The Beaver Argus. (Beaver, Pa.) 1862-1873, April 30, 1862, Image 4

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■ rOosTiNUKD from FIRST Pao k ] ‘c havercason to expect thai under it*
ffor whom -the iSehator appeal* as benign light i at the
champion here td-day, dibgrabed tb e ir influence will die put fW)«a
country and doomed it to untofi evils strati m of the sovernmenl and|ea S e
by thfe nation of its choice to control the
K&pursuiugWth hellhound firocity- %%
spits' most illustrious man to the grave, free §tatcb, n i-imcclf under the in-
that the" Senator, had .cherished f h f JJ e sodothey
ft the .tcaclii ng, of that great man ! Wo"h e of freedom at the
.should not haie hocu opposed to eath,[ _1 q produce a tike influence on
-other to-day, on | tins Lad be States, f,: I
done so. -,.j i •:. .' . Few men havejevei had the bardi-
Again, on constttutron'|l qne.- object to this mode of emac
; otion the Senator l\rfvercir,ation--belhe4et \ r f v e r c ir, a tion--belh e 4et of the slaveholder
.that the Slate of .Maryland Las himself ■ influenced only by -yrhat b<
. fight to, be consulted on this question himself by the- light 1 of freedom, dis
i a«d that is be itfugnaniin slavery.
4 totheauthority jot Would the Senator deny tofrecdon
slavey in the District.; P<4 in .the ih *™*£* o rtteibtce of her exam:
- . original cession he sav* tte wlll . of t h‘e slaved
aif folded, it to the sl^c
f -to,the. United Slates go«eram|ftt any bohJe. lumsclf. , j
■ r .higher power than M f X£ r viin the States, and ido
; possessed,- In answer tlann j. o ■ j n jircetioii what? we dare Jt
4 -that slavery un an\ of thd g. r u 'udef the Constilntiol
-f States is a local institution, enormity, : Well
it may be created or abolished, by o j, f State of Pennsylv:.-
. cal powers, ■ | .I yL •• ... , i ni . and every free border state has a
Again. the.Constitutipn.pfthb United j • » o nfe for. Wo of Pennsy 1-
' States was made., before} the c sssion of | k rc *J « Umriitltlmf *hfc ain 1c r
>' cession of particular .States and the ito makC o°y u .! 1 , ... ■*,.
v 'Stance P of:pihgress. become toel-nning agamsy slnvcry ; by our fro
f seat •of government-. ol . the'. United \ exanfple,: j ■ In to;
f .States.” ."Now. I a ski whether -the j4;I am asyea-n tod to
' SKtc of Alarviand eedLd her portion !to the state ,ol Maryland as the Ser
i "•of this, district toftl.e tonstitu-hm df 4 tor anybody e
to the Citood States mf whether .the : Congress should jSvhaigo its da 3
:r' Constitution was ‘ madb fbf ; f!.o ; case |to
.of that portion of tke-ADistriet of (4,1- . ei-,e. but thcip ';j p .. * ' i*
~ 01 in 1. :i ... 0, - ; of: view Of this question than merceoml
laixihia. ilore_H ir.o v l . . m • ,* n ti...
I ttie’Unlted Sihtcsp TniiLuh eo.Wain- or duty »o,any T«(
ed certain cohditihW: .that iany terri- « a '.'igh dutj v.huh : .
■. torv(Ceded by■ auy<StateSanji
- ybyAfie general govei-itihent shaif be f • ntofa
. !' subject to toh exclusive, 1 W.tfol of the | Columbia is .the seqt. o tl eon yJ
VI. Congress of the Ut.iiod States; igpyer.iment on eat 1
.v witlf tins broad (ronstitiiilonul!: advertiof: slavery. at:the;eai»tol, at tlm %fr
■.. 'v , , ;< ,1 ~„ tk/. ne of tie ■ centre of our nationalitj is?a Iniiinl a
tisompnt lieralued on the; hi on 01 tl- 6 ,;- ~, ■. ■ ... 'r ~<• w,
v supreme organic lawiof the!-to r l>bd on . the , government .ptth
ask 'when the State o|f Jldrv- j country, and a disgrace to the m Jr.
■ land 'ceded her pdrtioh of M.olDistrict and progressof the Anenwn PR?Bj*
10 the- governraen*.; she, did not cede ; Our nattoir-il honor demanded it.s abol
‘it : to u»l the Venditioni <ifcf th6' ! Coristi- ; v • j ' {
‘tat ion, and surrender ;forevor| all her j . The very 5^. 01 -t
... rights therein tothe shpreme
' -solute:.control and Worship I 'of;the [tog: infhnuiw, shad be -swept (8««
‘ reserve■? • What powers over ijts xle-ti-! selfprcservut.on .demands that it be
■V.'mv?' .What voice or yiower in govern- dope. K w. int,J;imj c .staged ■» I
. : imr its people? ‘ JHaf. she e -er pre- ; ,reshlt m slayery.naU the slaj estates
1 i, ■ tended since the cession, to LijU
i for .inv interest in tShe distal? 'lt j what W . r t ; has,.the ‘°-
~. would‘he a•• usurpation. It-would be , ospect 1 -troni initthe I>isti,ict of Co
! pvoperlv treated biAhe general gov- .lumbia it nestles right uadei
’ ernmeut as a .revolutionary invasipnof: the shadow tol the captol; where the
the ' r.reroeatives )f1 Congress; -To dark lorm pf the slave lingers about
's' In v that Congress bks hoi Jowcip to, those mag.dHyent
“•! declare whbt done or what > its;lofty corridors-,and porticos, lor
I . shall not be done ir.‘ the ferritlory over j sixlylyeprs, its coiTuptmg power has
>f which the (Constitution- has given ;it I pervaded -every p department jof.-the
,/V. absolute' control -is. ,Wtrous.' ' 2<o I goverhment. lor sixty yearsijs bane
'J - man will thanif tongressl tul influence has; been felt frOm the
deemed it nccessai
of the ffovernmen
,of all the real cst
•'>r i . .
' ;payimr its;
■“ •'* * * , . •», . »
government. deem
. “ lor the good oPthe
' I slaves in the sam<
-]£-C(fltXlSPf>* t-an (I
it;has tiic• tower ■!’
”is nnvss.afy' tor'
*’ govetiijnei i that,
in.tins' uistfiet.fvvl
ri git ii u lit*"cl eel are
rejnain inf the d :
.aj- tlio
masters for them,
inithd District! of
mat rightfully; de
. relations shall or
■ this power is'kith
tjon,. and wisely,
turn of the jjove'ri
” i'hjs much for t
to abolish slat er]
!■ Cohithbiit;. . ~ i
, Xexli.a!s foitb
... r-« TiiC Soiiatwr Iron
; • ilijffiijtAhe dutyt
Vjt'j'bnt that it is t
uoT-to abolish (it,
§ , ferchco. I can dra
• —to it thei
■ farther he conleii
up il.e duty wo
: I . Maryland. Ho
; "of slavery in the
* - a place of render
and ruiiawaj- si a
plot and-schem-c
rays against;; silt
' tnhifiits. ami iiit
. raised'.-ip Mary la
V It.rfas tor ibis; s
■ ■ ■ jo the goverhnic
ftrjebcti at the
• ■ grocs liyul: r«W
Maryi;?'m .-c-una-
I' :■ r sbe• 'ivij asu
I i. i- she;lras.bc4n*iivj
Oilf; knowing’ it,
; will he jijyiiof.iu
atbr lor lhis ifac
i ' ViState among; her
- .1 aud has; bird, longer than
’ he has liyed, than
1;. all,the negroes,ifriieandsla-Ve together
i» , t .' 1 11 ’ll*® .District ofiC'oJumbiaVand that
*on her/whtAe porthcni border she is
; ■ , hounded by State of Pjnnwyl,
‘ . rania fuji ot free ncgiocs.- Trjnly she
has hedn fortunate to? have been. so
j l° r 'g in -the- mTdst of- 1 overwhelming
i danger and yet|unharmed! .- Truly she
' ■ cannot be aware of her constantly
•V • end ing Or she could'nbh be
f, so happy and ndifferent.' And. then
, does he not;siippose there is power!
enough in -the [t';nireci States govern-!
ment to keep ||tlie tree negroes‘and l
' runaway slaves sin order \- e It is ab
surd. It- is tapjald story of slavery.
Itisnot-thcfcar'bf forays, ortumults,
/ or insurrection; ! It is thefbiir of tbb,
example of freedom—its influence np-‘
on the’ slaveholder. The’ people of!
. Maryland would laugh at-bis fcairS|dfj
forays and insurrections from 1 any I
such jßut the slaveholders in I
tl*e bliudnesSjcif !tieir prdudUleidrfei<i|
the example of, freedom, t]h»y j
i \
y) lor iho; purpose
to take' possession
ite iu thd district,
3 |for it, that they
i .right Hinder the
' . 11 tilV
it for its good and
country. to take the 1
'< ay .eanitnol io it 4.1
Icclare, astro donbl |
nd Uie right. that it
the vtclfare of the
i|)hody shall reside
yi cannot Congress
that slaves shall not
■triet, * J ‘'ir lit '
pet, paying tieir
il- lake it, sir, that
i Columbia,' Congress
lire what, personal
shall nqt'exist, that
p by thej Coustitn
jivcn for the protce-,
iiont itself,
ic right of’Congress
’in the District of
e duty ofj Congress.
Berks comends that
f ■jCongress loabglish
Ini duty of Congress
apd—as. the only ih
wj front his argument
je-i .Witbdut looking
:s himself with set ling'
owe to the State of
says the Abolishment
District would furnish
ycjus for-trec.negroes..
refi. wile re; they would
coji'jiiiacu'S and io
re.ry .and from which
ufreelimis would he
id; and he- asks us. if
lid ceded the District'*
ftjC. lie seems - terror
dea of a few' free he
why slaves. Wdu-h
■ f road his-fjieooli
tire (In Uiftii
ng in aif her life with
■anti liiave no doubt
1V grauifiil to the Ken
maiion and bis kyjn-
r -Tr? ■
•a« %
centre to the remotest verge of the
countrv and there is to. day surround
the c-'.ital of the nation, a popu-
mi the cap. . - ii .
latioij of sixty thousand pooplp,’|with
a-sympathy educated for Sixty years
■ m vuo unuigomsins nf •-10-.—y «Ko.
Ijovcniment. Pray,'sir, how canj yoiij
iexpec-t that the treason and rebellion
j that lightynp tire; land with civil ‘war
| to-day" can hc,> jmt down while the
■; counsels of; the nation have their origin
■ arid l its deefecs emanate from the! very
! at mosph cro of. disloj’alty—where |t here
! is! searetdy a dwelling, a boarding
j housi;, a hotel, an office, a stfeiet or
I avenue that does riot! teem with danger
, , , r-»' ■■ -'f c yWft* [-iSj
to tip institutions of niir country,yon I s i)f of its co nstitiitioni .l.rigiit to iiiakt
might ns well send that government 1 the laws necessary jo :arly into eft'qd
to the city the [capital j to power of protecting Lh4govcrnr#ieiii
of secession, and ask it there to keep I by acting th is nil itnpoi-taiit latt|, a|ic
its counsels and preserve, them uritaint- t icy will ret ibveiauil tut roots tin
ed aitd exyi utc them .uninterrupted, as [srurce of a lj enmity to| th 3-govern
to ekpect'itin thedis.trict of Columbiajment at its own doors, and it will h
whilje slavery remains there in the free If ve to eXertj all its wi.thdn
exercisefjof its?-power. -The world Islpies and gilards, aiid prisons for th
knoi-s tljaf the? sympathy' of ,! vk*ry people who aU te(J' 'ah/ita tabl;
in the ilistricfiot Columbia for the j and”live by_its parental kindness!
enemies ;pf oUrJeountry, and the slid- I have iilov siii llal I b.-’s iv/Vn-.n
ter ilfurmshcd foi spies and the-knowb ference- to lie aboiilie n :>l i lavery i i
edge it gpvo: the rebels of the plans of the District Of Columbia.
the IgoveWiment, cost us the disaster | 1 ask'the indulgence [of the Senate
of!Bull l{un and-filled .the nation vr.ith | jbr a few moments w bile 1 [ake but n
sorrow, j,The world knows that trpa-j hasty glance! at; the r miuinibg' all in;-
son| at the -.Capital has -hedged our jporlaut and |moine:Uods proposition:
'every,step, overwhelmed us.-with dc- j'.li’lie' otter of the general govommei t
feat after defeat.- and crimsoned the Ito conic fu-ivard in lid of the Statis
Potomac with the blood of patriots. | that may bb disposid [to conijnente
JKow, long how long is this toeoiitinue? ■ ihe gradual einan'ei mfion of the. r
j How long-, shall treason sit it oni ! slat'c? bj'tbcir-owtj.volintar}'act!.t
[hearthstone and defy,us? Hot longj-j i I’egard this pfo joshion as co i
;oh I hovy-long shall the proud ensign taining the lioblest in riiutioni to moral
jof qiirciiuntry float ont over th 3 dome ’ Progress and social e evatkn ever < t
jOf tin- (japitol shadowing the sneers!; Shred by a goyernnn-ni to ts peoplj.
rami decision and defiance of i reason 1 i jit proposes!-tc| exte idj : the power!’il
heneathfi its .very folds? Iloir long.j arm of the genfcral jgi veruibcnt to rs
sjikll thptreomen of this land, bt forced | lieve a porilibn'ol its people - from tl e
tti jminole with -lliej enguics of our ! burden of I (he"; mjjist deadly iireiihas
.country| ami alipw treason- to” rebuke that ever .weighed j.dWn their inlul
, OU'i national pride at the. Very thresh-1 lectual, social and political hopes. It
ofthej-.-mplc of'otir liberties?—i; says to lliCsefSkitcij but’ accept our
In Miu-jiianm pf tbe[ founders ! of tho| relief-stud we will.jaijii voii, but real h
, Republje.-,iji-tbc name of alt; tho glo- font your bunds to thf-.fiberjlity.of'tl ic
-nes of ouvhistory, ill thenaiik of the!government,\aiid de.-ay shall vanish
nation s honor and safety, in tfchparnoj from yoiir [mlifst antyou shall Join
lot ilhe six hundred (thousand nertvwe j the. march cjf prosperity!' ft proposes
rb.ave sgnlto bleed Tot the perpetuation i no exertionjofipowiv**-oV luitimrityp 10
of (UmjjgovcrntnehtJ- lot tjiis i ationat? inteijfc -crlce with jn-iVs te
eT ?I bp; rempveU. God ouly can tell[rights—no j ciicroac upon tire
the - demoralization [this' country ‘has witl or evetj;llic; prcjudjiccs. ■ .The Gov
[sufleped, the patriotic blood that has erntneut comes in;lu ri inajestic beu tf
and eae- cenceTomerring (ete.ry right atid -*e
nndergope, because of the slave enl jirefer nice of Ihecitizod;
|ihlluenpe at ks capital, j Since the and with c rib baud o i fthc Goiiiuilutiofi
eapitafeannot be cast out from slavery of the latid, label Iwith the ottier ppiixtflii'g
?fhe [capital, the wav' to ihdividtial liappiiiess iliid
i^ ol 'r ■ <i -P a: * ,ixt y. that capi- national tithe name oFTidr
Ini l instead ot standing in the midst own safetj andglorj,and the elevation
of slavery, had reaf-od its donie in the the harnmnj” and iirosperitj- of tlie
atmosphere of a free-State ; if for the States, she invites tneurpto -uccointt h.qr
past sixty years, northern statesmen, maternal kindness. lo ;ei
\j ste , a< ? °*-.B°l in B down into Jslayery, his country with patript’s h'eart,behc Id
! V 8 bqqn surrounded by the ipspiring her struggling agai ibf the storm t ;va
1 L.. UC, I £;^ 3 c ree north, and sSuth- .has hrokoy ■ upon hi r can eontemplat
chi salesmen hadbeen brought here the promise of this pribpositibij and no
!9r, sixty years ; and instead ttf imbib- rejoice fobj the ftitiiiv It heralds, j
, ing sopthdru iprinciples and,receiving believe, sir” tliat at length, after wair
southern impressions for all thaV-tjmei dering so lpugds dai knesi, uhcertfilbt
we bgd; devoted; sixty-j earp to the, and nbxietiy a larh V shines upon on
disseminatiop. of northern ideas and pathway to] lead us up to ultin alt
jbprthtrp oyer the south. pcaceaDc harrupuyaPd national brbtl
-through-southern much-,erhcH)d;r H >, ; . I 1 ; d
- t W s X seeiiv-tKe fepirLl of these Vi
bave j of a \ol£ unbroken di\
| ' -j . :.J - ■i . ■ ■*, ■/;. *'
and .bow ranch we, should have con tri*
bated to a love for the Union all ovw
that land of treason \ and how ranch
more efficient and powerfulfor Our
defence in the day of trouble, in jtbo,
dark day of nationai disaster), atidhow ,gi
ranch more gloi Soils in prosperity, jin bi
Biission. of devobijping .and. ot
; this nation would ’have fr
overnnpnt surrounded,! and <■
and sup jiorted, and fiustaiii
riends, oy the sympathies,
-and the watchfulness: of _|
ratidip werhCforcyer in harmony and to
in love wltlrffs Spirit, jltjwas upon or
the' question of\>he lopat|on -Of ithe *e
Capitofl| that the njrst, i sqceosibh spirit «*
showed itself in tljeaputh. They fore- SJ
-saw that wo did notXTbcy! saw ’ the M
power) and influence which iW location T,
within slave territory wefttld givo thcm. hi
It can'e within, <ne ,yolp being lo
cated north, and leirthrcatVaye, the, tb
threat of Virgil a—thill shcVfonld | nc
secede if the Caj jtol w:4s.p uce'ftyith- i
in j free’ icrritor-yJ change.*! ' thatjhole’«•.
and p uced it sotuh. J Tpey Guide itNft | *
raatteSr of vital iraportaocpl and if re-H
. quired nil tllp wi ponyapd exertions Of | L
■ James Madison pd! th«j leading! mep iceiV
• ofiVirginia to prevent £ccßs.sioii| then. WpK
- And if they thi ught if a ofl
1 sutjh controlling and jov irwhclaiitig, no mnt(e gy
i. inijiQptance at tjUat daj-J Joes Jt ~n <| f|yy ■ j>i» C d j«V
5 but-ome as toconHiilcr uel the impor-'ui <ni«a» Qtfick
f tance to the Join .jsf the jre ti«m• tWijogt
i reracA-al of slavmt from] the Qipitot,) ® the^ekui
e Ithjit the inslititioh;; shal no jongcr j W! !
exercise an influence then. wto hayc | i, R> voDW con
y :(iib authority of ja* least nil the lb«|l--! <m *«*»* iif*|crthp
i- i ing nu-n of V irginia, at Imt day, for I nil ice. K«. 410 8M
it; the irhportancc tirlm-iv lib ■}' _atjUu-hed 1 '"P “Vh g
;oJ to t lt i subject. [[repeat that if. instead . ) ■
iv' oi' otfr rcp resen I stives koikvg sofith for
tT.!>^st> l -J*ara, af»4‘ allow fpfc thernselyes
e- itb iie"eiH-ircioi ij and (.poisoned with
re I what slave indjipice, -f&x after 'year
es ; j|h(l returning Jin rib (‘with southern
he fippresH-iOiWvWe had bypught southern
of. people north, kiid sent thenf -sputh
eo j ciiiiryiug .down •.Jllwi inculcations pul
-C ' Imp ressions of north, there would
•y i.ljavii • been in )tc patriotism in the
t- jkoti itryi to day j i ■ ; '■ _:i .’ j .
C; ,l : The* Constitution,j provides tpat
1- Gobgress,' slial have piwp--to provide
for calling fort i ,-tljo miii da to|execu)te
thpjlajvsrOf Congress 1 suppress inspr
rebtion and in rasion. | J
And it proVidps tu::tli >r thdt.'Cpn
gresa alratl have povrer to ipakfcjuii
laws necess£ij‘;'?amJ pro]»cr l<ir carry
ing into bxecntihn thy foregoing |»j>w
era aml x aU ot tier powers vcstijil by yhe
CVinstitutu/ii ir fhe gr vernment of jthe
•Uiuited States or uiiy d epaiiraenti i or
jbttice ibei-epf.. | ■ i J ’; j ■
if. |(i'bngress h»sfniiae[i a ’nuns iandjex
ilpcndecl iiiillio|Wto| suppress inßUiTec
ikion and, repel iiiyasibn. It sat \yeek
jaftbr week a id kiiopth after mointh
Iraaking, laws to jreiidtr this power
javailable. arm | at :er yrock aud
jhidnth after month it was foiled
fits! efl'ort8 I until it almost |idespaired
iojrl being able to bvom me-ihe evil of
treason that surronucled jit. Coa
igrless legislated law yith
ltd. iron hand l was inv
wore tilled With' men
millitary guards liiok
i th'evhomes of pri^*-
systems of.. .Ti' lv,) p
id* p.:iiiiipiro! soui!
tjoHain llie »pi ;s and'.tvai
■tip* the aeeu •secb;
■ agent ot’ rebillion. ]A
i' ponjilties Coigreks cot
1 tl e aid of th j j ; rniiitar% -
it i decree, cculd iiotj pi
Viiin toauumpt to- d,;uv
si ream by lines i and.
tlie totnUain iromainis.
lij dried , u Let <’oi
happiness, Already ft)
cloud gleams jthestai
its brigh t beams iflaVl i
1 bc(| nyr country in ii
leading the ■worjd i
eatnesa, and ifef
liming down tnelj
■ her. start .on *r|e
’ eliom; nnlJ
T 5 lores and b^tes,]*
.. I open and leara, regti
0( D, bow logt, bow.|«*
tai men t nnd radical cun
■ emiual we»lcnea« ( :m»i
:xi ill 'debility and ‘ininedi
anroll/;: ne:rTOß»ne»S',| i
lental and phyaieal incfpai
IEI F-AnDSK-H»rel ,<ul *
’bii mort'extrftordliiarv.pot
no la of oTeryl'jojo.pifipefi
idi Huge. and efcjry man [o
Ire i; to limit tbe number of
le r circumstance}. I |
•h! incidental to >
f illy exp»*mi*d ;\‘yerWpn]r*ic
, aiib'tild -be ifeiniWii
■neraeiiiffe. In fitct; it iliaclip
■ S !,! '-n $■
idry one sliiiald |dow|;|.«lu
ibt b» lockjeij op, ind ni
Ue. U »?iUi ai
• r.f twentylfivi eei)4» «]
i. ■ Ad-lresn(DrJMsKj.i
e , Streft. «bo*cs|r'o irj
?FUCTEU . Alii ’
%hat IM> M 3 oti
Nravlf midj-t I iej
NUj-jnktife dr]
\nny Iffhi f i
«v, «4‘i
rid ’ thOBSI fcl
i a n r in ft
I 1 ns eJj erijni
e ety inwf«n|oe pr<
lifing piit iuin tll'
■v 'need of its got ii
Samii'et- Untji eii t ;
lepiign Smttli* |
olin Surge d; j
jS'4 (-wßc
Um‘i' mi’i'ilifir SPA:
a.i iExl i if, [in
■ :M§m
ifniita! irt':
Ira f
tj 0,
[Je.i ;cr co
iktkl. Prisons
tuiU i
possession oi
; *
on live Fort 'y
five wile* i :»U'J
about' 'T\V K N
erect«U"l ijijrejj
.UO,l se l\fty t
truiuc-Ba • i. l
shoe shop ; 47
Tense ••
1 Esgfrh'tr. firi
t*uh*nbvr jin . iuvb.-,
on the premises, r| n
; worthy tliu'
it ju vain to
ionium! lu’ilgc
(ioijingSi oi tii<.*
J I lie pains uuil
Id inflict with
arm to execute
event itj It is
up the poison
tcniilties while
Let the 'syurei
ttrpss, avail it-
Rev. R.
Mrs. k.
\ 'msT ■
» ucation
given ira'tlid,
partmeiuf |i
■■ .1, -I ■ '• I!
All eipensi
per terra, 1 ef f
cnngcs. h i
Vn i trim
tll.V '<T II.•• CO
llic nj?*( T.i
i 25th, 1^82;
.•; ■’ Kolloc
I Cdff«ei is rffom’i
n [Tit
oral lJi{bHh[y. l*y p<|
tiers. jl'liiiusiiitd i *ji
nbarulnn ! tb'« a>f n
our ir.jimjm*/£fl|ee \
# ‘Btre»:gib ti *\ p ,1
Price ih .cVtttfl. ,j \
Is!' JFtI W
muk re It
The pim*
knowti, ff»r
i trend iu»W
. Ainl -•bid
fMi.iui h
“ JAS~
(iroccr &
■ i
..NO I'l.m
: Xo: 8;;
Opposite, I lie, M
t; SftUM-V!
f \ . lof' U
be ; IM'J
.. coronU*i»cem*i» v
-25tbl!fop;<fiVlj l
wbiv Tisb to i 1
-* s fesstoo. - Far
. £7 t' T .i
Feb. 2C. ’7.
v of SopUi ..fietlii
IF been granted I to
te »h« i»«iJ-«o4i ehUg-.
h- «a>d estate are ! eqanie
mei)t,and thtiae l&eliitt
»ent : (bom pr>j/(i)jr. Jo
5 I>'7 WHJUptI
o:‘ ht
r.ff or
in est
1 th «j
4sl: J U., -v S
■e [of | lermftojrrjiosfl
roWofi ry;)c'«iBs'mii»,
li nent i to nxjrrtago
i oDßurapti inJ jfits.
k itj.jtesilVlint from'
:Mil<liiiijd ip I IS4
pkfsbtinlu bfiiii the
gen conti nipli|upig
■ ijoro ir, .who Ue
‘ tbspr iiffepriii{||to j
'I i>; in, ili »eiis€| and '
tpr |y ftbd oidjagb,
lie e-pT.kuiiwjWp* -j
ifpiyeiu It os foil . ijj
si cr ‘ti tbnt ,;
fitii-beißtlitt c
.i’jlie \iib>utithe j
•V 3( ijote jßi |tl!e rij-_ .1
'specie It j>opfaEe i.
ihliPb ilftde.lffblai j
urfjiiiifi p se, . before i
:|c|re ijf nuy |f, the j
rrtpVeif ;»—■ ad- 1
j>:j(>Br r< jj copy
■i|d jit ciief illy. It
pjj lou ir nil f n dol
■lyjyour il'i | i
lilt'd on in', f
public it ipi
pritl nbote F<
fp jnu 'j) m 5,
fe CO'i
i ,r
E A la- it
E ;
i ii
iQv • |bii J
.\*'ry |t(»u l
§. Koch* if
L BrWg. »
' I!fi \pr.
i > KfcV il
inf'll r!n
f»' 's
• |mnr i**;
il q*ji lit
. li Fnllst
Iriggist* t
i■[ -sw
>1 jf'A ! f R:
l 7 fr Si
I i !.
\ ers.
;CiE M ■
'V- if
Jr »r” Sale
|a ttj ieW
f 'FI;'
1 1
: ej
k, r I•> t r H
iroJ Tiir. k|d.
.; «
lep ihilory In
in il g,
... s?s 00
( fiHuig I; n-
ilJ -bcliooVb jr
i| ! i| jtjVia-'r lAi/ :
ten '.n
|Y r\
hi yvu
|Pr ihai j
lurcefen w»
res 5
!np .;fcq
ft>r t'Ci
'era* boI
k' Si
W flled! liy ■
ill in<( n 11
J iijre been!
.vil! i
7 One on
Ml# of j)|t
I!.. I; 7
I ■ , ;S« eot V
it it
;CEB, ■
Intarj on Uii
‘U dee’d.v Ihi«
i county, | k*y«!
jubwri >pr, raiding in
illfpinibi iridthudto
p n)»l Bimiaedi*t»p»y
#a|p»* "pUI pltMepre-
BwWl ;Uedfati*etU«-
I-. '•
(V f
fittSburgb:, P 4.
sEtFdr ti?M of b^rawberl
we-wdll fnrntSb'lOO planter
J? tbefolloWingklnds,;’’. Triomphe'ds
Trollope's Viltirit) | Borr’sNew Pine,)
T !n'd and Witnon's Albany.!-'" ■; |■; • j
w Eor *lO «jaj will |fWralshsdf planish
• e following tboioe kinds dp
THllom’s Vicniptesse Heri*
Thnry.j j Fillmore, 1 lowher’s -; Prolific.!
Net’ Mine,; Jenny Lind, .Cutter's -8*
M’ irot'» Snj|erior undWilson's Albasg
. . Hi, r :2|r \hi>xpiie’X)e\Gand. |
1 'or nesorliftibn of this jnperb and nnriyal--
led Sir»>beripf, : see onr circular. Weikißfurl
nil ii ibis-rnrjety ard CielVlleijn’s Al.biny.'Tbe
tw ilciding biiicls, it llje following ratps; | f|j'
4|j; ii ,1 ' J i
iOscents per*d4ien,'B2 per 100: ’SOOO for |
> Jot', fiie-per cent, will be charged forjj
fonjj piiUibg.-■' ■>,[:[ ; >t I- villi
t, Albany. J ;
ier-dozen,-$1 per lO0,;f*
1” quantities at samp rate,
re will funiisli 10,00(1 '
10,000 Wilson's Albm
also {be charged for th
:ki"g.: ’
Flint's by Mail.
d ip any poatoffioeodd
paid] land carefully pu
p/oiie'bu'ndred: good pin
I in our catalogue |at -i
d. -For instance,- 100
i.’iol); Xroll'ope’a Violet
iie de Hand, *2, &e. ] ■ :
itiJers filled '.for-piunis b;
sue doilkr’s wortik ’ of-any j
iess' tbjin JQOsarb others
I sin ppice, i'Ji)
’ j Raspberries.
-■ Orange" and Franconii
.er 100.-.*lio per I,ooo_
rge Fruited 1 Monthly
son Bjiver Antwerp, lieu
•p, YellDtr Antwerp, Alio
tfr do*«W, $3; p’erj.VOo *2B
(American 111 tick iCau, 58
pr ioo. *25 ju; ■
:le\l L 'iew
Hivfewi 1 luriiiaii tt-AJ. 1 rincj]
Btirore I .Itsspborry, «s wi
at, tutut and ■.'{
lOninV'a very las fee rejl bey
|nclire| and eiiofinoualy [
itred , Auiciietj.nj ll.luck I
ire juicy .’ be l ter fiarprejtj
y.ryjwiy superior- to jt
fcij The j’K-tiil is entirely
betivej n'iiil’tlie fruit is
|« market.\’v : . -j.
pvt kilids include; the-three colons,
tel. and 6lnqt..aud;furnislJ a pleiiaii'iif
!fluv,or! s .’ Wie regard tliemlasj.tUe; beat
itja, and the nto it profituljtlc for uiar
j ’[ ' sk-j ) :
Rt uliell«i $1 perdOjen. §5 00; $27
I'.OOtj,; $lOO per.i6.Boo. Ilorclicstei - , (7pi
taper d-jteu, !j>4 per 100 -per T|000;
rmab’i fl'librnle&s; 50| cbifjts per dolei,i'; f s2j
.1 ' i2O per 1,0uf). ! '.We will s tud luO l
the ab ive three |iinds fur $lO. I'.ficb pi rjc’j
Sliawberry piid RlncSberry pUntp -pil'j
itain’ nrUitcdliinijtru'clvong ifbr c tltivatuui. j
For prices ofj (,rd['C-4, (lunants. Gooiebirj
s„ Rht|oarb, abe our tirbu
u* t wb!eh| will! bfc.sbnb’W iR' applicants ,eji
blltsin? ; |tbmpai’\Ve -fcttve pien|U at
■ip fib!stnt^t,'.«)]■'. j:,-!' | ,
Reed Stoh\nn<l MotykmvT il lb-pot,
V bete a 1 artirles belongiug'th socb an esf
t ent can fce bad, Of the [best quality. •
'raprSd h.s,i'- I; : j £ ' \" : ‘i
155 i
'i 1
seats' t
ild ' ana
lot, wi
and t|
• will ■<
rji pos
Ty »«f<
■y foul
iy for \
.A H)i:
5“ No
tiinn a
prheii 1
; the d
I !8B
if the
nit hie
Kirur’s Tf\
itcd £irfne
jlo, eents’fe
[inf roToi( i
tiizi d, j
1515 ,I
K ' ]f • t 1
ihd |in
I tyr f?f O
IKej 'Vltrgcj
f.rtu Fr.iuc
[flavor,- nit
: 11. <
»«ell, and
tibiek, Cnj
vjrigj piod:
aj'i|r in tl i
. .’{lie lib)
rei|i orani
foif a mate i
3 IJt-VSf
>3 COUi
- i
’.| • • j -• ■
'«f * !•* ’
I iijonphon
■:!, I .
[(mh IS),
w.' <8 mnU
[roJ» of
.fit• MSMIjoBV- -ll;
WOW .iIJQST; - jifpwi jiicalOflEl
'j kf j OP.I ■ { "PricefjSi* ,'ccnta.!: A i cclure. !on| ti <
and! radical cdrg t*fj
ml Wenbtiesi.
JeVilily, 1 mwUlm'ii
ly Xcrvousn ss, Oniisttra i
tits ! d/cntal ajm Physio
g fr)m Sitlfj u>uao, iic.
uijVpttfijLii.; si i
m tin's jrt.d&ha'
owhexj e
fu! |cniiHt*qimice3| of Se f
iaMy tenioven w;.tl»out n< d
dan|tr|iu3 . pj ei :i
- conliiils,
\o pi I'Pre ■ .oiicc ictrtJ i*
iictif every sufferer* ho Wxit
yit rtd radically. Tqis 1 ;c
-oop r to thousands, apdithru*
!7 ■-■t-.
in !# I plain rtj jvylope to r nj
cciht of six cen<Svi ot»i ni
addressing Dr.; CIfAS. J
-j»; suoo,ui uonery N. V. PlO. box, 45jg<
! tii‘i : M: -"t J "
pi-! : ,1
da, nho)
nd fruit
1 ! Also ;
tie ■ fnlti
tad- uuJ
ille ofll the,
4 Grulma).
I -■ .• ! .i
■!■■> ; OF'liliE ■■ :
m iptici
it i •/;.
n ‘ j' 12mo.i’mfaslinv ]irie| SOcpnlij
ir 25eitAs' r ; iCopiesjof Uiis lionk;
*° rrn'l u ,v pt of lhe Jjrice, in
■t- P)<- 1 ™ •:I ii /
jT" r-
|Bc best J iti
(iftvsicmn* )n
M E W n
I vIIOUS Ultol
i Compelled f
: &c tbiS wll
mry cuffci
i riel Butritiou
-CITS j.
“> I ' L
ep n iiitii ti-ii
j' j . '
AyiftG'tborijngilly .fitted-
Intent furnerly [krio-itu ;j
its- prsjrjirCd' .to; q
a'nd the-public gebcra
;lorjr’j maimer.} ; ’ J
li H
'All Niif-p, ; for fflf
| >l Cheaper ihh
It on- ? qi
It p<rr«nns Vj-ct
Irtqttfßted t« ct
jn'Kngioes ' mar
t&OEN' Til
A 1
'l'" . j
Met the
lOli Will
at,'- the
> forjtlio'fe
it i the pro-
: j .
1 IpJDl^iCTr^;
'f i r i:' ■ "5 p
I ,
„ I
[each of
nrt da
,000 tori
I ■ '■ J
y. five
a lor, for
ssa in tbcj
i op «o as
ts otanyi
■=» ’
; • mail (or
me kind
1; it misl;
• *1 ■s4.’
Antwerp j
i|k Hnri|\jif
p«r l,UtA|.|
clnts per:
i ic Orai>gLj
ij* ftJ» oiiC, >f:
n «i*ictiv<i •
•T, Of g<K<£
rt ductivc
: np,, mu|li
with tewcr
le! camlnyii
t ' 't
if: paper cot eri
will be gen fb
Ipostagi eta' itj-
Pulilislit r. : .
t.’P.hrt’a, P i.
<uth i mHli sire'
- !.<i
avf r BSc
(eflj I -
rep r i.e i o
■ -'.ij.-jl
np tlieestiil
(is the “Go
I ■''“T’v. . - > *|H »•*- —I ; „
jcoinmqd.ito .liib; For « n jij o i»y'» Plre,Kose,or iErya ’
Hr, mi tlfe most .•. ji- T i•• • ■ _:■ :i • ;• • t
[i Vpr.'i 11, 1 !B )• !■;:! , For Tetter or Salt Hheara. ; . [slpelai.
t_ [■ For Seal 1 Head and Ringworm*
, For Cancer and Canperoiss Sores.
‘ j For Sort Sore Earn and Hnmora.
1 For Finale Diseases. -' '7 i
B 7 For Sappreailon and
,’ ij For kypliUli or VcDnetl Diseases.
| For tlr<ir Complaints. I . ■
• For pii aici of the Heart.
■ The Mayors pf the chief titles of the TTnl
nle . Canadas, and British Provinces,
' ew ; Chili, Paru, Brazil, Mexico, andin facial-,
most all the cities on this j continent, .have :
: sighed this document, to asauro their people 7 ;
7 whni remedies Ithey may use with safety aSdS
Butour space will only admit [
tmlc iml
ii » the (1
l»y A. |S|
)1L :!! .
IL! I-’iJt
nil nnd[
Fa li
be dTKbnsin<
examine th ; i
'd . by ]
r.sTO», Pa
if Bens!.)
EAVER, j 4
.ARK, FI b'r.
TING ,:i
Jo/gab U
I j f
t«, the 'asdatmEMd' Mayors; hereby «*►■;
■ tv.* rS« Tiragariatal Apothecaries;, and '
nss2is‘ of ouriseyerid cities, hayej signed;
o«Lment of us that AVER'S
BSAPABTLLA baa been found -to bej.'
omedy ofgrokt exoollonoe, and worthy
i confidence or the; community, •:■; }
: arr. jahes cook, • v • :W''
, Mayor of liOwiHiLi KASSt
lON. ALBIN BEAM), - ■ ri.,
! ■ - 'Mayor of - NAuiICJA IT- A ■
? Mayor of MAHCHESTEB, If. B.
’' IV Mayor [of OOHCOBD, H. H.
3 ON. A. H. BULLOCK, /'
e :on. . nAth’l. sHiSBEE, I i ;
V Msjct of fIATi'P.M iWabsj:
HON. P. W. UNCOLN, Jr.; % ■
■ Mayor of BOSTON, MASS.
kon. 'WM. ik. Hodman,
Tl;: Mayor of FBOVXDBHOB, B.L .
3 lON. AMOS yr. preNtHcb,
Mayor ofHOBWIOH, COHH. -
I'-' ■ '■■■'■ ■■{ 1 4 - V }•: '
lION. J. N. HARRIS, f; i.
. '.- 'Mayor of NEW LOHDOHf COSE.
;ion. chas. s. rodibrJ •,
Mayor of MOHTBBAL, 0. B.
SON. D. P: TIEMANN, -[ , 'j'!-j
BON. H. M. taNSTBBY, _ : /
; Mayor of TT AMI f iTOH, G. |W.
i HON. ADAM WILSON, |jk,-! |
k f i ,■ 1 Mayor of TOHONfO,' p,; W.
i HON. R. M. BISHOP, rr--.t
-i . I Mayor of CINCTHHATI,iOHIO.
j , Mdyor ofiLOUISViLLB, KT.
i ndk john sloanJ .][ j
(! /. * ' /■: . y I Mayor of IjYOTIS, lOWA.
i[ HON- JAMES MoFEETEDS,' 4 ' j,
[’. ' lyTflyhp of BOiWMAJ^ VIIJiE. O. W.
’' hon. . James! w. ' NORik,
■! ■' j Mayor of AUGU STA, : ME.
. ‘Mayor of HALLO WELL, MB.'
EON. BEEK;j .4 f
. r Mayor of| PB£DEBICI|OH, Hi Bi
HON. WILLARD NY?,.]- '. j
. Mayor « f HEW BEDFORD, MASS.
HON. J. ilAisdell, j
/ Mayor of FALL BIVEBr MASS."/
w. H. CRANSTON, ■: --S
v ; Mayor of NEWPORT,. E. I
: . ■ , Mayor offGALEHA, ILL.
. Eiyi.r of DUBUQUE, lOWA.
i: >’ Mayor of CHATTAKOO&A, TEETH.
R. D. BAUGH, j
:i Slayor of MEMPHIS, TEHH.
3rlrD STITH, “ .. ■.
iS seEAN' ro 2 r *
9 ay or ofKOCHE^IpIR,
1 ,! Mayor' H. Ti
1 i -\ ' I •, f
:o. wilson, h ; |
Mayor of FITTEBUHG, ?Ai
H. BUHL, !,.
Mayor: of , DETHOIT, '.MICH:
MEAN iLi' PA^-E,!. / I '' : j ,
nyor of MILWAUKIE, Wl3.
i Majypr of BAOINE, WIS.
parr/ 'j kl.-
Mayor - of KETTOSHA, WIS.
, | Mayor of CHICAGO, ILL.
J. A.- ■■. HEATH, - ■. J.'
, 'Mayor jof SBLIIAV ALA.
1 Ail jliNOpLH*' : JiV' -
vr 's.l holYbad,
Mayor of- GA.
espartero Manuel, i
Mayor of yEBA CHUZ.
■ . Mayor lof MEXICO.
; ; Mayor jof HAVjjLHA.
i [Mayor of IjMA, FEBU.
ML G. MrLANG^ O . ■■ ■'
■■ Mayor of V'A.l'pabatso,■ LißiLr.-
| Mayor of 810 JAHEIBO, BRAZIL.
Certify tAat the| resident Druggists have
■ y |.j ' | assured them : ~
Is ga exceuent remedy, and worthy the con- 1 ,
. fidenoe of the;; community. ~■ !>■
r ’For Spring Diseases. • t
j For Furlftring [the BloodJ •
• k •• For Scrofula or'Klng'i IEvU. : ''
, For TnmOr«, Ulcer«, and|sores. .
■b • ’ >, For. -and plmiples.,;
Y : i' For 'tlotchei, Blaina, and Bolls.'
i. HON.
j HON.
/ 8
,n HON.
■ * ... ■r ■'
- Hon.
„ ; HOW.
l? lAjrer
'-! I" ''A*
.!. TREPARED BT<; i| ,
►r. J C. Ayer A Co*
. DWELL, MASS., ■ ,'| ■'
bjr Dn ggiti* ertrir whe».;: ■
' t&.'.Upr t»li by V. Minis, jr„ Bearer; S
Croat; Bpt ire teir, 'Waggohe(r 4 Lowry, free
dom; J. Nieiola, Baden;' J. 'Sargent, Jtlew
Brighton,- Jifao Black, ..Darlington, Dnn
')( 1-can & Edgar, FaU»t'jn,tod( Vy dealert errrT
,*'■| iflwt. .[f-T. «'■ •*.: ■ |. >y.
i. •
C&erry; Pectoral, i
er’S Pills, and J
Ayer’s Ague Cure,
v~ X'FI E" [' •t r
fin v/vff proof » tri tfrnng antf'dtroii
For ttateetneny Judges) Editors, Physician*
of j schools sc well os 'new, gits U
Xfaeirilboqnnllifled sanction,' sqd recant in eud i|
for nil coses of eruptions, and diseases of ths
■ scalp scd brain; but all who hare
It teMifiying that itwlU'prcsenre the. hair from
beirop gray; and from fhlling tosny age, as well
as restore. Bead the I j
t Oak Grove, 8, 0. Juno Z4lh, 1859.'
: Paor.- O. J. VVf'ioD: Dear sir:—Your Hair 'ro.
| gtoratlro is nipid]y gaining Popnijrlty in this
community. .r I havebad occasion-to. lay pr«.
judtee aside, and give yonr Hair Heetorati tea
.perfect test , , >! '
1 During the year 1314. 1 was rd- unfortanaft
ns to be thrown from my sulky against a roci
near the roadside,’from which toy bead recetv
ed a most terrible Wow; ennsinga great deal 0 1
Irritation) which "icf mtniinicnfed to (he hraii
nnd external surface ef the head, fr6ra the of.
fects ’of which my hair was, finally| dcstroyc,
hover the entire surface of the head, j From tb i
I tjroe I first discovered its dripping, howertj,
I op to the time-of its total disappearance,. I eta '
jployed • everything]; I* could] thing of,. being i
professional man myself, and, as I' thought,ue ■
derslamiing.tbe nature of the disease, but.’w B i
finally defeated in every prescription odvaoi
ed.' .- : , - '■ I . -'v.'. ■
These and no other cironmglanceg .indijee
roe to resort to yonr worthy IJnirßeslora'tivi
iwbioh I have every reaspn. to believe) product:
'wiyery happy result, tw.o months after the fir I
■ application. 1 had as beautiful a head ofyom
bairns 1 evpr f snwii for -which I certainly
yon my most sincere' thanks.' assure
dear sir, 1 shall recommend your ri medy to i
inquirers: , rpordover, I) shall .use Wy influent
wbioh l flatter myself to eay, ig not'a little;
You can publish this ff .you think proper*
;> !r Yours, verv respectrully
■ . . ?; jf. wright,7i, r>.
■ ; Office ef the Jeflersonianj: Phillippi . y
pec;, i2ti., ;«58, : ' r ii-, . -,. ,y
- Dear' *ir—l feel it my dutyias well i
• pleasure, ti> state to rou the following choU
gtiinccs, which yon’, use as ton (hitik p
per. A gentleman of tliit| place, lotto
has Keen bald ever since his youth; eoVui-h
that iqe wiis compelled to wear a wig. . Uu, =.v
induced .to use o' bottle of your ‘•Hair Ileata
.rive,” which be liked Very much,-and tt f
'Using orne two or three bottles nis Hair gr
; out quite .luxuriantly., hjidh . t: ,w i ,
f spiiie ijead of hair. ,Vf a .i.:- V' - . .
flrttHoftT./andlns li.* i. w kioAviri'.:
aojmhjng'counties'; rn..ny I ei . !';is c.i i i...
: Xoltlfe trM I it; el.this statetoeiU; 1 give i; to’yot
; the request of .Mr. IStadfur I.'v Veil eai/'se!
i great diy.u'pf yptfr Hair Jba.t ip this
the. Adjoining counties:. it! yu'uf pro
; agents. . Your, ,\c.. ' •
TII (> Mi'S 0\ ?I-i 1 sv,:
De, Wood; Dear. Sir, Permit mV t(f exm
the uU<»!titqn3; I ajn Jhu>l*'r;fo'r -entfre'i
toration ofiny. hair to Pa ; , r> ,h
the time ofiay Arrival, in the I'sttVrSt'i’te
was rapidly becoming gray, but u;■ ,u t;,*.'
pUcatioti dfyouij ‘Mlairtteiiorativ.ji'it j. r,..,
novere (if .its' -onginkl liiie,f , l. cut-burr ‘:
.RestordUH as
efficacious fas well aif agreeaWei. ■ ■
.■ ’ ■,r :! " ■ -I.: s. Tnu;:;Ki;
‘ is put up'inibMtjl** of?
sizes: largcu- inediurii/uud the-'surtl
plut. and re.tftils'. tV»r fine'.. per "boViie
mediur.v,hol-is at least I w e.i:tyr’j’■-.*r cetat ■!
iii proportion than the snniW, ..retail's .for
dollars .pc-r bot-tie; tao/ a o'iijj'ij
iiVj>rop‘i>i;iiMn,-an.j retail?-for
; O j.’\vOOlij’.at Co,. Troprietlvs, i4-J4 P.
ifayv N'.. V„ an d-d i’t. Louis,'
v: y\nii sold/ by ail' and Fancy (I
Dealer?*.- \ • •,/ : ,j| June G.'lb i
I Hi
• Nb-. 92 Market Street, •
r ; :-3RiVtslbT£litigr33L,
v\ro now opdi.iLg a large;and . well se!
stock of " 1-' ’,v
h.iving *j ceii boughl'ai’-AUtiTIOX PKU.K
\ri li' dispose the same at-about halffbc o:
cost, >’ : i■ -• •
so('cents to-.iuiv defirtd f.ric
' from 50 Cents to.any si|rsflfeiKi>rfte
A Ifirne' sUOk frohp.SC o<> iHfl up'v^'
ETT&US tOi-tumrhturt j.orr tue .cs
|‘lion. Jdlrti Scnit, of. U-Ir'eweil
I l3eavey co., i:c ji.vhnviig bJeeV grnato'i
indented tn snjd
[ .ire recpvei-aed to make immediate p*ivme i
Ibose claims Ag*ju»t‘' e/iid| estrif
ipresent/tbeio tO the VubscHber^rpropc::
uhertticaled ‘for settlement.;. ;
KomniT oJ-scotx, \
DAVID fU-:i>D, f
r J'UEUK is nothing made by art that
V and beautifies a man or woman so i
‘ft nice settof teeth Dross as you if
! should you be unfortunate enough [t<r
a settlof bare glims or old/decayed
1 teeth, your beauty disappears-as noi:
Their use is of more than!
times their cost.- /'They; are J
grind your food. if that isHfrot yell
Ithe etomaclf cannot digest'.it,' consecj’ue
digestion, fallows.- Then go at once,to!
/ IS. l>ENttsT.
' Jle will make you a very fine sett j ,n;
med Teethj on CoroUte Base, for j£l
Elate Gummed Teeth,.sso; pfaj
mei teeth,.s2o; common si tiddly oral
$S All ybr.k warranted to rendvji*
jtibn.- Workmanship aVgobd,,as_ Anjy*
the county, offer the .firfct of Aprif. ]
pr*co of Ooralite will be J{e
Electro -Magnetic Galvanic' apparatus
alleviationof pain in extracting.teilth;
j. Office—Croadw’ay, Ney Brightort|
General S'Goii-w’.ibiQirO: M
. ' :• AS'D
ptfiler in Flour , Grain. 'ari(l .
•of Country ProJ'ay,. J( r; /u
.Liyuor.r. Ci'/ars. Tob.a<yo.
ce ami AVarehouse,No; 237 rfoatll
advances made on con
:l\ ; ■'"> ■■ -- • *‘!
I:, B. D. MARK ER, FrQp*
i Cor. Irwin St. fi• Diiqm»n\. .
! ” riTTSiiUiidif.:
/The “Scott House” is il»f J
fepst arranged llolds in tl c Irpn Citt
their pains nor expense wiJJ be spare
tain its well-earned reputation.
Convenient to titer Bridges and Bai|ro
specially comrnehds'-it to the travel
' dealer! in
800 KSy S TAT 10%
> 7100.; 'NfIW BKIGIITO
VV Store:' ■■JrJ.----:
BLUE and (lemUe lak*,** O
■ ftwrt-', - : V
»!>. • f.
n* ;
, .'j
; ite rtf
e?tn*c. .
it, »u>tl ~
rV : will'
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: adorns
m tj - r
ipucn as
> J|< find*
exhibit .
imps of
mill to’
ntljr In-
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le b:ise,.
made* in ..
SO-J. the '
uses on
for the
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I and .
;v • ■
2d street
(siguitiv-ny |
\ay r
irgest and
.'and net
:• I'T'ilior).
) !(i sts lions
I .ng'public."
E N D,
T1C1.E3. -
N, Pa.
ioisi’ Diojs
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