Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, February 05, 1932, Image 1

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recommendation of the Fi- | o'clock, on Tuesday morning, when
committee borough council, ghe was crushed on the pavement of
at a regular meeting on Monday her own home by an automobile con-
evening, used the pruning knife with three State College students
telling effect, cutting the wages of and two other young men when it
all salaried employees and common gkidded on the snow covered high-
labor in the Street and water de- way.
partments an average of ten per The five young men in the Ford
cent. No cut was made in the coach were Anthony Bernotsky, of
payment of police, the secretary of Shenandoah; Joe Bernotsky, of Min-
council or the borough treasurer. argville; George Bermotsky, of Ring-
new Ine committee recommended a cut town; Matt Navitsky and Albert J.
of ten dollars in the pay of police- Lucas, of Shenandoah, the three lat-
man Thomas Howley but on motion ter being students at State. The
of Mr. Ardery he was elected for driver of the car was Anthony Bern-
lanother two year's service at the |gtsky, who, with his cousin Joe,
‘same pay he has been receiving, $90 bringing the other boys back to
a month. Harry Dukeman was re- lege following the mid-semester
elected chief of police at his old cation.
salary of $125 a month. | The Ulrich family lives on
W. E. Hurley was re-elected su- Main street, near the foot of the
Es 8
E 38%
e 'perintendent of streets at a salary steep hill at the entrance to town,
giving the Japs ,¢ $1500 a year, a reduction of $300, and Mrs. Ulrich was out sweeping
nationality the right t0 while the rate of pay fixed for com- snow off of the front pavement.
‘mon labor is 30 cents an hour. The
irate heretofore had been 331-3,
136 1-9 and 37 cents.
In the water department J. D.
Seibert was re-elected at a salary of
i q1 }
duced from $1300 to $1080, and that’
of Miss Elizabeth Kelleher from $600
a year to $540. All labor in the
- water department will receive the
game as on the streets, 30 cents an
hour, although the rule has a flex-
ible clause which will permit a
increase for meritorious work,
discretion of the committees.
change was made effective Feb-
. B .Spangler was re-elected bor-
| brothers,
accident was unavoidable.
council convened. There were no;
verbal nor written communications.
The Street committée reported |
that the new sewer on Linn street
cost of putting down the sewer was
$458.00, and the total cost of the
sewer was in the neighborhood of
$1100. Various other street repairs
were reported by the committee.
Davis isn't any' The Water committee reported
he was when he ran for some minor repairs and the collec-
Senate in 1930. He was per- tion of $456 on water rents and
y wet but publicly dry then. 4493 on rent, Etc. Mr. Cobb, for
a case of political expediency, the committee, reported that he had
his flop to the wet side now received a letter from Paul R. Eby,
threatened him with theop- 5 forester, of Chambersburg, who of-
of Senator McClure and im- fered to come to Bellefonte and fig-
tely “Puddler Jim” became wet ure on the respacing of the blue
sea. Republican Pennsylva- |gpruce trees at the big spring if
thus put in the anomalous po- council is seriously considering hav-
of sending a wet Senator 0 ing the work done, and he was au-
to support a dry Pres- thorized to communicate further
(with Mr Eby, 3nd find out the prob-
ni who is able cost. r. Cobb also suggest-
a rector of ihe New ed to council the advisability of en-
York City Affairs Committee, made closing the archway at the Gamble
Donald C. Broskley, five-year:
son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Brosk-
ley, of Millbrook, College township,
died at the Centre County hospital,
at 9.30 o'clock last Thursday eve-
‘ning, of injuries sustained . four
(hours previous when he was run
down on the highway near his home
by a car driven by Thomas Frank,
of State College.
The child had been playing on the
a dash for it, crossing before an
oncoming car driven by Kirney
' Walker and running right in front
(of the car driven by Frank. An
investigation showed the accident to
have been unavoidable and no in-
quest was held. The funeral was
| held on Saturday, the remains being
buried in the Branch cemetery.
Sr —— A —————
a in Philadelphia, on Satur- Mill and converting the space into
day, in which he scathingly attack- garages, for which there is a de- JUDGE FLEMING REVERSED
ed Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt, (ua. “He.wag empowered to have BY SUPERIOR COURT.
a Rew ore e party will | The Finance committee reporteda The Superior court, in an opinion
“émerge from the proletariat and balance in the borough fund, which ‘handed down, last Friday, reversed
intelligentsia,” in 1933. We assume included checks in hand, of $1842.70 | the court of Centre county in direct-
that he will be the proletariat's con- 8nd in the water fund $1791.70. ing the filing in court of the list of
tribution to the mew party. The Notes totaling $3000 were presented signatures to a petition for the an-
mpti based on the fact that
Sage good bit of a nonenti- Man of the committee, stated that ough of State College.
ty else he would have been Gover- Mr Cobb had prepared a folio of the | The Superior court holds that the
nor of New York, instead of Mr. insurance carried by the borough on complainants against the petition are
Roosevelt. |its various properties which shows barred by the statutes of limitation
/that at the present time the bor- which required such court action
—When Governor Pinchot vetoed oop js carrying a total of $60,400, within thirty days after the annex-
the Scott resolution providing for a giyiged among the different agencies ation ordinance became effective,
legislative inquiry in the cost of his ,o gonows: Hugh M. Quigley, $28,- whereas there was a delay of
administration he convicted himself 709. waward Keichline, $9,500; W. four months.
of Hod Tio Chien that are be- |p Rankin, $13,000; B. O. Harvey, lie Ll
i Fh a I £36,500; John F. Gray & Son, $2 ___ john H. Dewiler is loath to
y 700. He then suggested that as pol- gpide by the decision of the Centre
ahd fo increase’ dsaries of cies fall due an effort be made t0|county and Superior courts as to
alfeady 9) we) pad that quitting “PPortion them more equally among the outcome of the case re,
hat)’ the least idea of quitting pe five agencies. | the ownership of a narrow strip of
the State's service. If the charges The Fire and Police committee j1and on the top of Nittany moun-
are not true the Governor had noth- , . ented the list of drivers for the tain in which M Coldren came
ing to fear from such an investiga- oo ore chosen by the Logan and | » usser
tion. His veto the resolution, Fr Pe ‘out the winner, and has started ac-
Undine fire companies and they were | ¢ion to the case to the Su-
r, wili lead many to believe |, 1, roved by council. The list in- preme - Hig
ganizations throughout the State "ed Be a ht |
have foundation in fact. the report of health officer S. M. County Treasurer Robert F' Hunter,
— These are the times that show up Nissley which showed only one case |and, as the borough never has a
the real and the fake captains of of communicable disease (scarlet large amount of money on hand at
industry. When the country was fever) in town at present. He also any one time, a motion was passed
riding high on the wave of inflation reported having made a thorough in- |reducing the amount of the bond
salaries out of all reason were paid spection of milk dealers’ supply sta- from $20,000 to $10,000.
heads of many industries. When tions as well as farm dairies from | Mr. Jodon again called the atten-
anyone had the temerity to question which the milk is obtained. {tion of council to strangers promis-
such extragavance they were told All the papers in connection with cuously peddling various articles of
that great minds were worth all securing payment by the American {merchandise from house to house,
they were getting, because they were Surety company of $7228.12 as taxes such as meat, bread, brooms and
producing the goods. Such an due on the borough “duplicates of various other things, to tke detri-
argument never appealed to us for 1925, '26 and '27, Herbert Auman ment of the merchants who live
the reason that we believed industry collector, were presented to council, {here and pay taxes, and expressed
was really running itself. And so and resolutions were passed author- the opinion that a borough ordi-
it was. If not, why are the men izing the president and secretary to nance regulating the same should be
who were supposed to be making it properly execute the same. |enforced. The matter was referred
go then so suddenly stricken with The question of the bond for bor- (to the Fire and Police committee
incapacity to make it go now? Most ough treasurer J. L. Carpeneto was |and burgess Hard P. Harris.
anybody can make a business go in taken up. Heretofore the bond has Borough bills totaling $2276.26 and
good times. The manager worth been for $20,000 but Mr. Carpeneto water bills for $227.07 were approv-
while and worth his salary is the one has been experiencing the same ed for payment, after which council
who can make it go in bad times. [trouble getting one that confronted adjourned.
ree |lieve that George Clark Skidmore,
The McClellan Chevrolet garage, former Bellefonte Academy student
on south Allen street, State College, and alleged murderer of Charles P.
owned and operated by W. Franklin Hammond, a crippled gasoline sta-
tion attendant, in Pittsburgh, on the
night of September 20th, 1980, is
: , entailing a loss in excess now an officer in the Chinese army
of $30,000. The fire originated from and in command of one of the
explosion of the furnace, about
o'clock Sunday morning, and
so rapidly did the flames spread that
the building was all ablaze by the
time the firemen arrived and it was
impossible to
|escaped from Pittsburgh after the
| murder of Hammond, came to Belle-
fonte and went into hiding in a
hunter's cabin in the wilds of the
Allegheny mountains. Traced here
by detectives Dutton was captured
on the night of September 26th but
Skidmore refused to surrender and
the object of a big and sensa-
man hunt on September 27th,
he shot state policeman J. G.
es and William B. Fox, airmal
tender at “The Rattlesnake,”
Allegheny mountains. He
through a cordon of State
members of the National
trace of his go-
> tis
t have made his way
ined the army there,
for renewal. Mr. Emerick, chair- nexation of land adjacent to the bor-
oh +3
been a member of the
uard of Pennsylvania, and
an expert with a rifle.
Centre county dairymen, business
men, bankers, and all interested in
M ‘the dairy business are invited to at-
tend a meeting in the court house,
Bellefonte, on Saturday afternoon
D. of this week, February 6th, at 1:30
The purpose of the meeting is to
uaint the people of the county
th the present dairy situation.
meeting is being arranged by a
‘committee of producers, Ward Krape,
|Zion; W. B. Kessinger, Jacksonville,
‘and George Weight, Bellefonte.
Bishop |
morning and)
“down from there. ~~ |
/ Then on Monday evening Mr. | STE College, will be the principal
‘Shuey got another surprise. He gpeaker of the afternoon. The
| was listening in on the radio during committee is trying to make ar-
| the broadcasting of the . Louisville rangements for other speakers who
‘hour when he was astounded to will discuss milk marketing in rela-
hear coming in over the air this tion to the New York milk shed.
| message: “Congratulations to a man Dr, Weaver has prepared some in-
|in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, on his teresting information on the agri-
| 75th birthday.” To say that Mr. cultural situation in general, with
| Shuey was “flabbergasted” would be special emphasis on the dairy in-
‘opposite side of the road from his _ ing jt mildly. Explanations then dustry. He has presented this talk floor with a bullet wound in his shoul-
Cars were passing both go wos Mr ‘Whiting, the son-in- at a number of large dairy meetings der and his two sons, Robert, 9,
‘east and west and he finally made | \ pemist for the Ballard & held in different parts of the New James, 10,
‘Ballard company, millers, and the York milk shed, recently, and the
' message was sent by them during committee feels that it is an oppor-
| their period on the raido. tunity for our Centre county dairy-
: ‘men, as well as other interests in
At the election, last November, J. | TO HIGH SCHOOL BOYS
| Earl Taylor, running on both the
‘Republican and Democratic tickets,
{was elected road supervisor in
| Patton township over Willis M.
_ |the situation,
Pennsylvania boys, including those
‘Along in December Taylor secured a [Of the 10th grade, (which will con-
job at State College and went there | OT™ with the Freshman and Soph-
temporarily. omore classes in the local High
_ischool.) It is one of four offered
a a oe elletonte with a |DY the Culver Military Academy and
| petition to the court asking for the is valued at $6,000. It provides for
appointment as supervisor, ‘alleging uniforms, text books, tuition, board
and room for three years. Exam-
any” To posian *craine ons wil ve hel on Sach Th
the required number of signatures of i twenty dve Penpaylvatia . towns,
| residents in the township and Judge ng iheurest: Place
| Fleming appointed him. Last Thurs- :
| day, however, a number of taxpay-
|ers in the township came to Belle-
| fonte and entered’ a protest against |
| Johnstonbaugh's appointment. They
‘averred that he had misrepresented | The will "of a Mie ey D.
| the case, as Taylor has not moved | Rumberger, who recently passed
| from the township, does not intend |2WaY in Scranton, was filed in the
to move, and intends to serve as|Register's office, Bellefonte, on Sat-
| supervisor. When these facts were | Uday:
| presented to the court an order was |
| promptly made rescinding Johnston-
'baugh's appointment.
deceased’s sister, Miss Laura Rum-
berger, of Unionville, who is also
appointed executor.
A statement filed with the will
| sets forth the amount of real estate
CONFESS THREE ROBBERIES. owned by the testator as one vacant
Gourlly. detective. Lio, Bolen wein | 2 Su Uiaville: boleugh, value
| $25.00, and nal property to the
to Philadelphia, last week, and value of $500.
brought back to Bellefonte Donald |
and Frank Tierney, quing, and | BOND WHITE GETS NICE
Eugene Miller, who had served a two | APPOINTMENT
month's term in that city for unlaw- | STATE :
ful of firearms. The, Announcement was made, last
boys were wanted here for alleged Thursday, of the selection of Bond
larceny and last Friday they con- White, of Bellefonte, as secretary of
fessed to having robbed the garages the workmen's compensation bureau,
of G. E. Haupt, Mogg Miller and Harrisburg, as successor to J. C.
the Imperial Filling Station, in| Detwiler. While no salary was
Bellefonte, and a garage at Howard, | mentioned it is understood it is a
stealing cigars, cigarettes, tobacco $5,000 a year position.
and candy at each place. They| Mr. White was Governor Pinchot's
were given a hearing before 'Squire | county chairman during both the
8S. Kline Woodring and committed to | primary and election campaign of
the Centre county jail in default of [1930 and succeeded in carrying the
$500 bail. On Saturday Miller was i county by a large majority for him.
able to give bond and was released | We cosgratulate him on his appoint-
from jail. ment.
Dr. F. P. Weaver, in charge of the
in the Beilefonte High school, who
| Johnstonbaugh; an inde pen edent. '3r In the Sth grade or the first half
It is an exceptionally brief
document and leaves everything to!
—A tract of approximately sixty acres
of land has been offered the Central
Pennsylvania Odd Fellows Orphanage by
Mrs. J. J. Yoder, of Sunbury, directors
ent Roy D. Beman is a good farming
{ plot. The offer was accepted.
in $2,000 bail for court
pleaded guilty to the charge before U.
8. Commissioner J. Howard Patterson,
in Philadelphia. Postal inspectors said
he admitted having taken the money
(from a mail bag addressed to the Lans-
idowne National bank. All but $30 was
| recovered.
| =A $25,000 steam shovel is perched 70
(feet in the air at the Sandy Run anthra-
icite strippings while mining engineers
lare swapping ideas on how to get it to
solid ground. The surface caved in and
went down 70 feet except a pillar on
which the steam shovel was operating.
The crew detected the settling and es-
capd in time. The pillar of coal left
untouched in the mines below the strip-
ping sticks up like a needle rock and
shows no signs of collapsing.
~The caretaker of a cemetery, in Wy-
oming county, has been assessed damages
of $400 for the way he did his work.
Mrs. Jennie Fuller and her two sons, of
Athens, Pa., sued John Rice, caretaker
of the Sunnyside cemetery for $3000, al-
leging Rice moved only a part of the re-
mains of tneir husband and father from
one grave ta another. The portion
moved, the skull and a few bones, they
testified, he ‘dumped into a shallow hole
against the good morals and peace of the
—Tax liens totaling $141,014.83 have
been filed by the United States against
members of the Meads family, Red Lion,
!York county. The liens in two cases are
for taxes alleged to be due from 1925 to
1980, and in two others from 1827 to 1930.
Meeds, $71,871.45; Mrs. Clayton O. Meads,
The filing
[Arthur M. Meads, $15,661.22.
of the liens is said to be a preliminary
to civil proceedings for collection of al-
leged tax claims after the taxpayer re-
fused to accept the Treasury Depart-
ment's offer of a compromise.
—Patrolman John Haas, of Philadelphia,
|arrested his two young sons on Sunday
for shooting his grandson. Aroused
from sleep by a pistol shot he found
{Melvin ‘Chittum, 4, screaming on the
trembling nearby. After
hurrying Melvin to a hospital he took
his boys to the police station, saw them
taken to the detention home and wrote
out his report. Robert said the pistol,
which they found in a bureau drawer,
[the county, to hear his analysis Of ‘went off accidentally as they played with
Melvin's wound was not serious,
| ~—Lieutenant Colonel M. Clay Stayer
{ has been assigned by the war depart
| ment to the post of assistant comman-
‘! dant of the army's medical fleld service
A valuable scholarship is open to | school at Carlisle, Pa.
He is a former
| resident of Altoona. Colonel Stayer is
|a son of the late Dr. A. S. Stayer, and
| during his residence in Altoona resided
at Seventh avenue and Fifteenth street.
| He is a graduate of the Altoona High
ischool. He has been in the United
| States army for a number of years, and
! will assume his new post July 15 upon
| completion of a course of instruction at
the infantry school at Fort Benning, Ga.
| —Stopped by a highwayman wear-
{ing a uniform similar to that of the
‘state police, F. R. Cox, Montandon truck-
‘er, was robbed of between $18 and $20
lin change on the Susquehanna trail be-
low Chillisquaque at 6 o'clock Saturday
morning while he was on his way to
Sunbury market. While complying with
the demand of the fellow in uniform to
show his owner's license, he was sudden-
ly commanded by another whom he had
not previously seen, to ‘'stick ‘em up!"
At the same time a gun was pressed
against his left side, near his heart and
the men proceeded to relieve him of his
| money
tering the barn early Monday
morning to feed the horses, David Hawn,
foreman for James R. Wilson, farmer of
Oneida township, Huntingdon county.
thought he saw a movement in a bunch
lof hay about to be pitched into the
horses’ rack. Carefully lifting the hay
with his fork, he discovered two young
girls sleeping on burlap on the floor.
{They had pulled the hay over them to
{keep warm. Hawn roused the girls and
100k them into the farmhouse for break-
| fast. They were nicely dressed, about
{15 and 17 years old, and said they had
{been hiking about two weeks, looking
{for work.
| =—Isaac Herman, 45, Sunbury, Pennsyl-
ivania Railroad flagman, was burned to
| death and two other rallroaders injured
| when the caboose im which they were
| riding was crushed between two loco-
| motives at Wilkes-Barre last Thursday.
| William Fromm, conductor, of Sunbury,
| received a probable fracture of the skull
|and Wright Ness, Northumberland, a
| Diékeman suffered from shock. The ca-
i was caught between the locomo-
i tive pushing it through the yards and
|an engine running light. The wreckage
| caught fire and Herman was trapped in
| the flames. He died before he could be
| removed from the wreckage.