Bellefonte patriot. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1818-1838, March 25, 1820, Image 1

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SATURDAY, March 25, 1620
TE cecal i
Rot ICE. Sie
Jv virtue of a writ of Venditioni Ex-
ROBERT and Wii: STEWART ips} BY: virtue ofa writ of Venditi :
form those persons who are indebted 10]
Vol. 11.
SB gag
co cn
wr .
” CTT _
Sm Lr oss sm et Baits rm ess
The pice of this paper is ‘we Goliers
wt fifty. cents per annum—Dbut if paid hall
yoarly in advance, ‘two dollars only will be
charge d. git )
Advertisements, maki ng no more in
length then breadt By will be inserted three
times for one dollar; and for every subse-
guent continu TCE twenty- -five cents.—
Those of greater length in proportion.—
Rule or figure work double those rates.
No subscription will be received for less
than one year; nor any paper discontinu-
ed until all arrearages are paid.
f the subscriber does not request a dis.
continuance of his paper, at the end of the
year, it will bo considered as a new engage-
ment; and the paper forwarded according -
Tr I» TT.
Subscribers who have their papers cat
ried by the mail; savst he liable for the post. (of. Bellefonte, now in the tenure of I
we Cees tT Was TH din philly
t be
3 a SA Bi
rp SB 2 : * : ®
FHOSE persons who are indebted to
{ponas isstied out of thelCourt of Common |the subscriber are once more requested to
XT Floss of Ce ntre county to me directed, call and discharge their accounts, or they
i 2 1 . 4 ; ba
them, that: their Books. are left pit il be exposed to sale, on Saturday the| will be put into’the hands of proper offi-
G. Miles and S. M. Green, at John Blanch - ‘first day of April next, atthe house offcers for collection. All Kinds of grain,
chard esq’s, who are regularly authorised, Walborn, Centre
Miles township, A certain tract of land
in Rebersburg, bank notes, or any other par mo-
to receive all debts due them, and that
ney will be taken in payment.
George Bressler.
Nov. 25, 1819. 29n|jtf.
¥ BY
BAK 4 9
For a term of years,
! THAT noted and well known Tavern
stand and Distillery, at Mill Hall, Centre
County, about’ twenty miles from Relle-
‘hey have instructions to coliect it in the
with the improvements and appurtenan-
most speedy way.
Bellefonte, March 8th. 1820.
10 LET,
For one or more years,
A TWO story frame house and ki tchen,
situated on Spring street, in the Borough
ces, situated in said township, containing
|eight acres, more or less. Seized and
taken in Execution and tobe sold as the
property of Daniel Weaver.
John Mitchell Sheriff .
Sheriff ’s Office, Bellefonte,
March 1, 1820.
—————r te prog Arn
2 7
Iv . a mn ————
Si J ay " é » RT. ’ .
née. as Posesstehwill be Siw NOL Ce.
Tetiets addressed to thes editor must
pose paid.
fonte, on the road leading to the Gennes»
see Country &e. &c.—In point. of situa-
tion this stand is not exceeded by any in
the County.
cn oni the first of April next. For terms
Tr. Burnside.
Bellefonte, March 6th, 1820.
Those who are indebted to Benner &
apply to
ICambridge, and the subscribers; are re.
quested to call and discharge their ac. There are on the premises
hanna i 'n 4 e Road.
“and the public, thet they have in operation,
ghree fiopad, at thie house of Locwor John
The stockholders are requested to pay
to the Treasurer, on or before the 10th day
of April \next, an instalment of three dol-
lars on each share of stock Subscribed.
By order of the Board.
Philipsburg Marck 6, 1820. 4t.
e oe subscribers
inform their friends
Pipl, where they will do all kinds of
in the best and cheapest ARE sions
Kinds of table libnen, flowered coverlids,
Yarn may be left with Joseph Updenrat
Inkceper, Beliefonte, with the neccessary
directions-—ov ii sore convenient brought
to the subscribers. Those who leave their
yarn with Mr, Updegrafl will receive their
All Kinds of
produce will be taken in paymen
such as, grain, butter, pork, &c. The fol-
o ave the prices for which they
cloth at the same place.
Plain cloth
Table cloth from
Coverlids trom
J. Lambert & Brot
the making of the Philipsburgh and Sus-
quehavna Turnpike road, are hereby
med, that proposals will be received on the
cob Test, in Philipsburgh.
in all the above
as good as the other.
hanna Turnpike Road.
PERSONS wishing to take contracts for
17th day of April next, at the house of Ja~
Ly order of the Board,
-jcounts, &s they will be put into the hands
¥L.T: Bes: ny % 3
Philipsburgh and Susque
of proper officers for recovery. All kinds
-of grain, Centre Banknotes, or other pai
money, will be taken in payment.
Philip Benner § co
Bellefonte December 1, 1819,
Those who are indebted to the subscri-
ber are requested to call’ and discharge
their accouas, or they will be put into the
hands of proper
officers for recovery. —
All kinds of grain,—Centre Bank notes
March €tlr 1820.
Near Pennsborough.
We, the undersigned, inhabitants of
the different townships and counties here
after mentioned, having tried the PLAS-
TER, that was found on the land of James
Walton, near Pennsborough, Lycoming
county, on cioyer, corn, rye, and in many
other ways ; and also by the side of the
Gennessee plaster, DO CERTIFY that
mentioned trials, we could
aot see any difference in the production
ofthe two plasters; the one was equally
As witness our
hands. :
For Sale or Rent
Greenwood township, Eelam, co.
or other par meney, will be taken in pay-
H. Humes.
Bellefonte Mov, 25,1819,
EE ET iii
Those indebted to the subscriber, for
goods purchased at his Store, are hereby
informed, that all kinds of grain will be
received at market price, or Centre pa-
per, or other par paper in Payment there.
James Potter.
Potter's Mills Novem. 25, 1819.
ALL persons indebted to the subscri-
ber are requested to call and discharge
their accounts. The subscriber will at-
tend two weeks from the 27th instant, at
his former place of residence in Brush-
valley, to give those in that neighbor.
of April next.
a good house, and the necessary stabling,
and eight acres of excellent meadow,
Possession will be given on the first day
For terms apply to Josep
Bartles, near the premises, or
Nathan Harye
Mill Hall, February 9th 1820.
The subscribers inform the public that
they have receieved a small, but gente]
supply of
suitable for the season, which they will
sell, generally, on as moderate terms as a«
ever offered for
ny they have sale in this
for receive
Wheat, at the market price, notes of the
County, which they will
Centre Bank, or notes at par in payment.
They also earnestly solicit their friends
that have unsettled accounts
01 “iohe
standing tocome forward in the course of
the ensuing wintery and settle them on
the above terms.
Duncan & Forster.
Aaronshurgh Nov’r 24, 1819.
ALL persons indebted to the estate of
ADAM HUBLER, late of Haines town-
eceased, either by bond, note or
book account, are requested to come fore
ward immediately and discharge their ac®
counts j and all persons having just des
Mountpleasant township: thood indebted to him, a favorable oppor-
Columba township.
A. M’MICHAEL, I$ requested, as al i
Derry township. [accounts must be closed. Wheat will be
H. FAHNESTOCK, received i
ran Lay cceived in payment of debts, fi ich
DANIEL BUCK, L oh p / + ; i 2) or whic
Muncy creek, towns hip, Lycoming co. the Lewisburgh price will be given, if
delivered atthe subscriber’s mills m Nit-
tany—~Likewise notes ofthe Centre bank,
THAT beautiful farm heretofore ocen-
pied by Mrs. Henney, ob the west branch
of the Susquchanna, in the county of Clear
field, and only one mile and’ a half from the
connty town, containing. 612 ac res,
mands against said estate are requested to
bring them forward, properly attested, for
tumty of discharging their accounts,
punctual attendance
settlement, before the first day of May
There are on this
Ziaines townshify, Feb. 29th 1820.
ALL persons having any- demands a»
ainst the estate of CONROD PLOT-
lt Droase to present their accounts to
toantine S45
wonling 0495
property, dwelling ‘houses large ¢
property, 8¢ enough, Muncy township, |,
with a few repairs to accomodate two
families, also a Grist and Saw. mill :
N. B.
fourths of a mile from Pennsborough, neat
This quarry is situate three-
of the
land there is{rom 60 to 70 acres cleared
Greensburg, and many other banks, will
be received at par.
John M’Ghee.
Nittany Mills, December 2nd 'P-
he establishment of the
“ Bellefonte Patriot,”
Is offered for Sale.
: ‘ithe west branch of the Susquehanng.—
d; much of the!
being level, both winter and sunimer
with a garden and orchar : 24 :
arid Further information may be had by en-
anf .
s In Penns’
borough, who can direct persons to the
quiring of any of the Innkeeper
SPY a d rase can 1 23rd x 3 x oD I
grain, and gras an be mad in great a
bundance ; there are also two good barng.——|
: (quarry.
indispu- |
fy ial’ P } t g
table title will be giten, on the payment of | © dollars per ton, at the quarry.
All kinds of grain, beef, pork and flax.
seed will be
» late of Haines township, deceased,
PB a 3 will be sold al the
The terms will be liberal, and an
subscribers for adjustment, before the Ist
day of April next, and all persons w
indebted to the said estate,
pay off beforg that day, otherwise they
will ge compelled so 10 do,
This establishment Loare
holds forth many advantages ; and will am-
the purchase money. Further enquiries
Yor I ne : mast call and
to be made of tagen in payment,
Farmers are requested to come and ses
ply recompence any one who can devote his
time and attention to the same.
apply by letter, post paid JACOB HERRING,
oe W. BRINDLE. ' Adminis
eoruary 16th 1830. Haines townshifi, Feb. 28, 1820.
tn gr. rua
Peter Arn Karthav S,
for themselves, and I this For terms
i 1k they will
Or satisfied.
Cle nD
arfield eomnty. R. M. LANGDON.
rh A > J )
rch 1 Pennsborough, Jan, 12, 1820.
his agents, now in Coving ton township,
Ma 16; 182
{rator 4