The Beaver Argus. (Beaver, Pa.) 1862-1873, October 01, 1862, Image 4

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j fbiejs^sawdhelatives
: .iO O.' . >‘Tia.s-i;* the tii>t! rejil 1 .;. clever comic and BRAVE SOLDIER? AND SAiLORS. j
• :fc:fii»ica;i juurnr.l ‘we ii:lvc bail hi America—!. • I _ ’ , ~ M
-a:-.- .:i; mi I'iaiiv citver it ie. ..It io bultrsharp aml 'HOLLO W A SPIL L S
• r i:- c^!'j»t‘ , «'>w*t'cci.pcrv‘d l umi-iiotl.afwiiU tj) fear iihat ita j •• . j J. 4 ,; s .>.
- •>= mia-wUc. si-owMaf 5t lias a•« JJ tl O Jll V-riiGll't-.
r( . s* t;L‘ -Oqr icadcis v;d.i f ;bp elan. :o kuo ( w wheae.; \ ■ ... ' ■.*-, i
v.- 1, : Voy vau x*i.a n.iuytt; ujh >or.udhuig ‘ ‘ ' LL/VTllUliavcl-vieiuitsaiid llclallvefain the!
in ,:t i^au;\racro ’/\ Aimv or Navy, should lube especial cure
--i . . ti,at uicy be 'amply supplied with those Tills
•.•Ti-i* i : r.p' tscelfcsi. Keqiarkabl* ahJ Ointment; and wiieie tUc brute Soldiers
■~'rs £r jr [■/’V for prij'ijiin'it v.’ r —.V. K . r j and Suitors Uavo inigisc-tod to provide rltcm
ic \K.iKG i-ul.'iJilj: I “Vanii f >V.,'K is jo: (iu-. tccl by a Tpaeiona, j solves with tit-in; an bit'stir present can bo sent I
it- it" ii .-l ":.u'fiiiouo ; willTrft.nd intelligent .dorps of journalists.”— ; tbctu b.v tUcif friends. Ibejr have been prov- j ' *' U ' * V * i Z<-risry4Cbtta.)--i(W - - ' eft to be lie -Soldier's neVer-faiUng friend in |
{’’ ••'•■. ill ivie’.d as'putsj an influence as that of (no pour'r.f need. ' - ; j
•]di.r f oin.Vti J’tacA/U-Jftoton Twcllu,' '. -CuL'UIiS AND COLDS AiTiX’XIXG TBOOPS ;
".. i-' -j-'fioi..f>vr iiniUji liijmsulf laitgliiisg.m t Do -‘.Avill to s'peediiy removed and effectually |
.-■I tvt! tf V-tStry F'.Jii. jin-l doe? not'ietum a cui-od by using admirable mcdicic-cs, and '
i oiiia’j;.'.- ? oti-,. is fit fir ‘trensou, aud spoils;’"’—n,j. j,«.ving proper attention to lie Directions j
? A’, r. CrJi’vr.. - ' . j wlueli mo uuael.ed to each ri’ot or Cox.
I sick liJiAtiAt in:. - } AMDWax’i' of aite
tll'E iNCiDjfNTA.iI TO SOLDIEiiS. 1
j these feelings which so sadden Its, usually
; arise IVahi trouble ov annoyance;*, obstructed
pcrspivai’on, or eating and drinking whatever
] is ur.v.holesvti;c, thus disturbing the healthful
j action uf rb*:; ii\er null stomach. ' These oi>
• guns nmst’he relie:ved, if you desire tobc well.
The hills, faking according ; to the in
structions. will quickly a produce-a healthy
• action in both liver and stomach,- and as a’
| natural consequence a elear .hcftd and good ap-J
j petite. - ‘ ‘ * j
{ AVUI-soon disappear'fcjr the 'use of these in- ,
1 • valuable Pills, and the Soldier will quickly ac~-
j quir.eadditional strength. . Never let the bow
| cither.ecju!im.*d or-'uudiily acted . i|pon.
. ;** \ I:-inky seem strange that Holloway’s, i'ills
, 1 ** ruP i should be rccoiiimeiidcd for Dysentery and
; _ < iidux,‘in:iny pdreons' supposingthut they would
! ' ! increase lie rclaxnt’on. ■ This is a great mw
i take,: *i>r these will correct the liver, and
Elouiiich Mid thus remove all. the acrid humors
,-rfct from.the syitnu. TLlapcdicine v.ilf givetoue
-ii-s- ’ and-vigor, to the whole organic syalcbi howov-,
f cr deranged, while health and strength follow
as a mancr uf'CCiiife. Nothing wiifMop the
r-elusuti-in of-the lioweic so sure as.luis him*
: oUs mcdicluc. . '•
■». o
W i.
i j \
1 .'.v
,s~:,~ ~.
*•*.o c*■;*»*.ii:s ibc r ”r‘.v
■viiUs cl' uiCi&tuy 'c^ff£e^- l - , ‘'“’-‘ ; ''
iOLLGCK. UlS^aiist;
diri ClurS'.aUt ell -
'•, PiiU-vrELi’Jiu,;
i-->;i and Crocc-ra.
... -• _ notion =
. r ?t rjfac- ] marked iri,« bg sau*»?e?i which.
h i«i Irrivl-.i-' this 'far tod public-i’-ioa of
v. ;n be kiio'vu V»y tLc- ; . > ■■ vi am rv F.Ain,' r f
.Jfct Kj sscopal.. Chut'cL . Kns'.V.'esilio publisher jto unnouhcc'tlmt with
■ th r .: co;uiiie:wi‘ir:o3i .of the ?e«,*ond \ bimbo, is
v ■ Vj { .i .{•.:? June.. Xc’.v Features*,-both
• h:tc'ran ; nnd if id ho hitrouwfed, w Inch.
' vF-l 1,-icrer:»e Ihi* valu,*; and interest of the pa
. .'itfviw “per. lully nuiiii'uin the proud position
■ Fiej hC’J baiith, uiiduinKasiV accnrdc'd to it r 33 the-leading
.*s' t bell. Samuel •»KcofT, ’ • '
Joli!! Street. • A T r vC l
■<. y '. r ut-ii'.lihiuis. askings
.. , :1:..:t i t
i: z "-vl '
- -.- j;
u* -•
. .. »•
IO V ( C‘ rUlysv
i it";
v :o t!,-
V -•.r:or!o;i-r ?
U-.!'.c:;:r'on. it
v.:j, t
\.n- r.r. y i
i iri.JsjuiliCafitP.«- • 1 Jirct uoiturs- pe»*.laimuii, iu sdViincc—Sis
bo'-Lo’-vitvoeiiL-i,-siDglc copy. | ,
- 5 « Ciifcrtcr’of »- ■ , • TERMS,; IjOR :b
Two copies of V.vsnv F.ur. will i)c-«co,t to
, cse tJJvc-=s for U :.....55.00
■i..:: to
20 .00
•>. r.r-:l
gifted l-y■ iLc Coart'ai
*T •! f>
' ‘'i'-v
via v
». i:n.
n'.'i, (i,: T;::? pspcT ' ;s'Kipc; rt;(yret!,' aiid numbers
A rf •mv be i-rbck;; J alanv thi:?: . ■ -
| : lA.Uir iI.STEPHENS,
Ljr ir'ibc I'i cpi ieiWs, 1 i ;;
V ' : ' N.-.v-V 4k;
Vt *?;
V - - r*-/ ‘ 1-
* 1 V.L- „
.1‘ U 0:-:y
r ip.
r .T.
tN--!;?- li.C*
--, 1 -*! - • . •'■.iiiii.iin-tlv.' i’iiiiiw's <: ratu n;:ii'S-J3i
post/ lik-s.'&c 1 ..- L.cUoi- C'nji «»».!
■ • uwiviki Xytis
' lilaiikJs(iv>!;s,- P:i.-s .Siorl- IV-us
liuiiic’.'r. Ccjiy }s6(.ks.Jtik!
r■; ;:k i-!;: i.k-:, IkllHlft livzsvdj'
'■l•••jiiittl - ' iHswUbt , i'.’V"
t "-iT? o~ i-i.vk -ii «u»i c.U s«c :ii«v jtai't oi
' ‘ y ' ■ ::,o r :;v.'/ i l;.Oi/r. 8 lUvis..
-id- in
- .-4 -r. -.'.‘j *_t •
•:* v Me l’:;:t»ii ;;LcM
) 1:
t .» ri
,li<j .1 fii .j.'je ; <-V
nJ -V
.1 -; .c: i
.U;:*: 1
Tt 1 ■•* gragh lc Ne ws.
’i L* •?
•m r -'. cr i i
AM) S \\ V- K ‘A
• r- :
-l!St IIJ~Sa/
C 1
>-. 1 1 A’l« 1
cov-- .1 ; iMj" !.ns-(,'HTKi;s or
i:-;sj Vill-.
Brandies, j Wines and
*22l’ 22U, cf L.h'-rty . Incimtf.
.» r.v,.v
V .'
.* ?r*‘ it:!
tiivcsj.' M il
■r* 1A MM.
HALL. Proprietor,
5 X* »
V.f * T *
‘i: n;.’i
• ! -l d I',
Ltv *1 •
ti: 1
Sew?rig Machine,”
■r«; on,.
.V :- j . V!..lii;\T,'
V’: Mlx tj) .L-E.-.U*-
' if: * j'-P tn Ficitv. Gp.i'jt. ii.iid till lituds
t* G'/itniry Prodwe, Wines dnd
('dm. Ti.'lilrco. dc.
■> lAvr
OlVi* '.VDTIO2
\<: i n;* 1
V -S* ! -
.i.‘v ii;
cu- j. o; vilsuN. ! S,
, j. •
tfrcc-fie. rp.. *
,m; iiiiiovioo,,
:Ms''o;uiS! reel 7 £7v r <OC>c3L St«
pittsbtirgk >
'•:( Ji'Prr. iMi; ■tfifir SFJiIKO STOCK vf
r .„J : DRYGOODS, ;
-1— ; Cyinj>lcte.i .Extva offer
•'** *^ * ' . ei3 lo.CaSh buyers.- (inlil9.
;•(. 7i <;«./; ( V'tr. 'j' i’i.viitlv.; Agency is tuf-evior to HY DRO
;. VF TliE- the tientmW of all forms
_ . i j;, oi lj!>uascj. mid »c Institution la this coim-
V K -', PA ■ [iij)3o.v2 try greater liieiiities jVr its adetiuts
’ ' liatieu.than tliis, -1
Pictorial Circular hiHrcsa i
De. w. n uambletom,
Pittsburg, Pa.
:mi,ypr.xx'A, :
::i: mzal, i>ay oi: v. T'r:-:,
i J/";’. v ; ;, -
o plotor & G fin-olo’E, 0 t
Palm and Faucr, at I
CoMio- Journal -or America.
'n ;. V-
r.<\viv i:vi:hv rnrr.-iv.T. w
l i-i- jor r ; r.l a Viv all Nc’.vpruen. ui.d at, the
•> ui VublicaUoa, ISo 113 Nadsau-^treei,
!ce w V.'wk.
Yi\ c c(’P- ; os.>
Aii lixtra'ivjn w'j’.l be Allowed io
V iub of iiut less,than live
;> A' c\ C
(,i . i'wijiiS,
-' 1 ;
i.n .• v*. ill
• ; Mir? O’ ■
"kvccr Mrs £]izfi!*oth
1 rroorv j Mra Naucv
/' I'
■ip.'.: «-
■it .iJr
V: V/ j:i > ~-j i
j in-r Av> i.U*ai.or
iv':.> .'
?•■ •. V. V
T.-.'trv ill- If *lok
■I I'iV'j
- ,1 ' ,
JKo-Mii-sviib r ii:;- ahv.:Jys on li.cpnl
AWlhtiiO’icy. i Stoddard's.
■- - i tui' k
•' Rev. R. T. [Taylor, A. M., Prin^.
! . Airs.A. S. Taylor, Governess.;
1 i; Fi' <’i..»SS OML Ful* T!IK KiH?-
2_ o:ii;u! i-f Lu-Ui *■'. cn,-*.
:i i-ic y uhd |Vi'<jj‘ui'iitory
OS.CV'. 1 T-litiulv Mnl \V:vi(.nj'T.
■a <:* •.“C'i'ciiJ woe!:? SXSM. : v/
’I ;i:: a-Mil .•’«* »».? *"\
CIV- vts Vj-rtrir'J ir.aUc >he -cTi-jol v»6i
:• «;• !*iMU-nctrOf '**!• toltViliS. ’•
•r '!«'
u CutaL'l;
T::w* ; ul Aug, 1?0,
m. i'h:" C XS Hickutson, I’iti-Vjr
2 & 111 C K ETSOX,
rrn\< ur iu;.Pa
Iron. NfK- :
rjnni.s v.ux onix cn
iXiiAY. oy .SI J'TKMBEU;
■£&■*/'|>' tUy Vriuci^al,
Ut MtJ?CEU r Ev-iiver, TV
(uiU'Lii! Cmiiaissiou Mmliuiit
I '■ -v ;;t*i V, :i: i'h-iu~L% f .
‘Cc;*** ;i'i> coiuij.Miu-ute
f ■ ' •' •.: •• ' ■ .«"? .
/"'IJl&BON OIL. 8i aenti par gallon, at
t v Fore; and UlctHh*. T3ltit< ; hiuf.a and Swelling?.
• cun with' certainly, be radically cured a‘j the
J TffU ftVn talveiiVra! niorninjr, undj.iliC
i oiuimeui he ire idv'used ns elated in the jodni
ed iudn-uctitjus.- fit’ treated in any other i mii
|uer they dry u].* Vn ohe pan Uib-vuk out ii n»-|
'other. WLerva:; si:'-? piuinscnt will r.-: pwel
■ flic’ libni-.-i ■? ihe iv. *rm and k-a vc ;a of I’a-j
at New
I O'
•• -\ i;; -c :i
zi. , c - teCt
u o Vic I!
VlCii.-wi Mai
Vaith V.ja 11
,(.us V» in
MVi Ana
dVI-OV .'£>t.U
J. C. VOY LK 1>: M
_ **> ' :i
m. ic.. v^e..
r'Mit}* 1M Mrft*
a vbrv-i t;u-7i:i;u iiV-übiiy a.;*;., it s.- ill rc-l
; •/uizc.u link- pcKscV‘citato in hud casts id inJ
.; s'vtyc a last::,.a ciu'e. f [
! Fpn wovs]* >:itheh olV’afto'sKlj nv
Tin: ivaVv'NKt. on t^uvin;.uutiikuul.-
■ i-KT. situi-s on w.i-isiv.
To ’.vhicli vU’ry r :iud S:rll::rnre uabk
sf.orc nrcYiu sur? and con
McnroiVt '?A Hoibov y k i»;l’and • •Vt-motif, The
j p-xu* '.rounded ;.i:d alnn»M d vinf- Kidorcr miprtii
j.imvV hid wound-dtv.Vi.vl IT he
• would y*dy provide lini-V-lf wish tui> u.'-Uehr
v?s Vint w Si !«-!i, MionVi' be thrust inti* il.j'
; wound au-i smeared ail aj-o.umi it. then covered
•“with a piece..V linen 'from' ids Vntpsuck, nnd
i-coinpres*cu ' v.'iuh a inu:/lkcivhick ; Takiu;
! tdeht ami uv-nikaror S Pills.; u> coVi tluv* ; y--
| ieiu-nud }>vcv<*:i* iaitjunaib-n; .;
J livery Stddicr’M kuap;ack anil Serurtans
l-olrcei f-iicv.M be provide# with these valuable
! ilcniedic.i. 1 * ■, • , . • .
I CAUT^G^V are un’tfs
• ihi- voids Yptk <'/.d LondonS'
-iNt’til.jlde a< a w:: or-liui kin every Icjii
, m‘ n.-„- -.yok t|tVdxrec,fiv,Qs around catxi |r
; ho.\.; - r iiiv ia :;r-’ may go jdaony seen 3,v
U,c U*n Vj vy r -A ; repaid w a
be {riven u» any one.rendenu" .ruoh intern: i
li.ou may lead io.ihe v.dim; oV any jv.viy
or pavtifcc lueilicdios vi*vend
in;; the’ same/ !tuo\vin*Mhe:»i lo bcy'i.uvious.
'•'-■-.Sold’at the ’ >i;<rm*actory of rrofcstor
lloi.i.ov. av, bO Maiden Lane. Now Vyn k. r id
by all ! dbaAf.'iats .and I l c:der3 llu
\ Meulcincs.jthidiyhout the ei.'u't/ed .world, |in
[l.'.v.-etf ut-li-i cenltA CJ. cents and ,Ni each
' . i
i,: j i i.l-re •:* o-.ii-luvraUk saving- laLibg
llv larjror v •-■]
N. U*—i':i>*cJuo>s fur the gni.J.ime,. uf ra
in ever;,-(UruvlerarealhxcJ lu each h]yx.
MA'fTUKW ,S. QUAY., Butrin.
(Subject tu decision •! the District Conferees.)
i/iils ;'-ij‘EM.pi{ES'rs
Quarterly Mirror of -.fashions,
'•j’.k O''.-' // ; rc.V(ii;':nig Jud
~ Tit
= contains
-r/ Ksit'n) rAsui bs-
J‘Ai'i : £JiSS vP -tHimsHS, : (
/V; rK'-j
coxmsiso the
Sen.Fpeiich Wats}. »n Eietfatot Sicov.e. alid a
. ■ 'MLis.-s .Sack, and a foeet of tNew
, and Reauliful '
• Together' with m'tirly 100 Engravings of
all the novelties ft.r
Summer 'Bonnets,, Cloaks, Trimmings,
Children’s Dresses, &c.,
Ami s ill liable ; u fono 1 a tinn to Ifilijncni, Dress
Makers, Mothers', and Ladies generally' pre
senting the largest and best Kasbinn’Maga
zine. in the World, published -17:1 Rrcaciway.
N. V.. and sold everywhere at 2.7, cents, or
sen; by mail, post free, on receipt of the anrt
in stamps- or;silver. Tear $l,OO with tile lol
lowing valualde premium, ■ .f, ‘
Each yearly subset iber trill be entifled to a
receijn for the selection of :>!) cents worth of
plain patterns, from jhe designs, in lhc|book,
or from the show piibm, or ? they muv be or
dered and dent by m.ijVlariy time' during the
} 0.-f. i,y paving posta^i
ej.„iipWiidid Inducements to Canvassers.
' No. now ready, - ,
ISTgw Groods! !
I>. S . IGA > G K-Il ,
i r ■ ' ii - ’
HAS just -.received a' large assortment of
which will be oifered at ]‘A.\JC J'UIC/.'S.
Among?; his stock can, at all times, be found
a variety of ,
j . SIHRV. -Ac., Ac., ;
IRON AsISTEEL, all varieties.- .
NAILS fbv the pound or keg.
Wlimf LEAD and VARNISH. ,
WINDOW GLASS, all sizes, ' -
AU of wbicii will be sMtfrTow for Gash, or
CounlryTroduce. ■ a ! ■
liridgcwater. May jT, I§C2.", .1
- ' ■' ’ ' WHOLESALE
GroccrA;Tohiniissiou Merchant,
A)so-|)caler in | [,
posite the MonongalicliL House, i
TOBACCO —Ar-dcrron's Fine Cut, Nature
Loaf,; Grant's, Baltimore Plup). and Cu
anubry, at HENRY'S
Flavoring extracts—-Lcnicn » D d v» HENRY’S.
CATSUP, Pepper Sauce, PcrrtoMo*
Books,NeMaaA £«tt«r Paper. 1
.ft*.’, ft«-, a* ' . BK
f 178 & 176 QIIANDjSTREETAND2I6 i
■ CEN'i'.REj STREE., ■f ; j ,
r.?T \i;Lit.!ici) 1838. N. jY: EsxAntxsnhh IS3B
rjpillS Establishment has been in successful
! I operation for 2-lyjiars, and is the largest
o{ I lie kind in the United States., We have on
: band .or manufacture toorderevery description
j oi Looking-glass, VieuiVcußdl’ortrait'FraAies, |
I Rlaiu and Oiiiauicninid'ier, Wall, Oval &Mau-i,
jtil Glasses. Connect itfg Cornices, Ruse andi
| bracket Tables, withaMarble Slabs. Toilet
|(J lasses, Ac., Ac., Ac.! Mouldings for Picture
j frames; m lengths suitable for transportation, .
jobber Gilt, Ending, Rosewood, Oak, Zebra,:
Rirdseyev Mahogany, Ac. Our new manufac-j
lory amt extensive facilities enable us to turn- ■
Wt any article in our line as good ots; the best,p
oml as cheap as the cheapest. ' J j
Dealers are invited to callupon us j
When they visit New Yprk. We claim to be ,
Abie to supply to supply them with every artir •
Me in our line which they cait poesiblypurchase
idsewhere. *j, 1 •’
| -#&* Orders. by mail attended’! to iwith
promptness. Douotfailto call v.’hsh youlvisit;
■New York. j- i: j
$ WarcTOomt, aVo. 215 Ctnire St.’, aVV, 1’;
Ma 7 y—3 inns. i |' ■ -
F~ TUE GEEAT cXuste;OF j: S |
Hum an Miso ry .
Jme PnlUshfd in n StaledSnefhjte; Price iSeU.-t .j
Jx O.v THE CAUSE ANDCUREjof sVrmal-,
lOii'iiiea. Consumption, Mental and I’hy.-iciil
liability, Nervousness, Epilepsy; NtR
tritiuu of the Rocfy : [Lassitude; Weakness (If;
11 1,0 Limbs and the Rack; Indispqsitionj "and ;
Incapacity for study land Labor; fullness of
Apprehension; Less|of Memory; Aversion too
Society;. Liavc of Solitude;.' Timidity:.' Seif- i
Hist rust ; DizHness ;| Uendachej'AtFcetior.s of j
the Eyes; I’implcs oh the Face; Involuntary ;
EiuissL ns.jnnd Sexual Incapacity ; the Uopse
uucnces ofjyouthful Indiscretion, Ac., Ait.,' :
E®.Tui« admirable • Lecture clearly proves
J:hat the above enumerated.
L-.jls, may be removed without iimdicinu and j
uv i t licit! Dangerous j eijrgical- operations, and ;;
should be road byiejery youth and every man f
i:i 11 1 e land. ’ [' , | ■ d
Sent nude - . - sea!, «b any address, in aj plain;;
-eaied envelope. ou the receipt of jjsix cents, or f
iv. o.po-nurc s!antps. by addicK-ing, j ' j
; " CH-VS. J. C. KLINE A COj.,
127 f'.v Y'trk.'Dost Ufiiee^ Fox.-I-7HO. j
’ . - . : '" : ' f r
v marriage, i
ITS loyc*9 ? aiulrhatcs, , sorrows and augers;]i
hope? regrets stiid[jovs: MAK-;j
iIOOU. how lost, how restored; the 'nature,
treatment*!; pd radical cure of sik*rniatc*m-a:a;I
ur weakness; invuinntaiy emissions,;!
*ex.\ial dedilily andAmpedimo.ntV to tfrorriageh’
generally; nervousness. -1 consumption; fiidj ;<
mental and pT.y.-a-V,! in onp.aeuy. ro/nUirfg fvonf 1
SrU;F>.UIUSK —are lullv pxpl.iiiitMt' in the i
MAF-IMAGF GUaHh by* W'Sl\ M. Ddl
Tbit* ordinary b<| in the 1
hrmi; of every young poiwaW comcmplalin-g |
niarrirT". and every inau vylso de~;
,-i.vs to limit the -number' gsih<iir oiTspring tci I
their civcuinatniiccs. k Kveryl pain.) disease ami '
.ache incidental to youth, imidivityiamlild agej j
U fully explained: every parlicleV'' knowledge I
that ?iionlu be known is U Is full j
of engravings.. ilnfacL it discloses secrets tliaf |
every »*ne should know; still it is a bookt bat
must be locked up. and not lie about theUousq;
It will be sent to any one o!i: tiiejreceipt of
~ wenty-live 'cents in specie or. postage sWmji?.
Address l>c': \\>h YOUNG, 410 Spruce sd;,
above Fourth* IMiiliidelpliia. * v h j ;-| \ :j
-- £nir‘ * O'V A.v[« uwi Cn/or!intaic,j\o matter, yvlvat
iimy be.your'-disease.-before you place yoiirf
>elf imder/the care of any of the hOcoviolir*',
Or.vcks—native or foreign;—Av-ho advertiscih }■
| :i;ts or any .'other paper, gotjn copy! of I>r..)
Yeung’s book. and read if carefully; It will |
be the moans of saving you iuany a dollar, '•
y..ujr health, andpossibly youvj life. : -i j* h ■.*
' ITr. YOUNG can be consulted on any of t’lje
UUvuscs uiisOribcd dn .his- lit his j
office. lib Spruce Street, above Fourth, FJiila---
hours from 0 to;o, daily. ; fmardO
BKAVHit;; T | : - ]
'IU.V. .W. L.VVI.KTy, Prhlrq<at- _
(Late vx-ueh r.uiE ok bev, j. 'a. m cill.) \
rjSHJS. I.NSTIfL'Tm.N, for; tbc rcceptiouof
I Yuuiig Ladies, will op.ou oil Jl
Mwutunj. the 'lst- liny o/ ; Sepleiiillcr ndft.
Hoarders. receive*! into the family <?f the
Principal! ' i
•Expense:!—Hoard. Light, pud, and Tuhioh,
per term ot M ivtfcks'.
Tuition aloiu*. per tcun. $0 ojj & s*i 00
according to branches strutted. i
For - further, particulars address Utc
Principal. ■ ' -j * augji
101 rX'HTf!A'lTOii'S S’OIIICKJ
Ij.TTKHS of. administration upon Jhcjrs
j late of Uissr (.■.uu’iitu., late of <lrcouc
township. Leaver county, 1-u.,
been grouted to the undersigned,! all jjersous
knowing themselves indehled|tb -said£ estate
.ire requested to made immediate [payment,
and those haringT?laims ag-tlnst the,«nme y/ill
present, them properly authenticated for ;Sd
tlcmcm. - ’■ SAMUEL NELSON,f h ?
dime *5 !SC*2, Administrator.
Gtoop.’ BunsiAS*miJ life l'ikE' tic
f, ’II'JfKS H»n now,bo hnd at the, ; »
ln 'BEAjVER; ;
Thrive picitres nre not mere dn«bK, but war :
rauteo t'UI LKIOU to nhy that lluvj* ever,been
inudt* in Vt aver county, liy ftiiy-oliter artist.;
TjO he roimuced, call and exKDiiue specimens
l- f » ill vnnain but a tew . .. j
Q£fv«»nUery iu ll»o stiiue.rcoiri;.orcppi*d by•
me in lfv»7, C. .IN,
Aoi-9 , Ulioti'grapbic Artist
. AmilNlSTim’OplS KOTIOE. ;
lETTKKS of administration‘upon, the ea : '
j tale of Wm. .sEAur.i<niT, late of Ojreeuc;
township, having; beCi
granted to’tho undersigned, all persons in to said estate arc requested to .make
immediate payment, and those j having claims
against the same will present them properly
authenticated for setlemcru. | !
mu hood.
May 21, -ISO2.
JO T, COE & GO.,
Ailvei iising niid C<mnmsion :Ji genis.
Type, Printing- Materials,
OFFlCES—Brown’s EuildinG,, Philadelphia;
Tribune Buildings, Xew; York. j j 1 i
_mar£j>:|ly. ' ‘ i, j"
JOHN B. YOUNG,’y ■ at
flfirOffic© in tbe Court lloo»e. -■> ■. ■
; Jdn.t20,;1862i.
~ new’ : ir~~
• ; r '
IiIUK.V MB .yiXPrftSlM
(F<wr Door* brio* B*. Sorgent’s Drug Store.)
MBS. i MIEB RllfCf.
* ■ i ; ' ; ■ -r ■ . .
mates, Pass
i.- v Tl : "r
Colds, Coughs, rant
- . Hoarseness.
! Hits. 20tU Dec, 1864.
- IOJL. J.C. AtMi: Ido nut hesitate tor
the best remedy foam’
Coombs, Hoomeoek, Infineon. vac
s Cold* l»>
Cnittt rxcbmij 1 Itt constan ttwe
my pracUceaml for the /
tea year* has shown ft to po»wee r
.. rior virtue* for die treatment of
'cuaßfaiot*; KBEN KNIOIIT. M.
i A.B.UOUTLKr,CM^ofUtica..
med i\etari4 myself tuil in my ftmilr user since '
l youlnr«oi*d It, find believe ll Hi* best meoitfua.for. hsi ■
; purpuw er«r put'pat. With a lstd. eold l sUonM sootier
pay twenty-five «lpt]ar» fitr a'bottle than do-without It/or -
take any plherremedy." •, j;,
/Croup, Whoopina Cough, Influenza. !.
'Jy ; )SpniNoritu>, V«b.-7,1W0. ’
v i BrotucA Attn; I'waichfjrfully certify ybnr :
b the best4eai4dy we poMeM'fbr 7 the dare ,df >7liooplog
fougii, croup. anil tbe chest JiwMW of children. Woof-: \
yoor fraternity In the .South appreciate yoartkllVahdj
Commendyuor nmlklaeiio.obrpevple. •* I •'■
, | .AMOS tBB. MoTftttiv I*4 wrffo, M Jut;
■** I Iwi! a tedious me in doors 1
•is vceks; tool* many .medicines without relief; finally* "-
|Arat *Vxhf reUeVeij the sun-ues* hi' my throat anil lung* ;
loss! than one h>Uf th&WUje made me completely well. '
I Your medicine* are .the ftpbpcfed a* well as the l**t wo
join buy. mid w« esteem you, Doctor, and your remedies, !.
a* the poor vuiti'e friend.” - | : •i,
| Asthma or Phthiile, and Bronchitis.
i , ’ •11 VFaft MAncucsrin, Feb. 4,1859. i
Btaf'Your Otfrry itci'raf Is performing marvellous .
i cure* iu this section. It has relieved several from alarm* ;
i (nit symptoms of cpunhniption, Mild U now caring a man
who l*s laborednpder an affection of the lung* for jtb«‘'" u : ,
(last HHXIIY L, I'AKKS, Merchant .
] A. M. T)., Auto*, M*>?CRoa Col, lowa,/
I writes, &?pt.6. lBS5: “ Daring my pnvctlce.of m«oy ; jearS
! I bare ftaiad nothing wiual to y«*ur Ptdorul for.:
1 giving ease and {relief to consumptive or curing
{ such Mure cnfahle/V - [■" ■ ‘
i We might slid rO] antes of erldeucs, hut the. most b oth/ .
| vinciog proof of the virtues of .Uiis remedy is found inlU (
' \ effects ajfcm trlsl. ■ ■ •i ■_ '’ A ' j
I . ' 1 ■, ,*• ; CoDsQinptioii« • •’ • >*:' ■(' • ■(.
Probably no| pnejremedy b»s ever hero known wliicb i 1
j cared so many anq sncli dangerous cases as ciis. Stimp
I nerbuman aid cab reach; but eren to thebe tbe C7ierr#
■ Acforol affords reUef and comfurt. , '/■ ’ T i
» ' • Asrds lldcas, New Tots' Ctrti March ISi^L, :
Bocroa At«. Loxsll: I feel U a dmy abd a
: to inform juu your CUirry tydorol has done formy' ■ j
; wife, hbv had beJn fire month* laboring under -
: ge»x>o» symptoms of Consumption, ftom
\ could procure gate hermuch relief. She was «tcad|lymi2«
lag. until BrJstronp:. of thlm city. where we hare come for
! advicej recommended a.trial of youniuedidoe. We .
I hi* kindness,'as we do your ( sklU;'wreh« has feco.Vpfod, !
: . from ijsbo' U not yet asStri> she used tu -
' be, but U frt'tj fmm her coiigh, acid call# herself well. j
.Y6urs with'gratitude and rrpard, •
i' OHI*ANDO SUELBYj or |iimiTTiLLr.
donqt despair till you have Cried ATrx’a
Cltaftc Prctojuu It Is mode tiy one of medical-,
chemists in the world, and its cures all around'iis Leeixiak
the high perils of Its virtues,—iVaZdcferp/ifa Udgtr, j-
Ayer’s Cathartic Pills./
THE sciences of Cbetiii.sjry aud Medicine bayn fash
taxed utmort tq. produce this test, moat perfect
pmgidiv« wjdeU b knowb to mao. Innumerable'
axe sltuun tjml ih«k? Pitts have virtues wbjch Surpass ht-’it
excellence Uie ordinary medicines, : and tb*{(hes*wln'un-, \'
.pfecedentcdiy uj>on the esteem. 1 of nil men. ; They are safe
and pleasant tq lake, but jwWierfiii tocurel Their pcne*l v .
i tratiugpro|iertie£ »iimulato this vital actiyiticsof the body,
remove the- obstructioustaf its organs, purity the. Wood, ;
and expel disease.. Theypurgeonr thefoulhumors uhlc^ - ‘
breed’aud jjruW distemper, stimulate sluggish or Elisor* j,
dnred organs into their natural actiou.and Unpart healthy-:
toue with itrctfgtfr to (be wludf* ffostem. Not Only do :
they cure ,t]:c; cvcry-day cowpljmli'uf every body, but •'
also furnildjible onchdangenius djjfaiH* tlmt have baffled I
the beat of human skill. Whlltj they produce powerftil j
effects, they ureiU'tlic same tinic-liu diuiiuiaheddoses, the •
safest anibLest physic that can be, employed for tbSlJrcD. i
Being augar-coatcd. tfiry are pleasant to take; atfd; being i
purely vygelaldo,i are free'frotu aby risk of barm. Caret'
l&£e beru wUlchisuvi«s!f belief: wore they not I
(‘stßutisted by turn of sicb exalted )>o*ltkm aud character \
jas .to forbid the snspicK-n of uutrulh.Mauy eminent 1
: clergymen! and physic-Uushaveluit their uames.lo certify !
to the public the reliability of luy remedies, wbjle others ;
the assurance of their conviclit-n that Ciy 1
- toepanuioijs contribute immensely to. the. relief of my {
afflictrd. suffering felluw-»en. ' ; [ j
. » The Ageut below named is.pleased to furnish'gratis iay |
'Umerkwi^ Almanac, containing directions fortheir'nse and j
jcertiCcati-s cures,' of the following complaints;—- j
Cortlveile.-»S.'lii|toas Complaints. Itheumatism, Dropsy, 1
IleartUiru, Headache; arWug- from a foul stomach, Naa- •:
sen, lud|uestu*t). Morbid Inaction of jibe Bowels and Fain I
arising I’herafrdm,’Flatulency, boos of Apj>etUe. all Ulce- |
~o»a and 'Cutaneous DiswiM» which require au ;
medicine. Scrofula or King’s Kvil' They also, by purify- 1
iug the .Hood and stlnlulatiug the{ system, cure many .
complaints which it would I nut W.impposH they could*
reach, such as pi-atuess,'Vurtlal, 'Neuralgia and
Nervous IrtiUbllJty. Derangements of the Lirerand Hid?
neys. Gout, and other kindred complaints arising finia a.|
low stnte of the body or obsti ucuuu of its functions.
Do nof be put off by unprincipled dealers with some
other pill they make more'profit W Ask.for Atxr’s;•
PtUJi and taka nothing alw- No| other they can giro ;
yoif comjareawllh thU In Its Intrinsic value or curative
r powers. 'Thehtlck want the test ald for them, j
" and thq should have It. i i-. | , *]•
j Prepared by Dr. J. Ci AYEB, , j'
: Practical and Analytical Chemist, Lowell. Hass.
' 1 ' - Paica as On. m Boi. ■ Fits Boxxs Ki 11. .V i
- i BOLD UY i ' . .r, v
1 Rsfi, her sale I>y U. Miuia, jr.,.! Beaver: S
; l o;itoter; Wapjxdiicr &, Lo n rv, Free
■I. m: ;J. Sfcl'dls,’ BuJeu; J.’ J Siirpent < ;Sew
Biighl^n,John P.luik, JlnrUneTor.. Bun
g’n i tilfiir, Fallulcii.Rml hj dealers every
WUev- I i ' . Feh-12, ’(!2.
• •• t-RijTTEXDE jf’S-i'
N. E. pomer of 7th &Chestnut St.,
, 1 :'rinLAjD£u > JiU,ir.v.
rp.lllS Institution, which was established in
~g IS4-1, jand isj nojv consequently > in t c
Ciglhtceuth) A-car- jo’fi its existence,, nunibc a
among its gratuates, hundreds of.thelmost suc
cessful Merchants and Business Men of our
Country, ■ ,
. :Titp object ofjilio institution is solely' to af
ford voting men facilities for thorough- prppa
ratioli for business. i. .!' if ',_•■■■ ,(.
Tli]o blanches taught, arc. Kook-keeping, as
applicable to the variousldcpartments of trude;.
Penmanship, iboth. plain.'and : ornamental
■Commercial taw, mathcinatics.>J£avigaT;on,
Civil Engineering. [Drawing; PuSnography,
and Modern -Languages. , '
The system; of Instruction is peculiar; uo ;
classes or set lessons are mail'e'useof, but each]
student is taught individually, so. that he may :
commence at any, time, and attend at whatev
er hoursare most convenient'
Catalogues are issued annually after the
loth of April, .'Containing-namcs of the stu-.
dents for the year, and full particulars of
terms, &.C., and may be obtained at, any'time
by addressing the I’rin.cipal. ; •
In extensive accommodations, wide-spread J
reputation, and the lengthy! experience of. the ji
Principal, this Institution offers facilities au- ;
perior to'any olhcrjin the tjuuutry, for young
men wishing to prepare {fop business,and id *
obtain at the same time a diploma, which,will j
prove a rccommcnda,tfon:for them Ip any' Jl«- !
cujililc House. ; j}■ ! : . ; , ~
; ■ : igST CjSrres®ES*9l Scrids of Treatises on
Kook-Keeping, now |moro widely o circulated
than any;pthcrwork lon the' sulycct. arc for;
sale at the College', j 1
i;' r ' if : i Akorncym-lqir, 'I .
!; !M»y7; ; j.', | •' .
, ” . wra(tlo©-. .'j.
I Theaccounts and subscription)* tcj
Tue Aucuts for J-titW' and 1861, which,
have hot been settled up, us'well ai
the amounts Weyanci, M & J|.
Weyahd, uucl Mfeyand and llenry,
arc in; my ’haiulsf lor settlement. All;
wlio uvc indebted to either of these)
for subscription, | advertisement or job;
wprkj Will please call on me at the.
iTaEjtsiittEu'siOFixcE,. Many ofthcseca-j
counts are of loii{j standing audshouW
bo Bottled. - : -i J
Do You Want Employjnerrt. H
lOFFES a plcisapt ImslnoSe for the Sprinrg
j » n ,d Hammer, with largo pro fils. Send lor
niypoireinmMr, cjihtaWng ftill j informatiohV I
Addrato d GEO. EDIT’D SEAB9. 1 I
m»rS«. ; | 151 William B*. t K. Y. ;
- J />./ ,J 7’ rhl it,.,.'’ [ T),t Jiuj'.t Calls JyTke War 'ha* '4
' ’ "1 ; 1 • tj L i IPar Jhi'riuvuitlon anuinr! . Had Tetik,
; 1 : . Paid }!r, i!h t ICdujt
■■ :i ***S| 'T- "Vi •. ' ' •"• ' TaoHiJrlit, ’flurarkt
' T ’■ ;■'■***■ *'* : ‘Xt " /V ' i»«f Xearul-jid. ' '• '■•• ‘
‘WTT '. cm:ii aktit.lkkt«.
■’ T ' c;* 1 A L i ;{£. A / > 1 »-, Y ,
•• r. ' I n": ; •*COaftETi; »£t roV ItnMXiill s iOC '■ K
f ;TSb .tvfrtfr
(mßOßionvALfosltrace*xd oumjisb; ip rnrifivft ! h Jj t; °
Tor is [tin a Staple Bracd? ftr -/’■ j .
..LIVER COJWPLAINt '• .|(.' Curing Tfcotfcchc
The.ordinary evidences.of t)is- A] ! fo--Vor<Pfk’Jparau,P
emk bt the Liver, are -unn
tenderness in the region of the
Lirer, sometimes dull and aching’, i
increased tty pressure, tain and ' j CXfilv-
Eneasl&ess in Breathing, Patn| in \ plaWtjju.
the right. Shoulder,/uhcasinCai ■ 1 P r -^ ui:,r y v,-M
' >, , T' ‘ -i - L, .1 J | . I /cjurttio .'At JKcf/i, :J.'J
■when |ying upon thovleft sxde,'- ■„
increased size.of tbo Liver, Short j-x&ss pjLKpy vy
: y £$J r YS:n&
aoh.ftausea, Yellowish Tinge on Fomtu st., hr...i;.;y u ; (
thoeyes.andskin, Ueadaitfe, yoi- - J^Sf'f
... f ■ .-iTTf . ■ m, 1 • • • SSf ‘X “« ifx-Ktl ?/•«'••
. lowish fur on the tongue, Bluer-, -t-igin inc?,.i.v five. «»
Ish tastC;in the mouth, heavy. . ~;|
'• dair-seosaljion 'in' the ;Brai^iße-; j ly. l iC
pression of- Spirits, amounting . thcS rmMetin-r/tsei
almost to Insauity, eUght fever•
/toward evening, Loss of Appetite,' ; ] TulXnratyn Plain
/Mtlaacholi with morosencss and [1
mm * ■j . • j. - • r puit.paia, on u
H*'pdchondrla,*i\enraig(a,*duii- | ' -
ness, a general feeling of Uceasi- • i ' i '
- f I - j ; ;JJ j -sire), lor ratas.m4be.<
. ntssp Languor, : drpwwnesst tho ;j or -any part- 111 .Die hoi
patient ccjnscious of ' «eij« of
wrong in jhimself, and; disppseci ] : • Aaaress, s • J
to oeo j npthihg idght jin 'tnings . ■
about hire, yet wholly unabl.p , ■ ■ -.
to esplain the causa of hlj scii- ‘ WASn.TonTi.’PO'h
sationsj—uith many others easily j M'At and Tf)f)TllA\fn-/i WIiTiPS' c»c«i; ii
detected by rescmbiehcea to' ;'r
•“ j ’Tt ' ...,•*■■•■ if-. i I raiJK'iUiiflrOur Brag «4r Pcnomeal fen.irf.... -If*
some one or pthet of the above.' , n»;, s cnS lu u. f.-ir
The Liver pyi .will; almost cer- I Price, «mitu r«ton
tainty arf l J3t tho disease if taken , taiusitLcm. y \ ( ,
: uponthej appo'araace’of tfioabpvo' , | I Z^’^7^7’,
• Bymptbma, -whicli if aUowed to / [ ; H{{. - .ilYil ■
take xta,course, bqcomea chronio r' s J . 1 - ,- ■
in its naiure andialmost iixcuf ' ] The bps: evidence (bat Dirv-ar-f-b. <•
• .• ! "i I, •.. -,i •'( .. ~ j,: - I lirmesi fnentr.'-aml IcsriKiH.-i-i? .■Ji'-':',!, ■ .<•■Tn
table, prpducmg con v ; ; have aieol ihmjoagest. Dr. if*. Ji ‘
; etantly, | .-j j an,
.Tho use of tiiia menlnluo;will neither l L . the Nev.’ -Vork btu:c Leilt:.-'; r.n : d
create, a now disease nor’ebmphette ad. : j Dicsc projiarailons It ncj l;.;sn lii.'O'l ie il;-,. vai
’ ode. bdt,‘ in most citsos, will. j‘ 'vate practice f-!>r ; ye.i(i^~; ; ani!.ae le'iil.u": c:.'’ r •*
preba"e tholsystora for the mortivirforliins, j • of ,l>r.; jfclra or j-jitejfeca V-v - !.-
renfediea pi the-physician,istouiU it bo. j tscitUciiciji w;ii!e v
i.aocCssaiy to cad in his ;iud.. • .j. « Voik vo/hnnnerhi thj-! 1 ,! aj the fc.,- s ;-.];.
'■"l .'■!** A 'JPAJUI-T 1 3fEijkci?i'E : ">/]/ She pniCcssiea. t.»-u;/t-L e •’
.' ■■BELteSsS - u vsjj!*- Pl'u.9,f
. i?rlcjc «5 Ccit t fi.
j. f j
, rvsry.ytar Tiio-yiadi o.lfeldrca dioj,
frd'iri-tuic 2-OJTii'iilts q-rH- iS.(S* si-Viaii': a.ui-1 . l
Jalf’jl l r <'i,r Im;. ..■.vl Vi.icljluliit '.v 5 ■
dud fcr.feiw *cr »/. tUt *']-,r‘v<u hf ihr rraic.'jl
tlj. Th" p; n <*t niai.y R
•‘0 1 Vaiia :a |
Ju-life,l [iy 1 t o of soia- » •‘■the a
‘vi.fn: i’{.d il.t-j itiWhcvnyy
t)f lhe tirc;i ” Wul'Ui; l- V. i ra» j;
CaiuUy#/* *•' Vt,r ; :r T«v.*.-~ Lc. iVu i/touJt t-f'iUf |
taller arfjax'vJca ax hV.V thl |
1 ... j >;4 Y_C'i>r urt/. No |lV.r-n,.htful;^
vil: |i;iib tr£c witii'jbi* Uil* r f j;. r
I ?M Y.SICrj^Ks';SPEAK. ; I
K IS. I’KOCiy. 6
r‘'.irp Stilton. K>L 1T..1 : l*». 9
. >M*. 11. F.i.S y- K :■—VJ v. v ~ t s.. s I
' f ♦ i> ; r iiy -I. ) )
1 c!yro w l iviv | vl.iu }*.n >i v ili- S
<*«.J .«C t-, ~fi j »;•< * * v-.r.'-N. In. I.i’J
Jjojusnttyr lipvvo the < oiiptnau;-*J
• •iCrt'itHj’' o '^' i'j-i'-ir'ii ■-/'-♦hi; :;v/» S
75! (clu\l. tl:n: v -c- iriiv.j rf- lor i«ji,
uejw-Od IvJ JL aiiy Irrfli.* W* ; J«- >!. . • |
J• A Au.■».*.» *.* .'I.-•!).■ n
j’’ " |
: i> Jiv-ir i:tr °
fa»..;i v ,'h» a iahr u;al. i ' • .. |
■•. ’ r./iLfw p.‘ J
■ r J*-'..-r’ f 7 f-.■!;.(>< t%/. <Vti J. jS. 7. I
• r.’pf I.iXR' : —II;(Tp.i iss.dif J-mjiV r»*>s'
tuti f..r tli* Va>fi<>ui‘«v I'ni- y-'ns. I thii,tvi[i :
c-ia“i(y t|»..» tiC't’i l .* 1.1 m!. J' *.•{(
I i;i.r<-tbV'‘rwi'*.vs«'.d tl*** • ««f tli« w.ciu.lti
»dwr W!i\i file tar \ouxS ir.sprrlfuJJy; ' t
' • "■ -r ■ '/'. v - 1 -.- : Jj.A-l-liJ, .'i.-D. j
ir<s ifnamprat#* t>r't>ili»T ra> 1
j w» l> i i ni'cefiLn,. tu l Ik-Ue ra’: V«rm i ?\V£*3 lias f>ti -otl 5
| | Hie (•[•urcliidg lh>,iuM!ufti Sv-v.’t> hud |
i lic li-tui'if'c f/nin u tjuortri oTa c*|htiiry, vhJcU. ol !|
I Itsrtf, Is of ltd cMfttVe 4>-,/Wy> 04 u!*.L a* 5
\thf certainty of it.f ; , 1 ; - ; T
■3 ' ■ TT f- i j •
From A. Ciublnf, Drnnbt. Hi Bead, led.
l>. & pwo*. Esq;—.S<r—ln {reply to join*
. fciror of ibo 13U« iiwlunL 1 would taiy that the *ala
of S,4lj*i>* Mrdlciniw has far, eiceMed my cxpocla-’
tlorist jarwl in. no ciss hate they fi/Dcd to produce
t the Ut-airM cffW-t. The O-ocbiSynip lit a cure foe
£ cuutjtus, odd*. A cJ. ozvdj'('’oeapncHS ;uf (be ertkle
•j placenjit witidn'tb'? P*«rh of dll, which, lOßtthei
’■ with lt« effimclouff qa«lltn-*, rend»TS it a untvrrtal
; favori««( 'Not n day pa*** Without uaraeroQa'calls
■ for " Vie onp- thins at tbi* season of Ilia
ivyeax, m. SeUerjT’Ojugh Syruji *-
•; . | a. o, ccsiiixq. {...
:: Prlco GfJj CentH. t
f Sf Her s'*
ItbLAV IT/ti
' tj' i:- Jv.Oib;
■ 11 Kit
*. I 1' ■
.'Notict;— i;ulu : u‘rni-ut*j aio ul
f6r*l to dealers t-> mroaitm-tul aud «?;l olh' r Vcr
! mUascs.^ Vo not.let KnprJbolided men 'pdoi off
any of tb'cwfon you- anyiprict is
the <ueapcs!, aa*'£«r ScUcrs^Ycruiifuge.
and tuh'VO *'Ot<r, ■■ - I
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: :...O.EL„.t, i IF.O!--,:- . ..
From the Retvs. WitfceneM, former Pnnot'
' eC che Liberty Street H. 12. Church.
Mr R. E. SiLLt P"—UUlrom a aciire uf duty, a*
w©Ua» wUligrwktpUmure.lUatlbcartJiimaaj to
the Tirtna of yur justly Celebrated X
psocatfd a •loklo bottle, and gnye It lojlhT»Vur ray
chT.drrti. who bad bvmdll weeks The
eldest was aeto-n y&*r» old, the next, 1 tair, and the ,
youngest eighteen Rkmdj*. The first parted fifty*
fix worm*, the .*eo>ndT,fytty-*evenj and toe ihlnl'
a considerable number. Pot distinctly recolb.'cnd, ~-
Sow then tßej / UaTe bees doing well, and ere now <
fa) good health. / . g. .
PricßBs Cen&o
R. E. BE|LLER9|db CO.
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I wiilMUc i.tCt fro*' : A
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Jo The well ,I: :i;»T\*r2
f fof?n:l: you/ TU'.'T.T
■j loftily j la.y* 'tU-cl'iL
j pptej -r/or (>’ic
■j r«el jif you
' 100 JvllioC'.Uld
)• biih” =v:h;.
j ; Iwn ihclr cojf is
j-test i’uo m;u*.dr.i‘cr
1 ’ l>o<v;irc of’t
'‘Tooth Po.v-dors,
'yOuOr 13 0 >ci«is,
coat, .mit; y.-.:ikaoy' \r.ilcu:
Pr. HlilSVa
. j nor jvlknU, nor cUa:
’ j wearing live
*! v.u.vr ; '.viLl.', y
14.. fiCK&'S i KILMIvDIES
Eiri-cr 'i ■■■'
.j: Hurdf Mc-u.
I wiil ;:ivc yo-Hi" Lit
! Mvck *rca
.1 them.-L'.dibf.
j.-'Di*. Ilu-rdV Mou.
v:\vill- dcfiuHc iho’ui
'; lions 1 , it' used I
. tiit Vusu
<more pleasantly?
'.S/io- i).4sr- T
1,1/1% iiuvd's .Mua
! ixvii the.llic bok- p:
. curing had' ,6/v.i.%
■■ip/'.iltli iokhc>gui
’ /Aocu'.' ‘.'l Jjl* 'j- . H’J
■ ■ etc., have. been cu
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1* ,-Ih% Uuyd‘s- Mov
I g'l vestin' .•i.d-kid'uj.
I makfc.hukhiuds r.r
rajid fv i \:c.-> i «Vikcii
j|-usc4 ; A vtr y iicv
wLifch, arc liable t z impart Alriiatio t‘u v. puih.
• J I)!. Jfurd'b - ToJthacW Uiwps - cm t. Ikth
[ ache arising irom exposed nerves,,• a: e,.
iVieiid.-v ,pqr*hi& ..
) ia'save their children ‘from tjoruirc a '• "
:■ s.clv< s from loss ofe- slccj* iiua\ •
j Farmers and nio o ban: csT to n on.n
j ford :'o ncgUyt vv ur tetih. ; vlyrpyi.,,.;...
;you c«!n non: get preservatives,, th - ; v.%;.
; kuihsciiiiU or. Asyor caa 'get nothin:. Letter.
• tlemembcr that find C<‘.i':u < a of.
'i ifa'Lmhjs often criginau in- neglect . X.ectlr:
| Send forth© ?Vta//>e W 'and rv.d Tr.
II Fitch’s -observations <6n this.subject.- If too
Mate (o arrest de.‘ay in your own .'toc'-L. tavo
S yoar : childrqn's tecih. .. '; • •
| XV URAIMI 1? % A S.OT?. —1> ;• TJurfs
i Neuralgia Non-.' .dhtsive .Flusters are -most
-j pleasant anti successful
?ed for ibis painuil disease*. The pir ; u? u [•-
1 plies one,.soon becomes drc»n>-y. jails: ar-irr-p,
1 and awakes, free, from paiiuaud no bliss or. or
Mother uflpleasaut or in]liriousCori>eipveur-,-a
fj sue. For £arm hi uud Senooiis’ upk
! ply According to dlrecuofts, aud .vrehrl -yT|r
j surely follow. Nothing can ho obi. , i’ine ; UrApV:jr.
jl6 l>r., Hurd's fqr : Ncuralg:;;. i:.[
jithc-mi'/iTbcy are eutircly a novel, eu •.
jl oviglual prepar xlion, uu<l; \voudorfuUj' .-\;cruv*
l‘ul. Tbvy av.e of two Aizeshone smarl. i«.i;iho
. t face, price 15 cents, andiilyc other large, f»*r*.
| application to the
! Ise maiUd-on of price n/td one jmmx- v
'f: t , TIV/.i T HUE THE •
j ThoiAmerican jjiuo.jvle ai-f: cuuugli to
i ;appf.cclate.prej^irations that eon;rlbucorihucii
jlo happiness, t-f. ihusc them, ami they 1 .
. Jiwopf them.’K ,; fepy mail brings us leriev.-:.-s?-!iic—
| ordering llic Trcausejou Tetlh. sometue-Net;-
■ j ralgia Vlasvcr:, .and xidl u IV-w cnclosiag b 7
; the Mouth IVash - ,,sciu # by iinil: Lot j
• frto these we'are. 'compelled to reply .that' .it. is !
, impossible,to ; ciul a half-plnt bottle by majlVil
! The people, w ipt -ihoso dimtiodics. VF/m; u'di
iuppt-x‘iheoi) ' :
i T ow is tho,.. '
Slironrii agents can inaJce s small form!:!’ -sai
V earrymg these iirliclcs nfound fo families.'. Tie],
Deutal Treasur.v ia Ike ueatesl anielo \!;ai a ’
ni\a ol’. '-rorartu can carry around, 'Ser.d, !■’.
A one and. sccj’ or, better:, a.,doiea, \viii-.-k .«'« •
.! will setl ( : as samples, lor S 7. . ; 1
liberally witii circulars. ! JSa&“Aotr is the tiier
to to go into jtho business, ««d tnaao.
a profit. spondiag thousands for tie
benefit jof agents. jNbwi England nrenor «’u*.
meal here is something nicei : and a cuance to
take tfio tide at its flood. . Address, I
V ;J , ■! - WM. B. liuai/ A; co.J . .
• ■ : J Tribune Buildings, Sew. York.'.
i That rcmiltanoes may be made with cuna" t
donee, AV, Bl 11. & Co., refer to the Mayor of’
Bi-ooklvn; AY, Grifiuh, President Ysric- ,
■ Crs'wtd Citiaena Baal, Brooklyn: to Joy, Co.-. |
, ' Co.. Kotr Vartr t« V.* T. Bsmctn, Eslj,, ce*
1 ''et. «jtc. ■ '■' 1
h Tn»
I;. a‘:iu
o lii u I'. c.n Jill i-Jui'
JiUf; ui.ilto
operations la tl»c .vr.-'.-ut
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tb \Vaali ab'-T Toov.i-' T i
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uu.yb’iiuU; ’ Xiifcy
hti vlruj
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i.;,/ !,5
2nd tVeiirateii
XT '**' * , -
-V :
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p.Kpl XLI-I:A LO:A
I 'vn-'ihi /)*tt Xcvnz >/
l'tuAtg t iJuxcUom Jcr iht
U\rr./ i- T<. dh, "/
ihy.-{t ti 'ic&n J<c -Tcahi
id’s Dcutiil ••Oficcr 7 1
K. I>.) . >
i.AK .* cr'SlX’to. , 1
■fin'd tmvV*;£ a :
sciii- )>y ex^rtcii:
'• use la on]cnrh ar.UU.
* v.*'c caa,=cucl
\otntj tkt Tectli *em, ji6s*-
xlve cc’sts, Vor jour <
for cwrjilg'a' ia Vt ho
4C» upd . scs:,
| Eijaian\ &nu\ o» fix
• : i -‘ ’■ -. n ■ *•
c V.<: f‘> r (lair go- *
Ch'Csst. L>i:ck, ‘ :
jerfi-post-paid, &. ro-
Sk& •.
:M.i ni’RD , CO., •
IfuUduiyt, Xcw y v j-7:
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u ic
/•V'A-.'v ."? 'y i
(in? -iVii-.i-i.' ,1'
t ■ bc'-vil-i -tU V •, :
. V 11: r. o i': r i
*- v.-' •rri 1 ?
"«-■■■ i' -I :/ ■
•t't’, 'l3 W CJ. '
/■/ l r ;V.Vi
P. T. BftsMKni •’ "f
PO •* \j ’pi.-.'*l fhut niy
:i!i up.;
?.*• <-'!.'■. e \'r '• 2 Vti lilt
Will sct»d .iiv:
your'c ouvculou.c; _v. ,-fV
'O'l ,'iLa ’ every cueilj jy
L\o u*.» otii-cr.
liiifvl '.■f .u’ra .*i v 0-
;li .aai -W: | Try.
*' *:i: r.
sweeter &id itic 1-i‘V Jicgiq
, H.u averts i»f** r*c.vvV.s «. .. l;
;I v 111 V CUi ) ' • *iaC 11
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u;:X £.:viuy :'.n.
.■ liUil'Xi *r«li .-«/
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