The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, May 12, 1866, Image 3

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Tun review of Iho local press Is una
voltlalily crowded out WM week.
'I'm: Grand Jury lms rcfiiMtl fo grunt
tlio application to Incorporate Itlooins
burtf. ALo Mltllln mul .lorse-ytowli.
An Interesting article from tlm Phila
delphia -AWi Anicrlean, u leading lie
publican paper, will bo found on the
second (rage.
Vili.iam L. Madikick A Co., deal
oh hi lino groceries, No. 1 in Mouth Third
(Street (opposite the tlirard Bank).
Ouu rcadew will bo Inlerc-ted in tli.o.Uf the State Central Committee of the
Infiiriiinf Inn mill nlneil 111 the net for the ncnnsoi'Viitlvn I'nliin nnrtv.
establishment of n Poor House In this
county, which we publish In another
Titu new Grocery Store or IlnNnv, on Main Street, contains a va
ried nnd full assortment of articles kept
In stores of this kind. His facilities for
illllng orders are ample, and as an addi
tional inducement to purchasers, ho of
fers to recelvo butter, eggs, meat, and
produce In exchange for goods.
"Wi: suggcht to our patrons to preserve
their copies of tho Columiiian from
the commencement of its publication,
by placing them upon a regular tile, or
laying them aside in some secure place.
This will enable them hereafter to refer
to any subject of interest, and to have
the numbers bound In regular volumes
for preservation. A little attention or
trouble In this behalf will secure to them
a valuable record of news and of events.
CooitT Pnocr.r.niNds. Jacob llo-sler
vs. William Slaughbach and wife. An
action of slander. Verdict for plaintiff,
$1)1.07 and co-ts.
Commonwealth vs. Andrew dingle-'.
Indictment, assault and battery. Ver
dict, guilty. Sentence, lino of 10 and
Commonwealth vs. Nathaniel Perry.
Indictment, larceny. Defendant pleads
guilty. Sentence.
Commonwealth r. George Lazarus.
Indictment, obtaining money under
false pretences. Not n true bill.
Hugh "V. Melleynolds .. Peter 011
phant. Plaintiff takes non-suit.
Kxecutors of George I.ongenberger,
deceased, vs. Hugh V. Melleynolds,
ct. a!.
Tin: President has recognized Martin
Lewis os Vice-C'ounsul of Denmark for
the Stato or Maryland.
Count Guhowski, a Polish exile,
Well known in this country, died at his
lodgings in Washington on the llliinst.
Th.13 Canadian Parliament lias been
Minunoned to meet on the Nth of June.
Tho session will probably be a short one.
Tin: telegraph reports that the stenni
er Continental, with Mr. Mercer's bevy
of New Kngland girls on board, has
arrived at San Francisco.
A TitiAi. of skill by the telegraphers
of New Kngland and New York took
place on Monday, the 7th instant, the
lrize beUig a silver telegraph key.
Tin: Pittsburg Commercial says:
"Mr. Sumner is opposed to the report of
the Peconstrui'tion Committee, and will
propose a plan of his own, baed on ne
gro sutfrage."
' Govi:nxon Pikkpont, of Virginia,
lias appointed Hon. Alexander Jtives
Judge of tho Court of Appeals, to fill
tho vacancy occasioned by the death or
Judge Thompson.
Tin: Northern Central Jtnilroad or
Pennsylvania lias narrowed the gunge
or its road from Klmira to Canandaigua,
and has a uniform guage from Wash
ington to New York.
A Prom: in Norfolk, leased some time
ago for the enormous sum of two tlinu
Dind four hundred dollars per annum,
was on Friday week rented by auction
for ilfty-sevcn dollars per month.
Tin: Convention or Fast Tonne.-sce
has adopted resolutions petitioning the
Legislature ror an act allowing to East
Tennessee a separate State government.
There were only four dissenting voices.
Tho convention has adjourned nine die.
A CAM. has been made Torn conven
tion to meet at Knoxville, on May !',
composed of delegates from all counties
in East Tennessee, to memorialize the
legislature for leave to form a new
fitatc, to bo called the Slate of East Ten
nessee. TitHiu: nro fifteen iron-dads now In
jiroecns of construction, three of them
in New York, three at Cinelnnatti, two
each at St. Louisnnd Pittsburg, and one
each at Boston, Portsmouth, Philadel
phia, Brownsville, Pa., and Kensing
ton, Pa.
Mns. Ji:rr. Davis and her liltlo
daughter were admitted to Carroll
Hall to see Mr. Davis on Thursday, the
3d instant. The meeting was wltnerv-ed
only by the ollleer in attendance, but is
reported to have been a most tender
mid nllecting one. Jt is not known how
long they will remain.
Ln:i"ri':NANT-Gi:Ni:iiAi, Ghant at
tended the exhibition, in Washington,
of left-handed penmanship by n num
ber of soldiers who were deprived In
tho war of the corresponding member
on tho right. The exhibition has been
it great success. Prizes were given to
tho successful competitors.
In tho Massachusetts House or Itep
rebentatives, on tho ;!d Instant, Speaker
Rtono ruled that members of the House
who would receive tho benefits of tho
bill to equalise tho bounties of Slate
troops, by reason of having been sol
diers, would not be allowed to vote.
Tho ruling was sustained.
Tin: order of tho Secretary or the
Treasury, or a recent date, suspending
tho payment of all prize money upon
which payment had not been made, has
been rescinded, and payment on these
lists will bo commenced after tho 1st of
next month. Several hundred thou
wind dollars are involved in these payments,'.iial Mitr.itMAN left St. London
tho t!d In-tont for an extended tour
through Wisconsin, Kimsn?, and Ne
braska, witli u View to observe the pro
Jeeted Paellle Jtnllroad routes and the
propo-ed eastern termini.
It Is believed that the property left to
Tu It College by the lutoKylvantH l'aek
ard will produeo three bundled mid
fifty thousand dollars. This college, Is
of the Universullst persuasion, and Is
situated In Cambridge, Mass. llr.Aitils now engaged In
delivering a series of speeches through
out the Hlate of Missouri on tho politi
es issues 01 me nay, under menu-lilccs
conservative L'nlon party
Mus. Joux Wood, the actress, has
sold her residence in New York to a
nephew of Mr. George Peabodv, of Lon
don, ror twenty-four thousand dollars,
including tho furniture. Mrs. Wood
returns to England about the middle of
Mn. BU'KWlTlt, Coinml-sioner for
the United States to the Paris Expo
sltion, writes to Secretary Seward that
there are as many assistant commis
sioners witii him as he wants, nnd that
persons really desirous of assisting the
United States exhibition at that great
fair can do so best at home.
In Europe, In the year ISO", the
amount of beet sugar raised was one
billion two hundred and sixty-live mil
lion pounds', and it is thought that the
cultivation of Hie Migar beet, commen
surate with the area adapted to its
growth, would add hundreds of millions
ol dollars annually to the wealth of the
Wi: hoar that Tlcknornnd Field have
become the custodians of the valuable
copyrights of Mr. James Parton's popu
lar biographies of Burr, Franklin, Jack
son, and Butler, and that they will
henceforth be his publisher an ar
rangement which will doubtless prove
mutually satisfactory, and from the fa
cilities of publication enhance greatly
Mr. Parton's reputation.
Tin: "Executive Committee or tho
Slate Central Committee or tho Union
party or Maryland" held meetings in
Baltimore, on Monday and Tuesday last,
at which a resolution favoring the call
for a State Convention was voted down,
as was also a resolution in favor of con
tinuing the present registry law and op
posing its repeal, and a resolution endors
ing the report of the Congressional Be
con.stniction Committee. A resolution
in opposition to negro snll'rago was
adopted, and resolutions declaring that
all the States are States in the Union, as
before tho Bebellion, and denying the
(tower to exclude a State or govern it as
a Territory; declaring the qualification
of electors to lie a reserved right of the
States, with which Congress could not
interfere by imposing universal suffrage;
endorsing the reconstruction policy of
President Johnson ; and pledging sup
port to Governor Swnnn, on tho hypoth
esis that ho is in full accord with the
above platform, were nlso adopted.
Tun undersigned, having been request
ed by tho Commissioners of Health of
the City of New York to publish such
Information as may bo of use to the peo
ple at large in view of the anticipated
approach of an epidemic of cholera,
would most earnestly call the attention
of the public to the following statement
of facts, and beg their careful considera
tion of the suggestions and advice.
Whatever dill'erences of opinion may
exist in regard to the cause and mode of
propagation of tho cholera, all now
agree in their observations in this ac
knowledged fact , that itsgreatcst ravages
and most fearful mortality are among
the filthy, the vicious, and tliedestitute,
and in fact it is almost confined to the
imprudent, the intemperate, and tho-e
who injure themselves by taking im
proper medicines.
CnmiiH'i.i, therefore, is of the first
importance, both of your person and
your hou.-es, particularly your yards,
sinks, privies, and cesspools, where fresh
chloride of lime should be dally sprink
led, and the adjoining walls and fences
surrounding them repeatedly white
washed. Bo careful that (hero is no stagnant
water either in your cellars or yard.., and
if your ba-enients are damp, use fires
in them frequently to burn up the foul
air, and cau-ea mine perfect ventilation.
lieniove all garbage at lea-l once a
day, and twice if possible, mid permit
nothing to remain on the preml-es to
undergo decomposition.
Keep your houses well ventilated.
Be temperate in all thing'', both in
eating and drinking. Be tunperate in
excrelsc,in labor, both physical and men
tal. Keep good hours. Take proper
food, in reasonable quantities, at proper
times. Plainly cooked meats, with boil
ed rice, and bread, and thoroughly cook
ed potatoes, should form tiio ordinary
base of diet.
Abstain from all unripe fruits, and
stalo or partially decayed vegetables ;
but above all, avoid excess of Intoxicat
ing drinks of every kind.
Wear llannel next the skin, and at all
times maintain tho natural temperature
of flio body by a sufficient amount of
clothing. Avoid all exposure to sudden
changes of temperature, and If acciden
tally exposed ton storm, remove your
wet boots and clothing as soon as pos
Tho cholera Is not the necessarily fatal
disease which It Is commonly believed
to be, but is n disease that is both
preventable and curable. It Is always
preceded by symptoms of languor and
debility, with diarrluea, and in tliisslage
Is almost always curable; but if neg
lected nt this period, and the diarrluea
permitted to continue until collup.-o
comes on, It Is then almost always fatal.
At tho very commencement of the dis
ease io lo bed, and bluy there until iou
arc mil, with warm flannel around the
body, warm bricks or bottles of hot
water to the feci if necessary, and if
theie Is a tendency to nomit apply a
lntiMnrd piaster over the stomach, if
you have not got a bed, lie down on the
floor and keep yourself warm, but by alt
means retain the horizontal position all
the time, not even getting up to attend
to the evacuations, Imt use a bed-pan or
other convenience for that purpo-e, nnd
immediately send for some qunltllcd
physician for advice. But above all
tilings, ab'lalu from taking any of the
advertised nostrums that will Hood the
city, and swallow no medicines unless
pieserlbed by n competent physician.
Fair and denmdenrjj are the great
sources of danger in all epidemics, but
more especially so in cholera than any
While, therefore, we would urge upon
all the citizens tho Use of every pruden
tial and precautionary measure, lot them
preserve a calm and composed stato of
mind, a cheerful heart, and dispel all
fear; and by a confiding trust In an all
wlse and merciful Providence, wo can
reasonably hope to escape this scourge
if we Implicitly obey His laws.
lii:wis A Savui:, M.D.,
itesident Physician.
Nr.w Papi:!!. We have received the
first number of the Columbian, publish
ed nt Blooiiishurg, Pa. J t Nil large sheet,
and got up without regard to expense,
its professions of principles nro rather
vagueand indefinite. It avows Itself in
favor of the Union, but does not seem to
support tho Union candidate for Gover
nor, General Geary. Party lines have
been more clo-ely drawn in Columbia
County than In any other county in the
State, and as both parties have their pa
pers, there would seem to bo" but a poor
opening for a paper which supports
neither; but ol this the publisher is the
best Judge. Wo whh the new paper
success in proportion to its merits. Jer
sey tShorc I 'it telle.
Nf.w Paii:i!. We have the first num
ber of a new paper called the Columbian.
published in Bloonisburg, Pa., by Cap
tain (i. H. Moore. J t is ably edited and
neatly printed. Jt claims lo beau in
dependent journal. Success to tho new
enterprise. Jerge; Shore Jeraltl.
On thelMli ultimo, nenr Money, David Mas-
ruts, (if .MlllvilU', oiiiuiUii (Anility, to rnn.m.
Wii.i.i Js-, of Lyiimiliii; I'ounly.
In Wnslilnst.m I). l'.,on tin' l.'thuUliii", liy 11,'v.
J. A. Wiiller, (Ii.iiikii: II. Jliuiiir. tu l.izu; K.
llKMlU.N, lliltll lit WtlslllllKtilll.
In Ilsjiy, on tlio .Mh ultimo, vrry MHMenly,
M.vttv I'.vhi.miim:, il.umhtiT ol' WlilUim (I. una
KU:klHlli (tlttoti, nt'il ouu ycitr, si'M'ii mouths
mul tw nty-ciulit iluys.
In uv,'i'Vlllc, on tlicLMli ultimo, O. IIi'.niiy
Sruw'Aur, son of A. 1!. mul Amies Stewart, agwl
about two years.
In l'lslilm; 1'riel; Tow nslilp, on tlic'JIth ultimo,
Maiiiha si.mii:ii, ukuiI niiiciy-twoyi'ats.
i:. ii. i. mn,
Office on M.iln Street, In wiilti framo house, 1'
low' tliej:.eli:llii) Hotel.
ltiiliirl 1''. eliu k,
Ollleo corner of Main and Market Sheets, over
I " i i t National ILiulc.
Inllil IS. Ki-eee,
' ATT( ) It N 1 1 V- AT-I, A W,
(Xllee in ItfuKler ami lleconlcr's otllee, In the-
h.lsemellt of tile Court House.
"Wisley Wlrl,
A'lTO UNI 1 Y-AT- r, A W,
Onieeon Main Mreet.overS. II. Millei'x Store.
(' It. llroi-ku ay,
Ollleo on .Main Street, tlrst door west or tlio Court
Cliurlrs ;. II.iiMi j ,
Ann ii in i : Y-AT-I.AW,
nnieo on M ln Street, over MI. Miller's Slum.
tVllllani II. Alilioll,
AT I'O! t N 1 : Y- AT-1, A W,
C.itawlssa, Pa.
M. K. .Iiit'Kson,
llerwielc, CoIuniWa ('utility, Pa.
?!. 31. Tumuli,
ATTO I ! N 1 1 Y-AT-1 , A W,
liei'wiek, Coluiulila County, Pa.
.11. 31. I.'V.lle,
fVntralla, Columlilrt County, Pa.
llllilt Nnill e. 'l'lie Pn si, ll , it mill .Hiillii-
Kcrs ol Hi.. Calawlssa lirliUo L'om,any tins d.i
declared u dhldetid of .'l per cent. i7 cents per
Mrnc; on (la capital slock of Mild Company, pay
able to tlie H icli' rs or llielr legal icprcscnla
tlw.s on or alter I In rail Instant.
JOHN MlAltl'UN.s, Trea.nuer.
Citawlssa llildsje (illlee, Aprils, Hii'l.
U US 1 1 T F.I I AN N A H ( )TE 1
iZ) ('aluwls.i, Pa.
liie iiUivu Hotel Ian lately lieen pttrc!iaed liy
III.NltY .1. 1 I.AItU", and lias l.ecn tlioionulily ie-
lllod.'lled, repilleil, and leturlllsliwl. It Will !.'
found now, In ItHiiiraUKemenl and appointments,
a lli!t-cla Hotel, and second to none In tho
country. Persons !u cilles w lsliluif to spend tl.e
hut inunllis in Ilia country, will do well to bImi
llio proprietor a call.
1. on Main Street,
Just received nt
llKNltY flinillfri NliWHTOIti:.
Dry flood.,
lints nnd C.ips(
Hoots find fihoes,
CO lice,
Spires-, nice,
17.01111, l'UI'.P, AND PltOVJMONH,
loaellicr wlllt n meat variety of notions (icnci
ally licpt in stores,
llll'ni.U, IIUOS, MDAT, AND PIHIDl'Ci:
tuUen In cxclian,'.' Ioi'koisIs, tor which the hUh
cm uiaikct price wil ho paid,
A N AC'f
id I'ttovitinmn mn cKKcrtns of A nnrK mu
tiik r.MPMn mist Ann stprniitr of inn loon
is ntn mom of ini.itMiiiA.
Si eriiix I. Or It pimrtfilhy IhnHtfiintonnd ltotup
of It. picscntaiiM sol the Common w cult hot Petiu
Iwml i In (leiieriil Assembly iik I.iuhI It Is here-
liycil'lllPM L tile '.UIUOIll.v ol Hie Slime, 1 .1.
A. l'll!Htod,.acol. Harris. Is1 wis Vet ler,.lene
man, I'liouiiu ( ic.'lliiit, Sr., Samuel llouart, Wil
liam l,umoii, Will mi.), II-' li r.iiiid.lohii K.(. 1. it
1 and are III rcb aooolull'ileotlimisslonel s.w hose
tllti.x It shall bi , 01-11 ill iJoiit of them, lai 01- beloi'e
lh lltstila 01 Jut.,Auuo Doinint one thousand
ciKlit biiudred utnl sKty-sIx, to determiu,' upon
1111 1 puu base such real estiilc ns they, fir n m-ijor.
Ol lllCIll, suau lit. Ill lie. ion oeiiceomo-
ilatloti of the 1 o r of Columhl-i t'ount., and In
tat..-11 comeviinip therefor ill the laime and for
the lispof lh rnol.ltloll mt'tltlnned ill Ihe totllth
snetlotl of tilts net. and celllty their bl-oeeeillliifs
Herein lllllli r llieir u uios ami seius 10 111c 1 ict It ol
thp ijtiarter scfsious or coiumiaa l oiinty, to bo
tiled in Ids olllce, and at the next xcncwit i fcUlou
the oualltlrd clei-tols of Columbia Colllltv shall
cli it Hired rcpeetalilo i llli-tts of the wild county
10 tie 1 1 licet ors in me poor aiei 01 toe jiouseoi i.m
ploytnclit loi Colitmlila County for the enulnit
f.i r. 11 the juditesof Hip ch-ctloii of said county
shall tiiimedlnlcly on reecHlnn the letutiis rrom
the several clei tlon illstriels and enstnm up tli,.
luiiiilH'r of votes therein, or within Iht-iu dnvs
thercaftct.ecrtlly under their linndsnnd seals lla,
mimes of ieisotn i,oplected dhectors to tlcj Cleik
of Hip Court or ljuafler Sessions of said entintv,
who shall lllo the said ccrllllcalu In his olllce, and
fotiliwlth kIvp notice In writing to the said tlliee
tors or their helm! elected, and Ihpsald dltcclors
shall meet nl tho Court House, III the said count v,
on the tlrst Monday of Noeinher ne.l ensuing
Ihelr election, and divide themselves by lot into, the place of tho llrst to bo Micnlcd
nt the explralloii or tlm llrst year, of the second at
the cxphatlou ofthp second .icar, of tlm third nt
Ihe o.plratpm ol tho third year, so those who
shall ho chosen aller Hie llrst election. nnd inlhe
mode nhovp described, mayscrGfor three years,
nndone-thtid mav bo chosen niimially.
si.c-nuN ?. That (he slierlll'or said enmity shnll,
wllhlu ten ila s niter Hip p isiiseof Mils act, iiotlfv
tlie commissioners of their appointment, and
when thevsh ill lilei t forcnletluu lioou Ihe 1 idles
assigned litem by this act, which said phtre of
iiiceiing sii.ui oc 111 iiiooi.i-oiiii;, 111 am louit
Si.cnox n. livery director elected In ni'intier
aforesaid, or appointed as is pioM.lcd in tne
twelrih sei tlon of this net, shall, within ten ilavs
nttcr he Is notltied of such eleitlon or appoint
ment, and betoi-e he t uleis upon t hail nt hw of said
olllce, tai.e an oath or ntllriiiatlon bctore it Jitsiiee
of the pence of said county to illscliaii;e the duties
of director of the noor for said county trutv. l.iltn.
lolly, and itnpa it tally, to Hit. best of his Judgment
nun lli'llliy, anil 111 cao 01 neieii or lerusat to
lake said oath or nitlrmntlou wllhln Ihe time
afotesaid. he shall lortclt aial pay the sum of ten
dollars lot the tt.e ol the Ms,r of said cottntv,
which Una shall be reeoveted by th.Mlh'eetors tor
the time helium as debts are or shall he by latv le
coM'iahle, and the dtteetots iiuallllcd asuforev,ii
tire heichv nuthorlcd to nduiiuisti-r an ckiIIi or
ntnrmatlou In m case when It snail be nucess,'ii
ill lehlllon to the dull, s ol thelroltlce.
Si.p-noN I. 'i'lte said diicclors shall forever herp
ntler, in name and In tact, bn one lusly polMleand
corporate in law, to id I Intents and pin poses wh-it-soeM-r
relative lo tho poor of the County of Co
lumbia, and shall lci e neltictllal sueccsslou. iut.1
may sue and be sued, l.lead and be impleaded, hv
the 11:11111', stvle, and title ol llltei tors of tlio P00V
nun 01 tne tiouseoi i.mpioymeiii lor me c ounty
of Columbia, and by that name xh-ill and may t
celve. tttlie, nnd hold any lands, leuemiuts, and
heiedltuineniH not cxcccdluy the yeaily vahi.i ol
ten thousand dollars, and any ko.k1s and i hull els
whatsoever of the tilit, alienation, or he. piest of any
pet sou or iiersotis w hat soever; to piucltat , take,
and hold any lands and tenements wllhln thelr
couiity In lee simple or otherwise, nnd ere.-t suit.,,
bio bulldlmrs tor too rcceotlon. use. and aci-omo-
dation of the poor of said count ; to ptniue ail
thltms m-ei-ssary lor Ihe hsli;inj;,tii.iintenan"e,iiiid
einployment or -Jiii.i poor; toappolut a treasurer
annually, w ho sit. ill kivo bond with lull and sutll
del it suicty for Ihe fat thfuldlschattie of Ihe. littles
of his olllce, and nt the expiration thereof for the
payment and itehcr, over to his successor in of
lleo of till iii-ine, s, hottds, of notes, book accounts,
or other papers lo the said corpotatlon belotisim;,
which sliati then b) remaining in his hands, en.,
tody, and possession, and said directors shall It u c
power to emt'lo.N mul at pleasure icmove a stew
ard or stewntds, malum or mations. phslclan or
nhvslclans. snr,eon or surifeons. and ail other tit.
ietidunts that may be necessary lor Ihe said poor
lest.eetUelv: to hind out lis mum-titiccs. so that
sueli tipjircnllcesliip may expire, 11 malts, at or
betoro tlie iie ot twenty-one jcars, if feiuales, at
or before the atre of eighteen yeats.sucli poor, hli
ilren us shall conic under their noll.-e, oras ina.c
he hound apptentlces. Pt'uvtilctl, That 110 child
ktt.ilt I... It. i.i.i.l ontslitn of It. t Pollute of 1 1 .1 n,.t. f ,
nor without the Uuiiflt of tlie puljlic schools of
me ut.strici.
StxTtosr .. That the said Dlroctots, any tw-o of
whom shall constitute a otlolllttl lor the tratisae
tlon of btisltie-s, shall have power annually, as
soon tiller tne 1 it hi 11s lor inc animal ttssess
nicnts in s-iid cottntv as Is practicable, to hie
a int. or assessment not exceeding one tent oit
the ilotlar, at any time, up. in all teal and er
sotuil esiiiteo wltliln Iho county iifotcsaid. lortlc
lravlmr the elt.-tises of oiirchtisltn: said faint
ereetlu said I hi iltl lnixs, and maltiltiiniu;: I tin nsir
111 said county, and shall be levied upon lite basis
ot the 1-ist adjusted valuation iitade lor rcuhitltiK
eouniv icics auo levies aim o.-iMit cause.i t.ur
dtiplleates of such rates or assessments by them
1 ild to he made, which sh.'lt be siuu.d by litem,
shall tssii" their warrant to (he (olhvtor of such
tax, therein attthon.lnc. mm reijiiirim; him todc-
maud, lei-eHe, tin. I .stlteel ritaii cor.v ,elsou
tliereiii named, lii tho manner and by the same,
processus poor t:ic'Hnro now colli ctalile ; anil (he
said direct 01-s shall, from the time of tlie prot niiu
by them ot sit 11 able bit till hl(r lot lo't
01 said poor, cKct-.-lse and petlorm within tlie said
county, except so far us such acts, dutus, ami
powetsare heteiuevplesslv preseilbcil 01- lhullcd.
st:t 1 10s it. s s.H.ti a. tlie said buildings sltalt
nave iiecn erectct or t.tiicnased. end all nee. ssarv
accomoiltitioiis proviih-d therein, notices shall ho
seni, sine.i hv any two 01 tne itireciois 10 the
oMi-seeis of tile several toW!idilns ot l ie said
t'ounly of ('olumblii, re.tiiiin them forthwith to
brill;; the poor ot their lespectlve townships to
said House oil .mptovmeut, w men order Ihe ovei
seeis tire hereby elifoined and leiiniled to eomph
wlllt, or otherwise 10 forfeit the cost of all ftilin'e
maintenance, except In cases when,
or any other sutll.-iettt cause, any poor ptisott
cannol be remoed; in which ease the overseers
shall tepiesent the same to the m urest lustlee ot
the peace, iv ho, bet nt. sat l-lled ol the truth thereof,
shall ceitlly tne same n, the said ilitectori. and at
Ihe same time issue an order, tin ler Ills liatid'aud
seal, lo the said overseers, , I Ireetlnu them lo nialii
liiitisitch poor iintllsticlitltneiis heorshemay bp
a siitL.tiou, and then cotiey the In
said p inpcratid deliver hint or her to lite steward
or keeper of said 1 louse of Kmpl.n incut, h lectin r
Willi llie snld ordein mid the ciiart;t' ami expense
of such tfinporui rebel and ot such removal
shall he paid by the said dircctots nt u reasonable
Hi:itios 7. Tlie sln(-itr.l or inanar of said
Poor House is hereby tvi aired yeat ly. on the llrst
Monday of .lamrtry In each j ear, to iiirnish said
dhectors a slalem.'tit of tlie incotne of said real
estate, as neat ly as Ihe same can be done, ai-oof
excess 01 his expindltures oer and nboie said
income; the nmoiint mid kind ot personal pro
perty then on hand, In ludiuw irraiii, tt n'cni;
the number of poor persons admitted an l dci
churtreil dutim: the year, with tile number then
thetein; lite lemrtli ol time each rcntahnsl; and
tl.e name, at;.', and sex 01 etch, 'I'lte treinltrer
shall annu:ill , on Ihe tltst Monday ol each year,
render lo said .ihect as a Jttsl and eorreel ,'c-cotittt
ot ins m-c.pts and dishurseiiients during the pie
tedltni year, and the said dilcclor. shall ituttllaiiv,
in the month ot .hum it-y in c tch year, pulilish, In
two papets published in l!, ti stun nieitt
of the iceeipts, .llsta.isjm. nts, and expcuditiuoi
ot said coisitti.,n ituim-: the preceding ccar,
with n siatetiti nt of the ptopetty, leal nnd per
sonal, lh. n held h. thelll.
rsi.. 1 1. in s. That (he cotnp. usatlon of the trens
tuer, collector, stew. ml, ui-itroti, tiliysielaii, and
other oillcers and assistants shall be tlx. -.1 by the
diiectoii, tin 1 ihe compensation ot the directors
shall lie ilx.-d by the lion id ol Auditors, w ho shall
be appointed by thiiCoitlt of luatlcr Sessions of
sal. I coiiut,al each c.tily r.cttlciiicnt, for the
next niccecdinu: v tittnl, Ihai the com
pensation ol said tllrci-tot's, ftom the passn of
ibis act uiilll lh. ilrt j.-arlv ... itleinenl, shall be
fixed I iv Ihe Hoard of A.nlitors nl the tlrst ycarle
settlement, the directors to luiulsh the said auJi
toi-s a eorre. t tic. .ami ol Ihe lime -iild expenses
lost ami Inetiru.l b IIilui In ittb-ndtnt! lo their
tliili. s, liotn w India. mil the snld comivusation
sli-ill ii ' llx. d and a. busted.
siihiii n. Tlie said duel tors shall from thno to
time ieeele, provide lor.aii.l einnloy, nccordliu;
to Iho line In :.-ut and mcanlmr ot lids tft, all such
oooriui.l In litri nt ncl..ons as shall beelilltlr.l to
relief lioiu any ot the several townships or hoi
ottwhsoi Coluinbl i Con my, and shall be sent there
by an order or w tin ant tor thai put pose, under tho
hand, and seals ot a'lV t Wo Itlstlees of t ho lieaee
ol the said county, directed to the Oversecis of
Out poor ol tne i-roper lowiisinpor tiorottirit, and
Iho said illre.'tors are h.-tehy authorized, t.-h n
thev shall deem II oroner and conv.-iileiiL to do
so, to penult any i person to be in untalue 1
( I'furi'i'f, rheeXpeUM' ot tiulrmalti-
tclltilice doc.i not Ml all, c.t.e exc. ed that for
which 111 y could he inalulailieil at the Poor
House of the sal.) Colintv ol Cohlhlhi.l.
skctios 10. Tint It -hall he law nil tor Iho sal 1
directors, or a imCoiliy ol ihciu,ln the case ol .un
person In their ch-iree umi p-iupcr ownliii-or pos
scssltcr ali. l'il eslate or lull test in teal estate,
to apply to llu- Coat I ol i uniiuon pleas of Colum
bia County, or ntiv other intuitu s p, n, c.m,.
tuoti weal tit when- Hi-- s u I propel t mav he situa
ted, by p. till. m, prn In-: tlie ntd Couit to Krani
tlicin an older to make sale o said teal tsPite, or
Intel est tllert-ill. tor tile stontorl and tiiidnli-tnioe..
of said pauper, and that the said Court, if they
tl.s'iu It udvlsahlo afier cousliterliii: the applica
tion, sh-ilt srnnt mi order lo snld illiectors toiu.iko
sail of snld teal estate or luteiest therein, or an
pari ui.'teoi, on sticti terms as t tie saw c onn snail
think it advisable, umi the said dl ret Inrs shnll, In
niirsiiaiice of said older, oiler said real estate, or
Ittletesl therein, oil Ihe lilelnlses. nt oiil.ttc si.te
.iii.I sell the smite at puhile out-cry, utter ulvlm;
at least twenty !n s' public not ice of lite time and
ptacooi sate, uy iitrce iiatl.l-oills, put up in public
places and n n.eitlsein. iit In one newspapir
nubltslied in Itto counlv w helelll said orooettv Is
sttuatisl, wliicii sale so made the illiectors
snail return in inc stun c.iiui, and alter comirm-t-lion
of the si.uie shall exetule mid d. liver to lite
purchaser ucHee.1 of con vi tor said (state, on
tho suld piiich.'isir'.s lull comiijlanco with the
let in i aiin eoiiiiuions oi - ii.t sate, winch Ueisi so
made shall vest tlte nronell , therein descrlbtsl to
ihe Kiunlee us fully and dlccttitilly as the snld
pauper lull and citjo) ed the suiue.aiid tlial tin.
sild illiectors shall apply tho pusvods ol snld
sale, orso much as mn he neccssaiy, to the sup-
p. . , i, on lo.ooi.-llilliie oi site i pan per, II l. I 11 llllv
li.tiow... ...Ii, ..O..,. 1,1- .... .1.....1 'I
aller dcilucthi-j luuernl exnenses, the said tflrec
loisshall i.t over said baftiice to the lci;.il lep
lesiiittilivesof tatd pauper, upon deiuuuil made
and security bclniiulveii In indemnity said dl-
iii'iois uoiti uie claims oi an oilier persons.
SI.C1U.N 11. A otlolum of said tllreclois shall.
and they nre hiichy enjoined nnd ie.ttiinl, lo
iticct nt the said ilo.isc of Kuiiiloviiicul ntltinsl
once In evciy mouth, and visit the apartments
aitd see Ihtl the piMir me cottilortalil supported,
and Ileal all coiuplitlllls, and tidress, oruuise (.,
oc red i, an utieviitices iii.ii iua.v uapis'ii n.v
the lle-hll ol llllscilldllcl ..I ,111V l.irsoll Ol ll-
soa milieu tiiipl.otiu.ui orotheiwl-ie.
Si'iTlo.y 13. In enp of nny vneatn y. by dcnlh'
rpslKifitloit, or olh. iwIsp, of nny of Iho wild di
rectors, tlio rpinnlniim dln-cior shall fill Midi vn
cuitcy bv the upiHiliiimcul or n cllireu or their
eotnity, nniler I lie same penally as Is provided by
tlie Hist si'ftlon of tills a. t, m m-rvn mil II the next
BPIieral election, wh.-ti tmothcr tlln-clor shall ho
clet ted, to serve as If no vacancy had bnppennl,
Siaini.v Allclnhnsiiiniiiemauils oxlstlnirut
lite time of this m l hi In earned Into eil'eet shall
ltiiM' lull tot-ce and dice!, as ir mis ad had not
lij'std; mul when Ihe saitn mav have I u dulv
ii.llti.teil and s. nit. I, all ttioite.v s retiieinlmi III the
bauds of tl verseer, ns Well iis the till. "Heeled
luxes lev I. d for thcsllpKilt ol lite poor In thescv-jt-al
townshliis, In the County ol Columbia, shnll
be pnid over to Ihe Mitpervlsors of ihe Hluiivviiv
of their . .pecllve townships, p, p.. IV tH ln ,.,.
ploj (.1 toward rcpalrltiit Hie roads Ihctchi.
Mm to II. As soon an Ihe poor of Ihe Counlv
of Columbia shall have he.-it icmoveil to the
House of nmploytueiit or the said count, and
the oitbstattdlnu taxes collected and paid over as
illii iild In section ihlrtcciith of this a-1, the olllce
on n CI set-is ot lite l-oor w lllllli lite aecepi I llu low u
Sill) sshallriom thclicefortb be abolished.
Ht t-rniN 1.1. '11 utt the laid din dors or lieiistiicrs,
or nny one or more or the taxpayers of the tie.
ccjillmt townships, nitty, we hln Iw-eiityilnvs from
the ycarlv si tilt men! by the auditors as nlotesald,
appeal rioiu stieh settlement to the Comt ol Com
mon Pleas of CottiinhLi County, In the same num.
tier unit under tlie same piovislons and leuula
lions that appeals from settlement, by township
nudltm-Hiiic now allowed.
snrrio.N hi. Thnl no money shnll ho paid by the
Ireusnrer except upon orders drawn by the ilitcc
tots and sisncil liy ut least two or the snld direc
tors. Hi.ition 17. Tor thp purpose of tisceihilnlnit Ihe
sense of the dlirelis of Coltltubla Colinly, us to
the expediency of t-rcdltu a Poor House, It shall
be the duty ot each of the Inspectors tin. I Judges
for the several townships nnd hoiotihs, et nn
elecllon, to he held on tlie tltst Tuesday of .lune,
Auuo Domini one thousand i-luht bundled turn
sixly-six to iteelve ticket, cilia r written or
pi lull d, limit thcqtialll'.eil volets thcicor, Inhelletl
on the outside "Poor House " mid In the inside
" I'or a Poor Hoil-e" or " Actnlnsl tl Poor House;"
nnd If-lt shall appear, npon casting up tho votes
ol the lllll'elcnl tllslilels, nl III" Collll House, on
the l'rld-iv followlnt' the snld elei'llon, that u ma
Jotlty of lite iiuallllcd cleclors or nny township
or horoti'ih ate b.v a Pi sir House, then tlie foreKo
I nt; ad to taUectlect lis to those low nships or bor
ouuhs; but If it majorlt.v of tlie voleslnany town
ship ov hotouuli shall he uttalnst a 1'oor House,
tin n the inrcitolm! net to be null ami void as to
Ihe lowitsldp or boroughs Voting lualnst stidi
Poor lioue,
St i iion is, Thenon-iippeptlmrtowushlnsnrhor-oui'lis
shaP mil he etitftlcd to vote tor illiectors of
Ihe said House of l-'auploymeni ; nor i tin 1 1 thej he
cnlilleil to r. Ive or. ti.,;. ativ betielits orttdvan-
tni'es by vlllileol this ad; noi shall Ihe illiectors
Is-1 hosen from the salt) uoti-acci ptiuic townships
or horot.ulis; nor shall the nudllois liu-ntioned in
the eighth section of this m'l he appointed Ironi
linvsuch lowtlslilps or horoilKhs. 'mrhlul, Tiett
the ilirutors of tlie said House ot Dinployiitent
ni'tv- ret el vc p iitpers I nun th.'stititi'tion-ticceplitt
ton nships or hoi'ouiihs id a rute of i ompi nsatjoti
per week to benirreed up atand settled hyliiesal.l
1 Hied n-s and nveise. i s or (he poor ot tho town
ships ot horounhs so npplvltttr.
si (TION la. All ti Ms and p.u Is of ads Ineotisin-
tent Willi the provisions ol tills tut, or stlppUial
Itcrchy, ale hcieby n pi .del.
Speaker of tho House uf lit piesenhillvcs.
It. 1'I.I.MtNU,
Speaker of the Senate.
Approved the eleventh ihv of Apt II, Anno Domi
ni ouu thousand eight bundled and sl.vly.siv.
A. II. Cl'lll'IN.
rxnrriiiN notici:.
Ptirsn-int lo Ihe prov isions of the foreuohts Act
of A-semble. notice is hen by eiveli that all elec
tion Will he held at Ihe tl-ll tl pi-tee of holding tlio
'-relierid eleettonsof the ..evel'ltl towttsldwl nil. I
bot-oueh of Columbia Colllltv. (o he conducted hv
the resttecllve election oillcers of the same, on
Tltisday, the .'111 ol .I'llte, A.D. l-lili, Is Iweell the
Hours ot. 1-cni ocioct. .1.11. a n.t seven octoi 1; i'.m., to
vote titioti the .,uos Ion ol " I'or it Poor House" or
"Autllllsl it Poor House," and hi lll'tlle letliril of
sal.l eleitlon at the ( otttt House. on I-i-lduy, the
elrthih day uf .lune ai.tri-said, a. cording to law.
SAMl'I'.l. .-..WDKIl, shit-nr.
r pTl KA Ml-n 1 1 ( ' A N If AY ICXIEK
J. AND l uP.K. We the niiilersltine.l dllens
tit Columbia Coini'v vvilnes..! iht- trial of hay
lorUs on (he tait'i ot Mr. Pttrs.-I, in Ile'itlock
Township, on Morality, .Mav 7, lv(.ii, between Ihe
Am.-rleali Ilav Istiileiiud l-'ort; inanul... 'luted bv
SI.I!-'l:l!, WAI.I.N, MIUINl'.ll Co., ot Lewis
Iiuim, Pa., and lite UntiilcCs Patent Hay Hook,
The VmiTlean I-oric lilted more h iv In nno
dr iiitihl titan the llitinh-1 In llnee. Wearenills
tled It will take as much h-iv Into the mow ns two
Hood horses can draw. We also saw- It ettttltiL;
hay. and tbliil; it cannol be beat as a hay knife,
iiud ch. erttilly iceomiueuil It as the hist hay folk
anu untie we nave ever seen,
c. lit n-KNiiKMii.i:, Dn. P. c. II vt'.ntsox,
W. II. Koons, .loiix Dock,
.inns- lii.11 1: 1 , K, HvNiiu. Novmt,
Ml. ii.Ma. 1 1 11, 1.1 1;. .lotiN W01. p.
'1 hey also ni-inul ictitre Hie telebralctl lltn-ltpyo
Ilea per and Mower,uud other Itttple-
second iloor below Ilartntnn's, M-iln Street.
Just tecelved tl new stock of
cousin's,, r.MnitoiDi'ini-M,
nnd every variety of nrllelps usually kept In 11
SUIlOOr, HOOK'S, HYMN 1100 ICS, lllllMX,
S II N D A Y-SC 1 IOOf , 1100 iS,
and n law lot of
Misci:r.i,ANi:ors hook's,
titul tl general nnd well-selected nssorttneut of
p.vpint, i:nvkuipi-s, .-.c.
a. d. wr.nn.
llloomsburg, Pa.
stovi ok i:vi:iiy vaih irrv,
Pl.oUUlISHAItlls, PLOl'llliPolNTS,
and nil kinds of Cast huts, on hum! or supplied on
the shorn .1 notice and lit the cheapest rates.
Casthu's lor
made 10 order.
If j 011 wish to live Ion:? nnd dlo happy, go without
.May and
iNsiriti-; Yont Lin-:
III (holiest Company In the world,
OI" NEW Yoliir.
ITS O.VII AS.sHTS AIli: el'.W.IHt),
and lis nnnual dlv Id.-tid for the llscal year of ISO.-,
ninouuts to seventy-live i f cent, on nil paithi-li.-ttlug
preiiilitins, hi Ins II -' luvgest illvidend ever
ileclareil lt any eomiMii.' for Ihe same iuugtliof
limp, l'orfiiithcriiifoiiiiallonupply to
Jlltsimshur', Pn.
llloomshmg, C'oliiinhln County, Pa,
The Mihserllier, proprietor of the nbovr-nnniPd
pxlcnslvo I'sttilillshuu'iit, Is nuvv pic'iiared to te
cetv 11 ortleiN for nil klntU of
lie Is nlso prcpiirisl to make Stoves ol nil sles
nnd patients, Plow-JrotM, and cverytliln usual!
made In llrst-iiass roiuulti.-s.
Ills exli nsive facilities mul prnctlcnl vroikmcu
wnvrnut lilui in reeiivlng lite largest contracts, cm
die most reiisonahto tonus.
f irnhi ur nil I;liids will bo taken In cxcliaiiiw for
Tlilsiistahllsiimont Is loentett nenr tlio Lacltn.
wanna and llloomsliurjf llalltoad Ili'iiol,
Tlio undersigned would respectfully nniiniinco lo
IhocllUciis of lllooinshnrK ami Iho publlo ,'cno.
tally thnl lio Is I mining all
between llils place nnd the dlircronl railroad dct
po'sil-illy (Suuihys oxccptptl), toroniits't Willi tho
several trains going Smith anil West on tlio Willi,
wlssn and Wllllumspoi t lliilliond, nnd with thoo
going Not tl; nnd South on tlio Ijukaiuiiuiniuid
llliHimshiii'K lliillioad,
Ills Ouinlhiissiw nro in HootUoiullllon, (simuio.
dlous nnd eoniloiiable, mul charges reasonable,
iv mom, wudilngtu meet orseo their iilcndsile
put I, can lie ticcotitod itctl upon leasoitahle charge
bj , avlu.; tluicl.v lloll.-eal iinyol the holds.
JAl'iU 1. uilllcN I'mnrului.
(IKOlKli: W. MAtJOt'.Il, Proprietor.
ThonlsiVD wpII-I;iiowii hotel hns ipccnlly uhder cliniiKcs In Its Inlet tail niriiUKeincnls,
utnl Its luoprlelor uiitiouuces lohls tornier custom
iiti.l the linvi lllnn ptiltlie thai hi accoinoilitllons
far tlie comfort of his quests it re second to iioiip In
Ihe country. Ills table will alwajs he found sup
plied, hot only wlllt stlblnlill:il rood, but vvllh nil
tlie tiellcatlcsof Iho h usoii, Ills wines unit II
iUors (except Ihnl popular lievctatie known us
"Mcllrnrii"), piiri liased tilled from the Imporllnit
houses, nro entirely pure, mul free Horn till .
souoiisiIiuas,. He Islh mttfiil forn lils'tul ptitron
nxo In lite past, nnd will colli litite loilesoi ve it in
Ihefutitio. UIXntdK W. MAI'lll'.Il.
X 1t. 1'tTltHEL.
titnl ilcnlcr In
Main Sired, llloomsbiirK, Pa,
W. M. moniioi: A CO.,
ltupell, Pa.,
mul dealt rs In nil kinds of
Klvo notleo Hint they ate prepaie.1 lo accomodate
Ihclr custom with tllsi atc-li, and on thu cheapest
l-'resli urrlval of
david i.owi:niii:u(i
Invites nttcntlim to Ills stock of
nt his simp on
Mnln SI reel, tw odnors nhovp the Ampilcnit llonsp,
llloomshurr;, Pa.,
where ho has. Just received fiom New York mul
Philadelphia 11 full itssorlnii ntof
Inclttdlna tho most fashlonahle, ilurahlp, nnd
I)lli:.SS (IOODH,
consist ttnr of
nox, ss.veic, Fiionr, opm, and oii.-ct.otii
of nil sort., sles, nnd colors. Ho lias also replen
ished his alteady large stts-k of
He has constantly on hand n lnro nnd wcll-sp-lected
tissoltuielit of
which ho Is prepared to make to order Into nny
kind of clothing, on very slant notice, att.l in tlie
best manner. All hii clothing is made lowcar
and mod of It 1 of home manufacture.
of every descilptlnn, line nnd cheap. Illscnseof
Jewelry Is not surpassed in this place, Call and
examine his general iissoitittent of
niootushtirg, P.t,
M. C. SLOAN IlIlOTIlnil,
Hip successors or
contlnuo tho business of making
cAitniAciLs, nucicir-s
nnd evciy sl.vleof
which lliey ltave conslanilv 011 hand to suit ens.
turners. Never using any maletlal hut the best,
and employing the most expeiienced workmen,
they hope to continue as hen lofore to give entire
nitlsfadlon to every customer. An Inspection of
titeir work, nnd of Ihe leasonable price asked lor
the same. Is sure to Insure u sale.
.'wi'. .0.- i.oiisisiKiu'il lias jttsi ill riven
from tlio City with u large nsoi Intent of Drugs,
Medicines, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, and Dye stalls,
Ilcndy-.Mnde Clothing, Pcifttincry, To nn.l I'nncy
Attlclcs, Druggist's (.liissware, lliushcs, Tiusses
and Suppoi ters, and a general assoi tnient of ov cry.
Ililugthat belongs ton well-appointed In tig Store,
AlsoPatt ntMedlciuusofall kinds, such as Jayne's,
Aei"s, Wlsliail's, Winslow's Soolhlng Kyi up,
llrowu's Tioiites, Swain's Panacea, linker's Cod
Liver Oil, Iloolland's Jlllters coiislanlly on hand.
MUP.OCCO LUAiilllll, KID, PUIlNCil .M0110C
by the ilo.en or ii.-iif-do.en, Also
ilavlny I tail a large experience litthodiug bitsl-
uess, I would iispeelfully Invito thoso wishing
anything It) that lino to call nnd so my stock be
fore purchasing elsewhere, "liuncdliinesnunllly
Is of tlte llrst iinHiitance."
1UI1.X ii. anu 1,11.
(. Ina lo the late fall In gold,
lm retlucpil his prices to suit all btiyeis, cllhcrnt
wltolcsalo or ictnll, If you wunt
CP.ACKKilS, CANNIll) lill'IT, I)HIi;D
Fltl-'IT, WOODllNWAltK, I'IslI,
fi:i:d, Ac, Ac. .te.,
give me n cull. FI'illiAIM W. LLWULU
"rcl ELVY, NEAL & CO,,
i.T.1. Nolthwestcolllel'ul .Mllill tlltd MlllkCt Sts'.,
lILOOMSlH-'llti, PA,
Ourohl ctistoinetHtind the public generally can ho
uceomoilaleil with goods of i.veiy stylo nnd ipiality
sulloit lor tlio HjirliiK tinde, utnl at thu lowot cost
rnlcs, Tlm stovU, cunilstlng of
Dry (locsls,
Hutu mill Caps,
Hunts utnl Mines,
Iiooklnj filnssps,
Winjiilng Paper,
l'alnUntid Oils,
Qllt'iitswiuc, J
Grnltt runt Holds
Ac, fiC, Ae.,
it replcnlslifil wtljly or i!nlly,iis ncccsslly re
tliiiivs, lioniNuw Vmk (tint Philadelphia,
In 1, 1 1-:' iiu.'inlllks nnd ut ted need laics, always
oil baud.
!?XrilAN(!E llnTlil,,
I'i lll.O(IJl!sirilil, COld-MllIA COPNTY.PA.
The linilerslmipil hiivlni; pinclinwl litis well
kltowtintnl ceiilinlly.loniicil lioiisi',llii. ICMhalix.'
Motel. situate 011 MAIN KTUKftr, in lllisimshuii',
Imnicdlalcly opsiste Hip Colnmhln County Cotitl
House, resHs'tfully Inforinsi his trlcinls titid Ihe
public in general thai his lion -e Is now In onlcr
for the teci ptloii nnd cuicilnlntnent or trnvcllcr ,
wlio tuny he disposed to favor It Willi their tii',.
loin, lie litis no expense tn prcpnrlnft tho
KvlinliKC for tlio cnleiiiiliitiicnl of his chests,
nclthir shall Ihcro li ithj Ihlni! vMintllii! (011 Ins
pull) In minister to Ihelr personal comluil. Ills
liottsu Is spiteloiis, nn.l enjoys nn Ixcellcnl Intsi
ttess Ittciition.
Otniilhusscs run nl nil tlmci Itptwrcn the i:.x
clntiKo lloti 1 nod (ho vnrlotis railroad d.-pol.s, by
wlili'h travellers will ho pleasantly couvpycil to
and limit tlio respective millions In dun lime to
hlcct tlm nirst. .10IIN F. CVfiLOW.
llloomshurc!, Mnrclt 21, ISO).
f lOLUjiinXcoUNTY
V, , AoiticmrrDitAr, soctirrv.
Iho ntinual iiipelhut of dir. Coltimhlii County
Aurlenllunil, Horllcnllttral, nnd Jlechanlcal As.
soclallon.fotthe election of ollleer to serve one
year, will be held til tho Court House, In lllnotns.
liiinr, on Saturday, thp ll'tli of May. lsot. ut two
o clock l'.Mi A full allciitlnnco Is desired.
, ,ttX!.',yh,',,l:,t '''USi:'I', Ptcsltlcnl.
Is II. IltlPKlt'i', Heel-clary.
lins on lmtut ami for bnio
In every lj to imit Mirlcly,
and ever thin!; ustinlly fountl In ri
Il'ivlug reeciuly lilted up a new nnd elegant
hp Is prepared In nccuinodate ladles nnd penile
nu n In tlie best style.
niooiiisburg, Pn,
I'.YKIl A MOYI-ilt
i-esppclfullv Invite n contlntiancn of pntroune.s.
Their Drugs nnd Medicines nro nil selected with
the grenlest care, avoiding ns much ns possible
tho Iiitiodiidlou of ileltrloui nostrums, and un
purchased from the. best Importing homes In tho
of all kinds, including Ayer's, Jnync's, Hollo
wtty's, Hostcttcr's, Wlshart's, llouilaud's, Ac.
constantly on hand.
cixiTiii-s nitusiins;
of every variety, and of tho best quality.
The puhile may rely nl all limes on procuring tlio
ahovo aitl.ics, wllh nil the new useful ptcpaia-
Hons kept In thu best conducted establishments!.
physician's piir.sciuiTioNs
nnd Family Receipts compounded Willi the grenl
est accuracy ami dispatch.
atuiouncps to his friends nnd customers thnt ho
continues the nhovo business nt his old plncoon
Customers c-uti bo nccomodnted with
or nil kinds, Stovepipes, Tlnwnre, ami ever' va
riety of article t.ntiul In n Stove ami Tlnwnre F-s-lahllsluiieiit
In the cities, nnd oit the most icason
able terms, llcpalrlugilonent tho shot test not ico
on hand for sale.
XJ From and aller October 2, lS(i, the trains will
pa is llupert as follows ;
ilot.Mi Nonill. KlinliH Mall nt 1 I'.m.j Frio
Fxpress nt -lis a.m.
(loiNii Sol-Hi. Philadelphia Mall nt 11 A.M.;
New Yolk Fxpress ut 1 p.m.
C.KonOI-: WIIIIII, Supt.
1 J Ill'ltCI HAILltOAD.
(in and alter -March II, lstsl, Pass-enger Trnlna will
tun as tollows:
Sof riiw.vjih. Leave Kcranloti nt l:W p.m. nnd
A.r. ; Kingston n 1 11 r.M. nnd C;.V a.m. ; llloouts
hnrgntsrJa p.m. anil !t;Ji)A.M. Airivoat Northum
berland at ;i;Vi I'.M. and Ia.-.'1'i a.m.
Nonruw'Ann. Leave Norllmmberlnnd nl 7 A.M.
nnd a p. vt. ; llloomsburg nt s.-ii a.m. nnd (i:-t"i p.m. ;
Scruiitou nt I km a.m. nn.l Ii p.m. Arrive nl Sciau-
ton at IS in a.m. anil iu:l.) p.m.
11. A. FONDA, Hupt.
Kingston, March 11. 1VM.
to the
ON AND AlTFIl MA11CH U, 1OT, trains will
letive as lollovvs;
I "live Wnsh'n. Leave llalto.
Fvpress Mail tir-ii a.m. a.m.
1 usi jauc ,:o,.M. liiio i'..-u.
Plttsburi'nnil Fi le Fx I.'TH'.M. 7:'."t) p.m.
Pittsbmgtiu.l Fliiiiia Fx.. ..7; H p.m. t':lj
(Connecting tit Haltlmoie,)
Lenvo Wuslilngton nt 'J:I." nnd 7;I0
Cars run throti:;li lroni llaltlmorp to PittKlmrcr.
la'ic, or Fluiliu without chunge, '
.1. -x. in jiahh 1 .
IIAILltOAD.-Thls m'cnt line tmverses tho
northern and uorihwest count les of l'eniisivaitia
lo tin. dlv of r.rle, or Lnko F.rie, It hits been
lea.. d and Is operated by tho
Tltti" of Passenger Trains at Noitliuniheilatid;
Lnvvi; Fasi w Attn. File MallTialn. ll.iii'.M.;
Frle Fxpress Train, ll:S", a.m.; Klmira Mail Train,
h.Wi A.M.
la: vv 11 Wi'srw v P.O. Frle Mall Train. 5 A.M. 1
F.rle Fxpress Train, 7:11 p.m.; Fluilni Mull Train,
1; vi p.m.
Passenger ears run throtmlinn tliclrlo Mall nml
F.xpress i'taitis wllhout i hango both ways bo
I ween Philadelphia and Frle.
Ni:w Youk CoNM- i-no.v. Lcnvc New York nt 9
A.M., nrrlve at Frle at M"i A.M.; Lenve Kile ut i:
P.M.,nirivc nt mw v 011; 111 : in p.m.
l-aeg'llli steeping curs on an ingui iraius.
For iiiiormatloii rcstieetlm uiis-ieiiger business
apply at the coiner of i'hlrllelh and Mniket
Slnets, Philadelphia; nml lor Height business of
the ( otop'iuv s agents.
s: It I. .-,..., 'Ii. . ..,.,t...,r'r,e.,tf-tli noil s,r,,,l-rf
Stivd's, Polladelphi'it! .l.W.lte nobis, File; Vi II
ll.uu ISiuvvn, Agent N.C.ll.I!., Il.-iltliiioiy.
Clciierul Fielght Au.-nt, I'hlladclphla,
II. W. (IWlNNFlt,
Ch'iter.d Tii ket Agent. Philadelphia.
A. L. TYl.Fll,
(icnernl Snperinleiidiiit, Willlamsport.
March i.', lvm.
Xt si' aiiiian(h:.mi:nt.
Ain-ii at. tsit.
(It-eat Ti link Llnotroui the North nnd Northwest
lor Piilladelohta. New Yoik. llendlug. Poltsvllle.
Tiiminiua, Ashland, Lebanon, Alleiitowii, Iston,
Ac, Ac.
'I'ltilns lenvo HuriishuiK for Nework ns fol.
lows! At tl. 7:10. nnd llilliA.. vi.. nnd nnd '.i;W P.M..
connecting with similar trains 011 tho Puins.
vanla llallroad, nnd in riving nt rvew noil; nt wiu
nnd hi A.M., and a. in and llltltl p,M, Slieplng Cuts
nccoiiipany the J a.m. i.ud 8:au P.M. trains, without
1 hauge.
Iitvi llarrl-burgforllendlng, Pollsvllle.Tniim
(itl.t, Minel-sV III.', Ashhllld, Pine lilove.Allcnlovv II,
nnd Philadelphia nt 7:10 am., nnd '- nnd It.'i r 11 ,
stopping at Lebanon and pilm-ipal Way stuttoits,
the a -Vt cm, train mailing uoclose connections for
PoMsv llleor Philadelohta. For Polls v llle. Schuvl-
t.OI tl ....... .....1 .-I . s...l,.t.'llflll no,!
ipiehaiilia lladroad, le iv e Ihirilsbinu at 1 15 p.m.
Itettirulllg. leave N't w Yorknl !l AM.. I'i M. ,11ml
b: Hi p.m. i Piiilu.l. lphla at s a.m. and p.m. ; Potts.
vine at ;tn .v. si, an. 1 -:i.i; .stoiuio hv u mm
11:1 1 a.m., and iMsii-.M.; iiima.pM.t 111 i';u a.m. ami
t.eav,. Polts'vltlp ror Hnirlshltrv. la Hchuvikill
nnd Sus.pieh.iui.a Itilli I, ut" a.m.
Uea.lliig A 111 iditlion i'rnlu leave llPiullngnt
ft A.M., I'diirulug I ron 1 Phil iddphla nt & p.m.
Columbia Tt.ilns have lien. Hug ut H.'-M
nnd ll.'1'i P. vi. for Fpliruta, I. Hi., Columbia, A-c .Ac.
On sun lays lenve New Yoik nt p.m.: liuln
ilclphlii nt s, a.m. nnd .1:1 " p.m., Ihe s a.m. Urdu run.
11 1 11 1 out v to I lend to ji 1'otKv bloat s a.m. : I'alua-
iilu at 7..'l" A.M.; li.iiTishuiirutWliA.M.i and Head-
111H lie t;. a.m. 101- 1 1111 1 ISOlll U. IIIIO I.VS ...... ,UI
ew n i ru, nun I'.m. tor j'liti uietpitia.
I'otiiliitltiitloli. Illiiiue. K, asoll. l'..VCUIslon. mill
School rickets nl leduecd rules to unit Hum nil
I onus.
ISIKKiiae eii.'.'i.c.i iiiiiui.". i.'n'11) n'...s u,
Uiggajc allowed eacli puss, ngi r.
... i. -s ll. ,Jl.l-s, VICII. lipi.
Ilcaduig Pu pi lv '.