The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, October 27, 1866, Image 1

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1 he ($o hunt, fan,
t 'l?i'miuani:n t:'Kiiv htukiiat, in ,
'' 1 ilidomibiirgi Col it In tilu Count)) ln.
... Two Dalian a year, In advance. Jf not paid In
, iMVarti'jfw'o lJolfnrs iiid Tiny Cents.
Address nil letters to
SJcrmii of (Uwli!iinr.
(mefqnnrp.onoor three Irwrtlom J lfo
I'aeh litciUcnt hiM-rlloii leM tlmn Ihlilei n.
Oliohqunnonn 111011II1 2 id
Two " " ' .. u VI
Threo " " ......... ft no
Knur " " 11 to
Half cnhiirfn " ...Ml"!
Ono (ohitim " I'll")
lineMiliii'itiinil AilfnfnUtlntor'H Notice il i
Auditor's Not lien , , i Hi
Editorial Notices twenty cent per lino.
Olhor ndverllsemcnti Inictlod according to upe
clnl contract.
tlmiUIR It. StOOT'I!.
IMItof of tllO CoM'MlltAM,
Illoonisburtf, Co1iimbla."otinty, l'n.
VOL. I.-NO. 2(5.
II iff 1 Iff Iff if t )M lit
W IP H w fill Ipl 1 fllw
; t'l Uimmi tluiPH, when wn havo heard nml read
fco much about tho horriMi nnil rav-nre-of '-iiili.rii,
tlio following remarkable poem will I mi rend with
mtcrcit. It. Is believed to hive orliilii'illy rip
fared In tlio St. Itclon-i .V-.'i-m. H ri-lnte-t to
o early scrvloonri-'.iiulhhoiileois In Iiull.t, whi-h
o nrmy was mowed down bv pi-illlcitee. Wlii'ii
rt Mnrnnlnr'H tieciiiitit of lliii i-lfi-clx of pinnll
In .Unclnml li l-omciiibi-U'd, ns It ili-si-rllio-i
ho prpnrntlon (if brothers, -Otter, niut lovers, II
will bo noon this poem idles, with wniulc rful
eHect, what Is far nobler, however pi'lnrul, tlm
1 cry iioctry nf inllllnry dosp-ilr.bul still llivtlytiij
together ot brothers In nuns.
We meet 'noath tho niiiiiiilliin nilli.r,
And the walls nrmiud nw lure,
As" they ulioul to our pent of laughter,
It seems that tho dead lira there.
' lltttttntul toynur Rliis-icn, Ktoiuly;
c We drink lo our comrades' eyes,
' QuajT acup to tho dead ahcady;
llarrnht fur tlio next that dlci.
2Jt hero are the RobtcWylowlnt;;
Not hern Is tho vlittniro sweet;
111 mid, nn our hcarl.i nro -rowing,
And'dsrltM thoiluum wo meet.
t aland 19 7-inr i;lnsson, Klendy ;
B'W?5jt ma Khali our pulses rIo
. Acnp foj-Jlen.xUlilllo.
" -'Hurrah.
-' 'HtJolHi-it drUlPs
"1 JJotnulfih fur ,. -CrUu th-u sintt;
"Not a tear fortl. wJj;e-(i.'iiuiar;ito',
We'll till, 'mldHt tin ,itMu '
. As route, ns Iho wlno UiiAy-
' So Bland to you r Elnsso?, n .Va
TU thl thai tho replto In..
On ep to th Jo-ul nlie.idy ;
,. , ,JIurrlil fr tho next tlml dlei.
Vlmow-M when rro frownrd nt nlhers;
MrelbooRVitwcwirowlier then!
Hal till ltttbein IWukof their muthciH
; ' aWKS htiff tto t1i-?ni nKln I
. - ilfo I stand to yimr iflnsw-n, Mondy i
' .Tho lhmhl.lei.i are here tlio who ,
' A cup to the S ead altrany ;
Hurr Ah I for'the nest that dlo-i.
Xhcro's many a hand that's s'latilii-?;
' . Thcre'H nnny n elif ek thut'K sunl; ;
'"a 'Unt noon, though oar lirArtx aro hrcakln?,
; jThcy'll hitrii with Hi"' wine wo'vo diunk.
"f. Ra 'nUCiid to your ulaisoi, Rteiuly,
i 'Tin hero tho revival lies;
l iA cup to tho dead already;
Hurriih I for tlio next dlci.
Thcro a mlit on Iho Rlan cungenllnR,
'Tin the hurrleano'H llery lireatli J
Andthus duet tliV'Wnfintll of fe llu!
' Torn lco In tho (-rasp pf Death.
"llol tnnd to your (luisei, sternly;
' Vix a moment tho vapor Hies;
. Acuptit Iho dnd already ;
JlBTr.ih I for tho next that dies.
'". ' "Who dreads to tho dust reluriilim?
"t Who Khrlnlui from tho nalilo .lior. ?
-fi Wh'ero tho 1ili;h and hnuylity yeamlmt
Of tho wml thatshallMliiiino nmto.
Jfol 8toudloyourgK'isc--,stcady;
( .TUe world W n world of liiw i
.A' cup to tho dead already;
Hurrah! for tho next that dlen.
Cut on from tlio land that horo in,
T IlMniy'd by tho land wo find,
,r t Vfhcro tho lirlithtcht have Knne before un,
" t And tho diille-.t remain behind.
I Rtand! stand to your classes, steady ;
'f la nil wo have left to prl?.o ;
aaCP to tho dciwl already;
., . Jturrahr for tho next tint dlcn.
.-. : . lJY C. II. WILLIAMS.
I " Allioatoiis ill England! C'onio,
.comp, Major, Is not that just .1 littlo too
"Well,'- cflcii tlio Mnjor, throwing
'himself leisurely back, nml takliif-tvlony
puff "nt his elgitr, " I would toll you why
I think so, hut Unit tho tollin,' would
invblvd soniothii'iff of n story which
; niight not, iierhaii-i "
:- But ho was interrupted hy a chorus or
voices, "A story! "What! u story !" ns
if tliat wero not tho very tliin; our ears
wcro nil thirsting for. Thanks to our
friend's Renurosity, nnd tho KOoilnts of
-.-a most. exuinplnry htndlord, our other
thirst is in tho f.iiroit way of heinj;
ttratifled. A comfortahli' room, lots of
-oasy-chairs, an open window to admit
.tho jnost fragrant of evening breezes
ifrom tho bluest of seas, glorious wlno
nnd -'moro glorious gopd-fellowship,
thoro'is nothing wantcil but tho liiclli-
...fluous necent of some llasbnn or Jlej
aioun, like yourself, Major, to send us
'all into tho seventh heaven of rapt ut-
',. tbntion ; nnd what narrator can resist
.so Mr 11 promise V ISenides, you must
.Jnotu'nderrnte storied; now-a-days ev
erything is done by appropriate stories.
Setting aside education in general, and
-our .beloved magazines in particular,
ijco what has been dononnd will bo done
. wlth'them too. Isn't wine-bibbing and
'drunkenncsi nut down by pretty little .
stories in pretty littlo books, and sins
Tnoro heinous still eradicated by anec-
.tlotesconipiled by lino, and rulp, and
iflttcd to our reijulrcments by tho nicest
tegrupulosity ? Shall wo not hear stories
in ono pluco how that mercenary Ton.
Was brlbCi'l to vote, and that noble Dick
' resisted the tem'pln't.011? And, in an
other place, how but, faith, if I go 011
longer I shall be in tho position of npur-
' J-lhgn noble steed, eh, Major? and nt
ilio samo time keeping the door barred
ttgtilnst his egress. A thousand par
doiisf'biit stories egad, I am not mire
lmt-itlfat I should say. to tho "vuroal
worlii" as littlo girls do to an obnoxious
nlnvinato. "Oh. vou biy .-lory."
, ; Well," f,aid the Major, " wliat 1 have
(to tell you certainly dooj look vaporish
ouough now it liai pa-u'd, lint thero
'"were" awkward bits of granite In the
.events themselves whichslill, at whiles,
,a trrato'' shariily upon my meditations,
jind remind mo that tho elrcunutaiu'cs
.iqttohti intra havo not been till
of oil nnd roses. When J. wai somo
' 'twenty years nearer to tho'lifgiiuiln
of all things than I am at.thl" present "
iioro followed a lengthy pinT), " l vms
staying at the house of un old friend
'of mv father's n ono of tho nortiiern
'countky in England. 'Hie biiuiro him
1 self, our host, was udvunced In years.
""'and wo saw littlo of I1I111, mvo at tho-e
', tliues when tho master of tho houso is
h expected to stand somewhat prominent
in doing its honors. Tho greater share,
,,lowever, even of this kindly duty de
evolved upon his heir, his only son, u
fiilr ivverago fipcclnun of hU.clriin, gen
1 tlemnnly, well-infoi ti'i-.l, rather rcth'ing
in dispoMtlon; mid, I often tliouj-ht,
moro likely, If K'U to l.iu.rvif, lu shut
himself up In Ills ptudlo or laboratory
for tho lnslrucl ion nnd benefit of man
kind than to Interwt himself actively
in the rough-iiud-tiiniblu of life. Ho
wns not, however, without nn occasion
til ftlnnilus from his father, who, as the
representative' of un aneiont and well-
entlowed family, deemed It incumbent
upon himself and his heir, among other
duties by no means neglected, to extend
tho hnnd of good-fellowship to his
neighbors, and of ho-ipltiillty to overy
deserving Individual (ahem!) who
came within tho quiet sphere, of his'ln
lluciice. , 1
"Thus comfortably -nnti .satisfactorily
things went oi vllh us, till the near
approach of a day of considerable Im
pedance to the family of our worthy en
feituiner: nothing less, In short, than
tho marrlngo of his heir to tho daughter
of a neighboring proprietor; nmntcliin
every way suitable nnd full of promise
for coming generations of westertons,
for such 13 tho namu wo will now know
(Horn by,
"The family estato wai strictly en
tailed, and In case of tho death of the
vuungef Weilerton, would go to n tits
tani, couslu, then in mo army nnti on
tlutv 1:1 Indui. rue old gent lemannati,
In his vo.t'h, .iiiffered some rather sevcro
lostj illaipointnicnt, nml was long sup
nosed to have Ink ?n nn Irrevocable vow
against any further dealings with the
.vriltoroiB t-ex : iluriiiprutis period liwas
th-.-t- Jio had his nciUew and heir to live
with Mm; and tin; yountf man, seeing
the fa'Jt of heirship rolled xl on every
side jiiftnnilly came to look iipnn.liis
nllimaW neccession w mo ioi'i-ij
almost ft l.'WS 01 course, turn wn
ni.. 'Oin'.ko!! tii" dew-drops mmi ins
name,' and i,rovided himself with 11
wife, jvul In nc u"'c """w-
the eitate, felt iw c 01 a atop amm.m.
nf chagrin and dfs ppohitme'it. He
had, however, no af T-retiSon 10 com
plain, for hht.dvarce.u -nl in life w., as
eaiefully looked to as if 1(0 hnd bsen ft
younger son; which, I tako iU i ulj
that, under tho circumstance, euiM
reaso'imbly be expected. There wi.'S not
Hindi' cordiality, I fear, but n evtnin
amount of all-very-well sort ot intf-r-cau'rra
kept up between them, their rel
ative, position.-? being well itndeitood
ami appreciated on both sides.
" There was some troublesome war or
other on hand just at the time I speak
of, and we wcro accustomed lo look over
tho news of tho day with the sort of in
terest one is. expected to take in tho reU
ntives of one's hosta kind or le.zy cu
riosity to know whether tiny are going
to bo made field-marshal-', or, in Amer
ican phrase, had already gone under
when wc wcro fctarlled by (ho arrival,
tohdlv unexpected, of our cousin him
self. Ill-health formed the plea for his
arrival in England; the contemplated
lipsmi of on his landing, for
Ids presence in the north.
" lie did not come alone. A wonder-,
fill collection of Oriental curiosities ac
companied him, from tho wing of a but-toi-llv
to the handkerchief of a Thug;
curiosities v.-liMi wero under the c.-pe
dal charge of a Hindoo retainer, (ilmlnh,
and a retainer's retainer, wlio, 11 iney
were not Thugs themselves looked, I
could not help thinking, eminently well
qualified for the dignity. That ho should
have brought thc.-o woriines witn nira
vxcited our surprises but that he ex
nlalnod bv informing us of their devot
ed attachment to himself, for sonic vital
service rendered to them in India. 1
think it was the saving of Uholnb's life ;
but whether from a tiger, a bullet; or
the fallows, I will not undertake to say.
" Both Cihohib and his master were
much occupied about tlio museum of eti
rio,ities before mentioned. In truth, I
think I never came upon the former but
that ho was rubbing, polishing, or m
some way working upon fome queer,
mirnuth lookiiiL' obleet or other. Ouco
1 canio suddenly upon him in a planla
tinn at some distance from the house,
and, as my curiosity had always been
oniowlmt excited on his account, 1 stood
fur Koini) moments observing ills labors
lii.i'oro ndvaneiiiL' on him. You know
what bangles are?"
" To bo sure. Indian ornaments for
tho ankles."
" .1 ust so. Well, our friend was busily
engaged in altering and shaping what
appeared to mo to be nn ornament of
Uiis description, adding to it a strong
lipping I'l'i'ing, and a link or two ot
hain. Ho started up when he became
con.-elous of my vicinity, with a gtrater
inpearaiKV of fright nnd a moro wild
ne.-s of ge'.iture than 1 deemed the oei-.i'
fi'in instilled, though h-viuum Oriels
tal, ami wo were 111 a plantation nt
uirt distance from tin English squire
hall ; and in reply to my simple question
as to what ho about, uttered mine
unintelligible gutturals, and gesticulat
ed In tv maniiw meant possibly to bo ox
plumtory, but which had, to me, an np
pearanco wonderfully .R'semiwng iv.
pus-,v.,of ll-orr Presto, tluJt'onjttror.wnt'.ii
e-iiecial!y bent upuir.v. process 01 bam
" i'ut this nnd many" other small mat
ters besides, which luwo since acquired
significance, pa" 'id away from my mind
at loanlfroni thesurfaceoi n to long
themselve.s, however, in thoso my.steri
ous recepluchs where I do believe every
atoinle all'ectiou on our soiisorla, at any
time experienced, is Indestructibly lylni;
and still eaiiablo of being nindo proml
nent, either by some mental inagle be
vond our research, or by Mime ympa
thetloand approprinto eombhmtion of
external ciivunialauces, Vi e shook our
ielv(n down with our now arrivals
bi -t o i.iiv.iit, and teturu-il in mil'
versjou.-, tauli,' 'a iui'U o.i J..-uji
bo reckoned one, especially with tho
younger portion of our party. I don't
wonder at it, ai thore wns a beautiful
hike on tho grounds, with smooth gruiy
margins all along tho rich meadows; nnd
shallow enough to bo safe to nil, but
winding oil' Intosomo thick plantations
on high ground, where it became of cor
responding depth, and whero sovornl
rocky Inlets broke its surface, and ren
dered It, if somewhat gloomy, exceed
ingly picturesque and solemnly beiittti-.
fill. Young AVestcrton was an excellent
swimmer, and especially delighted in
tho refreshing exercise, so nitieh so' that
ho would not uiifreqiientty spend tho
greater part of a Summer afternoon hi
and about tho lake, striking out boldly
from tht) more open parts, and revelling
liken very Triton among the rocks and
sunken trees of tlio deeper nnd less ac-
cesslblo portion. Sometimes ho would
lie passive on the surface of tlio water,
floating almost motionless, or 'gently
paddling hither nnd thither in tho full
enjoyment of youth, health, and vigor
"Tnumttsingeontnist with young Wes
terton'slovcof tho water wastheextreme
horror always manifested by the Hindoo
f iholah, whenever he wan compelled to
approach its bank. Nothing less than
tho most positive orders fro n his master
over brought him near, and it was hull
erous to seo tho speed with which ho
hastened from its vicinity as soon ns,
having discharged his service, he-roeolv
cd his master's permission to retreat
The latter accounted to us for this strik
ing disllkoby relatingan incident which
occurred in one of tho Indian rivers near
which tlholab's childhood was passed.
Ho was one day, 111 company with an
other youth, paddling about in tho
stream, when suddenly a largo alligator
roso close upon them, seized Ids com
pardon, nnd disappeared suddenly with
him 111 bis jaws. 'J ho shock was so
great that the poor fell.nv, who was sin
cerely nltarhed to the unlucky victim,
never quite got over its eilccts, but rc
tained the pietura of that horrible inci
dent in Ids memory, to be Ireshen'ed and
Intonslfictl by any combination of wood
ahd -water at all resembling the scene of
ti'.e vt catastrophe, ' u wonderful rcseni
bkmce to which,' snidCiusin Westert.'ui
some narts of my uncle's domain do
certainly exhibit. '
" We wero now within 11 fortnight of
tho projected marriage, mid I was ono
ay out on a shooting expedition, when,
inppening to pass near tho turnpike-.
road, I saw a gig rapidly approaching
mil the direction of the Hall, and soon
hoard myself hailed by Cousin Wester-
ni. I felt that under ordinary eircum-
auees lie would hardly haw taken the
trouble to greet me, as wo somehow Had
not-grown to care much for each other.
was therefore with some curiosity
that 1 went up to the gig, winch ho lul
drawn to tho roadside, and in which he
was standing in evident expectation of
my approach. '
"'1 have stopped to say good-by,'
cried he, eyeing 1110 keenly tho while.
1 anvculled oil1 by business of the very
i-it importance, and should not be sur
prised 11 i una m.vscu tojsmg on my
outward voyage to India instead of
dancing at my cousin's wedding. l!y
the way, whjd o'clock is it ? My watch
is stopped. Can you give me tlio ex-
t time? Very provoking, is it not?
mean having to leave Just at this par
ticular Juncture. What jolly days of it
on will have. Half past twelve, you
;uy. TJiank you. My uncie qui to sees
thoncees-lty for my going. Good sport,
hope. Which way do you return ?"
" I pointed in a direction which was
not toward tho lake.
'"Hal I Seo; through tho flneU cov
ers on the estate. Avoll, I 'must not de
tain you. Half pint twelve, you say.
flood-by, good-by.'
" And ro he broke ofl his almost so
liloquy, which either the impatience of
hor-o or his own excited manner
leading to repeated checks at tho bridle,
onlv lo bo balanced by compensating
touches of the whip, had mado a decid
edly uncomfortable proceeding. Ho wn.
soon out of fight, and I on my rounds.
" After a while I dismissed the keeper
and his dog', having determined to
saunter quietly back alone. It was n
lovely afternoon, with warm, balmy
breezes Just fanning the trees and hedge
rows Into graceful animation ; tho rich
ornlands lying luxuriously in tho vaie
with their fringed robes of Autumn-
tinted woodlands drawn irregularly niv.l
negligently about them, and in the dis
tance tho elopo and swell of many un-
lulutuig hill', whose varied curves of
fatitv .stood out In the rMi bluo sky In
endless variety of lovellne. We- terton
Hull, with Its well-ordered gardens nnd
plantations, stood in tlio mid-distance,
and I was jul wishing for somo bit i,f
actlvo life to givo moro human interest
to tlio scene, when from itsgatos emerg
ed n single bowman, who galloped not
merely swiftly, but, as It seemed to me,
frantically in tho direction of tho town.
Of coin-so f hastened at oiicotothoHall.
A stinngo dietid came over me, and my
thoughts settled with involuntary !ina
Ity on tho ogitated manner displayed liy
Cousin We.slerlon when I met him 011
the road; but he, I reasoned, could not
havo been cognl.anl of any unusual oc
currence, or lio would at least nave in
formed 1110 of It. JJeildes, might I not
bo needle.-" ly alarmed ? Not so, howev
er, for when I readied tho houo I found
that young Wosterton had Just been
brought In dead drowned, as It appear
ed, In the deepest part of tho lake.
"No 0110 had witnessed hli death.
Ills companions oil this occasion, as had
.1!'.. .1 !v.-n il.j'. bcfoie. left hllil wli -;i
w' s ... v j'nUci elf i.uo ti.e wil.l.r
and moro secluded parts, whero 110110 of
1. ...... ,.it...
tnein cared to loiiow, nover tuiiioiiug,
howover, that when tired ofjoxcrciso
and exploration, ho would return as
usual, and Join their party wlten even
ing drew nigh. Ileforo this, However,
accident revealed tho body to fi keeper
Who happened to bo passing.! If had
got entangled among somo roots or
branches, mid. but that It wns lying over
one of those, it is probablo thatthp dis
covery would not havo been lhdilo'so
early, as, from being thus caught, ns it
were, it was prevented from sink
ing into the depths of tho lake. Llfo
was qttlto extinct.
"At what hour," I asked, ".did ho
Icavo tho house ?''
" At 0110 o'clock; nfter lunch-time."
" Whero wero tho Hindoo9?"' v -"
In their master's apartments, pack
ing up and preparing to be gone. One
of the ' house-servants had seen them
busily engaged in doing so ; Indeed, so
fully wero they occupied withthelrtask
that they plainly showed him theyMish
ed his absence, nnd iminedially after lie
left locked their door, and so had kept
It over since. I went at onco to the
rooms, impelled by some shapeless -jus-picion,
of what I scarcely know. The
door was now unlocked, nnd I went in
to find them both eagerly engaged In
tho manner represented to ine by the
servant, and as, to' all appearance, they
had been overslncchis visit. I luflthcm
to themselves, though I declare n shep
herd's dog, whosuspeets, but is not quite
certain, that some vagabond curs havo
been worrying his master's sheep, and
longs to ily at their throats, must fed
very much as I did
"An inquest was duly held. All the
ordinary indications of death by drown
ing weie of course exhibited, and there
Was nothing more, with the exception
of certain bruises about tho right ankle
joint, which might havo been occasion
ed by striking against tho rodes orstubs
in tho lake, though, as ono of the Jury
ob-ers'cd, they presented a remarkably
circular and lund-liko appearance.
was myself present, uud a good deal
struck at tlio limy by tho words. They
escaped, however, without comment,
nnd, na I could not connect them in any
way with anything leading to suspicion
of foul play, nothing further was said,
uud the eireumspinco passed from my
miiid, to return, however, with ternbl
distinctness nnd meaning thereafter, i
sudden seizure or cramp was taken as
the cause of death, a verdict returned
accordingly, and youn.,' Wosterton, Just
about to step into tho arena of native
life, was laid stark and disfigured in tho
vault of his forefathers.
" If thi3 wero an ordinary talo I am
narrating, I ought 1 suppose, in this
place, to descant upon tho dreadful
shock (though that for'a while it certain
ly was) this sad event o?ci-io'i?d lo the
bereaved bride to send her, with dis
hevelled hair, into tlio woods, or to find
her lying lifeless at tho foot of some
frightful precipice. Tlioro risei, how
ever, in my mind's eyo the vision of :
still comdy d.imo, not without sundry
olive-branches springing around her,
which quite produdes tho propriety of
that unusually orthodox te111in.1l ion.
Not that Ids intended wife wasliOArtlejs
or unfeeling. No r while sho mourned
fir him, she mourned for him sincerely;
but time, with its nlloviations, temper
ed, though It might not obliterate, tho
smart, and his remembrance faded into
one of tlni-o gentle .sorrows which we
must of necessity cause lo stand apart
from those active duties life still brings
with it. As to the heart-struck and
hopeless old father, let us draw over
him the veil of deep and silent sympa
" Moro than two years now passed
rnvdv. and 1 w.i. on t.110 uauus 01 me
. il . !-. J.I.
burning Ganges. My duties earned
1110 to ono or the le-iser towns oil the
river, whero timo soon began to hang
rather heavily on my hands, oeea
slonally I would, out of tho merest idle
ness, turn Into theeourtof Justice there,
but was seldom rewarded in my quest
of adventure by anything moro than
tho most petty illustrations of the
doings of tho Indian Themis. At last
there came a change, and of o startling
11 character that, neither during the re
iiiaiinlcr of my sojourn there, nor for a
long timo after, hud I anything to com
pkdn or in tho way of listlossncss or
apathy. It chanced that 1 ono day en
tered tho court-house at 0110 door just
as a mixed crowd of guards and offend
ers wero lenvlng it by another. I had
luft lime to recognize among them tho,
to me, unniistnkablo features or the
Hindoo Uholab, but whether there as a
custodian or Intruder of tho laws I was
llieiinnablotoni-ike out. It mattered
little, however, 11 1 1 know where to ob
tain easy and certain information of any
ind everything connected with tho ad
ministration of Justice. On my return
to my quarters, I found that tho very
men whom I wished to meet with wero
there.aiidwerotheii discussing wlthsnmo
brother ofilcers tho details or a crime
of an extraordinary nature, which Jiail
Just come to light hi that district, hove-
ml Hindoo girls had siuldenly and mys
terlously di-aiipearod under tho waters
when performing their ablutions in the
acred stream, drawn under and devour
ed by alligators. Such was tho general
bdlef, until tho body of 0110 of them
chanced lo bo nicked up lower down
tho river, totally iinmutilated, and de
prived of certain valuable ornaments
wliich the young devotee was known t
have hud on when sho went In. I or a
good while Ju-tlce was completely at
Pipit, but t'e.e orimuruils h ww,' ne
nue'.l to the pouioa of two lueu
over whoso doings tho strictest watch
Was preserved, tho result was that they
were apprehended In a covered boat
moored In the centre of the stream, al
most In tho net of despoiling 0110 of
llielr victims. It was supposed that a
skilful diver, watching the opportunity
of 0110 being separated from the rest,
we through the waters, fixed a Htrong
ligature to ono of the lower limbs, and
then dived off, while a confederate In
the boat, by means of a ropo and hold
or purchase of some kind nt the bottom
of tho river, drow the struggling swim
mer Irresistibly down, when death soon
put nn end to all efforts to escape.
" While these particulars wero being
narrated 1 became moro and more agi
tated, until I cotild no longer keep my
scat. 'Why, MaJ6r,rs"aTrtonp,' 'you
seem disturbed; can thero be anything
in the doings of these wretches of suffi
cient pungency to quicken '
"'Stop,' said I, for 1 saw he was about
to qui, my equanimity, 'don't treat
this matter lightly. I confess I am not
u little agitated or n littlo confused nt
piesent, but I havo heard all you say,
and, what is more, I have seen '
" ' What have you seen '."
" ' I have seen the face of ft man
whom I never thought, and certainly
never desired, to meet again.'
"'Of whom do you speak?1
"' Why, that is the name of one of
the villains accused, as 1 havo Informed
" 'Great Heavens I' lexclaimed ; 'but
no, no, it Is impossible; ho could not
approach a, much less
and here, here, of nil places; his dread
of water, his pitiable shrinking away
from its vldnity'
"Something very like a burst of
laughter rrom all assembled in the room
here greeted me.
'".".ly good Major, dread of water!
Pitiable shrinking away from lis vicini
ty! Why, this fellow, Uholab, is 0110
of the mod (if not thu most)
skilful, and enduring divers
of tho
" In a fever of notation I demanded
to be shown the remains of the late:
victim. I lak :n to whore they lay.
The attendants were to disrobe
the upp"r part of tho body, when I
pointed to the feet, and bade them un
cover it there. They lifted tho mat
with which it was concealed, and there
round the slender ankle, was the eiroti
lar, band-like mark, the exact counter-
purl of that which I had beheld long
before, when Uu happy home of one oC
my do.irct friends was turned into a
hulls-! of bitterest mourning.
" Unknown to tho licensed, I was
present at the trial. Uholab the other
was hardly a sane being in turn accus
ed tho alligators, many of winch mon
sters infested the stream, and vocifer
ously protested his innocence, even
when tiio bangle-Iiko fuller, chain, and
ropo, which had bjjn the instruments
of murder, and which, us well as the
ornaments of the poor victim, had been
traced to his possession, wcro laid on
tho table b -fore , him. When these
things were produced, 1 e.uiio from' my
tntion soniywhat in tho rear of the lic
ensed, advanced toward tho table, keep
ing my fa eo averted from them, and
then taking up the chain and fetter,
turned slowly round and confronted
thorn with thu evidences of guilt in my
hand. For a few aecon'ls the ga '.-' of
lolub, though pierdng a id intense to
the last degree, evidently more of
wonder than alarm; but suddenly rec
ognition shut into his brain, and may I
never again behold such terror and des
pair in tho depths ot a hum in soul (for
In his glowing eyeballs it seemed all
unveiled) as wero then opened up like
vision into ll.ulm before me. He
tood rigid, imiiDvablo, tnul whan the
trial wont on souko never a wordag.iln,
though so fiercely animated before, rstill
tho trial went on.iindthejudgewasabout
to pronounce sentence of d-.'.itli, when,
startliiL' sml billy from his s-jiiiiug
ranee, Uholab threw up his arms, and
with a wild cry fell bade In a fit of hor
rible convulsion,. Tho unspoken sen
tence of a Jttdgo more potent had not
only gone forth, but had been executed
too: tho man was dead"
"And you think tho circular nbru-
lons around the aaklo of young Wost
erton wero-r-"
"Tho marks of tho alllgalur's teeth."
" And what bocanioof tho otlr.-r the
"Ho did not live even to inherit.
rho old squlro dragged on a broken life
for sumo timo, evincing littlo Interest In
anything, and raroly showing himself
yondhis own doors, never beyond his
grounds. One day, however, ho seem
ed suddenly to have formed a strange
resolution, which was neither more nor
less than to drain tho lake ; ho summon
ed a largo body of laborers, and set
thorn to work to purforni tho almost
impracticable- task. His nephew, who
had not been near tho spot .sincotliocat-
astroplio which ic.storeu mm 10 111s uiu
position of heir lo the Wosterton es
tutifi. as soon as ho heard of the old
man's doings, urged either by appre
hended dumugo to the property or by
apprehensions of a far moro formidable
character namely, lest something
nilirht bo revealed hastened down nt
once, first to use his inlluoucu with Ids
uncle, and, that failing, to stop the
work on his ot 11 authority. As to the
old man, ho could nut bo prevailed on
to consent to do so, steadily refusing at
last to utter even a single word on the
sullied of his nephew's complaints, but
pile- ly pcrsewrlil", wllh h. do-ij.ii. hi
fer .iiidrj'.'u uo latter ii.Ki.oi to the
workmen, and ordered them to desist.
I'ho foreman, howover, having hoard
how matters stood, refused tostopwork
without the direct orders of the Hqulro
himself; a refusal which so enraged
Wosterton that ho seized the man by
the throat, mid a personal altercation
and struggle ensued, which ended In
the homier being thrown back into tho
wider. Of course he Wnsiiuleklvextrl-
ated, but, through the neglect of prop
er-precautions, u severe cold nnd fever
ensued, which, passing through tho
stage, of n delirium, in which he utter
ed words now best forgotten, finally led
to his death. " ho shall say whether
retrlbiitlvo Justice did not show itself
in tills? At all events, whoever they
wore who participated in the death iff
my friend, tlioy nro gone where' tho
shortcomings of human Justice nro un
known, and, let us add, whero tho lim
its of human long-suffering nnd human
mercy are far exceeded."
Somh years since nn eccentric old gen
ius named Karnes was employed by a
farmer living in a town somo slxorsev-
en miles weslorly from the Penobscot
River, Maine, to dig a well. Tho soli
and substratum being mostly of sand,
old Ilarnes, after having progressed
downward about forty feet, found ono
morning on going to work that tho well
had essentially caved in, and was really
full to the top. So, having tlio dosiro
which men have of knowing what will
be said of them after they aro dead, and
no ono being yet astir, ho concealed
himself In a rank growth of burdocks,
by the side of a board feneo near tho
mouth of the well, having first left his
frock and hat on tho windlass over the
well. At length, breakfast being ready,
1 boy was dispatched to call him to his
meal, when lo and behuld it wai seen
licit rarnes was buried in tlio grave un
consciously dug by his own hands. Tho
alarm being given, and tlio family as
sernblod, it was decided to fir .t oat
breakfast and then send fortheeoronor,
Iho minister, and his wife and children,
Such uputliydid nut Hatter Barnes's self-
esteem a bit, but he waited patiently,
deterifdncd lo hear what would bo said
and see what was to be seen.
Presently all parties arrived, and bo.
gnu prospecting the scene of tho cat as.
trophe, as people usually do In such
cases. At length they drew together to
1 xchange opinions ns to wlmt should be
done. The minister nt onco gave his
opmi jii tliat tlioy had better level up
the well and lot Ilarnes remain ; " for,"
said he, " ho is now beyond the tempta
tion of sin, and in tlie day of judgement
it Will mnko no difference whether he
is buried livo feet under ground or fifty,
for lie is bound to conic forth in either
case." Tho coroner likewiso agreed
that it would bo a needless expense to
his family or the town to disinter him
when he was effectually buried, and
therefore coincided with tho minister.
His wife thought that us "ho had left
his fiat and mat it would hardly be
worth while to dig him out for tho rest
of his clothes," and so it was decided to
let him remain. But poor old Barnes,
who hnd had no breakfast, and wns not
at all pleased with the result of tho in
quest, lay quiet until tho shades of
evening stole over the land-capo, when
ho departed lo parls unknown. After
remaining incognito for ubout ihree
years, one morning he suddenly ap
peared (hatless and cootloss as ho went)
at the door of tho old farmer for whom
Iohad agreed to dig tho unfortunate
well. To say that an avaliincho of ques
tions Were ruined upon him us to ids
mysterious reappearance, etc., would
convey a feeble idea of tho excitement
which his bodily presence created. But
tho old man horo it quietly, and nt
length informed them that, on finding
himself buried, ho waited to bo dug
out again, until his patience was ex
hausted, when ho set to work to dig
himself out, and ho had only tho day
before succeeded, for his ideas being
much at random, Instead of coming
lirectly to the surface, he came out in
tho town of Uolden, six miles east iff
tho Penobscot Itivor.
No further explanations wero asked
for by those wito wero so distressed and
.sorrowful over his supposed final rest
YrsTniuiAY, a poor one-Ioggcd Con
fodc rati) soldier, still clothed with the
remnants of bis w-u-n gray jacket, sunk
down exhausted on the steps of tho Story
l!iilldini;s at tho comer or Camp and
UravicrStrcets. A Federal .sergeant pasv
ing at the time, looked on compission
atoly, and nttcr pacing on some dis
tance, In order not to attract attention,
quietly returned and dipped a con
tribution Into Ids hand. Ddicaieiy ami
inosteututiuiisly as this was done, a
h.i.ids-omo pair of eyes wero watching,
and witnessed tin lit tie tribute or chari
ty and kindness. All honor to tho bravo
soldier ! Such as he can never bo our
oncinloj.and such tvS, by challenging
our admiration and our sympathies, do
moro to restore and consolidate the
olden" Union" than nil tlio fieedmen's
bureaus, reconstruction committees, and
Radical legislation that could bo crowd
ed Into 11 century. When will our New
England political dodors learn that
klinlnc-.- is, nfter all, tho touchstone of
the iSjiithcrn character, and Hint no
living pooplu more thoroughly exem
plify tho old and beautiful muslm that
"One ( i-eh .r kindness moKcs th
H-orll uliiia." AVi.- 0-'-T .-.
Tun parsons having returned from
their Summer vacation resumed their
pulpits on Sunday for a new political
campaign. They appear to be refreshed
with the waters of fushionoblo resorts,
salt and fresh ; but the " waters of life"
do not appear to havo inspired them
much toward tho fulfilment of their
supposed mission tho spiritual regen
eration of their Hocks. With few ex
ceptions tiie sermons preached on Sttn
dny wcro political harangues, somo cov
ert ttnd insidious, some open, bold, and
nlniost blasphemous. )r. Bellows, whllu
taking his text from tho Bible, descant
ed, not upon the duty of man to his
Creator, but upon tho elections ; dragged
into tho pulpit the " glorious nows from
Maine nnd Vermont;" speculated upon
the prospects in Pennsylvania, Ohio,
nnd Indiana; and concluded by a pray
er to the Almighty that Ho might guido
the people to vote tho Radical ticket at
the coming elections.
Such language ono might expect to
hear In tho gatherings at street corners
or in bar-rooms ; but your political par
son thinks that they aro subjects good
nntigh for the houso of God. These re
joicings over elections past and prophet
ic, auguries of the result of elections to
coino wero mixed up with tlio most un
dignified abuse of the President of tho
United States and his Administration.
Aro there no souls at all to be saved in
Dr. Bellows's " Church of All Souls?"
Aro tho ways or tho politicians of moro
liuportanco to his congregation than
tho way, tho truth, nnd the life,"
which ho is supposed to lead them to?
Rev. Theodore h. Cuyler, too, opened
his discourse with a prayer that tho
President might bo led "through dark-
nq's into light," that is to say the dark
ness which envelops the upholders of
the Constitution ttbe ethereal light of
Radicalism, with Its symbols of blood
and tire and a new civil war. The oilier
political preachers wero more delicate
in their Illusions. J)r. Tyug informed
ids audience that ho had his tirado bot
tled u, but would open it on a futuro
occasion. With such an example before)
them in tho pulpits filled by white
preachers wo cannot bo surprised that
the poor blacks of .ion Church were en
tertained by their colored pastor with
somewhat similar, though much moro
moderate and Christian language; nor
that When he announced that the Sa
viour hail died for colored as well as
white sinners, one of tho congregation
cried out "Bully for him," and tho
whole crowd roso to their feet, shouting,
stumping, nnd screaming. This was,
no doubt, most unseemly conduct in n.
church, but not a whit worso than tho
Indecorum of tho white parsons who
introduce politics, profanity, a spirit of
uncharitubleness, and a firebrand of dis
cord into their pulpit speeches. It is
the general opinion that the business of
ministers of religion is to save souls and
promttlgato tho doctrine of charity to all
men ; but ministers of Dr. Bellows's, and
Dr. Checver's, and Dr. Tyng's stamp
despise all such old-fashioned notions.
They evidently regard tlio pulpit as a
political rostrum, and In.-tcad of being
the nioulh-piece of tho gospel they havo
become the agents of politicians and tho
Evil One. A'eic Vork JkraUl.
The " Fat ('ontributor'igives tho fol
lowing experience of endeavoring t-
get dinner at Xeniu, on tho Little Mi.uii 1
" Twenty minutes for dinner,'-ishout--d
tho brakesman as wo approaehod
Arriving there, I entered Iho dining-
room and inquired of a waiter:
" What do you havo for dinner ?"
" Twenty minutes," was tho hurriod
told him I would try half a dozen
minutes raw, on tho half-shell, just to
seo how they wenl. Told him to make
aminuloor it on hisbooks. Hoscratcli
cd his head in trying to comprehend
tho order, but finally gavu it up and
waited upon somo ono else.
1 approached a man who stood by tho
door with a roll of money in his hand.
"What do you have for dinner?"
"Haifa dollar," said ho.
I told him I would luko hall a dollar
well dona. I asked him if ho couldn't
send mo in addition a boiled pocket-
book stuffed with greenbacks, mid sum i
seven-thirties, garnished with jiustage-
stamps and .ten-cent scrip. Also a Con
federate bond, done brown, with lettuco
ulono (let us alone). I would like to
wash my dinner down with Xatiumil
Bank Notes, on " draft."
He said they wcro out of everything
but the bank note i, and he then ordered
the waiter to go to tho bank aiid draw
A noon character Is to a young iim-i
what a firm foundation is to an oru t
who proposes to erect a building -m d ,
ho can well build with safety, mil a.1
who behold il will havo confident - i 1
its solidity it helping hand will i'.e'
l.o wanted ; but let a single purl i f this
bo defective, ttnd you go on a haranl,
atr.ldstdoubtingand distrust, and it 11 to
ono it will tumble down at bust,
mlnglo all that was built on it In ruin.
Without a good character poverty Is 11
curse; with it, scarcely an evil. Happi
ness cannot exist where good duo act --r
is not. All that is bright In tho hope of
youth, and that Is calm and bllsiful in
tho sober scenes of life, till that is s-.u-.h-Ing
in tho viilo of years, (.-nt-. s in
and Is derived from u goal t-liiir.u 1-'t'ln-wfi'iu
acquire this of tin- lit'-' i'--' v.duuble p.o'l.
E: .rrn