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    rilT—Thursday evening Of last
*"m>sM McCfoery’e bouse m >eaTW,
T " n e off the .hatters of one of, the
»' fJioL and going in through the
- Mr McCreeryV Urge watch
:-Th« i« ihe h ° ibe Uine ’
barked nor disputed the entrance,
',t Haring made an entrance, they
'„l«ked tbe front and back doors, as 1.
-a and then proceeded to pack op in
raP t C«relr.r.ide. of wild and plated
Sk art* together with a ham and two
elver w . There were two bag
’r which we« rltned s in the
f o near the foot of tbe stairs. Tbe artl
were brought from the adjoining
* room and curried to the baskets by
A while the other with pistol in hand
Hed'the stairs The inmates of the
£ f slept up stairs, nnd Mr: J M.
,cereery being -TQStless, W
Iwsko eitheMCcldentally or by>hearing
m e noise just at the time when the
inr£r)flrs probably were almost ready to
I He first thought that there was
something wrong about the lamp which
ffa ; left burning as usual in the hall, but
* getting up and going to tbe door dis
covered nothing and went back to bed.
In a short time he again noticed that the
lirht which shone under his door varied,
and he then supposed that one of his
r " hid gone down stairs and to satisfy
h mSf went to their bed-room door to
gp’e-and found it locked. His apprehen
,i'ias we re then fully roused and he
~f t c ej that there was somebody down
ftsirs that had no business there. Getting
Li-revolver, he again went into the hall/
nair?, and leaning over the railing of
to- stairs, discovered the two men in tbe
2S iat ihe baskets, but in leaning over he
I roa it- some noise which attracted the at
-1 temi in <>f the men, one of whom imtne
it. ly shot, the ball clipping a curl from
-nr head nf Mr, McCreery. Mr. McCreery
returned the fire, ihe thieves fled, one of
ijjtin dripping the lamp, which
naiely did not explode. Mr. McCreery
- .ii iwed and several shnis were- exchang
ed in the darkness, but nb one was
nuired, the thieves making their
t/:ape, one by the front door, the other
t,y ;Lc back. The pistol reports, how
-Ter, were heard by the neighbors
i,.,0a a rum-tit r of them came running in to
s:e what was the mailer. The silver
wire was packed in baskets, besides a
and some bread, and if the robbers
had had a few minutes more would prob
tb'y have got away with them. Some of
the articles which had been collected
Trade the robbery a bold undertaking, for
bo;i,g -marked, they might have been
easily traced antkby that means the bur
glars detected. WHal means' have been
taken to discover the burglars we do not
know, but it is to be hoped that they
i may be arrested and punished to the fail
Vextent of the law. Burglaries are becom-
liOi: common and vigorous measures are
Deeded to protect the community against
t V r. m
Personal. Joe Snellenburg, of the well
tto<va and reliable firm of S. & J. Snellenburg,
popular dothers and merchant tailors, of Jrew
Brighton, Is now in the east where he Intends rc
jcaining a few weeks for the purpose ot pnrchas
,nc a very large, new and complete stock of rctmy
made clothing, also a complete line of
Iv.rseye, Cassituerea, Diagonals, Trecoes, Meltons
iud Jeans. Also English goods, Fnstians, Cordfc
oyiand Moleskin. Mr. Suellenburg’s long and
'radical experience in the clothing business en
tiles him to select the very best material, while
;«business capacity ensures purchases at low Ag
ree. knowing as he does that by baying largely
le beet rates are seen intends baying
;e largest stock ever brongii£s> the county, and
any house \yest of Pb Ha
ns Tranks and Valises of every va
ety, alJTnndenvear and Uoisery. Coats, Pante,
It*sts suits made to order or any desired
fits guaranteed. Come one, come
ning September 10 t 025. For fnr
--.'s see New Brighton Illustrated
ci published monthly by S. £ J. Snellenburg.
"■stractive fire occurred in New
Monday evening about 9
t broke nut in the stable in the
. Koox By super hu
.n efforts of the citizens the fire was
icked in the direction nf Boyles' build
s and the Nesbennock, by saving Mrs.
Kee's house which is just across the al
from the bam.. The house was on |Bp||
eral and was saved almost bw a
Scle. North of the stable was uhe
1 -e \V
ed store of A. Fisher, which was
Imed, and from which fire was commu-j
Rated to the frame store rooms of Georgy
mderson, A. Cubbison & Son, R. P.
ibiason and Mr. McNair. In an other
‘ectiodTiie lEjre swepl. down the Knox
age, of J. N. Euwer & Sops,
'A. Gilliland &"iso)in, andT^cGown,
! brick buildings. Ci.i the;. ojSposite of
11 street, old Town Hall was several
i ies on fire./anditfwas feared .that the
f ire neat of wooden buildings
i ion would have to go, but tbef were
ted in a damaged condition. /The jtfo
pty destroyed was mostly covered by in
duce and in a year or so probably the
llpt district will be restored with finer
tydings than covered it before.
once Cake.— To the yolks of six egge, well
b, add throe-quirter fc. of white sugar. juice
e lemon, one-halflb. of floor, having io It
neasure of Banner Baking Powder, and the
!B o f Eli eggt. beaten very stiff.
can of the Banner Baking Powder contains
all measure, to be used' oven full; according
inted lf yon cannot obtain this
J valuable article from yonr grocer, send
ity-five cents by mail, addressed to Banner
ng Powder, P. O. Lock Box. 817, Pittsburgh,
and you will receive, postage paid, a quarter
id package, togetber'with a list of fifty valua
* e are Indebted to G. L. Chapman
Nebraska recent date.
Court Proceedings,—lht Conn of
Quarter Sessions, which was in session
last week, tfansarted a large athount of
business. Judge Lawrence, in the ab
sence of the President Judge, charged the
i Grand Jury, after which the
cases were disposed of: A
Commonwealth ts JacotrtSoblenz. In
dictment, conspiring to defraud. Verdict
vs David Anderson and’Chaa.
Indictment, True
Wm. Oyler. Indictment larpt
ny. Case continued.
Same ra Henry Stewart. Indictment"
assault and battery. True bill Defend
ant pleaded guilty and sentenced to pay
costs, and rfine of $lO.
Same vs David Corby. Indictment,
aggravated assault and battery. Ignora
mus, and prosecutor, James Harp, to pay
Sadl& Vs Enoch Field*. Indictment, as
sault and battery. Ignoramus and prose
cutor, J. .L. Welsh, to? pay the costs.
Same vs Samuel McCullough. Indict
ment, forcible entry. Ignoramus and
county to pay the costs. t
Same vs Ink.' Indictment, selling liquor
on election day. Ignoramus and county
to pay the costs.
Same vs Charles Ink. Indictment, sell
ing liquor on and
county to pay costs.
Same vs Patrick Lynch. Indicment,
robbery. True bill.
Same vs James O. Hare. Indictment,
assault and battery. True bill. Verdict
Same vs Weisgarber. Indictment,
selling liquor contrary to the law. True
v Same vs Casper Weitesell. Indictment,
selling liquor without license. True
Same vs James Roney. Indictment,
selling liquor without license. True
Same vs James lndict
ment, selling liquor without license. True
Same vs Harrison Campbell. Indict
ment, seduction and bastardy. True bill.
Same vs John Boswell. Indictment,
selling liquor contrary to the law. TrtuT
bdix - • /
Samh vs Peter Coppersmith. Indict
ment, seduction and bastardy. True bill.
Same vs John Lee. Charge, desertion,
on oath of Elizabeth Lee. Discontinued
—parlies agreeing to live together. De
fendant to pay the costs.
Same vs James Merriman. Indictment
selling liquor without license. True bill.
Defendant pleads guilty.
Same vs F G Rohrkaste. Indictment,
selling liquor without license. True bill.
Defendant pleads guilty, and sentenced to
pay a fine of $5O and cost of prosecution.
Same against vs Charles Hath. In
dictment, selling liquor without license.
True bill, verdict guilty,
Same against James Merryman.* In
dictment, selling liquor to miners. True
bill, court allow a nolle prosequi in
this cash,' ou payment of costs by defend-
Same against Samael Hannan. Indict
ment, selling ‘liquor contrary to law.
True bill. Defendant pleads guilty.
Sentenced to pay a fine of $5O and costs
.of prosecution.
Same against JatfiSiT^Hays. Indict*
meet, selling liquor contrary to law.
True bill. Defendant pleads guilty. t
Same against James Hays Indictment,
selling liquor on Sunday. Ignoramus.
Same against John F Muller. Indict
ment, selling liquor contrary to law.
True bill. Jury sworn. ISpecial verdict
Same against John F Muller. Indict
ment, selling liquor to men of known in
temperate habits. True bill verdict not
guilty. Defendant pay costs of prosecu
Same against Peter Kleer, Indictment,
selling liquor to miners. True bill. De
fendant pleads guilty.
Same against William Tupper. Indict
ment, selling liquor on Sunday. =. Ignora;
Same vs Peter Kleer. Ind ictment, sell
ing liquor without license- True bill,
defendant pleads guilty.
Same vs Charles Brobeck. Indictment,
without license. Ignorp
mus. \ '/
Same vs Lucy Johnson. Indictment,
selling liquor without licmvs©r-~Tcue bill.
Verdict guilty as to selling cider, but not
guilty as to selling other liquors.
S4me vs William Tapper. Indictment,
selling liquor contrary True bill.
Defendant pleads guilty.
Same va William Beuchler. Indictment,
sellliug liquor without license. True
bill. Continued, and defendant directed
to enter into recognizance in the sum of
$lOO. >'*
Same rs Jacob Erb. Indictment, sell
ing liquor contrary to bill.
Defendants pleads guilty. ,
SamoTS Peter Wilging. Charge, sure
ty of the peace. Folk Pro&qui entered.
Same ts William Han ison. Indictment,
assault with Intent to commit a rape.
Continued till next term, and defendant
directed to enter into recognizance in the
sum of $l,OOO.
£Bame ts J. D. Coffin. Indictment, sell
ing liquor contrary to law. True bill.
Same vs J D Coffin. Indictment, sell
ing liquor to men of known imtemperate
habits. True bill Defendant pleads
Fall Styles for 1873 are all out at
Bence’s, Beater. 3t
Meeting of the Republican Conn,
ty Committee*—' There will be a meet
ing of the Republican County Committee
at the Court House in ' Beaver on Satur
day the 18th inst., ai 1 o’clock. A full
attendance is desired.
Gko. W. Hamilton, Chairman.
Curtis, Bec’y.
The following the
Committee! /
Big Beaver—James Pattenon, James Dillon.
Beater boro—Geo W Hamilton, John. C Ban.
Borough iwp-WUllamC Fiataer.
Bddgewater Bladder
Brighton twpV Andrew WattenOl, fir. -
Baden boro—L I Berry. '
. Bearer Falla—D A Dnncle; Jjimes A Hassell,
dbriatlan4lgaUer. Prod crick ttehrkaate. ,
Cblppetfa^wp—Samoel £ (.
Darlington tkp—Sarnnel C Bhnrlocki
substitute. J ' j j
Economy twp—Samuel MsManamy.
Fallston—QeoM Fields.
Franklin twgpJoseph Phillis.
Ere edom boro—W W He or.
Freedom dwt— ——
Frankfort dlst—David Anderson, Wm Ewing.
Glasgow boro—Martha 11 Dawson.
Green twp-J H Trimble, substitute, Jackson
Swesriggin, F 8. Langfalin. \
Georgetown—Smith Curtis. \
Hopewell twp—K W Scott, David E McCalllster.
Independence—Alex Gibb.
Industry!—B B Briggs.
Maribn—Edward Cbleman.*
McGuire dlft-rJoseph M Whltchil 1 .
Moon-r John M Baker r.
New Brighton—North Ward-Geo B Barker, N
D Cone; Middle Ward.—John C Boyle, C.P Win
ter, South Ward—J P Miner, D R Corbus.
New Bewlckly Urp-G/eo H Coleman, Christian
Goebring. / \
North Sew Ickly twp—Jambs Warnock'
New Galileje—J 8 Hudson.
Ohio twp—(Clark A Hunter. S B Dawsou.
Patterson twp—D O C Patterson.
Phlllipsbnrg boro—Frederick Hogan.
Pulaski twp—Thomas Ferguson.
Raccoon twp —Joseph Campbell, Geo Rambo.
Rochester—W 8 Shallenberger, H J Speyerer, 8
B Catppbell
Kychester twp—Oliver Moulter.
Sooth Beaver—Samuel Mitchell, Joseph John
St Clfilr—J Paul.
A«(be purchase of aScwlnc Machine is of
ipay be an act for a life-time, care should be taken
inselecting one that time and nee have proven to
be the, best. Time tries all things. “Use only
furnishes the final test.” Opinions of the skill
ful puy be of value, bnt time is needed to con
firm them. While the Singer Sewing Machine
Company has given the public the finest fruits of
inventive genius, they have guarded it from a
'multitude of traps. Attachments have been ad
ded for various pnrnoses, Bht it has kept free
from all useless complications. Simplicity of
parte, end adaptation to the widest range of work
has been the constant aim.
Instead of boasting of a variety of useless
stitches and movements. It claims to make but
One Kind of Stitch, and that with the Fewest
Movements Possible. Bence the Machine may
run constantly for twenty years, or a life-time, and
work Just as well as when new.
K. Straw & Co, No. 10 Sixth Street. Pitts
burgh, Pa. aprilSWJm
New Mode of'Preducing Oas.—
One of the most recenAinventions for pro
dneing illuminating gas is that known as
the Kromschroder process, Just applied,
successfully, in the town of Great Barlow,.
England. It consists in simply‘passing
air through the vapor of a light hydro
carbon, the two {combining in a gas of
high illuminating power. The=asparatus
for this purpose is erected in the gas
works of the town, and consists of a sheet
iron chamber five feet long, four feet wide
a'nd three feet six inches high, the lower
portion being two feet wider than the up
per part for a height of about twelve
inches. In the uppe¥ chamber is placed
a valve arrangement driven by" clock
works, and by which the atmospheric air
is forced into the lower or enlarged por
tion. Here it is made to pass through a
mass of open fibrous material, the lower
part of which is kept immersed in a liquid
hydrocarbon. The aii in its passage com
bines with the vapor of the hydrocarbon
in the proportion of seventy parts of air
to thirty oi the vapor In this, condition
the gas—for such it has now become —is
conducted from the mingling chamber by
a pipe into a receiver, capable of con
taining one hundred cubic fett of the gas.
As soon as this receiver is filled, Sts con
tents are discharged into the. gas>i|®ifier
formerly used for the storage coal-gas.
The intermediate recei verkijEed because
the incorporating apparatus, although
equal to producing the required quantity
of gas. does not give sufficient pressure to
lift the large holder, which is thirty feet
in diameter. /
Mr, G, Doak 9 of 'industry town
ship, ou Monday, September Ist, lost two
good horses by lightning. The storm
came up in the morning, and the elective
flash was severe The loss to Mr. Doak
is heavy and much to be regretted.
The talented Miss CeciliaP. Cleveland,
niece of tbej »te Horace Greeley, is en
gaged in writing a book, to be called
“Journal Leaves from Cbappaqna.” The
book will contain much fresh matter coo.
cerning the lamented Horace Greeley, bis
wife and children, as well as brief sketches
of other immediate members of bis fami
ly. The book will be ready for publica
tion early this autumn—Miss Cleveland
is spending the summer at the Greeley
homestead at Chappaqua with her cousins.
She is a sprightly, interesting writer.
x JZVteNew Castle Courant says; The
Eighth Annual meeting of the Round
head Society will be held at Harlansburg,
this county, on Wednesday, September
17, 1873. A general invitation is given
to all soldiers and citizens to meet with
us. There will be a grand pic-nic. Turn
out and have a good time. Rev. Dr.
Browne, Col. D. Leasure and others wPI
address the meeting.
Fall Millinery , Mats, Bonnets,
Flowers, Ribbons, &c., at Bence’s Beavtr.
All styles out, St
The Washington Review cart Examiner
ttys: ; Dr.Beatty, of Steubenville, Ohio,
has made a deed to the congregation of
the old Flrtl Preftiyterian churchofthat
piece, givingtheib, free of "expense, that
property, and a paid up insurance policy
on the same for five years, and also $250
toward* supplying the church with a min
ister. The congregation bai extended a
ananimous lleT. Thomas Vincent
HillighD* of Wayoeshurg, to become their
—On Tuesday of last week, the Pige6n
Creek congregation celebrated the ninety •
eighthahnlversafy of the first sermon
preached at that place by Be?. John He
Millan, and the fiftieth anniversary of the
establishment ofia Sabbath schooL Ad
dresses were made by Be?. Geo. P. Hays*
D. D-. Be?. 8. M. Henderson, Be?. J.
Barr, Be?. I), Llltell, Be?. John Kerr,
Be?. B. M. Kerr. The occasion was a
very pleasant one, -
.-Alexander HcGarrel Patch, of Hons
tonvllle, who received the appointment
to the West Point Military Academy, left
for that place a few days since.
—The McClelland brothers, of North
Strabane towuhbip, this county, ha?e
sold 8,000 pounds of wool, being the pro
duct of their flock the present season.
—The Morgantown, W. Ya., fair will
be held on the Ist, 2d and 8d days of Oc
tober- The beet trotting premium is
—The camp meeting in progress at
Bentleysville is one of the most success
ful ever held upon that ground. On Sab
bath last not less than five thousand per
Aoos were in attendance and much relig
ious interest felt.
Items from the Washington Advance
of September 4th : The Cumberland
Presbyterian church building In this place
was sold on last Saturday, for $4,560.
—The grocery of A. T. Baird of this
place, was robbed on last Friday afternoon
of about $3,50 during his temporary ab
—Matthew White; of Cecil township,
bad a valuable cow ki led by lightning
daring the storm on last Monday week.
—Doting the heavy storm on last Mon
day week, Abel C-*ry, of Ruffs Creek,hai
a rick of oais struck by lightning and
burned to the ground.
—Rev. E- K. Squires, of Pittsburgh,
delivered the Baccakurate Sermon before*
the graduating class of Waynesburg Col
lege, on last Sabbath evening.. -
—Dr. T homaB H. Weiricb, has located
in Wellsburg, W. Va., where he is meet
ing with great success in his chosen pro
—A wild cat has been disturbing the
psace.of.jsomepf the denizens on Bates’
Fork or Ten Mile creek In Greene county.
—The largest boat ever built on the
MonnngahfU river is being constructed
at Beallevernoo. It is 265 feet long, 50
feet wide and 8 feet in hold.
_Wm. Hornlsh, Esq., purchased the
late residence of Prof. Wilson, adjoining
this borough for $1,900 a few days ago.
residence of W. J. Cool, of Flor
ence, was destroyed by fire on the morn
ing of the 24th inst. The fire originated
accidentally. The greater portion of the
contents of the house was saved. No in
—Misses Fanny E. Dongan and Jennie
C. Rogers, of this place, left for Union
town a few days ago to teach in the Or
phans* School at that place.
—The retd lonce of Mrs. Black, in Can
onsburg, caught fire a fejv days ago, but
by the prompt arrival of Jhe “water bri
gade” the fire was extinguished before
much damage was done.
—We learn that A. B. McCoy, of Can
onsbnrg, has sold his bouse and lot in
that place for $3,660 to Wm. Martin, of
North Strabane township.
John B, Jamison, proprietor of
the Jamison farm, on which a portion of
the town of Petrolia h situated, qpraroi’-
ted suicide August 29th. The unfortu
nate man seems to have been insane and
• • 'i
imagined that be was becoming poor.
Geo, W, Knelss « late Register and
Recorder of Butler'county, died on Satur
day the 30th of August. He had acquir
ed the reputation of being atf honest,
modest and upright citizen, and his loss
will be felt by a large circle of friends.
Tlte State Fair.—One of the notable events
of the year, is to take place at Brie, on the JWth
of September. At the most propitious season of
our usually bright autumns, the Pennsylvania
State Agricultural Society will hold its Annual
Exhibition. The display gives fruitful promise
that it will be one of the very best ever held un
der the auspices of the Society. The entries are
free to all the world, and the Society has wisely
determined that the books of entries shall close a
week before the opening, that a complete arrange
ment may lie made of the entries offered for
prizes. The time Is at that period in
good weather may almost be counted a certainty *
The premiums upon many articles have been con
siderably Increased, and the list much enlarged.
The arrangements for meetings each evening of
the Fair are a new and excellent feature. In
these meetings farmers may leZrn from one an
other, to the benefit of the great economical in
terests which the Society is so atulous to foster.
A very large display of improved farm stock will
be on exhibition—ot fine horses and samples of all
the best breeds of homed cattle—while the turn
oot in such a hive of industry aa Erie, of manu
factured articles useful as machinery, or as sids
to the farmer, is certain to be worthy of attention.
So many assurances in these respects have been
given, that we leelconfident in stating, that the
display in there departments will be entirely Sat
isfactory. The officers are now at Brio, the books
of entry*open, and allapplications for space in per
son or by letter will receive prompt attention
from them.
. -A- *=&• : ' ... ■ :
Mri Joseph HaWs pony ran off on
Thursday oflast week while being driven
by Mr. Hall, by the Diamond near the
National. Mr. Hali, Ineodeavorlng to
jpmp but of the wagon, was whirled about
and fell beavily.vbreaklogone of the bones
of his right arm and badly spraining the
left wrist. The pony did some swift run
ning, but littlip damage otherwise save
the above |injbry. Drs.
duced the fractured arm, andrthe patient
is improving.
A Good Dlaner.-rOur readers should know
that the place to get a most excellent meal, when
in the city, at a reasonable cost, is at Csperton’s
Dining Booms, No. 60 Market Street, Pittsburgh,
Qo to Bence’s Millinery and Trimming
Store, Third Street, Beaver, fur new goods.
All the latest styles are out. 8k ,■
New Fall Haiti, Bnnneitp, Ribbons,
Feathers, Plumes, &c., all the new styles,
at Bence’s, Beaver. 8l
The citizens of New Castle are particu
larly unfortunate in the matter of a steam
fire engine. They ordered one of a,Mr.
Button, which was expected In New Cas
tle some five weeks ago, and had it ar
rived on time might have saved the prop
erty lost by the late fire. It is aggravat
log, but we have kept reminding them
about that engine and the delay is not our
Since writing the above we understand
that the engine has not only arrived, but
but has been out on trial. Long may it
Miss Florence Cronise , of Tiffin,
Ohio, was on September 2d admitted to
practice lav/ in the district coqrts of Ohio.
3he is a competent lady and tfill practice
in Seneca and adjoining counties. This is
the first female lawyer in that section, and
we hope to hear of her success.
Rev. Thome is said to have estab
lished a daily paper in Greece City. The
Butler papers say they have not seen a
copy of it yet. i S=*'
We are indebted to Messrs. Lee &
Walker, Publishers, Philadelphia, lor the
September number of the Amateur , and
copies of sheet music entitled “Picking
cherries down the Lane” and “Happy
hours,” botjj by H. Millard. If the mu
sic is eqnarto their appearance it is good.
Mrs. Erskine left Beaver on last
Thursday to meet her husband in Pitts
burgh. After spending a few days there
they will leave for New Orleans where
they expect to permanently reside.
Choice Timothy Seed at B. 8. Ran
ger’s, Bridgewater. 2t
For County Treasurer, Charles B. Buret,
oCißocbStter. myUtf
\7be feeble and debilitated usually fancy they
ln a motebepelees condition than they really
are. The resources of nature are not easily ex
hausted. Even when'strength and appetite toll,
When the eyes are heavy and lustreless, the
plexion pallid, the nerves tremulous, the body at
tenuated, and the mind depressed, there is gencr.
ally a reserve of latent power behind -such palpa
ble evidences of weakness. Various modes of
treatment are resorted to by physicians in the
hope of developing add rendering available this
store of sleeping vitality, but the surest, and in
deed the only thoroughly safe and reliable means
ot awakening the dormant energies,of the sys tern
is a course of Hostettcr’s Stomach Bitters. . Blec_
trlcity-phower baths, the flesh brush, sea hath.
Ing./rcTmay bo well enough in their way, as
auxiliaries, but they do not reach the source of
the evil. debility proceeds ellhpr
from a derangement of the functions of the asslmi
lating, secretive and vital organs, or from & slugg
ish constitution. In either case, and also in cases
where both causes exist, the Bitters will invaria
bly produce an immediate and salutary change in
the condition of the patient, and eventually effect
a complete cure. None of the dangerous alka
loids, too often administered as tonics, can be
otherwise than deleterious under sneb circumstan
ces, and to give mercury is positively criminal.
The direct effect of the great vegetable specific
will be manifested in an improved appetite, a more
cheerful frame of mind, a gradual return of
strengtn, an increase of flesh, and a healthier com
plexion. Meanwhile, however, the constitution,
if inert and feeble, wilt have been roused and ren
ovated by the snbtilo elements of invigoration
contained in the Bitters. —■
BAKER—McELHENY—Tuesday evening. Sept.,
2d, at the residence of the ofilciatlng minister.
Rev. D. P. Mustard. Mr, Alfred Young Baker
and Miss Higgle M. McElhany, all of Beaver
County. e,
Whereas, the notes and Books of accounts o
Dr. M. Cummins, late of Industiv, haring been
left with the subscriber for collection those know
ing themselves to be indebted to said Dr. Cum
mings will please call upon the subscriber and
settle promptly and pay costs.
septll-flt Brighton twp.
Letters testamentary to the estate of William
Kevan, late of Hanover township, in the county of
Beaver, dec'd., having been granted to the/under
slgned, whose post office address is UoOkstown,
in said county, ail persons indebted to the said de
cedent’s estate are requested to mske-dmmediate
payment, and those having claims against said es
tate will present the
to the undersigned for settlement.
sng22-€t x
Undeveloped Vigor.
The undersigned hereby notifies all parties in
debted to said estate to call, settle snd pay imme
diately, as the character of the business and con
dition of the estate require prompt adjustment
ana payment of all claims due.
Pariics holding claims against said Kennedy are
requested to furnish me a statement of the same
witbont delay.
1 may be found at the store of said Kennedy in
New Brighton,
Ex’r. ofwill ofWm, Kennedy, dec’d.
k -
b£o ffimiKiL
We have on hand a LARGE STOCK of
Which wo arc selling as cheap as any other firm
In the State. Also
Granite Moments anil Headstones
Famished to order as reasonable as they can be
bad elsewhere. Persons wishing
should call and sec as before purchasing else*
where, as we will guarantee to sell a better job for
less money than any other firm in Beaver conuty.
marl4-6m W. H. MARSHALL. Rochester.
We offer for sale the following described prop
erties. For full particulars call at our office on
Third Street:
This farm is situate in Brighton tp.. Beaver
county. Pa., on the New Lisbon road, 4 miles from
Beaver, contain! ngT3 acres, more or less, on which
is erected a two-story frame dwelling house, con
taining two rooms, kitchen and pantry on first
floor and two rooms on second floor, a good cellar
underneath; also a good frame barn, and stable and
other necessary outbuildings. This farm la well
watered, well timbered and under a good stole of
cultivation, and can bo worked by machinery; ex
cellent fruit on premises. Price Inquire
of John A. Bakin on tho farm, or DAWSON is
EAKIN, Beaver, Pa.
This property is situated on sth street, in the
borough of Beaver, Beaver ceunty. Pa., 40x130 feet
with a 154 story frame house and stable and other
outbuildings erected thereon. Good frolton the
NO. 4r.
This propertp la situated on 8d street. In the
borough of Beaver, Beaver county, extending
along 8d street 180*800 leot,backto Turnpike al
ley, on which is erected a new brick owelLng
house containtug three rooms, large hall, kitchen
and pantry on first floor, and 4 rooms and largo hall
on second floor, and an excellent cellar underneath
and necessary outbuildings; large shade trees in
front, fruit of various kinds on the premises.
Price *3,600- Inquire ol Hice, Wilson js Moore,
Esqs., or DAWSON & EAKIN, Beaver, Pa.
House and lot situated on Fourth street. In the
borough of Beaver; Pa.. 150 by 54
feet, on which la erected a two-story frame house,
containing two-rooms, kitchen, hall and pantry,
with porch attached on first floor and two rooms
and ball on second floor; a good cellar underneath
and other ontbdlldlngs. Price pay
ments. Inquire of Joseph White, or DAWSON &
EAKIN, Beaver Pa.
No. 6.
This property Is situated on Beaver St. in the
borough of Beaver, Beaver county. Pa. Lot 150
by 125 feet, on which is erected a new frame house
containing three rooms and hail on first floor and-' s
threb rooms and ball on second floor, with cellar
underneath, cistern at the kitchen dooi, and all
necessanr outbuildings.
Price #B,OOO. Inquirevof Andrew O. White, on
the premises, or DAWSON <£ A AKIN, Beaver,
This farm Is situated In Brighton township,
Beaver county. Fa .on a good road, four miles
from Beaver, containing 150 acrua. more or less,
TlO acres cleared and the balance well limbered,
on which Is erected a two-story frame house, barn
stable and other outbuildings; a good spring house
convenient to house; also a spring In barn yard.
This farm is we.l watered, being especially adapt
ed to the raising of rtock; it is under a good state
of cultivation, and can be worked by machinery;
good fruit on premises. Inquire of G. W. Walton
or DAWSON <S EAKIN, Befiver. Pa.
Letters testamentary having been granted to the
undersigned, on the estate of William Kennedy,
tatc of the borough of New Brighton, deceased, all
persona indebted to said estate are requested to
make Immediate payment, and those having
claims against the same will present them duly
authenticated for settlement.
P. O. Address-Beaver, Pa. , auel 6t
Presents strong attractions to parents and guar
dians. A pleasant borne; thorough instruction;
healthful discipline; excellent library; new ~ -
ratus. Send for Catalogue. Liberal discount to
clergymen. CHARLES JACOBUS. A. M!., ,
jylB 2m. Principal, New Brighton, Pa.
jyjrrcHENER & gangewer,
826 Fonr-and a-half St. Washington, DC.
We pro»>ccnte all kinds of claims against the
government of the United States, before the joe
partments. Committee of Congress and Court of
Claims. We procure patents and act as attorneys
in patent cases. We make a specialty of internal
Revenue matters and Land Claims. Our terma on
business sent ns by attorneys will be one-half tne
lee charged claimants. When a ctaim is sent us
we will send the necessary blanks and instructions
for its preparation, and will a'so keep our corres
pondents advised of all new laws, railings and de
cisiona in relation to claims. bent lor vircula
Attorneys at Law.
/ \ ?
No. 1.
No. 3.
No. 5.
NO. 7.