Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, July 24, 1931, Image 3

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Sunday August 9th the Centre
county past grands association, I
O. O. F.,, will have charge of the
religious service at the Sunbury
home for orphans of the order.
The past grands association is
sponsoring a huge visitation to the
home on this date and is inviting
all Odd Fellows, their families and
their friends to join the motor pro-
cession which will form in Centre
Hall at 9.00 A. M. and proceed un-
der escort of detail
patrol to Sunbury.
Cars from Blanchard, Howard,
Rebersburg, Coburn and Millheim will
join the procession at Millheim.
At 2.45 the regular Sunday relig-
jous service will be held. The
speaker will be the Chaplain J. H.
Frizzell, of State College. A men's
chorus under the direction of J. M.
Hartswick and an orchestra directed
by W. E. Wion will be features of
this service.
Regular Sunday school service pre-
cedes this service and one may at-
tend and receive attendance credits
if desired.
Odd Fellowship provides many
splendid homes over the world for
its old folks and orphans and per-
haps one of the finest is the Cen-
tral Pennsylvania I. O. O. F. home
for orphans at Sunbury. Their
famous boys band has entertained in
Centre county on different occasions.
This trip offers an excellent op-
portunity to visit the home, enjoy
an occasion of good fellowship, hear
a good sermon and music and a
beautiful drive over some of Penn-
sylvania’s best roads.
Several weeks ago the service was
in charge of the lodges of Reading
and there were 175 cars in the pro-
cession from Reading.
If your car will not be full or if
you do not have a car and want to
go, get in touch with a member of
the transportation committee not |
later than noon, August 6th. Fol-
Bellefonte, Pa., July 24, 1981.
of the motor
| A caravan in the interest of in- |
| ternational peace is crossing oure
country, touching forty States. It!
'is sponsor-d by the Women's Inter- |
| national League for Peace and Free- |
dom. They started in California in|
the first part of July. Their object |
|is to gain support for President
| Hoover at the disarmament confer- |
| ence, which is to meet at Geneva in |
| Februrary. ‘
| A small group is doing the same |
work in Pennsylvania. Their auto- |
| mobile will enter Centre county on |
Saturday, the 25th of July, making
a stop at Port Matilda at four in|
the afternoon, and in Unionville at
On Sunday the party will divide,
one speaker will be given the op-|
portunity in the Methodist Sunday
school, in Bellefonte, and in the
Presbyterian church in the evening. |
The other speaker will spend the
day at State College, addressing
several churches and in the evening
at Pine Grove Mills. |
They are getting signatures to a
petition, asking for international!
disarmament, to be submitted to
President Hoover and later taken to
This is also being done in the
European countries. England already
has 1,033,717 names and is starting
on a second million.
George Glass, 26 years old, of
| State College, was committed to the
| Centre county jail, Sunday night,
(on the charge of stealing a shirt, but |
| George asserts that he don't know |
| anything about it. He admits that
|he was arrested on Saturday eve-
|ning for being intoxicated and after |
| being held in the lockup at State |
| College until Sunday evening was]
| committed to the county jail on the |
|larceny of a shirt charge. Glass says |
‘that he may have stolen the shirt |
{and he may not, but the only shirt |
|he has any knowledge of was the
{one he had on when brought to jail, |
and that was his own. |
| Of course we don't know any- |
lowing is the committee: —V. A. Au- | thing about Glass and his shirt, only
man, Centre Hall; G. B. Jackson, what he tells himself, but the Cen-
State College; Charles B. Musser, | tre county court records show alot
Bellefonte; C. A. Yearick, Howard. |of activity on the part of the State
ri y ® ® ® ° =. a ay.
. Frigidaire Jubilee...
~ celebrating 15 years .
Quickube Ice Tray enables you to
remove ice cubes at the touch of a finger:
* sdemonstrate the enduring qualities
of trigidaire porcelain—how this glass-
smooth finish withstands hard knocks,
scratches, dirt, grease, heat—even fire itself;
See how the Hydrator makes even wilted
vegetables crisp and fresh—-how the Cold
Control makes possible a wide variety
of delicious frozen desserts—how the
Remember the date—Sunday, Au-
gust 9. All join the big parade at
Centre Hall.
According to a news dispatch from
Ocean City, N. J., summer residents
of that resort have declared war on
week-end parties that go there evi-
dently without thought of rest for
themselves or concern as to what
chance others have to get any.
Early Sunday morning Ocean City
police started a raid on all parties
that might be disturbing the slum-
bers of others and in one of them a
girl who gave her name as Virginia
Hughes, of Bellefonte, was caught
in the official dragnet.
College police chief in making arrests
on charges that turn out to have
very flimsy foundations. On the
September court list appear ten cases
of evidence and the costs,
put upon the county.
Under a recent Act of Assembly
a Justice can discharge a case and,
instead of looking to either the
prosecutor or defendant in it for his
costs, pass the bill on to the county
to be paid.
in which he appeared as the pros-|
ecutor, all of which were discharged |
by the justice of the peace for lack |
West Penn Power Company
Bellefonte, Pa.
R. C. Witmer Electrical Store
Bellefonte, Pa.
And then, there is a very special anni.
versary offer to those who purchase now:
In addition, we offer terms of $10 down
with the balance to suit your conveniences’
ar 7
ln, Ak
Keefer Hardware Company
State College, Pa.
At a recent meeting of the school
Others ar- directors of Curtin township the fol- |
9:30 A. M., Church school;
rested in the party, some of whom lowing teachers were elected for the man hazel, superintendent.
said they were school teachers, were
a number of young people from
Philadelphia and Audubon, N. J.
Miss Hughes is a daughter
Charles S. Hughes, of this place, and
was with friends at a Sorority house
when police raided it. All were ar-
rested but discharged next morning
by the Magistrate before whom they
According to reports they were |
“making whoopee,” but it was not
80 bad as other parties raided the
same night and fined by the same
On Saturday afternoon Robert L.
Granger and Hugh L. Murphy, both
of Meadville, were enroute to Grang-
er's home, in Maryland. On the
new Bigler cut-off, in Clearfield
county, the left rear tire on their
automobile blew out, the driver lost
control of the car and as it turned
over on its side both men were
thrown through the top of the car.
Murphy was so badly injured that
he died while being taken to the
Philipsburg State hospital. Granger
was removed to the hospital where
it was found that he had sustained
serious injuries of the head and
body but it is believed he will re-
cover. Both men were employed
by the Viscose Silk Manufacturing
company, at Meadville. Granger is
a son-in-law of Major General Wil-
liam G. Price, of the Pennsylvania
National Guard. Murphy was un-
married and leaves his mother and
{ensuing year: Orviston grammar,
| Harry E. Leathers, of Howard; Orvis-
|ton intermediate, Miss Josephine
of | Schenck, of Howard; Orviston pri-
Dietrick, of Hecla, and Knoll’'s schoo
Miss Rosalie Heckman, of Spring
i — I eli NEE
| ~——Dr. Frances du Mont, mémber
of the French Instituté faculty dur-
ing the past two summer sessions
of the Pennsylvania State College,
has been appointed professor Of
French and head of the Romance
language department of the college.
He assumes his new duties in Sep-
| tember. Professor du Mont comes
to Penn State after two years of
teaching at New York University.
He was born in Switzerland, obtain- |
ed his bachelor's degree in France,
taught for several years in Spain,
served with the French army during
the war, came to America and taught
in New York city while earning his
Mastery degree and doctorate at N.
.. 1
~——An amicable agreement has
been made in the Clinton county |
court in the case of O. N. Fetzer,
of Milesburg, against three Philadel-
phians for breach of contract in the
failure of the defendants to locate a
brick plant on Mr. Fetzer’s property,
the defendant's to pay the costs,
$222.64, and $500 damages to Mr.
Fetzer, giving bond in the sum of
$2,000 for their appearance at the
October term of court in the event
mary, Miss Janet Harris, of Lamar; |
Quay school, Marvin Lee, of Hub- evening will be held in the Presby- which has been studying the phe- |
lersburg; Mann school, Miss Dorothy | terian church at 7:20 o'clock. The nomena of lightning in relation to
| 10:45 A. M., Morning service; Ser-
| mon: “He That Doeth the Will."
Clarence E. Arnold, pastor,
The union church service Sunday
| preacher will be Rev. Clarence E.
| Arnold.
Sunday school af 9.30 a. m.,, R. R
Davison, Supt. Ca
Preaching at 10.45 a. m. aiid 7.30
p: m., by the pastor.
Morning subject, “The Tabernacle
A Type of Christ; the Lover of
Evening subject; A continuation of
the series on “Satan.”
Senior and Intermediate Endeavor
at 6.30 p. m.
Brotherhood Monday evening
| 7.80.
Prayer and Bible study Wednes-
| day evening at 7.30.
Junior Endeavor Saturday at 3
Special music at each preaching
G. E. Householder, Pastor.
Church Bible school, C. C. Shuey.
Supt., with extra events. League,
6.30 by prepared leaders on selected
subjects. Worship 10.45 with sev-
eral special Joatufe announced as
surprises: ex on, timely, pungent
and pointed. At 7.30, evangelistic
period. Pastor responds to calls for
his services. Strangers, commercial
travelers and week-end visitors are
often in this church for worship.
Horace Lincoln Jacobs, Pastor.
——The advance program for the and was leading them to the barn |
- To seek shelter under an oak tree
during a thunder storm is almost as
dangerous as to search for gasoline
with a lighted match. Of all trees,
, the oak is most susceptible to light-
| So says a bulletin issued by thé |
Davey Institute of Tree Surgery,
trees. !
| J Jou Mudt 0h xmaty b len, says
'the Davey Institute, find a beech, |
[for it Is ravely ever ihe victim of
"lightning. The ratio of the oak to
electrical bolt is 60 to 1, according,
, 80 observations made over a period
(of yédrs.
re fo ot 8
Cc: ground. When a,
'storm cloud is overhead the positive
| electricity in it is attracted the
‘negative electricity in the Lo and
| lightning follows. i
Trees, such as the oak. which
|has a large root area naturally
| have longer electrical fields than
j others. Oaks also have “tap” roots,
which go far into the and
| up larger quantities of water
‘to the tree, which serves as another
attraction for electrical bolts. |
The best advice of the Davey In-
stitute is to avoid trees altogether
when lightning is at work, as it
would be somewhat difficult for the
|layman to make scientific selection
in time of emergency. Better to keep |
in the open spaces, if no house is
near, and get thoroughly wet than '
to offer yourself as & target for
———Samuel Batchiet, & farmer ifv- '
|ing near Beech Creek, was painfully |
(injured, last Thursday evening. He |
had unhitched his team of horses
the beech in being struck by an 00 uten, he Ih
days. :
666 Salve for Baby’s Cola
two sisters.
settlement has not been made by |
that time. |
~The annual reunion and picnic
‘of former residents of Scotia will be
held at that place on Saturday, Au-
gust 8th. It will be a basket picnic
and the program provides a baseball
——Ralph Poorman, of Bellefonte,
is one of some forty men enrolled in |
the Penna. State College summer ses-
Richelieu theatre reveals that “Seed” when he had an attack of vertigo
will be shown there next Monday, 20d fell to the ground right in front
Tuesday and Wednesday. While |of the horses. One of the animals
the story deals largely with the StePped on his face with the result |
problém of birth control and there- | LD8t he sustained a broken nose, |
fore might be deemed distasteful to [racturé of both the upper and low- |
some it is so delicately handled and (°F J&WS, and a number of cuts and
sion course in football coaching. The
course, conducted Higgins, |
band concerts. Several of the old coach of the oy a nd
and familiar faces, seen at every team, is designed particularly for |
former gathering, will be among the | coaches and teachers in high schools. |
missing this year, as a number of normal schools, and cc'leges. Similar |
the old resiflents have answered the | instruction will be offered in basket-
last roll call. | ball during the second half of the |
game and other sports, as well as
~The job of macadamizing the uate of the Lock Haven Teachers
road over Bald Eagle mountain from | College.
Port Matilda to Halfmoon valley has |
been completed and highway work- |
the mountain road from Bald Eagle |
to Warriorsmark valley. have been taken out.
| Summer Session. Poorman is a grad- on east Curtin street and later in the | he will occupy several roonis on the
30y Fathers at hie Bote of M5 | second floor. The offices He will va-
| Johnson, where, under direction | cate on or about August 1st will
™ a a 4 {of Miss Isabel, they “put up” twenty- »
k-| ——There were 4, ogs licens- | six quarts for the Methodist home
men are now putting macadam on | ed in Centre county in 1830. Up for the aged, in Tyrone, as part of
to this time this year 3820 licenses |the League's donation’ to the annual | rooms
| booth festival.
so intelligently acted that instead of CORtusions. He was taken to the
offending it charms the most fastidi- | ©0¢k Haven hospital for treatment.
ous. “Seed” is really a fine picture |
and we recommend it fo all classes.
l, ——Former Judge Arthur C. Dale
8 making preparation to move his
——Monday, July 13, a company law offices from the Harter build* s
of young people attacked the cherry lon High street, opposite the court |
trees in the yard of L. A. Schaeffer, | house, into the Heverly block, where |
|occupied by the operating depart-
ment of the West Penn Power com-
(pany, which already occupies two
on the second floor of the
——Why is it that most of the
gentlemen of leisure who spend their
time on the High street bridge are
always crowded so close on both
sides of the drinking fountain that
there is hardly room for a thirsty
individual to get a drink.
~——Subscribe for the Watchman.
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