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    V> I
Beaver abgu
Wednesday, IToy. sth, 1862.
T. G. Nicholson, - - - Editor
S. M.-Pentengijl & Co.,
y ... Pari Rotcl X. I'., sr, Slate it.* Boittm,
nrtf our Agents fori the Auers in those cities,
arc take Advertisements and
Subscriptions for us at our Lotctst Baits.
'N : , Lecture. ,
We lire gratified , to be ab|e to an
* tionncots,o»r readerii that Hon. Dan
iel Agnbw has, Consented to a
lecture in .the-Methodist Church, in
Jiiis place, on Tuesday evening next
11th inst., for the benefit of the' La
dies’ Soldier’s Aid Society upon “ The
Spirit and Poetry of LatpS~ There is
more of poetry in Law itself and of
romance iu its practice, than is dream
ed of "by the uninitiated, to whom the
one seems butya collection of maxims,
. and truisms,the condensation ofthc cold,
common' sense of ages, and the oth-;
er a mereiappjlcation of logic to facts,
, bi- evidence; and the ability and expe
■ ' of Judge Agnew furnish a suf
ficient guaranty that this will be made
t - C’° - . •.. £ ,
manifest to his'audience in A mas
ter’y stylo. | 1 , ; ‘
We can promise to the public a rare
ifeieUcUual and trust; Uiut all
those who desire to contribute to the
° comfort of our suffering voluntceis
will make it a poi|ut to ho present.
Tb;o lectnrc will; commence at 7
o’clock, P. M.'Atlmiuar.ce 10 cents.
1 the cell■ father later than usual, the
Election was Carried Utiafewfs
in Greene County,/ I «■. cct f " b,ls the '. Sh^®
. 4 1 and hlsj family--were, at supper* ■ the
The mlly vapor.ngsfof Abe Brcckm-. kA ot n^on was opened,
party, .p tips j the^ufdorer) Ua y ing cu t Lintons
Congressional District, oyer the;result a knife with saw teeth prepared
ot the; election, not only.tncnt , ;fbr ,j- itn Vent out the back door>bich
contempt o , every bcisn uulocUed ; nto the yard and i
but excite the pity ot those >v.hq/know , : : I .. .
c 1 , , v y i passed {through the , gate, it having
by what imeans that cleetioi/ras oar- 1 I ■ °., , . tv- m k,^ n »'
*, • ~ . v. c 1 ■ I been left open for him by JJumbaring
j-ied, over the weak frailiy.of human,; ; - | 1 , . _ oa
t ■ i , ! , -I , ton. After supper: bis escape, was
nature. It would be almost beyond , , 1 .
. ,i , ■ discovered, and. immediately steps
belief, srere it avouched on fib c- ; ’ , & r v ._ ,
■ .. • .were taken by fhe feheriff-for bis re
vmost reliable authority, that meqnsi „ , J „n
s • ■•••••. . .• J. ■ i -icot’ervi /let! were started in all direc
i-were lesOrtfed to in "tho '-county of: . ; , * l . • . , 1 , • -it
; i 1 i ■ 'lions on despatches were
: Greene, where the hvdra-lieaded mon- , •■/.,. , . „ -1 ' a
, • •. . - !sent by te.egraph to all points, and
ot disloyally; has. complete *way f tho g,; epiff a
to |s well the pte,of t Gcn.,Laacar such | app^eheDsion,
asrno ope wohld: supposo|,any>et of : ■ tbc oabritry .,but
men, except rebel sympathizers cpuld * hatevcr( * aU WdttCoVered
be ‘Tlllltv 01. r. ; • v / „* . "» . . -*■ j ; ■
Vi- '* i . i.,, •*?.< » ofthc;fu<nuvc in uny direction, j
speak .not-of-tho. money which j- • ;.-p
... • : a .„ ; Li Suspicions arising from-circumstan
was poured out like -water, till the l L- / ... r, ,
•. I j * • . ,i. : ’ . , oes. wjiidi'it would, bo unnecessary
circulation of the Farmers cc Drovers. ’ / . • , • u^A
Bank er ffuy.Wbis iir cs„c« .laic., hat|amba r . s lo. M
lhit«f >ll fo.bor Banks li ( b. 21th b f““ “‘J*’ “ ca P”> h * w “
liad he bron there, would have melted;
<nor do we now propose tin speak of
f -the Shilling around the polls, the in
t. evitable accompaniment of a Deino
■seratic majority;|but we do intend l to"!
say that, false slnd. illegal votes are' 1 '
;ze ar. That minors were’allowed -to |
vdte, and afterwards' the feat’ was i
bragged of; that townships
•taiets wore hold their'eloc-J
tions at. places unauthorized by the’
and different from, the
■' places of ,voting; that (ohshanW
td-the brow of ilie miserable hypo
crites) negroes and raulatdes were led
, up td the polls and , niado to'deposit
theiij ballots for Jesse Lazear, while.-
his lickspittle, of the Star, was all thet
-...time- citing ‘^Abolitionist!” against
men .wbp were more liormsthnd'con
scientious than himself. \\> further
charge apon"tlio same authority, that
°|)p r es.sion‘ and- persecution,, such as
C' would only grace the minions of Jeff.
Dayjs, was brought to bear upon poor
nieffwho.desired tajHtouWllepub.
bean ticket. • ." -
Ajtd now,, in the taco of .all thi),
what base hypocrisy* and utter obliy-.
ioirdf honesty,: for the editor of the
.S'( ( fr,;and his cotemporaries of the 1
■ Journal. Examiner, and. Danoerat, to
■herald forth such things, and such cor.
rupt and damnable practices as a glo
rious Democratic .victory. ’’j
We bad intended in
.proper r an anonymous commu
nication 'signed s “Xew Brighton/’
which appeared in thd Star of last
Week, but refrain upon ascertaining
t,mt it was written by a thief. resF
dent in Bridgewater, wbo was lately
dismissed from bis position as a clerk
in a grocery store, on account of bis
propensity to appropriate the funds
of the establishment.
Wo presume the editor of the Star,
haying heard of the circumstance,
cn S a £ c d • him at once as a correspond
dent for that sheet, for which his char
acter peculiarly qualifies him.
Wo, congratulate tho people of Xew
Brighton upon the fact; that thej sig
nature was as false as the communica
tion itself, and that the writer is not
a citizen of that-borough. I ,
•QrThe United States Mint' in-Phil
adelphia coins daily from onc to two
thousand dollarsofniekle cents, all of
which are distributed as soon as made.
they are scarce. : *
The Capture of Eli! P. Sheets.
In our issue of last week we, briefly
informed our readers that Eli F.
Shoots, convicted of the murder of
John Ansley, had'escaped from the
Jair of this county, and was re-cap
tured by the -Sheriff. Wo are now
able more, fully to inform them of the
facts. -\ i ~ j ■
For some time after his trial. Sheets
had been closely- confined to hia cell,
but upon complaint to the Sheriff that
his health was rapidity declining by
reason of confinement,; through the
humanity and kindness of heart of
the Sheriff, he was pertnitted during
the day time to sit and jwalk ’about in
the corridor Or£»S of the prison, and
again locked up in the prison in the
evening before dark; blit on Wednes
day hv.enlng, the 22d of October,-the
locking up in his coll was postponed
until rather a later hour than usual.
The person who was immediately
-concerned in aiding r hie escape took
advantage of this circumstance tocar
j ry out the'plans: which had been pre-
S viodsly concocted to set him at liberty.
! A person named Datiiel Durabaring
i ton had been employed by the Sheriff
las. turn-key and servant, in whom he
| bail gieat confidence, as had every
body else |who knew trim. This man,
through certain influences which had
i been been brought to bear upon him,
; and under a promise of rehmueration,
I agreed t|< aid in bis escape. Prepara
j.tions.batl been made by cutting the
i bolt of one of the locks of the door of
} bis. cell, jbut owing to bis being out of
he was committed, and becoming
greatly alarmc4-at bis situation bo
informed thatif ho would
take him out he Would show where
ShectSjWas and place where,
he. then was. Altjhougli his statements
about the matter were then consider
ed wholly untrue,, ~tho Sherift con
sented to go with hini tc whore ho said
Sheets; was secreted. ~>Tho Sheriff,
with a party of persons whom he had ;
-requested to accompany him to the
place, after some parley entered the
-dwelling house of Mrs. Barker, widow
of the late Dr. E. jB. Barker, residing
iiji tins place, and after considerable
search found the {convicted murderer
under a bed in the second story of the
house; when ho was Immediately tab*
en into -custody' and escorted to his
old. quarters in the jail fi there to
await, uutiljtho 'time arrives when he
shall receive sucli; punishment as the
laws of Gcjd and man have prescribed
for him, who is guilty of wilfully, and;
with-a malicious heart, of shedding
the blood of his fellow man.
Our citizens were greatly excited
when the escape of the murderer was
announced, and roanj' were disposed
to censure; tlinF Sheriff, and .to Charge
[him with! neglect of his duty; but
when it Was ascertained that hd bad
been liberated by the turn-key, who
by his general good .conduct in the
the same capacity for five years, had
acquired tho entire confidence'of thfe
pres mt and former Sheriff, W. W.
Irwin. Esq.,, the, most intense, excite
ment wad created. But the most ex-,
traord inary part of the whole-affair
was that he should be found in the
bouifo of Mrs. Barker, who, with her
daughter,' Mrs. Craft, were hitherto
respectable, holding high
posh .ion, socially. Duinbarlngton has,
since the capture of Sheets, -revealed
all : he circumstances of the escape
and the persons who were concerned
in aiding in it, both before and after,
and wo have no doubt that tho per
sons gUility of assisting in turning
loose Upon society a wretch whom, wo
haV{< no doubt, was justly convicted
of qie of the most atrocious mqrdera
evet committed, will meet that pun
ishti ent which , 5s so richly- deserved
for i onduotr go criminal.
' -Tit ' *iV' I
- W,o shall? .be;, glad, indeed, if Mrs.
Barker arid her daughter, Mrs. Craft,
can (produce such- testimony os will
show that they jwere not gnilty; but,
as the matter Is to undergo judicial
| investigation, we forbear to present
tte facte upon which their wrest Was
made, or to cofmmentupon a case ao
extraordinary and apparently Mys
terious. The Star has attempted to
vindicate the character and conduct
of the ladies; but «we ? must condemn,
as all good citizens will, such attempt
to- create sympathy or prejudice in
their lavor. At the proper; time and
place, thejy will have fall op
ponnnity .to exculpate themselves if
they can. If they cannot, and the
facts are against them, let them be
punished as others are and should be.
It must be manifest to every per
son, that from the beginning the band
of Providence js in this matter.—
Sheets has-had many opportunities of
escape before his arrest, and remained
in the, boose of Mrs. Barker for six
days land nigh to,'and yet be not
permitted to get beyond the eight of
the prison walls/ The ways of Prov
idence are mysterious in bringing to
justice those who are guilty of violat
ing His laws,. .
In vindication. of the Sheaiff we
would say a| word. 'Having entire
confidence; in|i)ambarington, who had
always proved faithful and honest, he
entrusted the general care of-the pris
oner to him, and having done so. no
negligence on his part could have pre
vented the escaped of Sheets. If ho
had"locked him up in his cell, -Uum
barington would have taken him out
of it and liberated him as ho did. —
That there were persons, outside aid-
ing Dumbarington can be proved; and
if bo, the Sheriff, not knowing of or
suspecting any intention of the per
sons concerned, could not have been
prepared to proyspt them from carry
ing out their hellish conspfracy. The
Sheriff is a perfectly, honest man, as
all must admit; kind and humane in
his feelings, and would suspect no one
of so outrageous an attempt to defeM)
public justice- . W
The National Tax- I
s of this (24tb) Distri
has been very busily engaged, during
the last wehk, holding Appeals .and
revising valuations under the Excise
Law. The’Act is now in full opera
tion, and we learn that a large reve
nue will be raised from Beaver county.
As there have been several decisions
by the Coramiesroner, upon points sub
mitted by Mr. Davenport, which ate
of importance and which have., not
been published, we hereby add a few,
which have been handed us for that
*il ' ■
purpose by the Assessors:
1. Drovers’ stands, where cattle
drovers are in the habit of stopping
Over night with their droves, and who
2. But if they furnish liquor they
must take out license for that.;
3. 'Keepers of Eating Houses must
Hake out license as retail dealers in li
quors, without reference to their
amount of annual sales. J,
4. Cattle brokers who reside in dif
ferent counties are required ;to take
out but one'license, if they are a le
gally constituted form, and havo not
more than one office or principal place
place of business. '
5; If a farmer buys and'sianghtcrs,
and jsells cattle from his -wagon, ho
must be considered a peddler.
j6.|lf a butchoi has a stall and sells
meat therefrom he must be licensed
as .dealer. If he goes about.: selling
frotju his wagon ho .' must be consider
ed as peddler. If, however; he only
serves regular cusfwners, at ’ stated perir
oda,;from’hiB wagpn, he is considered
as what lias been previously
sold or contracted for, and pot V
peadler. - ■ 1
<• The time of retabvol is the prop
er time jfor ascertaining for taxation,
purposes the value of goods about to;
6e transferred trom the manufactory■
into the hands of a commission mer
chant. ' 1 ■ ’
8. Farmers, who ;buy a number of
cattle, hogs, &c., in the spring,
for fee purpose of soiling in the fall,
must take out license os Cattle,
Brokers. . i, ‘ i
Our renders would do well to pre
serve these decisions, as they may be
found of ninch value. '' Mr. Davenport
has informed us that he will, from
time to time, as various points are de
cided for him by the Commissioner,
band .the same over for publication,
for the;information of all concerned;,
■ The following is the letter which oc
casioned the arrest of Hev Dr. Hay,
of Harrisburg, by order of Maj, Gen.
Wool, commander af Baltimore;
“Editor of the Telegraph.—l have
just returned from Baltimore. Whilst
there I feel in with a lady of well
known secession . proclivities, who
boasted of having brought away from
Fort HoHenry, by permission of Gen,
Woof, four of the wounded; prisoners
lately transferred from JVedericki,i I
inquired if they were in'any of the
Baltimore hospitals. ‘Ho; 1 , they are
in the bands of mr friends. A dozen
ladies scrambled for them,but I had al
ready promised them to others, and
they are well cared for.’ j
. “How I wish to .call public attend
tion to this fact, which speaks for it*-
Would the same Gaeral al
low similar privileges to loyal ladies
in behalf of loyal soldiers 7i ; f
, “Chabus JL Har.
“Harrisburg, Oct *4,1862^-.' i
webki oh'the
out-side of outpStmr, aspeech|deliv
ered' by Son. Pimel S. Dmkinson ,at a
Union War Meeting in Jlhh ; cify of
Brooklynite we call the aiton
lion of onr readers. It Will be re
membered that this •is the some dis
tinguished gentleman. who Star
bo frequently quoted, seemingly;
bo heartily endorsed when if tela us it
wad in favor of a vigoroiua prosecu
tion of war and of.pntting down
this 'unholy rebellion. And we sup
pose ii will not aaio, sin'esj. it has left <
Ins and gone over t© the hnemy,deny
| that Dioainson* was a Democrat and |
| advocated the election,
of John! C. Breokinride -Pres
idency. Our readers wiU see that this {
patriot has left tbat-Ueoaonablo par
ty—|tha!t party whose leaders by false,
hood and misrepresentation would I
sacrifice our epuntry for office And.
power.. He bias abandoned the fopl
party and upholds the! constitution
and the laws with all
ability. He loves his wuntrjl' 'pnd
no party drill can tofipf
support of treason. We aak the Star
to inform ns whether it .endorses the
sentiments uttered in tie, speech Td-|
forred to. What do you shy, iSr.Sfari
Walk up to the scratch opd let there
be no dodging. | If you! dan spare the
time and space and likd-the subject
wo would be pleased io have your
views at length and hat* you tell ns
whether you now subscribe to the doc
trine preached through you* paper. a
year ago, before yon were bought
ever to the support. ..of treason.
Letter ftoai Kimtuoj .
We have been hand«l, by .a fUend,
a letter written by Mr. Jesse Darragh,
a young son of CaptJnoiS. Darragh,
,of Bochester, to hie sister. He is
a member of the original; Anderson
Troupe, a Penneylvaiga organization,
■ now in service in Kentucky. Prom
.jtjit, we lire pemittediiocopy the fol
lowing extract: -‘T-- '■ j■
Camp Near Crab okhard, Ky. 1
Qcljober, 18,1862. j
Dear Sister ;~I tit down this
morning to write yodieiv lines hoping
they will find you all well, ply health
is very good at present, and I hope it
will continue so. If will not try to
write all I have seen, since I fast wrote
We left. Bridgetown on the; 6th and
got to Chaplin Hills on the Btb, hay
ing traveled about -13 miles,' when,
coming out on the rebels, they
a deadly fire on our troops. I ba°o
seen some little fighting,' but neser
seen the like of this before. In, the
evening, abedt 4 o’clock, ! was sent
to Gen. Bosseau with a dispatch; and
n arriving I rabnatbe General on the
looked Surpi!jßOftW|W. He then ask
ed me how had |got‘ there. 1 told
him that 1 had iome trouble, but got
thiough safe. said I - Itad done
Imore. than he mid expected. Ho then
asked mo if h could get back again,
litbld him that I could try. ,Ho then
.‘gaye.'me one! for Gen. jßuellj with
-which-I returned in safety;l then
received :bne Ibr Gen. McCook, On
arriving on the field 1 made for his
Headquarters,Vbnt| on getting within
one hundred yards ot bis quarters,
I found’, to myf surprise, a- Hebei bat
tery just gettirtgready to fire;; Itiirn
cd my horse and started back indpub-
Ip-qaick. I found Gen. McCook about
a mile back onHhej road. I told him
what I had ,d<nfej' he told me Itbat 1
would have to look out forthonljabout
half qni hour afterwards three jdf our
boys was takepiby going to the same
plan e.l This fljsan'toll you abou t
the fight; the mpe'rs will tell you more
than I can. we have about 25: men
for dnty, andfwe are on. horseback
every 1 day. ; • . If: j .* i-'"
;Your Brother,
vU j
ell’s | recent brilliant reconnoisanco
Charleston S. C. show tlhat Penney!-
vania troops jfairly parried off j the
(jonors of the nay. The troops from
our State thatjwire engaged were six
hundred of tlpe ;47tb, under Colonel
Good, four hundred of '.he 551 b, un
der Colonel Wjhite, and the 76th. A
correspondent jiy no means disposed
to report mifetars in our favor is thus
constrained tdtwripei - I
!' “If heavy'; l&ses may indicate gal
lantry, thepafm may be given to Col.
Good's nobte ligiment, the 48th Penn
sylvania Vo&ifiteers. Upon this com
mand the brunt of the pattie fell.—
Out of six bdiidred Who went into ac
tion, nearfar fine hundred and fifty
were killed dr wounded. All the Key
stone troops didLsplendidly.” ,To this is
to be added.that the chief work done
by; this affair was splen
didly achihVeff'through Pennsylvania
leaders. . Sbe| naval command was
held by that £kU*nt South Carolinian,
whooe heart true to the Union as
his genine is adequate tp the import
ant profession}! antics assigned him,
Charles Bteedjnan ; while the finest
frigate of the service, the pride of
Pmladelphia.feorkmanship, 'the Wa
bash, handsomely seconded the efforts
of Comiundiif Uteedman, The ulti
mate object oiGen'eral Mitchell’s un
dertaking failed only for wan t of ma
terial and fee*. iet btro .be rein
forced • speedily from 1 those quarters
that-have just shown 'their native
prowess, Md the viper’s nest of re
bellion is deoiled. -A ■ *
f 4. ■■ i. :. . ~V.:
... * •• u. , .wm ii ■ . ;
.. gauThaa; i
’] blaitlmoek, Md.j [Oet. Boi ’O2.
Editor Argus: Tho £dod and|loy*l|
people of/this elty bayo lately, bad
their pptipnce again tested edverely.
The General In command here, if he
does not ayftipatbiso with ■ the
cratic secessionists ! df jtbe city, .bo
openly associates with them End with
them okclnslvely. It has been said
“straws shows how the wind blows."
Bat in bis case there, is no need of
st,rows j to' show how /violently ’.the
wiiid blows in that direction. Re
cently, Rev. Dr. Hay, c f Haiiriaburg,'
ohe of the most loyal men, itissaid, in
your State,was arrested by this great
General for publishing a simple fapt ip
relation to the treatment of rebels.?; |i
j gome of the most lotal citisenSj oi
this city have recently becu|dragged
from their business and homes for da
jnng to express their opinion of lbis
same General. '■. >].■' ryb' it
Gov. Bradford, of his State, lias
gone to Washington, ii . is said, to atjk
tho removal of Gen. Wool.) I. also
bear that Gay. Curtin, of ypur State,
has joined in this rcqt est. j i , [
see' old Parson 3rownlo.w, in A
late letter, wishes that suffleioo tgarK
powder was placed under West ■'Point
to blbw-it in to .the Ht dsou. | v. |•, i|
Colt Benton freqm intly yeiiti lated
this hot-bed of aristocracy ih tho Sed
ate '/Many of his stt tementsion . the
subject, blow seems almost lil-eplietifi
By a recent publication, it appears,
the rebels have ntb;-o ,gi adtsates |
West point than thd parent Goyern-1
menf which cdueattd them.
self, know more thi.n cmO of these
cihaW. who arfc receiving pay, anjl are
daily abusing the administration., J
J TDnlcss there -ih soon a silling "ofthe
false officers from the truhj hnd lo.yal,
I fear for the result. It is tpo bad that
men by the ten thousand phpuUl; bo
sacrificed, that money should bo ppjir
ed out like water,and all oi little dr rio
avail, simply because wa have so nihny
incompetent or disloyal officers, i ;
11 K ' i* A CITIZES. V
I! i V
;gart, Gen, Hindman
The Army ‘Vote. j^l-l
I A few flays, since we ipuWisKed a
letter from one of our
in the army of the iPotorajxc, jchain
ing among others expressions w}(icb
,we neither vouched Dop/Wdorsedi'th®
following:'"- ’r , 'i'.- i,vj. I:
“Election day pissed quietly
Very few votes were polled in qur 're
giment,! owing, probably, to; tliq i fact
that but one set cjf tickets (Rcpabli
cin) was furnishhc! us. ! WcAhavc all
changed our politics since ice, left, h bine,
aiid 'dq\not vote that ticked now :
We iwere content to publish the as
sertion without Cpininent, prdfcjrriug
to allojw bur readers to form Uicifpwn
opinions as to tub reliability drtlic
writer. A soldier, whether an. dOjcer
or a private, .bait'it) is Well known,;
very little chance of fbinung :ii just
estimate of-the opinion of
soldiers, beyond the immediate circle;
of hia comrades ■in moss ana haute, ,
and as the wearer of green ; glasses is
.1~~ ---.»iTur rJU~d:i QC V of
cian is npt tq .foi in a judgment chiefly
colored by his own views. Inasmuch
as the writer never was a Republican,
or ib any why 'identified j With jthati
.party; his opinions as to a change of
sentiment among the I troops, would;
carry very little weight in any uu
projudipedex’anp nation.of Ifbota.; JLIu--
inian nature) is largely )j£iven to accept
ing as) truthwhat it | hbpos' imvy. bd‘
true. :b 11--:I 1 --: Un-; . r ;
i We make -this sentiment; for the
Benefit of those (country; papers [which
have copied, and commented on the
extract from our oorrespohdeht’s let
ter, as a truth in some measure en
dorsed byjthe pispatch■ The; army
vote is liable to so many inaccuracies,
and is so littlc t ) bo relied ofi aS; a fair,
expression of cpiniqn, thatwe have
preferred. to, biso no comments on
those web have' already
Our contetnpore rios have cho.sen-. how'-!
ever, to piiblisl a rash assertioh of a
single soldier t,s the heralding of -a
groat truth and they should be eon
tent to a|>ide by the issue. ITPE show
■how baseless and utterly unreliable
the assertion vfas,’wo need only refer
.to the army) yipM aal published jin this
and, other counties of .the) State arid
dlSq .wrath bfdhjs opposition 1 ’aroused
by »ny|,propps; tjon to count the Vote
in the general election! returns! f jFrom
the returns of the Allegheny’.county’
regiments we Snd that fho'.-Rcpubli
can- vote polled was about ten'to one
in comparison with tlVo Democratic.—
Throughout the State a preponderance
of Republican Votes, almost asi mark
ed, were east qy the volunteers ,in
[service. — Pitts, Dispatch. i , ; 1
■< ■ a! i
' ' ' • f.l T" ' ■ i, ' ■ 1
| Headquarter:- Army of the ‘Potomac,
;Nov., 2(1, 10 p. in —-To bia Excellency
the President--! have just received |a ;
dispatch from |Gen.. H’Cleltan,i Uated
af Snicker's Gap. 6 p.| m., stutihg that
he has full possession of the Gap. When’
Gen. Hancock arrived Was
in possession of- the enemy’s 'Cavalry,
who were at .once driven pnt.f A col
umn of; from 6ipoo to' 6,oporbbel in
fantry advanced to retake; it and were
dispersed jby tore of our rißodguns,
The position is a. strong one from
either side. | j. j
i Jt: is; said that [Jackson and A. p.
Hill are in. the valley opposifn. Gen.
Pleasanton has! driven the Enemy’s
cavalry several miles Beyond fUnion,
at three O’clock p. m., exploding oho
of their caissons,; and cuplnvihg ton
of their wounded left behind.'! v [
■ B. B.;HAbcy, Chief of [Staff.
Charleston!, V a., Oct. 31Maj. Gen!
Cox’s army arrived here to-day. The
rebel army under Generals,;[ Echols, i
Floyd and Jenkins, retreated from
here last MopdaV. The match of ohri
troops nb top Kanawha Tally was
conducted id the best military-. Order,?
without ]a. single {casualty. *The en
trance of otjr army into this town
was nf at tr umphal character. The
citizens giving our wel
come. : !.■ :
the übxt legislature,
i The Senate. -| ■ •
\ The following! are ,the [ members'
elect oftheState Senate. Those mark*
$4 thus (*) are j the'; newly elected
members: I- ; ;^K
"Ist District:; Philadelphia, Jere
miah iNichpls, u. a., JaoooE. Ridge
way,* ti. 8., : C. Donovan, !)..George
Connell,* ir. b. ! ■■'■l k
2d District: Chester and Delaware.
Jacob |S.ScrrUI,UE.. ;
3d: Distiict: Montgomery. [ John
C. Smith, n. . "j: ; ' r jv]-’’. ;
Distflf Wm. Kinsev
• 4th District.: ! 7>
sth District: (Lehigh and North
ampton. ’ Gco.. ; WStem, d. ; ;
6th!District: Berks. . Heister Clyj
mcr, :o : '.(■ j -'j ; ' ■,•!' -/ [-
. 7th District: Schuylkill. Bernard
Reilly, t>.- jj ; I • ••• : ■'! :V .■
,Btb District. Carbon, Mtfnroe, Pike,
and Wkynei Henry S. Molt, n. |
9th District; Bradford.Sdsquehanna,
Sullivan ! and Wyoming. William
Turrel,* u. a :i:- y VT
, 10th District: Luzerne< Jasper B.
Stark, * p. j:,.: T .K, r'-
’• ■ 11th District : Tioga,Potter,M’lvean
and Warren- F. Smith,* ii. R. j .
12th District : Clinton,! 'Lycoming,
Centro and Union. jEfcnry Johnson, 5.
R 'j. .'j j ! ;wT' £ i .
; 13th District;: Snydor, Northumben
land, Montour and Columbia-'. Frank
Bond, c. u- j'. '
(14th (District: . Cumberland? JdnJ.
at a. jPerrv and Mifflin." C eo. H.Bacji
er,*[D. i.’ | s/r !•- • ; ( : (
loth Distiict: Dauphin and Leban
on. [.. A mbs R, Boughler-io. R. ,( J
I6th. : District: Lancaster, t Wm,.
Hamilton, u. R., John A. Hcistand,; u.
Rf -j ..-.t- (■ i■■■■.(■ 1 1
17th Ihstript : York. | A lleistand
GldtZ, D. , ,r ( .
■ ' 18th D strict; Adams, Franklin, and
Fulton Win M’Sherry,* p. -
19th Distinct': ■Somerset, Bedford
abd Huntingdon. Alex.'Slatzmau, U
aD .i I '■ ■(- r'! : :.'l ! , , . ,
(20th District: Blair, Cambria &
Clearfiold. 1 Wm. A- Wallace,* o. :
-[ 21st District: Indiana and Arm
strong. 11. While,* U. |E. ■ ';| (■ ■■■
22<l District : Westmorcland; | and
Fayette.! Smith Fuller, c. it. '• |j
;■ j 23;if. District.: Washington (and
Greene. George V. LaWrenee, u. R.
24th Allegheny. ; Joh’n P, Penny,
dl R.'. j.|L. Graham* pi r.
li2sth District: Beaver and Biitler:
Clias. M’Canicss,*,!:. n:
26th—Lawrence, Mercer and ;Vc»
nango< James 11. Robinson, c. R.
27th District: Erie and Ciawford.
Howry B Lowry, c. li. I
i 28th District. Clarion; Jefierspb,{For
est (and EBd. 1 Chas.. (Jj., Lamberton,
Union and Republican 20f|
Breckinridgers ;......13! j
Vr ■ Unioa pisjorify .. J.>........-i—■jK|’|
-• House of Representatives.
';The I lollolvtin-ri arcs tins ■ uiJi.vbers,
elect; iff • | lbo ILoinao ■'jot
tives;■ y : '-r : ; ,;v .j.T-i—V' VL
'■ Allegheny; J(flin tJiiti'.lan, r.. A-if.
Gross, f itl, Wiliisiiji Iliitohman/ Tt.,' Al
fred Slack;, r., Pplor G. '.Slianmjni'ft.
: Armstrong aiifi' Westmoreland :J.
A. iVluCuljough, ijl, Sabniel Wakiflield,
D.iißiyha.rd;lGrahs|m; A-’' i
1 Beaver and lamvreTieo; "Wiri. iffon
y, B;, Ci?W. White:u. -- ;y
Bedford : John Cesina. D: [ [
Berlcs:JYiVi. !X'; Pol yj.. C‘h|as.
A. Klirio; j}.| Daniel- K. .Woldner,) d.;
Blair: ;K. A. Mrilmftrie, n.' 1 \ :
■ Bradford: BarUipliemt-vy L\i]iorte,
R.. Duiiitnci Lilly k. : h;,’,f i
-1 Bucks.|: ]D. B.'.Labor,' ixf’J Jlpßoi
leuit.ri. I’-!- 1 .. pi'| $;• ■ /;
'i Butler; H. AV'.Graiit.u.,' li.fC'.vJlc-
Coy.u. . •; -/..j.
KCarribvia Cyrus L. I’epjiinjr; d.
' 'Garbo nahd Leidgifr Samuel Canrp,
D., Tb onmsCrai", Jr.!, |p. ,-j> j,; -■
Centre: If K 'Barron, d. , j j
Cl)e|tdf \V. AVindle; ii'l P.
K,, R. Ll'M’Clellan, n. 1. ; ■ i v
Clarion and Forest|: W. T. Alexan
der,' »• . ‘■■ : -■(’ . :hj‘_ ■ ;
Clearfield, Jefferson,. M'Koan and
Elk;: C. R. Earley, D.jl J. C. Boyer; i>.
■: Clinton, and ’ Lycoming; B '
Bock, p., Amoa GANoyes, d. p ,!,
*■ JCdlumbia!, IMonlour, Wyeomi
Sulivan: Gpo.i D.p Jack&pn, d.”ji
lis, P. ' j ■ .■' !'
Crawford and. Warren •. H. C
son, rJ, .W.jD. Brown, k. ■ 1 .1
Cumberland :, J. P.JEboadsjfn
. Dauphin : James Freeland, r.,
G. Foxill. ■ ( ! j’l 1
Delaware : Chalkcy Harvey,
Erio:-1 John P. Vincent, b.* :
-Twilchcll, r.‘ * T
f-w Fayette : Daniel Eoine; p. (
1 Franklin and Fulton : Jonath
coby, 'n., Win.' Horton, d. 1 l; j
- Greene :| Dr.iPattan, ». ,1
Huntingdon :jIA. W. Benedict;
i Indiana: J. W. Hustin, r. : '
r Juniata,‘Union and Snider .
Hummel, k.; H.[K. Hitter} R; ]j: _
‘•Lancaster: Benj. | Chanjpnsys, r,,
H. C Lehman, b., Nathaniel Mayer, b.,
H. B. Bowman, b. | '■'* V ‘1
’ j Lebanon i :Gj. Dawson Coleman, b. ,
! Luzeihe : S.-W. Trimmer, !).. Peter
Walsh, Jacob Bohingon, i>. .
Mercer arid Weriango:'jaraes C;
Brown, r./JM. C Beebe, r. j f ' I
j Mifflin : | Holmes M’Clay, b.| . r
1 Monroe and!Pike: Geo. IIJ Bow
land,in.; ]• ' ('■ • ,i ■’i,
j Montgomery : S. W. Wifuley, d., 11.
C. Hoover, d., Joseph Rex, b. I j
Northampton D. C. Nieraan, ft, A.
C. Hess, D,! -j:-' .J;.,; ;■ >
! Northumberland P J, Woods Brown
ft -1 " [ V j ; '.I • ■ !.1; ■ ’
i. Perry: John A Magee, ft -f !■
4 ? h 9 8 - J ‘ Barger, ft’
S. Josephs, ft, Samuel C; Thomson, ft,
Richard Ludlow, j>.,jGeo; A. iQiiigley,
ft, James W. Hppkihs, n,! Francis M’-
Maniis,^ D.J Albeht,Rj Seooficlil, n„ Jef
terson i>.,i William Foster,
r., Joseph Moore, r.; Thou. Cbchran.r.,
jSJ. KiPaprioaat.r.,
£“ b ® Sutphm, r.j ]W. F. Smith,’ r;,
Edward G. Lee, r. i '■‘■l;■ J■ J
j Rotter and Tioga: A. J. Armstead,
*•> C : A * .s»*». r - ju \;( . • -hj.
rad'Gruber, D_. A •lam \V t., i, it.
■ Somerset: C.. Mu&sflrfdn, r.
Susquehanna :,il>. B. Warner, ;•
. Washington: Wra. .AVi].
Ham Glen, n. , Y
• Wayne: Wm. M. Nelson,.p.
York : Joseph Bellono, n., s£' q
Ramspy. i). Y,.i Y
1 J J ■■■ Ifi j - ■
kec|pitpLvtios. '
' Y Vi II
■' ' <56 07
B.reckinridc majority on joint bullot, 1 1
Correspondence of tho? Philadelphia p r( -..
Letter from “Occasional.”
Washington,- Oct. SO, 1862;
1 The, 'departure'of .Major ’GeiVcraJ
Banks' for Sew York, on Monday af
ternoon,- there to open bis! headquar
.tere, and to'organizp the -great esne- ;
dition about to be Set on toot under
his cooimand, marks oco off the most
important [epochs of this wai. ’ Yarn
oils conjectures, ~ near t and wide of-the
truth, will of course be hazarded aa
to the design and destination -of this,
important expedition. liilorriiarioli
derived from various sources and in-U
ferences from snbMrv factsiindm’e me!;
,to believe that y.he follow in i V.ili W !
found, substiuitiaiily, the uito- and .jmrij
pose Of. this mew iiu>venieijtU-rTui- 3 {J
tenlion of the , Goverhmenlyor.' the:
United; States has, for a! Ibhg- tf*w ■■
been earnestly directed * towards Ti-xi
as, and the,importancejoi'fexiemie i
■military operations to restore the Pel
oral authority in that Stale ha«
.strongly and pecfnitL-ntlly in-gcd l;.g
several delegations of loyal Texans'■.
tinder the solemn assurance, .that-a!
large portion of the people of T&ps,'
are only waitifig tor an op.poriubav.-
.. to return to titeif Allegiance.- and cs- :
tablish, within [their boundaries; I ym> 'tr:
nxore free-States, tliusi putting ;m-i
! progressive eobirol and civilized c,; h
tivalipn the entire [ eiyipiru which de
! clarcd its independont-e of'•!c.yii-o
,1 nearly thirty years ago. and was sejil
etl to. the United Slates: m : ikli, tu
accomplish, this vast design will tin
doubtedlyibo tiie object t>t thoVspeiiU
tion under Gen; ,I'anks-. Ou'iy rjfp
weeks, ago an expedition-also }-«>kihg'
towards Texas, at let; ii-rkl clearing the
Mississippi rebel pbstnu-tiiro--,
-entrusted toj M;ij.
Illinois', ‘ who is'now-in
.States earnestly engaged i.u'itdo'.g.dv
ization. The. .conciuyent innreak-nt
joi'v t|ie soahpimi, lji.cadA-d. by.-GAr.esal
■ UanK%. and looking, to' toe|gLv;i'ie »,bl
ject, latter. bating. blibn lung
ablyj considered [ by t-.tbe. .military
tfionlios, has bow' been fonVi":y
cyded" upon. , Texas wrested.
rebels and,a loyal Uoveninvea'fyiV
izefi at its capital and* throng bout
■•Statiinwnf bejun linioiense gulp, tin
j licpabiic.and a fatal' blow to tv.
I hellion.; The commercial find joi;
j rCsu tsof 100/.yedpnquest of Texa;
surpjass in importance anyouid
thing heretofore attempted.To'
I they soon will diseovep. that tin
cot t oil yjjiiriiry is being 'rupi-ijv
tributary td.Jbe regular Gov.j
df, the United*'States'jand is V
I. taken tfoiu thl»in I(kc masses-
from tin's • region- .im'.v, -:i>•,;■.
Virginia v. Hi viibei- liiUVuS
. arm ins; i n. t ka u
I too ialtf .souk to. iffy j‘m‘k
j own Wt£i^n.%rthSUi < ltlt»;V
Union <;f>lunin'-i.j .JSjc. I
commandt-rs; o!‘ this mavpiii.'jit
iiianj-, reasons ;i happy aav.' c:
Banks and 'UrnerlilyM i,.-o
vnldnt&c,officers hsni<> - ii&:
! ' greatly i
«V'lycs. ; l>y ’ ;ga!.lanV service'. iin
:tw! Eastern & sited v
al Bj> tiß»'cnjoy s the u l ll k > ll lei>.'
■ den|c of the poo]d»v wiiii JU.
Clerngiid has t-lieAvhoi-,
with enthu.siast]fh!aitii in his <■ •.
j’untii'ing ian<l'. inili-dirv ■ sjjmb=
"flic troops ao J Sew
York, under tlßvjloadorsliiJi of Jxu.4;V.
will vip With the- gallsiht. soejnt'is,ot':
Indiana;’l!lino\s‘, and lowa, whljyliif
leadership dri^cClernamhard'all-:will
strive who shall show.-the groat .‘St de
votion to' the . fiiovcjarmduti the
.determined hatred of ■ tlii Vehi-iini!:,
ar.df the. moat galfhnt zeal iii closing
out,,the liyar;, Banks, the sianni-hfßts
ric l)otiglas Boinoca'at,. are,.spi-tsallV
fitted for-this,groaii mission, ami .sg
naUy qualified to lehd these" twq- ar
mies .fo a crowning victory.. Tiieljic"-
pie■ of-tlie United-States *Will:;ahb be'
glaijl fodtn.oWryihat it is- dislltiijrjd f<.
theGovcrnincnt to; clothe tiiw--/ v sy
cpinnianders. with the 1 arges;t?l;;4jrv
t ionary power. They- have 1 eii?Mrc(i
npjni ,thsir -task, ivithulrO
full, confidence ot .the Admiids! -Istinu,
and will bo supported by.'the whole
inffficnce ot the civil and, hulitarl'i au
thorities ; and .should ;th)e Tdit s' ; ‘ami
Results of these' conjoined ’expo ittious.
prove to he what I have fort-siUihiw
ed, ithon every ; patriiitie i hohrti- wdl;
S*Y?- 11 Iterance to a prayer, tha-tj Cod
miiy speed them triunipjiianiliy (,a
their way. '■ ■ '/! j’-
i ! g and
io. El-
Th ! OS:
R. ; ■
B; \Y
inn Ja-
' -i
Rv J
& R.
‘ ■ / . ■’ » . .. :
- Iff 10 York, 2s ov. 2.. — Port iv yj'- .
dates 1 to .'the 20th ult. have, been ri! '
ceiyed. Two British soinici'- •
the Anglioand Scotian, wereicajHiirid.
dh j the 27th ult,. and taken .W I’";'-
Royal. The two steamers
Contraband cargoesi are valueji l ii £
million of dollars; i-Anotheri JBritish
stcamcr, the ilinnoho, was ran
and destroyed. . : ■
- was reported at Port Royal
thy rebel ram was «H'jrrt!iig''dp'W.n ■■th«
riyer from Savannah/ ||
' Philadelphia , ; November
will be no .( Plnlsiielp.tii-V-
Commissioh'brs having; *>e<?rniii u ’'".
after eareful 'examination
count by .precincts; t!= ajt 1
balbo eitlistbd, .from ibis ' uitj :
necestsavy to fill 'Tu quoUi. i:,• r
, Was
'ii 'of;
.■i W'.il
; !r .-.
1 :f „r.
f -I--
7if '
i 1