The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, July 26, 1867, Image 2

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$t Ofdumbum,
ClumMa County I)e tuocrMIe Convention.
NOTICI5 I hpirby kIvpii thnt the Democmtlc
IfclntH In ninl fur ltn ncverul IwrnuirliM nml eloo
lloiuUlrlI)f (Vilmiitiin Omitty, will meet nt
tlintt iitinlitliwMir holilltiif tlHlrnt nrral election
niiH TI T H I . Y T 1 1 KT W t. N T Y H K V KNT 1 1 lAY
HI' J If t.Y. lHfl7..Htwifli I ho hour of .1 mul 7 nV lnk
in llif atlerniNtti of unlit ilny fur th puriHM of
morning in jt,ii't iw" iipikiiii'k ihmii iiicn
r:inrllnu iMMirici i ini'oi in i-mimy t onvi'iuion
IIIKHIM'IU IIUt'.-ThiH niiniiiiMPitrKiUIl HMf
dny llif i"th, lny f July, nt 1 o'clock, p,m.(
inr imp puriKUP oi iiiiiKiiiK uio (miiu iinniii nnmi
nnimn m inw n uiwi; wi limit v wun
I?. II. HAHKI.l-'.Y.
Chairman IVmocnittcHtitiiillngCotii.
mr TUB COLUMBIA hi tin Large it
Ctrenlallon In Calumhta And adjoining
counties of any paper publUhf tl here, nnil
I aln a mnrh larger kheet than all)' of
lteolmiorarlc nil U therefore the be.i
Medium for advertising I" this aretlon of
III Slat.
As w.iiio persons poralit in inlsundpr-
olnnilini! tho purport of tlio "turtl"
wo published last week, iw to tho own
whip of tlio Coi.U.miiian, Wo propose
to niako It mi plnln, thnt tho most ob-
tti-n man cannot nilitiike the fact, ex
tvpt wilfully.
During th(! i.wt Full, hovurnl Untiling
Oi'inocratrt in Columbia County, sub
t-crllxil tlio mini of MO.OO, for tho pur
port' of establishing a .sound Democratic
ncw.ipaper, to bo under the control of
Colonel John G. Freeze. Finding wo
could purchiiso tho Cui.umiiian of its
owners), cherter than We could go to
I'hil.idelphlaandgettho materials; we
opened negotiations with William Xcal,
M-ip, Treasurer of tho then ownctn ol
the p.iper; and purchased from him
the entire establishment, for thu Mittti of
i2,U0O.OO; which sum has long since
been paid to Mr. Neal, and for which
we hold his receipt..
Whether Mr. Neal has ever yet net
tled with his co-owners of thu old Co-
i.t'MiuAN wo do not know, nor is It u
matter of any eonsouuenco to us. Wo
have bought it, paid for it, and own It.
Our friends and thu public can rest per
fectly witlsrled that in tho Cui.umiiian
thuy have a sound, reliable Democratic
newspaper, able and willing to grapple
with the enemies of thu Constitution
;aud tho laws, and devoted to the Inter
est"., tho harmony and success of the
Jmoyriii'y everywhere.
CoNoitKRH adjourned on last Satur
day, having succeeded In placing the
Southern States under complete milita
ry dictation. Tho trial by jury, appeals
ton higher court, tho writ of habeas cor
pus, nil are practically suspended
'throughout ten of tho States which
formed our once glorious Union. This
cannot bo on account of tho rebellion,
because for two years past the civil gov
ernments there havo been in full forco
nnd effect, and the laws wore as Impar-
t'lMtrlnTInistercd and as good"of3ef'
malntniued as In any northern State.
It cannot bo on account of tho negroes.
because thoy are. now enfranchised, nnd
register nnd voto without molestation.
Besides, they havo tho army, tho Freed
limns' Bureau, and tho guarantees of
tho Civil lllghts Hill.
It must bo apparent that their. sole ob
ject is to organize n Republican party
wrath out of negro voters, and in order
to do that thu bayonet Is called into re
quisition. Nny, Sumner and his con
freres publicly announco that I'onnsyl;
vanla and Now York must bo recon
structed, and intimate that negro suf
frage Constitutions will bo forced on us.
Now Isthu time for the people to rebuke
theso demagogues, who, In their liinutl
clsm havo destroyed tho Union, havo
violated the Constitution, and aro sap
ping tho very foundations of our Gov
ernment. Our people may think Itdoes
not concern them IT tho laws are violat
ed clsewhero; but they must remember
Unit theso are fatal precedents, and will
in timu be used against them. It does
concern tliein that ten millions of peo
ple arc without a volco In our National
halls of legislation, that no freedom ex
ists in the South except for negroes ; and
that millions upon millions are levied
upon us each year In tho endeavor to
establish military despotisms in the
South, and to crush out tho Industry of
her people.
lct us rebuke this spirit of discord
now, mill again restoro our Union In Us
pridtine glory, and hasten tho time
when peace und concord shall exist
throughout ourentlre boundaries.
Joun H. HuititATT. Ono day last
week, happening to bo In Washington
City, wo went up to tho City Hall, in
order to get a glimpse of this noted
. prisoner. Tho Hull was densely crowd
1, tho majority of tho audience being
. negroes. This. Is not surprising when It
U considered that us thoy are tho "na
tion's wards," they nro the only gentle
men of leisure In that section. Through
the kindness of Marshal Gooding, wo
were provided with standing room close
by Surratt. He Is u small, boyish fel
low, apparently about twenty-four
2 years old, with a thin face und a light
- moustache und goatee. His wnn fea
tures show his long imprisonment and
tho efnt-ts of wearing care. During
tho examination ho was listless nnd up
paruntly unconcerned, and would bo
the last ono in tho room wo would havo
belected to commit a crime.
Wclchman, thu principal witness
against him wit close by, und seemed
nervous and anxious us though ho were
the criminal. Judge Fisher has n stern,
military appearance, and by his slngu
lor rulings showed that ho "was organ
ized to convict."
Thojury weroallno looking, Intelll
gent K't of men, and watched tho case
with becoming Interest. Tho general
Impression In Washington Is that Sur
ratt will bo acquitted. Tho prosecution
havo failed to muku out their case, und
utv iiuw cngugcu in coutrauicting ineir
own witnesses, mo must or whom havo j und week previous to his liiunlty,mak
been proven tobou bet of beouiidrelH !ng Inquiries about n yokoofoxen which
andMilcs. Whether Surratt bo convict- ho had valued, of th O Work nil tint Turin
od or admitted, the trial liusntany rate
established tho fitct of his mother's In
Tub li.vnv's Fitir.Ni, koh Artuw,
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In Monroocounty, Indiana, last week
as some workmen were dlgglnga cellar,
they struck a block of stone, which dis
appeared with a dull thump. Investi
gation disclosed a chamber with it six
foot celling, and eighteen by twenty-fl vo
feet within tlio walls, which aro of bol
Id, neatly-seamod stone work. Ranged
in rows on rudely constructed platforms
were twelve skeletons, each with toma
hawk and arrow heads ut their sides,
ear-rings und bracelets of solid sliver
lying where they dropped, and piles of
what appeared to havo been furs, In tho
centro of tho platform, each pile crimi
bllng to dust as soon unexposed lo'tho
light. A number of fools, mado of cop
per, and hardened equal to tho best
caste, were also unearthed.
Tin: Second Annual Commencement
of Andalusia College occurred on Thurs
day, ith ult., and Was attended by it
largo number or Its friends and patrons.
Tho exercises consisted or music, vocal
and Instrumental, In many pieces or
which great excellence was shown, ami
declamation of original und select ad
dresses, which wcro cordially received
und commended. Thu Latin Salutatory
was by W. G. Piatt, or Philadelphia.
Ah Oration on American Literature
was spoken by E. H. Haldy, of Dan
vllle, and tho Valedictory, by Robert
Grlmshaw, ofDelaware, upon tho latter
or whom was conferred tho Degree of
Hachelor of Commercial Ijiw.
A Ohkat Hr.ANK, Robert OtUtrson
died at Sprlngvale, Pennsylvania, last
wook. jjomul been Insane for thirty
years, but recovered his benses on his
death-bed, and conversed Intelligently
of occurrences thnt tmtiuntr..i n... .t....
and of old neighbors who had been dead
for years, while Intervening spaco was
u perfect blank in his memory.
Tin: lnt session of the Convocation
was uuusnlly Interesting, owing to tho
proscneo of the lilshop, and to tho fnct
that soiuo of the most encouraging evi
dences ol the growth and prosperity of
our church In thU part of the Dloeeso
wero given.
On Tuesday evening, June 2.1th, Dl
vino bervlco wns held In Trinity chapel
Wllllamsport, tho Rev. -Mr. Spnckinnti
rector. This chapel was built by tho
new congregation formed In tho upper
part of tlio city about eighteen months
When thu vector began his duties
thcro wero but eight cominuulcnnts.
They number now thirty. After pray
er, tho Rev. Mr. Cullen preached the
Convocation sermon. Subject, "The
Unity of Relievers." The next muni'
lug at tho business meeting It was re
solved to carry out with tho utmost vlg
or the work of planting the Church
wherever there seemed lobe an opening
for It. And In order to ascertain where
there nro openings, a communication
was addressed to the parishes nsklng
them to provide their rectors with the
facilities for spending two weeks of
this summer In exploring destitute
The ground taken by thoConviiiitlon
Is thnt each parish church U responsible
for thu well-being ol thu adjacent tcrrl
tory; and that It should exorcise a fos.
terlng care over mission stations, and
ever to bo on the alert for new open
Ruv. Mr. Drown reported some en
cournglng ilelds for missionary work
beyond Itenovo, and that ho designs
securing land there for church purpos
Tho plan which Mr. Ilruwn is very
earnestly developing Is the securing of
strips of land In new places by gift or
purchase, and having the same held In
tru-t by tho Advancement Society or
some other organization until n congre
gutloii can lie gathered.
Ono of tho difficulties in new places is
tho Inability of tho people to contribute
money to the support of a rector. If
there bo space enough font largo garden
It relieves tho burden very greatly, and
In addition to this, property Increases
in value yearby year.
After soiuo conversation upon the
best methods of securing lay co-opera
tlon In the work of thu Church, It was
unanimously resolved to invite Mr.
Win. WeKh to visit tho parishes In tho
Convocation, to address tho laity and to
confer with t hem upon the many spheres
of usefulness which are open to them
It Is believed there are many people
willing to labor for tho souls of others
if they only know how, and it is hoped
thnt tho visit of this zealous layman
will encourago them to give personal
service in tho Redeemer's Church.
At 101 A. M. Divine service was held
In Christ Church. Morning prayer wns
rend, and tho Holy Communion celcbra'
ted. The sermon was preached by tho
Rev. Mr. Shinn. Subject, 'Character
istlcs of Children, ns illustrating what
must be possessed by thoso who would
enter tho kingdom of Heaven."
In tlioevening, service wns hehlagaln
in Trinity Chapel. Tho ISMiop arrived
in time to boat this service, and tlio
congregation united with great earnest
ness in tho thanks-giving lor his sufo
return. Tho Rev. Mr. Spear preached
tho sermon ; subject, " Hrotherlv love
as mnnirested towards mankind In gen
eral, towards all who love tho Saviour,
nnd towards thoso orour own Church."
Thursday was a most Interesting tiny,
Tho old church which was erected du
ring tho ministry or tho first missiona
ry In the parish,the Row Mr. Lightner,
wns crowded with persons who rejoiced
that tho tlmo had come when tho re
proach or belngnlmost tho weakest con
gregation in Wllllamsport, and having
tlio most wretched building, was to bo
rolled away. For It was on this after
noon that tho cornor-stono of a new
church edllleo was laid by DIshop Ste
vens. The kervlces wcroln the prescrib
ed form, nnd Interesting addresses were
made by tho lilshop, anil by tho Rev.
Messrs. Lightner and Wadlelgh. Tlio
attendance of tlio people was large.
In the afternoon tho lilshop nnd cler
gy went to Montoiirsvlllc, a place four
miles from Willinnispoit, whero the
Rev. Mr. Wadlelgh has been holding
services. Confirmation wns adminis
tered to three candidates in tlio ohl
Whlto Church, used by all denomina
tions. Tho congregation then gathered
at thu slto of tho new chapel, and tho
cornor-stono wns laid. This is to bo a
structure capabloor accommodating two
hundred persons. It is built or wood,
and will present n very neat appear
ance. Addresses wero delivered by Rev.
Messrs. Wadlelgh, Spackman, Shinn,
nnd the HIshoji.
The closing service or the Convocation
was licld in tho evening at Christ
Church. Sermon by Rev. Mr. Drown,
upon "Tho Obligations resting upon nil
Chrlstnins to labor for tho spread or tho
Artertho sermon, tho DIshop inadoan
address, tho matter or which was sug
gested by tho text or tho sermon. Ho
gavenn exceedingly Interesting account
ortho Inllucnco which our Church was
exerting abroad, especially In tho rotor-
nmtlon In Italy; and although ho had
gono into the church fatigued with tho
very sovero labor of tho day, laying two
corner-stones, and attending threo other
services, his earnest words cheered tho
hearts of all present, nnd mado nil re
gret that ".ero was not time to permit
mm to enter more fully into tho sub
Tho next session of tho Convocation
will bo held In Sunbury, beginning Oc
tober 15. Tho nuniool tho Convocation
will bo hereafter " The Convocation of
Wilhilmsport." The l:)ihcouiliaii.
(I no. W. Shinn, Secretary.
CoNditrAS last week was thrown Into
a panic by the report that a man had
threatened to blow it up with llfty bar
rels of gunpowder. Senators Hnrlan
and Nyo at onco had tho modern "Guy
l awkes" arrested, and It beemed that
during a quarrel with a neighbor ho
Had wished that "Congress might bo
blown to h ." Tho man was bound
over. Of course tho nation Issafo when
grave Senators go Into tlio detective
Cum: rou NpuitAuitA. Take two
large tablcspnonfull of cologne, two ta
blespoourull of lino salt, and mix them
together In a smitll bottlo; every time
you havo any acute affection of tho
nervo or neuralgia simply breathe the
finned In your noso from tho bottlo, ami
yViu will ho Immediately relieved.
Wk admit that thu qualification to
vote and to hold olllcn do not In nil
points tally and coincide. Tho same
citizen who may voto when he Is twen
ty-one, cannot bo n member of congress
until he Is twenty-live, nor a Senator
until he Is thirty, nor President or Vice
President until lie is thirty-five. A
naturalized citizen may voto all his
life, but hoeitn nover bo President. Ho
must have been nlno years n voter be
fore ho can ho a Representative. Hut
disabilities llko these havo no relation
to color. A negro, Ilka a wlilto titan,
would bu excluded from tho Presidency
If his ngo Is less than thirty-live. A
negro, tlio sinuous a whlto man, could
never be President If born i ut or the
1'ultcd States. Hut every argument In
favor of thu negro's right to voto on
tho saniu conditions that the whlto man
votes, Is equally nn urgument for the
negro's right to hold olllce on tho same
conditions that tho white man holds
ofllce. Thu argument Is, thnt the rights
or men linvono relation to tho color of
their skins, and that although men may
bu excluded from the elcctivo franchise
for pauperism, for participation in rebel
lion, for,lunncy, for felony, for allcnlsin,
for non-residence, they cannot bo right
fully excluded for no other reason than
the color of their skins. All distinct
ions founded on color nro proclaimed
by the Republican party to bo unjust
nnd nburd; a doctrine which they
must either ubnndon or accept Its neces
sary consequence that negroes havo mi
equal right with whlto men to hold
The Republicans in our Constitution
al Convention must therefore bu consis
tent und open tlio door for negro gov
ernors, negro mnyors of cities, nnd ne
gro occupants of every grado of ofllce
State ami municipal. It Is their great
mission to era-e the word white from
tho vocabulary of politics. Tho eligi
bility of negroes to all publicofllccsj will
boa harmiess Innovation in this State,
their numbers being so small and tho
antipathy to their rnco so strong that
their white fellow-voters arc never like
ly to elect or even to moniinatc them.
Their Radical patrons wish to make
them voters, not to sliaro tho ofllccs
with tliciu, but to use them as tools for
giving tho while Radicals a monopoly
of political power. Hut In the South
the boot will bo worn upon tho other
leg. There, the voting negroes, instead
of being an Insignificant fraction of tho
Republican party, will form the great
bulk or It. They will bo a majority of
ton to one In every caucus, and their
delegates will bo proportionally strong
lu every nominating convention. They
will say, and justly say, "Tho Repub
"llcan party have made us voters mere
"ly to keep their leaders in olllce, and
"as their ascendancy In tho country de
"pendstipon our support, wo will exact
"an equivalent for our votes. As thu
" white Republicans excludo our color
"cd brethren from ofllco in all the
" Northern States, wo will redress the
"injustice by taking all tho olllces for
" ourselves In the South, where we have
" tho power."
This is a result on which tho Repub
lican party may not yet have rellectcd,
but it Is one which they cannot prevent.
Equality in oflice-holding follows as
legitimately from their principles as
equality in voting. They daro not con
fer tho ono and withhold tho other, lest
tlio negroes, Indignant nt tho Inconsis
tency, should turn against them and
voto with tho other party. Tho Repub
licans nro under a delusion ir thoy sup
pose tho Southern negroes will glvo nil
the votes and tnko'uono or tho olllces.
A rat ofllco is as valuable to a negro ns
to a white man, and will bocovoted by
him nil the more eagerly ns a means of
removing tlio badge of Inferiority put
upon him by his color. That tlio ne
groes will voto themselves into office
wherever they havo the power isns cer
tain by tho principles of human nature
as it is by tho law of gravity that un
supported bodies will fall to thoeartli.
Hlack governors and black legislatures
In tlio Southern States, black Senators
and Representatives sent from those
States to Cougress, will bo tho natural
and necessary fruit of a policy which
confers tho ballot upon thu negroes nnd
organizes them Into u party of which
they will form a largo majority. It is
equally certain thattlie Southern whites
will bo restless and recalcitrant under
thu insolent rule or their former slaves,
a certainty that opens a hideous vista
of bloody brawls and military domina
tion at which humanity btnnds aghast
and patriotism shudders. Theso hid
eous consequences will ho tho natural
fruit or thu Radical policy of forcing ne
gro suffrage on thu South. World.
Di.At'Kiii:i!itv Wini:. There Is no
wine equal to the blackberry wino when
properly innde, either in ilavor or for
medicinal purposes, nndall persons who
can conveniently do so, should manufac
ture enough for their own uso every
yenr, ns It Is Invaluablo In sickness as a
tonic, and nothing Is a better remedy
for bowel diseases. Wo therefore glvo
tho receipt for milking It :
"Meusiiro your berries and brulso
them: to overv ir.illon addliurono uuart
of boiling water. Let thointxturo stand
twenty-four hours, stirring occasionally,
then strain off tho liquor into a cask, to
every gallon adding two pounds of su
iptr; cork tight, ami let It stand to tho
iijuuwiiig weiuuer, aiiu yuu win navo
wine ready for use. without further
straining or boiling, This makes a
most excellent, aiiu pnintunio wine."
In Washington, on tho lth,two mem
bers of tho House wero nrrested for vio
lating a city ordinance for prohibiting
tho firing of firecrackers In tho public
streets. Thoy wero inarched Trout tho
sceuo or their crime to thu central guard
house, whero they would have been In
carcerated had not Senator Yntes Inter
fered In their behalf. As It was, they
wcro fined two dollars and costs, and
dismissed with u lecturo from thu Po
lice Justice, after promising that they
would do so no more.
Kr.vvnv Cnl.l.rn K.. .A tliti-K.
..... - J. . .J
dollars, lu.lnfr ll irlft frmn Irwltnu nt' flit.
Church of tho Holy Trinity, Phllndel-
pma, lor tlio greatest ptollcleney among
tho Sentorri In tho Greek rIY.tiitiifiiit Im.
been awarded by President Short to
William V. P. Suvoong, who has J list
graduated with tho second honor of tlio
year. Mr, Suvoong is tv native ofChiun,
and nt tho Instance of our missionaries
thnro. flilttwi tn Im iiilit.iilr.l na 11 Tluul.ttt
ary to his countrymen.
Till! whole barorPhlladeliihln hnvn
united In recommending Judge Ludlow
(Democrat) as a candidate lor re-elee.
tlon, During tho war tho sumo high I
compliment was icuiiereu in mat
city to Judge Sharswood, tho pros
cut Democratic candidate for Supremo
"CKSTltAt-JA, July Itll sC7.
In accordance with tlio requestor tho
Irish citizens or tho nbovo place, tho
following address wna delivered by Jus.
liryson, Jr., resident or said town, and
latna student or Dickinson Seminary.
On being Introduced by tho Chair
man, Mr. Jeremiah O'Connor, ho spoke
ns follows:
"Ladles nnd Gentlemen : As tho
committee that Invited mo to address
you, wns kind enough to confine mo to
no exclusive- or special topic, I shnll
therefore address myself principally to
America and Ireland, seriously regret
ting that tlioshort space of tlmo which
bus intervened blnco I received tho In
vitation, renders It necessary that my
remarks he chiefly Impromptu. And
when I arise upon an occasion llko tlio
present to break for a time upon tho
How of your festivity, I am over
whelmed with tho knowledge, that you
should not havosclected from this bright
array of learning and Intelligence, a
more matured Intellect nnd eloquent
tongno to depict tlio convivial scenes
which this d.iy commemorates. Hut
you have, :io doubt, entrusted to youth
that which properly belongs to tho wis
dom or age, lu order to make nn exem
plification or the fact that its import
ance needs no set phraso of speech, nnd
that It was thu patriotic llfo current or
tho fathers of tho Revolution, volunta
rily shed upon rteedom's altars that
have Inscribed In resplendent characters
on the pages of eternity this day's pre
Heboid nmit! tills vast concourse, In
tellectsthnt sngo experience und the vi
cissitudes of life havo ripened, waving
this ceremony which the lapse or tlmo
has engendered, and commingling with
tho buoyancy or youth in the manifest
ation of tlio emotion with which their
bosoms throb, nnd which It Is tho pecit
liar provlnco of this day to originate.
Let your imaginations extend for n
moment beyond tho conflnts of this vil
lage, over tho august boiom of this
mighty Republic, nnd contemplato a
great people a unit commemorating
the natal tiny or that Instrument, whicl
wielded by tlio hand or God throuuh
tho Instrumentality or our fathers, an
nihilated the trained legions of tho op
pressor, and wedded us to thu Ideas of
freedom, and a more distinctive man
hood: rejoicing over the nutnl tiny of
mat document which was truly the ef
fulgent oraclo of nature, proclaiming to
Immunity man's Inallenahlo right to
self-government, the immutable and
eternal principle upon which our Con
stitution is founded, nnd which lias pre
served her nbovo nil others sovereign
of the ascendents. And hero It miiv be
exceedingly pertinent for tis to enter
into n succinct exposition of thoo nrln
eiples which have justly made her tho
most luminous orb nnild tho political
It has become an established fact that
happiness is tlio fundamental object or
man's existence, nnd is never apparent
ly within his Immediate grasp, but is
continually looming forth In tho nros
pectlve, thus originating an object to bo
attained, it Is rational to presitmo thnt
ll limit's whole nature was to work in per
fect harmony towards tho tho consum
mation of thnt object without yielding
to tlio allurements of present pleasure,
and prove lully adequate to tho duties
incumbent upon it, of sustaining nil
thnt pertains to social relationship, nu
express form of government would bo
absolutely unnecessary, or in other
words it would bo superfluous to estab
lish a magistracy to nbridgo man's ac
tions, where nature spontaneously
abridges. Hut man often presumes ho
can best advance Ids own interests by
an encroachment on tho rights or oth
ers, ami when he acts in accordance
with tills imp'ulso it affects tho social
And since this Inherent railing could
not bo entirely eradicated It behoved
mankind to form governments thnt
would nt palliate it, insuro Justice
and establish public order. Ilenco tho
origin or Governments.
And now tho question naturally srlse-
?s to what mode or Government is best
adapted to tho promotion or man's wel
faro and happinrss. Is it despotism ',
Tho record or Rusin Is tho obseuco of
all tokens or civil liberty, and thu at
testation of unlimited, and indubitable
prerogatives centered In a military ties
pot, and sustained by tho swords of his
countless minions. Is It in Oligarchy ?
Tho Innnto Invidiousnoss of those that
constitute It, will admit of no lasting
guarantee for Us permanency, its days
aro ephemeral, it is llko tho morning
eioiui ami early dew, which vanish
Is It In Monarchy? Hriton founded
In usurpation, writhing amid internal
contentions, anil floating for ages on
seas or human gore, carries tho refuta
tion. It is only to bo found In thatsvs-
tem which emeuates from the peoplo
us only proper origin ; and this Is tlio
grand centru around which our Consti
tution tends to tho formation of u wor
my circuiiilcrence, and happily for
America that shv cau on tho nlnoty-ftrst
anniversary of her Independence, gazo
with prltto upon freedom remaining In
th plcntitudo of Its power, unnwed
and unsubdued lu her temples; on Jus
tice crowned with glory and unsullied
in her sanctuaries ; on tho faino of her
institutions, penetrating tlio remotest
parts of Christoiidoni, nnd Inspiring the
Inhabitants of whlo spread countries,
with tho burning deslro or bocomlng
oven the children or her adoption.
Hero on tho ninety-first anniversary
or her Independence, what a magnifi
cent spectaclo does sho present; hero
springing ft-om tlio bosom of tho people
aro systems Infinitely comprehensive.
ami Impartial in tlio distribution orjus-
nco; hero nro institutions that for tho
profundity of their research, and tho
splendor of their learning, nro not Infe
rior to Oxford and Cambridge, And
now tho waves which beat against her
gigantic const aro dotted with Iron
Clndsand Mcrehontiiien, whoso keels
cut tho waters of tho most distant ports
of tho universe. Scarcely a century Juts
wound Iter exhausting chain, nnd all
this has been manifested.
Hut though her career has been bril
liant; though' her pathway was lit up
with glory ; though slio has become tlio
wonder of nations, and tho monument
of man's Intelligence; It will boroniem
bored that tho demon of dissolution bus
Invaded her national temple-; that her
bright banner has boon crimsoned with
tho blood of lieroffsnring : that henna--
Jestlo plains havo boon whitened by tho
none or her patriots. That thoro Is
bcarcoly n hearthstone that lias not fult
Its withering blasts, scarcely n mother'
or sister that docs not in tlio secret
chambers 0f their hearts, wear the
badge of mournlng"ovcr fond bnev that
wont forth Inji'thoiproud majesty of
manhood to defend their cotmtry'sTlb
erty, and wh6 linvo fallen noble sacrifi
ces ntjtho shrjrio ofjier freedom, Hut
whyTponder overmuch a doleful tale.
Let them sleep on shlo by sldo with the
patriots that havo gone beforo them.
Ami "may tlio gontio zephyrs ns thoy
lronthe n peaceful requiem over their
tombs, boar out from thenco to tho na
tion they have served bo faithrully,
sweet recollections of their greatness.
.May wo breathe u pure inspiration from
tho atmosphere in which they have
moved, nut! beneath whoso snd moan
ing their forms aro now laid, and may
wo ever bo found perpetuating their
virtues. And though tho ostensible de
sign of" tho Into rebcllloriVm tho part of
tho Individuals by whom It was Inaugu
rated Is too heinous to admit of palli
ation, yot I believe It was u blessing to
this country. It lias tested her patriot
ism, It has developed her strength, It
has removed tho mainspring of nation
al discord. And though political storms
may rngo for a time, though Recon
struction may be threatening nnd dllll
cult, yet I havo no doubt as to Its ulti
mate adjustment. Though it may cost
tlio present generation blood and trea
sure, yet it will enable- unborn millions
to soar lu tho realms of halcyon tran
quility and peace.
I havo looked upon thu American con
flict ns having a more heavenly object
than tho Union of States. I observo
that it is closely allied to that principle
upon whoso crest Is homo tho destiny
of Catholic humanity. I observe that
tho positive success of the "arand Dem
ocratic Experiment" Isdcstincd to crush
beneath Its mighty wand thrones and
their occupants,
Tho universal sentiment of tho pres
ent ngo tends to its corroboration ; anil
herein docs tho blessings of tho Rebel
lion consist, Inasmuch ns It has given
us nn exposition or tho fact, that De
mocracy, If well guarded, Is not ephe
meral ; that It has arisen superior to tho
most gignnticclvil strife, thnt it has been
the falo of history to record. The fact
that man is capable of self-government
needs no other vindication than tho un
rivalled success of America, and I
firmly believe that tho hand of God is
working through it all. I venture to
predict that according to the courso
events havo taken for the last few cen
turies, Republican principles will with
in thocompnssof a thousand years, rnlo
aloft a tibiqultousescutcheon ; mid mon
archy and despotism become buried in
oblivion. Cheers. The crowned heads
"of Europe apprehend It. They behold
America lu years but an Infant, and yet
tho most daring nation tlio universe can
boast of; they behold her "the homo of
the exiled and oppressed of every
elimo;" they behold her tho land wliero
perennial liberty blooms; and It would
Indeed be an nunuioly if they wero cal
lous to tho magnificent panorama she
presents to their invidious gaze.
The actions of England during our,
late struggle, are cogent attestations of
monarchical antipathy against tlio suc
cess of Republican principles. Hut let
meddling Hriton beware. Tho sham
rock and eagle aro not sleeping. Ap
plause. They will yet demand an In
demnity for the past, and establish se
curity for the future. It would be
wisdom on her part to nwako to a real
ization of her Just status in tho catalogue
of nations,' and rejoice not too much In
tho prido or her strength ; for If that
wero tho question with Ireland on ono
side and America on tliu other, wo could
soon let loose tho fast anchored Islo of
Great Hritnin from her mooring.
Hut, ladies and gentlemen, though
much I lovo to dwell upon America,
my nativo and your adopted country,
yet I am deeply Impressed with tlio
knowledgo thnt tills Is tho first tlmo 1
havo hail the honor of addressing nn
Irish audience, audit would bo in direct
contrariety to my feelings and an egre
gious piece of injustice if 1 did not
waive for tho time, mrther comment on
tho land that that has sheltered us, and
advert to that distant Islo whero tho
remains of our fathers .repose. And In
doing so, 1 wish to impress forcibly
upon your memories tho fact, that I am
not bigoted ; that I mnko no provincial
distinctions, I meet tho plant or Derry,
nnd tlio Huppnrreo or tho Hog or Allen
on thosanio itmicublo platform. I recog
nize lint ono common ancestor tho
Green Islo of the Ocean, And I main
tain that tlio opposite principle is unbe
coming Irishmen, and Is anything but
indigevotis to nn Irish clime. Ap
plause. As an Irish Protestant, con
vinced ol tho validity or my own doc
trine, I would not If I could for a mo
ment dcjirlvo tho most devoted catho
lic from tlio mode of his devotion ; and
until such it principle prevails thcro
will bo no strength, no union in Ireland.
Hut when theso petty prejudices shall
havo becumo eradicated from our midst,
or in other words, when Irishmen shall
havo become Irishmen then will Hritish
oppression conso; then will the wall
ings of thoons of Hibernio's be turned
to rejoicing ; then will tho grand tern
ploor Irish Democracy !o established,
and wlio shall question its pormnnciicy ?
Its corner-stono will bo universal rrec
dom, and Us majestic columns will bo
ornamented with tlio mementos or her
Immortal sires, and around her cloud
capped spires eternity shall play. Then
shall the tall sliart qf tho monument or
Robert Emmet penetrate tlio heavens,
cheers nnd his epitaph bo Inscribed in
golden characters upon Its base. Gen
tlemen, I look with prido and hinging
for thu coining of tho Irish milleiilum,
and bollovo mo its advent is not far dis
tant. I perceive its vestal light dawn
ing In America. 1 observe Irish
Indignation burning In its nativo
land. 1 am eonlldent that tlio bus
pension or tho habeas corpus in
Ireland is u manifestation of England
being nwako to tho fact. Ah 1 yos, my
countrymen, tho crisis now duwns on
your nation's horizon, and I sincerely
hopo that wo may all provo ourselves
adequate to tho task imposed by tho
conjuncture. I havo heard tho proud
and potent sons or England oft assert,
that Irishmen woro absolutely Iniulo
quuto to govern themselves, or If thoy
had their freedom toguuranteoby their
actions Its permanency hut when thoy
do so thoy doubtless forgot to whom
Hrltalu owes her greatness, I would nsk
thorn, who crimsoned her escutcheon
with her proudest victories? Who
moved tho walls or her parliament with
forensic eloquenco? Who Is America's
greatest General? Who her wealth
lest citizens? IuihiimhnI IuisumknII
Cheers. Tills Is no vain boasting,
'tis not tlio Nvnnderings of'n yoiitlifui
fancy, but stern, Irrefutublo facts, mid
whenever wo nro troubled with such
assertions In tho future wo liavt to
point them to thoso who rank 1 the
brightest of earth's heritages,
Thu Green Islo of Erin Islt tho
land of bards, heroes, phllosopand
statesmen. Cheers. And Qeows
vou have been oppressed lotlgugh
on overv side. vour lamctntloav
for centuries nscentl(l to tlto'tio of
tho Almighty. Hut tho tlmo V'110
for you to gird on your swoi
nervo your arms for the conlllcl
iornto nol from Iho subllnio stn
Emmet and his compatriots,
have a land worth lighting for
language of tho poet:
" Im)U down on lirln'n rnlnut vnl
So rich, no Riiy, no (troon,
Ami toll mo can n bosom throb,
Not llvlnff ocrim'n queen,
IKk rotiiul on I!rln' inmwy moorl
Iter meiulsnmt tnounlnliis liti)i;J
Anit tell mocloenttnliuil llto,
Wlm M not for IMlidle," r
Do not bo laboring under fatal
hallucination that your tnikJU ho
easily accomplished, turn uthwir to
those who preach such iWctl or it
will work tq your destrtictlia,' Eng-
land Is nn enemy not nt all to des
pised; egress from that coulu'onols
to bo had through paths b with
many perils and slippery w noblo
blood. Train yourselves lur the
strictest discipline-bo not Itorcelpi
tale and when you do sti-Ilstrlko
strongly and where least exact. And
now my most earnest pnlyts that
Ireland ero long may loom li in a
Republic, and maintain hcristiatuld
the nations of tho earth, nfidtt tho
Intelligence of her sons on
ward until It penetrates thoesenco
chamber or Dim who sits cntned In
light, nnd that sho may bo iilialled
as an Independent nation on to eter
nal plains, whero the clash ol-oiind
lug arms is unknown, and t roll n
artillery is not heard.
And now in conclusion pto accept
my hcartrealt thanks for tho br thus
conferred on so unworthy aiplcnt
and though tho fates may prat hio
rrom commingling with ytagaln
though wo may bo llko the ffes of a
household, separated "far nniidiihy
mountain, stream, and scasyet
shnll always rejoice In your pperily
and cold beneath tho sod of tVallcy
will this heart bo when It bifflnot for
your hnpplness. Immense nuuse.
Musaiw. Editors : An nding
cldent occurred at our place a,- even
Ings since, which caused a greiii(int
of merriment and fun for thcllndfrs
a brier statement may intcresti'orjlon
or your renders. A wedding s iiliout
to eomo off in our scdato lit town,
and a turkey being nnecessarippu, id
ago on such an occasion, It vn.T0ped
playing n trick on a wng of.'r pice,
who intended to steal theturV. The
plan agreed upon was as jbw-: A
portion or our vlllugers nrrs;ed iho
wholo tiling with tho ownertthi tir
kcy, (the bride's father,) indjen vth
all pretended innoccncf ifcin lie,
went to tlio wag living in tlfc'ul rbs
of tho village, who is alwaysfcid' for
sport of that kind, and pridethlisclf
on his smartness nt such "Ticks in firm
ed him thoy knew tho tukejvn in
a smoke-houso In the huekllot flu Lhoy
had procured a key titiiock.h door
and mado all necessaiy iirail'eoints.
mid fixed upon tho tiinl of.'il;! to
meet; all being tinderstojl, nnl3tfect
secresy enjoined, they rourncj lithe
owner of tho fowl and nrj.ngcil lithe
fun. Thoy were to load aiiusliinda
six-shooter with blank .sutridlt of,aiid ono of thu part; liitlucvrct
waste go with tho thief nUunltlltho
door, and iiretendlnirho codd iioImcIi
tho turkey, then to. step bak. i'i
All worked llko a clurni, .n In
stepped tho thief, when 'trntglUngl
went the guns; tlio owne) olfiillbwi
springing from his coucenlineii Itked
tho door mid secured the thhrllua
few moments tho wholo ttwn wisjiero.
and such a general jubilee uiilllugh
has never been known lu ojrllwn.
Tho smart Joker was co;ed. lllhad
hitherto out-wltted us in our tills to
head him olf; was now uithoijl Ircy.
Messrs. Editors, you never t nklow
bo completely used upthuniQst litere
could not keep their races strid Ji ho
appeared so redlcttlous, per.-onsh lug
within a circle orilvo miles if thflaco
will know to whom I refer wlthlu di
vulging his mime, tlio little buy! ant
to know of him tho price of sliced
ham, and gobble like a turkoJ hen
they meet him. Hut woe to tho lore
trators oi tins inn n no over p a
chancoto return 1 1 to 'com pi I n i en t ,vl U
bo paid back with Interest. J
Market Keport
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l.axt)-irAl!.WAU, - th reMdeiice 0(i,
brble'H rmitt on tbe llth lli.t., bv Kov I
Wmlmurlli, Mr Jaihii II. Ui .u to Mlnu J-Jii
K. MAUUUI.L, lx.l of I'lilriiniuil LiiieriiiJ,,
J'ii!' "-f 'niKn v Inn rut mat,, by Ilia I
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NnrllmiiiUrliiliil rouijy to.Mlaii Ijjhi
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of I.iuerne -oiint-
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Mr. Akni m l'Kku
the IfltW year ut bi o
l'KuVviAN HT
tbe lVroloiluV or li
l.lfolemelil, lio:
HttlV-A prnlrvtril notation of
Iron, Mlppllen tlio bloo.1 with Mil
e.Klemelll, lion, glvlllK ulreliRtli, Mnor ni
new life lolbo whole Mnlein.
If trim tliouiiuiiN wbonre nuffi-rlng from Drnneu,
lnl leblllty, l-'emnlo Wenknem. Ae wouliibtit tent
the vlrluenoflltc lVruvlmi Hyrupthe effect would
noioniy nHoniMi lliemnclvef bill oliMTene
nil their frlcmlj for hmteml of feeling eronn, "nil
kouo" mul mHernble, tliey would I.e. che Drriil,
Tlserotn mul netlvc.
A nisTiMnt'istTicn inns? wiiItksto'AT ilH:stf"
I bavo Irleit tlm I't-vm1! iw'Mvnt,, a.i ii.a-.
milt fully MiMnlni your prediction, It bin mniln
n new mnn of me, (iilUiwl into my, nrslem new
vlBormiii eneriiyi lam no lunger Irnululom mid
ilebUlttitctl,it wbell you but haw me.butntrohKcr,
... ... ... ,,,, ,u i Ki-r ,,i n, 1 1 y mr .injur, men.
nil mul bi Monl, Hum nt nny time ilurlnit tlio Inut
live enm.r'
77ioiiumfi ie been rlinnrnl bu the Mte of Ml
rmnln rmn nntk, tieklu, tnffnlnir erenturei, In
itrotii, heiiltfitf. antt hnnmf ,,ien onil ii-omrn,- nnil
?""t rwMoiiWj luiitale It git e tl it trial.
mo Renuiuii nun --rmiuviAN Hvncc" blown
In tlio glims, A &lni;otiimplilctw III be Kent free.
J. P. IIINSMOIIB, Proprietor,
, no, an i)ey nt.. Now York.
Hold by nil ImiKHlnU. IJI.VOT.
TO HNHl!MITrVrMThn n,ir.TTiT.-
Iieen ri-Ntoreit to lioiiltb lu a few weeks by a very
nlniple remedy, nttor Imvlui! mUli-red for e oral
yenrs wltb ii ne ero tune iiirect ton, nml tbnt ilreful
tllneui.o t'oiiKiimption Niinxinimtomnko known
in in ii'iiowKiiiicrcr mo menus or cure,
liinu who ilenlre It.lio u 111 neliil ft copy of tbe
lonn fnr niOimrltlif nnd ltlmr tlm nmn. vlilr)t
i.-nvi iiwini iiri-eni i-nurnci, wnn ineiiiree.
they will Hint u mihk rcim kou ('unmitmitkin.
AMfllMA. HltONl'If mt. Cni'Mim. Cnl..i4. nttri nil
Thront nml Uuiic AflVrllnii. Theonly nlijectof
uw ruivrrtlMer m winiln tho rrtwrriptton I lo
.client tlm nmiotrd, nnd h pi cm I liiinrmatlon
1ilcli conceives lobe ItiMiltiuMo, nml lie lioiw
onry sulIiTiT will try liln rcnuily, iim It will eurtl
them nothing, mul may provo ti hlexKltiix. Piutlf
wUlilinrtliRiirt'rtrrlptlon, nti-i-, by return nmll,
mynnrr-ly,! WIllliniiRlmrK, Klnin ., N, Y.
J.V. hHTATt; of nr.N.f Amis Nti, iiKCF.Atrn.
lA'Urrff nf rulmltiltrntlfin on tho entitle r ltonln
mill Xiik, Into of Mulim tmvnHhl, (.'otinnhla
county, iluxiXMit, hnn I km n Knmtt'il ny the U'
Inter nf nlt enmity to Wm.T, Hhmnnn. All ier
son Imvliuc etiiliiiH or rirfumKtrinKiiltiit thneKtnte
of tho deveilent mv reiiuivtUil to muko them
Known, una tliosu mdehlt-i to nmke payment,
VM. T. HnifMAN,
July in, 1MJ7, AilmlnNtriitur.
A U A I) IJ M Y.
Tl IK next term of thU liiHtltutlon will eom
meueo on tho JlfHt Mnmlav nf AukuhI next, mi
iler tho elmwe of Prof, 1'. M. Hiklk, n Principle.
.Kiir.N KOONH,
Heeretiiry of Ilourtl of TriHtt!en.
New Columbus Julys", IMJ7-.HI.
ran jiloom scjioo wstjhct.
Pour lVmatonml Nix or Keen Mnlo Teacher
nre. wanted for tho Pnll nnd Winter Tcrinn of th
HchoolH In llloom Dlntrlft t'olulnhln eounty,
All nppllennts nre reUenteiUo lnectlhu Cuim
tv Superintendent In the. upper room or the
12th of AtiRUKt nt 0 o'clock A. !., for exnmlimt Ion
The HchonU will opmi on Iho flint MONDAY In
KIUTP.Mni'.U next, nnd contluuo seven month.
J. K.P.POAUBee'y.
Uluoiiiilmrir, July 19, 1W7-H
eorapnncnt rarl ' thl11 'emnrldtUii prcpirttlon
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rated Enyiillan I'hyilciwi. Tliouitnd cf Mi inner
lag country mrn wero reitorvd tu hvKllh, u well u grett
cuinbri of tin lohablUnll ft Nubl and Abyiiinla,
and U ttiecountrlei bordurhirf uju the Southern coMt
lnlud, tbe fame or the
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ioon irtad orer Europe,
and tu nilcpud by tha
pi lDdpl I'ltyilcUoi la
tliargc ef the hcii'itall of
(ha old' wuild, fa which It
It ttlll uitd with vrtiml
Bent mcceii The Viciroy &f I'trypt l.actrd the ntma
ci sr. Caiorsi'i uprn tho " Hull tit hMts,'1 and pre
lentcd to him a Midal Uniln,!; the fullowltiu Inicrlp
tion: "Da. Cuiorsts,the Public Infftctor.', ThH
U Uteri li now offered to tha public of America with
the full juiumncfl thnt It will be found, upun ft fair
trial, to act u a iiwcluo f-r Uto curt) cf
Cholera, Dyeentery. Dlarrhicn, Clio.
Mnrbui. Fever ml Acne, lillow l-'e
ltheiiiiintUn.. TyplioUl l'erer, Dyipepala
colic lironciiiiia, iiiiauiiipiioii. r imi
lency, Ul-caur of the IClitiieya. Kervotta
UcbtUty autl I'Vmole Coinplatiili.
Remnrkahlti curd cf the uhore diiemea have heen
e Hoc ted by Iti ue. Mnumerouieerllflciitei. many front
regular j'hyiickns, fully at tot, and It U dei lined It
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Tonic, and an
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uA sour.
Att 11 A
A FEW WORDS TO LADIES "-The uie of th
ZIN'GAHI UTTi:it3 will t'lvoto on that oft, xrnl
transparent eompltfaiim wlihli tho dud of nature (de
iRnlnR woman to be the lovelloit of I.U world) fully
Intended that you ahould hare for It la nature'! own
powder and paint corublmd. Uy purify inn the blood,
itlmutatlnff the plitmentnry cell of Uie dermli,
and imparting health nml MM throughout the entire
lyttetn, It enx-cUtly itlvei that itnooth clearneia and
tauty to tne complexion to much to bo dtiiredrc
moTlnjt all routtliueii, blotche. f reck lei, plmplee.anii
that yellow, Kirbly iot ft common in ourdny; and
what U eren lttr than thU. it curu vvery ipiciraof
female IrrejtuUritiM and Ul-eaiJ
Prlncipn! 1'cpot, IUrrlsburg, V.
Bon rAormiTOf.
a-For Biile by I,. N. MOVKlt, Wbolewib- nml
Itelnll IlrilBglsl, llloonisburg, l'n, JlS5l57-t'.in.
....... .........n..,,,.- it' iM-linmu
Wlll-HKliiny be found Uie fluent nswirlment of
eve'r otrereil lo Ibe people of till! neetlon, i-oimlht'
line of
of nil ldiuh, sIzeR, AtylcH, tlenerlptlon nrul prleeM.
Kltehen, Dining, l'nrlor und Hittlnf; ItoomctialrH.
nreakfukt TnbleH, Illiilnii Tables, Kltebeli Tiibltn.
Llbrury nnd Cwntre Tnbieii.
H I U K D.O All Dfl,
clie.tnul, Walnut, and C1ie.tnutwaluut Trlln-
ined, Ktnuerei n largo aH.ortment on bond,,
well mudo and nlVely, flnUtied, (
Hull Blniuli, llnttreen and IlrnekeU, iery vari
ety and flnliih.
Tlio best ever offered to tbe publle.
Anit In fuel every tblntf lo lie fmuid In u Oily
Warn Itootu can lie had In our .rnoinn'und ,at Iho
ery Mwent prlt-eH, I have eHtablUhed the
And vvurrarit our goml. vt Tepresenteil.
Illooinnburg, May 31, 1W7,
QONF K 0 T.X O N K 11 Y ,
WholeMiile und Hetall IleulerH In i
Kiehuniio Illoek, IlliMiniiliurtf, 1'a.
citiuin, kiuh, ikjij, ia,
of all klndu.
ritKlMi. WIl.MYKIt.
Illoouubur, Airil 5, 1W7,