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    { the officers to rank according to the num:
— ES trie rR SSS oe ERY
— —— i wt tr
(le tr.
Vol. 111. «#4
Ee esate i PTR DS Or 4]
TIONS. {to be forwarded to the secretary of the
this paner is tayo doll ara th. Officers to be commis
DEE annum but if paid halt! the of August _ 1628. No
" advance, two dollars only will a commissioned officer who is
Ppoimen (8
| nerson to b
Advertisements, making no more in{uot a citizen at the commonwealth,
then breadth, will be Inserted three officers to reside within the bounds
for ona dotiar ; and for eve hse
ov one dotlar ; and for every subse-le, mands, except company officers where
continuance twenty-five cents.—| ’ ey
greater length in riraportiorn mm |Po0u ar persons cannot be found within tie
i sure work double those rates.
cription will be received for less
ars nor ov paper discontinu-
I al} arrearagesa : paid.
we subscriber dogs not request adis-
of his paper, at the end of the
cousidered as a new engage-
paper forwarded according-
C Pe
price ol
fry cents pe 3d
~ ~
and al:
of their
¢ Of
bounds of the company. A
The mil tia to be trained in companies
on the first Tuesday of Muy; and in- bat-
talions or regiments at the discretion of the
nance field officers, commencing on the second
rit will bq , a” 2 i
ot hin os Monday of May, and continuing“in the or
i; and th : . :
der directed by the brigade inspector on
Syhseribers who have their papers car-jevery day of the weck but Saturday and
ALC i by the gnall, must bs liable for the post- Sunday: Minors under the age of 21 ycal Si
are not obliged to train.
re addressed to the editor must be & Frag Be
ve his Ta pIne arg
| a : 1
every ficld officer 5.-gvery coplain and
MILITIA LAW. staff officer $3-—every subaltern officer $2
The following summary of that part of
mast interest to the
{and every other person one dollar.
Jourts 1 o ointed for ev:
the new Midi Laweof m Courts of appeal to be appointed for e
RT . . ttalio nding officer of
public we give for the satisfaction of our) ery battalion by the commanding offi
en i oh ithe regiment to meet on the second Mon.
readers. The divisions to remain as at|
{day of June, the members to be under oath
The brigade inspector to
collect all fines and to issue warrants for
present established, Each division to con-|
or affirmation.
‘gist of two 9 brigades but a third may be
3 nr
med by the Majorand Brigadier Gene-
that purpose. A board of field officers to
be assembled after the warrants have issu-
rals if neeesury, Each brigade ta contain
2100'men, and to consist of
not less than = :
¢d, to grant relic to all persens improperly
enrolled, &c. Where officers are not elect
ed in any battalion or regiment, or who
not more than twelve nor less than eight
companies. Fach company to contain not
ditional companies to be organized by the} has .
{the militia or make proper return, the brig:
less than 70 nor more than 150 men.
when elected, neglect to enroll and train
iicid officers when necessary,
! : : __. tade inspector to collect two dollars from
Captains of companies to cause the mili-
: every person, and to issue his warrant ior
tia to be enrolicd between the fist of Aprill |
Liaal purpose.
and first Monday of May of 1822, and every PEP
Lo~xpon, Feb. 10.
Sir Francis Burdet has received the fol.
lowing sentence :
subsequent year and to deliver a copy of.
his roll to the brigade inspector on or be-
fore the day of regimental or batalion train-|
ing. 2
An adjutant general to be appointed by
the governor for three years.and remova-
To Le imprisoned in the King’s bench
' Prison for three months, and to pay a fine
t Ie for y t f d i la “fof two thousand pount S for an alleged 11.
Jie for I cg lec 0 uty ‘WwW OSC Sa yi
; | 1 on the gover ment Sir Francis was im
3300 per annum.
$3001 ‘mediately conveyed to the above priser:
ie s follow
Hitia io be officered as follows : | We understand that soon after the judg-
division a major general and!
The 1
To each
(ment of the court of King’s bench was pro.
two aids with the rank of major.
Lo each |; ounced upon Sir Farncis Burdett, seve-
> a | - . .
brigade a brigadier general with an aid bri- val gentlemen, the most distinguished a
¢ : I ang « < nr ast < a . * y:
gade major and quarter raster to. Tank simong the ranks ofthe opposition in parlia-
captain, and one brigade inspector.
§ 1
Lol ment, waited upon the worthy baronet, and
51 i
£ ant the Hifesan afl : Pa e
each regiment the present and stafl| ye quested his permission that a subsciip-
Fo cach company, onc Saptaimidon should be propossd to the public for
one first and second lieutenant.
1 Fae brig-iihe purpose of thereby raising the sum of)
adier general, brigade iospecior and field], L000 to pay the fine imposed upon him
officers ofregiments to be elected on tl he rp he request was accoropanied by an as-
of Sir Fran-
[cis would be esteemed as a favor ' by
first Monday of ext. rolled |
Loe ay.of June next, by the enrolled |gyrance that the acquiescence
wilitia. The elections to be held for each] his
battalion ‘and
manner to the returns of the general elec]
tions for the several districts of a county.
The brigadier
measure, have no other object in view than
{to obtain the me
general and field officers |
to ¢ major general forethe division
on the first Monday of July next.
ns of expressing their con.
1a oa 1 he pi \ »n 2 Kh tan
gct th currence in the feelings that prompted him
Ti to write the letter which has brought upon
ie re-
x : ; him the unfriendly notice of the ist
turns to be made to the brigade inspector re Lhe niinistess
Seba Ris : hia 3 We learn that Sir Francis Burdett express:
of the first brigade of the division, =
ros 4 ed his gratitude for the proposition, but re-
I he commanding officers of the militia
to be elected on the third Monday of Au-
oust next ; butif one third of the enrolled
quested that time may be allowed him to
think on the propriety of accepting their
a : : offer.
militia do not vote, the field officers to ap-
point ; but they may select the persons bav-
ing the highest number of votes if they
company officers to
Sir Francis Burdett was followed from
Westminster Hall to the king’s bench by al
think proper. The
appoint the noa-c smmissioned officers. — |CNECTIDE Dim the whole way.
3 1
by th
be ing the prison the worthy baronet turned
round and bowed to the multituge. We
ate happy to learn that he is comfortably
panies to
com numbered arranged
a field officers of the I's gime: nt, and
her of their gy mnt] the laccommodated, occupying the same roem.|
per o1 Lica Jy =-WHCH Oc §
missions are of the same date, but the which lord Cochrane did.
c hest. wmb
| people who have been taught by experience
Se 14 The people observes an intelligent Amer-)
veturas made in a similar litical friends, who. if re : x
| political friends, who, in proposing such a;
gulled by men in power, who like the oars. |
great number of persons, who comtipuec| Alliance
On enter-{t
He was visited},
— a
0. 51s
oy —
apr 28, 1821.
® %
pe = i
3 a app”
fe Tricnds, and scome very cheerful.
Yesterday morning he took a-walk for some
tsi cae ot A———
ny >’
ing of Saturday the 25th ult. a most taeians
ime on the terrance in front of the mar-icholy casuality occurred in the family of
excellent] Mr. D. Johnson, a respectable farmer of
Morris township ia this county.
shal’s ‘house, and appeared in
spirits. His son a
Private letters
France represent this country to be in a ve-
I'he measures pursued
lad about 15 years of age, had just returned
from hunting, and while carrying his rifle
kel eats .
lately received from ypich was left charged across the room to
a place of safety, had necessarily fo pass
ry unsettled state, > close by a weavers loom against, which the
by Louis Le Desire since his restoration’
r not to have been very desirable on
The men whom
trigger of the gun touched, when she went
the part of his subjects.
hg calied to his councils, are represented as
being selfish, corrupt, and inimical to the
off and shot his sister Sarah, who was ens
gaged in some domestic employment in
the same apartment, dead upon the spot!
the ball passing through the head at the
« France, says one WICH op ieq,
people’s rights.
isa robust body covered with vermin, that
Not only
have these men imposed arbitrary restric
The deceased was about sevens
teen years of age, amiable and interesting?
and but a moment before was the pride ard
consolation of her parents in their declining
Dut the
leaves on the mind an irresistible convics
tion of the awful truth, that ¢ in the midst
suck its blood and irritate it.’
ions upon the press, in those cases
al on political charges,
y ait iol ai x
FUGA 5 dow SOU Feyclng Waslc dd
fhaividuals have been brought to tii
the jurymen have
been chosen from tho very men of the par-{of hfe we are in death.”
ty who were avowedly in opposition to the The frequent accidents of this kind are
accused—and the prefects who superin-|the more astonishing when we think how
tend this department, have been known to
trifling the precautions necessary to prevent
TPN Avi aty TIAN AP Be te |
itten instractions to thelr adjuncts item, and ye hope that a knowledge of the
' ep thet o cn 1 1 n v .
to make their selecticns with due regardi,ioye may indace those who keep fire arms
to the wtll of the monarch. Every he)
in their houses, to additional care in their
lenge of a jurymen is thus rendered illuso-| management. Exeminer.
ry ; and the judges the mere creatures of]
the crown, are rewarded with places, and| Louisiana and Florida When the great
pensions, in proportion to the severity of| extent of the Florida cession (36,000,000 of
the sentences which they pronounce in poryaeres) is considered and how small
jitical cases.
To administer in France is!
‘the extent of the French part of St. Do-
now to carry on the police for the profit of/
strong hopes of succeeding in obtaining a
mingo and that much ofit was unclear 2d
the government. sral party have]
land uncultivated we must perceive
{if a small of the
be rich and good enough for sugar
coffe, and cacao, it must be as beneficia
as alarge West India Island. The su-
gar, coffe, and cacao, planters will have
abundant land for grass, grain, ground pro
visions, cattle, hogs, sheep, fuel peliding,
terms, so as to enable them to work every
They may join
propot tion
majority, at the approaching election of re-
presentatives. In that case something may
be done to calm the prevailing ferment,
We question, however, whether the
French people will rest satisfied with any
thing short of a complete recognition of
. Xow AA : : i ; Se fae}
their rights ; and this, it seems no less evi-|COOPErage boats, and all other usciu
dent, is not to be expected at the hands of a | Pecessary » purposes, on very modera
man possessing such strong prejudices as
re known to influence the present sove- [acre of their good soil.
pla of coffve
at Ons
their sugar est
cotton, olives, grape vines, ites oranges,
and other things which are
reign. Me has grown old in his attach- iii >
ments tothe « divine rights of kings,” and
these attachments he will carey with him to
the grave.
pine apples, igs
Meanwlile his misrule seems |Produced on poorer lands in climates suiil«
to be preparing France for some new con-
vulsion ;
ciently warm,and which do not require
1 . - 2 1 ~ Ss or
the issus of which cannot be! any hands as sugar
when it is recollected that the any, and several oth-
doubtful, It is said that mahog
er woods of the coasts and Islands on
near the Mexican Gulf, particularly
dye woods, and the animal dye,
: £. 3 Marida
chincaly are found in Florida,
te avoid those shoals, which fyrmerly occa-| ed
. ” - a caiicc
sioned thier shipwreck, and that the sci-| Se
: i ! proving
ence of governing 1s not now considered : antl
i'n h : 4 power of its southern climate, and adding
so complex as it formerly was in Europe.
to its value to us.
] i
and ths
eee o £ th nonn
3 We i The production ¢t the poppy,
ican residing at Paris, are tired of being! P 1 i
and the sweet on
land of Cuba, di
famous lor its
¢ miles, 1
Pre] paration of 0] yam
~ “to ?
its seed, may be confi expected.
The I:
dred and fi
man in a boat look one way and pull an-
t only one hun-
other. The lime wiil come, and that pro- Si
bably at no distant period, when it will be 5
+ beautiful ‘nd abundant
lits wax, and 1ts beautiiul, fine and
impossible for an unpopular ministry to] :
1 hot ey. holds forth sim
hold its ground, because unpopular meas: (17 A
; S and tl 1€ prod uction of the myrue wax
Ag 8
plan tat jon Ss of
ures will find no man bold enough to ae
Press must and well be free; this is the|f
53 lorid 4-1 hat
injustice.’ im
~ th 3 " 9 XX.
further thanlspeth of ‘Bordeau:
The vaiue of irrigation, or the watevi
i f apy part of our country can support
them, in de eli ance of pub blic opin 10ND. ia y Pp I'L Oi ) ¥
t be 1Lash
rk tree it pn
the co
wood Grows
most powerful corrective to
We need Seaeey go any
France, to look for a reason why the Ho
¢ntions as to Spain Portugs]
favored wi
: gro nds 15 every way
it prudent to abando® lof grou 33
Amc in light sous, th produc
388 SO
o long as the same feel
itive climates. The numerous Iiveis aus
. hig] la ,oriScs us to expect great crops from even
ch nalicn, we NOX] : Seid
s, wich irigaicd
’ . ._|sandy land can be thus :
gions will not be rash 1) ’
The orange
1s Sq sana ine are regula
contest, which portends So
watered in Por
eir own power
Y. Aut.
& =
J. Adv. jgreat profit
est in comuission to rank hig in the course of the day by a
Saargetaiss sys gta,
od SEAT Sa a ei amin