The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, February 01, 1867, Image 1

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VOL. I.-NO. fi.
A Democratic No'VHpaperi
u rL'ULisiiKU rou tiih i-norhiinuui uy
flloomsburg, Cu1utitlla Count)') 11.
'llillprlnclplcsof this paper ore ofllm Jenei'sdll.
dm School of ulllk'. Those pi Inctplc s will never'
,., , ,, , "., , . . Q'1' hl mound go, said the timid of niyhenrt,
Hot bo forgotten lndlscusslugthein, whcthorwllli profferM her lips ns my my Id .leniirt.
Individuals, or with contemporaries of llio Truss. The muni Is approaching, my itiutlii-r will know
The unity, happiness, und prosperity uf tlio conn. -M' mildest, nnd dearest, oil, kiss IHo nml go!
try li our Mill and object : and ns tlio means to Miogovo mo tlio blessing In such n way.
secure that, wo shall labor honestly audcarucstly That tlio thrill of Us pleasure Indeed mn li) sky.
fur tho harmony, success and grew thuf our oig'in- H" cklssed till the morning canto III Willi Its glow
fttert' Is II llfinslor tinno, nnnul.lnL.n -11
tho way fiom the prairies of tlio Wcl, written 1.1
one of the IMernlnm nf the Iloritcrs woromom.
her tils liiiinn to he Iloleomh, hut nre unable lb
111 iiii-iimi luiinu uj'nll record Tor Immortal-
t.V. 11 S lllielll S VI"! I' lllllfll in Itm l,im.un r.i..l
Is coliimciidiihlo Alirtrt. u'n .1.. .....
hayn seen tho romance of "sparking" set foith
h hotter advantage or w-lth greater skill, and nrc
Inrlliieit to K,, Mm t,0 ru0 oriental mlanm.
"May hellvonthnnsand years, mid may his aim.
ilow ne r btow less."
It has seemed to tlio 1'roprlelom that tho re
fiulroiiicuts of a County I'eispiiporlmMiiiot boon
lierotoforo fully lin t h tliolt plcdoccssurs or con
tumporurlc : and Ihey linc ileteriiilueil to, If
possible, supply thoileUcluncy. In n literary point
of vlow also till paper will aim at a lilrjh stand'
rird, nml hopos to cultivate In Its milters iicorrcl I
taste and sound Judgment on merely lltermy, its
well as on pollLlcal questions.
The nowa, Foreign mid Domestic, will he euro
I'df sho said every moment, oh kiss nicnudgot
When at Iriiigtii Isabel Was piiiiicicnt-
ly composed to return with mo to tlio
fully collated and succinctly given; whllu to Unit drawlng-'rooill, WO found Mrs. Vivian nt
of our own HtiMonnd section of tlio fctnto, pintle- tlio piano, nnil lior brother listunlnii to
ulur attention will be directed, lmiwrtant Con. hlT lluo Vllit'U With evidently I'XtrfllitJ
gre 1M and Legislative miittora will ho fin- entovmcut. I felt Vexed to SCO thoin
weekly to our roudurs In n readublo and thus engaged, for TmiIjcI Had 111) musical
reliable form; and vote und opinions on Impor- (.dent herself. nml T feared, under nres-
uuitiuuiiendiiii;moaMireirwiiibeiiiwaHpiibiisii. cut circumstances .thoeffectof thcsmnll-
od; bo umt our paper wlllfoim n complete record t,sl injurious comparison. As I sat and
watched Mr. IiornnerfollowiiiL'noto by
of current political events.
Thn Local InterestH, nefc til"! blislnei-s o'f Co.
luuibla County vlll rtcelvo Kpeelal uttentlon;
and wo will endeavor to make tho paper line.
eesistty to tho fiirincr. mechanic alid lahorltir; man
upon whom at lot all business Interests depend.
bote with ei'llical enthusiasm mid nfll'c
tiou for tlio accomplished singer, I re
grctted still more that this subtle way
of reaching her husband's heart was
' flrinil no-nlnt fiinlinl. Afrq. lvlnt rnn
i,,e urea,.... ana lamny circle win no uniKcnt.y . - no .wi ,. .
Uiionienta of an linpropur chnraeterwlll ever, un-
dto-uny pretext, bo admitted Into Its columns.
IUUoniliictor Is dettrlnlnol tlmt It shall bo en
tirely freo In alt respects from nny dcleteilous
doctrliioor allusion, so that eery mill can pi.
It In Uiu hands of Ills chlldnn, holohly without
fear, but with confldehco lti Us teaehhiKS ami
toiidotiolea. rroinl-sliiB to tiso his Very best en-
doavora ta fulfil In letter ntid spirit tho announce
merit abovoset forth, tho Publisher of Tin: Co-
li'uiuan trustfully places It before t!" people bo-
llovlug lliot it will answer a want lu tho com
munity hitherto misapplied.
To CoiiiiiJiTONDKNTO. In order lb niako Tin: as csimpleto a record us posulhloof
Sung, saying: " I won't boro Jlrs. l.ori-
mcr with my loud voicu; f know she
does not caro about nntsie;" and tlio
piano wus closed, for neither ho-jt nor
hostess (ihallenged bet1 n-s-crtlun. Mn
l.orlmer Uegiln to talk kindly and pleas
antly to me, informed mo of his depart
ure for Scotland, and mentioned inci
dentally that ho nui-t btart so early that
le .should breakfast by six o'clock in
tho uiiuii iiitri
"Oh, well," said Mrs. Vivimi, "I
shall bo up to pour out your coffee j then)
is nothing so ehcci'k'ss. as to set oil' on a
JUurney With no ono to see that your
all facbmi.dcvoiits.oeclilcnts.lntpiovcmcnts and great coat is btlttc'11511, and to wish you
dlsouverioH relating to Coluhibla County, wo re-1 1 God speed 1" 1
upcctfully Invito correspondence, aecompalilMl I looked iinioii.-jly toward Isabel, for
with rcniionslblo names; from all points. If facts, J Could see sllO was trembling with SUj'
datca and names arb carefully Klvcu tho IMItor rot,.cd illdlcnation : sho commanded
will put tho information iu proper form. herself, however, admirable and tnoko
Tf.uiis or buiibCinrrios: Tno Dollars for ono nuletlv onoilghi
year whon paymollt Is lu advance; und all Iray do not (list tlrby Oltrsolf SOearly,
miicriptionk not paid in ndvuticr, or by the nrt Caroline) I have made my own arrange'
.lay of April, 1W, will linerlhhly ho charged Two nlCn(r fdr tlio morning, mid pi'dpUSO to
Dollars and rifty Cents; ,111 contracts of liioaUlit-t with my hu-baiul alone."
aerlptloii and for mlvemmui: win no maun won
tho Publlslierjind all payrnents therefor enforced
In his mime.
Tin: CoF.VMniAN will bo delivered throimh
the subscribers In Columbia County, free
of nstat;i. To thostf Blitsldo of the County, live
rs.'iita per quarter ill advance, paid at tho oillco
Where receleil.
TnitMsoi Anvr.iiTisiMo: On square (ten lines
nr 1ms) one or thruo linertions each sulise-
ipient InseitlnnM cehtsj one Miunru ono nionth
fU,IJ0, two sipiate.s e..,(s, tiiree Kplnres ti?il"i l"lir
Miuares SH.IW, half roluniu 8I0,W onocoluinll W-
Executors or administrators lilltlces l".f;
torsS2,50. Ijlllorlal notlecH twenty cents aline.
Other nilvertisonients Inserled aceordlnB to spe
iinl contract. TruMsb 'it n'l'-erlKements must be
pio-pald. Jobbing of all kinds neatly and prompt
ly oxeculed.
Ni:wsiMrEi. Laws. 1. A pi.tinasterlsreiiulred
to kIvh nollco by letter (icliirhlnK thn paper does
not imsMiT the reiiiiirt'lnent of the law) when a
mibserlber does not take his paplr from tbeoilice;
and to slate the reasons for Us not being taken.
A nvylei't ro do so makes I ho postmaster re ponsl
Mo to the publisher for the pu.witouu
2, Any person w ho takes a paper regularly fiom
Mrs. Vivian shrugged her shoulders,
expi'-'--ivo of scornful acquicsceiic'o in
this new caprice, and 3lr. I'orimer ap
peared too intent on tho JtnuUltuw lie
had taken up to hear tho remark.
About half jiltst UVU on tho following
morning I was awakened by I-.ibel
standing already dressed by my bed
side. .Sho wished mo to get up and join
her and her husband at tho breakfast
" 1 till nllt kntiw what T may be tempt
ed to say to him, Aunt Sarah, but I feel
ai If I could not let him go away in his
present estrangement, especially when
1 fear he has stirlUus business .ror ins ob
ject. 1 havothoiightforsoinotimopa'-t
that he lias seemed anxious and ill at
ease. im. lie must taico mo 10 nis ueart
againf-peak to mo kindly ! '
"ilut, my dear child, had you not
better bo alono?"
Slid thought not ; It I were present
I could judge for my.-elf, and I should
bo no ri'strttlllt Upon her. I thought
how lovely sho looked prei-liling at tilt'
tier appeal till tho last moment?" ho
Said. " Wcroyou anxious for a witness
to your protest against my neglect? I
shall wrlto to you duly. Don't attempt
to delay mo rindlher moment."
llo spoko in a hard, severe tone put
her gently on ono side, ns sho blocked
his paisage ond was gone; A moment
after wo heard tlio eafrlagrJrUll from tlio
door. Isabel clasped her haiilhi
"Am I not nbluiulcrlng fool?" sho
cried, passlonntely. " I noVor inako an
attempt to heal but I widen tliti breach.
Ho thinks, now, I am playing a Jiar't
wanting to convlnco you I am a neglect-
ed wife!"
Sho Walked restlessly un and down
tho room. I had not much to say in tlio
way of consolation. I had felt from tho
first that it was impolitic to have insist
ed on my presence during tlio interview,
but sho had overruled my objection i
and I Was deuplj1 grieved to see iitattcr.s
wero worso between them than I had
thought. I lind hdpe'd hist night that
Isabel had exaggerated or irilstalifc'll her
"And it does not seem so very long
ago," continued sho, gloomily, " that he
never left mo for a few hours without a
tender fitrewell. I never emtio into th'i
room hut he smiled and gave mo a seat
near him. IIo could scarcely pass mo
without a touch that was a caress : and
now "
"Oh, child," I said, "you must have
acted very ill 1"
"Iliivolliottoldyousd?" shcretunl
bitterly; "and do I not sillier fdr il?
IIo never loved me as I love him now,
What long patience ho hi'd with hie
blind to my sc'lushness, indulgent to my
vanity, giving mo so much with such an
ungrudging lavlahness, and only askln
mo to acknowledge it and lovo him I
Can I blamo his sister that sho helped
him to discover How unwortllj' I Was?'
" I fear," I said, "sho btill does ydu
harm. Sho will not bo hero when your
husband returns. I cannot believe, 1:
abel, that when left alono to exercise
Judicious influence, you will not regain
tho place you have loit. There must be
Conic tendcrne-s left for you in his heart
your lovo must fcallllllatc lti"
Kite shook her head. " Xo; I despai
of it. His lovo and prido have botl
been too deeply wounded. He does not
believe that what I feel is love, but ca
price tho desire to regain power and in
lluenco loit. He does not think I lov
my children ; but wo cannot continue to
live like this. If there is no change for
the better on his return) wo must part
The eiitrnnrfJ of M"rs. Vivdlil Arrested
the conversation : sho appeared in
nfost elaborate morning toilet, and ap
parently iu superabundant spirits.
" It was cruel of you to forbid my
wishing niy brother good-by, Jlrs. I.oi'
inier," sho said gaily. " I tried to hail
him from tlio window! hut thenois'oof
tho wheels, or his grief in parting from
his Isabel, made tlio effort vain. I wish
lily engagements permitted my staying
a day or two until yooi' spirits had, ral
lied." This was intended for earcasilt, luT, df
course, poor Isabel Was doing her best
to appear cheerful and unconcerned,
and, as sho had said, she had always
succeeded so well in this doubtful ruse
as effectually to deceivo her husband as
well as her sister-in-law. Mrs. Vivian
ilatted on while taking her leisurely
breakfast, until tho effort of repartee be-
amo too much for Isabel, mid sho left
the foonl ttildoi' tho excuse of going to
10 never eonsidCl't'il how much ho gavo
her. I never liked tho marriago j but I
would havo held my peace, aud receiv
ed her as a sister, had sho loved him.
Hut sho eared nothing for him! How
dared sho soil Herself thus? mid accept
not only his wealth and p'tisltldn, but
Is true noblo affection ns mere tribute
to her puerllo attractions, without liav-
ng anything to glvo in her exchange-
not oven a heart? what did sho fcckdii
icrself Worth? and. good Heavens 1
how ldilg" tho man was befooled 1"
Jtrsi Vlvlaiuiauscd. exhausted, and I
tried to sclrd ltiy UilltUrtliilltyi " Grant
ed that sho was guilty of marrying him
without loving him," I said j " consider
tho great temptations offered, not by his
ositlon chiefly, but by tho ardor of his
own passion j and nt least sho was freo
from tlio greater guilt of loving nny
oite else: Alt) I understand ydtlr sheet',
Mrs. Vivian, but I repeat you wroifg'
Isabel. Sho may havo been selfish,
weak, aud vain, and have had her young
Heart turned by ilattery her husband's
flattery more than any other but sho
has a heart ; sho feels deeply, passion
ately ; sho repents the past ; sho loves
her husband now."
Mrsi Vivian shook hf: head scornful'
ly. "Sho deceives you, perhaps slio de
ceives herself. Sho repents the loss of
his love, I doubt not, because it involves
the loss of her power ; sho may, even,
in tho spirit of cotmctry, bo anxious to
possess herself of it again, lint lov
that is, Unselfish affection Is beyond
ller'i 1 tlliilli It prdl'ablo eho may dread
the ednrenuencta of his alienation, .but
sho need not bo afraid ; my brother is
so chivalrous that, did ho feel her a
heavier burden than ho does, lie would
not shako her oft" at tho expense of her
own humiliation."
My cheek flushed. I felt too indig
nant to llnd words. Mrs. Vivian saw
tills, rtuil eoiitlinicd tiioro gently i " Wo
view this matter very dillerently, of
course; but you must remember I havo
this advantage over you I have been a
witness of their married life of his de
votion, patience, and blindness, of her
egregious vanity, exigence, and selfNh
ncss. Dut it is over now ; cho can hov
er dehtdo liiill again. From tho mo
mcnt ho became convinced all his lovo
had been wasted that there had never
been a moment's responso to his dlsiu
rldo to maintain. Mr. Lorimer's let
ters wcro not of a cheering character;
they wero cold and reserved in style,
ami spoko of Ills business engagements
as of n tnomcntous and disastrous char
acter, without further explanation! Is
abel seemed strangely indifferent on tlio
subject, except as it might nlfect her hus
band's happiness ; but I confess I was
not so unworldly. I wrote to my broth;
cr, aiid rdducstdd hlhi td let md know
what rumors were afloat in London ro-
pcctlng tho firm of Glitter and Co.
Tho answer I received alarmed mo.
Hitherto I had never heard llobert ox
the post onieo whether illu-ckd toblsnmiio or I talilts ill lier.-llllplo White gown, anil It-It
anoiher-or whether bo has subscribed or imt ji,,,-.,,!,.,! Unit herllU-bailll must think
Is riwimsilile ror Hie payment oriiienioscripiioii i () .()() w,UIl 10 came ill. Jillt WllCll 110
3. it a pursmi ordeiKiiis paper discontinued, ho ,i, after a few civil speeches to me, ho
must pay up all arrearages, or tho publisher may coined too hurried and preoccupied to
eijiitluno In send It until payment Is made, and ,,0(t.0 unvthillg. Ho swallowed his
roiiectthowhoieninouiitwhetheritistiikenfiniii h,i-eakfast in 11 vc minutes, and then ro-o
theoiiiceornot. Them ran bonoicgai dUcontiu- uj mvQ jtll(i rung tlio bell impatiently
unnco until the pjmciit ts made. ,. jj,0 t.rtrriage to com'J roillid.
4. If a subscriber who Is lu arrears orders his u mait bo 61? immediately," ho Said.
paper to be f topped at a certain time, mid tho honklnc tit ills watch ; "1 Wdllld tldl.
mibllahor continues to send it, llio subscriber Is ,,.s tlio train oil nil.V account. (!ood-
bound to pay for It If be takes It out of the jioat j, Jsjibol."
oflico. Tho law piocccils on tho ground that a yhut cdtlilt lie done ill the way of re
man must pay tor what houses. IHnn-traiico or entreaty under such elr-
5, Tho courts have decided I't-fusinghiiiiko funistaneos? A man under fear or los
ncwfimiH-rs and periodicals from tlio post mncc, i..,, ilu tR1in js scarcely tolerant of con
r removing und hwvlng tlieiu uncalled for Is .IL,.,1 embraces, much less of conjugal
jirfninuclc evldcno" uf llllelltlohal fraud.
kjr It it. In HI taut, nldro likely to be satisfac
tory, tiolli li) subscribers ami lo Un Tublisher,
that remittance nwl all communications respect
ing tho business of tlio paper, be seutdirect lo tho
ronroaclics. Jsanei nan iiineu nui y
neal ba.lly. Sho stooil lrrcsouue, iter
eves downcast, her brow clouded
on,,, at,, t.nrimi'r hud made a movement
toward her, as if to kiss her, but turned
olllcoof publication. All lcttors, MlicthPrrclntliiB j )rtJ rQm ,cr ou rcmnrklllg her nttl
to tl o editorial or business concerns nf the fapcr, lTnovlilnntlv liiistllldcratood llCr.
uudlliiymciitsfor subscriptions, advertising, for , coin.)re:!,eil ils lips with all CX
or jobbing, arc to bo mud to ami ln-c,,,ioil of Micll bitter feeling, though it
jouN o.Kiinnzi:,
"tUvnlitm OiOIr,"
Jlf.rtoasliciio, l'A.
Trlntad at Ilohlsah'B Ilulldlngs, near tho Court
House, by ('has. M. Vanhersi-ick,
1'rlA.NK H. fsKlHEH.
svnn.iVfll! TK1TKT.
l'mKi.Mi-nrittr, ctiiA'MiiiA
wns but transient, mat i ieu now ueup
o iMirrent nf Hllfi'cl' lliJ and disappoint'
mout ran beneath his calm and ordinary
tt in minr
11 1 hopo voil will not nuu iiiueuium.v
. .. in .,1.1 .,,,,.1
veryuuii, iiosaiiiioiiie, iniui-imira
do her best to amtiso you miring myao
seiico; it is very kind or you to como
nn.l stav with lior. Take care of tho
elillilren. Isabel." .
lie turned and was going I toucnen
iolol's nrni. and sho sprang siuiuen
Ti,.. iiiidersleneil haUng purcluisDil this well-
know ii and centrally.locatod house, tho Kxchango
Jlolel.sltuato on MAIN BTllKi;r,in junonisourg,
mimed hii. lv onooslie the Columbia Cnunty Court
House, resnecirullv InfollllS his friends and tho
public In general that bis houe Is now In older , w t Intercept his way to the
for the reception and entertainment of traveller Wrwnill so as in I
who may ho disposed to favor It with Ihelr ens. door.
" YOU Will Wllio iu uiu . sm io
ea-'erlv " vou will let mo know your
nioveinents ? Aro you likely to bo long
absent V a mouth ? six weeks .' imxi
nier, npeak lo mo kindly beforu you go
torn, lie has sired no exponso iu pn p!ui"K
i-.,..(im, for llio eiitertallll'lful of bis guest,
neither shall there lm niiylhlng wanting (on his
, l, ft i i.i minister to tlielr personal comfort. Ill'
house Is spacious, and enjoys an e.ccllent biul
(s locution.
Oinnlbusses run at all limea nctwicn ins i.v
. ls.i I .1 is i... nwnv."
e liangn iioici aim in" . ..,m...i m,., v - n..i-f r
wlileh tiavQlIers will be pleasantly ennuyed lo J mIW tllOCOlor risOUllgrlly to Mr. hor-
end from tlio rcipoit.vo flutlous In duo time to jm(i,.-, face.
mr-t theit ,.fl,is r' CASI'0W .vhv have you rtetrved your ten
married him for ins nioney the eit
chantnient was dispelled. "What lie has
sull'ercd God only knows. I imagino I
hcar-the tono of his voice now ns when
ho said to me: 'Sho never loved Hio
f.'ifl'qllilo ; slid deceived ilio front her first
kiss;' and can you wonder that my In
dignation is so strong?"
I was silent. I felt it would bo vain
to prote.-t
" I niitst gtl," she si!d, visingi " V'J
will not quarrel over this Matter you
and I ;" and sho held out her hand witli
a smile,
" Only ono word more," I said, retain
ing it. "If you may admit it as
possibility if thero should bo a hope of
n reconciliation, you will not mar it?
ntean you will not use your inllucnco
against tho wife?
" Impossible!" sho said ; but my im
iiortunity succeeded in winning tho
promWo from her
When Mrs. Vivian eamo down stairs
to take her departure, Isaliel was stand
Iii2 iu tlio hall waiting to bid her guest
fitrtiMi'lli hlttlo ljllly was clingini; t
her side, timid, tender, and silent its
at first sight, from tlio trouble which I
firmly bcltovcd sho would, in tho end,
find strength and courage toicnduroand
"Ah 1 if I dar'cd td Hope tliati" sho
ihurmured, kissing ile'r clliiii, "I cduld
bear anything. I shall soon know my
fate. Oh I how shall I llvo till to-morrow
Her endurance was nUt c'xorcised so
HJng! ttiitt Very evening Mr. Lorlmer
nrrlveil unexpectedly by n lato train.
Tho day had been wet aiul chilly, and
Isabel had ordered a lire in her dressing
rooni, over Which she. and I wcro sitting
press aitylliillg' Hut thd llltiit extr'eirio In melancholy mood, wearied bt tho
admiration for tho vast extent, ilnan- fruitless yet incessant discussion of
clal management, and unlimited credit chances, at tlio tlmo of his arrival. Isa
of tho establishment; now, ho wrote bcl sprang up on hearing tlib fidtilid of
nsif it had been from its commencement hisvoled lil thtiilliil. "Vhnt shall I
nhugo W'indld: Ito sdld its bUlv'eiicy do?" sho exclaimed, clasping Hi lier
was doubted, its credit shaken, Its Im- hands. "I am so afraid of injuring my
menso wealth n delttiion. "I believo cause by ovcr-preclpltancy, so afraid of
Lorinlcr is tho only monoyed man of tho being misunderstood repulsed. 1 tow
batch, and when tho crash comes, ns shall I mirsuado him that I lovo liiill?"
eonio it will, as far as his means (JO) He "My darling, it seems td me it Has bc-
M III hrtVd td I'rty thd mxu Had ho eoiiid n Very easy task."
been tho prudent man and aflectlnato Vohcard his voice approaching in
husband I thought him, ho would havo tlio direction of our room. "On no tie-
settled that fine estnto of his upon Isabel count disturb your mistress," ho was
and Iter children at the time oi his saying to Isabel's maid; "sho had no
niarriairo. If ho Into lldt taken tho call- idct I should return1 to-nirrht."
tiou of entailing it, as I very much isiibdi throW dpi'il tiirf dodn till ti stood
doubt, ho mid everything must go to tho smiling in tho entrance, her dress, fig-
dogs." Then followed unreasonable and tiro and lovely face touched with a char-
selfish regrets for his daughter, "who niiugillumination from tho blazing pino
might havo dono so much better," logs. I thought what a charming, in-
whicli I spare tlio reader. viting vision she must appear to bo liar
This lottff inado mo nli-crabto; I riissed, Weaned Wanderer coining in
dared not tell Isabel, for I did not feel from tho dark night
nt liberty to do so, when her husband Mr. I.orimcr stopped nbruptly, ho
kept her in ignorance of his affairs, ad- did not advanco towards her. Sho had
ded to which I knew not what measure not spoken ; but though I could not see
of belief to yield td my brother's state- tlto dxrh-esMon of Her face, tho light fell
nieiits. There was nothing for it but td upon his, and showed iiio tlto intent,
wait ; but every proof of wealth, every searching gaze,
sign of luxury around me, becamo irk- "Maurico ihtro I glvo you n welcome?"
;onio rtitd intdllcralJlei l'odr Iilliy 3 Bho sprang forward and threw her
tiny pony-chair, with its miniature drills aroutid His lit'cki Is it ildssiblo
steed, to procure which from its native that I can put her from him without a
island, no expense or trouble had been moment's return of tho old lovo an in-
spared even tlio very baby's lace robes voluntary response to the thrilling em
Assumed a melancholy and sinister brace? es. ho frees llntlSclf gCnvy
M-tiPpttri iH' iitoibld VIeIoiii Irnbi'l's but cdldlV. tllid tfiklnc her bv the hand.
costly droses, of which slio Was fin idads Hdr back without a word into the
careless, distressed me; the daily ele; room, lie Has lier now in tho full blaze
ganeeof tho table appointments gave of tlio fire-light, and ho still K-ep Ills
mo a pang. I went nbout under n hold of .her hand his scCltrity (if her
cloud, or rather under a painful iliiunl- face; lldw altered has Ills own become;
nation W hich I dared Hot shed on my 'low l'rilo and VtOrn! hen he spoko
companion. The ordeal, however, was at length, tho mingled restraint and an
not destined to lost very long. Ono guisli of lus voice made my heart ache
morning, about a fortnight after I had "You havo not received my letter this
heard from my brother, Isabel dropped morning, Isabel?, Yoii aro always a
her husband's bi-weekly letter with a careless student of the newspaper? You
sudden exclamation, l looueu un
frightened) yet Half revealed tit thdsight
of her palo faco and excited manner.
Had tho crash come? Had lie told her
STOiitris Atioii-P AlindTS.
As our young readers well know, tho
parrot may bo taught td repeat many
words. It is generally supposed that
tbev nllnnb nn lilemillH' to That tllOV
say, but simply iiUcr tho sounds, ns
they would any other notes. This may
bo so, but eonio Incidents stem td phow
llltlt they niay sometimes know tho uso
of language. A lady friend of tliti tt'riJ
ter occupied part of a houo wlidrb was1
kept a Very tatlaitlvd pnrtuti O'no day
tlio lady eamo down stairs dro.ss6d in n
short-gown mid petticoat, tlio weather
being intensely warm, when tho parrot
immediately cried out, "Wfirlt frdclc
you got on?" Ailtltlldl' friend fclKtcsJ
thdt it pdrrot Uoib'iiging to his landlady
ono day annoyed her very much by Itrl
continued talking and screeching. At
last slio seized tho stick With Which slid
had been stirring" the clothes, and raised
it threateningly, when tho bird immc'
diatcly cried out, "you saucy tiling, poll
Won't speak another word," nml re
iiiaincd silent almost tho whold diij'i
A bird show was held rit (lid MihcuiU
in New York soVer.d years since, to
which a parrot was sent that had been
taught to repeat tho Lord's I'rayoi'i
This was advertised extensively, and
hundreds of persons went to hear tlia
Wdndc'r, Hift td their disappolntmellti
and thd vexatinll of tho oWiibr, i'till
would not utter a word during tho ox
hibitiou, although fully able todo wiial
ho had been expected. After thoshow,
the parrot was taken home, nnd upon
reaching its plnco, it dxclnlmed, "Isup
poso i can talk now," nild becafild ds
volnblo ns ever. Tlio bird's silencb Was
not remarkable, o-s song birds will sei
dom sing freely, for some time after be
ing taken td n now" plifco"; tho speech on
gbing hoilio cc'rtalnl.v seelnetl to ifidl
eato intelligence. A gplitfeman had
tausrlit ids narrot to sny. "Get vour irtin
John," which was well remembered
diid niglit i)y the bird, for burglars' ert
tercd tho house, and Poll hearing ti
noise, screamed out at tlio top of her
voice, "(let your gun, John," awaken
ing her owner, and nt tho same tinfo
putting tho robbers tollighti
do not know?1'
"Here teyoilf iultW i lllWO ll'-'S tho
newspaper 1 tlm sorry Maurice I lint
deeply sorry. 1 ldvo wealth, as you
I perceived slio had stretched out her know; I dread poverty ; but If it was
Hand eagerly for tlio mornilig paper, tlio only price at which your faith in
which still ldy ilndpcucd dll thd table J me could be bought, I am glad wo are
but her agitation bewildered her. She lor. I havo not alwaye loved you
A fridiidj W:ho'se name wo aro not at
liiiorty lo glvd, imt who is well and
widely known as a business- wan of
sterling worth, was last yertr cA'ccUtitiff
a largo building. Ono of his excellent
peculiarities is, to allow no intemper
ance or profanity among his men, and
to insist that every man shall work fdf
tile liberal pay ho is wilting" to" glve-i
.Ono day, Mils gUltl'eiiidli noticed that
one of tho builder's was continually
shirking, seetlilng to card only to pass
away tho time and draw his pay. Call
ing Ids foreman, who had tho hiring us
well as tho overseeing of tho moil) Ollt'
friend asked Whether tliti frizy lftan had
been engaged for tho season, or only for
took it up aimlessly, then put it down, but I love you now; I havo not done a short time. "Kor tho season," was
and turned again to tho letter, which my duty hitherto I will try and do it tho reply, "but I can discharge him, I
her trembling hand could scarcely hold, now. Ilelievo me help mo !"
"Isabel, mv darllntr. my noor child 1" Ho turned Ironi Her anil covered lii
I cried, going lip to her and ki-sing her faco with his hand.
with fervor "ii is Mr. I.orimei' Well?"
Sho put tlio letter in my hand. "Head
it; give mo a few minutes, mill then
eonio to nx'i Aunt f?!trii)t )' nml fhd left
tho room.
Poor girl ! she could not but Jeel it.
Mr. I.orimer's letter began as fol
lows !
Jt i n Woman's gi'iiprosity I" he
aid ! "lite s'.'x's pdssk'n Air p'.'ir-cacri-
''It is d wbman's passion, a wife's
love," slid nliswered, raising her glow-
ng face. "Maurice, is it for mo to
plead?" Shetiiiido as If sho would have isfled with my Work," said lie.
knelt before him, and threw her arms
suppose." "Oh ! no." said Mr.
"but I want you to go down to thd vit
iligo hdtel and eilgagd tho host rodm
you can find let this Ulan g(theronnd
tic'Cupy it j eVei'y month send his hill to
me and I will' pay it." Tlio foreman
Informed the hired man of the instruc
tions given, and ho at onco went to tho
owner'. "1 understand you are not sat-
"I lint'
"I take ureat blame to mvxclfi leb''li i'round his knees
thtitthavo Kept yoil igudratlt (jf the I waited Jtt-t one half moment Idas-
stranger guest, a sudde
ed me. 1 had been studying Mrs. Vi
inn's countenance for some tlmo ntten
tivelv. rind I eamo to tlio conclusion
that though bur iiiannc'is iHigllt ndt
ilea-e me, there was no Indication Of
wont of heart or intelligence in her
phisioguoiny, and that 1, in my turn,
would make a sudden appeal. lien
sho roso to excuse herself for leaving
mo to make her final arrangements lor
ter departure, I begged her to remain a
few moments longer, ns I had a matter
of imnortanco iibout-wiilcU J was mix'
iotH td eon-mlt her. Who reseated ner
self Immediately, with an air of unit It.
guisod .surprise; then, on a sudden, her
row clouded.
" It is about your nieco ? about Mrs.
l.orliuer and my brother- Do not let
us speak of it, my dear Madam. I should
be really grieved to hurt your feelings
ou the subject ', bilt it Was ono on which
I cannot trust myself to speak calmly
She was going, her tactics of retreat
evidently corresponded with thoso ol
Mrs. Dorinicrj but I intercepted her
" Do let mo speak." I urged. " I am
so thoroughly convinced that Isabel I
misunderstood, wronged by both or
you; unconsciously, of c-ouivp, but still
wronged. A littio explanation
Dut I had chosen my expressions ill.
"Wronged!" Mrs. Vivian repeated
with ilaslilnir eves" wronged 1"
' I beseech you to Do patient," I sum,
half smiling. " I am but a bungling
old woman, but 1 lovo my nieco as my
own child, and 1 cannot witness her un
happiness without somo attempt, now
i. voe nu-kward. to arrest it. Do you
imatrlno sho is happy, Mrs. Vivian?"
Yes, or at least I Imagine her to havo
t coiis'tltutlonal guaranteo against tho
reverse." was tho reply; "an entirely
unmitigated hearlossiie.-s. Oh, my dear
Madame, you touch a soro place by your
appeal ! 1 cannot contain myself when
I think How my brother has sacrlllced
himself to that girl I AVi-o men tiro tho
greatest fools In love," sho pursued rap
idly : "and when they married, ho dot
ed upon hor shadow. Nothing lie could
ic her w;t too good lor ner, or nimei
seemed hor wonti Tho sight of the fair state of my all'airs until tho public pa- sure mywlf, with an ultl Woman's lovo
ler nursery. L,elt tlms mono witn me ,0t,0i. ,ui,i child tlius liked td-rether pits will announce my ruin to the (if demonstration, that she did not
n resolution seiz- sc..,,',! to touch Mrs. Vivian. Ylcldint; world nt large tills morning; but 1 havo plead in vain. 1 saw him' raise her in
no fault with tho work," W.'ls the fepi.V,
to what was evidently a sudden impulse,
sho went up to Isabel and took her hand.
" Good-by, Mrs. Lorlmer. I cannot
help feeiiiig u kind of pity for ydu, in
epltd df '(lili' cdnduct -in spite, too, of
your contemptuous disclaimer," sho
added, .smiling, for Isabel had winced at
neck, looked haughtily down upon
thesympathlzer. " Have you any idea,"
pursued Mrs. Vivian, after a moment's
reflection, "wl'clt business il is tlmt
takes your husband to Glasgow at this
hoped against hope that this calamity his anus, saw tho passionate" kl-s that
might havcbeenUvertod, nnd yourpeace scaled the renewed troth, and indis
of mind undisturbed." tlnctly heard, as I flitted away through
The Ttmviot that morning curtly nn- tho dim corridor, tho tones ot his vok-o
nouncod that Messrs. Glitter of London tremulous with nitffo (l.'il a Idver's for
bad stoppcil payment, and that their vor. .
liabilities were supposed to have been Thm) mouths later, Mr. and Mrs.
enormous. Thero was no comment : i(,)rimi.r sailed for Montreal, where tho
tho public were to wait for detail and f(,nlic.r had a brother established as a
criticism. mcrjhntiti There wcro not many tears
When I joined lrhbel, I found her Biwl hv either, for in that tifno their
Winning up mm uown nor messing- i0V0UKl mutual dependence Had grown
room, holding her baby in her arms.
nartieular tlmo? Xo? I hardly think 1 She looked comparatively calm, but
I.oiimer is rigid to leave you unwarned ' thero was an expro-sioii of deep anxiety
that thero is a fearful chance of your
losing all that you value highest. The
hock may bo too much for you."
I feared an ebullition of pitssldn from
I'tibeti biU ehe had h-'irm-d many a les'
sun df self-control since I hud known
horns a girl, and ho only looked contemptuous.
" My husband's absence constrains mo
to b?ar his sisters insults in .silence,"
sho replied, with an air of dignity;
' and 1 wish to know nothing tlmt ho
chooses too keep back from mo. Kiss
your Aunt, Lilly, and bid her good-by."
And so parted tlio sisters.
It was not entirely a melancholy time
that Isabel nnd 1 passed together during
tho protracted nbseneo of her husband.
I'ho country was so beautiful, ami all
thu elegant appliances of mijoylilcnt
Which wo had at command wero so
iileasantlv now to me, that I found it
impossibio to resist external influences.
licsldos, I havo a passion for children,
and oven had I not, I must havo loved
Isabcl'si Daby Dell was n paragon of
infantile vigor and beauty, and Lilly
had all tho exnulslto tenderness and
sweetness ofa child destined to but brief
probation. To Isabel it was a great re
lief to havo somo ono with her to whom
slio could confide nil tho Incidents, faults
rind di-Mp'pdiutnfeut.s' of her married
life, and who never wearied oi spccuia
tin"- with her on her chances ot reconcil
iation and happiness. De.sldcs, slio was
fico to follow tlio bent of her feelings
slio hud no piirt to play, no spurious
in her face.
I began at onco to enter on tho
so strong and intimate that no grief
seemed intolerable which tHi'y shared
together, lit tile drrangeiiient of Ills
ufl'alrs hu had been actuated but by ono
motive to satisfy every el tini as far as
ject, for 1 wished to li'.tnien ner lor its tho nlost scrupulous honor dictated,
disculotli even to tho last fraction of hl- estate.
"Now the blow has fallen," sho said, Three hundred a year had been nlllxed
'I feel it deeply. I feel it chiefly for ... i,.,,,.! i)V niarriaue-scttlenienr. but
my husband, who, 1 imagine, lias nev- by s0m0 u,.,l inadvertency, tho deed
er contemplated tho possibility of being proved invalid, and Her littio fortune
poor. I cannot conceive how ho will wcnt in tho general wreck-. Mr. l.ori-
meet It. If thero Is any disgrace alien- nlCr xrcte(l the loss, but I know Isa
dlug it, it Will kill him, for ho Is a proud ,,el W(H Ulll of lt j rcl. hist Words, as
man. Aunt Sarah," no added passion- ...Q .......p-i m. ti10 deck of tho vessel.
ately, "do you think tills trouble will Lvero to mo , "Vo slldll not eonio back
open his heart to mov no you tninu no l0 01ll Kugiaua again," sho said gaily,
will allow mo to lovo mm ami consoio i.tlll xyo lmv0 grown rich enough to buy
him? Thero isnotn kind word in his Uiu,k ortoll u,as. llou.t fi,n to et
letter, not a rcieuung purine, uiu Us cnow wllen It is In tho market."
know How ho els-moro bitterly m ,, ow
against mo than over, for ho thinks he , , ,,,,,....,,,, hooof K...
has lit all I loved or cared for." ... ,, , , m,.,i,. i ,,.ei.K-i.ii
"Dut now, dear child, you will ' lily ..oaiaa letter froin Montreal, and
,1., t ,e,f -mie liivil.'' I r .
what says isaoeiv o aro couiiii
oblo to prove your lovo
"How ? Have I anything i can give
him any resource for bread-getting?
Oh! it h hard! Lilly, my tender liower,
will never thrive as a poor man's child.
And I O aunt. 1 lovo wealth and easo
dearlv, dearly ! Poverty will ho bitter"
lior tears choked her.
Tim bitter a nrico to pay for your
husband's love?" I asked.
I lnd no rrlsh to blauld Her inconsis
tency, or reproach her for her lack of
heroism. 1 knew slio was showing mo
tho cwllllct of lior heart, ami it seemed
home, Aunt Sarah, to realize my proph
ecy i Morton i-'ns Is in tho -market,
though you have kept a treacherous si
lence ; nay, it is doubtless our own al
ready. Tell my father that Maurico
says thero shall be no delay iu making
a rigorous entail nf tno esttuo ; mm now
proud shall you and 1 lie, my beloved
nunt'iutnlicr, to watch our boy flying
his klto over his inalienable acres.
Whv wasthoglmit Gollah very much
. l,.,t.i .md, ml lino. Sim wan 110 ll-tollis ICll WllCll JUVId llll mill lll
illscinllned. hih-iuindod woman, but a tliostouoV Such a thing never entered
passionate, disappointed girl, shrinking ' ids head before.
"but bet'atl-U Vou don't work." "I will
h'dVo If you in-ist on it," said the man.
''Not at all I don't turn you away,
but I have given orders to havo tho best
room at tho hotel put at your sorvlci'i
since you want to play tho gentleman
at niy expc.n-e, nnd I promise you 'I
will pay the hill promptly every liionth,
t'itt I Will not lidvo y.'ilii' fxJ MUlUpld
among my men." The poor fellow, ut
terly dumb-founded nt such novel
treatment, scarcely knew lunv to repl.'j
but looked as though ho would lluo to
sink into theground. I'lnally, he asked,
"Are you willing to try mo for a Week."
" Certainly," said Mr. "I am al
ways Willing td liefp a nfriil Whd wants
td reform." The man returned to his"
work, cured of his laziness, and from
that day forth, no more industrious
hand was to bo found on tho plaeei
Wash Titii Tnilrlt A't'Niuin-. A
few people Who inherit good tt'ctlf, null
eilfe untiling for " looks," neglect brush
ing their teeth ; but none who study
cleanliness- anil .svtoct breath, or Who
WMi to preserve their teeth, B"od Or
bad, as long ns possible, should neglect
to brush them one or more times a day,
Wltll a brti'li St; stiff as to clean them
well, but not so hard as to Woulid and
Irritate the gums. They should bd
brushed l oth night nhd morning, but
If only once, let It be dono tho last thing
before retiring. Portions of food, sweets ,
etc., left on or between tho teeth during
tho night, decay or acidify, and corrode
tho eimiricl, .'(lid thus gradually Injuro
tlicni. If tlio cavities between and in
decaying teeth bo thoroughly brushed
out with water at night, and when ris
ing, it will add years to their elfectivo
uso and freedom from pain. Most or tho
tooth nowilers sold contain an Injurious;
acid, which, though It gives tlio tettll ti
clean, white .surface, docs it nt tho ex
pense of some or the natural siirnice.
A little hard soap, pleasantly poK-imcd,
Is the best possible application, "Wo
could not recommend even the finest
charcoal, or prepared chalk or clay, for
though inert, they wear upon tho en
amel. Pnr.NTici: mys of a negro equality
editor "who smelt a rat," that if lie did
and tho rat smelt him, the poor rat hud
tlio worst of It.