The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, July 26, 1867, Image 1

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VOL. I.-NO. ;io.
BL00MSBU11G, PA., FHIDAY, JULY 26, 1867.
lib Ip I U III P I (II II
,COAL 00 Ml' ANY,
o I-
CHAN. A. llOONE.Hecrelnryaiid T-NMnrH.
John M, Btftf klioime, X. I CtimlicU,
Clitw. A. lloonp, Cyrils Htncklion?,
A, St'Dowell.
Tlie land lieM t,y thin Conipnuy, rotmist of
and nlity.fuur prrclips, of carefully nclrctnl loud
lylliR unuthwrst of Wlllcn-llarro, Luzerne foilli.
ty, l'n.. In tlio weMteru part nf tlio flreut Northern
nr Wyoming Coal HamIii.
Avery rareflll iintl tliorouuli exntiilitutlrm re.
eenlly made hail rowu time (for tlie nbow)
land is Ijq the embodiment of n vn.t nmount of
the very best quallly of niillirucllo coal, ImvlliK
every facility tlmt coulil bo denlred for tram
portatlpn In nil direction!. The nlmvo tract Ik
crooned by a gmjd rond, and alio directly Id
front, and Joining are the Ijicknwniina ,tni(m,
burg rullrnnd, and tho Wyoming canal, thin of
fording tho very 1msI nd vantage of u currying road
and canal running to tho very mould of the
mines m Ithout excuse to the company,
Tho measurement of tho dlflcrentbtHN or yearns
already developed was carefully obtnlned and
added together! tho thickness of theso wains,
Including tho eelcbruteil "lied Ash," "lluck Moun.
tain," or "Orand Tunnel" vein, Is anil
a half feet, (31J), every cubic yard of which will
yield a (on, giving a largo amount of Iho best
quality of coal.
Tholocntln Is such that all the veins may l,c
cut and worked to the greatest possible ndtantngo
alHive water level, and nt much less expense than
can lo done from collerles oH'lHtlng below water
Tho con! can be brought to the surf.ico through
drifts or tunnels which drain thewntcr from tin
mines and snves the lioljtlng nf the coal. Ho the
eligibility of Micro hinds for cheap mining Is un
questionable. Very lately the "Omnd Tunnel"
or "lied Ash" vein has been opened, and Is now
producing as flue a quallly of eonl as has ever
been produced In the nnthruclto regions. The
breaker now In operation Is cnpnble of prejurUg
from VA to SX) tons per day. Thosurfacecnntulns
an abundant supply of wood nnd timber very vul.
liable fur mining purposes, which gives the tract
the advantage of many other conl hinds. Tho
fuel that almost all valuable coal lauds are being
rapidly taken np by heavy capitalists or large cor
porations, ebows llint they must steadily and
greatly rise In the market value, while with tho
Immense and constuntl' Increasing demand for
this coal, and thu llntlrond and North Ilrnnch ca
nal, passing by the mouths of the mines, through
the Great Iron making districts of IUooinsburg,
Itanville, Duncannon, Hnrrlslnu-g, Mlddlctuwn,
Marietta, nnd Columbia, to tldc-wnter nt Havre
do dr&ce, i,nft enu scarcely conceive of n more
profitable or permanent source of wealth than
may be round in lands like these.
In order to bo able to open their works on a
moie extensive plan, this company has placed a
portion of their capital stock In market on the
following terms: Any itorson taking onor more
shares of stock at
will be entitled annually to n ton nf coal at cost
at the uilno per share, uud nny stockholders
as aforesaid, to bo credited on the books of the
Compute, with the dinerenco heluccn thecost
and selling price for ench share, to be paid before
u dividend shall Im declare,!,
O. F. TCNAJT, Agent.
March 1, 1S07.
Till! object of these rvnceru Is to ralso funds
to build a Masonic Hall lu tho city of New York,
i ommetisuralo with tho wants of the fraternity,
mill to erect an Asvlum for decovod Masons and
the Indigent and Infirm widows of Mnsons mid
their orphans. A largo fund has been eolleclcd
for tills purpose, hut nioro H ncoU-il, nlilchlti
by the rhnrltnbt public, nnti thoho ImmfflirttHy
nil im cencrniiN v nnd uroiiintlv cl rn
iiitcroRtpd In the wtilfurt) of the UnliT.
The MuimKomriit tak sroat pleuMiri' In nn
nnuncltiEC that tliflrHlxth nuI last (Jraixl Musk-id
Kntertiitiiimnt will tiikP plu-n at June WimhI,
on Tut'wtnyJuly 3otti, cumiiuMK-lnuut 1 oYhK-k,
(, in., onil will ho lminoilUltly foliowi'U by tho
Irniiil Distribution of PrPipntH.
New Vnilt, January lu, l7. i
lino. O. Holmkh. My luiir blr: ''YimrM nf
tho Otli Instant lav b u rt'eehed. in reply I ran
oniy Biawj mm any euicrpriMcuiiii miiiiy up iioii
uv 1
'amy una cmiHeiemiouxi
Mv uud connf entlouxlv funiliictiMi. In
nM f
the Alaiiiinlu Hull ami Ahyluin Kiind of tho htati
t New York, will rtreivu nut only iuyuniuall
llnd nppiolmtlon, but my 7.0a bum ro-opcratlon.
Jty lo your promtkCH I hae 110 do doubt, Judging
from too rofert'tices whkli yoiihuvfglen. Wlillt
J Kay this, I dt'htro Ktlll to dor biro to you that anv
4 iiiti yimr uuirrpi 1 win iw LtJiuiuciru wjui utifl
rflort, no mntler how nwred may be the full
Koucht to be achlevi'd. tlmt IciuU to an v vlnlut Inn
of the lauH of tho Ktatc, should not be enultt((t.
Irf-t tboso lawn bo held In strict renpect, n blossluff
will nurely follow, and you wilt rwli e th t hanUn
of thouKandf. Thanklnjiyou for our klml ro
memhraucu of tho wldown and orphatiH of our
craft, I nm Truly and fraternally joum.
UOIIKHT I). IIOI.Mlis, (Iraiid .Master.
V We have the hltihest legal authority for Kay
ln that 110 law of tho Htatoof Now Yorlt lslo
lutt'J by our method of distribution,
1 PrcHcnt, ItOHldenpp in aid btp'et, 5,00(1
1 Present, Country HeKldrneo loeated In
the vlllace of V(wdbridi;e, N, J..oik
hour'ttride by railroad from y, Y.,
and three minutes' walk from rail
rouil depot.' Tho phu-A ronsUtft of
two larpo ilwplltucs.fttort. bnm.rar
rlau honso and oihcrout-bulldtnut ;
7 acres nf lnnd lu a hlxh statn of cul
tlNHtlon.and lino gulden j ltureof
lawton Itlaekberricti, Jt h plentyof
mnall fruit, beitliles KtundurU fruit, H,uO
1 ru-KPiit, HcHldetico at Ilrooklyn, .V, v. I'J.tti")
1 " $3,000 In Cold,
1 " 2,000
SljOOcoch sl.ilUU
23 " (lentH1 fluo cold lev
watt'lu1 .'i0
25 " IiUdle' " " yoo
3U0 " SewlnR Machines 75
60U " OrdernforBtittoWtfcloth
lntr, from tho nm'11
known ehtabllttlimeut
- ' of I T. llrownell, ,rj03
llrnudway, 75
fiO Plated 'Ju K-tw. 75
600 ' (Udera forHHk llat. 10
1,0W M fhrotno I.lth. of I.iMitzo
PalntltiKof WftMhlngton
ftKftMiiNon. lu
5,01 A
1,000 " MahoiiIo KinbletnH 5
00 " Oold Pens. lVnclls. and
Kleevo lmttonn, , 3
600 " HMvrr jlatedfiultknie(i
and call twill, H
1,000 Manonio clinrtR, from or-
gtnaUlenlciuby H.MacoyS "
1,000 MasontoMonltorR. 1.50
Tim baUnm to foiultit of tho followliui. vlr:
Photograph Albumt, opera OluMeft,
Worku hy emtuMnt authors, deuu' fob
rhaliiH, Itdlex' goii watch chain, kid
KloveH. ensrarlnKH, ladlri work boxen,
niulc lKxtB, writing raxcK, mimical in
Htruinents, bream pint nnd fltiRer Tugn,
etc., amounting to 2i,f00
Mukluif In the uggregnto SOO.OtX) presuitn
vnlu Uat IJiiO.ooO
rartlts from a dUtiincomMidintf money for tlek
OKhould eltlier have their letters rei(lterM or
tend Mbt ofllce order,
44- Utifore the distribution takes place, a com
mitte will IwiMTnted to reeelvn tickets from,'
partifN living at h dUtanco from .New York, who!
ulllheleet thu itealed envelotM-s rontalnlnz tin
orueri ror 1110 preenu ror inrm, ana return in
I.v moll
AgeuU and othern holding ticket for sale, art
earueKtly requeNted to make their returmt prompt
ur uie lasi ruicnaimuem, in oruvr wmt uiwri
mav uo noueiay in ine uutinouunn.
U;u. W. 1UII,M14 A CO.,
MnnaKlnc Dlrectnift,
Principal UitUu. 7H llroaday,
June 11, IttfJ, New Voik
8 T U I 1" 1' E K .
Thl. nlmnli. thnuah erfrctltr lliarlllne Is utlllll
i.d liyoll sclfliitliloulHerfrstiiliiitliiiuinst tllrfi-t
Jf vice fur Ifiuherlng clovf r seoil yi-t illsooverril.
A mere glaure nl it UsutlU'lmil lurimvliicK Iht
Miost obtuse mliul of Its priictii'iit utility. t
It strips the clover hnvl from lliesinlk lcnilii
thestruw stiincllnic usiu Die iirounil. It Is t-nallj
ilrawn by one liorsi. mul requlirs but one nuin or
boy towurlt It. . . ., V
It Is oomimrt. sttnnlti In structure, linil net lie
Hie 10 get out 01 onirr. Illliicsn urn ruruoiy .ui .1
Tlia arrant ..KniilnirA In IliU inuchlllH is. V
Imve tlie sfeil uatlieieU In tlie ohstr, ri-mly for U
clover mill or liullcr. Iuslile saving toe Rrc,
Irngtliof time unit luburnf muwluir. Immlllni en
llir...l.lni It lliu.lfiiw 11 will ulhOIMIV f
ry furniertniistlier lilssceit wllli this inocliln
Oil nccoillll Ol llie HUV1HK 01 Hie vv mimi t
In II.. ..1.1 urnv r.f null.arlnv II
tfviri..r.ili..v l...i..i.ii.i...mrpil Inrticructlil
liicil wliu wl.lilopurrluiKi'HtAluor oounty Itlnlib
Kor purtlcullirs niMres I
JmS'T, Cutumblu t'ouMty, (
MidrMlmicd havlnff Iraitml nnd rA.rnmlitti.
edlndityle the about utdbkiiown House,
nit lit
th-dlnof Oiluml'lniind Kullh mi count ten.
In on l lr moHt iK-uutlfulautl hcalthrnl rcKtnns
In thuH: Is fully MCMtred In aenurimndfito
lslK nlBojournerN
Tliilnil streams am well stocked with
delcl4h iT many kludn includliift;
t (OUT A S V V I K I!,
anil ti rum! order will bo kept for thnac
iHBUl I'll lul uiniltemctit ftftfUefds. oltlier
fWr ti' rpfnnrejciirstoiisiiiMHi this beau
tUUll -r liter whki) is
Mim- I hj'rtii extensIoKorcfd.lheielHniror
ditt( lUttstnan unpleiidld Held for his own
iKtHfll ili-, and rxeicltti with his
H I'0 A x u a V N.
irvlll ho nlunjs provided with tho
dellv U tlirMcnson; and Ids I tar slocked ulth
Prkic loiu. Iho Home is lamuand eommo-
uioivi ' r'uuiiuK exenie aim Hiiie.
iei H reached fiom neerul points on
IM JUko to ims tlie hut months of Hum
it. u. iia iitntHr.
iyw in..
trUiHtl havitiiz iiureha(d this well-
fed (entiall located liouse. tbu I'.xt lminit
Ilutftmt4im -MAIN Hnii:i,T,tn ItlooinsburK,
lmte( ly oij8ite the Columbia Comity Court
j" t-uuiiy uuornis ni1 inemis anu me
liki'liernl that bU lmuu Ulmw Iniihtur
u ei'tlou nnd eiitfiiiiiiimntii. .r imivcMih
ih dl)sed to lavor It llh their cus-
I 11.1s pp:ireo nocxiK'iisu lu preiarini( tlio
1 I ir tho enterlahiieiii of his riicm,
iHii inrrn ue oyihln wantin8(n Inn
iiitnu-i in incir pcrstHiai comiort. jus
p ici'iiio, and Pillow nn excellent buil
ihm's run at all times between the V.
chaibotcl and thovnrlo railroad depots, by
winB ueri win im pica'nmiy eonre(i 10
w nr n.-ppciio fciniions moue'iiuip to
N-nrq. Kiliv I.V 1''
rrg, March JJ.1W
U l H I A HO US K,
(fill Alt!) HTOIIMIU.
lat W rttirchnsc'l and fitted un tho
Ivd 11 Kisoii iioM'i 1 ropei 1 j , im-ii iv
1 f m s Alton: tub rovitr itorsF.,
Iiinr h In of tho Rtreet, In tho town of
rt.. t'Qd liUMiin ooiaiucoa iieeusu tor
tails it
; E S T A V IX A X T t
Irleior ms determined to kIvo to the peo-
llipuif inwnnn oosines or pieuture,
t ttm: moiu: uoom.
flbiffNlsols extensive, and Is titled up
tc n
Uicten, ud 1 nn tatceK In tho dry, Ue prom-
li vi-r' hliiR about hlsesttildlhnient shall
ntcd 1 an oideriy ami lamiti munner;
injM-ci any (iouciit a hnaru 01 uu-juioiio
21. a A. 'lit I1U0A1VAY, N". Y.
OjWr Jlotttlnrf Green.
1 vrf HorsE Is well and widely known
ellni nubile. '1 he location Ik etuiec-lal-
iLn to 11 eich.intH and business men: It Is
IM tioxlm ty to the buM liens part of t hu city
SniW mK'lM m niniuii'iu mill it'iiih
i1 ii'iLretit toatl tho principal railroad
1 I Ulbutlrpots. . ,
1 livens House has 1 in nil nccomniounuon
( tow kuc-ih 11 im wen uirnisnci, unii po"
iiikLirt foiilcriitn imiirotinent for tho colli'
1 enienniumeni 01 111 iiiiiiuivm. iub
b h HimrtiiKiiOKi wen emiiuieu nrovioeu
band T.atev Uto aiteudancn Is prompt
WCeiUII WUI nil. lltuif 13 Keuci winij I'm-
vh erydellcaey of the M-ason at mod-
UI.O. K. LI I ami; (V 10.
I'-Ciu iTopric-ntrH.
1' tecv l fiT
It alon we K'nov
R9 liccalchsoKCH
MAimnit, Proprietor,
.'nowii hotel has recently under-
eft ilccjiichinifKlnKri Internnl arranucmeu.H,
na ii j'. ..irint rut noimres to Ills former custom
atli(mVUim liibllc that his aecomodatioiiN
Mlu imfi'l h's RiU'StM are second to nono lu
til hi ...... ir ti hin u 111 nluiivft bo found sun-
1 V vji'wuij MiliManuui irtoii, nui w-llii km
1 'il'idiiK re ieasnn. ins wine nun 11
l ICCi'l Uti "
,Zr..t ,lUn..l rrnni Ihn I t.i I nrr
iiiituHiir licvtrnfro Known as
ma 11
ilmlv mire, nnd tree from alt not-
l-iwi He .s thankful for 11 liberal Patron-
as In the phV and will continue to deserve It
ttofit ire, i (IKOUGi; MAUdlUt.
tut uri'Ki: iinrtK,
' I?
nr Hit pul
mm, 1
cr n .i.poinilly inninrii ins rrirmis
f Ihnl lie lias itiKt'n tlie niiove nf li
01 r iiu'riiiiiiint'iii, nun iviu nr
1 i tli. rnstoin of nil wliu Mill
1 n call.
AUr,i icnr.r a good taiim:,
11 lr
II Ktii:iil with His Itosl nf l.lcillnrs. iintl
lull 1 1. 1 iiiuae hi ri'iiiur tuuri' k:iiis
1 Jim. n.-N 1 11r.11,
Ulo.l'.i,, Mnrrh li. lf'17-lm.
o-rleto of the l.TelianRo Saloon luw now
a irnfl duck of
s MMt.u iir.ntr-siiMr.Niv,
conslhtlnz of
'j triir "urcniNE, tp.ipf, notonxAS
tint Tiir, 1 dirri rur.swFiTntriiRFME,
l.ACiKU I1KKH, ma: AC.
(m oNi, comi: a ix and hi:i:,
Mo tin r,Mr 3, NI7.
5115 Kl'Y IIOTKL.
w'111 kill cribi-r rfxr 1 1 tfnllv- InformttblH ft lend
dlil t e 01 Idle, thti It- hn Ihonbovn well
rli'iv 1 uko 01 Kiitertalnnn nt. and will 1h
rasil tt recelxe the rustoin of all who will
J.ot 11 111 'llh iu ill
t II ; W .IJ( KtlJP A t!OOI TA1ILK,
Par reb - orked ith tho best of Llquora, am1
nort wui w made to render enure emiS'
W.M, Jd-ll.KY
li. pril '. '107.
U( K IIO'I K h ,
1 N'lTA tULl , (.oI.UMllIA COUNTY, PA,
liK 1
an ioN'Mdon of this welbknowu
HO l
itkeitl'i hamuel l'.wn tt. thol'rn-
1 nuHi 11 in 11 pi 1
ntincnl lenalr and furnish'
1 l.Altl'F.K with thei-lMdcthtlloiiors
01 11
elleurifk ' IIU htnbbi Is not excelled
und iiilpnliiti will be spared to
I f If 41, i ll, 1
in- otet has 14 ely been purchased by
ti J.CbAlllC,ondl iaK been thoroiiKhly re
leilj repaired, aiullrefiirnMied. It will be
foiiiliiod.lultHarriinucLient and appolntmeuU,
a til- iis lohd, and jeennd to none In thu
w -r pc ui in cltlti wishing to spend thu
no' 1 ' s ti Cm coutilh. will do well to glv
kvt n itti-
lion in hpi fn Tliltd una Courtn Hlretl
'p II Hi) 110CSE,
u . .
uf ler i ".111111 inn i Lcttinm Bircci.,
j J
ten vnt'H jrorju.,
. ct V (1. M'KimilN, lYoprletor,
M ), us; ly.
T Hold unl Haluon keepers of llloom.
mr nl On umbla County.- I ltutu appolnttul
Ir t. tithpi HAcnt for the fcftieof inyale,sirler
n' ii liit, iiiUsBcr buer. m bo will supply j-ou
itt ii.'iniel loe (anil wllU III" Muue arllcle), ns (
i-.ii I iniUI yriu from the brewery. Kiioonlug
lin it- will b puiictil'il nitJ allenll.e to all who
na.' a or lib With llielr tlaiU, I, solicit for him
ou 4U Kirt, "very ri see'tiiiui .
I' ltRO I.Al'KIl,
Slcam Iiriiwrry. Itciullu:, 1'a,
of iVULMMUrit,
i:. II, AlllMAK.
yjlVrMANaJHililNOEa it CO.,
11, .u i.ui 1 11 lllliio niiiisur,
(,V,ficy oojK)4 'juuitt Kent, totntrt i( CO,)
Wholesale Dealers In'
kltVK luniNl WAHDIxn. AltrKTR
i pi. rwvHiiiHnM, yiv Mqa,
lir,Af. J1(H (OllDAtir AC. A 10,
ril.l.0V A,NI .VOOI 11 ,N WA1IK.
FmifM'-" Slfc'l LOOKIKO CU.ASSIVI, .Tr,
TUKprlnclplcitofthtspaperatoorthe JefTersou
lan School of politico, Those principles w 111 novo
be compromised, yet courtesy and kfndess nhall
not bo rorgotlen In dlscusslnn them, whether with
Individuals, or with contemporaries of tho Press
Tho unity, happiness, and jirohpTlty of the coun
try In our aim and object! and at tho means to
secure that, we shall IuIkjt honestly and earnestly
for the harmony, success and growth of our orKiin
Izatlon, Tkiims of AnvrnnsiNfi t-One square (ten lines
orlessjnneor three Insertions tlVi each sube-
inent Insertion fill cents.
M'ATF. K. 2M, 8M, (IM, lV.
(Inn Kiimri'.,. 12.1-0 M.0O St,U tU,00 $10,00
Twosquans 3,00 fi,no 6,00 U,oo 1 1,00
Threo (squarem C" WM 1V"
'our square fl.oo R.oo 10,00 20,00
Half column . 10,00 12,11 15,00 0,00 30,00
One eoUimn 15,00 1,"0 .10,00 frf),oo
Ixueutor'f and Adiulnlstrator's Notice 13,00; Au
ditor Notice 8J.30. Other ndvertlement Inser
ted neeordlnt! to special contract.
Iluslnchs notices, without advertisement, twenty
cents per line.
Transient advertisements payablo In advance-
all others due after the flrwt Insertion,
It Is, Jn all enact, more likely to he satisfac
tory, both to subscribers and to the Publishers,
that remlttaneesand allcommunlcatlons respect-
Iur- the business of the paper, b sent direct to tho
olUceof publication. All letters, whether relating
to the editorial or bnslness concerns of the paper,
ml all payments for subscriptions, advertNlnif,
or Jobbing, ate to be made to and addressed
"Columbian fflrf,''t
m.ooMsiit'n(i, Pa,
Trlntedat Kobison's llnlldlngs, near the Court
House, by Chai. M. Vasdkiwlicf,
Pit a U. Knydkk.
P 11 1 N T ING
Nl'litly executed at this Ofllce.
A T T O 11 N K Y A T I, A V,
Ashlnnil, Schuylkill County, rcntru.
Iterwlck, Columbia County, IVnn'a.
jyj jr. thauoii,
A I I UU.1 h 1 - Al'ljA n,
Iterwlck, Columbia County, Penn'a.
A TTO 11 li 1 - A I - li A W.
Onicotn llegbttcr and Uccorder'H ofllce, In tho
ba-scment ot the Court House, IlloomsburK, Pa.
A T T O It N P. Y-A T -1. A W
Ofllce comer of Main and Market streets, over
l'lrht National Dank, llloomsburit, Pa.
L. U. KL1NK,
A craduate of Jeflerhon Medical CoIIcko. l'hll
ndelphla, bavins p muiuently located, oileia his
proieKRionai xerviceH 10 1110 citizens or louiwisii
und Iclnlty. Ofllce ou Main street, econd door
iim in . rcui-y t joho s iiuuonitr. L(ipr- u-diu
A T T O U N' i: Y - A T- L A W,
Ofllce on Main utrci t, In brick huildlmc below tho
Court Houkc, Uloonihburft,Pa,
C. "
lll.OOMMHUlKI, l'A.
4i-OFFirii Court House Allev. below the On-
n ou i so:;,
A TTO UN K Y -AT-1. A W ,
Ofllce In Unam-Mf niilldlmr. Main Htraet. Wert
oi tue American iiouso, iniy.iu,,
U( T I O X K E H.
M IIMIiH L'Ul- T.HA? ,
llnvlm? folfAwed the. orofeHKlon of Iublle YendilO
Crier lor many earn, would inform his friends
that ho Is htlll in the Held, n-ady und willing to
attend to nil the dutlcH nf bin enlllnif. IVikoiw
desiring his hervlcea khould call or wrllo to hlui
aniiooinsourg, I'll. iiimiau
Uiato ASsiMiaiu ait'Uicai uirrcir u, n. Army,;
Aa-Oftlcont tho hoiiNO onnoulto Shlve'M lllnck
Calls promptly attended to both night and day.
UlooniHlm-ij, Jiili, 18, JSJiT,
t undemlcutjd tnkes this method of In fori ulna
i ne ciurens oi toiumuui t ounty, urnv no xocu-
ieo in
w hero he Im prepared to attend to all calU made.
in i no nuo or ms DUMincMii, and curi'H
nrNflllOKH, Hl'AVIS, HHMNr,
nnd nil other lilt that horse Mesh Is bolr to. dial
icnuing eoni,i'iiiioii in io iieuimvoi t'Kpeciuuy
oi inn iioo looniiiiueo offline.
Llht Ntreit, April 2fi, lfW,
c a ii i v e ,
C A 11 l N II T 11 A K K It ,
rl II U T T E It H, M ti V h I I N II H,
June SJ. 1(07,
Court llouve Alley, nest iloyr tu fliliiMiMiiiiOiflci1
Hair Iivelnjr mill Whiskers niloreil black or
tlfviiitr'tli" hiilrj will restore hnlr to Us orlitinal
color without soiling Uie Muest fabric, constantly
un iiuim, inpri oi,
Q 15. H A AU H,
Main tVrrct, nrdt the lutt Iloiuf,
HuiojiHUU'iO, Pa,
tJonittmitly ou hand 11 tine nuMortment of
Clock m, Jewelry, Hllvcrwuro and tpvotauleii
Particular attention paid to lh repulrlnt uf
WutiheH, Cl'K'kH, Jew elry and Httortaclou,
4MaxonIo nmrkx made to order. All woik
warriuitnl, apr!0'67.
A hh KIND3 01'
L. neatly exe
mtlug OIHce.
neatly executed at TllK ColvwiilAN Htoaui
o met t Uton the. hovel ami wo part lion the
What words of pre clou moanlnK tlieo words
Masonic are I
Come let us contemplate them, tln-y arc worthy
of a thought
the ery wail of Masonry thecepieelousworils
are wrought,
Wo meet up(Hi the Level, HioukIi Irom every
utatloti coino:
The rich man from hh mansion, tho poor man
from his home:
or the one) must leave his wealth ami fctato out-
ixido tho Masonn door:
And tho other finds his tine n-fpfit upon the
theckered tloor.
Wo port upon tho Hquure, lor tho world must
haw Its dm ;
Wo mInlo with the inultllude.nroM, unfriendly
crew :
Hut the Influence of mir (ratherlnjif In memory Is
And wo look upon the Le.d to renew the happy
'Ihcre'H a woitd w hero all are equal we luehur
rlnji toward It fast;
We Miall meet upon the Level ihrre, where the
ttnttn of death ate past:
We tdiall utand before the Orlcid, and our Ma.b r
will bo there,
Totrythelllockswooirer, by Ills own um-rrlnn
Wohhall meetuiion Iht Level; there, but never
then co depart;
There's n Mansion, 'tis all ic.uly foreaih tni-dlnu
faithful heart;
There's a mansion nnd n wc teome find a multi
tude Is then,
Wo liavn nut upon the l,eel uudlmchccu tiled
upon the Hiuim
it us met t ujou tho I.cel then, while laboi Iny
patient here;
Let us meet nnd let us labor, though tho labor bo
wove re;
Mivady In tho Western sky thCKlgus bid us pre
Tonnthcrupour Woikltift Tools, nnd part upon
Hands round, o faithful Mnsom, form the brlcht
fraternal chain;
Wo part upon t he hnuaro below to meet In hcam
Ch! what wordsof precious mcaitlmith'"ewnrds
Masonic are
We meet upon the !.eel nnd wo pnrt upon tho
irlcrt 5;i If.
a (ii:uman i.i:ii:ni
In consequence of tho peculiar oppor
tunities which I enjoyed, I soon discov
ered that Wolstang, whom I had long
thought rather hrghlyof, was in reality
a very bail character. Somo persons of
tho worst description In (iottlngcn ap
peared to have been his aoeiates.
Times without number 1 was accosted
as an acquaintance by gamblers, pick
pockets, and usurers; mid through their
means I unravelled it train of impo
ture, prolllgaey, and dissipation, iu
which ho hail been long deeply involv
ed. I found out even wor.-o than this
at least what I dreaded much more.
This was u forgery to an immense
nmount, which he, in concert with an
other person, had committed on an ex
tensive mercantile house. Ihe accom
plice, in a high state of trepidation,
eamo to tell mo that tho whole was iu a
fair way of being blown, and that If we
wished to mivo our necks, an Instantan
eous departure from the city was indis
pensable. .Such a piece of Intelligence
throw mo Into great alarm. Ifl re
mained, my apprehension would ho In
evitable i and how would it be possible
for nio to persuade anyone that I was
not Wolstang'.' My conviction and ex
edition must follow; anil though 1 was
now so regardless of llfo that I Mould
gladly havo been iu my grave, yet there
was something res'olting iu thu idea ol
dying lor a villian, merely Ihciiu-u I
could not show that I was not myself.
These rellectlous had their due weight,
und 1 resolved to leave (Iottlngcn next
day, and escape from the country aj
While meditating upon this fcheme I
walked about three miles out of town
for the purpose of maturing my plans,
undisturbed by tho noise and hii-tla of
tho streets. As rwiisgoingslowlyalon;
I precelved a man walking about a fur
long before inc. Ills gait and dress nr
rested mv attention narticularly, and
after n few glances I was convinced that
ho must bo myself. Tho Joy that pre
vailed my mind at this sight no language
can dcscrllio: it was as a giiiupso oi
heaven, and tilled nio with perfect ec
stasy. Pnulonce, however, did not lor
sake mo, and resolved to steal slowly
upon him collar him, mid demand an
explanation. With this view I approach
ed him, concealing myself as well as I
could, and was so successful that 1 had
actually got within ten yards of my
prey without being ill-covered. At this
instant, hearing footsteps, he turned
round, looked alarmed, and took to his
heels. I was after him In a moment,
and tho flight on onu side, mid pursuit
on tho other, wero keenly contested.
Thanks to Wolstaug's long legs, thuy
wcro better than the short ones with
which my antagonist was furnished,
and I caught lilm by tho collar, as ho
was about to enter a wood, I grasped
my body with Herculean gripe, so terri
fied was I to lose it. "And now, you
villain," said I, us soon fts I could re
cover breath, "tell mo the meaning of
this. Jtostoromemy body.or by heaven
I will"
" You will do what?" asked lie, with
tho most Insolent coolness, This ques
tion was nilaggcr tomysoul, for I knew
that any punishment I Inlllcted on lilm
must lie Inflicted upon myself, I sfood
mute for n few seconds, still holding lilm
strongly lu my grasp. At last throwing
pity aside, by one vast ell'ort, I cried
out, " 1 declare solemnly, WoM'ing,
that if you tlonot glvomolmekmy body
I (.hall kill you on the spot,"
" Kill moon the spot I" replied he.
" Do you mean to say that you will kill
your own body?"
" I do suy so," was my answer: "1
will rather destroy my tlear body, than
It should bo disgraced hy a scoundrel
"You aro Jesting." said Wolstang,
endeavouring to extricato himself.
" I shall show you thucountrary," re
joined I, giving lilm u violent blow on
the nose and another ou the ribs. These
strokes almost druw tears from my eyes:
and when I saw my precious blood How-1 In u third at my own house. What he
lug, I certainly would havowoptaloud, ' had stated wasbtibstautlally true. Somo
but for tho terrible onersy which rtiEoontio mourners had nrrlved, and tho
linil rIvcii mi'. Tlio ptiiiiflm-.oiit Iintl Us
uvlilcnt uncut, liowovcr, u on WnMniiK,
for lio liccaiiio ttnltiilcil nntl nlnriiu tl,
grew luilc, mill rntrcntctl mu to let lilm
K. "Never, you villain, till you return 1
nio hiiek my litnly. l,el me bo inyrclf
ngnln, iintl then you nro free." ,
"ThntN linpoisllile," miIiI he, "mill
eminot he, done without thu iifrpnuy of
another person, who ii tib-ont ; but I
hereby solemnly mvcur, tlmt live days ,
nfler my death your body shall bo your i
"If better teriiHeannot behad, 1 must
tako oven thee, hut better I ahull havej
(o preparo to part with what li not your
own. Take yourself hack again, or I
will beat you to it mummy." So saying, j
I laid on him mot unmercifully llat
toned his noso (or rather my own,)
and laid lilm sprawling on the earth
without lereinony. While engaged In
this business, I heard n sneeze, and
looking to the quarter from whence It
proceeded, who did 1 see emerging from
tho wood but my old acquaintance,
with tho snulf-coloured surtout, tho
scarlet waistcoat, mid wooden leg. He
saluted me ns usual with n. smile, and
was beginning to regret the length of
time which had elapsed since he last
had the pleasure of seeing me, when 1
interrupted him. "Come," said I, "this
Is not a time for ridiculous grimace;
you know all about It, so help me to
get mv body back from this scoundrel
" Certainly, my dear fi lend. Heaven
forbid that you should be robbed of so
unalienable a property. Wolstang, you
must give it up. "Pis tho height of In
Jtitlce to depi'ivo him of it."
" Shall I surrender It, then?" said
Wolstang with a pitiable voice.
"lly all means: let Mr. Stadt havo
his body.
In an Instant I felt great pains shoot
through me, and I lay on the ground,
breathless and exhausted as If from
some dreadful punishment. I also saw
the little gentleman, and the tall, stout
llguro of Wolstang, walkaway arm and
arm, und enter tho wood. I was now
myself again, but had at first lilt localise
of congratulation on the change, for I
was one heap of bruises, while the un-
prlnclpledautliorof my calamnities was
movlngofl' In his own body without a
single scratch. If my frame was in bad
case, however, my mind felt relieved
beyond conception. A load was tauen
from it, ami it felt tho consciousness of
being incused in that earthly tenement
destined by heaven for its habitation.
Alas, liow transient is human happl-
no-si 1 Scarcely hud an hourelupscd when
u shuddercumo over me, precisely simi
lar to that which had occured some
weeks before on entering tho College of
(ioltlngen. I also precei veil that I was
stronger, talletyind more vigorous, and,
as if by magic, totally freo of pain. At
this change, a horrid sentiment eamo
across ine, and, on looking at my shadow
lu a well, I observed that l was no longer
myself, but WoKtaug: tho diabolical
miscreant had again eflected a ine
tempsyehosis. Full of distracting Ideas,
I wandered about the fields till night
fall, when I returned into the oily, ami
threw myself into bed, ooynouri J
with fatigue nud grief.
Next day I made a point of railing at
my own house, and inquiring for my
self. The servant said that i could not
be seen, being conllned to bed In con
sequence of several bruises received In
an encounter with two highwaymen. I
called next day, mid was still confined.
On tho third day I did the same, but 1
had gone out with a friend. On the
fourth 1 learnt that 1 was dead.
It will readily be believed that this
last intelligence was far from being un
welcome. On hearing of my own death
I felt tho most lively pleasure, antici
pating tho period when 1 would bo my
self again. That period, according lo
Wol.-tang's solemn vow, would arrive
iu five days. Three of these 1 had spent
lu the house, carefully secluding myself
from observation, when I heard asnoczo
at tho outside of thu boor. It opened,
and In stepped the lltle man with the
smifl'-coloured surtout, the scarlet waist
coat, and the wooden leg. I had con
ceived a dislike approaching to horror
at this old rascal, whom I naturally con-cluded-to
be at the bottom of the-o dia
bolical transformations; 1 however,
contained my wrath till I should hour
what he hail to say.
" 1 wish you niiich Jiiy.niyilearfi lcnd,
that you are going to resume your own
body. There is, however, one circum
stance, which perhaps you have over
looked. Are you aware that you are to
be buried to-day?"
" 1 never thought of it," answered 1
windy, "nor Is It of any consequence,
I presume. In two days 1 shall bo my
self again,' 1 shall then leave this body
behind me, anil tako possesion of my
"And where will your own body bo
" In thograve,"sa!d I with ashudder,
as the thought eamo across uie.
" Precisely so, and you will enjoy tlio
pleasure of being hurled alive: that, 1
suppose, you have not calculated upon."
This remark struck me with blank
dismay, and 1 fell back on my chair,
uttering a deep groan. "Is there then
no hope ? cannot this dreadful doom bo
averted? must I bo buried nllvo?"
"Tho case Is rather a hard one, Mr.
Stadt, but, peihap-, not without a reme
dy." "Yes, there Is a remedy," cried 1,
starling up and striking my forehead.
" 1 shall hie to my own house, mid
entreat them to suspend the funeral for
two days."
" I saw the undertaker's men enter
tho hou-iyis I pu-sod by.for the purpo-e,
I should think, of screwing down tho
ecllln 11(1. The company nl-o, 1 llnd,
am beginning to collect, so that there Is
little hope of your succeeding. llnwoV'
or," continued he, taking a pinch of
snuff, "you may try, and If you fall i
havo a ecliemo In vlow which perhaps
will suit your piirpo.,0. I shall nwnlt
Inniuomeiitiiiyhatwasoii my head
In another I was out of the room and,
untlcrlukur's 111011 wcro wnltlii! liolow,
(111 they kIioiiM bosuiimioiiuil up ntnlr.1
corow tlown tins lid. Wlllinul un linUmt
of tlulny I rtilicil tti thu I'limiibur where
my tlenr hotly win lyliitf In Its shell,
Some of my Montis wcro there, nml I
entrenteil them, In Imploring neeents,
to stop for two ilnyii mitl they would
seu tlmt tlio eorpse which lay before
them would revive. " I nm not tlend,"
erletl I, forgetting myself, "I nsisurc you
I am not dead."
" l'oor fellow, he bin loit his senses,"
said one.
" Ah, poor Wolstnng," obierved an
other: "lie ran deranged some weeks
ago, mid has been going about asking
for hlni-elf over since."
" I assure you I am not dead," said I,
throwing myself upon my knees before
my cousin, who was present.
"I know that, my good fellow," wns
Ids answer, " but poor Stadt, you see,
Is gone for ever."
"That Is not Stadt-it Is I-it Is I.
Will you not bellevo mo I 1 mn Stadt
this Is not me 1 am not myself, Kor
heaven's sake, suspend this funeral."
Such were my exclamations, lint they
produced no other eirect but that of pity
among the by-stauders.
"Poorunfortunatufellow, he Iscrazed.
Oct a porter and let lilm be taken
Tills order, which was given by my
cousin him-olf, stung mo to madness,
and, changing my piteous tones for
those of fierce re-Istanee, I sworu that
"I would not turn out for any man liv
ing. 1 would not bu burled alive to
pleusothcm." To this nobody made nny
reply, but In the course of a minute
fourstout porters made their apiicnrance,
and 1 was forced from tho liou-e.
Returning to Wolstung's lodging, tlio
old man was thero In waiting,, as he
promised. "What," said I witli trepi
dation, "what is thu scheme you were
to propose? Tell me, nnd avert tho hor
rible doom which will await me, for
they have refu-ed to tupcnd the fu
neral." "My dear friend," said lie, In tho
most soothing manner, "your caso U
tar from being so bud us you apprehend.
You have Just to wrllo your nanio in
this book, nud you willbo yourself again
In nn instant. Instead of coming nllvo
lu thu grave, you will bu allvo before.
tho coiilin-lid is put on. Only think of
thu dlll'erenco of tho two situations."
"A confounded difference Indeed,"
thought I, taking hold of the pen. Hut
at tho very moment when I wns going
lo write, I observed above thu follow
lug words;
" I hero by engage, after my natural
decease, to give over my soul to thu
owner of this book,"
" What I" said I, "this is theold com
pact ; tlio one you wished me to sign
" The same, my dear friend."
"Then I will not sign it."
"Only think of the consequences,"
said he.
" I will nbido tlio consequences rather
than sell my soul
'Hurled alive, my dear Mr only
' I wiii not si'll the compact."
"Only think of being hurried alive,"
continued he "stilled to death pent
up ou all sides earth above, earth be
low no hone no room to move In
siiirucated, stupelled, horror-struck ut
tor despair, l.s not tho idea dreadful?
Only think what your feelings will be
when you coma to llfo In that narrow and know your sltua
I iravoasliuilderatthUlilcture, which
was iliawn with horrible truth ; but the
energies, of religion, and the hope-, of
futurity, rushed upon my -mil, nndsus
tallied it iu tlio dreadful trial. "Away
away," said I, pushing him back
have made up' my mind to the sacrifice
since better my not be. Whatever hup
pens lo my body, I am resolved not to
risk my eternal soul for Us sake."
" Think again," said he, " make up
your mind. If I leave you, your fate
l.s Irrevocable, Aro you decided?"
"1 am."
" Only reflect once more conside
how, by putting your name lu this boo!
you w ill saveyour-elf from lunkcrablo
death. A re you decided?"
" I am," replied I, firmly
"Then, fool," said he, while a frown
perfectly unnatural to him corrugated
his brow, and his eyes shot forth vivid
glances of fire "then, fool, I leavo you
to your fate, ou shall novel- seo mo
again." So saying, lie walked out of tl
room, dispensing with his usual bow
and grimaces, and dashing tho door
fiercely nfler him, while I threw myself
upon a couch lu an agony of de-pair.
My doom was now sealed beyond all
hope; for, going to the windows a few
minutes thereafter, I Uelield my own
funeral, with my cousin at thu head of
tho procos-ion, acting as chief mourner
In a short time, I saw the company
turning from tho Interment. "AH i
over then," said 1, wringing my hands
at this deplorablo sight. I am the vic
tim of somo Infernal agency, and must
preparo fur thudreadfiilsucrlflce." That
night 1 wnssuprenicly wretched, tossing
Incessantly In bed, while sleep was de
nied to my wearied eyelids, Next
morning my haggard look was remar
ked by my servant, who proposed send
ing fur a physician ; but this I would
not allow, knowing that wo like inlnu
v on beyond thu leuch of medicine. Tho
great part of that day was spent In re
ligious exercises, from which 1 felt i on
slduiablo relief, Tho day after was the
last I was to behold upon earth. It
came, anil I endeavoured by every
means to subdue tho terror which It
brought along w(tti It. On arising from
bed, 1 sent for my servant, an elderly
woman, who I had got tupplytho place
of llarnabas and Louise, nud gave her
olio hundred gililors.boing ull tlio money
I could find In Wobtaiig's bureau
"Now, Phlllppn," said I, "iissoou ns
thu clock of thestiuly has struck three,
, como In, nml yimwill llnd ine dead.
ll.itlru, and do not i nter till then."
She went away, pronil-lng to do nil
that 1 hnd oulered her.
to an com a...
j --
i 1'ituM what tree was mother Kvo
prompted to pick thu npplo? Devil-tree,
Lovr.nnnd lost I 'TU a wall that, is I
going up dally, uyo hourly, "unto lilm
that sits ou tho great wlillu throne,"
from bereaved hearts, licavy with their
burden of sorrow, too grievous for hu-
man strength or human hearts to bear.
Loved and lost I Prom your heart,
oh, stricken widow, as you stand by tlio
cold form of your once strong protector,
goes up that bitter cry. Ho who ever
shielded yon with his protecting arm
who-o tender voice never addressed you
save In love, hu who over stood between tho wholo party to death! and of tho
you and thu great cold world, breasting twenty-four who wero taken, eight on
nil Its slorms and cares with his own Iy wero eventually destined to the hnl-
manly bo-om, that they harmed you
not, Is gone forever; nnd you kneeling
beside his lifeless remnlns, with your
fatherless children clinging around you,
alue more and more your utter help-
lessness nnd the great loss you have sus-
tallied, while your pale lips burst the
mournful cry, "Lovod and lost !"
And you, too, mourning husband
wlio has'o laid your fair girl wife nslcep
In the embraeo of mother earth. She
went from you ero yet her bloom faded,
ith the tiny babo (her child and yours)
that but opened his eyes on earth to
clo-o them In dentil clasped close to
her glrllsit bosom, mother ami ciniii,
roe and bud, aro sleeping together un-
dcronoeoflln lid ; one grave holds them
both now, while your house has grown
strangely tlesolate since she, whose light
footstep ever sprang to welcome your
return to tho houso which she presided
over liko a quccn-lias gone from it to
tier la-i eartmy liome.
Thu graveyard is not so lonely In your
eyes since she Is among Its silent luhab-
Hants. You go to her lonely grave and
kneel beside It, and while you water
,1th your tears the lilies (fit emblems
of her purity) that blomii over tho
grassy mound that holds nil you held
dear on earth, you feel tlio full signlll-
cance of those dreary words, "Loved
and lost 1"
Loved mid lost! On your bowed head
oh, aged mother! you who gavo your
only son and stay in your old age, unto
your country; on your head these I
words rest liko a funeral pall, lou
read his name among tho list of the
dead who fell on the battle Held, and
tho terrible truth that you wero now
dullness, eamo nonieio your ncan wim fortunate. "A strungo caprice error
crushing truth, and bowing your aged tunc," saws the historian, "which could
licatl, you too ecnocii too inner wan
going up from so many Hearts, "i.ovcu
and lost 1"
l.ovcil anil lost: who mni nns ar-
rived nt vears of discretion lias not
pflined tbnso snd. snil words, that tell
plainer tho greatest floods of tears, of
hopes crushed mid bruised beneath tho
collln-lld of broken hearts nml blasted
lives gono forevermore. Loved and
io-t! Since tho terrible flood of war
rolled over our own dear land, wo havq
learned tlio full mcminc of those bitter
words, "Loved and lost I" All over the
land thero is mourning; mothers for
their sons are weeping ; wives for hus-
bands, children for fathers; maidens
for lovers.
In VP, I nml Inst. The wimp erv that'
i.'.mr hi. irnni isniiM'M itimii mill 11 rips'
ago, Is being echoed and re-echoed
throughout the world. Kor, from the
rising of tlio sun till Its setting, death
is ever abroad ; busily gathering up ills
harvest; and not until all things shall
end will that weary cry cease. Then
all shall meet In the Spirit Land, the
loved and lost shall bc.fouud!
I r Is n principle of thu Masonic Order
that women-can not bo admitted ns
members. Thu only exception to tlie
practice ofthls principle was in tho nil-
niis-ion of Lady Aldwortli, nf Kiiglund.
In mi ndilrcs-, delivered some years ngo
Hro. Payne thus alludes to tho ladies,
and tlio manner in which Lady Aid
worth was mudo a Ma-on :
Hut ludles, whatever might ho our
feelings or de-Ires with regard to yo'ir
udmis-loii, there is onosinglu word that
prevents it. And tlie latlie.s best know
tho withering, bli;
htlng inllucnco of
that little word-LAN' r. We simply
can't do It. Our land-ninrks are not so
arranged, and although we are the only
losers, we nill-t submit.
Hut let nio let you Into a littlo secret.
While we cannot admit you, perhaps
you can admit yourselves. Try it. Our
tylers aro but men. Onco in, perhaps
vou aro safe. Thero was onco a female
Ma-on, and here Is her portrait, (show.
ing tho portrait of lion. Mrs. Aldwortli,
of Kiiglund, In .Masonic llegalla) r.llza
sit I , nltpl'wurils l.nlv Alilwnrlli.
of Lngland, was conducted through tho wl' B,vu ,nllk 'U1 Pu" tif -awful
and mysterious ceremonies uf 1 yuug ialles didn't rho.
Masonry. Miiing ami Dcautlful, yet
with that forllliido ror which her sex is
roinurkalile, sliopasseil wan intrepidity
through those trials which are some-
times uioto than enough for masculine-
resolution, and constituted a member
that reflected a lustre on tho annals of
Masonry. Her father, Lord Doiiera'd,
uy virtue oi warrant ivo. jou, occasion
ally opened Lodgo nt his own house,
his sons anil Intimate mends In tho
ncigliuoriiuou assisting, upon one oc
ciision, sho innocently hid herself In tho
tapestry of the room u-ed fur lodge
purposes, anil actually wltnesseii llio
successive steps of Initiation. Hut to
warns mo conclusion, lear won posses-
slon of her mind, nud, brethren, If nt
that point tlio stoutest Hearts quail in
the lodgo room, what must havo been
tho reelings oi tiiatyounggirl wnen un
lawfully beholding the ceremony? Willi
light but trembling steps and almost
suspended breath Mie, glided along, un-
nti-.krvpil li Iho iileniliers i if ttin lnih'O.
wlio wero btisllv occuiiled with their
work. Hut horror of horrors! before
her stood n grim mid burly Tyler, with
his long rusty sword. Her shrieks
alarmed the lodge, who all rushed to
the door, and learned that she had been
lu thu room during the whole eereiuo
ny. 1 lero was a easu setting at dellanco
all precedent. A coii-ultatloii was held,
mid she wns madu a Musuu. Sho often
pi oshled us W. 31. of her lodge, and es
teemed It hii honor to move lu Masonic
processions, on which occasions It was
her custom to precede her lodgo In jiu
open plueloii,
Ti'itKuvs roost higher than Turks,
or ma Lit i,.
At tho time when party spirit and
active hostilities wero raging in jici-
glum, nt tho close of tho fifteenth cen-
tury, certain soldiers of the Spanish
Army happened to bo taken prisoners
by tho Dutch ; nntl by way of martial
retaliation for a similar net of cruelty
practiced upon some Dutch prisoners
by tho Spaniards, nil of them wero to
be hnnged. Humanity, however, sub-
trestcd Hint It wrt! unliecessnry to put
ter. For tlio purpose or ascertaining
who wcro to be tlio sufferers, twenty-
four lots wero inadet eight of which
had the figure of n gibbet described
upon them, nnd tho remaining sixteen
w-cre In blank. Tho wholo twenty-four
lots being shaken together nud cast pro-
mlsctiouslv into a helmet, each prisoner
was ordered to draw out one; those
w, drew a blank lot were Immediately
ill - ehanrcd. but thoso who druw the fa-
tnl svmbol wero hanged on the spot.
Tho conduct of thoso who wero com-
oelled tosct their lives upon so dospcr-
nto a cast, varied according to tho nerve
nn(i temperament of each ; but terror
lUul lamentation prevailed. The most
conspicuous object was a Spaniard, who
t.01l,i BCl,rcely be urged to the helmet,
nnd whoso tears and exclamations ex-
t,.i i)0ti, -t,iCulo and comnasslon.
Among tliocapttves wasan Knglishman
wl0 h0tlnc,i wholly unmoved nt his
.Unirer. andnuletlv looked on until liifi
tllrn nrriVed t and when called uiion by
jlt! )ch nicer. he walked up to the
helmet with the utmost unconcern, nnd
,..,i,i ritPrlnrr or chanirinrfu feature.
,lr...v hU ot w,ch wngn blank. Thus
fllvomi i,y fortune, and him-elf freo
from ,!;.,.,, ho told the trembling
Spaniard, vho still hold his hand In
thf helmet, dreading to draw forth his
fate, for ten crowns of gold ho w us ready
to draw his lot for him, and stand to
thu consequence. Tlio Spaniard joyfully
agrce(i, and thu Knglishman, Having
received tho money, coolly requested
tnc 0lltL.h offlcer to allow him to fulfill
i.u Imrt of ti10 contract by drawing tho
Spaniard's lot ; and permission being
KiVcu, he drew again, anil again was
thus favor n man whoso chean estimato
of na mmiyhim unworthy, notoniy
of Ids doublo cscane. buteven of a biiv
i iu(.i. ,. ,..Ht Woniw. 'Ibis is what wo
are doing. l-,very wora tlmt is spoKen
or written is sown, and will al ways bear
fruit, ltemember, it will always bear
fruit, though wo may not seo It nt tho
time. Such Important things are words.
Thoy aro a man's llfo going forth ids
thought and principle. If tho thoughts
aro good, tliey win bear goou iruit; u
bad, bad. Though wo may not see tho
effeot nt nneo, there will n day como
wnen me enect oi our worus win reiunj
io us, anil, wo win nave to answer ror
What they have done. AhTTKH-U"ueh
I n iiiuu ivuiu 11111. iiu ifc wurii siiiikpi
I . .. .
perhaps In Jest and vo aro daily speak-
lngsucli. 'lliero is not a sound but is
carried to inllnlto space, moving on for-
ever, ho with thoughts uttered. What
an account has each man to render!
Much of it is visited upon us here; all
will meet us eventually. Tlie little
word that was sown and was prolific,'
affecting many, causing often death and
sorrow widespread, will have to boun-
woreu ny us, in an us Hearings.
caroiui. men wo siionlil tie. bo with
the good words ; they como back to ns
blessings a constant return. Tills Is
tho harvest we want. Let us then sow-
R" mjcii nntl n wo no not reap tlio
harvest nil here, wo shall hereafter.
Didn't Risk. In tho year 1KC3, a
meeting wns held lu Lebanon, Indiana,
for thu purpose of gutting up a supper
and a fair forsickand wounded soldiers.
Judge I!, being loyal ull ove w very
nct!vo 1,1 ""df .'rk.nnd wu-.ui point
ed chairman of die milling There
wnsqultwa n umber of hid ies present.
Tho business progressed rapidly, and ns
most of the articles for supper were to
bo donated, tho Judge called In his lu
dicrous manner, on thoso present to
know how much thuy would contrib
ute. Almost enough was given to com
plete the arrangements, when somo one
suggested that It would bo necessary to
havo soma milk.
"Oh, yes," said tho Judge, rising
with great dignity, "all yuung ladles
E.Mii.uinAssiNa.-One dny Inst week
tls tlio gentlemanly conductor on one of
our railroad omnlbusses was collecting
fares from tho nu.-sonirers: all nald
promptly except one fat old lady, who
seemed to bo reaching down as If to get
something that had dropped on tho
floor. When her tlmo ciuuo to pay she
- raised her head and thus addressed tho
conductor: "I allcrs, when I travels.
carry my money in my btoeking, for
- you see nothln' can get it tlinr. anil I'd
thank you Jest to renr-h It for mo, ns I'm
so Jammed In that 1 can't git to it."
Tho conductor looked at tho other pas-
- sengers, somo of whom were laughiiif
at his plight; onuor.two young ladle
among them blushed scarlet, and he
heat a sudden rotreat, muttering some-
thing about not charging old ludies, etc.
An IrUh brick layer was one day
brought to u liospltal, severely Injured
by a fall from n hoiiso lop, Tho medi
cal man In attendance nsked tho sutler-
or l what tlmo tho accident occurred.
"Twelve o'clock, yer honor," w'ns tho
rully- On being asked how ho eamo to
nx the hour so tuvurntely, ho answered,
"Heenusul saw the people at dinner
u window ns I was coming
CllAU.Ncr.v 0, Hptu has challenged
Wendell Phillips to discuss with lilm
tho capacity of the negro lor self-government,
"I have," says Mr. Hurr,
"with great pains, nml with unfaltering
devotion to the enusii of truth, searched
over tho whole globe tor nn Instaiiee
where the emancipation of hny constd-
erahP number ofnegro 'slave' has not
icsulted In llio ruin of both races."