Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, September 04, 1931, Image 5

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Mrs. Cecil Gross has been confin-
ad to her home by illness.
Miss Emma Pletcher was a Wil-
iamsport visitor last Friday.
Mrs. Hilda Leathers is driving a
sew Buick-8 sedan around town.
Jesse T. Leathers, of State College |
vas a business visitor in town, Wed-
Mr. and Mrs. Shane have moved,
this week, from the Mayes farm to
Mill Hall.
Mrs. C. C. Lucas, who has been
Jl the past several weeks, is slowly
Mrs. Noll and daughter, Miss Mar-
zaret, are visiting friends at Mec-
Shee's Mills.
J. C. Weirick, of Abington, spent
the week-end with his mother, Mrs.
Jennie Wierick.
Mrs. Stella V. Williams
Tuesday and Wednesday,
friends in Bellefonte.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Vonada, of
Mackeyville, spent Tuesday at the
aome of Mr. John Hoy.
Chester Caseman, of Wheelerville,
vas a week-end guest at the home
>f Miss Emma Pletcher.
Harris and Sarah Jane Russel, of
Lock Haven, are visiting their aunt,
Mrs. Willard McDowell.
Miss Loretta Weber left, Monday,
tor Clearfield, where she is a teach-
or in the public schools.
Miss Virginia Rutherford, of
Zanesville, Ohio, is the guest of her
sousin, Miss Emma Pletcher.
Mrs. Maggie Spigelmyer, son
Paul and daughter, Annie, visited
Mrs. G. Frank Williams enter-
tained the members of the Social
Club at her home, Thursday eve-
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Vonada and
children, of Detroit, Mich. are mov-
ing onto the Mayes dairy farm this
Mrs. Morris Hilligus and children,
of Pittsburgh, spent several days,
last week, at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. Will Mayes.
Mrs. Bononi and children return-
ed, Saturday, from Greensburg,
where they spent several days with
relatives and friends.
Miss Nelle Holter, returned to
State College, Wednesday, after
spending her vacation with her sis-
ter, Miss Anna Holter.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Fetters and
daughter, of Jersey Shore, called,
Sunday, at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Girard Altenderfer.
Miss Josephine Muffly returned to
New Paltz, N. Y., on Wednesday,
where she will continue her work
in the schools at that place.
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Ekdahl and
family, Mrs. Clara Butler and David
Holter were guests of relatives and
friends in Renovo on Sunday.
Mrs. Louise Pfaefle, of Chester,
and Mrs. Kathleen Smith, of Lock
Haven; visited, last week, with
friends and relatives in town.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lyman and
children, of Coudersport, were guests
of Mrs. Lyman's mother, Mrs. Stella
Williams, over the week-end.
The Ladies Aid Society of the
Methodist church held their regular
monthly meeting at the home of Mrs.
Alice Kunes, on Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Summer J. Wolfe and sister,
Mrs. Bertha Schenck, and their
father, Mr. Jackson Kline, are
spending two weeks in Boston, Mass.
Mrs. Lyde Baker, unit recently a
resident of Berkeley, California, but
who expects to locate in Pennsylva-
nia, is a guest of Mrs. Lyde Pletch-
Miss Emma Pletcher entertained
the members of the Sewing Circle,
in a farewell gathering for Mrs.
Josephine Yearick, on Tuesday eve-
Miss Violet Butler, who has been
employed at Lewistown, and has
been visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. H. E. Butler, is confined to
her home by illness.
Miss Mabel Reish, of Greenwood;
Miss Kathryn Rayhow, of Philadel-
phia, and Mrs. Peter Robb, of Wwil-
kinsburg, are visiting at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Hall.
Friends of Misses Charity and
Mary Louise Yearick held a sur-
prise party for the Misses Yearick,
at the home of their parents, Mr.
and Mrs. C. A. Yearick, on Satur-
day evening.
Edwin Robb, of Philadelphia, and
Miss Betty McHose, of Hazleton,
left, Friday, for their homes after
spending several days with the for-
mer's aunts, Miss Emma Robb and
Mrs. Wilbur Hall.
Mr. and Mrs. Kline R. Wolfe and
sons, Robert, Richard and James;
Mrs. James Kane, S. J. Wolfe, Mr.
and Mrs. W. K. McDowell, Mr. and
Mrs. Girard Altenderfer attended
the Grange fair, at Centre Hall, on
Mr. and Mrs. Kundtz, of Toledo,
Ohio, are spending a week at the
home of the latter's brother and
wife, Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Holter.
Harry Kundtz has been spending
the summer here and will return
home with his parents.
Miss Kathryn Cummings enter-
tained a number of friends at a sur-
prise party for Miss Nancy Yearick,
who expects to move to State Col-
lege in the near future. Games and
contests were enjoyed by all. De-
licious refreshments were served.
The guests were Carrol Ekdahl,
week, with friends in Hughes-
Political Advertisement. |
The Only Candidate |
For Sheriff |
From Penns Valley
ticket for Sheriff who resides in
Perns valley, is a man of unim-
peachable character, has the ability
of the business man of today and is
not a politician in the strict sense of
the word.
He was born in Haines township.
At the age of eleven years his
father died and he then took up his
home with his grandfather, John
Bubb, on the latter's farm near the
Red Mill, in Potter township, where |
he resided for the ensuing eight |
years. In December of 1914 he en- |
tered the employ of his stepfather,
H. H. Leitzell, and learned the
butcher business. In 1917 he was |
again on the farm in the interest of
his grandfather. In June of that
year he registered for military duty |
and was called the next May froma
farm in Haines township. l
He was inducted into the service |
at Bellefonte, and received his first
military training at Camp Meade, |
John M. Boob, of Millheim,
only candidate on the
Maryland. He went overseas with
the 314th Infantry, Co. H, which
was a part of the 79th Division.
The latter division took part in half
a dozen or more engagements, dur-
ing the last of which Mr. Boob be-
came a hospital patient. He was
not again with his old buddies until |
the division was discharged at]
Camp Dix, N. J. following a surgi- |
cal operation in the hospital at that
camp. He was later sent to the St. |
Agnes hospital in Philadelphia, and
following his discharge from that
institution, he entered the Pierce
School of Business Administration.
He graduated from that school in|
1922, and the same year entered the
butcher business which he now con-
ducts. {
Mr. Boob has held public office in |
the borough and js at the moment
a justice of the peace, being also,
since 1926, clerk of council. |
He is a member of the Keystone |
Post, No. 444, American Legion,
which he served as commander and
adjutant after he reorganized it in
1922. During 1830 he was Chef de
Gare of Centre County Voiture No
14, 40 et 8, at Bellefonte, and held
the office with credit to the organi-
He is a member of St. John's Re-
formed church in Millheim and holds
the office of Recording secretary in |
that body. Other organizations in|
which he holds membership are the |
M. W. of A, K. G. E. and the 1.O.|
0. F., in Millheim. |
in ths community where they have |
always lived. |
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Mann and son, |
Bert Allen, of Texas, and Mrs. Ma- |
ple, of Clarksburg, W. Va., called
Sunday, at the home of Mrs. Lyde |
Pletcher, while enroute to Wash-
ington, D. C., from Texas.
The Howard Community Health
Service held their second clinic in
their room in the Cook building, on
Tuesday afternoon. There is anen-
rollment of 24 children, which is a
splendid number for a community
‘of this size. State nurse and doctor
are present at each clinic to meas-'
ure, weigh and examine the chil-
dren and to give advice as to prop-
er diet, etc. This clinic is open to
children of Howard borough and
township, Jacksonville, Blanchard,
and all the other outlying districts
from Blanchard to Milesburg. The
next clinic will be held Tuesday,
Sept. 15th, at 3 o'clock. Don’t for-
get the time and the place and
bring your children for free exami-
A school of training in religious
leadership has been organized and
will hold their first meeting in the
Fvangelical church at Bellefonte,
Friday evening, Sept. 11th, at 8
o'clock, and will continue each Fri-
day evening until November 13th.
Fight courses will be presented in
James, Dick and Buddy Wolfe, Quinn |
Rathmel, William Wyland, John Ed-
ward Heverly, Joseph Allison, Wal-
ter Pletcher, Mac Bennison, Nelle
Wyland, Myrtle Johnson, Blanche
Confer, Virginia Bennison, Elizabeth
Schenck, Lillian Helbley, Lois Tice,
Cameron Long, Nancy Yearick and
Kathryn Cummings.
The ladies of the Civic Club, and
their husbands, surprised Mr. and
Mrs. C. A. Yearick by meeting at
their house Monday evening in a
farewell party in their home. Mr.
and Mrs. Yearick and the family
are moving to State College this
week. They will be greatly missed
| bell;
the school and two fifty minute
periods will be held each evening.
“The Life of Christ” and “A Study
of the Primary Child” will be under |
the supervision of Rev. Walter Smith.
“A Study of the Pupil’ and “A
Study of Adolescence,” Rev. A. C.
Ruth. “First Unit of the New Tes-
tament” and “Second Unite of the
Old Testament” Rev. A. W. Camp-
“First Unit of the Old Testa-
ment” and “The Last Unit of the
New Testament,” Rev. W. E. Ying-
ling. The students may choose any
two of the courses and a credit cer-
tificate will be given which will
appiy towards an international di-/
ploma. The registration fee is $1.00. |
The cost of the text book is approx-
imately $1.00. The student will fur-
nish note book and pencil. Any one
of any denomination may take this |
course. Further information con-
cerning this school may be obtain-
ed by consulting Rev. W. E. Ying-
Mrs. Clarence Yon and son, of Ty-
rone, are spending a few days with
friends here.
Kenneth Peters has returned
his grandparents.
| Mrs. Lydia Irwin still has a lot of
—, nice crabapples for sale at 25 cents
: a peck.
| Mrs. Sadie Packer, of the Metho-
Friday, This Week—
“Broad Minded”
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His face is your fortune for
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Saturday, This Week—
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Bert Wheeler and Robert
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A Special DeLux Program
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pride in presenting one of
the best pictures of the
po —
in this locality. |
to can lift four times
his home, at Flemington, after spend- | raw meat or cake.—Scientific Jour-
ing two weeks here at the home of nal.
feet in the air without the
Continuous Showing 2 to 11 p.m, |
dist home for the aged, at Tyrone, |
is spending a few days with friends |
power.—An ant
its weight in
Tapping nature's
And a wasp can lift a man three
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liday, Lois Moran, Jean
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Best of Shorts
Good citizen-
That's why
Give Rush township a break!
ship, like charity, begins at home.
we have come voluntarily to ask you to nomi-
nate and elect R. J. Barnett (better known as
Barney) to the office of County Treasurer.
He has, for years, been one of our best citi-
zens. Always promoting and working for the
good of the community, and we know he would
do the same for the County if given the oppor-
Rush, the largest township in the County, has
never had any of its citizens elected to any
County or State office.
Help us elect “Barney.” What he has done
for us prompts us to do this for him.
This petition has been signed by over three
hundred Rush township citizens and they have
paid for this space in which to appeal to you for
“Barney” for Treasurer on the Republican
"Come to the “Watchman” office for High C lass Job work
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