The Beaver Argus. (Beaver, Pa.) 1862-1873, October 08, 1862, Image 2

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Wednesday, October 8,1362.
T. C.'| Kloholson,
I’kpic’i' Uiiififl ' Male
, For Auditor-General,
Ecd. : :
For Surveyor-General,
County, Ticket! .
WALLACE. Lawrence co'
■: v *• ,■ fv.
1 State Senate. i '
:k>un W
, ; Assembly;
\VM, HENRY. KulUou.
13 A lilt WIII T.R. Lawrence.
■: Associate; Judge.
; District Attorney.
jUiIESi S. | RUT AN, Beaver.
Poor House Director.
SAM'L; WILSOX, South Beaver.
i ■ County Surveyor.
■AZ-Utivif WYNN. Beaver,
County Auditor.-'
i\V:i. CHANEY. Ohio-t;). ;
’ j Truslees of Academy.
.TAAIeJs ALLISON, leaver %
■LKNBY lllpEifßoav< ; r.
Republican and Union Headquarters.
’ The;Kenuhliean and .Tin on Head- 1
• quarters Wilb % . liejd at the, Beaver i
Ho (el in. next Tuesday’. night." Per-:
■spus hrinhing in returns from the I
different townships, call at the
above-namotj place!; ’ !
month! for Gen. Lazcjar. Every man |
who al the outbreak ;df the" war was j
opposed to coercion (and there are i
some in this towfij’too) is now an ad-j
j voc'utc of Gen. Lazear:; Every ma.n
i who could excuse for the rob-j
.W to the com- bory of Floyd.tne hj-pocracy of Eow-1
r-rrh aiion in our of this week ; ell Cobb, or the recreancj; ot Thomp- j
“A Sox or aUniteb Irishman ” ; «6n; Wul walk up to
tfu wilt ton bv a" gentleman wlio has.-the polls and ghplu.pp -lor Gen La-1
ido-ouibirei been a pimnincnt member ; i-Evcry man wpo attempted to,
■;-thi itcUocratie partv.. We also; ‘palUaie the crime of the Southern!
cbihesk-ciifl attention to thG commu-; rebebf at tha time they were threat- j
ni-athm signed •;£ PlAßicrs UScm.” I cning| secession, will vote-hoarf and;
Tins also, vias will ton by a tedding ■ soul. |br Gen., LaZear. Every man,;
L^lr^..--drl ios county;* btipWho is'i who threatened, mease of a war by |
loval and true to the Constitute and : Lincfiln tor the “subjugation of our j
GieT'lnidn. and who now iWtbe sake -Sonlhcrn that• .those wno;
m' tiot Union and- our gluri.nfc (h ; g, went to that war,, wpuld leave a; foe.
will-s|spport the Republican and- Union behii d as fierce as tUqt they wont to<
ticket!. LcV o'her . loyal' jDenmerat*: mocl]fand there are jsohm in Reaver
mo! d-lik.-wi-e 1 £■ ,' . | ', jin thvor of Gen.
jw,. —i j Lazeiar. , Every man who, at the time
‘Vcteis of Beayei County! : l 0 f
tlie suspension "
1 r ] , —hears over the ••violation of the Con
. tbis.gpVvi-unien't?' V. <:re they ;i>tilup<ui.” isn fast fijienc! to Gen. La
liut-tiniorlci’.'ol J. ( Lie lof jzear.j I'inally, every man who has
tl;e Fivyidency ? ■ W!.o are how op. curses for the AljoiiUonists to one
if %st.the [.'< -publican aiAF, FeoVdo's for-the rebels, is operating with al! his
I>tty r.t the -Noriiy ami opposing the power for (Jen. La/.eiir.
g howii tills. TS'l 1 if * - , 1
, 1 leaner, do von know, m vonr local
not support ■•. ! - ' -. ■ i , " i , - ,
, . jitv. ftiivineii who urd alr-ava rriimli
.n: f,. Isrecitir.rnJgc JOr toe I real-/-,. : . -i, , ." ! ’.
Tr ' * ~ . .. Img at t!ie acts ol toe administration;
flow many til tnera wil ~i ; , , , • .j . ... .
... .. • . • .., "ho grow! about tilths abolition ’ war;
s.nj porl Ins pnhev on next iuesdav / . : ■ i i ’
s, .J i ‘ . „ * "ho arc particularly, down on Fre
!.l.ri toyal men.beware. amt rally to . *. 4, .1 T . Gi ■ ■. ■ „ '
•moijt. 11 uliter, Hank!*. or any General
whei.may hej tuspej-t!ed of.being op-,
1 Cur i Candidate fbr State,' Senate, i’ 0 "? 11 to shivery; wUijo arc continually
"niggers”' lot
. y.O- Mlate, uj tli'e. W Worthy whp
ei-OH t-inp.-Wd-oi’, ileavor 'amflliit- C 'F S 0 and obsecrate
itr. com,lies. ..was in -our’{t jfvif L V l,i l s ‘- V!,nd -Seward,,b»t-drajy in very:
.Thursday anil Friday last.' ’ .Mr. M’U.; n ‘ u<l &| Go. If you do,
is a gentleman of ahiJitV. and ivili r' enture yl.iit. ■ man of them
j; rep: ose.d the vieivs ami wishes of ,hoi '* !!r ' i! ' nt an< ? «>$ nsjastio. in thef sup
. loyal yl r flioj Fist riel, r 1 * 01 ! 1 oi ] lJ > nl Jt?fise In..fine.
He slmidd'recei ve t tiie cordial Him.o.u I' "F 11 are loehcd upon by their.
• V f ail'Union men.: ..ot onlv from the lb ° r * »> ' hl,t *'« ,c . bultar *»«"?
Wactild Ins. views and sentiments, but iV’ ° IW
... , ■ . I'Jesseitazcaiv ■ !>
. hdi.aa-.e .it is ot .the. uteufot mi- i . i I \ -j
-ijmrtance that: sueh a man hi- elected’U TJi.ct{e areltlie. men 1 Who arc running
to cast they tote <;.f this Senatorial machine this fall. True,
, Instrict for ayt v nite;i Slates Senator, they have “roped in some,” wlio like
as the term lion. David ttH]- ytlio editor of; the were ; right in
;rn ?t * expires this winter, ami nnVl :< he outset of'thc warj bat whose par-
L, h. va- | Nidisan•prejudices havei overcome their
Let every voter Foysafc that ' bis : cotificiisness; but thif active engineers
■ Vl’ot tor fstate Senator captains the ; <>f : the .Congressional campaign .orb
■ name- of. -M'CAxrLrss-. r -sncdi as we have described. ’They
•’ i - h< 1 )C hy th - e a ( a ’ of Unsuspecting dem*
o ; UF LOUIJTY! <,c*rats. to carry,the Congress and p.-ir
fl>,> you :wish .te see. _tlds -reheliion ihe Administration.: Shall they
against th s great' Govcrn’inont put IvjpermiUed fo d'o-'it? Sliall lbey
- • g. 'i'Lons i.iovernmeiit ; steal a march upon us ? Let every
given its by hong hi by nipu ■ who. feels, Uia| •’this- Union-is
their hmod and treasure and given to worth preserving, tljat the rebellion
ns as a legacy : Shall we prove bur- : sbpiil.l bo crushed, answer the-que.s
sslves worthy tons of noble sires!’— j lion bj- depositing bis vote for JOUi\
. Do; ypa wish fo soe tiilA*jtinl.oly-war!. W., WALLACE, wlio is -an honest
ended? ]>f you do go to the polls on post jinan, .an upright and faithful repre-
Ty.ctlioy v votej the and, tentative; who is in favor of the Gov-
I’eop’ >•,' ticket, and seei that yoar ■ eroment; who desires the success of
loyal neighbors go. I ' |'our'arms; pongress, bias al
/ Leave plpngbs, ’ your fields, ’’ways found 1 bn the kide of the Excca
your firesides pud beds and sound the ! live, upboldurg his hpnds, ready to as
aiarm. Vouryneihics are’ beseigiug by Ids v6te and cdmuCmanee every
you an sroai-:!, :.nd we warn you I pvt calculated to give strength to.the
that yon-must, awake and strike be? j Government, and alwiays heartily en
. fore it is, lopJiUeJ Have you nothing ; dpraing every measure calculated to
at slake ? - Are you willing that our ■ weaken and overt the rebellion;
eountpy shall bo desolated and that- i Sad; sad, indeed tyill beiberofiec
th|s war snail .ebntinae for’years to jtijem of-that man, whrp by bis apathy
-’V , ar ' 3r \, Then go or- neglect suffers of such
y.. to too. ballot box and cast your, vote '.a;mau as Jesse Lazeatvwhen bv lds
for Freedom and till- Union, and for exertions bi might hdvo’seeured" that
. rasiong out this reLeliion and cubing ,of such a man as W \VAI
' LACE. .f ' ’ ' .■ "
» A>tni} ■ i- tn'.rio’i hr v-uU’
Dili .they
(if I.f V
l.’o'o on I!CSt Til(‘>..i;VV
■ • M'Ca
f:\ridi date
d o m'iJ
Wu hive in this district .two canr
didates, far representing
different.. phases politics —lion-;
John, W. Wallace otid lion, tpsse
Lazcar 1 Tlie former was elected two
years ago as a Republican,-, arid is
therefore a -member |df the present
House; Uie latter, is also a member of
the present House, having been elect
ed two years ago as an ultra Demo
crat. : j •
- ; -T Editor
These two gentlemen have-been, by
the ie.-districting of tie State, under
the apportionment law, thrown, to
gether. and we have now a fair chance
of judging each by his course last
winter.! They have placed themselves
upon the record so that there can bo
no escape for either. - ; ■
Ji'ow; what is tb’e position of the
Hon. Jesses Lazcar? ; Look,, at his
course during the ! Ev--
en the-Star, by its owjn showing, con
victs him. We need look no'i further
than tlie efforts,of hi|own organ to
condemn him.;- He/there ,l * stands in
that sheet self-con'ncted of semi-dis
loyalty. He is there [proclaimed with
unblushing audacity ;us more in love
with, shivery than foH the TJnion. .
Of one thing any ma’n can assure him- j
jself. Look arour.djyou and seethe men i
who. atje. lhe loudest in their advoca-j
cy of Gen. Lazear. Do- you not sec
men who'have been j more than sus
pected! of disloyalty,| anxious for his
election? We ventujro this assertion
and challenge the Star to contradict
it; Every man in this district who is
secretly and at heart
with the rebels, is open-
Wo have before us an, important On NEXT TUESDAY the people
election-inone more so, to our mind, w jjj jt, e again balled/ upon to,; speak
since the organization of the Govern- t^,.oU gh the liaUotlAox.: Bach annu.
meni'.; It is not our purpose to make nl e ] oc t; o n is of great importance ;
a-partizan appeal* to voters in; tlie ■j )Ut ne^cr witjiln : our. recollection—
prcsent condition of public ne ver in the history of this: great
bulrislng above Party, .<nur.. appeal .is. ct)M * ntr jf has there been an election
for the Union; 1 for the (Constitution pf so T d?t atid transcencTant inl
and- the Laws—all of. which are as- p or^nce as that to, be held on fioxt
sailed by acts of blood of Southern »p acM jay. |
conspirators; whostj conduct, is excise-j We 4PO j n the midst of porilpusand
cd or justified more or less openly by tcrr iblc times. War I horrid war, is
Breckinridge sympathisers in the'.j n oUP ,.!^y B t»' liovastatlon ah(l' de
iSTorth. As Republicans, our party Bt ,ruction stares uain the facei; Many
Convention calf of last was with- our 'friends' mo&dear have fallen in
drawn, and so modified that all loyal t b; B contest for freedom and the right
men—all true friends of the Union— j j n con t uB t for our great and
could unite in upholding the gi ov i ous country, in this struggle for
cause of our. common country at tho,: t beSiars and 1 Stripes that have so
polls, as well as in the field. An issu<y j o[| ;, vyavoJ over ithO land of the
has been forced upon us here in .the! f ri . e an( j t |, e home,of the brave! We
JJorfh, in which noMoyal man can brothers, boos and j friends
mistake his duty, and our appeal is tO . stranding to uphold the Constitution
those to be'up and doing for the con-| anc j Laws— men who are fighting
tost which is just at hand. i |as men Cue ver before fought, to (pi 611
Our platform is to sustain the govern-; gigantic, unprovoked and pricked
men lin this its time of peril—to make | • and they cry to ns for beljJ
every effort to encourage the lieajrts j Qn 1110 oj Tuesday of October, i Par
and strengthen; the hands of those j^- cs Qr mOll - aro of but little account
charged with the ma l mg enient °fp u b'!i n times like these. The people must
lie affairs, as woU" as the_Gencrals-»n j the coming Mection-whelhef
the field, and the hosts of brave and nation mast survive or; perish..—
patriotic men, including those very i j£ e >_ , ife - or deatu'.weiglis. in the bal
ncar and dear to- us, .who have made j | ant . e) a nd it is for the voters, bn the
and are making every effort to crush ; 2( i Tuesday of Ocaobor, to settle. the
this; formidable '■and wicked rebel-1 pca j‘c_ to decide (lie fate of this once
lion. i great and glorious country so ; far as
If any man is in doubt as to his (In- j p enn-i j ivaniu .is iconeerned. | You
ty, and hesitates to; accept the-advice | JnUBt decide whether tills American
of friends, l.ct him; if ho would prefer j R uW5 p B hall end! in stSame 1 Sbpdl
it, take counsel of his enemies. As jt f Has all ih|s bloold been shed
the case is made up by Francis W. j ip n!n r ghallf we nowi yield to those
Hughes, and the Breckinridge lead- 1 ,| lO jjorth -wiki sympathize wltji
era in Pennsylvania, how would he. Reason and.who are ready id Sacij|-
hftve him vote ? What advice would , ce t[ie cou „it*yi upon the £ltarlof sla
jbo expect from Floyd, Ala'son, Brock-! ver j. Shall we yield to | that unpa
linridgc! :i:;d the rest? of; the conspira-, faction, .led •on by men" who
tors, • against: Liberty! and Law ? socs; ycro parlies and privies to this treason
any one doubt that tifese would vastly ! f runl tbe beginning, and 1 who set on
'prefer the success of the Breckinridge j fd ( ,t this damnable rebellion ?; ; Shall
ticket in this and other Northern j , V e let the supporters of that infamous.
States. Think of it, yc who liavo, tailor, Jbhn C. Breckcnritlgel rule
sons, and brother! in the army I— | eounlry ? shall , they, ‘by their
Think of it, friends Of the Union ! j dcvij,ish } craft, 1 while the attention of
Can you,hesitate to give all your aid j j oyp j v m ei> is turned to the battle,field
and influence in such way that your Allowed to triumph at the ’coming
brethren in arms shall be directly eh- election? Is knot time that all loyal
couragcd lit their patriotic labors and i n eir»bould awake to a sense oil their
sufferings ? ! danger andTeb the designs of ipnr en-:
Whilst bur brave men are giving j em j eB ft t home, who. if they are ul-
their cnefgijjs, their blood; and sonje i owe d to succeed, 'Will hand us over,
their lives In tie Sold,- shall we by i) ouni i hand foot; toVtbe enemy,
inaction or indifference (permit onrj Freemen 1 cell, upon yon to
Vippolients,: to" gain a triumph, the d[-| nroU g e i; Your homes and your fire
reet-and inevitable tendency of which j H idcs are in danger 1 It the Brcckeh-
W.ould Ixc to oncot"l'tmfrondered to' tiei“Dcihy. 'Jflien we
ct the people-urou.-c to, the impor- j a ppeitl to all loyal men in the name of
lance Oj. '.ln; contest. Let no one ; t j, o Great God, and in the iiamc'ofour
thiak his ,ole may not .be needed, Constitution and our* (»clo V etl I
but, standing togcllicr.with one heart ! aml the name of the old flag whieft*
and purpose,, inakd every effort to ; we d ave-so-k)ng revered. ' O dnay it
sustain the Union ./ausearid the Union stiJl wavo , we call nponyoudu the*
! candidates..,Pennsylvania. Uf_ ■ name of those lave died the
Voters of the" 24th District, ,!. he
. , * name of those who aro still battling
\Ve have an important duty before usi for all that we bold dear. | . °
■Voters, '{/''the 2Vth Distrisf John If these plotters against our g6yt
|W. Wallace-!* the loval and war can- en.went and .witr IJag should succeed'
i didali lor Congress. ' ' B j ,s * ll l ve ;>nt beurjtlie very bones . raft-j
1 t'-, ' , ..... T , thug in the graves of I hose heroic men !
} J vters of Me .-Ith .. Ir you |-\vho have died for.-pay liberties ai]d j
j are in fuyor of ujd. dui-ig tl.ejGovern- j our rights, in expressions of utthr ah
; ment and sustaining the Constitution horreneeand detestation of their troa- j
'and the Laws, and do not sympathise I cobne, oliri negligence in I
i;i, ; ,_..W. e ' ■i i j not standing by; our coiintiy s Cause—
tivith.. tnfusonJ vote, for John W *t . , . 0 i-'r* 1 . !
(■ . 1 j “ • the great cause ior which our lathers
>ullacc. ?- |1 Iso nobly contended.' : ; r j' I
j I nj llih 24 th District !'■ If you I Then let us again dall npon the loy
; wish to see the country, your homes I? 1 T<>t-ers| of'BcavgKcounty. 1 to go to
your pronertry and your lives I votedhe ; Republican.*,id,
\ ’ Peoples,.ticket. Let us see that a
tote for John W. Wallace. go who are wdling to; stand the
T oters of the 24 th Distrut! If you interests of our bleeding country. See
wish to crnsh.ont this unholy rebellion [ that loyal hier. led I’pdrhy'byl
and to aid the army now battlin'.* for l>a* ty | leaders under 'pre
yonr rights, vote for John W.WalTaee'. IP
r> ;/ i rm T v ‘ , vole again Jet us vole now. CVn t Are
liecoilcct -That J.cshc Lazcar is. the spend a tewidaivs jftir country] before
caT ) of the Brcelciiiridgciy, and | the. cfcctioi|jin stirring our neighbors
of Jtl&so, who aid Treason. ‘ / j out to the pjoila. If wp can't; gb .t.o
Recoiled- That every man I ourselves; can’t we spend h fbw
KT-mbntT;:™. wok T «• n • . r,‘ (days at home for the sake of those that with Jeff. Davis.& C 0.;,, have gone to fight for ns. Cannot
u ill yoteifor Jcsfie Lazear. every loya| man spend at leaf*t a | few
Recollect —-That the election of Wnl-' hours in going,to the polls and cast
lace land, the defeat Of Lazcar, will b->t in « thcir VCHef ‘ t 0 sustain those who
a rebuke totlbe whole rebel host. ' on . r b W h *< iCan-yorfno£
.n ' ii do it lor the sake of -pursolves and’our
■■lwjtollcctt.-thes'e and, vote lor JohnJ children and for nil future generations.
W. \yaflacc for Congress/ Lot our cry be raWyf rally ! li iJRA
If you wish to pphold the I<Y- to the polls, for ourjeountry calls,
ment, support the Cunslltulion; the '
.Union and the Laws, au(l_ crush out
Rebellion, vote for Charles M’Cund
less for Senate, sml fn- William Henry
and 'l t *n;i:ih .White for Assembly. It
yed ’.yld, tc-/uo this, vote the whole
Rt'pjihlicanjaod People's Ticket, which
P“ will find at the head of our col
I V— —’ ■
llAnniMJCiio Oct. • (i —lnformation
h:ia been received at the Military De
parfhrent at Harrisburg, that . in
j uinnj* -iiibtanot's hfvt|6 been ox*
cm plea from the draft becaujse they
jwere not. citizens, and immediately
thereafter they have filed their natur
alization papers, and thus oecome lia
j ole ti> military tintr.j r J?he postpone
ment of the draft gives the commis
sioners'time to correct this, and "they
! will be instructed to add to thbcnrdll
merit the names,of those persons nat
uralized since the examinations w;ere
held and hold-thcm subject to military
duly: The coinmiisioneps will hear
their claims to exemption on other
ground'*, before the draft is made.
Washington, OctG.—Gov; Curtin,
of Pennsylvania, has proposed in an
official communication to the t’rosi
ident. to fill up the ohl Pennsylvania
j regiments upon llio following plan
(Tcru Ircgimenls to:be withdrawn and
sent to; Harrisburg, to this city, op to
any 'other convenient' point, to bn
filled re organized, meanwhilefto per
form duly (in,the defense.. This done,
and the regiments thereby ipade ef
fective for active idirty to have them
•j returned ami ten regimcnM more
■brought so on, until ill are' fiflc|d hnd
properly rcbrganizet. ■ c •
Foi this purpose old companies,
when practicable,; to-be cohsblidatcd
-| and new companies added, ami. the
-old regiments to ban! preferencedre.r
j new- hues. The Governor asksito have
j the, Pennsylvania Eeicrv'e Corps first,
j and expresses the bdiet that dj- this
I means the old army Vill be niade more
| speedily and llioroujilj effective.
I Gov. C also argtVs that sick and
j wounded Pennsyivaiiabsimayho sunt
-’ to their State.: 1 Thil js understood to
j be tbedesire of -scv«al of the Govor
j uois who met at Altwna. i I
- :-iH r pc*
, Thp Breckinridge leaders constant
ly uppaat; to voters to sustai'n| their
ticket/inordeiv that thcrOmay be a
speedy twralnatiojn 1 ofjthe.wafi Let
us see hot? this is to beaccomplislied.
There are!'two ways to reach the de
sired cnd: Ohe is to make your ballots
and bullets abd. bayonets act in union
—that whilst our brothers. .and sons
are fighting lor tile Union in the field,
wo should sustain; the Union cause, at
tho ballot-box. The only othoi mode
is to let the Rebellion triumph, and this
is the end and tendency of Breckin
ridge success. But still;- shall we,
have peace? . Very far from*it. The
Congress naw chosen jwill not be or
ganised until December a year; and
the;success/lof that ticket now would
plainly say to the rebel conspirators,
“Fight on, a year or more, until our
Vallandighams and Dazcars lihvp.con
trol of the popular branch of Con
gress, when yon shall have every |
t thing your own way.” But shall, wcj
thciii hayc pelfce ? Fay from it. With]
the two antagonistic! principles, pfi
■Liberty and Slavery, junder, separate;|
governments, with an imaginary Ihip.
jlof Bi.vlsionl between tlhetn, JdifiicuUies
'would, constantly occur, leading,to]
inlbrminublo wan . The only hope of!
peace is in the Union, and in thopros-1
Tralion of this monstrous rebellion, j
" Mr- Lincoln,]nnder|Providence, will]
bo President apd Cojnnvanjder-imChiefi
until'March, 1805. The Senate, at
least lor that time, will harmonize
with; hji'jW on j public , questions." By'
arraying the Bower House inantjigol,
nisin. will Iwo not give the greatest
I- I' 11 ° ■ .■. ° .
possible: encouragement to the ene
■ rides -of The Union ?: .Unity and cm
ergy in’ the public ( <j!cuiicils are- n/ny
IndSsperisiblo to spbedyTiuce'ess. Let
the loyal North speak at the Polls in
| such wav as to encourage. our armies
in ,the 'field,, and thus alone can we
| hope forispeedy and permanent pefioel
Intervention.. . J
, In the‘Boieign coWcspondence of
the'-Np.w jYork’ papsrs, a few
ago, it was stated that in an interview
between <JSJL-j Do [TliouveiUl, French
Minister of Foreign A.tTuii-s, and Lord'
Palmerston,; Cho English Premier, it
was agreed pto deter intervention in
American affairs until after the airfumn
eleeiwti \a this coir tty,—these inter:
tUtjddlers evidently expecting aWeac
tioiiary feeling to bo manifested in the
Northlno such a decree; as to justify
their ir tcrfercncc ,'iij' a (way to see'ui’e,
the sdi ;ess Of rebellionr, arid with ft
the dt struction . of goVcniment
the'world, and a standing rebuke to
Kiiigly; and -Ansloeriitic tide. This
gives additional] sigidiic'arice Up tlib|
election of next Tuesday. ;! jts the
voter approaches the : polls he should
remember that the eyes of the rebel
lions Strath.'as tyell as the’chronic'e‘n
.emies across .the pecan, are upon him,
ih anxious expectation. ’lf ho would
yield accord to their desires', he wilf
not hesitatVto vote■ jthe Breckinridge
tfeket. which would bt a vote to lo wer
the Flag of the Union and give direct
jyaidand comfort” ti the enemy. With
| the issues made up [by the Breckin
[ ridge leaders, the triumph'of that or-:
gani/.ation. af the Polls next Tuesday,
I wonjd he more jiisa.llrons toth.e Biioh
caush than another Bull, Bun JVfeat:
! Loyal jirtbn. of Beayer county ! see to
ifht once; that nothing is, wanting oa
j’onr part to meet land overcome all
-the machinations of [this enemy. Our
friends|tn llie army jexpect- j - 6u to do
your dot}- at the Polls. Let no one
fail in the present crisis of the country.
j;j— !• ■*!.
■ , Spßi^NdriELDi’jilri.'j October!— A cor-j
rcspondcnce oftheJlissoiiiji Democrat
says that rumors welro aflosjt of heavy'
firing in lluv diiccltion : (if SarcoxioV
Jasper couim*, jjtissr n Frida’
>a»pt , . .‘Ouri-f-or. nday.—
These rumors were increased by noori.-
Woid was received that a fight had
taken place at Sarcoxie'.: ■ The number
of the enemy’s force is unknown, and
wo have not learned; the result of the
fight, i, ' ■' ; .
■The rebels at Sarcoxie 'say they
.have : 10,000 men at Cowskin prairie,;
J that General Ilindmaii, with 30,000,
I'mien is in Arkansas near the (Missouri
Spite' line, and that as soon ns they
join forces they'will march directly
on St. Louis. ) Al| the prisoners taken
,toH of Cthe rich bounty t hey are prom
ised when they take St. Louis. It
appears 'that |such- promises' are the
gjeat incentives net|dedj by .the rl rebel
Generals to keep their men together.
B&.ln'the Yirginia Lcgislatrirp Mr;
Collier) of k Peteisburg, offered tlie
fblldwing: i ; ] -j
I Whereas, Abraham Lin coin, Presi
dent ot (the Uii;itcd | States, his re
cent proclamation is abtirig :in stolid
contempt.of' the principles of property
a . aV“’~ * | —wwrtVtj
in slaves, which is less consecrated in voted in the attirmativpl
the United States Constitution | thiW : Jesse LazearJ ;
in ,ouWj and is aiming by said prbclu- Clement L. Yallandigham,
ination toexcite insurrection in . Uhjirlos A. Wicklitfej &c.. ’ I
our midst, therefore ; V j,/'y voted in the negative, i ;
'Jtesolyad, ■ That no person' within: It made no difference to ! Lazearand
shall bo hold to have com-] Yailahdigham>£fotUer| Uio owner was
milted ; Uny offense against the crimin'-.: a’rebelbr not. j ( J
al thereof;! or shall: bp tried [or impria-; , Februai-y 6th. 1862 Vhen ! our J
®. n . 6d » e °t bo requiredgo ansvver at any; treasury was and thoUinks (' Wo ten
Umefor an act in ..dmmgfoofo and: monied monopolies : were ii-yificthaiiks fori
the State or putting to death any per ; to take possession df our Gbvernuienf I *
son; with or without ams.whoniay bp! and when Congress tf-iUmpheil in tlurP. npicr - ■ ■
found on our soil aiding in any way,-to; most important contest! that our coun ! “»wl>vwed
give effect to the fiendish purposes of try, j dver witnessed; in !tho passaire bf oC time 'in
siud proclamation, ,| y y t the billy making notes | adversity
The ■'■Votes of Gert. Je Ve Lazear
and Clbment I». y ap&hdigham.
jii legal tend]
9i> to 50. \
In the affirmative,
John A. Bingham,”
, yVb observe in a lute number (if the J; E. Mbvhcad, j
ini which rcJerentc, m made. tj. i j£Bg - £ \
action .of the lion. JoUn* W. Wallace Clement L.; Vallandtoham.
the. last sessiondot Congress, Dariel \V. Yoorhees, &e,
and fimnk which we. quote the follow-! (ten. Lazcar « believe is -Cntihicr
I ill f‘ i' ij i of the Fanners-and DroverVßaifk
tng paragrap i. . ,v - ■ • j-r <at Wuyneihurg, mid .he proved'tn ie
V “Wp have Mingo question which,i nsl j I1(;t ". uu | ,i o '4 by his jJJ
wp t.O aak bl. the eonseivatvo- b kif tll(j! Government,should toppib
pi .thip ooutUy, and to^ieccs - 811 l i |)o
d.isli ict.. \i } ......-i, did the! pec pie of hia district send liirii
ior Wallace, wb vo es , „ . . C to':-Congress to look after the idtercsts
President lit need n|, on this- subject. j • t ,, e Un.n^
.(relating to confiscation, ac )i ~r i. ;.;j country in this hour of its. |ii:d ;1 i J
whojon ithia as op.aUj ? ;w e predict that tile t.tnnw
Ute T V -!* r . iof the - present district willf|e.-i inf :
I witU| President Lmcon.j j-bn the ' second ! .51 iiesdiir. of, Oct:, ■to t
seldpin met wtth a more junscrupuUiuft | , a t ho he m,d look <U-r hU bat.k
.falsehood. roin a carepil exannnation ( handsome majoritv.' > p
•Of tge-l Joupnal of the House- we find • ? „„- a ; ' gc'ofthfc. Ho in a.'
that [tijen. paly , opposed Bm * vote i
every of thef ad.ntn.Btra ton, ■ h ’i bi „ wus t;ivcd :i £ j
but IVo find hn* vote inpnbiy: plong, pi . ol l, ToU * .
.wilhl the notoriousYallapdighutn, :mdi| [ .jy int ' evidence' to indicate w!u-re j‘v
’we sppak advisedly. ' v >eq 0! .. 'i ; i stood on lue question. ! On■■‘Deceit.!Vr *
°” 1 ’^ t V p; 4 1 1 ‘, i 1801 r MK. Lqvcjoy,, from iho ■
'yl^i l i . Il . wt \r \t ii **■ r S.Jl'CbihmilteL*. oir Agriculture. t»» v:ijo'n
Y Yftpd wuh May, and.ghu.v was t hcd.ill of theHousO m .
Wh ° B °- Uecure b.J.nesteada to actual scnlr^
. qU MOi l,on^b O’ .ii L O'' the pi blie domain'. reporUa iluo
, *i',' ne n • a , o .'![ > ij „ witl out aniondinent.’’, ■ . .
all ithe votes whieb ihe cast and ! con- j ! ~ . ■ . •■. . -i •■■■;.:
tra'it them’'with tlio'ae Of- Dr.iWallabe,;' > tU !', ?" e8 P O ?V
fP. |BIU ;lhe foSiowiitit , iShSiv’ : ,
rS® s' Nrk wik elJc'f R°f ?' t- **■> ■
ediilej).eseniaUyeidtl»p tb.rty-seventh l' 9 j^ SB^- |^2 E 4 ;
troni thd third • i r A y flv : i
al distnetiof the stateiof.3Liiso,uri ton - _ .*. ; r
the ! ti'rsl. Monday of August in thb \\ ]:
year 1800; and whereas” since that.- thd neganye : ■,.< j-,.
tinio-tbe B. (Murk lias taken ! - ® ns . 1 ).?. U O .^ 1 :.. 1^^ 0 , l, j l ' 1 ‘'V'
tiptirms against {hp Oovei-mnent of tile j . “> U„s
IJiii.ldd Slates,- and holds :l commission j J att ’ ''l l ' n , to . and
tn r vhat/is knawn .as the Sutte,Guard >. C ' c "• (nan no man. wh.;
of Missouri iiniler : the \ rebel G dvoriulr'. l .:
cif ihb. State;.’ and took part hi ,|llie |,^ 1 9« 'j 10 ~ c.a,mat
at Boonville against hU ‘ , ~, , tir ;••
Umidd States forces : | 1 l\ P»> the the •• nil . f n th-
Ilettolved", ThktiJohi. B. Clark has r< f lease f co.Uun•persons ju-ijl )o n-r-;
rU- j; i- n ,u, i„ „i,i|. ou „ -Vice or-labor in the ip.sirictn .Co um-
I »•;•!>»*!, A * i l' rna - ~c - - - -
and is hereby- expelled* and 'dedarpd > B,ngh|un, . ;
,to' be no longer a member of this J , oUli Vi r -
House ” - •■■■•■■ i-, v ■ i Jons \\.. vt au-a. r.. >vc, ■■;=..
1 !oii the passag&iof the resolution 1 - l ' Ol . iK? d®|:h>ai.ivee . ... .
i ■ 1 ' i ■
*{ S/bmLVn-Kie. •'i : • I ■ i Di,uit 'j > V . •
■ iJbiix W. WallacEi &C., . .ii I j.vo;edin tl.enegative; .'votwithst.-.r,^
vilelfin the affirmative- : ' ' -I ! 1 hig every one of those slave, «'v.,-rs;
iilenfy'G. Burnett • ‘ ’•j.vvere either ni thp-rebel.service
1 jiiss’^-L f 'AZEAKi 1 ■ ... i l.our sole iers, or 'acting as. -sjn# ,':u..i
CißMFxr Ll Vallanhigiiam, I •' -j giving- aid and comthn to the .noiay.
Baniei W. YoQrlicesji&e., f I'ct Va|l; M) diglKnnoah;i liaz-.-ar vl r
voicti lilthe- ncgaltrvpj -j ,i . , " •; ;dno , ' !.,t
1 Hbre we find jesfecilLazear.-'votirg fslaVes of t hose rebels 'shnuid- bj-v |V>
witfi Burnctf ilnd ie-. Cong'ress.had vthef, undtaibted '!(, ./i yi
fiilln'r to expel a| rebel, whp’ was' l .ituUonal,,|r,jglit to pa«s. t.h'•ii n• I s«V
the j field : fighting against ns. jDul fgpwi faii.liXiwanls ;th.osc slaveowners
tlilit' look like sustaining the- Pret i- . cancello.l by -.their di-jiiyahy,
i dejit ? '(- id’ -J leaving but pi the . qiiHrsjion.tliC' co'io
ppp; 10, 18G1J : Mi}, IPendibton | de- «dpfat»o[».-thp abaine aiid ai' I to
vtha sirAHti.lot* the trailbiß paail boasted land of liberty, tovhilye
’k^ rx t?f ws Teb»ioh 4 or abry shl :
t “r.i ,vr diabetls cpljius, as a,ii ustir- wf aP 90,1, Isr ., ....‘ ' . f
putipil, and move! that the committee ic -v 1 * 10 l »jH.p»! > sp.i.
of the judiciary iso fb the' p sc f tln S <d>c ; of tl^rdl
d f■■ , !
Stood 20 to IUS. f | ; I ; i-. >'*■' ! l' j .', 'W V ■'-I'-’hax, .
-,;jbhn : 4.-!B?ngh!i n i;i;i '■ l '.dd'J. i' ] {' jl N '
. J.l K. .j. . ; i. ;! i don.v V.. \\ .Co; „
’ Jons- \V|. Wam.’yck c ; ;_ j 'f. ' !1 atlini.aiice. an.i - , ' r
sustaining tlie ’ . j. ; 1,1 .- A .
Jesse i-AZKAI’.,:- ' ’ , . Jli . i: l^dLE.yf;;rivJi.--yAF J i-AlM\Ti-.x£;iM-. ;d<,i.,
.ll;chiry:Maj% d'| . ii | t\..^{Yooi‘liecslyl ( y;
f Gi-kment L. VApr-ANDrojiA'l • t -Jr ]-, voted, togoiliei .as nsiiuf and ; i.iih-io.
dei , puncin'g?,|-;.: .j" ': . .. s- ;■% 1 j the bi 11... pjlicipie of nltio'.i d;.' u ..
'■•. iJ|Ocs that lookr like -'backing, .| s ;is hotter estahiishyd, tiirlh ith/iT« s-i ■
fretids? 1. • i j .. ••••.-• j, j '.hon.lias'i right--,ta•sieziPnirdC'erfi'est'i-V
-.. Dec. 11,'1801; the' folio viing - tesplu- I|iru|w-r( vfdf'afi eiie'm.v ■ Bn* > }.,■,
'tipij.was ottered- : r i -d; ’ ;; | r’dhh-yskpafi-i,,]^.
Mrijor .tfienoiaf.iriilleek, ]''.r. jirijf.ri.'ig: thb'l oar i
of tjhe -1 *. x 5, n , 0 ; be taxed to ,
ed tin order pt-oLibiinig negroes front 1 ; f-■■•■’. ; ■Ti ' rhan’■(.. tv...-.
,ecJin|iirg'with ill the .tines of j<Vur Arhiv; i IC p. tc , ‘■‘•h ers j-. j ■
aildi cxcludi,iig a rbady b.ider Go f f' 1 -:f T.
pioteetidn And Whe.M-f t,S! f ? a*T 1 i' h< d Cyi ' ! 'V
bs |Said- Order iiTitruo: farid inl„.Hnan, ; ■ .’,l
a| di, in iticAudglucnt -Of this . ll.pu.>c’, i 1 VVeiytii •!Vf l iiconpy cohim ns in ‘I-
upon no injli tary inet-essity, j the dettiii .pi' the ydte's fh -.L'ie
■ . v V . i :. i. j C’otigross’Owtng .that on ,-f i,
Resolved, Tdtat the President be ie-; sions Gfnj. Lazoar froze ip-thl
spee'M'nllyv: requested to direct Gep; lallandigham-; li'iit- the IbPvc W
iialieek |lo recall; order, Or ciiu.jie.i suffice,- to' diow the complinv- fid ■ k.-jrj
it to-iypnipriu, wjtlf vbojj)! actico bl[ t,ne ! And we' iow-aslf, the 'voters d'if lit;
oi idr. departniciitsof Itlhe'army'.’’ , M'r. | district tc .pbii'dcr.f lie rr,a't-ror ivc!l. .nit
Yiiltandighain' ttlitvt .the pircain- 1 vote as : ; .1 ccoiti'e's .inteliioeiii i filemi ii
blcitkhd resolutibnj beiiiid on thenablb i'exui-cising; adiudi politicai p-ivif .- 0 |
''f - ‘ - I"Wo - nS'cjVOtf if this injfeS lik,^.
f tlle Presiaeuf'iin liis jo.ji,
L'liarlesiA Wickliffeie. V ' .'i i{v: , >' C; - ,?? k 'J', 011 ,f ; 111080 a »l‘ 1 l h'
sutvlaintrig iiiin, aid , .' T ;. ktnd.of njeii, whom v ? u to.boK
. Justin 5. Mori-iil ■ ■' { h’ ol . . o ' lll % m ihe'neklii We ask Ii
I’hadeus Stevens' i-' i ; d >\ °l' r Government is-safe fnlthcv I ait.S
J" ' ' " 1 -l ot->iiu;bv qbasi we foo'l ‘k-
jdlnKW. WVdlabe &c|; • , !; -i K.
Voti;pj^.-iu : th6 negiitiv'b| ( ‘■.V,r j j * ,a i.
wsW unwilling to allow i 'V *i
oubjjaWiiy to
labor in our as t.o'i al J?n
pcFSiit our poor eahiieire to rest iifior.j a ® , iln(
vh&iatiguc of drillingand fighting, ■ l ,lobl >j-. s^1
.. J>ce. 20th lBttl,-|Sr. jlt Haft su'bUiVttdd i' 1 ?" 111!5 '
the following: ;4* ■. ;i ■ ■;) | I generous!;
y&f solved, Thit, the: jliidiciary coin- [ to . ■ il3 , vu ,
mitfjee . Ije ihsif ifcted to 'report:- and . -' u
ai> eliding the fugitive! slave .law’- bh>l I , iazo fi > r . rt
acted iii/dSadi ap lto forbid tho reoaiV-1.. e . ■
tuxeior feturji' of any lugitivo ; froiii ,U ,
lalior without siiiisthetoiy proof first | wounded i
made that .thif claimant of such fugi- j 116 • 10S 'P , f
to the G«tyurri:ment.” j j U Wo stpj
On fhe passage the resolution, ’ -L j tlio . disir
Jphn (JoVude, i, : , ■]; • | j brothers, i
J. Ji. Alorehcad, ; ■■■;■- I j tle? of the
lohn-W. Wallace, ilir 1 f.
hr, ii»e vp'ts- *
4 "
- - .
emphatic wi!!' he
jlien to tjie phlis, ovcrv mail,
he welfare of his couhirv at
vote for I*i-p
•fikicnt hm-mber; who life
orl Government t-uvi
ring optical amt ■ who- i«U
'' contributed of fits means
Lite sutler in gs of our wound
ring, /soldiery, wliii • J
.fused -to give, one cent ftj
■sylvan hr relief a'ssoeiati'un
. rts to relieve our srek - and 1
men who !\yerc brought into
tils at Washington. . i
iei\l to the-loyal citizens o)
ct who have* 1 sonsi hi nr
n the| field'fighling*th e bait
country to'go to the poll;
ii 1 ,und-sustaii) puroundidi\ti
ico who has aP' ■'cncroiist
ikjiod by you an'd.tjho .Gof
without fa
Dr. ; Walla
and ■ abu
ts r’n men t.
EiD—On ' Jh'e inst by
a Monroe, Mr. (V: A. linr
! JuLlE,t SoMKki!, all;of.Bill
Rev: Joslii
FlN,t'j ills
or .the , happy - donple mrr
remembrances of. Jtht
May the life-barks of the
Jed pair float on tho-stn ain
peace, and the waves oi
lever overtake,them.' -
. , r
> . ■