv 1.ih tist AveliilPteontiilnlluttweii
ivitve lei t In tiont, und extending oi width,
in ikpth, urn humlied mid foity let t.
seled, and tiiki u III eet Utioll Hil l lo bo sold
a1 the t'topeity of .Maman t llrahmiy. .
HAML'KIj h.N OKlt.Mieritl.
JllnoinlmiK, AiiKUHt t, lMfi.
H vml'KI. NKYllAitn, Colh'trtorof lloitnty Tax.
'lynmount on Iiupllcnto S0,17ii 71
llvcasli pjild John Hill, Treasurer fo.W C2
('xoncialloni i;i
" Jk'Uelitami 131 .VI
I'll is. II. ) n l-l ri liu 11, I'ollit'lnr of County Tux,
Ji 11.
To iininiiut 011 Inir'lit'titi. T, 137 12
My i-.ihli pnlit .loll 11 HIll.TroTuiriT,
" .14 ilucllun nl Toll Tux
Ji.iijii a
);if ij
n,"U I.'
T'lil til
! llal.tiico nn InipllfiUi'
Ions Hit i,, Tronstiror,
l II.
T'lnni'itint from I'list Xtiiiiuiitl Uuulcnf
l.lllll.,ltlOlt in iiiiuci
tltl.uiJii no
ll illsisltllll iltl'l I'l lllllis'oll lllst ,lis.'ollllt
" nul l ll ' lollllll.'Ol'si.Hill'l.'iii'll
'' i'.MKii-os itil.lnu Miluntior. lo Tio
; iuhI iln-ir btilihi-iuut'i'
" porutfliluifsitiii -In,!.!1!
j 1 .11 in
m;ii ito
ILiliiui o In f:n or tif Tri'iisuii'r
SU1 07
To nun ntul on hiilMoilptlon
lly inn I kI U niliiiili'i'i's nii'r i lulu- pi'i"
J'..iliiuot. tliioJoliu lllll.Trrusiiii'i'
To i'ii.Ii fi uui H. Si-s liuiil, CoUoi.-lor
" " C. II. Illi tti rli'li, I'oll.iloi'.
" " " I.. AlKiiiuii till on Ills tux
I, I '.ii il
1.171 W
t.imi t
i ii
, i l 151 1 111
! liv imsIi imtil on und ul l'14-.l Nitllotinl
Illlllli ill luilli III,' , 10,01X101
' IlVlllsllll.l lllSl'OlllllllllJ IIOl.' III nun
!W,'JH7 7
U.llllHU' llllll TllUIllll
To rii-li on I liiul of i-iimtt.'t i'i .'tlnij
i. Mitiiriiii't A f If ti i in
" " Uui AII.ui.iii
" " It i. llun.ntiii.'h
ITO irr
S.VI1 ul
i'.l ID
IV 1 I")
."VI in
IJ1I I'l
Ilr -il. t.,ilit nil Ii untsiis noyiisvlpl
I " " (.. W. IMum.i'Xp. ioTiov
' liv .IIm'oIIHI I'll ""I, Hull' III llullUllo
, Null, mul llniik
! iili lutl'l I'viut. I'r.'U linn, I'Spi'iisi's
I In ll.urMiiirit
1 " i nsli ttil.l I.. I.. Till,', oi minx
(1,11.1 nl
ti ijn
711 in
J7 7.1
M (41
pis 'II 17
ll.'lfl IV
i,it, ilu ni... i.ii ) ii ,
" " nuiiilty IS'tS'lllS 114 pi-i n v
h ti'i'iiinai' on "i
UlllllHiv 111 f.lMirol Td'Usllll 1'
I If Nl It K 'I'ull N.llll', I'll.
I'o lltiuiil'i'l .llkl. lull nil Imlnl
" .1. I', I lousy " '"
" .1. w, HiiKi'iiliu.'li " " tuul Int.,
" ll. I'. Ilillloll " "
" hum I Cli'lrUim " "
irv in
KVt in
.ii) DM
;tui ui
.Illi ui
.Mil Ul
ii.fWj ui
M Y tti, llt7.
Wcllm un lcifwltuil AitilltiiiH of tViitri1 Inwn
' uie, 1 oiuuibla I'ouiilv, hi. do lu i i byt i rtUy that
u mc iiiifiully I'xamltuhl the fouoiuu iu-niuiil-i,
and Und the hi to Ih cornet.
Id M A. Ill IClllKoN,
lf.U AYKni;t'Ul SY,
.u. 2,1-", Audltum,
n:v srodic ok ci.otiiino. arrlvnl of n.
I'Al.ti AMI WINlllll (IIMIIM.
iiaviii i.owi:.niii:ii(i
hn llei ntk litldli to lit Mock of
nt lil Mloir n'l
.tiilnHiifi,tuoi1oor).uiMni. On- AniTtrni llni.
, ,., ju ruZrZ n,w .,,.
HUjn n roll n.,r.tnM,t t.r "
llln.)nililtlt(, I'll,,
mi:.v and iiov.T.turrniNu,
Ili.lll.llllJ lh ,.l r.,.1 1..-.I.1 ., i
, ,, " '"" 1
musts (loons,
itiimlttliii- of
of till ort,',irK, ntul rolf.r. nUu titptcii
Klietl lilsnlremly Innjp tockof
MTitM'i:it,ri(iuni:n, anh?i,ain vusth,
He liiieoiiHtiiMtIion I uui' I h luruc nint u !.. .
It ctiil iisnortiurtit of
whMi ho W prepitnl to tniltn to ontcr ititomiy
kliut of rlnthltiK, on ( ry uliort tiotlro, ntul lit tlio
nht mniltior. All hU rlothllur N tHiuln touenr,
mul most of it H of hoiue timmifiirttirr,
of I'M-ry ilwrlptloii, lino mul fhonp. IM cnpor
Jewelry U hot -urpiitnr.1 In tlid plaiv. Dill ntul
I'xiitiihie hh wm i0 nortinriit of
cr.orni.t,ATciir, .ii:wkm:v(ai-.
jrT: v c i xm iTxu 7 x T T :s'vul
mi;nm puiiNisitiNn htohi:.
The miilfiKlutidl Ji'Spettfully itutioutieet to hlw nitn-W that do liai opeu-J mil v Clothing
mi l tJetitlemcn'M ruriiNhltiK Hton hi thlnwir
rixiin of the Iliirtin.ui llullitliu;, Muilhuit rornor
of Mniu ,uul Miukt t Ktuetw, Illnoinur, I'n.
Hiivliin JustrelurmM hum HilLuh lphU w 1th n
r.t.u and wiNTim clotuino
oi;nti.j:mi:.n'h ithmhiiimj ihioi, Ac., ap.
he (lalteiH hlumelf that he can ploimo IIU
stoc!: poiiiprleH
such as
lOtUss CD ATS,
I'MllllKKLAS, Ac
mid In f.tet eertblnii bi the Cothltuor I'ur
11 Wiling Hue at ery low pilct-ii.
In addition to the nboo ho linsniiciruiinl v.
hoitnu nt of
ci.triis, cAvsiMnm, AM) vi:sriN(is.
ci.oriiiNti madi: to omn:it at tiii:
C.ill and sec beforu purrh.uliiK else win re, mvl
sr.crm: oui:at haiui mns.
iKtti-ly J. . CIlKilltr.llI.AIN.
JntXlTl'ltK! 1 t 1 1 N 1 ' 1' I ' 1 1 1 ! !
Nf.w ri'itsrirni: wauiiiuiomm,
it(ti.::s.ii.i: mrr.t .,
r.oo3is tiviii's Hroicr,
l!l.iiOM-lil'l;(l, l'A
Win 111: piny I... fonnil l!n llncst i.ssortini'til of
r r 11 x 1 'i' r it k
ot r ollt-rt'il lo tin- it'opli' of I his sot lion, I'onslsl
hiKof 'Atti,oit, Kin iii:n am) i:Hi'-r.uM.w rrn
:;n run,
ol nil kllnU, ulns, stlt'K, .K'hoi ij.l tun innl pi Iron.
Klti-lit'li, lllnllu, I'ltrlornlnl Sltllln; Uooin t'lmlrs,
i:xti:nsio. taiu.ks,
I!ri'.i',lf.tsl Tulili's, llililni; Tnl. lii, Klli'lii'li Inlilt h,
l.lliiniy innl Ci iiU'o TiiIiIih,
S I 1) K 11 O A U I) H.
('lii.tiiiit, W'.Untit, nn. I ('In k( ttut-M nl nut Ti liii
iiii'il, lUiisi'rvs n ItirKi'iissiiitno'iit on li.uul,
won innilo ntul nli'olv tlnlslioil
Illi.' siiiiils, llntlit'i's nii'l Itmi'ki It, i'ory nil
1 ty nn.l tltilsli,
H 1' it I X (I It il 1) S.
Tin.' Iiosi i'M'1' ollori-il to Uui iin'illc.
rit'Tl'ltH i'UAMICS,
Ami III liu t t-il IIiIiik to lio foini'l In 11 I'lly
Wntv Itoniii 1 nn lio I.ii.l III our rooms, innl nt Hi,.
1 ry loiu'-t I'lli-.'s, I li.ivt' I'stiilillslnsl tho
KIIAIIY 1'AV AMI llM: 1'ltll'i: sY(-Ti:.W,
Atl't Mill milt mir ui Kills iih li'prt's.'iitoil.
.1. II. 11ATIN.
li;o iiiislnirp!. May III, lli7.
n o x 1
i: c t
!' Ill' IT,
X LIS, At'., A IV
.lAfOIIV A WlllMVr.ll.
M INlTACrt'ltllUl,
W'lioli-suli' mul Iti-tnll Prulors In
..i.v .t.v;i pa.wv iv.ri:vrio.i:iir.
KxlIlillMl- Ulotk, UloolilsWllH-, I'll.
iii!X(U, i.r.Muxn., I'uniNH,
It () C K C A X I) Y ,
Hi:t.ll!.l.s-t Hlsl.NS, I.AUII ll.sls, t'l-HKAM-s,
llltUAD A XI) caici:s,
of nil khiili.
i:.v(i.s JAi'diiv,
i'iii:n. i:. w:iimvi:ii.
lllo.un.l.iirK, A pill 1. 1 HIT.
VMi luIiK. Wo tin' uiuli'ri.ii.'Hi'.i iiii7'-ns .
.....I ,i .....I 11,. trnil ,,t l,v !
I'.rUs on Hi.- 1.1111101 Mi. I'liiM-l, in lli'inliHk .
'I'.iu iihlilo on M.ui.lul. II. 14 7. Isfrf,. UtMioii tilt
.Vlii.-rl.-iili Uui Knit.' nii'l 1'ork iiiiilillf.u'tliml l.y ,
, M.ll'lUl, W.ll.l.s, siii'tsi'U .v. Co of Ijwls- l
liiirt:, l'.i nll'l till' Uitli.t.-rs I'utrnt liny Hook. 1
Tin' Amnion!! Mult llflisl iiioio Imy In mm
driiunlil thin llio Uuliili'l lu Uili-t-. WoiiH-mitlH-
(It'll 11 iilll tuki' nt lulu It lm luio tin' mow us tun
l'iio.1 tiorsfs (uui ilrnw-. W i' nto hhw- It t-utlliiK
luiv. ami llillik IL t inillot 1 1.- I ' ill ns it h.iv llllll.'. t
mul rlu'orfiilly rti'oiunieiiil It im lliu bi.t tiny fork
mul kiillii mii linio fier hi'hh,
t'. lllirKMIKMH'll, I ll. 1'. ('. IIAIIIUSON,
W. 11. Kihinh, John Ihivk,
.lolls 1IIII.1UI K, Hasii-.i. Sin Kit,
II. lllilU Mll.l.l II, HI 1.1 UtrKII I'l'HStl,
Mn ii v. llti.i ru, John Win i
'lli.-v iilso niHiHifiii lull, lliu (t'lt'lirnltsl Ilurki'it
I loiipi'-i-mul Mow oi, uiul utlurriKrlfiitlitriil liupli
) U I V A T i: S A 1. K
ur VAi.rAiu.i: kiai. itati:.
T111-: iitid-Tslncil woiilil announce tothe public
that In UhfM imlUtmsc at prlvati trnlc or IWll
lirNIHtl'.H AN1 TIKI V At llr or
T I M li II U Ij AN Df
titiiatiln rikhtngcn ek tow nvliln, (oiuuibla ro ,
hounded by lauds of IJcatcor .IIellry, .lot-eph
('oh man, h.iuiuel L'oh mail and othetM, The t liti
her Is pilnclptilly uliilc plm, el low pine, rock
oak mid 1 lu it uui. 'I w i) bundled acu m au nemly
Icvil, tmd all could be all I, it Hied. Aluplu
tlmi ghi n, lull goinl M-eurtt Is a-shed.
Mlt'llAKIi J.l.MUN,
I'OKKH r, O.,
'ti iJtl . . t',,'lim,,l1 eoutitf . la.
T ii T I I' K.
Oil UT.
rilK 111 UUMM Ml 1 lTFlt.KY
lNs I 1 1 Tf, J H I.V 1, IVi,, (
WK.thootllceiHot tholtoiirdof'l nislii'M.ri'rnr.v
llut 111
tllUU,. iimiii Nilili'U tin. Iin.1 .uIiHirln-
lu tin. Moil, of Kiilil IliKlltulu iiiiii liiuili-
jiave I
ll eiiiniillivl ulth.
Ih 11. UUI I.iVi, 1 H'SUH'JII
Ut't, V. (,'. i:I.U, Klletur).
-- .... , . 1 Willi wini'ii uii'ii iim- ii' -oiii'iini"i ui-i if itim lui' I mwo vi 'i' oiij 11 itiiini ' 1.1 iuiii, iiiiioi'i-
Ilu MiletfrlR-r toUieKtiH'Uuf lieaUw'naiiU'd t tuil Bd rlhi luUtiuceiucni nf the put 11 1 unv ' tlote mid other icnicmbmnei ui ddtliOM thlnu
limlltuio m 11) I'luw iu the Und hi.lulliuint, to 1 evii-lon 01 klturlng In IIiukc le- 1 u Is time mul whleh to lln lr ottU-f. ai-is i tmi, . 'm doiif, And
ultt uiiflsiUilhol Uu Ir .ulnl'lloii iu pri.ild ' (.(lorl, uttiilv wavtrd, m Idle, on the nthrr hand, h tli""' tlit are Uiutifl by protntrmuT, to pnn.i
tsjiuUtlon, to ji 1.1 am H iij-.ii, "i iciu.urfi, I rliseuud pa lien t Investigation, mul h tnlthtul 1 ruti oicnliit tho ni ivmi-ri itut uie ur may. he m
Jul 5, Jsfly,
iivi in 4 ii-i'
1 oii 11 'hnni SchiNil DUIrlit wtinlnllvo luah and 1
one Ii mule teacher lorthi en-nlngj ur. All at
I Ilei
lii'iu ui uiiis, uuurgumi ei iiioiinioii m-mrr 10c
'tituv -u rmiiutieui on t ie :yu nay 01 u-
if iih t 11 V 01 utter, lit (Vntimln. 't ho kehooWwlil
.i.4.ii mi tlm Li .Ifii nf k.i4i,t. inln'i" tuul imiiMiuii'
V n niojilh-, If no a' ration'-ai umdr i -ruut-r
iv luuiroi ii't iittiiui
I It, WOllltKAUIll, K- y,
Iiond I tale, Aug. j,
pi.T.KIt'.f STQItn. , . ,
I'JlrXJl AIUUVAI, 01' ,
' ..Ml'ltlMI ANIlHU.MMI; OOOlw. ,
TIk mW rilwr linn jtxl rrinninl froiivlhpclllrn
with another larKi" mill hIm-I nNHortmeift of '
Pl'ltlNO 'AND Hl'MJltin flOfilit, "
nilili(li,t lu Nm VoHslinlt I'1.1:.iii(iiiliii( l(if
iowi.i imnro, mul wiib-h h. ril'.Minliil In xrll I
on h nioilrriite tfrnu. cun Im proaim! rl j
wlu rt In IHootiMimrtj, lilt kIoi-I. iuiMTlfi t j
! LAIlIIVf lUlstiHiift ,
..r ,1... . l .., .. .1 . .. 1
..V"". ,,li.,loirilir1i,
""in 11 iurjo.K, n jiry liMU unci (liu
n rl', -. .11 -l-t I nii f Hi,, r. .11. i 1 11 11 1 1 Ii-I.-m t
cn.t, ,
Oil Cloth-, ,
ClotlH, '
-i .HImwlKfa o
, , , riutlliel-t, t
1 ' vnhfv wxVu,
' iVtlnrwaro
Qupeimttare, I, . . JUMlirftri)
IUmjU and Hlui,
llatt liiut (ip(,
TfopNeH, - '
irinhiciiuH, 1 ,
' Cinnnmon,
In shott, cerythltiy nmaliy kept In country
storen, to which u Unites tho attention or ttw
publlo Konernlly. The hlghext price will be iakl
for could ry produce lu ?,chiiiMe for kochK
H. II. MU.I.Iill,
Arcnde Itulldlntr, niootnthur, l'a.
Till! stllisiTllii-r linn Just leci'lvi-l nlnl linn on
linnit nl Ills 0I1I tllnll hi I,lglit Mroot, n IiiiKO unit
ptirt'linsi'il nl tlio towoHt IlKtiro, nn.l ,1iU1i tin la
tti-U'rinltii'il to M-II on 11s iiiiKlt'rntu torniH ns i-nn
tio prix'iircil olnowliiTP in Mht Hlrrft, .
foit r.tsr on cov.vrnr pkouvvk.
Ills took I'OllsNtH of
LAmus dhhss uoons,
elio!ceitMylcKand latest fishton.,
Cnllcot!, MumIIim,
(lltiulmm-, Kl.intieli,
Hosiery, t'urpcU,
Hllki, HlmwU,
tf.d Itu'lts, Ca- liners, I
f ottoiiidorf, Kcntiuky loan'. I
At'., M, AUL i
iiueisw.ito, Cedarwiire, Hanlw-are. Mctltclnes,
DruH, Olh, Paints, Ac.
lnjtliort -verythln iiwuully kepi tu a country
store, Tlio imtrommoof his old irlnuH und the
publln Kcneially, Is icspCftfiUly soliclte.I.
The highest nuiiket pih-o paid for "ountr pio-
ttitct'. im:tku KNT.
Unht Street, May.1, WT7.
IN fMlA.VCiKVJI.Li:, I'A.,
n v
Thu subscriber liiwjiistu-celitl and lum on hand
at liN stole In OralU'i-N Hie, u law and select
ASsoimn:xT ok mkki'iiaxdihk
pniclmvtd at the lowest ilBnre, ntul whir h luls
dclcrinliied to soli on as inodcrutu tcims as emi
Imj riK'Uted eNcw hem In OimiKeHle,
nm cash on coi'ntuy rnomicL.
His fctorl; consists of
ij a l) i ics Diti;sH noons,
rnoi(T-r mtvli-h ani Ksiiifss,
Callcous, M usll UN, Ohu'liams, Klanmlt Hosiery,
iu:ady .madi; curmiXG,
Hatlin ts, CussImeiH,
Cottniiitdes, Ki ntucky Jemis,
&.V., AC, AC,
nnocKitiKs MAtfKi:itAi
(iiH'onswuro, C.'il.irwilri1, tlntilv,ttc, Mistli-ln.-s
TlRl'lH, onl, I'l'NTS, AC
In short PviTjitiliiu itsnnlly kopt in n country
t-tort'. Tin- pntriin, ico of Ills ol,l iriotutii it nil tlio
puliliu iji'iu'inlly, Is ris.p.'1'llnlly nollelti',1.
Tlio lilulicst ni.iiki-t prits' iul.) for t'oiintrv pn
il'ire. R K. MlIAJf,
l)inlii;e Ille, M.iy 21, I'tr;,
j .i. ii it o w k n,
lit now ollil'lnt; to Hi.- pulillc his s-trs'li or
n J' Ji j -V a a o o n ,y
I'oiisisllnt; lu purl of u lull llni' of
c a it i' i: t s,
rino 4'lollis mul I'lissliiurt' for IjuIIus emits,
IIAND.sO.Mi: imu-s GOODS,
of nil piitlt'l lis iiliil ili.ilitl's, IliluMii unit l'rluttt
of Mil Inns fMiilltl,-t innl prlci-s,
iii.nAcmni anii imow.v Mi'isr.iNn,
lliNiil nK.urtini'iit ol
..i 7js' .t- cmumnys iiAiriins.i- jioots.
Kri'-li flniferli's uiul Hpti'i-n. Ncm- nMiortinrnt of
HI.A1 ANI ilVrXNiMVAltl:,
v x x o. i .M a c k i: it u l
lu one-liult .iiul one-fillUl tiirnls.
NOW 1. till' IIIIH.' IO llllll.l' JOlir MltTtlullS, HM
uui oilt-rliiR cnoils ul vory low pili-i-M, mul our
motto Is full-iltiilliui to nil, utul not to lie tnuli-r-
wilil l.y imy. J. .1. ll!!OWi:ll,
lllooiiisliuiv, April 12, Wi",
, K It C 11 AX D I till.
MiTicr. is iii:iii:ny oivkn
To my frli'iiils nlul tlio public gt-nernlly, tluit nil
' nru tiMihtautly un liund &nl for vule
AT itAHTON'ri OM M'ANll,
llt.noMsnruri, nv
UfAlnn. r-rill' Atl lit llT 1 M lb 1'JH-t.l 1IA1K4JI-
j 1MK. l.nli:t' lot it nittiiilly Hi I mul. fit'l,7.
I t rs'p I'nnr.iHiii'ii.
X inv Y () It K OX SI X O 1 X Vt
IIAr-M N I s
TWHKTV Mi:i,l)lllC I'.Xiail'lrlUS,
JN IIIKM III' hulil-Hl.tllllS ItlltbOI'llAMlllUMUyll
Kot'it i.nuu init i. im xMihii .if nre ni i.i
TO At'QflllK Till: IT.T (IF H1M11N1I.
"Tliso oxori'lstwi 4ii'rt'isituio.isltolH. HHsi situ
llltllllooUsl ultll 111. HVsL'In. 'Till. AIU uv
hlMUNO, or iillli nnv otlu't' nit'tlim! tor ttmriil-
tllllli'lll of lllli Villll, llllll Mill lltko (lio 1'l.HVIif
('oiii'oiicV Sotfi'ttrloK ; Ih-Iuk luoio nn InillouH
nlol tivtU'rii'l'iplisI for louclilnti.
"Soini'of tii'i.,i'x. ri'lseHiuo hpiTlultv lir-niitiful
us noil ns us, nil, ii uilimlllltr ol llio thtlr tt Httlf.
ii lilt li M-ruti-s tin1 lui.'ii si nn ut'll us tlio lutprnvi
114-1.1 Of llll'Htlllll-llt. '1 111. 4ll loll-H l'H..'ll'IOH-l
III till Hi" I'Xl'U'lMss 1 1 IllltT I lll'lll lllllltllllbll' lllllll
. illll'lll ll.lllll IMlInt 1,1 Vll-ll l.H lll.-l- l.'O.I I.. .....
, un,,. u im, llliri n.'i'iiiul tlm ii-i, mul
I nt tin- -nun. Itim. lorin tho IiihIi. of tlm pupil.
'I luy mtivi U Hindu I eureiull with icicicinv tu
the luimiiii'iabl iKh or f-Npieshlon uii-t lonns
of ornamentation, Upon tin lulnutu itrmrncy
. ii in 11 ui in no in, 11 ii 1 ui i' iiiicxi fs'i is 1 1 h i it a uu
' iHcnny, nun open ni inr Mii'iein uu lUfiiUMUhd
1 ii'MHiiifn ii whhh Liint uriistH piihIuco tlulr
,UOhl ,,rl,1,"nl rtotound rtfii IV HWm'
' VrW, t ach, lu lloanU, Itetall Wf uu
uu, no, in 1.10111, lU'iuii,
lo. in Cloth, lu-iitii.
i .10
. miiupu ( opy m-ih i m.iit, posi-paUl, on
tinv knl hv 111. ill 11..-1
I of WIiuIihU-l'rhe. tl .L
I n 1 .1 -1 1, I I . . l' ( Mull I, v
Nn, &i Hiimdwuy, N V,
Ac., Ac, Ac , Ac.
i iiooaiu'i t niiu in hut i in .iusic
tuii-iHor thltrn,tlhi., 1 lagt-ohlii,
kiuI lor eutulogitp or irU-iK,
rMIi:' ,ritJ.f.f?Ji;C;liWilAV ,
( ti-.. t'lHIiAIIWUI'IMA'.
f'l 'V'l'f'o'1 "rtm'lI'M!
iNMI Jil 'HHNt,J'
0 1 Afcl)(l Ul.-.!; ftf l",t..l, J
ONK(,Antt IMIIjH. JWt.VW 1
M' ! Miftltt: r.7'AiffirJWp.fV 4
Iuh ct1llcnb-4(f H(n(J;l5cioulrnTlUiI ultlf 2
lli:AUTIl;Utj HrKKUI'I.ATK KNtilLWI.NO,, t
Wolth luur? at ittiill limit tbq ,iitif OHlru-oJtVij
and also Injure lothe holder 11 rreoent In h ?
Omit IHstrlUitlon. ,; , ,
lj cbutli red hy the Htitle of lVntn) lymda, .and
it i.v u n h 1 1 r. , 1 h tj x, i t 1; j
. 1 1011 , ;
hOt.DtF.IcV AMI AlU)R-'i,(OHI JIANt,
Inctirioratl by tbeHtatuof i J,, April s, 1T1
im-: uivKiisiDi; iNhTiTun;,
Hltunte nt HUerxIdc, Ilurllni;l'n county, Xrw
.Ierwy 1 founded for thtjpurov4r KrtitiiltouMly
I'diioathmtho soni of ileeuueil holdlct' and Sii
nieti or the Uiiltwl Mlati-w.' 1
'I ho lloiiril of T) UIei"i 1 oiiklsti of the fnllnu Inr
vihkiiowii rmem 01 jvniiijui.nui an
nd Svw
.lerwy 1 fJ
lion. in. 11. .11mm, j'wrtci a vim
y, 1'ithul.
olr-hln. Th,
tioii. itewit ii, liroinnii.
'.x-Clih t Coiner 1 ,S.
1 SMut.'iunl ItoeoMornf llfl; rhlUdflpliliU
' Jloll. .IlllllHt !. SiCO(-l(eW JlTt y,-
1 IIoii'W. U . Wiirp. NeM .1crow-
iienr oi 'ii.ui, Jrxj AkuiiI. iitiiitnH' Jxiucb
i'hlholclplil.i. Ph.
J . C-o, 1 juj., of Joy, L'oo & Cx( Vl'llxulelplim,
Titi:vsLav Di:rAitTXi;T, WJHtiMyio.s, I-!.
April IS, Im", Ofllce of ItitcrnaYf: cnuo:-Ha
Inn nr t-t d mitWf.irtory evidence1 tlmt lh.vo
j cowds of tho nlenule conduvlrdi bytho Wnsl
iiiiiJii i.iiii,ij 10111(1101, wU L,"-- liCOl-l I tj
pharltahle iisen, pcrmtsHlon I-i'jipri by Smiled t
wild Cotnimny to conduct iin-h eiit'erirl,i,p'Temlit
from all ehntvi. whctlicr fioin special tax or
other duty,
H. A. 110LLINH,Coiituejdonvr
tiii; wAsiiiNoToS nnrtArty'rtiMiHrv
In order that tho hrnevn!i nt obfeet tu t forth In
this vliculur may be siicuv.fuUy uctuuiplif-.ud,
Iiaovnintnt series or
which an put onpubHeilptioii at brlcts much bo
low tin irictall nluo.
CettKUiitcsnf stoeii In tlm Viuh!iia,ton Lllimrj
Cotupatiy will be issued, hlamped with the seal
of tho Oitnpnny. ntul sl-tntsl hy tho J-itretarv
None othors Keiiulne.'
Any person to-ndlnc lis One lioMnt, r pavltuj
tliesumo to our IopiI ncrnts, will tci five limin
ti lately iitlneMei'l riatecnravlnir,ati holcofmni
tlie follow hit; list, utul onoferttflcutuof sbn-k, in
Muring one pi cm nt la our publlsluil sdudule.
Our IbiUar 'ii'rmlnf,
Xo. l-"My ChHdl MyflilMr o.2-"Thovic
Savedl Thej'rc Nedr n. 3 "Old McUlJ
six; or the Ijirly Da.vsof (lie Ucvoluilnn '
Anv person imyltiK two ilollars will receive
tdther of the followltu fine hteel ilnti.",at fhoict-,
n tid tWooertlfleateHof Htm Id ttitu I tciim I iiu n
lllloil to twoiuestnb,
tuu J) I'litr J'nrnirhti,
Nn.l- "Wa'-hlncttursOiiirti'hlp." No,'-'Vif-l-llMtoit
m 1ist Inl 11 lew with hi Motluj",
7'irre J)t,ltar ."itjmi iiigs.
Anv ier.on pu ln thn-o flnllarn will recoil
tbebiuuttiulNttel jiUteof "Home trom thu War,
IlIHl time certlfleale of stock, beconitu ontllhil
to thioe pronts.
Anv pLison paliu four dolbr4 sliall reco
the larre and beautltill tert e of "The IN-Tlln
nf Our I'uiefutlif s"niid fuurei;r4tlrutesof tjtk
entltlliui them to four prcsentH.
WII.I. AlVAltll
IN 1' MHlll riiLHHAI.i:UOLlKllst
On U'triiHmluy, tirpleiiiber 'Xith IG7,
AT l'llIUMIU.l'JUA, J'A .
I Ciivh Irertent. $W,n(i
I (iuli PrvM'iit w jij.ho
1 Cah I'rcHPnt. . . ... 1U.UJD
1 fash Pu'Munt M.. ri.niw
2 (V-' I'YPscntrt of Pfjm pah. 1 3,ofK
1 lliinslionm lountry iwUU-uci', fcUdtlu,
uiouii.Ka.i Ocrnumtimn.nilladi Iplila l.wn
1 Ooulilii ti-Hldciuf,. tliutvHtory lirirk. In
rmndi u, N.J , , 13.01
1 Coal lpot, itiilci", nlnvU, cround, ultU
lJUrtlui'Srtul.UNhcd, No, UU W-ihliiUJ-
ton Au-tiiu'. I'hil.tdf l Ida 7.
1 ttmnlryrt-ideiuv.UUi'rfild.'..J.twUh
ijround, trult-i, Ai. nmo
I 'Ihrei'-htorymttUKi'.lot.Ac .. 6,UiO
it Valuublu IjiilMliu; lut-t, Ult'iid.', W
rarh j. . .. fi.otjo
1 IIlPK-iut tin nout faintly cnriimA, --laii
of horM's, liatncis, Ac., roi,i-If tc Ti.tlijO
HI Valuable bulldliu? lots, HiMidv,
iMih ... S.fOO
1 tuMuitltnl Hllvir-cray Unno, 1 "V5 Imml
ldh, hI rid by the crh bruU'il iinirttd
A i ublti Ii Hoi." "('allpli;' alo, a llcrht
roi'd wimon, nMaht U-J;tuund-i, v ith t
oi Kiifi rior hIiiuIm hatiu'r., d;ItiK
a lirst-claks chtiihlNUrn. tit .Vttfi
Si ri.mos, t'.itb ifjK
fj(t M(dtions, $Jip cuoli 4,W0
1 Kusi'o.Ht!.fitu iu-)iUUu, ?.iu filth
lo rami'' wtiiy innchlnr-. Infi iach 1,mki
ftt Klin 'd wa -Iirx, x i nch IUtrtnj
Iim oil i.tim om-4. by lfiuihiK urtUtj. annri'-
K.ltH dlll' ,... U,U(4l
;t L'.iiMi iS hair fU.xw Is, -tl,!! I'.u-U. .-t, !
2 Canud'H hair t-Iixtto-acli . t,ftr(i
.'1 IIaluloiiu Iu-f hliawls, J J."y fucli .,ji
I'l t'uvlnni n Rh.iwH, rnrh . .... Ma
2tt Slllc difhh imttcrnH, iTO iin ii l.vw
rtt ftt hulldlnt,' lutK, MT.n-acli s.rvt
Tin li'inalndor will cnnlHt of hllM-r-ttari',
musical IkiM-k, open ylin-M i,
jiiK-kot blblc(, and llltli n nt nrttcU's
itf intuuiu'iitaiiil use, lunounliti tu
All tin' ptopi'iilt-
- VaaOM
Ut n ih r if iiictiiubrauri s.
hi ndnrdtrb tuiiH by mull, f nclnsii g irotn 1 lo
fji, I'ltlnr by rd-.t oillcf nnliMis or In n u-gUtirrii
lrttor, nt mr rNk. rirfror ntnounti kIioiiM le
Rent by draft or vxm
10nlmicr with i:nuialns, .y)
inhliurt"i witli niu;ravlnKH 2.ryi
W Kliurm ivlth i:nijni Intii, ift,rM
TSwharei with Kncravltitrs , . ifiu
UOHhari'H with Kuijra lu tfl.iw
Iiocul AOKNTh WANTlUi Ihriuiilimt tlio t nl
ttil Static.
Tlio AvocImIIoii in m nppnluttit fit Itecolvers.
Mi-rH. lifuuii; A. i'ookk A Co., mIiom tl
known Intnirrltv nnd buvinit.n oxiHotico will bt
ii Hiitllcicnt unnrantfi'lhal tin-- money JutniMed
tn tlu'iii m III In piomptly aiiplliil to Hit piiriwiiia
I'lllI AUKLlKtA, IA Ala J, IN .7.
7 the OjJlCet t muf .V tnbin ttf the vnntlon lA'
btnry Co A'. ,S. JtLU, Aemttuy,
lii nllciucu: on ut-iipt nJ uui avur ot the
J.'tth Inst,, notlf) mi; ti. of out ajotiitnif nt a 1 te
ed vert, for your ( vmiinj . w took the llbf-rty tu
hubmlt u coj.j ni t.ut L'hniter, utli a plan ot
iurtntirtrls(, tu the litxhCNt bt;ulnuiliurlt of
thu Mute, nnd linvlnx n-eplvrtl hW fftvorablw
opinion In meant tolt It'Kullty, und ytniUhIi
liifj wit h tho Uutnli nt objtct of your AuocU
tlon, l: tlif tslucntlon nnd iiiHlntcnunoe of tli
nri hnn el did n n of our KoldlprH and wiMom ut tin
lUvt-rMlUeIittHuufttelmvu rtiiifliultil tum-tepl
Uio tniht, and tout.0 our IhisI ellorU tu pioiuotw
ho worthy im object, 1
HrpfOtlglly, yoitrt, Ac,
(IKO, A.t'ODKK A i-V.
AditrMi all Utters utul orders lu
UKO. A. ( rOKi; A CO., lUNkHKi.
: South third Street, Vhlladelphla, 1'h.
IUh wt fur the Washington Library Cn.
Authorized Agent for Hloiniubinc iual Milultx.
July .5, lW7-tfiii.
WtiKitRiK, the. Hon. Wllllniii MwlU. l'rcJiUleiit
Judir of tin Court of (,er and Ifrmlner and
Ot'ucriil Jail lMllven , I'ldiit C'f tj nit iter hiKiUm
Of lu- I'tHCHUUtl tU-Ull ill I'oiiltlioii ricao mid )r
plmn h foint In tin titb JudlrlHl I Ini rlct. nun.
ioi-t'dnt lliiis;nntleHi)f ulutul'i.i, sullnuii mi l
Wyoming, and tin lion. I nun 'vrr 'ml IVihi K.
Hi rtlti, AHtuk'jativ Jml-41 of l nuuitiu fsjuuty
haw in 1111 1 tlulr I'ru'i'pl, Unrt, g iatv tlm 'JIMh
dav of Match, In the tnr ot our lird, mir
thousand, fttfht hundiiil mill m11 ti-i n, nnd td
in dim ted tor lmlduiMai'ourl ofn.w'rimd Termi
ner and iiciicrM Jail PcliVcix, (tlU'ial (Jiuitir
Hi -htoiik of the Tciue, I'oinmon l'U s m l urh
mi 1 1 ipi. In :Iuoiu)iuiu, lu the ruiuiLv of u
lunibi.i, on the tlrt Miuht , tu tuif thctfj tl.iy ot
Ki-ptcinlH r tu'Xl. lnunitltme itu mk.
Votln U l-r h ctvrn. to thtifn(nT. to it
I Jus(1cho( the Vitw aud llio LViwuldt ot the
. miiI iniiiit) ol I'oiutnbia ihaf liny b- then nnd
Ml re In tin ir pmii mutimhi tit t n oohwlt In ihe
mnjiuim u.i nii r'-iiiiii m i iiiiiiiiiuii iiii'f nnu
und there to im.i'uteii iu im th ill Ui liut. Ju.
lorMiiti U'lu-Kt diubi oiiiictiut lu tlulr iittetid
f,-1- mmi'v uniHiitiW iu thotr notlcrit. lmil
lt.K. fwt lllijumburg, the th du of Jid
Is- J In the ear or our lord, ouu th'-u
and eliiht huiulnsl, and In th
IllnetU lh far of the ludep tidelicr of tht I'tn U d
Slate of Aiuorlcn. Kimi i n r I'iimM '.n
W'rvt.Tit i HVMl C! NVIH U.AAm tr
ltlooinKhurs, ugust 2,
1 a Lh Kixns or .ion imunti
V. iifully emeu ted at TllK Con u it I an hi
Kixns or .ion imuntinu