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W. W. BROWN, -
Terms, $2 per Annum, in Advance.
Wednesday Morning, July 28, '69
Gen. JOHN W. GEARY, Cumber'd
IIENRY W. W? . .I,LIKAIS, Allegh'y
REPUBLICAN etas a larger vi'mtlation
than any other Republican paper pub-
Weil in the comity. Our merchants
et bitSiness Men will please make a,
totoe.o7 I 'ae.
Republican County Convention.
The Union Republican voters of Cen
tre county will meet at the regular
places of holding Borough and Town
ship.efections, on Saturday, the 7th
day of August, 1869. between the
hours of land 7 o'clock, p. *a., for the
purpose of &ding delqa:tes "to the
tkiuntitosuventicirile be 'held in the
Reyniblican Club Room- ; in the Boro'
4-Bellefonte, on Wednesday the 11th
•hylotlugust, 1869, at 1 o'clock p. m.
it.will be the duty of the Convention
One candidate for Assembly.
One candidate for Sheriff.
Ono candidate for Prothonotary.
One candidate for Register and Cl'k
of the Orphan's Court.
One candidate for Recorder.
One candidate 'fbr 'Treasurer.
'0 n e eand idate 'for `Connnissiever.
One candidate for Coroner.
¶One candidate for Auditor. -
Each Borough and. Township is en
titled to a representation of three aele
gates- except the Township's of no gg s,
Rhistis'and _Potter, each of which - are
(iSgElled to four delegates.
WM. P. WIT,BO - N,
G'~iair'n Orion Repnb'n, Co. Coin..
CANDIDATES.—We have quite a
nimber'ofof 'communications recom
tidtaingcandidates :for 'the various
county offices. 'Otvinrto the crowded
state of ouicolumns weihave.oonclud
ed not to publish the cotritrilitliettiOns,
”and take the responsibility of annottn
,ciagg the names of each for the office
'for-which' he was recommended. We ,
hope this will be satisfactory.
1 141enligs Travels `trtkal o
'Honest 'De-nide:fits.
DM .-you-"eVer . thrbw stone into a
hornet's nest ? If you 'aid you can form
pretty'ediTect idea •of the sensation
"created last Week'Wheft the REIT - nue' N
• made its tip . eatalice and was read by
'the "'lltiViAtd" and " unterrified"
'meillias'elstlie "Court House Ring."
31 - Etk, the king hornet, and the im•
I .melliale. cause of all the trouble, turned
pale, and trembled like au aspen leaf,
Ifearing that those whom he had slan
.4ered, maligned and villifiecl, would
pour out the indignation of their wrath
upon him in the shape of sundry blows
and kicks. To avert the coming storm;
to ward off the castigation that he so
justly merited at the hands of those he
had betrayed, he was compelled to lie,
and did most earnestly and vociferous
ly assert that he had not been in Mill
heim at all, and consequently the sto
ry of his travels as published in ourlast
week's issue was false, and were the
imaginings of the fertile brains of the
But on the second visitation of his
friends he was comp elled to acknowl
edge that he had been in Millheim.—
This put another phase,npon the whole
matter, and those whoge names were
given in the colloquy between MEEK
and his Penus Valley confidents,began
to look upon him as the betrayer of
his friends, and the report of his trav
els as given by us, as substantially true.
And although we were threatened to
be knocked to that country that is hot
ter than Mississippi ; no harm did be—
fal us, from the fact that, together, we
weigh 360 pounds.
With this preface, let us proceed to
;give a few more facts in relation to
.MEEK'S travels, and the causes which
;induced him to be a candidate for re ,
.election. ".
EverYbedy knows JAMES BURNS,a
mailiarly called . " Jut." Well, some
three or four weeks since, "Jr.u," the
Zistinamished lobbyist and Legislative
borer paid Bellefonte a visit. No man
knew his business. Ostensively he had
bone. Secretly, however; he housed
hiMself with - I'. ^ (z.3IEEK and a few
er chosen spirits that always can be
trusted when money is to drop into
their itching palms. And oh, how
itchy ! They could hardly wait to hear
the toiley JAMES divulge his plans. To
be in Harrisburg next winter would be
-a "big thing." Huge schemes were in
contemplation. Money would neces
sarily flow free as the waters in the
mountaqtrook : but it would require
somebody sharp to aid the distinguish
ed lobbyist to turn it to account. In
his opinion MEEK was sharp and must
be sent back for the third time. In
connection with this, the delegate to
the Democratic State Convention must
•go for CASS and not for PACKER. The
2toiiiination of PACKER wo'd never do.
In accordance with this plan,so secret
ly and so nicely laid, the delegate did
go to Harrisburg and voted for CASS
every time. But MEEK was hedged in
on every side. He had not thought of
being a candidate until urged by his
partner, JAMES the wise. He was par
tially committed to Mr. LIPTON, Dr.
DOBBINS and others. They were in
his way. Impossible for him to be nom
inated along with so many others from
Bellefonte. But with an eye, like JU
DAS of old, to the money bags of the
corrupti6n ring at Harrisburg, he was
not long in perfecting his plan. Dr.
TCPLLER must be disposed of, betray
ed, villified and sold out, if needsbe.
The trip to Penns Valley waS plan
ned, and Ithizk, burning with' ambi
tion, and filled withingratitude,sharp
er than a serpents tooth, he started on
his journey. What PETER did while
on his pilgrimage was graphically por
trayed by us in our lastissue. We did
not give h but all we gave Was
true, The men with whom PETER: con
versed, and the honest Democrats of
Penns Valley, can easily understand
why he Would become indignant at the
very idea of Col. LOVE being a candi
date for the Legislature. LOVE for
the Legislature ! "a Loop fossil," as
GRAY was pleased to term him—was,
in his estimation, supremely ridiculous.
The Col. must, therefore, be throttled
—nipped 'in the bud. It took argu
ment to convince. Judge HOSTERM.A.N;
hence the long tirade on Co]. LOVE.
Will Col. LOVE; believe MEEK, or
Judge HOSTER3LiN ? Judge HosTEEt—
MAN, honorable, upright man, as we
are wont to believe he is, .mill say to
day, that the conversation between. him
and PETER, T.S given by us, is substan
tially true., Deny it, PETER, if you
dare, and we will overwhelm you with
Dr. DOBBINS, 3, H. "LIPTON and
CUBIST, KELLER were all Bellefont
ers. If either of them should be nom!!
Mated it would give too many nomi
nees to Bellefonte, and thus ruin PE
TERS chance, and blast the last hope
of his friend JI31;" the lobbyist.—
Hence his vile-abuse vf Dorms,
TON Rnd KELLER. Here, Again, - we .
place Judge llontiorA's , on the Wit, ,
ness stand, , and he will say that there-.
port given 'bras, of NEER. - 's abuse cf.
the three men above named., Is sub
stan daily true. •
What he saiolorihem,"we
giving it as his, •knciming tliat it 'could
not injure Dr. Dciv - BiNs &0.., with the
Republicans, for no Reptibligan in the
county - would believe PgREB. G. MEEK
on his oath.
With PETtit ' , Paced to the wall, and
with iliest I - lets : before you, we say set
,tle ydiik ' -littit difficulties :among
yourselVes, mad do not complain'of us
for liiibftiing you fairly, of limes
ttithaetsand hypocrisy,lt AYR'S 3IEEK'S
tpiibit of these men we published, not
owp. If MY,EK had said_ Doc,
DoBBINS and others,were gentlemen,
we would have been compelled per
force to believe the opposite, upon
the : pound that, "A liar is .not to. be
believed- when he does tell the truth."
Therefore, we say again, that . it was
PETER that aimed his Venomous
shafts at these candidates, and not
us. Well maycach of these men ex
claim with OTHELLO in the, play,
" I will be banged, if some eternal
Some busy and insinuatinr , rogue,
Some cogging conning sl;ve, to got some
Hare-not derib'd this slander." •
The facts, as given! by us, in regard
to his conversation in Nillheini, and
the number of men attacked by him,
are substantially true. We dare and
defy him to deny the main points
Why did he not deny the facts.,as stat-
ed by us, in the last number of the
We did not attack the private char.-
acter of PETER; we simply exposed
his betrayal of his friends and fellow
partizans. He faied to deny the state
ment, and, like an infernal gFoul, set
loose from hell, attacked our private
character, to hide his own rottenness,
crime and corruption. But this is
He made another trip to Pennsval
ley on Friday last, and repeated his
slander on JAS. H. LIPTON, and : , we
can prove it. We have nct space for
further developments; but we have
unmasked the hypocrite, and left him.
in his native ugliness. Honest Demo-
crats, what do you think now of P.G.
MEEK, the slanderer of your friends
and his—the convicted liar—the
treacherous villain that can smile,and
murder while he smiles, and Wet 'his
cheeks with artificial tears, and frame
his face to all occasions ?
We care not for his slander. He
has villified better men than we. The
martyred LINCOLN ; the heroic and
successful GRANT; A. G. CURTIN, his
friend and liberator from the den in
which his treason placed him, and
every honest christian minister, and
christian institution in the land, have
been more or less maligned by this
vile and contemptible scoundrel.
If honest men in the Dencoeratie
party itinst - ble - thruSt.: aside to. make
room for stich a\man - as PETER; and if
the honest masses of the Democratic
party will submit to his dictation,and
the dictation of the Court louse ring,
then we say, with BYRON,
"Life's a poor play'r; then 'play out the play,
Ye villains and above all, keep a sharp eyo
Much less on what you do than what you say:
Be hypocritical, be cautious, be
Not what you seem, but what you see.
MEEK says "the Senior Editor will
want but one notice from the Watch
man." No decent man would want
more than one notice in such a low,
vulgar sheet. Before Mr. MEEK gives
us that notice, however, we give him
warning, for the sake of his Amily, to
get his friend LIPTON to hide away the
Record of the Criminal Courts of Cen
tre county. Do this, not only for your
own sake, but for the love you bear
some of your very near and dear rela
tives. Oh, that record ! Perhaps a
good dumpling would cool you down.
MEEK says we squandered our wife's
means. Will MEEK please tell his
readers, and the people of Centre Co.,
what he did for his wife ? Will he tell?
Shame, MEEK. Oh! shame,
A IL&N who commenced his career
as a churn peddler, pick-pocket
. and
dealer in counterfeit money, is nofthe
man to call his neighbor a thief.
Meek Proved a Slanderer by his Own
• SILERLPFALTY. —As the time ap
proaches for holding the County,Oon
vention, it is more than right to
discuss cursorily, the qualifications of
the different gentlemen for the same,
and also for the different offices with
in the gift of the people of Centre
county. By the way we have plenty
of candidates. Will they all render
full service for the compensation they
are to receive? Or do they , think the
pay mere than service rendered?
Something, sir, that makes men so
greedy for office. How they do bore
the good .people, even to intolerance,
and how basely -one candidate mis
represents his fellow cons pe titor.
They are net brotherly. One office
seeker will assert that his most for
midable competitor will run as an in
dependant candidate—should the for
mer be successful in convention? An
other proclaims lone and loud that
his opponent. has been at the public
crib long enough, and so on through
the whole catalogue of charges, false
hoods.and crime. Magnanimous men.
The above communicatim - 1, copied
from the Watcheivan of last Week, and
fairly presumed to be - mitten at about
the same time, and containing allega
tions about the same upon which the
editorial 'of orir last -reek's issue was
based, anti coming 'from the same lo
cality, or neighborhood, shows that our
reporters have not misrepresented the
Acts in relation to the conduct of Mr.
MEEK and Others of ; the _Democratic
So far as ne . are 'concerned, the opin
ions of these Democr.ts of each other,
do not .affect us, except that, as illus
trating the Sact that men who descend
ate' the lowest, blackguardism in fight
ling each ether for nominations, ought
not to be regarded when they use the
, Same lies and billingsgate against their
'opponents. • P. GRAY MEEK has so
long been in the habit of using the low
est, dirtiest, falsest, and meanest of
epithets, alike unsupported by facts or
anything like an argument worthy the
name, that when he found it his inter
est to go out and secure a nomination,
involving the defeat of men he had
pledged himself to assist and support,
he could not think of any other way of
accomplishing his object, than to at
tack, personally, and malign the men
whose nominations he did not desire.
The contemptible slanders heaped
J. 11. LIPTON and Capt. JNO 11. Mort-
BISON, and published by us in our last
week's issue,and the truth of which he
dare not deny, are so palpable that even
his own correspondent, .writing from
the scene of his efforts, has shown up
the just indignation of MEEK's sup
porters there, and proved the truth of
all we said about his travels.
By publishing what he intended to
be privately - aced; - andinaking -known
the facts of the Deniocratic canvas= for
nominations, we have, indeed, made
some sensation,and incurred some crit
icism ; but if Democrats thus slander, -
abuse, villify each other, why kick up
a row when we make it known ? Nut
one of the allegations made by _NEER:
in his travels, .have ever been made by
HoWeyer,. we. have published scarce
one-half of what we have received, on
the best of 'both Democratic and Re
publican authority, as to the abuse of
each other by these Democratic aspi
rants, and we still mean to tell what
they say of each other. All that the
correspondent of the Watchman says,
is true, and much more is true:
MANY of our citizens being carious
to know how Brown, of the Bellefonte
Republican, takes his awful castigation
iu this week's .Watchman, and who
are expeeting'to hear of personal vio
lence and libel suits, will be surprised
to hear that he only laughs at it. A
brave and sensible man, that Brown.
• Quid _NUnc.
The above we -copy from a. spicy
daily paper, published by the KINSLOE
BRO'S, in Lock Haven.
Cowhide MEEK! Bring an- ac
tion against MEEK for libel ! What
folly! He is already a convicted liar.
And, to cowhide him, you would :hare
to catch him first. Before his paper
was 3irculated, hb left the town, and
went into Pennsvalley to prevail on the
men there to lie him out of his dirty
betrayal of LIPTON : DOBBINS and KEL
LER, aryl since he returned, we uncl•.,r
stand he has kept himself under his
wife's bed. Cowhide MEEK, forsooth!
No; he has not character enough for
us to meddle with in that way. We
will simply tell the truth on him, and,
by so doing, "place a whip in the hand
of every honest man tolash•the scoun
drel naked through thttitrld._'•
MEEK talks about jail-birds. Has he
forgotten the time when Capt. A. B.
SNYDER arrested him, charged with
the highest crime known to the law—
treason against the Government? Has
the contemptible little copperhead
traitor forgotten how the tears, as large
as"fall pipins,"rolled down his cheeks,
as he left, our town' to be incarcerated
in a cell in Harrisburg? Has he for
gotten--ungrateful wretch—that he
owes his liberty, and all he has, to the
Republican party—A. G.. CURTIN, and
others,whom he has since so shamefully
abused, betrayed and libeled?
MEEK says wego. •aduated in the gut
ter. The trouble with MEEK - is, he
never graduated anywhete. Brought
forth in iniquity, trained from, his
youth to practice falsehood, and- hy
pocrisy he has reached that point in
the life of the villain and outcast, that
he has not sufficient brains or charac
ter left to gradUate. even from the
schools of vice. A lickspittle, a tool
and a vagabond he must, therefore,
forever remain. His hand against
everybody, and everybody's hand
against him.
A 31..A.N who attempts to shoot off
his finger, or cripple himself, so as to
enable him to• evade the draft, is not
the man to call his neighbor a coward.
The "National" Printing Office
As the Watchman has publish ed. the
simple assertion that the sale Of this
paper was the best evidence-he-had to
produce, to convince' the:. people of
" Radical hard times," and .as the
country is full of false rumors in rela 7
tion to the facts that led to the sale,by.
the Sheriff, we-give the following, and
if MEEK. can make any political capi
tal out of them, he is welooine . : • -
The paper and office was purchased'
from Mr. KURTZ at '55,•000 nearly a
year ago, by the MeSsrs, KIN SLO EEL
They gave to BLAN CHARD ) BEAVER )
and the others, a judgment note for .
$5,000, and were to receive $l5OO cash
to pay to Kurrz,and the endorsement
of their notes for •$3,500 payable in
four years. The first $l5OO was, not .
paid, however, but about $9OO. of it
was furnished, and Mr. BLANCHARD
endorsed another note for the balance;
un which suit was brought and judg
ment obtained,and bail entered for stay
of eiecution.
. .
The men owning the $5,000 jutrament
held it back, and negotiations were
opened with us to merge the papers.
We offered to undertake the *payment
of the four notes for the Press_. office,
allowing them to remove the prOperty
cf the old . Advertiser offiee.whith- had
been put into the concern at a valuation
of $l5OO.
Several meetings were held, but no
reply was given to our proposition. On
Monday morning, the 12th inst. - , how
ever, Mrs. KINSLOE, mother of:. the
proprietors, entered up a judgment of
over $l5OO, issued execution, and lev
ied on the office. The endorsers then
entered up their $5,000 judgment and.
issued, and also sent it to Lock - Haven
and levied on the Quid Hunc, which,
being appraised under KINSLOES'pIea
of the $3OO exemption, was returned
as worth less than that sum, and re
turned to them. The propertsi here,
was sold in bulk, on the 19th inst., for
$3,100, and will be held by the endor
sers, and the paper go on.
We presume this is a temporary ar
rangement, and the National, will be
sold by its present owners.. We regret
we cannot buy so extensive an estab
lishment just now,but will try to Make
up for that by increasing the size, and
improving the value of the
WHO ART THEY : ?—One of the
adopted by the Democratic
State convention reads as fellows:
"That our soldiers, and sailmi;who
carried the flag of our country to vic
tory, must be gratefullyretneMlSred,
and all the p uararities given iitAheir
favor . mu , t Le faithfully carried into
-execution _
Ale ryneslion has been raised.:ltrhat
soldiers rofercil to. the rebel 1)T. the
Union soldiery? The fact thattli•atik
HughtS, ofte:::of the most no4vious
rebel sympathisers in this State, is
the author of the resolution Would
seem to leave little room for .doubt
that it is the gray backs wliO are
went by "our" soldiers; and': this
opinion is confirmed by the vote cast
for the soldiers who were candiptes
before the convention, which : Vote
stood as follows:
Hancock 21 Me,Candles 5. T7clette
TIIE Richmond Enquirer, which
ought to be high authority, repudia
tes the idea that the result of the
Virginia election is a Democratic vic
tory. It says : "The Democratic pa
' `pers at the North have committed
"a very grave error in ascribing this
"great victory to the Virginia Demo
"Therehas been no such pcirty-i.iii this
"State for eight years, and its iery
`'bones have rotted, and now crWmble
"at. the touch. No resurrection* pro
"cess could bring that party to life, and
"its ashes lie mingled :with, and ,undis
"anguished from, that of the Plug
"party." The old hacks in Penn'a,
who 'are endeavoring to put new life
into the rotted bones of the paity.,arc
not expected to circulate -the Er:glar
er as a campaign paper.
TnE Democratic papers, for the want
of a better reason, are attackiniGov
ernor Geary because he is a Tern—pm
ance man. What sensible man:would
prefer; a drunken attorney to transact
his business a besotted physician to
attend bis family, when dan4rously
sick : an inebriated minister to preach
the gosple to him ; a dissipatedfinan
pier to have the eontrol of his money,
or a drunkard to preside Javir • the
State ? Gen. Geary is a Christi4n gen
tleman; and to be either a Christian
or a aentleman, it is universally con
ceded that a man must be sober. And
we might add he can not be a Demo
PACKER is worth fifteen or.twenty
million 3 ofdollars and the cops expect
his money to elect him. They, have
always been the upholders of a-:nion -
ied aristocracy. It is not long since
they upheld the doctrine that Capital
should own labor, They.have since
undertaken to play the role of poor
man's friend, but that is only.for ef
fect. Their aristocratic preferences
Will crop out in spite of all their ef
forts to hide them for a season. Pack
er owes his nomination to his money
alone. -
MEEK should never call any person
a liar. First, because it is the black
guard's argument, and unparliamen
tary; and, secondly, because he- is a
convicted liar Ymself. It is true
jury did not bring in a verdict of guil
ty; but they made 111EFJ. pay the costs,
thus declaring that he was an infaMous
liar; had, shamefully, wilfullyand -Ma
liciously lied about the Dickenson
Seminary, and he should, therefore,
pay four or five hundred dollars for so
. MEEK talks of people betraying their
party. Who went into Pennsvalley at
the bidding of the great lobbyist, and
betrayed, vilified and sold' out Dr,
LirroN ? MEEK, thou art the man.
Deny it if you dare. You are a mean
er wretch than Judas Iscariot ever
was. Had you lived in his day, you
would have taken' his place, and be
trayed the world's Redeemer for half
the sum Iscariot received. Like Ju
das, you should get a rope and hang
ASA PACKER, like the Hon. Henry
W. Williams, is a native of Connecti
cut. Will the paperg which twc years
ago raised the cry of carpet-bagger
against our distinguished candidate
continue their howl ? We have a Yan
kee now on both tickets, the only
difference being that ,on the Demo
cratic one he leads. Will the DeMoc
racy continue their assault on New
England and New England politics ?
WE do not like to throw mud and
filth; but, before P. G. MEEK comes
at us with that threatened crush er of
his, we would. in a friendly way, ad
vise him to clean up his own, and his
family record. Was ever 'stench so
foul, or record half so black and dam -
%fug "Lay on, Nacduff," &c.,
A MAN who chinks more or less
whiskey every day, who has so little
character and self-respect as to get
drunk, go to a negro ball, act the black
guard and get kicked out, is surely not
the man to assail his neighbor's char
acter for sobriety and decency.
MEEK talks about thieves. Will he
please tell his readers what he stole
from GEO. W. MEEK? Will he dare
tell who stole, or was charged with
stealing a certain horse in Half Moon ?
MEEK says we are poor. He that
spate as man never spate, hath said,
"Blessed are the poor for they shall
inherit the earth."
In the Cost of Com'n
Wilson P. Palmer, I Pleas of Centre co.
No 42, Aug. term,lB6s,
Subpoena Sur..rivorce.
Sybella Palmer. See No. 44, Ap'l T. '65.
The undersigned Commissioner appointed
by the Court to take testimony in the above
case, will meet the parties interested, for the
purpose of his appointment, on Wednesday
the Pith day of August, A. D., 1869, at one
o'cloek, p. ra., at his office in Bellefonte.
) Subpeena Sur. Divorce
Geo. W. Harris, I a Vincula „ Xatrim wag,-
t No. 50, Nov term, 'OS.
Vs. i alias
Subptena Sur. Divorce,
Rebecca Harris. 1 No. 101, Jan. term, 'O9.
The undersigned Connnissioner appointed
by the Court to take testimony in the above
case, will meet the parties interestecl.for the
purpose of his appointment, en Friday the
20th day of August, A. D , 1569, at 1 'Yell,
p. m., t:t his office in L'ellefonte.
jy2S 3t. Cover.
In pursuance of an order of the Orphan's
Court of Centre county, there will be expos
ed to Pnbliu Salo, at the Court House, in
Bellefonte, on Monday the 2361 day of Au
gust, 1569,.at one o'clock p. m., the follow
ing described real estate, late of Hon. Wm.
Marshall, dec'd., to wit :
All that tract or piece of land lying and
being in the township of Benner, bounded
on the North by the public road leading to
Halfmoon ; on the East by lands of Joseph
M. Wilson; on the South by lands of Jos.
W. Marshall, and on the West by lands of
Robert Hunter, containing one hundred and
twenty acres, or thereabouts, and having
thereon erected a good Dwelling House,Barn
and other outbuildings.
Also, all that tract or piece of land ad
joining the foregoing, bounded on the North
by lands of the heirs of Hunter Wilson,
dec'd., on the East by lands of llugh Knox;
on the South by other lands of Wm. Mar
shall, dec'd., and on the West by lands of
Robert Hunter, containing Sixty-five acres,
or thereabouts, and having thereon erected
2 Dwelling Houses and other outbuildings.
The terms and conditions of sale will be
made known on day of sale,or upon inquiry
jy2S'69- St. Adm'r.
.71W: A
1., -' "
Among sewing machines, tuose made by
the Singer Manufacturing Company, rank
with the highest. Their manufacturing ma
ch inei;have long been known as the best
for manufacturing purposes. But within
the pat few years, they have given special
attention to the production of a
destined to win much favor in the
The machine which they now offer is quiet,
light-running, simple, fast, noiseless. Its
accessories for
are simple and easily understood. Ifs deli
cate though enduring and tireless muscles of
iron and steel, do all the work noiselessly,
bettor, and few will deny, "Faster than hand
can do it." They urge those wishing to pur
chase a machine, to examine all the . other
manufactures before buying, as it will, fur
itself ; overcome . all the objections to the
other machines that can be brought against
it. Machines on hand for sale and exhibi
tion, together with a full and complete 'as
sortmet of
and all the accessories for the machines, by
Gents' Furnishing and Tailoring establish
- ment, No, 7, llrockerhoff Row, Bellefonte,
Ps. jy2S'63-Iy.
The Fall
Term of this flourishing Institution will-bo
gin on MONDAY; August 2cl, and continue
ten weeks, closing before the Public Schools
begin. The institution is designed for the
attention of youth of both sexes, in all the
branches usually taught in Academies. A
Normal Department has been added for the
accommodation of those preparing to teach.
Further information will be cheerfully given
upon addressing the Principal,
Boalsburg, Pa.
Letters of Administration on the estate
of Win. Brower late of Union twp., deed.,
having been granted to the undersigned, all
persons knowing themselves indebted to said
estate are requested to come forward and
make immediate payment, and those having
claims to present them duly authenticated
for settlement. GEO. ALEXANDER,
Letters of Administration on the
estate of Wm. B. Krise, late of Boggs town
ship, deceased, having been granted to the
undersigned, all persons knowing themselves
indebted to said estate are requested to make
immediate payment, and those having claims
against the s ime, to present them duly
authenticated by law for settlement.
je3o'69 6t. A cluers
Letters of Administration on the estate
of John Bailey late of Ferguson twp., dec'd
having been granted to the undersigned, all
persons knOwing themselves indebted to said
estate are requested to make immediate pay
ment. and those having claims against the
same, to present them duly authenticated
by law for settlement.
jelfi'69 fit
Letters of Administration on the
estate of C. C: Shirk, late of Boggs
township, deceased, having been granted
to the undersigned, all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate are re
'quested to. make immediate payment, and
those having claims against the same, to
present them duly authenticated by law for
settlement. JAMES GLENN,
je2'69-6t. Adm'r.
Letters of Administration on the es
tate of Col. A. Gregg, late of Central City,
dee'd., have been granted to the undersign
ed, who requests all persons knowing them
selves indebted to said estate to make im
mediate payment, and those having claims
to resent them duly authenticated for set
• _ _
The Administrators will meet at the
residence of the widow, Mrs. Gregg, on the
9th and lath of July. All persons having
claims will present them at that time, and
meet the Administrators on any business
they may have in connection with the es
tate. je23'99.6t.
Next - Session opcns on
with every facility for the educqti l /nof youth
lirallifhOsttedies which conetitE.te .a liberal
and polite education.
Special attention is given to Musis and
"Drawing. Vocal Music is made a regular
branch in the ceurse of study, and is taught
to all pupils without extra charge.
• 'The - Principal is assisted by' n ampie corns
of. tried and capable teachers, the united aim
'beiu;g, to insure tho moral culture, and gen
eral refinement, as well as the intellectual
improvement of the pupils. Each scholar
has a due share of individual attention..
Parents who wish to place their children
where there will be no necessity for change
till they have.completed their education, are
invited to visit this Schap].
Parents who Wish to have their daughters
board out of the Institution, can find pleas
ant homes, and at reasonable rates in the
town. For further particular-.
Ad ress, Rev. J. P. HUGHES,
jy2L' Principal
The next Fall session of this Institution
will commence on Monday, the 30th 11::y of
August, and continue sixteen weeks. t'ttr
dents to report at the College the preceed
ing Thursday. The charge for the session
is $7O, including Instruction, Boarding.
'Washing 'and Fuel. Lights. Furniture and
Books to be provided by the Student.
The Spring Term of 24 weeks, will close
on the 29th of the present month Though
the number of students has been small, the
experiment of combining Study with Work,
has been successful; this success being due
as much to the absence of the confusion
caused by a crowd of new and undrilled stu
dents at the opening, as to the energy and
cheerful co-operation of the small number on
the roll. Tho aid has been so hearty and
effective, that this public mode is gladly em
braced to express thanksfor the support thus
afforded. With light working details, full
spring crops hare been put into the ground,
the garden has been attended' to, much or
namental planting done, and some other im
provements effected. At equal pace, the
studies and ditties of the College proper have
been carried on ; and now, at the close of
the term, the pleasant conviction is experi
enced, that mind and body can both he
healthfully and wefully trained sound mor
al habits impres , cd, and young men of prac
tical science, as well as sound scholarship
in general literature, sent forth to the work
of life.
This institudon makes no parade of the long
list of 'ologies,'onomies and'ographies which
grace some catalogues;eneither does it boast
of any incredible number of professors- ac
tual.,expected, special, honorary and ocea
=sional, but with a sufficient number of com
petent instructors, all of whom aro capable
in their respective departments, and citizens
of the State, it undertakes to give sound
instruction in every branch of literature,sci
once and practical art pertaining to its class,
which any father may desire for his son,
and which that son may come prepared to
receive. Beyond this no promise is made.—
This shall be fulfilled.
Not many citizens of the State know of
the existence of this Institution, and very
few are aware of its large capacity and adap
tedness to meet the great educational want
of the day—that of imparting thoro' knowl
edge in all the useful branches, practically
as well as theoretically. The Trustees and•
officers, feeling the effect of this genmal
want of information and appreciation, have
decided to invite and even challenge inspec
tion of the institution on the part of the pub
lic. Accordingly,
A HARVEST RECEPTION will be held at the
College the last week of the present term,
from Monday the 26th till Saturday the 31st
of July. During that time the building and
graft:ids will be open to visitors who may de
sire to know the nature and condition of the
institution, and inform themselves as to its
future prospects. Especially will. old grad
uates, the parents of present students, per
sons desirous of sending students the nest
term, and editors of papers, be. welcome.—
P lain fare and clean beds will be provided
without charge, and every effort made to
render the visit agreeable.
Trains leave Tram°, on the Penna. R.. R.,
.daily, at 9 a. m„ and Lock Haven, on the
'Phil'a. and Erie R. R. about the same hour,
for Bellefonte by the Bald Eagle Valley
R. R., where they arrive in time for the dai
ly stage to the College.
Pres't. Ag. College of Pa.
DOOR LOCKS of all kinds, to suit every
1/ body, at IRWIN S WILSON'S.
Mits. M. S. DIINHA.M
having been a successful teacher of Vocal
and Instrumental Music—Piano, Melodian,
Organ and thorough Bass—Painting and
Drawing, for the last twelve years, is now
prepared to admit a few more scholars to
her school, upon reasonable terms.
Having recently received a splendid new
Piano, of a celebrated Boston manufacture,
which,pupils not having instruments of their
own to practice on, can have the use of.
Thankful for the liberal patronage here
tofore received, she hopes to merit a contin
uance of the same. Rooms up one flight of
stairs, over Centre Co. Banking House, on
Allegheny street. Also, agent for all kinds
of good Musical Instruments. Address, or
call on her at her rooms, at Bellefonte, Pa.
jy2l'6o-tf. •
Sealed Proposals
for the cutting of the Hemlock timber on the
Bouclinot lands, held in trust by the city of
Philadelphia, situated on the southeast side
of the Susquehanna River, in Burnside twp.
Centre county, containing about thirteen
thousand acres, will be received by the Su
perintendent of Trusts of the city of Phila
delphia at his office in Wills Hospital,on the
south side of Logan Square until the 22nd
day of September next, and will be opened
by him at 3 o'clock in the afternoon of that
day, in the Chamber of Common Councils
of the said city, in the presence of the Com
mittee on Trusts and Fire Department and
of such bidders as may attend ; all bids to
be addressed to Charles Oat, Superintendent
of Trusts, and to be endorsed.: " Propoeala
for cutting the Hemlock timber - on the Bondi
not Latida." Such proposals are to specify
the duration of the lease asked for, not ex
ceeding five years, and the price offered par
thousand square feet, board measure, for
saw logs; they must also be accompanied by
the names of two responsible sureties, resi
dents of Philadelphia would be preferred,
who are willing to give bonds in the amount
of five thousand dollars, for the faithful per
formance of the contract. The timber leave
will embrace only the Hemlock as shall ex
ceed twelve inches in diameter at the butt.—
The lessee will be required to purchase the
right of road way, and the use of any and
all structures which have been made or built
by the present lessees. The er.tting and
measuring of the Hemlock timber to be un
der the supervision of an agent appointed by
the city; the timb'r to be cut clear; that is,af
ter commencing on a tract, all the Hemlock
timber thereon must be cut before proceed
ing to another, the measuring to be done
on the bank, and the price secured before
launching the timber. The city of Pkiladel
phia reserves the right to enter upon the
lands at all times, by its agents, for the
purpose of examining into the performance
of the conditions of the lease, or for any oth
er purpose whatever; and also the right to
explore, dig or mine or coal, and to erect all
kind of structures and to construct ail road:,
railroads, and bridges neccessary for min
ing l urposes.
A clut!r.
The city also reserves the right, absolute
ly, to reject any or all bids, for inadequacy
of price, insufficiency of security, or other
• By order of the Councils of the city of
Philadelphia. . CHARLES OAT,
jy21.139 tf Sup't. of Trusts.
1868, TO JUNE I, 1509.
Geo. A. Bayard; wrenches for fire
. plugs $ 11 00
Geo. T. Rothrock, lighting street
lamps 102 50
Chas. M'ijafferty - grad'g Airy st 1550 00
Jacob Ballet, painting Hose House 16 00
James F Green, High. Constable... 27 50
George A. Bayard. Water Pipes 140 00
•W. Schoffj.4..others...haurg to.apeing 55 I.s' x• '. "Green, removing nuisances.... 975
C• Strickland, 11,r hose house 11 09
John M'Dermot, work on :ewer 610 50
Irwin k Wilson, merchandise 17 29
James lfarris, rent 100 00
S. M. Irwin, clerk 117 29
Robert Rankin, making duplicate.. 500
Bellefonte glass m'f'g Co. filling id. IVO 00
li. Landis register 1; 4 wa t er wor k s 400 I I
J. S. Barnhart, laying water pipes.. 720
Kinsloe Jr. Bro., Barre of Oil 14 10
M'Quistt.n & Bolinger. paint'g hose
TAil 1 Duncan, for water pipes....
E. Humes, rent for hose house.....
J. 11. Lipton. la) ing water pipes....
John M'Dermot, work on street
F. J. Hoekman, surveying
C. Strickland, Iny'g water pipos,in
eltrg sal'y as eup't water w'lis . 1004 78
A. Steward, mas , •+a work at spring 100 110
J. O. IC tirtz- printinf 40 00
G. B.Weavor,asseg to lay wat'r tax 10 00
hob:. Valent•no, cement far spring 30 00
Wm.- Cook, street Commissioner.... 1395 50
Bellefonte Gas Company 300 30
John M'Dennot,layin,g water pipes 710 20
F. P. Green, lamp post 21) CO
James M'Mannus. street view 29 00
Daniel pet:, lamp port 15 50
W,n lek..ff, cro:oings 159 32
Edmund Blanchard, attorney fee... 25 NI
C. Strickland, fence on high street 19 80
J. D. Leib, lumber 332 SO
J. 11. M,Cltire, street view 3 00
John 3.P.Dermott, weak on bridge... 75 00
C. T. Alexander, L',ge near glass iv 50 00
- Benj. Schrock, smith work 5 00
Robt. M'Knight, work on spring st 500 00
Patrick Riley, work on Logan st... 750
J. J.• J. Harris, muse 74 65
I. Haupt, sr: eel lamp 20 00
ID Mann, rent....... ............ .... 50 00
J. A. Rankin, street view 6 00
J. IL M'Clurc, stove for office 7 00
G. A. Bayard, damages in wid'g et 250 00
Penn'a. It. R. Co., freight on pipes. 51 20
Soloman Derr, hauling pipes 2 50
It. IWKnight,lay'g pipes on Cu'n st 3-17 40
C. Strickland, mending pipes 15 00
James Sommerville, surveying 50 00
B. Galbraith, attend".. clock 2 yrs.. 40 00
A. B. Snyder,sch'l,state k co.tnxes 8 00
Tasker i Morris k Co., water pipes.. 400 05
G. Livingston, station'y, stampsAc 22 55
I. Haupt, damages in widening st.. 900 00
Sundry persons, interest in bonds.. 1839 68
Total $12,034 06
GEO. LIVINGSTON, Treasurer of the Bor
ough. of BellcAnte, In Account with said
Borough, fi one Jute 1,186 S, to June 1,'60.
To aui't reed from Col
and other soureess2o,9so 25
" Bal. due Treasu'r
at settlement
By bor. bonds and or
ders lifted k1,',21,064 41
" am'f, of pos'ge and
" Salary
To ain't cash ro'd fr'm
Collectors $ ',850 32
To ain't rec'd from
bonds issued 10/757 38
To am't bonds issued
for work done.... .
To ain't red of Blan
chard 8; M'Cafferty
and others,darnagcs
in wid'g High st
To em't re'd of Belle
fonte gas co. divi'd.
To am't ruc'd of A'm
Boy, Chief Burg's.. 22 75
To am't Lien's of hall 35 00
To ain't bat. at sennt 324 16-421,274 41
By am't Borough or
liars lifted $10,685 Si
By am't bor b'ds lift'd 6,973 80
BY. am't Order for bor.
ponds listed" 3;404 80
831 - am't pos. SG sta'ry 10 00
BI am't salary 200 00421,274'41
nds in hreds of sun
idry persons $48,691 10
B,r. orders outstnd'g 1,349 25-$50,040 35
D3duct am't due on
duplicate, 1564
!duct am't due on
duplicate of 1867...
duct ain't of stock
lin Beller° Gas Co.. 3,000 09- $ 3,657 01
!Total amount of indebtedness..446,3B2 44
By order of tho Town Council.
J. ii. RANKIN, Clerk. jy9l'69-3t.
324 16-$21,274 11
10 60
200 00-$21,274 it
DR. '
3,401 80 _
700 00
ISO 00
540 57
117 34
Two Doors above Arch, formerly 226,
Carpets, Oil Coths,Oil Shades,Wiek Yarn,
Cotton Yarns,.Carpet Chains, Grain Bags,
Window Paper, Batting, &c. jy2l'69-Iy.
HARRISBURG, PA.Ally '7, '69.
TO the Owners of ViTatentecl Lands :
TN obedience to an Act of Assembly, j_ap
proved the eighth day of April,one thou
sand eight hundred and sixty-nine, you are
hereby notified that the "County Land Lien
Docket," containing the list of unpatented
lands for Centre county, prepared under the
Act of Assembly of the twentieth of May,
one thousand eight hundred and sixty-four,
and the supplement thereto, has th!s day
been forwarded to Chi Prothonotary of the
county, at whose'office it may be examined.
The liens can only be liquidated by the pay
men tof the purchase money, interest and
fees, and receiving patents through this De
partment. Proceedings by the Attorney
General 'have been stayed for one year
from this date, in order that parties may ob
tain their patents without additional cost.
41trueyor Genwal.
jy2l'69 dt
Watches, Clocks and Fine Jewelry,
Repaired on the
All Work Warranted to
Promptly and Carefully Executed at the
Business transacted in German 1 English'
Next Door to Harper Bro'. Store,
jy211;9- ly
DTSSOLITTION.—The ce-p;rtnersbip
heretofore existing, between J. S. Lon
berger and John C. Henry. has been dissol
red this•i:ith slay ofJuly, by mutual, con
sent. The books of the firm are in the hands
of the senior partner, J. S. Lonbefger; for
settleinent,.who will condust the !urines as
heretofore, at the old stand.
jy 1 4' r=9 3t
1N The Sixth Term of this Institution,
located at
30 00
33 12
50 00
48 14
1 50
50 00
5 00
will open on. Tuesday. August 3d. Every
facility afforded to pupils for acquiring a
thorough English and Classical education.
Particular attention will be given .to those
who intend to teach. Instroetion in vocal
and Instrumental Music. Books furnished
at the lowest prices. Tuition reasonable.
Address. SAMI, M. OTTO, Principal.
or Dr. J. lUIOADS,
j) 11'69-6t.
Will be erposed to pnblic sale on Satur
day. the 7th day of August next. a certain
lot or pie of gr and situate on the corner
of Biehop Street and Cedar alley, in the bor
ough of Bellefonte, fronting 50 feet on Bish
op street, and running back. 50 feet along
said alley. It being the eastern partof Lot
- No, 91, in the general plan of said Borough,
belonging to the estate of Charles Mcßride,
dec'd. Terms made known on day of sale,
or may 1m ascertained on application to
jyl4'69 4r,
hating taken possession of the Warehouse at
beg leave to announce to the citizens of Cen
tre county that they aro prepared to buy
hand. Thankful for past favors, ivo solicit
' a continuance•of the
By virtue. of an order of the Orphan's
Court of Centre county there will be sold at
public sale,at the Court House in Bellefonte,
on SATURDAY, AUGUST 7th, 1869, at 4
o'clOck, p. m. the following described real
estate, late the propert) of Michael Hazel,
deceased, to wit :
The undivided one-half, subject to the
widow's dower, of the following real estate,
viz : All those certain messuages, tenements
and tracts of land situate in Benner. town
ship, County. aforesaid, bounded and do
as follows: Beginning at i ti*kw to. f
Spring Creek, six feet from theivr,atetAogit,
at the line of John Myers," thefsardO:yriVaid•
Creek eighteen perches to a, post.; thenevirt-• . _
easterly course parallel with.;,JOlsniyerd
five perches Co a post ; - tlieaoe by ' South
course eighteen perches tO-John
thenee.along.said line five perches to,-. place
of Deginning, containing. 90
Also, gist other liessnage, -tenement and
tract of lanirdiseribed as follows, to wit : •
Beginninest sionzner; "formerly of Robert
Carsonisiid-!enPn. Hartman, thence North
eighty, West 83 and three-tenth perches to
stones; thence North 57 and a A dog. east,. •
119 perches to a white-oak, thence South 33 ‘.
deg., cast 3S and 3-tenth porehes'to a post,
thence South 49 and a half deg.,West 50 and .
3-tenth perches to stones, thence South 40
and 3-fourth deg., West 108 perches to the
place of Beginning, containing 4-1 acres and
8 perches, neat measure (less 90 perches con
veyed by John tteaf to James Worley.)
Toasts O' SALE :—Ono-third the purchase
money to be paid upon confirmation of sale;
one-third in ono year thereafter, and one
third at the death of the widow the last two
payments to be secured by bond and mort
gage, and the interest of the one-third tot'',
pa'd to the widow annually during the terns
of her natural life.
j311 . 69-t;
WM. 11. BLAIf,
Ilefonto, Pa