Bellefonte patriot. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1818-1838, September 02, 1820, Image 1

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SATURDAY, Stents 2, 1820.
aad " - pe a aE ak a
a smothers Gi hh dl toshiba sd ROT indent
I WT TAMIR AY Neg arto amap————r potters fn ~ co ce Tot ra p -
a RRA PENNSYLVAN 4 GOOD BARGAIN |Bellefonte and Philipsburg
> ON DITO]! NS. Cr ATT Sin mp : ;
ice of this paper is two dollars > i 44 1 LO A R Y- MAY be had ofa tract of land in Potter Lid e Compa any.
sper applim—but if paid half). FIRST CLASS.
va ICC) wo dollars only ]
township, Centre county, adjoining lands
io : of Andrew Gregg, esq. formerly the prop- NO CF,
YA bf NY ow neni ! Seen I]
Vy alle, Manager erty of Adam Reyvolds, dec’dy and now
ly dail
:n beeadtn Ie he Soop in the tenure of David Wasson, contain {IS hereby given that an Election for a
Tit x. ang In evel S i
'e dojiar 3 abQ. ior CV didi FY OrT 88 : ards: of two hundred. acréss - The {PRESIDENT TWEET VIE
nuance (wenty-five cents = SCHEM G ing upwards of two hundred acres. The }PRESIDENT, TWELVE MANA:
. of oreater length in proportion. ; we
1 Fre work double those v Fates. | 1 prize $20,000
HE or less | 0.000
ription w ill be received f 1 | 10,00C yh : Company, will be held aon the fa
4 nor any paper discontinu- 5 0001 May know the terms by applying to either] -ompany, will be held on the first Mon-
yearages aie paid, i anlof the subscribers. lay in September pext, at the house of
{ MW)
1a Sacre “does not request a dis ES JAMES POTTER, Evan Miles in
Lhe subscirine : | hi] - 500 § 2 ¥ YS
Vary (oP his pager, at the er ita . . . Ne : . - r
vance of his paper, at the end of WIL PATTERSON etween the hours of two and five o'clock;
msidered as 2a new engage-| } 200 W. T. FORBIA. ;
Era 3 ¥ arenrvdinom. lv Q 00 i i T00o0onNn ofthat
the papar forwarded according 50 y 8, 1820, BOON oO that
Pek | 5(
pair. Any peon wishing to purchase Jelletunte and 1 hilipshurg J urnpike Road
4 SCE RQ ~ .
land is of a good quality, and in good re: GLKS, and a
i : . :
the Borough of Bellefonte
} hog day.
Te] Yrho have thy iQ Pe rs car 5 6 S1X cen ts Rew ward.
the mail, must bel thie post-§
By order of she Board,
Th. Burnside,
; : L RAN away from the subscriber the
: 11 As tiouriden sx cot § : N LAL “ ALE LG Wy . ; Ne i
otters addressed t ¢ editor must bey . yr 81th ol Marah su indented apprentice tc 2 = ;
ceetyaidl 2a n 5 days August 2, 1898
the boot and shoe making, business, names
A A ES RA me 3 | ;
fil. ud Ju EORGE FLICK sa mr
Great Bargains for Cash! Tickets Six dollars, and G ORGE Yih Yon Ky Bank N&e Erthinee
- 1 i
About nineteen years old, had on wher
THE Subsicrilier begs leave to tende) 5 LN PROPORTION, he went away, a green loth coat and vest} N JLADELPHIA
o United States Branches, per cent dig,
3st -
Whoever brings back
- ~ y § Np <a ; gg > Ne
is thanks to his former customers, and LOR SALE 41 fur hat and boots.
; 1 Li Be Ea : “TY A7 A IFIVES said runaway shall have the above reward:
ahd Cre oy IHEP : A ; 3 W Al 1 E 8’ y 3 c
2 do
New-Hampshire, 2 do
but no charges paid. Con necticut, do
Nnriiinat If S Yay >. New-York
rtunate Office, William Kinnear, |
New- v ork country notes per ct. dis
Hom tl west corner of Third and Ches-
aped from the :
Si ! wi — v A ¢ W- 1- Jer racy.
wt ; nut Streets, Patladelfihia, ) \ Crentot ’ per ct. ding
10P fms ¥ ovint TX li
WHO HAYE PURCHASED 4 ; @ Mount He nd do
and reduced .
Cumberland (
the whole of the above splendid sclieme TT ; Pp i 11 J he do
are of your patrunsge wiil &- 1¢ above SPIChCIC pChCMeye THE Laws of Penusylvania, passed last Newark, do
realized: ENTRE BANK] land who have SOLD and PAID prizes, a-1Segsion, and the journals of the legisla-| Brunswick Bank do
Sea : > {Sussex Bank,
mounting to ture, are received at this office, and arc. to
La : tate Bank at Trenten, do
Tw oh Cs 7 5 Millions of Dollars. now ready for distribution to those enti-|At Bizabe thtown do
1. i At Morristown
: a Lhe ” ..itled to receiv
vr White-Hall Hug ust 12, 1820, {All prizes in the above Lottery, will be paid led to'Feceive them.
et ———————————————— fs ey te et et et —————
I AL Patterson 19
JOHN 1 y Liroih’y : aw ao
Se a in GOLD; as svon as demanded. At Brunswick
Bellefonte, July 19 Feng. as sn
ry iF AVS Orders, inclosing the CASH, will be k ! or LAE 4 enns;
> I {promptly attended to. 53 Fran Par ema
CAME to the plantation of the subscri-| May 25,1820. The
2 va 1, C : | si i Jani
Pennsylvania Insti-|teston Baul ¢
ber, in Potter township, Centre county’|
eb Al i 2 do
ioe oP Tg THRE |W 0 Be Suid : tution for the Deaf BANK NOTES AT A DISCOUNT
Ng ) iY, ERE] 1 e 50 l¢ at or rate fide 1h uv .
vize One sorrel ao Pry : nd Dum b, Nee re % 1 do
? ale Ahi [cw Hope Bridge }
legs white; one Sale, RECENTLY established in the city of |! CB :
hester cou inty Bank
r eX bl \ . ac} . Volt _* $ : 3
sixteen years ol hs) A valuable tract of wood land, situated|Philadelphia, have : appointed the subscri-| Vest Chester
® > ntgomery count ty Bank,
Northampton Bai K,
| By
and conditions of person: {Farmers Bank of Léncaster
S03 he yg las Old Bank of Carlisle
witaln the Commonwealth, @aooring under Ren fre: o Sarlislo
way {Packer, sr. deceased. TERMS wil Clhese afflicti Sus
LS * |
) do
lt, of a bright bay col-| in Howard tow viishipy Centre county, ad-|lbers a Committee to endeavor to ascertain)
} to come, prove! Hoi ing lands of Isaac M’ Kinney, and Mi-ithe number
. 3 ’ i , fet
property, pay charges and ke them a-ichasl Mcese, late the estate
x J o ‘
4 “usquehanna Bridge
made ki . SHB Aatinh te . ATT Eat
{nade known en application to on the subject arc| Marietta, 40
‘ " i’ 7. oh ie ail . Lancaster Tradine Co ar
Amos fracker, ore solicited, and in order that* they iB omy
July 7. 1890 {may be made in conformity with the views| Ha Bank
7 3
el of the Society, it is respecifully saggest. |B: : M, ton,
“WINNS 3x ~
3 y ~ by ” he i
The gui | the exact place of residence, end] mbersburg
ive > > 3 bua ' Bay Ft : I i 1 3
and the pubi n general, that they have! 1 '0 DE SOIU i
paired their ma
So ef do
ge and S¢X of (he in divi a lual I: ay! do
IN pursuance of t] ro
iy Yl N. CHA do
: . {tament of Thomas M’Calmont, Esq 3 WwW
woolen factory in SY te
lof Walker township deceased, Will bel A
- county, to attend them, { Uniot [ no sales
Bears his} . . {sold by private ‘sale, MYT. R, 1. he
ent from his lon a ets Ah ns J : x sv vy | UNL 10
agnu trom nt ong CXperic C ‘AL DER BY iN pes no saies
able to rende: 1 a S201res ot | mee ba ntre his 15 dis.
Vi. oa untingdol 40 do
| Five Dollars Rewa Ed. [Agricul bank of Carlisle no sales
etween thirty and forty of whic r vat Of Yonnala 75
2 the rest ol Pennsylvani
i \ . ia : Ranaws y from the su Wecriber)s on Sun- : tL rennsyivania
cicarad, adjoining lands of James St wtes of Incorporied banks 25 to 50 dis,
: the 6th day of Aupust instant. an. an.
od others. For terms ann {day y August instant, an ap Delaware:
> per pou or 3 a 2 prentice to the Tayloring business, named | :
pound fi Ii nels Ww K g 5 ’ did Bank of Delaware perct. dis,
, 1f paid on or befor : . Steph 38 Lewis, Wilmington & Brandywine do
Ww liai in ; Maryland,
1 perct. dis;
3 do
plexion, very talkative, and very nner | Cumberland bank, Allegenys0 do
i LACIstlow 1} 3 do
tor 50 do
not taken.
vember next : if ) os :
faged about 16 years, about 4 feet 3 inches
high, black hair, daik eyesyand fair com | Aunapolis and Branches
The above rew
rson who will ret
2 ent Ol th
’ }
D r " tio ved acainst harborine him Bnd 4 GO
¢ ad < 4 o . : iri
aC i atriot,” ‘ } .
Fr: 340 TON kichmond and branche : de
This establishment igh LJistrict 0} iz de
SE Having I: ately suspeaded specie
KE i] RIN N 1 ‘NG dayments, no sale,
ras, J Mag Siratics
? : tate
eat} nrintcg, a ‘ Y i nck c
Ly printed, at thei Newbern, &e.
oN } y } be - ‘
wouth Carolina notes,
tice, at this office,