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Bellefonte, Pa., May ©, 1982.
BOOZER.—Johr F, Boozer, a na-
NEWS ABOUT TOWN AND COUNTY. of joo week, as the result of an
~The Ideal Manufacturing Co., | intestinal hemorrhage, following born in Penn township on
of this place, makers of “The Magic three day's illness.
Mistolator,” received an order from
one firm, on Saturday, for 135 of Catherine Keller Boozer and was
their vegetable tables. | born on a farm, near Centre Hall,
——The regular monthly meeting on September 10th, 1855, hence was
of the board of directors of the Cen- ib his seventy-seventh year. His
tre county Motor Club will be held | early life was spent on the farm but
| forty-one years ago he located in
$e le er) rm dl,
. i he
— Next Tuesday afternoon the taking establishment, a business
| conducted until his death. A peculiar
Danville High school baseball nine | incidence in his career as ah ull
will play the Bellefonte Academy on i. er was ihe fact thal his: fest
Jiugucs Bel; 9) 2.90 Dow. Mme funeral was that of J. A. Woodstock
being coached by a former Tri-State | gud Me ny — " 2s ago,
pitcher and is said to be very!
strong. Go out and see the game,
——The Bellefonte chapter of the
Red Cross has received an additional
-allotment of garden seeds from the
National organization which they
will distribute from the W. C. T. U.
ter, Mrs. John Millward, of Osceola
Mills, On December 31st, 1908, he
married Miss Cora Cassatt, of Lock
| Haven, who died five years ago,
rooms, Friday and Tuesday after- j..uing one daughter, Miss Fay |
‘noons. Anyone unable to buy garden poser at home. He also leaves one |
‘Seeds can get them there by apply- y,other, David A. Boozer, of Centre |
ing in person. Hall, who is now seriously ill in the
——The recently organized Jack- | Lewistown hospital, Mr. Boozer was
‘son-Crissman-Saylor post, Veterans a member of the Methodist church,
‘of Foreign Wars, moved, last week, the Odd Fellows and the Knights of
from the third floor of the Watch- Malta.
man office to the Bogle property Funeral services were held at his
‘south of Bellefonte, better known late home, at 2 o'clock Tuesday af-
as the Kew Gardens Inn. They have | ternoon, by Rev. G, W. Faus, burial
leased the property with an option being made in the Osceola Mills
to purchase the same at a reasonable | cemetery.
price. | Il Il
——The May meeting of the Gar- | ROWE.—George W. Rowe, a well
‘den Club will be held Wednesday, known resident of Boalsburg, pass-
May 11th, at 3 P. M., at the home ed away last Wednesday evening as
‘of Mrs, Harry G. Witter, east Cur-| the result of complications develop-
‘tin street. Mr Manus Curran, of the ing from an attack of the flu he
‘Orchard Hills Nursery, Mili Hall, suffered some six weeks previous.
“will speak on plants suitable for a He was a son of Mr. and Mrs
Tock garden. Members are asked to| John Rowe and was born at Eagle-
take seedlings for exchange and also | ville Centre county, on January 1st,
cut flowers for exhibit and ribbon | 1860 hence was 72 years, 3 months
awards, and 26 days old. When he was a boy
——On Tuesday morning an em-| his parents moved to Centre Hail
ployee of the Bell Telephone com-|and there he grew to manhood and
pany parked one of the company's | learned the trade of a blacksmith.
big trucks in front of Dr, Hoffman's | He followed that occupation for
office, on Allegheny street, then went many years finally moving to near
across the street. The brakes on the Boalsburg where he engaged in
truck let go and the big machine farming on a small scale. He retired
«started down the street and crashed several years ago and “Socated in
into an electric light standard in
front of the Masonic building, knock- en Dany nw Bliss
HERE AND ELSEWHERE mer, a native of Centre county, died away at his home in
'at his home in Harrisburg, on April tion, on Sunday morning, following
| 21st, following an illness of several an illness of two
tive of Potter township but whothe months as the result of an attack of a complication of diseases.
past forty years has been a resident the grip.
| Susan Strobm Kreamer and was came to this country from Alsace
| Lorraine, Germany, and was born
'on Spring Creek 73 years ago. Most
He was a son of William and age of 73 years, 6 months and 21 Of his life he worked as a butcher
He was a son of Jonathan and
30th, 1858, hence had reached the
days. The early years of his life
were spent on the farm but over
| KREAMER John Howard Krea-| BEEZER Elias Beezer passed
Bush's Addi-
years or more with
| garet Steinkerchner Beezer,
He was a son of Alois and Mar-
| for the Beezer meat market. He
| married Miss Sarah Oswalt, who sur-
| party of men from Pittsburgh, who will | pace, having
| drive to Louisville, for the Kentucky Monday of
Derby tomorrow. |
—The William Hurley's over-Sunday |
guests were their two daughters, Miss!
Bagel, of White Plains, N. Y., and Mrs. |
Paul Kerk and her son William, of Paoli. | per family, at Greenville.
—Dr. and Mrs. S. M. Nissley, Mids _zr and Mrs. Ralph Beezer and their
Elizabeth Hart and Mrs. Willis Bottorf, gon Jack, of West New York, N. J., were
drove to Harrisburg, Tuesday, in the | among the out-of-town relatives here for
Nissley car, the trip being one of busi- ‘the funeral of Elias Beezer, Wednesday
arrived here from Maryland
last week.
~—Mr. and Mrs. H. Laird Curtin spent
in Mercer county, having driven
a visit of several days with Mr.
sister, Mrs. T. V. Hodges and
t A
- 5
forty years ago he located in Har- vives with three daughters and a
risburg and engaged in the wholesale son, Mrs. John Gettig, of Swissvale;
produce business in which he was Mrs. David Miller, of Bellefonte;
quite successful. He was a member
of the Presbyterian church, the Har-
risburg Rotary club and a director
in the Camp Curtin Bank and Trust
Fifty years ago he married Miss
Alice VanOrmer who survives with
one daughter, Mrs. J. A. Sherger;
|of Harrisburg. He also leaves three
Mr. Boozer was twice married. | gigters, Mrs, A. A. Frank, of Mill-
His first wife was Miss Mary Dale, heim; Mrs. Mary Miller of State 10 o'clock on Wednesday morning by
of Centre Hall. She left one daugh- |
College, and Mrs. Cora Bowman, of
Los Angeles, Cal. Funeral services
were held on Monday afternoon of
last week, burial being made in the
Harrisburg cemetery.
WOODRING.— Mrs. Pibmmie Jane
Woodring, widow of G. Frank Wood-
ring, died on Sunday afternoon, at
her home in Tyrone following ten
day's illness with pleuro pneumonia.
Her maiden name was Phemmie
Jane Cowher and she was born at
Port Matilda on February 6th, 1858,
hence was past 74 years of age. In
1877 she married Mr. Woodring and
they located in Tyrone over forty
years ago. She was a member of the
Columbia avenue Methodist church. |
Her husband died 26 years ago but
surviving her are the following chil-
dren: Clark Woodring, Tyrone; Ben-
ner, of Williamsport; Mrs. B. C,
Bowman, of York; Mrs. Clarence Gal-
braith, Mrs. Harry Updyke, Robert
and Hubert Woodring, of Tyrone.
She also leaves a half-brother and
half-sister, Frank Newman, of Lock
Haven, and Mrs. William Oberheim-
er, of Philipsburg.
Funeral services were held at her
late home at 2:30 o'clock on Wed-
nesday afternoon by Rev. 8S, W,
Strain, burial being made in the
Presbyterian cemetery, at Port Ma-
Il ll
FAUST.—Mrs. Rebecca J. Faust,
widow of Howard Faust, died at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Harry
ing it down and causing considerable | th daughters, Mrs. H Kuhn, |
damage. |of Williamsport; Miss Blanche, a |
——The concert given by the government stenographer in Marris- |
‘Bellefonte student orchestra, under burg, and Miss Daisy employed at |
the direction of Mrs. Louis Schad, | State College in a clerical position. |
Jn the Presbyterian chapel, last| ge alsoleaves one half-brother, Dan
‘Thursday evening, was greeted by a
large and very appreciative audience.
‘After paying rental for rehearsals
late home, at 2:30 Saturday after- |
iel Rowe, of Beech Creek.
Funeral services were held at hus
Cummings, at Centre Hall, last Fri-
day, following an illness of some
Her maiden name was Rebecca
Neese and she was born in Penns-
valley 75 years ago. Her h
died eleven years ago but yi
her are four children, Mrs, Harry
Schuyler, Mrs. Harry Cummings and
Ralph, in New Jersey, and Marie, at
home. He also leaves three brothers
and two sisters, Franklin and Christ
Beezer, of Bellefonte; August, of
| Punxsutawney; Mrs. John Garis and
| Mrs. Charles Kustaborder. of Belle-
' fonte.
He was a lifelong member of St,
| John's Catholic church and funeral
' services were held in the church at
‘Rev. W. E. Downes, burial being |
' made in the Catholic cemetery.
il I
McKINLEY, —Corbin McKinley, a
| native of Centre county but who
| for the past three years has been a
| member of the Detroit police force, |
| died on Sunday afternoon following
| three week's illness with pneumcnia.
He was a son of William and
Chestie McKinley and was born in
| Boggs township on July 17th, 1901,
| hence was in his 31st year. He went
a member of the police force of that
city. He married Miss Lethia Rich-
with a little daughter, Betty Mc-
| Kinley. He also leaves his parents,
living in Boggs township, one sister
and three brothers, Mrs. Roy Rock-
cy, of Bellefonte; Roy McKinley, of
Howard; Claire, of Bellefonte, and
| Gregg, of Howard.
| The remains were brought to
| Bellefonte on Tuesday afternoon and
| taken direct to the Advent cemetery
| for burial, Rev. M, C. Piper perform-
ing the burial service.
fl I
SHUEY.—Henry P. Shuey died at
his home at Pleasant Gap, on Tues-
day of last week, following an illness
of two years.
He was a son of John W. and Mol-
lie Rockey Shuey and was born at
Dale's Summit 64 years ago. During
the earlier years of his life he en-
gaged in farming in College town-
shp, but for some years had been
| employed at Whiterock Quarries.
When but nineteen years of age he
marri©] Miss Emma J.
Tusseyville, who survives with one
son, Oliver Shuey, of Hublersburg.
He also leaves four brothers, Harvey
ness and pleasure combined.
—Newell Long, assistant to the presi-
dent of the First National bank, and Mrs.
Long, drove to their former home at |
Emporium, Saturday afternoon, for an
over night visit there as guests of Mr. |
and Mrs. H. B. Jones,
| Ralph Beezer is the son of Mr. Beezer.
week, by the death of her brother-in-law,
| Mr. Price, and will remain there with
her sister, Mrs. Price, for an indefinite
| time.
to Detroit about eight years ago.
and three years ago was appointed |
ardson, of Detroit, who survives
Love, of |
—Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shields and | __zr and Mrs. James C. Furst are
their two children, of Reading, Miss | gntertaining Mrs. Furst's sister, Miss
Thresa Shields, Supt. of Nurses at the ‘Manel Harrar, of Williamsport, who came
| Braddock hospital, and Miss Jean Hay, |(o Bellefonte, last week, expecting to
of Pittsburgh, were all guests at the gnend a part of the month of May with
Michael Shields home, on Logan street, | the Furst family.
Saturday and Sunday. —James McWilliams, a former Belle-
—The Wayne D. Stitzinger family. of | gonte Academy student, but now of the
New Castle, and Mrs. Stitzinger's sister, | yniversity of Pittsburgh, was here as an
| Miss Martha Johnston, a student at| svar Sunday guest of Louise Tanner, at
| Westminister College. drove in from the the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
western part of the State, last week, to’ George Tanner, of east Bishop street.
spend the week-end in Bellefonte, at the | yo prigay Mrs. Odille Mott and her
| J. K. Johnston home. | son Basil motored up to State College,
—Miss Emily Wilkinson, daughter of where they picked up Mrs. Mott's two
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wilkinson, came home | sisters, the Misses Pauline and Sidonie
from Philadelphia this week, after com- Bronoel and then journeyed on to Little-
| pleting her interne work as a dental hy- gtown, Pa., for an over-night visit with
gienist. Miss Wilkinson will be in Belle- | the fourth sister, Mrs. Adam Redding
fonte until deciding as to where she | They returned to Bellefonte on Saturday,
will locate permanently. | —Mrs. Forrest Bullock was brought
—Henry 8S. Linn went to Philadelphia, | home from the Clearfield hospital, Sun-
last week, to attend an exclusive board day afternoon, where she had been for
meeting of the Pennsylvania Society of | five days treatment by Dr. Waterworth
Cincinnati, and remained there for the Mrs. Bullock is recovering from a year's
triennial meeting of the general society, ‘illness, a part of which time she spent
which was held at the Bellevue Stratford, in the Clearfield hospital, Her condition
Wednesday of this week. | now is so much improved that 4 perma-
—~When in Centre county recently for nent recovery is anticipated,
a visit back home to Half Moon valley, | ————eeeee
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Clemson, of Al-| COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM
lentown, spent the time with Mrs. Clem- FOR BELLEFONTE HIGH
son's mother, Mrs. Frank Clemson, on
the Jam and with other members of Ste The baccalaureate service for the
y here and at State College. | graduatin
—J. O. Brewer drove to Syracuse, N. 8 class of the Bellefonte
High school will be h 1d
Y., Saturday, spent the week-end there Presi e in the
with relatives and returned home, Mon- Sh oyirian chuich, May 20th. Rev,
day afternoon, bringing with him his - Gast, of St. John's Epis-
| sister, Mrs. William I. Newton, and her ©OPal church, will deliver the ger-
| daughter, Emma, who will be with mon.
| Brewer family for a month or more.
| —=After spending the winter with her
| daughters, Mrs. John Shaughnessy, of
| Lewistown, Mrs. H. M. Wood, of Harris- | Specialty writer for the Philadelphia
| burg, and Mrs. Ward Showers, of Pleas- Public Ledger, will deliver the ad-
ant Gap, Mrs. L. H. Wion is expected | dress.
| in Bellefonte this week and will occupy
| her house on east High street for the
| summer.
| —Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Thomas, of
| Buffalo Run valley, were in Bellefonte,
| Friday afternoon, for several hours, being
| kere to meet their daughter, Mrs. Van
Housen, of Buffalo, who was the former
June 2nd, in the Richelieu theatre
C. William Duncan, columnist and
| Verna Thomas, Mrs. Van Housen expects
| to be with her parents for the month of
| May or longer.
j =—Mr. and Mrs. Van Jodon, with Miss
Shuey, of Lemont; D. L., of Pleas- Belle Johnson as a motor guest, left
ant Gap; Ira and Jared, of Abilene, Sunday on a drive east. The Jodons went
ito New York on business while Miss
‘and concert music and printing bills, | Charles Faust, of Centre Hall, and
noon, by Rev. A. S. Asendorf, of
‘there was a net balance of $22.00,
“which was turned over to the Asso-' of the regular pastor, Rev. Wink, of
‘ciated Charities. |the Reformed church, of which he
——State College is to have an was
‘airport. It is to be located beween
“Oak Hall and Boalsburg, which will
be several miles from the College
town. The field will be 2000x2200
‘feet in size and located on high
ground so that pflots will have no
State College, owing to the illness
a member, burial being made |
in the Boalsburg cemetery.
i § |
NEWMAN,—Mrs. Lenna E. New- |
| man, wife of Henry R. Newman, died
'a her home in Tyrone, on Tuesday
” of last i
trouble coming down or taking off. j hi following two yeurs|
A hangar 50x60 feet will be erected | gne was
i a daughter of Joseph and
vi Zrrangenents ontempiste light- Rebecca Decker and was born at
eld for night flying. jon Matilda on August 27th, 1883, |
———A list of 101 books suitable hence was in her 49th year. In No- |
for a rural boy's library has been | vember, 1900, she married Mr, New- |
compiled by Willard P, Lewis, li- man and they lived at Julian until
rarian of the Pennsylvania State moving to Tyrone five years ago.
College, and Miss Kathryne Stan- She was a member of the Grace |
‘ford, librarian of the agricultural k-| Baptist church, in Tyrone, and the |
brary at the college. Old favorites, Amona Bible class. In addition to
Indirn stories, travel stories, west- her husband she is survived by the
ern stories and other fiction, poetry, following children: Mrs. Glenn Tay- |
stories about boys, stories of the lor, of Hughesville; Mrs. Thomas
alr, and miscellaneous books com- Mason, of Philipsburg; Mrs. Robert
pose the selections. Koch, of Pine Grove Mills; Miss Ruth |
: ——Up to the present time the Newman, of Allentown; Paul, Ger- |
County Commissioners have been ald and Glenn, at home, She also
‘unable to make an apportionment of leaves three brothers and two sisters
the money received from the State John Decker, of New Castle; Mrs.
Toe the benefit of the unemployed William Valentine, of Bellwood; H.
of the fact that reports have A. Decker and Mrs. Harry Irwin, of |
not been received from all
boards of auditors and overseers of ing valley.
the poor in the county. In the mean-, Funeral services were held at her
time there is a fund of $10,799.77 in late home in Tyrone, on Sunday af-
‘the county treasury ready for dis- ternoon, by Rev. John P. Harris,
"tribution just as soon as all reports burial being made in the Julian
“are in. | cemetery.
——The Woman's Guild of the fi I
Presbyterian church served a supper TIBBENS.—Mrs. Mary Ellen Tib-
in the chapel, Monday evening, bens, wife of George T. Tibbens,
‘which was followed by a little play, passed away at her home on east
a farce in one act entitled, “Ici on Howard street, Bellefonte, at 4.10
Parle Francais.” The cast of char- o'clock on Sunday morning, follow-
"acters included Ethel Crider Mrs, ing an illness of several years with
Louise Campbell, Mrs. Julia Noll, | a complication of diseases.
Mrs. Hays Mattern. Lenore Capers, She was a daughter of George W.
Martha Geiss and Virginia Beatty, and Elzabeth Scholl ana was born
and those who were fortunate enough at Rock Forge on December 27th,
to be present at the entertainment 1863, hence was in her 69th year,
felt that it was well worth the price On August 6th, 1885, she married
of admission. | Mr. Tibbens and they started their
married life on a farm in College
~——Announcement was received in
Bellefonte, yesterday, of the mar- township. Later they lived in Benntf
riage of John Clark, a Bellefonte | township and for a number of years
Academy student, and Mrs. Sarah Past had been residents of Belle-
K. Musser, of Bellefonte, but partic- | fonte. She was a member of the Re-
ulars as to where the wedding took formed church all her life.
plece were not stated. Mrs Musser | Surviving her are her husband and
is the widow of the late Francis one son, Earl O. Tibbens, of Belle-
Musser, who died less than a year fonte; also two sisters, and one
ago. The bridegroom, who is only | brother, Mrs. James Miller, of Cole-
nineteen years old, is a son of Mrs. ville; Mrs. Clement Dale, of Pleas-
Jane Hall, of Warren, by her first ant Gap. and Elmer Scholl, of Akron,
“husband, He has been a student at| Ohio. Funeral services were held at
‘the Academy since January 1931. her late home at 2:30 o'clock on
“The couple left here on April 24th | Wednesday afternoon, by Rev. Rob-
“and are expected to return to Belle- | ert Thena, burial being made in the
‘Tonte some time this evening. | Union cemetery.
| Mrs. James Reeder, of Spring Mills,| He was a member of the Metho-
| Johnson stopped in New Jersey with her
She also leaves three sisters and a
brother, Mrs, James McCool, of Cen-
tre Hall; Mrs. Sadie Ohl, of Nittany;
Mrs. James Kane, in the State of
Washington, and Adam Neese, of Le-
Rev. S. A Greenhoe had
of the funeral services which were
held on Monday afternoon, burial
being made in the Sprucetown ceme-
ROYER. Mrs. Mary Ellen Royer,
wife of John H. Royer, died on the
night of April 21st, at her home
near Sprucetown, following a linger-
ing illness.
She was a daughter of William and
Elizabeth Moyer Boal and was born
near Colyer in 1858, her age at death
being 73 years, 5 months and 9 days,
She is survived by her husband and
the following children: Fred H., of
Potters Mills; Mrs. Charles Eungard
and Mrs. Gardner Long, of Centre
Hall; Mrs. Lester Goss, of Milroy,
and Ray Royer, of Potters Mills. She
also leaves one sister, Mrs. William |
Lingle, of Milroy.
Funeral services were held at her
late home on Monday morning of
last week, by Rev. W. E. Smith,
day afternoon by Rev. C. A. Metz-
ger, burial being made in the Zion
| Hill cemetery, near Tusseyville
{ 1]
i i id
| GRAFFIUS.—William E, Graffius,
| a retired railroader, died at his home
in Tyrone, at 6 o'clock on Sunday
morning, as the result of a heart at-
was born in Halfmoon township,
Centre county, on January 5th, 1857,
hence was past 75 years of age. As
a young man he entered the employ
of the Pennsylvnia Railroad com-
pany, in the operating department
at Tyrone, and held the position of
general yard master when placed on
the retired list five years ago. He
married Miss Mary R. Ruffhead, of
Jersey Shore, who survives with five
Funeral services were held on
Tuesday afternoon, burial being
made in the Eastlawn cemetery, Ty-
LUCAS,-—Mrs. Malinda A. Lucas,
widows of Capt. William Lucas, vet-
of the Tyrone, and Joseph Decker, of Sink- pyrial being made in the Zion Hill l eran of the Civil war, died at the
‘home of her daughter, Mrs. J. W.
dist church, at Pleasant Gap, where |
funeral services were held last Fri- |
He was a son of Thomas W. and
Jane Elizabeth Stephens Graffius and
| sister, Mrs. Hollobaugh, who will leave
her home in the care of her sister while
she attends the general conference at
Atlantic City.
—Mrs. James Schofield has returned to
! Bellefonte to open her house, on south
Thomas street, for the summer, after
spending the winter months with her! MOORE.—Mrs, May Bigelow
daughter, Mrs. G. Ross Parker and her Moore, wife of Miles Moore, died at
family, at New Brunswick, and Mrs. Me- her home at Juli last Friday,
Ginnis, at Allentown. Mrs Schofield is
following a brief illness, She was a
now with the Charles Larimers, with daughter of J
| ill i
Whom 3he w be " able to oceupy | erine Bigelow and bo
—Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Bixler, who were USt 8th, 1896, hence was
down from Waban, Mass., the latter part Year. She married Mr.
of April, fora visit with Mr. Bixler's par- 1914 and he survives with
| ents at Willlamspor:, were with Mr. and | lowing children: David,
Mrs. H. B. Shattuck, at State College, ward, Grace, Howard,
and with the Potter family here for a neth and an infant son.
| short time while back home. Mrs. Bixler leaves three sisters and two
was the former Marguerite Potter, native arg Mrs, Jennie Reese Port
| of Bellefonte. Her early married lifé, | tilda: Mrs. Pearl 30 iB
however, was spent in Lock Haven. | Mary Spousler, William and Wilbur
| —The guests of Mrs. William McGow- | pigelow,
{an on her week-end driving party were | » all of Altoona, Funeral
| her daughter, Sister Oliva, of Lancaster, |
| and Mother Francina, of Philadelphia,
| Miss Katherine McGowan, and Agnes |
| Kellerman. The party, in Charles Miller's |
| car, left Bellefonte Friday, driving di-| The Bellefonte High school. on
| rect to Rochester, where they visited | my egday evening, was the scene of
ester they went to Niagara Falls and 3 very Leagan gathering. To cele-
then up into Canada, the return drive to
' Bellefonte having been made Monday.
—E. Tirrell Tuten, elder son of Mrs.
Earl Tuten, of Harrisburg, is anticipat-
il Il Grant, at Patton, on Wednesday af-
| WALK.—Benjamin F. Walk, for | ternoon of last week, as the result
| many years a resident of Taylor | of general debility,
| township, died on Saturday MOTNIng, |
|at the home of his granddaughter, hence was 92 years old.
Mrs. Joseph Decker, in Sinking val- | years the family lived in Philipsburg
ley, as the result of general debility. but since the death of her husband,
| He was born at Hannah Furnace 80 in 1920, she had made her home with
| years ago and spent most of his her daughter, Mrs. Grant. In addi-
{life in that vicinity. He is survived | tion to the daughter, two sons sur-
| by one son and a daughter, John vive, Harry S. Lucas, of Portland,
| Walk, of Tyrone, and Mrs. John | Oregon, and John H. Lucas, of Pitts-
Quick, of Morrisdale, Funeral serv- | burgh.
ices were held, on Tuesday after- Funeral services were held at the
noon, at the home of a Erandaugh. | Grant home on Friday afternoon, the
ter, Mrs, Jesse Light, Tyrone, remains being taken to Philipsbu
burial being made in the Mount | for burial. on
Pleasant cemetery, near Hannah
Il . ——Excellent quality 55 Ib. two
FARLEY.—John Farley, who lived | [3YeF cotton felt mattresses, $8.75.
a short distance from Bellefonte | Genuine Rome Co. helical top coil
| bed springs, $8.75. Hand made 72
along the Jacksonville road, died on coll Wx #7 fil 8
Saturday morning, April 23rd, from AC A Spies $1 2 A ng
a complication of diseases. He was | . king, .00, during
78 years old and was born at Hecla [tonal Invest jn Rest Nga
| Park. He married Katherine Graf- | Brachbll's furniture store.
myer who died several years ago
| but surviving him are two daughters |
| Farley, of Bellefonte, and Mrs. M. | er's Day at the Miller hardware
H. Kustaborder, of Bellwood. Funer- store, on Allegheny street, all day
| al services were held in St. John's | tomorrow, Of course white carna-
| Catholic church on Monday morning tions will be specialized, but there
of last week, burial being made in|will be many other beautiful cut
| the Catholic cemetery. and potted flowers to select from.
She was born at Karthaus in 1840,
For many
—— Mrs. George A. Miller will hold |
and a son, Elizabeth and Thomas her annual sale of flowers for Moth-
ing spending the summer in Florida, hav-
ing accepted a call to the Presbyterian
church at Pinnelias Park, a suburb of
St. Petersburg, for four month's service.
Tirrell, is a native of Bellefonte, a grad-
uate of Philipsburg high, of Lafayette
College and is now in his freshman year
ton. His plans are for motoring to Flor-
ida with friends about the 20th of May.
—Mrs. Mary Waddle Adams and her
son, Owen K., of Lock Haven, were in
Bellefonte for the funeral of Mrs. George
Tibbens, on Wednesday. While here Mr,
Adams dropped in to make himself ac-
quainted with the editor whom he de-
lights in lambasting on occasion. It was
quite a pleasure to meet the young
gentelman and a gratification of a very
great curiosity to know what manner of
man has had the temerity to so fre-
quently tell us “where to get off.” We
admitted much surprise and, presumably,
it was mutual.
—G. W. Ward, of Pittsburgh, who is
| back at his old home at Pine Grove Mills
| for a visit of several weeks, was in
| Bellefonte, Wednesday afternoon. He
says everything is so flat out in the iron
| city that men are standing around with
nothing to do except wait for the time
to come when they can vote for a Dem-
ocrat for President. Indeed Mr. Ward
went so far as to express the belief that,
based on what he hears, a man who
predicts that Pennsylvania will go Dem-
| ocratie next fall need not be regarded as
| bordering on lunacy.
at the Theological seminary at Prince.
child health day, Dr. John M. Keich-
line, of Huntingdon, a former Belle-
fontian, gave an informal and in-
structive talk on “The Child and His
Needs.” He traced the development
of the child from infancy to maturi-
ty, and outlined various physical and
recreational necessities for health-
ful living. The evening was greatly
enjoyed by an appreciative audience
and Dr. Keichline’'s talk was espe-
cially instructive.
——Inner spring filled mattresses
as low as $9.00; also Rome Co. Sim-
mons & Dougherty spring filled mat-
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tional Bedding Week,” at W. R.
Brachbill's furniture store. 19-1t
——A special sale of latest style
dresses at the low price of $4.00 and
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Musser’s dress shop, High street,
tomorrow (Saturday,) A fine assort-
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