Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, January 08, 1932, Image 3

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    Buona fap.
Bellefonte, Pa. January 8, 1982.
Miss Sara C. Palmer, well-known |
author and Bible teacher, will con-
duct Services in the Evangelical
church from January 10th to 31st.
After holding successful evangelistic
campaigns in her native country,
Ireland, Miss Palmer came to the
United States and for a number of
years was associated with Dr. Henry
W. Stough in his work. She had |
charge of the women's work and |
Bible study groups. When Dr. |
Stough became ill during the Al-|
toona meetings, Miss Palmer took |
charge of the campaign with re-|}
markabie success.
For a number of years she has
made her home in Tunkhannock, |
Pa. and has just conducted what |
has been reported as the greatest |
revival that has ever been held in,
that town. The meetings were held |
in the Eaton Baptist church and con-
tinued three weeks. Great crowds |
of people, some from a long dis- |
tance, thronged the church and
many were turned away at a num-
ber of the services. More than 200
Tes to the invitation for con-|
fession of faith jn Christ and for
reconsecration, and many pledged
themselves for life service. Dele-
gations went there from churches
in Tunkhannock, Laceyville, Ma-
The re-
markable success
was a fine tribute to Miss Palmer
in her home community.
——————— A ————————
Shuman, et bar, to John C.
Martin, tract in Union Twp.; $1.
Thomas J. Richards, ot y= to J.
Yaude Sharer, tract in psburg;
J. Maude Sharer to Elefleda Rich-
ards, tract in Philipsburg; SL
First National Bank, trustee, to
H. B. Powell, et ux, tract in Rush
Twp.; $500.
Frank Watson, et al, to Harris J.
Watson, et ux, tract in Snow Shoe
"Twp.; $600.
Boyd A. Musser, Exec., to Carrol
Korman, tract in Bellefonte; $110.
Ina M. Bailey, et bar, to Claude H.
Decker, tract in State College; $1.
L. U. Nuttall to Jack Nuttall,
tract in State College; $1.
Ruth Delaney to Harris J. Watson, |
et ux, tract in Snow Shoe Twp.; $1
Thomas J. Richards, et ux, to J.
Maude Sharer, tract in Philipsburg;
J. Maude Sharer to Elefleda Rich-
ards, tract in Philipsburg; $1.
James K. Holmes Jr., et ux, to
Clara T. Bateson, tract in State
College; $1.
Clara T. Bateson
Holmes, et ux, tract in
lege; $1.
D. M. Kline,
nie C. Carson,
fonte; $1.
Sara Seyler to Andrew Swablick,
tract in Snow Shoe Twp.; $1.
Lucy C. K. Lederer, et bar, to
E. R. Queer, et ux, tract in State
College; $1.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
to Samuel K. Faust, tract in Miles
Twp; $115.80.
Marshall J. Hall, et ux, to C. T.
. Gephard, tract in Miles Twp.; $100.
Helen Gephard to Albert I. Doerr,
tract in Miles Twp.; $l.
O. W. Weaver, et ux, to Albert L
Doerr, tract in Miles Twp.; $1.
Adam H. Krumrine, et ux, to J.C.
Conrad, tract in Spring Twp; $1.
Sarah M. Poorman, et al, to Jacob
B. Lucas, tract in Boggs Twp.; $400.
A. Rossman, C. O. C, to
M. Decker, et ux, tract in
Potter Twp.; $3,000.
Borough of State College
Martin Fry, et ux, tract in
College; $1.
Carolyn G. Van Dine, et bar, to
J. M. McKee, tract in State Col-
lege; $950.
J. M. McKee, et ux, to Clara T.
Bateson, tract in State College; $i.
Clara T. Bateson to John M. Mec-
Kee, et ux, tract in State College:
James S. Reish, et ux, to John F.
Myers, tract in Gregg Twp.; $1.
B. F. Stover to Verna C. 8. Wal-
ter, tract in Miles Twp.; $1.
Martin Dunlap, et ux, to William
N. Dunlap, tract in Taylor Twp.; $1.
William N. Dunlap to Martin Dun-
lap, tract in Taylor Twp.; $1.
George Reese, et ux, to B. E.
Reese, tract in Port Matilda; $1.
S. A. Bierly, et al, Exec., to Eliz-
to James H.
State Col-
trustee, et al, to An-
et al, tract in Belle-
to J.
| spector be the one who held the first
abeth Walker, tract in Miles Twp.;
$2025. |
Secretary King has in-
fatal Po $25,500.000 IN 1932 FOR company for disbursement in 1932
FUYES COVER ALL tructed the Safety Division that NEW WORK FOB BELL 00.| will be devoted 10 eXichzion of Sel
struc e ety on y le | -
FATAL ACCIDENTS the operator OF operators involved ‘tral office facilities, it is planned to
Two important rulings affecting must be immediately cited for a A $25,500,000 p of new con- spend a considerable part of the
motor vehicle operators who here- hearing. The hearing must be held struction and service betterments total on what is known as “outside
after may be involved in fatal acci- as promptly as possible, but in mo has been scheduled by the Bell Tele- plant’ This constitutes the equip-
dents were ann by Secretary case later than two weeks from the phone Company of Pennsylvania for ment and apparatus outside the cen-
1932, according to budget figures
made public by Leonard H. Kinnard,
ident of the company.
tral offices, including poles, cross-
arms and storm resisting aerial and
ufiderground cables.
of Revenue Clyde L. King. One was
a Board of Review to which persons
whose operating privilege has been
date information is received by the
department of the fatal accident.
Hearing inspectors and State Pres
devoted to
temporialy suspended because of a Highway patrolmen are required to This huge sum will be
fatal accident may appeal the de- investigate all fatal accidents, and expansion and improvement of the SON OF EX-SULTAN MAY
cision of the hearing inspector. In gather all information necessary for Bok Srpunitetion’s fadiities Hirough GET MILLIONS FOR LETTER
the other he fixed a maximum time
limit in which operators So involved
must appear for a hearing.
These rulings are part of the pro-
gram formulated by the department
to place the full burden of respons-
ibility for fatal accidents on every
reckless driver in the State, Secre-
tary King said. He added that the
maximum penalty for such accidents
will be imposed where the testimony
justifies such action.
The board of review will consist of
Walter W. Matthews, Deputy Com-
missioner of Motor Vehicles; San-
ford D. Beecher, legal assistant to
the Secretary of Revenue, and a
hearing inspector to be named by
Matthews. In no case will this in-
the subpoenaing of witnesses and all
other information necessary for hear-
ing purposes. The hearing inspec-
tor has the authority to recommend
either temporary suspension of the
operating privilege or the dismissal
of the case in accordance with the
testimony submitted and report of
the coroner's inquest, if any.
view of conditions, this is regarded
as a remarkably large potential ex-
During the last two years—a per-
jod marking what is expected to
prove the most severe phase of the
economic depression—the Bell com-
pany has spent $70,000,000 on new
construction and improvement of al-
ready existing facilities. Thus the
sum scheduled for expenditure in
1932, plus the investment in new
tomstruction this year and in 1930, | Ofer of $2,500,000 which has been
' made by an English society, if the
establishes a three-year total of
$95,500,000. documents are proved genuine.
Prince Selim is being visited by
The president of the Bell company
scholars from the east.
pointed out that the expenses at- ed the letter as a wedding present
tendant on operation of the tele-
from his father, who was present
phone business throughout Pennsyl- with the manuscript by the King of
vania this year will total some $42,-
Abyssiinia 50 years ago.
000,000. When this sum is added |
to the $25,500,000 earmarked for
new construction, it becomes ap-
parent that the Bell organization
666 Liquid or Tablets used internally
and 666 Salve externally, make a
Jerusalem.—The existence of are-
markable ancient manuscript letter,
said to be written on parchment by
a Mohammedan prophet to the King
of Abyssinia, was revealed recently
in the announcement made by Prince
Selim, eldest son of the late Sultan
Abdul Hamid.
An American offer of $750,000 has
peen turned down for it. Prince
Figures compiled by George D.
Thorn, chief of the election bureau,
Department of State, show that 3,-
850,085 voters are registered in
Pennsylvania. The Republican en-
rollment accounts for more than 70,
per cent. of the entire registration,
having a total of 2,963,738 of which
1,668,619 are men and 1,295,119 are
women. The Democrats have T24,-
337, with 401,672 men and 322,665
women, while all other parties have
a combined total of 26,435. The reg-
istered voters who have expressed
no party preference and have failed
to enroll total 145475. Except for
the year 1928 when the registration
was 3,071,876, the figures are the
highest so far recorded.
When an appeal has been filed
with the board, the person appealing
will be notified of the place and date
of the final hearing. The operator
will be entitled to submit additional
testimony to the board to show
cause why the suspension should not
stand. Should the board decide the
suspension is to continue then an
appeal to court, as provided by the
vehicle code, may be made.
In case of an accident resulting in
will spend $67,500,000 for new con-
struction and the operation of the
telephone business throughout the
State next year. Of the $42,000,-
000 expense item, a very large por-
tion will go into salaries and wages.
While the bulk of the appropria-
tion earmarked by the telephone
| Colds.
$5,000 in Cash Prizes
"Ask Your Druggist for Particulars
Frigidaire a product of
America’s Outstanding Electrical Refrigerator
General Motors Corporation
World's Greatest Automobile Manufacturer
Think of-it...
only 25 A DAY and you own a
We are pleased to make the most liberal
and unusual offer ever presented in the
electric refrigeration industry. Now every
family can have a Frigidaire and enjoy
its many advantages.
It’s all so easy and costs only 25 cents
a day on the new METER-ICE plan. No
down payment required on cabinet up
to $225. Your 25 cent daily deposit in
8. Frigidaire (equipped with Meter:Ice) will be
. delivered to your home.
the patented METER-ICE gives you mod- 4. Deposit 25¢ in Meter-Ice and Frigidaire will
ern, dependable refrigeration. This small ~~ %P¢™* for 24 Bours.
. . 3 ap. 8. You may deposit 25¢ each day—or you may de-
amount is paying for your Frigidaire: posit 11 quarters at a time which give you 11 days
refrigeration—just as you wish.
Here is the Simple METER-ICE Plan
1. Just arrange for your Frigidaire.
2. No down payment is required.
@. Once each month our representative will call at
your home, collectthe deposit, and credityouraccount;
7. When yourFrigidairehasbeen paid for, we remove
Meter-Ice and issue you a bill of sale.
METER-ICE is a trade-marked name=n0 other payment plan is similar or “just like it.”
This is the most attractive electric refrigeration offer ever made in this city:
. » . * .
LL ————————————————————
Selim is at present considering an’
He receiv-!
ed and
complete and effective treatment for
— TT —
. Law, Bellefonte, Pa. Practices in
all courts, Office, room 18 Crider’'s
Exchange. 51-1
. Law, Bellefonte, Pa. Prompt at-
* tention given all le al business en-
trusted to his care. Offices—No 5 East
Hight street
M. KEICHLINE.—Attorney at Law
. and Justice of the Peace. All
professional business will receive
| prompt attention. Offices on second floor
of Temple Court. 49-5-1y
G. RUNKLE.—Attorney at Law.
Consultation in English and Ger-
* man. Office in Crider’
Bellefonte, Pa. ere Exch
State Colle
66-11 Holmes BlAE,
D. CASEBEER, Optometrist.—Re
tered and licensed by the Regis
Eyes examined, glasses fitted. Sat.
isfaction guaranteed. Frames replaced
lenses matched, Casebeer 1dg.,
High St., Bellefonte, Pa. 71-22-tt
Crider's Ex.
VA B. ROAN, Optometrist,
by the State Board.
every day except
State College,
Saturday, Belle-
fonte, in the Garbrick building opposite
the Court House, Wednesday afternoons
from 2 to 8 p. m. and Saturdays 9. a.
to 4:00 p. m. Bell Phone. y 65-40
Fire Insurance
20% Reduction
76-36 J. M. KEICHLINE, Agent,
i Bellefonte, Pa.
1420 Chestnut Street
Have Your Diamonds Reset in Platinum
74-27-tf Exclusive Emblem Jewelry
We have taken om the line of
Purina Feeds
We also carry the line of
Wayne _ Feeds
per 100 lbs.
Wagner's 16g; Dairy Feed - 1.35
Wagner's 20g; Dairy Feed - 1.40
Wagner's 32% Dairy Feed - 1.56
Wagner's Pig Meal - - - - 160
Ww s Mash - - - - L176
Wagner's Scratch Feed - - - 1.40
Wagner's Horse Feed - - - 1.30
Wagner's Winter Bran - - = 1.10
Wagner's Winter Middlings - 1.20
Wagner's Standard Chop - - 1.30
Blatchford Calf Meal 25lbs - 1.25
Wayne Calf Meal Per H - - 350
Wayne Egg Mash + + ~ =~ 2.10
Oil Meal 34% ~ - - - -« 330
Cotton Seed Meal 43g, - - - 1.60
Soy Bean Oil Meal - - - 1.80
Gluten Feed + + + + « = 150
| Fine Ground Alfalfa Meal - 2325
| Meat Scrap 45% « = « = 200
| Tankage 60% - - - - - = 250
Fish Meal - - - - - - - 300
Fine Stock Salt - - - - - 100
Oyster Shell » = = = «= = 1.00
Let us grind your Corn and Oats
and make up your Dairy Feed, with
Cotton Seed Meal, Oil Meal, Gluten,
Alfalfa, Bran, Midds and Molasses.
We will make delivery on two ton
All accounts must be paid in 30
days. Interest charged over that
If you want
Jasity woe Our
C.Y. Wagner & Co. inc
good bread and
Best and Gold Coin
Caldwell & Son
and Heating
By Hot Water
Pipeless Furnaces
Full Line of Pipe and Fit-
tings and Mill Supplies
All Sizes of Terra Cotta
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