Bellefonte patriot. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1818-1838, July 22, 1820, Image 3

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    ppa— — 3 a = fate Mary Grant, George Grant, William List of Letters
A VT] (3 N 3 “i t Grant, Thomas Grant, John Hepburn and
[A MA ARN 2. ¥ . i ’ : ’
» . » . - 3 3 J
2 i Kemaining'in the - Post Office at Bellefonte)
- ” Sop S v JCC Cl
liang his wile, late Juliana Grant, Debo- . J
rant avd 3 : : July ‘1st 1820.
rah Grant and oto Grant, children ant La
: Xian A dare Naryet enon ay
legal representatives of Thomas Grant de Wiiliam Adams, Nancy Ambrose, Jos
seph Atlee, James Alcxander, William
Brindle, David ‘Blair, Rebeckah Barger
creatures ceased; together and undivided do hold
h her hind legs white; sixteen contiguous and adjoining tracts of
1 > ¢ H _ : w ’ . y Henry Benner facob or Yocenl n : er
count ies ol entre, iub-p. | bik i . iand, situate In the township of Boggs, i AN ho OF 403e. hauling y
tein : du : rse, abou sINiee ears \ iC LOW LS HL in IETES; in %
Brat LOL, SIXiven, years i. bv AF Cent i John Barr, William Barr, Frederick Bare
iand a two vear old colts of a bricht bay col. |*¢ CoUMmy oi Centre—~OQOne thereof survev-
‘sys : a Ly Cc 3 CO} 1 Of (if ba 3 os . J i
Harperyand ‘isaac NM Siaboy. ] 4 3 ah oer Phomas Bowed, Samue: Beerber
Harperyand | "tor. The owner is desired to co rove 108 dn the name Ann + Deal, containing{® rn
CAMTE IN A Ch Oe four hundred aver amt Samuel Blair, Joba Ti. Dogos, Thomas
: uaa MRL ty pavacharoes and purl) : na te twenty sev-f « . 4
arches ahd alow ahee | Bathurst, Christian Dechtol, James Craw=
{ilin ald Bediore
Hord, F—1.evi Countrymany Richard Chad=
{ thirty three wick, 2 ; Commissioners, 2 ; Jaco Coons
§1 TY 3 (h § 3 3 i wk i } . Noo > WF Yanet « 3: 1 1 Tho 148 C TY SU i > . Richard £3 -
i €1 miner, 0a Behr wits Lai __ tacres one hundre d sixty three perches womas Curry, busan Cox, Kichard Ca
Yoda 1; 1 A YL and allowance, &c. Anoths hereof sur-
: + {Lh 3 ry ah \” 1 2 > n x vo oama , 3
J ail ely Ci J 3 p veyed in the name of John Scott, contain.JCoPPerths aif, Abél Dougherty, 23 Aare
¢ 3 - + i r % : ylrganty rn FE AYY Ey J
Rellefonte, for the coun: es ht 53 ; g ing four hundred Lud nineteen acres and \gherty, Gratz LEtting 4 3
. ; | L145 1a) vivania, passed lasty = Shei ph :
Cente. on the fourth Monday offic. : : : one-hundred and twenty cicht perches wieton, Samuel Everlicart, James
+O LIL: Ly Ld ’ 4 Cs 100, ant the vr Ya “i > E . v 5 = ad . A J ’ ’
0 ad q% ournais oi legisla
rey, Adam Carson, Philip Craig, Samuel
1 Of
: - the {4 thereof # allowance * ano! yp be } eRe a rs Andrew F¢rzer «vi Sarto Cian 4
4 next, being the 38th day thereof # his: ioltlod and an allowance ; another (57068 surves 0 thetcly cizery, David Fulton, Samuel
* : | SPE ~“Iname of Yohn Bape, containme four hun ishery, Charlys Huston, esq. 2 3 Willlbm
ire {HOW TI'eal aistribution to those enti : ? : : re rot Trg X
“wr £ 3 > 1
: : ) i v BF 53Cays fe ofr
Foogt Bigs : Gand six acres, niveiy eirht perches and Fr aaily aly Mary EACLGY, WIL OTid-
LCE 8S her eh i G t led to receive then. 4 3 y ¢if
| HN RANKIN. 7 Hlowance 5 another ihercot surveyed in thef'c Hellman, Sarah Hastings, i's
- o | ( ! \ 19 r T » y § y
CATE he ces of the eac 3 a BANKING Droth’y. ; ‘oo © \ Bey Dat enders fahn
ner, the JuspIcES x Toh ie “HJ name of Samuel Scat containing four hand: }257 29 cl Henderson, John
antes af theesaid county of C ELC] CRIC, JULY 2 0 440, \ y : Mary Jackso Yeoree Folie m
tables of thes ved twenty twoacres eighiy eight perches Mary Jackson, George Johnson,
t they be then and there u Lu ; Er Thar
“rl ey a NLsaardiP?a /
per peisons atten o'clock in the JIC // S Sale.
. } &
core noon of said day, with their
1 y . f hns \ Ini cto X3 oar
and allowance ; another thereof surveyed Fofinston, Jobo Johnston, R
Hgen, John Trewin, Joseph &
in the name of Bepjamin Baird, containing
+ ted ha Auditarly . P. A. Karthaus, J. Long ne
» writissued by the Audilorifour hundred thirty three acres one han x Shi Br J
. ‘ 1 N r i .
rons oad remembrances, 10 ( * wntnoniwesiih of TP Ennei] ' ; ' rire , a 1vh}
on aa : ; . ymmonwealth of Penmsyl-ldred and sixty perches and allowance ; an- James Ligget, Jane Lamb,
things which to their offices appertan Ito me directed, ‘will be sold on
tape. And those who are bound by he viomises. i $3 sata. | : SH : A :
: es, in Becana to Cooper, containing four hundred and thir- M"Ghee, Jolin Mitchel, i
viizapces to prosecute agalisv tue gaa connty, on Friday the 2511 \y i, { Ai To > » 1 8
a p §y bh Daa) ; / Hy three acres one hundred and sixty ree{ 3 'Clure, Ldward Mw poy,
' ohn Ligget, David NM’ Donal
other thereof surveyed in the name of John John L gach David M'Donal
vis Aner ist wre. orshall be an the Jail gust next the toilowing Fherchzstisud allows; ¢63 another thereofrRobere Mootle, Deb
of the county of Contre, ‘are ¢ then randnear Abraham K ag Be-lsurveyed in the name of William Clank, rick MK cima;
and there to proscoute ageinst ‘them as ginning at a post, thence by laid ollc: ntaining four hundred and thirty th reek
sball be just. James Blain, North eighty five: degre sjacres one ligndred and sixty three perche oe
: Calmont, James M'Ciare, James MG
rcorge Meese, Hugh M’Clure, Huaph MY
Nathan ° M’Closks vy Yad ward
‘ ,
3 eo e the t! bi A0Y ‘vitor la : ; i |
Dated at Bellefonte, th 7 west 460 perches to a post—thence hy vi a+ and allowance ; another thereof surveyed)
of Julyy in the yedar. o EL aang
3 3 - " -! iw
cant land, south ten degrees east 190 per-li; » name ol iia: iri containing 5
) 8 p in the name of William Baird, contaiuh gi] M Williams: Fumes Martin
d ane theusand eight hund-lehec 08 hence r “Ian JL 3 ov 3 OR »
Lord one thousand eight ches to a post, thence by land of L-lfour hundred ‘and thirty three acros orel vy ilii.m MK. an, Hugh M’Clelland, Wn
vel and \ and 3 I Pert ve 3 un Aen pon} y Ne re tr a) i . i pa itis 2 s Ao
red and twenty Feld hraim Blane, south eighty five aegreesi hundred and sixty three perches and allow- in, Lawrence Peters, Samucl Patioa
: } Gs} 3 La . ' { " y A Qamilucy ©2710
year of the mdepen- east three bu red and eighty four perches ance, Smother thereof surveyed in the]
ce of Jnited S in Pution Esq, John Purdue Michael
ence of the United Statés of to a post, tl
1 ini 1 |
{ Allen Campbell; containing iour| NE i i .
I 1 Bi ¥ a ? a i Poornial is Vir. etn, William aches
ees west one hundred and eighty veld d irtv AB acres one hundred! «x. :
4 hundre and thi ly three i - | W ithham Russ 2 3 Ann Rider, John Ri
5 elect Baothninnd ra : 2
ics to the place of Beginning, contai n-iand sixty three perches and allowance ; an-leg
RT +0) “ 3 iGeorge Rothoock 2 5 John Rothreck, capt
: 426% acres, with the usual allowance oflgther thereof Stes od in themname of John Geox % : 13.) :
. : ; v s PO de . Qatclt ty rh . ~ 5c )
Printers {six per cent for roads, &c. Said tract of Wilson containing four hundred and twelve nia 0 drew Sate”
: 19, : dogers, Andrew Ritchey , Siew
and was mortgaged to the trustees of the! : ee fot PT epi .
THE newspaper establishment end ke £5 OF thClacres and three fourths of an acre and aflow-
general loan office, on the 2
ig J HI O er, hank n B. Stik, 1c ils
2ud of Noves-| jance ; } another t the reof survey ye d inthe name]
4 ils Miller hers
ber 17¢ BS, hy William fill é1 Camb er {of John Bla
intng materials of the
w= 3 !
: WR
” CK containing four hundred and sy. 4a ve :
sctarn lam erat.” 5 James Ship, Flizabeth Stephensy Hoary
vy (RCL A ; eo x
C5OWR LCI0CTAL, and courity, and to be sold as the Property hinivty three acres one hundred and sixty [bir vied AB 3
re » * ou ; fh 2X ANF tan ‘ . } [2a Joi Shirvick, cnr #£ rain ‘
ARE of ered for sale: The substuption of the said Mijler. | three perches. and. allowance ; another)
jist is as vespectable as any country sy John Mitchell Sheriff thereol surveyed in the name of Willian boo
y Robert Stephenson, Balser Bellcrsg
bY : a at ak . yt iui Re ON Steely Charles Trek yuinys
tablishment in the, state—1he materials RY eriff se Office, Bello fortes Campbell, containing four hundred and} orge Tubbs, Robert Thompson, Henly
pre portly new, and in tig best order. | Jute 26,0 1830. $ thirty three acres ope hundred and sixty! gruey Lohis Williams, Jose Webea
“he estoblishment will ‘secute a com- > three perches and allowance ; another the :
fortable living ‘to any person desuious to To William. Rawle and to William Tot surveyed in the name of Jean Black, con” i T ot Jacob Kyler,
embark in the busine n Morris and Mary Ibis wife, late Mary taining four hundred and thirty three ac :
: on, George
- : ft \ i ly . , 4 Yu ol : . 0
For terms apply to the subscribers, re-, (ral :corge Grant, William Grant, one hundred and sixty ee perches
siding in Doylestown, Bucks county. | Thomas Grant, Jolin ‘Hepburn and Juli-|allowance 5 another thereof surveyed
WILLIAM WATTS, | ana his vif, late Juliana Grant, De
eho-{the name ol Samuel Fips, containing
YIN T FAR IR Tis Patt} va As Foi yn :
BENJAMIN MORRIS, In. rah Grant, and Robert Grantee {hundre ed thirty three acres one hundred and ; meet sae
4 . 2 gr "xe YIN TWIST ¥ . * ‘ .d . : i : J ons > ’
\ AssIgnees, LK 10 NA % that a writ of parti: }sixty three nce and allowance; andi’ HO! : Penns; lvania,
gis a copy, has another thereof surveyed in the name of
PE BF An Court: of Common David M'Kee, containing four hundred
20 Crinteys ; os : id
fand thirty three bundrediand six-
three perches ard’ allowance, and con-} er. 1s ule ¢ le heirs and [eo
THE ESTABLISHMENT 5 allowance, -a } I > and 1g al
¢« §,veoming
\ ' a9 vy Fifi be taining in the whole six thousand eight} iesentatives of Thomas Billingten, late op
ar > { oe 3 Lev A & ; : , : . {
Gazette, N i is wd 3 «ln 8 . 9 h 274 :
Toe and forty six acres and sixty fourfihe City of Philadelphia, deceased, td
cub i Pp M | I'N TRE COUN IY, G8. {perches and aliowa nce, &C. be, th samiticame into out aon the fourth Mo ay of
; at 4 oe bk Homeltary a The yantd AViilss i or af :
containg sbout 700 names, and mich { The Commonwealth of Penn. Bore of ey the « said William} August next, bring the 28th day of said
- . . . ~ > ree - 3 5 =
ye encreased. I he Job cust Be : sylvania to the Sheriff of Cen Rawle, at Villiam T. Morris &! mont, at an Orphans Court to be held
og 0 oy : 1 rome s county Greeting 3 Land
$800 per annum All Ue county LrreCting Mary Grant, George! for said County on that day, wand shew
: + 1f James Burnside, Jane Fleming Burn- :
sv the four counties of oo J in 991 a1 3 allc Fleming Burn t
iam Grant, Thomas Grant
side and Mary Nancy Burnside, w
cause i any they have, wiy the real es-
tery and M’Kean is ex
office, The materials are : fathe and next iend Tho mas Juliana Grant, Deborah Grant & Robert}
: side, aud Nanc 3 hots oan
superior to those of an Buia side, and Nancy Fleming, make you Grant, p artition thereof between them a
Sun an lian: 1s wife. Ia §
burn and: Juliana bis wife, late] ie that was thé property of the said
[omas Billington, deceased, lying and
oeing within the said county of Contre
setaBlich Manto LA (secures then Summon, by good SUmMMmMon- | cordi o to the laws 2 ~ustoms. of the bk y
ry establishment in the State, 7 fi [Foes to the Jaws and customs. of the 0. county of Clearfield, should not be
‘ sers, William Rawle, William T. M P ‘Ivania
composed of SCS, WW HHiam Rawic, iam . 01 ris | 0 onwea } Pennsvivania (o l 2G " ; : :
ny mmonwcaith ot insyivania )C 1m xposed te sale and sold by an order of
. 5 " £31 y vad » \1 s 304 7% r oe . } : . . : .
press, on which the news. and Mary his wile, late Mary Gran inte contradict, and the same to be done de
££. y » YY - E ’ "
Coant, William wnt, Thomas Grant i vd
' nt as rant |, unjustly and contrary to the TTI : ’
|: : iE : not permit justly. ‘and RFQLy sit CERTIVIED under my hand and scal
| John Hepburn and ina his wile, late
s#1td Court.
me laws and customs, &c. as they say’
| : xa > 1 ' :
{Juliana Grant, Deborah Grant, and Robert| Ang
of said Court; at Bellefonte, the 20th
have you then there the summoner Fk NF Lay
Picd; ' Americans a Sh 3veyou Ju day of June A. D. 1820.
BA - Allg ixrant chit} ren 2 i leer fot Pntalivy 3 . . ’¥rEvR YY ‘ J . .
) | s CRYIGTED and gre pre IVES and this writ. WITNESS the Honorable
afumbilan, Smaiilof Fhomas Grant deceaced. tl it they be arles Huston: esauire. President of out WwW mn. i etrik BH
/ ica and appear before the Jadees of our court {said court, ar Bellefonte, the twenty ninth Clerk 0. Cs
lan ditto, fluted and P alh of Common Pleas. at Bellefonte in the aid LL A ceaab ie ithe rans h gE CF en
different sizes, togethet {county of Centre, on the foarth Monday of thousand eight hund and twenty. "OF SALI E,
4 +x : ; : NLT NT :
oLner "atlicie necessal tO Aor © i JL / .
‘ FAAAUUSTE 1 I! a “ye t Clomme Monc 4 4 tam yibi4 : po an Fi
Ya tens a ext, at a court of Common Pleas | te Sth of June 1820, on the petition of A quantity of Kentucky Bacon, Lake
wepaper atid j100-othice tees y : 4 ne St . ie 1 5a 2% 3 i
Ae] J 1ithere to be holdes v > said county ol Thomas riot a TAD pres nted apd iat, C tice, and Country Sugar, Meads
101 > 3A ’ J Lak fas is “
{C entre, to shew wherclfore, Whereas the |
payment will be made casy, .
, ’ : : : . p So acitivrihiar aryl 1.7}
irthe lcead, the court appoint John Hepburn tile, Susquehanna, and Waterford Turns
il IC be } . oy :
Shh said James Burnsi e. J Temino nr 1 : - ‘ : ‘ 3 i nike Hills r > nay One VY eI
en : i le, Jane Ieming. Burp {cuardian for Deborah Grant and Robertp ke bills, or other par moncy received
{side, and Mary Nun Jurnside, and Nan-| : ar a wd a .. JAB]
: : \ { Grant, minor defendants in this suit, to re-
he said William Rawk F
(2y Fleming —and v » Wa, L. ‘PACKER.
i - CIve nolICce thacreol,
{ X71 ras 2 ¥ 3 Pe i hs " Le ; ¢
joe William 1, Morris and Mary hus wife, | ¥ 1K ur Clearfield County, June 30, 1820,