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¥ nv P 7% T tells So .
Foreign Intelligence,
ie Se M—
ie Commercial Advertiser.
ived our papers by the
Monroe, Captain Ro-
je Mewg from [laly is important. The
Teapolitan parliament rejected the terms
allied ve the
ignation- © The Poped#as 15
d a proclamation of neutrality 3 and ex-
sine his wish that the troops passivg
kingdom may keep away from
This sentiment the Statesman
pased by the
tinst indi
his capital,
says 4 appears to have
a view to check not the Austrians but the
Neapolitans, who were much on the ad-
vance. « One body of the latter Composed
1 y
y WEI'G C105¢C
been expressed with
of regulagtroops of 45,000 men
and ‘another of 40,000
upying adiffcrent line. - The num
bers of the Austrian Army are stated in
. Pi ie accounts to be grossly exaggerated
Their whole foree is said net to. exceed
100,000; while that of the Neapolitans
on whom great reliance
including militia, :
is placed as being composed of Carbonaii,
are sad to amount to nearly 160,0C0 men.
The British squadron is still in the Bay of
Naples, but was said to be about to leave it
eithar for Cevita, ‘Vachta, or the coast of
Sicily. . The king of Naples was expecle
to remalh at Venice until the fate of Naples
ccided. In the mean time he has the
ution to learn that the parliament
os host no rine in voting his declar
~h to be invalid, as his royal
er vesipaiit, and his royal
nl, it mizht be presumed under )
Sint. when he issued his divections, It 18
ved by gentlemen late from Italy,
tnat all ihe Talisn States under the domin-
ion of Adstria ae quite ripe. for throwing
off its yoke d
The Pope who is placed in’ a very awk
dhetween the two contend-
has issued a proclamation, 1b
expresses a hopes that neither
*occipy Rome. His holiness
avs, that he cannot help the ioreig:
roops passing ghirough his de minions ; 2
hat ha rdeeives the Austrians as friends.
who march only out of pure yegard tojia-
v: 8di bat he will maintain a strict neu
tality; 4h, that the foreign régular troop!
hall not be vesisted ip the passage ; buf
sth that any of thie «evil disposed class
{vresning thereby the Neapogitans, hethe
mpt tix
years afterwards, the capitol of the king-
dom of the two Sicilies and all the foraréss-
es shall be cccupied by Austrian garrisons,
3. On these conditions a general ames:
iy will be acceded. And, \
4. The pay and subsistence of fe Aus-
¢rian troops will not be atthe charge of the
Neapolitan nation,
Exact of a speech of Lord Halland in
the British housewf peers concerning the
atiack of the alhes ufion Najilés.
« ven Russia had allowed that the
Spanish constiwution, whicis las beet adopt:
ca by Naples, was one with which peace
might be maintained ; but the object of Rus-
skd Was Nol Now to the democialic Onuch
cy of that coustitution, but to the WunuEr in
which It had Deca, established, Dirdnge
wseil; but m whose mouth could at be more
sLeangc, than that ol the man who was sut>
ing on a throne reeking with the blood of his
Jather 2 A throne ivom which (no mai
Lad descended without blood, fiom the time
of Peter the great | What ent ued such &
mab to read leclares ta nations upon the
wmode of esiabiishing * free government $
vW bat made it peculiar appropriate iu nim
0 condemn every thing that originated
loree ? How did it become Aim 10 deal iu
tis hypocritical japguage and to talkgol his
love of censtitutions aud his hatred of ar-
jis, whose power was founded on force,
who had derived the ftom the mur-
der, he would allow it to be the justified
aiurder of bis parent, but at the san: Lune,
a muyder of yiolence 7’ .
Another exiract from the same speech of
. Lord Holland,
« It there is a prince or a statesman, who,
neglecting the spirit of the times apd unim-
proved by past experience, atsempts Lo re-
sist ithe advance of civil improvement, and
stem tiie progress ofjopinion, may he be the
first 10 be overwhelmed by the current, and
become an example to all future tyrants!”
i — .
Liverpool March 2 —The petition pre-
from the county of Somerset complaining
{ agriculiural distress contains 100,000
signatures, occupying 4,000,000 acres oi
tand. . Ts
According to a return made ‘by order of
(he House of Commons, the amount of du-
des paid on windows, (for the enjoymient of
1821, was (2,366,139 12s. 113
ubicciion mdee opsLLuL coool in
objection mdeed to a Copslululion Good ine expects 10 encounter in his three vears
pn aces
(be Patriot,
‘Tospeakhisthoughts, is every freeman’s right,
ra sinpt——r
SATURDAY, may ‘5.
TP —
Appointment by the Gavernor,
of the
Hugh M° Clelland to be a justice
of the
peact for district No. 5; composed
townships of Bald-Eagic and Lamar,
te fy r—
Governor Hels er suys he would not
have appointed the man who would not
Iltuminate his house ou the American Vic.
toricsy to the office of Auditor General, if
him clear of breakers and guicksands, which
voyage, in” bis old shattered bark; we
know thé little fellows talents, and those
who do noly may find a bright specimen
rT § Qos
Major generals Brown and Scott have
arrived in this city ; end Major Gederal
Gains is said to be near at band.
gentlemen, it is said, compose a board ol
officers for the purpos¢ of re-orves :
the army according to the act of last: ses.
sion. Nat, Intel,
Zuropie.—~1It is impossible any longer
ignition must ensue fism the first collisiou
litical expldsion must be the result
Naples has stect and spring -enough in het
he had pot before hand, premised to keep
nisinge |
to! oars a1 &
1 0! guardian
doubt, that Europe 1s full of the combusti- ment
ble materials of revolution, and that (speak-|
ng alter the manner of the ‘learned ones) for i!
of the sovergign powers ; and a general po-|
I the authority
composition, to resist the first stroke of the his or their Ic
Sint directed against her, there can be noiceive himsel!l or
it proner, require bond with cond 2 :
Ee from all and ba i” ab
an Qu guardians of a min® child, or children
whether such guardian has betn' or shall
be appointed by the court chosen by the
minor children with the approbation of the
court, ot created by the last will and testa
ment of a deceased testator, which bond
shall be considered, in trust for all persons
interested, and shall be taken and filed ig
the orphans’ court in the name of the come
monwealth of Pennsylvania, with the condis
tion and in the manner and form following,
viz :~— The condition of th's obligation ve
such that if the above bounden guardian
tof a minor child of late of towiiship
{in the county. of deceased, shall, at lease
+ 0UCe In every three years, and whenever res
quired by the court, render a just and true
account to the orphans’ court of the county
{aloresaid (according to the divections of the
jacts of assembly in such cases made aad
provided) of the mauas
ity and sate of the suid
ment of the proper
nner nd ap hit
jcare, and shall also deliver
{property bs
ol i
fand shail, in ail |
he duties ofa gua;
thigation shalt bi
vigd ant of no efuot, gr
ielser lo
ih oH TRE
reroain full ihree and virtue.”
f | » ~
eXeculovs aI
shall pay o
no 1stratory former
$0 Ci
bw » FATT ]
ran ol such
re accepted the anoint
\ 7A t ol LUI5 ®E2JULI-
8 s 4 1 }
required by ther orphans’
© 4 1 o 3
sect faresaid,
periormance oi ihe {rust
NM Gellve I {to
sel im
a0 tO580
a eT hl
or appoinied
miner unty
Ly 1
cours. ha: vO oiveD ity, 1as
e* faithful
reposed in him.
SECT. 2. Jud be it further enacted by
aforesaid, & when the
jsurely or sureties in any guardian-bond op
zal representatives shall cons
themscives in danger of
3 lat
the ¥.
ceutéd last week to the house of conimouns,
ight for the year ending 5th of January,
doubt of the effcet ; the train leads through being nivred hv reason of ‘such surety, he
all Europe. France has already resumed or they may petition ihe court where such,
the old Revolutionary tone ; abd England surety was taken for his of their relief and
manifests in an unequivocal manner, herjupon application to them for that purpose it
icalousy of the Northern Powers. | shalt and may be lawful for such court to
! et : order such guardian or guardians to give
The Austriang Declaration is an undis-| sufficie nt other counter securities as they
suisedrdenuncidon of all ¢ secret i necessary orproper. And when
ations *’ of « perjured soldiers,” and of aft{such order shall cen complied with,
persons and thiags which have , agsisted [the court may make an order for (he dis-
or shall hereafter assist, in ~ the emangipa- {charge of the surelyvor sureties aforesaid,
uorrof mankind from the chains which |from all liabilities on his or their bond afores
“ the Holy Alliance” had flattered .them{Said : but ip cuse such guardian shall not
selves they had for ever rivetted. Among ibe able or shall refuse to give the further
the grievances and hardships imposed by {security so ordered for the space of thing:
the Negpolitans on their King, is that he'davs, after due notice of such order, the
cannot leave hisedingden without Stiteiead orphans’ court are alsh enipowerc ws
ave |
i 1 nr fan) { RIO 0
Lyegular 4F RTEgUIAr) woo shall att :
sanie foiepdly freedom of passing through
v 5 . I J B83 44
the faly terviory, « shall be uppoused wiih
all faa might
“On the 21s, the Marquis of Lansdown
in moving for (he revival of a coin: ee ol}
humiliation” of asking leave of the patli- {order such estaie orsy iuch the eta wali p.
ament. Thisis a hardship to which the be left in the bands ™®! such guardian to be hil 3
king of Great Britain is subjected. This ha- delivered into the hands ol the petitione Sort
ted, not holy, Alliance would make a mer-
Terrers from France speak of a great dis-
guieinde aidalirm amgong the people, and
represent the situatidi ol the Bourbous as |
Licnmingedadiy move critical. 0 In a debate)
of the cenit comaniltee, it is saidy that the
wis dectarediio be disaffected... (The
sneaks of a threat on
same letter, hibwever,
the pari of Spain, of a declargtion of war
pdingt Frabee in case the policy of the lat-
ter be not immediately ‘changed ‘with re:
gard {o Spain and Naples.
This 1s quite unprobable in the present
gituationp of Spain. 3
We hear very little from the queen.
The public pulse is not very feverish upon
i'he Times mention only one
radenbureh House, at which a
» presented, and a
the subject
hisplay Ol
number of
AUaresses wer
weir lordsiiips to ascertain the best pracic-
al means for encouraging and extending
the foreign trade of the countrys made
some observations on the distress ef which
the public complained. He atiributed the
present distress mainly to the expenditure
during the war; and was of ‘opinion, that,
though ro very prompt and efficacious rem
edy could at present be found for evils
which bad been generated and growing for
several years ; yet some reliel might cer-
tainly be found in the gradual progress of
retrenchment when applied to the body poli-
tic, as wise physicians gave way to the
couse of nature. Aller some remarks by
lord Ellenborough, the committee was nam.
ed, consisting 1a general, of the noble lords
who were appointed last Session.
¢ had the
Ea ly "
“honor of kissiag her myjesty’s band)’
3 : ‘ i 1 Jn ry 3
ine the debate in the House orl.ords
) . 5 \ E
eel’s Apuiutly
ceaculred an
number of ladies and gentiemen
. »
SATE a 7
<JiN.L CL. QO the ¢
> “© x IT
majesy had been ill
Baad Ge £0
on that higr
3 :
Red fy refusing
tbe opmn
been restored to the litargy.
s the bill ry
in the
had voiced ber, ‘till her name had
On the 224d,
ceived Tis thivd and final reading
fIouse of Lords, and ‘wus passed.
EE ——
1vasion of Napies. By an exiraordin-
ice which Jeft Naples il
letters have been received thence ant
other cities on the route, which Con:
Coit) on the
st pecentinteligence relative to
invision of Naples. The cour
1s much retarded onchis journey by
culty of procurivg horses, caused
lvaffce of the Austrian army. Ye
ts Fom the letters.
11.—"The Duke de Galle
9th, with the ultimatum o
lied sovereigns. On tbe outside ¢
the citv-gate’ he
age, and proceeded Immediately to the
yacliament, who, according to instructions
CVO. Siy gi ircady as.
ven by ‘him were al
embled. Belore be eould hush
Oh ed
was interruvted by reiterated cries of
Var! War 1” from all parts fof the as
sctbly. Ihave not seep a copy of the ul-
, timiatuin, but learn that the following are
\ mtipal points contained in it.
the Neapolitans shall abandon
ish constitution, pod. adopt that of
ion, with corrections
vionssuitable to Naples.
t during the pariod while this re
wion shall be ¢ficcling, and for six
ot 0
he v
{course ot his speech he read an
fhe different articles consumed,
the money which par-jage of ihe
¢ witimatum of the Congress at Layl ach, |
‘Lhe earl of Liverpool rose for the pur-
posc ol moving for an account of the home
consumption of excisable articles. In the
account of
‘sviitch he
ishewed were mach greater than the aver:
preceding eyear, From this
he drew an argument’ that the
argricuitural distress was at least partially
produced from excessive production. The
taproved s ate of agriculture in Ireland had
also som: uence, which would be obvi
tous from his fast, that in a former year on.
bily 58.000 quarters of wheat had been im.
tported from that country, wherdas the ind
{portation dering the last year amounted to
{351,876 quarters. He concluded with
lmoving for the papers Ww which he refer.
led. y
On the 224, the marquis of Lansdowne,
hoping that in cousequence of what had
| passed both in that house and the other,
some of those dangers which threatenésl the
cra quility of Europe might still be averted,
0 e 10 oiye notice, that on Tuesday next
he should move an address to bis “majesty,
or som® other proceeding on the subject.—
Agreed tc.
On the 23d, several petitions from the
Icatholics in Ireland were presented, by loud
Donoughmore. The progress ol these pe-
{titions Le wished should be pari fiassuy in
both houses of parliament, and he gave no-
ce that he should defer introducing the
subject till the 8th of March.
Oo Monday, the 25th, the duke of Nor
{folk presented petitions ielative to the tim-
The marquis of Lansdown in
consequence of the indisposition ot the Farl
of Liverpool, deferred bis intended motion
wer trae.
petioncrs or such other persons is the eatirt
shall direct, and 10 make Such other order
of rule therein for the relict of the petition.
ers and forthe better securing such orphans’
estate as to them shall appear just and
equitable. :
Sect. 3. And be it futher ‘enacted by
the authority wforesaid, "Uhat each and eves
ry guardian heretoftive, appointed, or who
shail hereafter be appointed, chosen, of
createdyas aforesaid, whether he shall bo
required by the orphans’ court to give sea
curity or not, shall, at least once in 5 years,
and whenever requived by the court, rendee
an account of the management of the props
erty and estate of the minor under his care,
and the several and respective arplans’
courts within this commonwealth shail have
full power and authority to remove any
guardian or guardians, on xood cause tigre.
of being shewn ; and moreover to order
such guardian or guardians to deliver up,
assign, transfer and pay over to his success.
or all end every the goods chattics, rifihits,
credits, title deeds, evidences and securi-
tie; whatsoever belonging to the minor
‘WirLiam Gracie Esqa passenger on! 1 his or their hands, and i make shh
tboard the Stephania- which has probably other order and < Sefce touching the prem,
sailed frem New York for Antwerp, it jc|18€8 as the interest ol the minor may #g-
said, is bearer of i Aen quire, ;
the Necro Sf Smperant Sfypaiches frum : SECT. 4 And be i Jutther enacted by
Gallatin, American Minister at Paris the authority qforésaidy ‘Lhat any guardian
: : or guardians may, with leaye of the or phans
Rs Emiko couit in the respective counties, make a
The supplement to an act for promoting {settlement of his or their accounts so far as
the comfort of the fioor provides for the fie or they may have administered the €s-
exemption from execution for debt of one [tate of his or their ward, and may, with
stove in every family : and a subsequent] leave of such court, be dismissed from the
bill, entitled « an act to encourage’ domes-{duties of his or their appointfnent : Pra-
tic industry and promote the comfort of the vided, he or they shall surrender the resis
poor,” "li provides that each family {due of the estate under his or their care to
shall retaift ally number of eZeest, not excee- {such person or persons as the said court
ding six, free from liability to execution for{mey appoint,and in every such case the
debts contracted after 1st September next}said court is hereby authorised to take bond
and that widows shall be entitled .to hold {with security as aforesaid from the person”
such property of their deceased -husbands{or persons to whom any estate of a minog
free from execution, as during the life of{may be surrendered os aforesaid.
the deceden's Was under existing laws . —————— ¢
hol ishle Jo be Seized fordedr. Remedy for sore eyes—1 bave lately
seen an application for sore eyes, rapid ia
its good effects and 80 simple and cheap,
that the poorest and mos! ignorant can
tein it. Take
it of sheir not contemplaung a dismem-
berment of Naples because its people, with-
out their permission, have chosen another
and better form of Government. We have
from the earliest ages read of Monarchies
desolatingy dismembering & laying waste
nations, but this is the. first occasion in
which we see a combination of Monarchs
advance against a Nation upon the avowed
principle of compeling them to accept such
formh of goverment, as the Allies shall
think proper to impose. Such was the
intention although not so nakedly avowed,
when the Duke of Brunswick marched
into France, declaring that he would not
leave one stone upon another of the city ol
Paris, But he was utterly defeated, and
$0 we trust will be the armies of the Holy
It is not unworthy of a remark, that this
Declaration of Austria, concludes with 2
revival of the old, ahd we had hoped, explo-
ded doetnine of “he Didite Rights of
Kings.” D. Press.
Sr § Gv.
Relative te guardians of minor children.
SecTiON 1. Be it enacted by the Senate
and House of Refiresentatives of the Com.
monwealth of Pennsylvania, in General
Assembly met, and it is hereby enacted by
the authority of the same, That the several
with: cold and fresh spring waterm=they
'mpart a glutinous matter to the water—
wash sore eyes in this liquid which cures
cladve to the affairs of Napies, until Frigland respective ‘orphans’ court within this
Acommonweali, may, whenever they desm
them without smarting or heat—the poat |
suffer most from this disease. "4
American Farmer,
ob- aa }
small sticks' of sassalrallll x 8
split in four pieces—put them in a vessel