The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, August 30, 1867, Image 1

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-no. an.
jar AY
Iil01lltltlif All
miik;khhi.n.nv, i-knxmyi.vama.
capital i90,00u.
x a P O X 1) II O T F, li.
hi: umlrrMiMifil liiivlnif liii-iii 11ml rtfnrnlMli
Kit Hutu
M ( X (I
JOHN M HTACKlIOUHi:, 1'rciiMrnt.
('It AH. A. lJ(K)Ni:,Mirrcturyftn.!TrcnMirpr,
John M. HtnrkhouM, N. J Caniplrfll,
Chan. A Hooup, Cj nw Ktnrli limine,
A. M'ftowrll.
The Inndi hcM 1 thin Contpaii) , cniuM nf
ami -lxly-fair pere'lie-n, of carrfulty Ke'lerted land
1 Itin mmthwost of Wllkpvllani," ci.un
ty, In the western part of On (Iri'iit Northern
or Wyimittiff Con I lias In.
Aery careful mul UiutotiKh examination lc
ctntly mmle him pr-owu tlit-no (for the alxnp)
IniulM t 1)0 the emhodlnu'ht of n vast iitnount of
lhn vry bl quality er anthracite coal, lmi
evVry facility tlmt emiM 1h tlt-Mlr-M for trail's
lortatfon In all dlu'ctlons. Tho uIhjvu tract U
crusNi'd hy a Rood ro,ul, mul nlno ellre-etly In
front, and Joining nru thn Uickawanna A. llloomr
luuit railroad, nnd thu Wyoming, thus af
fnrdliiH vtry hnttudviinlaKU if urnirylnie road
and mnal miming to tin wry mouth of tlio
tuition without fxpenft tu tlio rumimny,
Tlio rnoiisiiromnit of thu illfU'rentbe'dsurKeaniH
already iWvetnned wax cnrvfully obtained atid
added together: the Ihlcltnenn of theno waini,
Including the celebrated "Heil AhIi," "lluok Moun
tain," or "Orand Tunnel" eln, U thirty-one and
a liulf feet, (.U), eiry cubic yard of uhleh will
yield n ton, Hiving n largo amount of tlio bent
quality of coal.
Tholocatlmi Isttuch that all tlio veins may bo
cut and worked to the KreaU'st Kt.Mljlc advantage
nbuvo water level, and at much lest expense than
can bo dona from cotUrlcn operation IWow water
The roal can Ikj brought to the Hiirfnee through
dilftn or tunnels whlchdialn thouuter from t lit
mlni'H and wivc-h tho hl0njf of the rival. So the
eHyttilllty of thete lands for cheap minim Is nn
iiieKtIoiiKtle. Very lately the "Grand Tunnel'
or "Ited Afih" vtiii has Vm-pii oned, and Is now
productions Him a quality of coal tw ban e-er
Ix't'ii produced in tho anthracite regit him. Tho
breaker now In operallon is capable if preparing
from 1.10 to a ton1) per day. The ui face toutaliiK
an abundant supply of wood and tlinlHr very nl
nabte for mtnlnic puiiKwen, which k1i-r the tract
tho advantage of many other coal lands. The
fact that almost all valuable roal lands are bring
lapldly taken up by heavy eapltallt or large cor
porations, hhown that they mimt (steadily and
greatly ilses In the market alue, while with the
InimciiM and constantly increasing demand for
this eo it, and the llallroad and North llranrh cu
nal, iasdng by the mouths of the mine, tlirough
Iho (Jreat Iron making dMrictn of liloomstairg,
D.imllle, Dnncantmn, ltnrrlshurg, MiddletovMi,
Marietta, and rolumhln, to tide-water at Ibnr
deOiace, one can hearcdy conceive of a more
protltablo or permanont huuree of wealth than
may bo found In lands like thCKo,
In order to lw able to open their works on a
more exteiiKlvo plai, thin company has placed a
portion of their capital Mock In market on the
muos nig utiuh ; prison aaiug one or oiore
hlian h ol Mock ut
will In entitled annually to a ton of coal at coit
at inn mine prr Hiiare, aim any MiH-Kiioiuers
iin alort .aUI. to le credit ml on the looksof the
('ompiiliV,with the dlMorrnce. betwedi tbecost
and celling price for each hhare, to 1h paid heforu
li uivKit'iui kiiau ihi uecjurru.
C. I. KNAM', Agent,
March I, lvrf.
The uudeitdaned would rettpect fully announce to
thecltlzeiiN of llloiniibnrg and tho public gene
rally that he In running an
between this placnand the dltreivnt railroad de
pitsdally (Sundays excepted), toomnect wlthlhe
nevuml trains going Houth and AVcst on tho Cata
wIsKaand WllllamKport lUUlroad, and with thowe
going North and Houth on tho I-wlcawamia and
lit i m sburg Railroad.
IIlHOmulbueiMeHaro In gont loudlltnn, whuiiio-
dlous and comrortable, nnd charges itasonable.
I'erHons wNhlng to meet or heo their friends de
part, can ln accomodated nptn reasonable charge
by leaving timely notice at any of the hotels.
JACOn h tllltTON, Proprietor.
the atmM will kiiown lions,
TH I-! M Of NT A 1 NH
in the lMrders of Columbia and Hull h an count let,
in oni- oi iiuiiuosiiH-auMuiianu nrauniiii rt gions
In the Httite; Is fully pie pa red to mcnmmolat
isitors and sojouineis
Tim I'niiil n nil tffiinis nrit will hIim kwl wtlli
delklouH llh of many kinds including
T It O V V A N I) V I iC K,
and lioalfi In go order will bo kept for the ac
commodation mat amusimeut of curst, tlther
tor iMium or picAMirc excursions upon ints in nil
tlful Mitel of water which Is
Hurrounded hy an exlenl l'orest, theie Is allot
ded to tlio liUhtMiiun it ipb ndld Held lor Ills nw u
prciiiiiir wpons, anu errcifce w nil ins
I t) (1 A N I) (i U Nt
111m tjinlrr will lu. nlum-u i.i..vl,1Ml itl1i 11. f
lellcacUK oT thn KHiiNi hi mul hit kIit ki! with
1'1'HK Lltll'nkH. 'I lm Iliuit.ii iH lnrirMntiil imiiliio-
dtmis; the Htabllng extenthe and Mile,
Tin House ii readied Horn srvrral points on
the Idooiushurir & Ijiikawanna Railroad: nnd is
u splendid plate to pns the hot months of hum.
lllt-I, II, lt ll.VUUH"-!!
May 17, lyt7-lm.
I ini iiuderstgiud luring purthaved Oils well
known and eenti ally-located houtte, theCxthango
iiiiu i(Niiuaie on ni ki.ij , in niooinituur,
I milled OMMisllr tile lotiinibl.i Count V Court
House, rcHin-ctiully informs u irleiids and thu
public In Keiier a I that his houo Is now In order
lor the reception and entcrtalnn nt of travellers
wbomav beillp(Hed to t.ivor it with their cus
tom. Ho ims span-d no expense In preparing the
Kxchango for Out cnlcilaliimdit of his gueKts,
neither Nhall theie lm nnytlilng wanting (on Ids
nan I " inniisier 10 i Iteir peiMOiail comion, ins
muse Is spacious, and enlos an excellent busi
ness location,
Omnlbiisses run nt all times between the Kx
chungo Hotel and Oiovarlo' s railnmd depots, hy
which travellers will be pleawintly enmt yed to
and fioin the rcspntlv stations indue tuno to
meet thecars, JolIN 1'. CASI.OW,
luoomsininft .Marcn itj, isws.
Q O L U M It 1 A II 6 IT H K,
llAviHii Intel v mir-lnved and HUrd nn the
w'elbknown ltobisoti Hotel rtopfity, located a
on the same sUlo of the street. In the town of
ltlnomshurg: and having obtained a license for
the Milne asa
a K S T A U 11 A X T ,
Ihn Prnnrl.-lnr Ims ih'tcriilllied til EllVO to the li
pie visiting the town on buslnesn or pleasure,
a mttIjK moui; room.
His stabling also Is extensive, and Is lilted up
o imt buggiesnnd carriages In the dry, lie prom-
UowMuit vlhloir nhniit h s est ah xhliielll shall
b conducted In an mderly and lawful mannrr;
ami he lespectllilly nolle Its a idiaro of the public
..... 1? (H-J. tit
J onioc,nil ic NoVHi5Upoi
in priiMKinn rvmiv kiuiiav moiininii at
m.ooMsitCHO, pkxna
THU principles of this paper are of tho JetTcrson-
lan Mchool of politics, Thoso principles williioo
bo coiupromlscd, yet courtesy and klndess shall
not bo forgotten in discussing them, whetht r with
individuals, or with contemporaries of tho Tress
Hie. UHlty, bapplncsK.nnd prnsperlty of thecoun
try is our aim and object; and as tho means to
secure that, wo shall labor honestly and earnestly the harmony, success and gfowth of e.ur organ-1nllon.
TKiiMieiFfirtrtcaiPTinNt Two dollars a jeur
paid In adxaiico. If not paid in ndviiuco two
lints and filly cents will bo tnvaiiubly chaiged.
Tt iims of AhVKKTisiNel t One njuaie (ten lines
or less) one or three insertions Jl,0 each sit use
fluent Insertion .V) cents.
One smi.ire
wo squares.,
'I'hiie squaies.,,
our Nqunres.
Half column
tine column,
l, -t, i tV, o. i
Oi'i-tiita Jlnittti't (Irtcii.
on the i:vhoi'i:a.n
Tu it Hti.-viaw tritHi.- Is wt'lt and wldelv known
to Hie traeling public. '1 lie loeutloti is especial
ly suitable to nieichaiits ami busim-hs men; It Is
tu cii.t..t i.m l in in- in thf hiMnrMs imrt or t lie elt v
is on the higliwav orsniuluru unci WeMein
travel and adj.icetit to all tho principal railroad
and di io(s.
Hie Elevens iimi"' nas iiri-nii iH-i-iiiiiinni,iiiMii
nr nir l t'lirRts- ll i.s well tin kiii'ii. aii't ios-
m(i4i.i ri nrv iiifHlrruttt Itiilit o ement for tlio eni'
ion ana euteriainineiu oi n iiiui;iu. iih-
rmmw nrit muu'IihkiiiiiI we 11 vol it luted lto lded
with gas and water the attend nico Is tuompi
and lespectlul and tho table Is generously pro-
videil Willi eieiy delicacy or the neason hi ihoo-
oiato rates. OKO. K. CHAMll A (HI.
nij Il'i7iini.) 1'iopneiois.
The alxixe wfll. known hotel h-is recently under-
iron., riulirul I'luititfi'M In tlx Internal a rr.ingementH,
and Its proprletyr aiiiuainees to Itis former e usloin
and tlie travelling puhlle llmt Ids aeconiiHlatlons
tlioe-ountry. His tahlo will always be found sup.
piled, not only with substantial lood, hut with all
the elellcarlesof the heason. His wines and li
quors (except that popular bevel ago known as
' r,irlri,' iHicrt fioin the hntmrthi '
houses, aro eutlrely puie.and fie iroui all poi
sonous drugs. Ho is (liaiiUfulforaIllerat iatron
one In the past, and will continue todeserve it In
tho future. Miamui: w. maujku
rnl ik h v ax i i o t k l ,
the VJ'J'i.u norsi;,
lbs Kiibsciiher 1'rsnei'tfully tuUmn hlsfihnds
and tlie public, that lie has taken the above well
known House of KiiU'italumcut, and will lie
i deased to receive the custom of all who will
lavor him with a mil.
in; wiXtit kv.v.v a cood taiu.r,
a Rar well stocked with the best of Liquors, and
ei'ry etiort will no made in rentier enure sans-
faction. JOHN hNYllHU,
Orangevllle, pa., March IfftT-lm.
xecu tor's and Adinlnbl rater's Notice $yi Au
ditor's Notice $J, "A Other ndvertlsemeiils Inser
ted according to special cemtraet.
Iluslness notices, without ad vertUemeiit, twenty
cents per line.
Transient ndvcrtlM'incnts pajablo In advance-
atl others due after the first insertion.
H Is, In alt cu, more likely to bo satisfac
tory, Im0i to subscrlbeis and to the Publishers,
that icmlttances and alt communications respect
ing tho business of 11 to paper, bo sent direct to the
oilkeof publication. Atl let lei s, whether ina
to the editorial or business eoncei ns of the paper.
and alt payments for MibM'iiptlons, ndwrtislng,
r Jobbing, are to be made to ami nddrcssed
linocivWAY it rnnKzi:,
"Cbimitifii Oice,"
llhonMsniTiiei, Pa.
Pi I nt ed at Roblson's Rulldlugs, near the Onirl
IIoue', by Ciri. M.,
l ltANK R. HNYliPH.
Rloouisbuig, Pa.
the snccesHora of
contlmtH tho business of making
and uvety stylo ed
widchlbey have constantly on hand to hulteus
totnrs. Never using any material but tho best
ami employing the most experienced woikmen,
they hope to continue) as heretofore to gtc enure
satisfaction to every customer. An inspection ed
their work, aud of the reasonable price asked for
tlio Name, Is mire to Insure a sale.
T N H U R A K CK A (1 K NCY.
Wjomliig - ,
liiKurauce Company of State p(.nii'n.,
Connecticut Mutual Life
North Ami'rlcan Tianslt
vtr TiiEHTAiK. The Wee kly Patriot and Pnum
is publishes! eery Thurschtv by tlio Patriot and
Union Printing and Publishing Association, it
Is a ilotible sheet of eight page, and contain
forty-eight cedumns of mutter, made up of Liter
al y, Agrkultuial.NewN.Tradeand MUcellaueoiH
KeleeUuiis, Reports of Congrewdoiml ami LegUla
, live PrtH-eeellngs, Mis-etite's, lolltlcal lsay, JMI
turtnls, etc.
tl .HI
i m
leu copies, one year, slid one io getter up of
Club a
Twenty esinlrti. one icar. and one to tetter
U of Club Hi DO
will tie furnWhcd to mall subscribers for J7.W per
S- Iluslness letters should be addressed to the
" Patriot una uuion." uarriinirg, l-n.
WM. II, .MILM-nt.Trustsr.
VM. !. UOAH, PublUher,
T hk Proprietor of the r.xchangeiKaliMjnhas now
on liand n large stecl: of
sirMMRit ri;pri:hiimi:nts,
consisting if
Kpirni ovsu.r.s, KAitptsix, ir.trr, iioi.oonah
KiiKri ToMlUK, i;ou.i:n K(n:s, hwkitki:h e'linni;,
tu- comi; oni:, comi; am and ki:k. -sv
Illoomshuig, May H, ISU7,
nniiio ESPY HOTEL,
Tiif. ktds(rllit r i-f f.1.1 1 tfnllv inrnrnifihih friend.
and the puhlle, that be has tak n tint aUe well
k on wit liimi hi l nti-i tnintiii in. anil will lie
deased to rceele tie iumoiu of ail who will
or 1 1 1 in Willi a euli.
nr. will ki:i:p a ooon tarlr,
a Rar well stocked with the best of Liquors, and
eve'ry tliort win lid imido to icieier enure satis
faction. WM. Rl.MLKY.
Jpy, Pa., Ainll i:, IM.T.
Ilirvlmr taken imsehhloii of this well know
homo, mi long kept by Miami Kmti tt. lliMpro
orbior haxtait In ft peimaneut repn Irani tuinlhh
ei PAR AMI LAROI.Rw lb tbei ho rest ouors
aiitl iu-uikl ilelii-ncli'M. H1k Kin lie Is not excelled
in the eoumv: and no Mdus will he snare d to
Catawissa, Pa,
Thu ahmo Hotel has lately larn purchase tl I
IIi:NUV.T.CIMRK,aiil has been thoroughly ie
modelled, repahed, and refit rnUhed. It will bo
found-now, in Its arrangement and npiolntmenls,
a flrst-elass Hotel, nnd second to none In the
eaintry, Persons In cities wishing tei sind tl
hot mouths In tho country, will do well to gl
the piopiletor a e-all.
One copy, ona year.cosh.,
" mIv nifiiitlit
We reisiMs-tfuIly Invite attention to the following
iioih ifom me aoiu aiai jiopumr iH'ouiy ntaio ro
perlntendeiitof Hcliooli fur Mennsyivanhij
lesNrs,TlCKN0it & Kikldh, Huston, Miun,i
(ii-.sri.KMEN, Permit me to congratulate you
on the marke'd sin-cess or "Uur jouug Polks,'
Prom the Innuh of Hit find huiiiIkT I hae watcb
ml uUh miuii Rollelluilu lis tone and rhnnu-ter.
well knowing the IminenKn Imlueiice, for ihmmI or
for vll. It uouhl ho llkelv to wield. .Iiidulnu
by the tone which has prevailed in much of our
juve nile literature, IjoIIi religious and Mt-uiar, j
liansl that IU contributors might lack that ) taiiiL'.
he nrltiliifMH w hich i-uii atone Mieak to th chili1'
nature, or that this faith and itiucnuouMii1 o
youth might he tampeied wltli undiiisphussl by a
fancy for tht) vices nnd chsells of maturer enrs,
IUi)'plly my tears han proved giouutlh'ss, aud
tlio wliolo community have to thank em for pro
iltieliiu a inairazlne mo w ell ads hied to the el as foi
which It Is Vntcuded.andsoelevatliigaiiM retln-
Itiu In lot liitluenceM. HAMUKL P. RAT IX
Deputy Htate huiwrlut indent HehexilK, pn.
advance; three e-oph. 1i flvecoples.JSj ten co
pies, UHi and eaeh tublltloiutl tsipy Sl.-Vi, Twenly
copies, t't, and a ejiy gratis to the iersou pres ur-
inir 1 hti etith.
Hpeclal inducements oil ei eel to teacheis to act
as agents, Hiteclal isipy and circular sent lo jer
no a who wish to jiriK'ine Kiihrrilers, for ten
isms. liLK.MIIliV ! Il.tilKS, I'UOIlMietH,
Roston, Mass,
No. U Norlli TU1M Htreut,
M1K t'XIOX 110TK1.,
Archhtri'i'l, Iwtwi.n Tlilrrt un-l I ouiih HXrv
ciiitiHT vi:iii:it,
Coriitr or Ninth mul c'tii-hinut Strtftn,
. ::,(
.. .'.,
, 11,(0
,. 10,0c)
. l.-.,no
.1,1 K)
S l,(io
tO,l 110,00
U,C0 11,00
II, !,()
20,00 xm
n.1,1.1 m.m
Niiilly rxi'Clllnl ill IhU Olllcv.
A TTO 11 .n i; V-A T-I. A w,
Aslil.iiul, Wclmylklll Cimnly, IVnirn.
A TTO U X I ! Y A T I. A W,
Hcrlck, (;nliitullii Ciiunty, IVnn'n,
jJ jr. TltAU(ilI,
, i i u 11 I, 1 '. i -i, . a ,
llfmlck, Coluinlila ('mmty, lVini'it.
yiljlilAM II. AliltOTT, .
A 11 I HI 1 - AT-liA W
tfholrc poetry.
II V lutei, Iton Mounts,
Nt-.VKit slight a balling brother,
Relt blue or gray they wear:
Never ask his creed r country,
Ho tie's Knit Till lo thu Kipiarot
Only sum bo's true and faithful
To thu sole inn vows lie swore,
Aud then a guiieious hand extend lilin,
As In peaceful days of yore.
Only sure he's true and faithful, etc.
Kad the strife and fearful, brother
Almost ttopetess seems the end j
Some havei fell Its utmost horrors
In thelosv of home and friends,
Yed tho Urc nnd shot have lelt us
liven slreuigor than wo were,
Aud on Hits day freemasons conquer,
I'altlifnl, Faithful to the Hmarc!
f .wiM- Yet the tire and shot have left u-.ele.
When swe t Peace sltall bless u, llmther.
And the Mre nnd shot have cene,
Oh woil strive hot to rememlHT,
All the cruel things have passed ,
Rut there's one thing we'll forget not,
Wlille n memory wi'liear
It Is tho Haereil Tie so rhcilshed
lly the Rrotlars of the Kijuaie
( hot mi Rut them's ona thing we'll forget not, etc.
A. ci iters cjxliliiitetlut Dubuque, I own
oro ovcnlti hist week to about ovt,R
lititiilml p'.'Opli'. All wont well till clbt
Vlock, wbon ono of tho rlL'htwt porfor
iiium.vrtPVe.T wltncctl coiiiiueiicotl. Tho
local paper tkwilboH It tw rot town
A TTO R . I. Y - AT- U A W,
Olllco In Register ainl Receirder's olllce, In the
Imscnu-ntof tla Court House, Rloomshurg, Pa.
A ITU ll.V I ; Y A T-L A W
otllce corner of Main and Market streets, over
Plrst National Hank, RloontHhurg, Pn.
L. R. KlilXK,
A graduate of JeMeron Medleitl Colh ire. Phil
adelphia, having pciniam ntly locateil, otteis his
protf-ssional nerv lees to Hie cillens of Cataw Issa
and vicinity. Olllce on Main street, second thsir
,'ast ot Cieasy & John s Rulldlng, apr.i (ii-tim
V T T O R N 1 1 V - A T - L A W,
Olllce on Main idrcet, In brick building below tho
Court Home, RIooniMairg.Pn.
Cuiirt House Alley
Itnnbiiin Otllee,
below the fo-fJnulOT.
A T TO R N R Y - A T - L A W ,
IU.oOMSirit(l, I'ENN'A,
Olllce in Unaiigst's Rulldlng, Main Htieet. West
i the American IIoukc. myil(7.
U C 'J1 I O X E E
jyjElirilAXT'S HOTEL,
ttt rtomit i-ouHTii snti-Kr,
J. A W. (1. M'KIRllIN, Pioprletor.
May 10, ls7-ly.
To llotrl Htid Halooii Ue-cper of II loom
burg and Columbia County, I have npisduteil
Mr, 11, Htohm r age ut for tho sale of my ah, porter
blown stout, and lager beer, who will supply you
at the same prleo (and w llh tho same at I hie), us I
would futuUh you from tho blew cry. Kuoowlug
that ho will bo punctual aud altentlro to atl who
may favor him with their trade, I solicit for him
your stippoit, Ycry ii'spen t fully,
bteain Urevvery, Reading, Pa,
II ivlng follnwed the niofesnion of Public Yenduo
Crier tor many years, would inform his friends
inai nus sun in the uciii, ready ami willing io
attend to all the duties of his calling. IVrwtiu
dclitug his scrv Ices bhould call or write lo hlwi
at Wlonmshurg, Pa, pnarS'UT.
jy It. W. li." llTtADIiKV,
(Linn Ahhi'.uim .iinncui iiiri'cmr u. pv. aiihj-,)
1' 1IVHIU IAN AN' 11 HUUiii:()N,
JfJ- Olllct. at HihIkiusii ntii(ihlluSlilHaH IUkU.
Illiiolilfcburtf, l'ti.
1'iilW (.rnuiptly tiltoiuli'tl to loth ntglit mul (lay.
Itlooinsbn-K, Jim, ih, 1m17.
J 15. CUItSKL,
IIAHM'N, MAllDl.i;, A.NU TlllUK
Itliil ilfliler lu
Main Hlrt-et, llloulnkburg,
V. S II 1 V K,
O A 11 I N i: T M A K i: 11 ,
AMI m VM'KAc-rrni:!! HV Hfl-AM n
H II II T T 1! H H, M O V I. I I N U H,
.MAIN hllllCT,
llLOOMHlll'Illl, l'A.
Juno 28, IMiT.
' I'AKll I ON A III. I".
Ovi-r WUlinio. r A Jai'nliy'" CrMim Hnlixm,
llulr liMlnu nml nlirl liluck i.r
ltrn it. llulr 'IduU' In ilt-Ktiny ilaiiilriiirmul Immiu.
Illvluu lh Imlri lll U'loio hnlr lu IU urliiliml
I'nlnr ulllxiul Milllnii tlu. llli.'sl fabrU', I'lUiHtmilly
rn liimd, (iiiiia o7.
M, AllTMAN, 1'. II, lIM.IN(iKll, 1". !(. AIITMAN.
Ml. 'J29MUUII Tlllllll STIIVKI ,
l,'iiiily tpuntt timj, Am, i7i.-( t ft.)
Wliulcalu IKuill-lM lu
mi. il.nim, allAIIUI, U.V MTTH,
Jlllfklll-S, TllUMiS, IXKJKIhU OUMtl, KTU.
Mnjr 10, IW-lj-.
j:. s a v a (i ): ,
.Uillil .Vicr, MClir Iht ijuit lluuuf,
ItMHlMriltl'f.U, l'A,
t'ouhtuutly on liaml 11 lluu uhmoi ltiunl of
CUkUv, .H'wi-liy, HllvciMuiP unj HnclacUn
I'litlloilnr iilliiillon uiM In tlio ninilrliii; of
WiiUliiin, t'liK lK, Ji dry aim N tiiiliii.
.Ma.oulo tnuikH inuJo tu oriki. Alt work
warruuli'il, url'U7.
TUJ'.NlNd ovur tm old book tliu other
day, wo found iibot of ruk fordK'over-
lii"; iiuoplc'M clmnu'tcrs, liy tlio IoiirHi
mil forinutloii of tltolr noiei. This art
has been forgotten In Iiivi-utluiis of later
times. It Is simple in Us njijillcat Imi,
nnd eoinprelien.slvo to the meanest un-
dcrstandlni;. Its chief advantage, how
ever, is that whereiw tho bumps on a
man's head uru hidden beneath his hair
or wig, and thu wor-o ipialitles they In
dicate, tlio less will h permit them to be
examined here, on tlio contrary, thu
Index of his character is pivcNoly tho
nio;t prominent feature of Ids face. It
would seem as If nature had taken this
precaution lu order to render hypocrisy
unavailable. A person might endeavor,
no doubt, to keep the world In the dark
by merely putting tho handkerchief to
his nose, llko a chicken that thrusts its
head into a comer and fancier itself in
vWlile. Hut in u of this studied
concealment, It would not be tincharl conclude, that ho was charac
terised hy Midi an atrocious 1100 as
would iilliiglit mankind to look upon.
Without further preface we should fa
vor our readers with the elements of
of the M lcnee,be.-eecliing thenl not only
to study their neighbors' noses, but to
glance In the looking-glass at their
A mw long,slender,and small,denotes
a person audacious, testy, hasty, peevNh,
ercditlou", irresolute. Not a very unit
able nose this) next better.
A no-e long and deellliliigdownwards
over tho upper Up, slgnllies a person
sagacious, secret, serviceable, truo to
his friend, honest and fair In ids deal
ing." This, mcthlnks, is not a very
pretty nose to look ut. We fear that
sonio oiour readers would prefer 11 bet
tersha.'d one, even with worse Indlca-
uous. .
A noscidmrp in thu end, nnd of mid'
dllug proportion, denotes a person coil'
celled, oiisu!tnble,content!ous, irritable,
scornful, cunning, malicious, but with
a good memory. Doubtless, a good
memory i- a desirable thing enough;
but it will hardly mnku amends for so
many evil attributes as aro hero cnu
lueratcd especially as, when combined
with malico, tho possessor will be likely
to remember an old grudge.
A nose broad, crooked in tho upper
part, Ion;;, aud gro-ser than ordinary,
marks n person hold, proud, tierce
tenaclom. envious, covetous, luxutloii
deceitful, vain-glorious, perfidious mul
a scold. We would lleo from this nose.
as far as wo could see it with a tele
A nosohrge In thoinIddlo,nndgroV'
lug less towards thu upper part, is n
sign of 11 person invariable, luxurious
nice in hU language, and of a churlish
disposition. This, wo presume, is tlio
sort of uok thai Us owner Is addicted to
turning up, when matters do not hap
pen to suit his fancy.
A noo long, and very thick, denote
a person very greedy, eonvetous, simple
In good thhigsand witty in evil, frown
Ing, dissembling, and much niorolgrror
tint than ho would be reported to be,
Whoever Ims a noso of this pattern, wo
adviso him never to go abroad without
clnpplng his handkerchief to it ns if It
were bleeding.
A noso unusually elevated In tlie mid
die, liko the arch of a bridge, murks
person lying,idle,lnconstaiit, luxurious,
credulous, Importunate, ready-witted
a gro-s liver, and Irreligious. Mercy on
us I aro there no good noses in tho list
I'or our own nart. If wo wero not al
ready provided, wo hail about as liuvo
do without n noso ns mnke a shift with
any such wicked snouts ns these.
A noso lndlirereutly long, and small
in tho middle, dignities a person bold,
rational, honest, soon angry, but soon
pleased. As noses go this is worth any
money. It is not to bu sneezed at.
A noso somewhat hairy nt tho end,
bigger than ordinary, but small woru
It Joins tho forehead, denotes 11 person
of good disposition, but too easily de
ceived. Supposing this to boa lady's
noso, wo should feel 110 sort of Inclina
tion to tako advantngo of her easy na
ture. It beoms to bo a good, honest
nose, but u very hideous one.
A noso every wny very big, very long,
and with wide nostrils, dwotesn per
son moro wcuk titan wise fallacious,
subtle, contentious, luxurious, vain
glorious, envious, nnd Impertinently
curious. Whenever wo meet tho nose,
wo shall hnrdly refrain from giving Jtn
A noso conveniently big, nndreasona
lily straight, denotes tt person peaceful,
meek, faithful, laborious, diligent, se
cret, nnd of a good Intellect. Oh, happy
noso! Mayost thou contlnunlly Inhale
the scent of roswl And may we, no
long tlitto lumo, find such a noso 011 a
fair lady's nun.
At this hour one of the tlnest tain
tonus that ever wet tho earth slnco tho
deiugo began. In two minutes tho can
vas was saturated, nnd tho rain poured
us freely upon thoso Inside tlio tent as it
lid upon the stones lit tlio street. Tho
water rusheddowntho Third street gut
ters in torrents.nnd poured upon the low
groundoccupied by thecl reus liken Hood.
In tivo minutes there was six inches of
water covering the earth there, l'eoplo
thought such u shower would spend It
self, aud walled for it lo stop.
In llftecn minutes there wns al least
two feet of water on the premises. Then
tho ladles present thought It best tostart
for home. And Mich a start I Talk
about thu lilack Crook! And tumbling!
rids Is tho way they did 11. A gentle
man would taken lady In lib) arms aud
start for the door. This couplo would
collide with other couples; down would
falronu aud 11 stern one go In the water,
amidst "creams of tliodrownlngonoH,nnd
yells f laughter from spectators. The
luckless fallen ones would nrisiyis black
with mudns water stirred In black muck
could mako them. And us to skirts 1 no
body seemed toeare whether skirts wero
gathered ns high as their waiits, or
thrown over their IieaiU.
Two ladles deliberately took oil' their
shoesand stocklngs.and "gathering their
garments high," started for land, They
waded and stumbled toward the door,
and the way the cheers went up from the
crowd was stunning; they drowned thu
loud thunder. At one time theru was
licit ti mixture, of tumble-downs In the
water that it was hard to tell who wero
women and who weie men, save by an
occasional bearded fuco that appeared
above thofloatlngcnllco. Nobody seem
ed mad every body laughed until his
or her sides ached.
Tito circus performance added interest
to tlio scene. .Imt after thu rain com
menced they appeared ,nnd began ground
nnd lofty tumbling. Tliellrstone landed
in n mud puddle and fell. With loud
cheers the others followed suit. In less
time than wu are taking to tell this tlio
water (Hied tho ring. Hut the actors
heeded it not. They turned handsprings
somersaults, inadocartwheelsand walk
ed on their har,ds,orat!enipted to,ln the
little lake.tlll their spangled tunles.tlielr
llesh-eolorcd tightsheirhaiidsnnd faces,
were nil of ono color a dirty black. At
each exerclso thuerowd cheered and tho
perloriners roared.
Vmid such sights ns thesu thu crowd
iitadu their way through mud and wa
ter to thu slduwalks west of Iowa street,
better satislled with their money's
worth than nny circus crowd ever was
It was formerly supposed that therol
lsh with which certain savnge tribes utii
their enemies aron from the gratlllcii
linn of tho passion of revenge' Within
tho last few years, however, tt has been
I clearly shown that some of ho barbarl
nn man-enters aro renlly fond of human
llesh for Its own sake that they enjoy
Itnsa civilized epicure enjoys turtle-
Of r west there lived two young fel
lows who p.tlnted signs for 11 livelihood.
On u certain occasion 0110 of thu paint
ers had Homo out door work to attend
to, nnd left the shop In charge of his
partner and a boy employed lo grind
paints. During his nbence. lo gratify
11 whim, thu partner painted the boy so
as to represent a large gash upon his
soup or venison. Your Fecjeu Islander, 1 forehead, nnd a cut over his eye. Ho be
now, thinks thu greatest pralso ho can ' spattered thu lloor with rod paint, clot
bestow upon any edlblu Is to say thnt j ted the boy's hair nnd Hindu him He
It Is, "ns tender ns doad man." The 1 down in tho comer, nfler which lie
l'eejeeans havo plenty of provisions; painted 11 great dash on his own cheek,
but they consider "long pigs" their I bared his bosom, discarded his dress,
pleasant name for human flesh much dipped n long-bladed knlfo Into thu red
liner than pork, beef, or mutton. A ! paint pot, and patiently awaited the
modern traveler tells us thntonenf these ! coining of Ids partner: Directly after
chiefs tho liead.iiian of tho Itakl-ltakl wards lie hoard him at tho door, nnd
- is said, lit course of his luxurious life, then the performance commenced. The
t have eaten nine hundred perons 1 It j partner looked In at the door, and saw
Is ul-o stated that your I'VeJeenn, as a ! the boy pro"lra(o 011 tho lloor, groaning
rule, relishes his "long pig" most when I and crying murder; chairs, benches, ta
it has been roasted alive! Tho Now Ze-1 hies, Jugs and paint pots being struwed
alaiiders, on the otherhaiid, do not con- around tho room in dlro confusion,
slder man's flesh ns a delicacy, but eat 1 while tho murderous looking partner,
dead heroes and "wise men" (whether with tho red knlfo lu his uplifted hand
they have been friends or enemies , was running through tho room uttering
makes no dlucrciico), with the Idea that wild and Incoherent expressions,
they Intblbo tho valor nnd Intellectual It was evident to thu partner nt the
lttalltles of the deceased during tho pro
cess, The "noble savage" of Terra del
Kuego never eats any of Ids own people
except when other meat Is remarkably
scarce, although always ready "to take
tit" mi' Miipwrrenoti stranger, in se
vere winters, if we uro to believe Ad
miral I'itzroy, the Terra del l'uegons,
"when th ,y can obtain no other food.
tako the oldest woman of their party,
hold her head over 11 thick smoke mado
by burning grren wood, and pinching
her throat, choke her," after which sho
s served up to iter friends. The barba
rians, on being asked why they did not
at their dogs Insteadof their old ladles,
naively answered that their dogs caught
otters hut that their venerable grand
mothers and aunts did not. l'robably
the majority of oven the lowest order of
ivnges prefer llsh and yams to human
llesh ; but It Is nevertheless true that
there a're several tribes in Australasia,
Vfrica and the South .Sea Islands that
ictually hanker after It. Theru is omo
consolation, however, in the assurance
given us by travelers that most of thoso
anthropohagl prefer coloied persons to
f'aucaslaus as tablu-luxiiriej. This fact
certainly encouraging to the mis
sionary inteiest ; but then there aio In
discriminate feeders among savages as
well as amongtho civilized races, so that
now and then a missionary buffers.
,Si:nsi 111.1:. At asocial party 0110 even
ing I met a fair young friend, scarcely
eighteen, front ono of the best senilna
ries in tlio State. In the coiir.-u ol tho
evening wo chanced lo be together with
two or three newly married ladles
mutual friends, who playfully rallied
my friend of tho seminary respecting a
"I have none," sho lepllcd.
" Honestly? asked one.
" Yes, honestly, and I do not wish or
intend to receivo particular attention
from nny gentleman until T leave
" Why not'.'" I asked demurely.
" I will tell you," she answered, turn
lug to mo with great seriousness. "I
think it diverts onu's attention from
lessons, to bo thinking of, mid writing
to n special friend. Tlio poorest schol
ars In schoobeaclt year, havo been
who were "engaged." Tliey werenll tho
time thinking and talking of, nnd
writing to their gentlemen, and as a
coitseiiuenco their lessons were never
learned, and they took very little Inter
est In school excercises. Of course they
aro minus of much they ought to know
I cannot help thinking that u girl tie ds
a great deal of knowledge, in order to
read character correctly, so that sho
may Judge wisely lu so Important n
matter as matrimony."
" Ah 1 I guess she is oppo-ed to mar
rying," laughed one.
" Xot nt all. I hopo to have an excel
lent husband bomo day, and I want to
know enough to bo an excellent wife,
you see. Timo enough for me a year or
two hence. My education Is tho business
in hand now."
Sensible girl! School days are Indeed
too precious, too Important, tobetrllled
away in vain thoughts of vain men.
J: ('. ('. Slereiis.
door that ills partner had killed the
boy. Swift as lightning lie lied from
the horrible scene to obtain assistance,
and a number of friends were Immedi
ately mu.-tercd, and repaired to tht
scenu of the supposed tragedy. Tlio
crowd augmented as itnenred tlio shop;
and in walked tho whole poso ; but in
the mcantlinooverythlng liad been set
to rights ; tlio boy was without a mark
of any kind, tho room lu perfect order,
no marks of blood perceptible; and the
man. whowaseniraired in letterlmraHlirn
declared Ids utter Ignorancoof what the
partner alleged to have occurred. Tito
company left, hinting to ono another
that thu man who had noun tho sight
must bo a little touched lu the head, or
sull'erlng from Illusions caused by a too
freo usoof ardent spirits.
A Ui KINDS ()!
L noftlly fit
uUtig Office,
J nofttly hm-uIi-JiU Thk Uoluhuian Meant
An old lady Inquired at ono tho rait
way btatlous what time tho 7ii' triiln
would start, and wns told ut a quarter
to eight. "HIebn mi)'" she exclaimed,
"you aro always chuuglng tho tlinooii
this line."
KltANKl.lN ON Wak. Heiijnniln
Franklin was a staunch iippo-or of war.
"If Statesmen," said he "wero moro
accustomed to calculation, wars would
bomuchlcss frequent. Canada might
havo been purchased from France for
tho tenth nart of tho money Kiigland
spent in thu eonquc-it of it ; and if, in
stead of lighting s for tho power tolas
us, sho had kept us In good humor ny
allowing us to dispose of our own mon
ey, and giving us now nnd then soinoor
her own by wny of donations lo col
leges or hospitals, for cutting canals, or
fortifying ports, bho might easily havo
drawn from us much moro by occasion
al voluntary grants and contributions
than ever sho could hy taxes. SemiblB
peoplu will give a bucket or two of wa
ter to a dry pump, In order to get from
It afterwards all they want.
" Alter much occasion to consider tlio
folly and mischiefs of a state of warfare,
and tlio llttlo or no advantngo obtained
oven by thoso nations which havo con
ducted It with the most success 1 have
.IlHIt HlI.MNCh on Go.Nd-. Josh
Hillings relateth his tlrst experience
with tho gongthiisly : I never can erad
icate hull from ml memory the sound
ov the furst gong I es-cr herd. I was
ettlng on tlio front step of the tavern
In the sltty of Hutl'erlo, pensively sino-
kin. The sun was goln to bed, and tho
hevlns for an hour was bliishln at tlio
performance. The Ilry Kunal, with its
golden waters, was on Us way to Alba
ny, nnd I was perusln the line boats a
llotln by, an thlnkin ov Italy (wher 1
Use lolivej and her gondnlers nnd gal
ltw wlinmln. I wanted to kllme, I felt
grate, I actually grew. Thero aro
things in litis life tu big tu be trilled
with; thero aro times when n man
brakes luco front hl-sclf, when ho sees
sperrits, when he kin almost tticlt tho
mune, nnd feels as tlio ho kuil nil both
ids hands with tlio stars of hevin, and
almost Hwnro ho wns a bank presldeut.
That's what ailed me. Hut tho Korso
ov tru luv never did run smooth, (this
Is Shakspero's eplnyiin tool. .Instil I
was lining my best dtmimer, diimmer,
spat, hang, heller, crash, roar, ram,
duminer, duntmer, whang, rip, rare,
rally, duniiner, duininer, iluni with a
trcnienjiis Jump 1 struck the center ov
tho sidewalk, with antilher I kleared
tho gutter, and with another I stood in
tho middle of tho street, snorting like
nit I I'.dlan pony nt u hand of niusick. I
gnzed lu Willi despaio at thu tavern
stand, nil halt swelled upas big as a
out-door oven, mi tectli wan as luce as a
string of bedes. I thot all ov thu crock
ery in tho tavern had fell do n. I thot
ov fenoiiieneus, i Hint of (Jabrel and
his horn. I was Jest on tho point of
thlnkin ol'soiuetliln elsu when tin land
lord kuitl out to tlio Irilllt stupe ov the
tavern, hidden by a string tho bottom
ova old brass kittle, He kawled 1110
gently with his hand. I went slola
and slola up tu him, ho kainiued ml
feres, he said It was a gong, I saw tho
kiis-ed thing, ho said supper wnsreddy,
ho axed mu ef I wild hav black orgreen
lee, and 1 Mil I wild,
Sci:xi: in a Stiiooi, ItoitM. The
Springfield JltjiitMintH Is respoitslblo
for the following:
Come hole, (hinge, I wl-h to exatn
Inoyoit in punctuation. What's that'.'
(i'eorge - That ! that's a comma.
Mistress Hlght ; now what's that?
Cieorgo Ah ! now you've got 1110
whero my hair's short ; I dun kno.
Mistress (leorgo, I do not w-Ult you
to use any slang phrases hero. When
you tiro unable to give correct replies,
say so, but do not repeat such phrases
as that which you liavejiist used. Xow,
Oeorgo I dun kno.
Mistress Don't know what that Is?
Why that's a period.
(leorgo (Looking critically nt tho
point lu question.) Ilalhalhnl Xow
I've got you where your hair U thorl;
thai ain't notiln' mi!; a Jly-illrt t
Mistress (He-oxniitlnlng critically,)
(icorge, you'iiro dismissed.
A Man in a Sack and a Mad Hum.
Com t no. Threo or four citizens of
I'ockskill, says an exchange, mado a
very narrow escape from a perilous sit
nation a few days ago. They belonged
to thu sporting persuasion, and wished
to know exactly what time could be
made by ti man sewed up lu a sack, and
lo secure a basis of safe betting they re
paired to a distant Held of a wealthy
citizen, and Justus they had got a young
man sewed up In ti sack they hoard a
rumbling noise in tho distaneu. They
took It for distant thunder; bittlooking
westward 0110 of them saw dust and turf
flying high In the air, as If lifted by
tempest ; and In a moment more, a mad
bull, roaring and tawing tho sod, canto
tearing down lu the direction of the
company of sports. One of tho men
tall, well formed, athletic, and spunky
seized a rail and went out to meet the
adversary; another took to his heels
and mado tlio tallest time on record
another ascended tho nearest tree, our
informant says, feet formost, ami the
poor fellow sowed up in tho sack, par
taking of tho fears of hU Hying comrads
fell to tho ground and rolled to tho bar-
way, but could not go further. Hut tho
bull, awed by the bold front nnd flash
ing eyes of the man of pluck, muscle
nnd rail, ceased ltisl'rightlul demonstra
tions: and became tu; placid as a lamb, and
tho whole tarty, to their Inllnlto Joy
enmo off without ti scratcli.
itrtifliouis itCiUUllfl.
It is a Sabbath morning; and Its
doors thrown open ns the hour for
prayer approaches, tho synagogue be
gins to fill. Among those who enter Is
a man with n withered hand ; and how
ever others come, thero is liasto In ids
step, and high expectation seated on
Ids brow. Hlrssed day, now Is his
ehnnce to bo healed. Jesus is in the
neighborhood, and Is sttro to bo nt wor
ship. Farly there, likely tho first, tills
crippled mini, heeding nothing else,
looking at none, talking with none,
keeps Ills yo on thu door keenly ob
serving all wlto enter, and often, as It
opens iind('hrltuppenrsiiot,llsnppolnt-
(il. At length thu foot of a group are
heard ; again thu door opens ; mid the
colour that flushes bis face tells that
tlio person has now como that ltu lias'
come to meet. Xor I., tills nil ito can do
nnd does. Observing where Jesus at
tended by ills disciples sits, ho rlcc.s,
and elbowing thu crowd nsldo without
regard to their challenge or murmurs,
pushes on to phico himself heforu the
Saviour, fight in his eye. All this ho
can do, and does, and more. Ordinarily
concealing a deformity he was nshamed
of, lie now drops his robe, and exposing
tlio poor unsightly hand In tho hope
that It may catch Christ's eye and move
his pity, sits with looks fixed Implor
ingly on our Lord. There was no need
for him to speak. Ills eager looks, and
tlio poor, bared, withered hand wore
touching prayers. Nor did thee prayers
alt long lor an answer. Tho oyo that
nover saw misery but to ylty it, isnt
length turned on him ; and Jesus says
Stretch out thine hand ! Strango com
mand to others, perhaps also to ltlinse'f
ns bidding him do tlio very thing Ito
had no tower to do. Still hu tries it
galli doing what ho can, ho makes tin
effort and, Glory to God I bursting
from his lips, succeeds. Vlrtito goes
out of Christ. The shrunken hand in-
tantly acquires si healthful color, and
swells Into Its right proportions. In his
joy tho man shuts and opens it ; moves
tho pliant fingers; aud holds the mira
cle aloft to tho gaze of a crowd dumb
witli nstonlsliitient. (tivo lilm a harp,
and with that hand lie would sweep Its
minding strings to tlio pral-o of Jo-siis.
I'attcnt to men who liuvo souls to be
aved, nnd hearts to cure, lie did what
lie could using nil means within hi"
power to obtain tho blcslng. And did
people with equal eagerne-s repair to
tliochurcli on Sabbath as ho to tlio syna
gogue, to meet Jesus Christ, and with
tho same earnestness aud thoMimo faith
lay out their sins and soul's sorrows be
fore him, our Sabbaths would witness
greater works than this ho who healed
that withered hand healing withered
hearts, and whether they required tout,
saved or sanctified, giving tower to
them tbnthaveno might. 1)1: (luthrir.
l'Kll'i:il. I'eppcr Is nn almost
versal condiment, lilack pepper
Xi:w lti'i.r.w Xotkr tu lla.w Hall
Planers. The Tyrolean Huso Hall club
of Unrrlsburg having boconto demoraliz
ed by the recent contest, has adopted the
following rules, which they recommend
to the fraternity everywhere:
1. Xo ono weighing over three hun
died pounds will be allowed to piny.
2. Express wagons will be on hnnd to
carry players from base to Ikho.
fl. No player will beallowcd morothan
three men to help lilm to his home.
I, Any player occupying moro than
fifteen minutes In going from onu base
to another will bo counted out.
.'1. I'ersons residing within half a mile
of the ground nro requested to close their
shutters to prevent nccidents.
C. Spectators lire not allowed to lie
within twenty feet of thu hat.
7. Owner.? of hor.-es ltitcl.-cd within
linlfn mllo of tho grounds must bo re
sponsible for nil accidents that may occur
to thelr"aulinlles."
S. Men without arms or legs cannot bo
come members.
9. Players can stop for refreshments
ntcach base, where a small bottlo will bo
found. This bottle Is sometimes called
a Ixtif rial.
in. Hogs and cattle will not Ito allow
ed tn'pnsturoon the playing ground dur
ing tho game,
11. Fielders will carry their vials with
them, in order to avoid tlio necessity of
coming in for drinks.
12. Scorers will not bo allowed extra
drinks 011 that score.
Tin: following extract in regard to
delinquent subscribers, wo tako from an
exchange. It speaks tlio sentiments of
tho tress generally, when It says:
" Except tho cash system is exclusive
ly adopted and rigorously observed, we
know of no hiilsncss whos.i bills are so
difficult to collect. This is not becaino
the subscribers are unwilling to pay,
but It Is principally owing to neglect.
Each 0110 imagines that because, his
years indebtedness eouies to so small a
sum tho printer can not bo much In
want of that, without for a inntiinit
thlnklut; that tlio fruits of his eutiro
j business aro mndo up of exactly such
been apt lo think there lm neece len .tuntaeli ; red pupperdoosnot, It excites,
nor erer will U, an; wh thlny ana ii(r)Ui,()Vi t irritate: consequently it
iir of tt hail peace. All wars are follies, ' tf,ou,i iK u-ed Instead of black pepper,
1 1.. n.. ...... i... ,ul.iit,.,. ..r .1... 1
uues ....... ,ttlu sllms,,ll( that tin. aggregate of all
tlio subscribers is by no means an In-
Amono tlio early Christians thu mod
em style of preaching was reversed ; the
preacher generally delivered his exhor
tation in a sitting posture, wlillo the
congregation heard him standing.
Chrysotom preached in litis manner.
Men wore their heads covered in the
church, in tlio time of Elizabeth. The
habit has been traced to the Hebrew
Synagogue. Our Lord sat and disputed
among the doctors in thu Temple. Pub
lic expression of approval by tho audi
ence was mado by tossing up their gar
ments, or waving tliulr pinnies, lu the
timo of Chrysotom and Jerome.
Tho old English mime, Parson, i.s sup
posed to bo a corruption of person, the
person by eminence. Fuller remarks
thnt thu Scripture give four names to
Christians, taken from tho fourcardinal
graces: saints, for tlieirh(illuess; heller
ers, for their faitlt ; hrcthren, for their
love; iliseipUn, for their knowledge.
Tlio clergy wero originally styled
clerks, from thoNoriiinncustom of their
Judges being chosen from tlio sacred or
der. In tlio first century, they were
distinguished by the titles of presbyter
and bishops. Church music issiippo-pil
to havo been first Introduced by Grego-
ory the Groat, A.D., fil!2. Church stee
ples wero originally parochial fortresses.
Sidney Smith thus defines tho object
of preaching: "It Is constantly to re
mind mankind of wind mankind is con
stantly forgetting; not to supply tho
dofects of human Intelligence, but to
fortify tho feebleness of huinaii resolu
tlons; to recall mankind from the by
paths where they turn, Into the path of
salvation which all know, imt few
tread." "How comes it," demanded a Hi-hop
of Garrlck, "that 1, in expounding di
vine doctrines, produce so littlo etft ct
upon my congregation, wlillo you can
so easily rouse tho passions of your au
ditors by the representation of fiction ?
Tho nnswer was short any pithy. "Ho
cuuso I recite falsehoods us if they wero
truo, wlillo you deliver truths as If they
wero fiction."
Hobert Hall, even, admitted tlmt ho
was tormented with thodeslroof trench
ing better than iio did. llo was for
greater earnestness and zeal. It was
suid of Rowland Hill's preaching, that
bis Idejis llku Baxter's, enmo hot from
tho heart. This Is oll'oetlvo preaching.
Cltnucer tort rays very fellcitou-ly tho
good pastor In tho following lines :
llo wiim u nhi'i'lu'ril mm iiomortviiury,
Ami thouull llw holy M us utnl ll tllou.
Ill AI1M lOKluflll lll.'ll fllll pIlCOU. ;
I IN wtmlx w.'rt.Ktrouir.lult util II li uuy.-r rrauuli'
A lo.' iK-nliumut tio .lIsi-riH-lly lauiclit.
ToOraw mankind M lipawii li nt'liili-n.'
Alul u.Mkl i-xaiupl.., wa lik liu.liu'...,
I " A good 11 eacher," observes an old
w riter, "is onu who makes all his hear
1 ers feel not 0110 who merely L'tatllles
IIUll 1 thu lenrtieil or awakes I he Idle." llo
very expensive nnd very mischievous
ones, When will inniiklnd bo con
vinced of tills, .mil agree to settle their
difficulties by arbitration? Wero they
to do It oven by tlio cast of u die, it
would lie butter than by fighting and
destroying each oilier. Wo dally make
It was known to tho Human-, and has
been in uo lu the East Indies from time
linuieiiiorlalgiis it cortectstliat llatuleiico
which attends tlio large use of vegetable
Persons lu health do not need any
neither In their food: but to those of
great Improvements in natural phlloso- weak and languid Stomuchs, It Is man-
thy ; thero Is ono 1 wish til see lu moral 1 vmiy " "'. " 1 i-
tho discovery of a jifim that lenttlil In- l"-,r 1,1 li' """ '" "
tluce and obltye nations to alle their dl'
tiiutm without first vuttiiiy one another'
brandy, or hoot- tlmt cull bo named, as
It sltmulntos without tho reaction of or debility.
considerable amount of money,
without which tho publisher could not 1 )ms llt,,, compared In to tlio English
tor 11 stogie iiiuiiiii illinium 1.1 issue tits yi,rli , ht , ,,0( u,j t() lxi
- That was 11 beautiful idea lu the
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and plain prescription may be of inter- ing it loso-bud, on thu topmost stem of
est to sumo of our lady readers who fn- wlilch tho oldest rose was lading, wltll-t
qiiently go out to "iniiko calls:" 1 below and around It threo beautiful
"A plain card denotes a passing cull t crimson bud-, wero Just unfolding their
tho lower right hand corner turned, a
visit; left hand lower corner,eondoleii":e;
right hand upper corner, business; left
hand uper corner, adieu,"
charms at once, earnestly exclaimed tu
her brother: "See, William, those llt
tlo buds liuvo Just awakened lu time to
kiss their mother before situ dies."