The Beaver Argus. (Beaver, Pa.) 1862-1873, June 18, 1862, Image 2

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! ' Deraocracy and th.e War. i
It hah been, quite commqttfor a cer
tain class of iocofocos—-those particu
larly wlio are friend* of Beccssujn
to claiul that it was Demoefata who
kh'ere dqing ail the,, fighting, and .that
1 a large jinajoritj- of those front
-1 svlvabili were of this ; persuasion
; The editor of the Harrisburg Tel
egraph has examined the matter jand,
hero,is the result; “From a< careful
compilation of the Array y&te in tho,
difieient camps containing Pqnpsyl
i vanians, we have been enabled to hr
j rive ati facts and figures which com- j
| pletely overturns the claims of DemO- j
| cratic -politicians]at this time, that tho
1 Armyfiscomposed principally of ad
i herects of the Democratic party. —
1 Wc haVc the Soldier’s vote from fifty*
! five bounties, derived from official
1 sources,sand the following la tljo re-
I gulf ais presented by there Returns; ,
; Republican, ; , I?®™ .
■■ Democratic; : , t : , L_.
| , Eepublicadexbess, , 1 -
1 t Eleveul'ountiesshaycnot been heard
j from—-six[ of which are Republican,
jand The returns
1 from these counties, allowing thb same;
pfoportiohi as in the counties
will largely increase this vote; i>o that
vVben. the; aggregate is exhibited, it
will jbo sein that instead ofj the Dpm
—|— ioeracy -composing the main strength 1
ISJ- lSm eihains of Col. Joseph H. j Qt - o^r Av; m ies,,they arc ; alptualljy ‘far,
■'Wilson wefe biOnght home oil Mon-1 fg (j e ]j; nc j the (Republicans in
daw'and i atWred in the Cemetery, \ briiich of' the government‘6er
: opje, on Tuesday. ‘ vicC-” ■’ . ‘
.T*’ I '' • . ,rT 1 Thus'-has another ibeofoco He been
re (dad do sec that the re-| -A" •: i■ . ' ...
.° , , , f , . m-i ‘exposed.: We have no doubt .that the,
taken in v m» ir V (hat a t least eighty per cent, qf th|s(|
who have enlisted arc Republicans:
and wo have Ifavo rio doubt fhat i&s
the same!lit' other"counties in the Statk
| This falsehood Is abodFlii; keeping
1 with theione so., frequently uitcred by
the enemies of - the Administration, as
jto the enormous expenditures of thje
| Administration, although professing
j reformsi and economy when . coming,
I into jioiier. From official sources it j
' Ims been do nonstrated that’ tbe ex- ;
ponses pf tbji first year pf Mr. Lin- „
coin’s Admiijistralioc; (we niciin: aside, ‘ \j'^t
from those,growing onf of our mi|i- o{ the j
firry operations) are not as large by Col. John
Eight Millions of Dollars ,as fiosevun-i duet atjtl
‘ 1 der the Administration of James Bu- j tl ‘j j
tgu'Lifcut. Col. Kane,' who w - asb/mnan/or thesametinie. ’An exchange j J
wounded in the late at Port j speaking about this matter says, ,wi,th . t he qgg.o
Republic, and-taken prisoner, was a jgveat truth bud force: -'Let it be jio- 1 fan try; C
~son of Judge Kane, and a brother of {iced: and remembered f/iq< Me O/: gallant m
1 1 hie famous Acetic Explorer. Captain enormous ofS"*-**? ir""r'v- -r*( X
Taylor. who was also captured, is ! a jj. ISC Military operations, ran fle muF.pT- ia | sth
j-rot Keri of BAyard Taylor, and re- \^ x TRA ce6 to tUF. “DEMOGR.jnc” riru- | the flags
fidcs; wlc b.dievc. in Chester county.’ ; ITVl TV A ' N i, tu .e Ahmixistuatiox of Jas: j Infantry,
f'tXhe |Buckta;is - ’ were pretty welfilßvcHANAXl
’ “1 : il! lllu ; officers • suf seU ,. hi : sYkans ;; 8 :^ 1) f the : di-ICUAio
; iering ■ ■ S. rect ,- taX; amounting .to! tbout
V bodv Of a man; was found 11'00,000, iTas been.paid- by the j
floating in nver.kt Freedom,! Treasurer, Hon. Demy D. iiooro ■ com
t onthcjlbth in,t. He was about fiveij It>»urt : yortatnly be m, grm.A ng burgh
m-ct hrehes m height: dark hair j foot to every Penman.
, ■ivhiikcrs, and ha'l on a blue dril-{; that-m addition to ic o r a ,-a j maud.
- b-.L -Mrt black satinet coat, figured l ; which she ha#.rendered tl,c govern ' 1V- ,
’ >;•% vest, I tweed pantaloons/and in.the way of men. Ac. ( May, IS
I coarse simps.: The- body appeared>tbi ere furnished, promptly f .^ e >T | 2ei'
1 have.liebh in the water 'for-some time) AiLdanger, a. ie is aso v. >t > j
V ruot/.rrßce<l was summoned, and'to pay her share mlo tbe Aatjonal. 6{
5 hold lah-inquest, the jury finding, A-!-' Treasury hand shuukl it pjove ncces-) aft ddet.
‘vA-diit' in" accordance with thdfrctl: if al T' sh, t has. sldl thousar ds m A
' i ; and millions of dollars which she j guua, 1
• . Durst, of BridewaterM freely - ’ for| the piamtenaticc lo^tooj 1
' f Ist Lieutenant of Cq. C, 63d Begj-i 0 f the tioVernment. j . I tho 49i
-Jnentl was kiilled in the battle of Fair f —• '■ -~r, ' t Joseph l
Oaks! 4 . ' |J t®,A portion, if pot-all, of i Oen.! ,
Wb abb inotice among the : list of J McDowell’s corps have, embarkea .0«
wounded tlib names of Robert DaM transports on the Rappabanock, JW
■ragh l , of .-Rochester, Asa B. tEcoff arjd j the “While Douse," m toj rem- {
a Mp. Gibson; alhmember.Llof Lieut.: force Gen. M’Clellan.
Duisf’s conipany.' iMaj. John Da,r- corps are the famouB|Peon»yljvapia, .Comnij
rah and Alf- A. Hurst have gone bn Reserves, under command of Gdn.jMk brave |
■to recoverAhe body, if possible. i-I Call) and .as they are) undoubtedly effecti]
! * one of the. very best drilled and equip- n .M
~ * . j ‘ CODffrt
ed set of men in the service, w;e Van f a j
peetj if they get a chance , to hear of nia voj
some tall fighting. Why they' have i dishin
been, kept .in^ inactivity] sb; long we jcy m !
cannot tell; and t we are glad- that
they have, been given the opportuni- p e ji e
ty at last of a crack at tpo rebelaJ mopw
• It-1
_ _l~ ■ -
'Wednesday, June 18th, 1862.
T. C. Nicholson, r,- •
• .• ’ Fop AuditorrGeneral,
S. N|. Pentengill & Co'.,
.Vo.' 3" 'Park,£'otr, At i r .yssState tl.. SMtcn,
t arc ova- 'Agents for theiAncrs in tfcrae cities,
and arc authorised tiitake Advertisements and
Subscriptions for us at cjur Lotccsi Kaift, ■■
•£g>Js C yora-l cpmmunicati’pns and ar
my letters:. arc *\tnaroidabiy crowded,
out ,of columns thisiweek. Thoy.wiil
appl-ar next veek..:j
ft mini Sermon before the
ijn'ary and Institute, will
■ J@KL'iie'4
Beaver Scm;
•4c preached
. ;iC o'cl(i
\ 'Church in B
\i.r. . :|
i : next; Sunday Morning,
,elf. in : the Pre-byfcrian
leaver, by Rev.cll. M;- Ba-'
n'.ination of glasses com
!t Monday morning. A
Indaiice is solicited.
\ Tiie «;a
mo nee s ne;
genial atti
Avill be, an Exhibition giy
tudents of Beaver' Aeade
jursday-Asveuing, the; 26th
■h;. - .r -5 j, i
en by lhe.'f
.my, on TL
near ‘Z< lie:
BSs..’iVi- i
port of'lnti
, t riion in the
dieted bv
lie,- yya«. fui
■4 ' ■
Festival; given
ios <>f }l.r.kTay far’s. Semina
m. as announced, on last Fri- 1
it .'and proved quite a success, i
that the:'proceeds amounted
'0 or jH'J d ollars
liy tlJe Jail
ry. ripire f
day i i
\Vo loani
to lilltt'.l-?'
3uo. ,M. Thompson has re
nominaliuu from the . ftc-
Jyiri- Bailor county for -Con
ic h- Thompson ish /no-it csti
ef.tlcmdn. and would make
unrepresentative? ■ We alsb
xt.iNfr.; M’Candless received
imition - of- that county for
Senator |>f this*l)istriet.
ct'ivfd lb.
5 ~
■gross, v
in able d
r ; °
i\n e-fecio
l-.jjirh Hi
UVo uora
.would call the attention of;
our j readers to the article foUnd in
anotherloohunn.- taken .front-the Xew
Tork Tribune, entitled ••The American.
Cklaches cfe? Starery.” We are glad !
that Christian Churches thus
boldly, express their opinion of-the
acemrsed institution; anfMhis, almost
universal action, ■wiill certafflljniave a 1
powerful effect towards the extirpa-
Slavery. ’ 1
bill Ijas been referred;
to a CodhuUce of Conference on the 1
. ( part of both House;". The conferees
■ appointed on the part of the House are
'■. StcVehs. of Penrisyl
' vania, Morrfll of Vermont, and Hol
man, of Indiana. On the part of the
v Senate, Messrs Fessenden, Harris and
■ Henderson. , r
Chris, MeCloary, of. Sh an
on, Mercer Co.. Pav, who was wound- j
- cd in the battle of Pittsburg landing, i
’ ,-tmd was brought to Pittsburg 'by the
. committee which, went from there, wo
are sorry to see*, is dead. Poor Chris,
—weknew-him well. A braver, better
I - man, never liv£d, and owing to the
fortunes of Wary he suffered' and died
from- friends and home.* But,
-i . i • . .
ijhosq who mourn his demise can take
consolation from'the faet'thathe died
i!n the service of his country, anld that
jus-memory will be revered. " i
t©“Wehad the pleasul
to the lecture of Rev. S'
ered in the M. E. Churcl
on Wodnesday evening
The subject of the lectu
heretofore stated, .wad .‘tSkcfcAj? on
Peru” Rev. Swaney.Having resided
in that country for a! considerable
time, and being a gentlenian of obser
vation and l intelligence, of .course bis.
lecture was interesting and ’instructive.
As far as wo -were able to judge, .the
audience was highly .; pleased. We
understand that quite a handsome earn
was realized for the Sabbath' School,
for which the lecture tvas given!
fiffir A gentleman wfio hah been
spending some weeks in Sorth Caro
lina, says : “A little observation
there convinces both civilians and Sol
diers, thatjtho rebellion will aot 7 be
supressed until its caUse—Slavery —be
destroyed. . . s .
eauGon’U Burnside
in Washington on a \
identj'SeCretaiy of tt
C‘ -:M'
r . -' &
;■. | ' t<ocofoco Gonventicn.
! The Lpccfocpi Convention assembled
in j ihJe.Coart Hoi iso on 1a5i.31.0- iday.and
nominated a t dfeet. Owing, to the
time wo go to|#9, we ’iiavp not time
to give a full bi story of he |fizzle.’—
Aftd£tbo eonyontijbn (which consist-;
ed o( akont 50 men, Republicans and
all) hnd gbt through nominating can- ■
didates, Wjilsoti treated |
thosid present ltd one of hii stylo pfj
apoechesr ‘Samivtl’ Abated around
through, tho Bar, and bis jeassimere
coal i was continually standing out, at j
an angle Pf about thirty- degrees, 7-
Wej have/ not time to speak of hjis;
speech at length tliib \ycek. i Perlitips
wc |may againlt But suffice it to say--
that it Was inj perfect keeping wlih
the one he delivered jih-ihe Court
itojuse, when he studb'tjiat help|i|to' l
fiojl, he would iiel-er help tp, fight his
Southern brethern,” which our
redders so wju ‘Sakticd’
tried hard to seduce his hearers and
the Democratic party to fprsake the
present Administration; knd if We
are to judge by his success in the
prtW in the; seductive art, \perhaps he.
I may bo successful.. ■| . [■; ,
■ 3D Brownlow was at the
Academy ofi Music, in Philadelphia;
on the 13th last; Thbrc was a large
'crowd in attendance. Addresses were
delivered by. Ex-Gov. Pollock, Hon.
AVm. D. Liwjis, Hon- Liorabe Maynard,
and the Hon. JCaleb Snjih. During
thjo evening!» splendid flag was pre
sented to tha Parsons bravo daugh
ter. I- j~ I ■■ [ ■
Wej ate indebted tofCapt. 11. R.
Adams, of thc-,j“Cuptin liifles,” for a
copy of thc|“Chiiistian Banner, ' pub
lished at,Fredei‘icksburg| Vu. It is
printed dn} coarse wrapping paper,
which Wkl as. if 'printing materials
jyerc scaled .in-that section.- Xt is a
sound L'nidn sho&t. f
Democracy of [Green cr
Jty have nominated Hou. Jesse
for Congress, and Dr. PaUcnyrl
jsembly, ' ;; j [. /
j-cof listening
ranoy, deliv
of last 'yeek.
re, as we have
B&JThe great cajfnp of instrietion,
whtqh. it is proposed to establish near,
Annapolis,- M 3.-, is an old idea, npw fpr
the j first time earned into practice in
thisjeountry. j'Nei|rly' a year algo the
Wan Department ordered thejtbrrna
tionTOfilhrec camps, of iiistrulction at
ipoints convenient;! of .access Ifjor the:
I Eastern, the Middle and the Western
Stales,; One of them was tbl be situ-,
ate |aear New York city, and the mili
tary authorities went so far as to have
preliminary fenrvojs made eligible
localities. Beyond .that noth 1 ng was
donfe. . ■(■ If ''' ■•II-
SqCAn op Gckrriixar v ns Bin'-
i;>e’a' and ’ fired \ oa. Sunday
!>k, on IJjighes river,Gilmer county,
a detachrtibnl of the Sixth Virginia
= intent. The gderrillaa weroindulg
;»in a Httle “old" Bledge”at;the time,
'; those who wire uninjured!got’ up
1 skedaddled, without finishing the
;ino. 'i_ ■ : M' r I I'-
i was last week
feit to the Pres
ar. &c.. h . r
,r ■ |
{ -- 1 '■ |t- ■ ■-[
cLrfers, Pen,n’n \Militla, )
uho, ilay 31,1862. j
it “Pulaski, Georgia, 10tb
ij,”, be inscribed on the. flag
■th Regiment ;of Infantry!,
M.-i Power, for. gallant con
ic taking of Fort Pulaski, on
iat “Camden,’ North- Carol
;Lpril, 180*2,” b(i inscribed o i
' the olsti-Regiment 1 of Xr -
;ol; John il'\; ftartruuft, for
: the taking of Cnnji
i!at day. • i , i “I
•pat •■Winiams&urgn, rrrgih
lay, 1*02;“ bej inscribed on
jf the foljovviifg-Regiment, |>f
, viz ;*2Gt(i, Cab -William f '*V
Oth, Cob iViUihiii 11- Irwin ;
1. t Chdrles |T. Campbell; Gojd.
- a rider Hays ; Uod. Col. - John
■ri ‘JStlh’JCpl. John F Bailicr;
TbOnni's |A Rjlwley,. and the
«b; i. A: {CMcKjiiiglit, tor, g|t|-'
duct at yh'e battle of Williams- 1
;h .that] day. for which -they
il-ivcd t lie [highest coinmenda
iin the Udiieral-jofficers in-coni
: ’ -l.lfi ,
.That| : ‘Ei(|banon. Kentucky ,6th
i!>2.” he ipsc-ribi-d on the stand
;he ; 7th Regiment of Cavalry.,
Orge C. Wynkdop, for gallant
! in attacking
dry, abLi-bancjn, on that (.lay,
siting and dispersing it-. jj
.'haf “Sbiinandhah Valleyjyir
4th -May, 1802,” be’ inscribed
iagsof the 291 h Regiment ol
y. Cob J dim K. Mni-jibyl'and
h Regiment (|ff Infantry ,J Cob
FJ Knip£, foi| steadiness! and
conduct in the severe conflicts
id during Vrio jjnasterly retreat
nr General Banks, from Staun
rginia, td Williamsport, fllary
hich. reflected [the! highest] boo
th e strategy fa ha valor, of the
mding General, as well ap( the
men whose vigor made I them
e. -' ’ f | h•’
suing this order, the Governor
.tulates the people of Pennsyf
in ihe fait tha[t the Pennsylva
up leers pave been everywhere
guisbed f<>r con rage and efficien
the field,: and| that; of the 11-4
,ents now in the service of their
■y, not one’.hiis been fourd to
ho‘military virtue of Abe 1 Com
ealth or to dishonor her flag,
j father ordered, that this Gen
)r’der be read at the head if all-;
dents ofi Pennsylvania jvolnn-
If I *1 V ' •
■j ■ ; ! i ; ■ ■ ; | - :
By. order of
'[ ad. 6. CURTIN,
vodnor and Cornmander-in- Chief.
RySSEtiL, AdjotAnx General.
x. :r
* Army':
Dear Fdihe,
a the fight,
lock in the
until night.,
-irient about threi,
mrselveswith ho
ised up. i?ltj ss( [1
' 'ivo. youJpuf to
heavy. -Wo bod
I company ,-bu| ha
Calvin Morgan!»
thigh; Wm. Dalyji
liq Wyrin tm tl
in the arm. ; 't'hc
received scralchf mo that
pieces, as the r.el}
-two directions] j
scriitch. , ■ Tj.
O.ur colors ha }
tbchl, but ivje bn
safe. Wo were (
but regained or
next ; morning. |
niilef behind,}
lost everything} i
tents, clothes, hi
' Our' Lnjeut.j ffi
Col. Wilson is} |)
Adjutant, they
trying to ford
>v&s over the l«
and it was the;
witnessed. ; o}i
but the rel|elB
I coated jtiflU I
pile; and a ma
other plaer
three, ’ am
and eight
over thejt
lery mow
d tele
Our Divisio]
do not kniy
belaiiade of iii
fortkSed wheij|
thev'frivc ds |
good many lit |
We jsiye notpi
ing w cover us
dot* upon'toe
anjfstay by oji
dJEtb of ajigi
fliiyc not moj
regiment ho\j
imagine whai
are in. : But
the blight's!:
X ani. vcryl
for the last fbu
duty;; but I I bit
ancTit rainec h
ter is laying it
is a great ii|
twenty of fijiri
thcr lilost jt'id
me, and tba I’
dnytbihg.| m
you the ga} 1c
the,rebe|i , | :it
the lettel. ]| j
I feel Jhs al;
safe." l|lie [tj
my headf in il
ing and |ai mc
every directic
Tom; no |
-ror As
were. ih*y*rij
iiuir.y .ijfnsjri
squad ylst a
fiue IdMii);!
ter C'lvulcl :
<treatiri(|it ai
better win. m-
Dan’l. (Ihi -
is missjlig t
ho is dead;
I helped 1
ter day | ii t
where pie :e
| the b'.eJd.', [
I the ndlsiiig
I I s|r| jti!
! but \vi|c.t ij.
til \\y i-sver
I .May ifJpp
l a riilc linj
I the lii|c;
j back iUtit
i too striiji
had tclfa
and does
Gc)| 1
after Jh«
sy. Ho
, ' us being
‘ hhomln;
bitionj a:
lew' cl|ky
tionfsf Shi
see by the
inu(M drei
in tlijjs Jpli
■base lies,
[fore |on|;,
shown !ou
as “f a f|F.
aind pore i,
havd stood
Cut |lp||
fall pack.]
the Pel
hiivjp jlrosii t
tholiplacei d
havje n jilac
Ji Brisoiiorl
thai t'bciy li
64,00 pi ,whjj
en | bad: : |
wc|un.dc|d a
nifflolJlfaß net
altLpugh I;
" ■
. tlihgiet,|pir
is framing i n<
terdajd w# a
■: lilr
jbave ; :hladj[
aw unitj acquitted
; tjut we a|d badly
o|siblpnfo|r me to
n| killed? an-:, oar
several | vSqunded.
Ifoubdealin tbit
s*l shonidlot; Ham*
llg; : I Court
wBre|;|ptliep who
lljjiSjilgile it won
•dre npMl cut to
fiyed from
W|thout a
ghteer bjnjis thrpj
(s***r|i >i
eti backt|vp mile®, 1
«iare- abpuOwp f
tyebe.- We
kjhat WpKad onkf-.i
icl wts v ounded,
ted dca<, and ouh
lt blvked pip
| liefii ib j4l
|! TOnti l ; raslerdaT,
tirti ;st Is gi( I over
lot ses, 1 re' heavy,
.re dt üblo 'thja of oars.!
in d< : d rebel i in ouo
h flii me jtp&ri 1 was kb: j
ar it ;t|i erdiwera twpntyr ]
itlieir of iiJuß hunjdred i
i e; I'erp I spa! teredj all
j .rid hilly. | :@ar‘.artiil
stt d|'Wn[ijkj3 jra,ss..,j
i i Ybadly dil. up,* and
W Wnal "disjjjo dtiou will
, Wp’ arb piletly well
y -e ore bgWjihd before,
•om 'thls thirl will pe a
,vk souls bit* the dupt.|
ingibj sleepiop, or ndth-l
i With. Vrk 1 ave to lays
ground whei wc camp|
irjgilns. ; It , vill bathb
opd many b ris. Wq
: than 200 t men in pUti
it for duty; fo you car|
kind of a isituation; we
Swill haVotq look uppij,
: j|. • ■ ; ) I;-;' . j - I
Well, anijhave bee|
OTffivp days unfit lop
over give up .yet.
nt ped,in.,an open help, I
rd'all ifebf. The wit"
P ibis' all {cjyer itj Et
b lp mb t bat there age
,lj to- niptiiJ Tcljj.Tn.l
-[Bj 'fle-eat [presented Ip
thp ight |n ore ol it than
U;| !p WjP'M a lejtt ;rip
F «i;c. fTjj;bf,jibat 1 guess
jthp jntaljl ■ iat/'ahtl ha|e
ful tint 1 eJmo tlfriuflL
ills j wb kljell .lover Jmy
direction ij fehellsj j ur.|t:
tiding, jinon’ ialliiglb
i. [ at Mi!:; the irio; t ox-
I m rs riw-r-: -«» rr'l • Vou r|in
Pfj a! bs tl lei unless ivim.
\V s .ha’vt 'ljUcen a great
i irsi jit,- sa .v,J' 125,ii j 1 cjhc
■<l iiyi Ij'Sotb sijftbeni |wi|ie
f ieu|ap(l a Prtby bfj r Uet
ii IpAiii off t ;u|m are 1 Iviry
Tji'ljj meijvc. Us (g4pdi
is ivd"dp,.if,|i(Jt bette:*—|ai‘|
. : mrs recfiyb from Ui«!tn. j
ir if killed!' jt gujissl; lie
a| id .1 jib propjjbility is. t mt
t<i bv ijy Hiqtiiy Kfufsif; ; es
e] bui iccj ip .thp i eld
, A ■ lie wiub kbit;' tl; ropgh
1 mrigVTrifnble is um nig
;>fcujl[yep wi 11 gef tile! full
hj p ijicj-s,. bet|jrp\veidb| ,
s wntipg wpajM; ia'w.—
£ hitgcjibricj; attael<edlius,
od-oi;gi'On ud like, rnenfun-,
e fo qcdjip nslrfeat; . Cppt.
t li ■ :b- p;.ti : jqr.l-f. lie .seszed;
uho |f ihis nicy all
it d idjen ! iy el iiell bbek be
hj ICiljineiil and ciroTjo ciicm
;iir tid eainpjbut thbywore.
.ini could njjoi bold it]and
hackif, .He ip a brave man,
is I j i
jilcllapjWakbvfcr tp scle us
ij*bt!J|gsjdlclaimed,H a Victp-j
aid |ie r.expected.ip he]m of|
r ycU;back eafit bf ,th| C|iiek-;
jut ' lp stilt hold our oln po";
I t!iink ivjojean mai itgin it--
’ iu} •j. Wm. ■"!
> k? ’ K CPh i|auomi.* r I \
linnoitp, 1862. ij i
iith ifl I adr ale you! letter a
go! givijng a short de|cript
;b; §le • wii fiverc lri? put I
jpaptrs th if ,we dp hpt get
it.lflrhe stlitcmgnlj If sa^p
persjpf):tbf|!2d ( which | arp
ind jjom- iwi.|..’find’
ks nittors fre going (to be
T iiJ.ihpir. true ligli tj Cen.
stilt, the lijlst.stoid under
l lit* a| eycr he Witriessed;
.haiitbqt al saya vvekpjild
, u tipj eye: ■jj .man cf; is jwas
W 1 |;|liad| p< tibeen o -difrpd tc
i inlhelpf
irti Ikjidi yf|m' Will Mo-jtna
sy| fallal i # did theib duty
'iliitt'-a inything uhtil, ye
Hs ■
' -biy
..on s'.
Guck ih
■ : aye
IBi i :
Iq make
out, abMt
teMih : [itf|i|.i
oßhad awt
|gOt|' Bps’*.
!’■ ?wtf 4i
! on tli<
Have tt
h wo a;
only '(
3 djul,
lost ! i
out (
n find
ight oar
Veil rim
lieen ho
mye' not
S' I the ti
pown b
|id ■
ii j
mi i
i ■ ii ?■■■■ •-! •
Sb'd bjJ |h qrd as[ 1%
fcevir'san anything
to lordalstream whi
toJthe-roiddl*. Two o|
Iwdrej drsiyiied. ,• po : - yow
wllat kind M-times wp'J
Ijpierfe |is ‘ft’|ltar|i. fight'
fimorpina ort odr right. .’y
lihjit I last night Gen: V
Sv ithj OTO Tresh tvoppi
otft. &r jEihhiiiohi*’
. dnr;-<
mjjre hapoi; tliani
to h|iyffidoii«: ? i 1
u| at two proper)
have had io la:
sly o
tfc 'oh|j“i lost • B
abd'oiir bagga,
a! lie to Bta):t 'y
. .pfenii
jdone i|a. ; JOuv
l|id dosvn their
i will nfflt take.tb
. <|ohe. I'
S us wh
f j'.hcy
J time,
1 ;|bajck
nr bag
;xi : pint
■ ey 3\yi
uin up
hb foug'it as.
pe'disgn.cicd, i
have Ino field [ < Ificers; ilowjbi
jjand Adjutant, whp> w|ei efbot
k all: Wgbt|.V-( ; j .< [•;. f ■/'
| health Is? as isnal, al thong 1
r' re a goo d main “sick-intthb rej i
. It'is aWbnder to me that the: •
I man fit for di ty,'. cpnsiderirj
Jwo, Went- ttyfough during - th
iew/days. | ..’]fY-our , Boii l l I-'--
-jr-jV. ; wm.iiaii;:
j ; S miles from Richmondj i >
, ; ,ju..e 45b,.i802, . ) ;
'Friend Hart;' 1, i c joivecl fours ty is
evening; il alsq foci ifccd'the pne ypi
allude: to,;, witty jj’oe ry. :If|ha(i|ecei
the original, which i - as composed b;
a priyate jih Co. iG/ (fpmbrly|.m;ou
company) named Be inelttyStyytyafs c
age', of Diew York: i ily—apartic.i: lo
friend of mine'. He •.received /on
rpUnds at West Point, from rpur tii
tiM rifle\halls. Ihe ieye tyijs ctyso ifi
cojisi'dcrcd curable’ jKatheff c]b
shaving. iV ’■ ’I • I i.
r-.Wp lia'vc had’ tfp tybully’’ fig
Siiico; I wrote ypn, frith two cleg
victories.l Gen. For tei knocked ll
fightlantyjlcfl^bn, tl e' 27th. : .0n- the
.tretne left' and old “ VYar Horse” K
nejj (the; bravest !€ epcfal bn fhej
ofpbd’s eartli;); styh d a Bull Butt d<
ter—probably —and gained!' S igloi i
victory Jon Saturday last. H AS wc
occupying the cfity|r [position !we
nOtotake a band in |ither fight.
Po tor is alsb on :tb||s center as res;
M( Chilian |iad a’ special job: ovi
Si nover Court Ifotyse. I’oftor 1
in'thd right|fix, anil not yetjhavi
Tchaiicej JiTCI gave him theebiinc.e
helperfomejl thpj'lb ‘right well.’
took upwards Of MOO pnsonipfs,
MraMi Says |300; bttt ■' I’yc j!s|ep-'
times tliiatfipniber ny’self, tyith si
aaicr General. and jither offici
proportion. 'Who have no:.d(.
partipulhrs bf the asti fight,; A 1 tl
ivc; ecuM a most ice! it. ! is fa
k|owi!thc:eacmy. fljy: »| fuse, su
eq I'Gen'l. CascyM
, hfiOikiast. aud prcitluced u.panic,
.tliat old trump, iKepruoy, scai'ft
and drove t lent fipmj eytry; po;
; ®lo loss jpn- pur side IS i.fejirtft
•Jf 1)0 killed and iv mnd.ed; the <
a| d2OO. I can)no; vOiijisb tor tl
rf'Ctness of tml ‘stima'le, but
doubt iU r ’l e bailie raged w-i
t|pndous fury froi i I' p| hi: till-t
j (|b| Satluiday, and troiitytytill 9 a
tyntyday fbjhhing.' ) ! fity 1;.
! j:'f|Sect lePiontliern papers are
j’df .tyhi'm' "it: l,ittlo |doid.jtftyl; abo
tyhippin ;i this ;rc|>el.sli]ni’y .ami'
ilichnipi.d|' |Tlie{|e 'ninyl he; a
I |n;’tbei|* • pernapH the
..pican w tat they |ay, jWejiher
[ipp tldubt. J i\Vc*. are jUsttyakyco
f hap Gei i. JlcClel lan ] will I plan
[ Sirroj’! exclute, 'the j taking ot
j : jiiotydi s i hd totally fpc tc the n
i iiiy, fn t .jasjwe a
i tTainctlldst'nigijt, Ways' p
they ; dc n’ty ievacuatcd. |Sp r ho
I liniathi anil stabil ityra nuclei
i san’t .IVII; |it ainM ijn the card •
■! tiling is fast coming to a head
days! MI iT-he Stor:
fchickabominy tiihst Ihp fen
ityriidgeej bo s:
ibuturned. to iiisiirc ceytaih in
And tyliilc.their jis an aptyarei:
inaftersi MeClcllan and his a
every, jnciwb tbj acei
the desired end, I > :
; Our regiment pen t do\fi ■ j*i s
to aft aj eoverj|or the lath,
(Sappets and’Sliniere) who j, ni'
ing.a bridge. Wo deployed
I mia|HerS, and wife spcjii bjazi ■
I with the infernal euty’.^litydtyt ;
'Wo’went in tob>ur hips ih|t.b<
aud by dupkir.g|purj heads-all ■
Ypu' tydil comjtrpbc'na ttyo j w ;
i the man leaver. When I state I
‘,3lst Ladj throe ' nioh -'
'whojivoEf guafding thpi jbfidi
rearfthe; bails! byfffT
ivjere; fel ie,ved taa an ibsct j by, |
Cjalifhfbia regiijient; (Baker’
t wfick's division’having' 'JjttMI
■apd ;now command the tyfii
arc sbcUing thq rebels ever
fronubf us; Ttyey try to dp
but something appears toj bt
i ler.pltyihcir'; powder ain’t ?
P j We hatya trofdendous falti
It mpyj ppssiblti delay th| fi,
or twoj birt,; 1 tiluiik bef'orb j 1
’ek •. jlbuj, fhe baiplo! idf jRi shr
have been fouJht, and the U;
Jp Bic ithondJ If: they' igl
Tuppos) jthey wity—it wflt b:
ojf I)es fefatibnj, and: the sh i
•doubt i ejjll be if imensoj Y •
algrbo t tyi the ro questi fn.
ffi«|e | bl, thd .p! gger I tys th
notbinj p ' I Ln 'tjruth; I;
tain biltj vrhat ; Emsnciptyt
Ping,' pjr bud ir’bat liuht
atiou ! |s thej | bihg.i ,|.To
respite you speik of, j if i
pat do vn thelrc hellion!, 1 1
Ipapef-j" fplitojratcanniblldt
mi bate ilwhita ty id black p
fose-witef policy 1 don’t *
he ttyi rig; - ’ijiii not w)l|
fof C itting,;oi
dippit g, unltyai l ean hr
.hjey.a, ! tooth for a
«N' v
are' to,
.1, .tye;
\vitli U
' My
is on«t|
J ■‘ S' i'' ' '•! • '
r pots idly dori
like it,: We
ch todktisnp
;thd ; division
;*can imagine .
iro having, f
Vding ton this:
W 4
Fbol ■ aft
, If
■ v *\ Vi '*
9. want d little
and; they w'ero
3 advance, and
in they; ought
we would • riot
The papen
•age ana guns
es of artillery
6d se'e there ii i.
’he ; truth iwil i,
.1 have | justicn
y oflicorshav)
i, r
until justice u
itty hard .{that
ardiasiwe cli(l
■!’ ■
The pro<
cal -jisseml
show that,
hafe rocei
character <
which ■ ha'
against S
this year idoro‘emphatically Ilian dveij*} asihexpedleht, no protest against theiri
while others ligfee "this year raised j Whvptesented; and :no defense of-Sla
theik voices fer'-rao first timfc against attempted .l J
,thiB great evilWf !the country.;; On •■ - TheDutth Reformed Chupcb,though
the nb-douht: that the] it has no congregations iri the- Slave i
,progress jof A 7 hpSh».yeiy: sentfracnt| States has beott tVilherto; of ike.
more j Most : edt:scrvalh'eVcharqhcs: of - the,\
yeat 7 hi world than in Lcimntiy. , TIM’ General Synod "'width '
tbe.politnial. I 4. ; • ’*i ' ' j'is'how in sessrorr ;B| ; ;ks* ■
Strongest of the'utterance of ijmsseiU
the Reformed. Bresbyterian Gimrch,S?t^^^deiHjunt : it.g -;-iiiost ; -iiiost wicked
Which emphatically repeated its Ira-.' rebellion, and the .iK-p,.-.
ditiohal testimony that on the tirey,
of'this war tnulaii berdgardSdai* a,pun- ' ! whenj" every ".yoke in. the|anc| wilt, be
r islimeht ’ok the |Amcrican people for brokcii and all hoft-iky; ;
, thef sin yhf human oppression,” and. - In -the Old-School. Pixsuytetiair
1: which mailed ibn, the President and Church .‘therel- has been some rcaV
-CdihteessT to,: ' the;' course tidnfVbm.thespirit of,
i emancipation till liberty shall be pro-; the slaveholders which lias ebarattejf-'
i claimed throughout all the land and ■ ized the Generaid A.sernb 1i es fur man;;'
to hlf life inhai)i(thrite, : thp^off[?..\‘Siiirii-1 years. Three
i lari is the ,t!e?ipr of'vthe.-MsdlatiohS.l^pcr^rAcV-jPmdiyttrk'od^-ffiineinDaii:
.. passed h&,.lhe General Asiseinbly of (the. bravest ;of all:) \ of,
e thh United Rreffeyterians, a body era-' ipftteburg, and Thlla-.
y blueing ddiiniijisierSiand 57,000 epmf de]pJbia-Ashow. more*or
e fefenicants. jTI oy refer to thbir testi- to §layery, Aha';Slaverjforgan
' ‘mpny a ,r a'n^tisiavcr3 r i as 4 (1 igtihetit e I T/ielPacific Expositor, pfSin PqtnciSeo,
■ prlncipilof their Qhurcb,” and to their Lhas become' extinct: •; V.e.t.the Gonerar
: . Chifech law,: Which. “refuses to'.felloW-1 Syijoid has. not yet v'entured : |ny dc-.
: or;tbe -abettors of; liveialjec on, the Slavery questiub; aiii
Slayen i’ One of, though many apti-Siavery men ol*tbe
designates thUabolilion of Sjayerjkas liC’hijiich.aredesirioustofeiie-vv the fes-iiV;
“the 3 lrue’reinedy for tbefevils whichimotiy of the General Assemuly tf i
it - surrodnd us[and threatenlpum^atio^-/,liil!b.against Slaverv.fno- one; has yet ;
al existence.’’ f; They united iSvitlf ilfe \ dared this year im make any msijoir ft;
n Reformed in ap-jthisond at th e iUeM»:il,
v memorialize i,Congress; Tn jiselvtelf of iGh ufch .will ry t urn to . 'fair
? f tb uigevtllie, positipp. which die orcu
ir aeiit and tbedheads :of l)epartmeiit.s| 'piod in 181 and .from ivliicb she has,
tr the immediate: since so widloly [deviated. •■■■„..;
**.ijigd ieffectiVe measures^to tijis ertd.’f The Qnir|bci|aiid'.; Presbyterians; a
l9 f' Vjfa^y - ' other l k-elesia4lic r ;il... bodies, which 7 :originated4ri tire..-fjijatli,
thbudlil not’) expressly ccns’.iring the and tyhioh hds! stillj in She Sodlh. all
hiatvo'n' for having so.' long, folenated] its ecclesiastical gourds ujtd a makVity
■b.ts sikkbfy. empbatiealiy detiigriate is as f of its menibers, likewise avoiding pt
ffbt, the priinavy fcaiise of the rebellion, and j their -Ucncraf -Assembly ihe ; S!p,ny
icir. life preserit'war as a prpviden- questionj , * They;- cuttirlaui .t M
-opening fori its .abolition,-: | The; tliat-a, re-unlon: with th.eirwtytgiiygm ‘
r -l*eifewil Aslcmbry ofithe Xew : School tipns in the Rebel States ss mk-il'le,
f ’PresbytcrialnSvbne'bf fHe tbrempStre- and at;,, this pi [lee ‘they.wry V>
:^ ,s ' ligous : dehorainatibng -dtjitd'eseoiintry. 1 the en'klavciy.
'P l ' s , iu intimbqrls'i talent, and character. They I are ode of the few denumiinitiousi
al .’ e t wlribh embraces’li47B'c}igrche ? , with 1 from Whiclf hardlymny-.;x:i-t:nnsu be-'
is’i'Qdb conmaniCitetymnd which not- [half of t|m-ek|h*pal>oU‘o.t--S‘larcry can
withs imding its Anti-Slavfcrv churticsjbe expected. ] iorlunatcly; ln:y ;iu.
l ' ve -‘ tef,*cpunfs]slill three Pi'eajiytcries in,! oniy a .small Jfbd-y;ii).-,tl!e;
r -,,at j the aSiavc Slates,..pas^bVnWith entire', as the Anti-.Slavciw sentiini-i.t .js ft-'sg
, ein S unauimity a resplulipd‘HMt f bfs wholgi more and more fostered by-^t! : m..ihr > i
"S. 8 ! ihsurrectiobary .moycmenl cati be Uy of all the American b'tijircnes. it ,u
'.aridi traeea torkAi'e' {primordial foot, atid on- inot to t>s. expected.tfiat the. f •u-nijf,-
He 1y -one—Al'rican Slavervt the love : of iland.'Pr.esljyt.trians. as hng as in.w ad
'l'Hdt .andmd|lei|minatidri tqfmake it per|- ; beiA to their j .present- • | l>ract,i ;
:i,ru f pctualV-’. ; laudJ'tii : at ’ the .; continue to pfu-per.ian.-Aorthera vw„
Bri r lirislufomidf tif n6e<J heflnnst j.—:,V: if. VV^!(.-m.; ; i 1,. ’ j .■; . ? ,
V s : U| - be maefe tc bend to the great 'purpose i .A.; k, r 1
4Jf" lte of rcstdrirg the Union." v : ■ 1 ! f Woenu,tnc Lreciiini-rngd-;^'
|>ugh. StiJl- of 1 |f. tb iSr w erd- av'pr l t |\ e ~ u
jttW® the- 1 Melhullist Episcopal 1 iUlinrch;— Ivfbr irttacking '■■the:- .|iirnrfnisiratiOi) u
prim Wliefc Ar dual have met ' Lijmoiii. ■ and if they could .not
»' ai.-fn illfo Xc’i thernj ■ Station'd; passed ji.misre]n;escnl; jtlm-e(torts of PtivnjkTOw
vh;en „tiom. on the stateolphe country, to put down the rebellion '.and ~.ty vi n
Up,] they have heartily indorsed life ida.u- dicaty. tlie.. (.’pnsutntVon V. A'Wy. r»r.
ttenj (rui-ation ■ r Ji tlm^leinart.cipation policv ! howling over th.o ■InU-mvow a;jaw
. d at! of the; PrEkideiit; anil expressed.theiiy-apppinling.diploniatic reprewntmive
[jnemy hApd that) (wilfli the' warj Shivery also! to the rh|m!.ili"s of ffayti.mvl p'r:.
e eor-t hndj; .'Af '.tho of .fhe , Jldw.candiU tjhcv ;arc,,uno ) hr w i.rum
do not Kew-Ytlrki.East'C.onferonf-o, a-rdsplu- livl tomi Thby dknol sln'ie^lhatH',
; h. trb- iiicn to'ltids elllct ivasAlrafiod by a ddlf passed tim-Smiato; wit|v tnv a; T
fi>- P>-(..hiembei^. of ,tlie '•'todM'ryiiivci paVly.psiicli l\*mmg':itsya ? 'J ; .at!Kuii m-d
■ -m.-bu.i’and tlnanimodsly adopted by the (fon-1 -1 of (fuldOrina, (ir , ! /,;•
. .’! j fere'iice.' ,|iTh| tionfefences In Missouri,.,! general proposn ion ■■ w:is
(some t iiixiJ |Wem,en:i Virginia life earnestly tadvoca.uul id former, -dajs*
■at • ,6ur.| lijbq.iji ft-jr ii ib eh alt of fill ian ci pat ion y af'dlcnry: ('hiy ai
tuWipjg ! jindjiii the fornief Sldte/jtho ilcth,ddisi '•|Webstev-f . Tdtey. ; -te.tze di«' n ;:
■Boti.lip | upikeopal- cbifrc!i.,;dh ■ aeeddnt bl| her j 11 !g! and liciiid" 1 nr
r doifVi ikylipy If j[f alfitude.oti’ tile. Knmneipa-}p!c- with "I eoioij d
i, have mimti,on. ife receiyiiig large addi-flic reprc'Sc.ntativcs at p-.
Vtident j t i or sfroifl loviil ihf McChm fstill. keeping.;,
mil'his j - of; ill emlm.'d : ifjot
i.iiieh- j jj C j|i bodies, in l'Whiejt loiyalty 1 lb thje! ctiUivme rclaMons wy
:bel,af-!pelierfil i((ilovcrbinuiit : (has lio.t ni,j ;[
V-P %'t:!sq4llr brevahlnfc }(; Tim :Cpntcrcncoj ighdrant'an'l riitiilcys c.aim|i,,
•pvid ed: fat Bal ti iii ore Showalitstdf aslyet exceelf-^.; not jiritU-Vho tact th:rt;t.;Be
d; your bjliy , ; Umid big the (Slaydry 'question.;.; of this measure in ; tbc‘ iioi;s-e.:e •
>I , )Yc tbcfo' nlso somethin!; bus .been ! prejeiUt-vL
~. .. The kmhed ■ ibis ycar o\l .life'
; A few, pt.; [.-the" mlahi Of Secession ;die ; llayti, ,fbus ViektiowlcdgingtfttyY'ff
’%■ ' T.h-c’j Chdrchl'vyb'ielp a Tear ago)was enter-j jiriucipk' of.ll'.c project which ■i •
'fsedr-rj fdined lA'"a' raajorjity’of the Confer I a laiv. Sueh'V* 1 ’ 0 the s.ti:ai;f.»a ■ i "M 1
ionciefe eni-e-’ As the :botvW. of union, wliich'; dieuls.df men wiio !irc,fo.{cc|M-'o,!c ! r
success., 1 urn to • thb' jMarylarid;' land VirginiaetKcipattiot in tfie-qianisdm—/ y.-
£ cbfvrehe's ' wilh a- dcnbrniwition Which \phi\i \Pres<s. '■ _j w .'- f
•my *} r 0 fhm made; liew jmqgress ip an | r'mdV-rtA 1r
3niphsh Ai li-SlavcW;dirdction bceome.lighter.jiJ l-AJON .1 .■ Api at .
' 'iulA ddflubneo: of iho .C oh John tr-dveH^
'MethodistEpiseoW.ii ClimieltWill make ' the Seventh ]l n gnmi AhW.V’ M
’■ltdelf iel 1.1 and c6n tr i bti te, it s sbarsL’to jXuttiy, .-lag o ,; '/I 11110 ;. ‘ tl . ’I ..
■!tlie'dfeliveiranbe of- both ,'Statesrfiom j'.on? that
rllr - • ’r ■ t;. , Iv got' out of Lnray »sj ;
the curse of Blave.y. .. , • J:* r^oHC^sbr»rg
Tlifrce iinfluefttial. bqdies ; have this j n y 0 the town. Jackson afWst-O'jl -t\
lyearl spoken for the first time On the-li[r u j^ n ; men of the plumgdnd d,i, ■.tl
Adpy;,tbein. to be taken to ifiebniori-Iq •)
Missionary Uiiibi).],add,t he dTcncr-!. -soldiers' having them indmargrp !
al Synods, of the I.iithcrnii. Church, i ef ;( (hem over .to one -Sard (,'a!u.'.i>!',
■ajidjof; tire Dutch Reformed Churchy l.Gcfp&itan.-who'■hod- ft son in H
Thq former, WhieEembrpees delegates j' jfg .jirtht. I4ullisp ; d liad tlv' m
froip all ifhcifXdifthern /and some ofjs^ o fe■,^n■d-R).nt<!iea■tU6^rdtn»d■b■M.‘
the 1 Border’States, declared 5 , at:us. ref jbe taken iibme. : i'The J bo(lies av.iv
cent anniversary. lat'Prdvideficm with j X
Wrijinimityi that sihverd was the dfigin |; s n h doubt as -iiTthd truth:' oft tfr
pi'tbc Rebenion, arid that,'“a safe, solid..! 1
snd laatingdpeacc cannot, ho expected 1 I
I ;ofj its compldthoverthroHi’’ ■As
the testimony of a society which rep
fescrits about half a million of ooinmu-
th'fe’' significance of
ration cannot be over estimated. ,
' j Tlie Lutheran Uhurch belongs among
those r which;!; untiPtb|e : beginning of
the EebelllonipurdhasOdi bj'absplute s.P
lenec job the Slavery question,the glory,
of having an organization extending
khfbnghout 'the, whole Union. This
submissivencss to .Slaivery has; beeti of
little avail, as in, 1801 the Synods of
Virginia-and North and South Caroli
ng concluded to prgau&e a ProjSlavery j
Luthernl Church of ’the Uonfcderato
States, janda bp O i nted a ‘ Con stiuien t,
General Synod ,tn meet in-.Ma}’, T 862,
at Salisbury. Northi -The.
Lutheran ,in the Northern, and mostly]
also ih the Bolder States, have been';
eminently patriotic from the beginpiug
of the war, and at their Gcneral'S\|nod.
recent ly held at dEJadhaster, Ba. deemed
it! tlie r duty not ionly to pass strong
loj’alt; t resolutions, bat also to declare
that ihey' “regara this rebellion as
more imniediately the natural result
. 2f. Y,
as skir
isdom. of.
that 'the
geVin our,
«S- We
the other
fgc. rWe
f- day- in
the same,
'.the mat-,
good; or
ast night.-
?ht-a day
iis reach-.
toncT will
i lion army
li*—'.and I{.
: the fight 1
i lighter nh
m and roc
. f merely
i njgger~
m not cer-'
)n 'is. the
bi'hig the,
.xessary to
ty etnanci*!
and extor-
; to exposh
y ears;lor
" H. u. i
(and Sia-iTtbe continuance and spread of Cq
imcsfic Slavery in our land,” and that
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Ipi ,thtf-^ c^ 8 ‘ a,st ‘j | joy the dfijhe Presicfcnt' ;
the ehri-eiit ; j’ear ito cxtendaid-to anySln’teState which
to outbreak ofthoishaUdcern fit to initiate Gbngtitutional
lurches or Arneriea rEmahcipation.’’ .Them were present
.pie light upon tl|!e joit tlie General Synod deputies from
(lean Slave ry. ThoseUho Synoda of Maryland aiid pi Kew '
4©!;' their testimony 1 tacky, and though spmeof tbSm, spoke' ‘
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from Fort Scott to the loth *■atel
detachments of; the Second oh|7 e
airy arrived, at this, place tO’dav; '*
pne thousand head pi fijue beel'jyH
(and eight; hundrbd he -oP ;
jlhorses,. taken from *Cr I !• Cof&yf
mand on t.he nionling o the
• Out force's. Jive' tho ;sf !P,dcf tr f
cojnpany with-Rohbh S scotid i
I battery, under comnai d. f
■■ Doubleday, .made, ; : any~ r^ablv° ;I |ii
i-early hobr Pn-.tfe'o =taorlang dttt.-h
-completely Suvpnfc'ing/the
1A part --of Gofloe’9jcoiv»tin}V|d-is mft I ' > ■
of Indians. All Jtho^'.niwmt'e'.!
, camp:eqiiippage piir |h*(
}■'giment pt\uTiiort«lit(liat's ai'
Ipccted ima dayfor two,, 'Chey-.w
he . newly ' armed' and eqiiipp 6l * 1
! paratory to marchjng South.-
j tofPkt efieblal .'Corresponded |
! Menvphih-states that, tlie ;J»cp£ l 1 * 1
iof thediUrning! of 'Ticksburg
{ credited. He adds that many ; l, !
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