The Beaver Argus. (Beaver, Pa.) 1862-1873, July 16, 1862, Image 1

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SE E 1/.
Doi^ B "■* Fir
■4 otherwise T
f^ c , jfli'.Jw barged. Jfopaper disci
j'pl ail arrearage* are settled..
' ra £g* comraumcationa,
h $ atioTtllon.
a»ai- **:* •• * 1 -
>:C ..0’ CO (/8. • '
jli Jiii'glit- ,ijn rbe ? a6te of w
.'Midnight, on-th# ; silent sea: - ,
•/,;car l.ravirnudijnllant vessel,
oier till? waters free.
sj.J.mH vAter«. slfr and waters,
.'.Silence, solitude’and stars; ;
Tnf.,o alone do meet oip vision, ,
1 tbc-inoori’s'pale, silver hars.
riacid arc the ocean waters, j
■ \n.’ tlie wind, though strong.-is still;
T . _.. . t ..barn’s fi firing. i
. fTti;.’ the helmsman steers .with skill;
v,,!. •iiu i? suV.nmc—delightful! ...
n’c-r I iic ocean dee;
the sea i? calm and st*Hv,
" IViil’c tise stoxTJi-ATraths.&re asleep
Wa'sou! is now a stirring.
All our'roragers do sleep..
ci . :V. • . v 'i n^cr pilots, “
o a ihr= liiL'lit upon tlic -
and calm, and lovclv, ,
.'M vc jnoudlv onward flee; A* j:
:’i j- . o_-l and j-'tul-rofresbing
. r ,• l
there need of their services; i ‘‘V&nd proving ajfailure, the second at
thi whole’excitement having origin*- ' combination
.| . . ..- -. ••„ , . ® . .of al. the rebel forces for a terrific as
led in the fact of some prisoners being sault on cjuf ajdvaiiced divisions at
I sent over Lake Erie on their way. 1 Seven Pities. This, too, though occa
'home. Though their services wore :sioning grhat slaognlejr, wdsja-failure
i not needed, the whole affair reflects i P" > P o^’^P c6 i°a r f 6r 9 oa , “*lr
'.•••• , T tamed then positions in the end. ,
; great credit on-all engaged. Many,;! wasjniadelast week
in ftict; nearly all of theraj were poor j in an attack in full force upon our iso
men; main - leaving their'.wives and ( lated right wing. As, we have previ
children Inji poorly supplied if they ?i? u . s )y stated, our lines wereso extond
should Jbe absent ' anv considerable! U 9 Jpeoltp'diaMter fW>«
■ fr) .. . !BWbb attacks and bad not M Call and
time. ■Relief muds and Relief Boards | poner’s divisioAs refnmted |as order
■ were then unknown. . ■_ •cd they would I aye b^en:,suironndbd
|= The 'niaster spirit in this movement. ■ and destroyed- From! the vehemence
; Rev. ;Elisha M’Curdv, accompanied lll ° assaiilt, and the tremendous
die troops the ivhole timc. Ho
i- , : v • evident .that the purpose .of the foe
j trUi } : 9 1IC V‘ nature s noblemen. Hc j as to destroy the r gbt wing before
| possessed, in- a greater degree than-, reintbreemciiu 'could be sent to it.—
ianv one I. ever knew, the "ability-to BurMXJIcIWn hud n > idea of Betiding
1 govern men:” in tnith, he was^bolmi't*'"^ 6 ™ 6 a 3 ’ hi t l ,lal) J of s Ringing
;?•- ' TT . . ■ ... front having been formed a week pre-
I to-wornmand. ll,s stern integrity and ; oils . I]c>c.-bfoi4 ordetjea the re
great moral courage. I have never of thcrighu wir g; aniPaccording
kitown equalled; Had he been in some Itb arrangement'. Stonernan’s 1 division
late.- Efl’csiastical bodies’ no secular ( id White 1 House {to Algaw
press-.would have contained any of his! Gie enemy off in thatdirectimg white
. ' . . Tr ■ ,i(Porter and M Call made good their
-planauons. He would have toted t^ aroh ' at .j. chUaboSduy. '
•iglit .aVv o '', mid>t and last.” Although }' All tlie stores,artill sry.cle., at White
consistent,, zealous Presbyterian, he House' had been [ be ready
iver knew nor felt aught of bigotry tor this event, and. when Stoneman
lor pecihi iaiiism. Ail thaFeoneerned acho f ll 'T’
; .S¥®^CSllgiKS3;
jcioji found in him a foe; all
[a feeling, active friend-- A slcefeh of 1 ut.—
( fiis lifo, has been publisficd by litilfTrid ■]^' < rparty which pursued Stonema%
] andl'good* man. It is noti ‘jAnust
1 such as Jt 'should hive been’ , AiVp” 1 . r^ d fe:"J’ 1 ?^ SKe f 1 <*<?*}*■
. \ . L , .V ! alter Portcriar.dLM Call, prevented the:
j •f gb -'infer seems tti have written i destruction pf the bridges and follow*.
: from a stand point quite too remotweed on as the right; wing retreated
i froth the log cabins in which so mn<^l^ ut^'':arc * unfortunate failure
• the goodness’of this man 'of GodW % de^ ro y appears to have
‘ - . ■ x , / , pccasioneifall ouydVpablos, for, as the
• * 1 * U V | /V ■ L '' ;b?^i^tn.t;eadily_rakjceive, : jtbix>agb.t
Janies Patteieon. another xd [this 'w!ig>lo-,r^bpl.|aw,Q'lj-iipou'lthei; rear
worthy ' band, M -ided. ‘tiif his deatli, o’f onr.entire line of fortiliealions, ten-:
at a good old age. in’.tlm vicinity. of li ‘ ltc1 j' They.were,
c -’d- therefore-, abandoned DV Ileintzelman,
ojrgettstown: tor a/loti*' ume.tillin'* tr .'ro -r . •{ ~ ■ ’
~ ■?-»•! r,, ; . ■-? Keyes and buimier, and thus the army,
■ 15 “y>Ug Elder in ithe consolidated into onje mask ivas coin
_)lr. Ei.n\.K-, A.j-nc few year l ; ‘■inee'V* iur^*1: lea. active sjtirib in . felled to pu>h through; a denjie^wnmp
I oi articles' was in -'>cfy-thing foFtliogoOd of hl S *fellows.'>viih all its wagons add artillery. ’
connected 1 with ' l a c ! - R^ert » Obtain of one '. • tthis appears to have
< ohAtcuu wxiL tpc ; . . . / • v -.been uehievod triumpliuntU'J and the
■! dim', of B&aver cftuhty.—■ ;»f-: - t -* e ‘■*rptpan , es, resided. a long tinic . j lrl i iv j-e rw .|Mi<l Turkey Bon'd'lind'opc.n
oy >f»r, read Ivith nuiclftni!tercst. r ln JkbXarnc township -vvith Air. Pat- edn.-orjiiniiiiicat.ipp with our gun boats,
iuo lavorcc v noticed others Me,- too, was a ruling elder ■ .Still the cxtraofdnnu-y energy of the
: 'Mr 0r;,;;,;.,. ■> ih Abe sn.nVe church; a man of'consul-; f ebcl movements seejins to; liavocoun
. -ir. . ~ua cditoi o. ',} • . | ilcrabted- advantclge, f or they were
'r:-i PtnnsHlyania Arcfyicves."y ' ■ • . ■ . ’ .. ° ipromptly' at our hetils, and.a terrific
'A* las •ari.thns? ; n i «Tf«-bero oi’ lliOjfiv/v/i 113 ‘ , ‘ .e jbattle .look placje at ll’urkey-J Bend, of
-t-asunv ■ ' / ’! Haniel JI Connell resided near Flor- j which we give the outline'yesterday
: 1,. .- ‘ ,'••• ~ '• A v'ehc-e till his death, some few years jin [our telegraphic xßspiitdluj 'As the
t -f:i t,lc a'entpry of a 7 ! band'. sini;e ; .Ho was a gQbd ; ‘ eve- APClellan! eoniimfed his retreat
:I ,a ‘»«{s;-«triio save ; ry sensg of the term . - P> Benteley, atjrarrisdri’s bpy on the
last, long sleep. I pro-: *-b s ‘lts ’■ ■~ , „ . , James river, lie appears, before get
i • , /. .1 Hobert Hiingan-resided, for a,long tinn-. there to have fontdit. another
t place on record an interestingj c . „ . ■ ■■ i' s • , 10 ' ou B,p l i .anoincr
h-.: -1 -> t i • ; ,/ - .... ■; ’ ; tm|e, near; to, or in, Frankort, Bqavcr severe, battle on iTucaday, i n which ho
n> or - v of V" 3 d'Cffton. . county—sfo long, indeed, that our fa-! flic rebels badly* Reinforcements
"A 1?12 V G f n 'l thefs. and one children, all ~n) Washijigion feaclied him at
. .'"'‘Jend.-iccl liic forces under his ■„ j „ ! , Tr ■ the last advices, and .his army ivas in
A.. _ iknewandrespeetedhim. He removed, d !it ’ i -f
-: — ! - ito tlie/Bntish, A few days-• . ■ v » . . . . , - igoqa spirits. - j , ! ,
•tfer rt-K i i -Arc immUnf n ?'*' 0 to Ohio, and has since jj It will be 1 perceived that the army
let--si 'hX® . '• , been called home tohis reward. ' | has had exceedingly I hard work fora,
kur a y. ?’■’^ the '^'American side of. Andrew. Knox, soon after the return i octc •P a 4' 0n Thmiday the battle
r ". e ri ‘ mo r so<?l i- startcd i iof thiiparty from Xew Lisbon, joined p» ineB ' was ; fought. and;the fighV
7? lyfidly ..spread, that the British ‘..i i , ■ ng and retreat occupied Friday, Sat-.
giWt force on 1 and served dn. the front,cr j and Malidly ti.e
* .j. - |’.r * for.-a_teim .of .six ntontus. Ho then j severe at Turkey Bend Was
sji, ‘ l .• '' ra PV ’J 13 'MIS:; volunteered for an additional tcrfii.— ! fought, [Tuesday .tha retreat
M . ;1 ' “' to u |«. , ” t ? r ? oi ’- | for sOmo tliirty years! previous to his ! > vas continued to Berkley and another
f-c appears been done till | dcalhJe resi a cd * - m Frankfort. His'jr r£ f t - ba p 1 ° t: T hus »W
•••■■ •'■s»..-c:v.-ued .Bnceland's Cross i , . ... - had six.daj’S of the severest! fighting
Wa „ • r*-' • VT- , - ! character \yas without yopi-oacn. — ii n j ni-irciiin<r on roTord With his
«■*>su.,.w - Florence) in Washington i o - ' . • ' , - - i , , ) ? nu 9 n ' Vlt “
." p . F| : .'. Af-pj ,j J- .r tPorcmosl in every thing calculated to j army all cbiipohdafed in one mass, and;
l - Pia tht, i benefit mankind. Though childiess, he in communicaticiii dirbetly with the
then m charge of the Presby-i was on(J of lhc i ftrst . nd fi rtncBt to ad . cunboats on|tlie.Janies ri^er,'' : M'GleK
conyiegation in that fplacc, im.; - , • F . «„•• • lan ism ro! danger} whatever. The
measures to spread the i * %****'*.*, ** m 7° lif from
in ~ii diroctions ! lie called a -i ®‘‘ He always had .a passion for Washington (bust in fact, have infbsed
• t, ' ... ~ niilitary science, and scemed.delightedpcw energy it|to Lis army, i •
% f J).' >. Btoa . v * "!in witnessing correct itiilitsiry move- ]Ho has acqoptid the gage of battle
Ei- 'f' 1 LS 011 *° r P rence ‘ Aliments; lie Is gone to his reward -1 thorny has. it-at j
Cl 't (meeting prelimiuarv steps 1 , , Yorktown, Williamsburg, Fair Oaks,
a ke,i'u„d.ano!her meeting call- but R P eak ; Caines’ Hill, TurkeyJlfcSd, .and again j
same place-a few danTafter i ° ? ° nf! resia ° nce f m ® n S 4* th« battle jif Tuesday. ■, Tljeerieiny
Jt _ ,' ■ ,J- . ' * James il'Farren isfthe only one of are now drawn out of their jforlifica
a^.? ng a of i theifworthy. band-Wh f o yet survives. H 8 and They are
"Infan ,' U - - He re?ides War Florence, Washington -wwting their -nien-.lh .MnUant 'flelrt..
‘-unn y were-organized—officers}' . r -rr t >pg; while ours removed-from the
r>*nind measures taken fTSm >® 0n " ty f' ■ t,mo : bccn a pestilential swamps, where tlie progress
■ Com mi m 1 . ruling elder :n the Florence church; a of the siege kept ihem, aro ini action
% visit eve 1 u s^ cre a PPb mte dj j aB tj c 0 0 f the Peace; and onoe repre- healthy |conntry r - 'So far
lilt w 'J 7 hQus r e , in the and jibe people' at Harrisburg. He from being permbently injured, Gen-
Vr i a IS UD - If the owner of the !. „„ eral M’Clellan has nnderhis command
■ j - , has always been one of the most ao- «<•
nau a gun and was willing-to . ,an army capable! of fighting as many
the Committee An'kim *. AW® mpiumoting the cause of battles as the enemy may offer or
Inal! cases b,m R f®‘ ] Sabbath schools, and all the Benevo- accept, - ! . .A"'
* 1 ■■ tb6 ,n ' Jo’at operations of his day and gener- jOf course,; the natural in>
■ take-th-e gnn>by; atioL a ItbiexP. the unmilitary reader.will boj
■ ertAarv. srd rej-eipt Ajr It. Wra*kfurfSpriny*-. July, ’BI- this retreating, if the array isr
\■ ■;■'!■.■ ■■ •» i. : ■ : ‘
‘fn-ni o’er the stealing.
.0 a a uiusi’c note;
Liin, for nearer, clearer
i;;’it,ei%vrs iiotU-it Jloat.
t • *
• n-A—
i is not tlio night wind
limits und spafsV""'
V,> as lively .
a- tfr*> ‘viuiioafs of the stars I
, / -
softly—ah I *As music 1 .
Vi'~. but from "whence V'
Ani ffyrivc to catch the burden;
cv'ry .oMgi'V souse. j
—; .-,l—y«*. 't is , *-V{iiik-vtirl)i»odle'!”
-Vimkee 1»0 !” - what u thrill I •
Vai{k<Je'i s oo*ilv I"' - V \*X,
now all is’ still. , y, .* ;
«:>Vv and nearer, clearer, ;
iraVn.' and now quilt-plain;
■/Yankee Doodle! - ’
*a iu*e»V Doodle
j. ri o.T> Itvjio o’er the ocean main., j
W - LK |ll 'lk*.’ : —av.e.. forever ! f%\-
von liiic-of-hV.n le mi ip.
■ r ' ■ - x ' ' '
it!i tho Stripo* dnl tiring— *
them I.” -tipwa n oiu.ljeart to |:p.
j ~ ' ■ ■ ■ |-.
’j!«v.»n][igh£on tbe waste of wat«vd f
, /--Midnight un'-the silent sea,
V- ;i it riil sriljaut vessel
,.vcr tfie water* free.
-hip thal
Passed us» by,a’t‘pe'i\ jvgo.-
' v --* the i'tars .iui Striped a flying,
' "N ifli" :Lat music soft und.lowr
'.rare TC?sei> Southnunl sailing
' To lie porr frftm-srtich.we'vc Mulcilj''
And ihcfcTSVeold flag’* ft:!! Hying,
■" ’ To ils toast-Lead it ict!y nailed
And ay vey;e! saiis vessel,'
'■">-'ha: die" ‘
'iote It/ M • ' •'
\ Doodlel*’
e ocean sprav
f,* •Ho ! •* -o'er ibe soa:
Txlx'. ■ Arovs. ].
I i o;
:r jape
3 1
I trover heard of any but one instance
of refusal. .The companies thus raised
agreed to'.m6et ,at Briccl'andS Cross
i Roads soon niter.
j The women, then as now;, foremost
in every good work, turned out in all
directions and greatly aided in pre
[paring theirlhnsbands, sons and brotli
| ers; for the campaign on which they
■j were about to start. ' '- ■!
j Ap.bough; the country was then
new and poor, two nfA
j ble-hearted farmers io the vicinity of
j Briceland’s Cross Roads—-Messrs.), Pat
jterson and M’Lean—furnished the
,| whole- force with an excellent; and
| p lentifui dinner. The ccmpahies took
j SP their encamped the first
| night at frankfort ',in Beaver county.
Hero' committees were .appointed to
appraise, all the guns-and furnish a
statement to the owner. XeXtniorn
ingthey inarched north, and continu
ed till It hey reached Xew Lisboiij Ohio.
i Here they learned, for the first - , that
' i
■ Wo have fptilongth received fall and
authentic- reports of the events which!
hftve' transpiring in Virginia dur-1
ing the paBtpeefc,and are able to
surrey the: details calmly and >■ form
conclusions ai tp thejtesult. |ln these
operations fightipjf has been pjost
{ severe and protracted, renewed again
[Phd again; with varying success, the
fmarches lorig and rapid, the {losses on:
i botli sides fearful, and the changes of
| position so. groat and important as td
falter the whole state pf the campaign.
| The movements of the enomy since
jM’Clellan’s arrival before Richmond
; have been directed with much sfcill to
-1 ward an interruption .or n change of
j, the programme] of siege -first’
[effort was to create ia diversion By
| means of Jacksons assault upon Banks
j and the pursuit through 1 the Shonan-.
; doah valley—a bold and partially sue*
■ cessful undertaking;- though hot effect-*
j ing the object proposed of creating a
j diversion, as no part of Mj’Clcllan’s
i force was dptacbod toj protect Washi
lington or ip attack] I Jackson, .'fhe
! first effort to raise the siege! of Sfch-
would jbjsvtf peo-..
coarse Ithe moinqhtj
lowen |hen|, and gptiitthe{iicar of out
fortific|Uionairmthihgbbt-retrea I could
bo tboi|ghtip£ Hafitbey successfully
might have got belweetflheim bind {the
James pivoi*, and sh after having ‘lost
the one basaof operations they would
have been pnjt off bthcr, and
thus 14ft without eonuhahipations 1 of
any kind. J , *;■. 1... V/ :
It rr|.ijy ho asked. why, after being
sajcly established <jo Jamcariver,
in conimunieatioh witßttbejLflekt. M’-
Glellanj kbpnld aga jn ‘retretp; after a
tight, 4nd to tbiswo.can Only reply
that tHo ground : r lay pot have been
favoraolo:. {lndeedj beginning
to be niariifeit from ibe feat that the
battle of Tin {decided vic
tory for M[( 'ibllah. Jlad it no't : been
so, he wonjd not it os
such) fprhisV dispatch feSirtespOcting bis
own lihvji |b&jijßinguiarly
modeßtiftndj { lain.
Jibe ret«at,.;pf| tba-enuny 1 from,
orktojcrn Kichihond was;undouot
!yl indVir.e3j by. jrfatl while,
their main army was .^ghtingM’Clel
lan, M’bowoll or 1 {pia'rch
down and take : Their
present! vety active r ta ire
explained by the fdctjtbatdnce estab
iished on the Jaraes iiiwJ 31’Clollan
is Tirtuallyjritbe ;ircari<Jtßichmond,s
atid I will be aole ;to. A.epace: that city
m ucii
thjtf ean'je cl
in the sberi
policy jGei
adopt. £ Hi’
case, it
co’nkl li
the for
or, sort
fear i
same e
what li
were: cl
F roc’cii;
son con
iy;|<his j,
it|isa rji
depend j|
syj have jt
into tlin
een BiidHi
iiid. rapja
• Tar , tlie:
< m their'
l»rfat v bodi
n lent.—jV.
n 1
It ni,i
dent tl
the rob
& b
our pe
we l»a*
some, bi
yro v 1
rcsultci fri
action, io'U
troops an
taut raqvci
- . . 1 ■ : ! fT* , I I' • [ ,
Meaning of Wpips.—Hbw Many
words men have dragged dbwriwards
.with thfemselves, anil made ’partaker?,
more or less, of their own fall 1.1 Hav
ing orggimlly an jhonorabie iigriifi
banco, tlicy have, yet, with the deteri
oration! of those that use- them, or
those atom whom they wen used, de-
or degenerated thereto.—
What a! multitude.of Words, original'
ly harmleM, (have Assumed a h irraful
meaning, &|. their,)secondary sense i,
how many wortliyjhave at aft
unworthy! Thus , |knave ,, j( nee meant
no more,than (nor does it row in
Oermair mean more; than )
peasant!; arbopr” fas only) a farmer;,
a “varlet” [was bulla serving man ;i a
“menia|” one of thermany” or “hbnso
holdy’ it “cpurl” bdt a strong fellojw;
a “rainipn'’ alfavorKer—‘‘ma v is ‘God’s
dearest [minion.”’ (Sylvester-) “Time-'
Bervcr’iwus used tjbo hundred years
ago quite as often; in an honorable as
in a disponprahle “serving the
p o
a man’s!
[ f g
hr ’
bint, as
.pf the or
there wi
ten its
“Craft” beii
tride in w
And. think'
in He prose
tion if the
[dity of
why *ll
> strong?
ing had
world ? I
I been
‘■No- artny
id kcffepi.
Si'f ehel
' ntp
I the
as, in
■so of
wlUj bcrpfclt;
haractet] as Jae!
deal will depent up>
iic :a,l ■ • Mi’Glellanl ma|
is first plan of 1: oper
h vvp bepn either faiii
with inadequate fbi
the latter to hate b(>
not clear that the
■>n minded by rot
v»lley.'tp ;joi
ell's '.corps. (
in case the
tlimit an' pri
il Maiiassas,]
raplestec to
■kt. : I,. pretty |evi
mtako.t'o Suppose
Ipri-foijtilied pdsi
iepeatedly d dudod
belioijj and then
quly B4irpriiiedj;by
p strategic n unoeu
;ir.i successesi have !
using jtßis plan of
amassing b
ies forjauyj . lmpiir
\orth Amirican. ;jj_
been hu
Wnri t|Vo
,;■ r • -.4
a ■ since;,
quid dq
; and W
nli’g nti
larch un
I!' ' ]
i rice its”'j
Bees not
>ad onc'e nothing
officibus” had ret
of busy meddling;
|as -that
hiSh pi
>d, Wiih«
ufcany gloom or
“Ben.ure” (des
iers) conveyed no
pod mi
of an byerdoing;
lustrations of mod-
f crooked wisdoii
iowledgd and skill;
ow does
ltd deftl
retains very o>
ble. use, a' man’s
v Jjorio;
ill and then thk
is well skilled.-*!
it tbe Magdalenji
ren us |‘raaudlin'j'
smptaoaj) applies
penitent isl. weer
i due hoir
g hi" si
■nien he|
yot| ilu
w«r g
it cbnti
-an of
heU >i
or by 4
'•■i- I
jA gASITIJE E3b>oSfo>v X
' fey. the journals
“wfiwh first opposed aljf the efforts to
pui^'diWn s ijouejllibn'. fey the force of
its to mipy fhb
freO ■whifomertof the; north against,
the] administration of Abtilhajjn Idn
colflVfen tfeell plea tbaf bnh of the re
sults of tfee-eftferts thok feo crusbtfea
sop| hasfeeeh to fill tbenprthern states
with hordes of emnr.cipiited i or rufea-‘
.way slayes, who are da!ly iii
irompejitifen with Vhife labpifj and are
threatening, of course, the doSlfdctibn
fef Jthel white man’s prosperity ajnd
progress. Almost every |Brt(:kenri(igc
orgpn that we ' open !contains':afe fen
iioUnceinent or an assertibh of tliis
chttfaoter. 'The Patriotstaytedbue’ of
these Stories by declaring that negroes
.yreib employed to cuf tho grasa in the
CbpUol grounds, when a large number
of men,were actually compelled
in Idleness arid *behfeld' the
niore fortunate; employment of jthft ne
gro i When woexposed this conteir pt
u»le|ifabricationj and showed .that l,hp
h«fe -bes iri pneslion-tverc employed by.
a Democratf the Patriot refusMin dogv
gcdisllence tp make an explanaliolr 'of
its |alsehood, jand suffercd'. its pt rb.-
graph on thirt subject to fee circnla ted
tfir'the.delusion and the delight m. Iho
dbukh-faCo iJcibocracy. |i:
stoily of th’e aame 1 ” 4b(|ffl Qk
tion| and wliich-\vp believe wasjcbp ied
by |he Patriot', [is to the,effect thatj
Messrs. \food. m
vplbyfednß;{number of. ‘‘contrabands’ in
the L'ahvbria; iron This st jry
has peek going; thf rounds of'the lo
cofc/co press. It: hits been magni ied
untij many people believe that,negroes
are pcluallj' crowding white men fiotn.
filadeapfeniplrtynfbnt, thuB.dcgi|adirig i
ahdr by a[ repuctipn of iwages and
threatening [with starvation ilip labor
ing Imen of Bat the
truth spoils the whole story, fund an
exppse shows that!the firm alliidec to>
nevly employed a jsingle 1 contraband,
heretofore' or how, at; the Carpbria;
ironi’Wfks, The entire ;repptt' mdi
publication of .such- employment of
negroes vas gotten up by the Deno
cratac p 'ces ofj Pennsylvania tonis
leadi the hpnest laboring monjof the
state intp the support pfb corrupt c om
bi nation, aboutJ to bo-entered into for
the purpose of bringing thenar o tt
close |>y humiliating,the national f ;ov
eniment | i The! labor fs worthy of tho
; democratic party, after it has eon
;tripu,ted the excuses fpi* and the; re
' ris-
' Were
3 tone*
was tt
I in its
* them,
Bat of
! sis fol-
japh of
's raid
•• ,S -- • .;}• T .1 ; > •. !
• TPableai; I—Scene Qoilt
— l The editor jlpf- the 1 Oswego Ti
reminds fthe ibcaUpublic of dn i
doiiß happening tlierempt quite al
j idred yci|rs There ,rti:is,ia qi
ing partly at a certain house di’
j ferm les pf u ncertain age? having gi
j cred tbg,;|for the (purpose lof
j hushing jihther jpeop'lbSsibasinejss
j pijoii loting the general interests of
' \Vhilst they! wereilhus ar
i bly lengagcd, tjh’ere, appeared ion
j side in front of the vfindoi
I poOij, ragged j, half-starved fe’lciw,
! cbnrfed throughout, the town Jfpr
affecti.ngfpdvegty. On deeds jof
ing charity intent, the ladies! ca
the hapless feda'recro'w in| doors, !
I respj Ved: to 'furjnish him with : bei
clojtliing on tho'spot, • A pair of sh
cast off by the good man of the] ho
j were found to fit the simpleton! ad
i rably,. art invalided; hat jwaa ikir
j to res!! upon hisJieiidjlik
j Crown of faded glory, and thori th
t wasjproduecd «a coat not morb jt
foi|r|sizes| tbbjsmall for him. The
jwp!s [observedl to. sho vnfonie; hesi tit
abopt putting off htSown rag-ja'n
tbo purpose ojf trying thii gjirtn
bn| |bnt. after-much entreaty, pif c t
the,. Article, disclosing to thb|- hot*
stricken quitters that. the siniple
wor4 no—“oh ho ! we never men!
it.” j The, charity coat was hits
thrown ,to hinji, and jiistjas Ihe 1
commenced: tq, struggle -into |i.t
twine sustaining, the remainder! of
costume was seen to snap. Like d
before the flyipg -hounds, the) wl
chiritahlb'* sisterhood fled from
scenk.sprinklijig their, wayjwith s
combs' fragments of hoops, ahd„i
er. femples minutiffl. The simple
continued. liis single.combat with ‘i
coaltj until an Irish gentleman, t
had been the gardeij,'-,C!
to hikriUcue, hncijsfiabled! him to"
certt|ato his wargrobe again, j
j>4 the
■jr | now
Itv; on
.’cii the
in him,
ohi | t he
■mi*i at'
i, j'l )~, ■■ .. | .
JticAifTiNO Hxs Errors.—Mr.jjai
BuM, editor of the ShclbyrTno (Tei
Expositor I and a fervent 1
secession,publicly recants his opink
Ho says: ' , 'j ; . ■'| „ j
“Dike hundrf ds [and
othew,,rcaiding [.TennpSeeo, .jl.i
led: to believe the calling pat of itro
by. Mr. Jiincoln Was bat ahjejvidince
his] detlroninati )n to overthrown
institution of slavery. Arid thus! the
ing| JT thought it iny doty as a T
neBScjan,.a3 a''miin born here, as* ra
whose ■ interests were ail indentil
with*’the Southern people, tojre
him. i In this. I now see that;|l: i
mistaken i I see aisoj that tbe.riitei
to Mm; a| Statacrn Confederacy
thris jfar and] will continue
prove a coihplete Arid
these Ireamms I regard it the duty
everyJiriari ’resi ling .in Tennessee
iasteri back to his allegiance and ch
the protection represented by ’■
“Stars and Str pes of the Amerh
lu*-, : ?ki ‘r‘ : : 1
: me
in i
. ost Music," r .
once belated, inpamida, oh a
iterday, 1 ahid-was riding over
d show bn ’tFie itnargin of a.
Ike', when the ma<jt faint and
that c6n|d jbrekk a j-ol
lence.' seemed to : pass ithrough
a‘dream/ I m3* horse
tenedj For some tinjd 1 could
isfy myself whether the music
the air of ift* my o wn; brain. —
ght of the. pine forest, wbch
far offbut the was hot
i :e, and thuro- wa® notJa breath
d. Then it swelled lafid ap
jd,; thert it seemed;, td jbe miles
aamonient ;/agafh|i£:moatied',
der hiyvesyfeet.; St i Was, in"
most |underfmiyj feet 1 . I.t .was
e of the winds imprisoned un
pall :of,ice suddenly cast bvSr
r ibeperemptorypoworoftlie
(Nobody there hatU niade air
brthp place was| a wilderness ;
ire was; no escape fdrj the .wiad's
jmust | moan on till; the spri ng
Iji, should ; .release! them. They
istened down hi silence, bat j
mid come but withanexpidsion
in some istill night,! after si
spring day, the, ice would blow
I rnake a crash and ■
Ip shore; So I wus told at rny
.hat evening. whefo I ari|ived
someting ?bf :, |tUe j sensation
tinted than;. It jbap. peed"some
t ji-e the tr u eidea st ruckm ea n d
bile the rising,and falling moan
ny very ; heart! thrill again!--
“*»*• i- ;L r ,!i : ■]}, '
■ I Wiw
fine wi'
tub ha
wide fla
emit n
me liki
and Ha
not sat
was ih ?
I then
was no
of> win
pway i
las mtn
the Toil
der thi
them b
and tfa
they w;
dp, am
of-a fi
time b(
■ made • i
Once fi
■ j The Higher FACCcfiEs--&F-'ExT.ST- !
■ it is an unqucistipirabi’eTiie^
' that tlqse who arecqunllyacquainted
■ yyith! s[nd equally o^pable- of | apprecia'
; ting and enjoying both, do give a most
~ maliced preference to ; the’ Uihnnc'f of
existence which employs their higher
facultieB> Fety human'drhaiurcs would:'
• consent ip be changed jntb, any of the,[
lower animals for ,the j prahiise of the
fullest allowance i' Of*. it ■beast’s; pleas-
nres.j no . intelligent; human being
; would be an ignoramus; no person dll
> fbeling and conscience Would bo sel
fish ari l basej. evqn though
be persuaded, that the fool, the dunce,
or the rascal botterj. satisfied| with
his Ipt tihtihjthey are] with theirs.—
They WOiffd riot resign what they i
posses- more than j ho-tof the, most j
complete ! sfe|isfactioq of dll the; desires ■
which they havfe in common With .him.’
If they ever i fhncy .they would,'it is
only in cases of unhappiness so ex
; trenie, that to escape from it-i thelT
i would, exchange their | lot foiv almost I
any -oi her, however' 'undesirable in ]
the|r 'c wh cyds., A being of higher
■ faculties reqdii‘es mol€[ to tttjajto-bim j
happy, is. capable, prpbhbly',l of |ripre |
\ heutd Suffer and pekqVll*'’ hccessi-;
hie to ijt at'more poihtd than an |
! inferior type!;', jbut-in spitc,pf f tlieke IK J
.! abilities he can neverijreaUy. wish tp j
j s|h,k| into wlib t!he feels;; 10 jbe a lower'
j grade ’ existence.— Fraser's Maga
jsirie'.-; • ,ir " \•] .--,v ■
f : ’[.WIIO ABE IHe BiUvE: if; BaTXLE ?—!-
fA! popularerrohpreyaijs |iri -fc^ard-to-i
I the fighting qualitiesdkptayed^byydif-1
j fereijt legfmd.nts 'iu
jj Aljaiiy i])eopl(J, perhapsjia hinjohity- of i
|thd rer iicrs lot newspapers,' cfnicliide !
ithat |,t)ie regiment which’ sh|ows the •
i largest list pr killed and wontided has *
i done the .hardest fighting i j This ii's a |
| populai error. : The] xegiiheht that is r
|,liandlec wi;th 1 the ?most, skill fin : ap- |
j preaching, the enemy,and which jnakes J
j ibe most energetic and
. charge upon them, suffers-much less !
| thqhxone Wiljieh is, awjkardlyi posted,•]
twbjchjiegJeqts to throw but slcirmish- j
j ers(: m is biionght n front of the eu-|
ferny at a disjadvantagef f--ih a;ropehtj
| battl >, it,certain regilment whpse Oolof
f he! sat bellind a wood pile i lioldlin'g his
1 horse during the action, sustained a
heavy loss at the first volley ipf the
entniy, and but little execution Vas j
done" by that, regiment. ! The . regi-j|
ments-who charged upon the jfqe -and !
saved the. fortunes of .the,' day!, and se-;
cured the wicjtpry, showi-much smaller" j
loss than ’the regiment all uded to.—!
Thosd who judge of battalions, by the I
results in the killed and wounded would
I doubfles Conclude in this-ahd iio, siml-.j
!ar instances, that the most inefficient ]
and wavering were the bravest. . I
■ f’l. j. J-': K -—-J- |
Singular Fancy.— The West Ches- i
ter records the,do4th, of ani
(old maji whp hasitepthis coffin in his:
i house for ihlriylyears-’i-Ktliitil, within,
a? few .roars he resjdcd-on apuuall farm
I three miles from West Chester. On
pne beertsionj he cut down alsmall wal
nut tre 3 growing; oh his] pldcii. had St
sawed : nto boards, and the coffin whs
made f •om a| portion of the Uimher.—
Witlibi I cpthmtfnicating; his jpurpose
to any one, he took the boa id to .a
cabinet maker, had the -coffin made,
and quo it bpine. |whilc he
was ahicnt,- causing cppsiderable con
sternal on in his. faratiy. He was
father in epCcntriC'person.ibut a kirrd
neighbor and a goqff citizen.! East
,weck tds uncomfortable reniindor of
death tvar brought forth, varnished,
and ho was grave.
Batt .... —If life bo a battle,
hq w mi Ist he be who fails to arm
himself the contest. If life beK a
storm, I 'nfatuatod is he who sleeps
w|iile h klsdriven’amid Unknown
waters life [be a pilgrimage, how
»d mi
iow i
s bai
is he
or s«
i eh a
•o jb(»
who strays Inoitt tlre right
eksi to return until the
dorp gather round hi^
ro&d, n.
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cents per square—each subsequent insertion );
26 cents. A- liberal' discpnnt made t»sje»r)j ..
and ott'lbng advertisements,
j A-spa'ce equal to :twei.vb. liies'bf this type ■ ■
measured as -a >quaro. l Vl A ' ■ ' | •
1 ■ Special notices 26 per cent, addition to reg
ular rates.. ■ ■•’•I,
-Business, cords, 76 cents a line, per year. 1
• ‘ Marriages and Deaths, ne'iglcrtis,j Political"’
and other Notices of a public nature, free.
What a Bayonet Charge Is.
. It is paid that severe as, ihel fight at!
Pittsburg; iianding Un<)oilbtedly'-'w skf r
but Dpe b!v\ : ohct;tvounil hast beeir. dis?,
covered .by oiir' jsupgcoiis'i thope, and
that wasfnflictedj'by a barbaroiis pcb ; ~
el-, ujign a helpless jsick , soldier,; lying y
in his tent.! - Some 1 surprise jfias been
expressed iat this fact; there -is a gen- •
eraffimpression that 'afler a -bayonet
charge!, if the contesting forces .are ;
eom’pbsbd of bravo met), (here should to
be a great riuhiber bCieitcbi fvbUhdgTp ,
The truth is r that abiryonet charge jjS
a very different affair from what it is
.generally supposed. -In the fittlt place .;
.the ’ or other force which
mated the charge,, thdugh .probabty.;
ranged as,near
pqsile eritimj% ! cannoffeSgp upithis
fiifmatjori .d tiring a quarter of a, mild ,
dif more of . r ground which iht&tybd
traversed by it before the reach.-
c 4. Even with the best drilled and
brayest then, one end of the lino lags .
, behindhand if the enemy should stand'
stilt to receive the, chdrgel. onTy a part
. of the line| wouldj he engaged at .fifdl;
In practice, hpVever, military writers
confess that bityonets are very' rarefy ■
actually crossed.) A charge i: usually, [
takes One' ofJth'-ce’ tuiai's; citheri IhO, >
charging pnt|ty. tby and J,
f mdetudsity, throWs the Opposing force-;*’,
it breaks rank and ‘
■fUeq-! without, ajvrdting the, fhrust of
the bayonet; or by firmness and a
well, detiy ered volley at, short distance,;,
ihcjtidc yybich fa attacked drives pif
other ;, dr. in the fewest ; cades,
Both sides behave well,[and thd'V'n r
the yvord-; of one of our" most experi-.,
1 enccd generals,, "the best sergeant de- -
. cides the tiie charge”—hecUusd- /
ouly'lhe porgcant-Aiid one j'oPt’vo wed ■
at the lend ofAhe line \vhiidi first cjoraes
in contact with, the ? Chernys'»' are re.-
, ally gngageiii few dociqiyii -
moments, and" thus the jconiluet, indi- J
■ vidual bravery and <>f per
haps 'half a dozen r iWen' ’ who..alone-
wiltflthe enemy, gain
the victory; for. the side to which they
■ belong.. u WiiaAilo y cii suppose we .
dteep- oar bayonets height, for, but IP
scat 4 the enemy.?” Ik ]
•general siffdbto one whp'yvas inquiring
into the • nature I of • bhyPtiot "charges •
ancFh Alarslial of 'ErAice wrote ‘‘lt ■
is'Act .ihje .ininlher ,oi killed, but| the - !
pumbef pF friglijenod that decide i the
isage pf -if- battle.” I hflubini says dis-..
tinetty that he; saw la Ibayonet fightf •
once in all his milturv experience; and
, it is r elated by the historians of Na
poleon’s wars, that tVheb. the Fi| ::nch
j were once chaf’girig ;lhe,'Prussians■<
’ yvith (lie bayonet.- when the lattef
j yvould ndVor cotild notJfetreat, therd
: ensued';.a spectacle nncpipecfed’. by
■ the ; iifiioeis on yeilKer j side.-' ; The);,
: Frehelu-aiul. Prussian :solclicrS, jv’hep
! th ok .got,- tvjfhin sfriking ,d}st»nce, apt-'
| panmth' 1 by mutual clu' ibed
lyiieir muskeVs, and thus! fought i piost
. desperately \Vith their ajrms reyi.e|-sa(r‘ i> r
- ■ 1 "T • .1 \ 'W ’ £ • - V.i
. A- StrXngk DrS'NK.u ■.VRarvl’ --A
traveler who has= rctiii'uod- A
SpdiiV,.across the Pyrenees.
account otia curious yhd
’witnessed 1 duifingjt shorthalt at a. y ti
llage Jdgb Ul)-Sn, tlfe moan tains., Hayt
s ing an hour; Co spare, lie walked oat,,
l td adhprcAhe scenery. and. ids attdiP
• fio’n wt®. attracted by a [nuinder-df
sorriet'distapyc. On
jlpolcjrig more Closely h-C.-j dhefv’od tha£.
jabout'twenty of those:'h;irds Were oh-’'-
Igaged in fight, over the |)p'!ly at a dead
1 edvv'wilh aa,many wolves, winch were, -
diowdver., r ai? last obligefiro yield upy
possession, of the prize;' At h r iort -
distance he also, noticed |a brown deaf ,
walchihg the ISombatants' but riotdar- .".
ing to advancdjtill the origins had sat
[ isfed their hunger and talf'Ch to flight
P Tuu.CmcKAHbMiNY H-isronyl—Thd
I Chickabomk-y river, all 'know, from-
of Gun. McCJellanVopera--
j tibns, rrsmall stVealm fin the. Vi
cinity- of Richmond. wljich;; broadens,
l-and .deepens gradually ip itl:course.^
: Some time reaches the James
Iri vey.’, into 1 -[which it euiptiepv’tbirty-,
; seven miles above iPorpreSsj, Monroe,
jdt is affected by.the at ’, the
0 mpulh is, as it appearsffpm the James,
| between two ami-three puk-s. wide,—
| The Chickahominy|ithe siVcamtvhicti
j Capt. John Smith-w[ps.esjJoiing*when
1 ho was captured h|pube;,]wambrs of
! Pdwhattan., it js bgliievpj lie, was Pap-.
J t a red somewhere nekit the‘late battle.
|,l| will be remembered thaT; its, banks
[ wjer.e in the daysr’of John Siiitthvps
,npw,- noted for f'Smithwas.
mired iii the sWainpwhbnJhesavages
pbunpe.d upon | 1
j S§£3lll tj»e- ltd" * 83d. - -
j regime 1 !;t including tbe Jafnentetl Goli
i M’Lune and Capt. Brown^have-bigned
'a recornmendatipnxCo the yotersjpof
1 Erie county, to make Segt. iiulbeitj, of'
| the 88d, (who lately loaf a fdot in then
I Hanoye.r County .
] Treasurer at October
jelection. The recommfen|fation is nub--
lislied.Ju the’ Erie and
but have; weight wi ih 1 . electors of 1
the Jliportefr' i
r ’> . —.-- i a4t —•• ' . 11
teS-Somj|body asked Cass tbit
other day ih Detroit: “General, what
may do to save lThjon . “Any
thing'.” “May wei abolish slavery?”
“Abolish anything! to savd
nation 1”. ; ■ -. ’I:
‘’fg&/th'o swan subdues the eagfd
when he attaeks her dn her own ele*
ment ; so *be Weakest may sobdue thd
strongest foe if he but keep bis plaed
and do his duty.
tM ■■ I :