Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, January 29, 1932, Image 8

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Ri ——
n Pa, January 29, 1982. |
—-—Mr. and Mrs. Ogden B. Malin |
‘entertained with cards, Monday
night, at their home on east Linn
street, in celebration of their twelfth
wedding anniversary. Five tables
were in play.
——There will be a card party in:
the parish house of St. John's Epis-
copal church, Bellefonte, on Monday
evening, February 1. Admission
will be 50cts and everyone is invited.
Refreshments will be served.
——A corps of State engineers
started werk at Boalsburg, last
week, making a survey of the plot
‘of ground purchased from Col. Theo-
<lore Davis Boal as a location for a
National Guard shrine and ceme-
tery, the only one of the kind in the
-——The big brick garage and
stock room of the West Penn Pow-
‘er Co. on Lamb street, is now un-
der roof and the contractors, George
Rhoads’ Sons will be able to con-
tinue the work regardless of weath-
er conditions during the next two
———8t. John's Catholic church of
Bellefonte will serve a sauer-kraut
supper, in the rooms of the C.D. A.,
2nd floor of the Lyons building on
Allegheny street, on Wednesday eve-
ning, February 3rd. The charge will
"be 50 cents. Service from 5 to 7 p.m.
{Everybody is invited.
———Tonight the Bellefonte Y and
Acadmey basketball teams will play
«in the Y. M. C. A. gymnasium floor.
It will be the second contest this
month that the teams have played
and the Academy boys are out to
“wipe out the defeat the Y dribblers
‘Banded them on January 16. Game
“will be called at 8:30. Admission,
Wdults 15, children 10 cts.
-~-—Dr., Horace Lincoln Jacobs,
pastor of the Bellefonte Methodist
‘church has had a number of invita-
for many years residents of Lewis-
Orwig, widow of Samuel H. Orwig,
Admiral Richard E. Byrd, con-
PERSONAL. | ~—Mrs. C. Y. Wagner is entertaining her
| sister, Miss Edith Beates, of Pine Glenn,
at the Wagner home on Willowbank
| street.
—Miss Gertrude Kane 1s a patient in
| the Altoona hospital, having gone over
| being 52 years, 9 months
ROYER.—William Jacob Royer, a
quite suddenly of acute indigestion,
last Saturday morning, just as he
reached the office of Dr. T . L.
Swank, in Boalsburg, on his way to
get medicine to relieve him. He
had suffered a good part of Friday
and Friday night with the attack
and Saturday morning his son took
him to Boalsburg to see the doctor.
|As they arrived at the physician's
office Royer apparently became un-
conscious and the son, securing the
services of several men, carried him
into the office. A hasty examina-
tion showed that he was dead.
He was a son of John H. and
Mary Boal Royer and was born in
Potter township in 1879, at his death
and 17
days old. As a young man he
married Miss Sallie Bohn, of Har-
ris township, who died six vears
ago, but surviving him are a son
and daughter, Marcellus and Ruth
Royer, both at home. He also
leaves his parents, living at Spruce-
town, one brother and three sisters,
Fred Royer, of Colyer; Mrs. D. M.
| Long, of Centre Hill; Mrs. Charles
Ulrich, of Centre Hall, R. D.,, and
Mrs. Frona Nevil, of Lewistown.
Funeral services were held on
Tuesday afternoon, burial being
cemetery, |
made in the Zion Hill
near Tusseyville.
il I
ADAMS. Matthew Adams, a vet-
eran of the Civil war and the oldest
native born resident of upper Bald
Eagle valley, died at his home near
Bald Eagle, last Thursday evening,
as the result of general debility.
He was a son of William and Es-
ther Dillon Adams and was born near
the place of his death on April 16th,
1840, hence was in his 92nd year.
At the outbreak of the Civil war he
enlisted in Company I, 3rd Pennsyl-
| vania volunteers. At the expiration
of his first enlistment he re-enlisted
with the 22nd cavalry and served
until the close of the war. On Octo-
ber 16th, 1840, he married Miss De-
[lilah Reese who died a number of Mrs. Harry Eckley,
‘burg, died on Saturday, at the home
well known resident of Colyer, died
of Miss Catherine Baldridge, at
| Milesburg, where she had lived the
past four years. She had been in
poor health for several years and
had been confined to bed since last
She was a daughter of John and
Ellen Mary Barker Hayes and was
born at Mifflinburg 74 years ago.
As a young woman she married Mr.
Orwig and for a number of years
they lived in Lewisburg later mov-
ing to Harrisburg. Mrs. Orwig was
a sister of the late Dr. R. G. H.
Hayes, of Bellefonte, and when her
husband became seriously ill he was
brought to Bellefonte for treatment
at Dr. Hayes’ private hospital when
the family lived on Spring street, in
the property now owned by Dr.
Rogers. Mr. Orwig died there and
some years following his death Mrs.
Orwig came to Bellefonte and lived
with Mrs. Hayes about five years,
going to Miss Baldrdge's home four
| years ago. Her only survivor is
one sister, Mrs. Paul Reish, of Mif-
Brief funeral services were held in
Milesburg, on Monday morning, by
Rev. H. E. Oakwood, after which
|the remains were taken to Mifflin-
‘burg for burial.
I! I
WILLIAMS.—-Abednego Williams,
‘a well known resident of Bald Eagle
‘valley, died at his home in Union
| township, on Monday, as the result
of a stroke of paralysis sustained
about a month ago.
He was a son of Scott and Eleanor
Williams and was born near Martha
Furnace 84 years ago. He was a
farmer by occupation and tilled the
soil until his retirement some years
ago. He was twice married. His
first wife was Catherine Hartsock and
‘following her death he married Miss
| Nancy Fisher. The latter survives
with the following children: Martha
!Jane, of Long Beach, Cal.; Mrs.
| Susan E. Irwin, of Bellefonte; J.R.,
‘of Unionville; Roger and Harry, at
home. He also leaves two sisters,
of Juniata, and
queror of the North and South poles
by air, will lecture under the aus-
‘pices of the Young Men's Christian
| Association in Schwab auditorium at
/8.15 o'clock on the night of Feb-
'ruray 6.
The address of America’s most
famed explorer will be supplemented
‘by illustrations by slides and motion
pictures collected on his many scien-
tific expeditions. Some scenes de-
picted in the recent film success,
“With Byrd at the South Pole,” wiil
be elaborated upon by the explorer
in his talk.
This will be the first opportunity
of people in this vicinity to Lear
| America's most decorated son. Ad-
miral Byrd has been officially cited
twenty times for bravery or conspic-
uously courageous conduct.
He has received the thanks of
Congress as well as the four highest
medals the country can give, the
Congressional Medal of Honor, Con-
gressional Life Saving Medal, Dis-
tinguished Service Medal, and the
Flying Cross.
Tickets mays be reserved by writ.
ing the Penn State Y. M. C. A. or
by personal visit at the Corner
Room, State College, from 6 to 7:30
'p. m., between Feb. 2 and Feb. 6.
All seats will be reserved and will
cost 50 or Tbcts, acording to loca-
The Byrd expedition comprised 60
men all told. Of these 42 wintered
in the Antarctic Two vessels
transported the party and its equip-
ment to the Antarctic, the City of
New York leaving New York on
August 25 1928, and the Eleanor
Bolling following on September 16.
Going via the Panama Canal the
vessels met at Dundedin, New Zeal-
and. Thence they proceeded on De.
cember 2 to the Ross Sea, the
Eleanor Bolling turning back from
the neighborhood of the Scott Is-
lands and the City of New York
reaching the edge of the Ross Shelf
Ice on December 25. Here the site
‘of Whales about 125 miles farther
for the base was selected at the Bay
Monday to be under treatment for sev-
eral weeks.
—Judge M. Ward Fleming was in
Philadelphia, last week, holding court
for Judge Harry McDevitt, who was con- |
fined to his home with a slight illness.
—Mrs. Frank Warfield will go to Pitts-
burgh, this week, intending to spend a
part of February there with her sister,
Dr. Edith Schad and the Gail Chaney
Mrs. Mark W. Williams went over to
Danville, Wednesday, to enter the Geis-
inger hospital as a patient under obser-
vation, expecting to be there for a week
or ten days.
—Mrs. W. C. Coxey returned home,
Monday, from York, where she had been
with her daughter, Mrs. A. H. Tarbert
and the Tarbert family, since Thurs-
day of last week.
—Mrs. Isaac Maitland and her daugh-
ter, Mrs. Schooley, drove up from Wil-|
liamsport, Surday, to be dinner guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F. Garman, at
their home on east High street.
—Having completed his work as a
Jury Commissioner, for this season, J.
C. Condo has gone to Altoona for a
visit of several weeks with his daughter,
Miss Clara Louise Condo, of that city. |
—Prof. C. L. Gramley, of Rebersburg,
was a Bellefonte visitor on Monday and
those who saw him walking the streets
of Bellefonte could hardly realize that he
i= on his way to his 80th birthday an-
niversary, and yet such is the case.
—Miss Emma J. Alken is expected
Liere from Cleveland, during the month of |
February, for a two week's stay, and
will live at The Markland for the time
she is in Bellefonte, From there Miss
Aiken will visit with her friends in this
locality. i
~Mrs. C. R. Corcoran, of Altoona, who
has been under the care of specialists in
ilurrisburg for several months, is re-
ported in a serious condition. Mrs.
Corcoran formerly Miss Adeline Wood-
ring, of Bellefonte, suffered a stroke of
apoplexy last April. |
~-Mrs. Clara Iddings returned home,
Thursday of last week, from a five
week's visit with her sister, Mrs. Kate
Becker, in Harrisburg. Mrs. Iddings
had gone to be with her sister after a
fall Mrs. Becker had had, and from which
she is now rapidly recovering. |
—Mrs, Paul Reish, of Miflinburg; her
| son Hayes, of Pittsburgh; Mrs. R. G. H. |
| can flag,
—Donald Stover is home from Union-
town, convalescing from a recent opera-
tion, at the home of his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Lloyd A. Stover, of Coleville.
—Mrs. Walter Cohen is in New York
city, a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Saul Auer-
bach, while visiting with her two daugh-
ters, Mrs. Auerbach and Florence Cohen,
the latter being a student at a New York
business college.
—When going home to Danville from
Penn State yesterday, for his semester
vacation, Charles Fisher Jr., took with
him his father's cousin, Miss Ella Bot-
torf, who will spend the month of Feb-
ruary with the Charles Fisher family in
that place.
Sunday marked the beginning of
the last week of the meeting at the
Evangelical church, Bellefonte, under
the leadership of Miss Sara C. Pal-
mer, evangelist, and the concensus
of opinion of those who have been
in attendance is that these are the
best meetings ever held in any
church in Bellefonte.
On Friday night the boys and girls
gave a program that delighted the
largest audience of the entire cam-
paign, five hundred and sixty per-
sons being present, and all were
pleased with the splendid work done
by the boys and girls in such a short
time. They are in training again
this week with Miss Palmer and
will give another fine program to-
night. The meetings on Sunday
far exceeded all expectations. A
splendid Sunday morning audience
listened to the message of the evan-
gelist on tithing. In the afternoon
an exceptionally large audience lis-
tened with rapt attention to Miss
Palmer's unique lecture on “Prohibi-
tion,” brought from the Bible view-
point, and which she studied in Ire.
land under the founder of one of
the colleges in that country. When
she reached her climax and wrap-
ped a number of boys in an Ameri-
as she
tions to deliver an address on Wash- least, in the neighborhood of Frame-
| heim, Amundsen’'s base in 1911.
the Houses and huts were erected, form-
| years ago but surviving him are the Mrs. Rachel Bradford, of near Bal-
LE a ore a gman rvi held i Miss Katheri Baldrid {f Milesbh:
0 rs. Ma McMoni- | services were n | Miss erine ge, © esburg,
gal, Mrs. E. J. Sharer and Mrs, Wil. Baptist church, at Martna, at thie (182 2 Complete wieling station ahd | swompanicd tho hooy of Jira. Semuel | traitle, the cutive gijience stood
] | lo’ ' ny city, flung down like anin- Orwig to MifMlinburg for burial, Monday. sang erica a new mean-
Accordingly he will address the lodge 2" Frantz, all living near Bald Ba. oclock yesterday atterndon, by Hew: qiogimal gauntlet in the vast froz-| —rs. F. W. West, who is in Zelien. | ing and a new consecration.
gle; Mrs. Austin Nearhoof and A.| Hanna, y Rev. Josebh|en arena of the Antractic, was ople, drove out Sunday with Mr. West| The evening service brought to a
close a great day's work for God
in Bellefonte on February 9 and that |
W. Adams, of Tyrone. He also leaves Thomas, burial being made in the
at State Coll Feb. 16. Ame: : daugh
Y ey Oh Be 8 vous fifty-one grandchildren and twenty- Williams cemetery. Histone Little a a work of | hy = a. hg 1 pnts, and people went away determined to
«old, and his brother Gerald, 16, sons |" ¢, Sat grand-children. I ! | exploration which culminated in the |Part of the day with the Pierce family
of "Mrs of 3 ' Funeral services were held in the CUMMINGS.— Mrs. Doubaline K. t t to the South Pole Mr West returned to Bellefonte, expect-
ville ON Jucicnen irday United Brethren church, at Black widow of Charles Cum- Dgnifcen ch Tent returned to Little ME to return at the end of the k to
. ' Y | Oak, at 2 o'clock on Sunday after- mings, died last Friday morning, at bring Mrs. West home.
night by gltief ok police Haury, Duke- | —Miss Elizabeth Slack, one of the fore-
man, on 5. alleged charge of steal- | .......h cemetery.
noon, burial being made in the the home of her daughter, Mis, | America on November 29, 1929, the
most political workers among the Demo-
| Charles A. Bitner, in Lock aver, | anguoror of both the South and the
in| | cratic women of Potter township, was in
At a hearing It following a general b in
North Poles.
ll The moti tures which ve |
5 Ne 3 | health. motion pic Ww! will Bellefonte Wednesday afternoon, having
before 'Squire Keichline, on Monday, ler, widcw of the late John Swisher, Her maiden name was Doubaline |
| Hayes and Mrs, J. Will Conley, of Belle-
| tra conscienceless
| fonte; Miss Annie Miller, of Salons, and | Taps set for them by
| law-breakers
shown in connection with Admiral driven over to spend several hours look-
Raymond was committed to jail and | Byrd's lecture were selected and as. |ing after an accumulation of business. Who have heard them. On Friday,
“Gérald turned over to the juvenile | cog Bes Sone is Philipevieg, ‘qh {Miller poi Asli vad nr in ago, | Fembled under his personal direc Miss Slack's visits to Bellefonte are not with the boys and girls on the plat-
«court officer. y 8 owing a few Ys Y years ago... n. | frequent, consequently they are very busy | form, giving their program, the sub-
| ones.
illness as the result of an at- A good part of her married life was |
__ ——Hon. John T. McCormick, of tack of pneumonia. | spent at Spring Mills but following | YS ee
‘State College, was eighty-three years She was a daughter of Walker the death of her husband about ten THE CATHOLIC BAZAAR
‘old, on Saturday, and the event was and Priscilla VanScoyoc and was years ago she had made her home, SCHEDULED FOR FEB. 3-1-5-6.
welebrated with a dinner at his porn at Baltimore, Md. on Septem. with her daughter. Her survivors in. | ree
Tome, the ‘following guests being her 17th, 1844, making her age 87 clude two daughters, Mrs. Bitner, For years the ladies of St. John's
present: Mr. and / Mrs. ‘Frank Mc- years, 4 months and 7 days. When and Mrs. Ella Shaffer, of Sunbury. Catholic church of Bellefonte have
‘Cormick, of Lock Haven; Mr. and she was a child her parents came She also leaves two brothers and a 2stonished everybody by the bril-
Mrs. Walter T. McCormick and Miss to Pennsylvania and located at Ju- sister, Alfred E. Miller and Mrs. W. llant success of their bazaars. This
Fannie Hutchison, of Bellefonte; lian where she grew to woman- T. Steely, of Lock Haven, and Michael | Year they intend to outdo all former
Mrs. Frank Krumrine, Mrs. Clarence hood. In June, 1867, she married Miller, of Potters Mills. successes. On Wednesday evening
McCormick and Mrs. Hannah Os- John Swisher and for twenty years Funeral services were held at the | Feb. 3rd the bazaar will begin with
| —=Mrs. William Abel, with her son and
a nephew, of Williamsport, and Mrs,
Abel's sister, Mrs. Agnes Cole, , of Al-
| toona, have visited within the past ten, "
days with their mother, Mrs, Samuel Mil- ‘The Holy Spirit.
ler, who makes her home with her | Mass meeting for men, women and
daughter, Mrs. Harry Rote, at Coleville. YOURg people at three o'clock Miss
Mrs. Abel, Mrs. Cole and Mrs. Rote are Palmer will lecture on “The Second
all sisters. Coming of Christ.” At the closing
—The members of the Keichline fumily Service of the campaign, at 7.30 the
from this section who attended the fu- Subject will be, “A Court Trial.”
neral of Mrs, Henry Meek, at Altoona,
‘man, of State College. they lived at Julian. Then they Bitner home, at two o'clock on Sun-|& sour kraut supper in the Catholic |, q.\ ‘afternoon, were Mr. and Mrs. ear i
——An attempt was made by moved to Philipsburg where she had day afternoon, by Rev. W. M. Tay- Daughters of America rooms. These pn... jy. Keichline and their son Wil. AMERICAN SURETY CO.
‘some one, Sunday night, to break lived ever since. Her husband died lor, burial being made in the Cedar Suppers are well known to lovers of i,,;, Miss Daise Keichline and her broth-| TO SETTLE WITH BOROUGH
into Harold Cowher's clothing ~tore |ten years ago but surviving her are Hill cemetery. good cooking and a large crowd 18 er Edward, all of Bellefonte; and Dr. FOR AUMAN DUPLICATES.
‘and the Weis grocery, on Allegheny two daughters, Mrs. James An-. Ii Il expected. | John M. Keichline and Mrs. Keichline, | —
‘street, but the would-be burglar was drews, of Altoona, and Mrs. George KREBS.—Mrs. Martha A. Krebs,| On Thursday, Friday and Satur-|of Huntingdon. | The American Surety Co. bonds-
evidently frightened away before he | Stine, of Philipsburg. She also Widow of the late Levi Krebs, died day evenings, the 4th, 5th and 6th —Mr. and Mrs. George L. Smith, of men for Herbert Auman on the
could pull the job. On Monday leaves two brothers and a sister, on January 15th, at the home of her Of Feb. the bazaar, proper, will be | Easton, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Kellogg. of 1924, 1925 and 1926 duplicates, dur-
night a man tried to get into the Lloyd and Clinton VanScoyoc, who sister, Mrs. George Glenn, at State held in the former Knights of Co- Lock Haven and Mra. Robert Henderson. ing pig official career as tax collec-
office of the Beezer garage, on north made their home with the deceased, College, following an iliness of three lumbus rooms above the Bellefonte |°f Chester. were all guests, as Satur: gor, will make settlement with the
"Water street, but was also frighten- and Mrs. Annie Fickes, of Denver. months with a complication of dis-| Trust Co. | Smith had been visiting in Bellefonte and |DOough for all unpaid taxes, less
‘ed, away by night watchman Edward
before he could effect an en-
«~The American Legion of Sun-
bury will tender Maj. Gen. Charles
M. Clement a testimonial banquet on
‘the afternoon of February 13. It
is to be “the most impressive ex-
pression of appreciation ever extend-
ed any Sunbury citizen’ Gen.
Clement is hailed as that city’s be-
Yoved comrade, humanitarian, patriot
and citizen. He is well remember-
Funeral services were held at 2.30
o'clock on Wednesday afternoon,
burial being made in the Philips-
burg cemetery.
Il Il
STOVER.—Mrs. Annie M. Stover,
of Aaronsburg, passed away on Jan- |
uary 16th following a year's illness
with a complication of diseases.
She was a daughter of John and
Sarah Yarger and was born at
Aaronsburg on October 17th, 1867,
hence was 64 years, 2 months and
| eases.
She was a daughter of James
and Mary Caven Ross and was
|at Pine Grove Mills on December
(4th, 1852, hence was 79 years, 1
{month and 11 days old. Her hus-
band died over thirty years ago and
‘her only survivors are two brothers
land two sisters, J. H. Ross, of Lin-
|den Hall; Elmer C., of Lemont; Mrs.
'James I. Lytle and Mrs. George
|Glenn, of State College.
. Funeral services were held atthe
All are welcome to attend and will
find abundance of amusements, fancy
work and plain sewing and other
useful articles at cheap prices.
—During his first week in the
County Treasurer's office, Robert F.
Hunter and his deputy, Miss Chris-
tine Curry, issued over 700 dog li-
censes, but there are still a suffi-
cient number of unlicensed dogs in
the county to keep them busy sever-
al more weeks.
Lock Haven, for a month, Mr. Smith
having joined her here Thursday to ac-
company her back to Easton Sunday.
—Miss Blanche Bailey and Mrs. Gels,
sisters of the late Mrs, M. A. Landsy,
will return to Philadelphia this week.
Miss Bailey is leaving with plans for
coming again to Bellefonte very shortly
to assist in the management of The
Markland. Miss Bailey and Mrs. Geis
have been here looking after some busi-
ness relative to the Landsy interests in
exonerations, Etc. To total uncol-
|lected on the three duplicates, ac-
cording to the auditor's statements,
is $10,171.38. But the net amount,
after errors in assessment, exonera-
tions, Etc. allowed by the Finance
committee, have been deducted,
this the
hand in
‘@d in Bellefonte through connection 29 days old. She had been a mem- Glenn home on Monday afternoon of —Willlam Zimmerman returned home, | with jt by Mr. Auman when he se-
RE th re am | mer of the Lutheran church at {last week by Rev. Edward H. Jones, | === | Saturday, fom Mount Holly, Bow. Jo cured his last bond, which makes
Bellefonte Central R. R., in their Aaronsburg for many years. In July, assisted by Rev. Samuel Martin, bur- | Was born on Buffalo Run, Centre ay. oie Bin il JOR 100 Tis wesks $3860.
«arly days. 1886, she married Mr. Stover, who ial being made in the Branch ceme. county, on November 8th, 1885,| "= Folin Go Fa | The only unsettled point at issue
taciuded survives with three children: Miss | tery. hence was in her 77th year. In 1875 | giorner 1s associated with the textile |S the question of the five per cent
clu among the appoint-| ,e..ion C. Stover, of Harrisburg; N J she married Mr. Hutton and all their | jngustry in New J added to the unpaid taxes on the
wnents made at the Governor's office : : - ersey, It haa best MY. ;
) + John L., of Aaronsburg, and Paul L.,| ROBISON.—Winfield S. Robison, a |married life was spent in Rush zimmerman's custom for a number of duplicate, the Surety company put:
fast week, were Lena M. Pettingill, Dauphin. She also leaves one sis. lifelong resident of Bald Eagle val- township. Mr. Hutton died in 1917 | years to make this visit with his daugh- | ting up a claim that it should not
‘of Bellefonte, a stenographer in the ter, Miss Lizzie Yarger, of Aarons- le¥, died at his home at Port Matil- and since then she had lived at Osce- | ter during the holiday season. be asked to pay this penalty. Should
‘Department of Justice at a salary of |, y da, on Wednesday night, following ola Mills. She is survived by four| _ouing to the serious condition of borough council yield this claim if
30) a year. J. B. Montgomery, of | p.. 1 v Lesher had charge of an illness of two years as the result sons, two daughters and a sister. Mrs. A. J. Heverly, of Howard street, will mean that the company will be
him Shure, Hemiber of the hous Of | ihe funeral services which were Of a stroke of apoplexy. Burial was made at Osceola Mills on | who has been critically ill since being out only a little over $3000.
Car western pen tiary | 14 at her late home at 2 o'clock He was 83 years old, a laborer by | Saturday afternoon. stricken with paralysis Monday, A. C.| In paying the claim, however
vacancy that has existed | Tuesday afternoon of last week, occupation and had lived at Port Ma- | Heverly drove to Clarion Wednesday af- | the Surety company demands a re
for some time, and J. Linn Harris, burial being made in the Aarons. | tilda most of his life. He married DUNLAP.—David E. p died | ternoon for Mrs. Heverly's son, Robert, a |1.000 of all the duplicates into it's
of Jock Haveh, a I burg cemetery. Miss Anna Mills who survives with at his home in Worthington, Ohio, siden; at tho Slgle Teudery Sollage hands, and it will then proceed tc
board vacany ca the following children: Barton Rob. January 14th, following an illness : : y Syove of all un taxes
the selection of Rev. John W. Claudy | pprzER.-_Oscar I. Fetzer, of | ison, of Tyrone; Mrs, Ella Woodring, of several months with heart trouble. Lunsudies {ob 0% Eye mma a a 23 Lg
as superintendent of Rockview pen- Boggs township, died on Monday af- | of Newark, N. J.; William, at home; He was born near Warriorsmark and |, "0 Bellefonte the Sy these taxes are on the 1924, 192t
‘tentiary. ternoon following an illness of some |Robert, of Altoona; John, of Union-| Was 80 years old. As a young man Y and 1926 duplicates, and any prop
~~ At the weekly prayer meet. | weeks with heart trouble. He was |ville; Budd, Harry, Bertha, Mrs. he learned the carpenter trade and | —Charity Vonada, Nittany valley fa |, 1 yojder who has mot paid his
‘ing in the Methodist Episcopal born at Yarnell and was past 67 Daniel Leitzell and Alexander, all | for many years was a contractor and | = "0 "oa in at the Watchman office |taXes for those years better get him:
church, on Wednesday evening of years old. His wife died four years |at home. builder. He finaly located in Philips- |, "ite chat. Probably we would | self in shape to do so, as the Surety
last week, a resolution was passed |ago but surviving him are the fol-| He was a member of the Metho- burg where he lived for 38 years. ;o have had the pleasure of the call company will likely show little len
amending the charter so as to put lowing children; Ross C. at home; dist church and funeral services were From there he went to Augusta, Ga., had it not been raining. Charley knock- jency when it begins the work of
the women members of the church |Glendon E., Aaron J. Lee C., and held at his late home at two o'clock (and in 1922 went to Ohio. ed off plowing that morning because it | collecting.
on an equal footing with the men | Mrs. Frank Eisenhauer, all of Miles- on Saturday afternoon by Rev. J. C.| In 1878 he married Miss Margaret was too wet. It was the 2ist of Jan- |
Ty permiting them to vote on the burg, and Mrs. Amos Ostrander, of | Young, assisted by Rev. Weston, |Jane Parsons, of Bellefonte, who sur. |uary and he had 40 acres of his spring | __g,,goribe for the Watchman.
selection of members of the official McKeesport. He also leaves one burial being made at Port Matilda. [vives with one son, Samuel S. Dun- oun turned. Think of it! And if the
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