The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, May 17, 1867, Image 2

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t Crude potrolcuui la worth only
onu cent per gallon In Ctitituln.
totJ'A lump of willtt Montiiim nllvcr
wi-ijiinnj; suvonty-tiiroo pound" w on
exhibition in St. I.imK
Par Alnlno lm-4 1 l,O()l),000 of ncn-aof for- j
wt, mill U dcstlni'il to Iwnini' tliu
Krcativit of thosliliilmlltllii"; States.
I3r Eleven children near Howertown,
Xortlmiiipton county, ns they wero jo
IiiC homo from huIioo! last weelc, were
bitten, by mad dog.
ZWTIieliumocratsof Kentucky havo
carried nil the ConuriwiiU'ii. This Is a
KJln of two, And tlv(!s us nine mem
bers Instead of eight. This victory
added to Connecticut will inako u
change of ton lntlio Hump. Oar 'ma
jority Is la.tKKl. Everywhero Itadlral
Ism Is on n ilocentlliif,' jjrfitlp.
ttnrTlio Count de Ornlfulhe, tho rich
est Frenchman, died on the "th tilt.,
Ujfcd OJ. I Io left $.-,11,000,00(1.
Cs?A keg of powder exploded near
Kort Lee, Is. J., on Tuesday, blowing a
man named McCallcy llfty I'cet into tho
air nnd landing him In the river. Ho
swam ashore and Is still living.
fetV-Thonias Jclfcrson was President
of tho rutted States elcht years, and
the Federal Government cost during
tltatneriod only Sll.10d.787.
The taxes ot tho people of tho Statu
of Pennsylvania now In a single year
exceed uouuio mat i-um are over, or seven per cent.
IWJ- IIole-ln-the-Dav. the celebrated
Indian Chief, lias married a wldte wife.
and lias abandoned his half dozen In
dian wives lor her, proposing to
St. Cloud, and llvo like " wliito folks,"
as lrom ins great weami no is niitiiiu
autlv uhlo to do. The bride Is comely
lu perton, and was ndoniesticemployed
in tno ituiiiury department at tnu notei
in Washini'ton'. where IIolo-ln-thp-D.i.v
and his suite, were ptittlngupdiiringtlio
recent treaty couierence.
t'arThii anuunl per capita tax In Orcat
llritain and Ireland Is $!.5); In New
York $2.7o! In Indiana $20.77, and in
Pennsylvania iflW.iWJ. It will he wen,
therefore, that our citizens pay more
than three times and n half heavier taxes
than tho subjects of Queen Victoria,
CtirTho Hadtcal tariff put S1.U3 per
yard on bunting tno material ot which
Hags are made. There nre only two
bunting mills in this country, In one of
which lien Hutler is the Inrcest !toek-
holder. Under these circumstances tho
Stars nnd Strines nro likely to remain
the "dear old Hag" for some tlmo at
least Hen has It in ills power to make it
very dear.
CWTho lion Elijah llisc lato Demo
cnatio member of Congress from Ken
tucky, who was- ro-elected to that po
Bltion on Saturday last, committed bill
cldcat Ilussellvllle. Kentucky. Wednes
day, by blowing out his brains witli a
pistol, because ms advanced ago prevent
ed his doing his country any more
Ci2r SayS n Washington correspondent
Amomr tho claims presented at tho Sec
ond Auditor's olllee during tho week,
was one for the bounty and back-pay of
a negro soldier, who it wasalllrmed had
died from strangulation while" in the
UiiGof hisdutv. "Sumo technical error.
however, led to Its being referred to
the Adjutant General's oillco. when it
was found that Mr. "Nig,"' had' suro
eiiougu, died 01, strangulation, lor no
had been hunffor wilful murder.
Slinms, and Nearly, havo been packed
at Alexandria. Virginia, for tho United
States District Court which is to meet
at Richmond. Docs that conflseator of
privato property, Underwood, intend
to "try" Davis with a packed j ury of
negroes v
JoirTho registration of voters was
comnleted at Washlustou last week
Tho total is 11,070 whito 7,823 ; color
ed 7,1 17 ; wliito majority G7G. Tho ls,t,
2d, 3d, and 7th wards havo negro ma
jorities and tho -1th, Cth and Cth havo
wmto majorities.
t-Tlio Boston poor authorities late
ly sent an old lady of eighty-two wars
to Albany. New York, -to be Taken
caro of. because her husband died there
thirty-five years ago. Tho Albany au
thorities sent her back toisoston ; wncrc
unon tho Boston overseers returned her
again to Albany. Tho authorities of
both cities are lladleals. and tho over
seer of tho Boston poor claims that ho
saved" siy,wu lost year on paupers.
Saved money, perhaps, but stinted and
starved tno paupers.
JS-Eight thousand cannons and"
eleven thousand gun carriages wero used
up lu tho course, of tho war. Of Iron pro
jectiles, In tho bhapo of shot and shell,
the quantity used was about 7,000,000
pounds weight; whilo tho amount of
lead consumed is set down at 00,000,000
pounds. Tho consumption of gun-pow-dor
was 20,000,000 pounds. Of muskets,
rifles, and other small arms, no less than
3,100,000 wero destroyed or rendered
useless in the service j while over 2,000,
OOOsets of completo accoutrements dis
appeared. BOrA man was sawed in pieces -In
Broome county, N. Y., on Haturday.
As somo men wero passing a saw-mill,
thoy observed a man lying upon his
faco In tho mill, nnd tho saw running
loosely, as though it needed re-setting.
They alighted from the wagon in which
they wero riding, and found the man,
3lr. William T. Powers, covered with
blood, and dead. There was a deep
gash erosswiso upon tho foro skull, his
breast was terribly cut, and onu of his
arms was mangled in a bhocklng man
ner clean to the shoulder. It is not
known Itow long tho body had lain in
this position; hut it was cold when
BQrTliosftirclty and consequent high
prices of wheat and flour havo brought
California into prominenco as nn agri
cultural State. In 1805, of wheat thero
wero grown 11 ,071), 127 bushels, valued
nt$ia,301,9.52;orbarloy, 15.102,783 bush
els, valued at $10,000,000: of oats, 2,078,
783 bushels, valued at $700,000 ; of hay,
SOO.000 tons, valued at $5,000,000; of
beans, 150,110 bushels, valued at $250.
000; Indian corn, 1,003,011 bushels; but
ter and clieoso, 2,250,000' pounds, and
wino 1,133,933 gallons, making tho agri
cultural productions of that State worth
in tho aggregate about $31,000,000.
tS-ThaSan Francisco, Diego, corres
pondent of tho Alta California Hays:
''Tho Atlantic and Paciilc(formerly tho
southern rncinuj iianroau company
will uoori make arrangements to brenk
ground at this point, as their road,
which Is now such 11 favorlto and popu
lar route with everybody (since it has
been demonstrated that tho inorp'north
ern routes are not feasible), must bo
rapidly completed to satisfy tho wants
of tho trade, commerce and people of
this coast." Tho Southwest Pacific rail
road of Missouri Is' tho eastern division
of this road, and the Alta says that trains
will bo, run through to San EraucUco
over this route long heforo any other
road Is completed.
X In tho noxt statement Secretary
JfcCuIIoch hope to reduce tho total debt
to about twenty-live hundred million,
at which point ho must remain
Htatlonary, so long 11s thd present rulo
of Government Income and expenses is
maintained. Ju-t think of It. And all
that money Ik to bo inado up by taxing
tho industry of tho hard working people
of the North. Most certainly wo have
won an uluphnut in this ratlle,
Sfltc (ifohuuMam
MIIIIAY JIIUIMMI, .11 AY 17, 1807.
The following changes in tho Post Of-
tiers lu Columbia and Montour counties
havo occurred within the past year. Wo
mention Ihcttt In alphabetical order.
HnAvr.n VallIIy.--The Post Master
(Bamberger having moved away from
tho place,BcnJainin Ktmmcrman,ii Mer
chant and lit mnu, was appointed In his
Br.NTONV Karlv last summer sixty-
seven citizens petitioned for the ap
pointment of John .1. M'llcnry. Sub
sequently u petition was sent in favor
of II. E. Everett and n second petition
for M'llcnry, The latter was appoint
ed. 1 Ic Is a Merchant, welllocated,and
a gentleman of high character. Mr.
Haycock tho olllcor disnmced resided
abovo tho main town, nnd the change
was' an evident improvement on the
ground of convenienco to the public.
Besides, tills olllee was In tho heart of
tho region which was scoured and lux-
rascd by the "Army of Invnlon" in
1801, nnd it was peculiarly lit that no
"sympathizer" with that great iniqui
ty should ho permitted to hold it Fed
eral oillco there.
Ur.tiwicic. Dr. Edward (1. Home
was appointed Post Master recently In
plncoof John IUicli. Dr. Homo is a
dentist, a competent mnu and strongly
Anti-Radical. Ilohelieves that tho war
was for Union and not to degrado suf
frage and destroy Bepublican govern
ment. But wo spoke of this cae,ntsomc
length, last week.
Ur.ooMsmnio. Jolin 15. Pursol was
appointed last year in place of 1). A.
Boekley, resigned.- Tho ofllce becoming
one subject to appointment by the Pre.
Ident (instead of Post Muster General)
by reason of tho increase of business and
salary of Post Master, Mr. Pursel's
name was sent to the Senate last winter
for confirmation. Ho was confirmed
by tho Senate against tho active oppo
sltion of U. Mereur M. G. from this dis
trict, and in spite of a special journev
to Washington by Paleinon John. Mr.
Pursol is an excellent and papular of
ficer, "which nobody can deny," and is
precisely "tho right man lu the right
Cp-ntkalia. John P. Ilannan was
appointed recently at this borough, in
place of David Camp, and was compli
mented last week by the abuse of P.
John. This Is an ofllce which is rapidly
increasing in Importance and requires a
good incumbent. Mr. Ilannan was elec
ted one of tho Auditors of the county,
last Full, and is a gentleman of influence
and character. There were several sub
stantial reasons for his appointment, in
dependent of political considerations, to
which wo refer in another article.
Danvilii:. Thomost iutoretingcaso
of all is Danville I Tho commission of
Andrew F. ltussel as Post Master, ex
pired Inst summer. Ho was uomlflated
to tho Senate and confirmed, but was
not appointed or commissioned nfter
wards. Ho continued however to act
until last winter, when 'the following
gentleman wero nominated in succession
to All tho vacancy, to wit : Samuel S.
Gullck, Andrew C. Ilussclnml John AV.
Miles. They wero all rejected by the
Senate at tho lhstanco of Mcrcur. Then
O. II. Ostrander was nominated and his
con Urination carried upon a fight. To
bohtiro Unlucky Morciirhadgoiiehoniq
nttho time, but no doubt left full in
structions behind him, nnd then too lie
had tho telegraph tit command ! Hut
the Senate (three-fourths Radicals) be
came nt last Indifferent to tho views of
our Unlucky Representative, and con
cluded to ignore him altogether. Thoy
proceeded to confirm tho President of
tho Young Men's Johnson Club as Post
Master at Danvillo! Salary $2000 per
annum and $500 for Clerk hire! It
was a very afflicting dispensation of
Providence to somo personsexceeding
ly distressing to all "loyal" souls of the
bastard sort but it filled the ofllce with
a capital gentleman, satisfied honest
public opinion, and was -in ail respects
as right as right could be.
Jr.itsiiYToWN. Mr. Brugier, the Post
Master, removed three-fourths of amllo
from tho town, whereupon, with tho
assent of citizens of both parties, WI1
Ham Kreanier, merchant, was appoln
OitANor.viM.r.. Capt. Hoes J. Mil
lard, merchant, appointed In place of
Mr. Bowman. Ho had served in tho
war and hud an honorable military
record. Sinco his recent removal to
Mlflllnvllle, a new appointment will
bo necessary,
HoAiiiNG Ciu:i:k. Jacob Yeager, mer
chant, appointed In plncoof Emma Iloag-
land Mr. Yeager had held tho oillco be
fore,!) had been improperly removed tit
thoinstanco of P. John. Ills.restora-.
lion was nn net of Justieo to him and to
tho citizens interested in tho oillco. It
is now conveniently located and well
Wabhinotoxviu.i:. At this oillco
iv change was made upon petition of
citizens of both parties, which wo bo-
lievo has been entirely satisfactory.
WhitijIIall. Jonathans. M'Hrido,
a popular, accommodating and lutein
gent gentleman, was lately appointed
in place of Mr. Crawford. In this owj
tho ofllco will bo located at tho proper
place, In a store generally frequented by
tho people, and will havo Improved
management. o doubt whether any
appointment heretofore mudo In this
section, wsw over moro satisfactory to
tho peoplo concerned than Is this one of
Mr. MMiride,
Cuahm:s H. Douor.Ass, yungest son
of Fred Douglass, tho famous colored
lecturer, has been appointed to a first-
clas clerkship In tho Froedmnn.s
Why (shouldn't hu'. It supports mr
million other darkles,
Tho Satiotiul JnleUlfftnecr of May
11th is beforo ti, containing the pro
ceedings of the Second Wnrd (Wash
ington) Republican Club, on tllo even
ing of tho 10th, upon tho nomination
of Wnrd Candidates for the inunclpal
or city election to beheld on tho first
Monday of June. Tho meeting was
composed mainly of darkles with a
sprinkling of radlcat whites, and among
tho latter tho Reverend Benjamin 11.
Emory, well known to many of our
readers. Benjamin was u preacher In n.
small way beforo tho war, and nn edll or
In Wyojulng County, but obtained nn
ofllco In one of tho Departments at
Washington, about 18(11, and hasslnco
resided thclo with his family. But hu
has not altogether neglected his duties
as it former citizen of this State. On
two or three occasions ho squatted in
tho Fishing Creek election district in
this County, nnd sworu in his vote as u
resident. Benjamin had peculiar Ideas
upon the laws of domlell, and upon his
rights ns a citizen, and he conformed
his conscience to them. Whilo retain
lug his domlell nnd ofllce nt Washing
ton, (and returning there! at onco after
playing elector) ho conceived ho could
squat down ten days anywhere in Penn
sylvnnia and thereby secure tho right
to vote. This was a gravo error, but it
belongs to Jlio past. We llvo too rapidly
In these days, under too much of pros-
sure, to turn back and review small
events in our career as a people, and
therefore a great many of tho perform
ances of political preachers among us,
in recent years, "will sonn pass out of
memory, will m forgotten if not forgiv
en. Time is, itself, a Matuto of repose,
for it brings forgetfulncss oven where It
does not excito charity.
But Benjamin now emerges from his
lato obscurity in a Washington Clorl
ship, to become ndviser, ' prompter,
guido and friend of our new "fellow cit
izens of African descent" at Washing
ton, In their clumsy attempts to exer
cise tho right of suffrage with which
Congress has. endowed thorn. Hear
him at tho Club meeting :
"The name of William Rutherford
(as a proposed candidato for Common
Council) was next called up. Cries of
"Who is he'."' "What is lioV" "Wo
don't know him, nnd wo don't want
him !" Mr. Lewis', (colored) Chairman
of the Committee, said that tho name
of Sir. Rutherford vns satisfactory.
Rev. Mr. Emory said, ho (Ruther
ford) was u sound Radical. Ho was not
a timid, compromising, or truckling
Radical. Voice, "lie is n bully boy !"
"The name of Mr. Rutherford was en
thusiastically endorsed."
it is satisiaetory to Know that Jienja-
miu is in the lino of duty, and it is to
be hoped that ho will in duo time ob
tain, witli or without the aid of the
"colored brethren," an ofllco still bet
ter than tluj ouo lie now holds. Such
merit as his should not bo overlooked !
may pkssioxb, 1807. Coulinued.
Tjiciwiuv Muunino, Mny. 0, 1st".
James Gannon vs. Michael Crane and
Patrick Fahe.v. Mr. L-' Voile for plain
till'; Mr. Clark for defendant. On mo
tion of Mr. Clark, attachment awarded
against Patrick l-'aliey.
Charles Uvorlv vs. Jlnrcrarot Everlv
Divorce Clark for Plaintiff. C. B.
Brockwny appointed examiner to tako
depositionsof witnesses. Commonwealth
vs. GeorgoReighard Indictment' For
geryNet a true bill Prosecutor, Jos.
R. Jameson, to pay tho costs.
ArrniiNnoN, 2 o'i lock i-.m.
Commonwealth vs. Lucas Roan Re-
cnrrniziinrp. T.nri-r-nv llefnndtint. niwl
Aiircd Lrevellng's ball lorlelted to bo
respited at next session.
Peter Blllmeyer vs. Leonard Kline
Clark for Plaintiff. Judgment against
Joseph m. l-reckvs. Tho Centralia
water company. Clark for pialntill;
Comly for defendants. In enuitv. C.B.
Brockwny appointed examiner to tako
tno depositions oi witnesses to bo read
on tho argument of tho abovo case.
Same day rule upon plaintifl'to closo the
testimony within thirty days alter no
tico of this rule.
John Lovan vs. Bcrnnrd M'Brearty.
Civil suit. L' Velio for plaintiff; Clark
for defendant. Issuo and rulo for trial,
Verdict in favor of plaintiff for $011.75
Commonwealth vs. Sylvester Hoff
man. Defendant nnd Reuben Waser
his bail tent in $100.00 for appearance of
doienunnt at next session.
Sheriff's Deeil to M. M. L'Vellc, for
lot oi ground in uermantown. couvnir
ham township, sold ns the property of
jonn uisey.
Woolley A- Polio vs. John W.Le.-cher.
Clark fornlaintills: Littlu for defendant.
Jury called, May 10th ; verdict in favor
oi deicniiaiit.
Klias Deltterick'seslate: C. B. Brock
way, Eii., appointed auditor to inako
distribution among creditors.
Peter Eveland's estate"; E. R. Ikcler,
Esq., appointed auditor to make distri
bution among the heirs.
Archibald Henrv's estate: E. II. Lit
tle, Esq., appointed auditor to mako
distribution among tno heirs.
1'j:uay MoitNiMi, Mny 10.
Commonwealth vs. Tho Overseers of
Poor of Locust towushin. Trauirh and
Abbott for Commonwealth; Clark for
ucieuuanis, indictment, not providing
for Thomas. Ac. Jurv called: siinioduv
verdict finding defendants not guilty,
aim prosecutor, jo-iau Thomas, to pay
tho costs.
Wm. II. Long vs. Lavina Long. C.
B. Brockwny, Esq,, appointed commis
sioner to tnkc deposition.
Jeremiah P. Ffncher vs. Isaac Yettor.
Clark for plaintiff: Freezofor defendant.
Jury sworn umu day. Juror withdrawn
and Judirmcnl fur plaintiff.
James Stackhouso vs. Thomas Stack
house's executors. Brockway forplaln-
nn ; v leezoiordeieiuinnt. jury sworn.
Saino day Juror withdrawn. Judgment
tor planum.
. John P. Strohmoycr vs. Samuel Ney
hard. Jury sworn. Saino day Juror
n iuuirawu. j augment ior dcicmiaut
Brockway for plaintiir; Frce'.o for do
AlTKIlNUUN 2 O'clock P.M.
Samuel Rozell's estato: C. B. Brock
way, Esq., appointed auditor to mako
distribution among tho heirs.
Tin: elevation of thosurfucoof Lake
Superior above tho sea Is six hundred
feet, that of tho other upper lakes 578
feet, yet their great depth places their
beds except that of Lako Erie, below
tho surfaco or the ocean. These- lin
menso reservoirs, Lako Ontario Inclu
(led, contain nearly ono-half of tho
Known irusn water on tho globe.
Ririt.MON!). Mn.v 13. JudL'o Under
wood entered the court room, nt half-
ast eleven o'clock this forenoon, and
mvlin? taken Ids seat, ordered tho court
to bo opened, the crier proclaiming.
"Hear ye, hearyoisllenculsconiinnndcd
whilo the Circuit Court Is In session j
God save tho United Stntes,"
The room had previously been, crow
ded with spectators, Including a few
indies nun a nunioer oi coioreu nu n,
who had been admitted by tickets, In
all probnly not moro than two hundred,
owing to tho limited capacity of the,
courtroom. At one side of tho table
u front' of tho Judge's stand, whero
seal -1 Charles O'Couor, Wllllnm B.
Rce. and Georgo Shea, Esq., and on
the other, J. Randolph 'flicker,
Robert Ould nnd James Lyons, Esqs.,
all counsel for Jefferson Davis.
Tho United States District Attorney
Chandler and William M. Evarts occu
pied seats near the gentleman mention;
oil, ami appeard for tho United States
Jelfersoii Davis entered thecourt room,
accompanied by General Burton and
UnltedStates Assistant Marshal Duncan
and took seats csoeCially provided for
them on tho side of Judge Underwood.
Tho spectators displayed profound in
terest at this feat tiro of tho procccdlnirs.
Jefferson Davis was, a short time
after his entrance into court, provided
with a seat between Mera. O'Couor
and lteed.
' Judiro Underwood remarked. The
Court is honored, on this occasion, by
tho nre-enceof so many of tho nntion's
noblest and bravest defenders, that the
usual morning routlnu will be omitted.
Wo are now ready for any communica
tion from General Burton,
There wero cries of "sit down," and
"order must bo preserved," by nn olllcer
of the court.
Tho writ of habeas vorjm.i, sued out
of tho Court and allowed by Judge
Underwood, and which has already been
published, was then read; it bore the
following indo'veniont:
In oljt'iUenco In the exigency oftliouithtii writ,
I now hero lmiiluco licrnro tho withln-nnmcil
I'ourt fifth" riiltdl Hlntos lnrllic District "f
Vlmlnta, tho lioilyuf Jcllcrson H.iM, nt Hie I line
r the service cf the writ licM liy me lu Imprison
ment nt l'nrtn-ss .Mnnine Ulnlcr the initttitiy
nulhorlty of the Unltcil States, nnii suiieiuler
tho siitill.leirersim luvlslltitlincustiMyJurisillt"
tlcin nnd cnntrnl nf the snld Court, ns Inni dllcc
ccl to ilo hv the nriler of tho l'lestilcnl of the
United Htntcs, under d.Uo of .Mny s, M,7.
Colonel nnd hrevet llrlirndler-licnernl united
.States Army,
After considerable discussion on vari
.oim points nnd questions, it was agreed
that ball should bo taken, tho govern
ment not being ready for trial, in the
sum of$10(),000; Twenty persons quali
fying hi the sum of $5,000 each. All
wero present in court but two; when
District Attorney Chandler said I nas
mucliasoighlccngentlcmen havo offered
I lnakcnoobjectlons as to thp'insuliieion
cy of the number.
Mr. O'Couor Wo nre waiting for two
gentlemen, and whilo wo nre waiting,
twenty others are willing to take their
places. Tho names of tho sureties wero
severally called, and they repaired to
thoelork'sdosk and signed tho lollowing
paper :
Tho cindltion of this recoanlzimre Is such that
If the said Jellerson l)a is shall, 111 proper person,
well and truly appear nt theCllcult Court ol the
I'nltcd Htntes for the District of Vlrctnln, tnlio
held at lUchinoinl, In the said iltsliict, on the
fiurtli -Monday of Xoemhernc.xl,nt thcopelihitf
of the Court on thai day, then and there appear
lrom day today, and Mund to, nbldcand periorm
w hatever shall ho then nnd there ordeieil and
adjudged lu respect to him Jiy the said Court ami
not depart from the said Court without the leave
of the said Court lu that behalf tlrst had mid ob
tained, then this rccosiilain-o to become void,
otherwise to remain in full lorce.
Taken and nckuuwleitiied this thirteenth day of
.May, Iso7.
(Sjyued) Jetrerson Davis ; Horace (iiceley.Xew
Vork; Augustus Schell, New York; Arlslides
Welsh. I'hlliidclhlila: David Iv. .l.icklunu. Phil
adelphia: W. II, Mcrarland.Uiclimolid; Uhhard
llartou llaxnll, Ulclimond; Isaac. Davenport,
r.lchmond: Abraham Warwick, lllchnioud; llus
tavus A. .Myers, lhchuitmd; William W. I'ruiun,
lllchmond! .lames Lyons, Ulclimond ; John A.
.Meredith. Hichmond ! Wm. II. I.vons. Hichmond :
John .M. holts, VliKlnln; .Inliii W. Unwell, Vir
ginia; Junius J. Thomas, Jr., Ulchmomt,
The nnino of Horace F. Clark, of New
York, wnsadded, ho having sent a nut
for that purpos'e. When tho name of
John Minor Botts was called it was
Mr. Chandler said tho requisite num
ber had been obtained with tho excep
tion of two or three only.
Then deafening 'applause followed.
Mr. Davis stood up, siirroiinndcd
closely on both sides. Old friends heart
ily congratulated him, while a number
of strangers were introduced. Assistant
Marshall Duncan, amid tho huzzas and
waiving of hats, exclaimed in a loud
tono: "TheCourt will have to be cleared
unless order is preserved." The Court
was then adjourned until to-morrow.
Mr. Davis was greeted with cheers by
those wlio followed him and the crowds
on tho streets.
As Davis entered a carriago after his
release there was a loud cheer lrom tho
crowd of negroes outside, and about fif
ty of them gathered about the coach
and shook hands witli him. Ilo lias re
mained quietly in ids hotel all theeven
lug, and will visit Canada in a lew days
to see his children.
Tho Virginia residents who signed tho
ball bond aro permanent residents of
Richmond merchants ami lawyers.
There seems to bo a general feeling of
relief among tho citizens and authori
ties that Davis is at last at liberty.
It is stated that tho Grand Jury lias
indicted Vice President JohnC. Breck
inridge, Judge II. W. Thomas, of Fair
fax, and four others for treason.
Tho following telegram was received
by Judge Underwood, in thecourt room,
to-day shortly before ho admitted Davis
to ball :
Wasuinuton, Mny 11.
JndKo ITuderwood.liownie or (Ireoley. iteinem
her l.llihv prison, Andcrsonvllle, ami Uello Isle.
Kitty millions are looking on and expect you to
do your duty, while three hundred thousand pa
triots' ejavesery nloud for levcne.
"Vocil riliKXIi."
Mr. Davis, on ids release, telegraphed
to Ids brother in Mississippi tho fact,'
and said he would write from New
York. Mr. Davis and wlfo visited the
gravo of their son, nt Hollywood Ceme
tery, to-night, and afterwards took pas
sago on tho steamer Niagara, which
sails for New York at 10 A. M. to mor
r Wo seo nothing In tho conduct of tho
Democrats in Congress inconsistent with
tho great object or their party toget In
to power anyhow, nnd at whatever cost
to tho country, Tribune.
There is nn almost sublime Impudence
In this Yn'iimetulk about the Democrat
icpartyconilnginto power "at whatever
cost to tho country"! Sinco the Radical
party came "into power," tho public
debt, rrom comparative insignificance,
in Ic-s than six years hasjiwelled to tho
startling amount of threo thousand
millions or dollars an overwhelming
burden to bo shifted to tho shoulders uf
succeeding generations. Since this party
enino"into power," gohliiudsilvernion
ey has disappeared from circulation, and
in place ol coin tliu country is Hooded
with nn irredeemable paper currency,
no "dollar" of which will buy moro
than llfty cents, worth of bread or beer
or clothing. Since Itadlcall-m came
"Into power," rents nndthoeotofnctuti!
living have more than doubled, while
In no part of tho, country havu wages
advanced inurothiin 50 percent. Within
six years, hundreds of thoiMindsof now
utllces, employing collectors, coniinl.-s.
loiiers,clerk.snudngeiits,at large salaries,
have been created; ami many ofthonu
ofllcers nronbsolulo sinecures conferred
upon party favorites; moro oi tneni nro
utterly ueles created by extrava
gance, anil which a wise economy
would ut once dispense wmi ; ami an i
them are a perpetual drain upon the
treasury, and n crushing weight upon
tho over-taxed people. Within the
same period, every year has seen the en
actment of a new tarlir law, each suc
ceeding one more oppressive than tho
last, each Increasing tho cost or every
nrtlcle of consumption, nnd all tillered
one nftcr the other under the plea of
"protecting" n small clivsi nf manufac
turer! and monopolists who inako 100
per cent, dividends, and who can and
tlo spend millions every year to lobby
still moro exorbitant tariffs through a
Radical Congress. Anil since pence was
declared, tliu Radical party in power
has pursued a "policy" towartls the
South which iirevents tho restoration of
business in that section or tho country,
which forbids tho recuperation oi
its resources and tho development of
material wealth in tho siouth ; nnd tins
"policy" is the Impolicy which tends
Inevitably to throw the entire burden
of the war, the payment of the taxes
resulting from the war, anil llnally the
entire assumption of tho enormous war
debt' upon tho North. These are hut
specimen bricks, showing thecost totho
country of the lately erected edltlco of
Radicalism. Tills is what tho party
hascostslnee It camo "Into power." And
to perpetuate tho power of this party
oniv long enough to extend us len-u oi
lifo'bevoud tho next Presidential con
test, it is proposed to put ten entire
States under tin enormously expensive
military government, tints largely in
creasing, if not doubling, tho taxes of
tho already over-burdened taxpayers of
tno JNot'tli. with these things on nauu
and In view, the principal organ of tho
iiauicai party coony iniKsanoui jicinoc
racv coming into power "at whatever
eot to the country"! A'. V. World.
Wr. had just gone quietly through
"David Coppcrfleld," when tho follow
ing notico met our eye In the Rochester
J)rmocrtt :
"A renewed circulation nnd u still
wider reading of Dickens cannot prove
othcrWisothnn a blessing to tho country:
for who shall deny that tills genial
novelist is not, wherever ho may go, a
missionary of good as wellasof delight;
ma vine: men and women better, whilst
lie makes them smile; softening and
enlaririnir tho heart, even as ho irrntille
the lovo of humor, the sensibilities
that symphntliize with pathetic, and
the artistic taste that relishes pictures
of homely nnd Intensely human life.
As tho 'Diamond' lias thus inaugurated
another eonquering campaign for tho
deserved y loved and ponuiar iron tiemnn
of Gadshill, it deserves to bo praised
for what it is as well ns for what it lias
done. For its convenient form, its
distinct though necessarily small typo,
ami excellent original illustrations by
Eytinge, it merits commendation, and
liw-nfMii lHltitlhil' u-nlit nf n verv liiniliu-nli.
price. It issometliiiignowaiitisomething
beautiful and something useful likewise
in the way of book-making: and by
its very peculiarities is unite sure to boa
favorite, no matter how many attractive
rivals enter tno nsis with n anil win
"David CopperfleVl" is the third vol
time of tho Diamond Dickens, anil is
issued in tho same compact, convenient,
and elegant slyl'i us "The I'ickwick
Papers" nntl "Our Mutual Friend."
Every lover of Dickens should lie sure
to get this edition. The illustrated
volumes aro only $ 1.50 each, nnd the
Mm-lcct Hi-port.
Whent per bushel
nye " '
corn "
Hour per bnncl
1'utlltOCS ,
Dried Apples
Sides itii.l Shoulders
Lard per pound ;
Hay per ton
Hemlis-k Hoards per thoic-and feel
l'lne " " " (one Inch) ,
Joist, Scanthnir, l'lnnk, (Hemlock)
Milnitlcs, No. 1 per thousand
... 51 m
.. I a
. . I (rt
... Pi IU
.... 7 U-J
... 2 M
... 2
.... n
... Hi 00
. in oi
... lsa'JI
.... 1 1 IXI
... K IK)
... 7 IU
... IS W
T 1'stvti: m.oirm: i;ieami:i(. dkc'ii.
Letter nt uiliiitnlstratimi on Uk estnto of Con.
Kramer. Lite of Hlonm township. Columbia votin
ty, (loet'iisod. lnf Iktu snmtwl by the lloshlrr
oi Kamooumy, injoim it. .Muyer, numumiiuior,
All Dt-rhons tiuvlnz claims or dtinnniW nun Inst
the t'M ute or tho lU'CPilont are ji'qut'Nli'il to mako
them known to tho mtmiiilstiator without Mi lay,
iiiiu nn h'imjun jjiucoicu mu ri'uiK'Mni m nitiiii'
jmvinoul. JOHN It. MOVKIt.
JHoomhljurfi, May 17, ISO, AilmV.
xaricv or i.xijrwr.
Tn M ltd m:r MrKu'iix. winow or fiFounn Mr
Kwi:n; 1) Nir.rMrKv!:N,ii:ni:riK Mcllwrx,
WlM.lAM 1'. McIlWKN, lll'.MlY J. Mt'llWEN,
JI.Mll.ll.V IUMM;, LAIK ,MA1J 1,1)1 .MCl.WKN,
children nmi heirs of Uoorpo mVkwch, lute or
urei uwoou iowiimhi, uoiumma cumuy need,
You ami rath of you will lake notice, that by
viruieoi invmiu pariiuon or valuation, issucti
out of the Orphani" Cniiii of the County of Co
lumbia, an lU(iue.L will be hcM at the late dwell-
Uy Iioum' of ( lenrco McKwen, demised, In the
lowiiship of fJreenwood.ln said county, on Tlinis-
uaj i in him tiny oi miHUM, a, J IMi, loi'IIie pur
1k)s.o of lnakltl'' narlltlon ol Hut r.tale of the
bald deceased, sltimto lu (Jroonuood township,
iiiuifiiiu, in hum mnonx inn ciiiMirii aim repru
M'ldatUes of the sidd deceived, It the Mime ean
be done without prejudice tonr spoiling (ho same,
otheiwl-e to value and nnprnho tho Name.
HAA1 )l'At S.'YM:it,Mieriir,
Siintirf's Ottici:, )
Itlooinviuir, May 17, W17.
q o ii lt m u r a ji o.r s :,
IIavino lately pimhaod nnd fitted up the
t-jiHiio ii iiimiiuw jiou'i iTopeny, locaien a
ri:w iHiuib aiujm: tiik wl'ut iioumi:,
on the same ldc of the Ktieet, In the town of
nuMiiiibituru; and naiti? (HJiattu-da iicliiso for
the Mime asa
It K S T A V H A X T ,
tho Proprietor has determined tolve to the poo
plo vInHIii the toMn on business or pleasure,
a urjr.u moiu: itoo.M.
HN stabling also Is extensive, atel Is fitted up
to put buuuleHaud carrlau'CK In the diy. lie prom
ises that et-rythlnj about his establishment shall
be eitjidueted In an ordeily and Jawlul manner;
tmd lie resptt'ltiUly solleltn a share or tht putillo
patnmaiie. myl7u7-jiu.
O X (3 P O II O T H J..
i UK uudersluned lmvlnn Ieavil ami re-furnUh-ed
lu t;f d style tho uhoe welbknowti llouse,
A M () N (1 T 1! i; M O V N T A I X S
In thebordOsTHof Columbia and Kulllvnn -on titles,
lu em of the mot beautiful and healthful regions
JuthoKLule; U fully prewired to iiccoiuiuodato
visitors and sojouinera
The Iond and streams are, well stocked with
deliclou Uliof many kinds lucludluti
T H O I T A N 1) 1' 1 JC K,
nnd iKut1 In rihmI order will bo kept for the ac
commodation uud amUsieiueut of quests. 4'lther
lor tlshiuif orpleaMiieexciirhloiimipun this beau
tllul sheet of water which H
Surroiiniled by an extciisUe Forest, there Ik ntror
did to tho huntsman a splendid field for his u u
peculiar sjujrts, and e&erclso w 1th tiK
I t) (1 A N 1) I lT .V,
111m Larder will be always provided with the
delicacies of thehoasou; and his llarsutelted llli
I'l'lli; l.iiit'ocM. The llouse Is laroaud commo
dious; the MabtlUK extensle nnd sate,
The House Is reached fiom soeml points on
the Uloomhuri; A 1 JieUuuuhn.i lUtlroad; and Is
a splcuillil pluee to pasn (he hot liiontliK of Hutu
liter. It, It, UAYIWHnT.
Mav 17, 1M'.7-Iiu,
Devtited luehnlce literature, Inciudliiit oiry,
novelettes, talc, atul inornl nnd rnlertainlnn
rendltur.Kcneriilly. In the literary department
ne Khali present the choicest Mirlcflc within the
reach or mir extciuini means, ine nuveicues,
tales, poetry, etc., shall he supplied fniin tho In st
nnd liUthcut Kourcen, and heeitual to iinylhlim to
lie round 111 nny journal ,r iiiiiKiiriui-.
.vniint t.Tt'itn A nii iiotirirm.rriii:,
1i,lriir-lnir l.'nri n I nw. flit isleli lliff. Vril lt-ltals tiff.
etc. our lahnrs lu this department fcirnver thlr
ty ears, have Inel the cordial npprolialloli of the
laihlle. our linriiose has heell to furnish usi-ful
and rellahle Intormatlon upon these very Impor
tant nrnnrhcmr industry nntl to protect mem no
Tarns within our power njralnst the falsa doc
trines nnd nelllsh purposes of tho many emilres
and sensation ndvenlures hy whlcli the farmer Is
Incessantly nssnlled. Tills portion of the tier
mtlntmni Tilrtrnph Is nlolie worlll the price of
m:w HI'.PAItTMI-.ST.
1'h miinn'. en re. ninl dlserllnlnntton lu
cnlherltiiniid preimrliu: the stirring events of
the day, expressly for this paper, which lillliertn
has liccu one of Its marked lentures and ulveu
such universal Bntlsfacllon, will hn continued
with leiloubled cllorts to meet the IncrcasInK tie
inands of tho puhlle.
l khmsi l wo uouarnnuii nuj veins pe nun.
Vfinrders recelvnil u-h limit the cnsll. mill nil Kllll-
scrlptlonsRlopiiednt tho end nf tho lime paid for.
(specimen numbers sent. Address
' rillMI' lt. l'UIIAM,
ijiiuor nnii l'ropi icior.
iiiyl"'li7, Clermnntown, l'lilhulefplila, ra.
21, St, 2i A- 27, imo.vmvAY, :
tjiiwitc Jlottting (trccn
o n Tin: r. i' n o v c a n r i. a n.
Thk .StiA'kns llotu; 1q well ami widely known
to tho traveling public. The location N especial
ly sullablu to mcrcliiints and business men; it li
lu close proximity totho business part of the city
Is on the highway of Southern and WeMcin
travel and ailjaceut to all Hie principal vallrdad
atid fdoamboat depots,
1 lie Stevens House has liberal accommodation
for over Hi Ktiosts It Is well furnished, and pos
sesses everv moderate improvement tor inn com
bat nnd enterlnlnmout of Its Inmates. The
rooms are spacious and u ell vent ll.tted provided
ultimas and water the attendance Is prompt
and respectful nnd the table Is Kcnorousty pro
vided with every delicacy of (he m-ason at mod
erate rales. ui;n. iv. Chan; a co.
inyirU7-(im.j Troprletors,
1 O X V K C 1' 1 O X K n Y ,
stoiinp.u a wiiiYi:n,
Vholosale nnd ltolall Dealcr.s tn
plaix xi r.ixcv coxFxTwxmir,
Kxchnnco lllock, Illoontsburfr, 1'n.
oiiAxnr.s, i,i;moxs, iSaisixh, viuminm,
n o a ic c a x i) y ,
sr:KniE nvstN, bAYi:n kasins, rcutiVNTs,
of all kinds,
rani). i:. v:iisiyi:i!,
riloomsbur(j, April f, lisi".
mix nu.vDitr.n linn t;i:i).vii it-asts,
In flneeoliilltlrni, nt Mr. Ilueklllew's t'edar Hill.
The prisent lnouth Is a projier time for tralis-
I'uiiiiiiii; iin-in. .iso, one iiozeii pme JIIIAJIMA
HoosTi:iis, or one year, at and Si each.
Titos. V. (IUNTO.V.
lllooinsburB, .May 10, lsii7-iw.
K11CI 1 A NT'S 1 IOTK I j,
10 Nnnnt Fot'unt mtjikiu-,
.1. A. W. (I. .M'KIIIIIIN, I'ropilelor.
May in, lsiir-ly.
i.ici:nsi:i covi:vanci:u,
Will attend to wrltlna
iu:i:i)st, .mokt(iagi:s, i.i:aki:s, iionds,
xori:s, Aniii'.KMr.STs,
All manner of writing lietween parties nnd In
the KillKUlur. VJ, f'llAIUlKS moiii:i:ati:.
llciilou, Pa., .May 10, Ist-:)l.
wii oi.r.MAi.i: (i itocicns,
N. I!. rorner Second nnd Arch Streets,
I'm l..M)l:l,l-l 1 1 ,
llealels ill
TiiAs.syitui-s.rdn'i-.i:, srAit, jkilahsix,
ittei:, sticks, m cum soiia, ,tt., .ic,
til. Orders will reecho prompt attention.
Mny la, ll!7-Iy,
John mr.iiKur. i urn. a. iiovai..
l.sTIIMStKll Kli. IlltlKIOISTS,
Nos. nnii ninl nil North Third Strcit,
liupoitersnnd Healers In
DIH'fN, Mi:i)If'INlX Sl'K-IX l'.VINTS, Olf.S,
or.Ass, iiYi;sTi'i'rs, .vr..
May 10, lsCT-l.v.
.M. AltrMAN. 1-. It. llll.l.l.soxu, i:. Jl, AltTMAN,
xn. iii NoiiTii niiiti) srum.T,
(Xiitrly optvMr Jinim, Kent, buntre it fh.)
Wholesale Ilcnlera in
in, iijiriis, .siiAiu:s, ri.v Ni:rs,
(in.viN n.vos, conn.vdi:, ac. aiao,
Illtf.Sltl-s, Illl-NKS, I.OOKINII (1HSSKS, KrC.
May lo, Ho7-ly,
l'l'lti: DltlT.S,
1't'iti: ciii:micals,
l'l'Ili: PATKNT .Minill'INIX
at nn:
A' k ic ) it i r a sro :.
ii.viit liitL'siiix (LOTiir.s niifsiiix nail
ma'siiKs, loorii nnrsiiiH, hi. u ki.mi iiui'siiim,
V II I T K I, K A 1),
ri.oui:Nci: wiiiti:, coloks in oil,
iinv couins, I'AH-ST mivKii, I.insi:i:ii on.,
CA.V UK llOfllltr f.t.SrAVHKI-.K.
All the 1'ntent Medicines, warranted genuine.
W'llOi. KhAlll AMI IIKr.HI.,
Am-iit for Ijinilrcth'H (larden seisls.
Am-iit for MnrsirH Ct lehrntcd Trusses.
cocntuy brciiti:i;i:i:i'i:its
mpplled with (lodfrey'h Cordial,, Hal.
wmi, Harlem and lliltUh, Sweet tind Caster Oils,
Hooisr'M 1'llls, i:se nee nnd l'lnvuilna lyxtracts,
lower than New York, Prices, i:crybody re.
member that fifty per cent. cauliuwiNeilbyKoini,
" hi:ndi:ushoth
iiij Iu'ut-h.j Main Ktiikct, lliojisiii-ntj.
XL .STATE Ol ltAHMovr.,,,,.,',, . r....n.u
of iidiiilnlsiratloiilotlieesiiiteofliarnioulJihour.
Into of I- lb ilnnereek lowiikhlp, Coliimbin county,
deceased, Imve been Krnulcd by tho Keijlstcr of
( olumbl.usiunty, Jhaao Laiiouu nnd Hiiivm
1!. Ki.inb, ndliilnlbtintois. All perhonK havliiK
clainiH or ileniiitiilM iir,ii,,t ,i, Jlk.,,.. ,i ' .7
dent urn reiiuesteil to niiike them known totliend.
lulnlKliatois without delay, nnd all prisons in.
deblcd aio )'cilicted to make m niclit.
.-. . , , '""AM KL1N1!. j h.
jbdil nscrct k, JdjiyjijpsJT-1,1.
J)lt. V. II. IMtADI.KY,
tune Assistant Medical Director ,'. S, Aiiny,)
lllom("b('"."'l'""' ll0"S" "I'lK'-H" Chive's IlliH-lt,
Culls piomptly attendcil to l,lh iiluht mid day.
louooisiju-K, ail, IS, M17,
Q.UOVKU A 11 A K 13 H fj
S 13 AV I X O M A 0 1 1 I X 13 S ,
Were awarded lite. Highest Prenhims nt the Male
Pairs of
Kentucky, Vermont,
New Jersey Missouri,
Alabama, . Ohio,
Iiidlann, Virginia,
North Carolina, Wisconsin,
Iowa, Oregon,
New York,
at Tiin t-Aius ot- Tin:
American liistllule, PianUlIn Institute, Mnry.
land Institute, .Mass. Mechanics' Awn-la-lion,
Penn. Mechanics' Intttute,St,
Inils Aurlcullnml nnd Me
chnnlcs Association,
Andnl numerous Institutes and County I'nirs.
Including all the Pairs nt which they were clit!i
lied the past three yenrs. l'lrst Prlres have nu
been nwatded IhesoMnchiucsatthcexhlbltloii. ,r
Ilcsaiy-an, Ilayontie,St. Dlyler, Chalons, nnd tit v
have been furnished, by special coiiiminid, to n.i
Utnpivfis of Prance, Kmprcssof Austria, Umpiri,
of llussln, Lmpit-ssof ltrnrll, Queen pf Spain, nn,i
Queen of llnvurla.
tiii: a
S 13 W I X (1 JI A O 11 I X i: s
are superior to nil others for tho following rc.i
sons: I. They sew with two threads direct from ii
spools, nnd requlrlnix no rewliidinir.
'2. Thev nre morn ensllv iioilerslntul tin.l
and less liililo to ileratisciuent than other in.,
chlucs. 3. They are callable of cxccutlllKperfcrtly, tilth
out change of adjustment, nmticli greater nra i
of work than oilier machine.
I. The Mlteli made by these machines is nun it
mole firm, elastic, and durable, especlnlly upon
nrtlcles which require to bo wushed nnd Iron, i
than nny other stitch.
5. This stitch, owing to the mnnucrlnn hh ii
under thread Is luurought. Is much the hum
plump and benutiful in use, uud letalus ilus
plumpness and beauty even iipon articles ii
uenlly washed and Ironed until they are uiin
0. Th Miucture of the seam I.shucIi th.ii.tboiiii
it bo cut or broken nt Intervals nf only n f-
stitches, It win neither open, run, nor r.iel. luit
remain llrm nnd durable.
7. Unlike oilier machines, theso lAsteu liuth
end of tho scam by their own operation.
8. With these machines, while silk Is us-;d iiivin
the rlht or face side of the seam, eotlon may be
used upon tho other hide without lessening (lie
strcimlh ordurnhlllty of tlioseam. This can Ik
donooii no other machine, nnd Is n ureal sauia:
ujion all articles Nlltchi il or made up Willi silk
9. These machines, In nddition to their superim
merits ns Instruments Tor sewing, by a ehanc oi
ailjustnient, easily lenrned and practised, cxm-iii-the
most lieaullful nnd s-rmnuent embroidi n
and nrnainentnt work.
In nddition tn their family machines tlu u.a.
Jilso tho
mnklnun stitch nlike on bolli sides. This i mi
pauy make both the Lock nnd Double stitch M i
chllics, so that persons buying n prcfclcnci -:in
select such ns lliey like best, nnd If not stilted . mi
exchange for tho other, tlms 14I vlnt; the puhlii m.
ndvautago of this nrrniiKcmcut. They nlso ui.ts
the newly Imctltcd
an advance upon all machines heretofore l.tixn n
forsewlng with the Lock-Slltdi. It Is 01 km
power nndslieuitth, especially adapted for tiuloi
shoeuiakers, liarness-inakers,earriitge-trliiiiin
and for all descriptions of work to which "
lock-stitch Is iippllcahle. It works wllh .
facility silk, cotton, or linen (bread, nnd win "
tho finest inusl Iji as well as the thickest Ic.itln
PilceiMi; witli Helium rs,$s-,. Their No, ti 1,
.1 light nrxxisa .v. 1 cm. v
eonlalnlng many impi'im-mcuts, ndnpled for 1.11
Inrintr, vesl-innlclne, IIrIU slioeniaklnir, as i 11
for family sewIiiR. Ijirgo numbers of these 111.1
chlnesnre Inuse, nnd lliey universal nms
faction. None who havo seen this luachllii Mill
willingly use Hie noisy and cumbrous'
machines licretoforo In Reneral use. Piln -wllh
Ilcmmers, Six).
These maehhies of every descllptloti can hi u.n
at theugeut'K olllee iu'llloomshiirt', ut ssui' b
tho manufacturer'j prices, tn which the ntn in'"
or the iffidlelsespeelally Invlled,
T. 11, M.VSTi:ilS, Aucut,
llartiiwn's JluiUUiuj
MarSa'W-ly. Columbia Couut r
ON MAIN hTllHKT, NKAltt.V Ill'l-OSITC Mil I r -
M 1)111.',
Tiik otuli.rhl, ,,1,1.1 l,.iu l,,u, e,...i '.
his ncu ' 1
In this place, where he Is lilelmred to 11111U
teisilrluK with iieatuess-and dispatch, ui
most reasonabhi tcuiis. He ulso keeps uli h.ui
he will sell imon terms to suit inireluisers
.... u ,, ,.... 1AIMX1 luei nitiiiv,
deserving of the public isltrouagc.
Illooinsburf, April M, 1(I7.
llLOOMsilUlttl, l'A.
v .'. nn. v.,, 1, , 11, nisi, .lliey, ,,ei', i--
lumUnit Olllee. J.ini'
Has reinoveil from Mailt Stieet to Pori N' -'"
In this eoiiuty ; and is piepared lo practici u "
and pi escribes for nil diseases of Horses and si
lie, and cures
ju.iiio.j:, A'.ir.v, ac, ,w
Those llesirlllir to seeurn ids unr, lees should 11''
ilress him ut Hlonmsbitig, Pn. njrt-"
M. I,'V13LL13
Ashlaml, Schuylkill County, IVnu u.