The Beaver Argus. (Beaver, Pa.) 1862-1873, October 15, 1862, Image 2

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A correspondent of testj week'^
ascribing himself “JpsTias. -
tfavelline through the woods near,
Darlington—according tp his own ac
count, accidentally felt upon a “mare’s
nest.” 1 He was token entirely by,
surprise, and the shopk was so terri
ble that he fell sundenly to the ground.
after a little while he arose up
again; and on .recovering hnnsell. be
looked, ho gazed, and started back
He looked again,; and 10, and behold. -|yr g jnritv About 71
hoi saw a “Ciicular r issued by T -
the Republican and People's County i > . 1 ~
Committee, calling upon the ‘Loyal Qu|> Whole T%ket BtoMX .
men Of the County to turn out to the , , Tliu niphe(J^Triumphedl
election! He gazed upon it, and ex- : , ( ~6 ' -|oU S| v j a fid seutiib ffughes\
claimed: “It.reads, 'Loyal mea-uifin most Gloilously a .. TCJjr
who stand the Corsti- bowLing to Ah*ir . , I
tutidn and\the laws.’ i Cab iCbe ?- Da yis is thus.rebuked by -BcitCi, a.
Yes, it must be so. ’There it is, or Stellites with him
dream.!” He perched himself to*ee- • ma j or Uies on Die
‘Tt is so. tVlmt shall bp done . Ah J .p ran ,, e fron 50 0 to 700-onc or
I seel 1 will hasten to our place of et 0 „ vielow owin" to
week’y meeting, (Sunday) about two Hyo falling somet}pn f .. . o
miles from Beaver, and I will take local caused. i
counsel of my friends.” After ; the- Wc^iav g again inet the enemy and
secret conclave had assembled, the llVln ! Wo ijpogiratulalp
“Circular” was read, and they were . . Beaver COuntv upon
all wonderfully amazed. feoine do- the ~m rl. sm | P^sE s -fuli
dared that ther would! rather live un- a vicrout meu i f ,
der Jeff. 1 Davis’s Government than most sanguine EXPECXAyio. s.
that ©{ Lincoln. Others Jhat the mo3 i desperateefforts tie
Southern soldiers' were fighting for; j£ ug hes Parly Slanders,
their homes, and tW Sorlhern sol- iuiir x , sentution s apd calumny were
diers ircre f)f pay, and that, _ I u n 0 av Jul.
ret "“ of " ; "
agreed'that if the Sortb wasvietori- Districts hoard from, up to the hour
! ous, that some oiUhe |;niggerA” . might of goiug t 0 press : ; • '
|be set - free. Whereupon they all DIsfTMCTS .
Hon- John W, (Wallace. 1 agreed thtd ."Justice” 1 must go or J Rig Beaver,
; ° rl eked jVr 1 with to;-bis;office in the borough ot Bo % U; , h ; .
Tho-Sfur of last week att. _ J an(J write abbut this wonder- Bridgewater,
Wallace, the Republican and People sj - ’ , „_y lis kneaking manner j Brighton ip:,
candidate for'Congress, in the mosti ?u , 1 aI1(J have-in printed Chippewa, -
gross .„d infamous,, manner, eharg-| of and soon ar
ing him as being as Jm h - g offi J be says to f a u"ton,' ;
das,-and a traitoi, J himself- ‘T will iwrite and .have it Freedom Lor.,
associates, incompetent pnd a plunder;- j ■ StaL j Long is not for Greene, ■
er and many other Laid names, ilie pritueu .. , 1 i,„ i„A MoGun'e,
SS» and *4*lll not take Ul ’ .^T,
t' ' ™«bi.t»ar.»dtl.«l.aric.drll..d. (all; l'«t V all ngU no*. Uc.g Illduslrft
Join W. iVallno”. .. tl.i| Umo 11. «, „ im £ ck .tTsHgUgn,
andltliey have endoi-sed his hon- make'use of him now; that » all f
: '' A more than once. — 1 wanted.” lie writes as follows; It x> aUer Bon, : L :
and capab , nr, nrred ! is a secret circular. .;I am informed Pulaski, 1
There was never an eleelmn occurred I to be kept pri , Eaecoon,
Jr. this county ;that the .Sk?r has not th. _ ; e tbe Kochester tp.,
Blandercdl'vilified, and abused some of vate. But I saw it. I oh “• I boro., .
the"opposition candidates in the most do this withopt letting me kn ' • h - Soulb Beavei.
im\Ll and blackguard way. We I know; they are tho Lmon, and 1 , ;
• will' con tint - bursel ves; at .this time;.by am for the South and f Slavcry, and so ■
simily Adding that Hon. John: W.,m Long- But what will } .say ab. ut . Tho trtti i ori • Val«andi w
Wallace lias inor'o honesty, loyalty and|it ? be, deleated. If true it
coini>eleg!cy in his political little fin- But what 'vd. jrtcy Will be glorious news. He is more de
gcr than Wrc bin the whole , loins'. write a secret, a (cw y . pla?c on the gallows than
' of-tbe' Filter of the 'those ago, m w ueh, I v ]‘ ina .lthe U.S. Congress; still he Las friends
• i i, the Bepublican, candidates, ami manj , . °,
who assail you. eff my neighbors, And yet they don’t 'u this county.
' i i attack any oiic in this Circular of) Allegheny County- •
Another Tictim.-W c, regret tp But tbcy i don * t know ,that L 'j - Allc , rbeuy couutV the returns
learn of: the death of Mr John Q- j wrote that slanders Circular., and j tb^^^alC ato t.W election
Laird, formerly a citizen of this coun-j writ o.” Here he seizes his pen, j . bU ticket by a consid
h ty; which took .place, m the writeB again a 3 fo ,,„ws: i ton' two dnd
at Corinth, Miss,. SOTnc time, in th v par ty ■ and the Circular! • J ? ,
month of June. Mr. Laird the midst of V
in the Ith lowaßegmienf at the break-., blo?(iv war> yet in this hour of ' Pennsylvania Election,
ingout of the rcbellibn, and'serve j .: ‘ tlie Democrats aie orgapizing PuiLAbELPHiA, Oct ,14. The ,;elce
. with credit through t,ie . sllssour M tbe i r bari( ] s f o r T i-tory, and that the i tion proceeded very cpiielly. The
’ cam].aign during the summcr ; and:w.n-1 4T , hat to “crush | polls 8 o’clock. - *
t-r of ’(>l aiul ’O-‘. lie was m nearly ; and not tutus up to- 8 1-i o cloth, the Di-ino
:> ! b . ltt ,cs in Missouri ’ Atthc'l thu sustain not , cAls that Mayor Henry,the
: all the battles > -•■:. „; jn J weaken those ,Tn authority. It Unioll calKli date, has 8,000 1 majority. ■
rattk- i a Bine ihlls *° ■■■ 1 100 tbat lhov w h’o- carry: forward tbe j Kigl»t wards ot this city give Mayor
was almost‘annihilated; yet ho escapwd fy r the’U nion the Constitution ! He.iirv 5.,%0' majority, allowing Demo,
several others; but at lasl dic wasx? summoning all the charity.l profess to • da|l,.Democrat, is elected l.obO Wy I ’*
far me Circublr i |
hands-t- close h.s ,ycs. to| Co J lw! , 3 in3alie , or nearly Iso,’ rlectWi. ~ ' J
- deaih-dpiap .rom his brow.. -J-hus hb Bub^.ribcd b ; llv = e li -Justice.” • The Republicans claim 'a gum of,
W « a,ldc '} : a!10t^r 10 I-" 1 of j a|ul aatHl J D.trlington, and dropped) four members to the Legislature Iron,
tbevidtims of GtisAccursed nil?l f ba4 te,.ed up streetto tbe | U._Thaddeus i
. oxi fWltoa « .< A cit Wi-Sbir oftiec and rcadHo'Long. -Good,) ;, St - cVeDS is re^iC cifid to - Congress 1 by-
E Plpiibus Uniun ys. AC , “wc havpgotThem now; i oVcr 4,000 majority Wver bleinman
‘l, ■’ j y lzen f; : i you are aiwkvs right,j ’.Squire. It WDemocrat. ’ J . ■
, A'eorrespondent of theA'M-r oi last, > j you last all . : j thought I ■-ILvttulsßyuo, Oct; 14 -~ Glo^® us
ronf makes a >v«i| am! base utbick - Vro y of lby and I havoi
upon thcAuthoi of- if. ooinnpinication , retaruol j- to ; m y former love, and will j A great.’Union victory ihiougbouy
in the j last weck’y| Argus, Signed “E. mako amc p. j s w doing J nll vou ask- ' tbe State has probably been gained.-
Pluribiis'Ununr*’f The argument oil o forg . velh ; g -and I will j .The wlmle Democratic ticket is
-E riuribus” word so soupd, convinc- 9in aga - rtst again.” m Berks b- .Übm^,.
' Ang apd overwhefimng.:t!.iU "A cm4 Tlcß y replied, ; -I ibrgiveyou.V ami all| ...
zen” makes no to meet or.l tb j s ■ < f aB ‘ printed; —tho people redd.!
y- overthjiow them, hut iiihis usual style j and greatly astouishl-d.. ■" V,
■ eouimeiiccd inakfrisf moiithsaiul tbrbw* j -5. —r-~: «-»-r —'—- * i
i - t ■ P v 1 •/,'}•-.» L • 1
- ■ ing^dirt-and calling all kinds of. ugly j- . for tne hospitals. ~ •»
K bumesi He also,.says thatyL Plun- Q en(ra iomh\Saititnr)/ Commission,] i
bus Ununi” never was a Democrat— Yf ashixotos, Oct. 2d,j62. ) !
We assert that Ho was;. anffas wc|v- Tbo frequim/ly made;]
have no concealments we will-give %vb p tber tbe Commission Wishes to re !
his name,viz: James Patter-sox, ’Esq., cJ i ve )le3 fo „ thd use of tho wound- !
of Patterson tp., jßcavcr cynnty— one , | t shou^rf.immediately be publish-j
■; P- 1 - lh l m °? l i“fl“onGaland respectable j aBpoSB ihle,'thatdried i»p-|
citizens of the county.too.high-minded ’ g c ; al j not be sont to its depots in ItodJ
tp make any;roply to so filthy; an at- j quantities. Town and village j
tack Apon his good name-arid vharac- belief Societies are icquested to make ;
ter.- lie is ton hoiiorable tp wrestle arrangements for paring, cutting, and.
with d pile of-diii. r?. ! drj-ing by their members and such
: The writer in .the, Star knew well volunteer assistance as tbpy jean pm
:. 1 ~...’i l. ! p. . l /lfst, arid to notify' farmers that, they
’-thatLe bad been long a Democrat; suc'h good fruit As- they
but for political . pui-poses, empbati- inay bo disposed to offor and are una
- cHUy 'dcnies the fact; The same wri- ble themselves to properly prepare —
‘ ter‘charges thcllApubUcAn part* *UK Dried apples may Wh
, . ‘ .?...... •• , ur?r LAr.iv ‘bvor , in strong bags marked “lo be
: 1. being abolitionists. M e r pply.,- > ,3 kept dry.” Dried fruits of othepkintls,
’ vliarging liiiur-with treason, and with a^d aU g oo d- caune d fruits, will be ve
il ‘ aiding rebellion. .We don’t deem j-y acceptable.
W the cLimuAnication worthy of furtber ; Fred. Law Oi-MBTEAD,
~r .' i General Secretary.
■ ' - UOUiJJ. ■ | -1
w eoncaaay, uccooer lour, iooz.
T. C. Nicholson, *
s. M. PentengiH & Co., ‘
! Xo. SI Park Ret,-X.
„ e our Agents for' the Auers in lliose cities,
*Bd arc authorixM to take and
B„t,sanctions for us at 005- Lcrot Holt*.
1 ; The members of company P, T-W»
' Eegiment V. S. it:, will meet at the
Court House,; on Saturday, the 18lh
llnsf., with arms, fbr clrilh - By order
of ’the Captain. . „
I Roft’T. GILMOKE, - U. O.
►. -~
pjr-Wc arc requested- to slate that
•ill ; Anpculs made to! the Assessor,
I dcr Law, tonsf b 6 in ,^n
- -tin"-, and must, set forth pavticu
lai cause or thing complainep of m
the valuation or assessment, j
Agricultural ‘Meeting
•:• The Managers and’Officers;. of the
‘Beaver ConatV Agricultural Society-,,
arc requested to meet at the. Court
House, on Saturday.‘next, the let
' inst.,‘at 9 ne o’clock, for the purpose,
> of making -arrangements for the pay.
• : meet of the indebtedness-- of the So
iciotv, ai. l other important bossiness.
I It isi suggested by some that we might
,\J have a horse fair this fall yet.
'A J. 0; WILSON, Pres’t. '
- - Editor
ivery I [ry*lie iil 1 e:c t
•Wonderful 1 Disco
Glorious News f«
i < • _J '
Th« BMb.. ******
ted by Loyal M«a'
CijjciSnatj, Oct. 14.— The election
/passed off very quietly. The ilc-iuo
! ciats have elected their entire county
'ticket in Hamilton eo. I'endcltou,
lieui., of Ist district; the present
member ot Congress, is re-elected
In, the 2d district Long, Lem., proba
bly beats Gurley, Itepubltyan. lie
ports from other bounties come in
slowly. Vallandighani deih., of 3d
district, is probably beaten. 1 \ x
St. PauC, Oct. 14.—The Pjoneev of
the. 11th says that a dispatch received
by\Gen. Pope from; 1 Gen. Siblej, Tej
porflt that the Indian war, as. far as
the" Sioux are concerned,-is about end
ed. The .entire force of lower bands
have surrendered fy. General Sibley.
Ho has probably twd thousand prison!
ere. A cavalry force is in pursuit ot
i the Little Craw’s aufl others who are
making their escape. Twenty Indi
ans have been r ennvineted so far:
Louisville, Oct 14.—1 p: m.— Gent;
eral Segley is reported to have had’
a recent fight with -guerrillas near
Nashville, in which he took 300 pris
oners. r: ■ V ■ •
3,000 Betel the Poto-
\ s ~-' mao at Hancock.; j
They Pastt .Abovktheßight
my\ Along Ho Bear\ at
Across the Poton
llarrisbcbo, Oct. 2<t-
QoTernur Curtin has just
following-dispatch from
Clare :
' “Chambersburg, Oct. 10.- Mercers
burg Woccnpied by part’s rebel
cavalry to-day. They are now ad
advancing on hqrg. T J
took the’lioiBoB|ai)4allS Other proper
ty they wanted, at Mer^h«bur ß> offer
ihg rebel scrip for it ilffbey did no
injury ilo individuals* but f have heard
. estimated at three thqu^-
and, i'lio rebels ale certainly advancing
upon Chambersburg. Ihey have _cut
the Bedford tele ;raph Wires, they
are reported as near St.
which is about seven miles from hpe.
There is no doubt whatever oftheir
being in Merccisburg. |Thcywillcer
tainly give us|la[ call [o-night. . .We
bad the rujnoriat four a c ock, but, it
was not credited. Wo l ean niakojiio
resistance as it would onfe exasperiite
them, and cause a wantiw destruction
of property and life. J
“iatcr.—B pi fifteen men
on horseback, have.clfmo inlq town.—
They, are armed with carbines, and
carry a flag of ; truce. | They want to
see the principal men; pf jtho town.
They havoivj large .force about one
mile from town, and ViU enter in , an
hour. Col. M’Clurc and Provost Mar
shal Kimmell have gpnO two miles
from lowa toiiireet the rebel eomiaan
der, (. 1. .■> v ! '
“Nothing can be done except sur
render. We loot for the arrival ol
the Whole We in hal Can hour I hey
crossed the Potomac at Hancpek, i nd
camp over the country to the Pitts
burg pike.” '
Gov. Curtin is uqw
up the viillcy.
are constantly being
.quarters ol the pro<
art’s Cavalry since th
burg. Private prop*
ed. The only excepj
.tering of a store ii
and currying;off abc
bool. >d slides.
\Yallack. Lazk-vrJ
M i 48i :
138 : 08 i;
, 47 ! - ■ 54
08 59
79 ««.-i
114 . 02
70 I? ■ 119 i
■57 v ■■27. ;
50 . 19
188 ■; ' 72
7?-: '■ 08
71 48
57 59
■7jB--| 50 |
■ ‘>;j l 00
. 01 12.1
04 ! ; 105
121 07
23 : 10
34 1
lo 0:
/ools am , ~ ~ r
After leaving Chamhcrshurg tho>-
proceeded in the direction-of Gettys
burg. About five njiles j from Gettys
burg the tanners throughout the p.oun
ty assembled in considerable numbers
and made a bold stand. | They jsuc
eeoded in capturing one of the num
ber of the advance guard, who was
taken into Gettysburg, aiifl is novy, on.
bis way, in charge of a guard, to llar
risbnrg. . • |? j ■ •)
The railroad to Hagerstown is now
in running order. [The bridge on the
Cumbeduml galley Ilailroad.ial ‘>cot
land, not paying «■»
previously reported. TelegraphiCpm
municution i.-? also open direct loiGen.
McClellan's headquarters. "
Large numbers of troops have been
freely offered to G iv. Curtin, through
out the State, but as yet j none have
been accepted, as i sufficient forCp. has
been alredyi sent forward, 1 to, inept the
present emergency. Gen. Wool W now
in eoininiinci Pp all the forces jin j enu ’
svlvania. !|, % • % . J
"It is supposed that the rebels are
making direct to Frederick, Mary-
Brooks is in command at iHa
gerstown,: where everything u. \ qun
et. ' ■'j 1 . 15 ■■ ~ . '
The opiiiioir fiocma to prevail bcic
in official qiiarteis that the whole _reb
el force wilibc captured. . n
[\Ve learn from a gontlpnian; who
arrived in jthis city from Carlisle yes : j
lord ay, that' the rebclp, on Saturday .
morning,destroyed the machine strops, J
railway 1 ami rolling stock of the Cum
berland Valley Kuilroad Coippany, 1
which were at t Ch«mbersburg. (They
seized about five hundred horses, and
also took la large amount of Govern
ment eldllliitg f hicb tlfey at once ex
changed for their Own dilapidated
garments.{-Em Dispatch.] 'f,
Harbisboho, I Get: • 12—The iu-ebek
are encamped lit Emmetlshurg The
operator at Carlisle telegraphs! that
the scouts vepdrt the.rebels as moving
on that place}. * The utmost [excite
ment now"prevails at Carlislc, and the
excitement-hofe is also, vei-y —
Trains are leaving for Carlisle loaded
with troops from Gamp Curtin gud the
surrounding country. . i
Twelve O’clock M. —The enemy left
Gettysburg »*} tho : h i ghi'> n^;T |SBcd
the B. & 0: 4 R- at NeJv Market.—
They destroyed the railroad li.aek and
telegraph, and than ‘ or the -.^;
tonme .east of the Mouocacy.■ Oar
cavalry Sverc hi pursuit, but. probably
too late} to, capture them.; .
MeClellaifmiy intercept them, but it
is doubtful- i ... „
I Ten Q'Gloek p. m- A disp.*tch re
ceived this, evening states that the reb
els from 2.000 to 3,000 strong, passed
through Wbodsborb, Liberty, *ew
Market and Crhana, and -then made
for the Theyaily anc
ed from the] direction of' Gettysburg,
destroying a small portion of the rail-,
road track Xt New Harkct. i b - ,
Gert.' Pleisanion [with about,-,500
cavalry parsed though Frederick,
; MB., this nSornmg tn .pursuit.
■ The Latest, Harrisburg', U n v- m;—
Official] dispatches ;just receiyjcd statt.
icd tbati the rebels have succeeded in
escaping.: [They classed the Potomac,
near the mlouth of the Monocacy, hav
ing matieX march ipf ;ninety miles in
twenty,-four hours.;, I v . , .
1 Gen Pleasenton’s forces .arrived at
.the crossing just as they hadffimshed,
-and tngagbd- their artillery, but noth
ing is-Known of the result.. His force
-marched seventy-eight miles during
the lasi, twenty-four hours.
| |.' ■ ■ 1:' 1 ■ . . ■ Ii- ■ 'P
Baxtihobe, Oct. 12.—Thefollowingj
■ j I , ,1 ; .
, v ,-— —-■ . V : Jj oct |i - j_?Tho Democrat I Gen M’Clellan’s Ordei
is from the American special: ;Whes ; quarteronfft- AttMt or Potojuc.
intelligence was; received ’ here offhe t^j u -.i w^a t^kea;ibn• the,morn,./- r .NiJA»l3BAßwteto. Md„ :
crossing of Stuart’s cavalry into Penn- WW .... . patty of rebels ; -Order, iNu- 1 103—Tilt «
Bjlvanitt, it was generally,unlicipatoa ; Ma : o £ firadfprtMield - 1 " - c, ) c £ k tCiitidndf the ■Officers-.and [soldiers
they- would endeavor ’ to;, make tboir WQ wbfen Kirby .Smith 8 the Army of the Potoiuacds -cal U-d to
exit by way of some of the force »nneared | on- tbe opposite; Ocneral.lDrder.N-d. 139/Wjar, Depart,
the mouth of the Monpcacys afid-Gen. ; theviver, and necessitated a Sept. -4-j.18G2, l 0
M’CJlcllan , qfderedj a TiSdiiiw pdf wvaijb»^--' , iß<> v « r n ,ncn ‘ the arm/llio JPrcsideiits Piodatna.
movement of trodps ip ihterbept thora W^ a a ij d sutlers wag-; x[6n . of &.pu' 22. A‘pr..ilai«alk n
on roads leading in that direction. , On •—*. j ei jemy ckplnred'dve hun- BUC ), grjive , mnm.eut to the Xd'.ion
Saturday Hyo had intelligence of their fifty r o f sil”» . stragglers, officially! cmipinunicated to tliu anS
having reached JEmuiettsbilrg -fi o —' Kick ic| Um’diralh,-',, -1 affords jo the General)-Coininaniknii
:Cbahibershurg -by way of the Pair* n ti,d Federal B dantored- were ; ; au opphrUinity. of defining'•spbi-ifeaf
fitjd road, where they halted for some or d Lieut. Cassell of the t 0 thd officer sand : s'oldicjf underlij.
lioiirt, a.nd,|it is said, but cot general: !-T»tsrinWivuni£t, Q»pt. Kowle’s c rt» lr j m aild the .relation Mne by a |
ly credited, that a force waft w* a rtmriniiBter,Lieut. (Bailey of the p eva ons|ip, the nilitury of u,
there to Gettysburg, wb.ich » 4 < ?“ t Indiana tuid-'tieuti : Goldsmith of \j n i te a Stlutes tiwaid the eijilanui/n
10 miles, fu -tber north The Rapidity ■:lf. of |blGorernment. ; | .
with which they are kijpwn to have jinks. .■ _ jQayson waft taken ; Th o Constitution confidls n, a
moved aitorj [leaving ij th ■ n e j a ! onthc 3Ulh of Septcm-. ClV ji aU|»6ritie«, legislative
clearly fthowS|that they j did not [visit ;.M_. ; rU .) . ‘ and executive, the power-had (Jutv■,
.•Gettysburg. I .' 'During Saturday . alter- I . ) iB ' siirrowndcd by the an-l! ex ouiii
hpon andevening largo bodies ofjPed- . dre■ committing'all 80l ‘ t! ? the Federal laws.' Armed; idm-sii
era! consisting of cavalry, in- ~«. , ’ tio^B an d'tlio] Fodoralsare ra i scd and su] ported simply t? si
fiiiitry,and..aitillery, w'cre ionlcrpd o |bg are at lai „ ihUivil authorities
thd[Vicinity of Frederick, to » nricls.' [The ychcls-caplureci, p,.!j h, ktriet subordimfLiun tl.v;■
the immense stores there, it oeiiig nil-, aj forii^ing^' \v*agons hist all Respects. T|i'.e' fnuUiiiii.-ntui r
ticiUted to bo the
1 els to destroy these, jas: well the " -g uWi „ a xu.iof Was , tlle u !Vity of our ,'ep«bli.- :ui i,,.
tlie invaders wemd be intercepted and- ojj Cheiitbagi andKlk-. o i,j G 'ct's for wl
captured. j ■ were killed and that the rebel '- |lo .t cd j n Bll ]
anjlj had reached \Vo,odbur>% nk»ch > udder Col. ililler, cap ; admihlstratiu
miles nor S" Wo piefeesif aTtiHeryj-and. ofia; lhVi a
tlchO'oso! a i-oiitc ,-a.t of DuuWiff, BmiimaiO !.;iiiu,s ul
j tbljir way to the Po, f b> v /^^^ llVin y, oa/Satm-day night, »
Ibe jneeessary V [ip !rli ,:.jL froui’LawrencclMirg'tpward : public mc/isu
reaelmigi \\ oo.dbui j ,-*lv ( MjUl.. i | j[. f j una ; n( , ovev y and ica-ptuimg six- j {i ot la[red |.y
ed -from bis scouts that a l«i o t f.^ V : Federal 'doss' notli-! C aV-riefl af .»
al ?! force [was 5 stationed ,to intercept „{geu piisoiius. j ;i - teihvlerale>ai
him, nnd[ that Gyn. M-Ciellan had .hs- f 1 ’ Eai/te savsd dispatch ! o fi opinio,, U
cohered ■bis; movement 'eastward jin iai .^) ov , , ho
tinio tOjaiforUiamplc tJoilUJm- at’ Dahyille diivMGn-i the troo j property-., and; " ’ f spirit ot pbl:
This i>i a de dt \Uc(-essary thal jtf .*-i a *A Goi>ntat]oti P the Cincinnati San-1 a[ia|l\Vi aud
move rapidly - U ' t i oi -it'y Of
reaching!: the; Potomai . | with a-special tiffin c»f the liigffc^
tiopal regiments . V ld ife'rK ivagOns, j j ' Ttl.o .
[ that llmirich pme they edaf ‘ f lch. James S.;Jacksdn ; e J, Com.m
i P'rodenclc -and-■ ) Jli . t,' on ~C l niist ov Jl
i wasfsdlej consisting, l>esit||s the b|U |i . or t l o f 25th -Mk-liigana id CaplV'adlisaLd-J d
of twelve heavy engines, tfyod o. to. -TalOott . nar a lh e J
boww, ink««l Of Bbo™ 11.,.<4, :Brisslli ...yrt)- .
the iEonocacj. _ b.. • -S. ivbilb tlihing at tlicj.samp,-table with ip. ve r euiim
hKEDEBicK, Octlpy-All the II f , ifie Mis«es avJ- uiterrupteil j yifegseKss
dialiohl i-^ r I- yi
the rebels accomplislied tlicir. ia.d y t hff«» hear ho tm-sj j J'ajies A
'with inuinnity. passing
right of our army alp ig its rear,, W . ork^n i s hect theii;:ditt
lecrossii,g into Virginia in the vieinij- and is&lad-l ,
tv ai■'-fl’onrad’ ft h,eriy; limy, i.mnheir t J : llal i n tiifie tl escape the Unioh; :
eil -25ti0 Cavalry;- -fo«r.:p,eccf»’ol ligh,t| j„s| in ■tf» , u 10 , e i (t
artillery, and had no bgg,g^ejra.,.|,; tw^ RV j„ 0 ‘j 9 -pi \jjVict. althongll ‘.tie , I
“Kin* rSSS'S 5..-> I«.»i! ; f lK "' 1 -' ij
iKew-Market. and crossed the B- & 0- iyKXHEg; pAßyicrfiAßS |t
1{ R' lat Monrovia,) carly tliis-idorn- ifigiit./ -|,
ing; >t Monroyik they cat the tek- i ii Tllo dßederal'fbr<ie ,\va» IG,o(%; < tif C|
and tore up a; ievy. yai l;, "r - - tixty-t>vo ■ *
-of Our Ar
-T':SO P. M.—
reocive'l thO
Colonel Me-
pushing troops
received at head
ieedings of Sin
icy lett Chamli'ers
erty was rcspiect
lion wlis thehen
n Chaiiihernhuvg,
iut 8260 worth of
Fiflm! Monrovia th’oly mOvi-il
.NWaiJ d Ferry, r at.lhe ; mouth of Lite
Monocaey. At the ford they me.l the
Third aim Fourth Maine regiincnt.3,
with a battery of artillery; The rcW
els were severely 1 and replied
with : vigor, hut, not inuchi damage
was done on either side.
eilvalrV there, 1 our force could not pur
sue the rebels,i who. finally moved
dbwu- the river ill, the direction ; ol
Edwards’ and .Conrod's.Ferry;, whqre,.
it is. believed, they crossed over tins
afternoon. ! . Ar".
I (Ken. Pleasanton,:with cayMry,. wasjt
in pursuit, but was j two; hours belnmj £
the rebels. .It was l[hc opinion of some -
•hat only a portion,Of their force had *1
yeerossed. r ' , ip’ J
i Ball's cavalry and Rush s Lancers, 1 1
who were sent out! yesteialay in :|jtjlie
direciion of Gettysburg, have, brciudht .
in seven stragglers I frdln; 4he rf W s ; ,
OiKvof them with whom I talked] if lys | (
their Coluinu was 5;,0Ol) strong. ,ih|py r i
crossed the Potomac at Gam A '»• o. [:
General [Smart 'Vas; in .commai.di— -
Their ; principal objectv'was to iget i
stoves. 1 i, ■ [ : .y, : . •■' ~ ' i |
llAHiustiu Get. 13;-Govrthor
Curtin has just received informal on,
dated! • Perryyille, Juniata toniityv
from a reliable gentleman of Perry j
county, thatiarebedforce, 30,0U0 strpng 1
made, their; appearance within eight'
miles of Concord, Franklin ; conhty,;
last night at ttyclve o'clock, and Kadj I
carried off fifteen ! hundred hoi;scs;-r|
The farniers of Franklin;county | arof
moving all their .-stock, into.. iPerry
County. :Thp rebels are supposed to
be making for the. Pennsylvania Ccn
tral Railroad. : v. ■; ; 1
’ HARniSBUO, Oct. 13^— Lettew j arej
constantly being received iit-lio:idquar
tors in relation to thG iTianucr of"
ing <|ut the muster rolls 1 of the cora-j.|
panics' nf inilitia that, werq reported j
and Arrived at Harrisburg; under the
late Call pf the Governor. ThenanioH
and residences of t . the officers and
men are all that is requirodi.and when
thus filled up should bo forwarded to
Adit. Gen. A. L. Russdli;. Harrisburg,
where they will; be ready for future
reference when required. ; i, j |
I P,hilladisdphia, Oet.,l3.—Thk Penn
sylvania Railroad Company have re-,
ceived a, dispatch from ant- irrpBponsi|
ble source’ conveying, on the assertions
of A reliable {gentleman, information
of the sathe nature as the Inquirer'?
dispatch in r ilatjon to. the i evasion,
but it has received no
from any official on the road, and the
Company vised no confidence in ;itl—■
The rumor is supposed by be
gotten npfor political pnrposes. .
.. / I
of! the -re*, .a,• - y . • f»,
aggregate unknown. e V,
waadVombOOlo m
*2,300 wloiindfd and 440 ikiaoners. O .» h e
Vitter.'ktverc '-i ikii’dh‘<ki by., ißucknfi.
[The r&bbl lo'aaUH 1,3110
■ini' One general wounded aful-14-. C.hj<v
neia a«il ,cf.lo.iie!s..■■ ;tbia ]
numberkof: killed and wounded wadj
W' tWoj rebel medical diyecim ;
OfhGeiKiGliealbbmV division; ; M .; , |
i ,- : .:a dispatch li;om| a member .odd 'k..
list \Viaeohain aayk tlm dirßli divi^ion-i
lost 5S killed and 124 : ,'Voumkd,--.
[Among; the wounded are Major M-iteli-, ;
ell and IGaptV.Greep. 4 • , . . j
!| Dispatches were received, at.head- :
mvaVlera; slatiin,'? ifbat Cok . Lyttlo
JWndir4ycfyr \
p iroledknd will arrive to-ikot row ei, e- ;
i it is reported ‘.hat Walford'.s ca\ aL,
ry captnred'Over o'lic lOd rebel J '’ng'o'f? :
ilOCQtxrfooncrsj one ba,ttci r riduy,
delween, Per ryjviUe and: ilarrodsburg| ; ;
■Dumont • ~j
, Marshall, it] Is Said lolt ■texindl.oii,
ufn 1 Sunday Vast wit,h Ids whole ;
jlpree 2,000 Infant ry and IjoQO Oavalrj .
ft is believed thbt bia lorce were driv
en from' Versailles are at >icbolsvillo.
] \ AvisbiWfiA. I?.— It is under
stood that a from Gen. Boy 1«.
y. mJ laat:eyymt^
■sayh: it was |enorally. help ed 4hat
the rebel Generals B.ragg and 4 heat
bam were both - killed in lbe’ engage
ment of Wedbesday last near Bards
.town." Our loss iir killed .\v;oun<lcd
and inissing iviis, between | IbOO- and.
°2OOO, vVbile tljat of of the ciicniy\vas
laioer; : 2&o held tbe tiebl that night,
and akirnlisned | v?il|i lhc*> tb -tMc
retreat the \V hen th.a
dispateb kd't Louisville a cOuyuT.froito.
our 'forces wM expected; to arriva, in
the the night, bringing db-;
tails t of’ the i pursuit and tlie Dattlo |
wiiieb; was probapiy Ibngbt yesterday, j
Gen- Boyle expresses big belief in the ,
truth of the account of the killing pt
jpragg and Cheatham in the action >
'lyV.cdpesday. i • J j'
i• • . {•
i>TRANGER IN Town—Wohaye.tx! =1
“ratified by a dull from Frederick Ay
erT&tjv; the .'buidhess iruuv of .the firr
of J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell-. s^<)r
acqnaiiitaWo \v;ith the. {jontlenian 0051
yinceaus that hot the Docfoi' s bUu 11
dompoundiiig ihia medicines is uU n
ini the imuierae comMiinp
tion.of. thcini; but that it lakes j-bjisi
ness talent of no ordinary tnc!ud*« t.
pass them around the world, yMr.Ay
er, manifestly, has these abilities dm
tfie success: bf'l hik .bduW-.»,how»: Uia
‘ bo usestheiA [“Mepiphu “hJgi
Tenn ] '[U'.y\ '■,’ ' ' V-
■! , t
T. ).
10 evonii
'iijr; -at B
ijitiiig- I'll!
uiul'il Gc
•den'*'' thr
ijJe-jon lh
ifiiville, i
others 1111
|itteiid tli
vti'iici :
icgro sh
y Vl,ma‘.
were' j»r.i
lit tlic 'i>:>
;ier wci'o
fcourse. |- o
look, plat
ed in We
and iuiiiti
h ’' by
on i.lienj
\vbjv ,A'!a
fro in ;tju
.had nbjt
; do.or, >v!
i eliarged
| (Juitcly
tarried .
but died
by a mi
ing a d
sorrv t.
j And _ba:
' | pursuit.
i j arrbsto>
'i wash:'-
W. : .
j-g“i'iTsi(lynt -lintci
ti'on Erodalihutifiii. ha- ( ’ r ;
to dvi! ! ? | l "l|;';
tiii out ’
ftir as We danjtvdge by^-,
| Ricditfuuuljpiipers ami p."\ ■
do lute on Mif subject. Vi t
\ ’Rebel.- coiUemplate tbe-»“j
Miid’Uoath’ji'head and m*?
Wap.t. Kidd.; a«<) l K %
•I aiaagli ter of niedi woiuo; ■ •■.
■ as a, Uieasnrji of i;et:duitie>
i just'al inad.Ks. wlieu-tne..\
* pf Qoaofai Pojiefs a«l**£
a ybeh they wouldliang c V. •
■t, oifieeis.'suro; but
i- 50 of UiOih* and 'haviug .
n it over, thfcr puroUeib s
to them’without the
- .ifross. a resolution ,111S j', 1 . 1
- i6|a r W,mtnittec:. that • ‘
o coin’s del h«houid;K;>'f- id
ccfalfoii ofuiiankiiii ~■»
* od-by such seyfeft 1 re ,>,.‘ji
a* i? IV
i may he best calculfttul^
[ %trt>t
lile upon which., sun.!
i(,; armies
ppressiog-ftho llelto:,
niiincd ‘and dri-lavd
.lOritivs fkspid The X'.
Imis charged .’.villi
11 Ilf aliilliill 'ila'.l.;'.-
id only sparer yum
lews.' andjjordcni ’if
Can iio -inside knaivji
'■'the .inUio'n. 'Jjl'vi;-
nd ’ soldiers CMii-.i-.f:
res detenihlnC.l aa-c
ijiij' r tiiivCVnm'-.’!.i v.’
II heyon 1 . tlo- .ym
pi )vs]i...i;ti'nl ■-•kiav
'nd gmlflyl t'.)'iii[ial(\
discipline ati f ciii’.-i.
[is, JL>y‘ sahsl;uni«r£
l ist
'■'•‘Ki’inisl s'.:! *i
'Dio (ipvi-riViin-'if .Avi.
hitv 01’ 1 ho'A mm,
•uiu-'dy f ’f pi'iitii’.-iS.V
ictiou of .tliu-p.--.ijhf-1
.IHogi liu’ aily
.1 he ’tiovcj| l iniv ot a
ndir.g ;i!i| ‘ly'a Ivv 't ■-
which it| his -hie. - !' A '
■■ . ■ 1.11. p;..
nmv.vil in'- it'.i- .
lie ill mil I": '
lit niimlcd [M'ltsuii a
dccliwii upon' I'.iyKiV;
let-, which ..Itfivy , : ' !
■sited upon soiiuti';;.
canryiiig '-iis.t*m-i : .am
Kilicy. ! riil.-r army I
sjuidk-UdiyjtlW my’’ l "
mi Clivisiian;'.' dm
llnl iifd conduct my
By cinniham; ■
jp.r-(i l’li. AM ’I 1:. f-1 ■ I
H.uuiee. l.ipui ( <
■-C-ainpJ and ;-A: A.
k . at BCsoectstic
ijr til* Uui first -rhy.
' irgeilstovv n^i/-iv' r
•red at a negro '•'■'•V
e tnwiu id wi 11; ■;i ;
orgi -Wolfs V :
l AVell-V whe-e V: :> 1
a OiiiV> river "V
irvoirij'aiiy v.-iili >'. f >■
■I cdinei.rp ■i.lai-gtrusi,
e .bairdiiud <ji|i tin:
(), | had' . gone 1 ’’
tity above in'Miiii';.'.-!
J Several ji o !■< v 1
styt) aiiil* by ill.
■;y, more hr le*3‘<t.,t.
under, its iiiftnyW-.v
f the "evening -ahS
■j auiong 7 11 !'■ i,i 1
11s ill id lii4: , '' ,, ni ,:^!1 !‘.
to Heave.] .'On tsf»n
; the quarrel’
stoiieS were tar a J
ainiin Vv iigeler Uh“-
i y ssy' qu i S| t, i tr.t; u p’■c ■ l_ ! ■
the doorjapd liven a
ly without • effect.
, v stiuidiijg a short
t. ■Tj.flilsCj'tand who i
bciin iii tho -oaai
g aiid started to-'
ien 1#" second shot
by Wlmblcr. and Vi
:cTI.J ■'lld.eWfis pieke
to the of. Dr
almost instantly. Ini
,od ijii live breast.-and
nber of. slugs, the, «
jii.bfe barrelled- shot
ter is ai iiotonhu>ly
sliot a mau'Soine 'io.i
go in Can Honshu rg.,
v'say thaldie. made !
! inanagod.' bbns hr'
■ Wed trust he nn
I - aui 'brought;'U' I >d '
tiejv irtcr ( atoili;-J'tj'f ir, '[
..) ,1