The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, April 19, 1867, Image 1

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    'Tw y iu i" hum r
VOL. I.-NO. 10.
Walcsioonu, 030 Chostnut Street, IMitliullihla, l'n.
Whllo a lnrga number of Machine linvo boon
oll'cred to tho public, somo of wliloli pocm lxilnM
of excellence and acknowledged merit, wo liave
long felt what others have experienced, tin ne
cessity or n Machine, inoro pel fect In Hi mechani
cal ulrucluro, tismblnhig in tlia
iik-iiust Di:am;i:
and whllo canablo of dolus a iianoe or woiirc,
oho that could bo oaHlly anderslood niul compre
hended hy nil.
ToMipplyn Mcwlng-Machlnc free, from Iho ob
lections attached to others lint ixon no cany tanks
for w not unly had to surpiht othor Machines, nt
they appeorcd yearn ago, but also as Impimcd
from tlmo to tlmo by inoro recent cxiicrtciico.
Tlits wc boblly claim has bum aoeonirdlshod by
th llbirul expenditure of capital, and the mi.
tlcnt.iiullrlnirlnbi-ir of years) nml In prosciillng
our Mnc'slno to Ilia public, wa shall inalta HtronR
tiHusitloim resiwclliiR Its merits, which wo are
prepared lonubManllata Inc-ery parllcutnr,
DlseardliiR tho Chain and Loop,orKnlUtltcJio,
we adopted tho,
10 Civ HT1TCII
(alike, on both Mri of tho fabric), which is 10
Kiirncd by lh masses as licit In ull
of work. Hut to meet objection! homcllmos urged
ngalnst thin favorite Mitch, wo bavu nddoA'tlie
Knot, Double Lock, and Double Knot, either of
v hlcli is
than the Lock; thus enabling tho operator to
keluct n stitch
toevoiy grado of fabric, and where lwioesvary.New
wsiins nich stronger tlian it Is r-ps'.lblo to do by
Tin: Fi.onnxcn
with as much oase as ordinary Machines malio
on, and with as llttlo ltaclilneiy.
Tlio result of repealed tests has been all wu
(wuld doslro, and from Its first Introduction the
lioranuo has gained hosU of friends, and been
rwuardcd an a
nousi.noi.n nixisssityj.
jrovlng tlrat tho public fully apprecintoTho many
advantage!! combined hi tho Kloronco Machine.
Over all others, tho Kloronco muni be soon to bo
fully appreciated.
Wo elalin lor tho
tho following
over any and all ,
C3-II makos fottrdiircicnt stitches, tho lock,
knot, doublo-locJc, and double-knot, ol. one and
tho hiunu machine, nuh stitch belns ulUco on
both Hides uf tho fablle,
J) Every Machine Inn tho reversible feed mo
tion, which enables tho operator, by simply turn
ing a thuniD-scrcw, to have tlio work rim culler
lo Hie right or left, to stay any part of the beam,
or fasten lliocnda of scam, without turning the
.fSi-Chanalns tho length of stitch, and from
ono kind of stitch to another, ran leadlly be dbue
w law tho Machine is in motiuu.
ill) The needle. Id easily adjured, and docs not
skip fclllchcA,
A3 It U almost noiseless, and can bo used
vvberonuiet Is ncesaiy.
siz-lts motions are all positive; there aro no
frpilns to get out of order, and its simplicity en
nblos any ono to opeiate It.
J.'B-It does not require liner thread on the under
than for tho upper side, and will sow across the
heaviest seam, or from one to moio thicknesses
if cloth, without chaiiRo of need e, tension, break-
bis thread, or skipping slllehes.
JOS- Tho Jlommer Is oaslly adjusted, mid w 111
ttuu wiy wldtliof hemdeshxsl.
C3-No otlior Machine will do to or it a range
of work us tliorioicnce.
nrll will hem, fell, bind, gather, braid, (pillt,
raid gather and s-woii a rulllu at the samo limu.
It Iiau no prln(; to get out of order, and w 111 last
a lifetime.
JK3It is fully pioWcted mid licensed by Ellas
JIuwe, Jr., und our own 1a'Ucij 1'aU'iit,
'i'ho taking up of tho slack-tluvad is not pel
fouiiod by the lucgular eoutiactlou of u wlie coll
or tltlceitaln opcuitlou of spring. Tho precision
nd accuracy with uhlcltho Floicneodinws tho
tlueail Into tho clotli Is uu.ippio.iclnd oy nny
Kow lng-Maehine hlUierloolleied In tho world.
Wo fm Machine with "I'-irnuin's Helf
ikiwer," which guides thewoik Itself.alnl Is of bi
ciilculuble aiue, esioeially to inexperience oper
ate! s.
WJillo possessing tho above, and mny other
Ddantages-, the I'loreneo is sold at coiresiondlng
lulcos Willi oinerinsl-rlass .Maclliues, anil a care
ml examination will fully substantiate all Hint
wo hum claimed for II, ami Justify tho assertion
wo now make. Hut It is tho butt Hewlng-Miiihuio
In tho vol Id.
Wo waraanl every Macbluo to bo all that wo
claim for it, and to gho onllro satisfaction, and
win glvo a wiitleii wariuuty, u rtrtulieii.
labiial m rangeinentbinado wllh those who bny
jo selt ngnln, Rnther iufnrmalliii may bo had
by lifeloslng stamps to tho llineral Olllcoof tho
I'loieneoKewlng-MaLliIno Company, (IS'H'hestiiut
blreot, I'lillftdelplilii, reiinsynania.
1'iticna or machines.
No. I. Thrill. This M.irhlno makes the locli
oiidknotstltches,and has Iho reversible fel..5(i3
Wo. t!, HfTence. aold-ornainenleil Machine,
with draw tr, mid light twer, without lock!
makes all tho four stitches, and has the 10-
verslblo feed
K. 8. rillv.r-plated Machine, niiuimonledi
table oll-llnlslioil walnut, with heavy half
(uw. lurk ami drawer t makes all tho four
stltehrs. and has tho icverslble f. ed Sl
Ko, i. Hllver-platud Machine, highly oriia
inented, and makes all tho four stltchd,
and has the reverslblo feed.
rollshed mahogany tablo M
I'ollsheil llosowoc.1 Table (U
Ko, S. Walnut table, In oil W
Mahogany table, In nil W
ltosewoml table, In oil leo
Ko, 6.-M'aIuut, oil finished 11
MaJyigany iable
Uosenootl tablo IM
fi. O, r.VAKS, Oeneral Agi nt;
two tlirstnut Wits t, Vhlladelpbla,
Neatly cxecutcci at Ihii Otllei
fVtDomoci'atic Nowspupor.i
Ulooiiilburg, Columbia County, l'o.
Ian Hchool of polities. Those principles will never
bo compromised, yet courtesy and klndess shall
not be. forgotten In discussing them, w hcthor Willi
Individual", or with contemporaries of tho Press.
Tho unity, happiness, nnil prospeilty of tho coun
try Li our ntm and object! und as tho means to
securollmt, wo shall labor honestly and earnestly
for tho harmony, success mid grow lb of our organ
ization. It has teemed to tho Pioprletors that thore
oulrenicnls of a County newspaper bao not bicn
heretofore fully met by thctrpredecessors or con
temporaries i ami they have determined to, If
possible, supply Ihodellclency, In a llliirary point
of view also this paper will aim at a high stand
ard, and hopes to cultivate in Its readers a corioct
taste nud sound Judgment on merely literary, us
will as on political questions.
Tho news, Foreign and Domestic, will bo care-
fully collated nud succinctly given; whllo to that
of our own Btato nud section of the Htate, pnillc
ular attention will bo directed. Important Con
gressional and Legislative matters u'lll be fur
nished weekly to our readeis Inn mutable and
reliable foim; and Notes and opinions on lniwr-
taut and leading measui cs w 111 be always publish-
wl ; so that our paper will form n complete recoid
of anient political events.
Tho Local Interests, news and business of Co-
lumblii County will receive special attention;
and wo will endeavor to make the paper a ne
cessity to the fanner, mechanic and laboring man,
upon whom nt last all business interests depend.
Tlieflresldo and family clrtlo will bo diligently
considered In making up tho paper. No adver
M foments of un Improper charactcrw-ill cut, tin
der any pretext, be ndmlttud into Its columns.
Its Conductors are determined that 11 shall be en
tliely fuo In ull respectH from any deleleilous
doctrine or allusion, so that eery man tan place
It In tho hands of hlsehlldiun, not only without
fear, but with conlldeuco In its teachings and
tendencies. Promising to use their v cry best en
deavors to fullll In lutter and spirit the nnnounce
incntjiboo set forth, the Publishers ofTHECo-
LUJIIUAM tl ustfully places it before the people be
lieving that It will answer a want In tho com
munity hitherto misapplied.
To C'oiinKSi'ONiii'.M.'.. In older to make The
CoLUMiiiANascompl.lo a record as possible of
all factsand events, accidents, lmpiowontntsnud
discoveries relating to folumMa County, were-
spictfully Ini lie eoi lespondence, accompanied
w 1th responsible names, from all points. If facts,
dales and names are carefully given IholMllois
will put the Information In proper form.
Tkums. of Huust'iiiiTiox: Two Dollars for ono
year when paiment Is made 111 advance; and all
subscriptions not paid In ndvame, or by the list
day of April, 1SC7, will invariably bo charged Two
Dollars and Fifty Cents, All contracts of sub
scriptlon and for advertising wilt bo mado with
the Publishers and all paj mcnlsthcrcforcnforrcd
lu their nanus.
Tm: Col. l nni.VN will hndellvcird through
the iuaIls,tosub-cilbeislu Columbia County, fit
of postage. To those outsido of tho County, live
cents peniunrter lu advance, paid at the olllce
Whole lecelved.
Tiniais or Ai)Vi:ia is i n : One square (tun Hues
orlcssjonoor tbice luscilitns 51,50; null subm-
iiuvntlnsiitlou 50 cents.
M'.UT, IV. 2M.
Cm. lv.
tine square S-.WJ
Twosipiarcs 3,00
Three squares G.fiO
Four square fi.CO
Half column 1",C0
f l,W
SlI.IM S10,ll
ii,no li)
uio is,ii
1 1) 3110 so i
SO10 00,t)O
One eolnmu I ,00
Executor's and Administrator's Notice S1,n0; Au-
dllor's Notice ti,V. Oilier adverllsomcnts Insep
ted according to special contract.
lhisInebSiiotIci., without advei list nicut,tKcnty
cents per line.
Transluit adveilisonients imyablo In advance'
nil others duo after the first imeitlon.
Nr.vvsi'Aiiii I, IWH. 1. A postfuastcr Is l cqulred
lo glv o notice by lutter (returning the paper does
not answer the iqulri.mriit of tho law) when :
subscriber does not take his paper fiom theotUce
and to stale the reasons for Its not liclng taken
iV neglect to do so makes the postmaster respoitvi
bio lo the publisher for the payment.
2, Any pursuit who takes u paper regulaily fiom
tho post olllco whether directed tohlsnimin or
anolhcr or whether ho has subscilbed or not
Is lespouslblefor tho payment of the subscription
3. It a person ordeishls paper discontinued, ho
must pay up all aiteatages, or tho publisher may
continue to send It until payment Is made, and
eulloet lliovvlole amount vihetherit Is taken fiom
Ihe olllce ornot, Tlieierau benolegal dlseoulin
nance until the payment Is made.
1. If u suliscilher who Is hi urreius orders his
paper lo be slopped at n cciuiln time, and Ihe
publisher continues to send It, tho subscilbcrl
bound lo pay for It If he takes It out of the post
vlllcc. The law proceeds on tho ground that
man must pay lor what he uses.
5, Tho courts have decided that lefuslng total.
newspapeis and periodicals from tho post olllce,
or lemovlng and leaving them uncalled for Is
prima facie evidence of Intentional fraud.
It Is, in ull fine-, moie likely to be satlsfae.
torv, both to subseilbeis and to tluJTublbhcis,
that rcuilllancesuud all communications I espect
lug tho business of tho paper, b sent direct lo Ihe
ipllleoof publication. AilletWis, whether relating
lo the cdlloibil or business concerns of the papr
nnd all payments, for subscriptions, udvcitlslur,
or Jobbing, aio lo bo made to and addressed
"CWumWan Office,"
IlLOOMsUl'liCI, l'A.
Printed at Ilobtson's Ilulldlngs, near tho Court
House, by f'HAs. M, VANiiKitsucr,
V WANK 11. B.NHUai,
r-i 1'PAWKIA 1! AI1.UOAD,
S 1'iuiii snd utter October 'J, lsi), tho Iralns will
.. ll.i.ii.rt n w ti.llllM S !
HoiMi Noiirn.-Eliiiira Mall at i I'.M,
UoiMi ssVi'iii.-1'lilladelphla Mall at 11,
ow oric t-xpress iu .
C. 11
OlTKT. t'olirl llislso Alley, Isqow III" !"'
ttihibmn Olllce
..II.... i,'i-iit LV.rllwi collci
Ion of liounlle, Itaclf l'ay"l'enskois, ami al
other ih mauds a-rtbel lh Male and N'"'??"1
cioUiniiitnt mjii.u'i.
(Drlfllnat poetry.
Folded tho little hands,
Closed Iho blight ej es,
Nevwmore to open,
Exivpt In the skies,
Scaled tho once rosy lips .
In Morning's glow;
Hushed Is the liny volte,
l'orev er, below.
Mlcnl the lettering feet
Oneo wild lu mirth,
Varum, tho little thalr
Utuuds by the health.
ireless the play-things,
Ihnpty, the bed,
Where, nightly, was pillowed,
A golden bead.
Yonder, in the Church-yard,
A Utile mound
Angels are watching o'er
The hallowed ground.
Mournfully tho willow
Ilclids o'er his head
Bad ale the loving hearts
ll.lby Is dead.
(lone! Oonn from tho henrth-stonu
Tho light of yore
Iii tint Mansion above,
OnemiKcl morel
flirnanro Cbioif.v, .V, 1",
"Wlmt do mnttcr now, 11111511?" said
Jui, evidently hltanicd Into compli
anco : "iihvayci for to raise fuss wid old
Iger. "Wits only funiiln any how
Me foereil do bus 1 what 1 keer for dc
bug'.'" Hero he took cautiously hold
of the extreme end of tlio string, and
maintain!!!!; tlio lncet as far from his
person as circumtanco. would permit,
prepared to aeentl the tree.
In youth, tlio tulip-tree, or JArioden
ilroii Tulipicnim, tlio most magnifi
cent of American fore-tors, has a trunk
peculiarly smooth, and often rises to a
threat height without lateral branches;
but, in its riper age, tho bark becomes
gnarled and uneven, while many -hert
limbs make their appearance on tho
stem. Thus the diillculty of a-ceiislon
in the present ca-o, lay inoro in sem
blance than iu reality. Embracing tho
huge cylinder, as closely as possible,
with his arms and knees, seizing with
his hands omo projections, and restiii,
his naked toes upon other, Jupiter, af
ter one or two narrow oeapes from fall
intr. nt hiijrlh wriggled hininlfinfn tho
llr.t jj.'uit fork, and .-coined to consider
the whole busine-s as virtually accom
plished. Tho risk of tlio achievement
was, in fact, now over, although tlio
cliniber was some tlxty or seventy feet
from tlio ground.
"Which way mus go now, Masa
Will V" he asked.
"Keep up tho largest branch the one
on thi-: side,'' said l.egrand. The negro
obeyed him promptly, and apparently
with but littlo trouble; aic"iidiiig high
or and higher, until 110 glImp.o of bis
squat figure could bo obtained throu;
tho dcno foli.vgo which enveloped it
Presently his voico was heard In a sort
of halloo.
"JIow much fuddcr is got for go?
"How high up are you?" Hiked Lo
"Ebbor so fur," replied the negro
an see do .-ky fru do top ob tie tree."
"Never mind tho sky, but attend lo
what 1 say. Look down tho trunk and
count tho limbs below you on this side
How many limbs liavo you passed?"
"One, two, tree, four, ilbc I done
pas llbo big limb, massa, pon disslde."
"Then go ono linil) higher."
In a few minutes tho voico was heard
again, announcing that tho seventh
limb was attained.
"Now, Jup,"crled Legrand, evidently
much excited, "I want you to worl
your way out on that limb as far as you
can. If you sco anything strange, let
mtf know."
Hy this time what llttlo doubt I might
havo entertained of my poor friend
Insanity, was put finally at reft. I hail
no alternative but to conclude him
stricken with lunacy, and 1 became se
rlouly anxious about getting him
home. While I was pondering upon
what was best to bo done, Jupiter's
voico was again heard.
"os feerd for to venlur pon dls limb
berry far tis dead limb putty much all
do way."
"Did you say It was a (h ad limb, Ju
piter?" cried Legrand In 11 quavering
"Yes, massa, him dead as do door
nail done ti) for sartaln done depart
ed dls hero life."
"What In tho namo of heaven shall I
do?" arked Legrand, seemingly In tho
greatest distress.
"Do !" said J, glad of an opportunity
to interiio-e a word, "why eomo homo
and gn to bed. C'onio now! that's a
lino fellow. It's getting late, ami, be
sides, you remember your liromi-c."
"Jupiter," cried lie, without heeding
1110 in the least, "do you hear mo?
"Yes, JIassa Will, hear you ebber so
"Try tho wood well, then, with your
knife, and soo If you think it very rot
"Him rotten, massa, stiro null'," rc
plied tho litgro in a few moments, "but
not so berry rotten ns inought be,
Jfoiight venture out a littlo way pon
do limb by myself, dafn true."
"Hy yourself ! what do you mean?"
"Why, 1 mean do bug. 'Tis berry
hebbv bog. Sposo I drop him down
111-s, nnu ticii iiu itinu " i
1 ttts-t dc Wl'iidlt ob OI1C nigger.
fu.s, and den do limb won't hre.iK win
"You Infernal scoundrel!" cried Le
grand, apparently much rcltcvod,"what
do you mean by telling mo such lion-
censo ns that? As euro ns you drop
that beetle I'll break your-iicck. Look
here, Jupiter, do you hear mo?"
"Yes, masa, needn't hollow at poor
nigger dat stylo."
"Well! now listen !-If you will ven
ture out on tho limb as far ns you think
safe, and not let go tho beetlo, I'll inako
you a present of a silver dollar as soon
as you get down."
"I'm gwinc, Massa -VilI-dcod I is,"
oplicd tlio negro very promptly "1110s
out lo the eend now."
"Out to the end "hero fairly screamed
Legrand, "do you say you arc out to
tho end of that limb?"
"Soon bo to doeend, massa, o-o-o-ohl
Lor-gol-a-marcy ! what Is dls here pon
do treo?"
"Well!" cried Legrand, highly de
lighted, "what is It?"
"Why taint nollln but n skull some
body been lef hint head ill) do tree, and
do crows douo gobblo ebcry bit ob do
meat off."
"A skull, you say ! very well 1 how
is it fastened lo tho limb? what holds
It on?"
"S 11 ro null', massa; mus look. Why
dls berry curous farcuinstanco pon my
word dare's a great big nail in do
skull, wlmt fastens ob it on do tree."
"Well now, Jupiter, do exactly as 1
tell you do you hear ?"
"Yes, m 11111 ,!
"Pay attention then! find the left
eye of the skull."
"Hum! ho! dat's good! why dare
alnt noeyo lef at all."
"Curso your stupidity ! do you know
your right hand from your leltv"
"Yes, 1 110-0 dat 110-0 all bout dat
tis my lef hand what I chops do wood
"To bo sure! you arc left-handed;
and your left cyo is on the same side
as your left hand. XoW, I suppose,
you can find the left eyo of the skull,
or the place whoro tho left eye has been
Have you found it?"
Here was a long pause. At length
tho negro asked,
"Is do lef eyo of do skull pon do samo
side iu do lef hand of do skull, loo?
cause do skull aint got not a bit ob a
hand at all nebber mind! I got tie lef
eyo now hero do lef eyo! what mus do
wid it ?"
"Let the beetlo drep through II, as
far as tho string will reach but be care
ful tnjiil not let- in j-oia . liulll or tliu
"All dat Ma-a Will ; mighty
cay ting for to put do bug trough do
hole look out for him daro below !"
During this colloquy no po.tion of Ju
piter's person could bo seen ; but the
beetle, which ho had tillered to descend
was now vi-iblo at tho end of the string
and glistened, like a globoof burnished
gold, in the lat rays of the setting sun,
somo of which still faintly illumined
tho cminenco upon which wo stood.
Tho searahtrus hung quilo clear of any
branches, and, if allowed to fall, would
havo fallen at our fect. Legrand imme
diately took tlio scythe, and cleared
with it a circular space, threo or four
yards in diameter, j list beneath the In
sect, and, having accomplMicd tin,
ordered Jupiter to let go tlio siring and
eomo down from tho tree.
Driving a lvg, wilh great nicely, into
the ground, in tho precise spot where
the beetle fell, my friend now produced
from his pocket a tape-mea-ure. Fast
ening 0110 end of this at that point of
tlio trunk of tho treo which was nearest
tho peg, ho unrolled it till it reached the
peg, and thenco farther unrolled it, in
the direction already established by the
two points of tho treo and peg, for the
diatanco of fifty feet Jupiter clearing
away tho brambles with tho scythe. At
tho spot thus attained a second peg was
driven, ami about this, as a centre, a
rudo circle, about four feet in diameter,
described. Taking now a spado him
self, nnd giving 0110 lo Jupiter and 0110
to me, Legrand begged us to set about
llgging as quickly as possible.
To speak tho truth, I had no especial
relish for such amusement at any time,
nnd, at that particular moment, would
nio-t willingly have declined It; for tho
night was coming on, and I felt much
fatigued with the exerci-o already ta
ken; but I saw no mode of escape, and
fearful of disturbing my poor friend's
equanimity by a reftial. t'ould I have
lepended, indeed, upon Jupiter', aid, I
would havo had no hesitation in at
tempting to get tho lunatic homo by
forco; but I was too well aurod of the
old negro's dp-position, to hope that lie
would nsI.t ine, under any circum
stances, in a pcr-onal contest with hi
master. I made no doubt that tlio lat
ter had been infected with some of the
innumerable Southern superstitions
about money buried, and that his phan
tasy hud received confirmation by the
finding of tho miruUvitu, or, perhaps,
by Jupiter's obstinacy In maintaining
It to bo "a bug of real gold." A mind
disposed to lunacy would readily holed
away by such suggestions especially
of chiming In with favorite precon
ceived ideas and then 1 called to mind
tho poor fellow ' speech about tho bee
tle's: being "tho index id' Ids fortune."
Upon tho whole, I was sadly vexed and
puzzled, but, nt length, I concluded to
ninko a vlrtueof necessity to dig with
a good will, tuufihus tho sooner to con
vince tho visionary, by oscular demon
stration, of tlio fallacy of opinions ho
Tho Ianlcriis having been lit, wo all
fell tu work Willi a will worthy a nmro
rational cati-' s fliul us the glare fell up
APRIL 19, 18G7.
on our persons and Implement, I could
not help thinking how picturesque a
group we composed, and how strange
and suspicious our labors must havo ap
peared lo any Interloper who, by ehanco
night linvo slummed upon otirwnorea-
Wo dug very steadily for two hour.
Llltlowas snld; (tint our chief embar
rassment lay In tho yelpings of tho dog,
who look exceeding interest In our pro
ceedings', lie, at length, became to ob
streperous that wo grow fearful of Ills
giving the alarm to some stragglers In
tlio vicinity ; or, rather, this wns Iho
apprchon-lon of Legrand ; for myself,
I should have rejoiced at any intcrrup
lion which might havo enabled 1110 lo
get tho wanderer home. Tlio nolo was,
at length, very effectually silenced 1y
Jupiter, who, gelling out of tho holo
with a dogged air of deliberation, tied
tlio brute's mouth up with ono of his
supenders, and then returned, with a
grave chuckle, lo his lak.
When tho tlmo mentioned had ex
plred, wo had reached 11 depth of five
feet, and yet no signs of any treasure
became manifest. A general pause en
sued, and I began fohopo Hint the farco
was al an end, Legrand, however, nl
though evidently much disconcerted,
wiped his brow thoughtfully and re
commenced. AVo had excavated the
entire circle of four feet diameter, and
now wo slightly enlarged tho limit, and
went to the farther depili of two feet.
Still nothing appeared. The gold-seek
er, whom 1 sincerely pitied, nt length
clambered from tho pit, wilh tho bit
tercst ill-appointment Imprinted upon
every feature, and proceeded, slowly
and reluctantly, lo put oil his coal,
which he had thrown oil al tho begin
ning of ids labor. In the mean time I
made no remark. Jupiter, al a signal
from his maslerbogan to gather up hi.s
tools. This done, and tho dog having
been iininu.zled, we turned Inprofound
silenco towards home.
We had taken, perhaps, a dozen steps
111 this direction, when, with a loud oath
Legrand strode up to .1 upltcr, and seized
him by tlio collar. Tho n-lonishod no
gro opened his eyes and mouth to tho
fullest extent, let fall the spades, and
fell upon his knees.
"You scoundrel," said Legrand, hiss
ing out tho syllables from between ids
clenched teeth "you infernal black vil
lain! speak 1 tell you! -answer me
this instant, without prevarication!
which which is your left eye?"
on, my golly, Jiassa Will ! aint (lis
hero my lef eye for sariain?" roared
the terrified Jupiter, placing his hand
upon his rinlit organ of vi-ion, and
holding it there with u desperate peril
naeily, as if in Immediate dread of hi
master's attempt at a gouge.
"1 thought so '--1 knew !-t! hurrah!"
vociferated Legrand, letting the negro
go, and executing a series of curvets
and caracols, much to the astonishment
of his valet, who, arKIng from his
knees, looked, mutely, from his master
to myself, and then from myself to his
"Come! wo must go back," raid the
latter, "tho game's not up yet;" and
ho again led tho way to the tulip-tree.
"Jupiter," said he, when ho reached
its foot, "eon'10 hero 1 was the skull
nailed to tho limb with tho face out
ward, or with the face to tho limb?"
"Do face was out, massa, so dat de
crows could get at doeyc.5 good, widout
any trouble,"
"Well, then, was il this cyo or that
through which you dropped the beetle?"
hero Legrand touched each of Jupi
ter's eyes.
"Twas dls eye, massa de lef eye jls
as you tell me," and hero it was his
right eye thai tlio negro indicated.
"That will do wo must try it again."
Hero my friend, about whoso mad
ness 1 now saw, certain indications of
method, removed tho peg which marked
tho spot where the beetle fell, lo a spot
about threo inches to tho westward of
Its former position. Taking, now, the
tape-measuro from the nearest point of
tho trunk to the peg, ns before, and con
tinuing the extension Iu n straight lino
to the distance of fifty feet, a spot was
Indicated, removed, by several yard-,
from tho point at which ho had been
Around tho new position a circle,
somewhat larger than lu tho former In
stance, was now described, and wo
again set to work with tho spades. I
was dreadfully weary, but, scarcely un
derstanding what had occasioned tho
change iu my thoughts, 1 felt no longer
nny great aversion front tho labor Im-lio-ed.
I had become most iiniu'cnuntn
iily Interested nay, even excited. Per
haps there was xnuetblng, timid till the
extravagant demeanor uf Li grand
soir.o air of forethought, or of dellbi ra
tion, which Imiiro.-cd me. 1 dug ea
gerly, nnd now nnd then caught myself
actually looKing, wim suiuetuing mat
verv much resembled expectation, for
I the fancied treasure, the vl-Ion of which
bad demented mv unfuruimto compan
ion. At a period when such vagaries of
thought most, uniy poasosseti me, uuii
when ho had been at work porhajis an
Iwiiir nml 11 half, wo wore tiL'aln inter
rupted bv tho violent bowlings of the
iVUg. 1 lis uneaslnes, in Iho first instance
had been, evidently, mil inn resiui u
playfulness or caprice, but ho now as
sumed a bitter and serious tone. I pon
Jupiter's again attempting to mu.7io
Dim, HO lllUUO lliuun liawLimv, unit
leanlna into the holo, toro up tho mould
: frantically with Ills claw. In a few
second-, ho had uncovered a mass 01 1111
1111111 bones, forming two complete skcl
etons, Intermingled with several buttons
of nictal, and what appeared t bo tlio
dust of decayed wollen. tiuo or two
strokes of a spado upturned tlieblado ot
a large Spnnl-h hullo, and as we dug far
ther, lliroo Ol" lour uio-i' inrci-. in B""'
aiulsiivercoiu came id ngni.
ro iik is, 1 istri.n
In order that our renders may sco
wlmt tho Radical Press think of their
own Legislature, wo copy below nil ar
ticle fromtho WestJlraneh Jlullitni, and
which wo also find In tho Plttston
Cfa:ette. Hy their own confession their
men iirocorriipt,andshould be removed.
"Nothing in tho career ol our Legisla
ture shows tlio march of recklessness
and want of honesty inoro than tho con
stant grasping for increase of their own
and other olllcers' salaries. Tho mem
bers of the present Legislature of this
Hlalo first passed a 1)111 increasing tho
ices nnti saiaiiosol 1110 loliowiugouicers
about twenty per cent, viz: Kherllfs,
jToinonotarics 01 tnoi ouris 01 Lonnnou
Pleas, Clerks of tho Courts of Quarter
.Sessions! Clerks of tlio Oyer and Tormi-
nor, rieiits 01 tlio orphans courts, At-torney.s-at-law,
Aldermen and Justices
of tho Peace, except In Philadelphia.
Tho lncrea-so In tho fees of tlio lte'ister.s
and Recorders Is large. About onehiln-
dred men Iu each county aro anxiously
seoking those olllces'at tho oltl prices.
Not 0110 of them comes out of his term
of olllco without having more money
limit when ho went In, unless he is a
spend-thrifl, a drunkard, or a gambler,
which is loo often the caso with men
elected to fill tho county olllees, as well
as that of legislators. Not iv single
aspirant lor county olllco would reluso
to accept on account of inadequacy of
too salary. Tlio pay was hotter than
that of a good mechanic, or laboring
man. It Is more than the olllcc-seekers
could make or earn at home, or they
would not follow 11 so persistently. No
olllco over went bogging for candidates,
nut swarms 01 cautiiiiaies were con
stantly seeking tho olllees. Jloro than
this: wo willL'iiaranteo thnloverv olllco
111 tins county can nnti nine, eitieieni
uh 1 noiiest men 10 nil ltai 1110 omraics.
The members of the Legislature, or the
rjiur." hud undoubted! vmatlo un their
minds that their chief business ut llar-
risburg was to make money, and they
wished to inn! tlnlv advocates of high sal
aries ns much as possible. With tills
view thev 11111x0 all the county olllcers
Interested by voting them twenty per
cent, increase. The next outrage Is tho
immense grab iu relation lo their own
salary. Tlio Commltlco of Wnys nnd
Moans, of which M r. Waddell, of Ches
tor, is chairman, inserted u clause in the
appropriation bill making the salary of
each member &1,G0()! 'Iho impudence
was stiunnie. it was largo enough to
cut down, and still make 11 big thing of
it. jir. rennypacKor, 01 Chester,
move.llo insert !?7U0 Instead oSl,.iliii
Tills bad l!t votes out of tho hundred
members, but Mr. Wingard ol our City,
voted "to reduce the salary to the old
standard, as dltl Me"-!'-1. ltouch mid
Wrialil. of this district. Hut they
faibid for want of support by other
members. Then it was proposed to re
iki, d itto $1,0 J. This hail 11 voles, all
our member) voting for tho reduction
but they had -17 who voted that S-1,000
wasjiot, enough tor ineir vaumoio for
vices for threo mouths. J'inally, they
voted to fix the salary at i?l,:i.-u ! This
is absolutely outrageous. Aside front
the indecency of voting to increase their
own salary, which men of honesty or
ovendlgnityofcharacler, would shrink
from, it is a gross imposition on tho
This very vote lo increase their own
'alary, Is, of it.-elf, reason enough for
legislative reform. Tho amount which
members .-hotild receive, should bo in
corporati'd in the Constitution of the
State. Unless wo have some guarantee
01 that Kind, thcro seems to 110,110 way
to cnecK 1110 outrageous grasping pro
pensitics of tho men wo send to Harris
hurirtomakalaws. Nooucslltni should
hereafter beallowed to koepoutofsiglit '
tno important ono 01 reiorni, when
nitin'oersareiigalu elected. Let thopeo
plo sco to it, before they are totally bank
rupted by tlieso cormorants.
Yesterday evening, In the House, tho
Appropriation bill having been reported
from the commit! v of ('(inference, Mr.
ISoyle, Democrat, put tho following
questions to tho Chairman :
Whether thcro was not an appropria
tion of 10,000 for tlio CJovcruor,s man
sion ; 512,000 for Washington agency;
$ir,,0no for, for which
it has been demonstrated there was an
utter want of necessity ; $:il)U for chap
lain, a member of tho House, and a
number of appropriations of like char
acter 7 And thou whether the bill did not
repeal tho law of 1500, granting u pen
sion toold soldiers of lSli?
The Chairman answered nil tho ques
tions in thealllrmatls'e. Thoreport was
then opposed by Messrs, Hoylo, Head
man, and Qulgley, nnd supoorled by
Messrs. Mann, Waddell nud Davis,
when the report was rejected, by nvoto
of ayes 41, nays 10.
Tho vote win afterwards recjusldore.l
and tho bill r&'ommltled to the Confer
ence Committee.
Intorniutiun was then transmitted to
tho Senate, when Speaker 1 lull ruled
that tho Senate, having agreed to tho
report, It could not be recommitted
The conference coniinlltceoftheHouso
finding the Senate committee dl-chargod
were uuablo to act, and therotipou asked
lo bo discharged, Tho commlttco was
accordingly discharged, by 11 voleof ayes'
!)nay8l- Thus tho bill, ns originally
agreed upon by the Joint comniittceof
conference, wai agreed to.
Tho mil as adopted manes tno appro
priations mentioned, above, by Mr.
Dnyle ; fixes the balaries of members at
$1,000; increases tho salaries of tho vari
ous olllelals, and repeals the law nf lSG(i,
granting pemlon to the 1 ohllcrs of the irar
olS12! Tho extravagant and n-closs
appropriations mentioned by Mr. lioylo
foot iip$lJ,:;o:i; tholncreao' tn members
aggregates .10,000 more Ti.MOO-and
scores of other useless and extravagant
donations run the whole up to hundreds
of thousands of dollars, (In a total bill
of over four million dollars,) and yet
thoso patriotic, 1!) loyal, (!) soldier-loving
(!) Klinon-Camcroii Radicals refued
lo grant a single cent to tho few old sol
diers of tho war of IblU! Let tho people
niakeanotoof tho fact. IWrtotA I'nlon
Tu 1:1 v. inches of red - now lately fell
I in SwitPrrliiml
Wit and uuuoi
AVI 1 AT I'D DO VOll lU'.lt.
ny iiAluiY novi.K.
11 overheard a innon-slriiek elinn.lho other day,
remark that he loved a eel tain young lady well
enramli lo die for her. Now lovu emefy very
lunch, and 1
I'd nwear forlior
Til toar for her
Tho Iird knows vvlial I'd bear for her
Til llo for her
1'dslgli for her
I'd drink the Hudson dry for her.
I'd iray for her
I'd slay for her
I'd walch tho house ull day for her
I'd"euss" for her
l)o "wuss" for her
I'd furnish eoincllilnglo "uus" for her
I'd leap for her
I'd weep for her
I'd ro without my sleep rorlior
I'd Ilalil for her
I'd bite for her
I'd vvnlk the ntreets all night for livr;
IM plcjd for her-'
I'll bleed forlier
I.ddo without my "feed" for her
I'd Khoot for her
I'd boot for her
A llval who'll eomo lo "loot" for her.
I'd xleiil lor her
Hueh is the lovo I feel for her,
I'd hlldo for her
I'd 1 Ide for her,
I'd vv lm 'aaliiKt Iho wind and lido lor iter
I'd try for her
I'd cry for her
Uttl hang me 1 I'd flic fjr icr.
X. It. Or any other woman.
1 '
Purudiso lost, (letting out of bed in
u fro-ty night.
Paradise regained. (Jetting In again.
" Wo.max Is it link between earth nml
heaven." .V.
"So is a s.iusago tossed into Iho air !"
Ghammatioal.Ti:aciii:ii Whatgon-
der is Harry?
Purn. Masculine.
Ti:aciii:k What gender is Julia ?
Pui'il. Crinoline.
LoviStuic!ki:n Youth "Oh ! Sal-
He, your smllo would shed would shod
would shed "
Sa IjI.ii: "Nevermind tho wood shed,
but go on 011 with tlio pretty talk."
"nr.iin's! on a bridge,"
said Mrs. Partington, as slio handed
Ikon dictionary. "Study it contentlve
ly, and you will gain a great decal of
ANr.cnin'i: or Tr.xAs Soi.rmin.
Napoleon, Arkansas, sends us an unee
doteof a Texas soldier:
Whllo trudging along ono day nil
alone, a soldier met a Methodist circuit
rider and at oneo recognized him nssuch ,
bulalfcetcd Ignorance of It.
Preacher "What command do you
belong to?"
Soldier "I belongto tho thToxas
regiment, Van Horn's army. What
army do you belong to?."
Preacher (Very soleninly.1 "I be
long to the Army of the Lord !"
Soldier "My frienfl, you've got rf
very long way from headquarters!"
Old Stump was a man of labor, and
had littlo or no tlmo todovoto to specu
lation on tho future, llo wns, withal,
rather uncouth in tlio uso of language.
One day whllo engaged In stopping up
hog holes about his place,- ho was ap
proached by acolporteur,aud presented
witli n tract.
"What's all this about." demandod
Mr. Stump.
'That, Sir, is a book describing tlio
coIetinl state," was tho reply.
"Celestial state?" said Stump, "in
whntseetion Is that?"
"Mv worthy friend, I fear you havo
"I don't want to henrubout any better
Stato than Pennsylvania. 1 intend to
live middle right hero, if lean keep
un m uarneii nogs out."
"Tm-.M's' Km." Wooftcn hear of ro-
markablo ca-cs of absence of mind. Hero
is one equal to anything wo havo seen
lately 1
"I say cap'n," said a llttlo keen eyed
man, as ho landed from tno steamboat
Potomac at Natchez. "1 say cap'n,"
this hero ain't all."
That's all tho baggarro you bro't on
board sir," replied tho captain.
wen sco now. 1 grant tt an 11 iv ac
cording to list four linxcs, three chests,
two uan'-I)oxcs,a portnianty, two ham
ono part cut threo ropes of lnvons
nnd a teakettle ; but you see, cap't 1 nut
dubersotii.Ifecl there's somethingsliort.
Though l'vocounted' em nine times and
never took my oyes oil' ,em while oil
board, there's somo thin' not right
"Well, stranger, tho time Is 1111 : thcro
Is all 1 know of; so bring your wifo and
live cmiitren out 01 tno cnuin, mm wo
are off."
Them's 'em, darn it; them's 'em! I
know'd I'd forgot soniethln."
Tin: OniiiiN ur 1'nic'Tiox Matchix.
In 1832 a man by (lionamoofPhllllps,
In Oakland, Connecticut, invented and
patented a mulch that would Ignite by
friction, llo inado them upon a small
scale, us his menus wero limited, put
them in lin boxes of 0110 hundred each,
and sold them to the inhabitants about,
carrying them in a pocket handkerchief.
Many pcr-ons slill recollect thofearand
consternation in the minds of thepeopli
at tho lline,.let their houses and barns
would bo burned by tho baud of tho In
cendiary, nnd many thought that ho
should bo restrained front scattering his
tlre-brauds lu tho community. Phil
lips afterwards removed to Springfield,
Massachusetts, where, ho formed a co
partnership with a man by thonamoof
Chapln, under the title of "Clmpin &
Phillips," when they largely Increased
tho production of matches. Tho first
matches wero made anil dipped singly
by hand; afterward Phillips invented
the card matches. Such, In brief, Is tho
early hl-tory of this little article that Is
now considered nn indIspenablo neces
sity. There must bo many persons now
living in Hartford who will recollect
the red wagon, painted In largo letters
upon tho side, "1'rlction Matches," ns
it p.iviil tliiotigh the streets, drawn by
ino lnre