Bellefonte patriot. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1818-1838, July 30, 1823, Image 3

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    a miform fodovakist, who collectediloubt but Join Andrew Shulze, the
throueh the court house the sabsciip- .andidare of the peonle, will receive in
tion of a number of federal gentlemen| : ii
an alfa uu 5 ithis and Jefferson county, a majority of
of tre bar. it was ‘raced afterwards
the bar. rg Wi Oe
100 the ~ustady of Roberts Vaux, 0De5iX hundred votes. )
vanced lederalists inl ~
GC: LLC NMOS flied tune ede nbd
th» 3% He, Ww ho Wus busily cmployed
The Hiveling Journals of the of-
in the ngvel avecation of collecting]
subseeiption fur an wothordox demio- fice holder’s candidate are mad with
> Aner ¢ ic meeting! £0 : 3 tf
cratic” paper. In a public meeting, rage of disappointment, because
of the fede. young men of the city,
i's prospectus was read from the
i } the paper recommended to
they sce they must suffer a signal &
ecrible defeat next October. One of
these creatures is so timid and faint-
Coidify alo
the natin Age of the meeting » and fh
nelly among. 1S triends i
those divinterested © People’s Advo
active : j
hearted, that he is absuiutely said to
have fainted away at the sight of a
The colour fled from
cate? the prarhonotary of the district
Coutty the clerk of sessions, and the
rocorddr of deeds. 1 1s strange thal
experience bas pot taught federalism
tht democracy and ignorance are not
synoiymons terms bbe party who
profess all the talents will hod them-
scives as completely tolled by the
sterling common sense of the demo-imere light of a Shulze man, how ra-
crats in itis new mode of p hi call ly wiil they mclt and vanish away
a: fare, as they have eve been 10 the] ud
open and many conflicts, which have by the second Tuesday of next Octo:
heretoiare taken piace between them oer. Col. Obserter
I: is unnecessary. to add, thatthe vio-
Ionce and scurtiily of the new ephbe-
as was to be
Shulze man.
his che ‘ks, his lips quivered, aud he
prescated all the appearances of a dy-
wg man. I such is the effect pro
duced now on these hirelttgs, by the
From the Buffalo Patriot.
On the afternoon of the 4th instant,
meral paper are such
. * i Hea ) tare
expected trom iis origin, ILS patgniage
desipi,. ¢ AN
A REPUBLICAN. the citizens of Biack Rock
provements as the Commissioners
may deem proper.
June 24h 1823.
Immediately an Apprentice to the
One betw®en the ages of sixteen and
eighteen would be preferred. 1In-
guire ol the subscriber, residing on a <
ofaloe Run. : § K OR SALE.
DAVID I. PRUNER. | The subscriber offurs for sale, the
N. B. Also, wantsd, a JOURNEY: foliowing lands, situate in the county
MAN CARPENTER, whom con-jof Clearfield ¢ A valuable farm con-
stant employment and generous wages, taining
will be given, by the subscribars, re-|
acres, on which ave erected a good
siding on Buff:loc Run,
and a new
Spring township, May 28, 1823.
ptm dr Rt —————————— s LOG BARN,
7 dito with about filly acies cleared, seven
Iv m. 4 lloway, of which are meadow, and much
CLOCK & WATCMAKER, (more can be made with little expense,
Iniorms the citizens of Centra coun-la thriving APPLE orehard, a num-
ty that he has cummenced the above ber of PEACH and other fruit trees ; i
business in the boreugh of Belicionte | ALSO,
fis shop 1s immediately on the Not) A handsome FARM, adjoining the
East corner of the Diamond, and the above, containing
in a 3 , 3 7 » ‘ { Ta
same 1p which S. W, Hull bas his 200
half bands high, with a small
her forehead ; the other 18 a §
sbout thirteen and a half hands
with a bell on. They are supp
each 2a
The owner or owners are desiy
come forward, prove property, ps
charges, :
Walter Longwell asa tavern. ‘The Jot,
contains one acre and a fourth, and
the bouse is a commodious one,
s and St
Possession will be given on the first
of April next. i
plication to the sub
Mills, Penusvalley.
to be about seven Yt
aud take them away. :
June 2d, 1823. : fra Toh
The subscriber offers for sale a
HOUSE & LOT is why
un Earlysburg, formerly occupied by
he stabling good. Jt is am excellent:
for either Tavern or Store,
Any person wisfiing t
surchase cap know the terms by ap-|
cribery Farmer's
June 34 lig:
sadler shop. He will repair all kinds
acres Improvements, a log dwelling]
of watches—horizontaly repeating and’ :
pateut Leever. He will work on the house and barn, out houses, and about
most reasonable terms for Cash op8¢YeUly OF cighity acres cleurcd; six-
country produce. cen of Witch are meadow—a bear-
Bellefonte July 15th 1823. ing APPLE “and PEACH orchard,
tet aie besides a variety of other fruit trecs ;
‘Will bé heid on Friday the Sih) tract of land adjoining the last men-
From the Franklin Gazette.
¥ xiract of a lerier, dated
Bucla County, uly 17th 1823.
Yau will doubdess sce a flaming!
account of a mesting, called b: the fi d-|
eralists, democratic, which was held in)
Neawtowain this county on the 5i0)
jostant - The call dor sad
was headed ¢ republican’ and sigped
by two or three fudevallsts, and one or
two apostates rom demacracy who
are inthe employ of the clerk ol the
[t was emphatically
the officeholders and
thir relations, and numbered abou!
11 or 12 who once belonged to the
democratic party. The chairman, M:
Sith, is a reiavion to Mr Diackian
prothonotary, and if it were uecessa
vy I could mention seveial others Iu
alieadance wao are the gefinexicas of
the officzholders either directly or
dircetiy 3 but the fact is iis complexion
and materials’are so well understood
here and 1 presame with vou also that
any further exposition would be ua
necessary. Suifice it to say, their ob-
ject is to make as much noise as pos-
sible 1a order that the peopleat a dis:
tance who atc not acquamigd with the
facts may be deceived into a belief
that they’ are numerous, whereas it 18
weil koown to most every body here
that all the hubudb proceeds from two
o. theee adi eholders 1m Doylstown,
wliose imperupent interte
concerns of the county is universally
orphans cout.
a meeting of
nce ih tie
It Andrew Grog should be elect-
| governor of democratic Pennsylva-
nia, the democrats who declared wai
and zealously supported 1 until its fi-
nal termination, Wn elevaung such a
an, would pass a must severe vote
{ censure upon their party, headed
by Mudtson and Monroe, and the oth-
er statesmen who maofully sustained
oor conntry in the war against Great
ed to the « invinhcibles’
Jand of old England, that Americans
A war that has demonstrat
upon sea and
will not tamely sit down under the 1o-
the once
war that was successful and honorable
sults aud reproaches of
would be ¢ mistress of the seas :”
to our.young repubiic, becanse as re-
publicans, in contending with an old
aud established government headed by
a king, and aided by a mercenary ar.
any © we triumphantly beat his royal
snajesty from the right of search, and
readered the liberty, property, and
fives of Americaus safe upon the com
mon high way of nations.
Iranklin Gazette.
The Indiana Whig, of July 2, says
4 The democratic prospects Ip re-
lation to the clection are, In this
county, most flattering, notwithstand-
ing the assumotion of false names and
forged titles to mislead the people 1m-
10 a belief that Andrew Gregg stands!
nity of cot versing With many of the
are well assured that that bugaboo
the Catholic question, is but an cmp-
tv sound—theys say they understand
“and will beware of the net
There 1s litte
its object
thal is sel for then
were firing a saluie, two mien at theigay of August next ; where all kind
troned, containing about
“ } \
Court week, we had an opportu |
cannon, named DEroe and Spoover, of goods &e. will be eXposed to pub-
lic sale, irom « needle to a cannon
Peddlars and Cake women are re-
dis”lspectively wvited to attend on that!
iniwiih full cargoes.
were very dangerously wounded, ir
consequence of an accidental
charge of the piece when they were
were so badly injured that be had to
the act of loading it.
suffer amputation in both ; the one
near the shoulder, and the other near
the wrist ; Spooner lost an and
had his
mangled. Tt'is thought they may re-
face otherewise shockingly
a mo se —
From ther Franklin Gazette.
We have seen and examined a cal-
culation as to the probable result of
the election in October next, which
oives Mr. Shuize a majority of be.
ween fifteen and twenty thousand,
It is founded upon authentic and can-
did information from all parts of the
state. As to some of the counties, we
thiok the estimaie rather too favor-
whole, it appears to be moderate, and
able to. Mr. Gregg: But on
we confidently expect it to be realiz
etl es
The papers of this state are gener.
ally hlled with this subject. We
think it uUnnecessavy to take up our
columns with it, as we know of but
little opposition to Mr. Shuize in the
county This county (of Mercer) is
the most democratic, in proportion to
its population, in the state, and will,
no doubt, give the democratic candid:
ate a laige m jority,
Mercer County Press.
The subscriber informs some of the
citizens of Stormstown and its vicinity
that he will take advantage of that
nrotection which the laws oft our
country affords, unless some of them
cease to spread slanderous and un-
founded aspersions upon his charac-
er and reputation. He owes them
nis perfect good will and wishes them
mdividually well, and 1s not conscious
»f having merited any thing else from
them. He is, however, jealous ol his
it by instituting an action of slander
against any one who will attempt tc
(violate it hereafter. An attention to
this may be useful to some who have
busied themselves too much with my
jcharacter heretofore. If it will afford
{the smallest satisfaction to any ouc, 1
200 acres,
with small improvements, but ele
reputation, and will inevitably protect}
gaot land, and casily cleared;
It is presumed in that neighborhood, two tracts of
musicians will attend withou} unimproved land, containing
a speeial invitation. Ladies and gea- _ | 2000acres,
Hewen are respectfully invited to at (he quality of which, comparatively,
tend : they may rest assured that they 'S the best in that county,
will be politely treated. Disorderly hese lands possess advantages,
persons are luvited (0 remain— ag Which many in that country are de-
Oe. prived of. They are situated three
A. MANAGER. ‘or four miles {tom the Susquehanna
Aaronshure, July 15th 1823 | River ; four or five from the mouth
ol Anderson’s creck ; and (rom a mile
int Nr jto a mule and a half from the turnpike,
Si RAY ED leading from Erie through Beiiefonce,
OR The Sate road from Huntingdon in-
QUIEN NE ER yn T° tersects this turnpike, and passes the
NS i és 4 mi, nN (houses of the improved tracts. Per-
FROM the suberiber, livino in Bald. S0n8 wishing to crect water works of
cagle township Lycoming County, on 21 description, will find these lands
the 5th of June lastya in every respect well calculated tor
pS that phipuse the seats on two of the
Emmy racts, one improved, ars corsidered
Notice is Hereby Given
THAT a court of Co mon Pleas
Cenersl Quarter Sessions of the
Peuce and the Orphan's court, in and |
for the county of Ceiitre, will be held
at the court house in the Borough
ol Bellefonte, on Mouday the 25th day
of August next, at 10 o'clock]
A. M. of said day, of which the Cor-}
oner, Justices of thiPesce ang
stubles within sid coumt
notice, that they be then and
their proper persons, with thei
records, inquaisitions, ¢Xamitiations,
and other remembrances to do those
things which to their offices appertain.
to be done 5; and all suitors, jurors
and witn ssus ave also requested
be and attend at s2id court, aud nog
depart without leave, :
Given under my hand at Bellefonte!
this = seventh day of July,
A. D one thousand eight haus |
dred and twenty-three,
—— a pn,
em rege see
The subscribers inform thei
the best in that part of the county,
4 : ) well supplied by nature immediately!
about five years old, fourteen handsj2bout them, with valuable sawing]
high, and a natural trotter. Any per. timber, such as pine, cherry, oak, sec)
son giving information of her to the Which it converted into boards und,
subscriber, will be liberally rewarded Scantling, and sent down the Susque-|
JESSIE HUNT. [|hannah, would realize to the owner a’
Baldeagle Township, handsome profit. The land is gener
July 1, 1823, $ lly timbered with oak, hickory, &c
The price will be very moderate,
LOOK HERE ! for ihe impress: by paying half in
TE 7 | jcash, and the rewainder in equai
rom SALE, payments. The unimproved, by ih
A laige quauntiiy of weil buiged {ing part in hand, and the remainder]
Boach Lime {by iustaliments, the subscriber willl
. : : scil much lower, than any that has!
of a superior quality. The kiln is heretofore, or that now is, offered in
set on the Old American plan, with that or any adjacent county ; say, from
four Arches j=—burmed 70 Cords of g1, 50 to $2, 00 per acre, according!
Pitch Pine wood in 70 hours ;—sitna- o the payments, or further infor-
ted on the property of Messrs, Wm. mation, enquire of the subsciiber, liv!
and John Trvine, adjoining the out ing in Cambria county, William F |
lots of the Borvugh of Bellefonte. It Boone, Bellefonte, or Samuel John
will be sold on rcasonable terms for ston, near the premises®
ih or Country TrEnes at the mar- JOSEPH BOONE.
et price. ue attendance will be ~ .
Sen on the Weduesday of each suc- Sago county, June 16. 1823
N, B.
: There is als ar
Ceding mock by pss 3 fae Ss
! ; 0 e thotis ach x e!
JOHN MEINLEY, Sn. [2,00 2115 tousant eres, heer ue
Bellefonte, July 5th 1823. ; : : lesen A, Nost of! which is rst
rate land, and which the subscriber
STRA % OXEN. fa sell at a moderate rate J. B.
CAME to the Plantatiod of the sub-| @ ? §
scriber, living in Ferguson towaship,
on the lst of this inst,
Escaped from the Jail of Centre
A yoke of Uxen;
One a BRINDLE ; the other a
BROWN. The owner, or owners
are desired to come forward, prove
property, pay charges, and take them county on the night of the 8th
4 {two prisoners, confined by sentence
CORNELIUS DALE. | °° °° oy
Ferguson Township, ¢ 9, uy mont is amphtson
July 4 1825. ‘ment ; one a mulattoe, named JOHN
{syivania, for the improvement of the
ta . . SAMUEL TAY g!
(Susquehannab from Columbia to tie, SAMUEL TAYLOR, about 30 years
fricads and the public, that they ha
now in complete operation the
formerly owned by Renkin & Steel.
The rolls shall be made in the best]
manner and on the shoriest notice.
They also have in complete oppor
tion a
~ . *
Cotton Machinery ;
where yarn of any quality may be
procured, suituble 10 the accom y=
dation of every person wishing to,
purchase. “They also have a number |
of looms for the purpose of weaving, |
suttable to all kinds of country work.
They respectfully invite thuse who
have herctoiore patronised them to
continue to do 50; and all those who
are favorable to domestic manufac-
tures are most respectfully solicited
to extend tueir patronage. Work
shall be done with dispatch and on
the most reasonable terms. :
Bellefonte, May 20, 1823.
A valuable plantation, or tract of |
land containing i
225 Aces,
situate four miles west of the borough
of Indiana on the great road leadmig
said borough to
The improvements are
1'wo good cabin houses,
inst, and cabin barn, about fifty acres cleap- |
ed, five of which are meadow, and
more may be made, with a small
Apple Orchard,
BA : thereon—~ALSO—A tract of land
NOTICE Is HEREBY GIVEN, !BRANUM, about 5 feet 7 or 8 nche® ¢o14i1ing J
That the Commissioners appointed high, stout built and very down looks, 142 acres “
bv an act of the Legislature of Penn: The other a white man, nam:d . :
situate about five fhiles west of said
jborough, on Crooked creek, witn g
[pronounce all that has been said hith- {passed the S1st day of March, 1823, of age, 5 feet 8 or 9 inches in height.icabbio house and barn thereon, with
lerto groundless falsehoods,
Halfmoon township, July 28
Bw Eo
THAT we have applied
ty of Centre, forthe benefit of the. in-
solvent laws of this commonwealth,
and the said court have appointed
| Catholics in this county, and] Monday the twenty fifth day of Au. on the day
{gust next, to bear us and our creditors
slat the Court House in the Borough of
{Bellefonte ; when and where you mav
attend if you think proper, i
July 28th, 1625.
for improvement, at
2 ph : >d to thejat STAHLS RIPPLES. and be con-
on a sure foundation. Last week be. Covtt of Common Pleas, of the coun-itinued irom day to day, until the
will dispose of #
N . 2h : ve JI 4
speaks broken English, says that Jeldbout sixty or seventy acres cleared,
SEVERAL SECTIONS OF SAID was raised inLaocaster county and of LWeive acres of which are meadow &
IVE ‘ A ~
UVER !German extraction. The above Re-!
the 7th day of August next, beginning fonie or ten dollars for either of them.
J. BUTLER, Sr'g-
‘whole be disposed of; or so much as
‘the Commissioners may deem proper |
(The improvement will be designated CAME
of sales—a schedule ofiscriber, liv
which is hereunto annexed, to wit :
AND BARR, from the « HOUSE
along the Lancaster Shore, CUL-
ric na
A R co
3. Staabt S 1 oth
to the plantation of the sub-
ing in Lawrence township,
| Clearfield County, on the 18th day of
May & TWO
in. Onc a Lgl
la quaniity more may be made, with
{ward will be given for their apprehen-jthereon. —A further descripiion js
to the lowest bidder, to commence on sion and deliwery at the jail in Belle. deemed unnecessary, as it may be
best obtained by applying ta the sybe |
scribers on the : eal
‘FEA Tr i : : fi
| Ne k £% AY 5, Indiana, March 29th 1823.
Justices and Constables
five sugar camps 5 ore
mps aad a small orchard
i 4. § =