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Tbe Kentucky Democratic State Cen
tral Committee on Friday published a call
fir a State Convention, May Ist, to nom
inate a candidate for State Treasurer.
-A. J. Tappleton, Esq., attorney for
the Union Pacific Railroad, is the author
[>l Oakes Ames defence, read before the
—Alexander H. Stevens returns to pub
lic life, having been elected to Congress
on the’2oth ult., to represent the Eighth
District of Georgia. A small vote was
polled, and there was np opposing candi
—The Pittsburgh Commercial says: The
contest for the Massachusetts Senatorial
succession deepens in interest as the
period fixed for the election, draws near.
Another candidate has now made his ap
pearance in the field, in the person of
Governor Washburn, who is being quiet
ly, though seriously and quite generally
talked about as the person upon whom
members cvf the Legislature will agree to
vote for as a compromise between Messrs.
Boutwell and Dawes.
—Governor Hendricks, of Indiana; has
signed the Baxter L : quor bill, and it has
do* become a law. -
—ln the case of Clayton, charged with
securing his seat in the Senate By bribery,
a verdict of not guilty has been rendered.
—Pomeroy’s statement about the $7,000
banded to the Kansas Legislature is
follwed by the banker, whom the Senator
says the money was intened for, bringing
s jit against York.
Aei?iTs.-C. W. Taylor, Beaver Falls; Evan
J'li'.'h, New Brighton; J. Linnenbrink, Rochester.
Radical Is the most extensively circu
lated Weekly Newspaper In Western
Cleveland & Pittsburgh Railroad.
doing West— Mail, 7,46 a. m; Accommodation
: -so p. m.
C-fnng East— Accommodation, 9,19 a. m; Mail,
,>• p, m; Express, 7,07 p. xu.
Arrival and Departure of malls.
Western mall leaves at 8 a.m.; arrives at 4 p.m.
ELstern mail leaves at 3p. m.; arrives at 9a. in.
v., vr Lisbon mail leaves every Friday, (instead ol
V( tclay ), at Sa. m.; arrives on Saturday, at 5 p. m.
Hawk, St. Clair, Clarkson and New Lisbon.)
Physicians will always find a complete stock
freet and reliable medicines, at the Beaver
Drag Store. All officinal preparations made ac
cording to the new Pharmacopoelia (1873); a large
; t«cr!n;ent of Elixirs and new remedies always on
tjenc Hugo Andbiesses, Beaver Drug Store.
Notice Extraordinary.— All orders lor.
i botograpbs must hereafter be paid for. (at Iphst
in part when the order is given. Order so
complied with will receive no attention,/!! Noss,
Try the Improved Economical Plow. You can
cct it for nothing at M. L. Armstrong’s, Harsha
vifie.Pa. feb2l-tf
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(jilaas and Putty *at the very lowest cash prices,
at Hugo Andriesscn's Beaver Drug Store.
Try the Improved Economical Plow, You can
get it for nothing at M. L. Armstrong's, Harsha
v ile. Pa. febBl-tf
Two entire new two Horse Wagons, for sale
at Spejerer & Son's. feh2l-tf,
Temperance Ticket.— A meeting of the
Inends of Temperance was heli in Town Hall, Ro
chester, February 88th, 1873, for the purpose of
nominating a temperance ticket for borough offi
cers :
Burgess—H. B. Beisel.
Justice of the Peace—JohnY. Marks.
Constable- -David Museer.
Council—Charles Watson, W. H. Smith, Matthew
School Directors—Socrates Reno and Monroe
Judge of Election—J. J. Anderson,
inspector of Election—. Jacob Smith.
Executive Committee—Captain John Gordon, Thomas Reed. George Otto, Dr. T. J.
Chandler, Henry Kelly, John Soathwick.
Heathen Chinee.—GreU excitement is
now manifested by those who are agitating this
tench vexed question of Chinese Coolie labor;
hr.; if you wish to be i excited to your own in
itrc-t, just come to John~Kennedy & Co’s., Main
Beaver Falls, and buy your shoes, boots
■ind gaiters. Yes, sir, yon can buy just as cheap
there ns any place in this county and the very best
!uai,:y of stock. The farmers Buffalo Boot can
be found there, and Misses shoes of the latest and
most approved patterns. Look out for the Key
t-ioue Boot & Shoe Emporium. John Kennedy
* . Main Street, Heaver Faile-
We have used large quantities of Beymer,
Biuttu.o & Co'b Strictly Pore White Lead, and
tave always found it uniformly and finely ground,
T *rj white and of excellent body. Its purity we
have cever questioned, and we cheerfully recom
nietid ‘t.
Thompson & Miller. Master Painters,
A Warnlug.—lf yon are afflicted with® cough
you cannot get a remedy that will give yoin relic
ns speedily and permanently as will Dr. J.Maginnia
Combination Expectorant, now for sale by Gilll
liud & Kerr. New Brighton, Dr. Hendric& Co ,
heaver Falls, and druggist’s generally. Price
Soldier*, soldiers’ widows, guardians of sol
'■'erV orphans, and dependent fathers and mothers
of soldiers who died, or were killed, while in the
army of the United States, either in the war of
18 -'- the Mexican war, or the rebellion, can have
:ill claims for pensions, bounties, arrears of pay
and bounty land, promptly and satisfactorily pros
ecuted by calling on Gilbert L. Ebebbart, At
torney at law, New Brighton, Beavei county, Pa.
Pittsburgh Female College.— The Pitts
hr rgh Female College, located in Pittsburgh,
I‘enngyhania, offers to those Who have daughters
to udacatj, the advantages of an educational ineti
lr '- on ofthe highest grade, combined with the ad
'^ritapes of a Christian home. The buildings are
Wge.wcii located, and fitted np in excellent style,
and the faculty is among the largest' in the United
States. Twenty-four teachers are employed in the
UiJjerent Departments. Send to the President’
Kev I- c. Pkbsbis«, D. D., for a catalogue.
The time is now coming for public Bales, and
'■l>o bUi'ie to get bills printed is at The Radical
Pittsburgh. March, 1878
Beaver, Pa., March 4th, 1873.
Mr. Editor ; Please print the follow-
“The next question I consider isthe wis
dom and propriety%f restricting the sale
to druggists fot the purposes mentioned.
If the proposed Local Option law be
adopted m Allegheny:county, then my
Reverend friends' Howard, Witherspoon,
and Boyle cannot lawfully purchase, the
necessary wine for sacramental purposes.
And why? Because the law restricts the
right to sell to druggists, and that for
medicinal and manufacturing purposes
alone. If the conscience? of the Reverend
fathers are seared, could ihe hfimble
Christian man or : woman kneel at the
alter of bis and her Godj and take tbecup,
without the hallowed presence being
broken by the thought, that Us contents
had been surreplitioiisly obtained?; v ?
“When Dr. Howard goes to the druggist
for the sacramental wine, he most either
state a talshood to the druggist (Whidh of
course be would not do), -or .the <lfu|glst
must break the law in y ielding to the re
quest. And if be break the law ; in yield
ing to the requJstTbf the Reverend Doc
ter, for the reason that the wine may be
used for a holy purpose, may I not ask
him to break the law and sell rae a drun
for my bead-ache? The offense Is the
same in both cases.
“To restrict the right tosellto druggists
for, medicinal and manufacturing purposes
is to make every druggist a law-breaker
and every drug store a grog shop. I
therefore hold that the law restricting
this right to druggists alone is unwise.,
impolitic, and should not be adopted.”
Mr, Cyrus Elder has our thanks for
a copy of bis paper on “The Tax System
of Pennsylvania,” read before the Social
Science Association of Philadelphia, on
the 23d of January.
Temperance Xeettug*. Temperance
meetings will be held as follows:
Darlington, In Presbyterian Church, Pridfy eve
ning, 14th ol March; addressed by Rev. J. F. Dyer.
Homewood, in the M. E. Church, Thursday eve
ning, 13th March, by D. L. Dempsey.'
South Beaver township. Court’s school house, .
Thursday evening, 13th March, by Rev. H. X.
Potter. .Z'"
Chippewa township. Flying school Thurs
day evening. 13th March, by Rev. J ..LFrazer.
Fallstou. in Academy. Monday evening, 10th
March, by Rev. J. H. AngheyanJ J. H. McCreery,
Brighton township,. R. Eakin’s school house,
Friday evening, UttfMarch, by Rev. W, H. Locke.
Bridgewater,'Presbyterian Church, Thursday
evening, JSth March, by Rev. A. G. Wallace.
Vanport, Baptist Church. Saturday evening
15tb March, by Rev. C. C. Riggs and Rev. A. G
Industry, Presbyterian Church. Thursday even
ing, 13th March, by Rev. David Jones and Rev. W.
H. Locke.
Falrview, Covenanter Church, Thursday even
17th i i , w y -1 it iUIIaIAa. aiu) v
James Beatty.
Smith’s Ferry, in M. E. Church, Tuesday even
ing, 18th March, by Rev. A. G. Wallace.
Rookslown, in Presbyterian Church, Tuesday
evening, 18th March, by James MoAuley.
Georgetown, in M B. Chnrcb, Tuesday eve
ning, 18th March, by Rev. J. D. Moorhead.
Frankfort, Presbyterian Church, Friday eve
ning, 14th March, by Revs. J. L. Deens and J. M.
Raccoon township, Green Garden school house,
Thursday eveaing, 13th March, by Rev. W, B.
Grace. r
Mill Creek Presbyterian Church, Saturday eve
ning, 13th March, by Rev; J. H. Anghey.
Independence township. Boktown, Friday eve
ning, Tlh Match, by Rev. J. M. Wallace.
Moon township. Fleming School Honse, Thurs
day evening, 18th March, by Rev. J. Patterson and
Rev. John Davis.
Hew Sheffield, Presbyterian Chnrcb, Thursday
evening, 6th March,by Rev. J. M. Wallace.
Shippingsport, Bethlehem Chnrcb, Thursday
evening, 13th March, by Bev. J. L. Deens and Rev.
J. M. Alexander.
Economy township, German school house
Thursday evening. 13th March, by Rev. N. M
Johnson and J. Peirsol, Esq.
Baden, in the Church. Thursday evening, 13th
March, by Rev. Jos. Gledhill.
Freedom. Presbyterian Church, Friday evening,
14th March, by Revs. N. M. Johnson and J. U_
Rochester. M. E. Church, Friday evening, 14th
March, by Revs. W. B. Grace add Jos. Gledhill.
New Sewickly township, by McAuley and
Dunlap, at different places through the week.
North Sewickly township, by Rev, Skinner, at
different places. n
Marion township, Bnhl’e school house, Tuesday
evening, 18th March, by Revs. J. 1. Frazer and W.
B. Grace.
Franklin township, Fisher’s school house,
Wednesday evening, 19th March, by Revs. J I.
Frazer and W. B. Grace.
Posters will also be pul up at, or near, the dif
ferent places of meeting.
The Committee reserve the right to change the
speakers, providing the appointee is unable to at
Come and bear whet is said.
Kev. J. B. Augiiey,
J. F. Edgar,
Special Committee of Connty Temperance Union.
One day recently while passing through New
Brighton we noticed, in particular, the new store
of R. Steinfeld’e which he bnilt last year
and a handsome and well arranged one it is,
well lighted so that his customers can see
what they are buying. Mr. Stelnfeld has a
splendid stock of goods on hand which he ia sell
ing very cheap and if any one of oar readers wants
clothing wo can reccommend them to go to R.
Steinfeld’e clothing store, corner Broadway and
Lock streets New Brighton, where they will be
snre to get their money's worth.
Tbe time Is now coming for public sales, and
the place to get bills printed is at The Radical
office. .
Go and get-yonr clothing at R. SteinfeldV, cor
ner of Broadway and Lock Streets, New Brighton,
for he is selling off his stock remarkably cheap, on
account of going oust soon.
The time is now- coming for public sales, and
the place to get bills printed is «t The Radical
office, .
It is yet uncertain whether license or no li
cense will carry, but it is a settled fact that yon
can purchase clothing cheaper at R. SteinlcH's.
than at any other store in tfils connty.
rii-E &Ai)igAL: gjjUPAY, MAfiqH?,. [873.
The following is (he reply of dhe Econ
om iter to the Beaver Fails citizens’ com*
mittee on the introduction of Chinese la
bor into the cutlery: ; f
To the Citizens of Beaver Falls:
Recently there appeared in our village
of Economy a delegation of citizens from
Beaver Falls, 1 Pa.,' with a series of resolu
tions passed at a meeting of citizens held
in that place, wherein they complain of
the introduction of Chinese lubbr Into the
works of the Beaver Falls Cutlery Com-
pany by the: trustees of nuf Society, an£
the other parties, interested therein, by
which white laborers, to wbom. as is al
leged, continuous employment io said
cutlery had been promised, were displaced
and obliged to leave tbe place, etc., and
demanding relief of out Society, by whose
agents and trustee, and by whose capita]
and influence, asjs.alleged*saidi grievances
have been brought about. Our Society
now deem it a duly to answer ihese com
plaints, and make a public explanation of
its acts, and the more so, since the em
ployment nt Chinese labor has of late,
for various causes, become more frequent
in varioiis parts of the country.
Tbe Cutlery Company is an organized
corporation; transacting its business in the
usual Way, through a board of directors,
our Society being the principal owner of
the stock, but having but one director in
the board, one voice in its man
agement. Our Society as such was'not
notified either by our agents or trustee of
tbe intended employment of Chinese la
borer's by the company, and was not
therefore consulted about it, but having
been notified of the complaints in ques
tion, our council of elders "resolved to ex
amine into the matter.
On such examination we find the com-''
pany organized as aforesaid now in a{spa
rently successful operation. We being
the principal owners, as aforesaid, but
other parties who a long ;time
been connected in themanageraentof our
business in BeaverFklls,having also large
interests therein.
The works now give employment to
about /One hundred and twenty white
persons residents of Beaver Falls, and vi-
I cinity, and about one hundred and ninety
i Chinese. The directors of the Company,
without our knowledge as a society, enter
ed into a contract for the employment of
three hundred Chinese laborers, for a
term of four years, and gave security for
the faithful performance of their Obliga-
These men receive their wages monthly,
and are tree to leave the employ of the
Company at any time, If not satisfied, or
for any reasonable cause they may be dis
charged from the Company.
We have been unable to find that tbe Di
rectors have, in their management of the
business, violated any law or any rights
of any' party, uurir sucn snorrra ne inr
case, the courts are open to decide upon
it. When tbe present Board of Directors
took upon themselves the management of
tbe Company’s business, which was only
done as a last desperate effort to save it
from utter ruin, they found it in a deplor
able condition, heavy losses having been
sustained, and its capital greatly impaired;
Tbe previous efforts to save said cutlery
may well be likened to the efforts of a
crew on board a sinking ship freighted
with a valuable cargo. They applied to
their next kinsman, who, indeed, seemed
willing to aid, on condition, however,
that each should receive a certain portion,
but upon a reckoning being made, it was
found the proffered aid would cost not
only the whole cargo, but require the
ship, and quite an addition besido. In
this ddemma,but one of two things remain*
ed to be done—stop the works at once and
entire!} 7 ; which would have discharged ev
ery employee, and entailed great injury,
if not ruin upon the interests of the place,
or do as was done by tbe managers, call
upon these men to do a part of tbe labor
and strive to continue operations.
The latter was adopted as the better
course for all concerned. And may not
we here express the hope, that aside from
every other view of the question, this
may prove to some of them at least, the
; Cftll spoken of by the evangelical prop&et
—lsaiah, 55:5.
Our Society would be willing for the
Company to dispense with Chinese labor,
in tbe interest of peace and harmony, if
convinced of any wrong done thereby,
but fear to remove one supposed evil by
causing another which would, as we
think, necessarily follow.
Bat to meet tbe accusation of haring
countenanced the course pursued by the
Company for the sake of lucre only, the
council of eldets of our Society have in
structed our trustee, who is and has been
a director in tbe Company, to bring all
our share of the proceeds of the business
during the next eight years, if we so long
remain owners therein, before them, and
they will then direct tbe expenditure of
such money for tbe purpose of supporting
missions, schools, the poor, etc, with par
ticular reference to Beaver Falls; but we
will hot add to the amount of oiir funds
invested in the business if It should not
yleld.a profit. The cutlery business must,
so far as we are concerned, be self sos
taining. As to those white employees, if
there be any, who worked in the cutlerjv
and have, as is alleged, been wrongfully
discharged by our agents or trustees, by
reason whereof they suffered loss, it was
the act of managers or the Board of Dl
rectors of the Company, not of our',soch
ety; hut our Society desire, if any such
cases exist, that they be .properly and le
gaily made to appear before a' court of
justice, and that they he fully compensat
ed ; and we pledge ourselves that if said
. ■
company is not able lb ihake' such cbm- ;
pensatlon, It shall be made by .us.
We have luU confidence in the integri
ty of our trustee, and'the gentlemen who
were concerned with him in the employ
ment of tbe Chinese laborers, that they
acted lawfully and frorn proper motives;
and while, .if consulted, we perhaps
would not, and might not now, approve
of the introduction of such labor, yet for
(he reasons mentioned we do hoi censure
those who did introduce it.
Oor agents in the transaction of business
bt Beaver Palls, and who are interested
in the cutlery, have undergone much
Inttor ahd trouble In their' effort to save
from otter lossnot only their own inter*
estsin the Company, but also the interest
of ,oor Srlclely; We feel gratefnito them,
and will not be unmindful of their faith*
If we are rnlstafeerrm dijr views that no,
rights have beenvibktcd' by the mana
gers, of the putlery In the employment of
Chinamen, and this is shown us-by proper
legal authority, we will, as good and law
abiding citizens, insist on their immediate
removal, knd use every endeavor to that
end. Should, however, any lawless and
violent coursebe resorted to in violation
of the legal rights o! the company, we, as
a Societx’, would be compelled to protest;
and in such case, in view of all the "facts,
and onr previous efforts to the
general interests of the place, would feel
obliged to withdraw our m£abs not only
fi thr le b dness, but also from
This we woqld re
under the necessity
has ever been to
yof the place. On
ise men are permit-
y and peaceably at
their work, our share of the proceeds
shall bo appropriated to the religious,
educational and charitable purposes men
tioned above. If our views afe favorably
received, apd at the expiration of four
• years the employment of Chinese labor is
disapproved of by the citizens of Beaver
.Falls, we will be glad to let them have our
interest in the cutlery works upon very
reasonable terms; and if they can operate
. them successfully without such labor wc
will be much pleased.
Jonathan Lenz,
David/Wig and,
Christopher Diehm,
Lewis Pfeil,
Daniel Schreiber,
yJomi Wolfengal,
John Goetz,
Andrew Koterba.
Council of Elders of Harmony Society.
JlAßjai I&.WTO-. :
Conviction of Briceland,— The ar
guments in the case of Henry Briceiand,
charged, with the murder of John Ailing*
ham* at Elciersville, Washington county,
were cdbcla<Te<f<Tll Tcacimmj 7- ffOU tnii
Acheson charged the jury in the evening.
The jury came in on Monday, to announce
that they could not, agree, but the Judge
refused to discharge them until they came
to an agreement. They brought in a ver
dict of murder in the first decree at 11
o’clock on Tuesday morning. The de
fendant’s counsel filed reasons on Tuesday
for a motion for a new trial.
John Cowling of Hookstowh recent
ly purchased froai Rev. Pulton, of Mill
Creek congregation, a fine flock of 17
white Bramahs, that excel anything of the
kind in the neighborhood. We under
stand that be has placed them In charge of
Mr. Alex Patterson, whose long experi
ence with this class of fowls, ensures for
Johnny, in this new venture, ah abund :
ance of eggs arid chickens without num
Unclaimed Letters In the post-office
at Rochester, Pa., March Ist 1873: Bert
& Walsh, John Btrr, Wm, B*rto, Miss
Rosy Campbell, Jonathan Cost, Milton'
Cook, Jacob C loksou, R G. fDun & Co ,
(2). Martin Doctor, Arie Freeman, James
H. Gregory. G. P. Johnson, Albert Koes
ter Giorge Dunn Keefer,, Miss Margaret
Larimer, George Link, Grafton McKenzie,
Jeremiah Majors, Samuel Mijors, Miss
Rennie McNutt, Miss. Bell McKee Mrs.
Kate Piersol, Miss Annie E. Prentice,
Miss Martha M. Prentice. Smith,Carrnll &
Co., Wm. Me Smith, J. C- Vanuatter,
Llias Wolf Thomas Wilson,Bebecca Wal
ton, Mrs. Katy White, Frederick Walter.
Harry Wagner (3), IT. Zimmerman.
List of Letters renulnining in Bea
ver Palls post-office, March Ist, 1873 :
Isaac Dougherty, H. Duval, John Den
ning, Thomas Discoll, Henry Garber,
Fred Heinkel, John Hamer, Win. 6
Hamin, Wm. T. Jacob*, David McCange,
Adam Mitchell, Hugh Miller, Hugh Mid
dleton, Matilda Nhwion, C. E. Strong,
Alfred Snoberger.
List of Letter# remaining in Beaver
postnfflee. MaiJjb Ist; Joseph Bery, J. H.
Borlah, Boggs & Buhl, 9. Caincroh, Et
zell&Schilling, Thomaa Boyd, (tare H.
Fry) Mrs. John Fisher, John Goodman 3,
H. E. Green, Miss Emma Green, M. Hart
ley, M. Hurley 2, John Johnson, pr. J. E.
Jackson, Mrs Isabella Kahoe. Peter Ma
ratta, James Merriroan, Wm. 'Hi Wilson.
M. A. McGAPFidk, P. M-
Her, *7, £. Fulton has accepted the
Baltimore call, and has preached his fare
well sermon to his Mill Creek icongrepa
tion. On the 25th he disposed by auc
li»n of such property as he could not
mnv*. The best wishcsfor himself and
family of a large circle of friend# will ac*
ctfmpany him to hie pew field of,labor.
i. . I
T. M. Taylor, P. M.
J. L. B. Dawson, P. M.
lion held on the body of the late Gapt. I
Buckley, last Friday, in: New Brighton,
was-such as to create some snspicibna of
fool play. The wpund, located about ope
inch to the, tight of >' the forehead above
the right eye, aadconsiderably lacerated,
seemed to -liave been made; with some
sharp instrument before or after the pistol
wound. Theintegument about the wound
was not burned as would have been the
case from a close pistol sbpt. The ball
penetrated the right lobe of the brain and
entered about two inches, and when taken
out weighed less than a quarter of an
ounce, i'
School perhaps not
generally known t>K school' directors that
an act was passed 4 two yea r* ago by IJ|ie
Legislature Of this SOite,' making it' ob
ligatory upon directors' to publish, yearly
the receipts and' «*x|jtiulidm*s of their re*
speclive schooV districts. WiiUnut.a com
pliance wUh this! law taxpayers may with
propriety refuse to settle tbeit school tax.
It would be w'ill for school boards'through
out the county to bear this in mind.
Agricultural*—The anual election of
the officers of the Beaver County Agricul
tural Society will be held at. the Court
House, on Monday, March 17ih, at 10
o'clock, a. M.
By order of the *President.
T. O. Akshutz, Sec’y.
County papers please copy.
S. tt- J. Snellehburff, New Brigh
ton, keep on hand constantly a fine se
lection of gentlemen’s furnishing goods,
consisting of ready made shirts, coats,
pants and vests, and other articles of
clothing, all of the best quality, and will
be sold at the lowest fates: Clothing
made to order, promptly and 'warranted
Call and examine their stock.
to suit.
Out* neighbor of the Conservative, on
returning to his home* in Georgetown,
on last Friday evening, was greatly sur
prised to find a stranger in bed with hi?
wife, hot after a hurried explanation, his
surprise wos mellowed down into joy, at
the discovery that the innocent fellow
was quite small, although hid name it
was Bigger. Will the Conservative rise to
Committee Meeting.— The Citizens’
Executive . Prohibition Committee will
meet at the Prothonniary’s office in Bea
ver on Friday evening, March 7th, at 7
o’clock. By ordemf the ComniUtee.
We have : received- Smith’s Magazine
for January, published In New York, a
racy and interesting number.
Gregg, Son *£ Co»— We call your at
tention to the advertisement of Gregg.
Son & Co. in our issue of to day. They
in a new place an entire
ly New Stock o! iioois ami amjto,
this firm is able and responsible, they
have sucteded in purchasing at snehlow
rales that they claim to be second to none
in the line of selling cheap. Their stock
of goods is Immense and we cheerfully
commend the bouse to country buyers.
We are indebted to J. Morton Hall for
a copy of the Charter and By-Laws of
the Allegheny Car and Transportation
Company. '
Geo. p. Hays, President of Jefferson
and Washington College, lectured one day
last week in Indiana, to a slim boose, but
bis lecture was pronounced best of
the seasdnV' : ,
Wanted—Mortgages,—hloney to
loan on first class security, at current
rates. Address, “P. 0. Box 89, Beaver.”
McCready & Coivau have purchas
ed, for $5OO, the old seat of the Wiight’s
Mill, in Hookstown, on which they will
erect this summer a flouring mill and saw
Don’t forget to attend the lecture of
Miss Anna Dickinson, at the M. E.
Church on Thursday evening. Subject,
“What’s to Hinder.”
We have received a copy of the Work
er's Manual, issued by the Pennsylvania
State Sabbath-school Association, as a re
port of its work and a guide Ifor its
The Spring term of the Stale Norma
School, Edinborn, opens March 25ih .
Wounded Soldiers , who lost a foot
or hand while in the service, or were so
badly wotroed as to lose the use of a
hand nr foot, are entitled to an artificial
limb, or money commutation thereof, as
as they may elect. For further particu
lars apply in person or by letter to Gil
bert L. Eberhart, Attorney at Law,
New Brighton Beaver Co., Pd.
We are indebted to Hen Leonard
Myers for a copy of the Report of Public
Charities for 1872. •
Two yearling stears, belonging .to Mr.
Joseph Stewart, of Hempfield township,
Mercer county, weighed when one year
old, 3,480 pounds.
ABER— WALTON—February 27th, 1873, at the
residence of the bride’* parents, by Rev. John
A. Wilson,* Mr. Olivet: B. Abe* and Miss Eliza
Walton, both of Industry. Beaver county Pa.
White Wheat per bushel.'. ...fl 70
Red do “ - 1
Rye “ “
Outs “ ‘ 4?
Com r‘
a I
i' *
' A DUease wllli a Tbonsand Symptoms.
i (Dyspepsia is the roost perplexing of all human
I ailmsms. Its symptoms are almost infinite in
j thcfr variety, and the forlorn and despohdetit Vic
tims of the desease often' fancy themselves the
prey, in turn, of every known malady. This is
due, in part, to the close sympathy which exjsts
between the stomach and the brain, aid in pait
also to the (act that anydisturbance of the 1 direc
tive fahetion necessarily disorders the liver,! he
bowels and the nervous system, and effects; to
some extent, the quality of the blood. A medi
cine that, like Hostetler's Bitters, not only topes
the stomach, but at the same time controls the
liver, prodaces a regular habit of body. Braces the
nervee, purifies the fluids and “ministers to a
mind deseased,” is therefore the true and only
specific (prchronlc indigestion. Such is the oper
ation of this famon s vegetable restorative. It not
only cares dyspepsia, but ahb all concomitants
and consequences. Moreover, it Is invalnanle as
■ preventive of indigestion. No one who chooses
.to Uke halfawineglasstal of this agreeable, appe
tizerand stomachic habitually three limes a day
will ever be troubled with oppression after eating,
nausea, soar eructations, or any other indications
of ti wfiht of vigor in the digestive and asslmnlating
organs, The debility and languoreuperinducccfby
hot weather are immediately and permanently
lieved by the Bittors,,and persons who are consti
tutionally inclined to look upon life “as through a
gjass, darkly,” will be apl t ti take a brighter and
more hopeful view of the situation under the gen
ial influence of this wholesome'medicinal stimu
tent. marT-lm
Is plain ta'.k about the body and its physical and
social needs Di'-E. B. Foots, author of “Medical
Common Sense,” of No. ISO Lexington Ave., N.T.,
who entertains everybody with his pen. and cures
everybody by his skill. Is its author. In iri thou
and pages U answers a thousand questions you
don’t want to go to your physician abont. It is,
as it is stamped npon Us cover, “a boot for .pri
vate and considerate reading.” Price $3.35, and
sent, postage prepaid, everywhere. Contents ta
ble mailed free. Agents wanted. A beautiful
original chromo. mounted, "Throw Physic to
the Does.” worth $lO.OO. goes with the book|No
chromo without the book. No book without the
COMPANY, No. 139 East 33th street, New Ydrk.
marT : Sw
Letters testamentary on tbc estate of James
M. Smith, late of Beaver borough, Beaver county.
Fa., having been granted to the undersigned, all
parties knowing themselves indebted to said es
tate are requested to matte immediate payment,
and those Jiavibg claims against the same will pre
sent thorn properly authenticated fur settlement.
J.Jft. SMITH, Beaver C. 11.,
JAS. CHRISTY, Shippingport,
The valuable and very desirable large BRICK
DWKLLINO HOUSE, situate on Third atrect,j in
the borough el’ Beaver, lately owned and occupied
by the late Rev. James M. Smith, as a residence.
Said house is situated on a corner lot, ISO. by SOU
feet. There is a fine assortment or fruit and shade
trcjm; also stable, cistern, and ail necessary out
buildingB ° n raid lot. The premises are in a good
state of repair.
Those wishing to purchase or rent wit! please
call oh Mbs. M. Mcß. SMITH, on the premises,
or JAMBS CHRISTY, Sbipplngport, Beaver conu
■•*- w -* mart 3t
My new priced descriptive Catalogue of Choice
Flower ana Carden heeds, 25 sorts of either lor
new and choice varieties of Fruit and Orna
mental Trees, Shrubs, Kvergreens, Hoses, Crapes,
Lilies, Small Fruits, Mouse and Border Plants and
Bulbs; due year grafted Emit Trees tor mailing;
Fruit'S talks ot all kinds; Hedge JPiants. die.; the
most complete assortment In the country, will be
sent gratis tp'ahy plalnaddreas, with P. O. box.
True Cape Cod Cranberry for upland or lowland,
$8 per low;' fl-per 100; prepaid by mail. Trade
List to dealers. Seeds on commission. Agents
Old Colony Nurseries and Seed Warehouse, Ply
mouth, Mass. Established 1042. mar7-0t
We will give men and women
from $4 to $8 per day; can be pursued in your own
neighborhood; it it a rare chance for those out ot
employment or having lime ; girls and
boys frequently do aa well as men. Particulars
292 Washington St, Boston, Mass
All kinds Mining, Blasting and Sporting Powder
in Metallic kegs, for sale in lots to suit purchasers,
from our Magazines at Mill prices. This well
known Powder has been manufactured for over
70 years, and is sold at same prices as other Brands.
Also, every variety Dry aud Water Safety Fuse.
D. W. C. BIBWELL & Co.. Gen. Agts.,
mar"-lm Pittsburgh, Pa.
Save removed to their new, large and spacious
And are now receiving one of the
Largest Spring Stocks
Baying for CASH, ve have advantages to offer
An examination of oar stock'is respectfully
GRKGG, SON & 00..
159 Wood street, Pittsburgh, Pa.
K. B. Special attention paid to filling orders
sent by mall. xnarT-Sm
Library Buildi'nr, 195 Penn Avenue ,
tonr story