The Beaver radical. (Beaver, Pa.) 1868-1873, April 18, 1873, Image 5

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    LOCAL items .
W, Taylor, Beaver Falls; Evan
Sew Brighton; J. Linnenbrink, Rochester.
dlcal |s the most extensively circu
ited Weekly Newspaper In Western
rieveland & Pittsburgh Railroad.
Icing 7,46 ft, a?; Accommodation
5 t P 9,19 a. m; Mall.
•j 7 p m; Express, 7,07 p. m.
triival and Departure of Malis. -
Western mail leaves at 6.45 a.m.; arrives at 8 p.m, :
Extern mail leaves at 2p.m.; arrives at Ba. m.,
mew Goods at J. Kennedy & Co.V apr4-4w
I7te Ohio river is falling.
Ladle*’ Fancy Slippers at J. Kennedy & Co.’s
apr4-4w ■
John A■ Smithtoi Georgetown, intends
l 0 Start a coal Yard at Liverpool, Ohio.
fry the Improved Economical Plow.. Yon can
. for nothing at M. L. Armstrong’s, Harsha
!rpa. „ ****
Xon Samuel J. Cross returned
lr , ffi e od Saturday. -Well done good and
f„i:hful servant.”
c eniieroen’s OStorfl Ties fit J. Kennedy &
Cc 'f
ffe are indebted to Commissioner
\Vb:’.s f.>r the March report of the De*
par'.ment of Agriculture.'
i druggist, sells Indian Bitters and
Two eciire new two Horse Wagons, for sale
■ sr.everer & Son’s. fchSl-tt
The M. E. Church, of Glasgow, are
;o build a new church .building,
which the society preally need.
Wanted !-Everybody to call « J. Kennedy
Co'?, strict. Beaver Falls. apr4-4w
A new nil well, reckoned as produc
iDp t wo hundred barrels per day, has
been struck about five miles from Butler,
ou'what is termed the Marlin farm.
style of Uoots ccd Shoes at <T. Kcb
nvriy & Co.'s
There will be a meeting of the Mana
gers of the Beaver County Agricultural
Society at the Sheriff’s office, Beaver, on
Saturday, May 3d, 1873-
B. M. Ewikg, Sec’y.
Notice Extraordinary.— All orders for
Photographs must hereafter be. paid for. (at least
ic pan) when the order is given. Orders not bo
complied with will receive fco attention. H Noss,
Uon. D. L. Inibrie left .for'Phila
delphia on Monday to resume his duties
as Chief Clerk of tbs Constitutional Con
vwutc, which opened again on the 15tb
Try ;he Improved Economical Plow. Yon can
?r: .: for nothing at M. L. ArnSstrong'e, Hartha
rale. Fz
The Twentieth Annual Fair,.of the
Beaver county Agricultural Society, will
t»e held on Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday, September 24th, 25thh and 26th,
The Additional Bounty Act was extend
ed by the last Congress, so that those who failed
to file their claims before the 30th of January last,
mb do so now. All maims for Pensions and Boun
ties promptly prosecuted by Gilbert S. Eberhart,
Attorney at Law, New Brighton, Beaver county,
Penna. ' marll-.3t
27*e Band of Hope will hold an anni
versary meeting April 19th, at 2 P. M.,
ic the Good Templars’ Hall, Bridgewa
ter The string band .will be in;»ttend ■
All are invited.
John Kennedy Sc Co. are bow receiving
on* of the largest and most complete stock of
spring goods ever bronght to this market. A fell of Men’s, B.oys’. Youths’, W omen’s Misses’
tnd Children's Boots. Shoes, Brogans, Oxford
Ties, Gciters and Slippers. Goods sold at lowest
prices’ an examination of stock solicited,
t pM-■}•*■
The Mercer Dispatch says : Mr. Wib
win Paferson has soli bis farm in Wolf
Creek ip., to Matthew Cannon, late of
Baler county. The farm contains 250
icrevanj brought $66 per acre. It is
OEe of the best farms in Mercer county.
J. Itioore. druggist, sells Quick Cough Cure
tr d French Balm. apflS-lm.
J‘>hn Robinson’s Great World’s
Exposition ! Consisting of 43 cages, 100
Performers, and 15 tents, five great golden
l ' bar ’ ’o 60 ponies, 168 ring horses, and
■ o3 ooo attractions is coming soon »by
> f sleamers !
R. Reed & Co., 63 Fifth avenue, Pitts
have on hand an immense stock of foreign
ai -d American Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silver
p Dd Piated Ware, Clocks. Bronzes and
Soods, forming an elegant assortment In
et(lr> ’ de Panment of their trade that Is unexcelled
io» be nsTk ? s- ° r wl) Sch they, offer at the very
"sat prices. We advise those who desire .to
® r( 'li£se any article of the above description to
- call and examine the splendid stock of J. R.
Jh f’/-. »
f , 10 • and compare their prices with those
y?' Seilers. They are polite,accommodatinf
apnght, and are determined to do the right
by everybody.
5 ; ,o £ mal Hectare -Prof. Q. L. Eberhart. of
6 i»! ri ' t!oi! - '' v ill address the normal class of
affe et>te ° f lbe ®* aTer -College next Wednesday
puJ? 0015 at 3 0 clocfc * «nbject “The English Lan
-oor j,e." , e ." I: '•* gratifying to learn that this depart
ic a fioarishing condition. Pupils may
ec -tr for the term.
0 ,' ie M^ ternaQ Journal says-’ “Local
tnC* 03 * as ’*- 8 e ® >ect - Last week our
stand Wli? quiet, notwith
preV lhe !arg ; e nuuit)<}r °f raftsmen
j. Q^ enl and waking for the waters to
i' 51 n ? f -ead of drinking and howl*
stl?! °°‘ l^e slreets > many amused them
«iv ( ’ 8 « (rac^"m S and eating nuts.
li -‘ t-tasant and profitable con versa*.
By order of Com
f*. * f-- -* w : A v \ jM •, *1 ' X *
In accordance with the rules of tjip par
•ty, the He publicans -.of Beaver Jconnty
■will meet at the usual places of holding
elections, on Murday, Xttie 31st siy of*
Ma# and vote for candidates for nomi
nation for the offices below nam^d:/ ?
One persph'lqr Assembly; . 1 ’
- One person for Prothohotary; .. f
Qne person for Treasurer
One person for Commissioner - r |
.; One. person for Poor House; Director;
• One person for jury Commissioner;
/Otie £nbon for Andttbr i -7- - /
,■>T.wn personsfor
::;They willulsoelcct ■ members of the
County Committee osfbllowf f : ; >.
Big Beaver tp Silpdepehdence tp..i. ...1
Beaver boro.. ,2 Industry ij>. .;;..7.;..l
Borough tp...;. 1Mart0tftp..;...';.^ ....1
Bridgewater b0r0..... .SjMdGQire dfet.. 7 .C.... 1
Brighton tp.,..,.. A . ! ,..;1!M00utp.^...~ i .r..»....l
Baden b0r0.,.... 1 iNew Brighton, Mi W.. .2
Beaver Falls <j, •* ' •*' HIW.
Chippewa ip.• -'-m;;.. jg;
Darlington tp.»iKcw SewickljMpl.....2
,Economy tp.........ijM0rth Sewfckjy, fb..... 1
Pallston boro 1 New Galilee boibJ 1
Franklin tp........ J ; Otiio tp,.... .7 .r.7....2
Freedom diet....... 7.1 Patterson tp 1
Freedom b0r0.:...71 rPhlinpeburg boros .1
Frankfort diet........ „S PulaeKito. 1
Glasgow boro.—l(Raccoon tp..... 7-:.... .2
Greene tp 3;Kocheeter b0r0,.".. .—S
Georgetown bore-... ...1 Rochester tp7,/./... .1
Harmony tp .1, South BeaVer tp.M 8
Hopewell tp. ,2 StJ/Clair boro.?/.' .i I
The County ConVentiqn will convene
at the Conn House 6n ,M.opday, j|ce 2d,
at 10 o’clock, a. m. ■
, Chr’n. Co. Qom.
Tte names of for nom
inationfor the several offices to be llied at-|he en
suing October election,'sure placed before, the Re
publican voters of Beaver county for their fcuffer
ages and decision at the primary elections?
8, J. CROSS, Rochester boro.
. Pmbottou^y.
O. A. SMALL, Bridgewater boro
JOHN CAUQHEY, BeaV'cr boro.
BENJ. WILDE, New Brighton boro.
WILLIAM EWING, Raccoon twp. :
JAMES H, MANN, New Brighton boro,
H. W. SEELY, Rochester boro:
JAMES TODD, Raccoon twp.
Lt. S. A. JOHNSTON, Borough twp. ~ ,
JAMES BRITT AIN, Greene twp; ,
JAMES PETERS, Hanover twp. ■»
GEO. W. SHRODES, Moon twp.
S. N. WARRICE, South Beaver twp.
We begin to-day the publication of
Bohn’s translation of “Elective Affini
ties,” a story by the greatest of German
writers, and which witt |Gontinue,*«oine
months, and which in itself will be worth
the price of the paper for one year.. Read
and then cut it put,and paste .it in
some old discarded bonk, installment by
installment, and at the conclusion you
will have a rare book of standard merit,
and worthy uf a prominent place in your
library. . • ' 1
Important to the Public ! -T. Waggoner, I
Esq., Iflte of Sewickly, having secured tho’store |
house and fixtures, situate in Vanport, recently
occupied by J. M. Cornelius & noW pre
pared to receive all kinds of country produce, at
market prices, in exchange for dry.goodB,,groce
rlea, &c. Having refitted and furnished s&id store,
and being constantly In receipt,Of new goods, con-'
eieting of a foil line of Dry Goods, Groceries,
QueeUsware, Hardware, Notions, Boots' and
Shoes, he respectfully invites the public to call
am examine his stock and secure a ; bargaln.' Lo
cation Railroad stpeet and WSre t i Ferry landing.
Come one, come aIL o - . apr4-4w
tion, —Tbc next Anbiversary
elation wrirbe fietd pb.Toesday; j&iy 15,
1573,~at .GeTltysLurg, on wblcß occasion all
those formerly connected with the old Db
vision are cordfially invited to participate.
It&le expected that ibis will be one o? the,
most interesting re unions of the Associa
tion, on account of tbe glorious historical
recollections connected witb tbe plabe of
Chaplain Beale, of the First Cavalry
Regiment, will be orator of the day.
All who contemplate attending; will
please.notify the an early
day. John H. Taggart, Corresponding
Secretary Pennsylvania Reserve Associa
tion, Sunday Times office, Phila, Pa,
Early Rose Potato Seed.—H. C. &S. H.
Patterson have for sale cheap at their store, on
Tank Street, Beaver Falls, one hundred bushels
of choice Early Rose Potatoes for seed. if
JFecall attention to the advertisement
of James Allen, of Industry, in another
column. Mr. Allen has just received a
large and fine stock of goods, of almost
every description, and, like a live an en
terprising merchant who understands bis
business, he believes in advertising his
business and : letting people know what
he is doing. He deserves to be patron
ized. ;
Ic© Cold Sparkling Soda Water, flavored with
Pare Fro ft Synfps, always fresh-from An
driessen’s Marble Fountains, aprlltf
m ,i. -i » 1111
; The Workingman is the namis of a new
paper published at Pottsville, by the
Miner’s and Laborers Benevolent Associ
ation of Pa.- It willbeiree from politics
and labor only for the advancement of the
cause of labor. Success be to U. j
Stop at the Hew brick front, Corner of. Broad
way and Lock streets, New Brighton,,for yonr‘
clothing. aprll-4t
We visited the store of Dr: J. D. Coffin
of Rochester nne,xlay W, week,.and, .were
surprised to discover bow very Inw are
the prices at" which he is selling boots
and shoes. The Dn understands that t-v
sell he must sell at Pittsburgh prices, and
he is determined to do so. He has a good
assortment of boots and shoes of ail kinds
on*.hand and has ordered a case of superior
and elegant ladies’ shoes which will’-bew,
head of anything of the kind - in the mar? _
ket. Call and examine the Dr.’s goods
and prices before purchasing elsewhere.
It will cost you nothing and Dr. C.-fu
will be happy to wait upon you.
The Beaver;County, Temperance Un
ion, will meet at the M. E. Church, Beaver
Falls, on, Tuesday, April 23d, 1873, at 10
o’clock a. m. The annual election of bffi
will beheld *nd ' &t‘
. rangementsmsde for a perteci orginizai
tion of the boroughs and townships dh
Local Unions. In view of the expressed
bn the question of prohibition, it become
necessary we see lo it that no illegal traffic
is carried oh, and “in view* ol probable
.acfifinof th Or Const itutin n a!- Convention
submitting'the question of prohibition in
the npw constitution at thc/election this
fall, every arrangement sh >ald. be made’
to educate public sentiment, and bring
ont the full strength of the friends of order
and sobriety at-tbatrtime.- While this is
h regular meeting of the Union,’ all per"
sons frjeudly toi tba cause of temperance
•are’cordially invited to meet With us and
afd ns with their presence. Tne friends
at Beaver FallB , will provide entertain
ment for all, who may come from a dia->
tahce. Gome friends and as counsel
together apon this vital subject.
; • - Rev. B. C; Fm’t.;. v
J. H. Decker, Sec’y,
Tcacl»er»> Examination.— Public Exam
inations will be held the office oMbe
Dtjejtfcf test-two Sat
aprll-2w M. L. Knight, Co. Snpt.
' Soldiers 9 Meeting , —Papuan c to call *
of committee, a re-union of the soldiers
of Beaver county, for the purpose of
- permanent^)FganiZ'itioniWrts-calio'd to or- ;
der by the election of J. gi. Winans &? ■
President, and P; A. Merrick, Secretary, i
A motion ol David Critchlow that we J
hold the next re-union on the 9th of:
April, 1874, was cirried. Motion of D. I
R. Cofbus that Capri. McClelland be the j
orator on that occation, carried. A mo- '
lion of Evan Pagh that a committee of ■
three be appointed, with power to add to I
that cbrapHtee, for the purpose of mak- !
ing arrangements for our next re union ; *
carried. Chairman appointed Captain D. .
Critchlow, Evan Pugh and Irwin K. \
Campbell. Motion of D R Corbus that j
the following order of exercises be adopt ;
ed, carried : 1, prayer ;2, music ; 3 bust- !
ness ; 4, oration ; 5, music ; 6, banquet;:
7*' music; 8, sentiments and responses. ■
Motion of las. C. McDonald that all j
honorably., discharged soldiers of the 1
county W requested to attend our next
annual re union, and. bring, their ladies,'
carried. Motion of Abraham Bentley,
that the proceeding of this meeting be
published in the Beaver county papers,"
carried. A motion of Alfred Townsend,
that all soldiers wear their corps badges
at oar next re union was carried. Mo
tion of Smith Hisioger to adjourn was
then carried. F.A_ Mbrrick, Sec’y-
I i
The Monoogabela Republican, says
On Thursday last, nt au adjourned Session
of the Court of thiscoaoty.,. the motions
[ for new trial and in arrest of judgment,
which were filed at last term by Brice
-land’-s council come -up - for. argument.
The reasons *for new trial were sever teen
j in number,, atad were based partly upon
t the discovery; of new .evidence;
j partly upon alleged relationship and pre
[ adjudication of toetaf the jurors and as to
the rest upon .complaints ;Oi the Judge’s
charge. . . , pfr , ■ ....... -
.^Tbe. argued nery folly
and-at terge by Messrs. XJruqtrine & Pat
terson, the prisoner’s council, and were
abV dppotedr by ¥bdg. Bf. Baird Esq.,
District Attorney. A|l the close of Mr.
argnmen}, po«t ? ndjonrne<j until
Friday* mortal rtg; J udge Acheson
delivered a lengthy opinion >overruling
both motion A and fully vindicating his
original charge and the other proceedings
at the trial. . *
At the conclusion of the > Judge's opin -
ion. the prisoner was called up and after
making some remarks on two items of
evidence received tbe sentence of the
law, with very little appearance of feeling
or emotion. The time of bis execution
will be fixed by the warrant of tbe Gov
It is understood that bis council will
carry tbe case lo the Supreme Court, but
it is generally conceded that tnis will re
sult in nothlng'more than delay.
IVe are indebted to John Linnenbrink,
of Rochester, Pa., for a copy of Payson,
Dunton & Scribner’s Manual of Penman
ship. This is altogether the most c»m
plete wOrk on Penmanship ever issued.
It is a band book for teachers, engravers,
draughtsmen,,sign-writers, amateur pen
men, or any one teaching or making let
tere with pen, pencils brush or graver.
It contains a full statement of the most
approved methods of conducting classes
In Penmanship, and a systematic descrip
4ion of the formation of every letter, il
■jnstrated by over one hundred uadf fifty
cuts, and five full page Illustrations,
thus presenting every important point,
treated of in thetext.
~, It .alpodoqtaina thirteen fall pages of
lilhogaphic matter, with, fall letter-press
description of every .desirable variety of
script and off hahd capitals, roman letters
analyzed- italic land Egyptian print i mark
mg, skeleton and' brush letters, old Eng:
lieh and German-text bands and" text
hands'(or ladies.
Ii is tbornaghly ppacticaV ionts cbarac
ter, and judiciously avoids all unmeaning
flourishes and gyrations of the pep, too
often found, in works bn Penmanship.
Eor sale by Linnenbrink, Roches
ter, Pa; price $1.25.
Notice.—From, and alter this date, until the
first of September next, the Connty Commission
ere will be in session on Saturday of each week.
iiprll-2bv 1
The* N^ew Uastle says ; ; 'Miss
Alexander; Whb was >for five years ‘ a
boarder- in Brigham Todng’-s’household,
wiil in'a short time delive ra lectbfe in
Newcastle, exposing; tbe- ‘‘lnside; Work
lags of Mormonism '’. explaining fin de
tail the modus optrandi where-,,
by innoceDtandunmpcijllngiwomen are
*lhaqujty, ?, J and
once, there beyond the yeahh ’oi.(fiends
’ find theroselses doomed.degradgd.deatroy
ed,ahd powerless to belter tbeir cqnditinn.
Tbe Christian wotnen of Araericaare so*,
lieited to join in the godd-Worki and in*
flafepce lhe manhood' of our country, to,
make a bold stand agalnst ' this one dark
spot on America’s bright historic page.
The Cb i cagop ress, wi tbo n eve ice,p rq
clalms this beautiful andl gifted lectures?
a cbahninjr exponent of thel’Chree of
•Polygamy f.V:Th© lecture, is full of new,
and Wonderfully interesting matter,/and
for tfce first’ timamade pabjic. Miss Al-.
exaoder braves death, asebedoes. every
time she appears on ihe.rostrnip, jbecaplse,
by the Mormon: religion, >apl»stacy is
death. o. .7 •;
'it'-* .*
We have received specimen pages of
"Behind, ihe Scenes in Washington” a
work; when completed, that .will contain
j ; ft complete. and .graphic account of the
[ Credit; M^biher the C">n :
i gressional Hinge,.Political Intrigues, work
| ingsof iheLnbhies’, etc. Giving the secret
history of our National Government, in
all its various branches, and showing, bow
the puhlrp money Is squandered; ~how
i votes are obtained, etc., with sketches hf
* the leading Senators, Congressmen, G°v
! ernment Officials, etc.,, and an accurate
description of the ppiendid public build
j ingS: ofthe Federal Capital. ■ By.Ed ward
j Winslow Martin, and published by,, the
j National Publishing: Company, Philadel-
J pbia, Pa. ; Chicago, |n. { Cincinnati, Ohio
j St. Louis, Mo, :
' Hiw York, tfnly 18,1872.
C. .T. ! Ratholm t ‘Col—QebtlelhenA'l have
carefully analyzed the sample of While Lead,
branded, “Beymer, Baaman & Co’e. Faro White
Lead, Pitteburgh,” and find that it is a Pare White
Lead, ground in Oil. 'it is entirely free from Bary
tes and every other ImjihVity or adulteration. Re
spectfully yonrs; (J.'H. CHANDLER, Fla D.,
Prof. Analytical and Applied Chemistry, School of
Mines, Columbia College.
Editor Radical r Ganneltbc, ever
jealous of her honor, rushes to the 1 front
with a local. Mr. 8. M'»ofiy has taken a
trip to New York to ptirchas& a new stock
of goods. The store is to be refitted and,
newly painted, and knowing the fallings
of our temperance’ friends, Mr. is
pulling in a soda fountain.
Quite a stir was created list ‘ week—a
wedding and a lawsuit. All was settled
to the Slllefnctirm of all concerned, though
the outsiders enj »yed a g * >d laugh at the
prosecutor's “
The City can boast 7 an addition' ; of t«nv
handsome dwellings, several new fences,
and a new pleasure'boat. Tbe band dts
courses sweet music twice a Week, and
the incessant, rattle of c *al over ail the
chutes keeps ali In a good hain »r. K.
Our friend George W. on
Thursday the 10th,„ entered in a life
contract with Miss Belinda ;Reed of Bed*
ver, in which both mutually agreed to
live together like: the oak 'and vine, sup
porting and clinging the one to the other
until death do them part. We wish
George a great deal of happiness,- ftbncd
ant fruition, and success in all his under
There was a match game of base ball
on- Saturday jin Beaver, between the
-picked nine'and the nine of printers, re
suiting Id a score of 37 for tbe printers
and 13 for the other nine, The printers
are up to knocking things into “pi,” and
.the picked nine were badly beaten.
A Card.— Uartzog 4 Beam-, successors to I’m.
stead & Hartzag, ore tally prepared.l6 execute all
kinds of work on Boots, Shoes and Gaiters in the
best manner at moderate prices, This Ann a see
nothing-bat the very best material, and they also
gnarantee satisfaction in every instance. They
keep on hand a large and complete steel: of Cus
tom made Boots, (Shoes, .Gaiters and Slippers.
Specialties, Ladles Fancy Shoes of. every style
and pattern, and French Calf Boots for gentlemen.
Orders promptly filled from every part of the coun
ty. Broadway, New Brighton, opposite Brad
ford's Real Estate office. npr!B-3t
A, S, Moore, jEfog,, who has been
visiting for a few days his brother, H. R,
Moore. , of Ibis place, left for Butler
on Tuesday, where be proposes to hang
out his shiugle and follow the practice of
law. Mr. Moore is a young man of abili
ty, excellent character and we hope to
bear a good report of him from Butler.
Grand Opening of Spring Goods
Having just rcturnedfrom the East where I have
purchased a large and choice stock of goode, con
sisting In part of Dry Goods, Notions, Hats, Caps,
Boots, Shoes, Qncensward, Ac., alt of which , is of
fered to my many friends and the public in gener*
al, and to-Whiob I call ydur.krod attention. Mr
9amnel Blackmore, for many years engaged in the
• dry. goods and notion trade, and whose ability -is
Salesman is so well known throughout ibis connty
has given extra auehiton In selecting these goods.
Sod having visited somhot the largest houses in
tiie Eaatto select from;; feels confident .that no
: snch goods, either in quantity v . quality. or prices,
has ever before been brought info this connty. and
hopes to be able to meet the demands of each and .
everyone. DteSsHoodsdfeverystyle and varie-;
ty, Poplins, Mohairs, -Grenadines, Alpacnp, Wool
Delaines, Ac Percales; Chintzes, Prints and.
Ginghams of the latest-patterns. . Also a' complete
stock of White Goods, Linens,' Muslins, kins,
.‘Towels and table Linens. 1 also call your at ten
tioatomy large anil fine, assortment of Bools and
Shoes. “In selecting those goods we Studied care
fully iha wants of our nnetomers; and’all wd ask is
a carefal examination of onr immense stock, and
be Jully convinced that oar stock and prices defy
competition. Also a lull line of select Groceries,-
which we offer at the lowest market prices. Re
turning my sincere thanks for your past favors, 1
hope by close attention to bnsiners to merit 8 con
tinuance of the satPc. James Allen, Industry,
Beaver county, Pa.
-i '-r<io -o;. ,i
i: *-.• • v
t/f* jrf?-■»; "
The Canton Bepoiitoryand Republican
says: : ': :• .
An Ohio lady bas in her possession, a :Bible
which Is 253 yean old, haying been printed in Hol
land ih i »10. It U abont two feet long, ope foot
wideband ten inches thick; The,covers are. of
solidleather, one half inch thick, and united by
largehrasis clasps. It contains the family record
for SOOyears. The hook is still ina good state of
Bat wehave yet another that .caps the
theclSmas, owned by Samdalllasoh, pan *
tori; Ohio, 805 years old, jpitiblfehed ln tip}
English language A I). coritalhing
the ’Old’ and New Tdsiaments and the
Apocrypha. J ' Bible 5 in’ thf
±pi ypba. ate ; we * <e f *e
State WOhi'o printed wrlHt * date
than the one aba7e namea ? Tt‘ 8b let us
bear front theOWbfef.;;: :i; nVf
• ? Thebaofeicited id theVßishop.’s'Bible.”
Archlvsh op fp.*rkr*r kurase 4?i »p£Tand
other Jearnsilmen ift JIS6S to bring nut
thi sranHat ion. in „Id rg« fn’ ioj: It made,
-what.W^rt;dfter>v*tJs m 1 ltd; 1 us .’s * En ■
glijsli'Blhle, ami cjaiuidaly called ■ the
Bishop’s Bible. In 1559 it was published
in Octavo, ia small but fine black; letters,
iln it- the • chapters \tfera.idivided;mnty)
(verses, but without any. break? further.
, .The first Bible trane la ted into the Eng
lish language w is the Wickliff s Bible, by
J.ohn Wickliff, about the year A. D., 13i0,
but never printed, though there are man
uscript copies of it in several of the pub
lie lib raries.
The first Bible printed in the English
language wis in 1526, .William .Tyn
dale. It was revised and republished in
1530. In 1532 Tyndaleand his associates
finished the; whole Bible, except; the
.Apocrypha* and printed it abroad. ■
• Tlje common-version, at present in. use,
.was printed A. D., 1611. The only print
ed Editions of the Greek Testament which
were jo'existence At that time were Car
.dioal Hifnenes’, printed in A.. D. 1514,
Erasmus 1516, Stephens 1546, and Beza
The Waynesburgh -Independent urges
the establishment of a public library in
that place'. Every place of any cohsldera
ble size or importance should have a
public hall and library. BeaVer is desti
tute of both. A public library is thb best,
of high schools, and where there is a good
one, the people, young and old, will be
readers and well informed.
April 13, 1-873
Edita* Beater Radical:
Have you ever - been afflicted with that
awful disease known as the ‘ Spring fe
ver?” If you have-you can sympathize
with-your correspondent, who has a se
vere attack of tt, and it seems to be as
suming an epidemic form. A gentleman
triend-remarked**that hu was s > lazy he
could scarcely tel! the truth;- *1 also heard
a lady sajr that she was melting. Gra
cious ! 1 wished I was Ben Butler or a
•huge pewter ppoon; but as L could not
transform myself to .each either. 1 most
content and, try..-to>care myseJf wjth a
light dose of hard workrtthe best diet for
the majority of mankind. Speaking of
transformation reminds me that ! would have that, power long enough to
become a borough constable. , Yon are
aware that we have an ordinadee in this
borough prohibiting bogs from running
at large. Our town guardians espied sev
era* on last .Saturday, violating sh«f; : ordi
nance. They.straightway sought the ne
cessary documents (huge. clubs) to arrest
them, which they did In a manner which
showed firmness, iotreoidity.and a: per
sonal bravery rarely excelled. On the
chad: to the pound porky-became Rpm an
Hgeable and refused to accede VP their, un
just demands.- The natural consequence
was, the documents were brought, into
that, too, with a sooth
ing effect. I did not hear porky making
any "tart” remarks to his captors, doubt
less thinking discretion the better part of
valor.. Seeing this, oh ! bow anxiously I
wished to be a borough ,officer ; I could
then show my boldness, fearlessness, and
warlike courage to my constituents, and
say,' trust me, I will not forsake you in
the hour of danger.
Persons visiting Rochester will be sorry
and surprised to see that grand and majes
tic old budding, known as the water tank,
leveled to the ground, and material re
moved by the Cable Brothers. When are
we to have a new station house? Rochester
certainly deserves a better depot building
than the one now to use, which is totally
unfit and inadequate for the accommoda
tion and convenience of passengers or
freight goods.
We noticed a fe.w days ago a drove of
cut ten bared, patent cement-roofed-horses
going east, the supposed owner having an
urgent; and pressing invitation to go
west. By the allow me
to say .to farmers living in the. rural dis
tricts to take The Radical, or some oth
er good paper. A few do liars ay eaf ju
diciously spent fur newspapers may save
yon from being victimized of a few hun
dred a year, Remember all men are not:
actuated by pure and unselfish motives,
so when yon sign an instrument of writ
ing be.caretnl that you.know, exactly what
it. iS. - : •„
la the .way. of improvements we notice
that, our kind ifriepd, John W. Hankins.
Esq.,,has erected; ba i)t, put up, or maou
ftclured, (I don’t know which,) a balcony
on the top pf bis awning; be being a
jack of al) trade# cocnmencetl and c->m
pleted -the job himself. Some of the
neighbors think it is like a pig’s tail
more for ornament than use, Bat John
evidently has an eye. to business, and
about the fiist of August, after twilight,
some the neighbors wifi wish they had
a balcony to go out upon, no. matter if
you can lake it inside when it rains. The
Rochester House, of this place, is being
thoroughly renqvjaiej fr >;n ganei to cel
lar, aod the frtnii? WiUik repainted. This
Is one of the best houses in ibis ‘‘neck of
timberit lias a large and constantly in -
creasing patronage ; the table is spiend id,
1 know it, for I have been there; the at
tendants are ready, polite and obliging.
As a landlady Mrs. S. A'. Neal is a perfect
success. ; ;
Our borough is to be treated to a theat
rical performance on Friday evenirrgilSih
ihst.; } by the Sradteur association nT this
place ; the prooOedsnre for the benefit o f
thb temple of OHonorJ; f surely a noble
cause; and we hope-w ill be liberally pat
ronized. The first pifece is a drams en ti
tled: M The Last: new to
: the majority of otlr citizens, to conclude
with n laughable farce entitled the
“Rough Diamond.’' I have- been unable
toiearn whether it Was an African er an
Arizona Diamond. Success to yon. ; ‘
It is a sad ,thing to pass through life only half
alive. Yet there are' thodsands whose habitual
conditlpn is one of> languor and debility. They
complain of no specific desease, they suffer no
positive pain; but they have no;relish.for any
thing which affords mental 01 s sensuous pleasure
to their more robust and energetic feHow-helngs.
In nine cases out of ten this state of lassitude
and torpor arises from a morbid stomach. Indi
gestion destroys the energy of both mind and
body. .When the waste of nature is not supplied
by a due and regular assimilation of the food,
every organ Is starved. e\ery function interrupted.
Now, what does common sense saggest under
these circumstances of depression? The system
needs rousing ana strengthening; pot merely for
nni hour jor two, to sink afterwards- Into a more
pitiable condition than ever (as it assuredly would
do if an ordinary alcoholic stimulant was resorted
to,) butjradically and permanently.
How is this desirable object to be accomplished ?
The answer to this question, founded on the. un
varying experience of a quartet of a century, is
easily given. Infuse new vigor into the digestive
organs by a coarse of Uostotier’s Stomach Bit
lets. Do not waste time in administering tcm.
porary remedies, but wake the system up by re
cuperating the fountain head of physical
strength and energy, the great organ upon which
all the other organs depend for their nurture and
By the time a dozen doses of the great vegeta
ble tonic and invigorant have been taken, the
feeble frame of the dyspeptic will begin to feel Its
benign influence. Appetite will be created, and
with appetite the capacity to digest what ft craves.
Persevere until the cure is complete—until health
ful blood, fit to be the material of flesh and mus-
cle. bone and nerve and brain, flows through the
channels of circulation, instead of the watery pab
ilum with which they have heretofore been iro
perfectly nourished. apriM lm
CREIGHTON—BRUCE—March 20th, 18T3, at the
residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. J.
. P. Sharp, Mr. William Creighton, of Shonse
town, and Miss Emma J. Bruce, of New Shef
REYNOLDS—NEVIN—ApriI 3d, 1873, at the res
idence’ of the bride's brother-in-law, Mr. John
H. Irons, by Rev. J. P. Sharp, assisted by Rev.
u. D. lrous. Mr. B. D. Reynolde. of Mnmtown,
;Pa., and Miss Lizzie P. Nevin. of Plttspurgh, Pa.
HAMILTON—REED-On the 10th of April; Inst,
by Rev Slam :e M. Shields, assisted by Rev. U.
M. Potter, Mr. George W. Hum! Ifon, Jr. and Mies
Belinda-ReeS, both of Beaver, Pa.
MULI<BR—At. Benvenne, his country residence,
near Zelienople. Butler county. Pa.,. on Thurs
day morning, April Sd, Mr. George Heury Mul
■ teV/agdtf years and 9 months.
SANDE RS—Margret Sanders, at the Beaver
County Home< on "Tuesday-mdrnmg, aged 81
XMnj. y = v i ■ --i
ANDERSON— On Thursday morning, April 8,
1873, 81 the; residence of her qop, ,R . ; W. Ander
v son, of frorth Bridge water,,Beaver county . Pa.,
' Mrs. Jane L. Anderson, in the sixty-ninth year
of her age
BCYD—On Friday, April 4lh; 1373. In: Rochester,
Pa., Ingraham Boyd, aged 88 years and fobr
mouths., > .. . ,
MITCtTELL—On the morning o f the Ist of April,
Ifilla Bell, daughter of Mr.' J, F. and M. J,
< Mitchell, aged two years, one month add Seven
days. ’ /.
SMITH—On Friday April nth, 1873, at Smith’
Perry, Mrs Susan Smith, supposed age 91
Mrs. Smith was the oldest settler in that section
of the county, having emigrated from North
ampton county Pa.iu 18Ctl. James Mackall of Green
township came a fe w years later and is a few years
younger than was Mrs. Smith. The funeral' cere
monies on Sunday were attended by a large sum
her of friends and neighbors but we are informed
that Dr. Doudas will preach a funeral sermon of
the decease at a time not yetfixtd upon.
In the Court of Commo.n Pleas of Boavercounty;
In the matter of the voluntary assignment!of Jas.
11. Fife, ami Jennie 8., his wile, aud Uriah W.
Patterson and Margaret J., his wife, to H. C.
Hillman. ,
And now, to wit; March 17th. 1373, no excep
tions having been filed, the Court confirm ithe ac
count of the Assignee in this case as stated, and
appoinr P. H. Agnow, E->q . an Auditor to make
L distribution of the balance in the hands of said
Assignee, as shown by his account.
A true, extract from the record.
Attest; , JOHN CADGHEY, Proth'y,
Notice is hereby given to all parties interested
that the unde reigned will attend to the duties of
the above appointment at the COURT HOUSE,
REAVER, PA., on Wednesday, May 7lb, A. D..
1873, at ten o’clock, a. a. /
qprlS 3t ' F. H. AG NEW. Auditor. ‘
ANGLO-SAXON, will stand for ntare* the pneu
ing season. commencin'; April 28th. and end ini:
Jjnly sth.«s follows : On Mondays, and
Wednesdays at the stable of the owner, .in .Ohio
tp.. Beaver county; on Thardhys. Fridays and Sat
urdays lit Green’s tavern. Calcutta. Ohio.
TKRMS—Ton T)olJars lor insuring a mare to be
with foirl, to he paid when.that fact is ascertained;
single service eight. to oe paid when ser
vice is rendered,
;SIR ARTHUR. wiU also stand for- m mss the en
suing season for the same term* a* above. as fol
lows; At the stable of John Grove, Brighton tp.,
oitjdoiyiay and Tuesday forenoons: at ute stable
of Samuel Walton, Chippewa tp.: oa Tuesday af
temopfnt and Wednesdajinrf the stab Ip «f the
owner in Ohio tp., on Thursdays, Fridays and Sat
B* D. JOHNSTON, Owner and Keeper,
DAlINid IK A IVti'o jSV
Letters of administration on the estate of James
McCready. dec'd.. late of Qreeno township, having
been granted to the undersigned, all persons in
debted to said estate are requested to make im
mediate payment, aid those having claims against,
the same to present them properly authenticated
,ior settlement. !
-!- ■■ . ’ '
Half AJlve.
iUw guUevtiscmfnt.s(.
Oreene Town-hip.