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Bellefonte, Pa., March 4, 1932
——A district P. O. 8. of A. meet-
ing will be held in the organiza-
‘tion’s hall, in the Potter-Hoy build-
ing, this (Friday) evening.
——A Mr .Dunmire, of Altoona,
has opened a job printing establish-
ment and a stationery store in the
basement of the Bellefonte post-
—-~The members and friends of
‘the young people's council of the
‘churches in the Bellefonte group
will meet at Snow Shoe on Friday,
-March 11.
——Harter's music store is going
out of business and in consequence
the room in the Hayes building, on
Allegheny street, now occupied by
-it, is for rent.
———Sheriff Boob, on Tuesday,
‘took Warren Heaton to the western
penitentiary and David Bryant, a
colored bootlegger, of , Philipsburg,
-to the Allegheny county work house.
—Among the dismissals an-
nounced this week, from Harrisourg,
‘was that of Victor E. Emel, Belle-
fonte, as assistant draftsman in the
Highway Department drawing $1200
a year.
——At the annual meeting of the
‘ Central Pennsylvania Dental Society,
held in Altoona Monday and Tues-
+day, Dr. J. J. Kilpatrick, of Belle-
.fonte, was elected a member of the
. governing council.
—-—State College sportsmen have
. petitioned the State Game Commis-
‘sion to have a warden detailed for
-special duty on Spring, P2nns, Mo-
shannon, Klik, Pine, Spruce Creek
‘and Stone Creeks.
—-—Members of the family of the
‘Rate Capt. W. H. Fry, of Pine Grove
Mills, hereby extend their
and appreciation to all those who
“befriended them during the time of
their bereavement.
————On Sunday afternoon Geor-
‘gianna Showers, five-year cld daugh-
ter of Mr. and Mrs. George Showers,
‘of Bellefonte, fell from a chair and
sustained a compound fracture of
‘the bones of the right arm.
———Major Gerald D. Robison, of James Flack, with whom he made ing the remains were brought
MALLORY.—Mrs. 8S. Elizabeth
Mallory, wife of Thomas A. Mallory,
‘passed away at her home in Altoona,
‘at 12:35 o'clock on Tuesday morn-
ing, following an iliness of two weeks
with pneumonia.
She was a daughter of Capt. W.
H. and Sallie Larimer Fry and was
born at Pine Grove Mills 62 years
ago. Her death occurred just nine
days after that of her father. When
twenty years old she went to the
home of her sister, Mrs. C. M. Dale,
on the Branch, where she spent two
years, then came to Bellefonte and
made her home with the late Mr.
and Mrs. W. T. Speer, on west High
street. She lived there until her
marriage to Thomas Mallory 32
years ago. The first year of their
married life was spent in Bellefonte.
Then they moved to Altoona and
that had been her home ever since.
In addition to her husband she is
survived by the following brothers
and sisters: Conrad M. Fry, of Al-
toona; Mrs. William Goss, of Tyrone;
Mrs. John Kimport, of Boalsburg;
W. H. Fry Jr, of Tacoma, Wash.
and Mrs. C. M. Dale, of State Col-
' lege. She also leaves three half-
| brothers, Dr. Hugh L. Fry, of Nash-
ville, Tenn, G. B. McC Fry,
Rock Springs and Fred R. Fry, of
Pine Grove Mills.
Funeral services were held at 2:30 |
| o'clock yesterday afternoon by Rev.
E. Lansing Bennett, burial being
made in the
SHIRK.--Samuel Shirk, one of
the few Civil was veterans in this
vicinity, died on Saturday morning,
at the home of his daughter, Mrs.
James Flack, near the Titan Metal
plant, as the result of general infirm-
He was a son of Jacob and Re-
becca Shirk and was born at Miles-
burg on May 17th, 1848, hence was
|close to 84 years of age. During
the Civil war he served as a private
in Company G, 148th regiment Penn-
| sylvania volunteers, having enlisted
on March 5th, 1863, and discharged great grand-children. She had been munication with the outside world.
Alto-Reste cemetery,
McCULLEY.—On his way home
from attending services in the Cath-
olic church, Sunday evening about
For the past fifteen years he had
been employed as a clerk in the about the centre of the town. When Second floor apartment to go to the Sun-
. Murray saw the approaching auto-
Catholic church and a steady, indus-
trious, kindly man. His parents are
dead but he is survived by one sis-
ter and two brothers, Marian Jo-
seph and Fred McCulley, all at home.
He also leaves one half-sister, Mrs.
Ellen Spangler, of New York city.
Funeral services were held in St.
John’s Catholic church at 10 o'clock
on Wednesday morning, by Rev. W.
E. Downes, burial being made in
the Catholic cemetery.
DELIGE.—Mrs. Mary Green-De-
lige, for many years a well known
colored resident of Bellefonte, died at
the hoine of her daughter, Mrs.
| Amelia Simms, in Altoona, on Wed-
nesday of last week, as the result
‘of general debility, aged 86 years.
She was a daughter of Thomas
and Rosanna Miller and was twice
married. Her first husband was
William Green, who served during
the Civil war in Company F, 69th
infantry. After his death she mar-
ried Delige, who also preceded her
to the grave. Surviving her, however,
|are four children by her first mar-
riage, William Green, of Bellefonte;
"Robert, of Altoona; Mrs. Jennie
| Bell, of New York City, and Mrs.
'Simms, of Altoona. She also leaves
{one brother, Abraham Miller, of
Muncy, five grand-children and four
George W. Murray, well known
‘resident of Unionville, died at the
‘the Centre County hospital, at5:10
O'clock last Saturday afternoon, as
the result of injuries sustained about |
an hour previous when he was hit/
'by an automobile driven by Walter
'R. Cliffe, of Bellefonte.
Mr. Cliffe was returning from a
trip to Union Furnace, consequently
(was driving east on the concrete
highway which passes through
Unionville. Mr. Murray was stand-
ing on the highway talking to the
. driver of a truck parked opposite
the filling station near the Triangle
mobile he attempted to get out of
‘the way but was too late and was
hit by the machine zad thrown some
distance. He was brought to the hos-
pital as quickly as possible where
—Mrs. Charles Young, of Altoona, is
in Bellefonte spending a few days with | —
her brother C. L. Gates and family. | The Second electrocution at Rock
view penitentiary this year too!
—Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tabel motored |
to Wilkesbarre, last Monday, to attend Place on Monday morning whe:
. Joseph Roman, 39 old, wa
ual convention of the State Flor years
a Delivery Association. | Put to death for the murder of hi
—Miss Anne Confer will spend the Wife, at Amsbry, Cambria county
week-end in Renovo, as a guest of the in May, 1931.
Rev. and Mrs. Alexander Scott. Mr. Scott Roman displayed pronounced nerv
a former pastor of the Methodist church ousness as he went to the chair bu
of Bellefonte. was able to walk without being sup
W. Harrison Walker returned, yester- ported. Prior to leaving his cell h
day, from Pullgecipida, i are he Bua was profuse in his thanks to hi
been since Tuesday, ving gone down guards and Rockview officials fo
Dee qwiteny meeting of the Grand their kind treatment during ho
—The George Porter Lyons are among two days he was in the death house
{hose contemplating moving this spring, Foman's body was unclaimed an
expecting to leave Miss M. C. Snyder's hh buried in the penitentiary cem
day house, on Logan street. The killing of Mrs. Roman follow
—Miss Joanna Decker went over to ed her husband's release from the
New York, Monday, to spend a part of | Cambria county jail where he ha
the week attending some of the openings served a sentence for desertion anc
{and in selecting her early spring stock
for her little shop on Spring street.
—Mr. and Mrs. Walter B, Rankin and |
it was found that he had sustained (heir two sons, Doug:as and Bailey, were
| non-support. During his term in jai
| Mrs. Roman had been at the hom:
of her parents. As soon as releases
a fractured left leg, chest injuries here from Camp Hill, Sunday, dinner Roman sought her out for the alleg
and suffered from shock.
'in less than an hour after reaching
the hospital.
A coroner's inquest was held on
B. Rankin and his daughter,
home on east Curtin street.
He died guests of Mr. Rankin's futher, William 0 Purpose of effecting a reconcilia
at their
tion. His wife met him on the bac}
porch of her parents’ home. Afte:
—Miss Mary Eberhart was brought talking a few minutes Roman pull
hi home from the Centre County hospital, |€d a gun out of his pocketand sho
Sunday afternoon which resulted in ten days ago, and is now at her home her in the right shoulder. She turn
on east High street. Although in the ed to go into the house when h¢
a disagreement, four of the jurors
| advocating absolving Mr. Cliffe of
all blame for the accident while
two demured on doing so.
Mr. Murray was 62 years old and
had been in the employ of the P. R. on Mrs. James R. Hughes, at the Cen-
He is tre County hospital, at midnight. Mrs, | later. He was tried in June anc
R. for a number of years.
hospital for a month
Miss Eberhart continues very ill,
-Dr. Waterworth came over
i from
Clearfield, Friday night, and
under treatment
| shot her in the neck and she drop
| ped dead at his feet.
Roman escaped but was caugh
‘in the vicinity of Tyrone three day:
survived by his wife and one daugh- Hughes’ condition ever since being taken | cOnvicted, the death penalty being
ter, Mrs. McDonald, of Coleville.
Funeral services were held at his
late home on Wednesday afternoon,
burial being made in the Williams
A — Sf sss.
Recently in its “100 years Ago
Today” column the Philadelphia
Inquirer published the following par-
agraph noting a change in the sched-
ule and routing of the stage coach
(line that was then Bellefonte's only
means of transportation and com-
[June 25th, 1865. For many years a member of the A. M. E. church .t is as follows:
| he was employed asa laborer atthe
‘old Valentine furnace. His wife died
for many years.
| Philadelphia and Erie Stages—A
ill has been regurded as critical.
~—Mrs. Frank McFarlane returned to
Bellefonte the afterpart of last week,
from a visit of more than two months
with her nieces and nephews in Phila-
delphia and Harrisburg, having left here
in December to spend Christmas with
the Kinsloe family at Millbourne, Penn-
~Mr. and Mrs. Billbinder, for several
years residents of Bellefonte, during
which time Mr. Billbinder has been in
charge of the Dollar store, on south
Allegheny street, are arranging to go to
their own home in Sunbury. Since com-
ing here the Billbinders have lived on
east Bishop street,
—W. A. Bouse, popular and widely
nown retired rail-road man of Tyrone,
was in Bellefonte for a few hours on
| Tuesday. Mr. Bouse was assistant train-
| Funeral services were held atthe new arrangement of the Bellefonte ™aster of the Tyorne Division when age
‘a number of years ago but surviv- Simms home, in Altoona, on Mon- and Meadville stages has been adopt- #utomatically took him out of active
ing him are four children, Mrs. day evening, and on Tuesday morn- © by which the passage from Phila service. He was looking so fit, however,
to delphia to Erie is accomplished in When he was here that age is probably
‘State College, has been desginated his home; James C. Shirk, of Belle- | Bellefonte for burial in the Union [°UF 80d a half days. Passengers ‘he least of his worries.
to attend the command and general fonte; Mrs. W. I. Swarmer, of Birds- | cemetery.
(leave Erie for Meadville on Monday,
| Tuesday and Saturday, in the eve-
ning stage: also leave Harrisburg
Patten Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
staff school at Fort Levanworth, boro, and Jacob R. Shirk, of Castle | Il I
Kan, beginning next September. It Shannon. He also leaves one brother, SCOTT.—Mrs. Catherine
will be a three month's course. Jacob Shirk, of Runville. (Scott, widow of the late George for Bellefonte, at 8 o'clock p.m.
~The State Game Commission Funeral services were held atthe Scott, and mother of State Senator The advantage this route
~—Mrs. John Derstine, who had been
| occupying an apartment in the Decker
| garage building, left, Saturday, with two
| of her sons, to accept a position she
{had secured in Pittsburgh. The other
| two boys remained in Bellefonte to con-
has approved the purchase of 26,867
acres of mountain land on which
“to enlarge the game preserves. In
‘Centre county 866 acres will be
bought, in Clearfield 800, in Hunt-
“ingdon 197.
| Flack home, at two o'clock on Mon- Harry B. Scott, died quite unex- Over others is the shortness of the tinue their school work. Mr. Derstine
day afternoon, by Rev. Kerry, of pectedly at her home in Philipsburg, distance, it being 62 miles less than Is at present with the U. 5. Marines in
[the Free Methodist church, assisted last Thursday morning, as the re. 0 Other route—170 miles are of the war district of Chma.
: '4 clay and gravel road, with a —Guy Lyons and his son Bobby drove
by Re A Ward hi of the sult of a heart attack. smooth surface—the fare is $20 to Williamsport, Tuesday of last week,
from Erie to Philadelphia, a dis- to take Mrs. Lyons’ mother, Mrs. Della
made in the Sunnyside cemetery. | Miller, down for a week's visit with
| Catherine Weightman Patten and
tance of 370 miles. This line
She was a daughter OF Jumeg ais) |
—~-—-Dr. Horace Lincoln Jacobs, I i (was born in Schuylkill county a through the villages of Franklin,
pastor of the Bellefonte Methodist BUTLER.—Franklin Thomas But- little over 78 years ago. She had | Shippensville, Brookville, Lewistown
‘church will preach in First church. ler died at his home at Howard, on been a resident of Philipsburg for and Harrisburg to Philadelphia.
Altoona, Sunday morning, April 24, Sunday evening, following a year's many years and was the last of her
It will be the twenty-fifth anniver- illness with dropsy. generation. Her husband died in SUNDAY SCHOOL WORKERS
‘sary of the dedication of the church He was a son of Thomas and November, 1915, but surviving her TO MEET AT STATE COLLEGE
‘and Dr. Jacobs was the pastor of Margaret Butler and was born at are the following children. Mrs. C. RE
it at that time. |Howard on Decemver 23rd, 1863, J. Deitrich, of Reading; Senator alr du Svision Sanremte.
‘hence was 68 years, 2 months and Harry B. Scott, of Philipsburg; Mrs re Lounty 00
piel By ie Sint bi ioe oh 5 days old. x a young man he Irene Berkheizer, at home; Mrs, Association will convene in Grace
‘partment during the ee A Ec taught school for five years and James L. Adams, of Philipsburg, Lutheran church, State College, on
is the inter-county bridge ot Cen- later engaged in business with a and Miss Agnes G. Soot, at home. Tuesday, March 20, Tor: afternoon
tre and Clearfield counties, at Os- COUSin in Williamsport. He even- Mrs. Scott was a lifelong mem- and evening sessions.
‘ceola Mills. It will be a steel truss tually returned to Howard where ber of the Presbyterian church and The meeting will open at 2:30 with
‘and a slight change will be made De had lived the rest of his life. Rev. Ralph W. Illingworth had |an address on “Meeting Adult Needs
12 the location ‘He was a most excellent gentleman charge of the funeral services, which by the State Supt. This will be fol-
. ‘and was esteemed by all who knew were held on Friday evening, the lowed by departmental reports of the
-———Included in alist of seventeen him. He never married and his only | remains being taken to Pottsville | parent training, home and bible class
‘@ppointments and three dismissals survivors are a half-brother, George on Saturday for in erment. departments, after that there will
made by Governor Pinchot, last Swartz, of Bradford, some nephews il I | be a problem conference. Adjourn-
Thursday, was that of Donald M. and nieces. He was a brother of PECK.—Ralph Peck died quite Ment and luncheon to delegates will
‘Cresswell, of State College, to pub- the late A. M. Butler and was the suddenly at his home at Nittany, follow.
licity editor in the Department of last of his generation. 4 on Wednesday morning, following The evening session will open at
Public Instruction at a salary of, He was a lifelong member of the an illness of three years. He was a 7 o'clock and will be devoted
$4500 a year. Mr. Cresswell, afor- Methodist church and Rev. J. F. son of Edwin J. and Tillie E. Year- general discussion of problems con-
mer Philadelphia newsponer man, Winkleblech had chargé of the fu- ick Peck and was born at Nittany | fronting the association, as well as
has been in charge of the college news neral services which were held at 31 years ago. He never married and an address on “Putting Christ at the
‘Service at Penn State for the past his late home at two o'clock Wed- is survived by one brother, Earl. H. Centre,” by a local speaker.
‘six or seven years. nesday afternoon, burial being made Peck, of Nittany. Funeral services, All adult workers in the county
— Sunday evening will be the IP the Schenck cemetery. are urged to attend.
‘will be held at the Peck home at
last service held in the Evangelical #
i 12:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon, |
hurch before the annual confer-! KELLER.—Mrs. Frances Keller, burial to be made at Jacksonville. MANY “STATE” STUDENTS
ence. At the Sunday morning service Wife of J. D. Keller, died at her
the annual report of the finances home at State College, on February gppCiAL COURT SESSION | —
an arti Wil be red Br the 18th, following an illness of several TO BE HELD TS APRIL 4p Ove, students were
(dropped automatically from the
congregation. The conference will months. She vase er a ! Fonkiic Sout a t, Pennsylvania State College at the
and are ood ! e Flem ul recept,
be held in the Evangelical church rg dg calling By | ena of the first semester for fail-
at Milton, of which Rev. Reed O. born at Port Matilda, her age at on Wednesday,
“Steely is the pastor. To lay dele- death being 45 years, 5 monthsand session of quarter sessions court for Ur® tO maintain the scholastic
; ./13 days. On July 11th, 1906, she the week of April 4th to dispose of Standards required by the college.
gate ton ihe Enclose gin ool Mr. Keller and had lived the large number of cases that had Ninety advanced and graduate stu-
: ' €Ynolds ‘at State College ever since. She to be continued last week on account dents enrolled for the second sem-
: | was a member of St. Paul's Metho- of hearing two murder trials. | ester, offsetting this loss in resident
~—~Police chief A. E. Yougel, of gist church. In addition to her hus- ——————— | enrollment.
State College, has a nose for liquor | pang she is survived by three sons, One of the finest musical Fifteen of the ninety-five who were
law violators, having made three Hayes, Karl and Jay Keller, all of programs ever heard in Bellefonte dropped were reinstated by faculty
‘arrests recently. They were Raph State College. Rev. W. E. Hartman was sponsored by the choir of the Action upon review of their individu-
L. Johnstonbaugh, a resident of. charge of the funeral services, Evangelical church last Thursday 8! cases. Students are automatically
State College, who was sent to jail | held on February 21st, burial being night. J. Melvin Diffenderfer, or- dropped after making unsatisfactory
in default of $1500 bail; a college nage in the Boalsburg cemetery. | ganist of St. Paul's Lutheran church, cords in half of their subjects.
student who was released on $500 il |of Allensville, played the new pipe | Any extenuating circumstances are
ball, and Virgil Davis, of Youngs-| (ONFER.—Benjamin Confer, an organ. Prof. I. E. Slavkin, a mem- considered by the faculty in review-
“town, Ohio, who also was sent to...) resident of Potter township, ber of the Pittsburg Symphony or-| ing the action.
Jail in default of $1500 bail. The gi04 jast Friday evening, atthe home | chestra and teacher in the Harvard |
cars of both Jahnstonbaugh and ,¢ pig daughter, Mrs. William Gin- school of music, played the violin, ——A complete living room out-
Davis were confiscated. | gerich, near Potters Mills, of dis-| Earl Campbell was the baritone fit, consisting of maple Colonial
~The Union church at Mingo- eases incident to his advanced age soloist. The choir has received many Suite, table, two lamps, smoker,
“ville was crowded to the doors, last |of 82 years. His wife, who priorto requests to hold another recital in magazine rack and two full size
Friday evening, by people of that her marriage was Miss Mary Auman, the near future. | Axminster rugs, all for $97.50. W.
community anxious to witness the died six years ago, but surviving to —————— | R. Brachbill's furniture store. 10-1
George Washington celebration ex- him are six children, John and Phil-| _ _ Mrs. Arthur Boob, of east! ————— |
‘ercises put on by the children inthe ip Confer and Mrs. Gingerich, all Howard street, gave a children’s, ——Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Noll
‘school taught by Mrs. Bechdel. The living near Potters Mills; William, party, Wednesday afternoon, in cele- entertained for their daughter, Mad-
vexcellence of the entertainment dem- of Naginey; Mrs. Sarah Fryer, of bration of the fifth birthday apni. | alize, at their home at Pleasant
‘onstrated the amount of work and | Burnham, and Mrs. Samuel Gobble, versary of her daughter Ailene. The Gap, last Saturday afternoon, from
‘trouble that the teacher must have of Georges Valley. Rev. W. E. Smith little guests included Miriam Mar- | 2 until 5. The little lady was nine
‘gone to to drill her pupils in such | had charge of the funeral services, shall, Fay Louise Marshall, Virginia years old that day and sixteen of
a thorough manner, considering the | which were held on Monday morn- | Larimer, Geraldine Meyers, Gene- | her friends gathered at the Noll
fact that upwards of forty of them | ing, burial being made in the Spruce- vieve Glenn, May Smoyer, Ailene Home to make the occasion a mem-
¥ad a part on the program. | town cemetery. | Boob and Lois Helen Boob. |orable one.
her daughter, Mrs. Norman Colvert, On
| Sunday afternoon the Lyons family, who
had lived at Mrs. Miller's house during
her absence, drove to Williamsport and
brought her back to Bellefonte,
Miss Ida Bell, of State College, and
her niece, Miss Virginia Bell, of Pleas-
ant Gap, spent Saturday afternoon in
the shops and with friends in Bellefonte,
Miss Bell, who is comvatescing from a
recent long illness, had been brought
to Pleasant Gap by her niece for a
| week-end visit with the Bell family
and had then driven on to Bellefonte.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Coates and their
son will drive to Bellefonte to-day or
to-morrow, Mrs. Coates and the boy in-
| tending to remain here for a two week's
visit with the child's grandparents, Mr.
land Mrs. A. L. McGinley. Mr. Coates
| will return home at once, expecting to
‘come again to Bellefonte for his wife
| and son, at the expiration of their visit.
| Mrs. Coates was formerly Miss Eleanor
| —Out of town relatives who were in’
the funeral
| Bellefonte, last week, for
| of the late Miss Ella Gates included
| Mrs. Hayes C. Dixon and daughter
| Miss Ruth, of Johnstown; Mr. and Mrs.
| Benner G. Gates and Mr. and Mrs. Nor-
ris Kline, of Lewistown; Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Kustaborder and Mr. and Mrs.
Isaiah Devore, of Warriorsmark; Mr.
and Mrs. Charles M. Young and Miss
Nellie Musser, of Altoona.
—Henry Lowery, who left here Mon-
day to return to his home in McKees-
port, after a visit of a week with his
sister, Mrs, Bricker, on Reynolds Ave.,
had driven to Bellefonte with his son-
in-law, J. D. Patton. The Lowerys and
Pattons live together in McKeesport and
Mr. Patton, when on a trip to his for-
mer home in Altoona for a visit had
brought Mr. Lowery on here to spend
the time with friends in Bellefonte.
———Frank M. Derstine, of Juniata,
celebrated the twelfth anniversary
of his birth, on Monday, notwith-
old. Frank was born on February
29th, leap year, consequently can
celebrate his actual anniversary only
once in every four years. As a boy
a birthday every four years is a
pretty tough proposition, as it is
long between cakes, but as a man
gets older the fewer birthdays he
has the better he likes it.
| ———The Watchman's subscription
|list was corrected last Saturday.
All remittances received up to that
date have been crearted and should
be reflected on the labels on this
week's papers. Look at yours, please,
|and see if it is right. We try our
best to avoid mistakes, but occasion-
ally they do creep in and the time
to correct them is when they are
fresh in mind.
standing the fact that heis 48 years
| recommended. No application wa:
' made to the Board of Pardons for
' clemency.
Last Saturday afternoon, after the
jury in the Heaton murder trial hac
| been charged by the court and re-
tired T. M. Anderson, of Oil City.
one of the three men who held up
and robbed the offices of the Citi-
zens Building and Loan Association,
at Philipsburg, on December 7th,
| 1931, getting away with $150. was
‘called up for sentence, having sig-
nified his willingness to plead guilty
to the indictment. He was promptly
sentenced to pay the costs, a dollar
fine and imprisonment in the west-
ern penitentiary for not less than
six nor more than twelve years.
Following him W. G. Williams,
who stood trial and was convicted
on Wednesday for participation in
the same holdup, was called before
the court. He was given seven and
a half to fifteen years.
J. W. Woomer, the third member
of the gang, had plead guiity on
December 22nd and was given six
to twelve years in the penitentiary.
———See our window. A Colonial
| solid maple three piece living room
| suite, tapestry upholstered seats and
' backs, table, two light floor lamps,
!table lamp, magazine rack and
smoker with excellent quality Bige-
low-Sanford, 9x12, Axminster rug,
a complete room ensemble, all for
$97.50 at W. R. Brachbill’'s furni-
ture store. 10-1
Wi ~-Harold Walk-
er and Miss Eleanor Gibboney motor-
ed to Bellwood, Wednesday of last
| week, where they were united in
| marriage by Rev. H. N. Walker.
|The bride is a daughter of Mr. and
‘Mrs. Sid Gibboney, of McAlvey's
Fort, and is an estimable young
woman. The bridegroom isa grand-
son of A. Stine Walker, of Pine
‘Grove Mills, to whose home the
' young couple returned, on Friday,
‘and where they were given a big
| reception.
| Spotts—Custer.— Roy Spotts and
Miss Nellie Custer, both of Union
' township, were married at the Evan-
| gelical parsonage, in Howard, on
| Saturday of last week, by the pas-
tor, Rev. W. E. Yingling. The bride
'is a daughter of David Custer and
‘has been her father's housekeeper
| since the death of her mother sev-
‘eral years ago. The bridegroom is
a young farmer, steady, industrious.
{ Their many friends extend congrat-
| ulations and best wishes.
| —————————————
| McKinley—Green.— John Frank
| McKinley and Misz Florence Green
| were married on Tuesday, by just-
{ice of the peace Isaac M. Irvin, at
his office in Hollidaysburg. Follow-
ing a brief wedding trip the young
couple will take up their residence
in Milesburg.
. Harold 8. Walker, of Pine Grove
Mills, and Eleanor W. Gibboney, of
McAlvey's Fort.
Lyle J. Dixon and Ruby Marie
Daugherty, both of Glen Richey.
Lewis R. Spicher and Alice M.
Enck, both of Tyrone.
| ——One week only. $97.50 buys
|a Colonial period living room suite,
| complete with lamps, table, rug,
| smoker and magazine rack. W. R.
Brachbill’'s furniture store. 10-1
| Bellefonte Grain Markets.
Barley ...