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For the Inquirer.
Romping. playful little cv -ture ;
11 osy eh-' -Us, and eyt <f blue,
Lovely thou ic t very feature,
W is tnei • ever such as you f
f'.oul 1 we ever live without tiu,
',V so would else our c.res la-gnilef
y,.u m. ke happy all shout you.
l.vifitii '}'• citc-tting a'! the whilo.
1 r*t A Die ! 1 o'.v we love you,
In j ovr inline- no; so wiil,
Is there aught We prize above you t
Pretty, darling, swe.Vst child!
! 1 yirig pranks /Vein rnern till night,
Singh ;' ch cv'ully all tlie day,
Shedding re. sof purest light.
Driving v'l of glc m awy.
of trouble thou dost little dream,—
.May it cover COCK to thee;
(Hide still gently on ii'Vs stream—
I'rrrjjica let the vrrnt if.
\r. J. M •
■ - w
We liave s Mom met with a more exquisite poet
ic effusion than the following- Welcome to Spring,"
bv one of our mod jx-pulai lady writers :
Spiring is coming, with her flowers.
And her sunshine, and her showers;
Spring is coming—Spring is coming!
Hcrr the little, bees a-htmitoinf!
Bursting buda and crimson roses,
Kacli the happy truth discloses;
Spring has come w deck the bowers,
Spring is luiglung thro' the flowers.
O'er the liil! tops b'eakand hire,
Softly P. ~us iter gulden hair;
And the blue sky pensive seems,
Asa maiden when sue dreams.
t.'entle zephyrs softly tread
Kou.i l pale winter's icy bed.
Singing yl 1 tanv.iiar lays
(If the happy by-gone days.
And the li'tle biros arc ringing.
Hark! their rocr.y notes are ringing ;
Ah! what melody doth float
from each liny *.v wider "s throat!
Rosy, dimpled, smilling Spring.
flTlia l a world of j"y yon bring!
Kvery heart with transport greets v>..
And to liuger long entreats you
Lor, Packer Kepudialed.
HARIUSEURG, March 17, 1859.
iianisburg has been thronged for several
•lays. Collectors, Surveyors, Post Masters,
Contractors, and their swarms of hangers-on
have been here by platoons to regulate the lio
'•ofoco party. It was of little consequence
who should be nominated for the Smtc offices
to be filled ; for but Jiitlc hope is entertained
of the success of the ticket ; but i: was impor
tant to Mr. Buchanan and his office-holders
••hat his Kansas, Free Trade nnu Cuba policy
should be endorsed, and to that end the efforts
of the faithful were directed.
When the delegates cumc here fresh from
their constituencies, a very large majority were
in favor of conciliation, uuiou and harmony —
they were willing to allow differences of opinion
on dangerous, questions and lend their best en
ergies to consolidate the party and give it suc
ees, if possible. But this did not suit Buch
anan arid his adherents. We arc within one
year tf another Presidential nouiinatiou: and
t the lost of utter defeat, Pennsylvania inu-:t
be kept in the leading-strings of the South.—
It the Convention had been froe from Presi
dential interference, there would have been
harmonious action between the Buchanan and
ait; Buchanan wings. A platform free from
off-nce to either would have been adopted—
and Packer would have been endorsod generally,
and the party would have started in the coming
contest apparently united, at least, and could
have made an earnest struggle to redeem the
state. But Mr. Buchanan seems to be con
*ivent only in the unmingled bitterness with
wtiich he pursues those who do not yield blind
obedience to bis administration, and be prefer
red to stand, with the empty bauble of an en
dorsement, upon the wreck of bis party, to
•eeiqg that party united and vigorous ami uc
kn wiedging other gods than himself.
1 be national office-holders changed the whole
curreution. 1 counted some twenty of tbeni—
A Weekly Paper, Devoted to Literature, Politics, tlie Arts. Sciences, Agriculture, &c., &e—Terms: Que Dollar and Fifty Cents in Advance.
. comm?r.emg with Collector Uakei", au*l Maval
Officer McKibbiu, and coding with Bi'ly Mc
, Mullin. chief shoulder-slriker for the 4th ward,
i In addition to these, a cloud of contractors and
> expect acts were on bands, ail demanding the
1 special endorsement c!' Leaomptonism and the
other loading features of Buchanan policy.—
The nnri-Lcoompton men weie choked down
from the rery outset. They tried to make tiio
. delegates faee iljo music by a direct vote for
P. e-ii'Tt of tbc Convention , but that did not
accord with the Distractions from Washington,
and that importaut post Lad to be filled by t>
c immittee. AgiD, when the committee on
; resolutions Lvl to be chosen, the auii-Lccomp
ton men demanded that the delegates from each
, Senatorial district should select one member cf
j the committee, si that ther** should be a fair
| expression of the sentiment of each district,
| but that also wis voted dean. Hon. Arnold
Piunier, who has a so* i": office under Buvii n-
I an, WJS undo THE permanent President. His
sp-ceh, t? taking the chair, bad been prepared
for liitn in a caucus cf office-holders, and, not
j being familiar with the hand-writing, he re-ad it
v.itU extreme difficulty. Bat he did tbe work
. the ciinmis'.r-'tiott wrhout faltering. ila
packed the cmtcitfees and did the bidding
'of LI- nus'ers r-s if I c hid been well used to
fit 'l' p •
1 But even a p-e'sed committee on resolutions
could R it be brought to swallow the platform
of the 1 ffice-botders without much hesitation,
jT: c} wee in private session over two hours
! before they could all be whipped in , and while
they were out tbe Convention had several
speech' One was d' livered by a lad iiitned
j Saowden—en office-holder, <?f c mrs?. n > iI
saa i-f ar. oSdo-Lel ler. He dec'ireu idme I.
' for nailing the flag of to
Cuba and Free Trade—was opposed t:> eon
; ciliatien or contf pomfse wi'.h traitors. H- was
followed by Hagus, of Sorner s et, who gave the
: boy some wholesome advice and brought dawn
j the Lonse frequently by bis happy hi*?. He
, Hta'id that if the policy laid down by Scow-Jen
prevailed, the delegates would have done
I themselves ;ud the .State more Ciodit by giving
to the poor the money trey were expen iing to
come 0 II arris burg to uomiua'e a ticket. This
! sueecb urettv vff,;ct'j*l!y sdrneed the insolence
jol tb° ofnee-bolders, and no one coul'. be got
to defend their pel toy. FmnUy Professor Gar
diner, the o:p-;tiau, who vends his goisls on
; the streete an t cracks stale jokes to the boys,
w.;s prevailed upon to cutertam tbe convention,
lie opened in a speech approving the Nitiana!
Administration generally and his sosp in par-
Ocular, •! ccuitnesaed both to the f*vcr
j consiacreiioa of the public.
Altera secret session of over two hours the
committee ou rcsoiutico? reported. TL :y
! declare their "unit a ted and fuil confidence in
the rairoutii integrity ami capacity ol Joints
15'teiiaaa:;"—ties' endorse, 3J the broadest
terms, bis Kansas policy, commend his Utah
j campaign and Indian Wars—next the gteaf
i qaeMioa of Protection is dodged by declaring
iu favor of the "protection of iron and coal
I and the industrial interests of the State, within
' the scope of a Tariff for necessary rivenue !
n-xt tiie purchase o: Cuba is cotuujcndcd, which
| is an approval of the startling proposition of
the President to lake §30,000,000 for that
purpose, when the treasury is utterly bankrupt
! and a heavy Darioual debt loaded upon tie —
■ next Senator Bigier is endorsed for betraying
j the people of iho State on the Tariff and on the
Kansas question. At this stage of the pto
j ceediogs, the autt-Lecompton men found that
i the office-hollers Lai determined that Gov.
Packer must be totally ignored, for his name
oid not appear in the resolutions. Mr. Lim
j bcrtoc, of Daupiiiu, offered the following as an
; additional resolution:
t Resolved, Tbst we tppiove the State policy
;of Gov. Wm. F. Packer. His just exercise of
j she veto power has been fearless and Demo
cratic, and Lis administration of the affairs of
our Commonwealth and the execution of the
t 1 iw, commands our commendation.
It will he seen that the Packer rendu!ion did
j not refer to Licotnptou or auy of the other
issues upon which (tie office-holders and Gov.
Parker split; hut simply endorses bis State
i policy. Kvea this small boon was not iu the
Washington programme. Aknotot Collectors,
Marshal. .4, P. st Masters, & •., counselled be
hind the Speaker's chair,and the resolution must
be voted down ; and forthwith the edict went
forth aud was obeyed Lumlicrtou, llugu
..and others stood up boldly and warned the
majority of the fatal consequences o f attempt
i irjg to discrace the State administration when
• its only crimo was c consist ant devotion to the
principles which elected Air. Buchanan; bu !
j madness ruled the hour, and the resoluiion was
lost, 81 to 37. Douglas, Saaaom, Stable and
Myers, of your Senatorial district, all voted
I with the majority. Ssusuin, though an avowed
anti-Lecomptou mn, is one of Mr. Buchanan's
post-masters ; Douglas is an ultra Leoomptouite
1 and voted consistently ; and Stable, of Adams,
is a candidate for Senator next fall. It is
i worthy of notice 'hat the first man who voted
aguiust the resolution, endorsiug Packer, was
; Mr. Acker, of Sahylkill, who was pardoned by
j Gov. Packer last summer and thus saved an im
prisonment Jor Libel!
1 iMr. Collins offered the following resoluiion,
which the President of course ruled our of or
■ der:
Resolved , That, in the opinion of .this Con
vention, the Republican wills elect their ticket
I next fall by 50,000 majority,
i Tho Convention then renominated lion. ii.
! L. Wright, of Philadelphia for Auditor Gene
ral, by a vote of 89 to 27 for Jacob Zcigler,
jof Butler, and a few scattering. Hon. John
: Bowe, of Frauktiu, was rc-uommated lor Sur
i veyoi General by acclamation. Mr. \V rigbt is
just suited to the emergency—just the man to
! be defeated, for nobody will regret it particu
! iarly hut himself; but Major Kowe i in bad
' company, and tho inevitable defeat that stares
i liiiij i'i f|t Leo Um als w'.tll puSf
; five disl)on-;f. Hi? opposition to the Lecomp
j i-jZ policy of Bat hiDsn Jus been ft ctlff ac-1
j boldly avfied, and re 0055T sLuii upon the
; office holders' platform, when all h's as?oci
i stes Lave tear) ignored aid it,suited, without
adding disgrace to disaster, fiic defeat be
caaaor avoid—it is not bis fault that the party
canuot elect him; but. lie eon savo his honor
and Lis eelf-respect—will he Jo bo?
Lj,jk out for a lively campaign. Last fall,
the anti-Lecoiupton meu were merely inactive;
now t lit y are putting on their armor to carry
!t:e war into the office holier'* camp. Foru
; ey's Press has the following significant notice
in 'he same issue (bit reports the proceedings
of the Convention:
4< l: becomes the g r> d men of the Demoera!-
iu party, outraged au-1 iu-uited by the recent
Aumhiistratb.u fVtiventiou at Harrisbttrg, to
'•' <ic immediate steps to rcsi-t aud rebuke that
act of fosoivQce and Oppression, Aiid we have
uo doubt this wdi be speedily done."'
The HitrUburg S.ate Sentinel (G v. Pack
er'* uig.r.) his the following:
"The a.'xt number of our paper will open
up a :;ew chapter :o its history. We have ta
ken off cur coat tV. totr, i infeni to
carry it cveu to the very tbresbhold cf the Lt
comvioa Camp! T' • 'Due-honored principles
of nomocracy must be preserved; and the g!<-
rious old flag of our party snatched from the
bauds of the Traitors who have alreanv well
rngb despoiled i of i's g!o r ;'. Let .Dv true
NATIONAL DEMOCHACV of Pnnyivanis put
on the artuot au i gird up tbe : r loins for the
great struggle, for it will be a contest between
liiglit aud J'D ror, Patriotism nud Treuco.
1 aHo enclose you tbe ieajvi ia iho SSv uikfl
of the sani ' date, whic'j, coming from what w-5
enco u'.d .übieJ Donrosratic authority, will
startle ud arouse the Dumocracv of Pennsyl
vania No oue doubts the success oi the Peo
ple's , v !ite ticket by from Say :o one hundred
thousand' SCRIBE.
From the Utrnsburg St aft Sentinel.
1 • liu I'ISOKGANIZfctiS' CtPiViJAi'iOlt.
Last week wc - od, "Pati-nco! tie veil wil
Bona be lifted, e:ul then we shull see."
Yi'eli, we knvt. sec;), 'i cm which was then
Wiiu us u-i.o uppi • vague shadow
vf uupendiDg evis, s now reality, not otily pai
puble, bur leiritde.
Federal influence bis overshadowed the cap
ital c: Punu.-ytvanij; the Dcnmeritic party
has becu wisely betrayed.
-i lie State Convention which assembled here
• n Wednesday last, ostensibly to act :s the or
gan of Btmocrarie seutimeut, proved f-iitlilevs
to its iiiiisj jU; and, controlled by a will superb r
to its ow.>, luatcadef counselling union aud
harmony, u- !• y '- rture-l .or svh'tn and
i*- c-!i!. obj. ct seem? to bo t;;e dv.floatk.u iii
James iiucbjucß; aud, that accomplished, ti
lb> Vuin.y BUf i • sod, by the adopti :i a
striug ot lulsome rtsolutKuis uverfi-rwiua wi'b
craft ind Isiscuoou, ihey flung Uotvn th. g-iagc
vl battle to tbe uuii-Lecomptuu vir.a •: t.A
party, aud tiurtvd tutir uuatLemas ?gj.u)st tbe
Stale Executive and ev-ry other democrat who
.refused to accept the test, aud bow the knee to
This guage of battle w;- accept. We regret
| the necessity which forces us in'o tue strife,
; but cauuot see this ruthiees attempt to strike
■ down our party and our {rincipiea without ma
! king hu elfort to avert the blow and prevent
j the catastrophe. Nor will the effort be a fee
hie one on our part — tor, whatever may be our
strength, we are engaged in a just cause, vet
eraus ;ti war, inured to h i!, uuo uoappulled by
danger. A phalanx like ours is invincible—
aad when the scurvy uirsy c: beggair, who
carry over their heuus the (iisorganizi?>e ban
ner of Buchanan, shall be scattered like chaff"
before the common enemy, oar ranks will rc
| main unbroken, and the banner of Democracy
, will float over us untarnished and uniorn.
We Luvc suid ;t. Wo accept the guagc of
j battie thrown down Ly the disorganizing Con
vention ot the ltith. >\ >;■ con iive ueuh?r as
sociation nor sympathy with traitors.
ihe Conwu*ton ou the ltaih did i:oi rtp-rc
sent the Deuioeralic sentiment of Peutisyiva
i ma. li mutely represented dir. Buchanan aad
: his policy, li IT S, iu reality, a meeting ot
Federal office holders, their friends and depen
dents. The Custom House, the Navy Yard,
the Mint, tne Post Office, in Philadelphia, ana
the small not offices out ti it, poureu in their
delegates*; ud these, added >o the number cl"
• siient partners in gove.omcut aootreeO, aad
huugry expectauts, composed ;Le hulk of the
majority, uud governed every movement.
From the degree of ferocity displayed in
consummating their sanguinary purpose, this
assembly of ueiegste* might aptly oe termed a
"Slaughter- House Convention." For their
perfect obedience to his commands, tue ITesi
uent owes them ;.u immense debt of gratitude.
How jubilant iLie old Pio.-msuT* heart wul bo
as lie glances over the proceedings, and sees
the determined spirit in which his injunctions
were obeyed.
Bui lei him not r.-joice too soon. 11 is satel
lites have accomplished much—they have dis
tracted the Democratic party —hut they huvo
no; yet beaten it.
i'tloy tried the same game in Illinois, and
filled. Them the tciiurl office holders were
to a uiuti arrayed against Douglas and the De
mocratic parly. Au office hokums' Stato Con
vention was held, aud candidates put into the
tielu uu the iiLCouiptoti platform. Money from
! the public treasury, aid iu every shape from
Senators and Cabinet officers was extended to
the disorganizing fiction—hut the Demonacy
of the btatc was true to principle and Mr. Btt
ohauan nud his office holders were overwhelm
ed. tic it may be here. So it will be, il tbo
Democracy ot Pennsylvania, like the Deuioo
-1 i ucy ol llliuois, will he true to principle and
\ fliakt vff from its shoulders the federal adiuin
| istratlon.
1 her- is uistca to encourage us :ri an effort
t"> reßeu? lh party from the peril iu which b id
RivC would place i". The comci-nigncs* of Ic
ing rigid, ntid the knoTlodse that nothing but
u square cutting loose from the federal aiirain
istraliou will pre-crve our priccipie* and save
us frotr annihilation as a party, ought tO nerv*
( us for he contest aud inspire us wiui hope of
: prcscot, and certainty of future success.
Tt is notour purpose to speak cf individuals
jin tby iaie Couvcntlon; but we cann"t let the
■ occasi! a pass without declaring rha? the conduct
1 et li;o presiding officer, whose whi e locks and
reverend appearance gave Lope of bettor
riiinc*—was oharacterizod by the grossest uu
' fairness. If Le was chosen for that purpose,
he { isfed Lis paart well; otherwi-o he dis
graeefj position both by the utter ignorance
*)f his dimes urvl his want cf cquDv th rough
Hit Idj'juriiiitehi of fougresS—\T!ta(
was, and wb( was not
'i 'l3 extremely mixed nature of our dispatch
es frojiji W ashtogfoD, tit the eloso of the session
; on Til.-* jay, utterly prevented any itifelligil!"
, iuca oi what had really been —
In oom®-iri wi:li many of onr vonteiupoiarics,
we uiiderstood that the pus**?,* of the Pom
Office -Appropriation .Liiil wDh us increase o
the rat&j of postige, ljj<] beco receive *, but we
are gtad to fir' 1 !t>at wo were ill error. It was
I Ufion this bill instead of upon the Miscellaneous
Appropriation hill, that Mr. Broderick revo,-
. ted, and the whole thing weal ly ih boaxa
i he following tills wer**. raised ;
i,, .. ■$
ri..iia:y v;.v: appropriates 515,500.0C0
Nava' wr iae: approjuiaie-> JO.yOOloftO
Inilisn >• rvicf: apor 1.797 ,3t>S
l'ension service; appropriates umii.ovt
j l.:xbt&u|Kti service: appropriates 530.000
I-bin 4 (i'anama) Mail i-ervieo 364.000
j N Oc*ua Mai! from (Jtinrieston 10 Havana 200.000
j ami Consular 1,047,745
: l.v. ci'se cf I-ve-iigaiing Committees 10.000
ali-cc ianeoos amount very large
The Ttriff bill was kill J Ly the prrsisteni
efforts 0; Mr. Phelps, , f Mo., (F,airman oj (he
Boiiiiirirife of iVays and Means, who irisi-ieu
upon carrying cut the wishes of 'he I'res.cen',
gt xii and by las b'okiqgjiow
renosylvank Lemocirats—aullcriag ll'c Treas
! ury Note till to pass. The Cniia thirty million
; tciiemc lies dead upon the Vies President's
| tabic, while the Homestead bill was smothered
jin the Senate. The franking privilege 13 not
I abolished, and rot a single measuic of reform
1 bus been adopted. Tf PresiueLt's formal
■ 'vinand tlr.t li bo cloth: I Lv Congress with
p./wor 0 ieisd ircops to Sl.xieo, ' > i'Lr/sT
j America, Sc., to protect Amcrijaa iatcjoMa
! and upon any of Transit Routes thai m v at
any tim ■ obstruct': J, was not •ve. to
;era Ly c-a r Hou-o 1" r Oevau IAIT S.ea: 1.
, cr bill w. s kil cd ia order to secure votes for
• ■ Treasury Note bT, aud thus President
iouchauHii swai'ows all his iadigcatiou aim
i ••' pledges in regard to reform, ;0 > leaves
j PoiiHsy lvuoii and the Pest office Department
|to struggle oa as best they may, because
i Northern D-inocrat? < n the oua baud, aiid the*
I South on the other, respcoively dctuatiied aad
' refused to coucede eacu other's interpretation
!of Democratic principles.— Ruff- Express.
| A correspondent of the tvo Francisco N
; tiooal, writing from the mines, relate? the fsl
i lowing singular r:cii:c::
"The continuous formation of goli in tL:s
' region is no" uiiirequeotly maintained by men
\ who have practical observance of results which
favor such assumption. Recently a common
] axo was dug up, having probably lain for five
: years in the red earth which is common to this
' r ecion,!in j its entire surface exhibited Su g-Md
: deposited upon i f , the iron was, of course, very
much rusted. It U assorted by abic analyti
! eat chemist?, that gold can Is obtained from
' all the earth and rocks found within the gold
1 belt. The future of California, as a mineral
■ country, is no longer problematical, the ex
' hsustioa of placers only is removed to a I-'-ng
! period, wbiic the development of gold in so
ruiiiv of the geological formations seems to de
termine tho fact that it is only a question of
i time when science will be the assistant to the
present rude methods, and the nprra'ions he
j conducted upon principles that arc positive 1n
i their results.
A CUTE YANKKE. —EarIy one morning the
scholars of -f oar uist.iit schools wore
agreeably surprised lo find upon tho outside
dcor, "No Scule," and the most of thorn made
preparations to enjoy the holiday, not dreaming
but tj9t it was a genuine order.
U appealed, however, that a roguish youth,
a lover of mischief more than his books, had
written in large letters the joyful new s. "No
was the notice posted up— tho i-tea we
onucratacd, but tho spelling was hid. The
afternoon brought all together, end i" the stern
visage of the master enough was eeon 'o con
vince us that all was not right, and now camo
the tug of war.
He soon ot'ttereu the Loye to appear before
his presence, nuci one by oue, criticised our
spelling, as far as the word school was concern
ed. They stood the test until the here, with
comic phiz, made his appe ranee, who, with con
fidence, distinctly said —
"S-c-u-1 ■."
The master took bim by the collar,and with a
joyful expression at tho success of the ruse,
laid on tho biroh right merrily.
The to is uo fortune so good but that it ny
be reversed, and none so Had but it may ho bet
tered. The sun mat rises in clouds may set in
splendor, and that which rises in splendor may
set in gio UJ.
Mq-1" IcwTitt VriU
From the Germantoxcn Telegraph.
boxe mr,
Mtt. EDlT')R:—Much lias been published of
Lite in our agricultural publications in commen
dation of bone dust, as a manure. 1 have no
doubt that it will, upon a fair trial of its mer
its, in* found f'li.y to merit the eulogiums Le
stowed up o it. la cue of Lis recently publi6h
ed woras, Mr. '*. \V. . ohnst-n bag fuHv detaou
stratcd the value of (he article, and remarks,
in Pabstiuce, tha; the experiments hitherto mude
ior tbe purpose of testing the value of bone
manure, tor agricultural, have bee:;
most successful ou soils comris rd mostly of dry
• ud light sands, chalk, limestone, light loams,
aud pes!. Iri some-few cases its application to
wet, heavy lands, has bec-o productive of tx
cclicnt results; but t ia i.a.-* rarviy occurred,
and only,perhaps, when the season was remark
ably dry. Li this ejerury, it lus been cu-t<"-
mary to mix the crushed t*oue°, or cust, with
cartii in the proportion of fif'y bushels of the
former t five loads of the latter, or forty bush-
five k-ade of iurg. Whtu it i it* be p
--ph'd ?v 1 nds long uep.utureil, r-ad it, which,
the quan i'y of vegetable mrtfcr is alnndatt,
ua prcvior.i feruicu'afion-o; the Lotus rppears
to !.o essentirily necessary. The in re dec< lU
poßabl • humus a sr-il contains, the more readi
ly and efficiently will the bones act. I: apply
ing Ms Fpeeies of stimuiarr, no diSniro t r
precise rue can be laid down; ve.y tnucb de
pends upon tlm quantity to be applied ia order
io reinstate end estubli-h the vsgctstii-e -?>f*rirv
cf the cv-i. ai sii 1-
erad, and the quantity grade?itd, as nearly as
UMkJI LJ, by the deuiriiti. The following M|-
ge.riions, however, it ru-.y be well to consider.
In :.ll CV-SCF, and under every possible niodi
ficatiea of circuß, the finer 'HE IJUCS
sr.', the tß.oro iiuu* *dia!e aod cpparcut w: , Le
ibtir tffects. Crushed LUE'B act upon. hc soil
fcr a period proportionate to their rizo. la the
Former's (London) Gazette, i: is ju'cd 'bat
"O i turnips, oats, baney and wheat, iLe q"ar.-
*• > aprlit-d has been from "Jo to 30 bushels per
acre; tm pwsture ; -nil from Jo to 40 bushels of
b no dust, ia the spring. Toe best mode of
application to hoed crops, is by the drill, with
the seed. Iu no >t European countries, so
highly is this manure esteemed that, after Lav
ing exhausted ala>ust every other source of
supply, recourse has been had !o tbe battle
fields for ihem, and vast quantifies of human
bones Lava been exhumed aud appropriated to
the wants and uses of agriculture."
1: bus been customary, of io'e, in sor.:? set'
tiot?, to dissolve the bones in sulphuric acid,
before applying thorn, u..d m. uy who i rve tiied
the experiment, speak of this incde cf applica
tion r-s preferable to all other's. It seems, from
a recent publication, tb-1 a Mr. P. D;ii<, of
Milton House, P mbridge, Hertforshire,
England, Ins a ;gcited before the "Agricultur
al Monthly Council.** that with reference to the
s'iggc-stioiis c: i Mr. I'usey, relative jo apply
ing bene dust previously dissolved in sulphuric*
aci;, in uuicn rith compost instead of w.tcroc
the turnip crop, that Le can continue Lis i-iea,
having manured two aor.s wim only thirteen
bnebcis of boos dust,dissolved in twenty-seven
pounds c f aci i, an i one hundred and fifty gal
lops of water. P was permitted to stand twen
ty-four hours, the liquid being subsequently
mixed with tutee OKIE ioUA or COB! ashes, and
then applied to the soil after tne Upre cf a
week, otter which period it w-a too or three
times stirred. The r<jsuits cf this application
was 'a fmr crop" iVotn a piece of laud "rather
poor, ,f and without any other stimulant. The
coat was 1-s. 9u. per core.
Don 1 ? are a phosphate of lime; iu other were.-,
thev arc composed chiefly cf lima and phos
phor iu acid. When broken or ground cno pla
ced ia the soil, tuey are, by the action of hu
midity, speedily redncea to u rta'e or* incipient
decomposition, and.tbo original cieuien.s 01
which liiev arc composed. "to thereby liberated
to foiur u w combinations ia the great circle of
revolving uatuie. By this mean-, the phos
phoric acid is set Tree ia the form of a g-s, and
the lime left iu * caustic state, deprived of i'
neutralizing ucni. Tue-e :wu substances sre
then left to give rii-e !o the powerful and luxu
rant vegetation which invariably springs up au>i
clotbcs the surface of the soil wherevr none
manure in any of its mo hficu forms is nppMed.
Thrre are probat ly few principles in uu - ure
more potent or powerfully energetic, Yuan phos
phorous in uli its forms and states of existence
and we have consequently formed the opinion,
thiit phosphorous, iu conjuctian with the liwc—
VOL. 32. NO. 11
jit may be in the state of j fjospb >nV acid gag
j —is l lie chief nr principal cause of the vigor
j ous end reduudaut developments ot vegetation
which succeeds the application of bone*, as a
i manure, to the soil. \\ e advise every person
ro save all the boh* s tfiat accumulate around
his e.stai'lifti.u: nt tod apply them to his lauds
j and cr< i<. jj.
REMAIIKS.—The eagiast. AND WE think the
: wore economical j 1 n of -['plying hones to tin
; soil, would be in our opinion, mtreiy target
; tin:m crushed aiad ground very fine, then to sow
• them broao-c ist ov- r .be or uiir. in con.*
p. St. it •" s are a more jiov.crft-l stimuUat to '
all cr ips thua any other manure of equal weight '
iuo Luis. FirotiTs shot* iLy el! means gatli..
r-r all the GD their j.r cmla.'s, and by no
means pe trust ''bene gatherers ! to pre wi around
their yards and funus, guttieiiog uti-J sending
| thetti iff to Luror-e. As vrll might wo permit
j them io take away our manure-pile, as allow a
more va/ntble article 'o he Bbsfrtcied front cur
i>. li. G.
A yonsg inr.n Lamer A Jaui Rokehart was
detected inhering arcciid the M cnigan Oi;-
tral depot yesterday, wa'abed, umics lbs
suspicion that be ••.-rc'.-ied o steai. The sue
p'ciutis were correct, as be was seen to appro
priate a .maple of ivx skins, and bJ..g pursued, •
was couipctied to take to ht i.-eir. tie dodg
er arc-trad among ...e oars una buildings, ard
i ?iaa in a r-ir v. ay to escape, when tie hr, petted
up. a an *olgct isi v. Lota lie link* suspected.
iltts w~s r.o f-l-i vvi.he hc-r-e ttl' Driog to the
.premise.-', whose main peeujktity i a neural
j sciu:;y <■; dispo.--. ;.-a, which inclines Liai to
■ use Li- teeth, iia.e an overgiowa liner cat.
;'• '-u l "C t Li-1 f'proiicticii be made u savage
j spring at iiius, end drove him into a shop near
! by, where he kepi hi.n cornered until the pur
suers secured him. I. is pirj iiged to invest the
old horse with a detective s i<>r in huiicr tf his
; sclkr* meat iu thkf taking.— odroit Free '
i Press.
V. AsjjiNGx x 2-ociexy.—The special our
• respondent of tlo N. V Tim s writes as fcl- *
; l*>ws concerning the Sickles and Key affair
: 'l f-ar tLo inctdstits preceding this truly
tuCiaUciiois, are tart ..n illuotratioD of
t e demoralise'i ccnditlou cl the fashionable
sou-Ay here. It is not en uncommon thing for
fcr men and women holding 'ha very highest
position, to he the subject of .-e..nJai :*s we'll
t.tunded £s tbuc of .'lis. Sickles and K?v
Among '.i.e n.iiu > titus used arc these of for
eign ministers of the highest class, the wives of
Setutors and Jftepresontativ *s, end older equal
ly distinguished of loth sex.;. It uiaybe
well s. id that if the elite .t the Federal G'spi
t"! aic t! us e-.-.-x- less of tAe licentiousness,
-nd so regirdless of he common decencies of
even outward nioivlity, i it we!! for the coun
: try 'bat iL basis of society is iess caltiv;ttsd
end more humble.
Tuk liixstEie Ojl Lad?.—THE Boston
Traveler g : re? the following bit of Washington
"Mr, P. ,of Xorr York, the wife of a
ImsecJ manufacturer, wore to tha i\apier
b-.:L diamonds value Jut §IOO,OOO, and iaco
wortis §II,OOO. Her heavy tiara -vd tteck
ijce were wir iiy composed cf diamonds, ;-n<i
-er brea?: pinto ws of diamond leaves. She
stood kr-e deep' in old checcb lace, an lisl
iau fabric exceeding deiicst'v, the secret of
the it aiiufac.uis of which his long beeu 105t...
1: :cil over Mao silk from h.r knees to tier
feet, also in graceful foils over her bosom.
"Ib lady gat curing tits whole cf the evening
tbf a window opening from a '-lis room iuto the
danring Uaii. : r, a position where the light
could fall favorably upon ie r opulence. But
sue did net dure to enter the rrt wd, tor fear
that ibo lace might be iujnred or ihs> diamonds
r c.lshr T froui tar person.
T! re are still 2y:ug miners of a duliLerato
inter.'iott <""1 the part of Mr. 'a friends and
relatives to avenge bis dastii in . auuituary' r. The K> ye Live always been noma
as a high toned <lh ••.Iroi.s :ce, overflowing
wirh courage. Tfce tpiarrei will Midshipman
b - her burr, oby one f lie brothers some jw
ago, wi.Lb ended ia Lis deoth tja* produced by
the most trivial cause, srßp.g from the discos
sicu ot tie id J speed cf n steamboat.—
Shcibnrne was very *v rsc K> fight, but
furfiid ir i:. Upon : e gfntiad after Key
was shot, iihcrUirj.t- advanced and proffered as
sistance, at the Same lium proffering his hand.
Key coutcmpta-.ualy and indignantly refuted
it, evjir.g —"! spun y u ir. desth.*'
Mr. Sickles in rrir-d hit. wife wucn she v>B
s;x'ton yt aid <<f ag". iio look her to Eng
land with wtk-u jjewas Secretary of Legar
tiun bi iondon under Mr. liuhjuao, introdu
ced her to the Quest c tried Lvr to the Cou
tintr.; sr. ! iutrodaeefl tier into the moat faab
.ionai-l'-- eotieiy. Mr. Sickles loved her with
gre..t dev ti-ut, and iavisb-'d til his means up
on h-r. .key me JMI ciogaat'etyle.
lu;; - hc-uac o! $3,000 reo*. M s. Siekfe® rode
in a ei'ituiiii! carriage, with eutritl* ;=, wore
jewels io the vaiu* cf $5,000, and se udi to
want ucthii'g that she did not have.
' That's the roe-]; on which we split,'" as the
matt said to (lis Wife. wLca as ed to >ork the
Men will wratigl* for iviigiott ; write tor it :
fight for it : die for it ; actum,® hut itve for ir x